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2017 Year Of The Tribulation 2016 Global Debt To GDP At 325% ”African” Americans Torture Human Because Of Their Own 95%(2 Term-1/3rd)Racist And Socialist 666 Antichrist NWO Spirit That Elected Obozo The POTUS Clown Twice 7.2 Quake First Lady Final White House Speech Makes A Joke Of The Holy Sabbath And Mocks The Prophetic Revelation Of The Return Time Frame Of Our Father In Christ Yahshua For The Sake Of Her Own Antichrist NWO 666 POTUS 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown Image

Based on ”all” of the intelligence; gleaned, compiled and posted on this site, 2017 is perfectly set up for the start of the prophetic ”Tribulation Era”.

The Israeli 2 State solution is the ”key point of convergence”.

This site has discovered the prophetic link(s) to the ”Israeli 2 State Solution”, and the convergence(s) to Jerusalem and the prophetic scriptural measure of time confirmed by celestial procession(s) at pace with the Earth Pole(s) convergence and ”affects” related, and the general comprehensive geo political and economic trend(s) at pace with the scriptural timing of the 7 year prophetic Tribulation era beginning in 2017. Currently all the data points to the month of April and the specific date of the Jupiter Opposition on April 8, 2017 as ”The Day Of Palms” ensues and Passover week follows.

The timing of April 8, 2017 Jupiter Opposition, going forward 1260 days to September 19, 2020 Feast Of Trumpets, the perfect prophetic ”midpoint” of the ”prophetic  7 years time frame” ending on a solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, currently perfectly confirms the complete prophetic time frame of the entire ”prophetic Great Tribulation” as it is written in the scriptures.

It is up to the readers of this site to determine their own conclusion(s). With that said, this site shall be watching all of the intelligence as usual. If there is a change going forward from the current conclusion stated above, it will destroy the entire time frame stated above. This means April 8th 2017 is ”the cut off date” for the current conclusion. Any change that confirms the current conclusion is ”out of order” shall result in the termination of all efforts. This site effort would end completely.

Put simply, this site will end on April 8th 2017, or there will be a confirmation of the perfect timing and the effort shall continue long enough to provide the final revelation concerning the perfect timing. The whole point of this site has been to provide links to information etc… to make it easy and impossible for anyone to escape the purpose and meaning of the information. Salvation, of course, being the ”point of order” in agreement with The Truth and prophetic revelation of our Father in Christ Yahshua.

It’s up to every individual to draw their own conclusion without respect for person(s) etc…

This message is the most significant one currently provoked, as a result of the watchful effort, and should be considered understated.

Is civilisation heading for a COLLAPSE? Mathematical historian predicts political turmoil will peak in the 2020s

The rise and fall of civilisations can be predicted by a simple equation, and our civilisation is in for a fall some time soon.

This is according to Peter Turchin, from the University of Connecticut, who says mathematics can explain human behaviour far more accurately than you might think.

And if his calculations are correct, the world should be prepared for years of political turmoil that will peak at some point in the next century.

A professor of Ecology and Mathematics from the University of Connecticut, Peter Turchin has led the development of a cross-disciplinary subject called ‘cliodynamics’.
‘Cliodynamics is a new ‘transdisciplinary discipline’ that treats history as just another science,’ Professor Turchin says.

He started out using maths to predict human activity from 1500 B.C.E. to 1500 C.E.
Then three years ago, using similar models, he began to forecast the future.

‘My model indicated that social instability and political violence would peak in the 2020s,’ he says.
‘The presidential election which we have experienced, unfortunately, confirms this forecast.
‘We seem to be well on track for the 2020s instability peak.’

Exactly what will happen when this ‘peak’ occurs is unknown, and Professor Turchin says the theory does not predict events. but trends.

He said the turmoil would be driven by a process of ‘elite overproduction’ in which the number of rich, elite people in society grows larger and they become ever more distant from those poorer.

Cliodynamics is about broad social trends and deep structural causes of these developments, he says.
‘It did not predict that Donald Trump would become the American President in 2016.
‘But it did predict rising social and political instability.

‘And, unless something is done, instability will continue to rise.’
The academic also predicts ‘the stagnation and decline of living standards and declining fiscal health of the state, resulting from falling state revenues and rising expenses’ would bring about a potentially terminal slump.

However, Professor Turchin said that his theories could actually help us escape this grim fate by observing trends and stopping them before they cause problems for society.
‘The descent is not inevitable,’ he continued.

‘Ours is the first society that can perceive how those forces operate, even if dimly.
‘This means that we can avoid the worst – perhaps by switching to a less harrowing track, perhaps by redesigning the rollercoaster altogether.’

“It seems that we are now seeing the beginning of reversals in many markets. Some of these new trends will take longer to develop and some could happen surprisingly quickly. Most major markets will be affected, namely bond & credit markets, currencies, stocks, metals, precious metals mining stocks and property.

Let’s first look at the biggest bubble of all bubbles in history – the global bond market.

This is a market which has virtually exploded from $10 trillion in 1990 to $100 trillion today. And if we look at the debt expansion in the last 10 years since the Great Financial Crisis started in 2006, the global bond market has gone up by 70%.

With the 10-times increase in the global bond market since 1990, you would have expected to see a major expansion of global GDP, but this is far from the case. World GDP has gone from $20 trillion in 1990 to $74 trillion today. This is an increase of only 3.7X. For every $1 increase in GDP, the world has had to issue 2.7X times that in bonds. That is what is called the law of diminishing returns. More and more debt is required to expand the global economy.

Sovereign bonds are over 50% of this market, and it is governments worldwide that have been the most profligate in creating debt. No government will ever be in a position to repay this debt with real money. The problem they have is that they can’t even afford to service the debt. This is why roughly $15 trillion of government bonds now carry negative interest rates. This includes over 50% of the bonds issued by Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Finland. In Switzerland, virtually all government bonds are below 0%. (not shown).

The Biggest Collapse Ever In World Financial Markets
So we are seeing a global debt explosion combined with zero or negative interest rates. In a free market, this could never happen. Record borrowings in a market without intervention would lead to very high interest rates. A high demand for a commodity, like money, would, in accordance with the laws of supply and demand, lead to a high cost. Thus, what we are seeing is the effect of financial repression or manipulation of the interest markets, like the manipulation (or centralized planning) of all financial markets. Of course this fantasy cannot last. And it is the turn in the bond market, which just started, that will cause the biggest collapse in the world financial markets ever!

In July 2016, the 10-year US Treasury reached 1.33%, which is the lowest ever recorded and below the 1945 low. The 35-year secular rise of U.S. rates went from just under 2% in 1945 to 16% in 1981. In 1970, just before Nixon abandoned the gold standard, the rate was 6.5%, and in the next eleven years high inflation and a dollar that halved in value led to a collapse of U.S. Treasuries. During certain periods rates moved up very quickly and between June 1980 and October 1981. For example, the U.S. 10-year went from 9.5% to 16%. I would not be surprised to see a similar magnitude of a rise starting in 2017. Eventually the 10-year is likely to reach well above the 1981 level of 16%. This would of course involve a total breakdown of the U.S. bond market as well as most global debt markets.

A collapse of U.S. bonds would not just cause panic in global bond markets but also in currency markets. Just as the bond market has turned down (yields up), it seems that the U.S. dollar has now topped and will continue its long-term downtrend. The Dollar Index (pictured below) shows that the new correction high is not confirmed by the technical indicators. The dollar against the Euro shows a similar picture.

For anyone under the illusion that the dollar is a strong currency, just look at the chart below of the U.S. dollar against the Swiss Franc. During my working life I have seen the dollar fall a stunning 76% against the Swiss franc. That is hardly the sign of a strong currency. It now looks like the next leg down of the dollar is imminent. Against the Swissy, I would expect another 50% fall of the dollar to 0.50. That doesn’t mean that I believe that the Swiss franc will be a strong currency, but I do see a collapse of the U.S. dollar until it reaches its intrinsic value of ZERO.

So it looks like the dollar will lead the race to the bottom of all the currencies. No currency will fall in a straight line and they will all take turns in this race. What holders of dollars and other currencies must remember is that governments and central banks will be under tremendous pressure during a simultaneous fall of credit markets and currency markets because both these events will lead to massive pressure on the financial system, especially the banks. Governments will need to take draconian measures in their futile attempt to save the banks. It will of course be impossible to take any money out except for very small expenses and even that might not be available. It will be mandatory to invest the major part of deposits and any other assets in your bank account in government bonds that must be kept for an undetermined period.

At the same time, as most bank assets will be frozen, there will be very strict exchange controls. This will make it totally impossible to transfer any funds out of the country except for some commercial transactions. So there is not much time left for investors to put their house in order and take the necessary wealth protection measures. This involves holding physical gold and silver in the safest jurisdictions outside your country of residence and outside of the banking system.

Bitcoin has benefitted from the current fear in financial markets and has risen 100% since January 2016. But it is a volatile market and in the last couple of days we have seen a 25% fall. It is likely that Bitcoin will continue to rise since many investors believe that this is the best way to avoid any currency restrictions, regulations, bank failures or confiscation. I do think that as a speculative investment Bitcoin could rise a lot further. But investors must remember that Bitcoin has nothing to do with wealth preservation. Bitcoin is an electronic currency not dissimilar from paper money. Bitcoin, like paper money, has zero intrinsic value. Also, there are a great many risks. As an example, Bitcoins can disappear without trace. And if something happens to the internet, such as a temporary shutdown or cyber-attacks, investors will have a problem accessing their Bitcoins. Having said that, I see the biggest problem being government regulations.

If Bitcoin and other cyber currencies are too successful, governments will start regulating that market until it becomes just another paper currency.

I still don’t see a better form of wealth preservation than precious metals. If you look at gold, in many currencies bottomed in 2013. In dollars, gold bottomed at the end of 2015. We saw a strong move up until mid-2016 and since then both gold and silver have corrected. It looks like this correction is now finished and the clearest indication of that is given by the HUI or Gold Bugs Index. Since December 19, 2016, the HUI is already up 22%.

Gold is only up 4% in dollar terms since the correction low on December 15. Whether gold (and silver) lingers at these levels for a bit longer or if they move up quickly from here is irrelevant. The reason for this is because 2017 will see a major move up in the whole precious metals complex and that move is likely to be spectacular. But regardless of the magnitude of this move, the wealth preservation aspect of physical precious metals is paramount.”

World War III Could Start at Any Moment-Crisis In Eastern Europe

It should be noted that quite often the most interesting arms contracts escape media attention. That’s how it was in 2016.

Signing a multi-billion-dollar military aid package between the United States and Israel and the subsequent White House approval for long-awaited fighter sales to the prophetic tribulation era Antichrist Middle East hit the radar screen.

In late September, the US approved the sales of Boeing fighters worth a total of around $7 billion to Antichrist Kuwait and Antichrist Qatar. First mooted around two years ago, the deals had been held up by the US government due to Israeli concerns and in order to smooth the way for nuclear talks with Iran.

The same month, a $38-billion Israeli arms package over the next 10 years – the largest of its kind ever – was finalized and signed.

Poland Acquires First Strike Capability To Pose Threat To Russia

The news about those contacts was a real scoop hitting the headlines of all mainstream media outlets. In late November, the State Department approved another transaction- the acquisition of 70 AGM-158B JASSM-ER (extended range) missiles for Poland. The deal undeservedly failed to attract much attention. In fact, it matters much and changes a lot.

The prospects for the acquisition of the extended range version were discussed as far back as 2014. The US obviously procrastinated due to political considerations. The decision to make the deal go through makes Poland the first state outside the United States to acquire the JASSM-ER.

In 2014, Poland signed a contract to procure the JASSM AGM-158A version for its F-16C/D jets. The stealth missile is designed to destroy ground targets at distances 370+km (230 mi). As of 2014, the JASSM had also entered service in Australia and Finland.

The 370 km is a great range for the purpose of self-defense. But Poland badly wanted strategic conventional first strike capability. With the JASSM-ER deal reached, its dream has come true. Using a more efficient engine and larger fuel volume in an airframe with the same external dimensions as the JASSM, the JASSM-ER has an operational range of 1000+km (620 mi) – an effective stealth weapon to knock out key stationary infrastructure sites located deep in Russia’s territory. The weapon boasts a penetrating warhead.

With the AGM-158A expected to become fully operational this year, Poland has the aircraft and crews ready to receive the extended range version. The JASSM-ER has 70% hardware commonality and 95% software commonality with the original AGM-158 JASSM.

Poland has made a significant contribution into NATO’s long-range conventional superiority to further complicate the prospects for further progress in the field of arms control. The first strike capability presupposes that Russia would introduce corresponding changes into its military planning. The home bases of Polish F-16 fighters carrying the JASSM-ER will inevitably become potential first strike targets in case of conflict with Russia.

The study of defense contracts signed recently by the United States with other countries shows that potential threats to Russia are growing. For instance, an A/N FPS-132 Block 5 Early Warning Radar (EWR) with an operational range of 5,000 km is to be installed in Antichrist Qatar. Described as ordinary arms sales, the deals are kept out of arms control discourse and public spotlight but putting together bits of information allows to compose the whole picture and identify the creeping menaces.

It’s not air-to surface first strike capability only. Poland has been implementing the plans to form a 50,000 strong paramilitary territorial defense force, a planned military reserve component of the regular military, since 2015. Roughly, 20,000 guards will join the ranks of the new force in 2017.

Warsaw plans to increase the size of the army by at least 50 percent in the coming years (from about 95,000 to 150,000), including the creation of three brigades for the territorial defense of the country on the eastern flank.

The military is going through long-term modernization program with significant equipment acquisitions planned for 2017 through 2022 to involve new air defense systems, ballistic missiles, a new fighter trainer aircraft, combat and transport helicopters, submarines, self-propelled howitzers and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Around 1200 UAVs are to be procured, including at least 1000 with combat capabilities.

According to NATO plans, Poland will host rapid response troops starting this year. Warsaw has demanded a full-scale permanent base of the alliance on its territory.

A NATO Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense site to be positioned in Poland in 2018 and the AGM-158B are two destabilizing factors that undermine security in Europe and obstruct prospects for arms control. Both threats to peace come from Poland.

There are reasons to believe that 2017 will be the year when tensions in the Old Continent are reduced. The Russian Foreign Ministry has just confirmed this view in a statement. The BMD and the AGM-158B are the issues to be raised if Russia and NATO launch arms control talks as some leading European nations have suggested recently. But Poland seems to be marching out of step. The JASSM-ER deal is a highly provocative step towards Russia undermining the security of Europe and positioning Poland at the frontline of the arms race.

Cold Arctic air has reached and settled over the central Mediterranean, now causing bitterly cold temperatures across much of Europe. Hurricane-force winds are affecting the Adriatic coast for the second day in a row and producing intense sea-effect snowfall over the south-central Italy.

On Thursday, January 5, a storm surge has caused the worst flooding on Germany’s north-east coast since 2006, leaving streets and cars submerged and causing major damage. Towns and cities along the Baltic coast were flooded, from Kiel in the far north to the resort island of Usedom near the Polish border, the BBC reported.

Europe in the grip of Arctic outbreak, hurricane-force winds hit Adriatic coast

Sea levels were recorded in the port of Wismar at 1.83 m (6 feet) above normal overnight. Severe winter conditions were also present in Sweden and Finland. The overnight temperature fell to -41.7 °C (-43 °F) at Muonio in Finnish Lapland, near the north-western border with Sweden. It was the coldest night of the winter so far.

Further west in northern Sweden, temperatures fell as low as -41.3 °C (-42.3° F) and road conditions were treacherous in much of the country.

“Middle East Chaos” Prophecy

“Any American act of stupidity will ignite the Antichrist Palestinian territories,” a Antichrist Fatah official stated.

Should the US embassy be moved to Jerusalem, the Middle East will enter a “crisis no one will be able to overcome,” official Antichrist Palestinian news agency Wafa quoted Antichrist Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas as saying Friday.

“We heard a lot of statements relating to moving the US embassy, which we hope are not correct and will not be implemented, but if implemented then the peace process in the Middle East, and even peace in the world, will be in a crisis we will not be able to come out from.”

Antichrist Abbas invites HORUS Trump to Bethlehem, warns against Jerusalem embassy move

“We say to those who said it, and this is the US President-elect Donald Trump, we invite you to visit Palestine, especially Bethlehem, next year, and that this statement is not on your agenda because any statement or position that will disrupt or alter the status of Jerusalem is a red line that we will not accept it.

“Some people in the past talked about this subject and did not do anything,” he added. “So we hope the US administration does not move the embassy, and to implement UN resolution 2334, which it did not object to nor did use its veto against him, and thus it had approved the resolution, which had international consensus,” Abbas stated.

Abbas’ statements come just days after senior Fatah officials stated in an interview that the Palestinians would start a “new violent uprising” if the embassy was moved to Jerusalem.

“I believe that any American act of stupidity will ignite the Palestinian territories,” Fatah Central Committee member Sultan Abu al-Einein told Egypt’s Alghad TV on Sunday.

Christians Need To Stop Being So Naive About Antichrist Muslim Immigration

As domestic unrest grows in Mexico amid gas price hikes and tensions mount over Trumpian policies, AP reports that Mexican prosecutors said Saturday they are searching for a gunman who opened fire on, and wounded an official of the U.S. consulate in the western city of Guadalajara. While motive is unclear, the shooting appeared to be a direct attempt to kill the consular employee.

Caught On Tape: Gunman Shoots US Consular Official In Mexico

– Antichrist ISIS And HSBC Comey Obozo Clown Fast And Furious Team Mexican Drug Cartels ‘Just Waiting For The Order’ – Who’s Giving The Order? Disturbing Report

Open Door To Terrorists’ Policy May Soon Blow Up In Our Faces – According To US Law Enforcement Sources, ‘Terror Teams’ Are Waiting To Attack US Cities Simultaneously.

Four people were killed and several others wounded after a truck rammed into several pedestrians adjacent to the Armon Hanatziv promenade in Jerusalem on Sunday, according to Magen David Adom. Among the fatalities were three women and one man in their 20s.

Jerusalem ramming attack: Four killed as truck slams into crowd

MDA reported that it was treating 13 additional wounded people, of them, three in serious condition, one in moderate-to-serious condition and 9 in light condition. Emergency workers were evacuating the wounded to nearby hospitals.

Truck Rams Into Pedestrians In Jerusalem Killing Four, Wounding 15; Driver Shot

Hikers discover ancient menorah, cross etchings in Israel

It’s rare when Hanukkah and Christmas arrive on the same day, as they did in 2016. But what three Israeli hikers discovered during the holidays made the coincidence truly remarkable.

The hikers, members of the Israel Caving Club, were exploring a water cistern in the Judean Shephelah, located in the lowland region of South-Central Israel, when they found a seven-branched menorah and a cross etched into the same wall.

“We heard there are interesting caves in the region,” said Ido Meroz. “We began to peer into them, and that’s how we came to this cave, which is extremely impressive with rock-carved niches and engravings on the wall.

“Just before we were about to return we suddenly noticed an engraving that at first glance seemed to be a menorah. When we realized this is an ancient depiction of a menorah, we became very excited. Its appearance was quite distinct.”

The menorah has a base with three feet and is thought to portray the one that stood in the temple during the Second Temple Period, in the second century A.D. The cross is thought to have been etched in the wall 200 years later, during the Byzantine Period.

“It is rare to find a wall engraving of a menorah,” said Sa’ar Ganor, district archaeologist of Ashkelon in the Israel Antiquities Authority. “[T]his exciting discovery, which was symbolically revealed during the Hanukkah holiday, substantiates the scientific research regarding the Jewish nature of the settlement during the Second Temple period.”

This marks the third time an engraving of a menorah has been found in the Judean Shephelah. The others were etched into an oil press and in a burial complex. Other menorahs have been found on clay lamps.


Also found on the side of the cave was an engraving of what looks like a key, and some other engravings that have not yet been identified. Alongside the cistern is a columbarium with dozens of niches that were used to raise doves, which were used as part of the sacrificial rites in the Temple.

The hikers — Meroz, Mickey Barkal and Sefi Givoni — will receive a good citizenship certificate and will be invited to participate in archaeological surveys that the Israel Antiquities Authority will conduct in the region.

Tom Horn – Possible Trigger Points For Start Of The Wicked Endtime World Government B

Filmmaker & researcher Gonz Shimura from the facelikethesun you Tube channel is back to discuss the elite agenda for the total technological enslavement of humankind in the New World Order’s beast system.

The Manipulation Continues As The The Entire Economy Falls Apart – Episode 1171a

UK retail sales decline in December this biggest shopping month of the year. Restaurants, stores all showing declining sales and more and more retail businesses are closing. Unemployment rate moved up to 4.7% as more and more are pushed out of the labor market. The entire job numbers are manipulated. Once again the jobs went to health care and part-time jobs. Factory orders plunge, remove defense spending and its a disaster. Fed Williams said get use to GDP below 2%. .

Why are bloodthirsty Senators John ‘Toyko Rose’ McCain and Lindsay ‘Southern Belle’ Graham so determined to start a war? Today on TRUNEWS, Pastor Rick Wiles details the cyber circus the warmongering duo held in Congress today, as the world awaits the still unseen evidence Russia hacked election 2016. Pastor Rick also discusses the DNC’s claim the FBI never actually investigated their server, and Chuckie Schumer’s veiled threat President-elect Trump will regret taking on the CIA. In part 2, correspondent Edward Szall speaks to Christian Danish journalist Iben Thranholm about how Russia is quickly becoming the epicenter of Christianity.

01/05/17: Rick Wiles, McCain Graham Cyber Circus

Ron Paul opined on the farce via his Facebook page…

Barack Obozo started with a Nobel Peace Prize and is ending his presidency with the Pentagon’s Distinguished Public Service Medal.

Sounds about right for a president who bombed 7 nations and became the first in U.S. history to be at war every single day of his eight year administration.

Just remember America, as Obozo signs ‘The Ministry of Truth’ act into reality, “War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.”

Ron Paul Sums Up Nobel-Peace-Prize-Winning Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown In One Short Sentence

NOTE: After years of observing the behavior of the collective spirit of the ”African” American population there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this generation is perfectly confirmed by these criminals. The ”African” American majority cheered when a famous ”African American” football player did not go to prison after murdering two white people. Had they been two ”African American” football players they would not have supported the murder, but the ”African” American community did. ”African” Americans as a whole have come to a point where they have proven that same spirit got increasingly worse during the Obozo clown 8 years. ”African Americans” voted twice 95% for an evil lair and fool because that happens to be collectively what ”African” Americans represent. What these ”African” American evil spirited people did to this poor defenseless person confirms from the bottom up to the United States President exactly what the ”African” American community voted for and exactly what that represents.

The ”African” American community was screw’d over by the same evil spirit that now has possession of the ”African” American collective. The Obozo clown years has proven beyond doubt, the worst racists in America have become the ”African” Americans that suffered the most racism. The sad reality is, it is impossible to trust ”African” Americans at this point, and they have proven beyond doubt  ”African” Americans are evil as a body, and that body is represented by the ” black American” as an ”individual” given the benefit of doubt. This means ”African” Americans are an obvious threat not only collectively but as individuals, which ultimately manifests into events like police just shooting first, and that same defensive standard, based on ”obvious threat” that has been proven continuously, collectively on an increasing basis up to the point where the evil spirit is in possession of willful ”African” Americans that torture someone like this special needs person because they are so affected by the Obozo clown racist era that has peaked and brought forth this evil spirit that perfectly expresses the ”African” American electorate and community as an unbecoming ”African” American body that is an ”obvious threat”.

There just isn’t any reason for anyone that is not an ”African” American to support any businesses or products and political representatives that do at this point. The ”individual” voice of good within the ”African” American community has been completely lost and given over to the demonic Antichrist spirit. That is a fact, and that is a prophetic fulfillment of the end time last generation. The Saints within the black and white etc… etc.., lines of race are just as overcome as it stands with all the nations that are of the Antichrist religious order, from Antichrist muslims etc.. to even Antichrist Jews in Israel.

At this point, there will not be room for grace. Socialist must murder the individual by all means. ”African” Americans have voted and violently proven that on a political and racial level beyond all doubt. These criminals that have proven this from the bottom up to the President do not leave any doubt whatsoever about that fact, they confirm the prophetic trend now peaking from the bottom up to the President.

There is no escaping the fact that the Antichrist socialists represent the 95% ”African American”  vote, and that Antichrist spirit stands in defense for people that have tortured their own special needs relative. That is the ”obvious threat” image ”current prophetic obvious threat reality” of persons unbecoming and in contempt of their own life confirmed by their own actions and racist socialist Antichrist spirit. To truly quantify ”attempting to justify” a defense for the collective ”African” American ”Socialist”, what the unbecoming ”African” American defenders are doing by not calling this crime for what it is, they are doing this to their ”own special needs relative son”, but in reality they are really doing this to our Father in Christ upon the Cross. The fact is, the tribulation era is the end of the grace period, and the possibility that the ”African” American population isn’t going to reflect their current 95% collective body failure vote and Antichrist collective socialist spirit is ”prophetic zero”.

Fake News: CBS Radio Report Implies Chicago Torturers Were White, Victim Was Black.

This is the exact image of people that will, and have, accepted the prophetic mark of the beast, because that is what Antichrist socialists have to offer and that is what they accept,  and the Antichrist collective body spirit from the bottom up in the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No boots SPECTRE Clown confirms this fact. Obozo confirmed this when he declared that the individual sovereignty needs to be sacrificed upon the altar of his socialist dictate image, which is Antichrist and not American. The American Republic of law stands for the individual in agreement in opposition to the socialist sacrifice of the individual and the American Republic in law. That ”change” the ”African” American vote represents is defined by the evil Antichrist foundation upon which these criminal ”African” Americans, that tortured a human like this, in this manner, rests, and from which the President they voted for, or against, stands in confirmation.

They embraced the 911 Clintons that claimed ”it takes a village” to raise a child, and that village is called ”Hope”, which Obozo’s wife said is now lost because Trump represents no hope, so of course this results in young ”African” American adults torturing their human image that represents the ”Village Called Hope” that raised them and the ”evil torturous vote” twice as a whole body that represents their Antichrist spirit expressed by the wife of their President who confirmed their hope is lost.

Consider the prophetic image of the statue in King Nebuchadnezzar’s prophetic dream, and the reality of the prophetic city of ”Mystery Babylon” fallen. The Antichrist spirit that tortured this human voted for the President that just voted against the burdensome stone that represents ”The Stone” that crushes the feet of the Statue in the King of Babylon’s dream which represents the time frame of the tribulation when the city of ”Mystery Babylon” is destroyed by an Angel casting down ”The Stone” into the water. ARE YOU GETTING THE FULL PICTURE NOW? CONSIDER WHERE TRUMP TOWER IS AND REALIZE THE SAME CITY REPRESENTS THE UNITED NATIONS THAT JUST CONFIRMED THE PROPHETIC CITY OF MYSTERY BABYLON BY IT’S VOTE FOR THE NWO ISRAELI 2 STATE SOLUTION REPRESENTED BY THE ANTICHRIST SPIRIT CONFIRMED BY OBOZO’s ABSTENTION. People are not seeing the prophetic leaping frog, and they never will as a collective spirit of this generation. The ”African” American collective body just represents a minority vote manifestation of that prophetic global reality of this terminal prophetic last generation.

Update 3: Jordan Hill, 18, of Carpentersville; Tesfaye Cooper, 18, of Chicago; Brittany Covington, 18, of Chicago; and Tanishia Covington, 24, of Chicago; were each charged with aggravated kidnapping, hate crime, aggravated unlawful restraint, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and residential burglary, according to the Cook County state’s attorney. Hill was also charged with robbery and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Update 2: Here is CNN’s Don Lemon explaining how this is not evil or racist… “I don’t think it’s evil,” Lemon replied. “I don’t think it’s evil. I think these are young people and I think they have bad home training.”

Hate Crime, Kidnapping Charges Filed Against Four Blacks In Facebook Live Torture Case

Update 1: Police have charged the four suspects with battery and hate crimes (though we note no specific allegation of race-related hate)…

The video was initially posted via Facebook Live under the account of someone named Brittany Herring and spread quickly via Twitter and under the hashtag #BLMKidnapping.

BLM is an apparent reference to the social justice group Black Lives Matter, which did not appear to have any connection to the video.

Police Cmdr. Kevin Duffin said that the suspects made “stupid decisions.”
* * *

As we detailed earlier, it appears Newt Gingrich was right in his outrage at the hypocrisy of the situation surrounding the kidnap and abuse of a mentally-ill white teen by four black assailants. Despite the suspects shouting “f*** Donald Trump” and “f*** white people” Chicago police said today that they do not believe the attack was motivated by race, more likely due to his “special needs.”

As reports, Chicago Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Thursday morning that they believe the victim was targeted because he has “special needs,” not because of his race

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said it’s also possible that the suspects were attempting to extort something from the victim’s family.

However, investigators are still considering whether the vile assault falls under hate crime laws and admitted there were “terrible racist statements” used.

Additionally, the grandmother of the young woman associated with the live video on Facebook of the beating says her granddaughter “had her ups and downs,” but is “a good person.” The grandmother says the video doesn’t reflect the young woman she raised.

Newt Gingrich was furious, warning that the U.S. was “at the edge of a terrible period” after a Facebook Live video surfaced in which a disabled Chicago teen is seen being tortured amid chants of “f— Donald Trump.”

“If this had been done to an African-American by four whites, every liberal in the country would be outraged and there would be no question that it is a hate crime,” Gingrich said in an interview on “Fox & Friends.”

“We are right at the edge of a terrible period — which I know President-elect Donald Trump wants to avoid — of having a deep bitter division in the communities in a way that makes America very hard to govern

We live in a society where hypersensitive liberals parse every comment looking for something, anything they can call racist while they simultaneously hurl grotesque racial insults at white people because of the color of their skin. So, if those four scumbags thought it was okay to broadcast their torture of a disabled man to the world because he was white and they namechecked Trump, it was because they bought into the poisonous way liberals approach race.

If You Listen to Liberals, Why Not Kidnap and Torture White People?

NOTE: She starts off by clowning around with the ”Command” related to the Holy Sabbath Day of rest, and then caps that off with combining that with the ”prophetic end of days tribulation era” which her husband just assured by his supporting in secret behind the scenes the United Nations Vote to restore the 1967 lines for the prophetic Antichrist Israeli 2 State United Nations Final Solution and prophetic ”Peace And Security” covenant with his last United Nations Speech where he confirmed the Antichrist NWO 666 global agenda to eliminate the sovereignty of every individual and nation to the prophetic Antichrist unelected global rule of as the means to seal the prophetic mark of the beast upon all nations and Israel with the same prophetic false peace and security Israeli 2 State United Nations covenant.

The subtlety of the slithering satanic spirit is easily identified and confirmed by the smiling clown grin that expresses the grave Antichrist contempt for our Father in Christ and all flesh. Some of us can see this without even slowing down the video to reconfirm what just happened to reveal ”it’s self” within the human host. The Antichrist spirit is so obvious and easy to recognize for what ”it is”, be it an actual demon possession  or fallen angel manifestation of the Antichrist spirit in possession or just the usual suspect Antichrist spirit programming manifesting it’s false claim upon the human tongue.

…but starting off this speech, in this manner, the Antichrist Clown is fully unmasked from the start, and there really isn’t any need to watch more than the opening lines of a clown making a joke of the Holy Sabbath and tying that command with the prophetic end time tribulation period some POTUS Clown is actively playing the most powerful proxy part out for ”The Antichrist” who shall stand as the ”prophetic abomination which makes desolate as a result of the Antichrist Israeli 2 Sate Solution Obozo just secretly made happen on purpose and at the last possible unpreventable time in history surprises the world with accepting the prophetic Antichrist NWO 666 Israeli 2 State United Nations Peace&Security act of prophetic fulfillment which ACTUALLY DOES RESULT IN KICKING OFF THE GREAT TRIBULATION ERA TIME FRAME OF THE PROPHETIC LAST GENERATION BEFORE THE FINAL DAY OF ATONEMENT REST AND MARRIAGE (NOT HOMOSEXUAL IMAGE OF OBOZO) OF THE BRIDE OF OUR FATHER IN CHRIST UNTO HIS RISEN SALVATION IN YAHSHUA THE LORD OF THE FINAL HARVEST AND HOLY ETERNAL SABBATH REST IN PERFECT PEACE IN COMPLETE LOVING AGREEMENT FOREVER IN HIS HOLY NAME … this Obozo Clown First Lady just made a joke of for her own sake at the expense of her own eternal salvation.

You are looking at a woman going straight to Hell with her; ”condemned by our Father in Christ”  …adoring pathetic evil blind morons fans, representing the prophetic fulfillment of ”the prophetic last generation Antichrist majority population” , whom are ”given the prophetic strong delusion” preventing them from escaping their own judgment, because they so hate The Truth of our Father in Christ and love the prophetic Antichrist image of the beast and it’s tempting lie, which they have accepted, and which is now their current revelation upon the last generation confirming the time and spirit leading to the sealing of the prophetic Antichrist ”covenant with many” for one week, ”7 days”, ”the prophetic time frame” which is cut short for the sake of the elect, and expressed  by the 1260 days midpoint of the prophetic 7th Day Advent return of our Father in Christ for the sake of His Holy elect Saints sealed in agreement, lest all flesh be destroyed, with the Holy Spirit of our Father in Christ, The Lord of The Sabbath and The Harvest.



Antichrist NWO 666 Michelle Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE First Lady Clown Final Speech as First Lady 

First Lady Michelle Obozo will deliver her final remarks as First Lady at the 2017 School Counselor of the Year event in the East Room of the White

The First Lady Honors the 2017 School Counselor of the Year

House. School Counselor of the Year is an annual White House tradition started in 2015 by Mrs. Obozo.

SkyWatchTV News 1/5/17: Carl Gallups – Obozo’s Birth Certificate is Fake

“It is best to wait outside. There are men in here… In this café, there is no diversity.” — Male customer in a café in Sevran, on France 2 television.

“In this café, there is no mixing. We are in Sevran, not Paris. Here there is a different mentality. It is like back home.” ­ — Another male customer in a café in Sevran, on France 2 television.

Women seem “to have been erased”, from the cafés and the streets. “So now to avoid threats, and being put under pressure, they censor themselves and keep quiet.” — Caroline Sinz, journalist, France 2 television.

This Antichrist Islamization has been fueled and strengthened by Antichrist Qatar’s heavy investments — particularly in mosques — in France, which currently stand at around $22 billion.

“There is a misplaced form of morality, often exercised by minority groups over a majority, which leads to the fact that the public space, supposedly belonging to both men and women, is restricted from women.” — Pascale Boistard, former French Minister for Women’s Rights

French ministers feign surprise and outrage that women in these suburbs have finally succumbed to the incessant terror against them and are disappearing from the streets.

Women have literally disappeared from cafés and bars in certain predominantly Antichrist Muslim suburbs in France, according to recently aired undercover footage from the France 2 television channel. The footage featured two women activists, Nadia Remadna and Aziza Sayah, from the women’s rights campaign group, La Brigade des Mères (Brigade of Mothers), entering a café in the Paris suburb of Sevran, where they were met with surprise and hostility from the all-male customers. One told them: “It is best to wait outside. There are men in here… In this café, there is no diversity.”

Another customer told them: “In this café, there is no mixing. We are in Sevran, not Paris. Here there is a different mentality. It is like back home.”

In a suburb of Lyon, France 2 TV journalist Caroline Sinz spoke to a young woman who said that she is quite simply afraid to go out, and wears baggy clothes and no makeup to avoid being targeted by the Antichrist Muslim men in the neighborhood.

In the words of Sinz, women seem “to have been erased,” from the cafés and the streets. Sinz goes on to explain that women in these areas used to protest against the status quo, but now,

“They are afraid, they have already spoken out in many cities, and were insulted and assaulted… So now to avoid threats, and being put under pressure, they censor themselves and keep quiet.”

Axelle Lemaire, France’s Minister for Digital Affairs, and the first government official to comment on the footage, said the footage appeared to show an “intolerable” and “illegal” case of “discrimination against women”. However, she was quick to add that it was not a question of religion, and said that France’s Antichrist Muslim communities should not be blamed.

Lemaire’s comment about religion reveals, once more, the willful ignorance that so many in Europe’s political establishment display in their refusal to deal with the issues of Antichrist Islamization. Sevran is part of the district of Seine-Saint-Denis, an area inhabited by over 600,000 Antichrist Muslims, out of 1.4 million people. Already in 2011, a report by the highly respected political scientist and expert on Antichrist Islam, Gilles Kepel, “Banlieue de la République” (“Suburb of the Republic”), showed that Seine-Saint-Denis, as well as other suburbs, were becoming parallel Islamic societies, increasingly cut off from the rest of French society. That women have now disappeared from the streets of Sevran cannot be divorced from the fact of the Antichrist Islamization of these societies.

This Antichrist Islamization has been fueled and strengthened by Antichrist Qatar’s heavy investments — particularly in mosques — in France during the past five years. These investments currently stand at around $22 billion. Investments in mosques are how Antichrist Qatar is apparently spreading Antichrist Wahhabism/Salafism — a particularly radical form of Islam — around the world.

Antichrist Islamic sharia law is quite clear on the role of the woman in Antichrist Islam; French politicians might be well advised to open a Antichrist Quran before they pronounce recent events as having “nothing to do with Antichrist Islam.” The Antichrist Quran states that a woman must obey her husband in all things [Quran 4:34][1] and that her role is in the home, where she should preferably stay, unless she has a legitimate errand to attend to outside the house [Antichrist Quran 33:33].[2] In countries where Antichrist sharia is the law of the land, as in Antichrist Saudi Arabia, a woman cannot leave the home without permission of her husband.

Considering the subservient role of women in sharia law, it is only a natural development that those French suburbs that have become Islamized and where sharia is held in high regard, now resemble Saudi Arabia. The cumulative effects of Antichrist Islamization, supported with Antichrist Qatari money and influence, can come as a surprise only to those political and cultural elites who stubbornly refuse to acknowledge and deal with the realities.

Another French politician, former Labor Minister Eric Woerth, said that the footage “stabs at the heart of the Republic. The heart of the Republic is the equality between men and women”. But is this passionate declaration of “liberté, égalité, fraternité” not a bit belated? Where have these politicians been? A year ago, Pascale Boistard, then France’s Minister for Women’s Rights, said in an interview:

“There are areas in our territory where women are not accepted, where they are not respected, and where they are almost obliged to live with this fact as an annoyance in everyday life. And everyone seems to find it more or less normal… In many neighborhoods, women are limited to certain areas (the foyer, the exit from school …) and virtually absent from others, such as sports venues, or places of entertainment. Is it normal that in some places you cannot find any women in the cafes? There is a misplaced form of morality, often exercised by minority groups over a majority, which leads to the fact that the public space, supposedly belonging to both men and women, is restricted from women”.

The subordination, humiliation and terrorization of women in the suburbs has been going on for decades, right under the noses of those politicians who claim to care about women’s rights and “the heart of the republic,” yet chose to stay ignorant. In 2002, the late author of “Dans l’enfer des tournantes” (“To Hell and Back”), Samira Bellil, described how her life as a teenager in the late 1980s in the suburbs was, as the title suggests, pure hell. Speaking to Time magazine in 2002, she said: “From the moment a girl steps outside, guys think they have the right to pass judgment and treat us differently. In extreme cases, this leads to violence or aggression.” Bellil was gang-raped repeatedly by Antichrist Muslim youths, who knew her and targeted her, because “any neighborhood girl who smokes, uses makeup or wears attractive clothes is a whore.” At the time, Time magazine further reported:

“[P]olice are loath to patrol the areas for fear of violence. The result: civility and order in many banlieues have broken down, and bands of young men feel they can attack women with impunity…”

This was fifteen years ago.

In the same article, Time also interviewed Fadela Amara, head of the organization, Ni Putes ni Soumise (“Neither Whores nor Submissives”) which campaigns for women to be able live normal, modern lives. Amara said that since 1992, women in the suburbs of France have had to deal with the spreading influence of Islamic fundamentalism:

“Over the past 10 years, the condition of women in the banlieues has radically deteriorated… We are seeing an increase in insults of young women who wear jeans, a rise in forced or arranged marriages, more young women obliged to drop out of school and a greater incidence of polygamy.”

Fifteen years later, French ministers feign surprise and outrage that women in these suburbs have finally succumbed to the incessant terror against them and are disappearing from the streets.

Judith Bergman is a writer, columnist, lawyer and political analyst.

[1] Quran 4:34: “Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Antichrist (a)llah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Antichrist (a)llah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them.”

[2] Quran 33:33: “And abide in your houses and do not display yourselves as [was] the display of the former times of ignorance. And establish prayer and give zakah and obey Antichrist (a)llah and His Antichrist Messenger. Antichrist (a)llah intends only to remove from you the impurity [of sin], O people of the [Antichrist (p)rophet’s] household, and to purify you with [extensive] purification.”

Europe: The Case of the Vanishing Women

As the country is rocked by terror attacks and sex assaults stoking social divisions not seen since war time Germany, Horst Seehofer, the leader of the conservative Christian Social Union (CSU) is calling on Merkel to implement a refugee cap.

The CSU’s relationship with Angela Merkel and her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Party hangs in the balance as the public turns on their liberal migration policy.

The Chancellor insisted Syrians and other migrants would easily be integrated in German society when she announced they would be welcome in her country.

But Mr Seehofer is ignoring her objections, and insists on a limit of 200,000 refugees per year.

He acknowledged the two parties, who form the conservative “Union” bloc, still have differences to resolve, but Mr Seehofer kept up pressure on Merkel to toughen her stance on migrants.

He said: ”We still need to discuss some things and then we will go into the election together.

“This country is polarised and divided and it must be the task of all democrats to lead their country together.”

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has also floated ideas that go some way to meeting demands from conservative coalition allies.

His proposals include detention centres for deporting failed asylum seekers, increased surveillance and DNA testing, as well as centralising police and intelligence.

The changes come after an Islamist truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market last month which killed 12 people.

Anis Amri, a failed Tunisian asylum seeker, had been given his marching orders from Germany but it was not enforced.

He had also been under police surveillance for months before he hijacked a truck and drove it into a crowded market.

Another failed asylum seeker blew himself up outside a wine bar near a music festival in the German town of Ansbach in July.

Germany demands MIGRANT CAP: Final nail in the coffin for Angela Merkel’s refugee policy

A machete-wielding Syrian refugee hacked a pregnant woman to death in the German city of Reutlingen in the same month.

German citizens have long been calling for a change to mass welcoming of the arrivals, many of whom carry no documents.

De Maiziere also argues authorities must be allowed to use DNA analysis more, and that biometric analysis via face recognition should be used in searches for terrorists.

Rigorous and long-standing privacy and data protection laws, a corrective legacy of the Nazi and East German Communist eras, also look set to be changed.

In relation to failed asylum seekers De Maiziere wants them to be locked up until they are sent back to their country of origin.

He wants new powers to detain those seen as dangerous and has called for speedy implementation of a European Union agreement to register people arriving and leaving the 28-nation EU.

His suggestion of transit zones near Germany’s borders where individuals would stay on entering the country until they have undergone security checks has drawn more controversy.

Merkel and Seehofer’s February meeting in Munich was planned after they each stayed away from the other’s party conference late last year as their conservative alliance struggles to repair the divisions over migrant policy.

Members of the CDU are concerned the divisions have not healed, and worry that votes will be snatched by right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) who have taken a hardline against migrants.

Obozo’s Final Address to UN Security Council: Give Up Liberty, Submit to World Government

In stark contrast to founding father Benjamin Franklin, who uttered the famous words, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety,” Obozo called on Americans to give up more liberty for security

Obozo Pursues World Government in Final United Nations Speech: “Call To End National Sovereignty”

The Council on Foreign Relations, often referred to as the “real State Department,” prefers to call it a transition to “global governance” or multilateralism.

In 2012, as the CFR unveiled the Council of Councils and its “Challenges for Global Governance in 2013,” Nicholas West deconstructed the globalist agenda. In addition to eroding national sovereignty through the promotion of “free trade” deals and treaties, the CFR has pushed behind the scenes for economic collapse, humanitarian intervention, destabilization of the Middle East, geopolitical reorganization, and control of the internet.

“The agenda of global governance exists, and the move toward a one world government is being executed. The solutions being discussed at think tank conferences in a wide range of disciplines from geopolitics, to science, to health, to economics and communications are all beginning to coalesce into an overall agenda of centralized control. This fusion is manifesting at an accelerated pace in tandem with the rapid awakening of humanity to its condition of increasing servitude,” writes West.

The current globalism in trade—from NAFTA, CAFTA, and AFTA to the impending TPP—serve as a template for the ongoing effort to globalize nations and destroy national sovereignty, according to Richard Haass, current CFR president and the former Special Assistant to George H. W. Bush and National Security Council Senior Director for Near East and South Asian Affairs.

In 2010 Haass wrote “states must be prepared to cede some sovereignty to world bodies if the international system is to function. This is already taking place in the trade realm. Governments agree to accept the rulings of the WTO because on balance they benefit from an international trading order even if a particular decision requires that they alter a practice that is their sovereign right to carry out.”

Specifically, the elite created the disruptive force of the Antichrist Islamic State, they are pushing for the implementation of a militarized police state apparatus, have orchestrated revolutions, rolled out a propaganda campaign designed to promote world conflict and a possible Third World War, and have engendered disease hysteria that provides a backdrop for medical tyranny.

Obozo Seized Enough Land and Water in 8 Years to Cover Texas Three Times

In fact, of the 154 times the Antiquities Act has been used by a president to seize land over the past 110 years, Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown ’s executive land grabs together make up about 20 percent.

Here’s How Many Bombs Obozo Dropped In 2016

Seven years after being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” despite having been in office for less than one year and having pretty much no actual, tangible foreign diplomacy accomplishments at the time, Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown will depart the White House having dropped 26,171 bombs on foreign countries around the world in 2016, 3,027 more than 2015.

According to an analysis of Defense Department data from the Council on Foreign Relations, a non-partisan think tank, the majority of Obozo’s 2016 bombs were dropped on Syria and Iraq. Meanwhile, Afghanistan, a country Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown vowed U.S. troops would evacuate completely by the end of his Presidency, was also bombed over 1,300 times, a 40% increase over 2015. Per McClatchy DC:

The U.S. dropped 79 percent of the anti-Islamic State group coalition bombs in Syria and Iraq, totaling 24,287. That figure, along with others analyzed by CFR, is likely lower than the actual number dropped because one airstrike can involved multiple bombs.

Obozo did authorize a troop surge in Afghanistan — a conflict he pledged to end during his campaign — where the U.S. dropped 1,337 bombs in 2016. There are currently 8,400 U.S. troops left in the country, more than Obozo initially wanted to keep there at the end of his term. The U.S. only dropped 947 bombs in Afghanistan in 2015.

The U.S. also dropped more bombs in Libya in 2016 than it did in 2015. Nearly 500 bombs were dropped in the North African country that has essentially been ungoverned since the fall of dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. He was captured and killed during the Libyan Civil War, kicked off by the Antichrist Arab Spring protests that also began the Syrian conflict.

Since 9/11, US corporate media have portrayed  Antichrist Al Qaeda as a monstrous organization whose existence justifies a global war without end. Who could have predicted that by 2016, these same media outlets would become Antichrist Al Qaeda’s most enthusiastic cheerleaders?

How The Mainstream Media Turned Antichrist Al Qaeda Into A US Ally In Syria

The Washington Post recently made a huge point over the fact that Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner are moving to a home within D.C. that is within walking distance of a synagogue.

The house is within close walking distance of TheShul at Chabad-Lubavitch Center. Although there is no official word on which particular synagogue the family attends as Modern Antichrist Orthodox Jews the Trump-Kushner clan observe the Sabbath, a day of rest from Friday evening at sunset through Saturday evening during which the family refrain from work, using electronics and driving, among other restrictions. So having a synagogue within close walking distance to their home is an obvious must.

The Media however has not mentioned that the Obozo’s new home in Washington D.C. will be within walking distance of the Antichrist Islamic Center of Washington D.C.

Obozo’s New Home Within Walking Distance of Antichrist ISLAMIC CENTER

Obozo knows that he only has until January 20th, 2017 to take any action on the prophetic Antichrist Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

If he supports a UN Security Council resolution formally recognizing a Antichrist Palestinian state and granting them East Jerusalem as their capital, the next president would not be able to go back and undo that. So this may be a way for Obozo to “leave a legacy” in the Middle East, and he may especially be tempted to do this if it looks like Donald Trump could win the election…

But even more alarming than his defense of globalism was his wording about the prophetic Antichrist Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I can’t remember any previous president ever using the phrase “Antichrist Palestinian land” before. Obviously a prophetic Antichrist  “two-state solution” is already an inevitable outcome in Obozo’s mind. Here is the full quote for those that have not seen it yet…

“Surely Israelis and Palestinians will be better off if Antichrist Palestinians reject incitement and recognize the legitimacy of Israel. But Israel must recognize that it cannot permanently occupy and settle Antichrist Palestinian land.”

To me, this statement is a major red flag.

Obozo Used His Final UN Address To Promote A ‘Liberal World Order’ And A Antichrist Palestinian State

Could it be possible that Obozo plans to stab Israel in the back by supporting a UN Security Council resolution that permanently divides the Holy Land before his time in the White House is done?

UN Votes For 1967 Borders Takes Jerusalem Away From Israel Obozo Forsakes Jerusalem By His Own Order For 6 Month Ending EXACTLY On Shavuot The End Of The Omer On Pentecost July 1st 2017

America’s “Wreck it Ralph” is at it again. This time, Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No boots SPECTRE Clown decided to give Israel one last (we can only pray) kick in the behind before he leaves office. On December 23, the U.N. Security Council brought a resolution to a vote declaring that settlements Israel had built on and occupied since 1967 have “no legal validity.”

When U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power abstained rather than voting against the resolution, the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration took the bizarre and unprecedented move to turn its back on Israel.The move serves to end Jewish settlement building and threatens to plow Israel back to its 1967 borders, potentially leaving them indefensible

With UN Abstention Obozo Bids The Prophetic Abomination Which Makes Desolate With Israel an ‘Unhappy Hanukkah

If Skull&Bones Kerry’s plan is embraced by the conference in Paris, it is anticipated by many that it would serve as the basis for a UN Security Council resolution that would formally create a Antichrist Palestinian state before Donald Trump is inaugurated on January 20th.

With less than a month to go in his presidency,  Obozo has decided to launch an all-out attack on Israel. Once Resolution 2334 passed and the uproar against it was limited, that emboldened the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration to go for broke.

Now it looks like they actually could try to get a Antichrist Palestinian state created before he leaves office on January 20th, and if that happens it will be absolutely catastrophic for America. You see, the truth is that we have been warned for many years that our land will be divided after the land of Israel is officially divided into two states. Many of us have been watching for the creation of a Antichrist Palestinian state for a very long time, and now we may be right on the verge of it happening.

When Donald Trump takes office he would not be able to reverse the creation of a Antichrist Palestinian state, but one thing that he could do would be to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

If that happens, the Antichrist Palestinians are promising to throw a massive temper tantrum…

When asked how the Antichrist Palestinians would react if Trump carried out his promise to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Erekat reportedly said the Antichrist Palestine Liberation Organization would rescind its recognition of Israel and ask Arab states to expel their US envoys.

Erekat made precisely that threat in a December 19 conference call organized by the Wilson Center policy forum. He said he would immediately resign as the chief Antichrist Palestinian negotiator, and that “the PLO will revoke its recognition of Israel” as well as all previously signed agreements with Israel. Furthermore, said Erekat, all American embassies in the Antichrist Arab world would be forced to close — not necessarily because Antichrist Arab leaderships would want to close them, but because the infuriated public in the Arab world would not “allow” for the embassies to continue to operate.

Ultimately, everything that is happening now is setting the stage for the biggest war in the Antichrist Middle East that we have ever seen.

So instead of this “peace process” being the solution, it is actually going to cause the prophetic Antichrist Middle East to explode in violence RIGHT ON PROPHETIC TIME!!!

Circle January 15th: 70 Nations Will Gather In Paris To Discuss The Creation Of A Antichrist Palestinian State

France thwarts 24,000 cyber-attacks against defence targets

Israel is making “very big efforts” to prevent another anti-Israel resolution at the UN Security Council, Antichrist NWO 666 Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu said on Sunday.

As Paris peace summit nears, Israel makes ‘big efforts’ to prevent another Antichrist NWO 666 UN resolution

911 Netanyahu’s comments came at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting, in which he pointed out that the French-led Mideast summit in Paris is just a few days away. The summit, which Netanyahu 911 has adamantly opposed along with Defense Minister Liberman, is scheduled to take place next Sunday.

The Antichrist NWO 666 prime minister has said in recent days that he is worried decisions made at the conference will be turned into a resolution on the diplomatic process that will then be taken to the Security Council.

The prime minister again welcomed the US House of Representatives resolution last week that slammed Antichrist NWO 666 UN Security Council resolution 2334 that Washington allowed to pass last month. The House motion called for the Security Council resolution to be “repealed or fundamentally altered so that it is no longer one-sided and anti-Israel; and it allows all final status issues toward a two-state solution to be resolved through direct bilateral negotiations between the parties.”

The House measure also said that “any any future measures taken in international or outside organizations, including the Antichrist NWO 666 United Nations Security Council or at the Paris conference on the Israeli-Antichrist Palestinian conflict scheduled for January 15, 2017, to impose an agreement, or parameters for an agreement including the recognition of a Antichrist Palestinian state, will set back the cause of peace, harm the security of Israel, run counter to the enduring bipartisan consensus on strengthening the United States-Israel relationship, and weaken support for such organizations.”

The House resolution represents only one track, and not the only one, in efforts “that we are making in order to prevent bad resolutions against Israel at the UN,” Netanyahu 911 said.

“I am also telling you that we will work — as it says in the House resolution — either to repel the resolution in the Antichrist NWO 666 UN Security Council, or to change it in a manner so that it does not harm Israel.”

Netanyahu 911 pointed out that the House resolution passed with overwhelming support from both parties. The resolution passed by a vote of 342-90, with 233 Republicans voting for the measure, and only four voting against; and 109 Democrats voting for the motion, and 76 against.


“This is the [a]inscription that was written, ‘mene, mene, tekel, upharsin [numbered, numbered, weighed, and divided].’ 26 This is the interpretation of the message: ‘mene’—God has numbered the days of your kingdom and put an end to it; 27 ‘tekel’—you have been weighed on the scales [of righteousness] and found deficient; 28 ‘[b]peres’—[c]your kingdom has been divided and given over to the Medes and [d]Persians.”

Daniel 5

5 When He (the Lamb) broke open the third seal, I heard the third living creature call out, “Come.” I looked, and behold, a black horse [of famine]; and the rider had in his hand a pair of scales (a balance).

Revelation 6

8 So I looked, and behold, an ashen (pale greenish gray) horse [like a corpse, representing death and pestilence]; and its rider’s name was Death; and Hades (the realm of the dead) was following with him.

9th Of Ave 2017 Mars Occultation Of Jupiter In Scales Of Libra To Last Day Omer Pentecost 3 1/2 Years Timing Sign 2020 8th Day Hanukkah Light Vision Of Winter Solstice Saturn Jupiter Messenger 7th Angel In The Sun Prophetic Convergence 7th Trump

While we eagerly await the next installment of the McKinsey study on global releveraging, we noticed that in the latest report from the Institute for International Finance released on Wednesday, total debt as of Q3 2016 once again rose sharply, increasing by $11 trillion in the first 9 months of the year, hitting a new all time high of $217 trillion. As a result, late in 2016, global debt levels are now roughly 325% of the world’s gross domestic product.

Global Debt Hits 325% Of World GDP, Rises To Record $217 Trillion

In terms of composition, emerging market debt rose substantially, as government bond and syndicated loan issuance in 2016 grew to almost three times its 2015 level. And, as has traditionally been the case, Antichrist Communist China accounted for the lion’s share of the new debt, providing $710 million of the total $855 billion in new issuance during the year, the IIF reported.

Joining other prominent warnings, the IIF warned that higher borrowing costs in the wake of the U.S. presidential election and other stresses, including “an environment of subdued growth and still-weak corporate profitability, a stronger (U.S. dollar), rising sovereign bond yields, higher hedging costs, and deterioration in corporate creditworthiness” presented challenges for borrowers.

Additionally, “a shift toward more protectionist policies could also weigh on global financial flows, adding to these vulnerabilities,” the IIF warned.

“Moreover, given the importance of the City of London in debt issuance and derivatives (particularly for European and EM firms), ongoing uncertainties surrounding the timing and nature of the Brexit process could pose additional risks including a higher cost of borrowing and higher hedging costs.”

For now, however, record debt despite rising interest rates, remain staunchly bullish and the equity market’s only concern is just when will the Dow Jones finally crack 20,000.

Sadly, since we don’t have access to the underlying data in the IIF report, we leave readers with a snapshot of just the global bond market courtesy of the latest JPM quarterly guide to markets. It provides a concise snapshot of the indebted state of the world.

As the champagne glasses clink in Washington over a record-breaking streak of job growth on record (as the percent of the population employed slumped), and the fastest wage growth since the start of the recovery (for managers), we just wanted to remind a few blinkered media types that Obama’s “recovery” has officially been the worst recovery in US history (despite adding almost $10 trillion to the national debt)…

When ‘fake news’ and ‘peddling fiction’ meet fact…

Not quite as rosy an economic handover to Trump as The White House would like everyone to believe.

Worst. Recovery. Ever.

For 105 years, the Antichrist NWO 666 Federal Reserve Cabal has exercised almost absolute and unquestioned authority over America’s monetary policy. The result has been a boom-and-bust business cycle, growth in government, increasing income inequality, and a loss of over 90% of the dollar’s purchasing power. No wonder almost 80% of Americans support Audit the Fed!

While campaigning for President, Donald Trump not only criticized the Fed’s easy money policies, he also endorsed Audit the Fed. With a President who supports Audit the Fed finally sitting in the White House, Congress has no excuse to not quickly pass this bill and finally let the American people know the truth about the Fed’s conduct on monetary policy, including its dealings with foreign governments and central banks.

Ron Paul Statement On “Audit The Fed”

The biggest disappointment regarding Donald Trump since being elected President has been his total embrace of dangerous Wall Street thieves. As it is currently structured and incentivized, the financial services industry represents one of the most destructive and least beneficial forces within the U.S. economy. It is essentially a parasitic industry.

Unfortunately, Trump didn’t merely pick one or two competent finance guys to be in charge of finance-related jobs. Rather, he decided to surround himself with some of the worst of the worst (see links at the end) within an industry that often operates like a criminal syndicate. Treasury Secretary pick Steven Mnuchin is one of these people, and I believe this choice represents the single biggest mistake Trump has made as President-elect.

A very large percentage of the American public (including myself), remain irate at the complete lack of any justice served with regard to finance criminals in the aftermath of the economic collapse of 2008/09. When it comes to greedy, unethical behavior in the wake of that tragic period, Steve Mnuchin is in a class of his own. To appoint such a toxic financial oligarch to Treasury Secretary is a serious slap in the face to all American citizens.

Journalist David Dayen accurately described Mnuchin as the “Anti-Populist from Hell” in an excellent article published back in May of last year. Yesterday, he published what can be seen as a followup to that piece, in which he details the findings of a leaked memo from top California prosecutors who were looking to bring forward a case against OneWest for over a thousand legal violations they discovered. Inexplicably, the case never went forward, and the woman who had been in charge of the investigation, state attorney general Kamala Harris, has now been elected to the U.S. Senate.

The following is a tale of not just seemingly rampant illegal activity at the financial institution run by Steve Mnuchin, but of an attorney general’s office who couldn’t be bothered to do its job and protect the vulnerable residents of the state of California.

What follows are excerpts from the piece published at The Intercept, Treasury Nominee Steve Mnuchin’s Bank Accused of “Widespread Misconduct” in Leaked Memo:

Onewest Bank, which Donald Trump’s nominee for treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, ran from 2009 to 2015, repeatedly broke California’s foreclosure laws during that period, according to a previously undisclosed 2013 memo from top prosecutors in the state attorney general’s office.

The memo obtained by The Intercept alleges that OneWest rushed delinquent homeowners out of their homes by violating notice and waiting period statutes, illegally backdated key documents, and effectively gamed foreclosure auctions.

In the memo, the leaders of the state attorney general’s Consumer Law Section said they had “uncovered evidence suggestive of widespread misconduct” in a yearlong investigation. In a detailed 22-page request, they identified over a thousand legal violations in the small subsection of OneWest loans they were able to examine, and they recommended that Attorney General Kamala Harris file a civil enforcement action against the Pasadena-based bank. They even wrote up a sample legal complaint, seeking injunctive relief and millions of dollars in penalties.

But Harris’s office, without any explanation, declined to prosecute the case.

Sen. Ron Wyden, the top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, warned: “Given Mr. Mnuchin’s history of profiting off the victims of predatory lending, I look forward to asking him how his Treasury Department would work for Americans who are still waiting for the economic recovery to show up in their communities.”

The consistent violations of California foreclosure processes outlined in the memo would indicate that Mnuchin’s bank didn’t merely act callously, but did so with blatant disregard for the law.

According to the memo, OneWest also obstructed the investigation by ordering third parties to refuse to comply with state subpoenas.

The memo also raises questions about then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who was sworn in as a U.S. senator on Tuesday, and who will soon have to vote on Mnuchin’s appointment.

Why did her office close the case, deciding not to “conduct a full investigation of a national bank’s misconduct and provide a public accounting of what happened,” as her own investigators had urged?
Great questions. Also interesting how she was rewarded for flouting the law with a Senate seat.

State and federal law enforcement have been severely criticized for failing to hold accountable those responsible for the financial crisis and its aftermath. The OneWest case provides another example, and this time, the failure to prosecute could help the nation’s next treasury secretary get confirmed.

The relatively few additional files prosecutors were able to obtain revealed more evidence of backdating. The Consumer Law Section reviewed 913 documents from Quality Loan Service Corp., a trustee that worked with OneWest; 909 of them were backdated. The LPS files included backdated documents as well. Investigators determined this because the document metadata showing the dates of execution showed later dates than the ones stamped on the documents themselves.

Investigators surmised that OneWest listed trustees on notices of default before formally executing the SOTs, then backdated the SOTs to make it look like those trustees were already in place at the time the notice of default was issued.

Had OneWest put the correct date on the SOTs, they would have had to file new notices of default, restarting the 90-day clock and delaying the foreclosure.

“That’s consistent with a pattern of creating whatever documents that appear necessary at the time that they’re created to grease the wheels of the foreclosure machine,” said Mark Zanides, a former federal prosecutor who has represented homeowners in California.

CONSUMER LAW SECTION ATTORNEYS recommended “that the attorney general authorize us to file a civil enforcement action against OneWest.” Two months later, they were told that the office would not move forward with the complaint. OneWest representatives were not even brought in for a meeting to discuss the matter.

So why didn’t Kamala Harris leap at the chance to take on a bank that her staff said was illegally rushing Californians out of their homes? Why did she reject a case that her office had already spent significant resources on during a year of line-level investigation?

Kristin Ford, communications director at the attorney general’s office, did not respond to a detailed request for comment. Without an official explanation, we can only speculate why Harris passed up the opportunity. Perhaps she judged the case too difficult, or not a high enough priority, or not having enough of a human interest. Or maybe it was something else.

Harris has been criticized for a lack of vigor in prosecuting foreclosure fraud before. She set up a Mortgage Fraud Strike Force in 2011, dedicated to “protect innocent homeowners and bring justice to those who defraud them.” But despite hundreds of complaints of loan modification fraud — a primary target identified by the office — it only prosecuted 10 cases in the first three years.

The Intercept asked Harris’s office for a breakdown of cases initiated and prosecuted by the Consumer Law Section during her tenure. They have not yet provided them.

One of the supervisors involved in the OneWest case, Supervising Deputy Attorney General Benjamin Diehl, left the office in November 2013 to join Stroock Stroock & Lavan, a corporate law firm that represents Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Citigroup in cases against consumers, regulatory agencies and state attorneys general. Emails indicate that Diehl arranged private meetings with Stroock partners six months before his hiring, while he still worked for the attorney general. Stroock would not make Diehl available for comment.

So dirty.

Harris’s prodigious fundraising also raises questions about how attentive she is to the needs of campaign contributors. Prior to signing on with Trump, Mnuchin donated to members of both parties. He gave $2,000 to Harris’ Senate campaign in February 2016. Among the investors in OneWest Bank was major Democratic donor George Soros, who maxed out to Harris’ campaign in 2015.

OneWest may also have violated a loss share agreement signed with the FDIC upon purchasing assets from the failed lender IndyMac. That agreement, which backstopped OneWest losses on foreclosures, committed OneWest to make good faith options to try to avoid them. Violations that sped up foreclosures could indicate that the bank didn’t make such an effort.

Senate Democrats have already attacked Mnuchin over OneWest’s foreclosure practices, even setting up a website inviting foreclosure victims to tell their stories. One of those victims, Teena Colebrook, voted for Donald Trump but lost her faith in that decision after the Mnuchin pick. In an interview, Colebrook alleged discrepancies on her substitution of trustee, similar to what was described in the package memo.

“It has to get out why this man should not be put in charge of Treasury,” said Colebrook. “Nobody minds a billionaire, but not one feeding off people’s misery.”

While Mnuchin is clearly one of the worst Wall Streeters Trump has decided to surround himself with, he’s far from the only one. Indeed, reports out earlier today indicate that his choice for head of the SEC has deep ties to America’s largest financial firms.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

WASHINGTON—Wall Street lawyer Jay Clayton has emerged as the leading candidate to be chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission and could be announced as the nominee as soon as Wednesday, according to an official working with the transition team of President-elect Donald Trump.

Mr. Clayton, whose clients have included Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Barclays Capital Inc., would succeed SEC Chairman Mary Jo White, another lawyer with a history of representing Wall Street banks before becoming a regulator. Mr. Clayton, who met with Mr. Trump on Dec. 22, is a partner at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, where he also worked on the 2014 initial public offering of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., according to Sullivan’s website.

Mr. Clayton would become the latest Trump appointee with longstanding Wall Street ties, joining former Goldman executive Steven Mnuchin, Mr. Trump’s choice for Treasury secretary; former Goldman President Gary Cohn, who will run the National Economic Council; and private-equity investor Wilbur Ross, the pick to head the Commerce Department

Mr. Clayton represented Goldman when it received a $5 billion investment from billionaire Warren Buffett’s company during the peak of the credit crisis in September 2008, according to his bio on Sullivan’s website. He’s also represented Goldman in connection with other investments and acquisitions, according to the law firm. Sullivan is a key outside legal adviser for Goldman and is more closely associated with Wall Street than perhaps any other law firm.

Mr. Clayton has a wide-ranging corporate practice spanning mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, corporate governance, and investment advice for high-net-worth families. Other matters that Mr. Clayton has worked on include advising Morgan Stanley on the sale of its physical oil-trading division and Bear Stearns on its sale to J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.—two deals shaped heavily by the financial crisis and its aftermath.

Mr. Clayton would take over the SEC at a time when congressional Republicans are pressuring the agency to loosen fundraising rules for smaller public companies, lighten its oversight of private-equity firms, and repeal executive-compensation rules opposed by corporations.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only way Congressional Republicans are looking to help Wall Street solidify and grow its “heads they win, tails taxpayers” lose casino. As Reuters reported earlier today:

Big U.S. banks are set on getting Congress this year to loosen or eliminate the Volcker rule against using depositors’ funds for speculative bets on the bank’s own account, a test case of whether Wall Street can flex its muscle in Washington again.

In interviews over the past several weeks, half a dozen industry lobbyists said they began meeting with legislative staff after the U.S. election in November to discuss matters including a rollback of Volcker, part of the Dodd-Frank financial reform that Congress enacted after the financial crisis and bank bailouts.

Banks now see opportunities to unravel reforms under President-Elect Donald Trump’s administration and the incoming Republican-led Congress, which appear more business-friendly, lobbyists said.

As the industry begins a fresh lobbying push, watchdogs say they are worried about big banks going back to a casino-like past.

“Wall Street is salivating at their reversal of fortune,” said Dennis Kelleher, CEO of Better Markets, which pushes for tighter financial regulation. “If you get to keep profits and stick taxpayers with the losses, why not?”

Changing the rule through Congress would require 60 votes in the Senate, including support from at least eight Democrats. Lobbyists say they intend to court business-friendly Democrats like Joe Manchin in West Virginia, Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota, Joe Donnelly in Indiana, Jon Tester in Montana, and possibly Angus King in Maine.

Donald Trump Has An Enormous And Very Dangerous Wall Street Blind Spot

Donald Trump’s embrace of Wall Street is a huge red flag, and will present an enormous obstacle to any hope he may have concerning a fundamental transformation of the U.S. economy away from rent-seeking and corruption. In other words, you can’t drain the swamp without reining in the financial sector. Trump doesn’t seem to understand this, or if he does understand it, he doesn’t seem to care.

Steven Mnuchin Donated To One Democrat In 2016 – The Woman Who Declined To Prosecute His Bank

Wednesday’s post, Donald Trump Has an Enormous and Very Dangerous Wall Street Blind Spot, highlighted the fact that the bank run by Trump’s Treasury Secretary nominee, Steven Mnuchin, was given a pass by California attorney general Kamala Harris, despite the discovery of over a thousand legal violations. Kamala Harris has since been (s)elected to the U.S. Senate.

Let’s recap some of what we learned:

In the memo, the leaders of the state attorney general’s Consumer Law Section said they had “uncovered evidence suggestive of widespread misconduct” in a yearlong investigation. In a detailed 22-page request, they identified over a thousand legal violations in the small subsection of OneWest loans they were able to examine, and they recommended that Attorney General Kamala Harris file a civil enforcement action against the Pasadena-based bank. They even wrote up a sample legal complaint, seeking injunctive relief and millions of dollars in penalties.

But Harris’s office, without any explanation, declined to prosecute the case.

Sen. Ron Wyden, the top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, warned: “Given Mr. Mnuchin’s history of profiting off the victims of predatory lending, I look forward to asking him how his Treasury Department would work for Americans who are still waiting for the economic recovery to show up in their communities.”

The consistent violations of California foreclosure processes outlined in the memo would indicate that Mnuchin’s bank didn’t merely act callously, but did so with blatant disregard for the law.

According to the memo, OneWest also obstructed the investigation by ordering third parties to refuse to comply with state subpoenas.

The memo also raises questions about then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who was sworn in as a U.S. senator on Tuesday, and who will soon have to vote on Mnuchin’s appointment.

Why did her office close the case, deciding not to “conduct a full investigation of a national bank’s misconduct and provide a public accounting of what happened,” as her own investigators had urged?
In the days since this story broke, there’s been a lot of well deserved scrutiny pointed in the direction of Ms. Harris, yet she’s failed to provide a satisfactory answer as to why her office failed to prosecute. Which got me thinking about another paragraph from the above article:

Harris’s prodigious fundraising also raises questions about how attentive she is to the needs of campaign contributors. Prior to signing on with Trump, Mnuchin donated to members of both parties. He gave $2,000 to Harris’ Senate campaign in February 2016. Among the investors in OneWest Bank was major Democratic donor George Soros, who maxed out to Harris’ campaign in 2015.

Did he really “donate to members of both parties.” Technically, yes, but it appears Kamala Harris was the only Democrat he donated to in 2016. Which raises all sorts of obvious questions. As the Sacramento Bee noted last month in its article, Kamala Harris Won Over Many Californians, Steve Mnuchin Included:

Donald Trump, promising to drain the swamp, picked former Goldman Sachs executive and Hollywood financier Steven Mnuchin to be his Treasury secretary, fitting because Mnuchin helped fatten Trump’s campaign treasury as his campaign finance chairman. Mnuchin donated $592,600 to Republicans in 2016, including $430,000 to Trump, Federal Election Commission records show. A onetime Hillary 911 Clinton donor, Mnuchin gave one donation this year to a Democrat, $2,000 to help elect Attorney General Kamala Harris to the U.S. Senate.

Well isn’t that interesting. Mnuchin gives one donation to a Democrat, and it just so happens to be the woman who inexplicably protected his bank from prosecution. Click here to see his 2016 donations.

While $2,000 is a small amount of money, the entire thing stinks. Kamala Harris should resign from her Senate seat immediately unless she can provide a reasonable explanation of why she let OneWest off the hook. Likewise, Steven Mnuchin should be replaced by Trump as Treasury Secretary nominee. Both are swamp creatures, and we should demand better than these two.

“Trumps America” “Dave Hodges”

Italy’s Grillo is complaining the corporate media is reporting fake stories, its amazing how the US government and the corporate media are going after fake news and it is them who is spreading it. The elite are pushing their agenda in regards to Trump electors, they are saying 50 are ineligible. Libya calls in Russia to broker a deal. The IS is building troops up in Syria. Turkey decides Assad can stay and dumps US air support at the same time. The intelligence agencies briefed Congress today and revealed absolutely nothing. The only thing Clapper repeated was it was Russia. Obozo has been briefed on what happened, Trump has not. The entire case is based on a third party investigation, the FBI and CIA did not investigate. All of this is being used to push a war with Russia and create a reason to call a national emergency.

When the system crashes, it doesn’t care about Republican or Democrat politics. The last time deregulation and protectionist businessmen filled the US presidential cabinet was in the 1920s. That led to the Crash of 1929 and Great Depression.

Today, the only thing keeping a lid on financial calamity is epic amounts of artisanal money. Deregulating an inherently corrupt and coddled banking industry, already floating on said capital assistance, would inevitably cause another crisis during Trump’s first term.

Nomi Prins’ Political-Financial Road Map For 2017

When Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown signed the original 2011 ‘finding memo’ authorizing covert CIA action in Libya it was Leon Panetta who carried it out. Both the Libyan intervention and the initial Syrian intervention were joint White House regime change operations began during Hillary 911 Clinton’s tenure. Leon Panetta and Hillary 911 Clinton were both carrying out Obama’s policy.

However, once things collapsed in Libya, and Chris Stephens was killed, Leon Panetta did not carry the same escape cards afforded to Clinton 911 and the White House. Panetta’s ability to escape unscathed was always further down the list of protected personages.

In the aftermath of Benghazi Panetta has carried that risk for years. If the DC intelligence community stopped kicking the can down the road, or if the DC intelligence community were blocked from kicking that can (Trump), it has always been accepted that Leon Panetta would be the last man standing in a game of deadly political dodge ball.

Hence, there he sits today in an interview with Wolf Blitzer, visibly sweating bullets, hoping and praying the incoming administration will not sunlight his swamp.

(SEE VIDEO 01:45):

Understanding the previous recording of Secretary John Skull&Bones Kerry is half of the back-story surrounding Panetta’s involvement. That explosive audio recording surrounded Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown’s planned intervention in Syria, and Secretary Skull&Bones Kerry’s efforts to carry out the policy of regime change – the removal of Bashir Assad.

However, before Secretary Skull&Bones Kerry and Director Brennan (Syrian regime change), there was Secretary Clinton 911 and Director Panetta (Libyan regime change):

The Libyan uprising began on February 10th of 2011, and we know that sometime around the end of February 2011 Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown signed a presidential directive authorizing the State Dept and CIA to begin a covert operation to arm the Libyan “rebels”.

Operation “Zero Footprint” began. Secretary Clinton 911 and Leon Panetta were the policy team carrying out the objective.

There was, as we previously outlined, also a Second Presidential Finding Memo authorizing additional CIA covert action in 2012, this time in Syria. Again, Secretary 911 Clinton on policy team, however now David Petraeus was CIA director.

Leon Panetta was the CIA Director when Libyan CIA operations were authorized and began, but he left the CIA about 4 months later (June 30th, 2011) and became Defense Secretary. Panetta was replace in the CIA by General David Petraeus (August/Sept 2011).

We know Operation Zero Footprint was the covert transfer of weapons from the U.S to the Libyan “rebels”. We also know the operation avoided the concerns with congressional funding, and potential for public scrutiny, through financing by the Antichrist United Arab Emirates (UAE).

We also know that officials within the government of Antichrist Qatar served as the intermediaries for the actual transfer of the Libyan destined weapons, thereby removing the footprint of the U.S. intervention.

We know the entire operation was coordinated and controlled by the State Department and CIA. We also know (from the Senate Foreign Relations Benghazi hearings) that “Zero Footprint” was unknown to the 2011 Pentagon and/or DoD commanders. Defense Secretary Bob Gates, Joint Chiefs Chair Admiral Mike Mullen and AFRICOM Commander General Carter Ham were notably out of the loop.

Both 2011 Defense Secretary Gates and Joint Chief Mullen had testified to congress they were opposed to any Libyan intervention, and the U.S. was under no direct national security threat from Libya.

Gates and Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told members of the House Armed Services panel that many other countries have the ability to train and support the rebels: “My view would be, if there is going to be that kind of assistance to the opposition, there are plenty of sources for it other than the United States,” said Gates. “Somebody else should do that.” – link – Neither Gates nor Mullen knew anything about the covert CIA operations underway at the time of their testimony.

In hindsight we are now fully aware that unknown to both Mullen and Gates -at the time they were speaking- was Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No boots SPECTRE Clown having authorized Operation Zero Footprint several weeks earlier, and Leon Panetta was carrying it out.

We now know against the March/April 2011 backdrop of growing information about Antichrist al-Qaeda’s presence within the rebel units – there was a genuine difference of opinion on whether even getting involved was a good idea. The Defense Department (Gates, Mullen) was saying no, the State Department (911 Clinton, Susan Rice, S Power), was saying yes.

Meanwhile, the White House policy construct ensured that Hillary 911 Clinton and Leon Panetta were essentially operating under the radar of the Pentagon and well outside the wire of traditional oversight. However, the congressional intelligence “Gang of Eight”, would have been informed of the Presidential authorizations in Libya ’11, and Syria ’12.

The Gang of Eight in 2011 would have included: Speaker – John Boehner, Minority Leader – Nancy Pelosi; House Permanent Select Committee on Intel Chairman – Mike Rogers, and his Democrat counterpart Charles Ruppersberger; Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid; along with Senate Intel Chair Diane Feinstein and her Republican counterpart, Saxby Chambliss.

In the aftermath of the September 11th 2012 Benghazi attack, we know from Hillary 911 interviews and testimony the White House liaison for Secretary 911 Clinton and CIA Director Leon Panetta during the Libyan operation was National Security Advisor To the President, Tom Donilon.

Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change no boots SPECTRE Clown authorized arming the Libyan rebels, but the covert nature of Zero Footprint reflected the political filter through which all Obozo White House decisions are made. If the “Libyan rebels” were al-Qaeda, the covert-op lends plausible deniability to the policy, if things go wrong.

In 2017 hindsight we can clearly see the motive for what was called the “Benghazi narrative”. The White House needed the escape hatch because they, through the program initiated by Hillary 911 Clinton and Leon Panetta, were arming Antichrist al-Qaeda; and on September 11th 2012 it did go horribly and publicly wrong.

Leon Panetta Surfaces – Sweating Bullets and With a Frog In His Throat…

13 And I saw three loathsome spirits like frogs, leaping from the mouth of the dragon (Satan) and from the mouth of the beast (Antichrist, dictator) and from the mouth of the false prophet;

14 for they are [actually] the spirits of demons, performing [miraculous] signs. And they go out to the kings of the entire inhabited earth, to gather them together for the war of the great day of God, the Almighty. 15 (“Behold, I am coming like a thief. [c]Blessed is he who [d]stays awake and who keeps his clothes [that is, stays spiritually ready for the Lord’s return], so that he will not be naked—spiritually unprepared—and men will not see his shame.”) 16 And they (demons) gathered the kings and armies of the world together at the place which in Hebrew is called [e]Har-Magedon (Armageddon).

Revelation 16

83% WikiLeaks

17% Obozo

Who Does America Believe? 84,000 Votes Later, Here Is The Answer

NOTE: Listening to the Cyber ”Security” hearing, after having witnessed years of lies coming forth from people like Clapper, who committed perjury about claiming the NSA was not breaking the law and spying on Americans without cause, the same guy that has the nerve to remain seated after that while reminding everyone that he an all of the inside job 911 bastards lied about WMDs in Iraq, there just isn’t any point bothering to pay attention at this point to anything these bastards have to say, other than for the sake of the prophetic command to ”watch”. for the leaping frogs. They are not trustworthy, and knowing that certainty means there will never be a secure time so long as these kind of people are allowed to get near any position of authority. America is fundamentally obviously not secure whatsoever and is nothing more than the largest tool in the prophetic box that serves something obviously not American but definitely something that is serving the prophetic global agenda that definitely stands in contempt of our Father in Christ. Clapper sits as a liar serving a President that just gave his last speech to the United Nations and said he wanted to surrender the sovereignty of Americans. That is proof beyond all doubt that not only have these bastards been lying to us the whole time, they have admitted it and remain in authority. To Hell with them all.

Russian Hacking and Cybersecurity National Intelligence Director James Clapper, Cyber Command Chief Admiral Mike Rogers, and Defense Undersecretary Marcel Lettre testify at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on cybersecurity threats, including Russia’s election-year hacking.

“Who do you believe America? Wikileaks, or US Intel Officials?”
The response is yet another slap in the face for the establishment’s perspective on how the world should really run…

70% Wikileaks

30% U.S. Officials

This merely confirms Lou Dobbs’ survey from earlier in the week…

8% Obozo

94% Julian Assange

John Harwood Asks “Who Do You Believe America?” – Gets Surprising Answer

Of course, one of the most vocal opponents of this move has been Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp who recently told Politico it is nothing more than an attempt to “subvert the Constitution to achieve the goal of federalizing elections under the guise of security.”

In Stunning Last Minute Power Grab, Obama Designates Election Systems As “Critical Infrastructure”

Trump lashes out at GM and Ford and says will impose border tax if jobs are moved out of the country. Manufacturing survey is detached from the hard data, industrial production declining. Pension systems around the country are worse off than everyone realizes. Inflation hits Germany. Greece implements a soft cash ban, the central bankers are slowly banning cash one country at a time. Finland starts helicopter money drops to push spending. EU leaders are now worried that more countries are going to vote to exit the EU. Britains EU ambassador resigns before the BREXIT. The system is coming apart and the central bankers/Elite will react to save it.

The spread of global cash bans continues with Greece unveiling their so-called ‘soft’ approach by which taxpayers will only be granted tax-allowances or deductions when payments are made via credit or debit cards. As KeepTalkingGreeece reports, the new guidelines refer to employees, pensioners, farmers, and also the unemployed.

Greece Unleashes ‘Soft’ Cash Ban

The cap for cash transactions falls from 1,500 until 31.12.2016 down to 500 euro.

In simple words: any purchase of good and service over 500 euro will need to be done via plastic money.

The Antichrist Elite Are Pushing For A Lights Out Scenario – Episode 1169b

The Senate pushes forward in repealing Obozocare, Trump creates executive orders and the first hurdle is overcome. There is opinion peace on how to attack North Korea. US is sending tanks personnel to the border of Russia, the US is also sending a special op team, why? Russia aggression. US bombing runs never hit the Antichrist IS oil production facilities. The Antichrist Elite are setting the lights out scenario, they are pushing the propaganda that Russia has attacked the elections system, the electrical grid and now Canada is on board reporting that Russia is accessing their power grid. This is the main event unfolding where the elite will shutdown the power grid.

Deep Earthquakes Trigger Shallower Ones

In 2016, the United States had 19 separate severe flood events, the most in a single year since records began in 1980. The data comes from Munich RE, a global reinsurance company.

In total, there were 91 weather, climate or geological disasters in the United States in 2016, the second-most on record, the company said. This includes severe storms, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, heat waves and droughts. Across the North American continent, there were 160 natural disasters reported, the most on record.

To qualify as a natural disaster, or “loss event,” the event must have at least one death or at least US$ 3 million in damage.

The worst flood in the US was in August in Louisiana, when at least 13 people were killed and roughly 60 000 buildings were destroyed. That disaster cost US$ 10 billion and became the worst natural disaster in the US since Hurricane “Sandy” in 2012. Other major flood disasters in 2016 included those in West Virginia in June, Houston in April and Maryland in July.

In 2016, United States had most floods since records began in 1980

“We had a lot of severe flash floods in heavily developed areas,” said meteorologist Mark Bove of Munich RE and added that losses due to thunderstorm events are increasing.

Looking at the global level, there were 750 natural disasters in 2016, which is the highest number in four years, the company said. Global disasters cost $175 billion in 2016, of which only $50 billion was insured, it said.

“A number of devastating earthquakes and powerful storms made 2016 the costliest twelve months for natural catastrophe losses in the last four years. Losses totaled US$ 175 billion, a good two-thirds more than in the previous year, and very nearly as high as the figure for 2012 (US$ 180 billion).”

The world’s costliest natural disasters in 2016 were a pair of earthquakes in Japan in April (which cost US$ 31 billion) and floods in China in June and July (US$ 20 billion). Hurricane Matthew’s rampage through the Caribbean and the U.S. was third, at US$ 10.2 billion.

“After three years of relatively low nat cat losses, the figures for 2016 are back in the mid-range, where they are expected to be. Losses in a single year are obviously random and cannot be seen as a trend,” said member of the Board of Management Torsten Jeworrek.

“A look at the weather-related catastrophes of 2016 shows the potential effects of unchecked climate change,” said Peter Höppe, head of Munich RE’s Geo Risks Research Unit.

“Of course, individual events themselves can never be attributed directly to climate change, but there are now many indications that certain events – such as persistent weather systems or storms bringing torrential rain and hail – are more likely to occur in certain regions as a result of climate change,” he concluded.

Birth Pains and earthquakes in diverse places: The absolutely astonishing growth of major earthquakes in just one hundred years!

According to Munich RE, a global reinsurance company, after three years of relatively low natural catastrophe losses, the ‘figures for 2016 are back in the mid-range, where they are expected to be.’ In terms of casualties, 2016 had the fewest fatalities (after 2014) since 1986.

A number of devastating earthquakes and powerful storms made 2016 the costliest twelve months for natural catastrophe losses in the last four years, the company said. Losses totaled US$ 175 billion, a good two-thirds more than in the previous year, and very nearly as high as the figure for 2012 (US$ 180 billion).

While the year saw a two-thirds increase in the financial impact of catastrophes, the number of casualties from natural disasters were far lower in 2016 than in 2015, with some 8 700 deaths compared with 25 400. This is within the ten-year average of 60 600 but it makes 2016 the year with fewest fatalities (after 2014 with 8 050) in 30 years, since 1986 with 8 600.

The high number of flood events, including river flooding and flash floods, was exceptional and accounted for 34% of overall losses, compared with an average of 21% over the past ten years.

The most devastating natural events in 2016, in terms of financial loss, were two earthquakes on the Japanese island of Kyushu in April (US$ 31 billion) and floods in Antichrist Communist China in June and July (US$ 20 billion). Hurricane “Matthew” in October was third, at $10.2 billion.

“After three years of relatively low natural catastrophe losses, the figures for 2016 are back in the mid-range, where they are expected to be. Losses in a single year are obviously random and cannot be seen as a trend,” said a member of the Board of Management Torsten Jeworrek.

With 160 events recorded, North America was hit by more loss occurrences in 2016 than in any other year since 1980. The year’s most serious event here was Hurricane Matthew. Its greatest impact was in the Caribbean island nation of Haiti, which was still struggling to recover from the 2010 earthquake.

North America was also impacted by other extreme weather hazards, including wildfires in the Canadian town of Fort McMurray in May, and major floods in the southern US states in summer. In Canada, the mild winter with less snow than usual, and the spring heatwaves and droughts which followed, were the principal causes of the devastating wildfires that hit the oil-sand-producing region of Alberta, generating overall losses of US$ 4 billion.

There was a series of storms in Europe in late May and early June. Torrential rain triggered numerous flash floods, particularly in Germany, and there was major flooding on the River Seine in and around Paris. Overall losses totaled some US$ 6bn (approximately €5.4bn), around half of which was insured.

“A look at the weather-related catastrophes of 2016 shows the potential effects of unchecked climate change. Of course, individual events themselves can never be attributed directly to climate change. But there are now many indications that certain events – such as persistent weather systems or storms bringing torrential rain and hail – are more likely to occur in certain regions as a result of climate change”, explained Peter Höppe, Head of Munich Re’s Geo Risks Research Unit.

Natural catastrophe losses in 2016 at their highest since 2012

January 2017 hosts one of the most intense annual meteor showers – the Quadrantids, known for producing spectacular fireballs. The timing favors western parts of North America and islands across the Pacific. The peak of Quadrantids is brief, typically lasting no more than an hour or so, and it does not always occur at the forecasted time.

Night sky guide for January 2017

The Earth’s annual orbit around the solar system will carry it to its closest point to the Sun, at a distance of 0.98 AU at 14:19 UTC, on January 4. Technically speaking, this marks the moment when the Sun appears larger in the sky than at any other time of year, and when the Earth receives the most radiation from it. In practice, however, a 3% difference in the Earth’s distance from the Sun is barely noticeable. Annual changes in our weather, for example between the summer and winter, are caused entirely by the tilt of the Earth’s axis of rotation, rather than by any change in its distance from the Sun.

Moon’s phases and libration throughout 2017

The Moon will reach its full phase at 11:35 UTC on January 12. At this time in its monthly cycle of phases, the Moon lies almost directly opposite the Sun in the sky, placing it high above the horizon for much of the night. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Wolf Moon because this was the time of year when hungry wolf packs howled outside their camps. This moon has also been known as the Old Moon and the Moon After Yule.

New Moon, the best time of the month to observe faint objects because there is no moonlight to interfere, is on January 28.

January 1 – M41 well placed for observation. The open star cluster M41 (NGC 2287) in Canis Major will be well placed for observation. It will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. At a declination of -20°43′, it is easiest to see from the southern hemisphere but cannot be seen from latitudes much north of 49°N. At magnitude 4.5, M41 is too faint to be seen with the naked eye from any but the very darkest sites but is visible through a pair of binoculars or a small telescope.

January 1 – Conjunction of Mars and Neptune – 06:32 UTC. Mars and Neptune will share the same right ascension, with Mars passing 0°01′ to the south of Neptune. At around the same time, the two objects will also make a close approach, technically called an appulse. Mars will be at mag 0.5, and Neptune at mag 7.9, both in the constellation Aquarius. The pair will be close enough to fit within the field of view of a telescope, but will also be visible through a pair of binoculars.

January 1 – Close approach of Mars and Neptune – 06:48 UTC. Mars and Neptune will make a close approach, passing within 0°01′ of each other. Mars will be at mag 0.5, and Neptune at mag 7.9, both in the constellation Aquarius. The pair will be close enough to fit within the field of view of a telescope, but will also be visible through a pair of binoculars. At around the same time, the two objects will also share the same right ascension – called a conjunction.

Deep M6.0 earthquake hits south of Fiji

January 2 – Close approach of the Moon and Venus – 08:23 UTC. The Moon and Venus will make a close approach, passing within 1°50′ of each other. The Moon will be 4 days old. The Moon will be at mag -10.7, and Venus at mag -5.0, both in the constellation Aquarius. The pair will be too widely separated to fit within the field of view of a telescope but will be visible to the naked eye or through a pair of binoculars. At around the same time, the two objects will also share the same right ascension – called a conjunction.

January 2 – Conjunction between the Moon and Venus – 09:20 UTC. The Moon and Venus will share the same right ascension, with the Moon passing 1°54′ to the north of Venus. The Moon will be 4 days old. At around the same time, the two objects will also make a close approach, technically called an appulse. The Moon will be at mag -10.7, and Venus at mag -5.0, both in the constellation Aquarius. The pair will be too widely separated to fit within the field of view of a telescope but will be visible to the naked eye or through a pair of binoculars.

Deadly storms, floods and tornadoes hit the US South

Tens of thousands of people have lost power as severe weather rolled through the southern United States and turned deadly on Monday, January 2, 2017. As of early January 3 (UTC), at least 5 people have lost their lives. Authorities fear the death toll will rise and urge people to pay attention to the warnings and act accordingly.

A low pressure system brought severe thunderstorms to parts of the South on Monday, spinning off several tornadoes, flooding widespread areas and leaving more than 100 000 people without power.

The first line of storms storm hit parts of Texas around 05:00 local time, downing power lines, dropping small hail and sparking at least one house fire. At least 18 000 were without power. The second line of storms rolled in with the sunrise causing flash flooding.

The storms then headed east, causing significant damage to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Much of the damage was caused by flash flooding after a series of storms soaked the region over the past week. Some regions received up to 180 – 230 mm (7 to 9 inches) of rain in just a couple of days.

In Louisiana, a possible tornado reportedly damaged several homes in LeCompte. Severe damage was also reported throughout Avoyaleles Parish, including houses that trees fell through and a building that lost its roof. More than 16 000 customers in the state were without power at one point.

In Alabama, four people were killed in a single home when a tornado hit the town of Rehobeth in the state’s south and crashed a tree onto their mobile home.

In Florida, the body of a 70-year-old man was found floating outside his travel-trailer, the Walton County Sheriff’s Office said. The death was ruled an accidental drowning.

Downed trees and damaged buildings were reported in at least 28 counties in Mississippi, 15 parishes in Louisiana and 15 counties in Texas, The Weather Channel meteorologist Danielle Banks said.

In Mississippi, a confirmed tornado touched down Monday afternoon near Mendenhall, southeast of Jackson. A second, radar confirmed tornado hit near Mt. Olive, about 13 km (8 miles) northeast of Collins.

A young man was struck by lightning early Monday in Vicksburg, MS as he and three other were duck hunting. Warren County Sherriff office told WLBT the man is injured, but the extent of his injuries are not yet known.

About 23 000 people in the state were without power on Monday.

January 3 – Close approach of the Moon and Neptune – 04:01 UTC. The Moon and Neptune will make a close approach, passing within 0°22′ of each other. The Moon will be 5 days old. The Moon will be at mag -11.1, and Neptune at mag 7.9, both in the constellation Aquarius. The pair will be close enough to fit within the field of view of a telescope, but will also be visible through a pair of binoculars.

M3.8 earthquake strikes Britain, the largest since 2008

A shallow earthquake registered by the British Geological Survey as M3.8 hit the southern North Sea, off the coast of North Yorkshire, United Kingdom at 18:52 UTC on January 3, 2017. The agency is reporting a depth of 18 km (11.2 miles). EMSC is reporting M3.9 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles).

The epicenter was located in the southern North Sea, 155 km (96 miles) E of Scarborough, 361 km (224 miles) NNE of London, United Kingdom, and 305 km (189 miles) NNW of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This is the strongest earthquake to hit Britain since M5.2 on February 27, 2008.

Two dead after shallow M5.5 earthquake hits Tripura, India

A very strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.2 hit south of Fiji at 21:51 UTC on January 3, 2017. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). Geoscience Australia is reporting M7.1 at a depth of 30 km (18.6 miles). Tsunami warnings have been issued.

According to the USGS, the epicenter was located 221.9 km (137.9 miles) SW of Nadi (population 42 284) and 341 km (149.8 miles) SW of Lautoka (population 52 500), Fiji.

Massive M7.2 earthquake hits south of Fiji, tsunami warnings issued

January 3 – Close approach of the Moon and Mars – 06:40 UTC. The Moon and Mars will make a close approach, passing within 0°13′ of each other. The Moon will be 5 days old.The Moon will be at mag -11.1, and Mars at mag 0.5, both in the constellation Aquarius. The pair will be close enough to fit within the field of view of a telescope, but will also be visible to the naked eye or through a pair of binoculars.

Quadrantids, known for spectacular fireballs, peak on January 3

50 Fireballs Penetrate The Earth’s Sky”

January 3 – Quadrantid meteor shower ~ 14:00 UTC. This is an above average shower, with 60 – 200 meteors per hour at its peak. However, big hourly rates assume a perfectly dark sky and that the radiant of the meteor shower is directly overhead, among other things. In practice, the number of meteors you are likely to see is lower than 80. Unlike most meteor showers which originate from comets, the Quadrantids originate from an asteroid: asteroid 2003 EH1. It takes 5.52 years for this asteroid to orbit the Sun once. It is possible that 2003 EH is a “dead comet” or a new kind of object being discussed by astronomers called a “rock comet.” 2003 EH1 was discovered on March 6, 2003 by the Lowell Observatory Near-Earth Object Search (LONEOS). 2003 EH1 is a small asteroid – its diameter measures only about 3 km (1.8 miles) across. It was astronomer and research scientist Peter Jenniskens who realized that 2003 EH1 is the source for the Quadrantid meteors. The radiant of the Quadrantid meteor shower is at around right ascension 15h30m, declination +50°. All of the meteors will appear to be traveling directly outward from this point. The Moon will be 6 days old at the time of peak activity, presenting minimal interference. To see the most meteors, the best place to look is not directly at the radiant itself, but at any dark patch of sky which is around 30–40° away from it. It is at a distance of around this distance from the radiant that meteors will show reasonably long trails without being too spread out. This meteor shower is known for producing spectacular fireballs.



M6.9 Earthquake, Space Weather | S0 News Jan.4.2017

January 4 – Earth at perihelion – 14:19 UTC. The Earth’s annual orbit around the solar system will carry it to its closest point to the Sun, at a distance of 0.98 AU. The Earth’s distance from the Sun varies by around 3% over the course of the year because its orbit is slightly oval-shaped, following a path called an ellipse. In practice, this variation is rather slight, however, because the Earth’s orbit is very nearly circular. The Earth completes one revolution around this oval-shaped orbit each year, and so it makes its closest approach to the Sun on roughly the same day every year. In 2017, this falls on January 4. Technically speaking, this marks the moment when the Sun appears larger in the sky than at any other time of year, and when the Earth receives the most radiation from it. In practice, however, a 3% difference in the Earth’s distance from the Sun is barely noticeable. Annual changes in our weather, for example between the summer and winter, are caused entirely by the tilt of the Earth’s axis of rotation, rather than by any change in its distance from the Sun.

Orion, Flood, Volcano, Space Weather | S0 News Jan.5.2017

January 5 – Moon at first quarter – 19:48 UTC. The Moon will be prominent in the evening sky, setting around midnight. At this time in its monthly cycle of phases, it appears almost exactly half illuminated. Over coming days, the Moon will set later each day, becoming visible for more of the night. Within a few days, it will not make it very far above the eastern horizon before nightfall. By the time it reaches full phase, it will be visible for much of the night, rising at around dusk and setting at around dawn.

January 6 – Conjunction of the Moon and Ceres – 11:11 UTC. The Moon and 1 Ceres will share the same right ascension, with the Moon passing 3°25′ to the north of 1 Ceres. The Moon will be 8 days old. The Moon will be at mag -12.2 in the constellation Pisces, and 1 Ceres at mag 7.6 in the neighboring constellation of Cetus. The pair will be too widely separated to fit within the field of view of a telescope but will be visible through a pair of binoculars.

January 6 – Conjunction of the Moon and Eris – 13:13 UTC. The Moon and 136199 Eris will share the same right ascension, with the Moon passing 8°56′ to the north of 136199 Eris. The Moon will be 8 days old. The Moon will be at mag -12.2 in the constellation Pisces, and 136199 Eris at mag 18.7 in the neighboring constellation of Cetus.

January 7 – Pluto at solar conjunction – 06:36 UTC. 134340 Pluto will pass very close to the Sun in the sky as its orbit carries it around the far side of the solar system from the Earth. At closest approach, 134340 Pluto will appear at a separation of only 1°00′ from the Sun, making it totally unobservable for several weeks while it is lost in the Sun’s glare. At around the same time, 134340 Pluto will also be at its most distant from the Earth – receding to a distance of 34.23 AU – since the two planets will lie on opposite sides of the solar system. If 134340 Pluto could be observed at this time, it would appear at its smallest and faintest on account of its large distance. It would measure 0.0 arcsec in diameter. Over following weeks and months, 134340 Pluto will re-emerge to the west of the Sun, gradually becoming visible for ever-longer periods in the pre-dawn sky. After around six months, it will reach opposition, when it will be visible for virtually the whole night.

Four dead after shallow M5.3 earthquake hits southern Iran

Four people have been killed and another 4 injured after a shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M5.3 hit southern Iran at 02:33 UTC (06:03 local time) on January 6, 2017. The quake hit at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting M5.2 at the same depth. Iran is one of the most seismically active countries in the world and this quake has, once again, raised fears of a ‘big one.’ Experts warn building codes are almost universally ignored in Iran. Capital Tehran is especially vulnerable to earthquakes.

A strong earthquake registered by the Geoscience Australia as M6.1 hit Papua New Guinea at 08:52 UTC on January 8, 2017. The agency is reporting a depth of 80 km. USGS is reporting M5.9 at a depth of 67 km (41.6 miles). EMSC is reporting M5.9 at a depth of 80 km (48.7 miles).

Strong M6.1 earthquake hits Papua New Guinea

A newly discovered asteroid named 2017 AG13 will make a very close approach to our planet on January 9, 2017. This asteroid belongs to Aten group of asteroids.

2017 AG13 has an estimated size between 11 and 34 m (36 and 111 feet). It will flyby our planet at 12:47 UTC on January 9 at a distance of 0.53 LD (203 520 km / 126 461 miles). Its relative velocity is 15.7 km/s.

It was first observed at Catalina Sky Survey on January 7, 2017. Its next close approach to Earth is expected on December 28, 2017.

As of January 5, 2017, there are 15 548 known near-Earth objects. 15 442 are near-Earth asteroids.

Newly discovered asteroid 2017 AG13 to flyby Earth at 0.53 LD

January 11 – Mercury at greatest brightness – 11:29 UTC. Mercury will be well placed for observation in the dawn sky, shining brightly at mag -2.2. Mercury’s orbit lies closer to the Sun than the Earth’s, meaning that it always appears close to the Sun and is very difficult to observe most of the time. It is observable only for a few days each time it reaches the greatest separation from the Sun – moments referred to as greatest elongation. Mercury’s brightness depends on two factors: its closeness to the Earth, and its phase. Its phase varies depending on its position relative to the Earth. When it passes between the Earth and Sun, for example, the side that is turned towards the Earth is entirely unilluminated, like a new moon. Conversely, when it lies opposite to the Earth in its orbit, passing almost behind the Sun, it appears fully illuminated, like a full moon. However, at this time it is also at its most distant from the Earth, so it is actually fainter than at other times. Mercury reaches its brightest when it is still a crescent – with less than half of its disk illuminated. This is because it is much closer to the Earth during its crescent phases than at other times. As a result, during evening apparitions, Mercury reaches maximum brightness a few days after it is at greatest separation from the Sun, which always coincides with it showing half-phase (dichotomy). Conversely, during morning apparitions, Mercury reaches maximum brightness a few days before it is at greatest separation from the Sun.

January 12 – Full Moon – 11:35 UTC. At this time in its monthly cycle of phases, the Moon lies almost directly opposite the Sun in the sky, placing it high above the horizon for much of the night. The sequence of full moons through the year are often assigned names according to the seasons in which they fall. This month’s will be the first to fall in winter 2017 – the Old Moon. Over the nights following January 12, the Moon will rise around an hour later each day, becoming prominent later in the night. Within a few days, it will only be visible in the pre-dawn and early-morning sky. By the time it reaches last quarter, a week after full moon, it will rise at around midnight and set at around noon. At the exact moment when the Moon reaches full phase, it will lie at a declination of +18°13′ in the constellation Gemini, and so will appear highest in the northern hemisphere. It will be visible from all latitudes south of 61°S. Its distance from the Earth will be 366 000 km. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Wolf Moon because this was the time of year when hungry wolf packs howled outside their camps. This moon has also been known as the Old Moon and the Moon After Yule.

January 12 – Venus at greatest elongation east – 15:52 UTC. Venus will be well placed for observation in the evening sky, shining brightly at mag -5.1. Venus’s orbit lies closer to the Sun than the Earth’s, meaning that it always appears close to the Sun and is very difficult to observe most of the time. It is observable only for a few weeks each time it reaches the greatest separation from the Sun – moments referred to as greatest elongation. On these occasions, however, Venus is so bright and conspicuous that it becomes the third brightest object in the sky after the Sun and Moon. It is often called the morning or evening star. These apparitions take place alternately in the morning and evening skies, depending whether Venus lies to the east of the Sun or to the west. When it lies to the east, it rises and sets a short time after the Sun and is visible in early evening twilight. When it lies to the west of the Sun, it rises and sets a short time before the Sun and is visible shortly before sunrise. On this occasion, it lies 47° to the Sun’s east.

January 12 – Close approach of Venus and Neptune – 21:05 UTC. Venus and Neptune will make a close approach, passing within 0°21′ of each other. Venus will be at mag -5.2, and Neptune at mag 7.9, both in the constellation Aquarius. The pair will be close enough to fit within the field of view of a telescope, but will also be visible through a pair of binoculars. At around the same time, the two objects will also share the same right ascension – called a conjunction.

January 13 – C/2016 U1 (NEOWISE) reaches its brightest. Comet C/2016 U1 (NEOWISE) is forecast to reach its brightest, at around mag 5.6. It will lie at a distance of 0.33 AU from the Sun, and at a distance of 1.14 AU from the Earth.

January 13 – Conjunction of Venus and Neptune – 01:41 UTC. Venus and Neptune will share the same right ascension, with Venus passing 0°24′ to the north of Neptune. At around the same time, the two objects will also make a close approach, technically called an appulse. Venus will be at mag -5.2, and Neptune at mag 7.9, both in the constellation Aquarius. The pair will be close enough to fit within the field of view of a telescope, but will also be visible through a pair of binoculars.

January 13 – Mercury at dichotomy – 22:02 UTC. Mercury will be well placed for observation in the dawn sky, shining brightly at mag -2.2. Mercury’s orbit lies closer to the Sun than the Earth’s, meaning that it always appears close to the Sun and is very difficult to observe most of the time. It is observable only for a few days each time it reaches the greatest separation from the Sun – moments referred to as greatest elongation. Mercury’s phase varies depending on its position relative to the Earth. When it passes between the Earth and Sun, for example, the side that is turned towards the Earth is entirely unilluminated, like a new moon. Conversely, when it lies opposite to the Earth in its orbit, passing almost behind the Sun, it appears fully illuminated, like a full moon. However, at this time it is also at its most distant from the Earth, so it is actually fainter than at other times. Mercury shows an intermediate half phase – called dichotomy – at roughly the same moment that it appears furthest from the Sun, at greatest elongation. The exact times of the two events may differ by a few hours, only because Mercury’s orbit is not quite perfectly aligned with the ecliptic.

January 14 – M47 well placed for observation. The open star cluster M47 (NGC 2422) in Puppis will be well placed for observation. It will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. At a declination of -14°30′, it is easiest to see from the southern hemisphere; it can be seen at latitudes between 55°N and 84°S. At magnitude 4.4, M47 is tricky to make out with the naked eye except from a dark site but is visible through a pair of binoculars or a small telescope.

January 14 – NGC 2403 well placed for observation. NGC 2403, a spiral galaxy in Camelopardalis will be well placed for observation. It will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. At a declination of +65°35′, it is easiest to see from the northern hemisphere but cannot be seen from latitudes much south of 4°S. At magnitude 8.4, NGC2403 is quite faint, and certainly not visible to the naked eye, but can be viewed through a pair of binoculars or a small telescope.

January 14 – C/2016 U1 (NEOWISE) at perihelion. Comet C/2016 U1 (NEOWISE) will make its closest approach to the Sun, at a distance of 0.32 AU.

January 14 – 74P/Smirnova-Chernykh reaches its brightest. Comet 74P/Smirnova-Chernykh is forecast to reach its brightest, at around mag 12.9. It will lie at a distance of 3.76 AU from the Sun, and at a distance of 2.79 AU from the Earth.

January 14 – Conjunction of Ceres and Eris – 12:51 UTC. 1 Ceres and 136199 Eris will share the same right ascension, with 1 Ceres passing 6°09′ to the north of 136199 Eris. 1 Ceres will be at mag 7.7 in the constellation Pisces, and 136199 Eris at mag 18.7 in the neighboring constellation of Cetus.

January 16 – NGC 2547 well placed for observation. Across much of the world, the open star cluster NGC 2451 in Puppis will be well placed for observation. It will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. At a declination of -37°58′, it is easiest to see from the southern hemisphere but cannot be seen from latitudes much north of 32°N. At magnitude 2.8, NGC2451 is visible to the naked eye, but best viewed through a pair of binoculars.

January 18 – Conjunction of the Moon and Makemake – 17:16 UTC. The Moon and 136472 Makemake will share the same right ascension, with the Moon passing 27°28′ to the south of 136472 Makemake. The Moon will be 20 days old. The Moon will be at mag -12.1 in the constellation Virgo, and 136472 Makemake at mag 16.9 in the neighboring constellation of Coma Berenices.

January 19 – Close approach of the Moon and Jupiter – 07:09 UTC. The Moon and Jupiter will make a close approach, passing within 2°33′ of each other. The Moon will be at mag -12.0, and Jupiter at mag -2.1, both in the constellation Virgo. The pair will be too widely separated to fit within the field of view of a telescope but will be visible to the naked eye or through a pair of binoculars.

January 19 – Mercury at greatest elongation west – 13:45 UTC. Mercury will be well placed for observation in the dawn sky, shining brightly at mag -2.0. Mercury’s orbit lies closer to the Sun than the Earth’s, meaning that it always appears close to the Sun and is very difficult to observe most of the time. It is observable only for a few days each time it reaches the greatest separation from the Sun – moments referred to as greatest elongation. These apparitions take place alternately in the morning and evening skies, depending whether Mercury lies to the east of the Sun or to the west. When it lies to the east, it rises and sets a short time after the Sun and is visible in early evening twilight. When it lies to the west of the Sun, it rises and sets a short time before the Sun and is visible shortly before sunrise. On this occasion, it lies 24° to the Sun’s west.

January 19 – Moon at last quarter – 22:15 UTC. The Moon will be prominent in the dawn sky, rising at around midnight. Over coming days, the Moon will rise later each day, so that it is visible for less time before sunrise and it less far above the eastern horizon before dawn. By the time it reaches the new moon, it will rise at around dawn and set at around dusk, making it visible only during the daytime. Its day-by-day progress is charted below, with all times are given below in Zagreb local time. Over the next few days, the distance between the Moon and the Sun will decrease, and it will rise later each day. By the time it disappears into the Sun’s glare as it approaches new moon, it will only be visible very shortly before sunrise.

January 20 – NGC 2516 well placed for observation. Across much of the world, the open star cluster NGC 2516 in Volans will be well placed for observation. It will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. At a declination of -60°52′, it is easiest to see from the southern hemisphere but cannot be seen from latitudes much north of 9°N. At magnitude 3.8, NGC2516 is tricky to make out with the naked eye except from a dark site but is visible through a pair of binoculars or a small telescope.

January 20 – Conjunction of the Moon and Haumea – 06:05 UTC. The Moon and 136108 Haumea will share the same right ascension, with the Moon passing 25°03′ to the south of 136108 Haumea. The Moon will be 22 days old. The Moon will be at mag -11.8 in the constellation Virgo, and 136108 Haumea at mag 17.2 in the neighboring constellation of Bootes.

January 23 – NGC 2547 is well placed. Across much of the world, the open star cluster NGC 2547 in Vela will be well placed for observation. It will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. At a declination of -49°16′, it is easiest to see from the southern hemisphere but cannot be seen from latitudes much north of 20°N. At magnitude 4.7, NGC2547 is too faint to be seen with the naked eye from any but the very darkest sites but is visible through a pair of binoculars or a small telescope.

January 24 – Close approach of the Moon and Saturn – 10:53 UTC. The Moon and Saturn will make a close approach, passing within 3°36′ of each other. The Moon will be at mag -10.3, and Saturn at mag 0.3, both in the constellation Ophiuchus. The pair will be too widely separated to fit within the field of view of a telescope but will be visible to the naked eye or through a pair of binoculars. The Moon will be 26 days old.

January 26 – Conjunction of the Moon and Mercury – 00:45 UTC. The Moon and Mercury will share the same right ascension, with the Moon passing 3°42′ to the north of Mercury. The Moon will be at mag -9.1, and Mercury at mag -1.8, both in the constellation Sagittarius. The pair will be too widely separated to fit within the field of view of a telescope but will be visible to the naked eye or through a pair of binoculars. The Moon will be 28 days old.

January 26 – Conjunction of the Moon and Pluto – 10:04 UTC. The Moon and 134340 Pluto will share the same right ascension, with the Moon passing 2°45′ to the north of 134340 Pluto. The Moon will be at mag -8.7, and 134340 Pluto at mag 14.9, both in the constellation Sagittarius. The pair will be too widely separated to fit within the field of view of a telescope but will be visible through a pair of binoculars.

January 28 – New Moon – 00:08 UTC. The Moon will pass close to the Sun and become lost in the Sun’s glare for a few days. The Moon’s orbital motion carries it around the Earth once every four weeks, and as a result its phases cycle from new moon, through first quarter, full moon and last quarter, back to new moon once every 29.5 days. This motion also means that the Moon travels more than 12° across the sky from one night to the next, causing it to rise and set nearly an hour later each day. At new moon, the Earth, Moon, and Sun all lie in a roughly straight line, with the Moon in the middle, appearing in front of the Sun’s glare. In this configuration, we see almost exactly the opposite half of the Moon to that which is illuminated by the Sun, making it doubly unobservable because the side we see is unilluminated. Over coming days, the Moon will rise and set an hour later each day, becoming visible in the late afternoon and dusk sky as a waxing crescent which sets soon after the Sun. By first quarter, in a week’s time, it will be visible until around midnight. This is the best time of the month to observe faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters because there is no moonlight to interfere.

January 29 – Conjunction of Mercury and Pluto – 17:20 UTC. Mercury and 134340 Pluto will share the same right ascension, with Mercury passing 1°11′ to the south of 134340 Pluto. Mercury will be at mag -1.8, and 134340 Pluto at mag 14.9, both in the constellation Sagittarius. The pair will be too widely separated to fit within the field of view of a telescope but will be visible through a pair of binoculars.

January 30 – M44 well placed for observation. The Beehive open star cluster (M44, NGC 2632, also known as Praesepe) will be well placed for observation. It will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. At a declination of +19°58′, it is easiest to see from the northern hemisphere; it can be seen at latitudes between 89°N and 50°S. At magnitude 3.1, M44 is tricky to make out with the naked eye except from a dark site but is visible through a pair of binoculars or a small telescope.

January 30 – IC2391 well placed for observation. Across much of the world, the Omicron Velorum open star cluster (IC 2391) in Vela will be well placed for observation. It will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. At a declination of -53°04′, it is easiest to see from the southern hemisphere but cannot be seen from latitudes much north of 16°N. At magnitude 2.5, IC2391 is visible to the naked eye, but best viewed through a pair of binoculars.

January 30 – IC2395 well placed for observation. Across much of the world, the open star cluster IC 2395 in Vela will be well placed for observation. It will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. At a declination of -48°12′, it is easiest to see from the southern hemisphere but cannot be seen from latitudes much north of 21°N. At magnitude 4.6, IC2395 is too faint to be seen with the naked eye from any but the very darkest sites but is visible through a pair of binoculars or a small telescope.

January 31 – Conjunction of the Moon and Venus – 14:35 UTC. The Moon and Venus will share the same right ascension, with the Moon passing 4°03′ to the south of Venus. The Moon will be 3 days old. At around the same time, the two objects will also make a close approach, technically called an appulse. The Moon will be at mag -10.6 in the constellation Aquarius, and Venus at mag -5.4 in the neighboring constellation of Pisces. The pair will be too widely separated to fit within the field of view of a telescope but will be visible to the naked eye or through a pair of binoculars.

January 31 – Close approach of the Moon and Venus – 16:53 UTC. The Moon and Venus will make a close approach, passing within 3°52′ of each other. The Moon will be 3 days old. The Moon will be at mag -10.7, and Venus at mag -5.4, both in the constellation Pisces. The pair will be too widely separated to fit within the field of view of a telescope but will be visible to the naked eye or through a pair of binoculars. At around the same time, the two objects will also share the same right ascension – called a conjunction.

Astronomical Synchronization 5777

The purposes of this study is to plot the trajectory of comet 2p/Encke as it approaches its perihelion or closest approach to the Sun in 2017. A timeline of the frequency of its elliptical orbit will be illustrated. Why this comet in particular is singled-out is that it appears to have some esoteric name and numerical associations that are very interesting and alludes to the ancient deity of Creation, Enki and the possible inference to the coming of the Antichrist perhaps. In terms of its pure astronomical make-up, a brief synopsis will be presented from research. Comet Encke has just over 200 years of record observation in the modern era. It is the 2nd longest in human history although the ancient Chinese and Mesopotamian cultures knew about such a heavenly body. Comet Encke’s visibility is usually in the late Fall with the Taurids Meteor Shower. Comet Encke was first recorded by Pierre Méchain in 1786.

The comet was not recognized as a periodic comet until 1819 when its orbit was computed by Johann Franz Encke. It was named after the calculator of its orbit rather than its discoverer. It is considered in the class of the periodic comets that completes an orbit of the Sun once every 3.3 years. This is quite interesting as the ‘33’ is a key in the Luciferian circles and occult Secret Society numerology. Is it any coincidence that it could be associated with the Masons as their ‘Capstone’ equals 33? The number is also the supposed age of Jesus Christ at the time of His crucifixion. The 3.3 orbit of comet Encke is the shortest period of the bright comets that are visible by the naked eye although the comet is barely visible from Earth due to its age and because it has a short tail. It is considered a small comet with a diameter of less than 3 miles, according to NASA. Can such an astronomical framework of this comet Encke or ‘Enki’ correspond thus to the Biblical attributes of the coming AntiChrist as it is to be a ‘Little Horn’?

What is unique about the name Encke is that it alludes to the variant spelling of Enki, one of the ancient Sumerian Creation ‘Gods’. The possible association, if by happenstance nonetheless is just one of the main attributes that conjures-up the imagery of Biblical proportions. i.e., the coming AntiChrist. In what sense? As noted the orbital frequency is that of 33, the highest Masonic degree, at least revealed to non-initiates. Then there is the name of the Creation ‘God’ that seeded the human race according to one interpretation of the ancient Sumerian tablets. It was the Adamu that was created from the hybridization of the ‘Gods’ that came from Nibiru and will again. Thus this study asks, could the frequency of such a 3.3 year comet named after the Creation ‘God’s that supposedly seeded Adam and Eve and who promised again return be pegged to one of its perihelion; 2017 perhaps? This next perihelion is due to occur around February of 2017. The next approach will not be until 2023.

The ‘Debut’ of Messiah in 2017?
One unique attribute of comet Encke’s perihelion is that if one sees the bird’s-eye view of the Solar System at the point in which the comet’s perihelion is at its maximum, it will correspond to the ‘head’ or start of the constellation of Virgo. As it is, the year 2017 will be the ‘year of the Great Sign of Virgo’ astronomically at least. Could such a comet just be accenting this Great Sign? There will be another comet, that of 67p that will be synchronized the end or ‘feet’ of the Great Virgo Sign on September 23, 2017, just after Rosh HaShanah. Evidently, regardless of any such association, Biblically there does seem to suggest by the Great Sign of Virgo that a ‘debut’ will occur from the ‘birthing’ of the ‘King Planet’ Jupiter. Will this be the debuts of Encke’s ‘King’, the AntiChrist? The following items will be presented to suggest a possible link between the comet Encke with that of Enki.

If one reads Zecheria Sitchin’s book, The Lost Book of Enki, one will realized if one has a Biblical discerning spirit that it is basically an anti-Gospel and anti-Genesis account of Creation as told in the Torah. The facets of the framework are barrowed from that of the Torah and protocols of YHVH in that for example, the Scribe, as a type of Moses is given a ‘mana’ like sustenance that gives him strength to write Enki’s version of Creation for 40 days, etc. In this alternative narrative of the ‘Gods’, Enki presents his version of Creation; of the first humans, the fall of the Watchers and the Flood of Noah, etc. In the narrative, Enki, the ‘good god’ and ‘Lord of the Earth’ who is the brother of Enlil, the ‘evil god’ and the co-Creators of the Earth seeks to convey this narrative that he supports Humanity’s evolution to ‘godhood’ and enlightenment. Despite the character flaws for which Enlil seeks to destroy the Earth and every human on it, Enki seeks to save Humanity as a type of Prometheus, etc.

The Creation account of Enki is a false ‘gospel’ of salvation and an Angelic attempt, a Fallen Angel at that, mind you to reverse who are the Protagonists and who are the Antagonist. Based on the ancient known texts of the Sumerians, the exact meaning of Enki is translation ‘Lord of the Earth’. He was a Creator ‘God’ of the city of Eridu from where the Edin or the Garden of Eden was created on Earth by ‘extraterrestrial’ being or as the Bible rightly discloses them as being none other than Fallen Angels. What is also very interesting is that according to ancient understanding, Enki was apparently depicted, sometimes, as a man covered with the skin of a fish, thus the original Dagon ‘God’. It was this ‘God’ or more so the Luciferian spirit behind it that always stood against the Testimony of YHVH and against the earthly people of YHVH, the Jews who were specifically entrusted with divine revelation. The following are the elementary astronomical specifications for comet Encke.


Comet Encke or Encke’s Comet is a periodic comet
Completes an orbit of the Sun once every 3.3 years.

Orbital period: 1,204 days

Discovered: January 17, 1786

Semimajor axis: 7′ 3″ Orbits: Sun

Last perihelion: November 21, 2013

Discoverers: Johann Franz Encke, Pierre Méchain

Lying Signs and Wonders
The question remains, could such a synchronization of comet Encke alluding to the coming of Enki that has a similar name as the supposed Creation ‘Gods’ that seeded Humanity and promised to return coincide with the coming of the Biblical AntiChrist? Moreover, will the coming of the Biblical AntiChrist come along with the full Alien ‘Disclosure’ of such Fallen Angels or Beings as the ‘extraterrestrial’ ‘Gods’ that came from Nibiru? Thirdly, will such a prophetic and esoteric synchronization of events play in the framework of the coming ‘Lying Signs and Wonder’s that will be part of the deception given over to Humanity as Nemesis actually begins to approach its perihelion with the Sun? A theory about this Nemesis or 2nd Sun holds that the ancient symbol of the Swastika appeared in a variety of cultures across the world at the same time.

Could such a cultic sign have been inspired by the appearance of Nemeses and the interaction with the comet, Encke head on perhaps as the curved jets would have been reminiscent of the Swastika motif? The Swastika is said to also be the ancient motif of the Black Sun or the 2nd Sun, Nemesis from where the gods of the like of Enki came from and will again in the Last Days as is Nemesis. This is according to the depiction and the effects of the Seal Judgments of the book of Revelation and the book of Enoch among others. Over the centuries involving human civilization and its evolution, another motif became directly associated with Enki. The Creator ‘God’ Enki became associated with the planet Mercury. His image is a double-helix snake, or the Caduceus; master ruler of the world, god of wisdom and of all magic.

If one studies the occult or Luciferian black magic, one will quickly realize that Lucifer is the one that is attributed to such titles and honors. As Mercury the god of money and medicine represented in the Caduceus is what makes the world go round. Through such primary venues within any society, the Luciferians rule the world. How such a possible connection to the comet Encke and the Enki AntiChrist to come can be possibly associated is that Biblically, the coming of the AntiChrist is said to come with great Sings and Wonders. Perhaps such a sign will be a heavenly one or more precisely an astronomical one. Some suggest that as Jesus Christ came into the world, born of flesh, it was accompanied by the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ that many purport to be the planet Jupiter. Many are as the past year on a frenzy about the coming Revelation 12 Great Sign of Virgo.

Many are speculating that it is the ‘Sign of the Son of Man’, etc., and are attributing much Biblical interpretation to it. Most if not all are exclusively attributing it to the Biblical narrative of either pertaining to the Church, Jesus’s 2nd coming or Israel. Many are not considering that perhaps although such rendition are valid and part of the celestial tapestry of the Plan of Redemption as disclose in the Mazzaroth storyline, it could be the fulfillment to its antithesis. That is , the fulfillment could see the ‘birthing’ of Jupiter as the debut to some measure or a full measure of the advent of the AntiChrist, the Enki come back to ‘save his humanity as he did supposedly prior with the warning to Noah.

If indeed, the Enki of the ancient world was and is and will be Lucifer still, the ‘return’ I the form of his false Messiah, the coming AntiChrist will be initially a façade in terms of bringing a lasting ‘Peace and Security’ to YHVH’s earthly people and the world. According to Jesus, the Father of Lies, Lucifer seeks to rather by deception wage war on Humanity as he seeks to destroy it. Why? One extra-biblical source might provide a clue. In The Book of the Cave of Treasures discloses that the Prince of the order of Angels saw that the ‘Great Majesty’ had been given to Adam. This presumed Prince of the Angels, Helel or Lucifer became jealous of the human creation from that day, and he did not wish to worship him. Moreover, such a dominion was to have been taken from the Earth that the Prince of the Angels previously had. Here is a passage from the book that could be said of Lucifer,

‘And he said unto his hosts, Ye shall not worship him, and ye shall not praise him with the Angels. It is meet that ye should worship me, because I am fire and spirit; and not that I should worship a thing of dust, which hath been fashioned of fine dust.’

Thus could such an astronomical comet, Encke allude to the coming of Enki in ‘fire and spirit’ or as the Bible states, ‘Lying Signs and Wonders? Could such a sign as a comet be part of such a coming sign of the coming one that will demand instead worship of all humans be ascribed to him that is made of ‘fire and spirit’ likewise? Could the comet Encke be telling what year the AntiChrist is to be debuted perhaps? Will it be the year of 2017 or 5777, the year of the debut or Jupiter in Virgo; which could be the revealing not of the true Christ but that of the Antichrist instead at the 3.3 or ‘33’ year cycle?

US Ends 2016 With $19.98 Trillion In Federal Debt; Up $1,054,647,941,626.91

On the last day of calendar 2016, total US public debt jumped by $98 billion, mostly as a result of end of quarter Social Security debt allocation, which accounted for $70.4 billion of the daily increase. As a result, total US government debt on December 30, 2016 was $19,976,826,951,047.80.

This compares to $18,922,179,009,420.89 on the last day of 2015 and means that the increase in US federal debt in 2016 was just over $1 trillion, or $1,054,647,941,626.91 to be specific.

Putting this increase in context, during Barack Obozo’s time in office, federal debt has increased by $9,349,949,902,134.72, or 88%, rising from $10,626,877,048,913.08 on Jan. 20, 2009, the day of Obozo’s inauguration to $19,976,826,951,047.80 on the last day of 2016.

That equals $78,553.84 for each of the 119,026,000 households in the country as of September.

Our condolences to anyone who doubted that Obozo would be able to hit $20 trillion in Federal debt before leaving the White House.

For a somewhat amusing take on this disturbing statistics, here is Simon Black with: “US national debt soars by $100 billion. . . in just 8 hours”

According to the latest statement issued yesterday afternoon by the Department of Treasury, the US national debt has reached $19,976,826,951,047.80.

That’s $19.976 trillion, as of the close of business on Friday December 30, 2016.

(The government is typically a day or two behind when it sends out these reports.)


That number itself is obviously remarkable, just shy of $20 trillion.

But what’s even more astounding is that, according to the Treasury Department’s own figures, they STARTED the day with a debt level of ‘just’ $19.879 trillion.

So literally in the span of a single 8-hour workday, the US government amassed an astonishing $97 billion in debt.

That’s simply incredible– $97 billion is larger than the entire GDP of New Mexico or Luxembourg. In 8 hours.

I review these reports every single day. Needless to say, an increase of this magnitude occurs… almost never.

And when I saw it yesterday afternoon, the “Holy Shit!” that came out of my mouth caused a rush of staff into my office asking “What happened?!?”

As I recovered from my shock, I explained that the US federal government had increased its debt by nearly $100 billion in a single day, to which one of them asked,

“What did they buy?”

I thought it a brilliant question, almost child-like in its simplicity. Indeed. What did they buy?

How many aircraft carriers did they purchase?

How many colonies on Mars did they build?

Did President $20,000,000,000,000BAMA acquire a controlling stake in the Walt Disney corporation on behalf of the taxpayers of the United States?

Did Congress suddenly recapitalize the FDIC, or any one of the half-dozen insolvent US trust funds?

Perhaps they fixed a decent portion of the nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

Or maybe they just decided to send a check for almost $1,000 to every household in America.

Nope. None of the above.

The reality is that these people indebted every single taxpayer, including future generations of taxpayers who won’t even be born for decades, with a massive bill that has almost no mathematical probability of ever being paid down.

And despite this prodigious debt, the government has absolutely nothing to show for it.

What’s really amazing is that this isn’t even unusual anymore.

The national debt in the United States is already much larger, and is growing much more quickly, than the US economy.

Plus, interest rates are rising from their historic lows.

In fiscal year 2016 (which ran from October 1, 2015 through September 30, 2016), the government’s total interest bill was $432,649,652,901.12.

This works out to be an average interest rate of 2.204%, according to the Treasury Department’s most recent data from November 2016.

But it wasn’t that long ago that interest rates were MUCH higher.

Back in January 2008, for example, the average interest rate on US government debt was 4.785%.

And even that was considered quite low by historical standards.

Today’s rates are less than half that level. And it’s reasonable to expect rates to increase. In fact, that’s already happening.

In late December, the Treasury Department sold $28 billion worth of 7-year Treasury notes at a yield of 2.24%.

2.24% is still pretty cheap. But it’s nearly double the rate from just six months ago.

Back in July, the 3-month T-bill rate was just 0.02%. Now it’s more than 25 TIMES greater at 0.51%.

This is a significant increase in a short period of time.

If the government’s average interest rate returned to 2007 levels, they would be spending nearly $1 trillion each year just to pay interest.

That’s more than they currently spend on Medicare or the US military.

So as you can see, the US government is not only increasing the debt level at an astonishing rate (with absolutely nothing to show for it), but they’re going to have to start paying a LOT more interest.

Remember that they already borrow money just to pay interest on the money they’ve already borrowed.

So higher interest rates mean that they’ll have to borrow even more money to pay interest, which will cause the debt to go up even higher, requiring them to borrow even more money to pay interest.

It’s a never-ending cycle that only ends one way: default.

The idea of ‘growing their way out’ of debt is a total fantasy.

The debt level is growing much faster than the economy, so each year the hole becomes even deeper.

They’ll either have to default on their creditors, causing a massive catastrophe across the global financial system…

… or they’ll have to default on the promises they’ve made to taxpayers.

You might be thinking– “Can’t they just cut government spending?”

No. Again, not without defaulting on taxpayers.

The three biggest line items in the budget that mop up almost ALL government spending are:

– Debt interest
– Social Security & Medicare
– Military

Everything else COMBINED is trivial by comparison.

So cutting spending quite literally requires a default on the promises they’ve made to taxpayers.

This includes everything from Social Security to maintaining a stable financial system without resorting to major inflation or capital controls.

None of this means there’s going to be some spectacular collapse tomorrow morning.

The sky is not falling.

In fact, despite this debt madness, we’re living in a world full of incredible business, investment, technological, and lifestyle opportunities.

It’s truly an incredible time to be alive.

But the rapid rise in interest rates coupled with an astonishing increase in the debt creates an obvious long-term trend with major consequences that anyone would be foolish to ignore.

Chuck Andrews picked up a $1.77 gallon jug of tea, got home and looked at his receipt.

“When I read the receipt I’m like, ‘Wait a minute. I paid more in tax than I did for the product,’” Andrews said.

Masses Shocked By Philly Beverage Tax Impact

Check out this receipt and you realize why the country just elected Donald Trump. Liberal Democrat scumbag mayor Jim Kenney and his entirely Democrat city council thought it was a brilliant idea to ram a beverage tax down the throats of Philadelphians last year. They were doing it for the chilruns. It’s always for the chilrun. The ignorant masses bought the load of bullshit because they don’t understand maff. They understand it now. The tax went into effect on January 1 and the sticker shock is infuriating the ignorant masses.

This receipt for a 10 pack of flavored water shows a 51% beverage tax. It gets even better. PA has a sales tax of 6%. Philly already charges another 2% (for the chilruns) to make the sales tax 8%. These bastards now charge the 8% on the original price plus the beverage tax. Last week this purchase came to $6.47. Today it is $9.75.

U.S. stock futures on Tuesday pointed to a rise at the open, putting the equity market on track to start the new year on an upbeat note.

Dow on pace to open more than 100 points higher on 2017’s first trading day

They were joining in a global rally, with Asian markets higher after encouraging Chinese manufacturing data and European stocks building on their gains from Monday.

Dow Jones Industrial Average futures YMH7, +0.78% advanced by 111 points, or 0.6%, to 19,831, while S&P 500 futures ESH7, +0.82% rose by,12.30 points, or 0.6%, to 2,248.50. Nasdaq-100 futures NQH7, +0.85% tacked on 31.50 points, or 0.7%, to 4,895.50.

On Friday, the Dow DJIA, -0.29% closed lower for the session and the week, but higher by 7.9% for 2016’s fourth quarter, as well as up 13.4% for 2016. The S&P 500 SPX, -0.46% and Nasdaq Composite COMP, -0.90% also retreated in Friday’s session and during last week, but scored solid gains for Q4 and the past year.

The U.S. stock market achieved all-time highs in December thanks in part to expectations for more fiscal spending and tax reforms following Donald Trump’s election win, but analysts have warned about the potential for a hangover. President-elect Trump is slated to be inaugurated on Jan. 20.

Oil Hits 18 Month High On Reports Kuwait, Oman Cut Crude Output

Meanwhile, assuming the Kuwait and Oman news are accurate, production among other OPEC members continued to rise, and Libya, one of two OPEC countries exempt from the output cuts, has increased its production to 685,000 bpd, from around 600,000 bpd in December, an official at the National Oil Corporation said on Sunday.

2017 Starts Off With A Bang: US Futures, Oil Jump On Upbeat Antichrist Communist China Data; Europe Enters Bull Market

Rumors of the Trumpflation rally’s death have been greatly exagerated, and not only is the Dow 20,000 back on the radar, following a 124 point surge in Dow futures, bringing the “key psychological level” back within 100 points, but European stocks rose for a third day and entered a bull market, rising 20% from theor lows set last February, following strong Antichrist Communist Chinese manufacturing and services PMI data, both of which ended 2016 on robust notes well inside expansion territory.

While much of Europe had been open on Monday, it was the first day back for its biggest stock market, Britain’s FTSE 100 and it wasted no time in hitting a new record high of 7,196 points with a 0.7% gain. Germany’s DAX and France’s CAC 40 climbed too and among individual stock movers, Italian banks were back amongst the top risers, with newly-merged Banco BPM up 4.6 percent on its second day of trading. Overall, the Stoxx Europe 600 Index advanced 0.8% at 8:33 a.m. in London, with 18 of 19 industry segments climbing. The benchmark index, up 20 percent since a low last February, will confirm a bull market should the day’s gains hold into the close. The U.K.’s FTSE 100 Index, trading for the first time in 2017, is up 0.7 percent and heading for a record close.

US equity futures on the S&P 500 Index rose 0.7 percent, back over 2,251, while the Dow Jones was set to open back over 19,900.

In a reversal from the first trading days of 2016, when a selloff in Antichrist communist Chinese equities roiled markets globally, the world’s second-largest economy has been a source of strength at the start of 2017. Weekend reports showed Antichrist Communist China’s official factory gauge steadied while services remained robust, capping a year of improvement in both indicators. A private manufacturing measure released Tuesday came in better than anticipated.

“A year ago, the Antichrist Communist Chinese markets kept everyone on their toes,” said Jingyi Pan, a market strategist at IG Asia Pte. “A year later, the outlook certainly appears to be more optimistic, though we may have to bring back the catchphrase of ‘cautious optimism’ going into the new year as we search for clarity.” “I don’t think that we will see a repeat given that the global economy has a better foothold compared to a year ago,” Pan said.

Overnight in Asia, MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares rose 0.6 percent as most regional markets reopened after the New Year holiday although Japan’s Nikkei was still closed. Australian shares were the best performers in the region, closing up 1.2 percent. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng .HSI rose 0.7 percent while in Antichrist communist China, both the CSI 300 index and the Shanghai Composite .climbed 1 percent. Antichrist Communist China was Asia’s worst performing major stock market in 2016 with a 11.3 percent loss in its worst year in five.

Commodity-linked stocks jumped 1.3 percent as oil and metals prices cheered the Antichrist Communist China data that had showed output from the country’s giant manufacturing sector reaching a near six-year high. It bolstered the ‘reflation’ theme that dominated the latter stages of 2016 and helped get currency and bond markets back in their pre-break rhythm after a mixed recent run. The U.S. dollar racked up its biggest rise in almost three weeks against a basket of the world’s other major currencies to leave it just 1 percent off December’s 14-year high. As shown in the chart below, the Dollar Index (DXY) jumped as US yields moved sharply higher, w/ 10y yields rising from 2.4350% to over 2.51%.

In commodities, oil prices jumped over 2% in Europe as the Antichrist Communist China data fed into a market that is being buoyed by hopes a deal including OPEC and non-OPEC producer countries will drain the recent global supply glut. Oil was the world’s best-performing major asset class in 2016, with a gain of around 50 percent and global benchmark Brent was up 2.7% at $58.31 by 0945 GMT as U.S. crude topped $55 a barrel.

“Markets will be looking for anecdotal evidence for production cuts,” Ric Spooner, chief market analyst at CMC Markets said. “The most likely scenario is OPEC and non-OPEC member countries will be committed to the deal, especially in early stages.”

The positive Antichrist Communist Chinese news lifted the Australian dollar, which added 0.6 percent to $0.7230, while gold sagged, with the precious metal dropping 0.3 percent to $1,148 an ounce. Back in Europe, the pick ups in Germany and French inflation came on the heels of data on Monday showing manufacturers ramped up activity at the fastest pace in more than five years in December.

In Antichrist Communist China, Starting on Jan. 1, the number of currencies in the CFETS basket increased to 24 from 13, with new entrants including the Korean won, the South African rand and the Mexican peso. The country’s foreign exchange regulator also said it would step up scrutiny of individuals’ foreign currency purchases and strengthen punishment for illegal outflows, although the $50,000 annual individual quota will remain unchanged. The renminbi posted its biggest annual loss since 1994 last year, with the dollar up almost 7 percent versus the Antichrist Communist Chinese currency.

Long-term inflation expectations in the euro zone, measured by the five-year, five-year forward rate are near their highest levels in more than a year and close to the ECB’s near 2 percent target, as the central bank prepares to pare back the pace of its money-printing scheme. “Until just a few weeks ago, the general consensus was that upside inflation risks were very limited however… the inflation rate scheduled to be published today is likely to reveal a significant uplift,” DZ Bank strategist Birgit Figge told Reuters.

So with stocks rising on hopes of a return in inflation, it would mean that rates should dip, and indeed Treasuries dropped, with 10-year yields rising 7 bps basis points to 2.514%. U.S. cash bonds opened in London this morning having been closed since Dec. 30. German bonds fell as regional data showed inflation is accelerating. The yield on the nation’s 10-year securities dropped to the lowest level since November on Monday. French bonds were among the biggest decliners in Europe after the nation was said to mandate banks for the sale of a new Green bond in the 15- to 30-year area. France is due to sell 10-, 20-, 30- and 50-year bonds on Jan. 5.

Bank Of England Blog Warns Of Devastating Bond Market Rout, “Worse Than 1994 Massacre”

Dow 20k Disappoints For 14th Day As Crude Crumbles, Peso Pounded

Early exuberance in stocks – as overnight gains suggested panic buying at the US open, faded rapidly as financials and tech faded and crude plunged (despite better than expected data)… then after NYMEX closed VIX was smashed lower and stocks lifted…

S&P was best on the day, Trannies were red (thanks to Ford news impacting rails)… NOTE – stocks ripped at the open, then dumped into the European close, then went nowhere…

This is the 14th day of disappointments for Dow 20k fans…

As the yield curve continues to flatten and bank stocks are starting to realize that…

Notably the recent shifts in US, Japanese real yield differentials suggests USD weakness from here…

Finally, gold is 2017’s best performing asset-class…

Bitcoin Breaks $1,000 On First Day of 2017

Bitcoin is no stranger to extreme fluctuations. As Visual Capitalist’s Jeff Desjardins notes, for each of the last four years, the cryptocurrency has either been the best or the worst performing currency – with nothing to be found in between.

Bitcoin: The Best Performing Currency For A Second Year In A Row

Luckily, for those that follow the digital currency closely, those fluctuations were mostly pointed in an upwards direction for 2016. The currency finished the year at $968.23, which is more than double its value from the beginning of the year.

Were any other global currencies able to compete with bitcoin’s strong performance throughout the year?

The following chart compares major currencies (paired with the USD) over 2016:

Brazil’s real rallied 21.9% on the year, the most in seven years. Traders are hoping that center-right President Michel Temer can ease public spending following the departure of Dilma Rousseff.

Russia’s ruble also finished the year with double-digit gains, up 17.8% against the U.S. dollar. This was largely due to the recovery in Brent oil prices, which gained $10/bbl over the course of 2016.

However, a rosier picture for oil was not enough to buoy all producers. Africa’s biggest economy, Nigeria, fell into its first recession in 25 years during the opening half of 2016. Ripple effects from low oil prices caused the Nigerian naira to lose more than one-third of its value throughout the year, making it the worst performing currency (at least officially).

Unofficially, Venezuela’s struggling economy has been pushed to the brink by its ongoing currency crisis. The massive hyperinflation is not reflected in official numbers, since the bolívar is technically “pegged” arbitrarily by the government. Based on black market activity, however, experts estimate that the currency ended the year with inflation of roughly 500%.

Bitcoin in 2017?

Bitcoin is now the best performing currency for two years in a row (2015, 2016):

And in the opening days of 2017, the cryptocurrency has already gained a head start on other global currencies. It passed the vital $1,000 mark in the first days of New Year trading, and could be poised to three-peat for the title of best-performing currency of the year.

To do it again, bitcoin prices would likely need to rise at least 30% on the year, closing in on the $1,300 mark.

Will it be another extreme for 2017 – or will the bitcoin price finally settle for middle ground among other global currencies?

Bitcoin Nears Parity With Gold

Bitcoin just topped $1100 for the first time since Dec 2013, bringing it closest to gold ever…

The last time bitcoin approached parity with gold, it marked the top in the virtual currency…

USD Spikes To Highest Since Dec 2002 As EUR Tumbles

The better than expected Manufacturing data in the US has promoted further USD buying, sending the USD Index above 2016 highs back to it highest since Dec 2002.

The USD has taken out recent highs…

And EURUSD has plunged through 2016 lows to its weakest against the USD since 2003..

(note the spike and weakness since Antichrist Communist China adjusted its currency basket weightings)

Update: “Chicago 762 Murders More Than LA and NYC Combined” 

A California law decriminalizing prostitution by children under 18 will encourage pimps and human traffickers to use more child prostitutes because cops won’t be able to keep them off the streets.

SkyWatchTV News 1/3/17: California Legalizes Child Prostitution

Bitcoin Surges Above $1,000 As Antichrist Communist China Unveils New Capital Controls

Wealth manager Lior Gantz warns of a possible derivative war between top bankers that could bring the global economy down. Gantz contends, “Once somebody begins to change the way they look at derivatives and start using derivatives as a weapon . . . they’re going to fight between each other. These are nasty people that all they care about is what they make in cold hard cash to take home. They really could start a derivative war that would not be beneficial for anyone. It would be more violent than an orchestrated derivative explosion that I really don’t think is possible. The derivative market is so big that it is out of the control of anybody.”

Julian Assange Talks To Sean Hannity: “Big Powerful Actors Want Revenge” – Full Fox News Interview

Skull&Bones Kerry also admitted U.S. helped arm Antichrist jihadists

SkyWatchTV 1/2/17: New Obozo Land Grab

Outgoing Antichrist NWO 666 President Barack Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No boots SPECTRE Clown just made big chunks of Utah and Nevada national monuments, putting even more Western land under the control of Washington, D.C.

Indonesia Terminates All Business Relationships With JPMorgan After Downgrade

Curiously, in the aftermath of the last financial crisis, it was the rating agencies who got the bulk of the blame; that sellside equity research is now facing the proverbial “firing squad” when issuing negative research is rather troubling – this phenomenon is certainly not confined to the sovereign level – and indicates how banks, once caught with a Buy or Neutral rating on any given name, are loath to cut or downgrade, aware of the potential foregone future revenue opportunities as a result of telling the truth.

Corruption On Steroids – El Monte, California Public Employee Pension

This Chicago Tribune article confirms that Fort Lauderdale shooter Esteban Santiago is from Penuelas, Puerto Rico, and has a brother named Bryan. Why aren’t establishment propaganda journalists asking Bryan about Aashiq Hammad?
“BREAKING: #FortLauderdale Terrorist #EstebanSantiago Joined MySpace As ‘Aashiq Hammad’, Recorded Islamic Music,” GotNews, January 7, 2017:

Fort Lauderdale Airport terrorist Esteban Santiago registered on MySpace under the name “Aashiq Hammad” and recorded Islamic religious music on the site, 3 years before he ever deployed to Iraq as a U.S. soldier, destroying the lying mainstream media’s narrative that he was just a mentally disturbed veteran and that “Islam had nothing to do with it.”

Here’s how we know all that:

A search of public records database Nexis reveals that Puerto Rican Esteban Santiago has a brother named Bryan Santiago and two e-mails registered to his name:

Fort Lauderdale shooter was “Aashiq Hammad” on MySpace, recorded Islamic music

The second e-mail, “”, is how GotNews exclusively visually identified Santiago before every mainstream media outlet and discovered he was posting on an explosives/weapons forum about mass-downloading Islamic terrorist propaganda videos in 2007 yesterday.

Today, we discovered the first e-mail, “”, in the MySpace database that was leaked earlier this year. This is the raw data we found:

The middle entry “aashiqhammad” can be added to the MySpace URL to discover the profile that was registered to the e-mail address “”.

Sure enough, Esteban Santiago registered a MySpace account under the name “Aashiq Hammad”:

Aashiq Hammad” lists Penuelas, Puerto Rico as his location, just like Esteban Santiago’s records in Nexis.

And take a look at the three songs recorded by “Aashiq Hammad.” The first one is titled “La ilaha illAllah”, which is Arabic for “There is no God but Allah,” and the first half of the Muslim declaration of faith, the Shahadah…

Archive here.
If the location and e-mail weren’t enough proof, “Aashiq Hammad” also has Bryan Santiago — Esteban’s brother — as a connection:

Evidence points to Ft. Lauderdale shooter being “Jason Bourned” with mind altering psychiatric drugs and Antichrist ISIS video indoctrination by U.S. intelligence operatives

Eyewitness: “There was like at least three people in there still shooting” after the first guy was caught

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (INTELLIHUB) — Demoted and discharged Alaska National Guard private first class and alleged killer of 5 people at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Esteban Santiago, 26, may have been mind controlled or mentally ill, according to FBI officials.

Santiago, who was arrested in January and waiting to stand trial in March on criminal charges, recently showed up to an F.B.I. office in Anchorage unannounced seeking help.

Santiago told the F.B.I. he thought he was being mind controlled, possibly by the U.S. government or the C.I.A. and admitted hearing voices, which Santiago said told him to study “extremist materials on the Internet,” the New York Times reports.

Despite the fact that Santiago himself, his girlfriend, and even co-workers warned authorities of his experiences the F.B.I. failed to detain him before his travels to Florida.

“Records show Santiago had three driver’s licenses from Alaska, New York and Puerto Rico,” along with his military I.D., which were all on his person during Friday’s shooting, as reported by a local ABC news affiliate.

Just like a Manchurian candidate, Santiago “walked to the baggage claim area, where witnesses said he pulled the trigger and appeared to be aiming at victims’ heads. Witnesses said Santiago didn’t say a word. He shot his weapon until he ran out of ammunition. He threw the gun down and laid spread-eagle on the ground until a Broward Sheriffs’ Office deputy came up to him.”

USA Today reports:

Yet the troubling episode is now part of an emerging profile of a deeply disturbed man described by his aunt Friday as someone who had “lost his mind.”

Maria Luisa Ruiz of Union City, N.J., said her nephew, who had moved to Alaska for work as a security guard, only recently began to show signs of instability.

“Like a month ago, it was like he lost his mind,” she said “He said he saw things.”

Additionally, it is also important to point out that Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer was present at the airport during the shooting and was live-tweeting details about the situation.

Moreover, an eyewitness to the actual event maintains that after they caught the first guy “there had to be three sleepers [three other shooters].”

“[…] we could see inside literally where the windows — you could see the fire coming from the barrels. There was like at least three people in there still shooting. Like it was like a high-powered rifle, like an AR or something […]. They was non-stop shooting. Like they just started hitting different people inside the crowd. We had to leave. We had to get on the roof.”

Airport shooter admits he was ‘mind controlled’ by intelligence agency, eyewitness claims there were at least three other “sleepers,” shooters, with high-powered rifles shooting into crowd

The man authorities believe shot 13 people, five of them fatally, at Fort Lauderdale International Airport on Friday was known to the FBI prior to carrying out the massacre, an FBI official said during a news conference Friday night.

FBI spokesman George Piro said the suspected assailant, 26-year-old Esteban Santiago, walked into an FBI office in Anchorage, Alaska, in November 2016 claiming voices in his head were telling him to join Antichrist ISIS.

Antichrist ISIS videos were apparently found on his computer, NBC’s Pete Williams reported, citing federal officials.

Piro, the FBI spokesman, said Santiago was taken into custody by local police in Anchorage and sent to a medical facility for an evaluation. Bryan Santiago, the suspect’s brother, confirmed to The Associated Press that Esteban had been receiving psychological treatment in Alaska, where he had been living since 2014.

Santiago, who was born in New Jersey but moved to Puerto Rico with his family when he was 2 years old, served in Puerto Rico’s National Guard and was deployed to Iraq in 2010, Puerto Rico’s National Guard spokesman Maj. Paul Dahlen told the AP.

Santiago received a “general discharge” from the National Guard in August for “unsatisfactory performance,” a lieutenant with the Alaska National Guard told CBS.

The suspect in the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting was known to the FBI

His aunt, who lives in New Jersey, told reporters that Santiago had started acting strangely when he returned from Iraq, and about a month ago “lost his mind.”

“He said he saw things,” his aunt, Maria Luisa Ruiz, told reporters outside her home in Union City, New Jersey. She mentioned that he had just become a father in September.

Santiago was charged with fourth-degree assault about one year ago in Anchorage in an incident related to domestic violence, police told the Daily Beast.

Santiago flew Delta from Anchorage, Alaska to Fort Lauderdale via Minneapolis-St. Paul on Thursday night, NBC reported. He arrived in Fort Lauderdale late Friday morning, which is when he apparently he used a gun he had checked into his luggage to carry out the massacre in the baggage claim area of Terminal 2.

Santiago is now in federal custody. He is expected to make his first court appearance on Monday.

“At this point it looks like he acted alone,” Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said of the suspect. He noted that “it’s too early to say either way” whether this was an act of terrorism.

Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting: Gunman Kills 5, Injures 8; Is Unharmed And In Custody; No Second Shooter

As more details emerge about the Ft. Lauderdale airport shooter, Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, 26, who on Friday afternoon opened fire at the baggage claim area at the airport, killing 5 and wounding 8, we start to get a detailed glimpse not only into his past, but his numerous recent interactions with authorities.

Esteban Santiago, the suspected shooter at Ft. Lauderdale Airport on Jan. 6, 2017

According to law enforcement officials, Santiago was found with an active military ID and is an American citizen, born in New Jersey. Previous known addresses include Penuelas, Puerto Rico and Anchorage, Alaska.

They add that in November 2016, just two months ago, he walked into an FBI office in Anchorage claiming that the government had “forced him to watch Antichrist ISIS videos” and to fight for Antichrist ISIS. According to a slightly different narrative presented by CNN, source said that Santiago was hearing voice telling him to join the Antichrist Islamic State. Ultimately he was sent to a psychiatric hospital.

AP confirms that Santiago’s brother said the suspect had been receiving psychological treatment while living in Alaska. Bryan Santiago told The Associated Press that his family got a call in recent months from 26-year-old Esteban Santiago’s girlfriend alerting them to the situation.

Bryan Santiago said he didn’t know what his brother was being treated for and that they never talked about it over the phone. He said Esteban Santiago was born in New Jersey but moved to the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico when he was 2 years old.

He said Esteban Santiago grew up in the southern coastal town of Penuelas and served with the island’s National Guard for a couple of years. He was deployed to Iraq in 2010 and spent a year there as a combat engineer with the 130th Engineer Battalion, the 1013th engineer company out of Aguadilla, according to Puerto Rico National Guard spokesman Maj. Paul Dahlen.

Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida said that the gunman was carrying a military ID that identified him as Esteban Santiago, but that it was unclear whether the ID was his. Nelson gave no further information on the suspect.

As CBS adds, in 2011 or 2012, Santiago was investigated by Homeland Security Investigations for child porn. Three weapons and a computer were seized, but there was not enough evidence to prosecute, according to law enforcement sources. Santiago also has a record for minor traffic violations and was evicted in 2015 for not paying rent.

Furthermore, AP notes that according to a military spokeswoman Santiago received a general discharge from the Alaska Army National Guard last year for unsatisfactory performance.

Lt. Col. Candis Olmstead did not release details about 26-year-old Esteban Santiago’s discharge in August 2016. Olmstead said that he joined the Guard in November 2014.

Puerto Rico National Guard spokesman Maj. Paul Dahlen said that Santiago was deployed to Iraq in 2010 and spent a year there with the 130th Engineer Battalion, the 1013th engineer company out of Aguadilla. Olmstead also said that Santiago had served in the Army Reserves prior to joining the Alaska Army National Guard.

Previously, a spokeswoman from the Canadian Embassy says the suspect in the shooting at the international airport in Fort Lauderdale has no connection to the country and did not fly to Florida from there. Embassy spokeswoman Christine Constantin said in an email to The Associated Press that the suspect did not travel from Canada and was not on an Air Canada flight. She says the suspect has no connection to Canada.

The shooting happened at the airport’s terminal 2, where Air Canada and Delta operate flights. Five were killed and eight wounded. Constantin’s email says, “We understand from officials he was on a flight originating in Anchorage, transiting through Minneapolis and landing in Ft. Lauderdale.”

Meanwhile, authorities are looking into what event may have set off the unstable Santiago.

Law enforcement sources said the suspected gunman in a deadly attack at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport got into an argument during his flight from Alaska to Florida. They’re now investigating whether that’s what set off a shooting rampage CBS reports.

Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, 26, took a flight from Alaska to Florida Friday with a stop in Minnesota, officials said. Somewhere along the way, he got into an argument.

According to Broward Commissioner Chip LaMarca, Santiago-Ruiz arrived from a flight with a gun that he checked in. “He claimed his bag and took the gun from baggage and went into the bathroom to load it. Came out shooting people in baggage claim,” LaMarca said.

Earlier reports claimed Santiago-Ruiz came in on a flight from Canada. On the company’s Twitter account, Air Canada confirmed that no one by that name was on their flight. Air Canada flights arrive to Terminal 2, where the shooting took place.

Police were able to apprehend the suspect without having to fire their own weapons when he apparently ran out of bullets.

Florida Shooter Had Been Sent To A Mental Hospital Over “Antichrist ISIS Ties”, Was Investigated For Child Porn

“An internal Mexican law enforcement report obtained by Judicial Watch confirms that Antichrist Islamic terrorists have ‘people along the border, principally in Tijuana, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas.’”

Antichrist Islamic terror cells shift from Mideast to U.S.-Mexican border

A blockbuster new documentary asserts there is a master plan to create a permanent liberal majority in American by flooding it with millions of voters hostile to conservatism.

But “The Enemies Within” also claims forces dedicated to the destruction of this country have even penetrated the national security bureaucracy, endangering Americans and the entire system of constitutional government.

Key to this case is the testimony of Philip Haney, a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security and a counter-terrorism analyst who was widely praised and commended by his superiors throughout his distinguished career.

By accumulating vast amounts of data and examining the relationships between various extremist groups and their sources of funding, Haney had identified dozens of terrorists throughout the years, arguably preventing numerous attacks.

However, in 2009, it was Haney himself who was targeted by his own government. He tells his story in the book “See Something, Say Nothing,” but his story is also the most powerful part of “The Enemies Within.”

He recounts in “The Enemies Within:” “I finished a case up, I put it in the system. There were 67 records related to the case, individuals and organizations. But then about two weeks after I put the case into the system, I went on vacation and received a call from my colleague. He said they had removed the records from the system. They didn’t just modify them, they completely obliterated them, took all of them out.”

Haney argues this dramatic action had devastating consequences for the American people. The specific records the government deleted turned out to be directly relevant to terrorist attacks that took place later.

“Those are the records related to the network of Antichrist mosques and organizations operating in the United States that is linked to the San Bernardino shooting and to the Orlando shooting,” he recalled.

Indeed, Haney states in the video the federal government not only removed the records but actually investigated him for simply doing his job.

“They said essentially that I did not have the authority to put those records into the system, even though I had been commended by the National Targeting Center for finding 300 terrorists,” Haney says in the film. “So, essentially, the last three years of my career, I was under investigation by three different government agencies, all at the same time. They essentially determined that I was more of a threat than these terrorist groups.”

Shockingly, the distinguished counter-terrorism expert says no one in the federal government ever claimed his records were inaccurate or untrue. The facts, he claims, were beyond dispute. Instead, for no good reason he can identify, his work was eliminated and he was disgraced.

In one of the most dramatic moments of the film, Haney describes his reaction as feeling “infuriated and stripped naked.” He describes the painful experience as a “public humiliation.”

“To sequester me in a small room for the last 11 months of my career with no assigned duties and then have the audacity to say those were not adverse actions because ‘we’re just conducting an investigation,’” Haney remembers. “It’s cruel to do that to a person. It wasn’t a moral infraction, it wasn’t refusal to obey orders, it wasn’t some crime that I committed. It was simply doing the job that I took a vow to do and had been recognized and awarded for.”

For that reason, Haney emphatically states in the documentary the United States has enemies within its own government.

Distinguished author and researcher Trevor Loudon describes the terrifying full extent of this hostile network operating within America’s own borders in “The Enemies Within,” detailing an alliance between radical Antichrist Marxists and Antichrist Islamic extremists that has penetrated the very highest levels of the federal government. As Haney explains in the film, the problem has gotten so bad, many of America’s politicians and policy makers would not be able to pass the kind of basic security checks required of even entry level employees.

“If you have overt ties to associations with known associations with terrorism, you cannot pass a background check,” Haney says in the film.

He describes Hillary 911 Clinton as a ‘domestic threat” and details the deep connections between the former Democratic presidential nominee and secretary of state with some of the most dangerous Antichrist Islamic movements in the world. They even go beyond her close relationship with longtime aide and confidante Huma Abedin.

The most dangerous enemy is the one who operates from within your own gates. Discover the traitors within our own country and help spread the word about how America is already under attack. Don’t miss “The Enemies Within” available now in the WND Superstore.

“Hillary 911 Clinton’s ties are a lot deeper, broader and wider than Huma Abedin,” Haney says. “The best example of her ties is her affiliation with the Istanbul Process and, in particular, with U.N. Resolution 1618. That resolution, it essentially criminalizes defamation of Antichrist Islam, has been backed for 10 years by the Organization of the Antichrist Islamic Conference, a 57-nation organization. It is essentially run in its leadership positions by members of the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood. By endorsing U.N. Resolution 16/18, by default Hillary 911 Clinton is aiding and abetting the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood on a macro, global level.”

And the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood, in Haney’s opinion as a national security professional, is directly responsible for sponsoring terrorism. He argues in “The Enemies Within” the organization should be labeled a terrorist group and shut down.

“Since we already know that Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood is the parent of Antichrist Hamas and that these organizations are overtly supporting Hamas and other like-minded organizations around the world then we should shut those organizations,” he declares in the film. “And that would send a shockwave throughout the pro-Antichrist Shariah, pro-Antichrist jihadist Islamic world without firing a single shot or dropping a bomb anywhere in the world.”

Until that happens, Haney argues, national security professionals have been “completely blindfolded and handcuffed.”

“We can’t use the most basic fundamental language that they themselves use to help us understand what Antichrist Islam believes and what its intentions are,” he explains in the movie.

“The Enemies Within” doesn’t just analyze radical Islam. Instead, it details the terrifying extent to which far left radicals who have overtly declared their anti-American intentions are taking control of the very institutions meant to protect Americans.

At a time when the mainstream media is suddenly concerned about supposed Russian interference, “The Enemies Within” shows the rot set in much sooner than the last election cycle and involves hostile foreign actors more malevolent than Vladimir Putin.

“Those of us who took our oath [seriously] are being betrayed,’ Haney says of his fellow national security professionals in the film. “Things like that which happened to me will happen more and more often because people will be forced to stand up for the law at the risk of their career and maybe even their life.”

At a time of crisis, remaining uninformed isn’t just dangerous, it’s deadly. “The Enemies Within” is the first step to recognizing where the threat is coming from.

‘Enemies Within’ – 911 Hillary’s links to Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood revealed

Reading for January 7, 2017 ~ Tevet 9, 5777
Gen 44:18-47:27 ~ Ez 37:15-28 ~ John 5:1-47

01 07 2017 Vayigash “And came near”

Saturday, January 7, 2017: He

Pilot eyewitness: ‘There was more than one shooter, loud percussions in Terminal 1 at FLL Friday’

. .

(((Obozo The PATHETIC POTUS Clown Gets Trump’d By Putz Putin Making America Look Like The Dumbest Bunch Of DIPSHITS In Modern History))) Skull&Bones U.N. Israeli 2 State Pearl Harbor Event Massive 7.9 Quake Christmas&Chanukah Zenith 2016 Second Wave Of Energy No Show

Our Standard Of Living Is Coming To An End, Expect A 30-50% Drop: Bill Holter

Jeff Berwick from Dollar Vigilante joins Silver Doctors with a word of warning. A Trump presidency will bring with it an economic crisis and collapse of the U.S. dollar, Berwick says.


Is there a way to prevent collapse? Berwick is concerned we are past the point of no return. Regardless of who runs the U.S., an economic crisis is coming, he says. Stay tuned to hear Berwick’s perspective on how gold, silver, and bitcoin may perform in the coming crisis.

Cognitive Computing Virginia Rometty spoke about the future of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing.

She was interviewed by Promod Haque at the Churchill Club, a Silicon Valley business and technology forum.

Expert: Humanity Will Transcend the AI Control Grid

Senior Contributor to Canada Free Press and Senior Editor of the Hagmann Report, Douglas J Hagmann, welcomes two of our most effective citizen journalists back to the mic, in hours one and two, to discuss the ongoing investigation into pizzagate as well as the broader implications of the censorship on social media.

What Are They Covering Up?

Brittany Pettibone as well as Tara (Reality Calls) will join us live, in studio, via Skype video to hammer out the latest details regarding two of the biggest stories of 2016: global child trafficking and censorship. This is a Hagmann Report exclusive, as these two dynamic investigators have never appeared together before. Again, hours one and two are not to be missed. Doug will open us up with thirty minutes of news, commentary and housekeeping, with Brittany and Tara scheduled to jump in from 7:30pm EST to 9:00pm EST.

Artificial Intelligence Professor Jennifer Neville talked about the history and future of artificial intelligence and about machine dialog systems called “Chatbots.” Professor Neville focuses her research on machine learning and data mining.

The “AI‐easy vs. AI-hard” was part of “The New Technology Explosion,” the 2016 annual “Dawn or Doom” conference” at Purdue University

REALIST NEWS – January 2017 Web Bot Summary (You’ll want this one)

Two forces of nature have combined on December 28, 2016, and brought us a rare view of a bright meteor streaking seemingly low over the erupting Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica.

Rare sight: Meteor streaks over erupting Turrialba volcano

The event occurred at 04:22 UTC on December 28 (22:22 local time on December 27), stunning scientists monitoring Turrialba’s latest eruption.

It was captured by the OVSICORI’s cameras and edited by scientist Javier Pacheco who said this is the first time they have seen this type of event since installing the camera in 2011, located west of the volcano.

The timing perfectly fits the bright fireball disintegrating over Guatemala. It is possible this is the same or closely related event.

Read more: Bright fireball disintegrates over Guatemala

The height of Turrialba’s eruption, which comes after a period of calm, was undetermined due to cloudy conditions at the crater, but significant ashfall was reported in areas west of the volcano, including Coronado, Guadelupe and San Pedro in San José, The Costa Rica Star reports.

Current Economic Collapse News Brief – Episode 1166

In this news brief we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. We look to see if things are really that different. The central bank will not stop at just confiscating your wealth they will want your life. They want to enslave the people.

Obozo Walks in the Steps of Haman to Destroy the Jews

In a shocking revelation its seems apparent that Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown is walking in the steps of the Biblical Haman. Haman is best known from the book of Esther, he was the wicked counselor that had the kings ring that authorized the massacre of the Jews. President Elect Donald Trump much like the King Ahasuerus finds his hands tied as the 70 nations will sign on to a law for the annihilation of the Jews. I for one am curious to see if Esther, the Christians of today will fast and pray for Israel in this time of need.

NOTE: Stephen uses Ester badly in this case. In the prophetic context of the Antichrist, the Antichrist is clearly the Antichrist Jewish Messiah currently supported by the idiot Antichrist Jewish Rabbis. This means the counter intelligence global 911 Inside Job Usual Suspects are setting up their ”Trump Card” for ”the fall”. Trump and NYC are the obvious WMD 911 Harbinger Baal Gate Bottomless Pit Phoenix Event required now. Their Antichrist NWO 666 Mark Of The Beast global seal upon all nations and Israel can be achieved upon the prophetic fulfillment of United Nations Israeli 2 State ”Peace and Security” act of the 70 Nations about to be held in Paris, and then ”Sudden Destruction” comes and the birth pangs of the prophetic tribulation era are confirmed. April 8th 2017 is still the current ”Day Of Palms” Jupiter Opposition ”Hanukkah” signal of the prophetic ”Passover Week’.

Obozo got elected/selected twice because of the Antichrist Jews setting him up for the job etc.. , and the Antichrist Masonic NWO 666 leaping frog is in play for the set up. Detonating a WMD in NYC, with HORUS Trump in it, after he is sworn in, the timing will provide the ultimate scapegoat set up by Obozo. Obozo sealed the Antichrist Iranian Nuclear Deal post his Nobel Prize, for the exact opposite reason, but exactly for what Antichrist NWO 666 911 Cabal need now to happen. They have all the scapegoats, Antichrist Iran Shia and the Antichrist ISIS Sunnis etc…, required for a post 911 WMD Event in NYC with Trump in It, and they have their Antichrist military proxy arm ready in Pence. So when you see them cry ”peace and security”, know for certain, judgment is coming, and that is the whole Truth of the Great Tribulation era commencement based on the current intelligence analysis trend convergence with the prophetic revelation as it is written in the Holy scriptures of the Old and New Testament of our Father in Christ Yahshua.

They need to detonate a WMD and they need to do it on ”friendly ground” again, just like they did it 50 years ago when they murdered Americans on the USS Liberty during the Yom Kippur War, which resulted in the prophetic fulfillment of Jerusalem restored to Israel, and now it’s time for the ”outer court” 1260 days tribulation era of the Two Witnesses”, when the ”gentiles trample underfoot” the portion of Jerusalem.

It makes perfect sense that this is how it will play out. Post a WMD event, this will allow for the Antichrist proxy force, which now is confirmed by the fact that Israel has already allowed for a US military base within Israel’s border etc…. The demand for peace will come from within the Antichrist muslim nations and of course ”security/666 mark of the beast” will be demanded by everyone/all nations and Israel. The WMD ritual mass human slaughter is being timed perfectly with the Jupiter Opposition 7 Year Time Frame etc… . Based on the fact; the ”prophetic leaping frog” has been discovered, and the mocking reality of ”their measure”/it’s/The Beast sequencing and symbolism pacing the actually prophetic steps of scripture, marking the time before and after Christ Yahshua, the trend pattern is beyond reasonable doubt.

The coming events, based on that fact, shall eliminate even the shadow of doubt.

2017 is the year the ”Shadow Of Doubt” dies….

…the beginning of ”The Great Tribulation” era of the last, and final, prophetic terminal generation.

Trump Is Exactly Where The Elites Want Him

Cognitive dissonance is a powerful drug. It makes otherwise-very-intelligent people goofy and incoherent in their thinking and blinds them to certain realities that they should normally see right in front of their noses. I witness it all the time in the field of economics — a key piece of logic, a key fact that certain people absolutely refuse to take into account simply because they have a singular idea of how the world works and they cannot allow that idea to ever come into question. They would rather leap into a mental gymnastics routine worthy of an Olympic gold medal than examine the truth. And if you confront them on it, they’ll accuse YOU of being the one in denial.

This is how we ended up with the credit crisis and market crash of 2008/2009. This is how very few people saw the writing on the wall with Syria and ISIS and the fact that the funding and training of Islamic extremists by Western governments for the purpose of proxy insurgency might not be such a great concept. It is the reason why it took years for the mainstream to acknowledge the advent of the East/West paradigm, the same paradigm that alternative analysts warned about years in advance. This is why most mainstream AND alternative analysts completely discounted a successful Brexit referendum. And, it is why the vast majority of pundits could not even conceive of a Trump victory in 2016. I could write a list 20 pages long on all the geopolitical and fiscal developments most people missed because they were clinging to assumptions rather than evidence.

Unfortunately, the liberty movement is also sometimes vulnerable to such assumptions. The most dangerous of which revolve around the rise of President-elect Donald Trump.

FIVE Days Before Trump Is Inaugurated Obozo WILL Do This… and It CAN’T Be UNDONE!

Skull&Bones John Kerry defies Israel and targets the Words seemingly of that Knesset Representative Rabbi Yehuda Glick. Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration in a defiant move expels 35 Russian diplomats and adds more sanctions based on shady Intel.

Skull&Bones Kerry Defies Knesset Representative Rabbi Glick

Markets In 2016: Winners & Losers

When we first warned 8 days ago that in the last week of trading a “Red Flag For Markets Has Emerged: Pension Funds To Sell “Near Record Amount Of Stocks In The Next Few Days”, and may have to “rebalance”, i.e. sell as much as $58 billion of equity to debt ahead of year end, many scoffed wondering who would be stupid enough to leave such a material capital reallocation for the last possible moment in a market that is already dangerously thin as is, and in which such a size order would be sure to move markets lower, and not just one day.

Today we got the answer, and yes – pension funds indeed left the reallocation until the last possible moment, because three days after the biggest drop in the S&P in over two months, the equity selling persisted as the reallocation trade continued, leading to the S&P closing off the year with a whimper, not a bang, as Treasurys rose, reaching session highs minutes before the 1pm ET futures close when month-end index rebalancing took effect.

10Y yields were lower by 2bp-3bp after the 2pm cash market close, with the 10Y below closing levels since Dec. 8. Confirming it was indeed a substantial rebalancing trade, volumes surged into the futures close, which included a 5Y block trade with ~$435k/DV01 according to Bloomberg while ~80k 10Y contracts traded over a 3- minute period.

The long-end led the late rally, briefly flattening 5s30s back to little changed at 112.5bps. Month-end flows started to pick up around noon amid reports of domestic real money demand; +0.07yr duration extension was estimated for Bloomberg Barclays Treasury Index. Earlier, TSYs were underpinned by declines for U.S. equities that accelerated after Dec. Chicago PMI fell more than expected.

Looking further back, the Treasury picture is one of “sell in December 2015 and go away” because as shown in the chart below, the 10Y closed 2016 just shy of where it was one year ago while the 30Y is a “whopping” 4 bps wider on the year, and considering the recent drop in yields as doubts about Trumpflation start to swirl, we would not be surprised to see a sharp drop in yields in the first weeks of 2017. Already in Europe, German Bunds are back to where they were on the day Trump was elected.

So with a last minute scramble for safety in Treasurys, it was only logical that stocks would slide, closing the year off on a weak note. Sure enough, the S&P500 pared its fourth annual gain in the last five years, as it slipped to a three-week low in light holiday trading, catalyzed by the abovementioned pension fund selling.

The day started off, appropriately enough, with a Dollar flash crash, which capped any potential gains in the USD early on, and while a spike in the euro trimmed the dollar’s fourth straight yearly advance, the greenback still closed just shy of 13 year highs, up just shy of 3% for the year.

Meanwhile, the year’s best surprising performing asset, crude, trimmed its gain in 2016 to 52%.

The S&P 500 Index cut its advance this year to 9.7 percent as it headed for the first three-days slide since the election. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was poised to finish the year 200 points below 20,000 after climbing within 30 points earlier in the week. It appears the relentless cheerleading by CNBC’s Bob Pisani finally jinxed the Dow’s chances at surpassing 20,000 in 2016. Trading volume was at least 34 percent below the 30-day average at this time of day. A rapid surge in the euro disturbed the calm during the Asian morning, as a rush of computer-generated orders caught traders off guard. That sent a measure of the dollar lower for a second day, trimming its rally this year below 3 percent.

Actually, did we say crude was the best performing asset of the year? We meant Bitcoin, the same digital currency which we said in September 2015 (when it was trading at $250) is set to soar as Chinese residents start using it more actively to circumvent capital controls, soared, and in 2016 exploded higher by over 120%.

For those nostalgic about 2016, the chart below breaks down the performance of major US indices in 2016 – what began as the worst start to a year on record, ended up as a solid year performance wise, with the S&P closing up just shy of 10%, with more than half of the gains coming courtesy of an event which everyone was convinced would lead to a market crash and/or recession, namely Trump’s election, showing once again that when dealing with artificial, centrally-planned market nobody has any idea what will happen, or frankly, what is happening.

Looking at the breakdown between the main asset classes, while 30Y TSYs are closing the year effectively unchanged, the biggest equity winners were financials which after hugging the flatline, soared after the Trump election on hopes of deregulation, reduced taxes and a Trump cabinet comprised of former Wall Streeters, all of which would boost financial stocks, such as Goldman Sachs, which singlehandedly contributed nearly a quarter of the Dow Jones “Industrial” Average’s upside since the election.

The FX world was anything but boring this year: while the dollar soared on expectations of reflation and recovery, the biggest moves relative to the USD belonged to sterling, with cable plunging after Brexit and never really recovering, while the Yen unexpectedly soared for most of the year, only to cut most of its gains late in the year, when the Trump election proved to be more powerful for Yen devaluation that the BOJ’s QE and NIRP.

The largely unspoken story of the year is that while stocks, if only in the US – both Europe and Japan closed down on the year – jumped on the back of the Trump rally, bonds tumbled. The problem is that with many investors and retirees’ funds have been tucked away firmly in the rate-sensitive space, read bonds, so it is debatable if equity gains offset losses suffered by global bondholders.

And speaking of the divergence between US equities and, well, everything else, no other chart shows the Trump “hope” trade of 2016 better than this one: spot thee odd “market” out.

So as we close out 2016 and head into 2017, all we can add is that the Trump “hope” better convert into something tangible fast, or there will be a lot of very disappointed equity investors next year.

And with that brief walk down the 2016 memory lane, we wish all readers fewer centrally-planned, artificial “markets” and more true price discovery and, of course, profits. See you all on the other side.

2016 Ends With A Whimper: Stocks Slide On Last Minute Pension Fund Selling

Trump announces that Sprint will bring back 5,000 jobs. Gold surges on a huge purchase of paper contracts. Mini bubbles are now ready to burst. NYC real estate is now declining rapidly, this is the beginning of the real estate market breaking apart. Italian banks are now seeing a bank run on their banks and they need more capital to keep the banks afloat. The entire economy is now setup for the economic reset. The central bankers are prepared and ready to throw the switch to bring the entire economy down.

The Central Banks Have Positioned The Economy To Collapse – Episode 1165a

It is oddly appropriate that in a year everyone finally admitted markets are manipulated by central banks and broken by HFT algos, that on the last trading day of 2016, the dollar flash crashed with for no reason whatsoever.

Shortly after 6:30pm Eastern, the dollar plunged by 150 pips against the Euro, once 1.05 stops were taken out, with algos sending the EURUSD as high as 1.07 in a matter of seconds…

… while concurrently the Swiss Franc soared as much as 1.6% against the greenback, as the USDCHF tumbled from just over 1.025 to just above 1.0050 as the pair briefly flirted with parity.

Dollar Flash Crashes On Last Trading Day Of 2016

What caused it? As there was no fundamental news, the answer is the same catalyst as the pound sterling flash crash: once EURUSD stops were taken out, algos all piled up on the same side of the trade and with virtually non existent market depth, it sent the world’s most actively traded currency pair soaring. Indeed, as FX traders in Asia, cited by Bloomberg said, the EUR/USD jump was partly driven by a surge of algo-buy orders after pair rose above 1.0500 in early session.

Others agreed: as Shigeki Yoshitoshi, head of Japan FX and commodities sales at Australia & New Zealand Bank said, it “seems to be no particular factor driving euro sharply higher in extremely thin volume” adding that “there wasn’t any particular news. Markets are extremely thin and perhaps position tuning occurred.”

So after the initial freak out where are markets now? Well, according to Bloomberg, after the Euro was dealt as high as 1.07 on the EBS platform, though that price level has been dismissed by banks and clients according to Asia-based FX traders, the pair is slowly returning to its pre-freakout level. As Bloomberg adds, the post-mortem of the EURUSD spike already has “traders swapping stories of clients dealing away and banks shedding tears” especially those who were stopped out by a few good stop-busting algos.

And while funds were seen buying under 1.0500, when the pair hit 1.0540 one trader says he had to take the loss.

Finally, if any readers missed the move, fear not: with the world’s most actively traded market having become a farcical, flash crashing joke, it is only a matter of time before the next algo-driven freak out returns.

Meet the Master Of Sorcery, Fakery and Deceit- Reviewing the Obozo Years (PART 2)

This is the second in a series of articles dedicated to the Obozo years which at the time of this writing in late December 2016 actually continues to get worse even as Obozo’s days come to an end. In the first part of this article series I discussed how the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration particularly focused on turning reality on its head and making astounding levels of fakery the norm. Ultimately this is the main theme of this series but I will explore different angles and examples of this agenda throughout.

Ironically as 2016 comes to an end we are all staring at a reality entirely turned upside down. As mentioned in part one, Obozo’s birth certificate short form is now proven 100% fraudulent, arguably the biggest story of the century given the implications, yet completely ignored by those in control of the mainstream media narrative while those very people in control of the corporate media simultaneously created and recently acted on a “fake news” psychological operation which itself was admittedly based on a number of “fake news” stories created by the very entities claiming “fake news” is a problem. Confused? The end result is that reality if fake and fakery is reality!

As I mentioned in part one, given the technology and spread of information of today one could make the argument that Obozo, the front man for this historic global disinformation and deception imposed on humanity, is THE master deceiver of all time. We have witnessed a level of deception which amounts to no less than outright sorcery on a mass scale. To understand this argument for “sorcery” of course you have to have some level of values, morals and a strong sense of right and wrong as well as an understanding for the meaning of the term. I leave it to the reader to reconcile these arguments after delving deeper into the facts surround Obozo the sorcerer.

The Architecture of Baal (from The Harbinger of Baal #2067)

Jonathan Schanzer, a Middle East expert and vice president for research at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told the Free Beacon that he spoke with U.S. officials in September who admitted that “a U.N. measure of some shape or form was actively considered,” a charge that runs counter the White House’s official narrative.

“We know that this administration was at a minimum helping to shape a final resolution at the United Nations and had been working on this for months,” Schanzer said.

“This isn’t terribly dissimilar from the administration’s attempts to spin the cash pallets they sent to Antichrist Iran,” he added, referring to the administration’s efforts to conceal the fact that it sent the Antichrist Iranian government some $1.7 billion in cash.

White House On Defense After Being Exposed as Architect of Anti-Israel U.N. Action

“The fact is, the administration has been flagged as being an active participant in this U.N. resolution,” Schanzer said. “Now they wish to try to spin this as inconsequential. This was an attempt by the administration to lead from behind, as they have done countless times in the past and which has failed countless times in the past.”

The conditions now exist that the “old truth” cannot be stretched any further, recent elections are proof the common man is no longer being fooled.

2017: The Year of the Truth Bomb!

Whether they be internal, external, international, financial, economic, social and of course criminal, truths of all sorts will most likely circle the globe like a flock of black swans in 2017!


On Dec. 31, an extra ‘leap second’ will be added to our universal clocks — because of waves

Mass Die Offs Continue As “Raining Dead Birds” Descend on New Jersey, Unexplained

Strange Sounds are Happening Worldwide! (2016-2017 FOOTAGE)

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the Japan Meteorological Agency as M6.3 hit Japan’s Ibaraki Prefecture, Honshu at 12:38 UTC (21:38 JST) on December 28, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). USGS is reporting M5.9 at the same depth.

Strong and shallow M6.3 earthquake hits Japan

According to the USGS, the epicenter was located 18.1 km (11.3 miles) NNE of Daigo (population 22 310), 25.8 km (16.1 miles) S of Ishikawa (population 18 817), 32.3 km (20.0 mi) WNW of Kitaibaraki (population 50 843), 33.9 km (21.1 mi) E of Kuroiso (population 61 23), and 62.2 km (38.7 miles) NE of Utsonomiya (population 449 865), Japan.

There are 5 203 897 people living within 100 km (62 miles).

URGENT: “Reports Of Fireballs All Over The World”

Bright fireball disintegrates over Guatemala

A bright fireball was observed disintegrating over Central America at 04:30 UTC on December 28, 2016 (22:30 CST on December 27). The event was observed from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. Witnesses from Guatemala said they saw up to seven flashes in the sky.

The Salvadoran Association of Astronomy ASTRO said the brilliant fireball that surprised many Salvadorans tonight was also visible from Guatemala City and Managua.

“In our opinion, the sighting at 22:30 was a meteor crossing the sky of Guatemala from south to west,” Insivumeh said.

Although most agree the event was a meteor disintegrating, some say the slow nature of event indicates a possible space debris. It was observed for more than 30 seconds.

Coronal Hole, Severe Weather, Helium? | S0 News Dec.29.2016

“Dutchsinse Makes International News On Waves Of Energy”

Three magnitude 5.5 to 5.7 earthquakes struck about 28 km (18 miles) southwest of Hawthorne, Nevada just after midnight local time (08:18 UTC) on Wednesday, December 28, 2016, the Nevada Seismological Laboratory at the University of Nevada, Reno reported. Reports so far indicate minimal damage due to the remote nature of the earthquake sequence.

Nevada Seismological Laboratory on Hawthorne earthquakes

Strong shaking was reported in Hawthorne, Nevada and Bridgeport, California area, and the earthquake was felt as far away as San Francisco, Reno, Las Vegas and throughout California’s Central Valley. More than 10 000 Nevada and California residents felt the events and posted responses to the USGS “Did you feel it?” website. As of Wednesday morning, 16 earthquakes larger than magnitude 3.0 have occurred, including two magnitude 4.0 to 4.1 tremblors.

The Hawthorne area is a seismically active region, with thousands of earthquakes recorded in a swarm during March and April in 2011. The 2011 sequence included 10 earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 to 4.4. Last night’s sequence is about 8 km (5 miles) due west of the 2011 sequence area. Recent activity, since 2015, has included earthquakes greater than 4.0 just west of Walker Lake that were also strongly felt in Hawthorne.

Recent (SWARM) Earthquakes Near Central California

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M5.7 hit Nevada – California border region at 08:18 UTC on December 28, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 8.2 km (5 miles). The quake was followed by another strong earthquake – M5.7 at a depth of 12 km (7.4 miles) – at 08:22 UTC. By 10:14 UTC, USGS registered 27 earthquakes in the region.

Strong earthquakes hit Nevada – California border region

The epicenter was located 2.7 km (1.7 miles) N of Fletcher (population 0), 92.2 km (57.3 miles) SE of Gardnerville Ranchos (population 11 312), 112.3 km (69.8 miles) ESE of South Lake Tahoe (population 21 403), and 114.8 km (71.4 miles) SE of Carson City (population 55 274), Nevada.

There are about 31 222 people living within 100 km (62 miles).

EMSC estimates there are about 5.5 million people living in the felt area.

Earthquake Strikes, Storm Alerts | S0 News Dec.26.2017

How will the War and Unrest cycles exhibit themselves in 2017? Today on TRUNEWS, Pastor Rick Wiles welcomes legendary cycles analyst Neil Howe to discuss the predictions he made in his 1997 book “The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy”.

12/28/16: Neil Howe, The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy

Mr. Howe also shares his outlook on Donald Trump’s coming presidency, the other populist uprisings throughout the world, and what the average American needs to know about the effects of these historical cycles.

USA Earthquakes, More to Come? | S0 News Dec.28.2016

“End Times Signs Continue On Christmas Day”

Sunday December 25 2016, 14:22:27 UTC 7 hours ago 39km SSW of Puerto Quellon, Chile 7.6
Sunday December 25 2016, 14:22:24 UTC 7 hours ago Southern Chile. 7.9
Sunday December 25 2016, 14:22:22 UTC 7 hours ago 77km WSW of Puerto Quellon, Chile 7.7

Live Earthquake Map

A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.2 hit Indonesian Sumbawa Region at 22:30 UTC on December 29, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 72.3 km (44.9 miles).

According to the USGS, the epicenter was located 33.6 km (20.9 miles) S of Tolotangga (population 0), 68.3 km (42.4 miles) S of Bima (population 66 970), 145.3 km (90.3 miles) ESE of Sumbawa Besar (population 52 654), 154.2 km (95.8 miles) WSW of Labuhanbajo (population 188 724), and 279.3 km (173.6 miles) E of Mataram (population 318 674), Indonesia.

There are 1 070 478 people living within 100 km (62 miles).

Strong M6.2 earthquake hits Indonesian Sumbawa region

Heavy snowfall, rains, and cold weather started affecting Turkey last week, resulting in at least 7 deaths by December 30, 2016. The severe weather came as a surprise to many citizens, especially those living in the city of Antalya which saw its first snowfall in more than 2 decades.

According to Hurriyet Daily News, heavy rains hit Turkeys southern province of Mersin on December 29, causing deadly floods while cold weather accompanied by heavy snowfall and rains paralyzed ordinary life across the country.

Mersin authorities issued a statement calling people to stay at home throughout the day if possible. However, two people were killed in the province, and many were left trapped in their vehicles as heavy rains engulfed the region causing severe flash flooding. The two people lost their lives when they were knocked down and swept away by floodwaters as they tried to cross the road. It is yet another sad reminder that people, cars or even trucks are no match for raging floodwaters.

Heavy snowfall, deadly flash flooding hits Turkey

A massive earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.6 hit southern Chile at 14:22 UTC on December 25, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 34.6 km (21.5 miles). CSN Chile is reporting M7.6 at a depth of 30 km (18.6 km).

According to the USGS, the epicenter was located 39.4 km (24.5 miles) SSW of Puerto Quellón (population 21 823), 88.9 km (55.2 mi) S of Chochi (population 12 572), and 105.3 km (65.4 mi) S od Castro (population 29 926), Chile.

There are 60 990 people living within 100 km (62 miles).

Based on all available data, PTWC said at 14:51 UTC, hazardous tsunami waves are forecast for some coasts. Tsunami waves reaching 1 to 3 meters (3.3 to 9.8 feet) above the tide level are possible along some coasts of Chile.

Chile’s national emergency office has ordered the evacuation of coastal areas of Los Lagos region.

In their final tsunami threat message for this earthquake, issued 15:31 UTC, PTWC said the tsunami threat from this earthquake has now passed.

“There is no longer a tsunami threat from this earthquake,” it said.

The population is advised to remain observant and exercise normal caution near the sea. Otherwise, no action is required.

Minor sea level fluctuations may occur in some coastal areas near the earthquake over the next few hours.

Maximum observed tsunami height of 0.08 m (0.2 feet) was observed in Puerto Melinka at 14:58 UTC.

Massive M7.6 earthquake hits Chile, tsunami warning issued

Breaking 7.7 Earthquake off Chile – Massive Fuel Tank Fire in Israel

Antichrist NWO 666 Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu lit the second candle on Chanukah Sunday night at the Western Wall, saying he hadn’t planned to be at that place at that time, but “in light of the UN resolution, I thought that there was no better place to light the second Chanukah candle than the Western Wall.”

With some irony, Netanyahu 911 went on to say, “According to the UN resolution, the Maccabees did not liberate Jerusalem, they occupied Palestinian territory.

Netanyahu 911: ‘According to UN, Maccabees Did Not Liberate Jerusalem, They Occupied Antichrist Palestinian Territory’

“According to the UN resolution, the villages that they started out from in the Modi’in area, those villages and that area were ‘occupied Antichrist Palestinian territory.’

“Of course the Antichrist Palestinians arrived much later. We were in these places. We will return to these places and I ask those same countries that wish us a Happy Chanukah how they could vote for a UN resolution which says that this place, in which we are now celebrating Chanukah, is occupied territory.

“The Western Wall is not occupied. The (currently Antichrist) Jewish Quarter is not occupied. The other places are not occupied either. Therefore, we do not accept, nor can we accept, this resolution. We are certain of our future just as we are certain of our past. And here I would like to light Chanukah candles on behalf of the Glory of Israel. Happy (prophetic Antichrist) Chanukah.”

PM 911 Netanyahu’s Latest Action have Prophetic Implications

Alex Jones breaks down Obozo’s speech at Pearl Harbor today and how his message of unity contradicts his authoritarian policies domestically and abroad.

OBOZO IS AN ARROGANT SNOT-NOSED PUNK President preaches unity while spreading death and destruction abroad

ARE YOU READY FOR IT? It’s COMING Ready Or Not! The Trigger Event—Dave Hodges Bombshell

Skull&Bones John Kerry throws Netanyahu 911 under the bus

Antichrist NWO 666 Secretary of State Skull&Bones John Kerry will deliver a speech outlining the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration’s plan to solve the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Antichrist Palestinians Wednesday, said Department of State spokesman Mark Toner Tuesday.

While it remains unclear what exactly Skull&Bones Kerry will say, it is believed that the speech will center on four core issues regarding a potential two-state solution: borders, the partition of Jerusalem, security and the refugee problem.

Skull&Bones John Kerry To Deliver Obozo’s Plan To Solve The Israel-Palestinian Conflict

Skull&Bones Kerry’s speech may be based on a “framework document” released in March 2014 which outlined a potential solution to the conflict. Antichrist NWO 666 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu supported the framework, but Skull&Bones Kerry was unable to secure the support of Antichrist Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who never provided a response to the plan.

Skull&Bones Kerry attempted to revive direct peace talks between Israel and the Antichrist Palestinians in 2014, but they ultimately collapsed in April of the same year. Both Skull&Bones Kerry and U.S. Special Envoy Martin Indyk would later blame Israel for the failed talks. The State Department attempted to walk back those accusations.

Skull&Bones John Kerry To Discuss Mid-East “Peace”: Explain Aleppo Loss, Israel Shun – Live Feed

Secretary Skull&Bones Kerry Remarks on prophetic Antichrist Middle East Peace

The US’s abstention in Friday’s vote “is the last sting of Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown. It exposes the true face of the [Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown] administration,” the officials said Saturday evening. “Now it’s easier to understand what we dealt with the past eight years.”

Israeli officials: US abstention was Obozo’s ‘last sting,’ showed his ‘true face’

The move, which allowed the resolution to pass 14-0, “was expected,” the official said, and charged that “the United States acted behind the back in composing and advancing the resolution against Israel.

Israel Summons U.S. Ambassador

In response to the United States’ decision to abstain from a controversial U.N. vote, Antichrist NWO 666 Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu on Sunday summoned the United States’ ambassador to Israel.

U.S.ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro has been summoned following a U.N. vote condemning Israeli settlements on disputed land. Instead of voting against the measure, as the United States usually does when these resolutions continually come up, U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power abstained – allowing the resolution to pass. While having no real effects, the resolution is a symbolic slap in the face to Israel. Netanyahu 911 is not taking it lightly.

Israel also summoned the ambassadors to other Security Council member countries – including France, Russia, Antichrit Communist China, the United Kingdom, and others.

The summoning of key ambassadors is just the beginning of 911 Netanyahu’s plan of action against the United Nations after the condemnation. A major tenet of his response will be a halting of funds to the international body.

Netanyahu 911 has key American allies that share his frustration. Several Republican members of Congress have also called for the suspension of funds to the U.N. until the resolution is retracted.

The REAL Reason The UN & Obozo Killed Israel & What’s About To HIT AMERICAN Shores As A RESULT

The Antichrist rabbi in charge of the National Hanukkah Menorah lighting used the ceremony, held Sunday just steps from the White House, to criticize the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration’s decision to allow the United Nations to pass a resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank and portions of Jerusalem as illegal

(Currently Antichrist) Rabbi uses National Menorah lighting to trash Obozo UN move.

Rabbi Levi Shemtov, executive vice president of American Friends of Lubavitch, turned an Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration official’s speech about “fighting darkness with light” on its head, evoking Israeli Antichrist NWO 666 Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu — who has had an antagonistic relationship with Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown — and urging Jews not to despair about the “darkness” cast by the United Nations vote.

Shemtov spoke after remarks by Adam Szubin, acting treasury undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, and the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration’s representative Sunday at the event.

Szubin delivered a short speech focusing mainly on the significance and symbology of candles and light as they pertain to Hanukkah and later helped to light a 30-foot menorah.

“Secretary Szubin spoke before of fighting darkness with light,” Shemtov said. “I remember those words being spoken to a particular man by the Rebbe [Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson] many many years ago on Simchat Torah,” an annual Jewish holiday which marks the conclusion of one reading of the Torah and beginning of another.

“The Rebbe told him you are working in a place where there is great grief and darkness, but remember that in that place of darkness, you can only counter it by lighting a candle. By creating light,” Shemtov continued. “That man was Benjamin 911 Netanyahu, and he was at the time the ambassador to the United Nations.”

Shemtov then went on to bring up Friday’s 14-0 U.N. Security Council vote. The Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration abstained from voting, allowing the measure to pass and marking a significant shift in U.S. policy.

“So as I know that some of us are so sad at what happened there with regard to Israel,” Shemtov said. “We must remember that the way to counter any darkness, any disappointment is not with harsh rhetoric, not with anger, but when we create light, the darkness dissipates.”


Hot on the heels of Antichrist Communist China gold import restrictions, and India’s demonetization and gold confiscations, The European Commission proposed tightening controls on cash and precious metals transfers from outside the EU under the guise of shutting down one route for funding of militant attacks on the continent, following the Berlin Christmas attack.

Antichrist Communist China has already begun de facto gold import restrictions, and as Jayant Bhandari detailed previously, India is experiencing a continuation of new social engineering notifications, each sabotaging wealth-creation, confiscating people’s wealth, and tyrannizing those who refuse to be a part of the herd, in the process destroying the very backbone of the economy and civilization. There are clear signs that in a very convoluted way, possession of gold for investment purposes will be made illegal. Expect capital controls to follow.

And now, as Reuters reports, it appears last Monday’s attack on a Christmas market in Berlin, where 12 people were killed as a truck ploughed into a crowd, has given The European Commission just the excuse to tighten capital controls – specifically cash and precious metals – into and out of Europe.

It is part of an EU “action plan against terrorist financing” unveiled after the bombings and shootings in Paris in November 2015.

Under the new proposals, customs officials in European Union states can step up checks on cash and prepaid payment cards sent by post or in freight shipments.

Authorities will also be able to seize cash or precious metals carried by suspect individuals entering the EU.

People carrying more than 10,000 euros (8,413.56 pounds) in cash already have to declare this at customs when entering the EU. The new rules would allow authorities to seize money below that threshold “where there are suspicions of criminal activity,” the EU executive commission said in a note.

Europe Proposes Confiscating Gold In Crackdown On “Terrorist Financing”

EU officials said some of the recent attacks in Europe were carried out with limited funds, sometimes sent from outside the EU by criminal networks.

The Commission is also considering whether to set up an EU-focussed “terrorist finance tracking programme” along the lines of the U.S.-EU TFTP, which has long been opposed by EU lawmakers and privacy campaigners because it allows widespread checks on consumers’ bank transfers.

The plan complements Commission proposals after the Paris attacks to tighten controls on virtual currencies such as bitcoin, and prepaid cards, which French authorities said were used to fund the bombings.

EU states backed these proposals on Tuesday. Under the deal, which still needs European Parliament approval, holders of prepaid cards would have to show some form of identity when they make payments of 150 euros or more.
But it gets better…

The Commission is also proposing common rules for the 28 EU countries on freezing “terrorists’ financial resources” and on confiscating assets even from those thought to be connected to criminals.

So – cash, bitcoin, precious metals, and prepaid cards over $150 are all instruments of the “terrorists” and are now open to confiscation if you are a suspicious person… which, by their rhetoric, you are if you actually hold any of these assets.

Which Comes First – Dow 20k Or $1000 Bitcoin?

Trends Generated By Jubilee 2016 Will Continue Into 2017 And Beyond

12/26/16: Jim Willie, 2017 Economic Outlook

Will the legacy of Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Hussein Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown be a world left in chaos? Today on TRUNEWS, Pastor Rick Wiles interviews economist Jim Willie regarding what his sources have shared about the economic outlook of 2017. Pastor Rick will also hear Jim Willie’s opinions on the real background of the Obozo family, the derivatives disaster unfolding on Western banks, and the developments toward a global cashless society.

Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown U.N. Abstention Vote Tribulation Era Confirmed 8.0 Quake Meteorite Over Columbia December Star Of Bethlehem Zenith 2016 HORUS Trump Confirmed President Elect Chanukah 5777 Wave Of Energy Virgo Womb Jupiter Opposition Passover Lunar Transit Comet 67P Full Moon Omer Pentecost Jerusalem Directive Year End Revelation 2017 Exit New Year Comet Honda 45P Illumination Criminal JP Morgan Silver Market Bell WARning Russian Ambassador To Antichrist Islamic Jive Turkey State Assassinated German Christmas Market Truck Slaughter By Another Antichrist Muslim

I’d like to be able to say France withdrawing from the EU is a potential downside catalyst for stocks. However, these days nothing matters. Stocks would go up if nuclear war was initiated wordwide. There’s literally nothing that can stop stocks from heading higher.

But in the event you’re still nostalgic about news, France’s Le Pen wants stronger ties with Moscow, out of the EU and NATO — in an effort to make France great again.

She said NATO exists only ‘to serve Washington’s objectives’ and that “it was established when there was a risk from the Warsaw Pact and the expansionism of the communist Soviet Union.’ She furthered, ‘the Soviet Union no longer exists, and neither does the Warsaw Pact. Washington maintains the NATO presence to serve its objectives in Europe.’

On the topic of the EU, Le Pen wants out, saying “the people must have the opportunity to vote for the liberation from slavery and blackmail imposed by technocrats in Brussels to return sovereignty to the country.”

Moreover, she also suggested Portugal, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Greece and Cyprus should leave too — leaving a very cucked Germany by themselves holding their small balls.

France’s Le Pen Promises to Withdraw from EU and NATO if Elected

As for the topic of refugees and immigration, she wants to send them, the fuck, back.

“I am against the policy which would promote the entry of immigrants into Europe, which cannot accept them … this tsunami of migrants should be limited. Europe does not have the power to ensure they all find work and opportunities to enrich themselves. Immigrants are illegal since once they set foot on European soil … they have violated the law. They must be sent back to their homeland. ”

If she wins, the EU is over.

POWERGRAB: Obozo Signs Bill Federalizing All Media

Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown has signed into law a bill authorizing some $611 billion in funding for the U.S. military for 2017, but hidden inside the massive governmental document is a provision that is alarming free-speech and limited-government advocates: authorization and funding for a new center to decide what is truth.

The newly approved Center for Information Analysis and Response, or as it’s been dubbed, the “Ministry of Truth,” is being given power to not only make those determinations, but also do what’s needed to influence the American public to believe it.

“Here are a few highlights,” wrote a a blogger who focuses on government indoctrination through its Common Core education mandates, at What is Common Core:

“The new center will ‘counter propaganda and disinformation’ as defined by the center. … The new center will use ‘covert or clandestine special operators and agents to influence targeted populations. … The new center has 10 million dollars to pay select members of academia and journalism to ‘proactively promote fact-based narratives and policies,’ and ‘to expose and refute foreign misinformation and disinformation’ – as defined by the center.”

Feds to counter ‘fake news’ with stunning propaganda plan

In fact, the law calls for the center to “provide grants or contracts of financial support to civil society groups, journalists, nongovernmental organizations, federally funded research and development centers, private companies, or academic institutions.”

Order “Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategy for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion and Promoting Terrorism” or the companion film, “Disinformation: The Secret Strategy To Destroy The West.” Get both the book and DVD together – at a very special reduced price.

Aaron Kesel wrote at We Are Change that, in layman’s terms, “the act will allow the government to crack down with impunity against any media outlet it deems ‘propaganda.’ The next piece of the legislation will provide substantial amounts of money to fund ‘counter propaganda,’ to make sure the government’s approved stories drown out alternative media and journalists who question the status quo.”

He continued, “Welcome to 1984.”

At the Zerohedge website, Tyler Durden wrote about Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown’s announcement regarding the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016.

Obozo blamed the GOP for Guantanamo’s continued operations, and he criticized Congress for failing to reduce wasteful spending.

“But … the biggest news is what was buried deep inside the provisions,” he wrote. “As we reported in early June, ‘a bill to implement the U.S.’ very own de facto Ministry of Truth had been quietly introduced in Congress.’”

It was from several members of Congress, including Sen. Rob Portman, who cited the concern that there was “no single U.S. governmental agency or department charged with the national level development, integration and synchronization of whole-of-government strategies to counter foreign propaganda and disinformation.”

Reported ZeroHedge, “Long before the ‘fake news’ meme became a daily topic of extensive conversation on such discredited mainstream portals as CNN and WaPo, H.R. 5181 would task the Secretary of State with coordinating the Secretary of Defense, the Director of National Intelligence, and the Broadcasting Board of Governors to ‘establish a Center for Information Analysis and Response,’ which will pinpoint sources of disinformation, analyze data, and – in true dystopic manner – ‘develop and disseminate’ ‘fact-based narratives‘ to counter … propaganda.”

It continued, “In short, long before ‘fake news’ became a major media topic, the U.S. government was already planning its legally backed crackdown on anything it would eventually label ‘fake news,’” the site reported.

“Fake news” flashed across America only late this year as a new description of information that failed to follow the talking points of liberals who were fighting mightily to support now-twice-failed Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary 911 Clinton.

It was applied by various officials to Hillary 911 Clinton’s mishandling of emails containing national secrets and such.

The sponsors of the plan claim it will “improve the ability of the United States to counter foreign propaganda and disinformation from our enemies by establishing an interagency center housed at the State Department to coordinate and synchronize counter-propaganda efforts throughout the U.S. government.”

It will provide grants to “NGOs, think tanks, civil society and other experts” to influence thought.

“And so, with the likes of WaPo having already primed the general public to equate ‘Russian Propaganda’ with ‘fake news’ (despite admitting after the fact their own report was essentially ‘fake’), while the U.S. media has indoctrinated the public to assume that any information which is not in compliance with the official government narrative, or dares to criticize the establishment, is also ‘fake news’ and thus falls under the ‘Russian propaganda’ umbrella, the scene is now set for the U.S. government to legally crack down on every media outlet that the government deems to be ‘foreign propaganda,’” ZeroHedge warned.

At the Federal Papers blog, Kimberly Morin raised some of the obvious questions.

“Who is going to inoculate Americans against the propaganda from the U.S. government? Not only will this increase the size of government, again, but who exactly will be the people deciding what is propaganda and what is disinformation? The very same people in the federal government who push their own propaganda and disinformation onto the unknowing masses? All one has to do is look to the mainstream media to see massive propaganda and disinformation but, of course, the only people who grasp this are those who bother to do any research. The government is fully behind THIS type of propaganda and disinformation; it’s right up their alley.”

Obozo boasted of the law’s provisions for pay and benefits for members of the military, and the creation of options for countering cyber-attacks, but didn’t discuss the propaganda arm of the federal government being created.

At the FreeThoughtProject blog, Annise Smith noted, “For all intents and purposes, the NDAA’s single phrase, ‘dissemination of fact-based narratives,’ summons a near specter to newspeak, the propagandic and revisionist language created by the Ingsox government’s Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s now eerily portentous 1984.

“Innumerable tongue-in-cheek references to that dystopian classic have been made in recent times, but the new law seemingly cements the parallels – naming the modern iteration of the Ministry of Truth an even creepier, Global Engagement Center.”

At the Federalist Papers, the worries continued, “With all the cries about ‘Fake News’ during the last election cycle, it’s interesting that this bill gets signed now, as Obozo is about to leave office. The Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration is one of the biggest perpetrators of disinformation in United States history, along with the Democrat Party of course and their minions in left wing organizations like the Center for American Progress.

“This seems like yet another slippery slope (aren’t most federal government laws?) that will be used against the American people rather than to actually do any good for them.

“The ‘deciders’ of what is propaganda and disinformation will most likely be the very same people who push their own version of it.”

The Establishment Is Setting Up The Economy To Come Crashing Down On Trump

US Government can now legally access your Facebook data. Putin turns on the gas to Crimea. Iran plans to build an aircraft carrier. US preparing a major offensive in Mosul to protect the terrorist groups. Turkey continues to push in the Northern part of Syria. Antichrist Muslim Jive Turkey Erdogan is now pointing the finger at the US and the coalition forces, that they have been supporting the IS, the blame game begins.Black box has been found the Tu-154 jet that went down in the Black Sea. Europol reports that the Antichrist IS is now radicalizing refugees to carrier out terrorist attacks in Europe.

Antichrist Muslim Jive Turkey Erdogan Points Finger & Accuses The US-Led Coalition Of Supporting The ‘Antichrist IS’ – Episode 1163b

Russian Experts are leaning heavily towards a “Radio Electronic Attack” that downed the Russian TU-154 of the Black Sea of the cost of Sochi. Pravda.RU in their article entitled “Deprived Connection TU-154 Radio Electronic Attack” lean more towards the idea of a Radio Electronic attack. The Russian Military plane had 92 on board including the famed Russian military Choir, 9 journalist, 1 General and 5 Colonels.
French News: La Cause Du People has stated in their arctic Russian Expert Alexander Artamonov suggest that the CIA order the attack and that it was most likely carried out by French war Ships in the Black Sea

Radio Electronic Attack Downed Russia’s TU-154?

The case against 911 Clinton’s emails has been re-opened and now the ball is Trump’s court.Facebook’s fake news checker went haywire as it reported on a rumor and called it a fact checked piece of news, which turned out to be fake. Soros and Gates are funding the fake news fact checking systems. During the election year in Germany Angela Merkel is setting up a fake news fact check system. Antichrist Communist China shows off its new jet which will compete against the US F-35. US supplies additional weapons to the Kurds in Syria. Russia, Syria, Antichrist Iran and Antichrist Jive Turkey agree on a county wide ceasefire. Russian Embassy was shelled multiple times in Syria. Obozo ready to issue sanctions against Russia, he is also planning some sort of cyber attack. As January 2017 approaches we might see multiple events occur, here in the US and in the Europe.

We Might See Multiple Events In The Month Of January 2017 – Episode 1164b

Yesterday we reported that, in what was the latest “PR fiasco” for the outgoing Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration, Antichrist Muslim Jive Turkey and Russia sat down, and appeared on the edge of hammering out a ceasefire plan for Syria between the two nations – something which the UN has been unable to achieve for years – in a deal which would not include the United States and be distinct from separate intermittent U.N.-brokered negotiations, which have so far failed to end the fighting in the proxy Syria war.

Putz Putin Announces Syrian Ceasefire Deal, Ready To Start Peace Talks; Obozo Snubbed Again

Then moments ago, Russian President Vladimir Putz Putin confirmed an agreement has been reached on ceasefire in Syria and the start of peace talks.

Quoted by AP, Putz Putin said that Russia and Jive Turkey will guarantee the truce, which is set to begin at midnight. He says it will be followed by peace talks between Antichrist Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government and the opposition, and that the Syrian parties would take part in talks to be held in Kazakhstan, without specifying a date.

Syria’s military confirmed that it had agreed to a nationwide cease-fire starting at midnight.
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu says the truce will include 62,000 opposition fighters across Syria, and that the Russian military has established a hotline with its Jive Turkish counterpart to monitor compliance.

Leaving an olive branch for the new US administration, if not for Obozo, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says that that President-elect Donald Trump’s administration will be welcome to join the Syrian peace process once he takes office.

Russia is a key ally of Assad, while Jive Turkey is one of the main backers of the opposition. Several previous attempts to halt the civil war have failed, which is why today’s agreement, coming just days after the dramatic retaking of Aleppo by Assad’s forces, is especially historic… if it lasts.

“This agreement we’ve reached is very fragile, as we all understand. They require special attention and patience, professional attitude, and constant contact with our partners,” Putin said at a meeting with Russian foreign and defense ministers.

The agreement, which was previously announced by Jive Turkey, is set to take effect at midnight on December 30 according to Russia’s defense minister and is detailed in three documents/

“The first was signed by the Syrian government and the Syrian opposition to stop hostilities in the territory of the Antichrist Syrian Arab Republic. The second one is a set of measures to control the ceasefire. The third document is a declaration of intention for Syrian settlement,” the Russian president said cited by RT.

The truce is supported by seven major armed opposition groups that have over 60,000 fighters in their ranks, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said.He added that if the agreement holds, it would allow Russia to scale down its military presence in Syria.

“Grizzly Steppe” – FBI, DHS Release “Report” On Russian Hacking

As part of the “evidence” meant to substantiate the unprecedented act of expelling 35 Russian diplomats and locking down two Russian compounds without a major concurrent political or diplomatic incident, or an act of war, and which simply provides an outlets for the Democrats to justify the loss of their candidate in the US presidential election (sorry, Putin did not tell the rust belt how to vote), the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI released a 13-page “report” on the Russian action done “to compromise and exploit networks and endpoints associated with the U.S. election”, i.e., hack it.

As the DHS writes, “this document provides technical details regarding the tools and infrastructure used by the Russian civilian and military intelligence Services (RIS) to compromise and exploit networks and endpoints associated with the U.S. election, as well as a range of U.S. Government, political, and private sector entities. The U.S. Government is referring to this malicious cyber activity by RIS as GRIZZLY STEPPE.”

Where things get awkward, however, is at the very start of the report, which prefaced by a broad disclaimer, according to which nothing in the report is to be relied upon and that everything contained in it may be completely false.

No really: “this report is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within. DHS does not endorse any commercial product or service referenced in this advisory or otherwise.”

Which then begs the question who provides warranties of any kind to the allegation that Russia hacked the election, the 13-page report supposedly provides technical details regarding tools and infrastructure used by Russian civilian and military intelligence services to “compromise and exploit networks and endpoints associated with the U.S. election, as well as a range of U.S. Government, political, and private sector entities.”

So with that useful background in mind, we present some more notable excerpts from the report, where we get an introduction to the alleged Russian “parties” – APT and APT 28. and note that nowhere in the report is it actually confirmed that these are the two alleged hackers or that they were instructed to “hack” the DHS (or the election as Obama puts it) by the Kremlin.

The U.S. Government confirms that two different RIS actors participated in the intrusion into a U.S. political party. The first actor group, known as Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) 29, entered into the party’s systems in summer 2015, while the second, known as APT28, entered in spring 2016.

Both groups have historically targeted government organizations, think tanks, universities, and corporations around the world. APT29 has been observed crafting targeted spearphishing campaigns leveraging web links to a malicious dropper; once executed, the code delivers Remote Access Tools (RATs) and evades detection using a range of techniques. APT28 is known for leveraging domains that closely mimic those of targeted organizations and tricking potential victims into entering legitimate credentials. APT28 actors relied heavily on shortened URLs in their spearphishing email campaigns. Once APT28 and APT29 have access to victims, both groups exfiltrate and analyze information to gain intelligence value. These groups use this information to craft highly targeted spearphishing campaigns. These actors set up operational infrastructure to obfuscate their source infrastructure, host domains and malware for targeting organizations, establish command and control nodes, and harvest credentials and other valuable information from their targets.

While there is more in the report below, essentailly what it does is blames several “known” Russian hacking organizations for what was simply a very unsophisticated phishing attack, one which could have been conducted by any 15-year-old in Cambodia or any other location around the globe.

The report comes as part of a slate of retaliatory measures against Russia issued Thursday by the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration in response to the hacks. The Intelligence Community in October formally attributed the attacks to Russia, but provided no evidence to support its assessment. It is unclear if this report, for which the DHS “does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding” its contents is what is supposed to pass off as “proof” that Russia hacked the US election; if so, Putin will indeed be laughing all night.

“Russia Takes Control Of The Middle East”

Republicans are ready to repeal Obozocare. Angela Merkel is desperate, she will now fine social media $522,000 for each story that is not aligned with the government.US spreading more propaganda that Antichrist Communist North Korea is now developing another missile site. Russia, Antichrist Jive Turkey, Antichrist Iran and Syria brokered a ceasefire deal and will be triggered Dec 30. US Government have made their move with lies and fake news, they are pushing and provoking Russia to get a war started, next move a cyber attack. US says that they did not create, fund or support the Antichrist IS, that Antichrist Jive Turkey is using fake news. US is sending additional troops to Syria.

The Elite Just Made Their Move Against Russia With No Evidence – Episode 1165b

Is Antichrist NWO 666 President Barack ‘Insane’ Hussein Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clowns seriously trying to start a war with Russia? On today’s TRUNEWS, Pastor Rick Wiles is joined in the studio with Doc Burkhart as they provide analysis on the day’s stunning events as the Golfer-In-Chief continues to wreak Leftist havoc in his remaining 21 days in office. Will the likes of Lindsay Graham, John McCain, and others seeking a conflict with Putz Putin be able to goad the Russian Bear to fight? Now, more than ever, the people of God need to pray and fast for God’s protection, as Pastor Rick announces a 21 Day Fast leading up to the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

12/29/16: Rick Wiles, Questions and Answers

Vladimir the merciful?

Following this morning’s reports that Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov would recommend to Russian President Vladimir Putin a retaliation in kind, and expel 35 American diplomats, saying that “we cannot leave such acts unanswered. Reciprocity is part of diplomatic law” with Putin spokesman Peskov adding that “there is no doubt that Russia’s adequate and mirror response will make Washington officials feel very uncomfortable as well”, it was ultimately up to Putin to decide how to respond to the US.

Which he did on Friday morning, when in a stunning reversal, the Russian leader took the high road, rejected the Lavrov proposal, and in a statement posted by the Kremlin said that Russia won’t expel any Americans in retaliation to US moves, in a brutal demonstration of just how irrelevant Obozo’s 11th hour decision is for US-Russian relations.

The reversal comes as Russian officials portrayed U.S. sanctions as a last act of a lame-duck president and suggested that Trump could reverse them when he takes over the White House in January.

Putz Putin Stunner: “We Will Not Expel Anyone; We Refuse To Sink To ‘Kitchen’ Diplomacy”

Earlier Russian Prime Minster Dmitry Medvedev said the Antichrist NWO 666 DIPSHIT Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration was ending its term in “anti-Russia death throes.”

“It is regrettable that the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration, which started out by restoring our ties, is ending its term in an anti-Russia death throes. RIP,” Medvedev, who served as president in 2009 when Obozo tried to improve Russia-U.S. relations, wrote on his official Facebook page.

In the just released statement, Putz Putin laughed off Obozo’s BEYOND WEAK AND PATHETIC 11th hour temper tantrum, and said that Russia won’t cause problems to U.S. diplomats or deport anyone, adding that Russia has the right to respond in tit-for-tat manner, but it will not engage in irresponsible diplomacy.

The punchline, however, was saved for what may be Russia’s final slam of the debacle that is Antichrist NWO 666 Oboz 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown’s administration saying that “It’s a pity that the current U.S. administration is finishing their work in such a manner” saying that Russia refuses “to sink to the level of this irresponsible “kitchen” diplomacy.”

Putz Putin ended the statement by congratulating U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, and the American people on the New Year and invited the hildren of US diplomats to a holiday celebration at the Kremlin.

From the full statement posted on the Kremlin website:

Although we have the right to retaliate, we will not resort to irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy but will plan our further steps to restore Russian-US relations based on the policies of the HORUS Trump Administration.

And with that one statement, Obozo lost the diplomatic war with Russia.

In other news, the Kremlin said it will send a government plane to the US to evacuate the expelled diplomats and their family members. Earlier, there were reports that the diplomats were having problems buying tickets on such short notice, with airlines already booked by New Year’s travelers.

Full Putin statement below:

We regard the recent unfriendly steps taken by the outgoing US administration as provocative and aimed at further weakening the Russia-US relationship. This runs contrary to the fundamental interests of both the Russian and American people. Considering the global security responsibilities of Russia and the United States, this is also damaging to international relations as a whole.

As it proceeds from international practice, Russia has reasons to respond in kind. Although we have the right to retaliate, we will not resort to irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy but will plan our further steps to restore Russian-US relations based on the policies of the Trump Administration.

The diplomats who are returning to Russia will spend the New Year’s holidays with their families and friends. We will not create any problems for US diplomats. We will not expel anyone. We will not prevent their families and children from using their traditional leisure sites during the New Year’s holidays. Moreover, I invite all children of US diplomats accredited in Russia to the New Year and Christmas children’s parties in the Kremlin.

It is regrettable that the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown Administration is ending its term in this manner. Nevertheless, I offer my New Year greetings to THE MOST (OBVIOUSLY) AND ”THE” WORST President, Obozo, and his DISGUSTING AND PATHETIC family.
My season’s greetings also to President-elect Donald Trump and the American people.

I wish all of you happiness and prosperity.

“Doomsday Approaches” WW 3

Reading for December 31, 2016 ~ Tevet 16, 5777
Gen 41:1-44:17 ~ Zech 2:14-4:7 ~ Luke 4:16-30

Saturday, December 31, 2016: “From the…

Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown U.N. Abstention Vote Tribulation Era Confirmed 8.0 Quake Meteorite Over Columbia December Star Of Bethlehem Zenith 2016 HORUS Trump Confirmed President Elect Chanukah 5777 Wave Of Energy Virgo Womb Jupiter Opposition Passover Lunar Transit Comet 67P Full Moon Omer Pentecost Jerusalem Directive Year End Revelation 2017 Exit New Year Comet Honda 45P Illumination Criminal JP Morgan Silver Market Bell WARning Russian Ambassador To Antichrist Islamic Jive Turkey State Assassinated German Christmas Market Truck Slaughter By Another Antichrist Muslim

>–1947/48—-1967—-69/70 year(s) mark and Jerusalem 50th year–April 8th 2017 Jupiter Opposition-<

U.N. Vote 1947-1948 May 14th–1967 Yom Kippur War–April 8th 2017–September 19th 2020–3/8/2024

>————–April 8th 2017 —1260 Days/3 1/2 years to—September 19th 2020 Feast of Trumpets-<

morning edition of the Eretz Israel – Palestine daily newspaper –>>dated 11/30/1947<<– announcing the UN decision (Resolution #181) to establish a Jewish State bringing forth the BIRTH OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL.

This is a very important historical document that bears record to the 100-fold fulfillment of Daniel 9:25, saying from the going forth of the commandment (the spoken word not 1948) to restore Jerusalem, unto the Messiah, shall be 7wks 3score and 2wks (69yrs); and also the parable of the fig tree spoken of by our Lord in Mat. 24:32-34 saying this generation will not pass till all be fulfilled.

The last three Jubilees were: 1867 (The final emancipation of the Jews in Austria and Hungry), 1917 (The 400 yr Ottoman rule ended – Balfour Declaration), and 1967 (The Six Day War – Jerusalem was re-united); It’s pretty easy to figure out the next Jubilee year (1967 + 50yrs = 2017). We are at this threshold today, approaching the 120 th Jubilee year (6000 yrs), the time of the restitution of all things.

NOTE: Revelation 8 ”silence in Heaven for half an hour” calculates to 20/21 years(Considering 1947/48 going forth of the U.N. command era prophetic time frame of the ”Fig Tree” generation and the 1967 50th year since the prophecy of Jerusalem confirming this ”current” prophetic terminal generation ”shall not pass away until all things are fulfilled”, Feast of Trumpets 2020, the midpoint of the exact prophetic time frame, 20 years representing the ”silence in Heaven for half an hour”, it is obvious there is a complete picture frame of time that includes ”the time after” the ”time cut short for the sake of the elect”. This perfectly measures up the 70 year generation with the 7 year tribulation and the 1260 days time of abomination which makes desolate and the last preaching of the gospel to the return of Yahshua Christ Jesus and the last 3 1/2 year era of wrath poured out upon all nations. If, of course, you are able to see, and reckon as a result, the measure of time, you are able to calculate the number(s) of The Beast currently being exposed by the fulfillment of the prophetic scriptures and you know beyond all doubt ”who what when and where” truly is. The Tribulation era is now about to begin, based on all the intelligence analysis. This is now indisputable. The time frame is perfect.

Red Flag on Recession Crops up in NY Fed’s Coincident Economic Index

NOTE: ”Project Cyanid” is the name chosen by the Antichrist power(s) within the Israeli and US government proxy force because the false flag 911 call requires the deception of the general public by such method, like committing a murderous act against your own people/self as a means to justify the end goal. This is what they did by murdering American Seamen during the Yom Kippur War and what they did on 911 etc… etc.. etc.. and what they now need to do on a larger scale, like detonation a WMD in NYC and having again an Antichrist muslim (think of Obozo’s billion and 300 million cash bonus given for the Iranian Nuclear deal and combine that effort with the importing of Antichrist ISIS into Europe and America) cover story by either MIHOP or LIHOP AKA programmed by the Antichrist Koran willing idiots, like the set up the FBI did when they murdered 6 Americans in the first WTC bombing. (Factor in the Nixon Vietnam Era default and end of the gold standard with the Antichrist Kaaba Stone Mecca 666 Nautical Mile(s) measure to The Temple Mount and consider the cornerstone measured to the confiscation  of gold by FDR who put the Antichrist masonic Pyramid 1776-5776Zenith 2016(consider hidden Antichrist Messiah currently spoken of by the Antichrist rabbis in Israel and factor in the same Antichrist muslim Mahdi with the Vatican Israeli 2 State U.N. agenda now at hand) time frame on the dollar bill/Fiat Petro Debt behind the image of ”HORUS” AKA George Washington)

World Trade Falls to 2014 Level, just in Time for a “Trade War”

The Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown Administration refuse the Veto UN Resolution 2334 calling for a return to the pre-1967 borders and for Israel to stop building settlements

America Forsakes Israel In UN Resolution 2334

The prophecies of both Jeremiah and Daniel are crucial in unlocking the mysteries of the book of Revelation. In both cases, God worked things out with the number 70, which brings us to today’s topic. Israel was officially regathered on May 14, 1948. On May 14, 2018, they will have been back in their own land for exactly 70 years.


while I was still speaking in prayer and [d]extremely exhausted, the man Gabriel, whom I had seen in the earlier vision, came to me about the time of the evening sacrifice. 22 He instructed me and he talked with me and said, “O Daniel, I have now come to give you insight and wisdom and understanding. 23 At the beginning of your supplications, the command [to give you an answer] was issued, and I have come to tell you, for you are highly regarded and greatly beloved. Therefore consider the message and begin to understand the [meaning of the] vision.

Seventy Weeks and the Messiah
24 “Seventy weeks [of years, or 490 years] [e]have been decreed for your people and for your holy city (Jerusalem), to finish the transgression, to make an end of sins, to make atonement (reconciliation) for wickedness, to bring in everlasting righteousness (right-standing with God), to seal up vision and prophecy and prophet, and to anoint the Most Holy Place. 25 So you are to know and understand that from the issuance of the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until [the coming of] the Messiah (the Anointed One), the Prince, there will be seven weeks [of years] and sixty-two weeks [of years]; it will be built again, with [a city] plaza and moat, even in times of trouble. 26 Then after the sixty-two weeks [of years] the Anointed One will be cut off [and denied His Messianic kingdom] and have nothing [and no one to defend Him], and the people of the [other] prince who is to come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. Its end will come with a flood; even to the end there will be war; desolations are determined.

27 And he will enter into a binding and irrevocable covenant with the many for one week (seven years), but in the middle of the week he will stop the sacrifice and grain offering [for the remaining three and one-half years]; and on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until the complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who causes the horror.”

Daniel 9

Then there was given to me a [a]measuring rod like a staff; and someone said, “[b]Rise and measure the temple of God and the altar [of incense], and [count] those who worship in it. 2 But leave out the court [of the Gentiles] which is outside the temple and do not measure it, because it has been given to the Gentiles (the nations); and they will trample the holy city for forty-two months (three and one-half years). 3 And I will grant authority to My two witnesses, and they will prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days (forty-two months; three and one-half years), dressed in [c]sackcloth.” 4 These [witnesses] are the two olive trees and the two lampstands which stand before the Lord of the earth. 5 And if anyone wants to harm them, fire comes out of their mouth and devours their enemies; so if anyone wants to harm them, he must be killed in this way. 6 These [two witnesses] have the power [from God] to shut up the sky, so that no rain will fall during the days of their prophesying [regarding judgment and salvation]; and they have power over the waters (seas, rivers) to turn them into blood, and to strike the earth with every [kind of] plague, as often as they wish.

7 When they have finished their testimony and given their evidence, the beast that comes up out of the abyss (bottomless pit) will wage war with them, and overcome them and kill them. 8 And their dead bodies will lie exposed in the open street of the great city (Jerusalem), which in a spiritual sense is called [by the symbolic and allegorical names of] Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified.

Revelation 11

Now as to the [a]times and dates, [b]brothers and sisters, you have no need for anything to be written to you. 2 For you yourselves know perfectly well that the day of the [return of the] Lord is coming just as a thief [comes unexpectedly and suddenly] in the night. 3 While they are saying, “Peace and safety [all is well and secure!]” then [in a moment unforeseen] destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains on a woman with child, and they will absolutely not escape [for there will be no way to escape the judgment of the Lord].

1 Thessalonians 5

4 But you, [c]believers, [all you who believe in Christ as Savior and acknowledge Him as God’s Son] are not in spiritual darkness [nor held by its power], that the day [of judgment] would overtake you [by surprise] like a thief; 5 for you are all sons of light and sons of day. We do not belong to the night nor to darkness. 6 So then let us not sleep [in spiritual indifference] as the rest [of the world does], but let us keep wide awake [alert and cautious] and let us be sober [self-controlled, calm, and wise]. 7 For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who are drunk get drunk at night

Revelation 7

After this I saw four angels stationed at the four corners of the earth, holding back the [a]four winds of the earth so that no wind would blow on the earth or on the sea or on any tree. 2 Then I saw another angel coming up from the rising of the sun, holding the seal of the living God; and with a loud voice he called out to the four angels to whom it was granted [to have authority and power] to harm the earth and the sea, 3 saying, “Do not harm the earth nor the sea nor the trees until we [b]seal (mark) the bond-servants of our God on their foreheads.”

Revelation 8

When He (the Lamb) broke open the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour [in awe of God’s impending judgment]. 2 Then I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and seven [a]trumpets were given to them.

3 Another angel came and stood at the altar. He had a golden [b]censer, and much [c]incense was given to him, so that he might add it to the prayers of all the saints (God’s people) on the golden altar in front of the throne. 4 And the smoke and fragrant aroma of the incense, with the prayers of the saints (God’s people), ascended before God from the angel’s hand. 5 So the angel took the censer and filled it with fire from the altar, and hurled it to the earth; and there were peals of thunder and loud rumblings and sounds and flashes of lightning and an earthquake.

6 Then the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound them [initiating the judgments].

7 The first [angel] sounded [his trumpet], and there was [a storm of] hail and fire, mixed with blood, and it was hurled to the earth; and a third of the earth was burned up, and a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up.

US Government uses 100 million from taxpayer money to spy on the same taxpayers. US Government will now be asking all foreign travelers to reveal all social media they are using, next step they will ask Americans. UN votes that Israel’s settlements are illegal. US sanctions Russian TempBank. Russia sends police into Aleppo to keep control of the area. The corporate media and the US Government trying to convince the world that the people in Aleppo are suffering more now that it is liberated. The market place suspect has been shot and killed in Italy. This is calm before the major storm, and the storm is coming.

Revelation 7

After these things I looked, and this is what I saw: a vast multitude which no one could count, [gathered] from every nation and from all the tribes and peoples and languages [of the earth], standing before the throne and before the Lamb (Christ), dressed in white robes, with [d]palm branches in their hands; 10 and in a loud voice they cried out, saying,

“Salvation [belongs] to our God who is seated on the throne, and to the Lamb [our salvation is the Trinity’s to give, and to God the Trinity we owe our deliverance].” 11 And all the angels were standing around the throne and around the [twenty-four] elders and the four living creatures; and they fell to their faces before the throne and worshiped God, 12 saying,

“Amen! Blessing and glory and majesty and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might belong to our God forever and ever. Amen.”

13 Then one of the elders responded, saying to me, “These who are dressed in the long white robes—who are they, and from where did they come?” 14 I said to him, “My lord, you know [the answer].” And he said to me, “These are the people who come out of the great tribulation (persecution), and they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb [because of His atoning sacrifice]. 15 For this reason, they are [standing] before the throne of God; and they serve Him [in worship] day and night in His temple; and He who sits on the throne will [e]spread His tabernacle over them and shelter and protect them [with His presence].

Mark 13

“But when you see the [d]abomination of desolation standing [in the temple sanctuary] where it ought not to be (let the [e]reader understand) then those who are in Judea must flee to the mountains. 15 Whoever is on the housetop must not go down [to enter the house], or go inside to take anything out of his house; 16 whoever is in the field must not turn back to get his coat. 17 And woe to those women who are pregnant and to those who are nursing babies in those days! 18 Pray that it will not occur in winter, 19 for at that time there will be such tribulation as has not occurred, from the beginning of the creation which God made, until now—and never will [be again]. 20 And if the Lord had not shortened the days, no human life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect, whom He chose [for Himself], He shortened the days.

We Need Revival (Day 1) <–must watch (gives Antichrist Jewish trend intelligence end portion of vid)

We Need Revival (Day 2) <-continues in first portion of video

Antichrist Priests Partake Of Leviticus Showbreads In Preparation For Third Temple And Messiah (Antichrist?)

The UN resolution that goes beyond stopping settlement building inside the West Bank also gives East Jerusalem to the Antichrist Palestinians. In other words Israel would loose control of the Old City, Jews living there would be evicted, because Abass stated he wants a “Jew Free West Bank”. The Wailing Wall would loose all Jewish identity if this resolution is enforced.

Watch: Why The (prophetic tribulation era Antichrist) Temple Needs To Be Rebuilt By Antichrist Jews

PM says Israel won’t adhere to ‘despicable anti-Israeli resolution,’ claims US president actively worked to support it; calls home envoys to sponsoring states New Zealand and Senegal

Antichrist NWO 666 Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu lashed out at Antichrist NWO 666 US President Barack Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown Friday, accusing him of actively working against Israel at the UN — seemingly abandoning all pretense of diplomatic cautiousness after a US abstention at the Security Council led to the passage of a resolution against settlements.

After vote defeat, Netanyahu 911 lashes out at Obozo and UN

“Israel categorically rejects the despicable anti-Israeli resolution at the UN, and will not adhere to it,” the Prime Minister’s Office said in a seething statement after the council voted in favor of the motion 14-0.

“While the Security Council does nothing to prevent the massacre of half a million people in Syria, it is shamefully singling out Israel — the only democracy in the Middle East,” the PMO said.

“The Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No boots SPECTRE Clown administration not only failed to defend Israel from this harassment at the UN, it cooperated with it behind the scenes.”

In a barely-veiled final repudiation of the administration with which Netanyahu 911 has clashed so often, his office said Israel was “looking forward to working with President-elect [Donald] Trump and with out friends in Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, to undo the damage of this absurd resolution.”

Netanyahu 911 said he would immediately call back Israel’s ambassadors in New Zealand and Senegal — two sponsors of Friday evening’s resolution — for consultations. He also said a planned official visit by Senegal’s foreign minister next month would be cancelled and all Israeli aid programs in Senegal would be halted.

New Zealand’s Foreign Minister Murray McCully told the NZ Herald on Friday that while he understands Israel’s opposition to the resolution, “we hope that the friendship that has existed between the two countries will be able to endure regardless of different view on this issue.”

Asked if it was a victory, McCully told the newspaper: “It is a victory for those who are keen to see the Security Council take some action on the Middle East peace process after eight years of complete inaction.”

“We hope that the parties, all of them, now will reflect on the position and try and find a more constructive pathway forward,” McNully said.

Israeli officials reacted with disappointment and anger to Washington’s failure to veto the resolution.

Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon said that the council had “voted no to negotiations, you have voted no to progress and a chance for better lives for Israelis and Palestinians, and you have voted no to the possibility of peace.”

Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz told Channel 2 News that the US abstention was “not how friends behave” while cabinet minister Tzachi Hanegbi said the US vote also “spits in the face” of incoming president Donald Trump.

Shortly before the vote, an Israeli official used unprecedentedly harsh language to accuse the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration of scheming with the Antichrist Palestinians to harm Israel with the resolution.

“The US administration secretly cooked up with the Antichrist Palestinians an extreme anti-Israeli resolution behind Israel’s back which would be a tailwind for terror and boycotts and effectively make the Western Wall occupied Palestinian territory,” the official said. (The draft resolution refers to East Jerusalem as “occupied Palestinian territory.)

Antichrist Palestinian and Egyptian officials met earlier in the month with State Department officials in Washington, Channel 2 noted Friday evening, and it was in those talks, Israel believes, that plans were coordinated to push through the anti-settlements resolution. Hence the official’s reference to the US administration having “cooked up” the resolution.

“This is an abandonment of Israel which breaks decades of US policy of protecting Israel at the UN and undermines the prospects of working with the next administration of advancing peace,” the official added.

The US denied the allegations. “Contrary to some claims, the administration was not involved in formulating the resolution nor have we promoted it,” the unnamed official told Reuters.

US abstention allows UN to demand end to Israeli settlements

Israel lashed out at the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration “friends don’t act that way” after Ambassador Power abstained (refusing to veto) as The United Nations passed a resolution demanding Israel to stop settlement building on occupied Palestinian territory. As NYTimes notes, the administration’s decision not to veto the measure broke a longstanding American tradition of serving as Israel’s sturdiest diplomatic shield, and defied extraordinary pressure from President-elect Trump.

As The New York Times reports, the administration’s decision not to veto the measure came a day after Mr. Trump personally intervened to keep the draft measure, proposed by Egypt, from coming up for a vote on Thursday, as scheduled.

Mr. Trump’s aides said he spoke to the Israeli prime minister,Benjamin Netanyahu. Both men also spoke to the Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Egypt postponed the vote.

But in a show of mounting frustration, a group of other countries on the 15-member Security Council — all of them relatively powerless temporary members with rotating two-year seats — snatched the resolution away from Egypt and put it up for a vote Friday afternoon.

It passed 14 votes in favor, with the United States abstaining.
Ambassador Power tried to explain herself (yes that Smantha Power):


As yet Donald Trump has not tweeted his response, but the Israelis are not happy:
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Paul Ryan has chimed in:


Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown Administration Abstains, Defying Trump, As UN Votes To Condemn Israel Settlements

The Coming Great Convergence of Prophetic Timelines

NOTE: Notice Louis Vega has calculated also 1260 days starting with the Passover time Blood Moon to Feast of Trumpets. Considering the Baal Gate 911 etc.. etc..  September 19th 2020 1260 days April 8th Jupiter opposition while in the Womb Of Virgo to the 2024 April 8th Solar Eclipse, the ”obvious” sign signal of Passover and Jupiter measured to The Feast Of Trumpets is perfectly clear. Too bad Louis Vega has not realized this yet.

12/23/16: Rick Wiles, Blessed Mary the Christotokis (Christ-bearer teaching begins at 42:00 minute)

Note: April 7/8th 2017 Jupiter Opposition while in the Womb Of Virgo occurs on ”Day Of Palms”

Passover Week Begins April 10/th at Sunset and it turns out that the (waxing Gibbous 96% 12th Day) Moon will transit Jupiter In Virgo’s Womb as this happens.

April 12th the Full Moon will transit Comet 67P below the foot of Virgo.

Consider the April 8th Jupiter Opposition in the womb of Virgo timing, and The Star Of Bethlehem, Jupiter, representing Christ Yahshua, who was crucified before Sunset and died on the 9th hour/3PM just before Passover started at Sunset in 3/33 AD as a Blood Moon happened.

The Lunar transit of Jupiter in the Womb of Virgo on Passover is stunning, considering the ”April 8th 2017–1260 Days/3 1/2 years to September 19th 2020 Feast Of Trumpets–April 8th 2024 Solar Eclipse 7 year prophetic tribulation era time frame.

…and remember, Comet 67P was discovered in a photograph of another comet on 911, which is the ”Feast Of Trumpets birthday/year time frame of Christ Yahshua etc… Considering a comet is a sign of judgment, this is obviously a confirming warning indicator which would be based on the ”abomination which makes desolate” and ”when they cry peace and security sudden destruction comes” and ”he shall make a covenant with many for one week”.

Astronomical Signs of the Coming Apparitions

by Luis B. Vega

The purpose of this study is to illustrate that the 3 series of 4 Blood Moon Tetrad that alternated in the Signs of Virgo and Pisces turned ‘blood’ red on each occasion as it appeared ‘astronomically’ to be birthed out of the womb of Virgo. These had overtones of the Great Wonder of the Revelation 12 Virgo Sign. In that depiction, the Maiden is about to deliver the Manchild but is whisked-away to the Throne of YHVH as the Maiden is led to safety in the Wilderness for a time of ‘laboring’. Out of all the 12 Signs of the Mazzaroth or the Zodiac, Virgo is the singular one that is feminine and ‘delivers’ as in birth the planets that traverse its quadrant and within its ‘womb’ area as it is anthropomorphized. This study will illustrate the entire 3 set Tetrad series of the 4 consecutive Blood Moons that occurred on YHVH’s Feast days of Passover and Sukkot. In the 12 Blood Moon series since 1949, what was amazing was that in 3 occurrences, 1 Blood Moon was ‘birthed’ out of Virgo’s ‘womb’ as the eclipse was initiated.

The start of the 3 series of the 4 Blood Moon Tetrads series 1949-50, 1967-68, 2014-15 occurred almost 1 year after Israel’s Declaration of Independence on May 14, 1948. This was exactly on the 333rd day. Was this prophetically significant? The other numerical factor is 500 days. This is the day count from the UN Partition Plan of November 29, 1947 to when the first Tetrad starting on April 12, 1949 occurred. The numbers and where the Blood Moon occurred might substantiate this claim that witness the rebirth of Israel as the prophetic Fig Tree. What was amazing to consider was that the Moon turned ‘blood’ red as it crossed over the astronomical threshold or ‘line’ of the ‘womb’ of Virgo. This same ‘birthing’ of the Blood Moon by Virgo on the Feast of YHVH, Passover in particular occurred again in the 3rd Blood Moon of the 1967-68 Tetrad and the 1st Blood Moon of the 2014-15.

In all, every series of the 3 sets of Tetrads had the 1st and 3rd Blood Moon ‘birthed’ out of Virgo. What was amazing was that the Moon turned to ‘blood’ red as it approximated the Feast of Passover. Another unique observation was that for the 1st Blood Moons of the 1967-68 and the 2014-15 Tetrads, the planet Mars was also in retrograde within the ‘womb’ of Virgo. This would appear as if war was about to break loose. Indeed, a state of war did occur in the 1st 2 sets or series of Tetrad, both the 1949-50 and the 1967-68 ones saw war before and then during the Tetrad sequence. The question remains, is the Tetrad Template Theory viable in that it suggests based on the patterns that an ‘after’ event such as a war most likely will occur? Moreover, does the 707-day count related to the 1st event and Tetrad of 1949-50 give the segment of how long after the Tetrad of 2014-15 the ‘event’ that could be prophetic and related to the 3rd Temple come into play?

Prophetic Countdowns
What is very interesting to speculate is what if the same 500-day count from Israel’s birth to the 1st Blood Moon of the 1949-50 series is also applied to the end of the 2014-15 Tetrad series? What would be that date and would that date have any possible prophetic significance? The following are the day count for the 500 and 707 day patterns. The 707 days are derived from the UN Partition Plan of November 29, 1947 to the day Israel was fully admitted as a UN Member State in November 5, 1949.

May 14, 1948 + 333 days = 1st Blood Moon of the 1949-50 series of April 12, 1949.

If one then adds 500 days to the last Blood Moon of the 2014-15 Tetrad series, the date is September 28, 2016, this date will be February 7, 2017. If this time frame will be of any significance, that remains to be seen. The following is a graph, not to scale showing the possible ‘bookend’ 707 day counts of the before and after Blood Moon series of Tetrads, from 1949 to 2015. This is not to predict any particular occurrence as many things occur during a given day, much less ‘prophetic’ things. If something does happen that seems ‘prophetic’ enough that will remain to be see and ascertained by the End of Days community.

Nov 29, 1949

UN Partition Plan 1st Blood Moon | Last Blood Moon

( +707 days) April 12, 1949 Sep 28, 2015 (+707 days) Feb 7, 2016 ?

This timeline is fascinating as it appears to be involving the whole cosmology of the Blood Moon Tetrads is that from the UN Partition Plan that was initiated on November 29, 1947 appears to be prophetic in the following manner. If one adds the day counts listed below, the converging date is when the triple Tetrad series starts from 1949. Amazingly also this Blood Moon ‘birthing’ events in Virgo appear to be linked to the Great Sign of Virgo giving ‘birth’ to the Manchild of Revelation 12.

If one also calculates the day counts from the UN Partition Plan to the Great Sign of Virgo, it will be precisely 25,500 days. Is this coincidence? Did the originators of the UN with their Partition Plan have this astronomical foreknowledge ahead of time? Did someone who of this association that is beyond mere coincidence but prophetic revelation, of the Revelation 12 kind. From the UN Partition Plan that was initiated on November 29, 1947 for a 2-State Solution.

+ 500 Days = April 12, 1949: Start of 3x Tetrads

+ 25,500 Days = September 22, 2017: Great Virgo Sign

The Tetrad Template Theory
1. Before: War of Independence, Israel birthed in a day, budding of Fig Tree.
2. During: The 6-day war year during Tetrad series. Capture of Jerusalem-Temple Mount
3 After: Psalm 83 War to come? An event that will allow for the 3rd Temple?

To reiterate, what was amazing to consider about the triad of Tetrads since 1949 was that in 1 instance, the Moon turned ‘blood’ red as it crossed over the astronomical threshold or ‘line’ of the ‘womb’ of Virgo. This same ‘birthing’ of the Blood Moon by Virgo on the Feast of YHVH, Passover in particular occurred again in the 3rd Blood Moon of the 1967-68 Tetrad and the 1st Blood Moon of the 2014-15. In all, every series of the 3 sets of Tetrads had the 1st and 3rd Blood Moon ‘birthed’ out of Virgo. What was amazing was that the Moon turned to ‘blood’ red as it approximated the Feast of Passover. The following is the complete series of the 3 sets of 4 consecutive Blood Moon Tetrads.

A) Blood Moon Tetrad of 1949-50: WAR BEFORE

1. Passover April 12 1949 Virgo *Birthing of Blood Moon in Virgo

2. Sukkot October 6 1949 Pisces

3. Passover April 2 1950 Virgo

4. Sukkot October 6 1950 Pisces

B) Blood Moon Tetrad of 1967-68: WAR DURING

1. Passover April 24 1967 Virgo *Mars about to be ‘birthed’ = war

2. Sukkot October 18 1967 Pisces

3. Passover April 12 1968 Virgo *Birthing of Blood Moon in Virgo

4. Sukkot October 6 1968 Pisces

C) Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014-15: WAR AFTER?

1. Passover April 14 2014 Virgo *Birthing of Blood Moon in Virgo

2. Sukkot October 8 2014 Pisces

3. Passover April 4 2015 Virgo

4. Sukkot September 28 2015 Pisces

Many people believe that the modern birth of the State of Israel is the fulfilment of the Parable of the Fig Tree as interpreted by Jesus Christ Himself. Other dispute this claim and spiritualize who and what ‘Israel’ is today, many replaced by the ‘Church’, the Body of Christ. Granted, theologically, there is a ‘Spiritual Israel’. It is more as ‘Catholic’ is used to denote ‘universal’. As such, if the modern State of Israel is not the prophetic fulfillment of the Fig Tree, then there are just too many prophetic nuances in terms of day counts and astronomical synchronization of events to dismiss them. Such ‘birthing’ of the Blood Moons of the Tetrads on each occasion in Virgo echoes and foreshadows the Great Sign of Virgo with its ‘birthing’ in Revelation 12 of the Manchild.

To some, this is alluding to the possible Rapture of the Bride of Christ. To others it is the prior visionary accounts of Christ’s ‘story’ in abbreviated fashion. Many believe the actual account of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ occurred chronologically in chapter 4. The Great Sign of Virgo is a sort of ‘intermission’ and synopsis of a prophetic account that appears to cast it prophetic shadow in the past, the present and the future. What did and does the ‘birthing’ of the Blood Moons of the Tetrad series since 1949 convey? Perhaps Christ is trying to emphatically drive the point that a ‘birthing’ process is currently occurring and/or needed.

The Birthing Process
Jesus did say to the Teacher of Israel, Nicodemus, ‘you must be born again’. Where these Blood Moon ‘birthed’ in Virgo a ‘Prophetic Sign’ that a birthing is about to occur? Of what? The Bride? Of Israel? Of the AntiChrist? Perhaps all of the above. Nonetheless, to have 333 days exactly from Israel’s ‘birth’ or 500 days or even 25,500 days out from the UN Partition Plan to coincide ‘accidently’ to the Great Sign of Virgo that depicts the motif of Israel’s birth and subsequent ‘labor pains’ is beyond reason to have it not be so.

It appeared that the triple Tetrad series had within its DNA a hidden code of ‘birthings’ of the Blood Moons. This study only seeks to possibly associate such a motif of the ‘birthing’ process and link it up with the Great Virgo Sign of Revelation 12. It does appear that perhaps such were a countdown of this amazing astronomical event that centers on the personage of the Messiah, Christ Jesus.

A) Blood Moon ‘birthed’ within the Tetrad of 1949-50
1st Passover on April 12, 1949 in Virgo

B) Blood Moon ‘birthed’ within the Tetrad of 1967-67
3rd Passover on April 12, 1968 in Virgo

C) Blood Moon ‘birthed’ within the Tetrad of 2014-15
1st Passover on April 14, 2014 in Virgo

As noted in previous studies, these 3 sets of 4 consecutive Blood Moons called a Tetrad occurred on Passover and Sukkot and are in an approximate phi ratio to each other. Amazingly, the expanse from the beginning of the 1949-50 Tetrad to the end of the 1967-68 Tetrad was 19 years. The expanse of time from the beginning of the 1967-68 Tetrad to the end of the 2014-15 Tetrad was approximately 48 years. This mirrors prophetically the 1,948 years since the 2nd Temple was destroyed in 70 AD. In turn this 70 numerical coefficient echoes the 70-year duration of the end of the Babylonian Captivity for Israel.

From 70 AD (2nd Temple destroyed) + 1948 years = 2018
2018 is the 70th year anniversary of Israel’s birth.

Could ‘mirror’ Temple being built.

The patterns perhaps are part of a countdown subject to that Tetrad in proximity that occurred before, during and thus will occur after the Blood Moons within 2 years. Also each Tetrad was subject to a restoration concerning the Covenant People of YHVH based on the Olivet Discourse. Before the Tetrad of 1949-50 saw the establishment of the State of Israel ‘birthed’. During the Tetrad of 1967-68, the Jews saw the recapture of Jerusalem to include the Temple Mount on which the Temples of YHVH stood. Thus this study does agree that the May 14, 1948 and the June 7, 1967 where prophetic and part of a 3 component countdown accented by the Blood Moon Tetrads. It was in 1947 that the UN passed the resolution to partition the land and carved out a nation for the Jewish and Muslim peoples.

The partition also included a State for the Muslims which they rejected it as they wanted it all and to have no nation state for the Jewish people. From the year 1947, the Jewish people will see the 70th anniversary also in 2017 or 5777; specifically, from the 1948 Declaration of Independence will encompass the year 2017-18. Perhaps the end of Tetrad Template will start the completion of the 70 Weeks of Years concerning Daniel’s prophecy for ‘His People’. It echoes the 70 years of captivity to have bene completed in Babylon and the year the 2nd Temple was destroyed.

The total span of time of this Tetrad Template from 1949 to 2015 was exactly 66 years, 5 months, 16 days. It is from April 12, 1949 to September 28, 2015 which equals also 24,275 days. The average length of time for each set of 4 Blood Moons is approximately 18 months or a 6-6-6 code. What makes these unique is that the lunar eclipses not only occurred on the Feast Days of YHVH, those being Passover and Sukkot but they also alternated in the Signs of the Cosmos, Virgo and Pisces. These 2 Signs are the most profound in terms of Eschatology and prophetic motifs representing the Bride of Christ and the Church Age Royal Commission to be ‘Fishers of Men’.

Did the 3-fold Tetrad series signal the end of the Church Age and the soon coming 3rd Temple thereafter a similar time of war as it was in the prior 2 sets of Tetrad? Did the ‘birthing’ of the Passover Blood Moon of the 3 Tetrads in Virgo echo the Great Sign of Virgo in 2017 what appears to synchronize with the 70-year anniversary of Israel’s UN Partition Plan and subsequent 50-year Jubilee of the liberation of the Temple Mount?

Recreation of Temple Showbreads Latest Step Towards Building Third Temple [PHOTOS]

“The ceremony was in preparation for the soon-to-be Third Temple,” she said.

Asteroid 2016 YJ to flyby Earth at 1.2 LD

A newly discovered asteroid 2016 YJ will flyby Earth at 1.2 LD (460 800 km / 286 330 miles) from the surface on December 22, 2016.

2016 YJ is Apollo-class near-Earth asteroid, discovered on December 18, with an estimated size of 10 – 23 m (32.8 – 75.4 feet). It will make close approach to our planet at 10:53 UTC on December 22, 2016 and flyby with an estimated relative velocity of 9.36 km/s.

The next time this asteroid comes nearly this close to Earth will be on November 19, 2087.

BREAKING: “Solar Winds “Perfect Galactic Storm” At Christmas

Geomagnetic Storms, 3d Galaxy Survey | S0 News Dec.22.2016

Six bursts of radio waves have been detected 3 billion light years away
The detection follows 11 previously recorded outbursts from the same location
The origin of the radio energy remains unknown, but researchers believe it may be from a young neutron star

Six new mysterious blasts of radio energy are detected from deep space

URGENT: 2nd Wave Of Energy “Mike From Around The World Special Report”

“He Is Coming” As Waves Of Energy Are Being Confirmed

Prophecy Alert: “Pole Shift Is Coming Soon”

As the Sun made an annual alignment with the black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy on December 18, 2016, the scientists at CERN carried out the first of a kind experiment to measure hypothetical exotic particles possibly emitted by the black hole.

Exotic particles as the Sun aligns with the center of the Milky Way

The research team utilized the CERN Axion Solar Telescope’s (CAST) prototype dipole magnet to measure the axions and chameleons which may be emitted from the center of the black hole. This is the first of a kind experiment, as there was no previous attempt at measuring the particles, until now.

“We’ve always looked for exotic particles from the Sun, we have been doing this for years, but for one specific day we can look beyond the Sun, to see if something more happens,” said Konstantin Zioutas, spokesperson for the experiment.

The existence of the hypothetical particles holds the potential for explaining the dark matter and dark energy, the major current problems of physics. The Sun’s alignment with the galaxy’s central black hole has provided the scientists an opportunity to use the star’s gravitational force to focus the slow, exotic particles, in the so-called gravitational lensing phenomenon.

“The galactic center might send out exotics that we can detect now, which might tell us far more about the dark universe than we could know before, since the Sun can amplify a faint exotic stream by about one billion, provided it is aligned with the Sun-Earth system,” explained Zioutas.

It’s not the first the scientists made an attempt in measuring exotic particles from a black hole. However, it is the first attempt to measure the interaction of the particles with the magnetic field of the CAST magnet and with the INGRID detector. The scientists are also hoping this might be the first time to measure the particle’s interaction directly with matter.

“Until now, it’s been impossible to detect particles through their specific direct interaction with the matter because the equipment didn’t exist. We had to build a special detector, called KWISP (Kinetic Weakly Interacting Slim Particle detector),” said Giovanni Cantatore, deputy spokesperson for CAST.

To be able to detect such interactions, the scientists have utilized special equipment to detect tiny forces produced when chameleons bounce off the matter.
“KWISP uses a special membrane force sensor – like the skin of a drum. When it’s hit by the chameleons, it vibrates at a frequency we can fix using the ‘chameleon chopper’, a device we invented for this purpose,” explained Cantatore.

The researchers are currently analysis the collected data. The early resuls indicate no additional new particles have been emitted from the black hole. The scientists will soon start to prepare for the alignement which will also include the Moon, and will occur next year.

“The experiment performed very well and discussions on the first on-line data have already started,” concluded Zioutas.

2016 Year In Review 

As India yanked cash out of their economy, the Indian population is forced to go digital and online. Just a little over a month later, Paypal decides to sue one of the biggest online financial serves in India, Paytm. Is this a coincidence given that there seems to be a corporate war between the west and the east brewing? And in between we see the Pope, continue to push the alien agenda with a planned visit to fatima portugal next year.

CORPORATE DIGITAL WARFARE – #CashCrisis in INDIA, PayPal Sues Paytm & Pope to Visit Fatima 2017

Forget TTP, TTIP meet TiSA the next plan by the Elite. Snopes will now have access to personal Facebook information.US oversight committee reports stingray devices are unconstitutional. Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration can’t explain the increase violence in Ukraine. EU and the US places more sanctions on Russia.5 arrested for faking news in Aleppo. Germany is hunting down the patsy that ran into the market place. Cyber Security advisors believe the DDoS attack in 2016 was a test and in 2017 the internet might come down for 24 hours. Obozo warns that Russia already practiced a dry run to bring down the grid.

Obozo Warns Russia Already Had A ‘Practice Dry Run’ On The Power Grid – Episode 1158b

Baby boomers are now having their social security checks garnished to cover their student loan payments. The Obozo recovery is so incredible, almost 40% of young adults are now living with their parents. Americans have almost reached the debt load they had back in 2008, we know what happened next. Existing homes sales surge in the 20 cities that they track, the rest of the country people cannot sell their homes. The Italian government is getting ready to take control of their failing banks, and implementing bail-ins. 44 years ago the Dow reached 1000 points, 9 months later it crashed by 44%.

The Setup Is Complete, The Elite Have The Go Ahead To Bring The Economy Down – Episode 1158a

Disconnect in consumer confidence and what is actually happening in the economy. Confirmed, top-ex White House economist says 94% of jobs are part time. It begins, retail stores closing and going bankrupt during the holiday season. Just like existing home sales surge, we now see new home sales surge, all part of the plan to build the economy to the highest point before it collapses. Deutsche bank & Credit Suisse banks will pay a fine to US Government. NY Fed coincidence economic index just turned, prepare for the collapse.

NY Fed’s Coincident Economic Index Just Turned, The Collapse Just Ahead – Episode 1160a

They’re giving it all they’ve got!! Bob Pisani said that Dow 20,000 was “inevitable.. we’ll do it at tomorrow’s open”…

Dow (Almost) 20,000

They did their best – breaking the market and slamming VIX three times – but just couldn’t make it… Record Highs though still (13 points shy of 20k)

What is the anatomy of a breakdown?

The past eight years have been extremely difficult for the real economy. Central bank intervention has propped up the stock market at the expense of the main street economy, at the expense of middle class security, at the expense of jobs.

And everyone knows that game can’t continue. The question is how it will play out, and how long the game will be.

The Federal Reserve finally announced rate hikes – planning one incremental increase after another throughout the coming Trump Administration.

Close to a decade of stimulus, quantitative easing, zero interest rates and easy money for those on top is coming to an end. For all those who have borrowed, it means that the burden of debt is coming due – and the biggest borrower of all, the U.S. government, will face huge new costs in the form of increased interest on $14 trillion in debt:

Rising interest rates help savers and hurt borrowers. As the biggest borrower on the planet, the U.S. government will soon begin paying more to investors holding roughly $14 trillion in Treasury debt. “As debt continues to grow and interest rates return toward more normal levels, interest spending is slated to be the fastest growing part of the budget.” (source)

This crunch could impact state, businesses, municipalities and individual households in a big way as well. Meanwhile, the presidency of Donald Trump has changed the surface of the political landscape entirely, and no one is quite sure what will happen – though plenty on the left have been casting Trump as a neo-Hitlerian figure.

Brandon Smith, who runs, may not know the future either, but he has developed a very strong track record for predicting the “surprise” victories for Brexit in the UK, and for Trump in the U.S.

But he didn’t just predict their win at the polls, but that these new signposts of the conservative, populist uprising would be used by the elite – who allowed these electoral changes – in order to scapegoat the coming financial collapse.

As things continue to play out, he has been so far proven stunningly accurate, and should not be readily ignored.

Will Trump’s presidency be better understood in hindsight as what has already been dubbed: ‘Operation Shift Blame’?

Here’s what Brandon Smith said a couple of weeks ago in a focused interview with the X22 Report:

As Brandon Smith argues in the interview, the Trump presidency, if he is right, is all about having a scapegoat for the crash of the economy during his watch.

If the populists, nationalists, and conservatives are blamed, then their views are discredited, and momentum to control the aftermath – and restore order to the system – falls back to the establishment that has, until now, been the target of growing disdain by a population over-run by the status quo and its series of disasters.

But with Trump – undeniably a spectacle to all Americans – the elite have a narrative that will keep people fighting among themselves, divided by race, gender, politics and ideology.

Though President Obama and the circles in Washington keep insisting the economy is recovering, improving and providing, nothing could be further from the truth.

The economy has been “kept on life support” since 2008, when there should have been a bigger crash… but that, too, will come due. They’ve been artificially propping up the system with stimulus measures, and simply stopping that intervention will usher in a collapse. According to Brandon Smith:

“They’re setting it up to where a crash occurs during a Trump presidency, and Trump and conservatives are blamed in the process.”

It won’t happen overnight. The economic collapse is a “process, not an event” – one that takes place over the course of several years, even a decade. According to Brandon Smith, 2017 will likely see a major acceleration of that collapse.

As the fiscal situation becomes more and more untenable, and the government more desperate to pay the bills, we will likely see government pensions confiscated, promises benefits reduced or delayed, and other measures to pay debts.

On the pretext of sustaining the financial stability of the system, banks may end up “locking out” accounts, seizing funds and account holders and investors could face severe haircuts.

America may well see credit freezes, shortages on the shelves, deliveries could stop, and people could lose their minds as ordinary life is interrupted. As Smith argues,

“Removing stimulus and ‘turning off the spigot’ will initiate collapse on its own…. and end up being worse than the Great Depression

Smith: “Whatever’s going to happen is going to happen between now and early 2018, because that’s their window of time to create enough chaos and desperation in order to convince people, to rationalize the idea of switching to a global currency system. After that, I would expect there would be a process of acclimating the public to this new system, and I would expect that a lot of countries would be in third world conditions for a while after that.”

A combination of hyperinflation, and deflationary pressures could further wreck the economy, and even decimate the value of the dollar. Further consequences could spiral out of control from there.

Already, there are plans on the books for government to use its nearly-unlimited powers to seize private assets at a personal or institutional level in order to meet the needs, perceived or real, of society. Numerous executive orders give fiat authority to the executive branch to wield dictatorial control and violate private property and personal assets – not the least of which will be private holdings in gold and silver.

The elites have long suggested that the rise of a truly global currency will replace the crash of the dollar system, and the severe economic decline of the United States. This has been in the works for a long, long time.

The system is going to crash regardless… so, arguably, this is how they are planning for it to play out.

The only question left, is: how will you prepare?

For those who want to survive, and be as unscathed as possible, that means building up a supply of food, water, guns, gold, alternative heating and power, medicine, barter items and other essential supplies. It also means preparing psychologically to deal with the loss of income, the breakdown of groceries, supplies and easily-available goods; and it means to distancing oneself from the most vulnerable – and potentially unstable – segments of society.

In particular, it may be wise to leave major urban centers, or have a viable exit strategy to a place that is both rural and self-sustaining. Of course, these are major preparations that have to be made according to the individual needs of each family.

However, the time is past to pretend that these things are not happening; it is time to make some very serious plans for what you will do during what happens next.

Just look to Venezuela or India for a glimpse of how raw things can become once the fiat paper currency ceases to flow freely, or provide for the life that most have become accustomed to living.

Brandon Smith Warns the System Is Crashing: “Prepare for Bank Confiscations, Shortages, Insurgency”

As Brandon Smith argues:

“I think the plan is to kill the dollar’s world reserve status, and that will severely limit the dollar’s value on the global market. We’ll still have our green dollars, with the presidents, but the value will no longer be controlled by the Federal Reserve… I think the Federal Reserve will step aside for the IMF, and the IMF will become the new global mediator of currency values.”

The United States will be hit the hardest, with the reliance upon the dollar’s reserve currency status…. “and an extreme shift from first world down to third world living conditions. It will be a disaster, there will be people who will die during this process, [just as people did] during the Great Depression. It’s going to be a disaster.”

Because people in the general public aren’t prepared even to sustain a few days without power, food and water, people will be pushed into extremes – desperate, rioting, looting, violence, and other destructive behaviors that are hallmarks of a breakdown.

In short, the United States will see a debased situation that is unprecedented in its more than 200 year history. Even the Great Depression could be eclipsed by the extreme events to come – but again, it won’t happen overnight.

“Some will react violently, but I think the elites have staged the situation in such a way that a lot of people will be confused as to who to blame. And that’s the great advantage that they have, is that they’ve staged the situation to where, especially people on the left, they have an automatically built-in bias to blame either Donald Trump, or Republicans, or conservatives in general. On the right, I think you’re going to have a lot of conservatives blaming the left as [for] sabotaging Trump and ruining his chances of fixing things.”

“You’re also going to have all kinds of different, I think, events in between – black swan events, terrorist attacks – that really keep people confused and looking every other direction, except at the global bankers. That’s what they want… they don’t want anyone focused on them. They’re going to create as much gas as possible during all this to keep people at each other’s throats. They’re going to be sitting on the Riviera… and watching.”

“Because we are getting to a point in history where the globalists are more exposed than ever before – their schemes, who they are, the organizations they’ve built. If the general public becomes aware of who they are, and the fact that they’re behind this crash, it would be all over for them. You’re talking torches and pitchforks – so they need to keep mass confusion, and keep everyone focused on each other, and not them, or the entire apparatus falls apart.”

“If we can get enough people aware of, and focused on the bankers first… then we might be able to, at least, remove them from the picture and rebuild in a proper manner. What this is really all about is who is going to rebuild. The system is going to crash regardless, but we still can determine who rebuilds afterwards. If it’s them rebuilding, then we’re kind of done for, because they’re going to use the crisis as a rationale for centralizing everything into their one world system. If we can remove them from the picture, then we might have the chance to rebuild a freer system.”

If things get bad enough, there could be an actual civil war again in America – in fact, it may become unavoidable.

People are at extremes right now, and the divisions between the left and right are, in many respects, deeper than they have ever been.

Those who are addicted to government assistance are in for a rude awakening, and those who work for a living face the very real possibility of seeing the American Dream crushed once and for all, in an era from which there will be no turning back.

But the pages of history have not been written, and if they have, they still stand to be edited by real world events. If people get their heads wrapped around what is really happening, perhaps the true villains can be addressed, and power can be kept out of the hands in whom it is most dangerous.

Perhaps, there is a chance that liberty could one day be restored, but first, people must prepare to endure a long, hard fight.

Stocks Surge As NYSE ‘Breaks’ Again


This happened…

And this happened…

Brace Yourself For Italy’s Bankruptcy

When Charles Gave, paterfamilias of Gavekal, chooses to express displeasure over an economic trend, an asset class, or what have you, he does not exactly mince words. If you happen to be in the room when he does so, he can sound like the Voice of God Himself, declaring from on high. And with his longish flowing white hair, he actually looks like central casting setting over to play the part.

Today Charles is exercised about Italy. He first reminds us that when Italy adopted the euro in 1999, he had argued that Italy would change from being an economy with a high probability of many currency devaluations to one with the certain probability of eventual bankruptcy. Now, he says, the fateful moment is not far off.

He gives us a couple of before-and-after charts: before March 1999 and from March 1999 to the present, in which he compares Italian and German industrial production and the performance of their respective stock markets. He notes that from 1979 to 1998, Italian industrial production outpaced Germany’s by more than 10%, and Italian equities outperformed German equivalents by 16%. That’s after taking into account the devaluations. Northern Italy is actually a production powerhouse, or was…

Then came the euro. Since 1999 Italian stocks have underperformed German stock by 65%, and since 2003 Italian factory output has lagged Germany’s by 40%. Thus, summarizes Charles, in this short essay,
The diagnosis is simply that Italy has become woefully uncompetitive, and as a result, is not solvent. This much is clear from the perilous state of its banking system, which is always the outcome when banks lend to firms that have been rendered uncompetitive by some reckless central banker…,

This has to be the most well-telegraphed, and now inevitable, national bankruptcy that I have seen in my 45-year career.

Putting the Boot into Italy
By Charles Gave

Matteo Renzi has joined a long line of Italian prime ministers who failed to “reform” their country. This is another way of saying that he could not wave a magic wand and make Italy competitive with Germany. The grim reality is that no Italian leader stood a chance of changing their country once the fateful decision was made to peg its currency to Germany’s. At the time of the euro’s launch in 1999, I argued that the risk profile of Italy would change from being an economy where there was a high probability of many currency devaluations to the certain probability of eventual bankruptcy. Sadly, that moment is not so far away.

The chart below tells the story of Italy’s recent economic history in two parts, namely, (i) March 1979 to March 1999, and (ii) March 1999 to the present. Italy joined the Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1979 at 443 lira per deutschemark, yet by 1990 frequent devaluations meant that rate had slid to about 750 lira. By the early 1990s, the Bundesbank was overseeing a newly unified German monetary system and in order to fight inflation it had driven real interest rates to 7%. By September 1992 the stresses on the system caused the UK, Sweden and Italy to exit the ERM, which meant another huge currency devaluation, pushing the lira as low as 1250 against the deutschemark, but delivering a huge tourist boom to boot.

Italy’s Bankruptcy
Still, from 1979 to 1998 Italian industrial production outpaced that of Germany by more than 10%, while Italian equities outperformed German equivalents by 16% (this indicates that Italian firms were earning a higher return on invested capital than those in Germany).

Then came the euro. By 2003 it was clear that Italy was uncompetitive and subsequently, Italian equities have underperformed German equities by -65%, reversing the previous half century’s pattern when Italian equities outperformed on a total return basis. Similarly, since 2003 Italian factory output has lagged Germany’s by 40%.

The diagnosis is simply that Italy has become woefully uncompetitive, and as a result, is not solvent. This much is clear from the perilous state of its banking system, which is always the outcome when banks lend to firms that have been rendered uncompetitive by some reckless central banker. Short of imposing Greek-style slavery on Italy, there is not much hope of solving the problem, but I rather doubt that the Italian electorate will be as patient as its neighbours across the Ionian sea.

As such, the relationship between Italy and Germany is radically different from that in the 1945-99 era when a natural return toward equilibrium was achieved through exchange rates adjustments. The only possibility on the current trajectory is that the Italian and German economies keep diverging, which is why a “normal” resolution cannot be achieved.

Hence, an Italian sovereign default of some variety is now a near certainty. While a central bank can address a liquidity problem, it cannot fix a solvency issue, especially one as large as Italy’s. The only remedial action that can now be taken is to throw good money after bad, which is exactly what I expect Mario Draghi to do, especially as he played such a key facilitators’ role in getting Italy into the euro system in the first place. Such actions – possibly to be announced on Thursday at the European Central Bank’s policy setting meeting – can of course merely postpone the day of reckoning, but will solve absolutely nothing.

The rational approach for investors is to shun Italian financial assets such as bank equities or government bonds until such time as exchange rates are once again market determined prices. This has to be the most well-telegraphed, and now inevitable, national bankruptcy that I have seen in my 45-year career. There is no reason to be dragged under the steam roller as there are many other markets and assets to play in.

Every week, celebrated economic commentator John Mauldin highlights a well-researched, controversial essay from a fellow economic expert. Whether you find them inspiring, upsetting, or outrageous… they’ll all make you think Outside the Box. Get the newsletter free in your inbox every Wednesday.


In a paper published in the physics journal, Classical and Quantum Gravity, Dr. Diego Rubiera-Garcia from the University of Lisbon in Portugal, and his team, posited that a physical object, such as a person or spacecraft, could survive the gravitational forces of wormhole travel. To make the theory and math work, they do have to play fast and loose with Einstein, but that’s not a big deal apparently. According to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the innermost centre of a black hole holds a singularity; a point where gravitational forces are so strong that space and time end

Physicists Theorize ABADDON ASCENDING Wormhole Travel Is Possible

If any object made it to a black hole’s event horizon, and eventually its singularity, it would be stretched into infinity; simply put, an infinitely thin piece of infinitely long spaghetti. However, since no evidence exists to support the existence of singularities, physicists have been taking some liberties with the theory


Donald Trump Seals Electoral College Victory, Officially Becomes 45th US President

Many never give very deep consideration to the Words of Jesus in Mathew 24, myself included. I thought I had examined these prophetic Words of Jesus (Yeshua) closely but had missed very critical facts regarding his Words when He spoke of Nation against Nation and Kingdom against Kingdom.

Current World Situation Unfolds From Prophecy

Wait till you hear the answer.

Massive earthquake off the coast of New Ireland, Papua New Guinea – Minor Tsunami possible

Dutchsince “Confirms 5 Waves Of Energy”

Update : 457pm Dec 19, 2016 – MIMIC has issued a statement via twitter saying this is a mistake, an error in their system…


12/19/2016 — Large wave of energy from unknown source hitting Earth now – Possible effects?

A large wave of energy impacting the entire planet has UNINTENTIONALLY been detected by the MIMIC TPW microwave background imagery. Currently ONGOING as of 12/19/2016 at 1:20am US central time)

Scientists using data obtained by ESA’s SWARM constellation of satellites have discovered a jet stream in the liquid iron part of Earth’s core 3 000 km (1 864 miles) beneath the surface. In addition, Swarm satellite data show that this jet stream is speeding up.

Accelerating high-latitude jet stream discovered in Earth’s core

Launched in 2013, the trio of Swarm satellites are measuring and untangling the different magnetic fields that stem from Earth’s core, mantle, crust, oceans, ionosphere and magnetosphere. Together, these signals form the magnetic field that protects us from cosmic radiation and charged particles that stream towards Earth in solar winds.

Measuring the magnetic field is one of the few ways we can look deep inside our planet. The field exists because of an ocean of superheated, swirling liquid iron that makes up the outer core. Like a spinning conductor in a bicycle dynamo, this moving iron creates electrical currents, which in turn generate our continuously changing magnetic field. Tracking changes in the magnetic field can, therefore, tell researchers how the iron in the core moves.

The accurate measurements by the unique constellation of Swarm satellites allow the different sources of magnetism to be separated, making the contribution from the core much clearer.

“Thanks to the mission we have gained new insights into the dynamics of Earth’s core and it’s the first time this jet stream has been seen, and not only that – we also understand why it’s there,” said lead author Phil Livermore from the University of Leeds in the UK

One feature is a pattern of ‘flux patches’ in the northern hemisphere, mostly under Alaska and Siberia.

“These high-latitude flux patches are like bright spots in the magnetic field and they make it easy to see changes in the field,” explained Dr. Livermore.

Swarm reveals that these changes are actually a jet stream moving at more than 40 km (25 miles) a year – three times faster than typical outer-core speeds and hundreds of thousands of times faster than Earth’s tectonic plates move.

“We can explain it as acceleration in a band of core fluid circling the pole, like the jet stream in the atmosphere,” Livermore said

So, what is causing the jet stream and why is it speeding up so quickly?
The jet flows along a boundary between two different regions in the core. When material in the liquid core moves towards this boundary from both sides, the converging liquid is squeezed out sideways, forming the jet.

“Of course, you need a force to move the fluid towards the boundary,” says Prof. Rainer Hollerbach, also from the University of Leeds.

“This could be provided by buoyancy, or perhaps more likely from changes in the magnetic field within the core.”

As for what happens next, the Swarm team is watching and waiting.

“Further surprises are likely. The magnetic field is forever changing, and this could even make the jet stream switch direction,” said Rune Floberghagen, ESA’s Swarm mission manager.

This feature is one of the first deep-Earth discoveries made possible by Swarm. With the unprecedented resolution now possible, it’s a very exciting time – we simply don’t know what we’ll discover next about our planet.”


Observations of the change in Earth’s magnetic field—the secular variation—provide information about the motion of liquid metal within the core that is responsible for the magnetic field’s generation. High-resolution observations from the European Space Agency’s Swarm satellite mission show intense field change at high latitude, localized in a distinctive circular daisy-chain configuration centred on the north geographic pole. Here we show that this feature can be explained by a localized, non-axisymmetric, westward jet of 420 km width on the tangent cylinder, the cylinder of fluid within the core that is aligned with the rotation axis and tangent to the solid inner core. We find that the jet has increased in magnitude by a factor of three over the period 2000–2016 to about 40 km yr−1, and is now much stronger than typical large-scale flows inferred for the core. We suggest that the current accelerating phase may be part of a longer-term fluctuation of the jet causing both eastward and westward movement of magnetic features over historical periods, and may contribute to recent changes in torsional-wave activity and the rotation direction of the inner core.

7.9 EarthQuake/Volcano/Level Orange/Papua New Guinea

A powerful earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.9 hit near the coast of New Ireland, Papua New Guinea at 10:51 UTC on December 17, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 103.2 km (64 miles). Geoscience Australia is reporting M8.0 at a depth of 95 km (59 miles). Tsunami is possible along some coasts of Papua New Guinea. Powerful aftershocks are shaking the region.

According to the USGS, the epicenter was located 132.8 km (82.5 mi) E of Kokopo (population 26 273) and 302.0 km (187.7 mi) NW of Arawa (population 40 266), Papua New Guinea.

There are about 23 877 people living within 100 km (62 miles). About 6 200 people are living within 50 km (31 miles).

First witness reports mention shaking lasting up to 4 minutes.

Based on all available data, hazardous tsunami waves are forecast for some coasts, the PTWC said.

Tsunami waves reaching 1 to 3 meters (3.3 to 9.8 feet) above the tide level are possible along some coasts of Papua New Guinea. Tsunami waves are forecast to be less than 0.3 meters (1 feet) above the tide level for all other areas.

Powerful M7.9 earthquake hits Papua New Guinea, tsunami possible

Deep M6.4 earthquake hits Peru-Brazil border region

A strong and deep earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.4 hit Peru-Brazil border region at 13:30 UTC on December 18, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 618.2 km (384 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.1 (preliminary) at a depth of 624 km (388 miles).

According to the USGS, the epicenter was located 186.8 km (116.1 miles) WNW of Iñapari (population 0), Peru, 208.7 km (129.7 miles) S of Tarauacá (population 16 526), Brazil, and 218.8 km (136.0 miles) SSW of Feijó (population 12 951), Brazil.

There are about 7 616 people living within 100 km (62 miles).

Strong and shallow M6.1 earthquake hits near Yap Island, Micronesia

A strong earthquake struck near the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific on Tuesday, but there were no initial reports of injuries or damage and it did not trigger a tsunami warning.

Strong quake strikes near Solomon Islands; no tsunami threat

The magnitude-6.7 quake was likely an aftershock of a powerful earthquake that hit the Solomon Islands on Dec. 9. That magnitude-7.7 quake killed one person and left hundreds with homes that were damaged or destroyed. The earlier earthquake also triggered dozens of strong aftershocks.

Strong M6.7 earthquake hits near the coast of East Timor

A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.7 hit near the coast of East Timor at 00:17 UTC on December 21, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 151.5 km (94 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.5 at a depth of 178 km (110 miles).

According to the USGS, the epicenter was located 146.6 km (91.1 miles) NE of Lospalos (population 17 186), 188.2 km (116.9 miles) NE of Baucau (population 16 000), 206.4 km (128.3 miles) NE of Venilale (population 16 000), and 278.2 km (172.9 miles) ENE of Dili (population 150 000), East Timor.

There are about 80 000 people living within 100 km (62 miles).

Wednesday December 21 2016, 00:17:18 UTC 8 hours ago Banda Sea. 6.9 180.0

Unexpected, powerful eruption of Bogoslof volcano, Alaska

An unexpected, powerful eruption of Bogoslof volcano, Alaska occurred at about 00:35 UTC on December 21, 2016. The eruption lasted about 30 minutes and sent volcanic ash to an estimated altitude of 10.3 km (34 000 feet) above sea level. The Aviation Color Code was briefly raised to Red. The last eruption of this volcano took place in 1992.

According to Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO), a short-lived explosive eruption was reported by several pilots.

Satellite data showed a discrete explosion that detached and drifted to the south by 01:15 UTC. The Aviation Color Code was increased to Red and the Volcano Alert Level to Warning.

A subsequent pilot report from 01:50 UTC indicated that activity had decreased and the cloud was dispersing.

The ash cloud was carried southward over the Gulf of Alaska and no ash fell on inhabited areas. No further explosions have been detected in seismic and infrasound networks indicating that the activity has subsided.

The last eruption of this volcano took place from July 6 to 24, 1992. It had Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) of 3 and produced a new dome.

The first known eruption of this volcano started in May 1796 and lasted until 1804. Since then, the volcano had at least 9 (VEI 0 – 3) eruptions.

“Only about 4 300 people live within 100 kilometers (62 miles) of the volcano, but as the reports suggest, there is an awful lot of air traffic that crosses the Aleutian Islands, heading from North America to Asia. The quick notices from the Volcano Ash Advisory Centers (VAAC) about eruptions like this one from an unexpected source like Bogoslof are vital for air traffic controllers and airlines to change routes and avoid volcanic ash hazards for aircraft,” volcanologist Erik Klemetti said.

Sun, Climate, First Quake of the App Era | S0 News Dec.21.2016

While December temperatures across the United States reached record low levels over the past couple of days, the winter in Miami, and Florida in general, felt a lot like summer.

As another polar blast caused numerous problems from coast to coast over the past several days, bringing record low December temperatures to several regions (Boston on December 16, Denver on December 17, Southern California on December 18, and Little Rock, Arkansas on December 19), Florida felt a lot like summer, breaking several December temperature records.

On December 18, NWS Miami reports, Miami broke warmest minimum temperature with 26.1 °C (79 °F) breaking the previos record of 23.3 °C (74 °F) set in 1933.

Florida shatters December temperature records

On the same day, Fort Lauderdale broke its warmest minimum temperature record too. The low temperature only fell to 25 °C (77 °F) breaking the previous record of 23.8 °C (75 °F) set in 2006.

Palm Beach also broke its warmest minimum temperature, on the same day, with 25 °C (77 °F), breaking the previous record of 22.7 °C (73 °F) set in 2006.

Weather stations in Miami recorded a maxium temperature of 30 °C (86 °F) at 11am on Monday, December 19, breaking the old record of 29.4 °C (85 °F) for this date.

‘Earth Has Shifted’ Inuit Elder Warning Comes Back To Haunt Us As Something Big Is Happening Along The Ring of Fire

Schools of dead herring keep washing ashore along the rocky beaches of western Nova Scotia, prompting a retired scientist to enlist the help of local naturalists and bird watchers as he continues to gather data about the mysterious phenomenon.

Ted Leighton, an adjunct biology professor at Nova Scotia’s University of Sainte-Anne, said Friday he has compiled more than 40 sightings since tens of thousands of dead and dying fish started appearing in St. Marys Bay in late November.

Leighton, who has an extensive background in wild animal disease investigations, said the latest sightings were reported Thursday in the Tusket River area, which is southeast of Yarmouth – and he says more dead fish were spotted in St. Marys Bay and in the Annapolis Basin earlier this week.

“The event does not appear to be over,” he said in an interview.
“Whether it’s diminishing or not is really hard to say.”

Its a mystery: Tens of thousands of dead herring keep on washing ashore along the rocky beaches of western Nova Scotia since late November

A bright Geminid fireball streaked through the sky over Colombia and Venezuela at 23:25 UTC (18:25 COT) on December 16, 2016, and was recorded by numerous witnesses.

The phenomenon was seen in the municipalities of Bucaramanga, Girón and Zapatoca in the department of Santander and the municipality of Yopal in the department of Casanare.

Bright Geminid fireball streaks over Colombia and Venezuela

Luis Nunes, the director of the Halley Group of Astronomy and Aerospace Sciences at the University of Santander, said it was a large meteor, the third seen this week in Bucaramanga.

There have also been reports of similar sighting from the Venezuelan state of Apure, the Infouno reported.

Search party for Earth-Trojans starts in February 2017

The University of Arizona-led OSIRIS-REx mission will utilize the data collected during its two-year long mission to the Bennu asteroid in an attempt to search for elusive Earth-Trojan asteroids.

The search will start between February 9 and 20 when the NASA spacecraft is scheduled to activate its onboard camera. The asteroid search party will utilize the MapCam imager to scan the area of space thought to contain Trojans, during 12 days.

The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is currently undergoing a seven-year-long journey with the goal of studying and collecting samples from Bennu to Earth. It is expected that the research will shed light on the formation of our solar system. Many of the planned observations will resemble the activities of searching for small rocks orbiting asteroid Bennu.

Severe rainstorms inundate central Vietnam, killing at least 24

A massive landslide hit Fiji’s Qamea island on December 18, 2016, sweeping homes into the sea. The slide happened after the first tropical depression of the 2016/17 South Pacific cyclone season dumped heavy rain and caused severe flooding throughout the country.

The landslide occurred at 06:00 local time in Dreketi village. Residents described the experience as a nightmare and said people had to flee for their lives, The Fiji Times reports.

Massive landslide hits Fiji, sweeps homes to sea

Cold and dry air streamed into parts of Southern California over the weekend, dropping temperatures to record lows. Cold air and weakest sunshine of the year will not allow maximum temperatures to warm much at all for at least the next couple of days. SoCalGas is urging customers to immediately reduce their natural gas use during this critical period to help lower the risk of possible natural gas and electricity shortages.

According to NWS Los Angeles, record low temperature of -8.8 °C (16 °F) was set at Lancaster Airport on Sunday morning, December 18, breaking the previous record of -8.3 °C (17 °F) set in 1995.

At Santa Maria Airport, a record low temperature of -2.7 °C (27 °F) was set on the same day, breaking the previous record of -2.2 °C (28 °F) degrees set in 1928.

“The cold air mass and the weakest sunshine of the year will not allow maximum temperatures to warm much at all,” the NWS said. A moderate Santa Ana wind was seen in the cards, forecasters said, but it would still be cold.

Record low temperatures hit Southern California

Record-breaking temperatures invaded Colorado on Saturday, December 17, 2016, as deadly winter storm engulfed much of the country.

A cold front, fresh snow and clearing afternoon skies allowed for record low temperatures for December 17 to 18 across Northern Colorado, the National Weather Service said.

With -26 °C (-15 °F) on December 17, Denver broke its previous record of -25 °C (-13 °F) set in 1909. The coldest high temperatures for December 17 is -16 °C (3 °F), breaking the previous record of -13.9 °C (7 °F) set in 1884.

Denver records coldest December 17 since 1909

At least five people were killed in North Sulawesi, Indonesia after floods and landslides caused by three days of intense rainfall hit the city of Manado.

At least 5 dead in floods, landslides in North Sulawesi, Indonesia

The Head of National Disaster Mitigation Agency, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, said Sunday, December 18, that a joint search and rescue team has found two victims. Another victim was found dead in Singkil after he was carried away by the floods.

Christmas weather forecast HORROR: Terrifying maps show Storm Barbara will RAVAGE Britain

THESE terrifying weather charts and maps shows Britain in the firing line for what could be the most savage Christmas storm in history.

“Extreme Weather Conditions Are Effecting The Earth”

Reading for December 17, 2016 ~ Kislev 17, 5777
Gen 32:4-36:43 ~ Obadiah 1:1-21 – John 1:19-2:12

12/17/ 2016 Vayishlach “And he sent”

Chanukah / חנוכה
Hanukkah (Hebrew: חֲנֻכָּה, usually spelled חנוכה pronounced [χanuˈka] in Modern Hebrew, also romanized as Chanukah or Chanuka), also known as the Festival of Lights, is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple (the Second Temple) in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt of the 2nd century BCE. Hanukkah is observed for eight nights and days, starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar, which may occur at any time from late November to late December in the Gregorian calendar.

Jewish Calendar 2016

Chanukah begins at sundown on Sat, 24 December 2016.

Antichrist Netanyahu 911 in Antichrist Masonic Kazakhstan: Israel seeks seat on UN Security Council

As Secretary of State, Hillary 911 Clinton made sure a lucrative uranium transaction with a Russian company.

Hillary 911 Clinton Gave Uranium To The Russians

One of the players made sure the 911 Clinton Foundation received a sizable donation.

BREAKING:Congress Makes Deadly Announcement, U.S. Has Been Funding Antichrist ISIS For MONTHS

Ever since Antichrist ISIS reared its ugly head about two years ago, people have called for the stoppage and destruction of this terrorist group. That is easier said than done though. It’s hard to defeat an enemy when they are being supplied with money and weapons from the country that is against them.

Democratic Representative Tulsi Gabbard said on Twitter that the United States is funding and arming Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. The Congresswoman from Hawaii wrote on Twitter, “If you are I gave money, weapons or support to Antichrist al-Qaeda or Antichrist ISIS, we would be thrown in jail. Why does our gov get a free pass on this?”

It should be noted that Gabbard is a United States army veteran and a member of the House Committees on Foreign affairs and Armed Services. She was also the member of Congress to introduce the Stop Arming Terrorists Act. While introducing the bill, she cited articles from both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal that said the United States is supporting rebels that are actually allied with an Antichrist Al-Qaeda affiliate.

Gabbard didn’t stop there. She relied on some of the transcripts of those Hillary 911 Clinton Goldman Sachs speeches that were released to further bolster her claim. “The CIA has also been funneling weapons and money through Antichrist Saudi Arabia, Antichrist Jive Turkey, Qatar and others who provide direct and indirect support to groups like Antichrist ISIS and Antichrist al-Qaeda.”

Hillary 911 specifically said this at the speech: “We’ve got Antichrist Iran with their agents in Antichrist Hezbollah, and they’re being taken on by indigenous rebels but increasingly a collection of Antichrist Jihadists who are funded by the Antichrist Saudis, funded by the Antichrist Emiratis [sic], funded by Gotter (phonetic)[sic], and you have the Antichrist Jive Turks that were very active in the beginning, but then began to be concerned by some of the development inside Syria, particularly among the northern and northeastern Kurdish population in Syria.”

Hillary 911 said that Antichrist Saudi Arabia, the Antichrist United Arab Emirates, and Qatar are funding Syrian Antichrist jihadists. These are three nations that have received funding and weapons from the United States. Considering that they have received funding from the United States and then Hillary 911 says in a speech, which she is being paid for no less, that these countries are supplying Antichrist ISIS as well, these countries are selling those weapons to Antichrist ISIS.

“This madness must end. We must stop arming terrorists.” Gabbard’s bill would prohibit any federal agency from supporting a terrorist group or give support through other countries that would either support terrorists directly or indirectly. It’s a little unnerving that a bill had to be introduced for this to stop, but it has.

Seriously it’s common sense. If you know that a country is arming terrorists with the weapons that you are selling them, you need to stop selling those weapons! What part of that did Hillary 911 and, since she was a member of his cabinet, Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown not understand?

Obozo has said that he wants to fight Antichrist ISIS. It’s hard to fight against them when they are using the weapons that were sold to other countries. Not to mention that the funding that has gone to some of these nations has found its way in the pockets of these Antichrist ISIS soldiers. Again, the answer seems really simple.

If you cut off funding and the sale of weapons to these nations that are known to be supporters of terrorist causes, then it hurts the terrorists! Do these people not have common sense? It also makes me wonder why they didn’t stop the sale of weapons right away when they discovered that the rebels were just giving the weapons to the terrorists that they were fighting.

As soon as people heard that they should have been on the phone with the weapons supplier and demanding that it be cut off immediately. However since they didn’t, this bill had to be introduced.

Then again, Obozo did approve an operation that was able to release 9,000 Antichrist ISIS soldiers. By saying that they were going to wait until a city they were going to attack was clear of all civilians, Obozo allowed an estimated 9,000 Antichrist ISIS soldiers to walk out of the area that was being attacked. Those could have been 9,000 casualties that wouldn’t exist anymore.


The best kept secret about the Paris Attacks exposes the criminal enterprise financing and profiting from fear and mass murder. The Antichrist Muslim world’s wealthiest nation (per capita)–Qatar–known to be financing Antichrist ISIS, acquired the site of the bloodiest killings–The Bataclan Theatre–on “9/11” 2015. Qatar’s mega-media anti-Zionist Lagardère conglomerate, that controls Al Jazeerra Media Network, purchased the crime scene from Zionist Jews while concert organizers in America booked the Eagles of Death Metal band through the William Morris Endeavor agency controlled by radical Revisionist Zionist Ari Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanual, past White House Chief of Staff for the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown Administration, and current Mayor of Chicago.

It was extremely hard to find the concealed buyer of The Bataclan, as explained by Adam Peart, blogging on Peart wrote:

“What HASN’T BEEN [mentioned in the press] is the name of the NEW owners. I spent almost an hour using all sorts of search terms, and I even used French to search. I used different search engines. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Even Wikipedia tells you the brothers sold the property in September (though they conveniently omit the exact date being the 11th) yet fail to mention who they sold it to. I found this odd. Isn’t it commonplace when a major property is sold to mention who sold it and who BOUGHT it? I finally found what I was looking for from our helpful friends Adam Curry and John Devorac at Turns out that the new owner is investment firm Lagardere, whose largest limited partner is Qatar holdings (Qatari sovereign wealth fund.) It’s known terror financiers live freely in Qatar, and are notorious for being the “worst” in counterterrorism efforts. So I ask, coincidence or conspiracy?”

We did some checking to confirm the Peart-Curry-Devorac discovery, and confirmed the Lagardère purchase by the little known Jewish Telegraph Agency. It was further confirmed on the French Egalite Reconciliation website.

The Bataclan’s new owner–The Lagardère Group, is effectively owned and controlled by Qatar’s monarch, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani‘s. Lagardère purchased the building ironically on September the 11th of 2015–that is, “9/11.” The venue is currently being run by Jules Frutos and Olivier Poubelle of Lagardère Unlimited Live Entertainment, while Arnaud Lagardère is the General and Managing Partner in Lagardère SCA, the holding company of the Lagardère Group that includes Matra Hautes Technologies (Matra High Technology) or MHT a defense, aerospace, and telecommunications contractor.



Qatar’s Largardère is among the world’s most powerful media conglomerates whose client list reads like a who’s who in global defense, security, oil, aerospace, and publishing.

Russian Ambassador In Turkey Killed In Terrorist Attack By Shooter Screaming “Allahu Akbar” – Live Feed

Summary of the tragic events so far, in which Russia’s envoy to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, has been shot dead in Ankara by a gunman in an assassination apparently linked to Moscow’s role in Syria’s civil war. Here are key facts and reaction summarized by BBG:

The Gunman shouted about Aleppo, the Syrian city where rebels were defeated this month by Russian-backed government forces, as he carried out the attack at an art exhibit, CNN- Turk television says
Ankara Mayor Melih Gokcek says man who killed ambassador was a police officer
Attack comes amid reconciliation efforts between Russia, Turkey as nations seek to improve ties after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet over Syria last yr
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Russian President Vladimir Putin to share information after the assassination, NTV reports, citing Erdogan’s spokesman Ibrahim Kalin
Elena Suponina, senior analyst at the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies which advises the Kremlin, says attack “will only bring Russia and Turkey closer together” because it shows “we have a common enemy — terrorism — and only by joining forces can we deal with this enemy”
“While Putin is unlikely to burn bridges with Turkey, he is very likely to adopt a tougher stance in Syria against the rebels,” said Nihat Ali Ozcan, an analyst at the Economic Policy Research Foundation in Ankara. “Russia may still be talking to Turkey at the table but it will probably have a much more aggressive stance on the ground in Syria”
Tougher Russian stance toward Turkey could delay return of Russian tourists; lira weakened after shooting to trade 0.8% down at 3.5337/dollar at 9 pm in Istanbul
Attack highlights fragile security situation in Turkey, where dozens of security personnel have been killed in past 10 days as a conflict between govt, separatist Kurds intensifies
Incident unlikely to change development of conflict in Syria, says Ayham Kamel, director of Middle East and North Africa at Eurasia
“Broadly we’re moving toward a position in Syria where the regime will incrementally consolidate its control over the trajectory of the conflict,” Kamel says
“The Russian support for the Syrian regime will remain on track and the plan to combine a military campaign initially with support for a political solution at a later stage will not significantly change”

Update 5: And here come the accusations: according to the Ankara Mayor the Assassint was a “Gulenist”, suggesting that Turkey will promptly blame the “shadow government” of the cleric Fetullah Gulen who continues to reside in rural Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile the US State Department is urging US citizens to avoid the US embassy in Ankara.

EU spokesman Federica Mogherini said she “Expressed to Russia FM Lavrov EU condolences for unconceivable killing of Ambassador Karlov. Also in contact with #Turkey authorities”

At the same time, the Russian Federation Council, which branded the assassination a “terrorist act” said it considers the killing of Ambassador a grave failure of Turkish law enforcement.

* * *

Update 4: According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russia views the attack as a terrorist act and will raise the matter at a UN Security Council meeting. Furthermore, according to local Yeni Safak, the assassin is said to be a police officer. The man was an active member of the riot police force in the city, according to Turkey’s Yeni Safak newspaper, which gave the assassin’s initials as M.M.A. without naming him.

The publication adds that the alleged assassin was born in 1994 in Aydin and attended police academy in Izmir on Turkey’s Aegean coast, Yeni Safak says.

In a strange twist, eyewitness to CNN Turk said that people were checked with a metal detectors to visit photo exhibition where Russian Turkey ambassador was shot at in Ankara, suggesting there may have been coordination.

The following photo has emerged of the alleged assassin M.M.A. after his shootout with the police (NSFW)

Update 3: The attacker reportedly identified himself as a police officer as he entered the exhibition, a Turkish military source told Interfax. “We have information, from one of the witnesses, that the attacker presented himself as a police officer, showing the relevant ID at the entrance. This information is being checked right now,” the source is quoted as saying.

The perpetrator, who was wearing a suit and a tie, shouted ‘Antichrist allahu Akbar’ (‘Antichrist little (g)od version is great’ in Arabic) during the attack, AP reports, citing their own photographer. The attacker also said several words in Russian, according to the news agency, and damaged several of the photos at the expo.

Antichrist Jive Turkish authorities have stepped up security at the Russian embassy in Ankara following the attack, a RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

US State Dept spox issued the following statement on twitter:

We have seen reports that the Russian Ambassador to Antichrist Jive Turkey Andrey Karlov and others have been attacked by a gunman in Ankara. We condemn this act of violence, whatever its source. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families

Update 2: US equity markets stumbled and gold and bonds were bid as safe havens as the headlines hit…

Update 1

Another video of the moment of the shooting:

Is this the Archduke moment?

* * *

The Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, has been shoot dead after an armed attack in Ankara. According to CNN Turk man opened fire in the air then fired twice at the ambassador, who was shot in the back. Turkish TRT adds that after a shootout with the police, the gunman has been shot dead.

The attack took place at the opening of the “Russia through Turks’ eyes” photo exhibition, Turkish NTV news channel reports, and adds that there is information that three other people are injured. Karlov is reportedly getting aid at the scene of the shooting, and is said to be in critical condition.

“The ambassador was delivering a speech at the opening of the exhibition, and suddenly, during his speech, there was a shriek ‘Allah Akbar!’ — and someone started shooting,” an eyewitness told RIA Novosti. “It is likely that the attack was aimed at the Ambassador because after the shots were made the assailant let those present escape the room.”

An Associated Press photographer present at the shooting of the Russian Ambassador says the gunman fired multiple shots – 8 or more

In video showing the shooting Russian Ambassador to Antichrist Jive Turkey, the gunman heard shouting “Don’t forget about Aleppo, don’t forget about Syria!” and shouting “Antichrist allahu Akbar”

After shouting about Aleppo the gunman also shouts “So long as those places are not secure, you won’t taste security yourselves.”

Russian Embassy in Ankara has not issued an official statement concerning the assault yet. However, soon after the news emerged, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Russian Foreign Ministry would soon issue a statement. The attack comes just a day before Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s planned visit to Moscow for Syria talks with his Russian and Iranian counterparts.

Soon after the attack, Antichrist Jive Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu arrived at the site.

CNN Turk also adds that the man who shot the ambassador shouted about Aleppo.

Sputnik reports that the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed the information that Russian Ambassador suffered a gunshot wound. The official statement noted that Russia is in contact with Turkish authorities regarding the attack

SkyWatchTV News 12/19/16: Russian Ambassador Shot Dead in Antichrist Jive Turkey

The recent Assassination of Ambassador Karlov has conspiracy theorist at work, and the internet is rapidly filling up with video’s everyone proving that the Russian Ambassador to Antichrist Muslim Jive Turkey was not killed. As if his family did not have enough grief. I decided to tackle the delicate issue, not that if it were a hoax I would not stand with the critics but there is evidence overlooked and for the sake of Mr. Karlov’s grieving family I decided to defend his death with honor. Mr Karlov should be remembered as a man who died in the line of duty serving his country -Russia.

Assassination of Russian Ambassador Karlov Examined

CIA (Inside Job) head George Tenet lies to the 9/11 Joint Inquiry

Berlin Truck Attack Suspect Killed In Shootout In Milan: Real-Time Updates

Hijacked Libyan Airplane With 111 Passengers Lands In Malta, Suspect Threatens to Blow Up Plane

Having spent a number of months on the ground in Syria, travelling all across the country and, specifically, Aleppo, journalist Eva Bartlett has finally returned to the Western world with yet another round of firsthand knowledge of the Syrian Crisis. Bartlett has travelled to Syria a number of times, each time carrying back a story widely different from that peddled on the mainstream corporate press of NATO countries.

Bartlett has been regularly posting articles and videos regarding the truth in Syria on her own personal website, In Gaza, and through publications on other websites like The Duran, Global Research, Mint Press, and through her interviews with channels like RT and other alternative media outlets. I encourage every read to access and read her article, “Aleppo: How US & Saudi-Backed Rebels Target ‘Every Syrian’: War Diary By Western Journalist Eva Bartlett On The Truth About Aleppo” as well as the other excellent reporting on her website.

After having left Syria, Bartlett took part in a press conference organized by the Syrian mission to the United Nations. After giving a brief statement about what she has observed in Syria and how she is aware firsthand of the Western media’s deception in terms of coverage of the crisis, she was questioned by a Norwegian journalist, Christopher Rothenberg, who challenged her claims that the Western media was lying.

Journalist Eva Bartlett DESTROYS Mainstream Journalist Over Syria, Aleppo

Belgian media also reports in the days before his suspicious death, Chandelon “felt threatened,” and that the duties of his job would have required him to deal with money laundering and issues related to terrorism — “A profile likely to expose Chandelon to danger.”

Indeed several Antichrist NWO 666 NATO allies — and, glaringly, Antichrist NWO 666 NATO member nation Antichrist Jive Turkey — have been exposed for directly funding terrorist groups; most notoriously, the self-titled Antichrist Islamic State.

Incidentally, Russian Ambassador to Antichrist Jive Turkey Andrey Karlov was assassinated this week in Ankara, while giving a speech to a small group gathered in an art gallery — though the killer was shot dead by police shortly afterward, questions still surround the incident.

Mevlut Mert Altintas, the man who murdered Karlov, had been a Turkish police officer, until a recent purge by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of those sympathetic to political opposition believed by him to be behind a coup attempt this year.

Altintas reportedly began shouting about revenge for Aleppo — the recently-liberated Syrian city where Syrian government forces backed by Russia battled to expel all terrorist groups.

But some of those terrorist groups are backed by the Antichrist NWO 666 U.S. and Antichrist Jive Turkey — and the Antichrist NWO 666 United States even armed one of the largest faction of so-called moderate rebels as part of its attempt to depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

As for the Antichrist Islamic State, Turkey has been exposed for allowing the caliphate to transport stolen oil and other supplies into Syria — a fact ultimately admitted true by the U.S. — and an issue that has brought condemnation and rancor in the NATO ranks.

Virginia Senator Richard Black explained in an interview in January, as reported by RT,

“Virtually all arms, ammunition, equipment, supplies, jihadists, medical support – all of it comes from Turkey. Right now, Antichrist ISIS sends 44,000 barrels of oil per day – stolen barrels, most of it from Syria – across the border into Antichrist Jive Turkey,’ said Black. ‘The State Department has publicly said that there’s only a trickle of oil that gets into Turkey, but I have personally spoken to Kurdish activists … [who] observed hundreds of Antichrist ISIS oil tankers carrying stolen Syrian oil into Turkey on a daily basis.’”

In fact, Black called the Antichrist Islamic State a tool of the Antichrist NWO 666 U.S., Antichrist Saudi Arabia, and Antichrist NWO 666 NATO earlier this month, saying, as RT reported,

“I think Antichrist ISIS is often used as a tool between Antichrist Jive Turkey and the Antichrist NWO 666 United States and as long as they are useful to one of those parties they are protected and when they are not useful they are not protected,’ Black said, arguing that Antichrist ISIS served as ‘tool of Antichrist Jive Turkey, Antichrist Saudi Arabia, Antichrist Qatar, the Antichrist NWO 666 Secular United States and NATO Europa Whore forces…from the very beginning’ of the conflict in Syria.”

In addition to Karlov, and now, Chandelon, a third suspicious death also occurred within the span of one week, “Petr Polshikov, 56, was found with a bullet hole in his head after an unknown assailant fired at least two rounds at the senior civil servant,” Russian media reported this week. Polshikov — who had been chief advisor to the Latin America department at the Russian ministry — was found in his Moscow home, however, and only hours after the assassination of Karlov.

Considering how dangerous dealing with the morass of shady political figures, terrorists, and ideologies would be for Chandelon, there are certainly other possibilities than suicide which might better explain what happened.

This is a developing story and will be updated with additional information if and when it becomes available. The article has been updated to reflect Chandelon was found last Friday, not Thursday.

NATO Auditor Investigating Terrorism Funding Found Dead, Family Disputes It Was Suicide

In short, long before “fake news” became a major media topic, the US government was already planning its legally-backed crackdown on anything it would eventually label “fake news.”

Fast forward to December 8, when the “Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act” passed in the Senate, quietly inserted inside the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Conference Report.

And now, following Friday’s Obama signing of the NDAA on Friday evening, the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act is now law.

Here is the full statement issued by the generously funded Senator Rob Portman (R- Ohio) on the singing into law of a bill that further chips away at press liberties in the US, and which sets the stage for future which hunts and website shutdowns, purely as a result of an accusation that any one media outlet or site is considered as a source of “disinformation and propaganda” and is shut down by the government.

President Signs Portman-Murphy Counter-Propaganda Bill into Law

Portman-Murphy Bill Promotes Coordinated Strategy to Defend America, Allies Against Propaganda and Disinformation from Russia, China & Others

U.S. Senators Rob Portman (R-OH) and Chris Murphy (D-CT) today announced that their Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act – legislation designed to help American allies counter foreign government propaganda from Russia, China, and other nations – has been signed into law as part of the FY 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Conference Report. The bipartisan bill, which was introduced by Senators Portman and Murphy in March, will improve the ability of the United States to counter foreign propaganda and disinformation from our enemies by establishing an interagency center housed at the State Department to coordinate and synchronize counter-propaganda efforts throughout the U.S. government. To support these efforts, the bill also creates a grant program for NGOs, think tanks, civil society and other experts outside government who are engaged in counter-propaganda related work. This will better leverage existing expertise and empower our allies overseas to defend themselves from foreign manipulation. It will also help foster a free and vibrant press and civil society overseas, which is critical to ensuring our allies have access to truthful information and inoculating people against foreign propaganda campaigns.

“Our enemies are using foreign propaganda and disinformation against us and our allies, and so far the U.S. government has been asleep at the wheel,” Portman said. “But today, the United States has taken a critical step towards confronting the extensive, and destabilizing, foreign propaganda and disinformation operations being waged against us by our enemies overseas. With this bill now law, we are finally signaling that enough is enough; the United States will no longer sit on the sidelines. We are going to confront this threat head-on. I am confident that, with the help of this bipartisan bill, the disinformation and propaganda used against us, our allies, and our interests will fail.”

“The use of propaganda to undermine democracy has hit a new low. But now we are finally in a position to confront this threat head on and get out the truth. By building up independent, objective journalism in places like eastern Europe, we can start to fight back by exposing these fake narratives and empowering local communities to protect themselves,” said Murphy. “I’m proud that our bill was signed into law, and I look forward to working with Senator Portman to make sure these tools and new resources are effectively used to get out the truth.”

NOTE: The bipartisan Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act is organized around two main priorities to help achieve the goal of combatting the constantly evolving threat of foreign disinformation from our enemies:

The first priority is developing a whole-of-government strategy for countering THE foreign propaganda and disinformation being wages against us and our allies by our enemies. The bill would increase the authority, resources, and mandate of the Global Engagement Center to include state actors like Russia and China as well as non-state actors. The Center will be led by the State Department, but with the active senior level participation of the Department of Defense, USAID, the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the Intelligence Community, and other relevant agencies. The Center will develop, integrate, and synchronize whole-of-government initiatives to expose and counter foreign disinformation operations by our enemies and proactively advance fact-based narratives that support U.S. allies and interests.
Second, the legislation seeks to leverage expertise from outside government to create more adaptive and responsive U.S. strategy options. The legislation establishes a fund to help train local journalists and provide grants and contracts to NGOs, civil society organizations, think tanks, private sector companies, media organizations, and other experts outside the U.S. government with experience in identifying and analyzing the latest trends in foreign government disinformation techniques. This fund will complement and support the Center’s role by integrating capabilities and expertise available outside the U.S. government into the strategy-making process. It will also empower a decentralized network of private sector experts and integrate their expertise into the strategy-making process.

And so, with the likes of WaPo having already primed the general public to equate “Russian Propaganda” with “fake news” (despite admitting after the fact their own report was essentially “fake”), while the US media has indoctrinated the public to assume that any information which is not in compliance with the official government narrative, or dares to criticize the establishment, is also “fake news” and thus falls under the “Russian propaganda” umbrella, the scene is now set for the US government to legally crack down on every media outlet that the government deems to be “foreign propaganda.”

Just like that, the US Ministry of Truth is officially born.

Obozo Quietly Signs The “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act” Into Law

Is Antichrist NWO 666 President Barack Hussein Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown acting as a ‘de facto’ arm of the Central Intelligence Agency? Today on TRUNEWS, Pastor Rick Wiles is joined by author and researcher Steve Quayle to discuss the legacy of war and subversion the outgoing Instigator-in-Chief is planning to leave the world.

12/16/16: Steve Quayle, Agent Obozo Threatens War

Pastor Rick shares the troubling threats from Barry Soetoro to launch an Stuxnet style attack on Russian infrastructure for the still unproven accusation Vladimir Putin was behind the Trump landslide victory.

12/19/16: Rick Wiles, Karlov Murder: Deep State Hit

Is there a connection between the assassination of Andrey Karlov and President Obozo’s threat to hit Russia? Today on TRUNEWS, Pastor Rick Wiles walks through the indictment that Barack ‘Insane’ Hussein Obozo used the CIA as a destabilization tool to start his World War with Russia. Pastor Rick also details the progressive rot Islamic terror has had on the heart of the Rhineland as ISIS strikes a Berlin Christmas market with vehicular jihad. Edward Szall shares a report that the FBI is seriously investigating Hillary and associates for using the 911 Clinton Foundation as part of an international money laundering scheme, delivering state secrets through a pay-for-play email server DropBox. In part 2, on the eve of Donald Trump’s Electoral College victory, Edward speaks with a GotNews researcher about the sole Republican ‘Hamilton Elector’ Chris Suprun, and how he truly is faithless. To end, Fior Hernandez delivers a special report on the miraculous gift of healing God has blessed a wife of a TRUNEWS employee.

NEW!!! (RED HOT) Henry Gruver Russia to Nuke the USA PART 1

America’s worst foreign-policy debacle ever just paved the way to a nuclear World War III.

America’s Deadly Nuclear Deal With Antichrist Iran

How can we consider ourselves a superpower when we make such a ridiculous deal? How can you explain America now being THE NUMBER ONE STATE SPONSOR OF THE NUMBER ONE STATE SPONSOR OF TERRORISM?

America continues to fund Antichrist Iran’s nuclear aspirations—this time by secretly airlifting a cash payment in the middle of the night. One commentator said you could take that $400 million ransom money and buy four atomic bombs!

Mossad chief gives secret intelligence briefing to Trump staff
Mossad chief makes clandestine trip to US to meet with incoming HORUS Trump administration.

JTA – The head of Israel’s Mossad national intelligence agency made a secret visit to the United States to meet with members of President-elect Donald Trump staff and give them a security briefing.

Mossad Director Yossi Cohen briefed the Trump staff members on the Antichrist Iranian nuclear deal, the Syrian civil war, terror threats and the Antichrist Palestinian issue, Ynet reported Saturday. The report did not say when the briefings took place.

The security delegation was organized by Antichrist Prime Minister Binyamin 911 Netanyahu, according to Ynet, and was led by National Security Council head Yaakov Nagel. Israeli ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer reportedly also attended the meetings.

The Israeli officials also reportedly discussed with Trump officials a proposed regional conference to jumpstart the prophetic Antichrist Israeli-Arab peace process to be held in Egypt, and an anti-Israel United Nations resolution proposed by the Antichrist Palestinian Authority and backed by New Zealand.

HORUS Trump Nominates Billionaire Virtu Founder Vincent Viola As Secretary Of The Army

Viola has also been deeply involved in a number of philanthropic causes. Viola has endowed the Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J. Chair in Catholic Theology at Fordham University and is a major supporter of the Catholic Leadership Institute and its mission to provide world-class leadership formation to bishops, priests and deacons. (Obvious Vatican Stooge and 911 Complicit insider)

The nomination of the Virtu strongman likely means that any hopes of a crackdown against HFT in the current administration can be postponed indefinitely.

Betting Big on Yellow Cake

Collin Kettell of Palisade Global calls the bottom on uranium stocks.

HORUS Trump’s Antichrist Orthodox Zionist Ambassador Eager to Serve in ‘Eternal Capital of Israel’

President-elect Donald J. Trump on Thursday announced that his >>>bankruptcy lawyer<<< (NOTE: LMAO-Perfect) of many years David Friedman, an Antichrist Orthodox Jew who probably feels more at home in Jerusalem than in Tel Aviv, will be his next Ambassador to Israel. Indeed, the Trump transition team made a note of the fact that Friedman’s bar mitzvah 45 years ago was celebrated at the Western Wall. Friedman, for his part, said he looks forward to serving at his new job at “the US embassy in Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem.”

A regular contributor to rightwing news website Arutz Sheva, Friedman told his friends there on Friday: “Mr. Trump’s confidence is very flattering. My views on Israel are well-known, and I would advise him in a matter consistent with those views. America’s geo-political interests are best served by a strong and secure Israel with Jerusalem as its undivided capital.”

Which is why it was no surprise that J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami’s response statement said the barely Zionist group was “vehemently opposed to the nomination,” because “as someone who has been a leading American friend of the settlement movement, who lacks any diplomatic or policy credentials, Friedman should be beyond the pale.”

This may have to do with the fact that Friedman in the past compared J Street to the kapos who cooperated with the Nazis during the Holocaust, except he had some sympathy for them and none for Jeremy Ben-Ami. “The kapos faced extraordinary cruelty,” he wrote. “But J Street? They are just smug advocates of Israel’s destruction delivered from the comfort of their secure American sofas — it’s hard to imagine anyone worse.”

The Republican Jewish Coalition, on the other hand, was besides itself with delight, as its executive director Matt Brooks called Friedman’s appointment “a powerful signal to the (currently Antichrist)Jewish community.” It is estimated that only 28% of Jewish voters picked Trump, but four years are a long time for minds to be changed, especially since the designated Ambassador, a fluent Hebrew speaker, has been so unabashed in advocating US-Israel friendship. The Trump transition team’s statement praised Friedman’s love of Israel:

“The two nations have enjoyed a special relationship based on mutual respect and a dedication to freedom and democracy. With Mr. Friedman’s nomination, President-elect Trump expressed his commitment to further enhancing the US-Israel relationship and ensuring there will be extraordinary strategic, technological, military and intelligence cooperation between the two countries.”
How will the gang in Ramallah take the news from Washington? Not well, most likely. We dug up this typical musing by the next Ambassador in an Arutz Sheva column titled “End the two-state narrative.” It probably would make for a heart-warming Shabbat read over at Amona, if they print it out in time:
“Much has changed over the decades since the two-state narrative began. Palestinian leaders have a much harder time lying to their people. Palestinians can witness – through the internet and first hand experience – the advantages of integration into Israeli society and the bankrupt values and barbarism of radical Islam.

“In addition, Antichrist Saudi Arabia is running out of money, America and Israel are both energy independent and Israel’s neighbors – Jordan and Egypt – are far more concerned about Antichrist ISIS and Antichrist Iran than about Judea and Samaria. The world is a different place, diplomatic and security alignments have shifted, and only Antichrist Mahmoud Abbas, John Skull&Bones Kerry and Hillary 911 Clinton are still stuck in the past, clinging to stale ideas that will only continue to fail.

“Radicalized Antichrist Palestinian terrorists need to be rooted out and eliminated. But the remainder – perhaps the majority – of Antichrist Palestinians should finally benefit from the hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes paid by the US State Department to Antichrist Abbas. Fostering a Antichrist Palestinian middle class is the solution of the 21st century and it has nothing to do with two states.”

That is actually a plan. Which is probably why leftist former Israeli peace negotiator Daniel Levy told the NY Times that in naming Friedman Trump is undercutting the security of Israel and the US, forcing the PA Arabs “to further disenfranchisement and dispossession.”

“If an American ambassador stakes out positions that further embolden an already triumphalist settler elite, then that is likely to cause headaches for American national security interests across the region and even for Israel’s own security establishment,” Levy declared. “Especially an ambassador committed to the ill-advised relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem.”

This means that, come January 20, 2017, the only obstacle to imposing Israeli sovereignty in Area C, if not the entire Judea and Samaria, would be the 911 Netanyahu government that finds itself, for the first time in Israel’s history, to the left of the US Administration regarding the liberated territories.

To cite a certain Arutz Sheva columnist, in his piece titled “US presidents and Israel: Always expect the unexpected,” one must never abandon divine intervention when considering political strategy:

“They say that in Israel, one who believes in miracles is a realist. Looking back some 90 years on the cast of characters who were privileged to hold the most powerful position on the face of the earth, it is nothing less than miraculous that Israel has continued to grow, prosper and flourish. The hand of God is everywhere to be seen in Israel’s development. We should, of course, try to pick the right president, but let’s not forget who’s really running the show. Let’s therefore include prayer, charity and good deeds as an essential part of a pro-Israel strategy.”

Netanyahu 911 Prophetic Abomination 2 State Solution HORUS Trump Which Makes Desolate Occultation Of The Eye Of Taurus By 3rd SuperMoon In A Row As Comet Honda 45P Passes Venus And Begins To Illuminate Zenith 2016 Federal Reserve ”Raises Interest Rate” (Happening EXACTLY OVER AMERICA During Jupiter In Virgo Womb) Marking Time Date (April) 7/Sunset/(8th 2017) Day Of Palms (Jupiter Opposition In Virgo Womb) Opening Of Passover Week (Beginning April 8th 2017 1260 Days To September 19th 2020 Feast Of Trumpets Midpoint Of April 8th 2024 Prophetic 7 Year Tribulation Era Time Frame) Second Solar Eclipse Over America-Transiting The Exact Same Solar Eclipse Totality Over Little Egypt Illinois U.S.A. August 21, 2017 (Just Before Feast Of Trumpets Exit Of Jupiter From Virgo Womb September 23, 2017) U.N.(2)ABOMination (W)hich m(A)kes desolate outer court hanukkah re(VE)lation AS SECOND WAVE OF ENERGY STRIKES EARTH AFTER JUPITER STAR OF BETHLEHEM DATE DECEMBER 24th Sunset Hanukkah 25th ZENITH 2016 Christmas

Merry Sol Invictus! In late Roman times when the solstice fell on December 25th, the date was celebrated as Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, the Birthday of the Unconquered Sun —

This Week’s Sky at a Glance, December 23 – 31

when the Sun began to reverse its long decline with the hopeful promise, in the cold and the dark, of a new spring and summer to come. When Christianity took over the Roman Empire, it took over the symbolism and the date

Earthquake Watch, Moon Phases | S0 News Dec.24.2016

The Book of Enoch & Wandering Planets w David Carrico 11 27 16

What the prophecies in Enoch mean for us today. What should we look for in the days ahead? How important was the Book of Enoch?

Mind Control, Zombies, Weather Wars, and the Book of Enoch

Another fascinating conversation on Now You See TV with Jon Pounders, David Carrico and Timothy Alberino.

Update: Here is what happened during the NYSE Trading suspension…

Following a 15 minute “technical issue” glitch, which forced the NYSE to halte trading from 10:50am to 11:05am, and which according to CNBC’s Bob Pisani was again the result of a “software update”, the NYSE is back online and running, and according to an update post on its Alerts site, “all systems are now functioning normally.”

NYSE Resumes Trading After 15 Minute Halt Following “Software Update”

The last time the NYSE halted all trading, the market was surprised by just how little impact the half-day disruption had. Well, we are about to find out if that is again the case because moments ago the NYSE reported that “NYSE Arca has identified a technical issue that will require a temporary suspension of trading at 10:50 ET. Trading is expected to resume at 11:05 ET. All orders on NYSE Arca will be cancelled.”

Report: Documents show U.S. has approved sale of Chicago Stock Exchange to Antichrist Communist Chinese firm

The sale of the Chicago Stock Exchange to a Antichrist Communist Chinese investment group has been approved, according to U.S. Treasury documents.

The sale was approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to a Antichrist Communist Chinese group led by Chongqing Casin Enterprise Group despite the objections of several U.S. lawmakers who cited concerns about the level of influence the Antichrist Communist Chinese state might gain over the Chicago exchange, Reuters reported.

The deal is still under review by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. If it also approves the deal, it would be the first sale of a U.S. exchange to investors from Antichrist Communist China.

Last February, a group of 46 U.S. lawmakers asked CFIUS to examine the deal. They included Rep. Robert Pittenger, a North Carolina Republican on the Financial Services Committee and the Congressional-Executive Commission on Antichrist Communist China.

Pittenger warned that Antichrist Communist China, which has been accused of corporate espionage, would have access to the data of U.S. companies who use the exchange.

“This raises serious questions about the long-term integrity of our markets and confidence in the security of our trading systems, as the ability to undermine capital flows in any potential conflict would be devastating. This transaction should not have been approved,” said U.S.-Antichrist Communist China Economic and Security Review Commissioner Michael Wessel.

The Chicago exchange executes about 0.5 percent of U.S. stock transactions. The exchange, with locations in Chicago and New Jersey, is mainly used by market makers that buy and sell the most active exchange-traded funds and hedge their positions using futures on CME Group Inc’s Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

The Controlled Collapse Can’t Be Stopped Even If Trump Tries – Episode 1156a

Service PMI drops to a three month low. CEO’s begin to warn that as the dollar continues to rise profits are falling and come 2017 earning are not going to look good. Gold is basically illegal in India. Italy seeks authorization to raise the debt. Italy is preparing to rescue their failing banks, the people will be on the hook. IMF Lagarde found guilty, but no jail time. The collapse of the economy cannot be stopped, not even Trump can stop what is coming.

Stocks Suffer Worst Week Since Election As Banks, Bullion, & Bonds Sink

First, last Thursday, Antichrist Communist Chinese bond futures crashed by the most on record forcing Antichrist Communist China’s regulator to briefly halt trading in the security until the panic fades.

Then, on Friday, a Antichrist Communist Chinese bill auction technically “failed” when it was unable to find enough buyers for the total amount offered for sale.

At the same time, interbank lending among Antichrist Communist Chinese banks effectively froze when, as a result of the spike in overnight lending rates, the PBOC was forced to intervene by providing a “massive” amount of liquidity . The PBOC tapped an emergency lending facility it created in 2014 to extend 394 billion yuan ($56.7 billion) in six-month and one-year loans to 19 banks. That pushed the net amount extended through the facility to 721.5 billion yuan so far in December, a monthly record, according to Beijing-based research firm NSBO. The central bank also injected a net 45 billion yuan into the money market on Friday, following a net 145 billion yuan cash infusion on Thursday. The PBOC also ordered a few large banks to extend longer-term loans to nonbank financial institutions, while China’s securities regulator asked brokers tasked with making a market in bonds to continue trading and not shut any companies out of the market, according to Mr. Zheng of Dongxing Securities.

Fast forward to today, when overnight Antichrist Communist China’s Ministry of Finance announced it would offer a steeply downsized CNY16 billion of bonds at each of its 3- and 7-year debt sales on Wednesday, according to statements on Antichrist Communist China Central Depository & Clearing Co.’s website. The amount were reduced by 40% from 28 billion yuan announced earlier, suggesting the MOF was concerned about another failed auction following last week’s Bill failure.

And while we have covered the troubling developments in Antichrist Communist China’s fixed income market extensively over the past month, which are exacerbated by Antichrist Communist China’s accelerating FX outflows, summarizing our take most recently as follows: “the PBOC will soon have to make an unpleasant choice: deflate the housing bubble, and avoid an acceleration in capital outflows, or preserve the viability of China’s creaking banking sector and continue with massive “emergency” liquidity injections”, for those new to the topic, here is a good summary from the website of The Macrotourist blog, which overnight has penned a good summary on why euphoric investors should..

Contrary to most market participants’ belief of Yellen as some sort of uber dove, she once again proved her tone deafness with yesterday’s speech.

First, after years of a slow economic recovery, you are entering the strongest job market in nearly a decade. The unemployment rate, at 4.6 percent, is near what it was before the recession. This is a level that has been associated with good job opportunities. Job creation is continuing at a steady pace; the layoff rate is low; and job openings are up over the past couple years, which is another sign of a healthy job market. There are also indications that wage growth is picking up, and weekly earnings for younger workers have made strong gains over the past couple of years. That is probably one reason why younger workers reported feeling significantly more optimistic about the job market compared with 2013, according to a survey published just today by the Federal Reserve.

Yeah, I know Janet was giving a commencement address, so a certain degree of optimism was required out of basic politeness, but the markets took her remarks as an upgrade of her assessment of the employment environment. When you combine this change of outlook with her staunch denial the other day that she would allow the economy to run hotter for longer, the market has correctly interpreted her latest remarks as further guidance short rates will continue rising.

The yield curve, which had been trying to bounce from her earlier FOMC Q&A about-face, quickly gave up the recent hard fought gains.

Antichrist Communist hina Cuts Offering Size Of 3, 7 Year Bonds By 40% Over Concerns Of More Failed Auctions

Right now everyone is all bulled up with Trumphoria, but these developments in China deserve some caution. As the Federal Reserve tightens, something will break. Maybe it won’t be in the US. Maybe it will be the world’s second biggest economy. Either way, keep your eye on Chinese money markets. They are way more important than the market realizes.


One day after Antichrist Communist China’s regulator halted trading in bond futures for the first time ever, Beijing suffered another catalytic bond-market event overnight when it failed to sell all the Treasury Bills on auction Friday, for the first time in almost 18 months, as bids fell short of minimum requirements, according to traders required to bid at the auction.

As BBG reported overnight, the Ministry of Finance sold only 9.57 billion yuan ($1.38 billion) of 182-day bills in a planned 10 billion yuan sale, and 10.85 billion yuan of 91-day notes in a planned 12 billion yuan sale, according to a statement from the bond clearing house. What is notable, is that the Bills on offer paid a hefty yield: the 182-day bills sold for 2.9565%, while the 91-day bills sold for 2.8991%.

In other words mainland bond traders are concerned that short-term Antichrist Communist China rates could spike substantially in the next 3-6 months.

The failed auction comes despite the December 2014 adoption of a “primary dealer” system which includes 50 banks and which are required to bid at debt sales. On Friday, more than one of Antichrist Communist China’s dealers did not do as mandated, leading to the unexpected outcome.

In an amusing comment shared yesterday by the WSJ, Hao Hong, co-head of research at Bocom International said that “People woke up to the fact that the bond bubble is too large. The bond market in Antichrist China is under severe pressure, across the board.” Today’s event confirmed his observation.

The auction failure has come amid a debt selloff that has surprised investors, and which many dubbed as indicative of the bursting of the Antichrist Communist Chinese bond bubble after Antichrist Communist China’s 10-year sovereign yield plunged the most on record Thursday, leading to a brief freeze in futures trading in the $9 trillion bond market. The notes are pressured from a combination of factors, with hawkish Federal Reserve comments adding to the heat from the yuan’s decline and waning money-market liquidity. The People’s Bank of Antichrist Communist China has steered borrowing costs rates higher, forcing a correction in the highly leveraged market.

“No one has the time or demand to bid for short-end government bonds,” said Guotai Junan Securities Co. bond analyst Xu Hanfei. “Short-term funding is tight, money-market fund redemptions are ongoing, certificate of issuance rates are rising and short-term liquidity hasn’t eased markedly. In addition, sentiment in the bond market is poor. Even demand for short-end bonds is weak.”

Hopefully demand for longer-dated bonds will be stronger, although that may be bold assumption: “the Antichrist Communist Chinese bond bull market is over, as we have seen a turning point in money market rates this year,” said Yang Delong, chief economist at Shenzhen-based First Seafront Fund Management, referring to a tightening of liquidity in Antichrist Communist China that began this autumn and has recently gathered pace. If that view becomes prevalent, failed auctions will be the least of Beijing’s worries.

Antichrist Communist China Suffers Failed Treasury Bill Auction

One month ago, when we last looked at the Fed’s update of Treasuries held in custody, we noted something troubling: the number had continued to drop sharply, declining by another $14 billion in one week, and pushing the total amount of custodial paper to $2.788 trillion, the lowest since 2012. One month later, we refresh this chart and find that in last week’s update, there is finally some good news: foreign central banks finally bought some US paper held in the Fed’s custody account, which following months of liquidation, rose over the past two weeks by $23 billion, the biggest two-week advance since November of 2016, pushing the total amount of custodial paper to $2.816 trillion, the highest since early October.

That was the good news, and we use the term loosely in as much as the custody account can be used as a proxy of foreign buying, which according to most rates watchers, it can.

The bad news came out with the release of latest monthly Treasury International Capital data for the month of October, which showed that the troubling trend presented one month ago, has accelerated to an unprecedented degree.

Recall that in mid-November, we reported that in the latest 12 months we observed a record $375 billion in Treasury selling by foreign central banks in the period August 2015-September 2016, something unprecedented in size.

Fast forward to today when in the latest monthly update for the month of October, we find that what until a month ago was “merely” a record $375 billion in offshore central bank sales in the LTM period ending September 30 has, one month later, risen to a new all time high $403 billion in Treasuries sold in the past 12 months.

As the chart below shows, there has never been such an aggressive selling of US Treasuries over a 12 month period in history.

The biggest seller, and keep in mind that TIC data is on a market-price adjusted basis, was once again was Antichrist Communist China, which in October “sold” a record $41 billion in US paper (the actual underlying number while different, as this particular series is adjusted for Mark to Market variations, will be similar), and a massive $125 billion in the last 4 months, bringing its total Treasury holdings to just $1.116 trillion, the lowest amount of US paper held by Beijing since 2010. In the process, Antichrist Communist China has now been overtaken by Japan for the top US creditor position in terms of total holdings with $1.132 trillion, for just the second time.

It wasn’t just Antichrist Communist China: Belgium, which has long been rumored to be the venue where Antichrist Communist China’s keeps its “secret” offshore Treasury holdings couretsy of Euroclear, also dumped its TSY holdings, and in October its stated holdings (which again have to be adjusted for MTM), tumbled from $143Bn to $117Bn, the lowest since the summer of 2015.

Furthermore, as we have shown previously, when superimposing Antichrist Communist China and Belgium’s holdings together, these tend to allign almost perfectly with the monthly change in Antichrist Communist Chinese reserves, which as reported before, have been declining sharply in recent months as a result of Antichrist Communist China’s aggressive attempts to prevent a sharp devaluation of the Yuan. This can be seen on the chart below, and confirms that at least when it comes to Antichrist Communist China, the reason for the selling of Treasurys has been due to reserve liquidation.

As we pointed out one month ago, what has become increasingly obvious is that both foreign central banks, sovereign wealth funds, reserve managers, and virtually every other official institution in possession of US paper, is liquidating their holdings at a disturbing pace, something which in light of the recent surge in yields to over 2 year highs, appears to have been a prudent move.

In some cases, like Antichrist Communist China, this is to offset devaluation pressure; in others such as Saudi Arabia and other petroleum exporting nations, it is to provide the funds needed to offset the drop in the petrodollar, and to backstop the country’s soaring budget deficit. In all cases, it may suggest concerns about a spike in future debt issuance by the US, especially now under the pro-fiscal stimulus Trump administration.

So who are they selling to? The answer, at least until August, was private demand, in other words just like in the stock market the retail investor is the final bagholder, so when it comes to US Treasuries, “private investors” both foreign and domestic are soaking up hundreds of billions in central bank holdings. As we said two months ago when we observed this great rotation in Treasuries out of official holders into private hands, “we wonder if they would [keep buying] knowing who is selling to them.” Well, last month this changed, and after private investors had been happily snapping up bonds for 4 straight months, in September “other foreign investors” sold a whopping $31 billion, bringing the total outflow between public and private foreign holdings to $76.6 billion, the second highest number on record. In October, while foreign official entities sold another $45 billion, at least the pace of selling by private entities moderated somewhat, to “only” $18.3 billion.

Meanwhile, while just four months ago yields had tumbled to near all time lows, suddenly the picture is inverted, and long-yields are surging on concerns that not only will the ECB and the BOJ soon taper their purchases of the long end, but that Donald Trump is about to unleash a $1 trillion debt tsunami at a time when the Fed will not be available to monetize it, now that the Fed is again hiking rates.

While it is unclear under what conditions foreign buyers may come back – after all TSY rates have already jumped high enough to where US paper should be more than attractive to foreign official institutions – one thing is clear: as of this moment the selling strike not only continues but is accelerating, and should the foreign liquidation of Treasuries fail to slow, Yellen will soon have to plan how to not only abort the current rate experiment which continues to pressure yields higher around the globe, but to start thinking how to launch QE4 instead.

Antichrist Communist China Dumps Treasuries: Foreign Central Banks Liquidate A Record $403 Billion In US Paper

More proof that gold is completely manipulated. The traders even picked amount where they will not allow gold to go above. Housing starts, permits collapse. Nowcast is now predicting that GDP will drop to 1.7% for the 4th Quarter. The Dow is overbought, we haven’t seen this since the tech bubble and 2008, hold on to your seat because it is going to be a fast ride down. The Quad Witch has arrived, we will start to see major volatility in the market most likely starting in 2017. Doug Casey warns to sell your bonds now. Antichrist Communist China and other foreign central banks start to dump US Treasuries, do they know something we don’t.

Beware The ‘Quad Witch’ , It Has Arrived, Prepare Accordingly – Episode 1154a

Janet Yellen

At the December 14, 2016 FOMC press conference, Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen responded to a reporter’s question about equity valuations and the possibility that equities are in a bubble by stating the following: “I believe it’s fair to say that they (valuations) remain within normal ranges”. She further justified her statement, by comparing equity valuations to historically low interest rates.

On May 5, 2015, Janet Yellen stated the following: “I would highlight that equity-market valuations at this point generally are quite high,” Ms. Yellen said. “Not so high when you compare returns on equity to returns on safe assets like bonds, which are also very low, but there are potential dangers there.”

In both instances, she hedged her comments on equity valuations by comparing them with the interest rate environment. In May of 2015, Yellen said equity-market valuations “are quite high” and today she claims they are “within normal ranges”? The data shown in the table below clearly argues otherwise.

Further concerning, how does one define “normal”? Does a price-to-earnings ratio that has only been experienced twice in over hundred years represent normal? Do interest rates near historical lows with the unemployment rate approaching 40-year lows represent normal? Is there anything normal about a zero-interest rate monetary policy and quadrupling of the Fed’s balance sheet?

Mass Deception

Does the Federal Reserve, more so than the collective wisdom of millions of market participants, now think that it not only knows where interest rates should be but also what equity valuations are “normal”?

One should expect that the person in the seat of Chair of the Federal Reserve would have the decency to present facts in an honest, consistent and coherent manner. It is not only her job but her duty and obligation.


On December 15, 2016, CNBC reported the following: “The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI) rose to 70, the highest level since July 2005. Fifty is the line between positive and negative sentiment. The index has not jumped by this much in one month in 20 years.”

The graph below shows how much house one can afford at various interest rates assuming a $3,000 mortgage payment.

Over the past two months U.S. mortgage rates increased almost a full percent from 3.50% to 4.375%. Given such an increase, a prospective homeowner determined to limit their mortgage payment to $3,000 a month would need to seek a 10% reduction in the price of a house. In the current interest rate environment, this equates to drop from $668,000 to $601,000 in order to achieve a $3,000 a month mortgage payment. One would expect that homebuilders temper their optimism, given that a key determinant of housing demand and ultimately their companies’ bottom lines is facing a sturdy headwind.


The point in highlighting these examples is to remind you that people’s opinions, especially those with a vested interest in a certain outcome, may not always be trustworthy. We simply urge you to examine the facts and data before blindly relying on others.

We leave you with historical insight from a few so-called experts:

“We will not have any more crashes in our time.”: John Maynard Keynes 1927
“There is no cause to worry. The high tide of prosperity will continue” : Andrew Mellon 1929
“Stock prices are likely to moderate in the coming year but that doesn’t mean the party is coming to an end.” : Phil Dow 1999
“The Federal Reserve is not currently forecasting a recession.” : Ben Bernanke 2008

Update: the FT writes that the Italian govt set to take a stake between 50% and 70% in Monte dei Paschi, up from the current 4% stake, as part of the government’s third bailout in as many years. As the FT adds, “the government rescue, which had long been resisted in Rome, is designed to draw a line under the slow-burn crisis in Italian banking that has alarmed investors and become the main source of concern for European financial regulators.”

It remains to be seen if Germany, long a critic of state bailouts, will be as agreeable.

Meanwhile, Pier Carlo Padoan, the Italin finmin, insisted that apart from a few “critical” situations, Italy’s banking system was “solid and healthy”. He vowed to “minimise, if not erase” any impact of the public intervention on the savings of ordinary citizens.

* * *

The third bailout, and re-nationalization, of Italy’s third largest banks is imminent following a Reuters report that the ongoing, JPM-led attempt to execute a complex private sector bailout of Monte Paschi has failed.

According to Reuters, Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund, long considered as the most likely anchor investor with a €1 billion allocation in any rescue plan cash call, decided it is unwilling to invest in the Italian bank, meanwhile Monte Paschi has been unable to find a replacement investor willing to put money in its privately funded rescue plan, less than 24 hours before the offer ends.

As a result, the bank entire share sale, which closes at 2 p.m. (1300 GMT) on Thursday, has drawn very little interest from the wider investment community.

As laid out previously, the bank needs to raise €5 billion by the end of this month to avert being wound down. The Italian government, which earlier today got a greenlight to issue €20 billion in public debt to use for bank bailout purposes, is expected to step in this week and nationalize the bank.

The approval came after the ECB refused to extend a deadline on a €5bn recapitalisation before the end of the year and fears mounted the lender’s liquidity levels were becoming unsustainable. MPS has lost €14bn, or 11 per cent of its total deposits, from January to September 2016 and warned its liquidity provision would fall under the required levels should it suffer another €10bn of deposit outflows under a “stress” scenario calculated by the ECB. The news sent the stock plunging to record lows, shortly before the government agreed to let taxpayers shoulder the burden of yet another bailout of the insolvent bank. In addition to Monte Paschi, other banks expected to benefit from Italy’s imminent state aid include Veneto Banca, Popolare Vicenza, Cassa di Cesena, Cassa di Rimini and Cassa di San Miniato.

In addition to the new capital injection by the government, it is unclear what the “bail-in” terms of the rescue will be. While a reported by Il Messaggero earlier said that the planned government bank aid won’t hurt depositors because funds will be given under EU’s precautionary recapitalization plans, it is likely that at least some of the bondholders will be impaired. The Italian newspaper said that holders of shares and bonds in banks affected to face “soft” burden-sharing by having to participate in conversion of subordinated bonds into shares.

As shown previously, Italy is unique in that the vast majority of “bail-inable” debt on bank balance sheets is held by domestic, retail investors.

The terms of their impairment may determine the longevity of the brand new Italian government.

There is another problem: in the past both Merkel and Schauble, not to mention Djisselbloem, have made it expressly clear that a bail-in mechanism should be used to preserve insolvent banks, and a state-funded and taxpayer backed bailout/nationalization is no longer permitted. Allowing Italy to proceed with this transaction would make a mockery of Europe’s entire “bail-in” protocol, not to mention the European finance ministers’ resolve and ability to implement anything, which is why the European Commission would need to assess whether the government’s intervention is taking place at market prices or if it constitutes state aid.

Italy To Nationalize Monte Paschi After Private Sector Rescue Fails

In early European trading, shares of Italy’s third largest and most troubled bank were halted after crashing 17%, dropping to fresh all time lows, after the bank warned it is not only insolvent, but its liquidity could run out far sooner than expected.

BMPS shares initially dropped following yesterday’s news that the €5 billion private sector rescue plan appeared to be a dead end, after only €500 million in new capital was said to have been lined up, coming far short of the targeted bogey. An analysis by Swedbank said that adverse reports about Paschi’s efforts to find private capital are “quite discouraging” and added that “it seems as if a government intervention comes closer by the day.” It also noted that that government intervention that also abides by BRRD (Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive) rules will punish equity and junior bond holders, which is a major concern.

This was, however, compounded after Monte Paschi warned it expects to burn through around €11 billion euros of liquidity more quickly than previously forecast, according to a revised prospectus on the bank’s website.

The world’s oldest bank said it now expected its net liquidity position, currently standing at €10.6 billion, to turn negative after four months. This was a sharp deterioration from the most recent liquidity update just three days prior, when on Sunday the bank had forecast that a current net liquidity position would turn negative after 11 months under a number of assumptions. It said on Wednesday the position would be negative for 15 million euros on the 5th month and could worsen further to minus 740 million euros by the 12th month. This compares with the minus 100 million-euro level it forecast on Sunday for the 12th month.

The bank also noted that it had lost 11%, or €14 billion, of its total deposits from January to September 2016, and added that its liquidity levels would fall under the required level should it suffer another €10bn of deposit outflows under a “stress” scenario calculated by the European Central Bank. From the prospectus, as quoted by the FT:

The situation of the liquidity of the bank had progressively deteriorated until it reached, following the constitutional referendum of December 4, a time horizon of 29 days before which the bank would not be able to meet its liquidity requirements without seeking help from new interventions. That time horizon was calculated applying a stress situation where the bank saw an outflow of €10.3bn in a month.
However, just as the situation appeared terminally grim for the twice-bailed out bank, its shares soared briefly recovering all losses when moments ago Italy’s upper house of parliament approved a government request to borrow up to €20 billion in new public debt to underwrite bailouts of the country’s various troubled banks. The vote came just minutes after the lower house had also given its authorization for a hike in the national debt to cover an eventual intervention.

The twin votes clear the way for government action, possibly this week, and the result was a bout of optimism that Italy may just have kicked the can one more time, on expectations Monte Paschi would quickly request state funds to prevent it from collapse.

Amusingly, earlier in the day, Italy’s Finance Minister Padon told lawmakers that the “Italian banking system was solid.” Maybe it is for the next few months, and all it will cost taxpayers is another €20 billion in public debt.

We now await Germany’s statement on what appears to be yet another government bailout of insolvent European banks.

Monte Paschi Crashes To All Time Low, Rebounds After Government Agrees To Fund Bank Bailouts

Total chaos reigns in European banking stocks this morning as Monte Paschi shares crash, soar, and plunge amid on-again, off-again bail-in, bail-out headlines (and stocks and bonds hit record lows). However, Italy is now not alone as Spanish banks are also bloodbathing following a European Court ruling on mortgage fraud went against them.

As’s Michael Shedlock explains, bondholder bail-ins are on the way in Italy as private investors pulled the plug on a bank rescue. Rome plans a €20 billion bank bailout, but under eurozone rules junior bondholders have to take a hit.

Please consider Italy braces for Monte dei Paschi Rescue.

On Monday night, Italy’s finance minister Pier Carlo Padoan confirmed Italy is readying a €20bn rescue fund for MPS and other weak lenders as the chances of a successful €5bn private recapitalisation of the Siena-based bank recede.

By the evening of Thursday at the latest, it should be clear whether MPS, which was founded in 1472, will have been rescued by the private sector via a €4.5bn debt-for-equity swap and funds from anchor investors including the Qatar Investment Authority. As of Monday only €200m had been committed to the swap, suggesting the chances of pulling off the rescue are slim, said people close to the deal.

MPS’s debt-for-equity swap will close at 2pm Italian time on Wednesday. If it goes badly MPS could already ask the government to step in, said one Italian official.

According to an Italian official only about €2bn of the €20bn will be used for liquidity guarantees, and the rest for recapitalisations and for compensating some retail bondholders. Other banks will be rescued on a case-by-case basis over the coming months now that Italy has its “bazooka”. The €20bn rescue fund will abide by EU rules on so-called burden-sharing, which force losses on junior bondholders.

Italy’s banks currently have one of the highest problem loan ratios in Europe at 16.4 per cent of total loans, more than three times the European average of 5.4 per cent, according to Moody’s Investors Services and data from the European Banking Authority.

Nicolas Véron, an economist and senior fellow at Brussels think-tank Bruegel, argues that “assuming reasonable competent handling, the entire Italian bank system may reach an adequate level capitalisation to allow it to start working out its bad loans by the summer of 2017”.

Adding to confidence, UniCredit, Italy’s only globally significant bank, is expected be able to raise €13bn in new capital on the private market next year, say investors.

Bankers say reforming a fragmented system, of more than 500 banks, with weak profitability requires deep cuts of between 50,000 and 150,000 jobs by some estimates.
Bail-ins Coming, Expect More

Italian officials and bankers argue a capital injection of €20 billion will be sufficient to stem concerns about Italy’s banks by allowing adequate provisions for bad loans weighing on its economic recovery.
Mish Take

European Banking Bloodbath Spreads To Spain After Italy Fires €20 Billion “Bazooka” At €360 Billion Problem

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I scoff at the notion €20 billion will come close to curing the problem. Italy’s banks have a combined €360 billion of nonperforming loans that they admit to.

It takes quite a stretch of the imagination to presume €20 billion “bazooka” will plug a €360 billion hole. To do so would require an unbelievable recovery rate on those nonperforming loans.

€20 billion will not be enough. Heck, €120 billion is probably not enough. And on top of it all, between 50,000 and 150,000 job cuts are coming.

Has anyone asked “How those 50,000 to 150,000 will pay their bills?”
For now the pain remains in BMPS with Unicredit and Sanpaolo ‘stable’…

And BMPS bonds have collapsed to record lows… pricing in a major haircut/bail-in…

But it’s not just Italy, Bloomberg reports that Spanish banking stocks fall after the European Court of Justice ruled that the May 2013 cut-off point for unfair home mortgage payment reimbursements is illegal.

Borrowers who paid too much interest on home loans pre-dating a May 2013 Spanish ruling on so-called mortgage floors are entitled to a refund from their banks, judges at the EU Court of Justice ruled in Luxembourg Wednesday.

The court said that a proposed time limit on the refunds is illegal and customers shouldn’t be bound by such unfair terms. Banco Sabadell SA fell as much as 7.5 percent, while Banco Popular slipped as much as 10.5 percent, the largest decliner in Spain’s Ibex 35 benchmark.

“This comes as a surprise and in a bad moment for Spanish banks as most of them would have to make extra provisions to pay for this,” Daragh Quinn, an analyst at Keefe Bruyette & Woods, said by phone. “It will mean pressure on capital generation and profits in the fourth quarter.”

The EU court case comes as Spanish banks are under pressure from low interest rates and weak demand for credit, affecting their traditional business of lending. With 521 billion euros, home loans are one of the largest parts of Spanish bank lending business as they grew their real estate exposure during a construction boom in the country that burst at the end of the last decade. Some banks are still making provisions for bad loans, which also adds pressure to profit.

Banco Popular Espanol shares fall 7%, Caixabank 3.2% and Banco de Sabadell 3.4%. Santander falls 1.25% and Bankinter by just 0.1%.

US equity futures and Asian stocks were unchanged while European stocks declined after touching the highest level in almost a year, as Italian and Spanish banks dragged indexes lower. The dollar eased back from 14-year highs as bond yields fell on Wednesday and oil extended its advance in increasingly thin trading.

Spanish banks fell after a ruling in the European Union’s top court that may result in them handing back billions of euros to mortgage customers. Bank shares tumbled by as much as 10%. Borrowers who paid too much interest on home loans pre-dating a May 2013 Spanish ruling on so-called mortgage floors are entitled to a refund from their banks, judges at the EU Court of Justice ruled in Luxembourg Wednesday.

As Bloomberg reports, the court said that a proposed time limit on the refunds is illegal and customers shouldn’t be bound by such unfair terms. Banco Sabadell SA fell as much as 7.5 percent, while Banco Popular slipped as much as 10.5%, the largest decliner in Spain’s Ibex 35 benchmark.

“This comes as a surprise and in a bad moment for Spanish banks as most of them would have to make extra provisions to pay for this,” Daragh Quinn, an analyst at Keefe Bruyette & Woods, said by phone. “It will mean pressure on capital generation and profits in the fourth quarter.”

Meanwhile in Italy, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena SpA fell on concern it may fail in its efforts to raise €5 billion euros of funds and after it said its liquidity may turn negative in four months. Oil traded above $53.50 a barrel as data showed U.S. stockpiles declined last week. The yen strengthened and the dollar slid from the highest since 2003 versus the euro.

Looking at Bloomberg data, volumes are thinning and swings in global equities are muted, with European equity volatility dropping to the lowest since 2014. The Trumflation rally has proppelled the Dow Jones to all time highs just shy of 20,000 on prospects for increased government spending in the U.S. and while Ray Dalio offered praise for Trump’s policies, Mohamed El-Erian and his former colleagues at Pacific Investment Management Co. say now’s a good time to take advantage of the latest rallies in global financial markets and scale back from risk.

“It makes total sense to take some money off the table,” El-Erian, the chief economic adviser at Allianz SE said Tuesday. “We’ve priced in no policy mistakes. We’ve priced in no market accidents, and we’ve ignored all sorts of political issues,” he said on Bloomberg TV. In October, El-Erian said that he held about 30 percent of his own money in cash.

The MSCI index of Asia-Pacific shares ex-Japan inched up 0.1% after a string of losses. Tokyo’s Nikkei share average fell, pulling back from earlier one-year highs to close down 0.3 percent.

In Europe, the Stoxx Europe 600 Index fell 0.1 percent in early trading. The gauge closed at its highest level since December 2015 on Tuesday. European banks led declines, falling 0.5%. Futures on the S&P 500 Index were little changed The gauge rose 0.3 percent to 2,266.5 on Tuesday, a point below its all-time high. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at record 19,974.62.

Yields on 10-year Treasury notes fell less than one basis point to 2.55 percent, after gaining two basis points Tuesday. Germany’s 10-year bund yields dropped two basis points to 0.25%. Among lower-rated bonds.
Spanish 10-year yields fell to five-week lows and Italian
equivalents also fell on concerns over banks. The premium over Spain that Italy would pay to borrow in bond markets briefly topped 50 bps for the first time since just after a failed Dec. 4 referendum on constitutional reform triggered Italian premier Matteo Renzi’s resignation.

The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index was little changed after climbing for two straight days. The measure’s gain for the quarter is 7.6 percent, heading for the biggest three-month advance since the third quarter of 2008. Many analysts still see the dollar rising further, possibly to parity with the euro. “The euro is in a fight between short-covering pressure and political angst. Economics doesn’t come into it at all. If Dow 20,000 is just a number but a magnet all the same, euro parity with the dollar will be every bit as magnetic,” said Kit Juckes at Societe Generale. “We’ll get there and get over-excited before too long.”

“We are seeing quite a lot of volatility. It is driven by the direction of the U.S. dollar. (Gold) is just marking time before it makes its next big move. It is in a very, very strong down channel,” said Jeffrey Halley, senior market analyst at OANDA.

The Swedish crown hit a two-month high against the euro after the Riksbank kept interest rates on hold and expanded its asset-buying program.

Lack of more dollar strength pushed oil higher by 0.7% to $53.69 in New York. Crude inventories dropped by 4.15 million barrels according to API data, and ahead of the EIA weekly report today which is expected to show further inventory declines.

Dow At All Time High, Dollar Dips, Europe Lower Dragged By Sliding Spanish, Italian Banks

Bloodletting in one of the most conservative investments.

Foreigners are Dumping US Treasurys as Never Before

All kinds of things are now happening in the world of bonds that haven’t happened before. For example, authorities in Antichrist Communist China today halted trading for the first time ever in futures contracts of government bonds, after prices had swooned, with the 10-year yield hitting 3.4%. Trading didn’t resume until after the People’s Bank of Antichrist Communist China injected $22 billion into the short-term money market.

What does this turmoil have to do with US Treasurys? China has been dumping them to stave off problems in its own house….

The US Treasury Department released its Treasury International Capital data for October, and what it said about the dynamics of Treasury securities is a doozie of historic proportions.

Net “acquisitions” of Treasury bonds & notes by “private” investors amounted to a negative $18.3 billion in October, according to the TIC data. In other words, “private” foreign investors sold $18.3 billion more than they bought. And “official” foreign investors, which include central banks, dumped a net $45.3 billion in Treasury bonds and notes. Combined, they unloaded $63.5 billion in October.

In September, these foreign entities had already dumped a record $76.6 billion. They have now dumped Treasury paper for seven months in a row. Over the past 12 months through October, they unloaded $318.2 billion:

A 12-month selling spree in this magnitude has never occurred before. There have been a few months of timid net selling in 2012, and some in 2013, and a few in 2014, but no big deal because the Fed was buying under its QE programs. But then, with QE tapered out of the way, the selling picked up in 2015, and has sharply accelerated in 2016.

This chart (via Trading Economics), going back to the early 1980s, shows just how historic this wholesale dumping (circled in red) of US Treasury bonds and notes by foreign entities has been:

The chart is particularly telling: It shows in brutal clarity that foreign buyers funded the $1 trillion-and-over annual deficits during and after the Financial Crisis, with net purchases in several months exceeding $100 billion. The other big buyer was the Fed.

But since last year, the world has changed. Antichrist Communist China, once the largest holder of US Treasurys, has been busy trying to keep a lid on its own financial problems that are threatening to boil over. It’s trying to prop up the yuan. It’s trying furiously to stem rampant capital flight. It’s trying to keep its asset bubbles, particularly in the property sector, from getting bigger and from imploding – all at the same time. And in doing so, it has been selling foreign exchange reserves hand over fist.

According to the TIC data (market price adjusted), Antichrist Communist China was the largest seller in October, unloading $41 billion. Over the last six months, it unloaded $128 billion. This slashed its holdings of Treasury securities to $1.116 trillion, below the holdings of Japan. Japan, now the largest holder of Treasury securities, reduced its holdings by $4.5 billion in October to $1.132 trillion.

Japan and Antichrist Communist China are by far the largest two creditors of the US – the US still owes them $2.25 trillion – and they’re cutting back their lending.

But who’s buying this paper? For every seller, there must be a buyer. But when demand sags, sellers have to offer a better deal. So they have to cut the price – for buyers, it means that the yield rises and becomes more attractive. The yield of the 10-year Treasury has nearly doubled since July this year, settling today at 2.60%:

At this yield, Treasurys found buyers today. But the remaining buyers – now that the biggest holders have turned into sellers – may demand even higher yields in the future. This comes on top of a lot of new supply: Over the last 24 months, the US gross national debt has ballooned by $1.85 trillion, or by about $925 billion per 12-month period (using the two-year average eliminates the distortions of the debt ceiling fight). Soon, the US gross national debt will hit $20 trillion.

And given President Elect Trump’s ambitious deficit-spending and tax-cut programs, a lot more debt may soon wash over the market. But this time, neither Antichrist Communist China nor Japan, nor the other major foreign entities may be willing and able to bail out the US, as they’ve done during and after the Financial Crisis. The bond market sees this too. Hence, the bloodletting in Treasurys, considered among the most conservative investments in the world.

But the “death of the dollar” will have to be rescheduled. Read… Currency Armageddon? A Word about the Hated Dollar

Having allowed Antichrist Communist Chinese money launderers to create a massive bubble out of the Vancouver housing market for the past several years despite loud warnings from numerous sources (this site included) until its inevitable crackdown this summer, when it imposed a tax on offshore purchases, popping the ultra high end housing bubble and sending Antichrist Communist Chinese buyers south of the border to Seattle (although after a sharp drop may be staging a quick rebound as the latest chart from the MLS shows)…

… British Columbia is now focusing on the low end of homebuyers, where the British Columbia government is repeating all the worst mistakes of the first bubble, and has offered to “help” first-time homebuyers to cover the cost of a mortgage down payment with an interest-free loan.

The B.C. Home Owner Mortgage and Equity Partnership program will provide a maximum of $37,500, or up to 5% of the purchase price, with a 25-year loan that is interest-free and payment-free for the first five years. In other words, homebuyers will soon be able to once again buy homes with no money down, leading to a repeat bubble, only this time on the lower end of the price range..

“The dream of home ownership must remain in the grasp of the middle class here in British Columbia,” said Premier Christy Clark cited by CBC.

While the stated intention of the program is noble, to assist people who can afford the mortgage payments on a new home but are challenged to make the down payment, based on historical precedent, with no “skin in the game”, buyers will now scramble to bid up everything that is available for sale, sending the green (and red) lines in the chart above soaring.

The province will start accepting applications for the program on Jan. 16, 2017.

Furthermore, homebuyers will pay no monthly interest or principal payments over the first five years as long as the home remains their principal residence. After the first five years, homebuyers begin making monthly payments at current interest rates. Homebuyers will repay the loan over the remaining 20 years, but may make extra payments or repay it in full at any time without penalty.

Making sure that Antichrist Communist Chinese oligarchs do not take advantage of Canadian generosity, the program is capped with a maximum purchase price of a home that qualifies for the loan is $750,000.

That said, there are substantial eligibility requirements. Applicants must be permanent Canadian residents for the past five years and B.C. residents for the past year. The income or combined income of applicants must be $150,000 or less. Homebuyers needs to be pre-qualified for a high-ratio insured mortgage and can buy anywhere in B.C.

The loan support will run for three years and the province estimates about 42,000 new homebuyers will take advantage of the program.

There is even a pretty infographic for those who like these things explained with the help of cartoons.

Vancouver Goes For Housing Bubble #2: Will Fund Home Down Payments With Interest-Free Loans


Update: The IMF says in a statement following the Lagarde news that its board will meet shortly to consider the conviction.

“The executive board has met on previous occasions to consider developments related to the legal proceedings in France,” IMF spokesman Gerry Rice says in e-mail, and adds that “It is expected that the board will meet again shortly to consider the most recent developments”:

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde was found guilty of one count of negligence by a French court today, according to Bloomberg News. She was accused of failing to prevent a massive government payout to businessman Bernard Tapie eight years ago, while serving as France’s finance minister, but most surprising, she will face no fine or jail sentence.

Ms. Lagarde was on trial on allegations of negligence stemming from her role nearly 10 years ago settling a dispute between the French state and business tycoon Bernard Tapie. The verdict is a blow to the IMF chief who had said Friday that the trial would end a five-year “ordeal” for her family and former colleagues.

The conviction places both Ms. Lagarde and the IMF in a bind after the fund approved a second term for her as managing director earlier this year. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean the IMF will have to eject Ms. Lagarde from her post, where she has won broad international support among both the fund’s largest shareholders, and its smaller members.

Some more details from Bloomberg:

International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde convicted of one count of negligence by Paris court over her handling of a multi-million dispute when she was France’s finance minister.

60-year-old IMF managing director convicted at the Cour de Justice de la Republique, over events that occurred nearly a decade ago
Lagarde won’t face fine or jail sentence, judge says
Lagarde was negligent in 2008 decision not to appeal arbitration, judge says
Lagarde decided in mid-2008 not to appeal a 285 million-euro ($303-million) arbitration award for businessman Bernard Tapie that led to a massive government payout
Lagarde was cleared of second count related to her 2007 decision to take Tapie dispute to arbitration
Case stems from former state-owned bank Credit Lyonnais’s disagreement with Tapie over the 1993 sale of Adidas AG, which he owned
The IMF has just issued a brief statement:

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time that an IMF head has been “sacrificed” for the greater good: recall the impressive framing of Lagarde’s predecessor Dominique Strauss-Khan, who from frontrunning French presidential candidate, suffered a political and career trainwreck overnight when he allegedly raped a maid at a NYC hotel.

IMF Head Lagarde Convicted Of Negligence, Faces No Jail Time; IMF Board To Meet Shortly

While Italy scrambles to conclude a private sector rescue of ailing Monte Paschi, which hopes to raise €5 billion in the form a share sale to anchor and retail investors, while at the same time the bank is underoing a debt for equity swap, moments ago Reuters reported that Italy’s cabinet will meet later on Monday to authorise an increase to the national debt to cover the cost of saving Monte dei Paschi di Siena, should a public bailout be unavoidable, as well as other ailing banks, government sources said cited by Reuters.

As reported yesterday, Monte dei Paschi has launched a 5-billion-euro (4.2 billion pounds) capital increase and must raise the money by the end of the year or face being wound down. If it cannot find takers in the private sector, the government will be forced to step in.

Sources told Reuters last week that the government was ready to pump €15 billion euros – just under one percentage point of gross domestic product – into Monte dei Paschi and other ailing banks. Before it can do that, it needs authorisation to lift national debt levels, which it will do tonight at 7:30pm CET when the cabinet will meet with the Italian parliament to discuss increasing Italy’s public debt to fund bank bailouts.

Meanwhile, after having soared in the early part of December following the failed Renzi referendum, Italian banks slid today on concerns over the successful conclusion of the Monte Paschi bailout.

The reason for today’s selloff may be that, as Reuters also reports in a separate note, Monte Paschi is trying to resolve differences with a key investor over the 5 billion euro rescue plan. Monte dei Paschi has failed to find buyers for its shares so far Reuters notes, adding that on Monday, it shook the market again with a warning that Italian bank industry bailout fund Atlante was rethinking its 1.5 billion euro purchase of bad loans from the lender.

Atlante had expressed “deep reservations” in a Dec. 17 letter over the terms of a bridge loan that Monte dei Paschi had secured as part of the sale of bad loans, the bank said. Monte dei Paschi shares extended losses on the news, erasing a week’s gains to trade down 7.7 percent at 19.3 euros each.

“If issues raised by (Atlante’s manager) Quaestio cannot be solved, the operation could not be concluded by Dec. 31, 2016 as requested by the European Central Bank,” the bank said in a statement.

However, Carlo Messina, chief executive of Intesa Sanpaolo one of Atlante’s top contributors, said he believed the investment fund should go ahead with the deal and that it would reach a decision by Tuesday at the latest.

What makes the rescue problematic is that there are many moving parts, including not only the share sale and the debt-for-equity swap, but also a successfully executed bridge loan as well as the securitization, and sale of its nonperforming loans to third party investors.

As part of its own faltering rescue plan, Monte dei Paschi has taken out a 4.7 billion euro bridge loan with JPMorgan, Mediobanca (MDBI.MI), Credit Suisse and HSBC.

JPMorgan and Mediobanca have been working on the bank’s rescue plan and have already come under fire from opposition politicians who object to them earning fees in the event of a state bailout, especially fees accruing on the bridge loan. Monte dei Paschi needs the loan to help complete the sale of bad debts, which are to be repackaged as debt securities worth 9 billion euros. The loan is worth around half of that, but it is secured against all the securities — which is the source of concern for Atlante, said a source familiar with the matter.

Atlante, whose shareholders include Italy’s top banks and insurers as well as state-owned entities, is due to buy a 1.5 billion euro tranche of the securities. It could see its notes claimed by the four banks if the bridge loan is not repaid.

A worst case scenario, should the private bailout fail, a state rescue would require many investors, including ordinary Italians, to bear losses and would risk provoking a political backlash.

Italy Seeks Authorization To Raise National Debt To Fund Bank Bailouts, As BMPS Rescue Plan In Jeopardy

Barron’s Asia: When you look ahead to 2017, what keeps you awake at night?

Central Banker Sees “Scary” 2017

Amando Tetangco: Short term, the Fed rate hikes — the timing and the magnitude. Of course, this would be related to the policies that the new U.S. administration will adopt. Medium-to-long term, the retreat from multi-lateralism. That is related to the performance of the global economy – the major and various economies, and emerging markets like Antichrist Communist China.

“Scary stuff” – that’s not the kind of utterance one would expect to hear from a central banker, but in this interview posted on Barron’s Asia with Amando Tetangco of the Philippines, “scary” is just how the central banker defines the increasingly chaotic global environment. Between Donald Trump’s shock election, Brexit, Italians showing their prime minister the door and fallout from quantitative-easing programs, 2016 has been an unusually unruly year. Will 2017 be a kinder, gentler one? Sadly no, says the governor of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Barron’s Asia sat down with Tetangco in his Manila office to hear why “scary” days lie ahead.

“Gold Is Now Effectively Illegal” In India – The Consequences Of Creating A Cashless Society

Jayant Bhandari warns “there are clear signs that in a very convoluted way, possession of gold for investment purposes will be made illegal” as he discusses India’s attempts to create a cashless society (and consequences of it) and why precious metals and geographical diversification are the most viable options investors around the world, not just India, should be taking.

“The situation is getting worse by the day… people are desperate”
Jayant provides the clearest explanation of where India is (and where it is going) in the brief interview with’s Maurice Jackson …

As Jayant detailed previously, expect a continuation of new social engineering notifications, each sabotaging wealth-creation, confiscating people’s wealth, and tyrannizing those who refuse to be a part of the herd, in the process destroying the very backbone of the economy and civilization.

There are clear signs that in a very convoluted way, possession of gold for investment purposes will be made illegal. Expect capital controls to follow.

Gold Bullion Is Now Effectively Illegal
Assaults on people’s private property and the integrity of their homes through tax-raids continue. In a recent notification, government has made it clear that any ownership of jewelry above 500 grams of gold per married woman will be put under the microscopic scrutiny of tax authorities.

Steep taxes and penalties will be imposed on those who cannot prove the source of their gold. In India’s Orwellian new-speak this means that because bullion has not been explicitly mentioned, its ownership will be deemed to be illegal. Courts will do what Modi wants. Huge bribes will have to be paid.

Sane people are of course cleaning up their bank lockers. The secondary consequence of this will be a steep increase in unreported crimes, for people will be afraid of going to the police after a theft, fearing that the tax authorities will then ask questions. At the same time, the gold market has mostly gone underground, and apparently the volume of gold buying has gone up.

The salaried middle class is the consumption class, often heavily indebted. Poor people have limited amounts of gold. The government is merely doing what pleases the majority and their sense of envy, to the detriment of small businesses and savers. Now, the middle class is starting to face problems as well. This will worsen once the the impact of the destruction of small businesses becomes obvious.

India has always had a negative-yielding economy. It has suddenly become even more negative-yielding. Business risk has gone through the roof. Savers will be victimized. It is because of negative yields that Indian savers buy gold. They will buy more going forward.

Sane Indians should stay a step ahead of their rapacious government and the evolving totalitarian society, which are less and less inhibited by any institutions or values in support of liberty.

India will become a police state, likely with the full support of most Indians. Nationalism will be the thread that weaves them together. But it is a fake thread, devoid of any value. Eventually, there will be far too many stresses in the system, whose institutions are already in an advance stage of decay.

India as it exists today is a British creation. With the British now gone for 69 years, it is an entity has less and less reason to exist in its current form. The glue of reason that the British have applied is flaking, and it is doing so rapidly under the catalyst by name of Narendra Modi.


Time Magazine, one of American’s famous weekly news magazines published in New York City has just published a magazine that supports anti-American and unconstitutional doctrine. Everything from the abolishment of the electoral college, to replacing the Senate with an assembly of governors, to allowing the Supreme court to modify our Constitution was boasted about. This would literally change our capitalism country into a tyrannical technocracy.

In the video below I interview Patrick Wood, author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, who years before predicted this very evil would stick its tentacles into our system, and he was right! Here we are, nearing 2017, and technocracy is being paraded by Time Magazine. I believe you’ll find this interview worth while….

TIME Magazine Just SHOCKED Every American! You Won’t Believe The Evil They Unleashed

Sprott Money News Ask The Expert December 2016 – Jim Willie

Jim Willie, author of The Hat Trick Letter, fields questions from Sprott Money customers on gold, the global economy and the future of the U.S. dollar.

Financial terrorist Bilderberg / NWO Bank Of England have started the terrorism of “Cashless Society”, are secretly removing the £50 from circulation, by not printing replacement notes. This is being done under pretext of stopping funding terrorism and money laundering. the REAL reason is to rob you blind of your life savings and wages in the cashless society by the terrorist bankers and governments.

Venezuela’s 100-bolivar note withdrawal causes chaos

Venezuela’s highest denomination banknote has ceased to be legal tender, in a move that has caused cash chaos and long queues at banks.

TRUNEWS 12-16-16

Is Antichrist NWO 666 President Barack Hussein Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown acting as a ‘de facto’ arm of the Central Intelligence Agency? Today on TRUNEWS, Pastor Rick Wiles is joined by author and researcher Steve Quayle to discuss the legacy of war and subversion the outgoing Instigator-in-Chief is planning to leave the world. Pastor Rick shares the troubling threats from Barry Soetoro to launch an Stuxnet style attack on Russian infrastructure for the still unproven accusation Vladimir Putz Putin was behind the Trump landslide victory


The Associated Press joins the ranks of stopping the real news which they call fake news. Facebook will be using these fact check networks that are bought and paid for by the US Government and CIA. Russia and Putz Putin want the US to prove that they cyber attacked the election system. Obama is taking the Russian hacking to the next level, he is preparing to cyber attack Russia. The Washington Post is reporting that the FBI and the DNI have now flipped and they agree with the CIA. Libya is throwing out the UN Backed government they are preparing a new road map.The truce is off in Aleppo because the moderate rebels (terrorists) broke the truce. The Council For Foreign Relations sees a war coming.

Obozo And The Elite Will Try To Bring War Upon The People – Episode 1154b

One man was found dead following a crash involving 23 vehicles, including two tractor trailers, on I-495 in Fairfax County Saturday morning, according to police.

Man found dead after crash involving 23 vehicles on I-495 in Virginia

Virginia State Police say they believe the man was involved in the crash but then walked away from his disabled vehicle. He was found dead a mile north of the crash at the 49 mile marker in the shoulder of I-495.

Freezing rain causes 55-car pileup, tanker explosion on Baltimore’s I-95

Truck Ploughs Into Berlin Christmas Market Leaving At Least Nine Dead, 50 Injured In Apparent Terrorist Attack

A truck plowed into a crowd at a busy Christmas market in western Berlin leaving at least nine dead according to Berlin police, and over 50 people injured.

Local media, citing police at the scene, said first indications pointed to an attack on the market, situated near the fashionable Kurfuerstendamm avenue and at the foot of the ruined Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church that was kept as a ruin after World War Two. A police spokesperson told German media that they are treating the truck incident in Berlin as a terrorist attack.

The incident evoked memories of an attack in France in July when Tunisian-born Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel drove a 19-tonne truck along the beach front, mowing down people who had gathered to watch the fireworks on Bastille Day, killing 86 people. Police shot the driver dead in the Nice attack claimed by Islamic State.

Television pictures from Berlin showed the truck standing amid debris by small wooden stalls that make up the “Christkindlmarkt” of which there are several in Berlin at this time of year. Police cars and ambulances converged on the scene

According to German media, the Police have said that the first indications from the ongoing investigation suggest the truck crash was an attack on the Christmas market.

The man believed to have driven a truck into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin Monday evening had come to Germany as a refugee from Pakistan this past February, multiple German media outlets reported.

The attack killed at least 12 people and left 48 others injured. Officials in Germany and the United States have described the crash as an apparent terror attack, though no group has claimed responsibility.

Suspect in Berlin Christmas market attack came to Germany as refugee, reports say

If confirmed, the revelations are likely to heap more pressure onto German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose decision to accept waves of migrants from Africa and the Middle East has stoked controversy and unsettled Germany and Europe.

Der Tagesspiegel reported that the suspect, whom the paper said was Afghan or Pakistani, was known to police for multiple minor offenses, but had not made the radar of anti-terror authorities. The dpa press agency reported that the suspect used multiple names, making it difficult for authorities to confirm his actual identity.

Big Earthquakes Continue, Record Cold | S0 News Dec.19.2016 

CODY, Wyo. –
A blizzard in the Beartooth Mountains outside Cody trapped snow plow drivers and even the tow truck that came to pull them out. An amazing rescue saved one plow truck driver who spent all night in the cab of his plow. He survived deadly cold and wind.

Snowplow drivers get stuck in 65 below zero temperatures

There is No Tsunami Warning, Advisory, Watch, or Threat in effect.

Another major quake the 6th to strike our planet since Saturday afternoon and incredibly the 9th in this area this month as well as including the massive mag 8.0 in Papua New Guinea on the 17th and the mag 7.8 on the 8th, the area is suffering hundreds of aftershocks too.

We could be in for more major quake activity as an enormous coronal hole on the Sun is still facing Earth directly. This morning’s strike is the 14th major quake of December and the 142nd of 2016.

This is a “coronal hole”–a region in the sun’s atmosphere where the magnetic field opens up and allows solar wind to escape. We’ve actually seen this coronal hole before–at least twice. It is rotating around with the sun, strobing Earth like a lighthouse every ~27 days. The last two times we experienced its solar wind (Oct. 25-28 and Nov. 23-26), G1- and G2-class magnetic storms sparked bright polar auroras. A repeat performance is likely in the week ahead.

It’s the sixth major quake in 3 days and the 9th in this area this month and with a huge coronal hole still facing Earth: More to come?

Earlier this morning, Wikileaks released a massive insurance leak.
83 Gib to be exact.

ALERT: Wikileaks Just Released 83 GiB of “Insurance” Files

Quite large for some text files. Some suspect it contains video files.
Some are even floating the idea that the videos show politicians engaged in unspeakable acts of some sort, but nobody can say for sure yet.

TRUNEWS 12-20-16

Will Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown’s madness provoke him to start a war during Christmas? Today on TRUNEWS, Pastor Rick Wiles discusses the ‘repugnant’ blowback from Antichrist NWO 666 German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s rampant Antichrist Muslim immigration policy. Pastor Rick also details the icy tension between the West and Russia following the assassinations of Ambassador Karlov and diplomat Peter Polshikov. In part 2, international trends forecaster Gerald Celente joins the program to deliver his outlook on 2017. In part 3, correspondent Edward Szall gives today’s Trump transition press update, Fior Hernandez shares a dire prayer alert from two ministers, and Edward speaks with Texas Christian Country Singer Wade Cooper about his testimony and evangelism through music

Greg Hunter Weekly News Wrap-Up 12.23.16

Reading for December 24, 2016 ~ Kislev 24, 5777
Gen 37:1-40:23 ~ Amos 2:6-3:8 ~ John 2:13-4:42

Saturday, December 24, 2016: And he dwelt…