Antichrist Manhattan Mystery Babylon March Phoenix NWO Inside Job 911-666-2017 Call Beast Rising In Jerusalem (RIP Cris Putnam)

by amongthenumberedsaints


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The captured people of Israel were set free by an invader that came to disrupt the corrupt kingdom. This time is different. This time the people are called to escape out of Israel, specifically, ”let those in Judea flee”, and the specific time frame for their safety as a result of their being so moved in agreement is 3 1/2 years. This means the enemy map maker shows up at the start of the tribulation era time frame. The prophetic revelation of that fact is ”when you see the abomination which makes desolate standing in the Holy Place”. The first time that happened was do to an invading enemy seeking to slaughter and enslave the people of Israel not free them. This time it shall be done ”by peace shall he destroy many”, confirmed by the prophetic revelation  of the declaration of ”when you hear them declare peace and security” then after that ”sudden destruction” happens. That is how the prophetic tribulation era time frame starts and inspires people that witness it to be so moved in agreement by The Holy Spirit of our Father in Christ Yahshua. Jerusalem is the key point of order, and that is where all this action happens to take place., making it vey obvious to those of us watching. Lol, extremely obvious. Jerusalem is where the prophetic Holy Place is and it is where the Antichrist is confirmed by his action, kicking off the tribulation era time frame, or showing his map, as it were, his ”Trump Cards”.

Revelation 12

And they overcame and conquered him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, for they did not love their life and renounce their faith even when faced with death. 12 Therefore rejoice, O heavens and you who dwell in them [in the presence of God].

Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you in great wrath, knowing that he has only a short time [remaining]!”

Revelation 13

Also he compels all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead [signifying allegiance to the beast], 17 and that no one will be able to buy or sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.

18 Here is wisdom. Let the person who has enough insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the [imperfect] number of a man; [g]and his number is [h]six hundred and sixty-six.

CAIRO – Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will make his first state visit to Washington >>>during the first week of April<<< at the invitation of US President Donald Trump, Egyptian state-owned newspaper Al-Ahram reported on Sunday.

The trip will be Sisi’s first US state visit since being elected president in 2014 as former Antichrist NWO 666 US president Barack Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown had never extended an invitation.


Sisi was elected a year after leading the military’s ousting of the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood’s president MoHAMed Morsi after mass protests. Trump invited Sisi in January but the date of the visit had not been announced.

Congress told to brace for ‘robotic soldiers’

“How soon will A.I. supplant the need … for all these human beings to be able to defend these networks and do what we do?”

Healey answered that he expects the capability to be developed more quickly than anticipated.

The A.I. Economy: “Why The Market Never Crashes”

The Irish News reports US company Postmates has begun the rollout of the first fully automated robotic food delivery service in Washington, D.C. with plans to launch it across Europe in the future. The delivery robots, which are manufactured by Estonian company Starship Technologies, are designed to bring food directly from restaurants to customers doors.

Takeout delivery robots have begun transporting food to customers across Washington, D.C. this week.

Real money no longer exists, and the rest of us are trapped inside of a system of debt slavery, fake news and bad info, and rule by fake money.

Bitcoin, Banks & The Final Disintermediation – This time they cant cheat death

And while landlords have attempted to keep rents artificially high for as long as possible, it seems that the excess supply of vacant store frontage is finally starting to take its toll.

Manhattan Retail Vacancies Soar

We have just lightly touched on the significance of this building for there are literally hundreds of details that point to the Illuminati and their plans for mankind.

But more important to this report it establishes a base for the seat of the one that will be accepted by most as the messiah, before Yeshua returns to set up his reign and rule over the earth. I have no doubt that many will come against this report, and that the messenger rather than the message will be attacked. But I have tried to lay it out with proof and facts much more could be said and I am sure this will provoke others to say them, and possibly that is the intent of this article.

The Israeli NWO tips their hand. — Masonic Order Designs Symbology in Israeli Supreme Court Building

Eye of the Phoenix: Part 6

“Apocalyptic Rise Of The Illuminati”

This Is Nothing More Than A Central Bank,Rothschild Operation To Increase Their Power

We present the latest weekly anecdote, From Eric Peters, CIO Of One River Asset Management

“You know what I dislike about my own argument?” asked the CIO. “I sound defensive, like I can’t accept I’m wrong.”

We all know that guy, and rarely want to be him. “No one ever truly believed in my thesis,” he said, describing it: A growing dominance by the global economic elite shapes policy to deliberately asphyxiate dynamism. Because dynamism and its fraternal twin – volatility – are the only real threats to an entrenched elite.

Rising income inequality is an obvious manifestation of this process. As the cost of raising children soars, declining birth rates are too.

It’s why our students are drowning in debt and now rent for life. If they fall ill, it’s why laws prohibit them from declaring bankruptcy on college loans. It’s why big firms are bailed out, and why incumbents are securely gerrymandered, rarely unseated.

Peel back the patina and you’ll discover that today’s monetary policy, tax policy, foreign policy, trade policy, and regulations of every stripe are levers the elite pull to entrench their interests. Secular stagnation is what we came to call the symptom without identifying this cause. Then came a synchronized global cyclical recovery, which we may now confuse as a Trump inspired break from this stranglehold.

“If I thought our new president could increase budget deficits by another 2% per year, my thesis would crumble. I’d be wrong. But the odds of this are zero in the absence of starting a new war.” He paused, considering the rebound in interest rates, the record equity highs.

“Am I just looking for reasons to support my position?” he asked aloud, interested only in his own answer. “I’ve been wrong on trades, but never on a big structural theme. That’s because I only bet really big when I’m absolutely convinced. And I’m pretty sure I’m still right.”

Hedge Fund CIO: “The Odds Of Trump Succeeding Are Zero In The Absence Of A New War”

Atlantis: Discovered Finally! (high resolution copy)

“I have been able to see further because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton said that about himself, but it also applies to David Flynn, who stood on the shoulders of Newton.

That’s the basis of Flynn’s “Temple at the Center of Time,” part one of a two-book set, bound as a single volume. The very title sounds like it could be the name of an episode of “Doctor Who.” I need to emphasize “Temple at the Center of Time” is not science fiction, but it does resonate with people who like to think outside the dusty box.

For example, I bet you haven’t heard this before. Flynn reveals that the distances from various world capitals, past and present, to the site of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, point to a historic date involving each country. Take Babylon. It fell in 539 BC. According to Flynn, “If you go from Babylon and you extend a line to Jerusalem, where the Temple Mount is, you find that it’s 539 statute miles.” That’s starting from the site of Belshazzar’s palace.

Flynn gives another numerical example, not involving a date, but a number I’m sure you’ll recognize. This time he measured from the famous Kaaba stone in the Mecca mosque “the holiest place for Antichrist Islam and then you go to Judaism’s (Currently Antichrist) holiest site, the site of the Temple Mount where the Holiest of Holies was, and it’s exactly 666 nautical miles.” What was that? “It’s absolutely perfect to the foot.”

666 Miles from Mecca to Jerusalem

If you’ve read my book, Apollyon Rising 2012, then you understand that this is why presidents are inaugurated there, as well as why they stand at the Dome—which the founding designers admitted was a religious Temple based on Freemasonry and devotion to Osiris—facing the Obelisk whenever they give speeches that will affect the administration of the gods on earth. To stand at the Dome and face the Obelisk is a public act of respect, recognition, honor, subservience to the powers historically represented by these symbols—Isis, Osiris, and Apollo.

But in the new audio series we are working on now, we go deeper, uncovering the historical importance of the Magic Square, how it worked, how it was used by the founders, Freemasons, and Rosicrucians in tandem with other grimories such as the Solomon Key and the Lesser Key of Solomon, which was so important to them. We discuss the 72 pentagrams at the base of the Apotheosis of Washington in the Capitol Dome, and how they were and are used by Freemason gnostics to control the 72 kosmokrators over earth. We reveal why the 36-cubed Magic Square’s numerology—111, 555, and 666, which binds the Bible in the base of the Washington Obelisk—is repeated in the skylight in the House of the Temple above which the Raising Ceremony is performed.


Archaeologists found the statue in the Mattarya district which is the site of the ancient capital of Heliopolis. The ruins of Heliopolis, which means ‘city of the sun’ in ancient Greek, are located in the north eastern part of modern-day Cairo.

The sun temple in Heliopolis was founded by Ramses II, which increases the likelihood that the statue is him.
Ancient Egyptians believed Heliopolis was the place where the sun god lives, meaning it was off-limits for any royal residences. It was one of the largest temples in Egypt, almost double the size of Luxor’s Karnak, but was destroyed in Greco-Roman times.

Many of its obelisks were moved to Alexandria or to Europe and stones from the site were looted and used for building as Cairo developed.

Giant 3,000-year-old statue of Pharaoh Ramses II found buried in a Cairo slum is hailed as ‘one of the most important discoveries ever’

After a year typified by upset victories in sports and politics, some rabbis sees this week’s ‘turnaround’ holiday of Purim leading up to the celebration of Israel’s 70th year as a portal that will open the way for the most impressive upset victory of all time: the Third Temple.

Sports fans will most certainly remember this as the year of the upset. Many fans literally fell out of their seats when the Chicago Cubs made an astounding comeback to win their first World Series in over one hundred years. The New England Patriots shocked millions when they came from behind in overtime to win the Super Bowl.

Closer to home, Israel was astounded when their underrated baseball team won their third straight victory in the World Baseball Classic last night, entering the last eight in their first foray into the tournament in Tokyo. Yahoo Sports had called Israel’s team the “underdoggiest underdog of this whole shebang.”

Purim, celebrated Saturday night, is the holiday of nahafochu, Hebrew for ‘flipping things around’, when the day slated to be the destruction of the Jews in Persia became the day their enemies were destroyed. In the spirit of the Jews celebrating in Shushan 2,700 years ago, the Talmud tells Jews to drink wine until “they can’t tell the difference between ‘blessed is Mordecai’ and ‘cursed is Haman’.”

The days wherein the Yehudim had rest from their enemies, and the month which was turned unto them from sorrow to gladness, and from mourning into a good day; that they should make them days of feasting and gladness. Esther 9:22

But the most Purim-like upset victory within the past year was surely when Donald Trump won the presidential election over highly-favored political veteran Hillary 911 Clinton. Before the election, Reuters, like many other prominent polls, gave Clinton a 95 percent chance of winning.

“Trump’s victory was the ultimate upset,” (currently Antichrist)Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf, a prominent Jewish educator and bestselling author, told Breaking Israel News. “Three years ago, if you had told anyone that the star of the reality show The Apprentice would be sitting in the White House today, no one would have believed you.”

(currently Antichrist)Rabbi Apisdorf said that, just as in the Purim story, this aspect of total change is good for the Jewish People.

“That is precisely the power of belief that is needed to bring the Third Temple,” (currently Antichrist)Rabbi Apisdorf said. “The belief in things that literally no one saw coming. Judaism today does not even remotely relate to what it will be when the Temple comes, and that could literally be tomorrow. We can’t even imagine it.”

On top of that, Trump’s victory also had clear connections to the Biblical story of Purim, according to Rabbi Lazer Brody, an American-born Hasidic (currently Antichrist) rabbi and teacher.

(currently Antichrist)Rabbi Brody noted remarkable similarities between the new American president and Biblical King Ahashverosh. The (currently Antichrist)rabbi said that despite being non-Jews, both men have Jewish grandchildren, and both leaders were wealthy and powerful, but did not come from political or royal backgrounds.

(currently Antichrist)Rabbi Brody told Breaking Israel News that this Purim connection would begin to influence politics to an even greater degree after the upcoming holiday.

“You are going to see a lot more nahafochu in the near future,” (currently Antichrist(Rabbi Brody said, quoting Psalms.

A Song of Ascents. When Hashem brought back those that returned to Tzion, we were like unto them that dream. Psalm 126:1

“After the destruction of the First Temple, it took 70 years for Israel to wake up and build the Second Temple,” the rabbi explained. “After May 14, Israel will be going into its 70th year. This is the year that Israel will go through big changes. It is when we wake up to the real reason we were brought back into the land.”

Again, the rabbi cited Psalms as a support for his claim.

That they might keep His statutes, and observe His laws. Hallelujah. Psalms 105:45

“That is the reason God gave us the land,” Rabbi Brody said. “The whole message in nahafochu is that it no matter how much we plan, or how clear the end seems to be, it is really all in God’s hands.”

Shocking Upset Victories as Israel Approaches 70th Year Portend Change Bringing Third Temple

Antichrist Prime Minister Benjamin  911 Netanyahu arrived in Moscow Thursday afternoon, and used Russian President Vladimir Putz Putin’s greetings for Purim as a chance to blast Iran.

“I think you for your good wishes on Purim,” Netanyahu 911 said alongside Putz Putin before their meeting in the Kremlin. “Some 2,500 years ago in ancient Persia, there was an attempt to wipe out the Jews, which did not succeed, and which we commemorate with this holiday.”

Today, Netanyahu 911 said, Iran – the continuation of ancient Persia – has similar designs: to wipe out the state of the Jews. “They say this clearly, and it is etched on their ballistic missiles,” Netanyahu 911 said.


The Antichrist prime minister continued: “I want to say clearly that Israel is today a state with an army, and we are able to defend ourselves. Extreme Antichrist Shia Islamic terror does not only threaten Israel, but rather the region and the world

Purim Party – Monday, March 13, 2017

Has anyone ever consider that all these intel leaks from Wiki Leaks may have been a New World Order agenda to shut down Private Internet usage? With the latest leaks coming against the CIA it seems a bit odd, and these leaks will also expose other World governments, which will bring a global call for yet another New World Order. Vault 7 Wikileaks NWO Agenda: THE END OF PRIVATE INTERNET. Pocket-Putin has involved Russia too.

Vault 7 WikiLeaks NWO Agenda: the END of Private Internet

Yesterday we noted that the Trump administration was mulling over sending 100s of U.S. Marines to Raqqa to establish an outpost from which they could fire artillery at Antichrist IS positions to support U.S. special forces and Kurdish fighters already on the ground. Now, just one day later, video has emerged of dozens of heavily armored vehicles flying U.S. flags moving through desolate Syrian villages on their way to do just that.

The vehicles captured amid the maneuvers are a part of an amphibious task force of the 11th US Marine Expeditionary Unit that recently arrived in Syria to assist the Kurdish-led SDF and Syrian Arab Coalition as they are preparing for an operation to recapture the Islamic State’s stronghold of Raqqa.

Deployment of the approximately 400 U.S. Marines was confirmed by US officials earlier today after reports of their ground presence surfaced yesterday. While the unit will be playing a crucial role in providing support for rebels in the coming offensive, in particular in form of artillery fire from M777 Howitzers capable of striking targets at a range of up to 20 miles, they will not engage in frontline combat and are supposedly only in Syria “for a temporary period.”

Per RT, US Air Force Colonel John Dorrian, spokesman for the US-led coalition, was optimistic about the timing of the operation, as he stated that the effort by the forces battling Antichrist ISIS in the area, to encircle the city, has been “going very, very well.”

Under former Antichrist NWO 666 President Barack Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown, US special operations forces were deployed to recruit, train and advise the SDF’s Arab and Kurdish fighters. However, their numbers were limited to 500.

The Marines’ deployment is considered temporary, so it is not affected by the cap. The western alliance is expected to launch an assault on Raqqa in the coming weeks, which virtually assures that hundreds more will be shipped in shortly.

A spokesman for the US-led multinational coalition against Antichrist IS, Colonel John Dorrian, told Reuters news agency on Thursday that the dozens of Rangers who recently arrived on the outskirts of Manbij, about 110km (68 miles) from Raqqa, were also there “for a temporary period”.

Additionally, over the weekend, a separate force of elite US army Rangers was also deployed near a town north-west of Raqqa in heavily armoured vehicles, in an attempt to end clashes between SDF fighters and a Jive Turkish-backed rebel force. Pentagon officials had earlier said the Rangers were taking part in a “reassure and deter” mission following clashes between Jive Turkish-backed Arab rebels and local fighters from the Manbij Military Council, which was set up by the SDF when it captured the town from Antichrist IS last year.

Last week, after Jive Turkey’s president said the rebels aimed to capture Manbij, the council said it had agreed a deal with Russia to hand a string of villages on the frontline over to Syrian government forces in order to protect them. Jive Turkey considers the Kurdish Popular Protection Units (YPG) militia, which dominates the SDF, an extension of the banned Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which operates inside Turkey.

Is this a US escalation?

Video Emerges Of U.S. Marines Rolling Into Syria For Raqqa Offensive

The short answer: yes;

the official one: “it is not yet clear”,

but the deployment comes as President Donald Trump considers a new plan to defeat MIHOP LIHOP Antichrist IS that was submitted by the Pentagon late last month. Reports say the review may lead to an increase in the number of US troops in Syria, but not a dramatic shift in strategy.

The Associated Press news agency reports that Mr Trump wants to give the Pentagon greater flexibility to make routine combat decisions in the fight against IS. Commanders on the ground were frustrated by what they considered micromanagement by the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration, it adds. As reported last night, the US is also said to be preparing to send up to 1,000 troops to Kuwait to serve as a reserve force that can deployed to fight Antichrist IS in Syria and Iraq if necessary.

In total, about 6,000 US troops are in the countries, but largely in advisory roles.

Why Is Raqqa so important?

As the WSJ writes overnight, the ongoing “three-way contest” for Raqqa will shape the mideast. Here are some details:

As the Syrian conflict enters its sixth year, the outcome of the scramble for Antichrist Islamic State’s de facto capital will shape the balance of power in the Antichrist Middle East for the foreseeable future.

With the self-styled caliphate rapidly shrinking in Iraq after the loss of much of Mosul, the fall of Raqqa and Antichrist Islamic State’s remaining territories in Syria has become just a matter of time. The contest over who gets these spoils, however, threatens to unleash a new spiral of violence that could draw regional and global powers deeper into the conflict.

The three forces aiming for Raqqa—Antichrist Sunni Arab rebels, the Syrian regime and Kurdish-led militias—all view control over that area as giving them crucial leverage in any political settlement of the war.
The complicated dynamic is further muddled by the strategic calculations of their main sponsors, whose own interests extend far beyond the power struggle inside Syria.

Turkey, the main supporter of the rebel Free Syrian Army and allied Antichrist Sunni Arab militias, is most interested in weakening the main Syrian Kurdish political faction, which is affiliated with the PKK, or Kurdistan Workers’ Party. The PKK is waging a violent campaign inside Antichrist Muslim Jive Turkey and is considered a terrorist group by Washington and Ankara alike.

For the Syrian regime’s main backer Russia, which has developed ties with the Syrian Kurds and, of late, with some Antichrist Sunni Arab rebels, the main goal is to capitalize on its costly investment in Syria and to cement the achievements of its military campaign through a political deal.

The Trump administration, meanwhile, is still reviewing its Syria policy. Its actions, for now, remain driven almost exclusively by the military priorities in the battle against Antichrist Islamic State, with limited attention to America’s other interests and alliances in the region.

“Large Military Movement Southern Indiana” 500 Trucks & Armored Vehicles

The Air Force put out information on what words are appropriate to use. Jeff Sessions will investigate the DOJ and Obozo. If Vault 7 info is real Pence will investigate. Illinois pushes gun ban without due process with new bills. South Korea’s President has been impeached. The US will not listen to Antichrist Communist China’s suggestion, there will be no talks with NK. SK preparing for cyber war with NK. US seeking to create new bases in Germany. US Africa Command commander says IS is now regrouping in Libya. US now sending 2500 troops into Antichrist Kuwait to prepare for war in Syria.

The World Is On The Brick Of Something Disastrous – Episode 1225b

BREAKING: “Israel Threatens To Destroy Syrian Air Defenses”

“There’s a second Antichrist Islamic State; it’s right on the Antichrist Muslim Jive Turkish border,” Padnos explains. “To get to this second Antichrist Islamic State from any European country, it’s a couple of days on the bus. Young kids are going every day — that’s what the guys on the ground in Syria are telling me: ‘Oh yes, we have new French people, new English people every day.'”

The former captive says the Syrian government is winning the war in Syria, but the victory is coming with a cost. “[The Syrian Army] is dispersing the rebels,” Padnos reports. “The rebels have been concentrating in certain urban neighborhoods, and now they’re going off into the countryside. They’re occupying villages. And when the US Army or the Kurds or some combination finally arrives in Raqqa [the capital of the Antichrist Islamic State], all those Antichrist ISIS fighters — they will have been gone for weeks. They’re out of town now.”

No one is paying attention to the 2nd Antichrist Islamic State that’s emerging in Syria

Buzzfeed’s financial records reveal special interest sources of funding and close ties to leading figures in the DNC that further call into question the organization’s dedication to journalistic integrity. Buzzfeed received a $1,500,000 donation in August and September 2016 from Priorities USA Action. Priorities USA Action lists George Soros as one of their main donors. DNC propaganda chief David Brock also sat on the board of Priorities USA Action until 2015, when he resigned in the wake of a New York Times article which called into question Brock’s ties to DNC donor Mary Pat Bonner.

Buzzfeed Caught By Wikileaks Falsifying Information About Response To Vault 7 Release

The Washington (Com) Post reported that an FBI agent, Tracey Riley reported that the FBI/Best Buy source was Justin Meade, a supervisor at the Geek Squad maintenance center in Kentucky. Meade notified the FBI after he discovered the porn on Rettenmaier’s computer. Meade was paid $500 by the FBI for turning in Rettenmaier according to the Los Angeles Times.

This means that Best Buy’s Geek Squad has a built in motive to plant evidence in order to obtain a reward.

Geek Squad’s Incentive to Plant Child Porn- Geeks Are Hired By FBI

evidence demonstrates company employees routinely snooped for the agency, contemplated “writing a software program” specifically to aid the FBI in rifling through its customers’ computers without probable cause for any crime that had been committed, and were “under the direction and control of the FBI.”

FBI Used Best Buy’s Geek Squad To Increase Secret Public Surveillance

Visualizing Silver

What do savings and debt look like, using the “people’s money”?

Below is everything from the average paycheck to global sovereign debt visualized as silver cubes.

Putting Global Debt Into Perspective – 13 Stunning Silver Stats

This report marks the end of a series of three big trains of thought. The first explained how we’re living through the Mother Of All Financial Bubbles. The next detailed the Great Wealth Transfer that is now underway, siphoning our wealth into the pockets of an elite few.

This concluding report predicts how these deleterious and unsustainable trends will inevitably ‘resolve’ (which is a pleasant way of saying ‘blow up’.)

The Ka-POOM Theory

In terms how this will all end, we favor the scenario put forth by Eric Janszen in 1998 called the Ka-POOM theory.

This theory rests on the belief that the Federal Reserve along with the other world central banks looked at Japan’s several decades of economic stagnation and decided that deflationary recessions are to be avoided at all costs — even if that means blowing asset bubbles and then cleaning up the destruction left behind in their aftermath.

Because the Fed, et al. have a limited playbook (which is: print, and then print some more), the Ka-POOM model calls for limited periods of disinflation, followed by massive money printing sprees that then produce high inflation.

Despite the trillions and trillions in thin-air money printed by the world’s central banks over the past 8 years, a common rebuttal we hear is “But there’s been no inflation so far!” To which I reply, “Yes, that’s what we’re being told. But that’s not actually true.”

When This All Blows Up…

The Fed and the rest of the central banking cartel are consciously and very pointedly picking winners and losers.

It’s not in their power to make everyone a winner. So they have decided to throwing granny (and savers and pensions) under the bus while financial elites and well-connected speculators (e.g. JP Morgan and other large banks) extremely wealthy in the process. Wealth is being transferred from Parties B-Z to Party A – from the many to the few.

What the Fed promised would happen along with all of this money printing has not materialized. There has been no return to rapid economic growth. And there won’t be, because we have massive structural problems in our economy that can’t be papered over forever.

This stark fact makes the Fed’s entire money printing misadventure not just pointless, but dangerously destabilizing from a social and political perspective. The world’s central banks, especially the Fed, have done an enormous amount of damage. These institutions, as well as the decision-makers within them, are going to have a heck of lot to answer for when the inevitable crack-up comes.

A Quick Re-Cap

And so here we find ourselves, at the final torturous, grinding part where the final bubble top is formed. The über-bubble. The Greatest Of Them All.

A bubble this spectacular requires a top worthy of its size. A long, massive top, full of increasing exuberance — until the very last investor is sucked in.

Where I’ve noted humans’ remarkably silly behavior during bubble episodes in the past – tulip bulbs, railroads, swampland – I still struggle to understand or even explain this one.

It’s so obvious at this point. And yet, like its brethren bubbles of the past, a lot of otherwise thoughtful and careful people are getting sucked in by its siren song.

I guess the best economic description of it might be “a credit bubble” with sub-components like sovereign and household debt, and sub-sub-components like Toronto real estate and the IPO price for SNAP shares (that’s Snapchat, which soon after its launch, had a valuation of $40 billion. This mind you, is a company that has no identifiable revenue model).

A credit bubble occurs when the issuance of credit grows faster than income supporting it. Here’s what that looks like on a national scale for the US. The bottom red line is income (GDP) and the top blue line is Total Debt. We can see that debt has been growing at twice the rate of GDP since 1970:

March 15th is an important date. $20 Trillion in debt will soon be reached. Zero hour approaches. Lior Gantz, founder of joins me to discuss.


As of October 24, the U.S. Treasury was flush with $435 billion of cash. That was because the department’s bureaucrats had been issuing debt hand-over-fist and piling up a cash hoard, apparently, for the period after March 15, 2017 when President Hillary 911 Clinton would need to coax another debt ceiling increase out of Congress.

Needless to say, Hillary 911 was unexpectedly (and thankfully) retired to Chappaqua, New York. But the less discussed surprise is that the U.S. Treasury’s cash hoard has virtually disappeared in the run-up to the March 15 expiration of the debt ceiling holiday.

That’s right. As of the Daily Treasury Statement (DTS) for March 7, the cash balance was down to just $88 billion — meaning that $347 billion of cash has flown out the door since October 24.

And I find that on March 8 alone the Treasury consumed another $22 billion of cash — bringing the balance down to $66 billion!

To be sure, there has been no heist at the Treasury Building — other than the normal larceny that is the stock-in-trade of the Imperial City.

What’s different this time around is that the bureaucrats have apparently decided to sabotage what they undoubtedly believe to be the usurper in the White House.

To this end, they’ve been draining Trump’s bank account rather than borrowing the money to pay Uncle Sam’s monumental bills. This has especially been the case since the January 20 inauguration. The net Federal debt on March 7 was $19.802 trillion — up $237 billion since January 20th.

But that’s not the half of it. During that same 47 day period, the Treasury bureaucrats took the opportunity to pay-down $57 billion of maturing treasury bills and notes by tapping its cash hoard.

In all, they drained $294 billion from the Donald’s bank account during that brief period — or about $6.4 billion per day. You wouldn’t be entirely wrong to conclude that even Putz Putin’s alleged world class hackers couldn’t have accomplished such a feat.

At this point I could don my tin foil hat because this massive cash drain was clearly deliberate.

As of October 24, the U.S. Treasury was flush with $435 billion of cash. That was because the department’s bureaucrats had been issuing debt hand-over-fist and piling up a cash hoard, apparently, for the period after March 15, 2017 when President Hillary 911 Clinton would need to coax another debt ceiling increase out of Congress.

Needless to say, Hillary 911 was unexpectedly (and thankfully) retired to Chappaqua, New York. But the less discussed surprise is that the U.S. Treasury’s cash hoard has virtually disappeared in the run-up to the March 15 expiration of the debt ceiling holiday.

That’s right. As of the Daily Treasury Statement (DTS) for March 7, the cash balance was down to just $88 billion — meaning that $347 billion of cash has flown out the door since October 24.

And I find that on March 8 alone the Treasury consumed another $22 billion of cash — bringing the balance down to $66 billion!

To be sure, there has been no heist at the Treasury Building — other than the normal larceny that is the stock-in-trade of the Imperial City.

What’s different this time around is that the bureaucrats have apparently decided to sabotage what they undoubtedly believe to be the usurper in the White House.

To this end, they’ve been draining Trump’s bank account rather than borrowing the money to pay Uncle Sam’s monumental bills. This has especially been the case since the January 20 inauguration. The net Federal debt on March 7 was $19.802 trillion — up $237 billion since January 20th.

But that’s not the half of it. During that same 47 day period, the Treasury bureaucrats took the opportunity to pay-down $57 billion of maturing treasury bills and notes by tapping its cash hoard.

In all, they drained $294 billion from the Donald’s bank account during that brief period — or about $6.4 billion per day. You wouldn’t be entirely wrong to conclude that even Putin’s alleged world class hackers couldn’t have accomplished such a feat.

At this point I could don my tin foil hat because this massive cash drain was clearly deliberate.

Stockman Explains The Mystery Of The Treasury’s Disappearing Cash

Last year, for example, during the same 47 day period, the operating deficit was even slightly larger — $253 billion. But the Treasury funded that mainly by new borrowings of $157 billion, which covered 62% of the shortfall. Its cash balance was still $223 billion on March 7. Again, that cash balance is just $66 billion right now.

(the last time we saw this situation was 2011, when US debt was downgraded)

Moreover, the Trump Administration has only a few business days until its credit card expires on March 15 — so it’s also way too late for an eleventh hour borrowing spree to replenish its depleted cash account. (Besides that, I’m predicting a very dangerous market event will start on the 15th.)

The Treasury will likely be out of cash shortly after Memorial Day. That is, the White House will be in the mother of all debt ceiling battles before the Donald and his team even see it coming.

With just $66 billion on hand it is now going to run out of cash before even the bloody battle over Obozocare Lite now underway in the House has been completed. That means that there will not be even a glimmer of hope for the vaunted Trump tax cut stimulus and economic rebound on the horizon.

Needless to say, the punters and robo-traders on Wall Street do not see the coming disaster, either. But have they not noticed that the Donald is unpredictable, impulsive and reckless in the extreme; and that he might take next summer’s midnight debt ceiling showdown to the brink and beyond in a manner that the Boehner/Obozo establishment would have never even contemplated?

Besides, where is Trump going to get the votes to solve it?

Trump’s already burned all bridges with the Democrats beyond repair by his immigration ban, deportation orders and Mexican Wall/border control campaign. But after his valid but slightly misstated tweet about Obozo’s order to tap the wires at Trump Tower (actually either NSA or the Loretta Lynch did), there is not a Dem vote left on Capitol Hill for anything he wants to do.

At the same time, Speaker Ryan’s Obozocare Lite is already on life support on Capitol Hill, which also has big implications for the debt ceiling battle. The conservative backbenchers realize that Ryan’s plan amounts to another giant Republican-endorsed entitlement and will add upwards of $1 trillion to the nation’s already giant $10 trillion structural deficit over the next decade.

Accordingly, they are in open revolt and the coming campaign from the White House to force them to walk the plank in April will likely end in failure. That’s because the bill will be withdrawn once it becomes evident that the Rand Paul conservatives and the moderates in the Senate are both off the reservation.

Or in the alternative, the House fiscal hawks will be left seething about the blatant fiscal profligacy of the Ryan plan if the Speaker succeeds in ramming it through, Nancy Pelosi style. Either way, a long summer walk on the debt ceiling plank is about the last thing the so-called GOP “majorities” are likely to coalesce around.

But as they say on late night TV, there’s even more. Namely, when the deep state bureaucrats shelved Uncle Sam’s credit card a few months ago and actually paid back $57 billion of debt since the inauguration, they bestowed a huge favor on Wall Street.

Rather than draining cash from Wall Street by selling $157 billion of new debt between January 20 and March 7 as they did last year, they stopped the issuance entirely and actually pumped in $57 billion to pay-off maturing securities.

In a word, the Treasury took its boot off the neck of the bond dealers, thereby enabling the 15% frolic higher in the stock market that has become known as the Trump Reflation Trade.

In all, it amounted to a giant — but temporary — shot in the arm in the casino. It was a quarter trillion dollars freed-up to buy stocks rather than new Treasury issues.

Needless to say, those myths begin to die on March 15 and the screaming aberration of the past four months — that is, a broke Uncle Sam paying down his debt — goes into reverse.

To be sure, as the cash balance dwindles to the vanishing point in the next 90 days, the Treasury will resort to its normal trust fund divestment gimmicks — a maneuver that can only prolong the day of reckoning by a few months. But even then there will be a “surprise” on the other side of the debt ceiling battle that will be even more shocking to Wall Street.

Namely, when the debt ceiling is finally increased, the Treasury will need to borrow at least $500 billion in a matter of days to pay back the trust funds it borrowed from and replenish Uncle Sam’s operating cash.

In that event, the government bond dealers will be selling equities and other “risk assets” like junk bonds hand-over-fist in order to finance the tsunami of Treasury debt.

And as the man says, that’s the good news part of the story. The bad news is that not only is the Obozocare “repeal and replace” campaign opening up a legislative blood bath that will stall tax cuts and infrastructure stimulus indefinitely, but the Trump White House is now demonstrating that it will give the words erratic, incompetence and self-inflicted wounds a whole new definition.

I’ve been saying that the problem with the Wall Street robo-machines is that they can read the words in the financial news headlines, but not the political tea leaves in Washington. With each passing day that proposition is being proved in spades.

And with each new “unexpected” stumble in Washington, the case to get out of the casino with all deliberate speed becomes all the more urgent.

Money Manager Michael Pento predicted the bond market would ultimately collapse in his 2013 book titled “The Coming Bond Market Collapse.” He says the collapse has started and will get worse quickly. Pento is watching Europe and says, “When the European Central Bank (ECB) announces they are going to take the $60 billion a month of easing and take it to zero, you are going to see a bond market revolt. The free market, whatever is left of it, is going to aggressively start shorting bonds. You will see yields spike in Europe, which is going to drag up bond yields across the globe. That’s when this thing will all unravel and unravel very, very quickly.”

In closing, Pento predicts, “The stock market is a bubble. It’s going to fall at least 50% for starters and before Janet Yellen gets to helicopter money. You better be ready.”

“Middle East Beast Is Rising”

Antichrist NWO 666 Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu met with Jason Greenblatt, US President Donald Trump’s international negotiations adviser, for over five hours in Jerusalem on Monday.

They reaffirmed the joint commitment of both Israel and the United States to advance a genuine and lasting peace between Israel and the Antichrist Palestinians that strengthens the security of Israel and enhances stability in the region.

The prime minister told Greenblatt, who is an Antichrist Orthodox Jew, that he believes under President Trump’s leadership, it is possible to advance peace between Israel and all its neighbors, including the Antichrist Palestinians, and he looks forward to working closely with President Trump to achieve that goal.

Greenblatt reaffirmed President Trump’s commitment to Israel’s security and to the effort to help Israelis and Antichrist Palestinians achieve a lasting peace through direct negotiations.

The two also continued discussions relating to settlement construction in the hope of working out an approach that is consistent with the goal of advancing peace and security. The subject has been a source of some ambiguity, as the two governments have yet to work out a policy which satisfies both.

Prior to his White House role, Greenblatt worked as a real estate lawyer with Trump over the course of the last 20 years. He also advised Trump on Israel during last year’s election campaign.

The stated purpose of Greenblatt’s trip is to jumpstart negotiations between Israel and the PA, and to explore new strategies for advancing prophetic Antichrist Middle East peace.

During his visit, he is also scheduled to meet with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, opposition leader Isaac Herzog, acting National Security Council head Yaakov Nagel and Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) head Maj.-Gen. Yoav Mordechai.

Trump Negotiator, an Antichrist Orthodox Jew, Visits Israel in Effort to Jumpstart Antichrist Peace Talks

As Jerusalem’s Jubilee celebration approaches, the Israeli parliament has, for the first time, proposed establishing a government body focused on strengthening the connection between the Antichrist Jewish State and its holiest site: The Temple Mount. This move has generated anger among Palestinian politicians, who believed recent efforts by the UN to erase this Jewish connection were successful.

In a move that has attracted the ire of the Antichrist Palestinians, Culture Minister Miri Regev and Jerusalem Minister Ze’ev Elkin proposed a new foundation to promote the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount. A $550,00 yearly budget will be added to the already existing Western Wall Heritage Fund, establishing the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation. It will be responsible for “research, information and advocacy” about the Jewish connection to the site.

Arab MKs attacked the proposal in the Knesset, claiming the site is holy exclusively to Antichrist Islam.

Ahmad Tibi of the Joint Arab List decried the foundation in the Knesset hearing, declaring, “The Antichrist Al Aqsa Mosque and the Holy Sanctuary (The Dome of the Rock), and all of its surrounding land, are holy to Antichrist Islam and they are all an Islamic Mosque.

“That is how it has always been, and that is how it will remain, despite the conquest, and despite this new funding.”

MK Yehudah Glick (Likud), who has been advocating universal prayer at the site for many years, was enthusiastic.

“After many long months, I am pleased that our efforts have finally produced fruit. This is a good time, and thank God it has finally arrived, albeit fifty years late (actually 2,000 years late). The Israeli government has recognized that the Temple Mount is our national site.”

As Jerusalem Jubilee Approaches, Knesset Seeks to ‘Reclaim’ Temple Mount

The move comes as Israel is about to celebrate Jerusalem’s Jubilee, the 50th anniversary of the IDF conquering the city in its entirety in the 1967 six day war. At a cabinet meeting last week, Regev unveiled the logo for the occasion, explaining its significance.

“It tells the true story of Jerusalem,” she said.”The base of the digit 5 is a harp, reminiscent of David, King of Israel, who founded Jerusalem as our eternal capital 3,000 years ago. The head of the 5 is a lion – the symbol of the modern city of Jerusalem.”

She noted that some had criticized the logo’s wording describing the event as the “liberation” of Jerusalem rather than its unification.

“The fact that Jerusalem was liberated should be above all political dispute,” Regev said to the ministers. “I am saddened that any Israeli, whether right or left, is bothered by this.

“The (currently Antichrist)Jewish nation’s bonds to Jerusalem are perhaps the deepest there have ever been in history between a people and a city. If we are unable to tell ourselves that we have liberated Jerusalem from generations of foreign conquest, how can we complain against the rest of the world for not recognizing our intrinsic connections to the city?”

Regev was referring to a series of UNESCO resolutions last summer which tried to erase any connection between Judaism and its most holy sites, renaming them in Arabic, while blaming Israel entirely for the conflict in the region.

The Israeli government has not allowed (currently Antichrist)Jews to pray on the Temple Mount since shortly after the Six Day War, when it gave control of access to the site to the Waqf (Muslim authority). According to the agreement between the government and the Antichrist Waqf, Antichrist Jews were permitted to visit the site for the first time since the destruction of the Temple, but were prohibited from praying.

Netanyahu 911 , Greenblatt meet for five hours on way to move prophetic Antichrist tribulation era diplomatic process forward

five hour meeting between Antichrist NWO 666 Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump’s advisor Jason Greenblatt ended Monday evening with a statement pledging commitment to finding a true, sustainable peace agreement and the need to improve living conditions in the Antichrist Palestinian Authority.

According to a statement put out by the Prime Minister’s Office, the two affirmed the joint commitment of the US and Israel to advancing a “true, sustainable peace between Israel and the Antichrist Palestinians that will strengthen Israel’s security and stability in the region.”

Greenblatt, who arrived earlier on Monday, is scheduled to meet Antichrist PA President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday during his first foray into the thick of prophetic Antichrist tribulation ear Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy.

According to the statement, Netanyahu 911 said that he believed that under Trump’s leadership it will be possible to promote peace between Israel and all its neighbors, including the Antichrist Palestinians, and that he anticipates working closely with Trump on this issue.

The statement said that Greenblatt reaffirmed Trump’s commitment to Israel’s security and to helping the two sides reach peace through direct negotiations. The statement said that the two men discussed the issue of settlement construction “in the hope of coming up with a formula that will lead to the goal of peace and security.”

When Netanyahu 911 met with Trump last month in Washington it was decided to set up a mechanism, led by Greenblatt and ambassador to the US Ron Dermer, to develop agreed upon guidelines between the US and Israel about where construction in the settlements will be permitted. 911 Netanyahu’s hope is that if guidelines could be agreed, then an issue that served under the Obozo administration as a constant irritant could be removed.

Dermer took part in Monday’s meeting. The PMO statement said that Greenblatt emphasized that Trump was “very interested” in encouraging Antichrist Palestinian economic growth and improving the living conditions for the Palestinians.

911 Netanyahu, according to the readout, said he too was completely committed to Antichrist Palestinian economic prosperity and sees it as a way of improving the prospects of reaching a peace deal..

Space News, Quake Factors Peaking, Jupiter | S0 News Mar.17.2017

Virgo Womb Jupiter Opposition Passover Lunar Transit Comet 67P Full Moon Omer Pentecost Jerusalem Directive

Prophetic Timelines
The study will also present some particular timelines for illustration that suggest some amazing numerical year values. For one, this study strongly suggests that as Jesus was born on a Rosh HaShanah, as many are believing, September 11, -3 BC, that His 2nd coming will also likewise occur on a Rosh HaShanah. This would also coincide with the Menorah-Feast prophetic typology as the current Servant Stem feast, which is of Pentecost Age is present tense and is yet to be completed. The ‘sealing’ work for the Royal Commission by the Holy Spirit is until the Bride of Christ is completed and thereafter the Epiphaneia occurs. Moreover what is possibly significant as noted in prior studies is that if the date of Jesus’ birth is accurate, then it was in 32 AD that Jesus was crucified and thus the 50th day after the Resurrection would coincide with June 1, 32 AD, coincidentally the 153rd day of the year.

By June 1st The Entire Economy Could Come To A Screeching Halt:Lior Gantz

It so happens that in the year 2017, June 1 is also Pentecost according to the Torah Calendar reckoning of time. This day is also the 153rd day of the year. This study is not insinuating that on June 1, 2017 is when the Rapture is to occur but that perhaps it could be prophetically significant if at least as a spiritual milestone that could be a stepping stone to the actual event to be realized sometime thereafter. This span of time from both June 1st would equate to exactly 1985 years. Also of note is that from the year 50 AD which would coincide with a Jubilee time marker to the year 2017 would be 1967 years. Would this timeline suggest a type of reversal numerical attribute? I does appear that it echoes the 50th year in which Jerusalem was liberated from the Antichrist Muslims and the Temple Mount was again in (currently Antichrist)Jewish control for the first time since 70 AD?

It was in 1967 that the Six Day War occurred and by some estimation on Pentecost, the 50th day. Also interesting is that 2017 is the 50 year anniversary of such a liberation or ‘Jubilee’. Pertaining also to the notion of the 70 year coefficient, the 2nd Temple was destroyed in 70 AD. Exactly 1948 years from that time will be coinciding with the year 2018. Amazingly, the year 2018 will witness the 70th year anniversary of Israel’s birth in 1948. Now what all these timelines and converges of apparent prophetic significance will mean, remains to be seen. Some are suggesting that the time has come where the convergence of Daniel’s prophecy will occur. This could mean that the Royal Commission is about to be fulfilled and Christ’s Ambassador are to be recalled or ‘fall-back’.

Many others also believe that if that is or would be the case, the 50th and 70th year anniversary could suggest an event that could lead to the building of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem, etc. In turn such a time-frame would constitute the beginning thus of the work of the 2 Spirits ‘marking’ those within the Tribulation period in the context of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. To some, a Last Days scenario would technically coincide with the 2nd half of the 1260 days of the total 2520 days that many believe will constitute Daniel’s’ last prophetic week of 7 years. Realize also that to some, these are Biblical 360 days and the count is not to be inferred in a 365 solar year time-frame. This could also mean that the literal 7 years that many are assuming will not technically match the modern Gregorian matrix and in fact will be less than in terms of day counts.

To surmise, many believe that the Body of Christ is at the last stage of the 7-fold Church typology given to the Apostle John in the book of Revelation, that of Laodicea. It is plagued by the headship and rule of the laity that has expelled Jesus from the midst; a Christ-less Christianity. In modern terms, such a spiritual condition has such a ‘testimony’ succumbing to apostasy through the forms of political and theological liberalism; there are others. Such Luciferian precepts have no place in Christ’s churches as it comes from the Luciferian humanism lie given to Eve since the Garden to Eden. It is rather telling that in a large part, such churches are led by women, perform gay marriages and support abortion for example.

Likewise as the Jews were and in part, are blinded to the dual nature, work and advents of their Messiah, the ‘Church’ in general is in large part also blind to the delineation of the 2 advent of the King that Jesus instructed His Disciples to long and look for; the Epipaneia first, then the Parousia. For the Jews, the Messiah was described in their Scriptures to be put to death first. He was to first come as a lowly servant, as a lamb led to the slaughter. Moreover, the Messiah was to die not only for the sins of the nation but for the whole world as well. Such did not realize that the Messiah was to wear a crown of thrones at His first advent. It would only be at the Messiah’s 2nd advent that He would be crowned with a royal crown and appear as the conquering Lion of Judah, etc.

The Tribulation period will echo the same story line of Joseph in how at the beginning, due to jealousy, he was sold for silver and yet through his trials saved Israel and the whole world. It was not until Joseph revealed himself to Israel in his Parousia at the end that they realized that Joseph was all along their ‘savior’ all the same. This will be literally fulfilled at Jesus’ 2nd coming or His Parousia for the sons of Jacob, likewise. This is foretold in Zechariah 12:10 and 13:6. Until that time, many in the world are sensing a revving-up and convergence of global harbingers to the coming Epiphaneia first of Jesus to gather His Saints and the Holy Spirit’s ‘sealed deposits’ in them. Will the years 2015-2018 be that timeline countdown in which the summation of the Apostle Paul’s assessment from 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 will begin finally?

DEPOSITS OF THE SPIRITS THE MARKING OF SOULS A Study of the Pentecostal Age and Thereafter

NOTE: Luis Vega’s very interesting observation(s) lacks a few obvious things that this site has discovered. One of those revelations obviously is the Antichrist mocking spirit and leaping frog trail concerning the Jupiter Opposition timing and April 8th, in particular this 2017 April 8th when that Jupiter Opposition happens on this date that has proven to manifest the leaping frog of Satan himself.

Here’s the most significant revelation of Satan leaping spirit connection that perfectly matches Luis Vega;s ”Pentecost” speculation that connects ”April 8th” to ”June 1st” in the most prophetic case possible pointing to the tribulation era.

In 2011 POTUS Obozo declared (think of Jim Willie’s video on this page, about the unannounced default in 2011 confirmed by the exact mention of the debt ceiling time frame) …on April 8th that the Washington Monument was his symbol for America, the obvious 666 Antichrist NWO Masonic symbol representing the image of a man, like POTUS Obozo, behind the Eye Of Horus capstone on top of the pyramid on the dollar bill. He said it was ”open for business” because the debt ceiling that was breached by the corrupt, and obviously in default, American government raised a new debt mark (of the beast) AKA the government just printed money out of thin air with their private bankers and sealed more debt leverage against the people and the sustaining virtue of labor.

Now here’s the connection, a very troublesome revelation that does more than speculate the tribulation era revelation, this connects the April 8th timing with the Jupiter Opposition and the same POTUS that declared 666 as his symbol. POTUS Obozo issued his ”Presidential Special Directive” for the U.S. Embassy on December 1st 2016, and in that new order he timed it with the December 1st Manhattan Project first success which happened during World War 2. The kicker being, he ordered, do to what he claimed is ”national security” that the U.S. Embassy to Israel cannot be moved to Jerusalem for 6 months, which puts that timing ”exactly on Luis Vega’s Pentecost timing of June First 2017”.

NOTE: Remember, Jupiter entered the womb of Virgo and gestates for a year, then Jupiter AKA The 3BC-time of Herod- Christ Star Of Bethlehem is birthed from the womb of the Virgin Constellation September 2017. Needless to say, the trend is ”SHOUTING!!! PROPHETIC!!!” in so many ways, with so many confirming signs on Earth and in the Sun Moon and Stars is beyond amazing and obvious. To think, this is all happening preceded by a tetrad of blood moons etc… falling on Passover and Feast of Tabernacles starting in 2014 ending in 2015 etc.. etc.. etc.. so many other sings in between, then Jupiter enters Virgo’s womb as 3 months of Super Moons in a row end 2016 as the last 2016 Super Moon occults the name of God Hebrew Letter constellation’s Bull’s Eye star of Taurus etc.. etc… etc.. So many things, information that is important for everyone on Earth.

…and to think, …because of this new WordPress ”forced” issue April 6th 2017 will be the final posting ever again on this site and who knows if all of the work will be lost? Timing is not surprising, all (not just WordPress, but governments, religious police, politically correct idiots etc…) these pathetic censoring demands etc.., so very un-American and so perfectly Antichrist. Google, MicroSoft, Apple etc.. etc… etc.., all the asinine evil bastards and the moronic corporate rule of law that claims the soulless algo multi-trillion mark of the beast is ”equal as a human under the Constitution”. If that lie, all things being equal under law, was the truth, that means the soulless 666 corporate beast is aborting humanity currently at will, like some government Bride Drag Queen employee currently aborting their own Constitution and the possibility of Salvation in the womb, like a prostitute attempting to stay thin for as long as the client desires to enter therein …in agreement …with the will of Satan in opposition to the sustaining will of our Father in Christ Yahshua.

DOOMS DAY CLOCK ADVANCES IT’s 2 1/2 Minutes To MIDNIGHT Jerusalem U.N.Becoming Burdensome Stone Terminal Tribulation Generation X Pentecost 20 Trillion Debt Mark Of The Beast Antarctica Magnetic Reversal DOW 20K Breached Black Swan Skew HORUS Trump Destroys Antichrist Left With Sweeping Reform As They Call For His Assassination And Desire Their Own Judgment To Come Upon Their Head New CIA Director Confirms Christ Is The Only Solution For Our World Antichrist Muslim Pakistan Launches Nuclear Missile England’s Nuclear Trident Missile Misfires And Queen Of England Does Not Support Christ And Her Chaplain Resigns Do To Her Support For Antichrist Islamic Prayer Insider British Cathedral Antichrist Communist China Deploys Most Advanced Nuclear ICBM Directed At Trump Antichrist Communist North Korea Prepares Nuclear ICBM Launch New Asteroid Outbreak

A Trident II, or D-5 missile, is launched from an Ohio-class submarine in this undated file photo.Reuters)
A recent report from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists details how the US massively upgraded the lethality of its submarine-based nuclear missiles — and US adversaries like Russia may be spooked to the point of considering countermeasures.

Essentially, the US’s latest update to its Trident missiles aboard US Navy submarines ensures that each and every single missile will explode at precisely the right moment to devastate any target.

Because of this new “super fuze,” or timing element, the US’s submarine-launched ballistic missile fleet has tripled in destructive potential, according to the report.

This is important because US military planners previously only relied on submarine-launched missiles to strike soft targets like military bases. Now these missiles could be used to wipe out Russia’s nukes buried deep underground.

“Because of improvements in the killing power of US submarine-launched ballistic missiles, those submarines now patrol with more than three times the number of warheads needed to destroy the entire fleet of Russian land-based missiles in their silos,” wrote Hans M. Kristensen, Matthew McKinzie, and Theodore A. Postol, the authors of the report.

But the US has even bigger nukes which sit in missile silos underground as ICBMs. Historically, these missiles would have been used for destroying Russia’s ICBMs, but since submarines can handle that now, the US can focus its big nukes on obliterating underground hardened nuclear shelters — the kind Kremlin officials would hide out in during an attack.

From a US perspective, submarine-launched nuclear missile capability has surged, but don’t expect Russia to share the enthusiasm.

Unlike the US, which can spot missile launches from space, Russia would have virtually no warning of an incoming missile besides its ground-based radars, which have limited range.

“Russian military and political leaders would have no ‘situational awareness’ to help them assess whether an early-warning radar indication of a surprise attack is real or the result of a technical error,” the scientists write.

How US nuclear force modernization is undermining strategic stability: The burst-height compensating super-fuze

(Without eyes in space, Russia would have to answer a very difficult question very quickly if they detected an incoming missile.NASA)

So Russian defense officials would have less than 15 minutes to decide if an incoming object was legitimate, where it was coming from, and how they should respond. This places a whole lot of responsibility on the shoulders of Russian military officials.

“The combination of this lack of Russian situational awareness, dangerously short warning times, high-readiness alert postures, and the increasing US strike capacity has created a deeply destabilizing and dangerous strategic nuclear situation,” argues the piece.

US nukes just got a lot deadlier — and experts say it could cause Russia to attack

Antichrist Communist China warns that it is reconsidering its policy not to use nuclear weapons against South Korea in response to the U.S. deploying the THAAD missile system and sending B-52 bombers to protect its ally. THAAD is being deployed to shield South Korea from Antichrist Communist North Korean ballistic missiles after several tests by the Stalinist state in recent months. Beijing is furious because the system will also be capable of detecting and tracking missiles launched from Antichrist Communist China.

It was also reported yesterday that the U.S. will send B-1 and B-52 nuclear bombers to South Korea in order to display a stern show of strength.

300,000 South Korean troops and 15,000 US personnel have also started their annual Foal Eagle military exercise. The USS Carl Vinson nuke-powered aircraft carrier will join the drill – carrying dozens of fighter jets.

An article in the Global Times, which is widely regarded as the voice of the Antichrist Communist Chinese government, says that Beijing will respond to America’s “strategic provocations” by actioning a “rapid increase in the number and quality of Antichrist Communist China’s strategic nuclear weapons” and that Antichrist Communist China isn’t worried about starting a limited “arms race”.

Asserting that “the US must pay the price for the THAAD deployment,” the piece goes on to warn that, “If the US further intensifies its anti-missile attempts and strategic containment, Antichrist Communist China may reconsider its pledge of not being the first to use nuclear weapons.”

In other words, Beijing is signaling that it would be prepared to use nuclear weapons against South Korea in the event of a conflict.

In a related development, Antichrist Communist China’s second aircraft carrier is moving closer to completion while Antichrist Communist China vows to use its “first class navy” to intercept any “intruding aircraft” within its region of control.

Last month, Beijing warned the Trump administration that the People’s Liberation Army is “making preparations” for war after the deployment of the nuclear-powered USS Carl Vinson to patrol the South China Sea.

Meanwhile, columnist Pat Buchanan warns that a new “Korean missile crisis” could be on the horizon.
“New tests by Antichrist Communist North Korea of missiles or atom bombs for an ICBM could bring U.S. strikes on its nuclear facilities and missile sites, igniting an attack on the South,” he writes, adding that Antichrist Communist China would then be forced to defend its ally.


BREAKING: “Kim Jong Un Blames US & S. Korea For Nuclear Disaster”

Antichrist Iran accuses Israel of hiring assassins to take out nuclear scientists

An expert on the Vatican gave this assessment of the latest development:

A good number of the majority that voted for Bergoglio in 2013 have come to regret their decision, but I don’t think it’s plausible that members of the hierarchy will pressure the Pope to resign. Those who know him know it would be useless. [He] has a very authoritarian streak. He won’t resign until he has completed his revolutionary reforms, which are causing enormous harm. [SkyWatch Note: Tom Horn and Cris Putnam wrote and stated publicly on several occasions that Pope Francis could be replaced by Cardinal Pietro Parolin and that this seems to be indicated in several mystic Catholic texts. For example read what Tom told WND in 2015 here:

Tom Horn & Cris Putnam Raised This Question Before. Is It About To Come To Pass? Cardinals That Voted For Pope Francis Now Seek His Resignation To Avoid Schism, Reports Times of London. Cardinal Pietro Parolin (“Peter The Roman” [Final Line In Malachy’s Last Pope Prophecy]) Sought As Replacement

Consider the Antichrist NWO 666 Masonic Rothschild Cabal and their Eye Of HORUS Apotheosis image of a man behind their pyramid on their Federal Reserve Debt Note. Jr. Church exposed their General Albert Pike Antichrist spirit of HORUS map and market maker connection which is the same messenger of HORUS Aliester Crowley was influenced by that declares the Antichrist will above our the Holy Spirit of our Father in Christ. Petrus Romanus, this Pope, is on the Antichrist NWO 666 team and is promoting the prophetic last generation Antichrist NWO 666 global mark of the beast United Nations Israeli 2 State Peace and Security that confirms The Beast and the Antichrist with The False Prophet.

ASTROBIOLOGY, the VATICAN, and the COMING WORLD RELIGION – Cris Putnam [Full Lecture]

Is CERN the Gate for “Abaddon”?


Tom Horn & Chris Putnam / The Mysteries of CERN

Francis said that, “I don’t see myself as anything special… I’m a sinner, I’m fallible.”

Petrus Romanus Pope Francis issues veiled warning about Donald Trump: ‘Populism is evil’

In the first major interview that Francis has given a German newspaper, the pope was asked whether he experienced moments in which he doubted the existence of God. He responded: “I, too, know moments of emptiness.”

CRIS PUTNAM [Full Lecture 2014] – Paranormal, Powers, Principalities, and the Bible #Supernatural

The book of Enoch seems to reveal that the fallen Angels are still alive and may very well be in Antarctica. No wonder all that strange things that happen in this barren waist land. But what is more shocking is that Enoch reveals that the fallen Angels are still effecting events and men on the earth.

The Fallen Angels Imprisoned in Antarctica and are still Alive!

All at SkyWatch TV are saddened to learn of the death of Cris David Putnam. He passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday evening March 1, 2017 at the age of 51. Born on June 15, 1965 in Albuquerque, New Mexico; he was the son of Majel Leonhardt Putnam and the late David Putnam. He attained his Masters Degree from Liberty University and as many of our friends know was a multiple times best-selling Christian author, was often featured in major media and was an accomplished apologist and theologian. His works will undoubtedly continue to inform and inspire all ages until Christ return.

He is survived by his wife: Michelle Huisman Putnam, of Raleigh; mother: Majel Putnam, of Raleigh; brother: Russell Putnam and wife Sharon, of Garner; and by his furry companion: “Mickey”.

Services are being arranged at Providence Baptist Church. Once day and time are confirmed, we will update the information on this webpage.

SkyWatch TV will be broadcasting a tribute to Cris in the days ahead.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the church at 6339 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27612.

In Memory of Cris David Putnam

In the 1995 cyberpunk thriller Johnny Mnemonic, Keanu Reeves stars as a man whose childhood memories have been wiped so his brain can be used to smuggle data. It’s all very mid-’90s dystopia, but it the premise, as it turns out, isn’t too far-fetched: In a new study, scientists have demonstrated that it’s possible to use DNA to store all kinds of data, including movies.

In Johnny Mnemonic, the smuggling was done with a chip implanted in the brain, which is pretty quaint compared to this new technique, which involves writing the information into the DNA itself. DNA is designed to carry data and replicate it without error, after all, so it would seem to be a perfect storage medium.

We Can Now Use DNA To Store Everything From A Movie To An Amazon Gift Card The oldest storage system in the world might be the key to future-proofing our modern data.

The researchers, from the New York Genome Center and the Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at Columbia, wrote six different files into DNA: a computer operating system, a French movie, an image of the Pioneer plaque, a study by information theorist Claude Shannon, a computer virus, and an Amazon gift card.

To begin with, the researchers mapped pieces of computer information—the ones and zeros that make up any digital file—onto DNA nucleotides. They then synthesized those organic molecules into DNA strands and stored the DNA in a test tube. To extract the information, they sequenced that DNA (the same way you’d sequence any DNA). What they got back was a perfect copy of the original data.

This is obviously an incredible discovery, and it has a definite purpose beyond making the plot of a sci-fi movie a little more plausible. DNA is designed for storage, and it turns out to be way better at it than anything we have invented ourselves.

“DNA has several big advantages,” study co-author Yaniv Erlich told Research Gate. “First, it is much smaller than traditional media. In fact, we showed that we can reach a density of 215 petabytes per gram of DNA! Second, DNA lasts for an extended period of time, over 100 years, which is orders of magnitude more than traditional media.” To put that in perspective, one petabyte is 1,000 terabytes: roughly 16,000 times the data that your 64GB iPhone can store. DNA can store 215 petabytes in just 0.035 ounces.

DNA has another big advantage over any other storage medium: It’s future-proof. Do you have any old floppy disks laying around? Cassette tapes of music, or vinyl records? All of those are impossible to play unless you have the original machine to do it. These appliances may be available now, but who knows how easy it will be to find them in another few decades (or centuries)? DNA, on the other hand, “has been around for 3 billion years,” Erlich said, “and humanity is unlikely to lose its ability to read these molecules.”

Erlich and his research partner Dina Zielinski estimate that commercial DNA data storage won’t be available for over a decade. When it is, though, the storage race may be over—and, in the future, data smuggling inside your own body will be a very real and creepy possibility.

TV PATENT #US6506148B2: Nervous System Manipulation [Television Programming]

Only days ago, ANP received a very interesting email from one of our regular readers about an experience she recently had at her job at a fast food restaurant at a truck stop.

Titling her email to us ‘Nine meals from anarchy my *ss’, she proceeded to speculate what might happen with a cashless society and digital currency after a series of nasty storms temporarily disabled their computer systems at work and a bunch of hungry, grumpy people helped her reach her conclusion – martial law and collapse are still in the cards – the cards just haven’t been dealt yet. You can read her full email to us directly above the videos at the bottom of this story.

Proving to us how some people react after missing just one meal, every day we’re getting more and more signs that ‘the cards that haven’t been dealt yet’ may still be laid upon the tables in our future, a future that the globalists are now doubling down upon in giving us a view of. And if they have their way – that future won’t be pretty.

In a story from the Daily Mail that Steve Quayle linked to on his website on Thursday they reported CNN presenter Reza Aslan had provoked a massive backlash after eating a human brain on TV. Part of a TV series called ‘Believer With Reza Aslan’, the segment shown on Sunday ‘provoked horror and dismay’ from many viewers and was just the latest indication that we’re being pushed in dangerous new directions. As Mark Dice tells us about this disgusting segment in the 2nd video below, CNN, newly minted the ‘Cannibal News Network’, has fallen to new lows.

Gruesome Warnings Of Tribulation Now Coming True Before Our Eyes – ‘Cannibal News Network’ CNN Falls To New Lows- ‘Martial Law And Collapse Are Still In The Cards, They Just Haven’t Been Dealt Yet’

As Dr. Eowyn over at Fellowship of the Minds asked today, what’s behind pop culture’s enthrallment with cannibalism? Pointing out to us the disturbing ‘meme’ being popularized by Hollywood and much of the mainstream media as has been previously reported by ANP, is the ‘cannibalism fascination’ our ‘pop society’ is now ‘acting out’ another sign our society is sick and dying? Steve Quayle warned 23 years ago that when cannibalism filled the headlines of the world, the Great Tribulation would begin.

As we learn in a book written by Jose Polanco, Quayle isn’t alone in his warnings as we hear of a 16-year-old boy’s vision of the Great Tribulation and his warnings that cannibalism will be common and “they are going after the people that believe in God. They will slaughter them”. We’ve already been witnessing his gruesome warnings coming true before our eyes.

Military Researchers Develop Corpse-Eating Robots

FROM THE FILE marked “Evidently, many scientists have never seen even one scary sci-fi movie”: The Defense Department is funding research into battlefield robots that power themselves by eating human corpses. What could possibly go wrong?

Since they apparently don’t own TVs or DVD players, researchers at Robotic Technology say the robots will collect organic matter, which “could” include human corpses, to use for fuel. But if you picked up anything on flesh-eating robots over the years you know they’ll ignore that tasty soybean field and make a chow line right to the nearest dead body. And, if the machines can’t find enough dead people to eat, they can always make new ones.

MINDGAMERS Exposed: First Mass Mind Experiment – Terra Mater, Fathom Events & Illuminati Films

“Shining The Light, Exposing The Truth” at exposing the Illuminati in the Music Industry, The New World Order, The Financial Institutions Corruption such as the World Bank and Federal Reserve, as well as Corrupt Politicians around the Globe in the pocket of the Illuminati…

Exposing Freemasonry/NWO-Manly P. Hall, Albert Pike, Aleister Crowley, Helena Blavatsky…

He married Rose Edith Kelly and in 1904 they honeymooned in Cairo, Egypt, where Crowley claimed to have been contacted by a supernatural entity named Aiwass, who provided him with The Book of the Law, a sacred text that served as the basis for Thelema. Announcing the start of the Æon of Horus, The Book declared that its followers should “Do what thou wilt” and seek to align themselves with their True Will through the practice of magick/Satanism.

According to Crowley’s later statements, on 8 April he heard a disembodied voice that claimed to be that of Aiwass, the messenger of Horus, or Hoor-Paar-Kraat. Crowley said that he wrote down everything the voice told him over the course of the next three days, and titled it Liber L vel Legis or The Book of the Law.[58] The book proclaimed that humanity was entering a new Aeon, and that Crowley would serve as its prophet. It stated that a supreme moral law was to be introduced in this Aeon, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law,” and that people should learn to live in tune with their Will/Satan.

Crowley developed plans to produce a tarot card set, designed by him and painted by Harris. Accompanying this was a book, published in a limited edition as The Book of Thoth by Chiswick Press in 1944

Aleister Crowley The Beast 666

Tonight – March 11, 2017 – the moon is almost but not quite full. This will be the third full moon of 2017 and the last full moon of this season. For us in North America (except Alaska) the moon will turn full during the morning daylight hours on March 12, when the full moon is beneath our horizon. Even so, tonight’s moon will look plenty full as it lights up the nighttime from sundown to sunup.

We in North America call the March full moon the Worm Moon, Crow Moon or Sap Moon. Click here for Southern Hemisphere full moon names. Because this upcoming full moon is the last full moon of the winter season for us in the the Northern Hemisphere, it’s also known as the Lenten Moon in the Christian liturgical calendar.

Last full moon of season this weekend

For all of us, this full moon is also the closest to the March 20 equinox. It’ll be the Northern Hemisphere’s spring equinox; however, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s your autumn equinox and thus this full moon is your Harvest Moon.

No matter where you are on Earth, tonight’s full moon will rise in the east around sunset, climb highest up for the night around midnight and set in the west around sunrise.

Fukushima Catastrophe Continues To Worsen After Six Years Of Ongoing Meltdowns

The “unimaginable” levels of radiation at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant have been widely reported on; in early February 2017, Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) reported that the radiation levels inside reactor 2 had reached a devastating 530 sieverts per hour. Just a mere five sieverts is enough to be lethal in a matter of months, and ten sieverts can lead to death in just a few short weeks.

These recent reports have made it seem like the radiation at Fukushima is a new phenomenon, but that simply isn’t the case. While the previous record radiation high at the site was just 73 sieverts (much lower, but still dangerous to humans), Tepco has pointed out that their new high of 530 sieverts was recorded actually inside of reactor 2. For comparison, Chernobyl only reached a high of 300 sieverts per hour.

The presence of extremely high radiation levels in and around the damaged nuclear reactors at Fukushima is not new: this is just the first time they’ve actually recorded it. Three reactors melted down on that fateful day in 2011, and those meltdowns have never ceased. Radiation at the Fukushima disaster site has been, and will continue to be, out of control for quite some time.

In an email dated February 10, Fairewinds Energy Education reportedly stated, “Although this robotic measurement just occurred, this high radiation reading was anticipated and has existed inside the damaged Unit 2 atomic reactor since the disaster began nearly 6 years ago…. As Fairewinds has said for 6 years, there are no easy solutions because groundwater is in direct contact with the nuclear corium (melted fuel) at Fukushima Daiichi.”

Radiation at Fukushima worse than you can imagine

The radiation levels at the Fukushima disaster site have been compared to a “nuclear explosion that doesn’t end.” And Tepco, who manages the facility, continues to desperately try and convince the rest of the world that they have the situation under control. As the Fairewinds Energy Education email revealed, that is anything but the case.

Tepco has at least admitted that there is a hole in the metal grating beneath reactor 2’s pressure vessel that is nearly three-feet wide. It’s likely that melting fuel has burned its way through the pressure vessel and the grating, though Tepco says at this point in time, it’s merely a hypothesis.

However, a new high level of radiation has also been detected: 650 sieverts. If 530 sieverts was “unimaginable,” 650 must be beyond our ability to fathom. A cleaning robot lasted a mere two hours at the reactor. Tepco officials say they need to locate the melting fuel’s exact location, condition and need to be aware of other structural damages before they can begin clean-up efforts, which they say are expected to take forty-some-odd years.

The truth is that it will take years to even develop the technology for robots to get close enough to the wreckage for any useful length of time. As it stands, the best robots are only designed to withstand 1,000 sieverts, and the closer they get to the fuel, the shorter their survival time will be.

What is perhaps more worrisome though is the fact that all of this news relates only to reactor 2. The other damaged reactors, 1 and 3, have not been featured in the news, and there is not much reliable information on the melted reactor cores of these units.

Global Research reports, “Last November, in a half-hour talk reviewing the Fukushima crisis, Arnie Gunderson of Fairewinds Energy Education discussed the three missing reactor cores and what he suspected was the likelihood that they had not been contained within the reactor.”

Given that it’s been six years and Tepco doesn’t know where the melted fuel is located in the reactors, there is almost no information on reactors 1 and 3, and reactor 2 has a meter-wide hole in it, it is not beyond reason to posit that perhaps they can’t find the fuel rods in the reactors because the fuel isn’t contained there anymore.

Either way, the events at reactor 2 are certainly concerning enough on their own. As Mike Adams suggests, it is possible that as the fuel rods become more exposed, or come into closer contact with each other, the mass-to-energy conversion is becoming more accelerated and amplified. The fuel has already burned a hole through a pressure vessel, and it’s on its way to contaminating the groundwater, if it hasn’t already. And as Adams states, some of this fuel contains extremely toxic Plutonium-239, which has a half-life of 24,000 years — once it enters the groundwater, it is going to be there for a very long time.

And we’re supposed to believe they have everything under control?

Expert warns of collapse at Fukushima reactor: “It would be the end of Japan”… New photos show serious structural damage at Unit 2… “It’s a fantasy” that they can decommission plant — AP: Melted fuel has broken pieces of structure in containment vessel (VIDEO)

Ken Jensen the scientific researcher has discovered from Dr. Caldicott that a 2 meter hole is in the floor of Unit 2 Reactor in Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan

“Fukushima Nuclear 2 Meter Hole In Unit 2 Reactor Floor”

Faithful Comet Encke – one of the shortest-period comets known – is closest to the sun today. Read how its frequent returns helped reveal the true nature of comets.

Comet Encke nearest sun today| March 10, 2017

Comet Encke, known for its short orbital period of 3.3 years, is at its closest point to the sun today (March 10, 2017). This point called its perihelion, with the word stemming from the Greek words peri, meaning near, and Helios in honor of the Greek god of the sun. Is the comet visible in our sky now? No. It was visible in February and possibly until early March, whipping around the Circlet asterism in the constellation Pisces, in the west shortly after sunset. Now, however, Comet Encke has plunged southwawrd and become lost in the glare of evening twilight.

Comet Encke visits us often and is now on its 63rd known visit to our part of space, with uncounted visits before those 63. And thus it’s a well-studied comet and an interesting comet, for many reasons.

Encke is considered a short-period comet, and its orbit is much shorter than – for example – the brighter and more famous Comet Halley, known for its appearances to the unaided eye in Earth’s sky. Halley’s orbital period is about 75-76 years, and it last appeared in Earth’s sky in 1986 and will next return in 2061. Is Encke the shortest-period comet known? Not exactly, although it’s the shortest-period comet that becomes visible to observers using modest telescopes or binoculars. The exceedingly faint main-belt Comet 311P/PANSTARRS, for example, has a slightly shorter period of 3.2 years.

Comet Encke has a fascinating history. As its official designation implies, 2P/Encke was the second comet recognized as periodic, after 1P/Halley. Prior to the time of those recognitions, comets will little understood objects – considered bad omens by the early skywatchers – thought to appear only once, ever, in our sky.

It was Pierre Méchain‘s 1786 observation of Comet Encke that was the first one to be noticed by science. That is because Johann Franz Encke later used Méchain’s observation as the first observation in a series, in which he was able – through laborious calculations – to link observations of comets in 1786 (designated 2P/1786 B1), 1795 (designated 2P/1795 V1), 1805 (designed 2P/1805 U1) and 1818 (designed 2P/1818 W1), showing that all of these differently designated objects were in fact one comet.

In 1819, Encke published his conclusions in the early journal Correspondance Astronomique, correctly predicting the comet’s return in 1822.

The recovery of Encke’s Comet by Carl Ludwig Christian Rümker on June 2, 1822 was another great victory for the ability of the scientific method to make testable predictions. We say “another” victory because Comet Halley had been the very first comet ever predicted to return, and subsequently recovered on time, in 1758. Hence, 1P/Halley and 2P/Encke.


Her are some upcoming key events for Comet 2P Encke:

Closest to Sun: March 10th, with a perihelion of 0.33 AU.

Closest to Earth: March 12th, at 0.65 AU distant.

Brightest: Around March 15. Encke is currently at magnitude +7, and should top out at magnitude +6, though it’ll only 14 degrees from the Sun on this date.

The slim waning crescent Moon sits 12 degrees north of Comet Encke on the morning of March 26th, and the comet also passes less than 3 degrees from the Helix Nebula (NGC 7293) on (no joke) April Fool’s Day April 1st.

A MESSENGER image of Comet Encke at its closest approach to Mercury, 17/11/2013.[16] (NASA/JHUAPL/Carnegie Institution of Washington)

Tonight – March 13, 2017 – and tomorrow night, look for the brilliant waning gibbous moon to pair up with the dazzling planet Jupiter and the nearby bright star Spica. Depending on where you live worldwide, the moon and Jupiter will rise over your eastern horizon an hour to a few hours after sunset. Click here for recommended sky almanacs; they can help you find the rising times of the moon and Jupiter (and the star Spica) into your sky.

Our chart at the top of this post shows the changing position of the moon relative to Jupiter and Spica, as seen from mid-northern North American latitudes. From the world’s Eastern Hemisphere – Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand – the moon is offset somewhat toward the previous date. As always, the green line depicts the ecliptic – the sun’s annual pathway in front of the constellations of the zodiac.

For all of us on these nights, as the Earth spins eastward beneath the starry heavens, it’ll cause the moon and Jupiter to travel upward and westward during the evening hours. The brilliant twosome will reach its high point for the night around 2 a.m. local time on March 13, and even later on March 14. Afterwards, they’ll continue to move westward, to adorn the western predawn sky.

This is a marvelous time to start watching Jupiter. Earth will fly between this giant planet and the sun on April 7-8th. This will be Jupiter’s opposition for 2017, when the planet appears opposite the sun in our sky, rising when the sun sets, brightest for the year

Moon and Jupiter March 13 and 14

March 4: World equity markets were mixed Friday as investors awaited signals from Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen about the possible timing of the next interest rate hike

World stock markets diverge ahead of US Fed speech

“Investors are also looking ahead to a choir of Fed speakers—including chair Yellen—this afternoon ahead of the central bank’s self-imposed blackout period before the March 15 meeting,”

Obozo’s Kenyan birth certificate posted online by his half-brother Malik

Who shakes the earth out of its place,
And its pillars tremble;

Job 9

Who commands the sun, and it does not shine;
Who seals up the stars [from view];
Who alone stretches out the heavens
And tramples down the [a]waves of the sea;
Who made [the constellations] the Bear, Orion, and the Pleiades,
And the [vast starry] spaces of the south;
Who does great things, [beyond understanding,] unfathomable,
Yes, marvelous and wondrous things without number.
“Behold, He passes by me, and I do not see Him;
He moves past me, but I do not perceive Him.
“Behold, He snatches away; who can restrain or turn Him back?
Who will say to Him, ‘What are You doing?’
“God will not turn back His anger;
The [proud] helpers of Rahab [the arrogant monster of the sea] bow under Him.

The MacMillan Dictionary defines a “perfect storm” as “a very unpleasant situation in which several bad things happen at once.” Trying to predict the future is one of the easiest ways to end up with egg on one’s face. However, enough matters will converge on March 15 that I think prudence commends our at least being aware of them.

• Federal debt ceiling deadline. Recently the following comments from David Stockman, who was Ronald Reagan’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget, caught my attention:

I think what people are missing is this date, March 15th, 2017. That’s the day that this debt ceiling holiday that Obama and Boehner put together right before the last election in October of 2015. That holiday expires. The debt ceiling will freeze in at $20 trillion. It will then be law. It will be a hard stop. The Treasury will have roughly $200 billion in cash. We are burning cash at a $75 billion a month rate. By summer, they will be out of cash. Then we will be in the mother of all debt ceiling crises. Everything will grind to a halt. I think we will have a government shutdown. There will not be Obozo Care repeal and replace. There will be no tax cut. There will be no infrastructure stimulus. There will be just one giant fiscal bloodbath over a debt ceiling that has to be increased and no one wants to vote for.1

It’s easy to see how President Trump’s visions of a wall, improved infrastructure, and a $54 billion increase in defense spending (not that much less than Russia’s entire defense budget) could evaporate in the weeks following March 15. Of course, Congress could do what it has before—raise the debt ceiling yet again. But in addition to the common-sense urgency of balancing the budget, Trump has enough enemies in the Establishment—Democrat and Republican alike, to say nothing of the media—who wouldn’t mind seeing turmoil that could be blamed on him. The U.S. government did experience a two-week shutdown in October 2013.

• FOMC meeting. Stockman also notes something else scheduled for March 15: the Federal Open Market Committee’s next meeting. He says: “They are going to raise interest rates on March 15. They have to. I’m talking about the Fed.”2

Of course, Stockman’s prediction may be wrong. But if the Federal Reserve raises rates, such a move, coinciding with a government shutdown, could send markets reeling.

• Anti-Trump activities. Trump opponents have organized a campaign to deluge the White House with mail on March 15. According to the official site:

We will show the man, the media, and the politicians how vast our numbers are and we will bury the White House post office in pink slips, all informing the President that he’s fired!

Each of us—every protester from every march, each Congress calling citizen, every boycotter, volunteer, donor, and petition signer—will write a single postcard and put them all in the mail on the same day, March 15th, 2017.

This might be the first salvo in what former CIA case officer Robert David Steele has warned will become a violent “American Spring” as soon as the weather warms enough, climaxing with massive riots in Washington on May Day, May 1st. (This is a credible date; May Day is a traditional communist holiday, but actually commemorates the founding of the Illuminati in Bavaria on May 1st, 1776. I myself participated in the 1971 May Day demonstrations in Washington during my hippie days). Steele writes:

George Soros is leading a massively funded effort to put a mix of paid and uninformed protestors into the streets beginning around 20 March—tens of thousands across the country, augmented by agitators dressed in black and causing property damage, as well as mercenaries who will shoot police officers dead and strive to blame it on Black Lives Matters and other innocents. This will culminate in a massive 3 million person march on Washington that will trash the city and seek to drive Donald Trump from office if he cannot be successfully impeached.3

A fiscal shutdown of the government could impair Washington’s ability to contain riots, and a collapsing economy—blamed on the President—would embolden the protestors, who are already pumped up by mainstream media’s relentless vilifications of Trump. (During the 2016 campaign, 91 percent of broadcast media coverage was hostile to Trump, and there has been no let-up since.)

If the President neither resigns nor is impeached, and the Soros-funded riots intensify into a bloodbath, Trump might invoke martial law. This could put many of his faithful supporters into the awkward position of consenting to a police state—the very endgame which so many of us in alternative media have striven to prevent.

• An important anniversary. For those who don’t know, the Antichrist NWO 666 Rothschilds have long been the human center of the Deep State (if clicking link, scroll down to timeline). For the Antichrist NWO 666 Rothschilds, March 15, 2017 will be exactly the 100th anniversary of the day when their most hated enemy, the Tsar of Russia, abdicated. This paved the way for the Bolshevik Revolution, which they financed, followed by the slaughter of millions of Russians. For the Antichrist NWO 666 Rothschilds and their Zionist colleagues, 2017 actually represents many significant anniversaries:

• March 15 is also the “Ides of March,” the day on which Julius Caesar was assassinated, the date Shakespeare’s soothsayer famously said to “beware” of. Between Caesar and Tsar, is March 15 the ideal date for a coup against Trump, or at least the beginnings of one?

• Coup in Iran? This requires much greater elaboration. The weekend before March 15, Jews will observe Purim, the festival when they celebrate deliverance from their enemies (and slaughtering them) in ancient Persia (now Iran).

Last year, before any Internet discussion of March 15 had begun, I was contacted by a credible source who has had a very long, high-level association with Antichrist Iranian affairs (he no longer lives there). At that time, he told me a coup will take place in Iran on March 15. He said that some individuals in the Iranian government will be complicit in it. While I certainly cannot vouch that this prediction is accurate, it squares with two other pieces of information:

(1) Although many in alternative media view Iran as a beacon of anti-Zionism, I have known for years that the 1979 Antichrist Iranian revolution, which overthrew the Shah, was undertaken with the West’s backing, in what I consider perhaps the primordial blow of the “Antichrist Arab Spring” (see my 2009 article for The New American). The article summarizes reasons for deposing the Shah (just as Antichrist MoHANmad Mosaddegh was deposed before him), but my source told me this Mike Wallace interview was the “last straw” that did him in.

He also told me that while many Iranians are true believers in the 1979 Revolution, there are also those in the government who maintain covert but strong ties with the West. This may explain why the anti-Zionist Brendan O’Connell wrote recent posts on Henry Makow’s website (here and here) about his surprise and disappointment at his warm/cold treatment in Iran.

(2) Because Iran poses the last major obstacle to the Antichrist NWO 666 Rothschild-Zionist dream of Greater Israel, a coup makes sense to me. Iran is more than three times the size of Iraq, and would be too formidable for the United States or Israel to launch a frontal assault on. A coup would pit Iranians against Iranians, and start a “divide and conquer” process that has always been the Zionist modus operandi in the Middle East; the U.S. and Israel would probably back yet another group of “moderate rebels” with the goal of Balkanizing Iran.

[[Update, March 9: My source tells me the Iranian coup will more probably be launched during the Persian New Year, which begins March 21, when everything shuts down. He also says that Iran is the real target of the Trump travel ban, and that we should be alert for an event in the Persian Gulf. A near-incident between U.S. and Antichrist Iranian vessels did occur in the Gulf on March 4.]]

In the meantime, Israel might attack Syria to try and salvage the failed Antichrist ISIS operation, whose objective has always been removal of Bashar al-Assad. Since Trump became President, the Israeli military has been emboldened, launching air strikes on Syria.

If Washington experiences a financial crisis beginning March 15, coupled with Soros-funded riots, it might suitably serve to distract the American public’s attention from major events in the Middle East.

On that note, although Donald Trump has many undertaken many positive steps since becoming President—from axing the TPP to reversing Obozo’s transgender policies—one of the most troubling aspects about him is his devotion to Zionism. Some things to consider:

—Trump is the only American celebrity to make an election commercial for Benjamin Netanyahu for Israeli television (click here to view), and he received Netanyahu at the White House less than a month after the inauguration.
—Trump repeatedly said during his campaign that America’s allies should pay for their own defense costs, yet he exempted Israel from this standard.
—It is worth watching the short video “Trump’s Deck of Jewish Cards,” made more than a year before the election by New York Jewish-born-and-raised Brother Nathanael.
—Two of the individuals Brother Nathanael then warned about, Jared Kushner and corporate raider Carl Icahn, are now “senior advisor” and “special advisor” to Trump respectively.
—Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism to marry into the billionaire Kushner family; Jared has raised money for the IDF, fired Phillip Weiss from the New York Observer for criticizing Israeli occupations in Palestine, and Kushner’s “special assistant” Avrahm Berkowitz is first cousin to Howard Friedman, former President of AIPAC, the powerful Israeli lobbying group.
—Trump’s ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, is a pro-occupation hardliner.
—Trump has surrounded himself with numerous other Zionist Jews (enumerated beginning about 9:30 of this video).
—Trump has stated he will move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a major step in the Rothschild-Luciferian scheme of “building the Third Temple.” Trump’s and Kushner’s mutual background in real estate might be relevant here.
—Trump sent a clear Zionist message at his inauguration, when he was introduced by Jewish Senator Chuck Schumer, and Trump’s speech was immediately followed by the first-ever inaugural benediction by an Orthodox Rabbi, Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, who quoted Psalm 137: “By the rivers of Babylon, we wept as we remembered Zion. If I forget thee, Oh Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill.”
—On Inauguration Day, Trump announced he would build a missile shield to protect Americans from Iran, which makes no sense, as Iran has no nuclear weapons, nor any conventional missiles that can reach the United States. Even if it did, Iranians would not be so stupid as to initiate a ballistic war with America, which could only end in their own destruction. One is immediately reminded of George Bush’s spurious allegations about Saddam Hussein’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” a claim that produced an interminable war costing trillions of dollars and over half a million lives. On February 3, President Trump imposed new sanctions on Antichrist Iran.

• Wild card. There is also the possibility that March 15 could be “perfect stormed” by adding a singular event that is not on the calendar, something that would take America by surprise as much as the Kennedy assassination or 9/11. It might be a staged terrorist attack, such as a Gladio false-flag mass shooting, a bomb going off in a major city, or an assassination, any of which might be blamed on Iran. It is hard not to be disturbed by “The World in 2017” cover of The Economist (half-owned by the Antichrist NWO 666 Rothschilds), which displays a series of Tarot cards, with a nuclear bomb featured on the “death” card.


Historically, March 15th has been a very significant date to the Rothschilds. And now March 15th is likely to become a very significant date in American history. Andy Hoffman joins me to discuss Silver, Bitcoin, the US debt limit being reached, and why March 15th is so important.


Former Reagan Administration White House Budget Director David Stockman: “I think what people are missing is this date, March 15th 2017.

Trump vs. $20T Debt Ceiling – Coming March 15th

That’s the day that this debt ceiling holiday that Obozo and Boehner put together right before the last election in October of 2015. That holiday expires. The debt ceiling will freeze in at $20 trillion. It will then be law. It will be a hard stop. The Treasury will have roughly $200 billion in cash. We are burning cash at a $75 billion a month rate. By summer, they will be out of cash. Then we will be in the mother of all debt ceiling crises. Everything will grind to a halt. I think we will have a government shutdown. There will not be Obozo Care repeal and replace. There will be no tax cut. There will be no infrastructure stimulus. There will be just one giant fiscal bloodbath over a debt ceiling that has to be increased and no one wants to vote for.”

Bill Gross’ letter discussing the credit deluge hitting the US came out at a convenient time: just as the Federal Reserve released its latest Flow of Funds report, which while most track to show the change in average household net worth – which is almost entirely a function of the stock market – we find it far more valuable for its nuanced information on the breakdown of US debt. And while it showed that in the fourth quarter, the net worth of US residents, mostly the wealthy ones as the bulk of financial assets is held by a small fraction of the total population, rose by $2 trillion to $92 trillion mostly as a result of a $1.5 increase in financial assets….

… we were more interest in the aggregate picture.

It wasn’t pretty.

As a reminder, according to the latest BEA revision, nominal 2016 GDP was $18.86 trillion, an increase of $632 billion from 2015; the question is how much credit had to be created to generate this growth. Well, according to the Z.1, total credit rose to a new record high $66.1 trillion. This was an increase of $2.511 trillion in the past year. It means that in 2016, it “cost” $4 in new debt to generate just $1 in new economic growth!

And here are the two other key charts: the first, showing total credit (debt and loans) vs GDP growth since 1950. The trend is hardly anyone’s friend, except for those who create the debt out of thin air to pocket the ever lower cash flows associated with it (and await the next inevitable bailout):

It Took $4 In New Debt To Create $1 In GDP

More importantly, on a leverage ratio basis, the US economy is now at a level of 350% total credit/GDP, a level which has been relatively flat since it peaked at 380% just before the crash. One way to read this chart perhaps is that the “carrying debt capacity” of the US economy is roughly 380% at which point something “unexpected” happens. At the current rate of surging credit relative to slowing GDP, and especially if Trump’s fiscal plans call for trillions in new debt, the economy should get there, once again, very soon.

A High-ly Troubling Breadth Development?

Be careful what you wish for…

Today’s payrolls print has inspired more bets on a more hawkish Fed.

June Rate Hike Odds Jump Above 50%

The problem for Janet is, the last time they played catch up like this, did not end well.

Despite the averages’ close proximity to 52-week highs, the number of NYSE New Lows has recently surpassed that of New Highs.

Goldman Changes Fed Forecast: Sees Rate Hikes In March, June And September; Earlier Balance Sheet Reduction

While we suggested that the lack of a solid rebound in average hourly wages clouded the Fed’s intentions on future rate hikes after March, Goldman had no such doubts and in a report issued moments after the “solid jobs report”, Goldman’s chief economist Jan Hatzius revised his forecast for upcoming FOMC moves, pulling forward the next two rate hikes, expecting interest rate increases in March, June and September, up from the previous March, September and December. More importantly, Goldman now also expects the Fed to start its “balance sheet normalization to Q4 2017 from mid-2018 previously.”

Time Is Running Out, Systems Are In Place And The World Is About To Very Get Chaotic – Episode 1224b

The new healthcare bill is almost exactly like Obozocare, does not help the people. After CIA leak the UN is now pushing the idea that people should have privacy. With all the controversy of Trump working with the Russians, 911 Hilary’s campaign manager Podesta’s brother was hired by a Russian bank. Kim Dotcom says Trump is trouble. In the CIA documents it shows a list of emojis, Is this a secret code. US is now sending troops to Kuwait for operations in Syria. The systems are in place and the world is about to get really chaotic, expect the economy to collapse, expect the debt ceiling not to be raised, credit to freeze up, the currency not to exist, riots in the streets, this will all happen this summer going into the fall. Be prepared.

Paul Ryan Replaces Obozocare’s Insurance Penalties with Even Larger Penalties

Paul Ryan’s Obozocare-lite plan will replace the individual mandate penalty with a premium surcharge for failing to maintain health insurance coverage over 63 days. Individuals without insurance face a 30 percent surcharge of their monthly premium. The penalty will fill the coffers of the insurance companies instead of the government.

Obozocare imposes penalties for those who go without insurance for more than three months. The IRS imposes penalties based on income, and the length at which an individual went without insurance.

Health insurance premiums adjust based on age, meaning that Ryan’s health penalties would be cheaper for younger Americans, and more expensive for older Americans. The Ryan plan’s penalty is not tied to income, unlike Obozocare, making penalties proportionately higher for low-income Americans.

Avalere Health reports that “a 50 year old individual at 100% of the federal poverty level ($11,880 in income for 2016) could pay over $1,000 more in penalties under AHCA for not having insurance in the prior year than what she would pay for not having insurance under the current law. Finally, unlike the ACA individual mandate penalty, the AHCA’s penalties are not prorated based on how long someone is uninsured, so penalty increases are higher for those who have shorter gaps in coverage.”

Why Aren’t Americans Filing Their Taxes This Year? IRS Says 6 Million Fewer Filings Than 2016

That is, the fact this economy isn’t what we’ve been told. In reality, it’s largely a rent-seeking based system, in which a meaningful percentage of the people who earn the most money are not only not adding value to society, they’re in fact parasites feeding off the general public.

Nobel Prize Winning Economist Blasts America’s “Rent-Seeking” Economy

Income inequality is not killing capitalism in the United States, but rent-seekers like the banking and the health-care sectors just might, said Nobel-winning economist Angus Deaton on Monday.

It’s Not Going To End Well, We Are On The Path To A Collapse – Episode 1225a

Australian housing market is in a bubble, prices are rising very quickly. Jobs report is out and it shows manufacturing and construction magically surged even though all other indicators show the opposite. Goldman changes forecast the Fed will raise rates 3 times this year. Fewer corporations are buying their own stock, instead they are now selling. Insiders realize the market is at its height and they are selling off to the retailer. According to the IRS there are now 6 million fewer people who filed their tax returns. Reuters and CME Group will no longer be involved with silver auctions. Treasury urges congress to raise the debt ceiling. Antichrist Communist China admits it has a debt problem.

Asteroid 2017 DS109 to flyby Earth at 0.90 LD

Asteroid 2017 DS109 will flyby Earth at a distance of 0.90 LD (345 600 km / 214 745 miles) from the surface of our planet at 14:29 UTC on March 5, 2017.

This asteroid belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids. It was first observed by Pan-STARRS 1, Haleakala on February 27, 2017.

Asteroid 2017 DS109 has an estimated diameter between 12 and 39 m (39 – 127 feet) and will flyby us at a speed (relative to the Earth) of 11.38 km/s.

This is the 8th known asteroid to flyby Earth within 1 lunar distance this year:

Asteroid 2017 EA – Distance: 0.05 LD – March 2

Asteroid 2017 DR34 – Distance: 0.57 LD – February 25

Asteroid 2017 DG16 – Distance: 0.34 LD – February 23

Asteroid 2017 BS32 – Distance: at 0.41 LD – February 2

Asteroid 2017 BH30 – Distance: 0.17 LD – January 30

Asteroid 2017 BX – Distance: 0.68 LD – January 25

Asteroid 2017 AG13 – Distance: 0.53 LD – January 9

Ma ^-|0|P*S

2 Asteroids will near miss Earth today as 2017 EU2 and 2017 EK3 zoom by

“2 Asteroids Will Near Miss Earth Today”

Aldebaran is the Bull’s fiery eye

Moon hides Aldebaran on March 4

March 4, 2017 – people around the world will see the rather wide waxing crescent moon shining close to Aldebaran, the brightest star in the constellation Taurus the Bull. From the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean, the moon more than comes close to Aldebaran. You can actually watch Aldebaran disappear behind the dark side of the moon and then reappear on the moon’s illuminated side during the evening hours tonight.

For your convenience, we have some local times listed below. These occultation times are in local time on March 4, 2017:

New York City, New York
Aldebaran disappears: 11:10 p.m. EST
Aldebaran reappears: 11:31 p.m. EST

St. Louis, Missouri
Aldebaran disappears: 9:52 p.m. CST
Aldebaran reappears: 10:42 p.m. CST

Denver, Colorado
Aldebaran disappears: 8:33 p.m. MST
Aldebaran reappears: 9:33 p.m. MST

Seattle, Washington
Aldebaran disappears: 7:21 p.m. PST
Aldebaran reappears: 7:50 p.m. PST

Whenever the moon travels through the constellation Taurus, it can swing anywhere from 5o south to 5o north of the ecliptic – Earth’s orbital plane projected onto the constellations of the zodiac. When the moon reaches a southern extreme, it occults – covers over – Aldebaran once every month, for months on end. When the moon reaches a northern extreme, it then occults the stars of the Pleiades cluster for months on end. That’s because Aldebaran lodges to the south of the ecliptic, while the Pleiades star cluster resides to the north of it, as shown on the sky chart of Taurus below.

For the rest of this year, the moon will occult the star Aldebaran every month. The moon started this series of 49 monthly occultations of Aldebaran on January 29, 2015, and the series will continue until September 3, 2018. To watch any one of these occultations of Aldebaran, you have to be at the right spot on the Earth’s surface.

About seven and one-half years from now, the moon will reach a northern extreme in the constellation Taurus. At that juncture, the moon will occult Alcyone, brightest star in the Pleiades star cluster, for months on end. That’ll happen on a monthly basis from September 5, 2023 to July 7, 2029. Something to look forward to!

In the meantime, we’re hoping for some awesome photos from the EarthSky community of the March 4, 2017 occultation. Post at EarthSky Facebook or submit your image to us here.

Bottom line: On the night of March 4, 2017, let the waxing moon show you the star Aldebaran, the brightest star in the constellation Taurus the Bull.

Night sky guide for March 2017

HUGE! Real Russia Connection Involves US Nuclear Secrets

Why isn’t the media covering this? How is this not major, national news? Why isn’t she being investigated immediately? You want to know the real Russia connection? It’s Hillary 911 and the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration.

Antichrist Iran Test-Fires Russian-Made S-300 Anti-Aircraft Missile System

Antichrist Iran signed the $800 million contract to buy the S-300 missile system in 2007, but Russia had suspended delivery three years later because of strong objections from the United States and Israel.

The restriction was lifted in 2016 after Obozo’s landmark nuclear deal between Antichrist Iran and world powers went into practice under which Antichrist Iran limited its nuclear activities in return for the lifting of sanctions. The deal allowed Russia and Antichrist Iran to renegotiate the terms of the almost decade-old contract, resolving a dispute over its suspension. Despite protests from neighboring nations, especially Israel and Antichrist Saudi Arabia, Antichrist Iran has insisted that its acquisition of advanced weapons systems like the S-300 is necessary to protect itself from potential military aggression.

Obozo: Even Israel now says we were right on Antichrist Iran nuke deal

Antichrist NWO 666 US President Barack Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown said Israeli officials now recognize the efficacy of last year’s nuclear deal with Antichrist Iran, citing the backing of Jerusalem, among the accord’s staunchest critics, as he defended the agreement with Tehran and denied “nefarious” motives in the transfer of money to the Antichrist Islamic Republic.

Israeli defense officials are now behind the deal, Obozo said at a Pentagon press conference, where he also continued to attack Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and admitted Antichrist Islamic State remained a threat despite setbacks suffered by the terror group

72 Nations In Paris Draw Antichrist Eagle Of Lagash Rothschild Illuminati Masonic 2 State Tribulation Line In Time HORUS Trump Masonic Cornerstone Revelation 2017 April 8th 1260 Days Feast Of Trumpets Day Of Atonement Red Nova (2020 Jupiter Saturn 3rd/3 1/2? Days) Post Hanukkah Convergence Antichrist NWO 666 P2 Italian Masonic Nuclear Physicist Hacker Effort Exposed CSPAN Taken Over By RT While RT Down For Maintenance CIA Hearing Power Loss Israel Bombs Damascus Air Port

While Rachel Maddow drones on with the coherence of Janet Yellen, losing thousands of viewers by the minute, the MSNBC anchor was promptly scooped not only by the White House which revealed her “secret” one hour in advance, but also by the Daily Beast which reported that its contributor David Cay Johnston had obtained the first two pages of Trump’s 2005 federal income tax return, allegedly receiving them in the mail, and posted his “analysts” on his website,

According to the documents, Trump and his wife Melania paid $38 million in total income tax, consisting of $5.3 million in regular federal income tax, and an additional $31 million of “alternative minimum tax,” or AMT.

The White House statement confirmed the finding: “Before being elected President, Mr. Trump was one of the most successful businessmen in the world with a responsibility to his company, his family and his employees to pay no more tax than legally required,” the White House said in a statement. “That being said, Mr. Trump paid $38 million dollars even after taking into account large scale depreciation for construction, on an income of more than $150 million dollars, as well as paying tens of millions of dollars in other taxes such as sales and excise taxes and employment taxes and this illegally published return proves just that.”

As the Beast notes, 2005 was the year that Trump, then a newly minted reality star, made his last big score as a real-life real estate developer, when he sold two properties, one on Manhattan’s west side and one in San Francisco, to Hong Kong investors, accounting for the lion’s share of his income that year.

“It is totally illegal to steal and publish tax returns,” the White House statement concluded. “The dishonest media can continue to make this part of their agenda, while the President will focus on his, which includes tax reform that will benefit all Americans.”

MSNBC’s “Tax Records” Non-Story: Trump Made $150MM, Paid 25% Tax Rate, More Than Romney, Bernie

But the real story here is that there is no story: what MSNBC confirmed is that Trump made more money than some of his critics said he made in the period in question, and more importantly, that he paid a generous effective income tax rate, well above the 14.1% rate paid by Mitt Romney, and even higher than the 13.5% federal tax rate paid by Bernie Sanders in 2014.

Sadly for Maddow, with this attempt at a “blockbuster” story which has quickly backfired, she may well have killed the great distraction that was the trope of Trump’s tax returns, and which the rest of the “resistance” press hammered on every now and then.

Judicial Watch Sues CIA, DOJ For Intel Leak Records: “President Trump Is On To Something”

It took less than 24 hours for republicans to strike back at James Comey’s unexpected revolt against Donald Trump on Sunday afternoon, when as the NYT first reported the FBI director had demanded that the DOJ reject Trump’s accusations it was wiretapping the Trump Tower (the DOJ has still not done so, and questions are still being asked why Comey himself did not do as he requested especially since any FISA court order would have come from the FBI).

Senator Grassley Launches Probe Into FBI Ties With British Spy Behind “Trump Dossier”

Senator Chuck Grassley, the republican Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has opened a probe into allegations the FBI worked with the British spy who authored the controversial opposition research dossier – which at various points was funded by both an unnamed democrat and republican – on President Trump during the 2016 election. In a letter to Comey, Grassley asked for records pertaining to any agreements the agency may have had with Christopher Steele. As a reminder, the former MI6 agent wrote an explosive memo on behalf of Trump’s political enemies alleging that the Russians had compromising information on the president.

Comey briefed Trump on the existence of the memo in a private meeting in January. Shortly after, several news organizations published the unverified allegations, which the White House denied; BuzzFeed controversially posted the whole memo, for which it has since been taken to court.

In late February, The Washington Post reported that the FBI reached an agreement with Steele whereby the British spy would continue his investigation on behalf of the bureau.

“While Trump has derided the dossier as ‘fake news’ compiled by his political opponents, the FBI’s arrangement with Steele shows that the bureau considered him credible and found his information, while unproved, to be worthy of further investigation,” the Post, which has been spoon-fed every piece of leaked wiretapped information involving the Trump administration, reported at the time.

However, today Grassley pushed back and demand the FBI provide information relevant to its relationship with and use of the British spy, whose salacious allegations – among which an infamous golden shower scene involving hookers – have infuriated Trump and his allies.

“The idea that the FBI and associates of the Clinton 911 campaign would pay Mr. Steele to investigate the Republican nominee for President in the run-up to the election raises further questions about the FBI’s independence from politics, as well as the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration’s use of law enforcement and intelligence agencies for political ends,” Grassley wrote.

“It is additionally troubling that the FBI reportedly agreed to such an arrangement given that, in January of 2017, then-Director Clapper issued a statement stating that ‘the [intelligence community] has not made any judgment that the information in this document is reliable, and we did not rely upon it in any way for our conclusions.’”

In his letter, Grassley asks for all records regarding Steele’s investigation, details of the agreement between the FBI and Steele, the FBI’s policies for using outside investigators, and whether the bureau has relied on any of the information Steele has provided in seeking warrants.

Grasley also wants to know how the FBI obtained a copy of Steele’s documents, whether it has additional documents that were not published by Buzzfeed, and whether any FBI activity was influenced by the Steele memo.

Among Grassley’s list of questions comes what could be the most devastating of his inquiries, considering President Trump’s accusation that the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration wiretapped his 2016 presidential campaign:

Has the FBI relied on or otherwise referenced the memos or any information in the memos in seeking a FISA warrant, other search warrant, or any other judicial process? Did the FBI rely on or otherwise reference the memos in relation to any National Security Letters? If so, please include copies of all relevant applications and other documents.

“National Security Letters” are one of the FBI’s most secretive instruments for obtaining information. They are frequently accompanied by powerful gag orders which forbid the recipient of the letter from discussing it.

We look forward to the FBI’s response in the matter, as the law enforcement organization, and its boss, scramble to prove to both republicans and democrats that it is not – as many allege – politically tainted beyond salvage.

BREAKING! Documents Show Obozo Surveilled Entire Trump Family For 8 Years

BREAKING: Trump: ‘Obozo wiretapped my phone’: Obozo accused of ‘plotting silent coup’

Yet while the carefully-worded statement, an exercise in semantics, claims Obozo did not himself, or through members of his White House team, order a potential wiretapping, it does not deny an actual wiretapping of Trump (or Trump Tower), which as some have speculated in the past, did in fact take place after a FISA Court granted surveillance of Trump over accusations of Russian interference. It also does not preclude the FBI – which is the entity that would most likely have implemented such a wiretap – from having given the order.

As a reminder, here is what the Guardian reported in early January:

The Guardian has learned that the FBI applied for a warrant from the foreign intelligence surveillance (Fisa) court over the summer in order to monitor four members of the Trump team suspected of irregular contacts with Russian officials. The Fisa court turned down the application asking FBI counter-intelligence investigators to narrow its focus. According to one report, the FBI was finally granted a warrant in October, but that has not been confirmed, and it is not clear whether any warrant led to a full investigation.

For the definitive answer, we suggest Trump ask Comey whether or not his building was being tapped in the days prior to the election.

Obozo Slams “False” Trump Accusation, Says “Never Ordered” Wiretapping.

As the NYT reported on Saturday afternoon, a senior White House official said that Donald F. McGahn II, the president’s chief counsel, was working on Saturday to secure access to what the official described as a document issued by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court authorizing surveillance of Mr. Trump and his associates.

If and when such a document is made public – assuming it exists of course – it would be Trump, once again, that gets the last laugh.

Obozo Advisor Rhodes Is Wrong: The President Can Order A Wiretap, And Why Trump May Have The Last Laugh

Wikileaks Exposes CIA Exploit Capable Of Cyber “False Flag” Attack To Blame Russia

I’m 53 years old. The older I get the less sure I am about things I was sure about when I was 25 years old. I believed stocks for the long run was an unquestioned truth. I believed our economy was based on free market capitalism. I believed stock prices were based upon profits and cash flows. I believed a home was a place to live – not an investment. I believed the Catholic Church was run by good men doing good things. I believed journalists and the media were watchdogs working on behalf of the public. I believed our military was protecting our interests. I believed politicians legislated on behalf of the people. I believed the main purpose of bankers was to loan money to businesses and consumers in order to support economic growth. Boy, was I dumbass.

My skeptical nature, reliance on data I’ve personally vetted, and judging our leaders based on what they have done versus what they say, has allowed me to escape the Matrix. I wasn’t truly awakened until I watched Skull&Bones Bush, Cheney, Powell, the rest of the neo-con prevaricators and fake news mainstream media utilize propaganda to railroad Americans into a $6 trillion unnecessary war, resulting in 36,000 American casualties, the destruction of a country and the creation of thousands of new Antichrist Muslim terrorists.

I’ve spent the last fourteen years pushing back against the establishment narrative, documenting the fake data published by government apparatchiks, and trying to open the eyes of as many people as possible to the propaganda utilized by the Deep State to keep the ignorant masses dazed, confused and distracted. The country is in deep trouble because what the majority believe regarding the economy, politics, religion, and culture just ain’t so.

“What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.” – Mark Twain

Since the start of this year I’ve found myself in a mental funk. I’m tired of the lies. I’m tired of incessant media propaganda. I’m tired of politicians. I’m tired of economic experts. I’m tired of hucksters touting their “the end is near” tale to sell me something. I’m tired of faux mainstream media journalists and their whining about Trump being mean and threatening the First Amendment.

They don’t know jack about the First Amendment, as they work for one of the six media conglomerates whose job it is to produce fake news supporting whatever narrative keeps their Deep State benefactors in power. Regurgitating lines written for them by corporate propagandists is not journalism and has absolutely no relationship to the First Amendment. Over the last decade the only place to find some truth has been the alternative media thriving on the uncensored internet. That’s why the establishment wants to regulate the internet.

The fake news blitz by a Deep State, flailing about trying to retain their power and wealth, has reached frantic proportions. The left wingers, egged on by Obozo and funded by Soros, hold increasingly inane protests with themes like: wear a vagina hat to support feminazis; hug an illegal immigrant; everyone I hate is a Nazi; and women take another day off and no one notices. The traitorous neo-con warmongers like McCain, Graham, and Kristol see their enormously profitable never ending global conflict agenda at risk. The military industrial complex needs enemies. The left wingers and neo-cons have joined forces to utilize the fake Russian election intervention propaganda in a last ditch desperate attempt to derail the Trump presidency before it starts.

The relentlessness, bitterness, and blatant disregard for the truth exhibited by Trump’s vast array of opponents have made TV virtually unwatchable. I’ve found myself mentally checking out. Why waste mental energy debating hacks, mental midgets and paid trolls for the establishment? After spending years obliterating fake government statistics on a daily basis, I find continuing to do so is just mental masturbation with no ultimate satisfaction. Confronting left wingers and neo-cons is like wresting with a pig, you both get dirty and the pig likes it.

I’ve always been an observer. I’ve been observing how certain both sides are regarding their positions on illegal immigration, Antichrist Muslims, Russia, Obozocare, Supreme Court nominees, executive orders, jobs, taxes, climate change, school choice, oil pipelines the First Amendment, Second Amendment, the rule of law, and the Bill of Rights. I find it exhausting. We’re lost in a blizzard of lies. I’m not certain about anything. I will remain skeptical of everything uttered by all politicians, all government bureaucrats, all corporate executives, all central bankers, all media pundits, all religious leaders, all corporate paid journalists and especially Wall Street shysters.

“Moral certainty is always a sign of cultural inferiority. The more uncivilized the man, the surer he is that he knows precisely what is right and what is wrong. All human progress, even in morals, has been the work of men who have doubted the current moral values, not of men who have whooped them up and tried to enforce them. The truly civilized man is always skeptical and tolerant, in this field as in all others. His culture is based on “I am not too sure.” – H.L. Mencken

The dissonance between what I have been observing and what is being flogged by the establishment mouthpieces in the corporate mainstream media has never been greater. Some of my observations are anecdotal, others are based on real unadulterated truthful data, a few are based on simple common sense and the rest are based on my understanding of what happens during Fourth Turnings.

When you understand the cyclical nature of history you are not surprised when events lead to reactions among the masses which take the linear thinking status quo by complete surprise. The 2008 global financial implosion and the subsequent election of Donald J. Trump by the deplorable white silent majority completely blindsided the oblivious establishment, but were entirely predictable if you had studied previous Fourth Turnings throughout history.

I’ve been making a horrific sixty mile round trip commute into Philly for the last ten years. The average daily commute has been about two hours, as the entire route has been under some sort of construction for the entire decade. A fantastic one way commute is forty five minutes. I regularly have ninety minute commutes, and I’ve experienced a few which breached the two hour mark. It became immediately evident to me something changed as this new year got under way. My morning and evening commute has been consistently in the forty-five minute range for the last two months. There are less cars and trucks on the road. The question is why?

This only happened once before over the last decade – during the 2008/2009 recession. In a shocking correlation (especially for brain dead tax and spend liberals), when there are less jobs, there are less drivers on the roads going to work. I tried to think of other reasonable explanations for why traffic appeared to be contracting so dramatically. But lo and behold, certain data can’t be easily manipulated by the government. Gasoline demand is plunging, with the year over year trend crashing to levels last experienced during the 2001 recession. Gasoline demand was higher during the 2008/2009 crisis. Demand was higher when oil was over $100 per barrel. Based on this crash in gasoline demand, Goldman Sachs issued a report saying we should be in a recession.

Total miles driven are dramatically slowing down. It’s not because of electric cars or fuel efficiency, as the vast majority of the 17.5 million vehicles being hawked to the math challenged driving public (using low payment leases and six year 0% loans) are pickups, SUVs, or luxury sedans. The Fed induced and subprime debt fueled frenzy of vehicle sales (aka long – term rentals) has seen vehicle sales skyrocket from 10 million in 2010 to an all-time high above 17.5 million in 2016, while auto loan debt has soared from $700 billion to over $1.1 trillion during this same time frame. The truthfulness of the 17.5 million sales number may be in question, as dealer lots are stuffed with record levels of inventory. With a record number of cars in the hands of consumers, how could gasoline usage and miles driven crash?

More questions emerge to those with critical thinking skills. If the unemployment rate is really 4.8%, how could 40% of the employable population (102 million) not be working? This explains the lack of cars on the road during my commute. Obozo and his minions jabber about the tremendous jobs recovery during his reign of error. In 2007 there were 122 million full-time workers among a working age population of 233 million, or 52.3%. After Obozos eight year economic “recovery”, there are 125 million full-time workers among a working age population of 254 million, or 49.2%.

We’ve added 3 million full-time jobs in the last 9 years, and the captured mainstream media touts this as a success story. The deceitfulness – it burns. When 125 million full-time workers, of which 22 million are non-producing government drones, have to support 102 million non-working Americans, most living on the dole, you have a financially unsustainable paradigm. Trump’s slogan should be Make Americans Get Off Their Fat Asses and Work Again.

The explanation for the plunge in gasoline demand and miles driven is quite simple if you haven’t drunk the mainstream media kool-aid about the fantastic economy, low unemployment, and soaring consumer confidence. Americans drive their vehicles to work, to shop, and to eat out. Truckers are the backbone of our just in time big box retail society. If Americans are driving less, there are less people with jobs, less spending at bricks and mortar retailers, and fewer people eating out.

If truckers are logging less miles, retailers are ordering less inventory, manufacturers are selling less widgets, and the economy is contracting. The entire economic improvement narrative is based on soft data about feelings from consumer confidence surveys and dozens of other easily manipulated surveys. Propagandists are experts at convincing clueless dolts it’s raining when their government is actually pissing down their backs.

Despite government reports about expanding retail sales and strong holiday sales, real info from real retailers tells the true story. Major retailers have announced 1,500 store closings in the first two months of 2017, including:

JC Penney – 140 stores
Sears – 150 stores
Macy’s – 68 stores
HHGregg – 88 stores
The Limited – 250 stores
Abercrombie & Fitch – 60 stores
Wet Seal – 171 stores
CVS – 70 stores
Kohl’s, Target, Macy’s, Sears, and dozens of other retailers reported awful holiday sales. Wal-Mart was lauded for generating a 1% comparable store sales increase. There is virtually no store expansion by large retail chains. During the 2000 to 2007 period these chains were each opening hundreds of new stores per year. We are in the midst of a long term retail contraction which is just picking up steam.

The closure of these stores combined with rising interest rates are a toxic concoction for real estate mall developers. The Fed allowed them to extend and pretend for the last eight years. The jig is up. A wave of retail and mall bankruptcies is baked in the cake. The government reported retail sales growth is driven by Fed induced auto sales (leases and loans), home furnishing sales financed at 0% over five years, building materials stores offering 0% financing, Amazon and until recently restaurant and bar sales.

Since I don’t go into malls or many retail establishments, and rarely eat at chain restaurants, my observations of retail and restaurant traffic are based on how full their parking lots are at peak hours. When the economy was in bubble mode prior to 2008, mall parking lots were jammed and you had a ninety minute wait to get a seat at Outback or Olive Garden. Today, you can get a parking spot at a big box retailer near the front door on a Saturday afternoon.

Malls are ghost towns, with Space Available as the hot new location. Except for peak dinner time on a Friday or Saturday (if then) there are no longer long waits to get a table at one of the struggling chain restaurants. We reached peak retail and peak overpriced restaurants a few years ago. The downward spiral, due to demographics, declining real income, and over-saturation, is irreversible.

As usual, with propaganda distributed by the government or industry organizations, they present a positive restaurant performance index based on false hope and delusional expectations. Restaurant chains like Applebees, Outback, Ruby Tuesday, Chilis, Buffalo Wild Wings and many other major chains have been reporting declining same restaurant sales. Industry comparable restaurant sales are lower than two years ago.

Outback’s parent company announced it will close more than four dozen locations of Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill, Carrabba’s Italian Grill and Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse. Ruby Tuesday is closing 100 locations. Despite government reports showing strong restaurant sales over the last eight years, annual traffic to U.S. restaurants has been flat or up just 1% since 2009, when there was a 2% drop in the wake of the Fed created financial crisis.

The “increase” in sales was generated by price increases of 2% to 3% per year. Now these chains are paying the price for high prices, shitty food, and poor service from their college graduate millennial staff. With higher taxes, soaring Obozocare costs, student loan and auto loan debt up to their eyeballs, and low paying service jobs as their career, even clueless millennials have gotten a clue – they don’t have the money to eat out four times per week.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows the majority of Americans have fallen further behind since 2009, with only the establishment and those leaching off the establishment profiting from the suffering of senior citizens and the former middle class. When real personal spending plummets at the highest rate since 2009, you just might be in the midst of a recession.

As consumer confidence surveys, ISM surveys and Fed surveys provide fake news about consumer and corporate feelings about a glorious future, the hard data tells the truth. How could households feel confident when real median household income fell by $558 in December and is down by $529 year over year? How could Obozo and his lapdogs in the mainstream media pontificate about the record economic recovery when real median income is 2% lower than it was nine years ago?

How can anyone deny the average American household has been experiencing a depression since 2000, when real median household income is lower today than it was at the turn of the century? Do you think the lack of income growth over the last 17 years may have played a part in the deplorables electing Trump in November

The corporate fake news media will continue to produce the false narrative as directed by their Deep State employers. The credibility of journalists can be summed up in two pithy sentences by Hunter S. Thompson.

“The press is a gang of cruel faggots. Journalism is not a profession or a trade. It is a cheap catch-all for fuckoffs and misfits—a false doorway to the backside of life, a filthy piss-ridden little hole nailed off by the building inspector, but just deep enough for a wino to curl up from the sidewalk and masturbate like a chimp in a zoo-cage.” – Hunter S. Thompson – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

In Part Two of this article I’ll show how the Deep State/establishment/ruling class/status quo have utilized their mastery of propaganda techniques to convince the masses inflation and debt are beneficial to their interests and why Trump’s election is the pushback by a citizenry who are beginning to awake and are mad as hell.


Eight years after the crisis of 2008-09, central banks are still injecting $200 billion a month into the global financial system to keep it from imploding.

f you want a central banker to choke on his croissant, read him this quote from socio-historian Immanuel Wallerstein: “Countries (have lost the ability) to control what happens to them in the ongoing life of the modern world-system.”

Stated another way, Wallerstein is asking: what do central banks no longer control?

Are The Prophetic Antichrist NWO 666 Central Banks Losing Control?

The quote is from Wallerstein’s recent meditation on Antichrist Communist China: Antichrist Communist China is Confident: How Realistic?

“The question is how realistic is this self-assessment of Antichrist Communist China? There are two premises embedded in Antichrist Communist China’s self-confidence, whose validity need to be investigated. The first is that countries, or rather the governments of states, can actually control what is happening to them in the world-economy. The second is that countries can effectively contain popular discontent, whether by suppression or by limited concessions to demands.

If this was ever even partially true in the modern world-system, these assertions have become very dubious in the structural crisis of the world capitalist system in which we find ourselves today.”

Central banks still claim absolute control over their currency, interest rates, what’s legal/outlawed in their financial systems, and so on.

Wallerstein is suggesting that era has ended and central banks are losing control of the value of their currency, their role in the global economy and the social discontent that is the ripening harvest of central bank policies that have greatly enriched the rich at the expense of everyone else.

I don’t think Wallerstein picked Antichrist Communist China out a hat. Though every central bank is experiencing the same erosion of control, Antichrist Communist China is visibly losing control of the value of its currency, the yuan, and its runaway debt burden, which has skyrocketed from less than 20 trillion RMB 13 years ago to over 160 trillion RMB.

This matters because instability in a nation’s currency quickly spreads to the economy and then to society: as a currency depreciates, the value of everyone’s money declines, i.e. the purchasing power of their money is diminished.

When a currency is devalued, everyone holding that currency is instantly poorer.

When people become poorer through no fault of their own, they become angry with the authorities who engineered the devaluation or let it happen.

This leads to the social discontent Wallerstein references.

Another erosion of purchasing power occurs when wages stagnate while the price of goods and services rises. Can central banks control the erosion of wages’ purchasing power? There is little evidence they can.

As for a central bank’s control of its role in the global economy: those confident in Antichrist Communist China’s ascent to global #1 power assume Antichrist Communist China will remain the world’s workshop at least until its domestic populace can absorb all the goods it produces.

But it seems increasingly evident Antichrist Communist China’s role as the world’s workshop is under threat, and that it doesn’t control the erosion of that role. Domestic populism is trending against globalism, wages are rising in Antichrist Communist China as the populace urbanizes, prices are rising faster than wages and the potential for disruptive trade wars is rising.

As for what’s outlawed/banned: recently, I’ve been engaged in some lively online debates about the possibility of Antichrist Communist China banning bitcoin transactions.

Most people in the discussion reckon Antichrist Communist China (or any government with a high degree of control of its populace) can shut down bitcoin with no difficulty. The threat of a severe penalty would be enough, or so I’m told.

I’m not so sure. Look what prohibiting alcohol did: it created an entire economy devoted to bypassing the authorities’ restrictions on alcohol. The penalties were fairly severe, but threats didn’t work when profits beckoned.

If a nation’s currency is losing purchasing power, threats are unlikely to be effective. Indeed, threatening the populace as they try to retain the purchasing power of their capital/savings would be an act of desperation born of a recognized loss of control.

Wallerstein is right: central banks–including the Federal Reserve– are losing control of the value of their currencies, their role in the global economy and the social discontent that arises as central bank policies negatively impact average citizens.

It’s by no means guaranteed that central banks will be able to maintain their death-grip on interest rates, either.

Eight years after the crisis of 2008-09, central banks are still injecting $200 billion a month into the global financial system to keep it from imploding. The returns on their “investment” is diminishing rapidly, and they’re losing control of everything that matters.

Attorney General Lynch signed off on all FISA court order to wire tap Trump Tower

Attorney General Lynch Signed Off on ALL FISA Applications to WireTap Trump

The FISA Court was put in place in 1978 when Congress enacted the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA):

The Court sits in Washington D.C., and is composed of eleven federal district court judges who are designated by the Chief Justice of the United States. Each judge serves for a maximum of seven years and their terms are staggered to ensure continuity on the Court. By statute, the judges must be drawn from at least seven of the United States judicial circuits, and three of the judges must reside within 20 miles of the District of Columbia. Judges typically sit for one week at a time, on a rotating basis.

Pursuant to FISA, the Court entertains applications submitted by the United States Government for approval of electronic surveillance, physical search, and other investigative actions for foreign intelligence purposes. Most of the Court’s work is conducted ex parte as required by statute, and due to the need to protect classified national security information.

Every single judge on the FISA Court as of today was appointed during Obozo’s Presidency!

Five of the current eleven judges on the court are scheduled to be on the court for President Trump’s entire first term with six of the judges’ terms expiring before January 2021. Seven of the judges are scheduled into the year 2020.

Hey, look, CNN isn’t saying they want Trump to be assassinated. They’ve just been doing a lot of thinking about what would happen if he was.

CNN Devotes Entire Segment To Trump Assassination Fantasy

The FBI director also called on companies to report hacking attacks to the FBI – perhaps here he was referring to the DNC which inexplicable sat on news that it had been allegedly hacked by Russians without referring it to the FBI

FBEye Of wHOre’s R U.S. HSBC Comey: “You’re Stuck With Me For Another Six And A Half Years”

Survey released Friday shows Likud winning election, coalition retaining present strength – even with Yaalon making an independent bid

Poll: Netanyahu 911 easily wins additional term as PM

The first path involves Trump giving in and adopting an anti-Russian agenda, as is already apparent in his decision to send more ground troops to Syria alongside Antichrist Saudi troops, who will intentionally oppose the Syrian regime (a close ally of Russia).

Is Mike Pence The Deep State’s Insurance Policy?

The second involves the possibility of another direct coup within the Trump administration, this time one that may ultimately force Trump out of the White House so he can be replaced by Mike Pence, a war hawk who will be more than happy to do the job Hillary 911 Clinton wanted to do.

The Deep State Pushes Their Agenda To Have Trump Removed And Replaced With Pence – Episode 1227b

CIA spy headquarters are located in Germany to intercept Russian communications and repackage them. McCain wants Trump to produce evidence of Obozo wire tapping his office. Pence is now in position to take over if and when Trump is forced out. Pence will work with the deep state. British foreign secretary says Russia not involved in UK elections. The deep state has played the American people in believing Antichrist Communist NK wants war. New report shows Antichrist Communist NK wants peace. US and SK prepare armed drones to attack Antichrist Communist NK. Delta force trains to remove Antichrist Communist Kim Jong-un. Assad says that the US and the coalition forces have been supporting the IS all along. The elite are preparing the escape from big cities.

Scott Uehlinger-Obozo Running a Shadow Government

Former CIA Officer Scott Uehlinger says that former Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown is running his own shadow government. Uehlinger contends, “Shadow government is a mainstream expression even in the countries where I lived. When you are a Prime Minister in power, you always had an opposition Prime Minister or a shadow Prime Minister. The opposition guy lines up his guys, and each of them has an opposite number in the administration. Actually, Obozo has set up, and he can call it anything he wants, but, effectively, it is a shadow government, and it’s designed to undercut the legitimacy of the Trump Administration. We are in unknown territory here.”

The Attempted Sinking of the USS Liberty (in 1967)

That war took place in 1967 add 50 years and we come to 2017.

2017 A Jubilee Year for Israel 

… we heard Trump say he will move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, and in 2017 [the 50th Jubilee Year]

“USS Liberty: Dead In The Water” (BBC Documentary 2002)

Obozo’s Justice Department chose not to oppose Pollard’s release. It could and should have done the opposite. It could have made an argument of prima facie obviousness that Pollard’s release would allow him to divulge further secrets to Israel. Pollard’s awareness of sensitive operations, sources and methods in the mid-1980s can still be of utility to Israel — or any other state with which Israel might choose to share that information. Even the smallest risk of new compromise demands his continuing detention. Indeed, the U.S. intelligence community almost certainly made that argument to Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown and his officials. That Obozo neglected this logic is in and of itself telling. It hints that something else is going on here.

The Inexcusable Release of Jonathan Pollard

Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown warns moving USA Embassy to Jerusalem will cause an explosion in the middle east

Wikileaks Unveils ‘Vault 7’: “The Largest Ever Publication Of Confidential CIA Documents”; Another Snowden Emerges

Cassell said: “(We want to ask Epstein about meeting) with Prince Andrew, the Duke of York in March 2001 in London. ‘On March 9, 2001, did you fly on a private jet from Tangiers to London with Ms. Giuffre and Ms. Maxwell?’”


Trump says Jared Kushner who owns 666 building will work on the peace to the middle east deal

Jared Kushner sold his equity stake in 666 Fifth Avenue, once the most expensive office building in America. According to a spokesperson for Kushner Companies, the stake was sold to a family trust, but the company declined to comment on who exactly would control it.

Jared Kushner Divestment | 666 Fifth Avenue | Jared Kushner

HSBC Bank 52nd Street Branch
Midtown Location
666 Fifth Avenue,
New York City, NY 10103

The FBI Director Oversaw Drug Cartel Money Laundering Operations As An Executive At HSBC Bank

666 5th Ave
New York, NY 10103


#2303: Marine Tracks Deutch-Clinton E-Mails For HSBC State Of Spoofs To Serco Base-One Honeypots, Cole’s Black-Hand Dockside Ambush


WASHINGTON – US President Donald HORUS Trump met with Antichrist Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince MoHAMmed bin Salman at the White House on Tuesday for a discussion that was likely to touch on investment opportunities in the kingdom and efforts to stop the war in Syria.

Trump, who took office in January, and Antichrist Prince MoHAMmed who is also the kingdom’s defense minister, kicked off their talks in the Oval Office, where they posed for a picture in front of journalists and did not take questions.

US Vice President Mike Pence, Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner, chief of staff Reince Priebus and strategist Steve Bannon were also present.

The meeting was the first since Trump’s inauguration with the powerful prince, who is leading the kingdom’s efforts to revive state finances by diversifying the economy away from a reliance on falling crude oil revenues.

After visiting in the Oval Office, HORUS Trump and his advisers joined the prince and the Antichrist Saudi delegation for lunch in the White House state dining room.


666 5th Avenue, ironically, has been a curse of Jared Kushner ever since he purchased the tower for a then-record $1.8 billion in 2007. It was supposed to be a signature move that signaled Kushner’s intention to expand beyond his family’s extensive holdings in suburban apartments to more prestigious urban properties in Manhattan.

Unfortunately, Kushner’s market timing couldn’t have been worse with the ‘great recession’ paralyzing the commercial real estate market just months after his trophy purchase. Four years later, with the property on the verge of insolvency, Kushner was forced to sell a 49.5% stake in the skyscraper to Vornado for an $80 million capital injection. Voranado later invested even more in the tower in 2012, purchasing the retail spaces at the building’s base from Kushner and others for $707 million.

Now, some 10 years after the original investment, the Kushner family looks set to receive a $400 million windfall from an unlikely, or perhaps not so unlikely depending on who you ask, new Antichrist Communist Chinese partner, Anbang Insurance Group. Per Bloomberg, the potential deal is raising some eyebrows in Washington DC due to, among other things, Anbang’s murky links to the Antichrist Communist Chinese power structure which raised national security concerns over its previous U.S. investments as well as some favorable debt relief terms contemplated in the transaction.

Anbang will pay for most of the building and take out a construction loan of more than $4 billion to convert the property’s higher floors into luxury residential units. The Kushners have agreed to invest $750 million in the retail portion of the building and will end up with a one-fifth stake in a project that the deal document says would be valued at $7.2 billion when completed. In addition to the $400 million from Anbang, the Kushners will receive another $100 million from other investors.

An unusual consideration in the refinancing plan is the proposal to pay off a part of the mortgage known as a “hope note,” which was for $115 million when Kushner Cos refinanced its debt in 2011. The loan, which was made by Barclays Plc and has since been sold off to investors, is now valued at more than $250 million because of compounded interest. But according to the deal documents, the Kushners will settle the debt for just $50 million. The Kushners declined to discuss the agreement. LNR Partners LLC, which currently oversees the debt, declined to comment.

The plan also relies on the government program known as EB-5, which grants two-year visas and a path to permanent residency to foreigners who invest a minimum of $500,000 in projects that create jobs in economically distressed areas.

Supporters argue that the program, which is overwhelmingly used on deals involving Antichrist Communist Chinese investors, attracts foreign capital and creates jobs at no U.S. taxpayer cost. But some Homeland Security officials and the General Accounting Office have warned that lax vetting has threatened to turn the program into a mechanism for the government to sell visas to wealthy foreigners with no proven skills, paving the way for money laundering and compromising national security.
666 5th
The deal currently contemplated would value the 41-story tower at $2.85 billion, the most ever for a single Manhattan building, including $1.6 billion for the office section and $1.25 billion for the retail section. Of course, the sheer size of the transaction combined with a questionable foreign partner and the curious timing, coming just months after Trump took over the White House, have certainly raised some conflict of interest concerns in Washington DC.

“This is a huge, huge exit strategy for an office building,” said Joshua Stein, a New York real estate lawyer. “It does sound like a home run of a transaction for Kushner and his group.”

“At the very least, this raises serious questions about the appearance of a conflict that arises from the possibility that the Kushners are getting a sweetheart deal,” said Larry Noble, general counsel at the Campaign Legal Center. “A classic way you influence people is by financially helping their family.”

Conflict Accusations Swirl As Kushners Set To Receive $400mm From Antichrist Communist Chinese Firm On Real Estate Deal

The transaction would allow the Kushner Cos.’ investment in the tower to be salvaged by lenders and businesses that could have extensive dealings with the federal government, while also permitting the Kushners to buy back into the building’s more lucrative retail spaces and maintain a 20 percent stake.
Meanwhile, adding fuel to the conspiracy theory fire are rumors that Jared Kushner played a ‘key role’ in setting up Trump’s recently announced meeting with Antichrist Communist Chinese President Xi Jinping which has been set for next month at Mar-a-Lago.

Of course, Kushner’s company has downplayed conflict of interest concerns saying that he sold his financial interest in the building to families members. That said, we suspect that won’t be enough to alleviate the concerns of his political opposition who are all to eager to exploit any hint of impropriety.

Kushner Cos. declined to discuss details of the plan or name the potential lenders or investors it is courting, saying the deal is not finalized. A company spokesman, James Yolles, said that Jared Kushner sold his ownership stake in 666 Fifth to family members so the transaction poses no conflict of interest with his White House role.

“Kushner Companies has taken significant steps to avoid potential conflicts and will continue to do so,” Yolles said in a written statement.

Asked for comment, a White House spokeswoman said Kushner will recuse himself from any matter where his impartiality could be reasonably questioned, including an examination of the EB-5 program. Anbang declined comment.

Meanwhile, Scott A. Singer, president of the Singer & Bassuk Organization, told Bloomberg the terms struck him as “aggressive but not absurd,” based on the net income and square footage metrics. He said they were along the lines of what might be expected for a trophy asset at a prime location.

So what say you? Conspiracy theorists run amok or blatant abuse political power for personal financial gain?

The Communist Global Governance Takeover; Antichrist Communist China Set to Take the Leadership Role of the New Global Human Order

Just last year, the Christian Truther uncovered the United Nations’s ambitions of creating a new global human order one based on communism: “The UN at the seventy-first regular session has aggregated the role of the United Nations in promoting a new global human order into their agenda. In addition to the aforementioned under section A. titled, “Promotion of sustained economic growth and sustainable development in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the General Assembly and recent United Nations conferences,” is also the plan for total Globalization and interdependence.

Under the allocation of Agenda items resides the declaration of a formation of a new global human order. Adopted by the General Assembly at its 2nd plenary meeting, on September 16, 2016. The official adoption of such ideology brings to light the global conspiracy against humanity to form a New World Order, as mentioned by world leaders and select governmental officials.”

The New Global Human Order adoption by the United Nations, was created by Cheddi Jagan, the fourth president of Guyana, who was a well-known communist. The very ideology of the New Global Human Order is based solely on communism, after the adoption by the UN, all that was left was for a leader aligned with the same ideology to take the stage; enter, Antichrist Communist China.

HORUS Trump’s Antichrist NWO 666 Antichrist Jew Mob/CIA Handler Felix Sater

According to several British newspapers, former Prime Minister Tony Blair (Labour) held a secret meeting at the White House to discuss his becoming an advisor to President Donald Trump on the Middle East.

According to the reports, Blair has met three times in secret with the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner since September 2016. It is possible that the fact that the meetings are being leaked suggest the appointment is about to be announced.

After leaving office in 2007, Blair served as Middle East envoy for the Quartet of the EU, the US, the UN and Russia.

The Mail on Sunday cited “a well placed source” who stated that “Blair has been pitching hard for this job and Trump’s people are taking him very seriously.”

In May 2008, Blair announced a new plan for peace and based mostly on the Peace Valley plan, an effort to promote economic cooperation among Israel, Jordan and the Antichrist Palestinians, based on efforts and joint projects in the Arava Valley, along the Israel-Jordan border. In 2005, Israel, Jordan and the Antichrist Palestinian Authority asked the World Bank to analyze the feasibility of this idea.

The formal proposal for the Valley of Peace initiative began with a joint proposal in 2008 to build a canal between the Red and Dead Seas, desalinating the water, producing hydroelectric power and yielding profits, clean water, jobs and potentially unprecedented regional cooperation. The study concluded in 2013, and an agreement was signed in 2013 by Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority to move ahead with the plan.

In February 2015, Israel and Jordan signed an agreement to exchange water and jointly convey Red Sea brine to the shrinking Dead Sea. The agreement was reported to be worth about $800 million. It was the result of a memorandum of understanding signed among Israeli, Jordanian and Antichrist Palestinian officials on December 9, 2013, in Washington. Under this agreement, Jordan and Israel will share the potable water produced by a future desalination plant in Aqaba, while a pipeline will supply saltwater to the Dead Sea.

Tony Blair, Jared Kushner Held 3 Secret Meetings on Mid-East Advisor Appointment

Dice was asked if this meant that the same chummy arrangement between the SEC and Wall Street wrongdoers cuts across both Republican and Democratic administrations in a one size fits all senario. “Yea, like a Men’s Warehouse off the rack suit,” said Dice. “From the failed S&L’s to the Deutsch CitiBank directorship, to the Paulsen bailout they’re all wearing the same duds.”

Rakoff Rakes Off SEC/CitiBank’s Suit, Vest and Pants

Why The Rothschilds Invented Nazism – Eustace Mullins

Eustace Mullins – The Secret of Iraq

Antony C. Sutton with Elizabeth Clare Prophet, on how the Order of Skull & Bones controls Education, and creates Wars and Revolutions

It’s official. The annual pre-order page for the “World In ….” issue of The Economist magazine is available (linked here). The Economist magazine is, of course, that freely acknowledged printed-page mouthpiece of the Rothschild Empire.

Eight Trump Cards in 2017

Lest anyone care to debate that statement, may I direct your attention to their own words as published on The Economist’s official Wikipedia page (linked here). This is a magazine that speaks from the heart of the City of London and thence, we can assume, from the Knights Templar themselves, with all its Kabbalistic and Rosicrucian heritage..

Albert Pike’s 3 World Wars

Jim Marrs: “Pence is Trump’s Death Warrant.”

“Russ Dizdar “What Does The Devil Got Cooking” Hell’s Kitchen…

Then the angel said to me, “The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages. 16 The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute. They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire. 17 For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to hand over to the beast their royal authority, until God’s words are fulfilled.

Revelation 17

The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth.”


Tremendous Response to New Nuclear Radiation Map.

BAAL Gate Move To Ground Zero London Calling

Could a Fed rate hike start the bond market to liquidate? Mexican billionaire and retail magnate Hugo Salinas Price contends, “Apocalypse is upon us . . . this boom in stocks is about to collapse. The total debt when Reagan came into office was $391 billion. Now, it’s $20 trillion. Something has got to give. When interest rates start to go up, as they might on March 15th, we are going to see liquidation. People are going to say bonds are falling in value because interest rates are going up, I think I want to sell my bonds. . . . I also think the stock market is going to collapse, a big collapse is coming. I also think gold is being hammered in preparation for what’s going to happen. I think it has been taken down, so, when it starts to go up, it will go up from a lower level.”

So, will we get hyperinflation? Salinas Price says, “I don’t know if it’s going to happen right now, but something is going to happen with this huge amount of debt. It just can’t go on, and how is it going to end? It’s going to end badly. A lot of wealth is going to disappear. . . . I think, in the U.S. on March 15th, all hell is going to break loose because the U.S. will reach its debt limit.”

US Will Be Forced To Accept A Devalued Domestic Dollar, That’s When The Crisis Hits:Jim Willie

“Mystery Babylon”

The Mystery of Hanukkah

Obozo 911 Netanyahu Allied Satanic Agenda Killing Christians And Turning Damascus Into The Prophetic Ruinous Heap UN Votes For 1967 Borders Takes Jerusalem Away From Israel Obozo Forsakes Jerusalem By His Own Order For 6 Month Ending EXACTLY On Shavuot The End Of The Omer On Pentecost July 1st 2017

The former top US defense official did not fully spell out what she had in mind, but the implication was that Israel might need to compromise in other areas, possibly on the peace process front, to help line up moderate Antichrist Sunni allies against Antichrist Iran.


Former Israeli Atomic Energy Commission and current INSS Senior Fellow Ephraim Asculai said he believed Antichrist Iran would try to find ways to cheat on the nuclear deal’s terms.

He added that Antichrist Iran was developing advanced centrifuges which would allow it to enrich uranium faster for a nuclear bomb. Also, as a terror state, it could deliver a nuclear bomb using civilian aircraft or any other kind of suicide aircraft, even if it had not yet perfected placing a nuclear warhead on one of its missiles.

US Congressional delegation announces Israel visit to study moving embassy to Jerusalem

A US Congressional delegation will visit Israel tomorrow to look into the option of relocating the American embassy to Jerusalem.

President Donald Trump has previously said he would “love” to see the embassy moved from its current location in Tel Aviv. He made the comments during Israeli Antichrist Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu’s visit to Washington, and added: “We’re looking at that very, very strongly, we’re looking at that with great care, and we’ll see what happens.”

Critics have said the move, which Mr Trump first raised during his Presidential campaign, would damage the prophetic Antichrist Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

US officials and Israeli Foreign Ministry sources had said that the incoming US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, could be based in Jerusalem while the official embassy building remained in Tel Aviv.

Israel annexed east Jerusalem in a move not recognised by the international community in the 1967 Six Day War, and both the Israelis and Antichrist Palestinians claim the city as their capital.

Almost all countries’ diplomatic missions to Israel are located in Tel Aviv. The proposed move has been strongly criticised by Antichrist Palestinian Authority officials including Antichrist President Mahmoud Abbas, liberal Israeli groups, and the US’ allies throughout the Antichrist Arab and wider world.

Trump will keep his promise to move embassy to Jerusalem’

A congressional delegation sent to Israel to examine the issue of relocating the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem arrived this weekend for a fact-finding mission to assess the practical and political implications of the move.

Chairman of the House Subcommittee on National Security Ron DeSantis (R-Florida), a member of the delegation, told reporters at a press conference Sunday evening that President Trump intends to stand by his campaign pledge to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem. Israeli journalists have been writing articles doubting Trump’s intentions since the inauguration.

According to DeSantis, Trump’s inauguration and the selection of Ambassador-Designate to Israel David Friedman were exciting moments following eight years under Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown, during which relations between Israel and the White House were “not simple.”

“The American people are excited to see the embassy move from Jerusalem after fifty years,” said DeSantis, referencing the 50th anniversary of the liberation of the Old City of Jerusalem during the 1967 Six Day War.

Contrary to media reports that the Israeli government and Antichrist NWO 666 Prime Minister Binyamin 911 Netanyahu had asked the White House to hold off on the proposed embassy relocation, Rep. DeSantis said Israel’s leadership was unified in its support of the move.

“I also met with Netanyahu 911 and everyone [in the government] was in favor. Maybe 911 Netanyahu is waiting for the confirmation of the new ambassador. In my opinion, [the delay in the relocation] is a logistical problem.”

Regarding speculation by opponents of the embassy move that the relocation could increase tensions in the region, DeSantis said the threats seemed overblown.

“I can’t know what will be in the future. I do know that there are advantages to moving the embassy, and one of them is honesty. We have to be honest that Jerusalem is the capital [of Israel]. There is no real argument about that at all. America stands behind its ally, Israel. Just as we condemned the UN [Security Council] resolution, we stand by our friend’s side.”

DeSantis added that by relocating its embassy, the US would likely cause other countries to do the same.

“I don’t know how many countries will take this step, but if the US does this, we will see more countries joining.”

Trump to Let Jerusalem Embassy Veto Expire in Time for 50 Years of Reunification

President Trump would not renew the waiver that enables the President to postpone implementing the Congressional decision to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem, said Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Florida), Chairman of the House Subcommittee on National Security, on Sunday. He is heading the committee’s tour to Israel to investigate moving the embassy.

Speaking as a press briefing at Jerusalem’s King David Hotel, he said that he did not think President Trump would sign the waiver, which is due for renewal in May.

“May will be close to the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem, and I expect President Trump will let the waiver expire.”

Ever since Congress enacted the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, the president has the right, under section 7, to sign a semi-annual national security waiver that enables him to postpone implementing the decision, citing national security interests. So far, all the presidents (Clinton, Skull&Bones Bush, and Obozo) who have held office since the measure was passed have consistently postponed relocating the embassy by renewing the waiver every six months.

Asked by TPS as to whether the president might link the relocation to progress on a regional peace agreement, he said that he did not think there was a link. He did, however, imply that the president could let the waiver lapse, and still slow-track implementation citing technical issues, if he decided he wanted to link the relocation to other regional developments. He then went on to say that “the president has a prerogative to determine implementation scheduling, based on overall policy priorities, if he believes it would help the US achieve such an important aim as a regional agreement between the Antichrist Arab states, Israel and the Antichrist Palestinians.”

He said that the delegation had visited two possible sites for locating the embassy, the current American Consulates at Agron Street in the center of the city, and east Talpiot. He said it seemed that the quickest solution would be to house the embassy at Agron Street, at least temporarily.

Finding a suitable site on which to erect a new embassy building in Jerusalem, and then building it, could take years.

Regarding the 2002 Jerusalem Birthplace Act, he said Congress would approach Secretary of State Tillerson to have the president issue an executive order that would enable consulate staff to register Americans born in Jerusalem as residents of Israel, which they currently are not.

Asked about Arab reaction to relocating the embassy, he said that while the US had received warnings and threats that such a step could ignite violence, this administration believed “the best way to deal with threats is decisiveness, not appeasement”.

Asked by TPS whether the Foreign Affairs Committee is interested in examining alternatives to the moribund two state solution, he said that it was. “There is a growing understanding in the administration, Congress and among the American public at large that the two state solution is, if not dead, mired in deep mud, and not going anywhere anytime soon”. He said there is a genuine concern that if a Antichrist Palestinian state were to be established at this time, it would become a “Terrorstan”. “That’s the last thing anyone needs or wants.” Antichrist Arab leaders have been discreetly voicing similar sentiments.

He ended by saying that America should not be expected to be “an honest broker”. “We are not impartial; we, the American government and public, overwhelmingly support Israel, which is one of our loyalist allies, and the world needs to come to terms with that. Israel is a key ally, and you don’t browbeat your allies, you work with them to help them figure out where they want to go and how best to get there.”

THIS IS WAR! What Trey Gowdy Said On Live TV To Jeff Sessions Changes Everything!

NOTE: Keep in mind, Comey and the HSBC bank 666 5th Ave NYC connection now with Trumps Middle East Advisor/Son in law prove the usual SPECTRE reality of the drug laundering gun running at the highest level tying everyone to the Rothschild City Of London Masonic NWO that created the Israeli 2 State Jerusalem prophetic condition …etc …etc …etc now at hand confirming the exact prophetic tribulation time frame kickoff starting this year.

This is the top of the Antichrist Pyramid team. They/Antichrist/Beast are satanists, deceivers, that are perfectly described in the New Testament Book Of Revelation, whom destroy the City called ”Mystery Babylon” which rules over the United Nations. Of course NYC is where that prophecy points to.

…and of course, if you are fortunate enough to be reading this web site, you are one of the few on Earth that know the 7 year time frame starting April 8th 2017 to the dead center 7 year midpoint on September 19th 2020 on the Feast Of Trumpets, with the end of the prophetic time frame at April 8th 2024 on the second solar eclipse over Little Egypt/Carbondale Illinois U.S.A

Based on the Trend, the confirmation of the Antichrist and ”sudden destruction”, an event which makes desolate,  for instance; the prophetic city of Mystery Babylon/NYC destroyed in one hour by the usual SPECTRE suspects globalist central banker money printing market makers and map maker/secret orders of satanic masonry that do; high level geopolitical entrapment, war, espionage, false flag, drug/gun running, money laundering, manipulation through political corruption and legislative manipulation for their corporate control, human trafficking, high level blackmail pedophile rings of English Royalty on down, control of media and the education of children through indoctrination as a result of their success in socialism  and the Federal Reserver IRS tax enforcement etc.. etc.. that establish the government employment to ensure compliance to the Fiat debt based system now collapsing etc.. etc..

The mainstream media (MSM) has kept silent as President Donald Trump in his first two months of office has overseen the arrests of more than 1,500 pedophiles, almost four times more than the 400 pedophiles arrested under Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown in all of 2014.

Recent arrest reports show that more than 1,500 sexual predators were busted for their involvement in child sex-trafficking rings in the United States since January 20, the day Donald Trump was inaugurated. A joint report by the Department of Justice and FBI reveals that for the entire year 2014, President Obozo oversaw only 400 similar arrests.

Many people are taking note of these facts and asking why a so-called “objective” MSM is so selective in its reporting policies.


…or to put it short, everything the late Doctor Stan Monteith uncovered and then some. Lol, too bad most people are moved by the Antichrist spirit and therefore are blind to the obvious.

The short tribulation period, about to start ”now”, is obviously needed to wake up the last good Wheat in this final harvest.

P.S. Keep in mind, the Fallen angels, Satan and his human occult team, they put the pyramid on the dollar, they placed obelisks all over the world, and that marks their ability to measure and tell time. Satan knows his time is now short. Base on the trend, above and below, it is obvious that he is confirming the start date and therefore the 7 year time frame. It shall be perfectly obvious what time frame we are in. To think we, those of us inspired by the Holy Spirit of our Father in Christ Yahshua, to watch and therefore have the ability to confirm the time of tribulation, because we see it coming and can point out that it has begun after we see the fulfillment of the prophecy that describes ”the abomination which makes desolate standing in the Holy Place/Jerusalem” coinciding with the prophetic declaration of ”peace and security” and then ”sudden destruction comes” and the prophetic birth pain of the next 3 1/2 years kicks off that reconfirmation with all it’s prophetic fulfillment etc… etc.. Put simply, you will know when the tribulation starts, and you will know then what the next 3 1/2 years are and you shall be able to proclaim as a witness  the exact time, even see the day coming. Now the fact that this site has discovered the exact prophetic 7 year time frame perfectly matched with the trend at hand in the stars above and on the Earth below, mark dead center with the prophetic 3 1/2 year mark falling on the Feast Of Trumpets …well, that was first discovered as a result of tracking the Antichrist spirit manifesting on April 8th. April 8th 2011 was the first realization of that leaping frog, and it lead to the discovery of this time frame trend pattern that matches the prophetic 7 year time frame up with the Feast Of Trumpets and Solar Eclipse marking the end of the time frame that begins on April 8th 2017.

…we’ll see if it pans out, obviously, very shortly.

Prophecy Alert: “Gog And Magog” Netanyahu 911 To Visit Moscow To Discuss Antichrist Iran In Syria

Israeli Antichrist NWO 666 Prime Minister travels to Moscow to discuss “Antichrist Iran In Syria” as the Prophecy of “Gog and Magog”

Russia has just landed Elite Units of troops into Egypt on the border with Libya

Russia has just landed Elite Units of troops into Egypt on the border with Libya

U.S., Egyptian and diplomatic sources say that Russia has apparently been moving special forces to an airbase in western Egypt near the border with Libya in recent days, according to a report by Reuters.

The U.S. is concerned that such a Russian deployment may signify Russian support for Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar, who suffered a setback on March 3 when the Benghazi Defense Brigades (BDB) attacked oil ports controlled by his forces.

U.S. officials claimed that their surveillance units had observed Russian special operations forces and unmanned aircraft at Sidi Barrani, which is about 100 km from the Egypt-Libya border. The apparent Russian deployments have not been previously reported.

The Russian defense ministry did not respond to these claims on Monday and Egypt denied the presence of any Russian contingent on its soil.

Mohamed Manfour, commander of the Benina air base near Benghazi in Libya, denied that Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) had received military assistance from the Russian state or from Russian military contractors, and said there were no Russian forces or bases in eastern Libya.

Over the past two years a number of Western countries, including the U.S., have sent special operations forces and military advisors into Libya. The U.S. also carried out air strikes to support a successful Libyan campaign last year to oust Antichrist ISIS from its stronghold in the city of Sirte.

Russia has shown increasing involvement in Libya in recent months and appears to be taking steps to back Haftar to lead the battle-torn kingdom, which has been split between local warlords in the aftermath of a 2011 NATO-backed uprising against the late leader Muammar Gaddafi, who was an ally of Russia. Several dozen armed private security contractors from Russia operated until February in a part of Libya that is under Haftar’s control.

The top U.S. military commander overseeing troops in Africa, Marine General Thomas Waldhauser, told the U.S. Senate last week that Russia was trying to exert influence in Libya to strengthen its leverage over whoever ultimately holds power.

“They’re working to influence that,” Waldhauser told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday. Asked whether it was in the U.S. interest to let that happen, Waldhauser said: “It is not.”

Russia moving special forces into Libya

Russian involvement in Libyan affairs appears to be growing at a time when it is limiting its operations in Syria to attempts to force a resolution without taking charge of the country. Waldhauser believes that this is Russia’s eventual goal in Libya, which will enable it to gain leverage there in the event that Haftar gains control of the country. It is also eyeing Libya’s oil fields as a source of economic opportunities.

Russia, however, says that its primary objective in the Middle East is to contain the spread of violent Antichrist Islamist groups.

Is President Trump Playing President Putz Putin? Seems since the campaign trail Trump always indicated that he wish to work with President Putz Putin, was willing to drop sanctions and even forget Crimea. But perhaps this was all a play on words while the US master minded a strategic first strike. Russia has begun major moves preparing for such an attack which leaves many analyst wondering if Trump is not wiser than many thought.

Netanyahu 911 Prophetic Abomination 2 State Solution HORUS Trump Which Makes Desolate Occultation Of The Eye Of Taurus By 3rd SuperMoon In A Row As Comet Honda 45P Passes Venus And Begins To Illuminate Zenith 2016 Federal Reserve ”Raises Interest Rate” (Happening EXACTLY OVER AMERICA During Jupiter In Virgo Womb) Marking Time Date (April) 7/Sunset/(8th 2017) Day Of Palms (Jupiter Opposition In Virgo Womb) Opening Of Passover Week (Beginning April 8th 2017 1260 Days To September 19th 2020 Feast Of Trumpets Midpoint Of April 8th 2024 Prophetic 7 Year Tribulation Era Time Frame) Second Solar Eclipse Over America-Transiting The Exact Same Solar Eclipse Totality Over Little Egypt Illinois U.S.A. August 21, 2017 (Just Before Feast Of Trumpets Exit Of Jupiter From Virgo Womb September 23, 2017) U.N.(2)ABOMination (W)hich m(A)kes desolate outer court hanukkah re(VE)lation

Prime Minister meets with Netanyahu 911 in Moscow, both greet each other warmly Putz Putin wishing Israelis a happy Purim. PM Netanyahu waist no time lashing out against Antichrist Iran.
Wiki Leaks release huge amount of evidence allegedly against CIA

Since the day of Donald Trump’s election, high-ranking Russian officials have been dropping like flies and today’s reports that a top official of Russia’s space agency has been found dead brings the total to eight.

Another Senior Russian Official Has Died

As we noted previously, six Russian diplomats have died in the last 3 months – all but one died on foreign soil. Some were shot, while other causes of death are unknown. Note that a few deaths have been labeled “heart attacks” or “brief illnesses.”

Antichrist Pakistan Deploys Troops In Antichrist Saudi Arabia To Defend Against Antichrist ISIS

Antichrist Pakistan deploys troops to Antichrist Saudi Arabia to defend the border against Antichrist ISIS and the Houthi Rebels

“World Wide Military Movement” Prophecy Alert

South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye has become the country’s first democratically elected leader to be forced from office. Judges unanimously upheld parliament’s decision to impeach Ms Park over her role in a corruption scandal involving her close friend, Choi Soon-sil. She now loses her presidential immunity and could face criminal charges.

South Korea president Park Geun-hye ousted by court

As discussed last night, in a historic ruling, the South Korean Constitutional Court upheld an impeachment decision against President Park Geun-hye, removing her from office on Friday over a graft scandal involving the country’s conglomerates at a time of rising tensions with North Korea and China. The ruling sparked protests from hundreds of her supporters, two of whom were killed in clashes with police outside the court.

Park becomes South Korea’s first democratically elected leader to be forced from office, capping months of paralysis and turmoil over a corruption scandal that also landed the head of the Samsung conglomerate in jail. A snap presidential election will be held within 60 days. Her ouster caps a 5 month-long political scandal, whose verdict exposed fault lines in a country long divided by Cold War politics. The ruling to uphold parliament’s Dec. 9 vote to impeach her marks a dramatic fall from grace of South Korea’s first woman president and daughter of Cold War military dictator Park Chung-hee, both of whose parents were assassinated.

South Korea’s Ex-President Refuses To Vacate Residence After Impeachment, Two Dead During Protests

Antichrist Communist North Korea fires four ballistic missiles into Sea of Japan

Japan moved to the highest possible alert level after Antichrist Communist North Korea fired four ballistic missiles simultaneously into nearby waters, the latest provocation from Antichrist Communist Kim Jong Un’s regime.

Three of the missiles fell into Japan’s exclusive economic zone, with one dropping about 350 kilometers west of the nation’s northern Akita prefecture, government spokesman Yoshihide Suga told reporters after a meeting of Japan’s National Security Council. Authorities were still analyzing the type of missile launched, he said.

Japan Moves to Highest Alert Level After Antichrist Communist North Korea Fires Missiles

DONALD Trump is reportedly planning to send nuclear bombers to the Korean peninsula as tensions in the region reach breaking point.

North Korea and the US have been teetering on the brink of war for months after Kim Jong-un carried out a series of controversial missile launches.

KOREA SUICIDE Donald Trump set to send B-52 NUCLEAR BOMBERS to South Korea after Antichrist Communist North fires missiles at Japan and US warns of ‘overwhelming’ response

Secretary of Defence James Mattis said the US “remains steadfast in its commitment” to the defence of the South, according to Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt Jeff Davis.

Capt David said: “He further emphasised that any attack on the United States or its allies will be defeated and any use of nuclear weapons will be met with a response that is effective and overwhelming.”

Washington is reportedly expected to deploy a series of strategic assets from the US as well as from military bases in Guam and Japan, reports the Daily Mail.

The USS Carl Vinson, a Nimitz-class supercarrier, will join the Foal Eagle exercise after departing from San Diego.

The nuke-powered aircraft carrier will carry dozens of fighter jets, early warning aircraft and anti-sub craft.

It will be accompanied by the guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain (CG-57) and two Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyers.

From the US Marine Corps in Japan, F-35B stealth fighters will be deployed to the peninsula for the first time.

“An F-35B is capable of evading anti-aircraft radar and making preemptive strikes,” a military official said.

Antichrist Communist North Korea repeatedly protests that both Foal Eagle and Key Resolve are rehearsals for invasion.

Earlier this week, trigger-happy Antichrist Communist Kim pushed his luck once more when he fired off four ballistic missiles into the seas near Japan.

Now US military chiefs are reportedly planning to fly in B-1 and B-52 bombers – built to carry nuclear bombs – to show America has had enough, according to the Korea Times.

March Missile Madness: Odds Of A Antichrist Communist North Korean WMD Attack In Next Month Tops 60%

These predictions are made possible through a Predata-CSIS Beyond Parallel collaboration seeking to bring open source intelligence tools and big data analytics to issues related to the Korean peninsula. The signals are drawn from open sources across the internet which provide a rich source of information for insights and context to current events and ongoing trends. Predata’s analytics are paired with Beyond Parallel databases of historical events to analyze current trends and make predictions about future events.

A Predata-Beyond Parallel prediction indicates there is a 43% chance of Antichrist Communist North Korean WMD activity taking place in the next 14 days. In the next 30 days, there is a 62% chance for Antichrist Communist North Korean WMD activity. Beyond Parallel defines WMD activity as nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches.

Japan Ready for Premptive Strike on Antichrist Communist North Korea

Japan and the US Military conducting drills in the China Sea in wake of the the latest threats by Antichrist Communist North Korea. But even more troubling for Antichrist Communist North Korea is that Japan is pushing for a “First Strike” policy. President Trump is sending B-1 and B52 bombers to South Korea and South Korea troops on the move to the Border with Antichrist Communist North Korea.

It’s Official: Navy SEALs, F-35s & More To Simulate Taking Out Antichrist Communist North Korean Leadership, In South Korea

Saturday, March 11, 2017: You shall…

Reading for March 11, 2017 ~ Adar 13, 5777
Ex 27:20-30:10 ~ 1Sam 15:2-34 ~ Mark 4:35-5:43


“Whaaaaat?” Egypt Ancient Elongated Skull Statue Discover” Somebody Tell LA Marzulli Now!!!

Astronomers have catalogued just 20 or so of these brief, superbright flashes, which are known as fast radio bursts (FRBs), since the first one was detected in 2007. FRBs seem to be coming from galaxies billions of light-years away, but what’s causing them remains a mystery.

Mysterious Cosmic Light Flashes

“Fast radio bursts are exceedingly bright given their short duration and origin at great distances, and we haven’t identified a possible natural source with any confidence,” study co-author Avi Loeb, a theorist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, said in a statement Thursday (March 9). “An artificial origin is worth contemplating and checking.”

Et Cepher With Dr. Stephen Pidgeon

Et Cepher is more than just a Tanakh, it is more than just Old and New Testaments. It is restoring some of the ancient Manuscripts to the Canon, but its even more bringing the language of Creation to Life for the reader.

The Debt Needs To Be Defaulted On, It Needs To Die, There Is Nothing To Fix It:Andrew Hoffman

The province of Alicante, southeastern Spain saw a record amount of rain on Monday, March 13, 2017, and its worst floods in 20 years.

Streets of the city of Alicante quickly turned into rivers with dozens of cars submerged and abandoned in what local media is describing as historic rainfall.

In 24 hours, the city recorded 137 mm (5.39 inches) of rain, almost half it records in a whole year (311.1 mm / 12.24 inches), according to data provided by the State Meteorological Agency Aemet. The normal amount of precipitation in March is just 23 mm (0.9 inches).

At least one man had to be rescued from its vehicle after being swept away into the Serpis River. Schools across the province are closed at least until Wednesday. The famous Albufereta Beach has disappeared in its central part as huge amounts of water kept rushing in (first video in the playlist below).

Alicante hit by six months’ worth of rain in 24 hours, Spain

Humpback whales are known for being the loners of the sea – while they tend to migrate, feed, and mate in groups, they spend much of their existence in solitude, or in small, short-lived groups of up to seven individuals.

But something could be brewing in our oceans, because scientists are reporting 22 separate instances of humpback ‘super-groups’ that defy explanation – never-before-seen groups of 20 to 200 whales all appearing off the southwest coast of South Africa in recent years.

Humpback Whales Are Forming Mysterious ‘Super-Groups’, and No One Can Explain It

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” lead researcher Ken Findlay, from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in South Africa, told New Scientist.

According to a new study, 22 instances of humpback super-groups were witnessed on three research cruises in 2011, 2014, and 2015, as well as a handful of public observations from aircraft over the south-western Cape region of South Africa.

Researchers are calling the behaviour “novel and intense”, saying it could be a sign of the mysterious resurgence of humpbacks in recent years.

“[W]e propose that the ‘super-group’ feeding phenomenon (as tightly spaced large groups of whales) is a relatively recent behaviour exhibited by these whales,” Findlay and his team report.

“[N]o such dense feeding aggregations have been reported elsewhere in low or mid latitudes during Southern Hemisphere humpback whale migrations. Indeed, aggregations of whales of this size have seldom been reported in the literature, with ‘large’ groups often numbering in the range of 10 to 20 or less.”

It’s not just the size of these groups that’s weird – the location doesn’t make a lot of sense either.

By gathering near South Africa in summer, the humpbacks are choosing to bolster their numbers thousands of kilometres away from their usual feeding grounds in the southern polar region of Antarctica, and scientists are at a loss to explain the sudden change in behaviour.

During the summer months of June, July, and August, Southern Hemisphere humpbacks (Megaptera novaeangliae) tend to congregate in Antarctic waters to feed on massive amounts of krill and fish each day in an effort to build up fat stores for the winter.

Once they’ve had their fill, they’ll migrate north to calving and nursery grounds in subtropical and tropical coastal waters for the winter.

So why are their routines all messed up?

The researchers aren’t ready to explain the behaviour just yet, as they still have a lot of evidence to collect, but say the new feeding strategy could be due to changes in prey availability due to shifting conditions in the world’s oceans, or it could simply be the result of increasing humpback numbers – as weird as that sounds.

We’re so used to hearing about species in decline these days, but Southern Hemisphere humpbacks are actually bucking the trend, with Australia’s humpback population reportedly at its healthiest levels since whaling ended along the east coast in the 1960s.

Findlay and his team suggest that this rapid increase could be the reason for changes in prey availability, forcing some to switch up their feeding strategies and end up in South Africa.

It could also be that this behaviour isn’t actually new – as Mallory Locklear reports for New Scientist, humpback whales were found feeding off the south-west Cape coast of South Africa once in 1914, before whaling reduced their numbers by around 90 percent.

Now that their numbers are increasing, the whales could be returning to a behaviour established long ago, or perhaps a few have been doing it this whole time, but until they formed super-groups, no one had noticed.

Regardless of the actual mechanism behind the appearance of these super-groups, the researchers remind us of a very important truth – if a 30,000-kg (66,000-pound) animal has decided it wants to be somewhere, you really don’t want to mess with it.

That means if the South African coast is to be the new humpback hangout, we need to make sure the area is safe for the annual krill slaughter.

“Despite the unknown cause of this recent behaviour, we postulate that the area has developed or is developing into an important seasonal humpback whale feeding ground that attracts significant immigration into the region in the late austral spring/early summer,” the team concludes.

Either that, or it’s a sign of the apocalypse

Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.17.17

LIVE: President Trump And German Chancellor Angela Merkel Joint Press Conference at White House

Following today’s latest developments over Trump’s allegations that the UK’s GCHQ may or may not have helped Obama to wiretap the Trump Tower, an allegation which infuriated the British Spy Agency and prompted it to demand an apology from the White House, a German reporter asked Trump for his current opinion on whether Obozo had indeed wiretapped Trump. The president’s response: he gestured to Angela Merkel and said “on wiretapping by this past administration, at least we have something in common.”

Trump On Obozo Wiretap Question: Gestures To Merkel And Says “At Least We Have Something In Common”

Merkel’s reaction was similarly amusing: almost as if she had heard for the first time that in 2010, and for years onward, Barack Obozo had been wiretapping her and countless other heads of state.

For those unsure what the exchange was about, we suggest you read the Telegraph’s “Barack Obozo ‘approved tapping Angela Merkel’s phone 3 years ago’… Antichrist NWO 666 President Barack Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown was told about monitoring of German Chancellor in 2010 and allowed it to continue, says German newspaper”

President Trump and Chancellor Merkel Hold a Joint Press Conference

Prophecy Alert: “Trump Envoy Meets With Judea & Samaria Leaders In Israel”

Daniel 11, and chapters 9 are starting to unfold in Israel, again President Trump makes another move that causes Israeli News Live team to see the prophetic implications unfolding in Israel. Jerusalem is being a “Cup of Trembling” Daniel 11 also moving forward with Trumps new appointee hosting inter faith meeting.

Prophetic ALERT Unfolding in Israel!

Reading for March 18, 2017 ~ Adar 20, 5777
Ex 30:11-34:35 ~ Eze 36:16-38 ~ Matt 9:35-11:1

Saturday, March 18, 2017: When you take…

The March 2017 equinox – the Northern Hemisphere’s spring or vernal equinox and the Southern Hemisphere’s autumn equinox – falls at 10:29 Universal Time on Monday, March 20, 2017. For United States’ time zones, that’s 6:29 a.m. EDT, 5:29 a.m. CDT, 4:29 p.m. MDT or 3:29 a.m. PDT. Translate to your time zone. Twice a year – at the March and September equinoxes – everyone worldwide supposedly receives 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. Is it true? Not exactly. There’s actually more day than night on the day of an equinox. There are two reasons why:

Equal day and night on equinox?

Bottom line: There’s slightly more day than night on the day of an equinox. That’s because sun is a disk, not a point of light, and because Earth’s atmosphere refracts (bends) sunlight. These factors add up to provide an additional 8 or so minutes of daylight on the day of the equinox at mid-temperate latitudes.