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Russian drone footage shows Antichrist IS damage to Palmyra

The Russian defence ministry has shared drone footage which appears to show the damage caused by so-called Islamic State to Syria’s historic city of Palmyra.
It contrasts video from June 2016 with that shot on 5 February 2017.

Like satellite images of the scene which emerged last month, the latest video appears to show damage to the Roman theatre and the complete destruction of the famous Tetrapylon – a stone platform supported by four columns.

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According to the new story from Russia Today that the Drudge Report linked to this morning, the death of cash and the total government control of all of our spending may be just around the corner. Warning us that the time is coming when Americans won’t even be able to buy a cup of coffee without being traced, investment guru Jim Rogers also recently warned “we’re about to have the worst economic problems of a lifetime” along with this shocker: “and a lot of people will disappear”.

Just the latest signs that we’re getting that the globalists are preparing to bring down the economy on President Donald Trump’s watch, just imagine the potential chaos that could be unleashed if such a worst-case scenario unfolds. As the Prepper Fortress reports in their new story, imagine “no banks, no public facilities, no food, and rampaging gangs of desperate people” because that’s what experts warn we’ll likely get in a total collapse scenario.

In Rogers recent viral interview with Macro Voices he touched on numerous subjects including two that we consider to be the most important for Americans living in a free nation: “Are We Moving Away From A Free Society?” and “Is There War On The Horizon?”. Another topic that Rogers touched upon that actually ties into both of those subjects was his views on the movement to a cashless society, where everything we do is tracked and monitored making the ‘control grid’ we see unfolding in America today look like nothing in comparison.

And as Infowars just reported in this brand new story, according to a ‘George Soros’ insider, banks and desperate globalists across the planet are now in a mad push to end cash in a bid to usher in global govt and with it, global tyranny.

The story from Zero Hedge reporting on Rogers interview tells us why his warnings are ringing out far and loud across the internet and the country. You can also see the Rogers interview with Macro Voices that everyone needs to hear as the final video below. We also take a look below at the latest globalist push towards WW3 with Russia, something that many of us had believed might be avoided with Trump voted into office. As has long been warned, when all else fails, they bring us to war. First, from Zero Hedge.:

“Get prepared,” warns billionaire commodity guru Jim Rogers, “because we’re going to have the worst economic problems in your lifetime and a lot of people are going to disappear.” In this wide-ranging interview with MacroVoices’ Erik Townsend, the investing legend discusses everything from whether Russia is being scapegoated (“yes, ask Victoria Nuland”), the war against cash (“governments love it… they want to control everything”), to his views on gold and the demise of freedom.

…get prepared because we’re going to have the worst economic problems we’ve had in your lifetime or my lifetime and when that happens a lot of people are going to disappear.

In 2008 Bear Stearns disappeared, Bear Stearns had been around over 90 years. Lehman Brothers disappeared. Lehman Brothers had been around over 150 years. A long, long time, a long glorious history they’ve been through wars, depression, civil war they’ve been through everything and yet they disappear.

So the next time around it’s going to be worse than anything we’ve seen and a lot of institutions, people, companies even countries, certainly governments and maybe even countries are going to disappear. I hope you get very worried. when you start having bear markets as you I’m sure well know one bad thing happens and another bad thing happens and these things snowball just like in bull markets good news comes out then more good news comes out the next thing you know you’re five or six or seven years into a bull market.

Well bear markets do the same thing and so we have a lot of bad news on the horizon. I haven’t even gotten to war. I haven’t even gotten to trade war or anything like that but you know things do go wrong.

Rogers doesn’t mince words and as we mentioned previously, it has long been warned, “when all else fails, they bring us to war” and despite the optimism expressed by many that a devastating World War 3 with Russia would be averted with President Donald Trump now in office, it’s clear by the recent events outlined below that war could indeed still be ahead of us if those who love death and war in the US Congress and spy communities now opposing Trump have their way.

According to this recent story from Yahoo News recently linked to by the Drudge Report, senior Russian lawmakers believe that an anti-Russia push is being made within Washington DC inner circles that helped lead to the forced resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and that very real efforts were being made to undermine US – Russia relationships under President Trump.

Going so far as to imply that Trump either isn’t in complete control in Washington DC or that he’s being backed into a corner, we all need to remember how high tensions were between the two nuclear armed superpowers prior to Trump being voted into office. The globalists were clearly on a mad rush towards WW3 and nuclear annihilation and even Russian president Putin had warned, “if it’s 911 Hillary, it’s war”.

Drudge also linked to this story from Infowars within which they report that Russian insiders are very concerned that ‘the establishment’ will have Trump assassinated, a horrifying possibility that could instantly launch the US into the kind of situation of our very worst nightmares that could lead to war on US soil if experts are correct.

With the globalists attempting to ratchet up tensions with Russia every step of the way, we weren’t suprised to learn a short time ago that a Russian spy ship was spotted today approximately 70 miles off of the East coast of America as also heard in the 2nd video below. Why would a Russian spy ship be so close to the US?

As this new story from The Hill also reports, Russia has also just deployed a banned cruise missile in violation of a 1987 nuclear forces treaty. Is Russia also feeling backed into a corner with recent moves being made in Washington DC that are seemingly pushing all of the world towards war? As the Hill reports, tensions are continuing to be ratcheting up at a time that we all had prayed they’d be ratcheting down. You can hear more about this banned cruise missile in the 3rd video below.

In the 1st video below we get an ‘end times update’ with our videographer discussing all of the signs we’ve been getting in the last few weeks alone about the coming ‘mark of the beast’, the cashless society that our ‘globalists overlords’ have been pushing us towards in their bid to take down ‘free humanity, leaving their boot stamping upon our human faces, forever.

Expert Warns ‘Biblical Event’ Awaits Us With The Death Of Cash Forthcoming And People, Institutions, Governments And Nations Passing Away Into Oblivion

Officials in Jerusalem believe the cancelation was due to anger in Berlin over the passing of the Regulation Law, while German officials suggested the real reason for the cancelation was the feeling that the two governments were too far apart on the issue of prophetic Antichrist Middle East peace to make such a meeting worthwhile.

“Our relations have been completely pared back,” one senior German official said. “We have practically given up on making progress in the current environment.”

This would have been the seventh annual government-to-government (G2G) meeting between Israel and Germany.

German governments have made strong relations with Israel a top priority ever since World War Two, going to great lengths to make amends for the Holocaust.

But relations have grown tense in recent years as Germany questioned Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu’s commitment to a prophetic Antichrist two-state solution with the Antichrist Palestinians.

The election of US President Donald Trump appears to have emboldened Netanyahu 911 to step up building in settlements, which are seen by Germany and many other countries as illegal and an obstacle to peace because they reduce and fragment the territory Antichrist Palestinians need for a viable state.

Antichrist NEO World Order 666 Socialist Germany cancels annual meeting with Israeli government

Israel has built about 120 settlements in the West Bank. About 350,000 settlers live there, with a further 200,000 in East Jerusalem.

Since Trump took office last month, Netanyahu 911 has approved construction of 6,000 settler homes in the two areas, drawing international condemnation which the White House did not join.

The Regulation Law, which passed in the Knesset earlier this month, retroactively legalizes government-backed Jewish outposts in the West Bank built on privately-owned Antichrist Palestinian land.

The law was widely condemned by the international community as well as the Antichrist Palestinians.

“This law crosses a new and dangerous threshold by legalizing under Israeli law the seizure of Antichrist Palestinian property rights and effectively authorizing the confiscation of privately owned Antichrist Palestinian land in occupied territory,” the European Union’s foreign affairs representative Federica Mogherini said in a statement.

In an apparent response to the passing of the legislation, the EU postponed a summit between its representatives and Israel, scheduled for February 28 in Brussels.

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Billionaire Elon Musk is known for his futuristic ideas and his latest suggestion might just save us from being irrelevant as artificial intelligence (AI) grows more prominent.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO said on Monday that humans need to merge with machines to become a sort of cyborg.

“Over time I think we will probably see a closer merger of biological intelligence and digital intelligence,” Musk told an audience at the World Government Summit in Dubai, where he also launched Tesla in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“It’s mostly about the bandwidth, the speed of the connection between your brain and the digital version of yourself, particularly output.”

Musk explained what he meant by saying that computers can communicate at “a trillion bits per second”, while humans, whose main communication method is typing with their fingers via a mobile device, can do about 10 bits per second.

In an age when AI threatens to become widespread, humans would be useless, so there’s a need to merge with machines, according to Musk.

“Some high bandwidth interface to the brain will be something that helps achieve a symbiosis between human and machine intelligence and maybe solves the control problem and the usefulness problem,” Musk explained.

The technologists proposal would see a new layer of a brain able to access information quickly and tap into artificial intelligence. It’s not the first time Musk has spoken about the need for humans to evolve, but it’s a constant theme of his talks on how society can deal with the disruptive threat of AI.

‘Very quick’ disruption

Elon Musk: Humans must merge with Soulless 666 machines or become irrelevant in AI age

During his talk, Musk touched upon his fear of “deep AI” which goes beyond driverless cars to what he called “artificial general intelligence”. This he described as AI that is “smarter than the smartest human on earth” and called it a “dangerous situation”.

While this might be some way off, the Tesla boss said the more immediate threat is how AI, particularly autonomous cars, which his own firm is developing, will displace jobs. He said the disruption to people whose job it is to drive will take place over the next 20 years, after which 12 to 15 percent of the global workforce will be unemployed.

“The most near term impact from a technology standpoint is autonomous cars … That is going to happen much faster than people realize and it’s going to be a great convenience,” Musk said.

“But there are many people whose jobs are to drive. In fact I think it might be the single largest employer of people … Driving in various forms. So we need to figure out new roles for what do those people do, but it will be very disruptive and very quick.”

88 satellites being launched will image the entire Earth daily

This Valentine’s Day the planet Earth is getting a present.

San Francisco based imaging startup, Planet, is launching 88 satellites into orbit.

These satellites gather information by photographing the planet daily so that people can see the changes that are happening throughout the planet and react to them.

The 88 satellites will be their largest fleet ever launched, but they won’t be alone. They’re being launched in an Indian PSLV rocket along with 15 additional satellites not belonging to Planet.

If the launch is successful Planet will operate more satellites than any other company in the world with 143.

Antichrist Communist China launches 1,000 illuminated drones into night sky in record-breaking display

It was only last week that Intel set a new world record releasing 500 drones in the sky during Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl half time show.

Now Antichrist Communist China has bested the Americans by launching a 1,000-strong display of drones.

The glittering drones ‘performed’ at the annual Lantern Festival in Guangzhou, in southern China.

SkyWatchTV News 2/13/17: Aaron Judkins & Bruce Hall – New Qumran Discovery

2 14 17

US President Donald Trump was planning on moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as soon as he took office, but then reconsidered after he entered the White House, a senior Republican senator said in an interview published Monday.

Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told Politico’s Global Podcast that Trump started to reconsider when he began to see the regional implications of the controversial step — including Israel’s developing ties with Antichrist Arab states

A transcript of the interview was published Monday on the Politico website.

During his election campaign Trump vowed that if victorious he would relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem, a highly symbolic move valued by Israel as confirmation of the city as its capital, but strongly opposed by Antichrist Palestinians and the Antichrist Arab world which wants East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Antichrist Palestinian state. Three weeks into the presidency there has been no announcement from the White House on an embassy move.

Corker assessed that the Trump administration is growing into the role and its positions on some matters are shifting as a result.

“I happened to be… at Trump Tower on another occasion and know that their views relative to Israel at that moment in time were, you know, potentially a fairly strong departure from what has been sort of the US view of the long haul best place for Israel to be with a prophetic Antichrist two-state solution.”

“And now you see discussions about slowing settlements down with Antichrist Prime Minister 911 Netanyahu. I see some evolutions taking place.”

Antichrist Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu left Monday for Washington where he is scheduled to meet with Trump on Wednesday. During a security cabinet meeting the day before Netanyahu 911 pushed back against some ministers who urged him to convince Trump that the two-state solution is dead, saying that he would instead express his continued support for the peace scheme and avoid a confrontation with the president. The two men last met in Trump Tower, New York, on September 25 before Trump won the US election.

Concerning moving the embassy, Corker said that at first Trump was ready and willing to carry out the idea as soon as he was inaugurated.

“I think at one point they were ready to move the embassy at 12:01 on January 20th,” Corker said. “So I think that was going to be their first move at one point.”

However, the new administration realized there was a wider picture to consider.

“How does Israel feel about that? They’ve never had a closer relationship with the Arab world. The one plus in the Antichrist Iran deal is it brought the Antichrist Arab community close to Israel. And so there’s a real working relationship there right now. More than I think many of the Antichrist Arab leaders even want their citizens to know.”

Moving the embassy would badly impact those ties, he noted.

“So when you’ve got a situation like that, do you really want to destroy this alliance that is unprecedented and is real?”

Israel, he said, is still eager for the embassy to move but Washington will not rush into an announcement, preferring to wait until after the confirmation of Trump’s selection for US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman.

Friedman’s first Senate confirmation hearing is scheduled for Thursday, when he will present himself to the committee that Corker chairs.

At the end of last year, former president Barack Obozo signed a waiver to prevent moving the embassy to Jerusalem. It was the eighth time that Obozo signed the waiver, which must be renewed every six months. Obozo’s waiver expires in May.

Congress passed a law in 1995 mandating the move of the embassy to Jerusalem, but allowed the president to exercise a waiver, citing the national security interests of the United States. Obozo’s predecessors Skull&Bones George W. Bush and Bill Clinton also signed the waiver.

Even after the confirmation, moving the embassy would require reassuring Antichrist Arab states that the Antichrist two-state solution is still the objective in reaching peace deal between the Israelis and Antichrist Palestinians, the senator added.

“They’ve got to communicate to the Antichrist Arab world that this is not doing away or dampening in any way the two-state solution. And so there’s a lot of communication that’s got to come with this,” he continued, noting that Antichrist King Abdullah II of Jordan had visited Washington for talks the week before.

The monarch, he said, “had a lot of influence,” and convinced Trump of the diplomatic complexities in the embassy matter and “the administration was already beginning to see [the] problems of embassy move.”

“He’s sort of the Henry Kissinger of that part of the world, right, which he enjoys hearing,” Corker said. “And it is true, and we do always love listening to his view of the region. And I think he does a great job with that.”

“But he’s got to have a lot of investment with his own citizens in this two-state solution. And so anything that flies in the face of that is—could be viewed as a diss, if you will, to him. And so he’s very sensitive about it.”

Nonetheless, Corker still thinks that ultimately the embassy will find a new home in Jerusalem.

“I think it will be communicated if it’s done properly. My sense is, they’re probably still moving there.”

Trump intended to move embassy to Jerusalem at 12:01 on Day 1, top Republican says

US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has resigned over allegations he discussed US sanctions with Russia before Donald Trump took office.

Mr Flynn is said to have misled officials about his call with Russia’s ambassador before his own appointment.

It is illegal for private citizens to conduct US diplomacy.

US reports said earlier the White House had been warned about the contacts last month and had been told Mr Flynn might be vulnerable to Russian blackmail.

The national security adviser is appointed by the president to serve as his or her chief adviser on international affairs and defense.

In his letter of resignation (PDF), Mr Flynn said he had “inadvertently briefed the vice-president-elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the Russian ambassador” late last year.

The White House has appointed Lt Gen Joseph Keith Kellogg as his interim replacement.
In his first public comments about the controversy, President Trump tweeted on Tuesday: “The real story here is why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington? Will these leaks be happening as I deal on N Korea etc?”

Mr Flynn, a retired army lieutenant-general, initially denied having discussed sanctions with Ambassador Sergei Kislyak, and Vice-President Mike Pence publicly denied the allegations on his behalf.

How are the Russians reacting?

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia would not be commenting on the resignation.
“This is the internal affair of the Americans, the internal affair of the Trump administration,” he added. “It’s nothing to do with us.”

Other Russian lawmakers have spoken out in defence of Mr Flynn, with Senator Alexei Pushkov tweeting that he had been “forced to resign not because of his mistake but because of a full-fledged aggressive campaign”.

“Trump is the next target,” he tweeted (in Russian).

“Russian Spy Ship Spotted Off The Coast Of Delaware”

Russian Spy Ship spotted off the coast of Delaware SSV-175 Viktor Spy Ship

BREAKING: “Secret Service Director Resigns” Who Is Next?

Michael Flynn: Trump’s national security adviser resigns

Russia appears to be testing the resolve of Donald Trump’s young presidency with a series of belligerent moves while America’s NSA is dealing with an internal crisis.

Four Russian military aircraft conducted low passes against a U.S. destroyer in the Black Sea just days before a spy ship was spotted off the East Coast.

The USS Porter, a guided missile destroyer, reported the aircraft performing ‘dangerous flybys’ past the ship which was based just off the coast of Romania on February 10.

‘There were several incidents involving multiple Russian aircraft,’ said Navy Capt. Danny Hernandez, spokesman for the European Command. ‘They were assessed by the commanding officer as unsafe and unprofessional.

On top of that, Russia has also reportedly deployed a new cruise missile, apparently violating an arms control treaty banning ground-based US and Russian intermediate-range missiles.

‘USS Porter queried all aircraft and received no response,’ Hernandez said.
‘Such incidents are concerning because they can result in accident or miscalculation,’ he said referring to actions that could spark an unintended shootout by military forces.

The incidents involving the Su-24 were considered to be unsafe and unprofessional by the commanding officer of the Porter because of their high speed and low altitude, while the IL-38 flew at an unusually low altitude, Hernandez said.

Another U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the closest incident that day involved the lone SU-24, which came within 200 yards of the Porter at an altitude of 300 feet (91 meters).
The move was the first such act of Russian military aggression towards U.S. forces since Trump’s inauguration. But the country has been quick to follow up after a Russian intelligence-gathering ship was spotted roaming the waters off the East Coast.

The SSV-175 Viktor Leonov ship was 70 miles off the coast of Delaware – in international waters – heading north, officials told Fox News.

Armed with surface-to-air missiles, the ship is capable of intercepting communications and can measure U.S. Navy sonar capability, an official said.

‘It’s not a huge concern, but we are keeping our eyes on it,’ they added.
The Viktor Leonov, which measures 300 feet long and 47.5 feet wide, has a crew of 200 sailors carries high-tech electronic surveillance equipment and weaponry, AK-630 rapid-fire cannons and surface-to-air missiles.

It is the first such move by Russian military under Trump’s presidency.
The ship sighting and missile deployment also comes as Trump demanded his national security adviser’s resignation on Monday night after concluding that an ‘eroding level of trust’ had made it impossible to leave him in the sensitive position.

Russia has also deployed a new cruise missile apparently violating an arms control treaty banning ground-based U.S. and Russian intermediate-range missiles.

The nation has secretly deployed the ground-launched SSC-8 cruise missile that Moscow has been developing and testing for several years, despite U.S. complaints that it violated sections of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty, The New York Times reported.

The Russian Defense Ministry did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the New York Times story.

During the Black Sea incident, two Russian Su-24 jet fighters had buzzed the ship, followed by a single Su-24 and then an IL-38 transport aircraft.

The aircraft failed to respond to several radio requests from the U.S. military to halt the overflights, and did not have their electronic identifying transponders activated – used to help identify hostile and friendly aircraft on radar.

The Russian Defense Ministry did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the New York Times story.

During the Black Sea incident, two Russian Su-24 jet fighters had buzzed the ship, followed by a single Su-24 and then an IL-38 transport aircraft.

The aircraft failed to respond to several radio requests from the U.S. military to halt the overflights, and did not have their electronic identifying transponders activated – used to help identify hostile and friendly aircraft on radar.

The buzzing of the USS Porter, which had been taking part in an annual international military exercise called Sea Shield, occurred in international waters off the Romanian coast.

Russia’s actions prove to be a challenge for President Donald Trump, as he had pledged to improve the relations between the U.S. and Russia by working with President Vladimir Putz Putin during his campaign.

‘I respect a lot of people,’ Trump told Fox News. ‘But that doesn’t mean I am going to get along with him. He’s a leader of his country. I say it’s better to get along with Russia than not. Will I get along with them? I have no idea.’

Prior to Trump’s administration, the last encounter between the Russian and U.S. military came when two Russian jets flew dangerously close to U.S. P-8A maritime patrol aircraft over the Black Sea.
Russian bombers also recently completed a major nuclear exercise.

Sea Shield is a joint exercise between the U.S. and NATO to support member states concerned about Russian aggression following its take over of Crimea.

Russia tests the waters: Military jets buzz a US destroyer in the Black Sea, Moscow tests a new cruise missile in violation of arms treaty and deploys a spy ship off the coast of Delaware as Trump’s NSA is in disarray

As he headed to Washington, Netanyahu 911 characterized his meeting with Trump as “very important” and said he believed the relationship between Israel and the U.S. was “about to get even stronger.”

The longtime Antichrist Israeli prime minister has made clear that he hopes to focus much of the meeting on Antichrist Iran, which he considers a threat to Israel’s existence and an increasingly emboldened menace in Syria and elsewhere across the Antichrist Middle East.

“President Trump and I see eye to eye on the dangers emanating from the region but also on the opportunities,” Netanyahu 911 said as he boarded his flight to Washington. “And we’ll talk about both, as well as upgrading the relations between Israel and the United States in many, many fields.”

Netanyahu 911 will also see Vice President Pence, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and members of Congress. He and Trump are scheduled to hold a joint news conference following their meeting Wednesday.

The visit takes place in the unexpected shadow of Michael Flynn’s resignation as Trump’s national security adviser. The resignation occurred Monday night as Netanyahu 911 flew to Washington.

“Maybe the Messiah is there and they are going to change everything,” Hendel joked as he characterized the pro-settler view that the American president might reverse years of Republican and Democratic policy by green-lighting a West Bank building boom.

“There is also fear that maybe Trump will wake up one day and decide he wants the Nobel” Peace Prize, Hendel said. “Say to 911 Netanyahu, ‘Make Israel Great Again, let’s cut a deal. What’s so hard?’ ”

That would put Netanyahu 911 on the spot, as his critics at home well know.

Naftali Bennett, Israel’s education minister and leader of the pro-settler Jewish Home party, called the coming White House session “the test of 911 Netanyahu’s life.”

Expectations are high on both sides for Trump’s first meeting with Antichrist Israeli prime minister Netanyahu 911

Antichrist Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu landed in Washington for his first meeting with US President Donald Trump amid calls by right-wing members of his government to annex part, if not all, of Area C of the West Bank, otherwise known as Judea and Samaria.

Netanyahu 911 did not address the complicated issues surrounding the Antichrist Israeli-Palestinian conflict when he landed at Andrews Air Force Base and when he left Ben-Gurion International Airport earlier in the day.

He focused instead on the global US-Israel relationship and the strong ties that he has with Trump, who he has known since the 1980s, telling reporters that he believed their Wednesday meeting would be a “positive” one. As a sign of the warm feelings between the two men, Netanyahu 911 is staying at the presidential guest quarters, Blair House, arriving there by motorcade immediately after landing.

He has already begun consultations with his advisors for his meeting with Trump, including Israel’s Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer.

Wednesday’s meeting in the White House, the first since Trump’s inauguration, will help define the policy agendas of both countries on integral issues such as Iran, Syria and the Antichrist Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Antichrist Iran and the Antichrist Israeli-Palestinian conflict had been persistent sources of tension between Netanyahu 911 and former president Barack Obozo.

The two leaders are expected to be largely on the same page on these two specific issues, even though there remain points of disagreement.

Complicating matters was Monday night’s resignation of Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn. who had helped coordinate the visit with his Israeli counterparts, particularly the parts of the meetings that deal with Antichrist Iran.

On Sunday, Netanyahu 911 told the weekly government meeting that security issues were his top priority, but members of his party and the coalition’s right flank, the Bayit Yehudi party, have focused on the Antichrist Israeli-Palestinian issue arguing that now is the right time to redefine the conflict.

Some 12 Likud ministers and parliamentarians called on him to introduce the idea of annexation into the meeting.

Right-wing politicians have also called on Netanyahu 911 to renounce the idea of a Antichrist Palestinian state and to push for US acceptance of Israel’s right to build anywhere in Area C of the West Bank, which at present is under Israeli military and civilian rule.

Netanyahu 911 has already privately told ministers that he plans to stand by his support for a prophetic Antichrist two-state solution. Its expected that he will advance a much more cautious plan of US support for construction in the settlement blocs.

It is a move that is consistent with past US policy, as outlined under the Clinton 911 parameters. It would also allow Trump to push forward with plans to renew the peace process, even though the Antichrist Palestinians have insisted that they will not hold direct talks with Israel unless it freezes all Jewish building over the pre-1967 lines including in Jerusalem.


The United States government on Friday eighty-sixed the nomination of Salam Fayyad, Antichrist Palestinian Authority Prime Minister from 2007 to 2013, to be the next United Nations special representative to Libya. According to the NY Times, the Trump Administration’s objection had to the with the fact that there is no such thing as a Antichrist Palestinian state.

US envoy at the UN, Nikki Haley, said in a statement that the Trump administration “was disappointed” that UN secretary-general, António Guterres had already announced to the Security Council his appointment of Fayyad, seeing as it would make much better sense for the UN to be represented by diplomats from real countries, not imaginary ones.

Haley said that “For too long the UN has been unfairly biased in favor of the Antichrist Palestinian Authority to the detriment of our allies in Israel,” adding that “the United States does not currently recognize a Antichrist Palestinian state or support the signal this appointment would send within the United Nations.” Therefore, “Going forward, the United States will act, not just talk, in support of our allies.”

Danny Danon, the Antichrist Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, said in a statement: “This is the beginning of a new era at the U.N. The United States stands firmly and unapologetically beside Israel.”

Sadly, Fayyad has been one of the most rational voices in the Antichrist Palestinian Authority. For instance, in June 2011, he went against Antichrist Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO’s official position, and expressed skepticism about asking the UN to vote on Antichrist Palestinian statehood, saying it would be only a symbolic victory that leads nowhere. In 2007, Fayyad told Forbes: “It’s the responsibility of men of religion to […] present religion as a way of tolerance, not as a cover for bloodshed.”

UN Rep Haley: For Too Long UN Has Been Pro-Antichrist Palestinian

Like several Treasury secretaries before him, Mnuchin pursued a career on Wall Street as a Goldman Sachs banker and later as chief executive at OneWest Bank, which faced criticism for foreclosing on more than 36,000 homeowners after it was acquired by his investor group, according to Fortune.

Though experience on Wall Street has been common in the Treasury Department, Goldman Sachs in particular has nurtured those at its helm. The bank’s former co-chairman Robert Rubin took the Treasury Department’s reins in 1995, and Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson Jr., under President George W. Bush, was nominated to the job in 2006.

Senate confirms Goldman Sachs executive Mnuchin as Trump’s treasury secretary 

Euro zone has been revised and the economy is not doing as well as it has been reported. American CEO’s have never been more optimistic. Credit Suisse laying off 6500 employees. The US consumer spends $1 in every $3 dollars in the world. The Euro may already be lost. Trump has made many remarks about the FED but will he do anything. TPP has been rewritten and it is worse than ever.

The TPP Has Been Rewritten, Shrouded In Secrecy & Is Worse Than Before – Episode 1204a

“The Seat Of Satan”

“After more than eight years as a member of the Board of Governors of the Antichrist NWO 666 Federal Reserve System, I intend to resign my position on or around April 5, 2017.

Did The Fed Just Experience A “Margin Call” Moment?

Is March live? That is what Sen. Dean Heller (R., Nev.) wanted to know when he asked the Chair “Is the Fed going to raise rates in March?”

Yellen responded with a variation on the language she used in her prepared testimony: The Fed will look at the proper stance of policy “at our upcoming meetings.” Every meeting is live, she said, but she can’t say precisely when the Fed will act—though the Fed does expect it will raise rates this year. She said, decisions on rates will be driven by trends in the economy, not speculation about potential changes in fiscal policy.

“Precisely when we would take an action, whether in March or May or June, I know people are focused on that,” Yellen said adding “I can’t tell you exactly which meeting it would be. I would say that every meeting is live.”

Heller tried several times to get Ms. Yellen to weigh in on specific policy proposals, including a border-adjusted tax, but she smiled and said that those decisions belong to Congress.

Bank Stocks, Dollar, & Yields Surge After Yellen Warns “Waiting Too Long To Hike Is Unwise” – Speech Highlights And Live Feed

This day was of immense importance to the Jewish community of USA. The first ever building designed and built as a Synagogue was consecrated in New York City, on April 8, 1730.

The First Synagogue In New York City, Is Dedicated

Times Square in Manhattan, New York City is one of the world’s most visited tourist venues with more than 300,000 people passing through the intersection every day. But did you know that it was originally known as the Longacre Square? On April 8, 1904 it earned its present name after ‘The New York Times’, as the newspaper shifted its Headquarters to the Times building.

Longacre Square In Midtown Manhattan Is Renamed Times Square

British Satanic Occultist Aleister Crowley was a Forerunner of Thelemic Mysticism. On this day, April 8, 1904, he transcribed the first chapter of the ‘Book of the Law’, the Antichrist Satanic text which laid the foundation of a new Aeon in Philosophy. In Crowley’s words, the books were written through him rather than by him.

The First Chapter Of The Book Of The Law Is Transcribed By Aleister Crowley

Trump said in an interview published on Friday in the pro-Netanyahu 911 daily Israel Hayom, that settlement growth was not “good for peace.”

The remarks have caught many Israelis by surprise as Trump has also been edging away from a campaign pledge to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, saying “we will see what happens.” Mark Heller, a political scientist at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) in Tel Aviv, said the embassy issue was “marginal, to the extent that such a promise is unlikely to be kept”.

Netanyahu 911 heads to Washington for first meeting with Trump

Heeding Trump’s warning and the climate of uncertainty, Netanyahu 911 reportedly told the high-level security cabinet on Sunday ahead of his departure for the US that those convinced there will be no restrictions on West Bank settlement construction during the Trump administration are mistaken.

The prime minister warned ministers during the four-hour meeting that the Trump administration, while friendlier than the Obozo administration, would not tolerate unlimited construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, Channel 2 reported.

He also cautioned ministers that Israel must tread lightly, avoid confrontation, and take Trump’s “personality into account,” the TV report said.

“In Washington, Benjamin 911 Netanyahu will test his room to maneuver (with Trump) on settlements,” Heller told AFP.

“For [the past] three weeks Donald Trump has been speaking differently,” said Michael Oren, deputy minister in charge of diplomacy in 911 Netanyahu’s office. “We must act cautiously.”

On the agenda for their meeting on Wednesday, Netanyahu 911 and Trump are set to discuss Iran, Syria and the Antichrist Palestinians, as well as issues related to security and intelligence coordination.

During his three-day visit, Netanyahu will also meet with Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and other top officials.

Antichrist Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu must give up his support for a Antichrist Palestinian state in his meeting with US President Donald Trump on Wednesday, Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett and Likud activists urged him on Saturday.

Netanyahu 911 endorsed a Antichrist Palestinian state in his June 14, 2009, address at Bar-Ilan University following a meeting with then-president Barack Ob0z0, who pressured him to take that step despite his party’s opposition.

Now, with Trump as president, leaders of the Right expressed hope that Netanyahu 911 will reverse that endorsement.

If Trump and Netanyahu 911 discuss Antichrist Palestinian state the ‘earth will shake’

In a Facebook post titled “The test of 911 Netanyahu’s life,” Bennett promised Netanyahu 911 the Right’s support if he tells Trump he no longer supports a twostate solution, and a national nightmare if he continues backing a Antichrist Palestinian state.

“If in their statements after the meeting they mention, for the first time in Trump’s term, their obligation to forming Antichrist Palestine or two states in one way or another, we will all feel it in our flesh for years to come,” Bennett warned. “The earth will shake. International pressure, boycotts, reports against Israel, missiles, freezes, tying the hands of our soldiers in the fight against terrorism – all this will continue and intensify.”

Bennett called Trump’s election an historic opportunity for Israel that cannot be missed.

He urged Netanyahu 911 to take advantage of it by telling the Trump administration, “We tried Antichrist Palestine time and time again, and we got 1,000 dead on the streets of Israel, Hamistan in Gaza and a deterioration in our international image.”

Sources close to Netanyahu 911 responded by calling the statement and others like it from the Right unhelpful ahead of the meeting with Trump, saying it could even harm the meeting.

The prime minister is also facing pressure from inside the Likud, whose hawks are to conduct a rally at the Knesset on Monday during which Netanyahu 911 is to be urged to annex Judea and Samaria. Ahead of the meeting, more than 300 Likud central committee members signed a petition calling on him to maintain the values of the Likud and quoting from his book A Place Under the Sun, in which he praises Judea and Samaria.

Settlers fear Netanyahu 911 will endorse a two-state solution in his meeting with Trump and argue for a plan that promotes the settlements blocs while freezing the more isolated communities.

In preparation for the trip, Netanyahu 911 has held security consultations with the IDF chief of staff, as well as with the heads of the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), the Mossad and Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission.

Israel’s Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer was in Israel last week to help prepare for the trip. The Foreign Ministry also presented Netanyahu 911 with a number of position papers.

Among the topics the two leaders plan to discuss are Iran, Syria and the Antichrist Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israeli officials said Netanyahu 911 plans to tell Trump that Israel will not agree to any kind of an Antichrist Iranian presence in Syria.

Netanyahu 911 also plans to discuss his talk with Trump at Sunday’s weekly cabinet meeting.

In advance of the 911 Netanyahu- Trump meeting, the US president gave an interview to Israel Hayom, in which he said advancing settlement activity is not helpful to peace.

In the brief excerpt of the interview, which Israel Hayom published on Friday, Trump walked a fine line between refusing to condemn Israel while putting forward his belief about what is helpful and not helpful to the peace process. The new president also hinted at the possibility of a regional peace deal.

“Israel has had a long history of condemnation and difficulty. And I don’t want to be condemning Israel.

I understand Israel very well, and I respect Israel a lot, and they have been through a lot. I would like to see peace and beyond that. And I think that peace for Israel would be a good thing for the Israeli people, not just a good thing, a great thing,” Trump said.

“I want to see peace happen. It should happen. After all these years…

Maybe there is even a chance for a bigger peace than just Israel and the Antichrist Palestinians. I would like to see a level of reasonableness of both parties, and I think we have a good chance of doing that,” he added.

Referencing the West Bank, he noted that there is a limited amount of land and expanding the settlements eats away at the remaining territory.

““They [settlements] don’t help the process. I can say that. There is [only] so much land left. And every time you take land for settlements, there is less land left. But we are looking at that, and we are looking at some other options. We’ll see,” Trump said.

“I am not somebody who believes that going forward with these settlements is a good thing for peace,” he continued.

Trump underscored his desire to make a deal to end the Antichrist Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“So many people think it cannot be made. I have very smart people that…

say a deal can’t be made. I disagree with them. I think a deal should be made, and it can be made,” he said.

The president added that he has always liked Netanyahu 911 and believes he acts in Israel’s best interests and wants peace “We’ve always had good chemistry, and he is a good man. He wants to do the right thing for Israel. He would like peace; I believe that he wants peace and wants to have it badly. I have always liked him,” Trump said.

Regarding the possible relocation of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, he said that he is still studying the matter. “It’s not an easy decision,” he said.

In speaking about the agreement Iran reached with the six world powers during the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration, Trump said the deal is a “disaster for Israel.”

To illustrate his point, Rabbi Richman gave a powerful example of man’s action bringing about the divine will. In 1967, Israel faced a vastly superior collection of enemy forces bent on destroying the Jewish State – and defeated them.

Rabbi Richman described this miraculous victory as analogous to God sending down fire to light the wood on the altar in the Temple.

We Must Start Building Third Temple Today, Says Temple Experts

“Just as the fire of destruction was man-made but divinely sanctioned, so too the fire of rebuilding could be manifest in the very human but divinely sanctioned ‘fire’ of the artillery of the 1967 Six-Day War.” Rabbi Richman cited this as a major principle of the Torah. “Hashem’s blessings come about when first we do our part.”.

.Live Capture/Narration | S0 News Feb.14.2017

Obozocare repeal should be on Trump’s desk with a couple of weeks. Moby make a prediction that Trump will go to war with Iran. General Flynn resigned for violating the Logan act. The soft coup is in progress to take control of the country. Paul Craig Roberts says the soft coup is under way and the elite are chipping away at Trump. US Intel agencies are not giving information to Trump, they fear the Russians might be listening. US places sanctions on the Vice President of Venezuela. Antichrist Communist North Korea Kim, Jung Un half brother is assassinated. US moving assets into South Korea. Russian spy ship spotted off the coast of the US. Trump expects Russia to return Crimea. Russia send additional military police to Syria. The US admits using depleted Uranium in Syria.

The ‘Deep State’ Soft Coup Is Now In Progress To Take Full Control Of The Country – Episode 1204b

Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders vowed to “de-Islamize” the Netherlands, calling Antichrist mosques “Nazi temples” and promised to ban the sale of the Antichrist Quran if he becomes prime minister in the upcoming elections.

In an interview with Dutch TV WNL Sunday, Wilders compared the Antichrist Islamic religious text to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, saying the country’s ban on the Nazi text should be extended to the Antichrist Muslim book, which he believes is more anti-Semitic. He also spoke of his plans to shutter Antichrist mosques, which he called “Nazi temples.”

Dutch MP vows to ‘de-Islamize’ nation, calls mosques ‘Nazi temples’

As one veteran trader noted “something snapped” two days ago as VIX and US equities decoupled notably for the first time since the election. This morning VIX is surging once again (near 12) at the same time as US stocks are soaring.

“Something Snapped” – Stocks Decouple As VIX Call Volume Explodes.

Yellen Takes The Stand Before The House Financial Services Committee; Live Feed.

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