Netanyahu 911 Prophetic Abomination 2 State Solution HORUS Trump Which Makes Desolate Occultation Of The Eye Of Taurus By 3rd SuperMoon In A Row As Comet Honda 45P Passes Venus And Begins To Illuminate Zenith 2016 Federal Reserve ”Raises Interest Rate” (Happening EXACTLY OVER AMERICA During Jupiter In Virgo Womb) Marking Time Date (April) 7/Sunset/(8th 2017) Day Of Palms (Jupiter Opposition In Virgo Womb) Opening Of Passover Week (Beginning April 8th 2017 1260 Days To September 19th 2020 Feast Of Trumpets Midpoint Of April 8th 2024 Prophetic 7 Year Tribulation Era Time Frame) Second Solar Eclipse Over America-Transiting The Exact Same Solar Eclipse Totality Over Little Egypt Illinois U.S.A. August 21, 2017 (Just Before Feast Of Trumpets Exit Of Jupiter From Virgo Womb September 23, 2017) U.N.(2)ABOMination (W)hich m(A)kes desolate outer court hanukkah re(VE)lation AS SECOND WAVE OF ENERGY STRIKES EARTH AFTER JUPITER STAR OF BETHLEHEM DATE DECEMBER 24th Sunset Hanukkah 25th ZENITH 2016 Christmas

by amongthenumberedsaints

The Seventh Seal—the Trumpets
8 When He (the Lamb) broke open the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour [in awe of God’s impending judgment]. 2 Then I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and seven [a]trumpets were given to them.

3 Another angel came and stood at the altar. He had a golden [b]censer, and much [c]incense was given to him, so that he might add it to the prayers of all the saints (God’s people) on the golden altar in front of the throne. 4 And the smoke and fragrant aroma of the incense, with the prayers of the saints (God’s people), ascended before God from the angel’s hand. 5 So the angel took the censer and filled it with fire from the altar, and hurled it to the earth; and there were peals of thunder and loud rumblings and sounds and flashes of lightning and an earthquake.

6 Then the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound them [initiating the judgments].

7 The first [angel] sounded [his trumpet], and there was [a storm of] hail and fire, mixed with blood, and it was hurled to the earth; and a third of the earth was burned up, and a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up.

8 The second angel sounded [his trumpet], and something like a great mountain blazing with fire was hurled into the sea; and a third of the sea was turned to blood; 9 and a third of the living creatures that were in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.

10 The third angel sounded [his trumpet], and a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch [flashing across the sky], and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of [fresh] waters. 11 The name of the star is [d]Wormwood; and a third of the waters became wormwood, and many people died from the waters, because they had become bitter (toxic).

12 Then the fourth angel sounded [his trumpet], and a third of the sun and a third of the moon and a third of the stars were struck, so that a third of them would be darkened and a third of the daylight would not shine, and the night in the same way [would not shine].

13 Then I looked, and I heard a solitary eagle flying in [e]midheaven [for all to see], saying with a loud voice, “[f]Woe, woe, woe [great wrath is coming] to those who dwell on the earth, because of the remaining blasts of the trumpets which the three angels are about to sound [announcing ever greater judgments]!”

The Fifth Trumpet—the Bottomless Pit
9 Then the fifth angel sounded [his trumpet], and I saw a star (angelic being) that had fallen from heaven to the earth; and the key of the bottomless pit (abyss) was given to him (the star-angel). 2 He opened the bottomless pit, and smoke like the smoke of a great furnace flowed out of the pit; and the sun and the atmosphere were darkened by the smoke from the pit. 3 Then out of the smoke came locusts upon the earth, and power [to hurt] was given to them, like the power which the earth’s scorpions have. 4 They were told not to hurt the grass of the earth, nor any green thing, nor any tree, but [to hurt] only the people who do not have the seal (mark of ownership, protection) of God on their foreheads. 5 They were not permitted to kill anyone, but to torment and cause them extreme pain for five months; and their torment was like the torment from a scorpion when it stings a man. 6 And in those days people will seek death and will not find it; and they will long to die [to escape the pain], but [will discover that] death evades them.

7 The locusts resembled horses prepared and equipped for battle; and on their heads appeared to be [something like] golden crowns, and their faces resembled human faces. 8 They had hair like the hair of women, and their teeth were like the teeth of lions. 9 They had breastplates (scales) like breastplates made of iron; and the [whirring] noise of their wings was like the [thunderous] noise of countless horse-drawn chariots charging [at full speed] into battle. 10 They have tails like scorpions, and stingers; and in their tails is their power to hurt people for five months. 11 They have as king over them, the angel of the abyss (the bottomless pit); in Hebrew his name is Abaddon (destruction), and in Greek he is called Apollyon (destroyer-king).

12 The first woe has passed; behold, two woes are still coming after these things.

The Sixth Trumpet—Army from the East
13 Then the sixth angel sounded [his trumpet], and I heard a solitary voice from the four horns of the golden altar which stands before God, 14 saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.” 15 So the four angels, who had been prepared for the [appointed] hour and day and month and year, were released to kill a third of mankind. 16 The number of the troops of cavalry was twice ten thousand times ten thousand (two hundred million); I heard the number of them. 17 And this is how I saw the horses and their riders in my vision: the riders had breastplates [the color] of fire and of hyacinth (sapphire blue) and of brimstone (yellow); and the heads of the horses looked like the heads of lions; and from out of their mouths came fire and smoke and brimstone (burning sulfur). 18 A third of mankind was killed by these three plagues—by the fire and the smoke and the brimstone that came from the mouths of the horses. 19 For the power of the horses [to do harm] is in their mouths and in their tails; for their tails are like serpents and have heads, and it is with them that they do harm.

20 The rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, [g]did not repent even then of the works of their hands, so as to cease worshiping and paying homage to the demons and the idols of gold and of silver and of bronze and of stone and of wood, which can neither see nor hear nor walk; 21 and they did not repent of their murders nor of their sorceries (drugs, intoxications) nor of their [sexual] immorality nor of their thefts.

The Angel and the Little Book
10 Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven, clothed in a cloud, with a rainbow (halo) over his head; and his face was like the sun, and his feet (legs) were like columns of fire; 2 and he had a little book (scroll) open in his hand. He set his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land; 3 and he shouted with a loud voice, like the roaring of a lion [compelling attention and inspiring awe]; and when he had shouted out, the seven peals of thunder spoke with their own voices [uttering their message in distinct words]. 4 And when the seven peals of thunder had spoken, I was about to write; but I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Seal up the things which the seven peals of thunder have spoken and do not write them down.” 5 Then the angel whom I had seen standing on the sea and the land raised his right hand [to swear an oath] to heaven, 6 and swore [an oath] by [the name of] Him who lives forever and ever, who created heaven and the things in it, and the earth and the things in it, and the sea and the things in it, that there will be delay no longer, 7 but [h]when it is time for the [i]trumpet call of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound, then the mystery of God [that is, His hidden purpose and plan] is finished, as He announced the gospel to His servants the prophets.

8 Then the voice which I heard from heaven, I heard again speaking to me, and saying, “Go, take the book (scroll) which is open in the hand of the angel who is standing on the sea and on the land.” 9 So I went up to the angel and told him to give me the little book. And he said to me, “Take it and eat it; it will make your stomach bitter, but in your mouth it will be as sweet as honey.” 10 So I took the little book from the angel’s hand and ate it, and in my mouth it was as sweet as honey; but once I had swallowed it, my stomach was [j]bitter. 11 Then they said to me, “You must prophesy again concerning many peoples and nations and languages and kings.”

Revelation 8-10

Earth is essentially defenseless in the face of comets and asteroids that bring little warning, a NASA scientist has warned. The researcher believes building an interceptor rocket and an observer spacecraft could avert such a catastrophe, however.

‘Not a hell of a lot we can do’: NASA scientist warns Earth vulnerable to ‘sneaky’ asteroid, comet

“The biggest problem, basically, is there’s not a hell of a lot we can do about it at the moment,” Dr. Joseph Nuth, a researcher with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, said at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in San Francisco on Monday

Press Conference with Chair of the FOMC, Janet L. Yellen

Fed Hike Sparks Biggest Selloff Since Election

Finally, let’s just remember what happened last time The Fed hiked rates on the Wednesday before a Friday Quad-Witch…

…everything was awesome before

…bonds rallied

…and crude crumbled

Fed Hikes Rates For First Time In 2016, Increases Pace Of Rate ‘Normalization’ Forecast

With 100% chance of at least a 25bps hike (and 10% chance of 50bps), this was perhaps the most ‘priced in’ of any Fed meeting ever. Of course, it is not whether the Fed hikes or not at a given meeting that matters, but rather what kind of overall hiking cycle it communicates, and so attention is focused on changes to the ‘dot-plot’. No surprise here:

FED RAISES RATES BY 25 BPS, REPEATS GRADUAL POLICY PATH PLAN, but the forecast is more hawkish: FED OFFICIALS SEE THREE 2017 RATE HIKES VS TWO IN SEPT. DOTS. Of course now all eyes will be on Donald Trump’s Twitter account for any response.

December meeting rate expectqation are now:

As a reminder, these were September’s Fed estimates for rate trajectory:

1.125% median for 2017
1.875% median for 2018
2.625% median for 2019
And the market has risen towards Fed expectations in the last few weeks… (This is the September FOMC Dot Plot)

“Priced In”…

Since The Fed last hiked rates, Financials are the best performers, bonds are unchanged and stocks are edging out gold..

Key changes and changes from the December statement:

Fed says labor mkts continued to strengthen, growth moderate
Fed says job gains have been solid in recent months
Fed says spending rising moderately, investment stayed soft
Fed says inflation has increased since earlier this year
Fed lifts rate paid on excess reserves to 0.75% vs 0.5%
Fed raises discount rate to 1.25% from 1.0%
Fed officials see three 2018 rate hikes, unch vs sept. dots
Fed median est. for longer-run funds rate 3% vs 2.9% in sept.
FOMC instructs ny fed to raise rrp rate to 0.5% vs 0.25%

Fed Revises Reverse Repo Terms: This Is How It Will Implement The Rate Hike

As expected, in addition to raising the Fed Funds rate by 25 bps, the Fed similarly noted that it would revise the mechanics behind its reverse repo operations, raising the rate it charges on reverse repos by 25 bps to 0.5%, the actual means by which the Fed will hike rates for most market participants.

Here is the statement that the Fed released regarding the change in overnight reverse repos:

During its meeting on December 13-14, 2016, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) directed the Open Market Trading Desk (the Desk) at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (New York Fed), effective December 15, 2016, to undertake open market operations as necessary to maintain the federal funds rate in a target range of ½ to ¾ percent, including overnight reverse repurchase operations (ON RRPs) at an offering rate of 0.50 percent, in amounts limited only by the value of Treasury securities held outright in the System Open Market Account (SOMA) that are available for such operations and by a per-counterparty limit of $30 billion per day.

To determine the value of Treasury securities available for ON RRP operations, several factors need to be taken into account, as not all Treasury securities held outright in the SOMA will be available for use in such operations. First, some of the Treasury securities held outright in the SOMA are needed to conduct reverse repurchase agreements with foreign official and international accounts.1 Second, some Treasury securities are needed to support the securities lending operations conducted by the Desk. Additionally, buffers are needed to provide for possible changes in demand for these activities and for possible changes in the market value of the SOMA’s holdings of Treasury securities.

Taking these factors into account, the Desk anticipates that around $2 trillion of Treasury securities will be available for ON RRP operations to fulfill the FOMC’s domestic policy directive. In the highly unlikely event that the value of bids received in an ON RRP operation exceeds the amount of available securities, the Desk will allocate awards using a single-price auction based on the stop-out rate at which the overall size limit is reached, with all bids below this rate awarded in full at the stop-out rate and all bids at this rate awarded on a pro rata basis at the stop-out rate.

These ON RRP operations will be open to all eligible RRP counterparties, will settle same-day, and will have an overnight tenor unless a longer term is warranted to accommodate weekend, holiday, and other similar trading conventions. Each eligible counterparty is permitted to submit one proposition for each ON RRP operation, in a size not to exceed $30 billion and at a rate not to exceed the specified offering rate. The operations will take place from 12:45 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. (Eastern Time). Any changes to these terms will be announced with at least one business day’s prior notice on the New York Fed’s website.

The results of these operations will be posted on the New York Fed’s website. The outstanding amounts of RRPs are reported on the Federal Reserve’s H.4.1 statistical release as a factor absorbing reserves in Table 1 and as a liability item in Tables 5 and 6.
So how does the Fed actually implement these changes?

Here is a primer from the WSJ explaining how the Fed’s trader will effectuate the Fed Fund rate change:

When the Federal Reserve moves to raise interest rates, the action will be centered in a small room overlooking lower Manhattan where a digital timer hangs from the ceiling like a shot clock at a basketball game and a video camera links the central bank’s traders to their counterparts in other cities.

Lining one wall are trading terminals and framed black-and-white photos of Fed employees carrying out market operations decades ago. Phones in the room provide the central bank with direct lines to Wall Street banks.

Officials on the trading desk at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which implements changes in rate policy, have spent more than three years tinkering with their tool kit for lifting borrowing costs. Last December, when they raised the policy rate for the first time since 2006, their tools worked smoothly.

To raise rates, traders in the New York Fed markets division perform a series of maneuvers designed to lift the policy rate into the target range—which in turn influences other borrowing costs, such as Treasury yields and rates on mortgages, credit cards and business loans.

The Fed traders enter higher rates into an electronic system called FedTrade. There is one version of the system for the Fed and another for banks and other Wall Street firms that are eligible to trade with the central bank.

A set of Fed traders operates the FedTrade system, with at least one of the central bank’s traders in a separate location, linked by phone and videoconference, and an additional senior Fed official on the line. The phones in the operations room provide a backup for the central bank to call firms if there are problems with FedTrade.

Since last December, the Fed has held the fed-funds rate in a range between 0.25% and 0.5%. When it next raises rates, it is likely to nudge that band up by a quarter-percentage point.

When the implementation day arrives, the Fed will pay higher rates on the money banks park in their accounts at the central bank, called reserves. Currently, the Fed pays 0.5% on reserves. After the next increase, it is likely to pay 0.75%.

That afternoon, the Fed will lift the rate it pays on trades called reverse repurchase agreements, or reverse repos. In these, the central bank borrows from money-market funds and others in exchange for Treasurys. A countdown clock appears when FedTrade opens for repos at 12:45 p.m. EST, which changes to yellow and then to red as the operation completes, generally by 1:15 p.m.

Currently, the Fed pays 0.25% on reverse repos. After the next increase, it is likely to pay 0.5%.

As a result of these moves, the fed-funds rate is supposed to float between the 0.5% repo rate and the 0.75% rate on bank reserves.

This process was used last December to lift the range by a quarter percentage point. It was developed in recent years to replace the old practice, in which the Fed controlled the fed-funds rate by buying or selling U.S. Treasurys, adding or draining the total amount of reserves in the banking system. Small changes in reserves moved rates up or down. Fed staffers called bankers several times a day to get the prices of government bonds and wrote them on chalkboards. Those boards were erased for the last time in 1996.

Since the financial crisis, the Fed has flooded the system with reserves to keep rates very low, making it harder to control the fed-funds rate the old way.

2016 Year Of The Antichrist Market Opens With A Crash

The corporate media, US Government is still pushing the Russian hacking of the election system, there is now evidence to support this. The entire goal is to get the electors on board to invalidate the elections. Harvard Professor says he has enough electors to stop the election. Obozo is now pushing the UN Arms Trade Treaty one last time, be prepared for a major event.

Obozo’s Last Attempt To Push The UN Arms Trade Treaty, Be Prepared For An Event – Episode 1152b

NY Time CEO is looking for ways to censor fake news, one plan is to use labels like on food. The US has lost the upper hand in Syria. They are reporting about atrocities to the people in Aleppo but these were inflicted on the people by the terrorists. US funneled weapons into Syria to support the terrorist groups. The US is now defending the terrorists and their actions in Syria. The US is secretly giving the terrorist in Palmyra advanced weapons like MANPADs to shoot down Russian and Syrian jets.

Dow Jones – 100 Year Historical Chart

Saturday, December 17

This Week’s Sky at a Glance, December 9 – 17.

• The little Pleiades cluster shines high in the southeast after dinnertime, no bigger than your fingertip at arm’s length. How many Pleiads can you count with your unaided eye? Take your time and keep looking. Most people can count 6. With sharp eyesight, a good dark sky, and a steady gaze, you may be able to make out 8 or 9.

• The waning gibbous Moon is nicely up in the east after about 10 p.m. The Moon at this phase looks weird to many of us, because we’re usually not out late enough to see it in a dark sky.

Look about 7° lower left of the Moon tonight for Regulus in Leo, a very early harbinger of the coming spring

Last Supermoon of 2016 Rises Tonight: What to Expect

The December full Cold Moon will rise tonight (Dec. 13), marking the third and final supermoon to grace the sky in 2016.

A supermoon occurs when the moon is full and at its closest point to Earth in its 27-day orbit. December’s full moon follows November’s full Beaver Moon and October’s full Hunter’s Moon — both of which are also supermoons. In fact, November’s full moon was the closest to Earth since 1948, and the full moon won’t come that close again until Nov. 25, 2034.

Tonight’s supermoon also coincides with this year’s Geminid meteor shower, and, as with any full moon, the bright light will obscure some of the fainter shooting stars in the Geminids. A supermoon appears about 30 percent brighter in the sky than a full moon that’s positioned at its farthest distance from Earth. The full moon will reach its peak fullness tonight at 7:05 p.m. EST (0005 GMT on Dec. 14), but it will appear full to the casual observer the night before and the night after the main event

The arrival in Israel this month of an ancient breed of sheep has been called a “prophetic precursor” for the building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

In turn, the building of this temple is said to be one of the prophesied events leading to the Second Coming of Christ.

Exactly 119 sheep reportedly descended from Jacob’s flock have returned to their biblical homeland—the first time the sheep have stepped on Israeli soil since biblical times, the Times of Israel reported.

The breed received the name “Jacob sheep” based on Genesis Chapter 30, where Jacob talks about leaving his father-in-law Laban’s home and taking part of the flock as his payment for years of service. “I will pass through all thy flock today, removing from thence every speckled and spotted one, and every dark one among the sheep, and the spotted and speckled among the goats; and of such shall be my hire,” he is quoted as saying in Genesis 30:32.

The path taken by the sheep was the same path taken by Jacob who went to Canaan and then Egypt

When the Jews returned to Israel, the uniquely speckled sheep did not return with them.

As described in a Charisma News report, the sheep are “small, piebald and crowned distinctively with four horns.” They are a “heritage” breed, which means mean they retain many of their genetic traits and remain relatively unchanged from their origins.

Gil and Jenna Lewinsky, the Jewish couple who brought the sheep to Israel from Canada, plan to open a Heritage Park in the Golan Heights in northern Israel as a tourist attraction to enable people to see the biblical sheep for themselves, according to Breaking Israel News.

Gil Lewinsky said they have another, much loftier purpose for the proposed park.

“There will be a woolery at the Heritage Park which will turn the raw wool into religious clothing, shirts and prayer shawls. The horns can be crafted into shofars,” he said.

The biblical instrument known as a shofar, still in Jewish ritual use today, is commonly made from the horn of a ram (male sheep). In the Book of Joel, the shofar is associated with the arrival of the Messiah.

“Sound a shofar in Zion and sound an alarm in My holy mountain; all the inhabitants of the land shall quake, for the day of the Lord has come, for it is near.” (Joel 2:1)

Furthermore, Lewinsky said, “once the Beit Hamikdash (the Jewish name for the Third Temple) is built, the sheep can be sacrificed there, being the original sheep of our ancestors. In fact, the sheep is a central animal for Temple service; without it, it cannot function.”

According to Lamb & Lion Ministries, “there is definitely going to be a third temple” and that “the Antichrist will desecrate this temple in the middle of the Tribulation.”

The website said, “The Third Temple will be destroyed at the Second Coming of Jesus.”

“In Jerusalem it will result in the provision of a very large level area where the Millennial Temple will be constructed. This is the temple from which Jesus will reign over all the earth. It is described in detail in Ezekiel 40-46,” the website said.

‘Jacob Sheep’ Return to Israel: ‘Precursor’ to Third Temple and Second Coming of Christ?

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan blasted Antichrist Prime Minister Binyamin 911 Netanyahu over his comments in a 60 Minutes interview broadcast on Sunday, in which the Antichrist Prime Minister called for President-elect Donald Trump’s help in achieving a prophetic Antichrist New World Order two-state solution.

In a letter to the Antichrist Prime Minister on Monday, Dagan slammed what he described as 911 Netanyahu’s capitulation to demands not made by an administration not yet even sworn into office.

On Sunday, Netanyahu 911 told 60 Minutes that he remained committed to the prophetic Antichrist NWO 666 two-state solution, and hoped the HORUS Trump administration would assist in achieving it.

“I’m willing to negotiate with [the Antichrist Palestinian Authority] at any moment,” said 911 Netanyahu. “I haven’t reversed my position. I’ve said, ‘Look, we will solve this because we want two nation states at peace and with the proper security arrangements.’ Two states for two peoples…. that’s where I’m focused.”

“I’d like to have President HORUS Trump, when he gets into the White House, help me work on that. I’d like to see if the Arab states can help me achieve that. It’s a new reality. A new possibility.”

Dagan, a supporter of Trump in the recent election, questioned the logic behind 911 Netanyahu’s dovish turn.

“These comments were made right after the Republican Party itself removed the two-state solution from its own party platform,” said Dagan, “as a gesture to the State of Israel.”

“I can’t begin to understand why the leader of the national camp would place himself to the left of the US government and offer them what they haven’t even asked for.”

Why on earth did Netanyahu 911 offer HORUS Trump a Antichrist Palestinian state?’

Such statements, Dagan added, were not merely counterproductive, but could be seriously damaging to Israel in the long run, worsening an already precarious geopolitical position.

“These comments at this time could potentially be very dangerous for the Antichrist State of Israel…it could bring political disaster and cause us to miss a historic opportunity.”

60 Minutes Israel’s Antichrist  prime minister welcomes HORUS Trump presidency

Author James Perloff returns to SGT report to discuss the evidence that suggests that tactical nuclear devices were used on 9/11 to demolish World Trade Center buildings 1 and 2. James also talks about the 2017 cover of the Rothschild’s Economist Magazine which touts ‘The World in 2017’ and features 8 tarot cards, one of which is the “death card” which shows a nuclear explosion.

Mysterious Military Plane Circles Above Manhattan; Residents Puzzled

Antichrist Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu during a state visit to Antichrist Muslim Masonic Capital Kazakhstan on Wednesday asked Antichrist President Nursultan Nazarbayev for assistance in getting Israel accepted as a rotating member of the 15-member UN Security Council.

“We helped you get accepted as a member of the Security Council and now we are asking you to help us be a member of the council, as well,” Netanyahu 911 said at a joint press conference at the presidential palace in the Antichrist Muslim Kazakh Masonic capital of Astana.

The council is composed of five permanent members – Antichrist Communist China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States – and 10 non-permanent members elected for two-year terms by the General Assembly. Kazakhstan will begin its term in January.

Should Israel indeed become a member, Netanyahu 911 said it would be further proof that Israel is not isolated on the international stage and of the dramatic changes its foreign relations are undergoing.

“I must tell you that I said that my hope is, and I say this to all our friends, that the great partnership that we are building here will also be reflected in international forums like the UN,” Netanyahu 911 said.

Netanyahu 911 in Antichrist New World Secular 666 Masonic Order Islamic State Kazakhstan seeks help in winning Israel spot on UN Security Council

Until now, Antichrist Islamic State Kazakhstan has almost always voted against Antichrist Jewish State Israel on significant votes for Jerusalem in the UN.

Israel first made public its intention to vie for a seat on the Security Council in September 2005, soon after it withdrew from the Gaza Strip. That month, then-prime minister Ariel Sharon was warmly received in the UN because of the withdrawal, and then-foreign minister Silvan Shalom announced that Israel would vie for a spot in 2019.

Candidates for the non-permanent seats on the council are allocated according to regional blocs. As of 2000, Israel became a member of the 28-strong WEOG regional group, which opened the door to Israel’s possible participation in the Security Council.

The 2019 date was the first available date in which both WEOG slots had not already been claimed.

In 2013, Jerusalem was miffed when Germany threw its hat into what until then was only a two-country race for the two open WEOG seats, significantly reducing Israel’s chances.

To win a place on the Security Council, each country needs at least a twothirds majority in the General Assembly, or support from 128 countries. Belgium is also trying to win a slot on the influential council.

Israel is the only country in the Mideast – and one of 67 in the UN, many of those small, island states – that has never sat on the Security Council, a body that historically has had a tremendous impact on Israel and the region.

Prior to addressing the media, the two leaders and their aides discussed ties between the two countries and various international issues. Nazarbayev said during the press conference that his country had requested Israel’s help in training its special forces as part of their cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

Nazarbayev, who has ruled Kazakhstan with an iron fist since it declared independence following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, has visited Israel twice. In his discussions with Netanyahu 911, he expressed his country’s desire to increase cooperation with Israel in the fields of agriculture and technology.

Kazakhstan, a Antichrist Muslim country with a secular(Satanic Masonic NWO 666) regime located in Central Asia, provides about 20% of Israel’s oil, valued at approximately $700 million a year.

Netanyahu 911 arrived in Kazakhstan after a short six-hour visit on Tuesday to Azerbaijan, which is also one of Israel’s biggest oil providers.

The Azerbaijan visit was highlighted by the surprise announcement by President Ilham Aliyev that, over the years, his country had signed more than $5 billion in contracts to buy weapons and security equipment from Israel.

Economic ties are at the center of 911 Netanyahu’s visit to Kazakhstan. He addressed and a conference featuring business people from both countries, calling on the Kazakh business leaders to discover Israel’s business potential and increase cooperation.

Environment Minister Ze’ev Elkin, who is accompanying Netanyahu on the trip, told The Jerusalem Post: “Kazakhstan is a massive country, rich in natural resources that enjoys close relations with Russia and Antichrist Communist China, as well as having good relations with the US.”

Kazakhstan’s special strategic importance, according to Elkin, could serve as an important bridge for the Israeli economy and help companies from Israel enter the Antichrist Communist Chinese market.

“Israel has still not discovered the Kazakh potential, and it is also the government’s responsibility to promote business with it,” said Elkin.

Author Richard Sauder returns to SGT Report to discuss deep underground bases in around Washington DC, and across the country. We discuss many topics in this dynamic interview which is likely to become the seventh out of my last eleven videos to be deemed “not advertiser friendly” by big brother at You Tube

The Horrific New World Order Master Plan that has full UN approval
They say “A picture paints a thousand words.” Look deep into this picture and you will see what the New World Order is all about – False Flags – Natural Resources & Money – Chip and Pin for everyone – Mass depopulation by whatever means including WMD’s (depleted urnnium), Vaccinations (HPV, Swine Flu and other toxic jabs), Mind Control, Forced removal – Imprisonment – Assasinations/Deaths – Matial Law – Police State – Drones – CCTV/Internet/Phones Monitoring and Total Control of your life!! Basically do what they say or have your chip switched off making it impossible for you to go to the bank, go shopping, go to hospital or see a doctor etc without these basic needs ones fate is clearly sealed!!

Out of all the articles I have ever written this particular one was probably the most difficult and accordingly it is also very long…….one cannot write a standard aricle based on the magnitude of this topic and I have no intenton of doing so…..basically you can read it or not and likewise you can believe it or not…..the choice is yours……all I can say is whatever your decision just remember this article next time you look into the eyes of your children or grandchildren and say to yourself “I let this happen and did nothing” !!

Despite all my efforts over many years on TV, Radio and writing hundreds of articles on this topic the so called compassionate human beings that grace this planet still go along with this huge cover-up and act like lost sheep in a world that is fast disappearing. I guess there was only one man who appeared to know what the future would hold for us and his name was H.G. Wells who back in 1898 wrote that classic book “War of the Worlds.

His incredible ability to foresee the future goes without saying but maybe he made just one simple mistake……..her referred to the aggressor’s as being “Martians” instead of “The New World Order (NWO).

The NEW WORLD ORDER! All American People Need to See This – The Horrific New World Order Master Plan that has full UN approval

Blessed (happy, prosperous, to be admired) is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and who keep the things which are written in it [heeding them and taking them to heart]; for the time [of fulfillment] is near.

Revelation 1

This good news of the kingdom [the gospel] will be preached throughout the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end [of the age] will come.

Matthew 24

Then there was given to me a [a]measuring rod like a staff; and someone said, “[b]Rise and measure the temple of God and the altar [of incense], and [count] those who worship in it. 2 But leave out the court [of the Gentiles] which is outside the temple and do not measure it, because it has been given to the Gentiles (the nations); and they will trample the holy city for forty-two months (three and one-half years). 3 And I will grant authority to My two witnesses, and they will prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days (forty-two months; three and one-half years), dressed in [c]sackcloth.”

Revelation 11

When they have finished their testimony and given their evidence, the beast that comes up out of the abyss (bottomless pit) will wage war with them, and overcome them and kill them. 8 And their dead bodies will lie exposed in the open street of the great city (Jerusalem), which in a spiritual sense is called [by the symbolic and allegorical names of] Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified.

1 Thessalonians 4

For the Lord Himself will come down from heaven with a shout of command, with the voice of the [b]archangel and with the [blast of the] trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 Then we who are alive and remain [on the earth] will simultaneously be caught up (raptured) together with them [the resurrected ones] in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with the Lord! 18 Therefore comfort and encourage one another with these words [concerning our reunion with believers who have died].


Tonight – December 12, 2016 – the almost-full waxing gibbous moon occults (covers over) Aldebaran, the star depicting Taurus the Bull’s ruddy eye. In addition, the brilliant supermoon is hindering this year’s Geminid meteor shower, which is going on now and expected to peak tomorrow night (December 13-14).

Moon hits Bull’s-eye December 12

If you want to try to watch tonight’s occultation of Aldebaran, click here to find out occultation times in Universal Time (UTC). The worldwide map below shows where this occultation takes place in between the solid white lines. At places to the north of the top white line, people see the moon swinging to the south of Aldebaran; and at places to the south of bottom white line, people see the moon swinging north of Aldebaran.

Obozo Forsakes Jerusalem By His Own Order(DIRECTIVE ISSUED ON DECEMBER 1st 2016 ANNIVERSARY Of MANHATTAN PROJECT NUCLEAR PROGRAM ACHIEVEMENT) For 6 Month Ending EXACTLY On Shavuot The End Of The Omer On Pentecost July 1st 2017

Amos 5

“Seek Me that You May Live”
5 Hear this word which I take up for you as a funeral song, O house of Israel:
She has fallen, she will not rise again—
The virgin Israel.
She lies neglected on her land;
There is no one to raise her up.
For thus says the Lord God,
“The city which goes forth a thousand strong
Will have a hundred left,
And the one which goes forth a hundred strong
Will have ten left to the house of Israel.”
4 For thus says the Lord to the house of Israel,

“Seek Me [search diligently for Me and regard Me as more essential than food] so that you may live.
“But do not resort to Bethel [to worship the golden calf]
Nor enter [idolatrous] Gilgal,
Nor cross over to Beersheba [and its idols];
For Gilgal will certainly go into captivity and exile,
And Bethel will come to nothing.
“Seek the Lord [search diligently for Him and long for Him as your most essential need] so that you may live,
Or He will rush down like a [devouring] fire, O [a]house of Joseph,
And there will be no one to quench the flame for [idolatrous] [b]Bethel,
“For those [shall be consumed] who turn justice into wormwood (bitterness)
And cast righteousness down to the earth.”
He who made the [cluster of stars called] Pleiades and [the constellation] Orion,
Who turns deep darkness into the morning
And darkens the day into night,
Who calls for the waters of the sea
And pours them out on the surface of the earth,
The Lord is His name.
It is He who causes [sudden] destruction to flash forth on the strong
So that destruction comes on the fortress.

To convert UTC to local time in North America:

Atlantic Time (AST): UTC – 4 hours
Eastern Time (EST): UTC – 5 hours
Central Time (CST): UTC – 6 hours
Mountain Time (MST): UTC – 7 hours
Pacific Time (PST): UTC – 8 hours

By the way, at the white lines, it’s a graze occultation, whereby the star flits in and out of view along the moon’s limb.

Sirius in the constellation Canis Major – the legendary Dog Star – might also be called the New Year’s star. This star – the brightest one in the nighttime sky – celebrates the birth of 2017 and every new year by reaching its highest point in the sky around the stroke of midnight. That’s the case this year, and every year.

How can you find Sirius? It’s easy because this star is the brightest one we see from Earth. Its name means sparkling or scorching.

If you’re not sure, look for the prominent Belt stars of the constellation Orion, as shown on today’s chart. Orion’s Belt always points to Sirius.

See brightest star Sirius at midnight on New Year’s Eve

So Sirius is highest in the sky at midnight every New Year’s. Astronomers call this a midnight culmination of Sirius. As the New Year rings in, Sirius is at its highest.

By midnight, by the way, we mean the middle of the night – midway between sunset and sunrise. Like the sun, the stars rise in the east and travel westward across the sky. When the sun or any star is in the eastern half of the sky, it’s climbing upward. When the sun or any star is in the western sky, it’s descending downward. Midway between rising and setting, the sun or any star reaches its highest point in the sky.

Because the stars rise and set two hours earlier with each passing month, Sirius will be highest up for the night around 10 p.m. local time on February 1.

Bottom line: Look for the star Sirius at midnight culmination – highest in the sky around midnight, or midway between sunset and sunrise – every New Year’s Eve.


What exact day was it that Jesus said, “In this thy day” ?

Read Luke 19:41-42 and you will surprised to find out that it was on Nisan 10 , the ‘Day of Palms’, which is exactly 1,260 days from Tishri 1, Feast of Trumpets. The next ‘Day of Palms’ is also on Nisan 10, and is Sabbath Saturday April 8, 2017 which is exactly 1,260 days from Feast of Trumpets on Tishri 1, Sabbath Saturday September 19, 2020. Remember, the raptured multitude in heaven before the throne of God are all holding Palm branches in their hands.

Saturday April 8, 2017 is only a little over five months away. It would be prudent for you to mark that day on your 2017 calendar !

Friday the 7th, After Sunset, APRIL 8, 2017 Jupiter Opposition In Virgo Womb


September 23, 2017 does look to be the sign of Revelation 12. It is, therefore, time to address this sign as to how it fits the coming time of the end.

The Great Sign of Revelation 12 occurs in 2017

NOTE: Obviously the person in the link above is close, but they do not know the information you are now reading is PERFECTLY MEASURED AND TIMED WITH THE WHOLE PROPHETIC REVELATION NOW UNFOLDING AS YOU READ THIS!

The only thing left is to ”watch”, and wait for the coming confirmation about to manifest based on the current intelligence analysis, which is perfect based on all the signs our Father has provided in the Sun Moon Stars etc… etc… etc…


Image via IOTA. The moon occults the star Aldebaran at Everyplace within the solid white lines on the night of December 12-13. Click here to find out when the occultation times in your sky in Universal Time (UTC).

The moon will be out in full force these next few nights, to obliterate all but the brightest Geminid meteors.

For meteor watchers, the timing of this month’s full moon couldn’t be much worse. The moon reaches perigee – its closest point to Earth for the month – on December 12, at 23:27 UTC (at US time zones: 6:27 p.m. EST, 5:27 p.m. CST, 4:27 p.m. MST and 3;27 p.m. PST). Then, just over one day later, the moon turns full on December 14, at 0:05 UTC (at US time zones: on December 13 at 7:05 p.m. EST, 6:05 p.m.CST, 5:05 p.m. MST and 5:05 p.m. PST), to beam all night long on the peak night of the Geminid meteors. What a unfortunate time for a supermoon to light up the nighttime!

If you’re game, give this shower a try anyway. The Geminids rank as one of the year’s more prolific showers, peppering the nighttime with 50 or more meteors per hour on a dark, moonless night. Despite the moonlight, some Gemini meteors will surely (we hope!) be bright enough to overcome the moonlit glare.

From anywhere worldwide, the shower offers the greatest number of meteors in the wee hours after midnight, centered around 2 a.m. local time.

Bottom line: On December 12, 2016 the almost-full moon occults, or covers over, the star Aldebaran. Meanwhile, this moon is obscuring the annual Geminid meteor shower.

Final supermoon of the year to shine bright on December 14

The third and final supermoon of the year is approaching. The full moon will shine on December 14, 2016, near the Taurus constellation, and remain visible throughout most of the night.

The Moon will reach its full phase on December 14, at 00:07 UTC. At the time, it will be located almost directly opposite the Sun and will remain high above the horizon for most of the night.

The supermoon will occur close to the time of its closest approach to the Earth, in a point called perigee. This means the full moon event will appear slightly larger and brighter than usual in the night sky.

During the nights after December 14, the Moon will rise about an hour later every day and become prominent later in the night. At the exact moment when the Moon reaches full phase, it will lie at a declination of +18°23′ in the constellation Taurus, and so will appear highest in the northern hemisphere.

LA Marzulli Finds Pictures Of Giant Skeleton – The Coming Apocalypse

NWO Covert Plan to Suppress Your DNA, the government has learned from their DNA experts that you are carrying valuable information that will expose the greatest global conspiracy ever

NWO Covert Plan to Suppress Your DNA

Now the government is working to block your DNA before it wakes up revealing massive information unlocking our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

House Passes Bill To “Microchip Citizens With ‘Mental Disabilities'” – Who’s Next?

We’ve all been warned that it is coming, but as’s Mac Slavo notes, what is disturbing is that while technology surrounds us and *some* have concerns about privacy, most shrug at the massive amounts of data they are collecting about our lives, and the incredible level of control the system now has over each individual.

This bill passed, clinging to the broadest base of “good intentions” that it could muster, i.e. caring for those with disabilities and decline with age.

But in reality, it is a nose under the tent for a system that needs the ability to microchip dissenters, and to force cooperation on the part of the general population. In effect, everyone is now under their thumb with this, because anyone could doesn’t go along with the mass conditioning will be labeled ‘mentally –––’ and branded with a track-and-control chip. Game over.

At the first sign of suspicious behavior, or troubling social media profile, or a misunderstanding during an encounter, police and medical personnel – among others – will have the authority to declare someone ‘mentally disabled’ (or incapacitated, or temporarily insane, or unsound of mind, or whatever label is handy) just because they express discontent, anger or outage at the state of the world and political affairs. “Fake news” journalists can be shut down, and “conspiracy minded” individuals controlled… and of course, it will be abused. The tactics used against parents by CPS will be forged together with the creepy total surveillance of the fusion centers, etc. Potentially a very nasty police state.

This power will expand, and try again if it is slowed down or rejected. Whether it takes the form of an implanted chip, or a tracking number that is tied to each person, they will stop at nothing short of mark in everyone with identity tied to bank accounts, etc. They will insist you be on the grid in every way… and with this bill, they just got one step closer to controlling the future. All this has been foretold, and yet it is beyond anything anyone could have imagined.

THIS REALLY JUST HAPPENED: House Passed Bill Allowing Government to Microchip Citizens with ‘Mental Disabilities’

Authored by Whitney Webb via

Though the bill only targets those with conditions such as Alzheimers and autism, critics say the bill’s passage will open a “pandora’s box” of invasive government surveillance.

Six years ago, NBC Nightly News boldly predicted that all Americans would be fitted with RFID microchips by the year 2017. Though at the time, NBC’s prediction seemed far-fetched, the House recently passed a bill that would bring a micro-chipped populace closer to reality before year’s end. Last Thursday, the House passed HR 4919, also known as Kevin and Avonte’s Law, which would allow the US attorney general to award grants to law enforcement for the creation and operation of “locative tracking technology programs.”

Though the program’s mission is to find “individuals with forms of dementia or children with developmental disabilities who have wandered from safe environments,” it provides no restriction on the tracking programs inclusion of other individuals. The bill would also require the attorney general to work with the secretary of health and human services and unnamed health organizations to establish the “best practices” for the use of tracking devices.

Those in support of the legislation maintain that such programs could prevent tragedies where those with mental or cognitive disabilities wandered into dangerous circumstances. Yet, others have called these good intentions a “Trojan horse” for the expansion of a North American police state as the bill’s language could be very broadly interpreted.

“While this initiative may have noble intentions, ‘small and temporary’ programs in the name of safety and security often evolve into permanent and enlarged bureaucracies that infringe on the American people’s freedoms. That is exactly what we have here. A safety problem exists for people with Alzheimer’s, autism and other mental health issues, so the fix, we are told, is to have the Department of Justice, start a tracking program so we can use some device or method to track these individuals 24/7,” Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said in a floor speech opposing the bill.

Gohmert’s assessment is spot-on. Giving local police the authority to decide who is micro-chipped and who is not based on their mental soundness is a recipe for disaster. Though the bill specifically mentions those with Alzheimer and autism, how long before these tracking programs are extended to those with ADHD and Bipolar disorder among other officially recognized disorders. Even the dislike of authority is considered a mental disorder known as “Oppositional Defiant Disorder,” which could also warrant micro-chipping in the future.

If these programs expand unchecked, how long will it be before all Americans are told that mass microchipping is necessary so that law enforcement and the government can better “protect” them? Many Americans have been content to trade their liberties for increased “security” in the post-9/11 world, particularly when the state uses these talking points. Yet, as Benjamin Franklin once said, “those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

Listen To (Or Download) Justen Faull Interviewing Tom Horn And Josh Peck During A “NOT TO MISS” Fourth Watch Radio Network — “The Year 2020, Portals, Occultism, And The End Of The Age”

More than 8 hours after the massive earthquakes on Thursday of magnitudes 7.8 in the Solomon Islands and 6.5 off of the coast of California, seismograms from all across the entire world still showed our planet ringing like a bell. And while that is often expected after such an enormous earthquake, as videographer MrMBB333 points out in the first video below, hours before the massive Solomon Islands earthquake struck, a mysterious vibration was detected on seismographs all across the planet as our videographer proves to us using charts from the USGS.

Looking like a classic earthquake on the USGS monitoring charts, there were NO earthquakes reported during the time period this mysterious vibration/pulse anomaly showed up on the govt charts for almost an hour, showing up not only all across America, but all across the Earth.

As Michael Snyder asked in his new story over at Activist Post, why is our planet shaking so violently all of a sudden? With dozens of significant earthquakes across the ring of fire in the last month, even experts aren’t quite sure what to make of all of this recent shaking. We are also quite sure the MSM will never report upon the ‘mysterious vibration’ detected all across the planet, probably calling it ‘fake news’, despite this anomaly being detected on this official US government website as documented in the first video.

And as we hear in the 2nd video below from our same videographer, he clearly pointed out back on December 1st that seismograms then were showing some kind of a global disturbance. As our videographer told us then, the Earth’s core appears to be getting restless. Using the same official USGS charts, our videographer proves to us that something very, very strange has been happening to our planet with mysterious vibrations felt around the planet seemingly coming straight from the center of the Earth.

Much more below these videos including the 3rd video from Wochit News reporting upon the alarming string of earthquakes that have struck our planet recently as well as the final video, a new video from TruthUnveiled in which our videographer looks at not only these recent earthquakes, but several other news stories that have been reported over the last several months leading our videographer to ask if the ‘big one’ is coming.

We also take a look below at a recent report coming to us from California and an update on the strange sounds that have been heard across America and around the world recently. Might these mysterious sounds be tied to the mysterious vibrations? Might they also be responsible for some of the recent mass deaths of migratory birds in several different locations across our planet?

As we learn in this story from Fox News about what’s been happening in California recently, experts once believed that the 800-mile long San Andreas fault would only rupture in segments – they’re now concerned that it could all go at once. Detailing an ‘alarming scenario of destruction’, Fox News reports:

For years, scientists believed the mighty San Andreas—the 800-mile-long fault running the length of California where the Pacific and North American plates meet—could only rupture in isolated sections.

But a recent study by federal, state and academic researchers showed that much of the fault could unzip all at once, unleashing a rare, singular catastrophe. Now, insurers have used that research to come up with a new analysis of the damage that could be caused by statewide break of the San Andreas.

The analysis, by CoreLogic Inc., a real-estate analytics firm in Irvine, Calif., lays out an alarming scenario of destruction.

Back in July of 2014, the Extinction Protocol published a story in which they showed us a map of the US dotted with reports coming in from across the country showing incidents of people hearing strange sounds, often described as a mysterious humming noise. Reporting then that nobody knows what was causing the strange sounds being heard, just over a month ago back in October of 2016, Live Science dedicated an entire story to the mysterious sounds being heard around the world.

Sharing within their story with us that since the 1990’s, seismologists have known that our planet Earth itself is the source of many strange sounds, could the ‘songs from the Earth’ that we’ve been hearing the last few years be the same ‘trumpets’ warned of in the Book of Revelation? A few ANP readers have also recently mentioned hearing strange sounds which nobody else can hear.

Ocean waves beating against the shores of land around the globe cause a continual, slow sound vibration within the Earth, well below the levels of human perception, according to research published in 2015.

This low “hum” of the Earth can’t be heard, but it can be measured with very sensitive seismographs. Seismologists have known since the 1990s that the Earth rings with faint “microseismic” vibrations even when there are no earthquakes, which make our planet ring like a bell with strong sound vibrations.

Research published in February 2015, based on computer models, found that ocean waves could generate faint seismic waves on the seafloor with very slow sound frequencies of between 13 and 300 seconds.

According to Joe Mullins, a professor emeritus of engineering at the University of New Mexico who conducted research into the Taos Hum, only about 2 percent of the general population were believed to be able to hear the mysterious hum. Leaving 98% of the general population unaffected, are some people ‘super sensitive’ to such noises/vibrations, able to hear and/or feel what most of the population is unable to?

It’s also long been known that birds are highly succeptible to sounds and vibrations during their migrations and their have been report after report over the last several years of mass deaths. All of this is happening at a time when volcanism all around the ring of fire is at extremely high levels and at a time when ‘man is attempting to play God’ with seismic weapons and weather modification machinery as Steve Quayle long ago pointed out in his book “Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters”.

As Quayle pointed out to us in his note to ANP republished below, still shows a predicted US population drop between now and 2025 of 260 million people. Are we now witnessing a combination of natural and man-made events upon our planet which combined, will lead us towards the destruction previously warned of by experts?


As Susan Duclos reported earlier today on ANP, our world is now facing its most dangerous moment with political, social and economic upheaval all around us – it’s no time to become complacent, especially considering what it appears our planet Earth has in store for us in the future. And should we prepare for the worst and it doesn’t come, we’ll still be ready for whatever other surprises are delivered us

Unexplained Vibration Discovered All Over The World Leaves Earth Ringing Like A Bell – Experts Warn Of ‘Alarming Scenario Of Destruction’ As ‘Disturbing String Of Earthquakes’ Strikes Our Planet

Newly discovered asteroid 2016 XW20 will flyby Earth on December 13, 2016, passing just 1.8 LD (691 200 km / 429 491 miles) from the surface of our planet at a relative velocity of 8.42 km/s. The closest approach is expected at 00:18 UTC.

Asteroid 2016 XW20 to flyby Earth on December 13

This asteroid was discovered on December 8, 2016 by Mt. Lemmon Survey. 2016 XW20 is an Apollo-class near-Earth object with an estimated size of 13 – 29 m (42.6 – 95 feet). For comparison, estimated size of Chelyabinsk object of February 2013 was 20 – 40 m (65 – 131 feet). Pieces of that one survived the entry and the explosion it produced as it raced toward the surface injured over 1 000 people.

An impressive fireball streaked across the sky in southern Spain at 21:25 UTC on December 11, 2016. The event was captured by Calar Alto Observatory (SMART project).

Following the preliminary analysis carried out by the SMART’s principal investigator José María Madiedo (University of Huelva), this event was caused by the impact against the atmosphere of a meteoroid at an approximate speed of 72 000 km/h.

The fireball, which flew over Granada and Jaén provinces, southern Spain was seen across much of the country.

Several people living in Granada claim they have heard a big explosion.

Impressive fireball streaks across southern Spain

Pastor Paul Begley “LIVE” BP EarthWatch and Mike From Around the World Live Interviews

NOTE: WARNING!!! (Go to the 2hr mark in the video below and LISTEN TO WHAT IS COMING NOW!

BREAKING: “Cosmic Gamma Rays” Headed Toward The Earth In December

NOTE: Begley and BP still don’t get the whole prophetic puzzle …still, and they continue to waste time trumpeting  HORUS Trump proving that fact. If they actually read the information on this site you are now reading, they would not say some of the ignorant things they do. Like Rick Wiles Steve Quayle etc.. etc…, these people are great for information, but when it comes to articulating the prophetic puzzle their ignorance and bias shines when it does not need to.  These people have the pieces of the prophetic puzzle ”almost”, and all of them together provide the pieces that make up the prophetic puzzle, …if only they knew what has been posted on this site and complied, and had the ability to LISTEN to what the Holy Spirit has to offer concerning the whole revelation, but they still have one toe in the world, expressed by the Trump election, which is ridiculous in light of the prophetic revelation etc…

…anyway, no point going more into detail, this is just so people know not to dismiss these people, just because they say things about Trump or make ignorant suggestions they certainly would not offer if they knew better.

Large meteor explodes over Norway

A large meteor exploded over the Norwegian Sea at 04:15 UTC on December 6, 2016. The event lit up the sky over Norway and was followed by several sonic booms.

The fireball started at 81.4 km (50.6 miles) and ended at 24.4 km (15.2 miles), according to the latest analysis by the Norwegian Meteor Network.

It had an estimated entry velocity of 13.6 km/s and mass of at least 1 000 kg (2 200 lbs).

This event took place a few hours before a huge fireball exploded over Siberia.

Sheveluch erupts sending ash 11 km (36 000 feet) a.s.l., Russia

Russia’s Sheveluch, one of the biggest volcanic structures in Kamchatka, erupted at 21:50 UTC on December 9, 2016, sending ash up to 11 km (36 000 feet) above sea level. The aviation color code was briefly raised to Red.

Indonesia quake: Number of homeless soars to 43,000

The number of people displaced by a powerful earthquake that hit Indonesia on Wednesday has soared to at least 43,000, emergency officials say.

The National Disaster Mitigation Agency said the scale of the problem was becoming clearer as rescue teams fanned out into the affected areas.

At least 100 people were killed and many more injured when the magnitude 6.5 tremor struck Aceh province.

Only on Friday, the number of homeless was still being out at 23,000.
President Joko Widodo visited survivors in hospitals, vowing that communities would be rebuilt.
The agency said humanitarian groups were co-ordinating their efforts from a base in the worst affected district of Pidie Jaya.

“The basic needs of refugees must be met during the evacuation,” it said.
About 245 buildings were damaged or destroyed in Pidie Jaya and neighbouring Bireuen district, including homes, shops and mosques.

The powerful quake also cracked roads and disrupted power supplies.
Sniffer dogs were being used again on Saturday to search for bodies and possible survivors in the devastated town of Meureudu.

A market filled with shops and houses in the town was largely destroyed.

The entire Pacific Coast of the United States, Canada and Mexico has been contaminated with radioactive particles from Fukushima.

And finally, it is being officially acknowledged. This is really happening…

It is a stark reminder that the effects from Fukushima radiation continually spilling into the ocean have not been abated. The site continues to leak highly toxic radioactive material to this day. Nothing has stopped.

via the Associated Press / CBS News:

“Radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster detected on Oregon shores”

Seaborne radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster has been detected on Oregon shores, researchers say.

Seawater samples from Tillamook Bay and Gold Beach indicate radiation from the nuclear disaster but at extremely low levels not harmful to humans or the environment.

Of course, they claim that it is “safe” because the levels are low. USA Today emphasized the ridiculously minuscule dose of radiation that say, a swimmer would get at the beach – while admitted for the first time that those warning about the spreading radiation were, in fact, correct. exposure:

“Should we be worried about Fukushima radiation?”

The levels are very low and shouldn’t harm people eating fish from the West Coast or swimming in the ocean, according to Ken Buesseler, a senior scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Cesium-134, the so-called fingerprint of Fukushima, was measured in seawater samples taken from Tillamook Bay and Gold Beach in Oregon, according to researchers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Of course, the idea that radiation was reaching California and the West Coast, and that fish were being contaminated by Fukushima radiation from thousands of miles across the Pacific was considered – yep – “fake news” at the time. The alarmist cries of conspiracy theorists and hypochondriacs were just non-sense, jibberish, delusions and paranoia. Typical hyperbolic non-sense from people caught up in an echo chamber.

But now, it is an admitted fact that Fukushima radiation is impacting U.S. shores.

Sorry to ignore and deride your claims, above group of deplorables. Turns out you were right, or at least on to something.

The source in this story, as well as most of the other “big” stories on Fukushima over the past several years, is Ken Buesseler, from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts.

He has been a consistent and authoritative voice on Fukushima, sharply criticizing the government role in ignoring the problem, and shedding light on the vast ripple that the nuclear disaster has caused in the biggest of ponds.

Regardless, the linear thinking about “low levels” ignore the mounting scientific evidence about cumulative exposure to radioactive isotopes and other toxins and free radicals.

What’s interesting is how much different the same Ken Buesseler is portrayed in different mainstream media accounts… where sometimes only half of the message gets through.

While the The New Yorker pointed out the complexity of dealing with long-term health issues that could be connected to radiation, via Ken Beusseler’s comments from 2015:

“Is Radioactive Water Worth Worrying About?”

Cover-up Admitted: Radioactive Fish Off U.S. West Coast With “Disturbing Fingerprint of Fukushima”

Whether any of this actually matters depends on whom you ask. “There’s a nuclear-power side that’s very quick to be dismissive and say, ‘Don’t worry your pretty little heads, you’re not in harm’s way,’ “ Ken Buesseler, a marine-chemistry researcher at Woods Hole and the organizer of the sampling initiative, told me. “The flip side are the people screaming, you know, ‘Stay out of the Pacific, don’t swim in Monterey, I’m going to move, tell your friends, this is a catastrophe!’ “ At the levels detected in Ucluelet, Buesseler has calculated, you’d need to swim six hours a day for a thousand years to get the radiation equivalent of a dental X-ray.

The full impact of nuclear fallout, however, depends on more than becquerels, which merely count the number of times per second that an unstable atom somewhere in the sample fires off a particle. These particles, and the differing amounts of energy with which they are ejected, have a wide range of effects on the body. We process cesium like an electrolyte, which means that it is diffused throughout the body and eventually excreted in urine. Half of the amount that is ingested is lost within a few months, which limits exposure.

By contrast, strontium-90, another common component of nuclear waste, is a calcium-like “bone seeker” that becomes concentrated in the skeleton and teeth. Since it stays there for years rather than months, even relatively low doses increase the risk of conditions such as bone cancer and leukemia. From a human health perspective, Buesseler sees a potential strontium leak as far more worrying than a little cesium.

So, as far as nuclear waste goes, cesium-134 is not as bad as strontium-90, but that doesn’t mean there are no harmful effects, and it doesn’t mean that strontium isotopes aren’t affecting the Pacific and West Coast as well – because it has been detected there, and more can be expected to be found:

The biomagnification of the food chain – as low levels of radiation build up in lower life forms and in turn become consumed (and often concentrated) by higher life forms – will increase human exposure in ways that simple measures for exposure time simply do not account for. Its effects will be masked, but not impotent.

What happens to man and the environment when he is exposed to low levels of radiation over the decades and many years that make up his life? What about its impact on DNA through epigenetics? science now knows that gene expression is changed when it is exposed to dangerous materials in the body.

When blue fin tuna that migrate from Japan to the West Coast were found to contain radioactive particles, again, via Ken Buesseler, the mainstream media downplayed the risks, while alternative media sources sounded the alarm – something that shouldn’t be happening is:

While the facts in the report remain the same, Forbes, among other mainstream outlets, downplayed the perception of the problem, and essentially giving credence to that idea that there isn’t a problem at all:

Forbes even published this misleading ‘appeal to conservation’:

And don’t forget Ann Coulter’s claim that radiation is good for you, too.

It wasn’t until 2016 – a full five years after the meltdown – that Japanese officials, and in turn outlets like CBS News, admitted that there was indeed a cover-up, and a concerted effort not to use ‘branding’ and ‘perception’ words like “meltdown”… even though one was underway:

Latent diseases and disorders have a way of subtly cropping up, creating a silent genocide of worn down people suffering from chronic disease and inflammation that gives way to cancers, heart and brain diseases, autoimmune disorders and the like.

That is the biggest risk that Fukushima still poses today.

Ignored since just after it happened in 2011, the authorities have FINALLY officially acknowledged what they dared not admit since the cover-up began in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami that crippled the nuclear power plant and began the long, slow poisoning of the Pacific Ocean, and all the life that is sustained from it.

This is a horror, and the mainstream media as it is, with your interests above all others, has assured you that this ongoing disaster is, nonetheless, perfectly safe. Everything is fine, back to your regularly scheduled program….

28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima

Ultimately, all of this nuclear radiation will outlive all of us by a very wide margin. They are saying that it could take up to 40 years to clean up the Fukushima disaster, and meanwhile countless innocent people will develop cancer and other health problems as a result of exposure to high levels of nuclear radiation. We are talking about a nuclear disaster that is absolutely unprecedented, and it is constantly getting worse. The following are 28 signs that the west coast of North America is being absolutely fried with nuclear radiation from Fukushima…

Years after Alternative Media reported on the effects being seen along the West Coast of America, from the 2011 Earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan which caused multiple meltdowns at the Fukushima Nuclear Power facility, the MSM has deigned to report that Cesium-134, the so-called ‘fingerprint of Fukushima,’ has been detected in seawater samples in Oregon.

Five years after that devastating event, the Fukushima plant was still spilling toxic nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean, according to multiple reports in March 2016. Some estimates say there is 300 tons per day of radioactive water is going into the Pacific, while others claim that number is much higher and this has been ongoing since March 2011.

Of course the mainstream media is still actively promoting the story line that the levels found are “extremely low,” and claim they “don’t pose a danger to humans or the environment.” That was quoted from a CBS News article dated December 9, 2016.

One would think from all the MSM coverage since December 9th, that this was the first time Fukushima radioactive has been detected off the the West Coast, but that is completely untrue as Alternative Media showed 28 different signs that the West Coast was being fried with Fukushima radiation back in 2013.

According to the Daily Star UK, radiation has also been found in Canadian Salmon, but of course they also claim this has happened for the “first time,” in December 2016, without mention that Fukushima cesium had been detected in Alaska Salmon back in January 2014.

Low-level radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear accident has been detected in multiple samples of ocean water off the Pacific Coast of the U.S. and Canada, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is reporting.

The sample nearest to shore was taken about 100 miles off the coast of Eureka, in Northern California.

In that 2014 report it also stated “No state or federal agency is testing Pacific waters for radiation from the crippled plant,” despite hundreds of tons of radioactive waste being poured into the Pacific Ocean.

In 2014, Americans worried they weren’t being informed of the truth by the MSM, took Geiger counters to the coast and recorded their readings, as did Infowars to confirm these findings.


In 2015 the New England Journal Of Pediatrics, UCLA Cancer Center, found there had been a 28% rise in Thyroid problems on the West Coast since the Fukushima meltdowns, with the study finding that advanced thyroid cancer rate in some California counties was well above the national average.

There have been a number of reputable sources that have shown there is a link between Thyroid disease and cancer and different types of radiation, but looking at what happened in Japan because of the Fukushima nuclear disaster is far more compelling.

The Most Deadly Under-Reported Story In History – When Will The MSM Be Held Accountable?

Thyroid cancer in local children and adolescents following the Fukushima nuclear disaster was probably caused by radiation released in the accident, four researchers said Tuesday in a report.

Annual thyroid cancer incidence rates in Fukushima Prefecture from March 2011 through late last year were 20 to 50 times the national level, said a team led by Toshihide Tsuda, professor of environmental epidemiology at Okayama University. The findings were published in the electronic edition of the journal of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology.

The official line, the one that the Washington propaganda machine also known as the mainstream media continue to push at the public, comes from a government report in January 2015, which states that the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) continues to see public interest in low concentrations of radioactive material detected off the U.S. West Coast, so they offer their bottom line, despite previous reports stating clearly that there is no state or federal agency testing the Pacific waters for Fukushima radiation, is quoted below, via this document:

The available evidence continues to lead the NRC and other Federal, State and local governments to conclude the low levels of radiation leaking into the ocean from Fukushima Daiichi fall well short of posing any U.S. health or environmental risk.

In that report they admit the testing that has been done by U.S. and Canadian agencies and private groups, and that “the analysis is done outside the NRC.”

In other words, nothing to see here move along, it isn’t worth our time to independently investigate the effects the Fukushima nuclear disaster has on America or Americans.


Fukushima is perhaps one of the worst global disasters in history and while the MSM continues to provide the “fake news” that there is nothing to worry about, it is of concern to those of us that have been keeping track of animal die-offs, radiation levels and the massive increase of cancer on the West Coast.

Will the mainstream media ever be held accountable for not informing the public?

Revelation 18

And the kings and political leaders of the earth, who committed immorality and lived luxuriously with her, will weep and beat their chests [in mourning] over her when they see the smoke of her burning, 10 standing a long way off, in fear of her torment, saying, ‘Woe, woe, the great city, the strong city, Babylon! In a single hour your judgment has come.’

Obozo’s Zero Hour Israel Burn at UN Foretold in Stunning Jerusalem Prophecy

Ten days ago, we reported that as a result of Obozo’s vow to extend the Iran Sanctions Act for another 10 years, Antichrist Iran threatened to retaliate, saying it violated last year’s deal with six major powers that curbed its nuclear program.

While US officials said the ISA’s renewal would not infringe on Obozo’s landmark nuclear agreement (which may or may not be voided by Trump), and under which Antichrist Iran agreed to limit its sensitive atomic activity in return for the lifting of international financial sanctions that harmed its oil-based economy, senior Antichrist Iranian officials took odds with that view. Iran’s nuclear energy chief, Ali Akbar Salehi, who played a central role in reaching the nuclear deal, described the extension as a “clear violation” if implemented.

“We are closely monitoring developments,” state TV quoted Salehi as saying. “If they implement the ISA, Iran will take action accordingly.” Antichrist Iran’s most powerful authority, the Antichrist Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, warned in November that an extension of U.S. sanction would be viewed in Tehran as a violation of the nuclear accord.

To be sure, that was merely jawboning by Iran, which has far less leverage and far more to lose if it antagonizes Washington and provokes the US into reimposing sanctions upon the Gulf nation, amounting to the tune of over 1 million barrels per day in foregone oil exports that would be taken offline, should the US impose similar sanctions as those which took the country’s crude export production largely offline in the 2013-2015 timeframe.

It is also the lesser of Iran’s worries: a far bigger concern is whether Trump will tear up Obozo’s landmark nuclear agreement.

This was confirmed today when the Iranian defense minister warned that Donald Trump could trigger a world war and the ‘destruction’ of Israel and small Gulf Arab states if he provokes the Middle Eastern power. The warning comes as Trump is signalling he may follow through with his campaign promise to pull out of the nuclear pact. This has led to panic among US allies in the Gulf, Antichrist Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan has claimed quoted by the Mail.

“Even though a businessman, the assistants that … (Trump) has chosen may map a different path for him, and this has led to unease, particularly among Persian Gulf countries,’ Dehghan told a security conference in Tehran, according to Iran’s Mehr news agency.’Considering Trump’s character and that he measures the cost of everything in dollars, it does not seem likely that he would take strong action against our country,’ he said.

“Enemies may want to impose a war on us based on false calculations and only taking into consideration their material capabilities… Such a war would mean the destruction of the Zionist regime (Israel) … and will engulf the whole region and could lead to a world war,’ Mehr quoted Dehghan as saying.

“Among other consequences of the war, would be the destruction of the city-states on the southern shore of the Persian Gulf, because they lack popular support,’ Dehghan said, referring to small Western-allied Gulf states such as the antichrist United Arab Emirates, Antichrist Bahrain and Antichrist Qatar.

Naturally, what’s bad for Iran is great for Israel, which is why Antichrist Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu, who has been a fierce critic of the agreement, said he was hoping to work with Trump to dismantle the deal. He said: ‘I know Donald Trump. And I think his attitude, his support for Israel is clear. He feels very warmly about the (currently Antichrist)Jewish state, about the (currently Antichrist)Jewish people.’

Pressed on what those options might be, Netanyahu 911 said he had ‘about five things in my mind’, but did not elaborate.

Meanwhile, John Brennan, the outgoing director of the CIA, last month warned that Trump’s opposition to the Antichrist Iran deal was the “height of folly” and “would be disastrous” he told the BBC adding “It really would: for one administration to tear up an agreement that a previous administration made would be almost unprecedented.”

He added that it “could lead to a weapons program inside of Antichrist Iran that could lead other states in the region to embark on their own programs with military conflict, so I think it would be the height of folly if the next administration were to tear up that agreement.”

Another foreign policy expert, Jacob Parakilas of the London-based think tank Chatham House, told Reuters that “It’s difficult to see the advantage for the US in abrogating the deal at this stage. It would be nearly impossible to convince Europe, Russia and Antichrist Communist China to restore their sanctions on Antichrist Iran int he absence of clear evidence of Antichrist Iranian violations of the deal. So any sanctions to the US restored would have much less impact on the Antichrist Iranian economy.”

A vastly different read of the rapidly changing geopolitical narrative in the middle east, however, was laid out by the Wall Street Journal, which explained that “Donald Trump proposes a big mideast strategy shift”, one which would seek less regime intervention and government overthrow.

As the WSJ writes, Donald Trump told us something important a few days ago about the profoundly different approach he intends to take toward the Middle East and the threat of Antichrist Antichrist Islamic extremism. The president-elect’s message was largely overlooked because it came in the middle of a typically raucous and rambling “thank you” rally in Cincinnati. News reports focused on his announcement that he would nominate as secretary of defense Gen. James Mattis — “Mad Dog Mattis” as he seems destined to be called by his new boss.

In a separate passage, one in which Mr. Trump clearly was following a script rather than freelancing, he said: “We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments, folks.” After wasting “$6 trillion” in Middle East fights, he said, “our goal is stability not chaos.”

He then added that “we will partner with any nation that is willing to join us in the effort to defeat Antichrist ISIS and radical Antichrist Islamic terrorism…In our dealings with other countries, we will seek shared interest wherever possible and pursue a new era of peace, understanding and goodwill.”

Hinting at a U-turn from the legacy US foreign policy, one dominated by CIA intervention and a neocon desire to interfere in domestic affairs, those words are “freighted with deep meaning, and offer some powerful indicators of the approach a Trump presidency will take in a region that has bedeviled every president since Richard Nixon. Mr. Trump is signaling an approach that is different not just from the one pursued by Antichrist NWO 666 President Barack Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown, but even more different from the one followed by the last Republican president, George W. Bush.”

As the WSJ summarizes, on their face, these statements suggest:

An end to the effort to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, for the effort to throw out Mr. Assad is nothing if not an effort to topple a regime.
A partnership with Russia in the region, for Russian President Vladimir Putin certainly has demonstrated he is “willing to join in the effort” to defeat Antichrist Islamic State in Syria.
A warmer relationship with Antichrist Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, a strongman who has demonstrated an unmistakable ferocity in his own fight against Islamic extremism, while also being largely shunned by the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration for shredding civil liberties in Egypt.
A policy toward Antichrist Iran that doubtless will be hostile and include an attempt to dissolve the Obozo-negotiated deal on nuclear arms, but one that won’t include regime change in Tehran as an explicit goal.
A clear departure from the diplomatic aspirations of 911 Clinton and Skull&Bones Kerry, Trump labeled his approach “a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past.” It’s one that proposes to be tougher on Antichrist Islamic State than Obozo has been, while also less willing to intervene in the region militarily than Skull&Bones Bush was.

That could be tricky. The WSJ explains why:

The Trump formula suggests an approach unburdened by the need for consistency or adherence to any ideological framework. One problem with that approach, though, is that it is full of inherent contradictions and potential unintended consequences.

For example, a partnership with Russia to defeat Islamic State also means empowering not just Russia’s friend there, Syrian President Assad, but also Mr. Assad’s chief regional ally, Antichrist Iran. Antichrist Iran has placed a huge bet on its relationship with Mr. Assad as the key to its hopes to expand its regional influence.

So teaming up with Russia and tolerating Mr. Assad in Syria to defeat Antichrist Islamic State could have the unintended consequence of further empowering Antichrist  Iran – much as the war to topple Saddam Hussein in Iraq had the unintended consequence of clearing the path for expanded Iranian influence in the region.

While that would be great news for Iran, which would have far less to be concerned about, and likely would be spared the contingency of Obozo’s Nuclear deal falling appart, it would infurate America’s other Persian Gulf allies, such as Antichrist Israel and Antichrist Saudi Arabia, who abhor Antichrist Iran’s leadership, “and surely isn’t the goal of Mr. Mattis and incoming national security adviser, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, whose antipathy toward Iran’s clerical regime is well documented” the WSJ adds. Unless, it is Trump’s goal in which case his opinion would override that of his advisors.

At the same time, the WSJ notes, abrogating the nuclear deal with Iran risks undermining that potential new partnership with Mr. Putin. Mr. Putz Putin supports that deal and its provisions ending international economic sanctions, and has moved in smartly to cash in. Russia is seeking deals on nuclear energy projects in Antichrist Iran, and the Russian news agency reported last month that the two nations are discussing a $10 billion arms deal.

Antichrist Iran Warns Of “World War, The Destruction Of Israel”, If Trump Tears Up Nuclear Pact

“If you end the Antichrist Iran deal you’re going to end up with a lot of awkwardness and unpleasantness with Mr. Putin,” says Mr. Miller. As that suggests, the Middle East has a way of befuddling new American presidents and their best-laid plans.

Ultimately, the question will be just how much does Trump want to be on Putin’s good side (and, to a lesser extent, vice versa), and how far will Trump go to pressure Iran before reaching the Kremlin’s own breaking point.

For now, Antichrist Iran is not waiting with arms crossed to find out which path Trump will take and as the Free Beacon writes, Iran has been conducting a series of massive war-drills meant to demonstrate the Antichrist Islamic Republic’s “supremacy” and show Western forces that the country is prepared to attack forces stationed in the Persian Gulf region, according to Iranian military leaders and reports in the country’s state-run media.

The war drills, which began on Sunday in southeastern Antichrist Iran and continued into Monday, include ground and air forces as well as unmanned drones. The war games coincided with the public release by Antichrist Iran of a new unmanned drone, the latest in a series of such aircraft publicly flown by Tehran in recent months.

Fearing that Trump is indeed closer to tearing up the Nuclear deal than not, Antichrist Iran military leaders warned the United States against taking any provocative action in the region and promised a swift military response, according to comments over the weekend as the war drills began.

“The Antichrist Islamic Republic of Iran’s military forces enjoy supremacy over the Persian Gulf region more than any other time,” Brigadier General Massoud Jazzayeri, the deputy chief of staff of Antichrist Iran’s Armed Forces, was quoted as saying over the weekend. “The military and security conditions of the Persian Gulf are in a way that the enemy’s forces and equipment are fully within the range of the Antichrist Iranian military men.”

The war drills, which are expected to carry on into Wednesday, also included the introduction of a new jamming system that Antichrist Iran claims is capable of bringing down enemy drones. Iran also displayed several precision missiles and helicopters armed with heavy ammunition.

Meanwhile, Iranian leaders have accused the United States of launching a new hacking operation on Tehran’s infrastructure. “At present, the US has launched a project named Nitro Zeus with the aim of attacking Antichrist Iran’s defense and telecommunication infrastructures,” Alireza Karimi, a member of Antichrist Iran’s Civil Defense Organization, was quoted as saying on Monday.

“Based on studies that we have carried out, the project is assessed to be much more dangerous than the Stuxnet project,” Karimi was reported as saying, referring to a joint U.S.-Israeli cyber effort to disrupt Antichrist Iran’s nuclear network.

In short, Trump – who still has one month until his inauguration, and who has already managed to create a modest diplomatic rift with Antichrist Communist China over the “One Antichrist Communist China” policy – will soon have to decide how he will approach Iran: as friend, and keep his amicable relationship with Putz Putin but backing down on his promise to tear up Obozo’s nuclear deal, or foe, in the process angering Antichrist Saudi Arabia and Antichrist Israel and also sending the price of oil soaring once Antichrist Iran is forced to remove over 1 million barrels in oil from global markets as its crude exports are again halted.

Antichrist Abbas: 2017 will be the year of Antichrist Palestinian statehood

Hillary 911 Clinton deserves an orange jumpsuit, nothing else. Anyone that can leave Americans to die deserves to rot in hell.

Anyone that can leave Americans to fight for 13 hours against hundreds of terrorists without any help should be charged with treason.

These latest revelations are coming from Col. Andrew Woods, who is claiming that his quick response team was actually in route to the firefight that was taking place at the American compound in Benghazi, when word came from Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown to turn back, because he would not give the “go-ahead-order” and thus Woods was forced to abandon his comrades.

Something that no military man would ever do, unless forced to do so by the Commander-in-Chief.

Col. Woods, who once commanded a Special Forces anti-terrorism team protecting Ambassador Chris Stevens and other diplomats in Libya, reiterated his claim: “Those individuals I know loaded aircraft and got on their way to Benghazi to respond to that incident. They were not allowed to cross the border as per protocol until they got approval from the commander-in-chief,” Wood explained.

“That authority has to come from him or they’re not allowed to enter the country.”

Additionally, there were dozens of requests filed that a terrorist attack was looming, yet Clinton and Obozo refused to take any calls or do anything about it.

Now, we have 4 innocent Americans dead and Hillary 911 Clinton is free to live life in her mansion without any worry in the world.

How does it make you feel knowing Hillary 911 and Obozo deliberately left our men and women to die that night?


So, Hillary 911 Clinton thinks that fake news – intentionally false stories pretending to be true – should be dealt with by Congress? That we should pass a law to punish the fake news people? What a great idea! She and Obozo can both be brought to trial to answer for their intentional fake news story about the ANTICHRIST Muslim YouTube video causing the Benghazi attacks that killed 4 Americans on 9/11/2012.


This is what it looks like when American lives are intentionally sacrificed and the president and Secretary of State look into the camera and lie about how it happened. This is the real fake news, dispensed 24 hours a day by the liberal media and obscene, filthy liars like ANTICHRIST NWO 666 Barack Obzozo 911 HOMOSEXUAL CLIMATE CHANGE NO BOOTS SPECTRE CLOWN and Hillary 911 Clinton.


From helping to get a child rapist set free to the Rose Law Firm and TravelGate, Hillary 911 Clinton has spent her entire adult career creating and spreading fake news. The liberal news sites like CNN and MSNBC that promote and protect her have published fake news for decades.

NOTE: The 911 Clinton and Obozo evil scum have a place in Hell reserved. They are some of the worst evil bastards currently on Earth. There is absolutely no cause for anyone on Earth to defend them or their lives. Everyone that dares to support them at this point is an obvious threat, that includes any and all government and private employees. These people are criminal(s) of the highest order, and everyone paying attention knows this to be true. There is absolutely no need for a public trial at this point, they all should have been hung next to the usual suspect central bankers, for; high treason as a result of numerous cases concerning military and geopolitical affairs, perjury, fraud, theft, and espionage on a national and global banking scale. Everyday above ground at this point for these evil bastards is proof that humanity, and the people of America, remain subject to evil people, like this, in high places, because, the system(s) of government(s), and now borderless government and banking, have been established to place these evil bastards into power. The so called Press works for them, and their stake holders among all nations, and they are the fake news and propaganda. Everyone paying attention knows this to be absolutely true.

…but the whole truth is, these evil bastards are Antichrist, and they remain above ground at the expense of not only life, but, all their efforts are in support of Satan and the fallen Antichrist Spirit(s) among all nations and Israel.


We are living in a country that treats Syrian refugees better than our veterans. That is the America that Obama has created.

Under ObOZO, the Veterans Affairs (VA) has been one of the most mismanaged government entities since 2008. In fact, it has gotten so bad that Obama should be charged with treason for how poorly and disgustingly he has treated our men and women in uniform.

Just when you think Obozo cannot treat our vets any worse, he proves us all wrong.

American heroes cannot make doctor appointments, the cost of treatment is insanely high, and over 307,000 veterans have died while waiting for care. As bad as the problems have gotten, no one has been held accountable.

The most recent act of treason came when the VA appeared before Congress and argued that they were short $2,600,000,000 in their budget because that money was taken by Obozo and placed in his Syrian refugee program.

The Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Robert McDonald, told Congress that if they are not provided an additional $2.6 billion, they will be forced to deny veterans the care they deserve.

Since 2008, the VA has been so underfunded, they are forced to deny vets everything ranging from doctor appointments to suicidal help, and now Obozo is cutting their funding by $2.6 billion so that he can resettle Syrian refugees inside the United States.

Congress was forced to vote on and pass an emergency spending bill worth $3.5 billion.

Immediately following that, Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown’s administration sent an additional $4.5 billion to help rebuild Syrian mosques and homes. On top of that, Obozo has sent an additional $419 million to Syria for “humanitarian aid.”

Congress found that more than one in 10 adults experiencing homelessness nationally was a veteran, breaking down as 47,725 (11 percent) of the nation’s 436,921 homeless adults. While we currently have 31,505 homeless veterans, at least 17,000 were unsheltered and lived on the street.

Working as a team, Obozo and Hillary 911 have resettled more than 13,000 undocumented Syrian refugees since 2015 while giving them apartments, food stamps, benefits, and healthcare.

Does this represent a country you are proud of? Can’t we see that Democrats are the problem?

In 2015, Senate Antichrist Democrats blocked a bill to fund the VA. One month later, Hillary 911 Clinton said the Veterans Affairs scandal is not as “widespread” of a problem as people say it is.

When Donald Trump is sworn in on January 20, he has indicated that he will not only put a freeze on accepting Syrian refugees, but he has promised to transfer all of the funds remaining in Obozo’s “Syrian refugee program” back over to the VA for our veterans.

Trump indicates that he will use the hundreds of millions of dollars to get every veteran off the street and into a job instead of leaving them homeless and jobless like Obozo and Hillary 911 have done since 2008.

Finally, we will have a Commander-in-Chief that will wake up every single day and fight for Americans!

SkyWatchTV News 12/13/16: Soft Coup Against Trump

Antichrist Liberals and the media continue to push the “Russians hacked the election” meme. Some believe we’re literally at war with Russia and want Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown to respond with bombs.

0.7% Of Adults Control $116.6 Trillion In Wealth, Wealth Transfer Is Now Complete

Eric King: “Gerald, will the alternative media survive this?”

Gerald Celente: “Sure it will. But they are going to try to…..this is one of Gerald Celente’s most important audio interviews ever as he covers the war against the so-called ‘fake news’ as well as the remarkable top trends that will shape the world in 2017 and you can listen to it right now by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

Gerald Celente Blasts Washington Post, And Answers The All-Important Question, Will Alternative Media Survive?

THE PHRASE “FAKE NEWS” has exploded in usage since the election, but the term is similar to other malleable political labels such as “terrorism” and “hate speech”; because the phrase lacks any clear definition, it is essentially useless except as an instrument of propaganda and censorship. The most important fact to realize about this new term: Those who most loudly denounce Fake News are typically those most aggressively disseminating it.

One of the most egregious examples was the recent Washington Post article hyping a new anonymous group and its disgusting blacklist of supposedly pro-Russia news outlets — a shameful article mindlessly spread by countless journalists who love to decry Fake News, despite the Post article itself being centrally based on Fake News. (The Post this week finally added a lame editor’s note acknowledging these critiques; the Post editors absurdly claimed that they did not mean to “vouch for the validity” of the blacklist even though the article’s key claims were based on doing exactly that).

Now we have an even more compelling example. Back in October, when WikiLeaks was releasing emails from the John Podesta archive, Clinton 911 campaign officials and their media spokespeople adopted a strategy of outright lying to the public, claiming — with no basis whatsoever — that the emails were doctored or fabricated and thus should be ignored. That lie — and that is what it was: a claim made with knowledge of its falsity or reckless disregard for its truth — was most aggressively amplified by MSNBC personalities such as Joy Ann Reid and Malcolm Nance, The Atlantic’s David Frum, and Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald.

That the emails in the Wikileaks archive were doctored or faked — and thus should be disregarded — was classic Fake News, spread not by Macedonian teenagers or Kremlin operatives but by established news outlets such as MSNBC, The Atlantic, and Newsweek. And, by design, this Fake News spread like wildfire all over the internet, hungrily clicked and shared by tens of thousands of people eager to believe it was true. As a result of this deliberate disinformation campaign, anyone reporting on the contents of the emails was instantly met with claims that the documents in the archive had been proven fake.

The most damaging such claim came from MSNBC’s intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance. As I documented on October 11, he tweeted what he — for some bizarre reason — labeled an “Official Warning.” It decreed: “#PodestaEmails are already proving to be riddled with obvious forgeries & #blackpropaganda not even professionally done.” That tweet was re-tweeted by more than 4,000 people. It was vested with added credibility by 911 Clinton-supporting journalists like Reid and Frum (“expert to take seriously”).

All of that, in turn, led to an article in something called the “Daily News Bin” with the headline: “MSNBC intelligence expert: WikiLeaks is releasing falsified emails not really from Hillary 911 Clinton.” This classic fake news product — citing Nance and Reid among others — was shared more than 40,000 times on Facebook alone.

FROM THE START, it was obvious that it was this accusation from 911 Clinton supporters — not the WikiLeaks documents — that was a complete fraud, perpetrated on the public as deliberate disinformation. With regard to the claim about the Podesta emails, now we know exactly who created it in the first instance: a hard-core 911 Clinton fanatic.

When Nance — MSNBC’s “intelligence analyst” — issued his “Official Warning,” he linked to a tweet that warned: “Please be skeptical of alleged #PodestaEmails. Trumpists are dirtying docs.” That tweet, in turn, linked to a tweet from an anonymous account calling itself “The Omnivore,” which had posted an obviously fake transcript purporting to be a Hillary 911 Clinton speech to Goldman Sachs. Even though that fake document was never published by WikiLeaks, that was the entire basis for the MSNBC-inspired claim that some of the WikiLeaks documents were doctored.

But the person who created that forged Goldman Sachs transcript was not a “Trumpist” at all; he was a devoted supporter of Hillary 911 Clinton. In the Daily Beast, the person behind the anonymous “The Omnivore” account unmasks himself as “Marco Chacon,” a self-professed creator of “viral fake news” whose targets were Sanders and Trump supporters (he specialized in blatantly fake anti-911 Clinton frauds with the goal of tricking her opponents into citing them, so that they would be discredited). When he wasn’t posting fabricated news accounts designed to make 911 Clinton’s opponents look bad, his account looked like any other standard pro-911 Clinton account: numerous negative items about Sanders and then Trump, with links to many 911 Clinton-defending articles.

In his Daily Beast article, published on November 21, Chacon describes how he manufactured the forged Goldman Sachs speech transcript. He says he did it prior to learning that the WikiLeaks releases of Podesta emails contained actual Clinton 911 speech excerpts to Wall Street banks. But once he realized WikiLeaks had published actual Clinton 911 transcripts, Chacon began trying to lure people he disliked — 911 Clinton critics — into believing that his forged speeches were real, so that he could prove they were gullible and dumb.

Sadly for Chacon, however, the people who ended up getting fooled by his Fake News items were the nation’s most prominent Clinton 911 supporters, including supposed experts and journalists from MSNBC who used his obvious fakes to try to convince the world that the WikiLeaks archive had been compromised and thus should be ignored. That it was pro-911 Clinton journalists who spread his Fake News as real now horrifies even Chacon:

The tweet went super-viral. It started an almost trending — but still going today — hashtag #bucketoflosers. A tweet declaring it a bad forgery was picked up by Malcolm Nance, an intelligence analyst for MSNBC among others, who tweeted to be wary of the WikiLeaks release . …

That did not stop Nance, who with a firm intelligence background should have been able to easily spot the fake with “(chaos)” actually written in the side bar and “((makes air quotes))” written before the “bucket of losers” piece in the completely comical so-called transcript, from referencing the document and saying: “Official Warning: #PodestaEmails are already proving to be riddled with obvious forgeries & #blackpropaganda not even professionally done.” …

At the end of the day, did this change anything? I don’t know. I think I inadvertently hurt WikiLeaks, which I’m not proud of — but I’m not too sorry about either. I suspect that some people came to realize that they were believing in fake things.

That last sentence — that as a result of his fraud, “some people came to realize that they were believing in fake things” — is false, at least insofar as it applies to people like Eichenwald, Frum, Nance, and Reid. Even though it was clear from the start to any rational and honest person that there was zero evidence that any of the WikiLeaks documents were doctored, and even though (as Chacon himself says) nobody minimally informed (let alone supposed “intelligence experts”) should have been fooled by his blatant Fake News, none of the journalists who lied to the public about these WikiLeaks documents have even once acknowledged what they did.

Their Fake News tweets — warning people to view the WikiLeaks documents as fake — remain posted, with no subsequent retraction or acknowledgment of the falsehoods that they spread about the WikiLeaks archive. That includes MSNBC segments that spread this accusation.

Indeed, not only should it have been blatantly obvious that Chacon’s anonymously posted document did not impugn the WikiLeaks archive, but also the slightest research would have revealed that the person who manufactured the forgery was a Clinton 911 supporter, not a “Trumpist” or a Kremlin operative. Indeed, one of the 911 Clinton-criticizing journalists who Chacon tried to trick, Michael Tracey, said exactly this at the time. But because his facts contradicted the MSNBC/Newsweek political agenda, they were ignored in favor of the lie that the WikiLeaks archive had been compromised and doctored:

I will be shocked if any of them now acknowledge this even with Chacon’s confession. That’s because MSNBC has repeatedly proven that it tolerates Fake News and outright lies from its personalities as long as those lies are in service of the right candidate (when Democrats were smearing Jill Stein as a Kremlin stooge, Reid’s program aired Nance’s lie to MSNBC viewers that Stein had previously hosted her own show on RT: an utter fabrication that MSNBC, to this day, has never corrected or even acknowledged despite multiple requests from FAIR).

Every day, literally, you can turn on MSNBC and hear various people so righteously lamenting the spread of “Fake News.” Yet MSNBC itself not only spreads Fake News but refuses to correct it when it is exposed. How do they have any credibility to denounce Fake News? They do not.

That journalists and “experts” outright lied to the public this way in order to help their favorite candidate is obviously dangerous. This was most powerfully pointed out — ironically — by Marty Baron, executive editor of the Washington Post, who told the New York Times’s Jim Rutenberg: “If you have a society where people can’t agree on basic facts, how do you have a functioning democracy?”

Exactly: If you have prominent journalists telling the public to trust an anonymous group with a false McCarthyite blacklist, or telling it to ignore informative documents on the grounds that they are fake when there is zero reason to believe that they are fake, that is a direct threat to democracy. In the case of the Podesta emails, these lies were perpetrated by the very factions that have taken to most loudly victimizing themselves over the spread of Fake News.

But the problem here goes way beyond mere hypocrisy. Complaints about Fake News are typically accompanied by calls for “solutions” that involve censorship and suppression, either by the government or tech giants such as Facebook. But until there is a clear definition of “Fake News,” and until it’s recognized that Fake News is being aggressively spread by the very people most loudly complaining about it, the dangers posed by these solutions will be at least as great as the problem itself.

A 911 Clinton Fan Manufactured Fake News That MSNBC Personalities Spread to Discredit WikiLeaks Docs

In other words, the Act will i) greenlight the government to crack down with impunity against any media property it deems “propaganda”, and ii) provide substantial amounts of money fund an army of “local journalist” counterpropaganda, to make sure the government’s own fake news drowns that of the still free “fringes.”

So while packaged politely in a veneer of “countering disinformation and propaganda”, the bill, once signed by Obozo, will effectively give the government a full mandate to punish, shut down or otherwise prosecute, any website it deems offensive and a source of “foreign government propaganda from Russia, Antichrist Communist China or other nations.” And since there is no formal way of proving whether or not there is indeed a foreign propaganda sponsor, all that will be sufficient to eliminate any “dissenting” website, will be the government’s word against that of the website. One can be confident that the US government will almost certainly prevail in every single time.

Senate Quietly Passes The “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act”

In the aftermath of what has been a wild couple of weeks of trading, today a former associate of George Soros told King World News that “A thousand Lehmans” event is going to plunge the world into total chaos.

Victor Sperandeo oversees over $3 billion, has been in the business 45 years, and has worked with famous individuals such as Leon Cooperman and George Soros. Below is what Sperandeo had to say.

Victor Sperandeo: “The big story for 2017 will be the breakup of the euro and it will unleash total chaos…

ALERT: Former Soros Associate Just Warned ‘A Thousand Lehmans’ Event Is Going To Plunge The World Into Total Chaos

Victor Sperandeo continues: “Individual currencies such as the lira will come back in Europe and everybody will write-off the debt. This will unleash total chaos and Europe will go into depression.

If Marin Le Pen wins in France, the euro is toast. France will pull out of the euro and other countries will follow. The world will witness the destruction of the euro and money will flee into hard assets such as gold and silver. But it will be chaos. It will be destruction. It will be a depression.

Italy will leave the euro as well. Beppe Grillo, leader of the Five Start Movement, is going to be the next Premier of Italy and he wants out of the euro. And as soon as Italy leaves and they have control of their own currency, they will have their own central banks buy their own bonds and write them off and print the lira. Just look at Britain. The plunge in the pound is not hurting them at all. Britain is selling more goods. That’s the purpose of being able to control your own currency.”

Eric King: “How will this ricochet across global markets?”

“It’s A Thousand Lehmans” Event
Victor Sperandeo: “Look at what happened after Lehman, and ask yourself, ‘What is the euro relative to Lehman?’ Answer: It’s a thousand Lehman’s.

All of these Italian banks — the big ones — are bankrupt. They have 400 billion euros of non-performing loans. Where is Italy going to get the money to pay that back? They are going to have to print it. They will get the Italian central bank to print the money and give it to the banks. But what happened when Lehman folded and before Bernanke and Paulson could get the TARP money? The markets crashed. They had to come in with one trillion dollars and that saved the game.

So this will be catastrophic. Assuming countries leave the euro, that’s where we’re headed. When Renzi lost in Italy, it pointed to the fact that Italians also want to leave the European Union.”

Eric King: “As this unfolds and ‘It’s a thousand Lehmans,’ what happens to the United States?”

A Bad Moon Rising
Victor Sperandeo: “The global banking system is interconnected and Deutsche Bank has over $45 trillion in derivatives and JP Morgan has now overtaken Deutsche Bank as the leader in total derivatives exposure. So this will be horrible and I don’t even think I can describe how horrible it will be because I don’t even know all the negatives that are being hidden by the governments. People should get the lyrics to the song Bad Moon Rising and read them carefully.

I will just close by saying that grains, gold, silver and platinum are the most undervalued objects in the world. And as the financial system begins to implode, some of the money will flow into those metals as the panic into hard assets really takes hold.”

Eery coincidence? The constant of speed of light equals the coordinates of the Great Pyramid of Giza

Robert Gentry— The Center of the Universe Part 7

What do we know about their religious practices?
“Bloody,” says Plunket, without missing a beat.

Mexico Is Hiding The World’s Largest Pyramid

In the city of Cholula in central Mexico there stands a hill with a giant church on top which hides a manmade pyramid filled with secrets.

Zenith 2016 Part 2 of 2 by Tom Horn


The Elite are now pushing their agenda to remove Trump from the Presidency. The are pulling out all the stops, Russian hacking, Putin did it, celebrities are making the call to the electors to change their votes. The CIA will not hand over the evidence to congress and Larry Nichols says the Elite will steal the elections. The common core curriculum has now assisted in dropping the US ranking in math and literacy around the world. Facebook is now created a method of checking fake news.

The Elite Initiate “Operation Remove Trump”, Plans Are Set For Dec 19th – Episode 1153b

Merkel is going to censor the internet during the elections. Russia is bringing in addition arms to Syria. The US will be flying missions in Syria and will bomb Palmyra, most likely supporting the terrorist. Travel warning goes into effect in Ukraine. A Naval computer simulation is predicting a civil war.

SkyWatchTV News 12/15/16: Congress Passes Bill to Microchip Mentally Disabled

The CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing tool promises to radically change how disease is treated, with potential for tackling muscular dystrophy, HIV and retinal degradation, among others. Now, scientists at Western University in Ontario have edited the editor, adding a new engineered enzyme to CRISPR that can help prevent the target DNA from repairing itself and canceling out the desired changes.

With human trials kicking off recently, CRISPR’s power comes from the ability to let scientists swap out sections of DNA, removing unwanted genes like those that might cause cancer or other diseases, and splicing in more helpful ones. Unfortunately, cells have a natural ability to fight back against the “damage” to their DNA molecules, which may undo the benefits.

“The problem with CRISPR is that it will cut DNA, but then DNA-repair will take that cut and stick it back together,” says David Edgell, principal investigator of the study. “That means it is regenerating the site that the CRISPR is trying to target, creating a futile cycle. The novelty of our addition is that it stops that regeneration from happening.”

The new CRISPR enzyme, TevCas9, will be able to make cuts to DNA in two places…
The addition in question is an enzyme called I-Tevl, which is combined with Cas9, the DNA-cutting enzyme that gives the CRISPR-Cas9 tool its name. But where Cas9 only makes cuts in one site on the genome, the newly-created TevCas9 cuts in two places, making it much harder for the cell to repair.

As an added bonus, using TevCas9 appears to reduce the chances of unwanted side effects as a result of the cutting, by targeting genes much more directly.

“Because there are two cut-sites, there is less chance that these two sites occur randomly in the genome; much less chance than with just one site,” says co-author, Caroline Schild-Poulter. “This remains to be tested, but this is the hope and the expectation.”

New CRISPR gene-editing tool removes cells’ natural undo button

The recent controversy over the documentary “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe,” despite being attacked by so many who haven’t seen it, is bringing public attention to real life episodes of vaccine damaged children and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) whistleblower Dr. William Thompson’s attempt to reveal fraud in the CDC.

But this accurate CDC episode reveals only one episode of hiding data to deal disinformation publicly that doesn’t support vaccine safety. There have been several other vaccine report cover-ups and other types of fraudulent activity in addition to the Dr. Thompson whistleblower episode.

They all support the need to dismantle the bloated budgetary expanse of CDC headquarters and activities. The CDC’s financial waste was investigated in great detail by Senator Tom Coburn in 2007, unfortunately nothing substantial came of his work. The CDC keeps demanding and getting more funding. (Source)

We’ll start from the most recent discovery of lies and cover-ups and work back chronologically to earlier episodes of CDC outright blatant deception and fraud that serve to protect various industries instead of the people that are harmed by pharmaceutical interventions, especially vaccines.

The CDC SPIDER and Its Current Complaint

SPIDER is the acronym for Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research. This is a group of scientists that remains anonymous within the CDC. In late August, 2016, CDC SPIDER managed to send a letter to a senior management official, Carmen S. Villar, Chief of Staff in the CDC Office of the Director, with this opening:

We are a group of scientists at CDC that are very concerned about the current state of ethics at our agency. It appears that our mission is being influenced and shaped by outside parties and rogue interests. … it is becoming the norm and not the rare exception. Some senior management officials at CDC are clearly aware and even condone these behaviors. Others see it and turn the other way. Some staff are intimidated and pressed to do things they know are not right.

We would like to see high ethical standards and thoughtful, responsible management restored at CDC. We are asking that you do your part to help clean up this house! (Source)

The complete letter cites specific incidents of wrongdoing, wrong priorities, misappropriation of funds, cover-ups, and refusals to release Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents requested by Congressional hearings into CDC matters. Interestingly, none of their complaints directly relate to vaccine matters, proving that the CDC is a self-serving nest of corruption with all matters involving health. Here’s the complete SPIDER letter.

Former Merck Scientists File Lawsuit for Mumps Vaccine Fraud

This may seem off topic, but there’s a strong link between Merck and the CDC, which will become more obvious in this article. First of all, the CDC should have discovered the object of this lawsuit before it was filed. It involves the mumps vaccine that is part of the MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) vaccine. Several reports of mumps outbreaks throughout the nation among populations with over 90 percent vaccinated against it circa 2008 and beyond should have been red flags that demanded reviews of Merck’s own studies proving 95 percent efficacy. (Source)

Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlochowski were Merck virologists who claim in their now unsealed “false claims act” complaint that they “witnessed firsthand the improper testing and data falsification in which Merck engaged to artificially inflate the vaccine’s efficacy findings.”

That was done to create the illusion of 95 percent efficacy and maintain Merck’s licensing as the sole distributor of mumps vaccines, which became part of the MMR. In other words, they cheated to maintain a monopoly on the vaccine.

Krahling and Wlochowski claimed Merck’s scheme caused the United States to pay “hundreds of millions of dollars for a vaccine that does not provide adequate immunization.” Interestingly, the CDC has a large budget for purchasing vaccines, which it is petitioning to expand. (Source)

An Alabama medical group, Chatom Primary Care, has since filed a lawsuit against Merck based on the evidence stated in the Krahling – Wlochowski complaint. It seems Chatom bought their share of MMRs and now they know they’ve been scammed.

As of now, there are no updates on either the complaint or the lawsuit. Apparently, in addition to how slow court actions can be, Merck has been hedging on submitting documents requested by plaintiffs’ attornies. This tactic had been used by the CDC to resist Brian Hooker’s document requests all along.

Oh Julie, Where Art Thou?

The former head of the CDC during which the Dr. Thompson affair occurred was Dr. Julie Gerberding. She is now the head of Merck’s vaccine department with a $2.5 million annual salary while holding a considerable amount of Merck stock, 31,985 shares valued at about $2 million, after selling 38,368 of her shares in Merck stock for $2,340,064.32.

When Julie took over the CDC, she reportedly reorganized CDC structure, forcing several to leave. Many of the replacements she chose for those leaving or announcing their resignations were vaccine industry connected. (Source)

This begs the question, when did Julie start purchasing Merck stocks for her portfolio and how much was in her possession while she was head of the CDC from 2002 to 2009 when Merck’s Gardasil hit the market? This was a blatant conflict of interest.

Here’s the rub that creates an odor rising even higher up. Gerberding was fired from the CDC by president Obama in 2009. Her salary then was $250,000. Then she wound up with her $2.5 million salary at Merck as vice-president of its vaccine division within a month after her firing.

During her reign, the CDC accelerated its push for more vaccinations with its streamlined structure. This structure exists today and has expanded the vaccination push even further, so she wasn’t fired for cranking up the nation’s vaccine push that exists today.

The CDC’s Whistleblower Emerged Without Public Fanfare

The U.S. Centers For Disease Control – A History of Corruption

“Vaxxed,” the movie, is all about CDC corruption with vaccine safety and the suffering it has caused, thanks to the emergence of CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson in 2014 and phone conversations recorded by Brian Hooker, Ph.D.

Brian Hooker had made an impact with the CDC over the years with his constant FOI requests for documents (usually denied) to prove his case against the CDC. Mr. Hooker’s son, now in his late teens, is severely autistic after being vaccinated as a young child. Ironically, Dr. Thompson actually reached out to contact Ph.D. scientist Dr. Hooker.

The vaccine involved in this cover-up scandal is Merck’s MMR. And the person who directed Vaxxed was Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who has been seriously libeled for a clinical report that suggested the MMR be separated into individual vaccines and injected with time in between visits. Very few know the reality of this unjust situation

Prior to Vaxxed, only those who frequent sites such as Health Impact News even knew of Dr. Thompson and the documented proof he had to report CDC fraud on a large 2004 autism study of Atlanta children who were vaccinated with the MMR vaccine.

Parts of that study that demonstrated a connection of MMR vaccines to autism were literally thrown away into a garbage can by four CDC scientists. And one of them was Dr. Thompson himself, who kept copies of the originals and retained the data on his computer hard drive to cover his involvement at a later date.

The four scientists were supervised and monitored by CDC higher ups, including Dr. Julie Gerberding who was head of the CDC at the time. Dr. Thompson had appealed to Dr. Gerberding directly by email with his concerns as the destruction of incriminating evidence was underway, only to be rebuffed for not going through proper channels to voice his concerns.

Dr. Colleen Boyle was also senior to Dr. Thompson at the time and had to be aware not only of what he had blown the whistle on, but of other cover-ups initiated by the CDC prior. She and her colleagues perjured themselves in this 2012 congressional hearing.

When Dr. Thompson was deemed a risk for leaking the incident and excluded from the upcoming CDC testimony on vaccine safety to the NIH (National Institutes of Health), this allowed other CDC officials to lie as directed.

Dr. Thompson handed over document copies to Brian Hooker and apologized to Dr. Andrew Wakefield for indirectly contributing to his problems from medical “authority” with the MMR Atlanta study cover-up. Dr. Thompson’s attorney filed for whistleblower protection and President Obama’s office granted it in 2015.

Dr. Thompson then made more copies of the documents that he and his colleagues had thrown out and forwarded them to Florida federal congressman Rep. Bill Posey. Congressman Posey appealed to the House of Representatives twice for a congressional investigation of the CDC based on Dr. Thompson’s allegations. Nothing ever happened. Posey’s pleas were ignored.

Remember the 2008-9 Swine Flu Pandemic?

The levels of population infection from infectious disease ranges from outbreak to epidemic to pandemic. A pandemic is called when nearly half a given population is infected with a given disease over a large area, often worldwide.

An unusually intrepid mainstream journalist and CBS news producer, Sharyl Attkisson wanted to probe the actual number of cases of swine flu in the USA alone. She and her crew went to the CDC to gain documentation but were blocked. So they went to all the individual states’ medical boards and discovered that there were very few actual swine flu cases determined by isolating the H1N1 virus.

Some states reported single digit numbers. Apparently the promoted hysteria had several folks reporting swine flu infections whenever they had a common cold. But very few among them showed signs of the actual virus. Since then, the CDC beefed up their lie, claiming millions were infected and well over a quarter million died from the swine flu in 2009. Mainstream sites continue to report this.

Sharyl was forced out of CBS for this and other truthful reporting. She has fought back against false mainstream news reporting with her book Stonewalled. Obviously it’s important for the CDC to create panics that motivate getting vaccinated.

Page eight of the CDC’s “Recipe for Fostering Public Interest and High Vaccine Demand” section of Increasing Awareness and Uptake of Influenza Immunization document contains the following:

Fostering demand, particularly among people who don’t routinely receive an annual influenza vaccination, requires creating concern, anxiety, and worry. For example:
A perception or sense that many people are falling ill;
A perception or sense that many people are experiencing bad illness;
A perception or sense of vulnerability to contracting and experiencing serious illness (Emphasis added)

Over 5000 Autism Claims Thrown Out of Vaccine Injury Court with CDC Cover-up Support

In 2011, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), commonly known as the “vaccine court,” managed to save a large portion of its multi-billion dollar fund by throwing out over 5000 autism from vaccine claims.

That fund is created by a 75 cent surcharge per vaccine purchased plus interest and investment gains. And the CDC and other government agencies buy perhaps half of all vaccines purchased. You could say the vaccine court made billions off the misery of many families denied the financial assistance desperately needed for seriously injured vaccine children.

Although their Omnibus Autism Proceeding used only three cases heard by selected judges to dismiss all the others, it’s apparent that some key CDC cover-ups contributed to their ability for declaring there is no association with vaccines from autism.

Among those cover-ups was the 2004 Atlanta study from which Dr. Thompson became a whistleblower later in 2014, plus two other cover-ups earlier and even more controversial.

Then Came Danish Psychiatrist Dr. Paol Thorsen

He is currently wanted for fraud and embezzling CDC funds in the millions by the U.S. Justice Department. Strangely, he is still working the Danish scene unabated despite his criminality. He has not been expedited to stand trial. Apparently all our government agencies cover each other, especially when it comes to medical tyranny.

From Brian Hooker’s written testimony to Congress:

Denmark researchers deliberately withheld critical data that would have revealed a decline in autism rates in Denmark after mercury-containing vaccines were removed from the Danish childhood vaccine schedule in 1992. The manuscript was initially rejected by the Journal of the American Medical Association and the Lancet, leading medical journals.

Dr. Coleen Boyle [familiar name?] of the CDC then took the unusual action of advocating for the paper by submitting a letter pushing for expedited review by the journal Pediatrics. The letter was signed by Dr. Jose Cordero, then Director of the CDC National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities.

The Thorsen study was developed out of the need to create a study after the Simpsonwood meeting neutralized the Verstraeten study with the conclusion that more studies would be needed. Coleen Boyle was as instrumental in promoting it as she was capable of openly lying to Congress.

During the Omnibus Autism Proceeding, both the Thorsen and Verstaeten fraudulent studies were cited, enabling the vaccine court to dismiss over 5000 vaccine induced autism claims and keep the fund’s several billion dollars accrued since 1988 from being paid out. (Source)

This widespread corruption is interlocking among all major government agencies that are supposed to protect us. In case you’re wondering how the CDC’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) manages to not reflect the true depth of vaccine damages, consider this Health Impact News article’s information.

The Secret CDC and Vaccine Industry’s June 2000 Simpsonwood Cover-up Meeting

The Simpsonwood Retreat and Conference Center meeting just outside of Atlanta is even more outrageous than the 2004 Atlanta MMR study cover-up. It involved several representatives from the vaccine industry and CDC officials who had convened to discuss problems presented by the Verstraeten study.

The 52 participants included high-level officials from the CDC, FDA, top vaccine specialists from the World Health Organization, and representatives from every major vaccine manufacturer: Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Wyeth, and Aventis Pasteur.

All of the participants were repeatedly advised that the scientific data under discussion was “embargoed.” Note-taking and photocopies of documents were strictly prohibited. No papers could leave the room.

Dr. Tom Verstraeten, a CDC epidemiologist, had analyzed the agency’s massive Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) database, not the same as publicly accessible but not promoted VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). The VSD contained thousands of medical records of vaccinated children and was he “stunned” by what he saw:

Statistically significant relationships between exposure [to mercury in vaccines] and outcomes were found. “At two months of age, developmental delay; exposure at three months, tics; at six months, attention deficit disorder. Exposure at one, three and six months, language and speech delays—the entire category of neurodevelopmental delays.”

A plan was hatched that all agreed on to not only cover-up the results of Vestraeten’s factual report, leaving it inconclusive at best, but to create new studies that would confirm thimerosal in vaccines did not cause any problems and vaccines had nothing to do with autism. Those “new” studies included the fraudulent Thorsen studies mentioned earlier.

Of course, Vestraeten cooperated and he wound in a lucrative position with Merck’s main global vaccine competitor GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). (Source)

Conclusion: Wakefield was Always Right – The CDC is the REAL Villain

All of this extremely fraudulent vaccine madness started with the witch hunt in England on Dr. Andrew Wakefield, which ironically has come full circle with Wakefield’s direction of the documentary “Vaxxed.”

While many still believe the lies and libelous slander against Dr. Wakefield, few know the real story and upshot of that disgraceful debacle, thanks to mainstream media’s silence. Here it is for your enlightenment.

The CDC is responsible for considerable harm, misery, and even deaths to many with its lies and self-serving fraudulent activities, which enrich the pharmaceutical industries, especially vaccine manufacturers, and enable its own members to exploit the government/industry revolving doors into lucrative positions within those pharmaceutical companies.

8.1 Epic Solomon Islands Quake &Tsunami 6.8 Massive Sumatra Earthquake 911 Comet 67P First Day Of Hanukkah 2016 Christmas Eve Day Virgo Transit Lunar Occultation Convergence Italy Elect To Reject EU NWO 666 December 26, 2016 Space Weather WAVE Antichrist iRAN scaPEGoat Manhattan Project Baal Gate PILLAR Of Fire Pike’s Peak Phoenix Risen Winter Solstice Meteor Shower New Year 2017 Mars Neptune Convergence Comet Honda 45P warNIN(G) Meteor Explodes Over Russia Israel Bombs Damascus Meteor Explodes Over Norway Fireball Over England 6.2 Trinidad Tobago Quake India Confiscates Gold 6.2 China Quake ECB 60 Billion PUT 6.9 California Coast Quake

As physical currency around the world is increasingly phased out, the era where “cash is king” seems to be coming to an end. Countries like India and South Korea have chosen to limit access to physical money by law, and others are beginning to test digital blockchains for their central banks.

Cash Is No Longer King: The Phasing Out Of Physical Money Has Begun

SAY goodbye to the $100 note.
Australia looks set to follow in the footsteps of Venezuela and India by abolishing the country’s highest-denomination banknote in a bid to crack down on the “black economy”.

Speaking to ABC radio on Wednesday, Revenue and Financial Services Minister Kelly O’Dwyer flagged a review of the $100 note and cash payments over certain limits as the government looks to recoup billions in unpaid tax.

Monday’s midyear budget update will include the appointment of former KPMG global chairman Michael Andrew to oversee a black economy taskforce. The black economy accounts for 1.5 per cent of GDP, given many cash payments are untaxed.

Ms O’Dwyer told the ABC not only is the lost revenue owed to the Australian people for schools and hospitals, but it’s also critical for those who do the right thing and pay tax.

“The whole point of this crackdown on the black economy is to make sure we close down any potential loopholes,” she said. Despite the broad use of electronic forms of payment, Ms O’Dwyer warned there are three times as many $100 notes in circulation than $5 notes.
“It does beg the question, ‘Why?’” she said.

There are currently 300 million $100 notes in circulation, and 92 per cent of all currency by value is in $50 and $100 notes.

The minister would not rule out the removal of the $100 note, saying it was up to the expert panel to provide recommendations. “There’s nothing wrong with cash per se, the issue is when people don’t declare it and when they don’t pay tax on it,” she said.

The taskforce will draw on the experience of countries like France, where the government banned cash payments of more than 1000 euros. “I’m not going to put a limit on what the taskforce will look at,” Ms O’Dwyer said.

Liberal Democratic Senator David Leyonhjelm hit out at the proposal, saying “the only people who are distressed by the cash economy are the government and the public servants who want to spend taxes”.

“The incentives for a cash economy would be a lot reduced if taxes were a lot lower,” he told “It’s a reaction to the level of taxes we pay.”

Mr Leyonhjelm said Australia was joining a global push to make it harder to engage in the cash economy. “Whether it will succeed or not is a moot point. Carrying two $50 notes instead of a $100 note doesn’t seem to be much of a disincentive,” he said.

“But with my libertarian hat on, I think the solution is to lower taxes so the incentives to avoid paying taxes are lower.”

It comes after a report by UBS recommended Australia scrap the $100 note. According to UBS, benefits may include “reduced crime (difficult to monetise), increased tax revenue (fewer cash transactions) and reduced welfare fraud (claiming welfare while earning or hoarding cash)”.

“From the banks’ perspective there would likely be a spike in deposits — if all the $100 notes were deposited into banks (ignoring hoarded $50 notes), household deposits would rise around four per cent,” the report said.

“This would likely fill the banks’ Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR) gap and reduce reliance on offshore funding.”

India last month demonetised the country’s two highest-denomination banknotes in a bid to crack down on “black money”, sparking chaotic scenes.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent shockwaves through the country by announcing on November 8 all 500 rupee ($10) and 1000 rupee ($20) notes — some 85 per cent of all bills in circulation — would cease to be legal tender within hours.

In a scathing editorial in The Hindu newspaper, former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the decision had “shattered the faith and confidence that hundreds of millions of Indians” had placed in their government.

“The vast majority of Indians earn in cash, transact in cash and save in cash, all legitimately,” he wrote. “Their daily subsistence depends on their cash being accepted as a medium of valid currency.

“They save their money in cash which, as it grows, is stored in denominations of 500 rupee and 1000 rupee notes. To tarnish these as ‘black money’ and throw the lives of these hundreds of millions of poor people in disarray is a mammoth tragedy.

“It is the fundamental duty of a democratically elected government in any sovereign nation to protect the rights and livelihood of its citizens. The recent decision by the Prime Minister is a travesty of this fundamental duty.”

This week, Venezuela joined suit, with Venezuelans rushing to trade in their 100-bolivar bills after President Nicolas Maduro said he was eliminating the nation’s highest currency denomination in an attempt to fight speculation and currency hoarding.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he was open to scrapping the 5c coin, after Treasurer Scott Morrison was grilled by’s Malcolm Farr.

Government floats $100 note removal

Gold was suppressed by using future contracts that were worth 10 billion dollars. Freddie Mac issues warning about the real estate market. US manufacturing PMI the Empire Fed and Philly Fed surveys all of sudden surge. But the hard economic data show the opposite of what is happening. The Fed wants the US Banks to pay an additional 2 billion to keep the market from crashing. Australia is on the path to becoming cashless. There are states that you don’t want to be in when everything goes south.

Fed Wants Banks To Pay 2 Billion A Year To Prop Up The System Against A Collapse – Episode 1153a

It appears that Antichrist NWO SPECTRE 666 Suicide Vampire Squids are quite adaptable to living inside the swamp that HORUS Trump promised to be draining.

HORUS Trump Picks Antichrist NWO 666 Goldman SPECTRE Clown President Suicide Vampire Squid Gary Cohn To Be Chief Economic Advisor

Another Day, Another Melt-Up In Stocks As Gold Hits 10-Month Lows

There just isn’t a lot of good news here.

The middle class is still struggling for something tangible, but things remain pretty frustrating for most people.

It could actually feel like things are going in reverse… and that each piece of economic interaction squeezes just a little bit harder.

via the Washington Examiner:

A new report on the economy finds that productivity growth is at a 50-year low and that much of the positive talk about the nation’s financial situation in the last election, much of it coming from the administration, was a lie.

The report from the U.S. Council on Competitiveness and Gallup finds that for many, the economy is in reverse despite claims that there is an active recovery ongoing, complete with new jobs.

The report makes clear that Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown Administration propaganda and media claims that a recovery is underway were carefully-coordinated lies… quite simply, there is no recovery and things are getting worse all the time for America’s swelling numbers of working poor:

The study finds there is no recovery. Since 2007, U.S. GDP per capita growth has been 1,” according to Gallup Chairman Jim Clifton.

[…] “productivity growth is in a serious multi-decade-long slump that is dangerously close to stalling completely.”

The executive summary hits the worst of the news.

Moving Backwards: Despite Claims of A Recovery, “Economy Is In Reverse”

“The people are right. The economy is not working well. But the problems did not start with the Great Recession. For decades, the nation’s income, measured as GDP, has barely grown overall; on a per capita basis, median household income peaked in 1999; the subjective general health status of Americans has declined, even adjusting for the aging population; disability rates are higher; learning has stagnated; fewer new businesses are being launched; more workers are involuntarily stuck in part-time jobs or out of the labor force entirely; and the income ranks of grown children are no less tied to the income ranks of their parents,” said the report titled No Recovery — An Analysis of Long-Term U.S. Productivity Decline.

This trends have all been punishing the middle class. Ideology, stubbornness and a disregard for the lives of the Americans who have to live with it have allowed the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown team to look the other way, and make-pretend that their failed policies are shining up the nation.

Back in reality, things are crumbling, and the people need a way out very soon.

Federal Reserve monetary policy has made systematic changes that will be hard to undo, but the glut of cheap money has become ineffective, and officially, recognized as counter-productive.

The American middle class has been washed out; their collective dreams have been discounted, and their very way of life has been threatened, and taken out from under them.

While you were snoozing… the bankers took charge, and they sold you a lie to keep you passive and submissive.

“The Bond Market Will Blow Up”: Why 2017 Could Be HISTORIC

Fed to Sabotage HORUS Trump Adminitration? | Jim Willie (part 1)

Don’t trust banks to protect the money you’ve deposited? You’re hardly alone.

From a legal standpoint, the money you deposit in a bank no longer belongs to you. Instead, the bank owns it. You are merely just another one of their unsecured creditors. What’s more, in the event of future bank failures, the US government has now signed an international agreement confirming that it will not pay off depositors. Instead, it will force them to submit to a “bail-in” regime, like bank depositors in Cyprus experienced in 2013.

The bail-in scenario, on top of the lowest interest rates in 5,000 years, has led many bank depositors to make the entirely rational decision to withdraw their savings from banks. They’re taking the cash and storing it, often in a home safe. Indeed, sales of home safes are soaring worldwide.

Physical Gold & Silver in your IRA. Get the Facts.

This behavior deeply disturbs the powers that be. In response, they’ve imposed stricter and stricter controls on cash. I wrote about those controls a year and a half ago, and since then, it’s only gotten worse.

In the US, one strategy the government uses to discourage people from holding cash is a civil forfeiture. Under this Alice-in-Wonderland legal process, cops can seize your cash – or anything else you own – if they believe that it’s somehow connected to a crime… any crime. You don’t need to be convicted, accused, or even arrested for a crime to lose everything you own.

Carrying Cash? Be Ready to Lose It

Consider the case of Emiliano Gomez Gonzolez. During a traffic stop, Nebraska state troopers asked Gonzolez for permission to search his vehicle. During the search, the troopers found bundles of currency totaling $124,700. Based on a dog sniffing narcotics residue on the cash, police seized all the money. This is hardly “proof” that the cash is the proceeds of illegal drug sales; more than 90% of US bills actually contain traces of cocaine.

Gonzolez contested the forfeiture in court. Prosecutors neither convicted nor accused Gonzolez or any of the other owners of the seized cash of any crime. Nor did the police find any drugs, drug paraphernalia, or drug records connected to the cash. Despite these facts, a federal appeals court upheld the confiscation of every dollar found in the vehicle.

Gonzolez was an exception because he fought the seizure of his cash. Most defendants don’t because the burden of proof is reversed in a civil forfeiture case. In a criminal proceeding, you have the right to be presumed innocent until a jury finds you guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.” If police seize your property in a civil forfeiture, it’s “presumed guilty.” It’s up to you to prove that it’s not associated with a crime. That’s a tall order and a big reason why 80% of forfeiture cases go uncontested.

The procedural rules governing forfeiture cases are also very complex. Only a handful of attorneys are familiar with them, and they charge accordingly for this knowledge. The last time I checked, I couldn’t find an attorney willing to help a client reclaim wrongfully seized property from police for a retainer under $20,000. If you’re poor, like most victims of civil forfeiture, there’s no way you’ll be able to come up with the money to contest the seizure.

The biggest reason cops love civil forfeiture is that the seizing agency generally gets to use the seized property for its own purposes. It’s literally “policing for profit.” While each state has its own rules for what cops can buy with the money they confiscate, pretty much anything goes:

Milwaukee County sheriff’s invested $25,000 in forfeited monies for “customer service training” from the Disney Institute.

Police in Bal Harbour, Florida, with an estimated 2014 population of 2,633, spent $23,000 flying first class to Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. On arrival, they drove in style in deluxe vehicles such as a Cadillac SRX and a Lincoln Town Car. The police department later spent $7,000 on a banquet and $21,000 on an “anti-drug beach bash.”

Romulus, Michigan’s police chief used forfeited assets to buy a $75,000 tanning salon for his wife. He spent another $40,000 on marijuana, alcohol, and prostitutes.

A Texas district attorney spent $267,449 in forfeited assets on travel expenses, including numerous junkets to casinos.

Another Texas district attorney treated his office and their spouses to Hawaii for a “law conference.” He paid for it with $27,000 in asset forfeiture proceeds.

The sheriff of Camden County, Georgia, used $90,000 of forfeited assets to buy a Dodge Viper for the county’s Drug Awareness and Resistance Education (DARE) program. He also paid prison inmates $35,000 to build a “very nice party house” for himself.

Admittedly, a few of these purchases broke even the very lax rules for the permissible use of seized assets. For instance, in 2014, the former police chief of Romulus, Michigan, was sent to prison. He and five other officers allegedly embezzled more than $100,000.

But it’s not just state and local governments that are getting in on all the fun. Federal law has authorized civil forfeiture since the dawn of the Republic more than two centuries ago. And it’s become quite profitable. The Department of Justice alone seized more than $4.5 billion in 2014. It’s just one of many federal agencies with the authority to confiscate property under federal civil forfeiture laws.

That should come as no surprise. In 1989, the Supreme Court actually ruled the federal government has a legitimate financial interest to maximize forfeiture revenues. Since then, federal agencies have developed highly sophisticated techniques to do just that.

Take the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), for instance. Earlier this year, an investigation revealed that the DEA routinely carries out “data mining” of Americans’ travel information to build profiles of individuals who might be carrying large sums of cash. Using a nationwide network of travel industry informants, the DEA gives special attention to individuals who meet secret “drug courier” profiles, such as buying one-way tickets or purchasing their tickets with cash. Amtrak and airline employees who pass information on to the DEA are eligible for generous commissions if the tip leads to a seizure.

Over the last decade, the agency has seized at least $209 million in cash from 5,200 passengers. In the vast majority of cases, the passengers weren’t arrested; they were given a receipt for the seized cash and sent on their way. For instance, of 1,600 DEA forfeitures in Los Angeles in the last 10 years, only one was in connection with a criminal investigation.

Are you outraged? You should be – and it’s probably about to get worse. President-elect Donald Trump has proposed a “Restoring Community Safety Act” that he claims will reduce “surging” crime in America’s cities. But the fact is that violent crime nationwide has actually been falling for the last 25 years. Given the love affair police at all levels of government have for civil forfeiture, it’s inconceivable that a Trump anti-crime bill won’t further unleash the forfeiture squads in America.

But there’s no law – yet – that says you can’t move a portion of your assets outside the US to countries that don’t have civil forfeiture laws (most don’t). Even if you don’t fit the “profile” for a civil forfeiture – and you probably do, because it’s so broad – you should seriously consider international diversification. A Plan B, if you will.

Today couldn’t be soon enough to begin putting it in place.

TRUNEWS 12-14-16

SkyWatchTV News 12/14/16

With The Dow just one good day away from the nirvana of 20,000 – proving once and for all that the fiction-peddling naysayers are wrong about the US economy – Barron’s unleashes its magazine cover curse to do all it can to end the party.

Another cover, another curse, or maybe Barron’s has been right all along…

As we noted previosuly, the Trumplosion has been driven by just three stocks – Goldman Sachs, UnitedHealth Group, and Caterpillar – which together account for about 40% of the advance…

All of which looks ‘normal’

And as more and more of the squid’s alumni are drawn into Trump’s cabinet, charts like these will make more and more sense

Although the most recent move is eerily similar to the 1995 to 1999 rip that ended so well for and their breathren:

Of course all of this is rational buying at record high multiples based on increased economic expectations in a new Trumplandia normal… oh wait.

We leave it to none other than Jeremy Siegel to sum up his ‘told you so moment’ of euphoria:


Barron’s Cover: “Get Ready For Dow 20,000”

“Right now, there is Goldilocks,” he said, referring to an economy that is strong enough for Federal Reserve officials to raise rates at their meeting in the coming week and at least a few more times next year while inflation remains tame.

What’s more, he said, stocks will respond well to the prospect of more-favorable corporate taxes and less regulation—a pair of factors he expects will push stocks higher, despite their record highs and slightly higher rates on the horizon.

“I think the Trump rally has a way to run,” Mr. Siegel said.
And finally:

“There’s no bubble today. There hasn’t been for years.”

“What is being priced in is optimism about Trumponomics,” said Ian Lyngen of BMO Capital Markets. “It’s frankly impossible to value [markets] in light of the fact we don’t know what his policies will ultimately be.”

THE MYSTERY OF THE 7 STARS – Temple Mount Star Map”

The influential publication The Economist released its traditional end of year edition where it predicts events of the coming year. The 2017 edition is presented in a very occult fashion: A tarot deck modified with cryptic symbols.

The Economist’s “The World in 2017” Makes Grim Predictions Using Cryptic Tarot Cards

NOTE: The above Suspicious0bservers  video claims to debunk the ”Second Wave Of Energy” and mentions that it has been repeated by ”Christian false prophets”. So far the Suspicious0bservers have been a great tool for intelligence analysis trend information, including this video above which ”ironically” talks about the NASA Jupiter platform information and data. Of Course this Suspicious0bserver crowd are completely occult new age creeps for some reason, but that is to be expected, when you are gathering intelligence analysis trend information you take what you can get and put the puzzle together. These people have no idea about the tribulation era timing and the biblical signs measured with biblical appointed times, something they dismiss and mock like everyone else

Scientist including NASA and experts confirm “ASASSN-15lh has exploded in a black hole sending massive amounts of cosmic energy

The #1 Risk To Earth

NOTE: The interesting thing is, the SuspiciousObservers are doing the best work on the electrical universe and solar affect on Earth, and the earthquakes and storm measured physics related to space weather events, ”AS THEY MEASURE THE EARTH’S POLE CONVERGENCE WITHOUT MENTIONING WHAT THIS SITE HAS OBSERVED WITH THE SATURN JUPITER 2020 WINTER SOLSTICE CONVERGENCE etc… etc… etc..” LOL, no need to go into the pole shift happening, with not only Earth, but, what is happening with the SUN, Jupiter and Saturn’s Poles, and magnetic affect influence etc… etc… etc.. timed with the 7 year tribulation etc… etc.. data convergence discovered matching the prophetic timing of Christ Yahshua Vs Satan/New Age alien evil occult lies etc… etc… etc.. and deception combined with general human ignorance among observers christian, and Antichrist like the Suspicious)bservers bunch.

The fact is, we are certainly all observing the tribulation intelligence  analysis trend and discovering the exponential increase. Obviously the science ”observers” and christian celestial convergence observations have their bias, but there is no bias to the timing of the ”prophetic tribulation era confirming trend” in the observable scientific data matching the prophetic timing, THEY AGREE PERFECTLY.


Now is the time to see if this second wave of energy is Sirius/Serious or whatever, but it’s not going to change the timing of the Tribulation abomination which makes desolate trending with the 7 year time frame April 8th mark etc… All we need to do is sit back and watch until we see something happen in the Holy Place in Jerusalem that confirms the Antichrist and false prophet ”peace and security” Israeli 2 state United Nation final solution in matching the time mark(s), WHICH IS TRENDING EXACTLY WITH THE EARTH AFFECTS AND SPACE WEATHER MEASURED WITH THE PROPHETIC APPOINTED TIME MARKS.



Williams who lied to the American people (fake news) is now going after fake news. Hillary 911 emerges and is going after fake news, this is about censorship. Senate passes bill to go after Russian propaganda and fake news. California passes bill to setup safe zones for illegals.Japan passes the TTIP, do they know something we don’t? South Korea’s president has been impeached. The US will be sending 1500 soldiers to Afghanistan. Spain is sending 300 to Iraq. Turkey passing law which will give Antichrist Islamic State Jive Turkey Erdogan more power. Antichrist Muslim Jive Turkey Erdogan sends 9000 soldiers into Syria. The US coalition forces hit the IS oil convoy, operation mop up is underway. Obozo easing restriction so terrorist in Syria can receive advanced weapons. House introduces bill to stop the arming and funding of terrorists. Obozo instructs a full review of the non existent cyber attack on the election system.

Operation Mop Up Is Now Under Way – Episode 1148bDamage assessment after M7.8 earthquake in Solomon Islands

Damage assessment after M7.8 earthquake in Solomon Islands

Reading for December 10, 2016 ~ Kislev 10, 5777
Gen 28:10-32:3 ~ Hos 12:13-14:10 ~ Matt 3:13-4:11

Saturday, December 10, 2016: And he…

A severe winter storm hit Israel late Monday, December 12 and continued into Tuesday, claiming the life of at least one person and injuring 18. The weather system continues to bring heavy rains, hail, lightning and flooding. Further strengthening is expected over the coming days.

Severe winter storm hits Israel, expected to worsen

Gold and silver expert Mike Maloney says we have seeing bubbles in stocks, real estate and now in bonds. Maloney contends, “The bond market is in a 35 year bull market, and I don’t know how this can continue on forever. . . . I am expecting when this next recession starts, it’s going to be a deflationary event. In deflation and a crisis, you are going to see investors run towards safety . . . and bonds get one last pop. They are going to run to U.S. Treasuries and gold and silver. Those are the safe havens. Then people are going to realize, in this rarified territory, that bonds are not a good deal. You are going to see one last pop in the bond market before all hell breaks loose.”

Mike Maloney-Fed Endgame Is Inflation

Maloney warns that we may see deflation, but the end game for the Fed is inflation, and that is theft. Maloney says, “When they inflate the currency supply . . . this is the most immoral act because they are stealing portions of our lifetimes. Slavery is no longer legal. That was when they were stealing present life moments. Now, they steal past life moments. The whips and the chains still exist, you just can’t see them.”


Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin is back to help us break down REAL NEWS from the world of economics and precious metals. We examine the tyrannical moves in India to ban cash and SEIZE gold from citizens. Is this the model the globalists want to roll out in Western nations as well? Sure looks like it.

Is India PROOF Elites Want To CONFISCATE GOLD? — Andy Hoffman

Earthquake Watch, Solar Flare Patterns | S0 News Dec.13.2016

Tropical Cyclone “Vardah” that hit Chennai, India, on December 12, 2016, is one of the strongest storms reported in the state over the last few decades. At least 10 people died and widespread damage, traffic disruptions, and power outages were reported.

Severe Cyclonic Storm “Vardah” slammed into India on December 12, 2016. The significant weakening, expected prior to landfall, didn’t happen, and the system hit Chennai as a Category 1 hurricane, with winds reaching 140 km/h (87 mph) and intense rainfall. National Disaster Management Authority reports that at least 10 people have died in Tamil Nadu.

Widespread damage after record-breaking Vardah hits India

A powerful tornado formed in Manapla, Negros Occidental, the Philippines on December 13, 2016, leaving 4 residents with minor injuries and 86 houses damaged.

The tornado formed around 12:40 PHT and barreled through Barangay for 15 – 20 minutes, ripping off the roofs of a covered court, church and office. In total, local media reported, 86 houses were damaged, some of them severely. Four houses were destroyed.

According to The Visayan Daily Star, Local Disaster Risk Reduction Officer, Alejandro Malijoc, said he was in the Manapla agriculture office when he saw a violently rotating column of air approaching and slam into houses in SitioNahulog, Barangay 1-A.

Powerful tornado hits the Philippines, 86 houses damaged

Weather stations in Sydney, Australia recorded the hottest December night in 159 years on December 13 and 14, 2016, breaking all weather bureau records for the city.

The lowest temperature reached was 27.1 °C (80.8 °F) at Sydney Observatory Hill between 09:00 AEDT on Tuesday, December 13 and 09:00 on Wednesday. The previous record was 26.3 °C (79.3 °F) set in 1868.

According to the BOM, the overnight heat also makes it the second hottest night on record for any month of the year.

Sydney experiences hottest December night since 1868

To put that in perspective, Weatherzone writes, by 01:30 AEDT, at Observatory Hill, it was still 28.3 °C (82.9 °F), and in Penrith, it was still a balmy 30 °C (86 °F) at 22:30 AEDT.

This heat will not last for long, though. Wednesday started hot, but clouds soon arrived over the region bringing light rain and temperature drop.

At 18:00 AEDT it was still 31 °C (87.8 °F) in the city, but the temperatures are expected to drop down to 17 °C (62.6 °F) or even lower during the night.

BOM forecasters said there is 90% chance of any rain on Thursday, December 15, with 6 to 20 mm (0.23 to 0.78 inches). Maximum daily temperatures expected are around 19 °C (66.2 °F).

Unstable weather conditions will last at least until December 21.

Record-breaking ocean wave height registered in North Atlantic

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) committee has announced a new record-breaking ocean wave height was established. A buoy stationed in the North Atlantic has measured its height of 19 m height (62.3 feet).

An automated buoy situated between Iceland and the UK recorded the wave at 06:00 UTC on February 4, 2013, after an intense cold front swept the area with winds reaching 81.1 km/h (50.4 mph). According to the WMO committee, comprising the experts from the UK, Britain, Spain, Canada, and the US, this is the highest significant height measured by a buoy.

A previous holder of the record was an 18.275 m (59.96 feet) high wave, measured on December 8, 2007, also in the waters of the North Atlantic.

The Supermoon is 14% bigger and 30% brighter as it “Illuminates” the Sky

The Fed Just Signaled The Collapse Of The Economy, Brace For Impact – Episode 1152a

The British member of parliament has now pushed the idea that the BREXIT was influenced by a Russian hack. Retail sales much lower than expected, during the holiday season which included black Friday and cyber Monday. Mortgage applications continue to decline, more people do not have the ability to purchase a home. Industrial production declines for the 15th month in a row. The Fed raises interest rates which signals the collapse of the economy, brace for impact. Harry Dent believes the market will drop down to 17,000 points

Being on the hook is not going to be pretty when interest rates are raised back up, and debts come due. At a personal level, it will mean more stress and juggling to make ends meet. For the larger economy, it will mean cities and states unable to meet obligations or balance their budgets – ending in bankruptcy, and bailouts. Meanwhile, millions of people are relying on that money to keep coming in order to survive. Something is going to go very wrong.

Relying upon government to function and send you money is not a secure plan.

The mathematics are terrifying and dismal, and so is being caught up in these collapsing states.

In the next phase of the financial crisis, the debt supercycle will become the most defining feature of the big hurt that will fall on nearly everyone.

That’s the dire warning that Goldman Sachs issued about what they termed the Third Wave of the global collapse. But it hasn’t come, at least not yet:

This wave is characterised by rock-bottom commodities prices, stalling growth in China and other emerging-markets economies, and low global inflation, Goldman Sachs analysts led by Peter Oppenheimer said in a big-picture note.

This triple whammy has its roots in the response to the first two waves of crisis — the banking collapse and European sovereign-debt crisis — and it is all part of the so-called debt supercycle of the past few decades.

Unfunded liabilities for pensions and other state benefits are threatening the security and future of an entire generation of retiring, hardworking Americans.

The debt will be shifted for as long as possible… but eventually, someone will have to come to terms with it. The black hole totals up to huge sums of money; no one can pay; and the system is bankrupted, or services rendered become inadequate and farcical.

Forbes contributor William Baldwin describes the acute problem of “death spiral states,” which could actually be as bad as it sounds. It affects dozens of cities and municipalities as well.

Does your state have more takers than makers? Check it out.

California has a powerful economy, with 14 million private-sector jobs. It also has burdens: welfare recipients (12.6 million), generously paid government employees (2.1 million) and people collecting government pensions (1.3 million).

Add up the numbers. There are 114 clients drawing from the government for every 100 people chipping in by working outside the government and paying taxes. We’re calling this the Feedme Ratio. Six states have a number over 100.

These states are at risk of going into a downward spiral in the next recession. The burdens will remain but too many of the providers—employers in the private sector—might shrink or decamp.

Right now, the biggest risks for a bankruptcy or collapse is in the these states, based upon the ratio between what Baldwin terms “makers” and “takers.” Basically, the socialist state is enveloping all prosperity:

• New Mexico – 148 dependents per 100 private sector workers

• West Virginia – 116 dependents per 100 private sector workers

• California – 114 dependents per 100 private sector workers

• Mississippi – 111 dependents per 100 private sector workers

• New York – 108 dependents per 100 private sector workers

• Arkansas – 103 dependents per 100 private sector workers

Detroit and Chicago top the lists of cities who wouldn’t be healthy in the ratio of makers/takers either, and would crumble in a debt crunch.

You can check on your state via this interactive map, though it is dated slightly to 2015.

A score under 100 means that the state has a net number of providers, and is theoretically on more solid ground. However, the pressures are endemic in the system, and no state is immune. For instance, Texas has a healthy score of 66.7; yet, the city of Dallas just announced that it is suspending pensions payments to city rescue workers and employees. There’s a serious disconnect.

Once things go downhill, violence, crime, looting, riots and the like become chronic problems. The police state presence is also an issue, and society goes on edge.

Everyone can feel the sinking depths, and order is about to implode. When things go primal, you do not want to be around to get caught up in it.

Being inside a major city on the day that the ATMs stop spitting out cash, or EBT cards don’t work will be an incredibly dangerous day. Relying upon government bureaucracy and functioning technology to meet your vital needs is never a good position to be in during an emergency situation – be it economic crisis, hurricane, power grid failure or something else.

Joel Skousen described in great detail how to avoid the urban areas that will become completely dysfunctional nightmares at the first sign of a major emergency.

Are You “Living In a Death Spiral”? These 6 States Will Collapse During the Next Recession

Your retreat should be strategically chosen to lay outside of certain regions, military targets and fragile climates. Knowledge of the back roads is essential to planning a route that won’t leave you stranded on the highway in endless gridlock.

Above all, it is advisable to avoid mass populated areas, especially big cities on the East and West Coast. People that are prone to panic, and will be easily cut off from essential services become desperate. There are far too many bad apples in that ratio for any good to result.

Avoidance is key – and that is why living in a “death spiral” state like California or New York could be a major liability during a crisis, or alternately a prolonged collapse.

CalPers pension… a massive black hole that is merely carving a path for many failed states to come.

The future is austere if this equation isn’t balanced out:

Tom Chatham warns about the abrupt change that is coming home to roost in America. Things can get really bad, really quick.

But really, most of us don’t know how bad it will get:

Americans that have only known the post WWII prosperity are ill equipped and educated to deal with depression level living. Easy credit and instant gratification have created a nation of whining, self absorbed, entitlement minded people with no moral or mental toughness.

Doug Casey believes we are headed for what he calls a super depression created by the ending of a debt super cycle. The bigger the debt cycle the bigger the depression that follows. That’s how reality works and most people are not prepared for reality.

When this depression, which has already started, gets momentum, it will overwhelm the plans of a society that is expecting to get things like social security, pensions and payouts from retirement plans they have paid into for many years. All of those things will disappear almost overnight and leave society gasping and stupefied over what to do.

The big reveal is coming: inside that great big old lock box… is just another I.O.U.

Are you prepared for the future, and all the economic uncertainty it could bring?

Web Bots Predict Massive Financial Shock In Early 2017: ‘Confusion, Bond Market Degradation, Crumbling Of Everything’

There are scores of organizations working on ways to interpret user data on the internet to help predict future events. Law enforcement agencies and financial institutions having been working on this predictive technology for over a decade. In most cases, none of that information is ever shared with the general public.

Clif High of HalfPastHuman, however, has taken a different course. Since the mid-1990’s High’s algorithms have been scouring the internet. With the advent of social networks and tens of thousands of citizen-driven blogs, that data has gotten ever more accurate. So accurate in fact, that on October 27 High’s automated “Web Bots” predicted that not only would Trump win by a landslide, but that Hillary Clinton would be “missing” following the election, a prediction that was so accurate it blew away just about every professional analysis firm in the world.

Now the Web Bots are predicting another paradigm-shifting event. According to Clif High, it appears that a massive financial shock is brewing for early 2017:

We’re facing the following situation…

The confusion, the degradation of the bond market, the crumbling of everything else…

I call it deflation, but maybe we should better define it as debt destruction and inflation because The-Powers-That-Be, the Federal Reserve and all these guys… in the data sets that I’ve got are showing that they’re really worried by very early January… actually they start getting extremely worried by sometime around the 12th or so of December and that it breaks out into the public so to speak by early January.

Now, what they are worried about is the destruction of all of this debt… it’s a destruction of all of these derivatives…

To sort of get a handle on it, we’re looking at a period of time where there will be a lot of things that you really can’t sell because there won’t be enough currency floating in your local economy to, for instance, have a garage sale because your neighbors won’t have enough extra currency to buy your stuff…

At the same time that that’s going on the cost of milk is going to go up… the cost of gasoline is going to go up… Even though there’s going to be an oil glut… As we have this deflationary event the actual beginning of that hyperinflation is already going to be ongoing.

You’ll be dealing with huge numbers… but you’ll be able to see it starting long before then because you’ll be paying 40 cents more for milk this week than you did the week before…

… I have language that says at some point in 2017, probably past mid year, we’re going to be looking at hyperinflation so bad that the Dow will be measured at around 100,000 to 125,000.

If Clif High’s web bot data sets are correct, we’re in for a very rocky 2017 and one that could far exceed the financial calamities we witnessed in 2008.

Clif High-DOW & Gold $125,000-Hyperinflation Coming

Should debt destruction originating in the bond market begin in the early part of 2017, the Federal Reserve will no doubt dump trillions of dollars of “liquidity” into the system in order to stave off collapse. But as High notes, this will be the beginning of hyperinflation that will take hold after mid year, the effect of which will be a skyrocketing Dow Jones index and gold prices exceeding our wildest expectations.

But perhaps the most important takeaway is that, should a financial crisis of this magnitude take place in 2017, even the most basic of necessities will be impossible to acquire unless you have tradeable monetary instruments or goods to barter with.

With Donald Trump soon to take over the Presidency many believe that the fundamental problems facing America can be fixed. But what if there’s not enough time? What if the destruction of the world as we have come to know it is now irreversible?

The elite are preparing to hole up in bunkers as if they know something the rest of us do not. Perhaps it’s time the rest of us ensure our preparedness plans are in order. Things could get a bit rough in the next few months.

Greg Hunter–Weekly News Wrap-Uo 12.16.2016

PART 5 – Special Investigative Report: Final Fire Awakening

In PART 5 of the Special Investigative Report on Abaddon Ascending, The Sheeriyth Imperative, and Final Fire, we are joined by Tom Horn, Donna Howell and Larry Spargimino. Is the next Great Awakening right around the Corner?