Asteroid Flyover Accents Massive 7.4 Earthquake Hits South Of Japan Sendi Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Meltdown Site Massive 7.2 Earthquake King Planet Jupiter Enters Virgin Woman Virgo Womb Moon Confronts Regulus Lion Targets Jupiter As The 4th Seal Now Breaks And Shortly Thereafter The Tribulation Era Gate Abomination Which Makes Desolate Rises After The Pre-NYC Mystery Babylon WMD Star Date

by amongthenumberedsaints

Thanksgiving Message 2016 From Greg Hunter

…oops, the support for Horus Trump by the dupes that supported him, because the Vote 2 Party Crypto Fascist NWO 666 ”selection” between ”OBVIOUS THREAT” Clinton 911 and a NYC city slicker ”appeared” to be so obvious in favor of the lesser evil,  is already starting to fail.

HILLARY 911 is Finished ! Latest WIKILEAKS BOMBSHELL will Force Her to stand trial !!!

…amazing it’s taking this long, but nobody ever accused the new online watchmen of being immune to the global comprehensive Antichrist effort to deceive humanity. Of course every true watchful Saint of our Father in Christ Yahshua knows for certain the prophetic reality of the strong delusion in the case of the leaders of all nations and Israel that have ”all” consumed the same maddening wine from the same cup of fornication. People like Hunter, Jones, Wiles etc… etc… are completely out of order in this respect and always have been in this latest case. Are they honest enough to recover when they realize this soon? The fact that they are still holding on tight to the prophetic delusion is certainly not a good sign.

Warning To Donald Trump

Nov 24, 2016 – 7 Big Quakes Predicted in a Row

0.7% Of Adults Control $116.6 Trillion In Wealth, Wealth Transfer Is Now Complete – Episode 1134a

Existing home sales surge prior to the election. The top .7% of adults controls most of the wealth in the world. The elite have completed the wealth transfer. The entire economy is one big illusion created to make it look like the economy has recovered. This is a complete setup because the central bankers are planning to crash it one way or another.

The Most Important Bond Trendline Is Broken: “Now It Gets Interesting”

The Dollar Index has surged almost 7% in the last two months – one of the fastest spikes in 8 years – with the post-Trump spike the most significant. Today’s buying panic has sent the Dollar Index to a crucial resistance level at around 101.80 (the 61.8% retracement of the 2001-2008 collapse).

DOLLAR INDEX SPOT DXY:CUR +101.800USD  +0.760 +0.75%

101.80 is a line in the sand…

And that is where USD Index stopped today..

Dollar Index Spikes To Crucial Resistance Level

And finally, while Americans luxuriate in their feats tomorrow, consider that post-Trump the aggregate of Global stock markets and developed market bonds have lost $1.4 trillion since the US election…

Another Day, Another Record High… “This Is A No Brainer”

I, Daniel, saw this vision and ·tried to understand what it meant [L sought understanding]. I saw someone who looked like a man standing near me. 16 And I heard a man’s voice calling from the Ulai ·Canal [or Gate]: “Gabriel [C an angel], explain the vision to this man.”

17 ·Gabriel [L He] came to where I was standing. When he came close to me, I was ·very afraid [terrified; or overwhelmed] and ·bowed facedown on the ground [L fell on my face]. But ·Gabriel [L he] said to me, “·Human being [L Son of man], understand that this vision is about the time of the end.”

18 While ·Gabriel [L he] was speaking, I fell into a ·deep sleep [trance] with my face on the ground. Then he touched me [C strengthening him] and ·lifted me to my feet [L made me stand in my place]. 19 He said, “Now, I will ·explain [make known; reveal] to you what will happen in the time of anger. Your vision was about the ·set [appointed] time of the end.

20 “You saw a ·male sheep [ram] with two horns, which are the kings of Media and Persia. 21 The male goat is the king of ·Greece [L Javan], and the big horn between its eyes is the first king [C Alexander the Great, who defeated Persia around 330 bc]. 22 The four horns that grew in the place of the broken horn are four kingdoms [C Alexander died in 323 bc and his four most powerful generals carved up his empire between them]. Those four kingdoms will come from ·the nation of the first king [L his nation], but ·they will not be as strong as the first king [L not with his power/strength].

23 “When the end comes near for those kingdoms, a ·bold and cruel [fierce/stern-faced] king who ·tells lies will come [L understands riddles/enigmas; C Antiochus Epiphanes, who terrorized the Jews in the mid-second century bc]. This will happen when ·many people have turned against God [rebellions/transgressions will reach their height]. 24 ·This king will be very powerful [L His power will be strong], but ·his power will not come from himself [L not his own power].

Daniel 8

He will cause ·terrible [fearful] destruction and will be successful in everything he does. He will destroy powerful people and even ·God’s holy people [L the people of the holy ones]. 25 This king will succeed by using ·lies and force [L the deceit in his hand/power]. He will ·think that he is very important [L be great in his heart]. He will destroy many people ·without warning [or with ease]; he will ·try to fight [L stand against] even the Prince of princes! But ·that cruel king [L he] will be ·destroyed [L broken], and not by human ·power [L hand].

26 “The vision that has been shown to you about these evenings and mornings is true. But seal up the vision, because ·those things won’t happen for a long time [L it concerns many days from now].”

27 I, Daniel, became very weak and was sick for ·several days after that vision [L some days]. Then I got up and went back to work for the king, but I was very ·upset [dismayed; perplexed] about the vision. I didn’t understand what it meant.

Eye of the Phoenix: Part 6

The Good News [This Gospel] about God’s kingdom will be preached in all the world, [L as a testimony] to every nation. Then the end will come.

15 “You will see ‘·a blasphemous object that brings destruction [T the abomination of desolation; C a phrase taken from Dan. 9:27; 11:31; 12:11, and originally referring to the desecration of the Temple by Antiochus Epiphanes in 168 bc],’ which Daniel the prophet spoke about. ·It [or He] will be standing in the holy place.” (You who read this should understand what it means [C probably a reference to the soon-to-occur destruction of Jerusalem in ad 70].) 16 “At that time, the people in Judea should ·run away [flee] to the mountains. 17 If people are on the roofs of their houses [C roofs in Palestine were flat and used as spare rooms and for storage], they must not go down to get anything out of their houses. 18 If people are in the fields, they must not go back to get their ·coats [cloaks]. 19 At that time, ·how terrible it will be for [L woe to] women who are pregnant or have nursing babies! 20 Pray that it will not be ·winter [bad weather] or a Sabbath day when these things happen and you have to run away, 21 because at that time there will be much ·trouble [distress; T tribulation]. There will be more ·trouble [distress; T tribulation]. than there has ever been since the beginning of the world until now, and nothing as bad will ever happen again [Dan. 12:1]. 22 ·God has decided to make that terrible time short [L If those days had not been shortened (by God)…; C the passive verb implies God as subject]. Otherwise, no one would ·go on living [survive; L be saved]. But God will make that time short ·to help the people he has chosen [for the sake of the elect].

Matthew 24

Mission Accomplished?

Dow Tops 19,000; S&P Break 2,200


Dow 20k by year-end? Why not!

Spectre – The meteorite

The wealth spectrum

The wealth pyramid captures the contrasting circumstances between those with net wealth of a million US dollars or more in the top echelon, and those lower down in the wealth hierarchy. Discussions of wealth holdings often focus exclusively on the top tail. We provide a more complete and balanced picture, believing that the base and middle sections are interesting in their own right. One reason is the sheer size of numbers and their political power. However, their combined wealth of USD 35 trillion also yields considerable economic opportunities, which are often overlooked. Addressing the needs of these asset owners can drive new trends in both the consumer and financial industries. Antichrist Communist China, Korea and Antichrist Muslim Indonesia are examples of countries where individuals have been rising rapidly through this part of the wealth pyramid. Antichrist Hindi Muslim India has not shown similar progress to date, but has the potential to grow rapidly in the future from its low starting point.

Global Wealth Update: 0.7% Of Adults Control $116.6 Trillion In Wealth

While the middle and lower levels of the pyramid are important, the top segment will likely continue to be the main driver of private asset flows and investment trends. Our figures for mid-2016 indicate that there are now nearly 33 million HNW individuals, including 1.6 million in Antichrist Communist China, and more than 6 million in other Asia-Pacific countries. At the apex of the pyramid, 140,900 UHNW adults are each worth more than USD 50 million. This includes 11,000 UHNW individuals in Antichrist Communist China (8% of the global total), a 100-fold rise since the turn of the century. A further 8,500 UHNW adults (6% of the total) can be found in Hong Kong, India, Korea, and Taiwan.

We Need A Reset & A Debt Jubilee, The Economic Outcome Will Be Devasting: Jeff Nielson

Will the Trump Administration have an economic calamity in the bond market because of the heavy global debt load? Precious metals expert David Morgan says, “Yes, something will take place before the four years is over. I can almost guarantee that. The math is just too simple to see, and you are already seeing it in the bond market. I am very confident because how the bond market is reacting and the amount of paper that has been pushed upon the system that cannot tolerate any more. Things will unravel in some way, shape or form. . . . I think before that four year time frame (Trump’s first term) is over, we are going to see that big thrust into the precious metals.”

David Morgan- Big Thrust into Precious Metals in Trump’s First Term


PEDO BROS. SMOKING GUN: The Podesta Brothers & Madeleine McCann

Mounting circumstantial evidence now suggests that Tony and John Podesta should be investigated in the case of 3-year old Madeleine McCann who disappeared from her parents holiday apartment in Portugal on May 3, 2007. Evidence that may implicate the Podesta brother’s as being involved in this case continues to build, and if new information uncovered by anonymous researchers is true, the Podesta brothers have a LOT of explaining to do.


Gonz Shimura from the FaceLikeTheSun You Tube channel joins me to discuss the global Satanic and Pedophile network which are now being revealed like never before. It is up to all of us to expose this NWO beast system.


A “bundler” is someone who not just donates money to a politician or political campaign, but solicits and “bundles” donations from other donors into a substantial sum. As such, bundlers perform an important service for politicians.

If a “bundler” for Trump is arrested for pedophilia, it would be all over the MSM, aka the Fake Media.

Well, there is a bundler for Obozo who has been arrested for just that. But instead of reporting this, the New York Times devoted its resources to publishing a long article to debunk rumors and claims in the Alternative Media that a D.C. pizzeria named Comet Ping Pong is a hub for pedophiles. (More on the pizzeria in a post to come.)

The Obozo bundler is 66-year-old Terrence Patrick Bean.

Obozo’s homosexual bundler arrested for child rape

Brett M. Decker reports for USA Today that on Nov. 16, 2016, Portland, OR police arrested Bean on two counts of felony for having sex with a 15-year-old boy last year. Given the age of the victim, a minor, that makes it rape.

The next day, Bean’s former boyfriend, 25-year-old Kiah Loy Lawson, was also arrested for sexual abuse of the same 15-year-old boy. After the relationship between the two men had ended, Lawson went public with claims that Bean had a practice of secretly videotaping himself having sex with others.

Bean is a big-money Democratic donor and liberal political activist with connections inside the Obama White House, having raised more than a half-million dollars for Obozo’s 2012 re-election campaign. Photos of Bean posted online show him flying on Air Force One with Obozo.

The Federal Election Commission’s campaign-finance database shows that Bean has donated thousands of dollars every election cycle to the Antichrist NWO 666 Democratic Abortion Party’s most powerful leaders, including Hillary and Bill 911 Clinton, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Sen. Dick Durbin, and Rep. Barney Frank, among others

As described by, “Bean has been one of the state’s biggest Democratic donors and an influential figure in gay rights circles in the state. He helped found two major national political groups, the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and has been a major contributor for several Democratic presidential candidates, including Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown.”

Trevor Loudon identifies Bean’s so-called civil rights organization, Human Rights Campaign, as having created the template for the transgender bathroom bill ordinances sweeping across America.

HORUS Trump Won’t Pursue Charges Against 911 Hillary: “She’s Been Through Enough”


(The ”PROXY” Military And Global Economic Antichrist NWO 666 Force Of The Beast representing Mystery Babylon/New York City/Where the 3D Replica Of The Baal Gate is now open for Business as a result of the Antichrist ISIS Damascus proxy force/Wall Street and One World Trade Harbinger)

…and the Antichrist NWO 666 Beast has charmed the so called christian right with the new Horus, Trump, and managed, by doing so, with Horus Trump, to provoke the Antichrist NWO 666 socialist to support the Antichrist Islamic suicide jihad spirit.

By not pursuing the Clinton 911 Team, and allowing Antichrist NWO 666 Skull&Bones Bush-Obozo Horus SPECTRE 911 Clinton Clown team treason to go un-punished, Horus Trump has confirmed his image legally equal in ”contempt” of regular order and providing the required defense to sustain the Constitution against both foreign and ”domestic” OBVIOUS THREATS. Trump certainly shall be the new ”Horus” in contempt, thereby, confirmed as ”a”, and ”The” continuing ”OBVIOUS THREAT” that is further amplified by the fact that his support represents the evangelic ”dupes”, and his opposition represents the Antichrist NWO 666 and Antichrist Islamic Jihad ”OBVIOUS THREAT” fostered by Antichrist NWO Horus 666 Skull&Bones Bush-Obozo SPECTRE and Clinton 911 Clown Team. This of course only makes the new Horus, AKA human host for Satan, Elect Trump, exponentially worse (because of the new ”greater deception”) than the President(s) after the Antichrist NWO 666 assassinated Kennedy, and through their controlled media they still attempt to cover their evil craft up, along with the slaughtered US Navy Seamen aboard the USS Liberty during the 6 Day War up to 911 etc… etc.. etc… and now, with Horus Trump ”acting” like he isn’t an insider,

…that just perfectly confirmed it. (If he, and everyone else on this new team, does not pursue the real threat right off the bat, they are all in a world of shit, and they will find that out in short order.

HORUS Trump’s Decision to Give Hillary 911 Clinton a Pass Isn’t Going Over Well

Yesterday President-elect Donald Trump officially confirmed he will not move forward with his campaign promise to call for a special prosecutor to investigate former Secretary of State Hillary 911 Clinton.

The Political Triumph Of The Empty Gesture

Why Is Death Riding In On A Pale Horse With A Mushroom Cloud? ‘The World In 2017’ Antichrist NWO 666 Rothschild Economist Magazine Cover Shows Elite Terrified Of ‘Planet Trump’ Though Nuclear Annihilation May Await Us All

For many years now, The Economist magazine has released their yearly ‘The World In…’ episodes which are said to encapsulate what the elite believe may be coming to our planet in the following year. These magazine covers have immediately become some of the most analyzed and discussed topics of conversation on the internet and within the world of ‘conspiracy theory’ and alternative media for their often cryptic messages and ‘The World In 2017’ is no different.

As we see in ‘The World In 2017’ cover seen above and directly below, we’re once again given cryptic hints through ‘tarot cards’ at what the globalists believe the world may look like in 2017 though unlike the last few years, no longer do we see bright colors and smiling faces of world leaders but ‘Planet Trump’ and a mushroom cloud with death riding in on a pale horse.

The Economist 2017 Cover: An Antichrist Esoteric Demonic Analysis 

Death: Located at the Bnah Sefirot on the Macrocosmic Tree. On the actual Tarot, Death is seen riding over a clergyman and a king, denoting that no one is spared from the inevitability of death. Interesting to note that what is dying on this card is the world (rivers have run dry, the ground is parched and black, and nuclear destruction is taking place.) Note the red sun: this could be in reference to the Season of Sacrifice (the 40 day period in spring when many false flags and ritualized sacrifice events have occurred.) Could the goddess being sacrificed next spring be “Mother Earth” herself, by way of a major environmental false flag, planned nuclear catastrophe, or insect borne epidemic?

The Magician – The highest card positioned on the Microcosmic Tree of Life. Denoting inner transcendence, balance, and higher consciousness. I see this as the most scathing and taunting of all the cards on the spread. The Magician is blinded and distracted in a world of VR, and is utilizing his “enlightened” hand to create bland, cloned material for mass consumption. His creation is completely lacking the creative/artistic expression that would be expected from one such as The Magician. Have we been so conditioned that even in a state of higher consciousness, we will still be manipulated by illusions? Has the matrix become too powerful.

Watchmen Ultimate Cut – Rorschach Death Scene

Rothschild Economist Magazine 1988 Cover Predicts Collapse And Global Currency In 2018 (Phoenix)

11 The locusts had a king who was the ·angel [or messenger] of the ·bottomless pit [L Abyss; 9:1]. His name in the Hebrew language is Abaddon and in the Greek language is Apollyon [C both mean “Destroyer”; perhaps a reference to Satan].

Revelation 9

These people did not ·change their hearts and turn away from [repent of] murder or ·evil magic [sorcery], from their ·sexual sins [fornication] or stealing.

Eye of the Phoenix: Part 6

In the last entry we introduced the twin tunnels of the Gotthard Base Tunnel and the deeply occult ceremony held in Switzerland not far from CERN. In this entry let’s examine each phase of this live-streamed rite. It commenced with the interfaith blessing as mentioned earlier. Following this invocation of the triple-goddess, the shepherd aroused the horned man, who strutted into the scene (complete with eerie red lighting and smoke—like he’d risen from the Abyss), accompanied by his hellish friends—many engaged in ritualistic sex and poses. This parade of promiscuity also included a creepy “angel” that flew over top of some of the miners (presumably, representing the nine who died). Once the first phase (we’ll call it the opening of the portal) concluded, the various religious and political dignitaries boarded the train and headed toward the northern terminus at Erstfeld. Note, that the choice to begin in the south and end in the north represents the ascension of something to the surface, that is the opening of the Abyss.

The primary performances took place on a massive outdoor stage in Erstfeld. This small city lies within the canton of Uri in Switzerland. (Uri, by the way, is a type of extinct bison, echoing the “horned” theme once again). As the dignitaries settled into their comfortable bandstand seats, a display lit up, showing what looked like a huge rock mountainside. Dancers dressed as miners “climbed” this rock face and dug into the earth, so to speak, to unveil what was beneath: a great machine, formed from human arms, that rotated and churned into various shapes and designs, many of which resembled the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

Once this “opening” is achieved, the miners strip off their orange jumpsuit attire (males only at this point, who are now bare-chested) and take up “arms”; that is, they use staves to perform a dance routine that looks like warfare. Once this battle concludes, a group of women join the man (the women wear only white underwear), and the entire dance troupe engages in a frenzied display amidst a cloud of dust (simulating smoke, perhaps?) This frenetic dance arouses a giant.

Clearly, this endeavor is far more than Switzerland’s braggadocio about an engineering feat! The connection between CERN and ritualistic summoning of a sleeping giant (the “horned god” of Cernunnos or even Melkart—both are types of the rising/dying god, and Melkart “slept” for half the year, which may be why Elijah told the priests of Baal to “call louder,” because he might be sleeping).

As the giant wakens, the dancers perform ritualistic sex rites, many homosexual in nature. Following this simulated copulation, the dancers fall to the floor as if dead

On the screen behind the dancers, you can see three men dressed as miners. Just as the dancers have died, these men also “die” after being chased by something that looks like smoke. The three men (representing perhaps the nine who died in the construction of the tunnels) fall down a deep hole, as if traveling to hell as a sacrifice, while the dancers (now revived), continue their debauched choreography. As the dead miners descend, they are met with giant hands:


We then see three ghostly female dancers arise from the pit:

[[SIDE NOTE: Tom Horn forgot to mention the ”OBVIOUS” 3 frogs of Revelation 16

And I saw three loathsome spirits like frogs, leaping from the mouth of the dragon (Satan) and from the mouth of the beast (Antichrist, dictator) and from the mouth of the false prophet; 14 for they are [actually] the spirits of demons, performing [miraculous] signs. And they go out to the kings of the entire inhabited earth, to gather them together for the war of the great day of God, the Almighty.

NOTE: The time sequence of the ”bottomless pit”, and the reality of the current intelligence analysis trend, points to the ”CERTAIN” real event(s) now about to unfold and fulfill the prophetic revelation of ”the abomination which makes desolate standing in the holy place” …which is ”OBVIOUSLY” in Israel and ”OBVIOUSLY” specific to Jerusalem and the Antichrist Israeli 2 State global ”peace and security” effort now being fostered by the leaders of Antichrist Islam Israel America Europe Russia etc… making up all nations, or the United Nations prophetic ”covenant with many” as it is written in the Book of Daniel describing the ”end time” generation which is now risen and poised for the start of the Great Tribulation era to start in 2017. Of course April 8th 2017 being the current intelligence analysis start time as a result of the 1260 days Feast Of Trumpets September 19th 2020 time frame accented by Jupiter now in the womb of Virgo and the celestial  winter solstice 2020 convergence with Saturn’s Hexagon occultation lineup with the Sun and Earth in 2020 3 days after Hanukkah etc… etc… etc…]]

As these ghostly women fly above the dancers, a giant eye forms behind them on the screen, and below a troupe of similarly ghostly dancers enter the stage area, wearing veils and skirts. At this point, men begin to assume female attire, demonstrating a reversal of traditional morals and roles as the spirit of the Abyss takes over. Whirling dervishes accompany these strange dancers, along with men wearing costumes that make them look as if they are covered in animal hair or straw. These strange “Cousin It” types creep alongside a long line of musicians who bear Alpine horns. It’s clear that the strange mashup of Alpine with Middle Eastern traditions is intended to show an international revelry welcoming the risen “god” from the Abyss.

Behind the musicians and ghostly dancers, the horned god makes his grand entrance to the stage, and following him (as if to bless him) is the first of the triune goddesses: the Maiden. She is dressed in virginal white, and she trails behind the horned Cernunnos, “Goat Man.”

Like Krampus, the Goat Man wears a cutaway tuxedo with a red carnation, representing his assimilation into our modern culture

As the Goat Man dances with the strange collection of humanity on the stage below, his image is also displayed on the monitor screen behind the troupe, showing the “true demonic spirit” behind the world’s return to pagan worship:

Notice that three scarabs fly before this screaming face (the spirit of Antichrist). Scarabs represent rebirth in Egyptian culture. The screen again changes, and the massive Antichrist face becomes a vortex of eyes. This Antichrist New World Order will shut down all free will, and the citizens of the world will be watched (the Watchers) every moment of every day.

As these Watchers rise up from the Abyss, the Goat Man embraces the Maiden, impregnating her. He is then declared to be king as all bow down to worship him

As with many pagan pantheons, the king then dies (remember that the “horned man” is a type of rising/dying god, and many of these deities (once dead) are replaced by a child (Osiris/Horus, Nimrod/Tammuz are examples). After the Goat Man’s “death,” we see a strange Goat Child appear off to one side of the stage (as if he exists in a separate place):

Now that the Goat Child has been conceived, a chorus of men and women (some cross-dressing) bring offerings of greenery and branches, and roots begin to appear on the large screen behind the main stage.

The massive roots in the program show the occult inversion of the Tree of Life, and within a few moments these roots transform the world into a massive machine. Men dressed as miners stand upon large pistons, and cogs within the great machine interconnect and drive these pistons. The New World Order that has been set into motion by the summoning of the satanic Goat Man culminates with the reappearance of the Maiden, now adorned in blood red and heavily pregnant (the second face of the triune Goddess). She is the Whore of Babylon, ruling a world of imprisoned humanity:

Note the horned figure just behind the Whore dancer. The Goat Man is now a Goat Woman, again indicating a strange reversal of the old order. The ancient Watchers whom pagans worshiped as gods had the power to take both male and female forms, giving rise to the belief in “twins” (Hermes/Aphrodite is one example of a twin god). As the Whore gives birth, the Goat Man appears to revive, only now his “goat head” has been removed, making him appear more human. Remember, the Antichrist will appear to revive from a fatal “head wound,” and once resurrected, will be worshiped by all the world.

Note the inversion of form here. Men are dressed as women and women as men. The New World Pagan Order will stand the Judeo/Christian world on its head, and the old gods will return to enthrall mankind using drugs, rampant sexual “freedoms,” and secret knowledge.

This bizarre opening ceremony cost Switzerland eight million euros to stage—a ridiculous amount considering the economic crisis facing nearly every nation of this bloc. Sacrifice, sex magic, and science (CERN) form the hellish trinity of practices revealed in this detestable display. Who in their right mind would spend even one euro on such a strange ceremony? Clearly, this live-streamed event was intended as a worldwide ritual and not a celebration of engineering.

The Goat Man is waiting to rise, and Switzerland’s ritual tells us that unregenerate mankind will welcome him when he emerges from the pit. The triune goddess will ride the “beast system,” and though this crazed play shows an ecstatic world population that works together like a well-oiled, debauched machine, the truth is far more insidious. The Goat Man, the Antichrist, will enslave mankind using his own lusts as a key.

The beast you saw was, and is not, but is about to come up from the Abyss and then go to destruction. The inhabitants of the earth—all those whose names have not been written in the book of life since the foundation of the world—will be astounded when they see that the beast was, and is not, but is to come (Revelation 17:8, NET, emphasis added).

We delve into dark passages with hands created by God Almighty. How He must weep at mankind’s debasement of His marvelous design.

666 Miles from Mecca to Jerusalem

When the two witnesses have finished ·telling their message [giving their witness/testimony], the beast [C probably the Antichrist; 13:1; 17:8; Dan. 7] that comes up from the ·bottomless pit [Abyss; 9:1] will fight a war against them. He will ·defeat [conquer] them and kill them. 8 The ·bodies [corpses] of the two witnesses will lie in the ·street [public square; C to be left unburied as a sign of disdain] of the great city where the Lord was ·killed [L crucified; C Jerusalem, perhaps here symbolic of the world’s opposition to God]. ·

Revelation 11

This city is named Sodom and Egypt, which has a spiritual meaning [L …which is figuratively/symbolically/spiritually called Sodom and Egypt; C Jerusalem is symbolically named after places judged by God for wickedness (Sodom) and for oppressing God’s people (Egypt); Gen. 19; Ex. 7—12].

Antichrist NWO 666 SPECTRE Rothschild’s Supreme Court of Israel in Jerusalem

Rebellion in the Likud ranks: On Wednesday, MK Yehuda Glick announced his plan to petition the Antichrist Rothschild NWO 666 Supreme Court against Antichrist Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu over the latter’s barring of Knesset members and cabinet ministers from ascending too the Temple Mount, Srugim reported. The prohibition has taken effect close to the start of the current wave of terror, dubbed “the Antichrist Al Aqsa intifada” by the Antichrist Arabs, who claim to have started the violence in response to a Antichrist Jewish conspiracy to destroy the Temple Mount Antichrist mosque.

A suit by a rank and file MK against the leader of his party is extremely rare. Should Glick persist with his petition he is likely to be sanctioned by his Knesset faction, the Likud, and be barred from speaking from the podium and submitting bills. He might also be dismissed from the Knesset, should the leadership be able to enlist sufficient support from the members. He could also be tried by the Likud internal court.

Before assuming the legislator’s mantle, Glick made his living as tour guide on the Temple Mount, and in October 24 was the victim of an assassination attempt because of his promotion of Jewish access to the holy site.

This is the second time Netanyahu has blocked MKs from entering the sacred compound. During the 19th Knesset, the PM prevented MKs Uri Ariel and Shuli Mualem (Habayit Hayehudi) and Moshe Feiglin and Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) from ascending. The reason Glick is irate this time is the fact that Jerusalem police have announced they no longer see the need to stop MKs from entering the Temple Mount, but 911 Netanyahu persists in his refusal to open the gates to them.

When he became a member of Knesset, about half a year ago, Glick justified the prohibition, which was pinned on attempts by Arab MKs to stir up riots on the Temple Mount. The last time Glick has been to the site was on the day before his swearing in as MK

MK Glick to Petition High Court Against Netanyahu Temple Mount Obstruction

23 Sept 2017, Rosh Hashanah: Signs in the Heavens, Woman Clothed with the Sun, Moon Under Her Feet And a Crown of 12 Stars on Her Head ! Red Dragon of Revelation?!

Updated 27 April 2016.
I have gone through this video again and again and so far have been unable to find any mistakes in it. It appears the probability of the fulfilment of Rev 12:1-2 on 23 Sept 2017 is very very high. Is this date the beginning of the final 7 years of endtimes prophecy? The fact that this date is just 1 day after Rosh Hashanah 2017 (21-22 Sept 2017) makes it very significant, IMO. The thesis that Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets, is the Rapture of the Church is correct, IMO. We are just under 1.5 years to this date. 513 days to 23 Sept 2017 to be precise. Countdown has begun!

It appears things will unfold very rapidly in the next 3 years. The Illuminati is running out of time to execute their Satanic WW3 plan, the hoax UFO-Alien invasion ie. strong delusion of 2 Thess. 2:9-12 and revealing of the Anti-Christ, the bringer of false peace.

Note the 2nd video: what exactly is NASA and the PTB hiding by blacking out portions of the heavens. An image of the Red Dragon!? Something, an astronomical object is approaching our solar system. The brown dwarf star system of Nibiru, the 10th planet, planetary system?!

Luke 21

When you hear about wars and ·riots [uprisings; insurrections], don’t be ·afraid [terrified], because these things must happen first, but the end will ·come later [not come immediately].”

10 Then he said to them, “Nations will ·fight [L rise up] against other nations, and kingdoms against other kingdoms. 11 In various places there will be >>>great earthquakes<<<, ·sicknesses [plagues; pestilences], and ·a lack of food [famines]. ·Fearful [Terrifying] events and great signs will come from heaven.

URGENT: Emergency at Fukushima after major M7.4 quake — Workers evacuated as tsunami hits nuke plants — Public told “Please Flee Immediately” — “Cooling systems at reactor FAILED… Fears nuclear waste may leak” — Prime Minister: We must grasp extent of damage — Officials warn of more powerful quakes (VIDEOS)

Teenager films ‘meteorite’ burning across sky following Japanese earthquake

The video emerged as the country absorbed the 7.3 magnitude earthquake that has shaken Tokyo after striking off the coast of Japan.

Earthquake, tsunamis… and even a METEORITE! Video footage captures powerful 7.4-magnitude tremor near Fukushima and flaming objects in the sky above Japan

Japan was struck by a 7.4-magnitude earthquake, followed by tsunamis
Videos show buildings shaking and people panicking inside train stations
A tsunami flowed inland up a river about an hour after the huge quake hit
Japan’s eastern coast is on high alert – just four years after 20,000 people died in another earthquake that caused a nuclear meltdown at Fukushima

Dramatic video has captured a meteorite burning across the sky just hours after a huge 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck Japan sending a tsunami cascading inland and up a river.

The footage shows a flaming object trailing across the evening sky while the country was still assessing the damage from the tremor.

Alarms rang out in towns across Fukushima prefecture – where the 2011 earthquake wreaked havoc – and further along Japan’s eastern coastline.

Japan’s east coast hit by 6.1-magnitude earthquake near Fukushima plant – just days after a tremor hit the same area

The quake occurred about 6.30am (local time) on Thursday 37km south of Namie, according to the, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. Four smaller earthquakes measuring between 4.6 and 3.8 magnitudes followed in quick succession within half an hour with the last striking just before 7am.

Massive M7.4 earthquake hits near Fukushima, tsunami warnings issued

A very strong and shallow earthquake registered by the JMA as M7.3 hit near the east coast of Honshu, Japan at 20:59 UTC on November 21, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). USGS is reporting M6.9 at a depth of 11.4 km (7 miles). Tsunami warnings are in place for Fukushima Prefecture.

According to the USGS, the epicenter was located 37 km (23 miles) ESE of Namie (population 21 866), 59.7 km (37.1 miles) NE of Iwaki (population 357 309), 73.3 km (45.6 miles) E of Funehikimachi-funehiki (population 23 524), 80.9 km (50.3 miles) SE of Marumori (population 16 752), and 91.7 km (57 miles) ESE of Fukushima (294 237), Japan.

There are 702 984 living within 100 km (62 miles). About 5 000 people are living within 50 km (31 miles).

Parts of Fukushima and Ibaraki prefectures experienced JMA seismic intensity of 5- (many people are frightened and feel the need to hold onto something stable, dishes in cupboards and items on bookshelves may fall, unsecured furniture may move, and unstable furniture may topple over).

Tsunami warnings are in place for Fukushima Prefecture. The estimated tsunami height is between 1 and 3 meters (3.28 to 9.84 feet).

Tsunami warning definition by JMA: Damage due to tsunami waves is expected. Evacuate immediately from coastal regions and riverside areas to a safer place such as high ground or an evacuation building. Tsunami waves are expected to hit repeatedly. Do not leave safe ground until the warning is lifted.

Tsunami advisories are in place for the following coastal regions of Japan:

Massive M7.3 earthquake hits near Fukushima, tsunami warnings issued

Pacific coast of Aomori Prefecure
Iwat Prefecture
Miyagi Prefecture
Ibaraki Prefecture
Kujukuri and Sotobo area, Chiba Prefecture.

JMA said tsunamis are expected to arrive imminently in the following coastal regions of Japan: Fukushima Prefecture.

Tsunami Sirens after 7.3 Earthquake (地震) in Kunohe, Iwate | 22 11 2016



津波 : 津波か 川をさかのぼる映像がネットに 宮城・多賀城

ニュース : 津波注意報 すべて解除

HD]YouTube Live 地震監視・24時間放送■■みるきくリアルタイム24■■

Ptwc Tsunami Threat Message message issued in the North Pacific Ocean region on 21st November 2016 09:29:20 PM based on PTWC

Location 69 km S of Namie,Fukushima,Japan


URGENT: Emergency at Fukushima after major M7.4 quake — Workers evacuated as tsunami hits nuke plants — Public told “Please Flee Immediately” — “Cooling systems at reactor FAILED… Fears nuclear waste may leak” — Prime Minister: We must grasp extent of damage — Officials warn of more powerful quakes (VIDEOS)


11/21/2016 — Large M7.0 (M6.9) earthquake strikes Japan — Coast of Honshu Fukushima Prefecture

𝔼𝕒𝕣𝕥𝕙𝕢𝕦𝕒𝕜𝕖𝟛𝔻 𝓵𝓲𝓿𝒆 𝓼𝓽𝓻𝒆𝓪𝓶

Massive slightly dangerous earthquake off the coast of Honshu, Japan – Tsunami warning

A powerful earthquake, with a preliminary magnitude of M7.3 on the Richter scale, since reduced to M6.9 has struck Japan 156 miles northeast of Tokyo.

The epicenter of the earthquake, which was felt in Tokyo, was off the coast of Fukushima prefecture at a depth of about 10 km, Japan’s Meteorological Agency said, the same Fukushima that was site of the 2011 natural disaster and tsunami that resulted in the worst nuclear power plant disaster since Chernobyl.

A warning for a possible 3 meter Tsunami in Fukushima has been issued according to media reports.

The Tsunami is expected to hit Fukushima within minutes.

According to Japan broadcaster NHK, TEPCO has advised that it is checking for abnormalities at nuclear plant in Fukushima; the plant has stopped.

Japanese TV at this moment:

The details:
An evacuation has been ordered near Fukushima:
The quake headlines have sparked notable selling in USDJPY.

A live cam from the Fukushima NPP can be seen below:


Powerful Earthquake Strikes Japan Off Fukushima, Tsunami Warning Issued

計測日2016年11月16日 福島県伊達市霊山町石田

After dodging another Fukushima disaster, can we continue to avoid disaster of nuclear power plants on earthquake fault lines like Diabolo Canyon in California? Environmentalists have opposed nuclear power as dangerous in the past, but they are now following Obozo’s lead in favoring it over power sources that emit carbon dioxide. That’s right — nuclear waste that has to be safely stored for thousands of years and is some of the most toxic substances on earth less of a threat than carbon dioxide that plants need and consume naturally. Just like Skull&Bones Kerry said that air conditioning is a greater threat than Antichrist ISIS.

What The Fukushima? Greens Embrace Nuke Power

Antichrist Rabbi Horowitz calculated the beginning of the exile from the first stage of the Babylonian Exile, which began in the Hebrew year 3327 (434 BCE). He added 2,450, the result of his calculations for “time, times, and a half” from the Book of Daniel, and arrived at the result that the Hebrew year in which the Messiah should arrive is 5777 – the current year.

Antichrist Yeranen Yaakov goes on to bring another verse which refers to the Babylonian Exile using the expression moadim (times), similar to the Book of Daniel. The prophecy in Jeremiah contains a hint that this year, 5777, will be the final year before Messiah. It describes a prophetic vision that after the exile, there will be a return to the Land of Israel.

Ancient Secret of Daniel’s 70 Weeks Predicts End of Days Will Come This Year

Things to Come
13 As He was coming out of the temple [grounds], one of His disciples said to Him, “Teacher, look what [a]wonderful stones and what wonderful buildings!” 2 Jesus replied to him, “You see these great buildings? Not one stone will be left on another which will not be [b]torn down!”

3 As He was sitting on the Mount of Olives opposite the temple, Peter and James and John and Andrew asked Him privately, 4 “Tell us, when will these things happen, and what will be the sign when all these things are about to be fulfilled?” 5 Jesus began to say to them, “Be careful and see to it that no one misleads you. 6 Many will come in My name [misusing My name or claiming to be the Messiah], saying, ‘I am He!’ and will deceive and mislead many. 7 When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be alarmed (frightened, troubled); these things must take place, but the end is not yet. 8 For nation will rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; there will be earthquakes in various places; there will be famines. These things are the beginning of the [c]birth pangs [the intolerable anguish and suffering].

9 “But be on your guard; they will turn you over to courts, and you will be beaten in synagogues, and you will stand [as accused] before governors and kings for My sake, as a testimony to them. 10 The gospel [that is, the good news regarding the way of salvation] must first be preached to all the [Gentile] nations. 11 When they take you and turn you over [to the court], do not worry beforehand about what to say, but say whatever is given to you [by God] in that hour; for it is not you who speak, but it is the Holy Spirit [who will speak through you]. 12 Brother will betray brother to [be put to] death, and a father [will hand over] his child; and children will rise up and take a stand against parents and have them put to death. 13 You will be hated by everyone because of [your association with] My name, but the one who [patiently perseveres empowered by the Holy Spirit and] endures to the end, he will be saved.

Mark 13

14 “But when you see the [d]abomination of desolation standing [in the temple sanctuary] where it ought not to be (let the [e]reader understand) then those who are in Judea must flee to the mountains. 15 Whoever is on the housetop must not go down [to enter the house], or go inside to take anything out of his house; 16 whoever is in the field must not turn back to get his coat. 17 And woe to those women who are pregnant and to those who are nursing babies in those days! 18 Pray that it will not occur in winter, 19 for at that time there will be such tribulation as has not occurred, from the beginning of the creation which God made, until now—and never will [be again]. 20 And if the Lord had not shortened the days, no human life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect, whom He chose [for Himself], He shortened the days. 21 Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed)!’ or, ‘Look, He is there!’ do not believe it; 22 for false Christs and false prophets will arise, and they will provide signs and wonders in order to deceive, if [such a thing were] possible, even the elect [those God has chosen for Himself]. 23 But be on your guard; I have told you everything in advance.

The Return of Christ
24 “But in those days, after [the suffering and distress of] that tribulation, the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, 25 and the stars will be falling from the sky, and the powers that are in the heavens will be shaken. 26 Then they will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory [in royal majesty and splendor]. 27 And then He will send out the angels, and will gather together His elect [those He has chosen for Himself] from the four winds, from the farthest end of the earth to the farthest end of heaven.

28 “Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: as soon as its branch becomes tender and it puts out its leaves, you recognize that summer is near. 29 Even so, you too, when you see these things happening, know [for certain] that He is near, right at the door. 30 I assure you and most solemnly say to you, this generation [the people living when these signs and events begin] will not pass away until all these things take place. 31 Heaven and earth [as now known] will [f]pass away, but My words will not pass away. 32 But of that [exact] day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son [in His humanity], but the Father alone.

33 “Be on guard and stay constantly alert [g][and pray]; for you do not know when the appointed time will come. 34 It is like a man away on a journey, who when he left home put his servants in charge, each with his particular task, and also ordered the doorkeeper to be continually alert. 35 Therefore, be continually on the alert—for you do not know when the master of the house is coming, whether in the evening, or at midnight, or when the rooster crows, or in the morning— 36 [stay alert,] in case he should come suddenly and unexpectedly and find you asleep and unprepared. 37 What I say to you I say to everyone, ‘Be on the alert [stay awake and be continually cautious]!’”

The Gotthard Base Tunnel began in 1947 with a curious sketch by Swiss engineer Carl Eduard Gruner (above).

During World War II, the Gruner Group (formerly Gruner Brothers) constructed railways, powers plants, and irrigation systems, but it was Gruner’s imagined shortcut through the base of the alps, connecting the Swiss towns of Erstfeld and Bodio by burrowing beneath the St. Gotthard Massif in the central Swiss Alps, that would prove to be the company’s greatest design. The Gotthard Base Tunnel (GBT) is the world’s deepest (1.42 miles) and longest tunnel (route length of 35.5 miles with a total of 94.3 miles when all shafts and passages are included). The tunnel consists of two parallel passages, each moving in a single direction on a single track.

The GBT passes directly beneath St. Gotthard’s Pass, a strategic north/south corridor that connects northern and southern Switzerland. Prior to the construction of the modern-day tunnels, including the Gotthard Rail Tunnel built in the 1880s, the only way to pass through this treacherous region was to cross the Devil’s Bridge (die Teufelsbrücke), which is aptly named considering the strange ceremony that accompanied the opening of the newest tunnel beneath the Massif. A legend regarding this Devil’s Bridge (according to oral histories cited at Wikipedia[i]) says this:

The legend itself is related by Johann Jakob Scheuchzer (1716). According to Scheuchzer, he was told a local legend according to which the people of Uri recruited the Devil for the difficult task of building the bridge. The Devil requested to receive the first thing to pass the bridge in exchange for his help. To trick the Devil, who expected to receive the soul of the first man to pass the bridge, the people of Uri sent across a dog by throwing a piece of bread, and the dog was promptly torn to pieces by the Devil. Enraged at having been tricked the Devil went to fetch a large rock to smash the bridge, but, carrying the rock back to the bridge, he came across a holy man who “scolded him” (der ihn bescholten) and forced him to drop the rock, which could still be seen on the path below Göschenen. A modern retelling was published by Meinrad Lienert, Schweizer Sagen und Heldengeschichten (1915). According to Lienert’s version, a goat was sent across the bridge instead of a dog, and instead of the holy man, the Devil, when he was taking a break exhausted from carrying the rock, came across an old woman who marked the rock with a cross, forcing the Devil to abandon it and flee.[ii]

Erstfeld lies a twisty 186 miles or so from Geneva (CERN), and Bodio (the southern portal for the new tunnel) just as far (or farther, if one chooses to go through Erstfeld first—a laborious journey, but one that Google maps apparently suggests). The connection to Geneva’s Large Hadron Collider must be made, primarily because of the bizarre opening ceremony that was live-streamed to the entire world on June 1, 2016. So, let’s unpack the imagery within that occult dance, beginning with a call to unite the religions of the world by conducting an “interfaith” blessing of the tunnel beside a statue of St. Barbara (the patron saint of miners). St. Barbara is another curious component in this bizarre ceremony. Traditionally, her veneration and worship is said to have begun in Bohemia. According to C. E. Gregory:

Barbara Cathedral in Kuttenberg (Bohemia) built between 1388 and 1518 in the old silver city. This was thought to be the most likely source of the Barbara adoration. The cathedral was built around an already existing Barbara altar in an area with many Barbara altars present. Kuttenberg has for centuries had on its coat of arms St. Barbara above the crossed hammer and gad [Schlaegel und Eisen—the classical symbol of mining].[iii]

Allegedly, Barbara lived during the third century AD in Asia Minor in Nicromedia (near Baalbeck). Though her father planned to marry her off to a wealthy and influential friend who served “the old gods” of paganism (if they lived near Baalbeck, one can surmise which entities her father was actually serving), but Barbara chose Christianity instead—dying a martyr’s death for her trouble when she was tortured by the Roman pro-consul and then beheaded by her father. According to Wikipedia, Barbara is also considered one of the “Fourteen Holy Helpers,” a group of super saints whose core members are three virgin martyrs: St. Catherine, St. Margaret, and, of course, St. Barbara. Barbara is associated with a tower, because her father shut her up in one to keep her from the world whilst he arranged her marriage to his pagan buddy. Catherine is linked with “the wheel,” a torture device known as “the breaking wheel,” which (when Catherine was placed upon it) shattered, leaving the torturer, Maxentius, no choice but to behead her. And Margaret is associated with “the Dragon,” because Satan in the form of a dragon had tried to eat her, but her cross irritated his tummy, so he disgorged her and Margaret was put to death.

Three virgins who serve as super saints, and a tower, a wheel, and the dragon. It sounds like a hand from a tarot deck! It is also a dark echo of the three faces of the pagan moon goddess: the virgin/maiden (in white), the harlot/mother (in red and often pregnant), and the crone/widow (an old woman dressed in black).

Connected to this idea of a “triple goddess” is a legend called “The Three Bethan,” a triune goddess worshiped throughout Bavaria that is eerily similar to this notion of three virgin super saints. According to an article at, these three supposedly Christian virgins gave all their money to build a chapel, but are actually pagan in origin:

“Beten” in modern German means “to pray.” Probably the act of worshipping the Bethen was so important and widespread that their name left its mark on the word for praying to them. Firpet or Firbet, the name of the third woman on the Leutstetten image, in modern German sounds pretty much like “Fürbitte” (intercession).

The Bethen were venerated especially in the presence of trees, wells and stones. This finds its expression in the terms “Bethelbäume” (Bethen trees), “Bethenbrunnen” (Bethen wells) and “Bethensteine” (Bethen stones). As we know, worship at wells, in forest groves and near unusual stones was a widespread feature in Celtic and Germanic religion, so we can safely assume that the Bethen cult has pre-Christian roots.[iv]

Now, why would we even care about pagan triple goddesses, if our topic for this entry is about a tunnel beneath an Alpine pass? It is because of the unusual ceremony that inaugurated this dual tunnel system, and the interfaith call to worship that occurred in front of St. Barbara (whose “triple goddess” identity is made clearer in the ceremony itself). Three women—three aspects of the same moon/fertility goddess.

The “Triple Goddess” is not restricted to Alpine mythology:

Greek: Hebe/Hera/Hecate (also Artemis/Selene/Hecate); Aphrodite Urania/Aphrodite Pontia/Aphrodite Pandemos

Roman: Luna/Diana/Proserpina; Phoebe/Diana/Hecate; Juventas/Juno/Minerva

Egyptian: Hathor/Bast/Sekhmet; Hathor/Nephthys/Isis

Hindu: Parvati/Lakshmi/Saraswati

Irish: Badb/macha/Morrígu

Mesopotamian: Inanna/Ishtar/Astarte; Asherah/Astarte/Anat

Arabian (pre-Islamic): Al-Lat/Al-Uzza/Manat

Norse: Freyja/Frigg/ Skaði[v]

PART 4: (ABADDON ASCENDING ARTICLES SERIES) What Are They Trying to Awaken at CERN and in Switzerland?

Hecate, mentioned above, was the Titan earth-mother of the wizards and witches, and illustrates the triple connection between the sky, earth, and underworld realm of evil supernaturalism. As the daughter of Perses and Asteria, Hecate (Hekate) was the only Titan to remain free under Zeus. She was the mother of the wizard Circe and of the witch Medea. She was characterized by the unknown and by the night-terrors that roamed the abandoned and desolate highways.

Other revealing facts about Hecate include:

Hecate was often depicted as a young maiden with three faces, each pointing in a different direction—a role in which she was the earth-spirit that haunted wherever three paths joined. As the “goddess of three forms,” she was Luna (the moon) in heaven, Diana (Artemis) on earth, and Hecate of the underworld.
At midnight, Hecate’s devotees would leave food offerings at intersections for the goddess (Hecate’s Supper) and, once deposited, quickly exit without turning around or looking back. Sometimes the offerings consisted of honey cakes and chicken hearts, while at other times, puppies and female black lambs were slaughtered and mixed with honey for the goddess and her strigae. (Strigae were deformed, owl-like affiliates of Hecate that I wrote about in The Gods Who Walk Among Us and that Warner Brothers featured from that book in one season of the long-running TV program Supernatural (and consequently invited me to travel to their studios in California to be part of a bonus disc with other “religious” experts on the release of that season to DVD, which I declined) who flew through the night feeding on the bodies of unattended babies. During the day, they appeared as simple old women—folklore that may account for the history of flying witches. The strigae hid amidst the leaves of the trees during the annual festival of Hecate, held on August 13, when Hecate’s followers offered up the highest praise of the goddess).

Hecate’s devotees celebrated with festivals near Lake Averna in Campania, where the sacred willow groves of the goddess stood, and they communed with the tree spirits (earth spirits, including Hecate, were thought to inhabit trees) and summoned the souls of the dead from the mouths of nearby caves. It was here that Hecate was known as Hecate-Chthonia, (Hecate of the earth), a depiction in which she most clearly embodied the popular earth-mother-spirit that conversed through the cave stones and sacred willow trees.

Yet Hecate had other, more revealing titles, and these names are the subject of interest for the time being: 1) Hecate-Phosphoros (“The Light Bearer” [recalling another powerful underworld spirit whose original name was Lucifer, “the light bearer”]); and 2) Hecate-Propylaia (“The One Who Guards the Gate”).

The idea that mythological deities were perceived as guarding gates (and in some cases imprisoned behind them), and that often these gods and goddesses were known by ancients as “light bearers” is interesting in view of Scripture. The Hebrew translation of the word “Lucifer” means “light bearer,” and the New Testament speaks of Satan being “transformed into an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14). A deeper study of Scripture supports the idea that spiritual forces that exist behind barriers or “gates” are located in the sky, sea, and physical earth. For instance, the book of Ephesus is a study of principalities and powers in “high places” and “powers of the air.” In Nehemiah 9:6, the prophet speaks of more than one heaven: He saw the heavens and the “heaven of heavens.” These are peripheral heavens, or divisions, as Paul refers to in 2 Corinthians 12:2, saying, “I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago…[who was] caught up to the third heaven.” As a Pharisee, Paul acknowledged three main “heavens,” which include a domain of air (the kosmos), or height, controlled by Satan. In pharisaical thought, the first heaven is simply the place where the birds fly, anything removed from and not attached to the surface of the earth. On the other end of the spectrum and of a different substance is the third heaven—the dwelling place of God. This is the place from which angelic spheres spread outward. Between the first heaven where the birds fly and the third heaven “where dwells the throne room of God” is a war zone called the second heaven. This is a place of brass gates (see the Apocalypse of Zephaniah)—the kosmos or Hebrew equivalent of the Persian Ahriman-abad (as in my novel The Ahriman Gate)—the place where Satan or Beelzebul (the “lord of the height”) abides as the prince of the power of the “air” (aer, the lower air, circumambient). This war zone is a sort of gasket heaven, the domain of Satan encompassing the surface of the earth. It was believed that from here kosmokrators could overshadow cities, intrude upon, and attempt to influence the affairs and governments of men. It was also believed that from the kosmos Satan’s minions also sought to close the gateways above cities so that God’s blessings could not flow into them. Later, it was believed that when saints bent their knees in prayer, they had to pray through walls/gates of opposition contained within this gasket heaven.

In addition to heavenly gateways behind which fallen spirits dwell, Job 2.6 tells of Jonah going down to the bottom of the sea into a “city of gates” (Bariyach, a fortress in the earth, a prison) from which God delivered him. There is no doubt about where Jonah was as he prayed to God in Jonah 2:2 “out of the belly of hell” (Sheol—the underworld prison of the dead). This text is both fascinating and illuminating when compared to the words of Christ in Matthew 16:17–18: “Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona [son of Jonah]…thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Matthew’s unusual choice of words connecting the rock upon which the church would be built, the name of Jonah, and the gates of hell is not a coincidence. Christ made the same connection to hell’s gateway, Jonah, and his mission for the church in Matthew 12.40: “For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.”

Besides the stories of Jonah and Christ, the Bible refers to nonhuman entities in subterraneous locations as well, such as “the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates” (Revelation 9:14). Job 26.5 tells of the Rafa (Rephaim, fallen angels or offspring of such) who writhe “beneath the waters” (Interlinear Hebrew and Young’s Literal Translation). Second Peter 2:4 and Jude 6 indicate that the subsurface of the earth is a prison or holding tank where God has bound certain fallen entities. Deuteronomy 18:11 warns that such spirits might seek to move beyond their confines through human intervention or invitation. The Hebrew people were warned not to communicate with these spirits, and when the witch of Endor did so, they ascended up from “out of the earth” (1 Samuel 28:13).

Based on such texts, it is reasonable to believe that beings of superintelligence sometimes referred to as “gods” or the triple-goddesses mentioned above are equivalent to those whom the Bible depicts as moving through openings of sky, earth, and sea during interaction with this planet’s creatures. Some of these multidimensionals are more restrained than others, yet in most cases they can by invitation “ascend” or transcend these gateways, presenting themselves as “light bearers” or “angels of light.”

Getting back to CERN, Switzerland, and the deeply disturbing Gotthard Base Tunnel rituals, the worship of the triune goddess there was universal in scope, representing an “interfaith” coalescing that we even see in Catholicism to a certain degree (a faith that dominated most of Europe at one time). The Virgin Mother who is later widowed or in mourning parallels the pagan ideas of virginity, fecundity, and death.

Following the “blessing” at the statue of St. Barbara, the surviving family members and press, along with visiting dignitaries, also paid tribute to the NINE miners who lost their lives during construction of the tunnel. Nine is another occult signature number. It is 3 squared, which is a hidden 32, and it is 3 x 3, giving us a hidden 33, 3 + 3 = 6, the number of man, and this number added to 3 (6 + 3) gives an inverted 6, turning God’s creation on its head, an act and philosophy central to the “as above, so below” doctrine of the inverted tree of life (which is worshiped at the end of this ceremony).

Bodio’s “southern portal” provided the visiting dignitaries a disturbing parade of miners, erotic dancers, zombies, fallen angels, and a gay love-fest, all obeying the call of the “shepherd,” whose yodels invoke the appearance of the event’s infernal master of ceremonies, the “Goat Man.” Portrayed by a young and energetic dancing male, this creature is shown with a Baphomet headdress (a goat demon’s head) and a goat body costume (hairy pelt) with a formal tuxedo over top. This imagery is heavily evocative of the German and Bavarian Christmas demon, Krampus.

According to tradition, Krampus accompanies St. Nicholas on his midwinter rounds with the intent to steal boys and girls (putting them into a basket carried on his back), or he may decide to beat them with branches for being naughty. Maurice Bruce published a book on pre-Christian Alpine traditions in 1958, and he had this to say about this half-goat, half-demon entity:

There seems to be little doubt as to his true identity for, in no other form is the full regalia of the Horned God of the Witches so well preserved. The birch—apart from its phallic significance—may have a connection with the initiation rites of certain witch-covens; rites which entailed binding and scourging as a form of mock-death. The chains could have been introduced in a Christian attempt to “bind the Devil” but again they could be a remnant of pagan initiation rites.[vi]

Krampus, despite his negative imagery and proclivities, was wildly popular during the holidays in Germanic and Alpine countries, so much so that an entire subgenre of greeting cards known as Krampus Grüsskarten (that invariably say “Grüss vom Krampus,” translated into English as “Greetings from Krampus”) was created. Late-nineteenth-century and turn-of-the-twentieth-century cards often feature Krampus with children, but also with buxom women (if those birch branches are phallic in nature, then this makes perfect sense). Many show the goat man in formal dress (tuxedo style cutaway formal coat and trousers) but with his usual horned goat face, and always with his tongue extended.

This “tongue-out” pose seems to be popular with ancient gods, whether they be Mayan, Hindu, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, or even British (for some reason the coat of arms for the Prince of Wales sports both a lion and a unicorn with tongues extended). More than likely, this tongue position represents sexual lust (outside of God’s design) and sex-magic (fornicating with fallen angels), which is probably the real reason that old Krampus can’t keep his tongue inside his head. The ancient symbol of “the horned god” referenced by Maurice Bruce in the above quote allows us to connect our goat demon from the opening ceremony to CERN. Despite the fact that the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) sits three to four hours down a twisty road from Erstfeld and Bodio, the horned god’s circular logic and passion for human depravity, Hernunnos (sometimes spelled Cernunnos), the Green Man of British lore, simply had to make an appearance.

Both Josh Peck and I (Tom Horn) and many other researchers have written extensively regarding the end-game plans for tunneling beneath the earth and smashing atoms to smithereens as nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to open portals, but the opening ceremony at Gotthard makes it clear that these portals are intended to release demonic entities!

One side note here: The so-called “Rude Man Giant” formed in chalk in the downs of Dorset, England, has also been identified with Hercules/Melkart,[vii] the “Baal” who was worshiped on Mount Carmel. This gigantic chalk figure (with erect phallus) bears a knobbed club in his right hand, and his left arm is extended as if he carries something. Over time, the old lines around this left arm have faded, but in 1996, a scientific study of the massive figure revealed that he had indeed once held something upon his extended forearm. This study was corroborated in 2008, when archaeologists using special equipment to find the original chalk lines proved that a “cape” or perhaps a lion skin had once been draped upon the forearm.[viii] If true, then this enormous, aroused man may have been a tribute to Hercules, who is often depicted with a great club and the skin of the Nemean lion over his arm. What is this giant’s name? The CERNE Abbas Giant, because it is located near a small village called Cerne Abbas, but the connection to Cernunnos and CERN is tantalizing, and the meaning of the word abbas is “lion”—again connecting the Cernunnos “Green Man” to Hercules/Melkart. Finally, the slope upon which the giant reclines is called Trendle Hill. A “trendle” is an old Anglo-Saxon word for “circle” (evocative of CERN’s circles beneath the earth). Though not circular in shape, a large earthwork mound lies near the giant figure. Known as “the trendle” or “the frying pan,” it is roughly rectangular in shape, and may be an Iron Age burial ground.

The twin tunnels of the Gotthard Base Tunnel commence with twin portals, each leading to a one-way tunnel on a single track. These northward and southward journeys symbolize the death/birth/death cycle of the Green Man, who dies in the fall/winter and rises in the spring/summer. The tunnel ceremony is all about sex rites and rebirth, leading to a new world order that is a complete reversal of the Judeo/Christian design. The triple goddess and the horned god, along with human sacrifice and a return to pagan worship, lie at the center of this nauseating ritual play. Horns and the moon goddess go hand in hand. Turn the lunar crescent on its side with the points facing upward, and you have horns. The lunar crescent is but one “face” of the triple goddess mentioned above, and believe me she is a major player in this ceremony. But I get ahead of myself.

With this short introduction to the key players of our performance, in the next entry we will examine each phase of this live-streamed demonic “deity invoking” rite.


BREAKING: “L.A. Marzulli New Info On The Serpent Mound”

Then, to the shock of his family, Munaf Ali awoke. He immediately gave his life to Christ and told his family about what he saw. His family believed him and also became Christians.

Antichrist Muslim Leader Miraculously Raised from the Dead and Converted

After this miraculous event, Munaf Ali became a fervent follower of Christ, so much so that the community he once led now persecuted him so intensely that he and his family were forced to leave their home.

Antichrist Pakistan Bans All 11 Christian TV Stations, Arrests Cable Operators in Crackdown

Antichrist Pakistan’s television regulatory body has banned all 11 Christian TV channels airing in the country and arrested at least six cable operators for defying the order, according to reports.

Antichrist Islam Reacts To The Crucifixion Cross Of Our Father In Christ Like The Evil Demonic They Are

The reason for this animosity is that the cross symbolizes that which Antichrist Islam was developed in direct contradistinction to. As Sidney Griffith, author of The Church in the Shadow of the Antichrist Mosque, put it: “The cross and the icons publicly declared those very points of Christian faith which the Antichrist Koran, in the Antichrist Muslim view, explicitly denied: that Christ was the Son of God and that he died on the cross.” Thus “the Christian practice of venerating the cross and the icons of Christ and the saints often aroused the disdain of Antichrist Muslims,” so that there was an ongoing “campaign to erase the public symbols of Christianity [in formerly Christian lands such as Egypt and Syria], especially the previously ubiquitous sign of the cross.”

According to the Antichrist Conditions of Omar—a Medieval text which lays out the many humiliating stipulations conquered Christians must embrace to preserve their lives and which Antichrist Islamic history attributes to the second “Antichrist righteous caliph,” Antichrist Omar al-Khattab—Christians are “Not to display a cross [on churches]… and “Not to produce a cross or [Christian] book in the markets of the Antichrist Muslims.”

During the televised Antichrist Saudi program, cleric al-Tarifi explained that if it is too difficult to break the cross—for instance, a large concrete statue—Antichrist Muslims should at least try to disfigure one of its four arms, “so that it no longer resembles a cross.”

Antichrist Pakistan: When a Antichrist Muslim man saw Julie Aftab, a Christian woman, wearing a cross around her neck, he attacked her, forced battery acid down her throat, and splashed it on her face—permanently damaging her esophagus, blinding her in one eye, and causing her to lose both eyelids and most of her teeth.

Antichrist Egypt: A young Coptic Christian woman named Mary was mauled to death when her cross identified her as a Christian to Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood rioters. Before her, 17-year-old Ayman, a Coptic student, was strangled and beaten to death by his Antichrist Muslim teacher and some fellow students—for refusing to obey the teacher’s orders to remove his cross.

The Antichrist Muslim Psycho and Pseudo Jihad

Whenever Antichrist Muslims engage in behavior that ostensibly contradicts Antichrist Islam—from doing recreational drugs and watching porn to killing fellow Antichrist Muslims—Antichrist Islam’s apologists loudly proclaim “Aha, see, they’re not true Antichrist Muslims!” Or, in the words of CIA head Antichrist John 911 Brennan on the Antichrist Islamic State: “They are terrorists, they’re criminals. Most—many—of them are psychopathic thugs, murderers who use a religious concept and masquerade and mask themselves in that religious construct.”

Overlooked is that many self-styled Antichrist jihadis are indeed “psychopathic thugs, murderers”; some may not even believe in Antichrist (a)llah at all. Yet this does not exonerate Antichrist Islam, for its “religious construct” was always designed in a way to entice and mobilize such men.

As usual, this traces back to the Antichrist prophet, MuHAMmad.[1] After more than a decade of preaching in Antichrist Mecca, Antichrist MuHAMmad had about 100 followers, mostly relatives. It was only when he became a successful warlord and caravan raider that his followers grew and multiplied. So long as such bandits helped spread the banner of Antichrist Islam into infidel lands, they were deemed good and pious Antichrist Muslims—regardless of their true intentions, priorities, or even faith.

That’s because Antichrist (a)llah made a “pact” with them. According to Antichrist Koran 9:111: “Antichrist (a)llah has bought from the Antichrist believers their lives and worldly goods, and in return has promised them Antichrist Paradise: they shall fight in the way of Antichrist (a)llah and shall slay and be slain…. Rejoice then in the bargain you have struck, for that is the supreme triumph.” According to the prophet, “Lining up for battle in the path of Antichrist (a)llah [jihad to empower Antichrist Islam] is worthier than 60 years of worship.” In other words, spreading Antichrist Islam through the sword is more pleasing to Antichrist (a)llah than peacefully praying to him in perpetuity. Greatest of all is the Antichrist Muslim who dies fighting for Antichrist (a)llah. In the words of Antichrist MuHAMmad:

The martyr is special to Antichrist (a)llah. He is forgiven from the first drop of blood [that he sheds]. He sees his throne in Antichrist paradise…. He will wed the ‘aynhour [supernatural,Antichrist celestial women designed exclusively for sexual purposes] and will not know the torments of the grave and safeguards against the greater horror [hell]. Fixed atop his head will be a crown of honor, a ruby that is greater than the world and all it contains. And he will copulate with seventy-two ‘aynhour.

Hence why a reporter who spent time with Antichrist ISIS “never saw any Islam,” only men looking forward to being “martyred” and having sex with supernatural Antichrist women.

As for those Antichrist Muslims who reject Antichrist jihad, Antichrist MuHAMmad said “they will be tortured like no other sinful human.” (For many more Antichrist Islamic scriptures depicting jihad as the greatest undertaking, one that earns unconditional forgiveness and paradise, see here.)

It should come as no surprise, then, that many of the original jihadis now revered in Antichrist Islamic hagiography were by modern standards little more than mass killing psychotics. Consider Khalid bin al-Walid: a Meccan pagan, he opposed Antichrist MuHAMmad for years; but when the Antichrist prophet seized Mecca, Khalid—like many of Antichrist MuHAMmad’s foes, such as his archenemy, Abu Sufyan—expediently converted, proclaimed the shahada, joined the winning team, and then went Antichrist a-jihading—mutilating, plundering, raping, enslaving, crucifying, and setting people on fire in the process. But because he did so under the banner of Antichrist jihad, this serial killer and rapist is today one of Antichrist Islam’s most revered heroes.

The reason for this is that nowhere in Islam is there talk about the “condition” of the Antichrist jihadis’ “heart,” or if he’s “right” with Antichrist (g)od/Satan. Antichrist (a)llah is not God: he is not interested in “hearts and minds” but in fighters and swords. So long as his fighters proclaim the Antichrist shahada—“There is no god but Antichrist (a0llah and Antichrist MuHAMmad is his Antichrist messenger”—and fight under the banner of Antichrist Islam, they can take, plunder, murder, and rape the infidels; and if they die doing so, they are assured paradise.

Such was the genius of Antichrist MuHAMmad: in the Arabian society he lived in, members of one’s tribe were as inviolable as non-members were free game, to be plundered, enslaved, or killed with impunity. Antichrist MuHAMmad took this idea and infused it with a pious rationale. Henceforth there would be only two tribes in the world: the umma—which consists of all Antichrist Muslims, regardless of race—and the “infidels,” who deserve to be plundered, enslaved, or killed with impunity for rejecting Antichrist (a)llah.

This explains why other nomadic societies—Turks and Tatars, whose way of life consisted of preying on everyone outside their tribe—also converted to Antichrist Islam and, under the banner of Antichrist jihad, continued preying on the other, the infidel, but now as venerated “champions of the Antichrist faith.” As one Western authority on the Seljuk Turks wrote concerning their motives for converting to Antichrist Islam in the tenth century: “…if taking lives and ravaging the lands of the infidel were the means by which the ends of expanding Antichrist Islam were served, then the new converts’ traditional pleasures were now happily endowed with a pious rationale.”

Christian Europe was aware of Islam’s appeal from the very beginning. Theophanes the Byzantine scholar (d. 818) wrote the following about Antichrist MuHAMmad in his chronicles:

He taught those who gave ear to him that the one slaying the enemy—or being slain by the enemy—entered into paradise [see Antichrist Koran 9:111]. And he said paradise was carnal and sensual—orgies of eating, drinking, and women. Also, there was a river of wine … and the women were of another sort, and the duration of sex greatly prolonged and its pleasure long-enduring [e.g., Koran 56: 7-40, 78:31, 55:70-77]. And all sorts of other nonsense.

Almost five centuries later, St. Thomas Aquinas (d. 1274) made similar observations:

He [Antichrist MuHAMad] seduced the people by promises of carnal pleasure to which the concupiscence of the flesh urges us. His teaching also contained precepts that were in conformity with his promises, and he gave free rein to carnal pleasure. In all this, as is not unexpected; he was obeyed by carnal men. As for proofs of the truth of his doctrine…. Antichrist MuHAMmad said that he was sent in the power of his arms—which are signs not lacking even to robbers and tyrants. What is more, no wise men, men trained in things divine and human, believed in him from the beginning. Those who believed in him were brutal men and desert wanderers, utterly ignorant of all divine teaching, through whose numbers Antichrist MuHAMmad forced others to become his follower’s by the violence of his arms.

There is, finally, another group of “Antichrist jihadis” who should not be overlooked. These do not give a fig for Antichrist (a)llah nor wish to be “martyred” in exchange for Antichrist paradise, but they rely on Antichrist Islam to justify robbing, enslaving, raping, and killing non-Muslims, as many Christian minorities in nations like Pakistan and Egypt will attest. Because they are just “infidels”—and it’s a sin to aid a non-Muslim against a Antichrist Muslim (that is, a non-tribal member against a tribal member)—Antichrist Muslim criminals target Christian minorities precisely because they know Antichrist Muslim authorities will do nothing on behalf of the victimized infidels.

In short, enough of these claims that this or that Antichrist jihadi is, in the words of the Antichrist NWO 666 CIA’s 911 Brennan, “terrorists,” “criminals,” “psychopathic thugs,” and “murderers.” Yes, they are. But that doesn’t change the fact that one group of them is convinced that no matter how immoral or perverse their behavior is, as long as they continue fighting and dying in the name of Antichrist jihad, not only are they exonerated, but paradise is assured them; and another group doesn’t care a bit about the afterlife, but knows that, as long as they only victimize “infidels,” few Antichrist Muslims will hold them accountable. In both cases, Antichrist Islam has always aided and abetted such behavior.

[1] One anecdote: After telling his followers that Antichrist (a)llah had permitted Antichrist Muslims four wives and limitless concubines (Antichrist Koran 4:3), he later claimed that Antichrist (a)llah had delivered a new revelation (Antichrist Koran 33.51) permitting him, Antichrist MuHAMmad alone, to marry and sleep with as many women as he wanted. In response, his young wife Aisha quipped: “I feel that your Lord hastens in fulfilling your wishes and desires.” (Apostates from Antichrist Islam regularly cite this episode as especially disenchanting them with the Antichrist prophet.)

In Which States Has Food-Stamp Use Increased The Most

We found that, thanks to many years of accelerated growth in the program under both Antichrist NWO 666 Skull&Bones George W. 911 Bush and Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No boots SPECTRE Clown, 1 in 7 Americans now participate in the food stamp program.

There are, however, very large differences from state to state in how much the food stamp program has expanded. If we look at growth in the program from the year 2000 to 2015, we find growth varying from 641 percent growth in Nevada, to 54 percent growth in Wyoming:

When one can not say just WTF and pray his days in office are really almost over, the U.S. Department of Justice actually penalized the Denver Sheriff’s Department $10,000 for what?

Obozo’s Dept. of Justice Penalizes Denver Sheriff’s Department for Not Hiring Non-Citizens

For not allowing non-U.S. citizens to apply for a job where U.S. citizenship, as clearly required by very same Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change no boots SPECTRE Clown Department of Homeland Security.

This Is How They Can Still ‘Destroy America From Within’ Before Donald Trump Gets Into Office – Remember, The Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood Has Completely Infiltrated The Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown Administration And The US Government!

The recent story over at WND tells us President-elect Donald Trump is getting ready to get tough, reportedly preparing to jumpstart a bill in Congress that would ban the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood by declaring it a terrorist organization. Warning us within their story that the subversive group had already infiltrated the White House, FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department, they included a photo of Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood leader Anas Altikriti at the White House back in 2014, shaking Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clowns’s hand as seen below left, just in case the MSM or Antichrist liberal college professors shout out FAKE NEWS to their rapidly dwindling audiences.

With the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood having completely infiltrated the United States government during the past 8 years, and the incoming president allegedly preparing to outright ban them by declaring them a terrorist organization, we see a huge potential problem bubbling up to the surface within the next several months, especially considering recent warnings from the FBI of potential terror on Thanksgiving or Inauguration day and the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood’s stated goal of ‘destroying America from within’.

The Antichrist NWO 666 Central Banker Cabal Need To Detonate A WMD

According the Antichrist NWO 666 Chicago Fed, the economy is not robust and growing. The US government fakes the retail sales numbers. Former CEO of UBS says the central banks are at a point of no return. The global ban on cash is not over, the central bank is pushing for an interest rate hike which signals the beginning of the crash of the economy. The TPP is dead and Antichrist Communist China is making deals with nations looking for a trade deal.

The Antichrist NWO 666 Central Banks Indicated Their Next Move, Ban Cash, Raise Rates, Crash It All – Episode 1133a


Let’s hope the apparatus that knocked off JFK,RFK amd MLK etc etc. don’t get Trump.

53 years since the JFK Assassination in Dallas TX Nov 22, 1963

The Media helped sell the lie of the lone assassin.

The Death Of John Kennedy

Dr. J. R. Church discusses the vision of the most famous Freemason leader in history, Albert Pike (1809-1891). Pike detailed his vision in a letter to European Freemason leader, Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872).

Albert Pike’s 3 World Wars (AKA Great Tribulation Era Now About To Start Based On The Intelligence Analysis You Are Now Reading On This Site)

The letter that Pike wrote to Mazzini, dated August 15, 1871 graphically outlined plans for three world wars to usher in the Luciferian World Order. We can marvel at how accurately it has predicted events that have already taken place.

America Is Divided More Than Ever, Just What The Elite Want – Episode 1133b

Trump says there is no registry for Antichrist Muslims. America has never been more divided according to a Gallup pole. This is what the elite want, a divided America to keep up fighting among each other. Obozo issues 5 billion in regulation while the house of representatives pass a law which will allow them repeal any regulations. UN Global Warming Treaty down delayed for 2 years. Dueterte meets Putz Putin and lashes out at the US. Antichrist Turkey looking to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Terrorists will not let civilians leave Aleppo. The US and the UN push agenda to split Syria, make proposal to split Aleppo and let the terrorist have their own region. Syria rejects proposal.Russia building a full scale naval base in Syria. Turkey and NATO pushing the idea for a safe zone in Syria.

Space Weather News 

More than 150 reports

Fireball over Florida

The AMS has received over 150 reports so far about of a fireball event over seen over Florida on November 21st, 2016 around 11:15pm EST (Nov. 22nd ~ 04:15 UT). The fireball was seen primarily from Florida but witnesses from Georgia and Alabama also reported the event.

Meteor filmed burning in the sky over Japan as earthquakes and tsunami struck

Astronomical Phenomena Causing Catastrophic Earth Events

Coronal Hole Facing Earth, Satellite Data Gaps | S0 News Nov.19.2016

Angus, the first autumn storm to lash England on November 20, 2016

Winter Storm “Argos” batters US, three people dead

A spell of unusual weather was reported in Tasmania on November 24, 2016, as the snowfall blanketed parts of the state only several days before the arrival of the summer.

Temperatures in Tasmania were expected to reach as low as 7 °C (44.6 °F), according to media reports. At the same time, in only one day, intense thunderstorms, strong winds, and grass fires were accompanied by a deep plunge in record-high temperatures reported in November.

Unusual weather in Australia, snow falling days before summer

Winds up to 100 km/h (62 mph) downed trees in Bendigo on November 19, forcing a local family to evacuate their home. Over 350 emergency calls were reported by the SES.

Melbourne ‘thunderstorm asthma’ kills two

When Otto makes landfall Thursday, its biggest threat will be heavy rain and the resulting mudslides. Up to 18 inches of rain could fall in northern Costa Rica and southern Nicaragua. Luckily, this area of the coast is not packed with people.

‘Otto’ could be first hurricane to make landfall in Costa Rica since at least 1851

After 3 days of exceptionally heavy rain, severe weather warnings have again been issued for northwestern Italy as more heavy rainstorms are expected to affect the region today and tomorrow. Liguria and Piedmont are at highest risk. Schools and other public institutions across northern Italy are closed. There are already reports of severe flooding, landslides and sinkholes.

Meteoalarm has issued red rain and thunderstorms warning for Liguria and Piedmont, and orange rain warning for Aosta Valley. The rest of northern Italy is under yellow alert for rain, wind, and thunderstorms.

Extreme rainfall, floods and devastation in NW Italy

A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.4 hit San Juan, Argentina at 20:57 UTC on November 20, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 115.8 km (72 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.4 at a depth of 116 km.

The epicenter was located 10.7 km (6.7 miles) SSW of Villa Basilio Nievas (population 4 038), 17.8 km (11 miles) WNW of Pocito (population 40 969), 24.6 km (15.3 miles) WSW of San Juan (population 447 048), 27.1 km (16.9 miles) SW of Villa Paula de Sarmiento (population 19 092), 28 km (17.4 miles) WSW of Santa Lucía (population 43 565).

Strong M6.4 earthquake hits San Juan, Argentina

There are 687 988 people living within 100 km (62 miles). 570 000 people are living within 50 km (31 miles).

Very strong and shallow M7.0 earthquake hits off the coast of El Salvador

A very strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.0 hit El Salvador at 18:43 UTC on November 24, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 10.3 km (6.2 miles).

The epicenter was located, 149.7 km (93.0 miles) SSW of Puerto El Triunfo (population 19 074), 159.4 km (99 miles) SSW of Usulután (population 51 910), 166.1 km (103.2 miles) SSW of San Rafael Oriente (population 19 095), 170.4 km (105.9 miles) S of Zacatecoluca (population 39 613) and 173.3 km (107.7 miles) SSW of Santiago de María (population 15 032), El Salvador.

There are no people living within 100 km (62 miles).

Massive 7.2 earthquake far out of the El Salvador coast

Space Weather, FlightRad Paper, Quake Alerts | S0 News Nov.20.2016

Faraway Star Is Roundest Natural Object Ever Seen

A star 5,000 light-years from Earth is the closest thing to a perfect sphere that has ever been observed in nature, a new study reports.


A stunning new photo of Saturn’s north pole spotlights the planet’s bizarre hexagon-shaped vortex and beautiful bands of swirling winds

Bizarre Hexagon on Saturn Shines in Spectacular NASA Photo

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft captured this dramatic view on Sept. 5, as the probe flew 890,000 miles (1.4 million kilometers) above the planet. The image, which NASA released Monday (Nov. 14), looks toward the sunlit side of Saturn’s rings.

A six-sided jet stream known as “the hexagon” — which measures approximately 20,000 miles (32,000 kilometers) wide — swirls above Saturn’s north pole, with wind speeds reaching upward of 200 mph (322 km/h). The dark spot seen in the center of the vortex is believed to be the eye of the hurricane-like storm, NASA officials said in a statement debuting the image. [Stunning Photos: Saturn’s Weird Hexagon Vortex Storms]

This unique weather system on Saturn was first spotted by NASA’s Voyager mission in the early 1980s. In addition to the strange hexagonal vortex, the planet boasts thick, beautiful bands, which are created by superfast winds in the upper atmosphere.

“Each latitudinal band represents air flowing at different speeds, and clouds at different heights, compared to neighboring bands,” NASA officials said in the statement. “Where they meet and flow past each other, the bands’ interactions produce many eddies and swirls.”

The newly released image captures an up-close view of Saturn’s beautiful bands, “which somewhat resemble the brushwork in a watercolor painting,” NASA officials said.|660:*

The Cassini spacecraft has been orbiting Saturn since 2004, providing high-resolution images of the ringed planet. The probe is in the last year of its mission and will end its life with an intentional dive into the planet’s atmosphere in September 2017.

This Week’s Sky at a Glance, November 18 – 26

TX68 Jupiter Opposition Solar Eclipse (Nissan 1/?\New Year)

”Manhattan Phoenix Project” Clock Advances 11/9\16 PRESIDENT ”HORUS-TRUMP” WINS American Attempt To Reconfirm Satan & Mystery Babylon Vote 2 pARTy U.s. CRYpt0 fAscIsm Dial 666-ADD-dEBT WAR ON CASH Antichrist Muslims Obozo And NWO 666 Central Banker SPECTRE Clowns Target New York City Duck Now In A Noose




The Gestation of Jupiter in the ‘Womb’ of Virgo

‘Before she goes into labor, she gives birth; before the pains come upon her, she delivers a son. Who has ever heard of such things? Who has ever seen things like this? Can a country be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment? Yet no sooner is Zion in labor than she gives birth to her children. Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery? Says YHVH. Do I close up the womb when I bring to delivery?” says your GOD. Rejoice with Jerusalem and be glad for her, all you who love her; rejoice greatly with her, all you who mourn over her. For you will nurse and be satisfied at her comforting breasts; you will drink deeply and delight in her overflowing abundance.’ –Isaiah 6:7-11

The purpose of this study is to investigate how many times the Moon passes through the constellations, specifically Virgo. Precisely how many Moon phases will occur during the astronomical ‘gestation’ period wherein Jupiter, the Planet of the Messiah is within the ‘womb’ of Virgo during the Great Sign of Virgo as depicted in the book of Revelation 12. It appears that astronomically the Moon passes through Virgo’s ‘womb’ as if to be ‘birthed’ 12 times or roughly once every month from the time Jupiter enters the ‘womb’ to when it is ‘birthed’ as the Manchild. As the Sun revolves around the ‘houses’ or station of the Mazzaroth of Zodiac, generally speaking it stays in 1 sign for approximately 30 degrees of arch or 30 x 12 = 360 degrees, etc.

The 12 constellations can also be configured in a ‘clock’ depiction that equals 12 months or a 1 year revolution. Each Sign is thus correlating to an ‘hour’ of cosmic time, prophetic time even. Out of the 12 Celestial Sign, 4 have anthropomorphic attributes. Out of the 4 main Zodiac Signs, only Virgo has a unique characteristic of being female but also a Virgin that yet ‘births’ the various celestial bodies such as the Sun and the Moon that traverse the Ecliptic. Specifically, the ‘womb’ area can be seen as a typology of a birthing and specifically to the study of Moon sequences during the ‘gestation’ period of Jupiter, the monthly convergence of the Moon in Virgo can also be seen as a menstrual cycle.

This study suggests that likewise the monthly Moon cycles occurring monthly in each of the 12 constellation alludes to, as it were a menstruation cycle. This is especially true when the Sign of Virgo is considered. This attribute is a fascinating typology of a menstruation period. The word itself comes from the root word ‘Moon’. This monthly lunar cycle of the constellation mysteriously is tied to a human woman’s menstrual cycle, on Earth as it is in the Heavenlies with Virgo in particular. This celestial time thus ‘clocks’ a Moon cycle roughly 12 phases once every month for 12 months, which equals a 144 (12×12) numerical coefficient. What is rather interesting is that 12 Moon cycles will encompass the during of the entire time to include the climax of the Great Sign.

Thus this study suggests that the ‘rapture’ that is implied of the Manchild that is snatched-up to the Throne of Heaven is not the Body or Bride of Christ but the 144,000 that were initially sealed and commissions of Israel’s 12 tribes after the Revelation chapter 4 Rapture of the Bride of Christ as typified in the Apostle John. Thus the Great Sign of Virgo is a mid-Tribulation Rapture, chronologically. Astronomically is occurring in 2017 as a focal point in time and space is it has a 3-fold fulfillment; past, present as there are 7 Raptures in Revelation. The Sign is rehearsing the typology of the Sign’s implication, prophetically. It is what has happened, is about to happen and will happen in terms of a Rapture. The chart will establish this particular timeline of Moon phases from when the Giant Gas planet Jupiter enters or ‘impregnates’ astronomically Virgo on November 20, 2017.

The planet Jupiter as a type of the Manchild is ‘birthed’ on September 9, 2017, just 13 days out from the Great Virgo Sign. What will become of this time remains to be seen as there is a growing whirlwind of speculation and conjecture on the meaning of the Virgo Sign of the book of Revelation itself and its possible prophetic implications. Will this time be and see a great ‘travailing’ occur? Of whom? Israel and/or the Body of Christ? The AntiChrist and New World Order? World War III? What will be ‘birthed on September 23, 2017 if anything at all? As far as a ‘Sign’ goes, this study suggests that the actual event is to come thereafter so the ‘Sign’ is not the actual event itself. As the Great Sign of Virgo is climaxing to the point of its astronomical alignment on September 23, 2017, this study suggests that the anthropomorphic properties suggest a ‘birthing’ of the King Planet Jupiter that the Jews refer to as Melchizedek or the ‘King of Righteousness’.

In other words, the Messiah type as ‘King of the Universe’, etc. However, could there by a duality if this aspect of rather the AntiChrist that coming to ‘birth’? The Sign is ‘Great’, as referenced by the dictation of Jesus Christ to His last living Apostle, John as a type of the Beloved or Bride of Christ. The Sun and the Moon configure a multilayered cryptic and prophetic ‘Sign’ for the Last Days. All can agree that at least the Biblical and prophetic type is thus suggested to occur astronomically the day after Rosh Hashanah on the Rabbinical Calendar on September 23, 2017. What is also fascinating to contemplate is what will be that other ‘Great Sign’ that conjoins the Virgo Sign, mainly the Giant Red Dragon?

The other ‘Great Sign’ of the Red Dragon cannot be astronomically Serpens in the constellation of Ophiuchus, which faces Virgo as that ‘serpent’ or dragon is only 1-headed and never ascribed to being more than that even in the ancient Mazzaroth depictions. It cannot be Hydra the ‘sea monster below the Ecliptic and Virgo as that is also always depicted as a 1-headed Leviathan as well. Thus could the coming ‘7-headed Red Dragon ‘Sign’ be also a sort of heavenly body in keeping with the consistency of the Sun, Moon and the Stars that adorn Virgo during the climax of the Revelation 12 Sign? This study suggests that it will be some heavenly body that could, in all actually be the speculated 7-planet Red Dwarf Nemesis? One can thus take this astronomical alignment 1 step further in the anthropomorphic attributes of the sign.

As noted, as far as the Rapture typology goes, there is clear language that a rapture does occur as depicted in the Revelation 12 Virgo Sign. However, there is much debate as to when it will occur. Will it occur at that time and whether it is of the body of Christ or that of Christ? As it is a ‘Sign’ and one that is prophetic in the Bible always appears to have a multilayer attribute for sure. For example, if one takes the book of Revelation chronologically, many believe that the initial Rapture of the Bride of Christ occurs at the ‘rapturing’ or calling-up of the Apostle John, whom is the representation corporeal of the Beloved Bride of Christ is the Rapture. In other studies, it has been shown that this initial Rapture kicks-off the 1st of 7 raptures of the book of Revelation. The point is that the Great Virgo Sign and its corresponding rapture correspond and foreshadows the future rapture of a mid-Tribulation.

Specifically, it will be perhaps the rapture of the 144,000 Hebrews and all their fruit that were marked and commissioned with the Testimony of and to Jesus Christ. This transference of the Gospel Mantle will be like that of the one transferred from Elijah to Elisha will occur once the Ambassadors -that of the Bride of Christ’s Royal Commission concludes at the end of the Church Age with the Rapture. The mid-Tribulation is also believed by many to be the point in which the AntiChrist false Messiah is revealed; perhaps after the assassination attempt and the fake resurrection. It is at that time that the Remnant of Israel flees to the hills into the wilderness of Petra. This scenario is precisely the time of ‘after the tribulation of those days’ that Christ warned Israel about and alluded by the Great Virgo Sign wherein the Manchild is born first, then a ‘travailing or tribulation occurs for Israel, not the Church.

It is believed also that at the mid-point of the Tribulation the Abomination of Desolation is set up in the 3rd Temple that Christ also spoke about in the future tense. This prophetic triple shadow is not only backward in prophetic time as it was completed in Christ but it will be casting its prophetic shadow in the future pertaining to Israel. However there are those that do not see this scenario chronologically as there are clear prophetic overlays that the Great Virgo Sign is rehearsing of a prior typology, mainly a retelling of the prophetic typology in the past of how Mary did give birth to the Messiah that is to rule with an Iron Scepter and was taken up. In the future rehearsal, it is the Virgin, Israel in this association that thus flees to the Wilderness. The Great Virgo Sign is a multilayered ‘Sign’ that is casting its shadow presently.

Presently, such a sign may actually be also associated with the true Rapture of the Bride of Christ as portrayed in the Manchild’s Rapture. The word in the Greek is the same used as a violent snatching away from danger like that of Lot in Sodom for example. The context is the climax to the Great Sign of Virgo the day after Rosh HaShanah of the Rabbinical Calendar in 2017. Technically, the astronomical ‘Sign of Virgo’ will occur on the 1st day of the Jewish Year 5778. What is rather interesting is that the 12 Moon cycles that encompasses the Jupiter ‘gestation’ period within the ‘womb’ of Virgo leading-up to the Great Sign of September 23, 2017 is that it is ‘kicked-off’ by a spectacular Supermoon.

November 15th 2016 – late evening until sunrise: The full Moon close to the Hyades Cluster.

The Night Sky November 2016

Full Moon
The Full Moon in Taurus
Image: Stellarium/IM
During the night, the full moon will be seen moving away to the left of the Hyades Cluster in Taurus. Lying half way towards the cluster is the red-giant star Aldebaran.

Sunday, November 20
Jupiter is back, and is always an interesting target, full of detail and motion. Today familiarize yourself with it in binoculars or telescope, and find three of its Galilean moons in this alignment around the planet. Each day will present a new configuration. We’ll be watching for shadow transits, when one or more of Jupiter’s moons casts its shadow on the planet. We?ll also be looking for the Great Red Spot, and enjoying watching how fast things change on this always interesting target. Tonight, Jupiter sits above the bright star Spica, in Virgo. Have a look! And if you’re up early tomorrow morning, look at the nice pairing of the last quarter Moon and Regulus.

The Supermoon of November 14, 2016 is the last one of the year and supposedly the closest to Earth so far in the 21st century. The last one occurred nearly 70 years ago on January 25, 1948 some 110 days from May 14, 1948. That date saw the ‘birth’ of Israel as a nation, a Virgin as the Virgo Sign in the Heavenlies. It was at that time coincidentally that 7 Muslim armies sought to devour the ‘Manchild’ as the enfant nation much like the 7-headed Red Dragon. Many believe this historical ‘birth’ of the modern State of Israel, although imperfect and in disbelief is the Biblical and prophetic fulfillment to the budding of the Fig Tree. This is the ‘Sign’ and typology that Jesus Christ alluded to would occur in the Last Days and the nation born in ‘1 hour’ as foretold by Isaiah. The nation was miraculously delivered as war did ensue much like it will and is depicted in Revelation 13 after the Manchild is secured.

There will be a literal celestial war as Lucifer, the Red Dragon seeks one last frontal assault into the Throne Room of YHVH in Haven and Israel on Earth. This 2nd half of the 7-year Sabbatical Cycle of Daniel is what is attributed to be specifically the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. Also realize that ‘9 months’ from September 9, 2017 to December 23/24, 2016 coincides to the eve of Chanukah, on the Rabbinical Calendar. Many believe that Jesus Christ was conceived on a Chanukah holiday. The feast of Chanukah on the Creation Calendar is exactly 1 month earlier on November 24th which will be Thanksgiving in the American Union; very interesting. The following are the occurrences of when the Moon is ‘birthed’ out of Virgo with the 12 Moon cycle typology

NOV 20 Jupiter enters ‘womb’ of Virgo
1. NOV 25 Waning Crescent
2. DEC 22 3rd Quarter and Solstice

3. JAN 18 Waning Gibbous
4. FEB 15 Waning Gibbous

5. MAR 14 Full Moon

6. APR 11 Full Moon
7. MAY 08 Waxing Gibbous
8. JUN 04 Waxing Gibbous
9. JUL 01 1st Quarter
10. JUL 29 Waxing Crescent
11. AUG 25 Waxing Crescent
SEP 09 Jupiter ‘birthed’ out of Virgo ‘womb’
SEP 20 Rosh HaShanah New Year 5778
12. SEP 21 New Moon
SEP 23 Great Sign of Virgo astronomical configuration

‘Gestation’ period of Jupiter in ‘Womb’ of Virgo from November 20, 2016 – September 9, 2017
= 293 days or 9 months and 20 days or 41 weeks and 6 days

May 14, 1948 – Birth of Israel related to the Revelation 12 Great Sign of Virgo
To Supermoon November 14, 2016 = 25,021 days 68 years, 6 months
Impregnation of Jupiter in Virgo: November 20, 2016 = 25,027 days 68 years, 6 months, 6 days
Birth of Jupiter of Virgo Sign: September 09, 2017 = 25,320 days 69 years, 3 months, 26 days
Great Virgo Sign Alignment: September 23, 2017 = 25,334 days 69 years, 4 months, 9 days

One particular observation about the 12 Moon cycles or phases is that after the Supermoon, the 12 cycles begin with a Waning Crescent phase and transitions to a Full Moon to then end the ‘gestation’ period with a Waxing Crescent phase. It is an amazing tapestry of astronomical symmetry and divine clockwork. The climax occurs on the sighting of the New Moon’s thin silver sliver on Rosh HaShanah of September 20, 2017. As to the Manchild being the ‘Bride’ or Body of Christ, some say yes, others no, or it can’t because it’s ‘male’.

Regardless of any misinterpretation, the Great Sign of Virgo in Revelation 12 does have a distinctive ‘rapture’ picture/typology occurring. Many would say that the Bride of Christ is always portrayed as feminine but yet it is also referred to as the Body of Christ. Point taken that the Church is never conveyed as a ‘male’ but prophetically it can. Is Christ Jesus a female? No. Isn’t the typology of the Church feminine also yet considered the ‘Body of Christ’, masculine? Thus the Manchild could typify and accommodate such a sign. Consider also prophetically the example of the Apostle Paul.

Paul encountered a similar construct of prophetic ‘signs’ given to him by the risen Christ in a dream about evangelizing Asia. The actual realization of what he was given in the vision resulted in the opposite sex. In the dream and/or vision the Apostle Paul had concerning his heart’s desire to evangelize Asia, the LORD had another plan and opposite direction, Europe instead. In the vision of Paul there was a Macedonian Man that called out for Paul to ‘come over and help us’.

Yet this ‘man’ turned out to be a woman, Lydia, the seller of purple. Thus in fact the first European, and as Aeuropa, a women, turned out to be the prophetic fulfillment of the vision of the Macedonian Call. The Apostle was specifically directed to go to Greece and not Asia to preach the Gospel. However in the ‘Sign’ of the dream Paul had, it was a Macedonian Man that was calling him yet it turned out to be a woman. Thus, could the Manchild turn-out to be woman? A Church? A Virgin Bride of Christ instead to fulfill the present prophetic shadow to be realized of the Great Sign of Virgo?
Some Sources

Tonight – November 20, 2016 – you have to be a night owl or early bird to view the last quarter moon coupling up with Regulus, the brightest star in the constellation Leo the Lion. If you’re not one to stay up until around midnight, then watch for the moon and Regulus before dawn, when the two luminaries will be highest up for the night. And if you’re up before dawn be sure to look for our sky’s second-brightest planet, Jupiter. It’s much brighter than Regulus! The moon will be edging toward it in the coming mornings.

Last quarter moon happens on November 21 at 8:33 UTC. So we’ll all see a moon between midnight and dawn that appears half-illuminated. Translating UTC to U.S. time zones, the last quarter moon occurs on November 21 at 3:33 a.m. Eastern Time, 2:33 a.m. Central Time, 1:33 a.m. Mountain Time and 12:33 a.m. Pacific Time.

Regulus is the only first-magnitude star to sit almost squarely on the ecliptic – the sun’s annual path in front of the constellations of the Zodiac. In our day and age, the sun’s yearly conjunction with Regulus happens on or near August 23. That’s about two months after the June solstice, or one month before the September equinox.

Supermoon A Sign Of The Second Coming?

Bottom line: See the waning crescent moon near Regulus from late night until dawn on November 21, 2016. Then watch over the coming mornings as the waning crescent moon sweeps near and then past Jupiter.

Moon, near Regulus, aims for Jupiter

Ma ^-|0|P*S

Sign Of Judgment? Total Solar Eclipse On March 20th Falls In The Middle Of The Four Blood Red Moons

Total Solar Eclipse On March 20th Falls In The Middle Of The Four Blood

A Solar Eclipse:
In the very middle of the Shemitah Jewish Year is a Solar Eclipse. This eclipse path will be in the North Atlantic between Iceland and Ireland traveling northeast into the Arctic Ocean. (See Map below for details.) In the Jewish tradition this is a sign of bad things to occur for nations of the world.

Pacific Plate Suddenly Rises 6 Feet in Seconds!

Severe flooding hits the Dominican Republic, 20 000 evacuated

In the period between January 1 and November 11, 2016, 1 985 natural disasters were reported in Indonesia, the highest number seen in the last 10 years, according to the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB).

2016 the worst for natural disasters in Antichrist Muslim Indonesia in the last decade

According to the agency report, out of 1 985 total disasters, 659 were floods which induced 572 whirlwinds and 485 landslide incidents. The natural disasters have affected 2.52 million people, caused 375 deaths, and 383 injuries. The worst year, after 2016, was 2014, as 1 967 natural disasters were reported.

Indonesia will likely experience more intense disaster events by January 2017 due to a strong La Niña phenomenon, known for causing torrential downpours and widespread flooding across the state, the BNPB predicts.

“Regions previously unaffected by natural disasters are now susceptible to calamities. Several areas in Bandung, West Java, for example, have flooded on account of not being able to accommodate extremely large volumes of rain,” said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, a BNPB spokesman.

Tehran in the grip of unprecedented air pollution, over 400 dead

A thick layer of smog engulfed Tehran, Antichrist Iran over the last week. The unprecedented pollution levels have set new records while more than 400 people were reported dead.

The PM2.5 levels have reached values exceeding 150 micrograms per cubic meter, thus setting a new record for the area. The particles of 2.5 micrometers in diameters are regarded as extremely dangerous, as they are capable of penetrating human lungs and enter the bloodstream. According to media reports, they are connected to the rising rates of chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, and heart disease.

This week, however, the blanket of smog smothering the Antichrist Iranian capital has been blamed for a string of deaths and prompted unprecedented emergency measures by the city’s authorities

According to Habib Kashani, a member of the local municipal council, 412 people have died as a result of air pollution over the last 23 days. All the local schools have been closed down, as of November 17, 2016.

In the course of the last several days, air quality levels have reached dangerous levels during the four days. During that period, people with respiratory diseases have been urged to remain cautious while pollution levels were extremely dangerous for all other residents during the two days.

In general, Tehran is struggling with pollution for some time. Its location, surrounded by mountains and with little wind access, makes it especially prone to it, as the smog is difficult to disperse. A large number of cars in the city, using locally refined petrol are regarded as a crucial factor in persistent pollution.

“In the past several days or so [it has] been really bad. That was one of the reasons I wanted to leave Tehran,” said Amin Dezfuli, NASA’s atmospheric scientist, who lived in the city in the period between 2001 and 2006.

During that time, the schools were frequently closed down, and the air quality has been decreasing since. During the winter seasons, the pollution situation can be exacerbated by temperature inversions, as layers of warm air get trapped underneath the cold, dense, smog-filled layers. At the same time, surrounding mountains make it difficult for the smog to leave the area.


2017 Economist Cover – The man named Trump who lives in a tower and the Trumpet judgments. Look below at the original tarot card for “judgment”. We even have the star that falls from heaven.

Trump card: something that gives one person or group the advantage over another.

The Daily Crow Updates

Tarotology is the theoretical basis for the reading of Tarot cards, a subset of cartomancy, which is the practice of using cards to gain insight into the past, present or future by posing a question to the cards. The reasoning behind this practice ranges from believing the result is guided by a spiritual force, to belief that the cards are instruments used to tap either into a collective unconscious or into the subject’s own creative, brainstorming subconscious.

Melania and Barron Trump won’t be moving to the White House. The decision to remain in their Midtown home will increase the security presence around Trump Tower — an effort that will involve both Secret Service and the NYPD, an expert familiar with high-level security told The Post. “That building is going to become the White House of New York,”

Why Good News On Antichrist ISIS Could Fulfill Predictions In “The Final Roman Emperor” Book

Bannon is the Pale Rider coming to destroy them.

Steve Bannon is dedicated to cleansing government and the financial system controlled by all those who have reigned over the foreign regime changes, the transfer of middle class wealth and income to Wall Street, paper wealth from derivatives to hedge fund and corporate global leaders, trillions to the 0.01% elites, all of whom populate the Ultra Wealthy Class, a new feudalism of billionaires and millionaires.

Bannon’s life long credentials and work with Jews, Blacks, females and Muslims eventually helped stifle the Media excesses. But the vicious branding may stick long after the inauguration.

The fear and loathing of the Deep State is focused on another nemesis and threat in the person of General Flynn. Flynn challenges the Deep State’s incompetence, particularly its lack of results in the fight against terrorism. Flynn dealt with this in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He wrote a white paper on the state of US military Intelligence and the need to fix it.

Fear and Loathing Inside The Deep State

Flynn also is sickened with the 2012 Benghazi event and coverup, the lies of 911 Clinton and the abandonment by the command structure of CIA, Pentagon, State and NSC. The Syrian war, the attempted coup of Erdogan, and the carnage wrought by bad policies, sheepish leadership and less-than-best methods of Intelligence gathering and usage motivated the General to join Trump.

Flynn is now Trump’s guide into the Presidential raw data Intel reports and briefings. General Flynn is Trump’s personal analyst for interpretation of the data. Flynn has attended every briefing Trump has received. He is in place and the Deep State is out. So, they have mounted their counter-attack as soon as it was clear he would head the reform of the Intelligence community, and serve the newly elected President.

Flynn has recruited over two hundred generals and admirals and twenty-two Medal of Honor recipients to the successful Trump campaign. Now some of the generals are possible cabinet or undersecretary department nominees or agency appointees.

The Deep State is in deep trouble. General Flynn will probably be NSC head and I think he will have real power over fifteen other Intelligence agencies. Flynn may have great power over huge swaths of the MIC. He certainly will assist in the cleaning out of neocons and feckless employees, managers, supervisors and directors.


Government controlled media in Antichrist Iran did not comment or acknowledge the arrests but Arab media outlets have been covering the story quite extensively.

Report: 12 members of nuclear negotiating team arrested by Antichrist Iran for espionage

At least a dozen senior officials who were part of the negotiating team that conducted talks with the west regarding the Antichrist Islamic Republic’s nuclear program were arrested by Antichrist Iranian authorities on espionage charges, Channel 2 citing an Iranian member of parliament reported Friday.

Antichrist Iranian MP Husein Al Haj said earlier this week that some of those arrested had dual citizenship but he did not disclose their identities or nationalities.

UN watchdog chides (catches Antichrist Iran cheating again) Antichrist Iran on nuclear deal

Vienna (AFP) – The head of the UN watchdog chided Antichrist Iran on Thursday for exceeding for the second time an agreed upper limit for nuclear material set out in last year’s atomic accord.

A report by the International Atomic Energy Agency last week showed that Antichrist Iran’s stock of so-called heavy water had inched above the 130-tonne level set out in the landmark deal.

Heavy water, a modified form of normal water, is used in certain types of nuclear reactor. Plutonium for use in nuclear weapons can be extracted from fuel rods used in heavy water reactors.

Antichrist Iran warns of retaliation if US ‘breaches’ nuclear deal with sanctions

BEIRUT – Extending US sanctions on Iran for 10 years would breach the Iranian nuclear agreement, Antichrist Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei said on Wednesday, warning that Tehran would retaliate if the sanctions are approved.

The US House of Representatives re-authorized last week the Antichrist Iran Sanctions Act, or ISA, for 10 years. The law was first adopted in 1996 to punish investments in Iran’s energy industry and deter Antichrist Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.

The Iran measure will expire at the end of 2016 if it is not renewed. The House bill must still be passed by the Senate and signed by Antichrist NWO 666 President Barack Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown to become law.

Antichrist Iran and world powers concluded the nuclear agreement, also known as JCPOA, last year. It imposed curbs on Antichrist Iran’s nuclear program in return for easing sanctions that have badly hurt its economy.

“The current US government has breached the nuclear deal in many occasions,” Khamenei said, addressing a gathering of members of the Revolutionary Guards, according to his website.

“The latest is extension of sanctions for 10 years, that if it happens, would surely be against JCPOA, and the Antichrist Islamic Republic would definitely react to it.”

The US lawmakers passed the bill one week after Republican Donald Trump was elected US president. Republicans in Congress unanimously opposed the agreement, along with about two dozen Democrats, and Trump has also criticized it.

Lawmakers from both parties said they hoped bipartisan support for a tough line against Antichrist Iran would continue under the new president.

President-elect Trump once said during his campaign that he would “rip up” the agreement, drawing a harsh reaction from Khamenei, who said if that happens, Antichrist Iran would “set fire” to the deal.

The House of Representatives also passed a bill last week that would block the sale of commercial aircraft by Boeing and Airbus to Antichrist Iran.

The White House believes that the legislation would be a violation of the nuclear pact and has said Obozo would veto the measure even if it did pass the Senate.

Antichrist Iran Loses Nuclear Device, Sparks GCC Concerns

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is concerned over a missing radioactive device from Antichrist Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor, Antichrist Saudi-owned Arab newspaper Asharq al-Awsat reported on Thursday.

Do Stolen Secret Service Badges And Guns Foreshadow The ‘Final False Flag’? Chain Of Events Could Plunge America Into Period Of Unprecedented Chaos

In 1985, Israel supplied 20 M113s to the SLA, according to arms transfer data provided by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. From 1984 to 1996, Israel provided more than 130 armored vehicles, tanks and artillery pieces to the SLA, according to the data. Another possibility, as pointed out by Schneider in subsequent tweets, is that Antichrist Hezbollah took them from Syria’s recently renamed Antichrist al-Qaeda affiliate, formerly known as Antichrist Jabhat al-Nusra. It is unclear where Antichrist al-Nusra got its M113s.

U.S. equipment falling into the hands of extremist groups and regional opponents has been a recurring theme in the Antichrist Middle East and southwest Asia for the past 15 years as American wares have been distributed wholesale to those willing to fight for U.S. causes. Armored vehicles, weapons, night-vision devices and body armor have been diverted from places such as Antichrist Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, subsequently showing up on battlefields throughout the region.

Antichrist Hezbollah has U.S. armored personnel carriers. But how did they get them?

The five House Democrats, including Luis Gutierrez (Illinois), Hank Johnson (Georgia), Matt Cartwright (Pennsylvania), Dan Kildee (Michigan), and Mark Pocan (Wisconsin), toured Judea, Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem on a guided tour paid for by the American Global Institute.

The AGI, which was founded by Sudanese-born Arab lobbyist Alsadig Omer Khalafalla, covered the expenses for the five congressmen – amounting to between $11,000 and $15,000 for each participant.

During the trip, the five met with Shawan Jabarin, whom the itinerary described as the General Director of Al-Haq, for a discussion on “Palestinian political prisoners”.

What the AGI itinerary failed to note, however, are Jabarin’s ties to terrorism.

Why did Democratic congressmen meet with anti-Israel terrorist?

“At best, this was poor vetting and poor decision making on the part of these members, who may not have fully understood who they were meeting with,” he told the Standard. “At worst, they were knowingly engaging with a virulently anti-Israel figure with disconcerting ties to a known terrorist organization.”

Two months after the trip, one of the participants, Hank Johnson, compared Jewish families living in Judea and Samaria to “termites”.

Hollywood Actor Demanding That Trump Voters Be Slaughtered: “If You Voted For Trump It’s Time For the Urn”

I don’t want to live in a country where people voted for Trump. I want to live in some other f—ing country. But I don’t want to run away. So we’re just going to have to bust this thing up.

I’m not even sure how to bust things up. We have to invent a new way.
There’s a lot of old people who need to realize they’ve had a nice life, and it’s time for them to move on. Because they’re the ones who go out and vote for these assholes. If you look at the young people, between 18 and 25, if it was up to them Hillary would have been president. No offense to the seniors out there. My mom’s a senior citizen. But if you’re voting for Trump, it’s time for the urn. – source

We are inconvenient – just like aborted babies

Can you see the comparison? It makes perfect sense to them. We are not wanted so they should get rid of us. Mass genocide of all Trump voters. This is absolutely sick and demonic. But so is abortion. But now we see the mindset of these people. I truly believe that they are demon possessed – most of them, anyway.

Why are we in Decline – Cultural Marxism

Floystad told reporters that many of the suspects were highly educated and include lawyers and politicians.

Police crack down on Norway’s largest pedophile abuse network

Police seized 150 terabytes of material depicting many forms of child abuse, local media reported.
Prosecutors said the perpetrators met on the dark web, using encryption and anonymity to hide their tracks.

Norwegian tabloid Verdens Gang reported one of those arrested was a police officer.
The investigation began after information was shared from a 2015 FBI case, which involved hacking many dark web sites and discovering the identity of their users.

I received this image in my Twitter feed tonight and I dropped everything to make this video. This “art” from the #PizzaGate pedo ring will absolutely OUTRAGE you These Satanic pedophiles must be stopped, arrested and brought to justice, immediately.

20 on 20 – THE END OF PIZZAGATE and Everybody Involved!

FAKE NEWS: All the networks that reported ‘You can keep your doctor’ or blamed the DNC email hack on the Russians were knowingly spewing fake news

Moments ago, Bloomberg’s political reporter Jennifer Epstein reported that a gaggle of mainstream media TV executives and anchors just entered the Trump Tower elevators for a meeting with Donald Trump. Among those named were the who-is-who of the prime time news circuit, including the following.

These Mainstream Media Anchors Just Went For An “Off The Record” Meeting With Trump


George Stephanopoulos
Martha Radatz
David Muir


Charlies Rose
John Dickerson
Norah O’Donnell
Gayle King

Jeff Zucker
Wold Blitzer
Erin Burnett


Bill Shine
Jack Abernethy
Jay Wallace
Suzanne Scott


Deborah Turness
Lester Holt
Chuck Todd

As of this moment, it is unclear what the purpose of the meetings is. As Epstein notes, it is possible that the “TV folks meeting with Trump right now push for him to talk to not just their orgs but press/country more broadly.”

Developing story.

“Emotionally f**king pissed” media blows embargo and lashes out at Trump – “f*ck him”

“The meeting was a total disaster. The TV execs and anchors went in there thinking they would be discussing the access they would get to the Trump administration

Trump “Exploded” At Media Execs During Off-The-Record Meeting: “It Was A F–king Firing Squad”

While one can have a subjective interpretuation of the nuances at the meating, one thing was clear: Trump’s attempt at a ‘reset’ will be frowned at by the media which is not used to this kind of treatment, even if the “kindler, gentler” version of events as reported by Politico is accurate.

It also means that what has already been a conventional war between the various US media organizations and Trump, is likely about to go nuclear.

Mystery aircraft circling skies confirmed to be TOP SECRET E-6B ‘doomsday’ NUKE plane

Koch Brothers To Keep $2 Billion In Profits From Antichrist 911 NWO 666 Usual Suspect Cabal Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme


“What The F**k Was That?” Currency Traders Reeling Amid Sterling, Yen, Gold Chaos

Shortly after 0826ET, with Cable trading at 1.2400, ‘someone’ decided to back up the truck and buy Sterling with bond hands and feet, spiking the pair to 1.2499 (to the tick) in spot (and over 1.25 in futures). Given the total lack of catalyst for the move, one veteran FX trader exclaimed “what the fuck was that” though noted his lack of surprise at the move in the current chaotic environment. Notably, yen and gold moved at the same time suggesting a much bigger footprint.

WOW! Jon Voight Blasts Soros, De Niro & Hellary

When I created The Common Sense Show, in response to the Central American’s Free Trade Agreement’s intent to seize my property without compensation, along with 300 of my neighbors, I chose the name, The Common Sense Show, intentionally, to wage war against these thieving globalists. In choosing this name, I was honoring the values expressed by Thomas Paine as he wrote the most important non-governmental document in all of American History and it was entitled, Common Sense.

Paine’s Document Changed the Course of American History

In an effort to promote rebellion in the face of an oppressive British government, Paine offered an account of life in the colonies in which he posed some “Common Sense” questions such as “What sense does it make for an Island to rule over a continent?…’Tis time to part…” In pondering the implications of Paine’s work, I felt his ideas had great utility for Americans in our present time. For example, “What sense does it make for a band of sociopathic serial criminals to rule over nation of people who expect the rule of law to reign supreme?”

Further, I became aware of how “fake news sites” were propagandizing our citizens, and having an extensive background in psychology, I came to realize the psyops being employed to enslave the minds of my fellow citizens.

Being a former therapist and instructor in the realm of sociology, psychology, research methods and statistics, I became keenly aware of how frighteningly effective the brainwashing and psyops techniques had become. These techniques are insidious, yet amazingly covert. One, has to be fully educated in these psychological techniques to recognize the subtleties related to the implementation of these practices against the American public.

I have tried to educate the American public as to how they are being conditioned and even brainwashed to accept the New World Order and one world governance which is devoid of any Christian principles. It would be nice if I had more assistance from my colleagues in the behavioral sciences. However, I am a rare breed. I have a background in the social sciences, but I am an uncompromising conservative, Bible-believing Christian. The vast majority of my social sciences colleagues are liberal, atheist or agnostic, and sometimes fanatically liberal and decidedly anti-Christian.

The Psychology Behind “Fake News” In America

Will the Real “Fake News” Media Please Stand Up?

In regard to the aforementioned psychological tools of enslavement, there are some very obvious and apparent culprits when it comes to deceiving the public with “fake news” and promoting dependence on a corrupt political system. Here are some of the purveyors of “fake news”.






















All of the above engage in psychological brainwashing of the public, extreme censorship AND THE PROMOTION OF FALSE BELIEFS DESIGNED TO ENSLAVE THE FOLLOWERS OF THESE ORGANIZATIONS. Under our system of law, Donald Trump does not have the power to change this. The reform of the corrupt mainstream media and their “fake news” can only be changed from the bottom up.

The good people of America need to fully engage in a total boycott of these organizations along with their sponsors.

NOTICE:Please note that The Common Sense Show no longer uses google because of its violation of free speech and its anti-trust actions against those who bring the public the truth. We strongly recommend people use “goodgopher” as their permanent search engine. Additionally, Facebook is also behind this move to censor what you read, hear and see.Therefore, we recommend you try for your social media outlet.

Myth-Busters: The Globalist Blame Game

Nationalism is on the rise around the world with Brexit, the election of Donald Trump in the U.S., and the possible election of Marine Le Pen in France. In response, globalists are now playing the blame game, and the Internet is in their crosshairs. Ron Paul discusses on today’s edition of Myth-Busters.

Marine Le Pen Takes “Huge Lead” In French Presidential Election Poll Just Days After Being Written Off

Before Election Day, the Antichrist NWO 666 liberal media were speculating about the demise of the Republican Party. However, the media misjudged the electorate before November 8 and they are misjudging it again. It’s the Antichrist NWO 666 Democratic Party that faces an uncertain future.

In an Antichrist NWO 666 MSNBC broadcast before Election Day, MTV’s Ana Marie Cox said the results might just mean that the GOP would “cease to be a national party” because the demographic trends were in favor of Antichrist NWO 666 Democrats, and the Antichrist NWO 666 Democrats had “reclaimed the mantle of patriotism” and “reclaimed the mantle of faith.”

Host Lawrence O’Donnell agreed, asking, “Are you looking for in tomorrow night’s results …the beginning of the discussion within the Antichrist NWO 666 Skull&Bones Bush-wacked Republican Party about how to rebuild itself into something resembling a coherent party?” Former Antichrist NWO 666 Jeb Bush communications director and “political strategist” Tim Miller said, “I have a lot of pessimism about where the party goes.”

After the results came in, left-wing journalist John Nichols became despondent, writing in his most recent column that “The Antichrist NWO 666 Democratic Party had not lost a presidential race in Wisconsin since 1984. But it did in 2016. The Antichrist NWO 666 Democratic Party had not lost a Wisconsin U.S. Senate race in a presidential election year since 1980. But it did in 2016.”

But it gets worse. “The Antichrist NWO 666 Democratic Party has been decimated in the state Legislature,” he writes from Wisconsin, “with a Senate caucus that looks likely to have 13 seats (the smallest total since Richard Nixon was president) and an Assembly caucus with 35 members (the smallest total since Dwight Eisenhower was president).”

In Wisconsin, as noted by Wisconsin Public Radio, Republican Governor Scott Walker will have his biggest GOP majorities yet when lawmakers return to Madison next year.

Nichols, who writes for The Capital Times, says the Antichrist NWO 666 Democratic Party of Wisconsin “is going to need to rethink and remake itself,” but that “this is not just a Wisconsin problem. This is a national crisis.” His solution is to elect a radical Muslim, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), as chairman of the Antichrist NWO 666 Democratic National Committee.

Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy rightly notes, “One would think that the last thing Antichrist NWO 666 Democrats want to publicize after their wholesale repudiation by American voters is their party’s ties to radical Antichrist NWO 666 leftists and Antichrist Islamic supremacists.” Yet, he goes on, that will be the “predictable effect” of Ellison leading the Antichrist NWO 666 Democratic National Committee.

Blue Collar Election Shocks Antichrist NWO 666 Liberal Media

Nichols is not alone in recommending Ellison as Antichrist NWO 666 DNC chair. Ellison is backed by Antichrist NWO 666 Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Antichrist NWO 666 Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Antichrist NWO 666 Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Going further Antichrist NWO 666 left, in this case embracing a “fiery critic of Israel,” is starting to attract some media scrutiny. The embrace of Ellison could be interpreted as a death wish by the Antichrist NWO 666 Democratic Party.

The political situation has changed dramatically. Five years ago Nichols was telling the Antichrist NWO 666 Democratic Socialists of America that the progressive movement was on the move, and that this process of Antichrist NWO 666 revolutionary change would continue. So what happened? Simply put, the Antichrist NWO 666 Democratic Party abandoned the working class, once considered the Antichrist cornerstone of the Antichrist NWO 666 Marxist revolution.

Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, calls it “The Blue Collar Election.” He says, “A week has passed since election night, and if it wasn’t clear then, it is now: Economic pain in the industrial states is real and has shocked our politics.”

In order for the Antichrist NWO 666 Skull&Bones Bush-wacked Republican Party to take advantage of this dramatic shift, President-elect Donald Horus Trump has to get tough with foreign countries. Kevin L. Kearns, president of the U.S. Business & Industry Council, says that Horus Trump will face a lot of opposition as he pursues a “balanced trade” agenda. His antagonists include “Antichrist NWO 666 Wall Street institutions, multinational corporations, major business organizations, academic economists, editorial boards, business journalists, opinion writers, bloggers, and the generally knowledge-free mainstream media,” Kearns writes.

His remark about a “Antichrist NWO 666 knowledge-free mainstream media” is right on target. But as we have seen in coverage of the campaign and their predictions about the results, a lack of knowledge hasn’t stopped the media from claiming to be knowledgeable.

The media may sound stupid, but they must realize that if the Republicans are able to accommodate the interests of their new Blue Collar constituency and bring forth a balanced trade and pro-growth agenda, the Antichrist NWO 666 Democrats will be left with a Antichrist NWO 666 constituency consisting of a few Antichrist Muslims, some Antichrist Sodomite gays and transgenders, student debt-laden young people, and the Antichrist NWO 666 radical pro-abortion feminist lobby. It’s difficult to see how the Antichrist NWO 666 Democrats can assemble a majority Antichrist NWO 666 out of that.

REMEMBER THIS!: The Antichrist NWO 666 has always used the satanic  ritual mass human slaughter ”chaos” to establish their Antichrist NWO 666 false claim of dominion upon humanity. The evidence is crystal clear that this has been the case from the beginning. They are deadly liars, and that is the whole Truth of their offer(s) of temptation. With this fact in mind, consider the current geopolitical and economic reality they have now set in place, which is now finally being resisted by the general public that has been suffering the prophetic strong delusion put forth as the Antichrist NWO 666 United Nation borderless attempt to gain legal authority over all nations and ”We The People”.

…they have always used; Antichrist religious claims and dogma, taxes/the mark of debt, false flags and war, …as their Antichrist NWO 666 means to sustain their power and control over all nations and Israel. They are now out of time, they are now being totally exposed by what and who they really are. Everyone on the planet now has access to information that proves the Truth and Holy Spirit of our Father in Christ. This is the prophetic revelation now pouring out and blessing this final generation. The fact is, now the Antichrist NWO 666 global satanic borderless agenda is totally exposed for what it is and their is no way for these evil bastards to ever seal that door again at this point. This means they have no choice but to attempt to use their tried and true ritual human slaughter. The big difference, and the great and terrible prophetic reality of a Weapon Of Mass Destruction, in a city like New York, is ”the only thing left to be used” in their tool box as their last ditch attempt to squelch The Truth and continue to devour their required Antichrist ritual amount of human flesh upon the altar of this Earth.

Nobody needs to wonder what the affect of a WMD detonation going off in a city like New York will do for the Antichrist NWO 666 borderless global United Nations agenda. It will provide the required public reaction they want and need in order to clamp down on all of humanity in every nation and Israel.

They have already seal labor with debt that cannot be overcome. They have the forces in the Middle East in their prophetic positions at the ready. They have a global AI algo driven global mark of the beast surveillance ability to censor anyone and anything, and they already have the Universal ID system in place to do this. All they need is a WMD event, and they have already set up the idiot Antichrist muslims and Russian actor/reactors to be the willful idiot and” hooks in jaws” cause to affect this change, complete with their Antichrist Israeli 911 inside job 666ers and the USS Liberty traditional Antichrist NWO 666 Vote 2 Party enemy U.S. military proxy force of compartMENTAL fools. (CENTCOM lies recently proved this case beyond all shadow of doubt)

…based on the current intelligence analysis, the trend indicates a city like New York, New York being the spitting image of Mystery Babylon in the book of Revelation which is destroyed in one hour) is extremely likely to suffer a WMD event AT ANY TIME! The current window is accented by Jupier’s entrance into the womb of Virgo. The celestial convergence with the Shemitah Jubilee and 50th year mark of the prophetic fulfillment of Jerusalem restored during the 6 Day ”Yom Kippur War”, when the Israelis and The post Kennedy assassination U.S.President, LBJ, murdered American Seamen on the USS Liberty as part of their failed false flag attempt to use a WMD to destroy a portion of Cairo Egypt(remember the Antichrist Communists the bankers established and put in power in Russia etc..) at the time.

…simply put,


Trump Slams “Very Rude” Hamilton Cast After VP Pence Booed, Lectured During Show

As in the case of Twitter, which prompted a strong reaction by conservatives following the social media’s banning of some of the more prominent “alt-right” users, we anticipate that instead of leading to an easing in ideological tensions across the US, this latest example of how deep the “divide” runs within America, and will only lead to more polarization, not to mention a steep decline in Hamilton ticket sales which may have just lost half of its potential audience in the future.

Britain has passed what everyone calls the “snooper’s charter” otherwise known as the Investigatory Powers Bill.

This new legislation establishes the legal framework authorizing the government to hack into devices, networks and services in bulk and to create vast databases of personal information on all UK citizens. This is a preliminary step for a movement to impose worldwide taxation on Brits.

This is really to hunt money, not terrorism.

The “snooper’s charter” requires internet, phone and communication app companies to store records for 12 months and allow authorities to access them whenever they demand. That data will include anything you look at or search on the internet as well as all your telephone calls and text messages. Meanwhile, security agencies will be able to force companies to decrypt data avoiding the Apple confrontation in the USA. They are also imposing limitations on the use of end-to-end encryption.

They want EVERYTHING you do. This has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with terrorism.

This is the hunt for taxes coming to a head in 2017.

Britain Passes The “Snooper Charter” Ending All Privacy

Here’s a reminder, via’s Matt Burgess, of what the legislation includes:

Hacking power
For the first time, security services will be able to hack into computers, networks, mobile devices, servers and more under the proposed plans. The practice is known as equipment interference and is set out in part 5, chapter 2, of the IP Bill.

This could include downloading data from a mobile phone that is stolen or left unattended, or software that tracks every keyboard letter pressed being installed on a laptop.

“More complex equipment interference operations may involve exploiting existing vulnerabilities in software in order to gain control of devices or networks to remotely extract material or monitor the user of the device,” a draft code of conduct says.

The power will be available to police forces and intelligence services. Warrants must be issued for the hacking to take place.

Bulk hacking
For those not living in the UK, but who have come to the attention of the security agencies, the potential to be hacked increases. Bulk equipment interference (chapter 3 of the IP Bill) allows for large scale hacks in “large operations”.

Data can be gathered from “a large number of devices in the specified location”. A draft code of practice says a foreign region (although it does not give a size) where terrorism is suspected could be targeted, for instance. As a result, it is likely the data of innocent people would be gathered.

Security and intelligence agencies must apply for a warrant from the Secretary of State and these groups are the only people who can complete bulk hacks.

To help oversee the new powers, the Home Office is introducing new roles to approve warrants and handle issues that arise from the new powers. The Investigatory Powers Commissioner (IPC) and judicial commissioners (part 8, chapter 1 of the IP Bill) will be appointed by Theresa May, or whoever the serving prime minister is at the time.

The IPC will be a senior judge and be supported by other high court judges. “The IPC will audit compliance and undertake investigations,” the government says.

“The Commissioner will report publicly and make recommendations on what he finds in the course of his work,” guidance on the original bill says (page 6). “He will also publish guidance when it is required on the proper use of investigatory powers.”

Web records
Under the IP Bill, security services and police forces will be able to access communications data when it is needed to help their investigations. This means internet history data (Internet Connection Records, in official speak) will have to be stored for 12 months.

Communications service providers, which include everything from internet companies and messenger services to postal services, will have to store meta data about the communications made through their services.

The who, what, when, and where will have to be stored. This will mean your internet service provider stores that you visited to read this article, on this day, at this time and where from (i.e. a mobile device). This will be done for every website visited for a year.

Web records and communications data is detailed under chapter 3, part 3 of the law and warrants are required for the data to be accessed. A draft code of practice details more information on communications data.

Bulk data sets
As well as communications data being stored, intelligence agencies will also be able to obtain and use “bulk personal datasets”. These mass data sets mostly include a “majority of individuals” that aren’t suspected in any wrongdoing but have been swept-up in the data collection.

These (detailed under part 7 of the IP Bill and in a code of practice), as well as warrants for their creation and retention must be obtained.
“Typically these datasets are very large, and of a size which means they cannot be processed manually,” the draft code of practice describes the data sets as. These types of databases can be created from a variety of sources.

Finally, we leave it to Edward Snowden to summarize just how insane this bill is…

The UK has just legalized the most extreme surveillance in the history of western democracy. It goes farther than many autocracies.
— Edward Snowden (@Snowden) November 17, 2016

FBI Director James Comey may be going to jail for money extortion from Hillary 911 Clinton in exchange for becoming president

Has the Anarchist Left suffered a terminal psychotic episode? Today on TRUNEWS, Pastor Rick Wiles details how Democratic crybabies have shifted their focus to harass and intimidate the Electoral College. Edward Szall speaks with Arizona elector James O’Connor and Kentucky delegate Jim Skaggs regarding the unprecedented harassment they have endured through email and social media. Pastor Rick also addresses Trump’s latest all-star appointments to the Make America Great Again administration which now includes Senator Sessions for AG, General Flynn for National Security Advisor, and Representative Pompeo for CIA Director. Fior Hernandez shares a special report on the near death experience of Virginia Deputy Sheriff Marty Breeden. Pastor Rick ends the program by speaking with long time ministry friend Brad Medd.

TRUNEWS 11-18-16

Mexican authorities have arrested the former mayor of a rural community in the border state of Coahuila in connection with the kidnapping, murder and incineration of hundreds of victims through a network of ovens at the hands of the Los Zetas cartel. The arrest comes after Breitbart Texas exposed not only the horrors of the mass extermination, but also the cover-up and complicity of the Mexican government.
On Thursday morning, Coahuila state authorities arrested Sergio Alonzo Rodriguez, the former mayor of Allende, Coahuila, on the charge of aggravated kidnapping, information provided to Breitbart Texas by the Coahuila government revealed. Rodriguez was the mayor of Allende, Coahuila in March, 2011, when a commando of Los Zetas kidnapped dozens of people who were then murdered and incinerated.

Earlier this year, Breitbart Texas published the results of a three-month investigation into how Los Zetas were able to kidnap, torture, execute and incinerate approximately 300 victims–including women and children–between 2011 and 2013. Approximately 150 of the victims were taken to the Piedras Negras state prison where cartel members used 55-gallon drums to incinerate the human remains.

Mexican Mayor Arrested After Hundreds Massacred and Cooked in Network of Ovens, Following Breitbart Report

Mexican court documents obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed that the wave of terror unleashed by Los Zetas began as an internal spat between Los Zetas, resulting in the leadership ordering the murder of every individual related, connected or associated with two former members. The kill list included women and children. Court documents and testimonies from victims’ relatives revealed that while the kidnappings began in 2011, they continued well into 2013 when the crimes came to a temporary halt.

Despite the magnitude, news outlets in both the U.S. and Mexico largely ignored the story as cartels continued to reign in that country with impunity. After Breitbart Texas’ exposé, authorities charged a handful of Los Zetas members in connection with the incinerations inside the prison, but public officials had managed to escape scrutiny.

The governor at the time of the massacre, Humberto Moreira, was accused and later released in Spain for having been a surrogate of the Los Zetas cartel–however he, too, has managed to avoid facing a judge in Mexico. Moreira had various assets seized by U.S. courts.

The arrest of the former mayor comes just one day after CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted out Breitbart Texas’ exposé on the incineration of hundreds of victims in Allende. Tapper’s tweet set off a social media storm among U.S. journalists who have largely ignored the horrors carried out by cartels in Mexico.

Navy identifies mystery plane over Denver; Its mission still a secret

Having previously exposed the “intellectual-yet-idiot” class, Nassim Taleb unleashes his acerbic tone in 3 painfully “real news” tweets on Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown’s legacy…

1)Protected banksters (largest bonus pool in 2010)
“Helped” Libya
Served Antichrist AlQaeda/SaudiBarbaria(Syria & Yemen)

2) (Cont) But in the end what Obozo did that is unforgivable is increasing centralization in a complex system.

3) Don’t fughet Obozo is leaving us a Ponzi scheme, added ~8 trillions in debt with rates at 0. If they rise, costs of deficit explode…

How long before Taleb is banned from Twitter for such ‘hate-speak’?

Nassim ‘Black Swan’ Taleb Sums Up Obozo’s Legacy In 3 Painfully “Real” Tweets

With US Treasuries the most oversold since 2007, Bloomberg reports that bonds around the world are headed for their steepest two-week loss in at least 26 years as President-elect Donald Trump sends inflation expectations surging.

The Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Index has fallen 4 percent in the period through Thursday.

Global Bonds Suffer Biggest Crash In Over 25 Years

It’s the biggest two-week rout in the data, which go back to 1990. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen fueled the decline by saying Thursday an interest-rate hike could come relatively soon.

But as Bloomberg reports, not everyone is charging into this trend…

“We maintain our short position in Treasuries,” said Mohit Kumar, head of rates strategy at Credit Agricole SA’s corporate and investment banking unit in London, referring to bets an asset’s price will decline. “That said, we don’t expect a sustained selloff from here. Valuation is not rich any more and is close to fair.”

“Trump is a game changer,” Park Sung-jin, the Seoul-based head of investment at Mirae Asset Securities Co., which oversees $7.61 billion. “I was bearish, but the current level is more than I expected. It was harsh.”

The selloff has gone fast enough that it’ll probably pause before yields press higher in 2017, Park said.

A strengthening dollar and Trump policies that curb trade may hurt growth and limit the increase in yields, Kushma, who helps oversee $406 billion, said in an interview in Singapore Thursday.

“We’re still worried about rising U.S. yields,” he said. “In the short term, we think they’ve peaked. They could easily go up again.”

And with bonds the most oversold since 2007 – and with rallies
formed the last 6 times bonds have been near this oversold, there may be
hope that this yield spike is over…for now.

While the ‘deplorable’ half of America was greatly relieved when Donald Trump pulled off his establishment-upsetting victory, there is another group of Americans that may be even more pleased. Goldman Sachs’ top executives had over 1 million stock option grants due to expire worthless next week, but thanks to an unprecedented spike in the stock since the election, Bloomberg reports Lloyd Blankfein and friends have cashed out, selling hundreds of millions in stock in the last week.

As Bloomberg details, just last week, it looked like more than 1 million stock options granted toGoldman Sachs Group Inc.’s top executives and directors would expire out of the money.

The awards, granted with strike prices of $199.84 at the end of 2006, a solid year for bank stocks, were set to expire on Thanksgiving eve. But on Nov. 7, the night before Americans voted, they closed at $181.48, meaning it wouldn’t make sense for executives to exercise them.

Then Trump pulled off an upset victory and Goldman Sachs surged 16 percent through Thursday, allowing executives to exercise the options and sell shares to lock in gains. The stock closed at $209.63 on Thursday and traded for as much as $212.07 this week, the highest since July 2015.
Phew… that was lucky!!

So while the mainstream media proclaims the surge in bank stocks as heralding a new dawn in everything-is-awesome-ness for America, we note that insiders at Goldman Sachs sold $205 million of stock since Nov. 8, company filings show.

That’s three times more than the group has sold in any month for at least five years, data compiled by Bloomberg show.

Not a bad week for Cohn, Blankfein, and Viniar…

For a sense of how ‘odd’ this massive surge in Goldman stock is, we note that the credit markets were entirely unimpressed…

So what happens at the end of next week, when these options mature and the magical bid holding Goldman stock above $199.84 disappears? (see credit chart above…)

Why Are Goldman Insiders Dumping Stock At The Fastest Rate In 5 Years?

Tensions continue to build with Russia and NATO even with Trump trying to ease tensions. Russia seems poised to for some surprises: New weapons technology that makes Satan 2 look like nothing and even telling all of the Alien conspiracy. At the same time Putz Putin seems to want to help the US with its National debt working with Trump and Antichrist Communist China, so why would Obozo be so bent on crashing America into the ground?

Putz Putin has Surprises for US New Weapons and Alien Disclosure

While the detente between Russia and US president-elect Donald Trump could not have come at a more tense time, the Kremlin appears to be accelerating its head-on collision course with NATO, and as a highly placed defense official said on Monday, Moscow will deploy S-400 surface-to-air missiles and nuclear-capable Iskander systems in the exclave of Kaliningrad in retaliation for NATO deployments, confirming previous media reports of Russian intentions to once again blanket central Europe with potential nuclear ICBM coverage.

Russia Deploys Nuclear Missiles In Retaliation To NATO “Threats”

Committee hearing saying quote, “I submitted my letter of resignation last night which
Felt pretty good and I have 64 days left”.

Intelligence Community Support for the Defense Department DNI James Clapper officially announces his resignation at the start of the House Intelligence

The Third Seal—Famine
5 When He (the Lamb) broke open the third seal, I heard the third living creature call out, “Come.” I looked, and behold, a black horse [of famine]; and the rider had in his hand a pair of scales (a balance). 6 And I heard something like a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius (a day’s wages), and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not [f]damage the oil and the wine.”

Revelation 6

This proposal, from a group of people who have probably never missed a meal in their lives, is totally obscene. High income countries often have a lot of poor people who would be hard hit by increases in the price of food.

UK Researchers: Tax Food to Reduce Climate Change

Needlessly exacerbating the risk poor people don’t get enough to eat, especially children and pregnant mothers, who are especially vulnerable to adverse health impacts from lack of protein in their diet – if this ghastly proposal is ever implemented, future generations will look upon it as a crime against humanity.


The Fourth Seal—Death
7 When He (the Lamb) broke open the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature call out, “Come.” 8 So I looked, and behold, an ashen (pale greenish gray) horse [like a corpse, representing death and pestilence]; and its rider’s name was Death; and Hades (the realm of the dead) was following with him. They were given authority and power over a fourth part of the earth, to kill with the sword and with famine and with [g]plague (pestilence, disease) and by the wild beasts of the earth.

Revelation 6

The Fifth Seal—Martyrs
9 When He (the Lamb) broke open the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar the souls of those who had been slaughtered because of the word of God, and because of the testimony which they had maintained [out of loyalty to Christ]. 10 They cried in a loud voice, saying, “O Lord, holy and true, how long now before You will sit in judgment and avenge our blood on those [unregenerate ones] who dwell on the earth?” 11 Then they were each given a white robe; and they were told to rest and wait quietly for a little while longer, until the number of their fellow servants and their brothers and sisters who were to be killed even as they had been, would be completed.

Meet Mike Pompeo, The New Director Of The CIA

President-elect Trump’s pick to head the CIA, Rep. Mike Pompeo, tweeted his intention to ‘roll back’ the US nuclear deal with Antichrist Iran, while also referring to the Antichrist Islamic Republic as ‘the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism.’

Horus Trump’s CIA pick tweets plan to “roll back” Antichrist Iran nuke deal

Representative Mike Pompeo, President-elect Donald Trump’s surprise choice to head the CIA, supports the Antichrist NWO 666 Central Banker US government’s sweeping collection of Americans’ communications data and wants to scrap the nuclear deal with Antichrist Iran.

NOTE: Everything is now set for a WMD detonation event to take place in a city like New York, complete the Antichrist Iran Shia Mahdi mandate to show up post a WMD event which the bastards have already advertised in their ridiculous religious Antichrist Iranian State sponsored movie about it. Horus Trump and his new reactionary government mandate has provided the required political mandate which will be considered as helping to cause the conditions for the event the willful idiot Antichrist muslims will gleeful rejoice over because that is their prophetic program desire, which happens to provide the Israelis their ability to react and destroy Damascus and all the idiot Antichrist muslim nations that have no choice but to come against Israel as a result of the Antichrist spirit driving the dumb bastards to Hell within Antichrist Israel and within Antichrist Islam. Russia and China are the military proxy force of opportunity which is using the Antichrist Shia, and the Antichrist Israeli EU American Mystery Babylon NWO 666 Untied Nations great tribulation ”Peace and Security” 2 State Final Solution is all part of the satanic playbook to slaughter humanity as the last ‘tempt global agenda to claim false dominion above Heaven on Earth.


Flynn accepts Trump offer to be national security adviser

Election is over but the 911 Clinton emails keep coming

BREAKING NEWS: Podesta Brothers Pedo Ring

Breaking news to share today as the #PizzaGate scandal is cracked wide open. Anon has discovered that the Podesta Comet Ping Pong photos contain encrypted data which if decoded my lead to smoking gun evidence of pedophilia. But even more stunning is the news that according to FBI and intelligence sources, the Podesta brothers were in Portugal on May 3, 2007, the date of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Now that Trump has appointed Jeff Sessions to be the new Attorney General of the United States, we call on Mr. Sessions and Mr. Trump to drain the Pedo ring swamp. Guest: V, The Guerrilla Economist.


As of earlier today, the subreddit, r/Pizzagate, was officially banned by Reddit which posted the following notice to their site:

Reddit Bans “Pizzagate” – “We Don’t Want Witchhunts On Our Site”

BREAKING! Reporter found dead while investigating 911 Clinton Reddit User finds smoking gun

Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 11.18.16

The top doctor who swears he saw a glimpse of hell: No-nonsense anaesthetist dismissed patients who said they’d had out-of-body experiences until HE went under the knife

Reading for November 19, 2016 – Cheshvan 18, 5777
Gen 18:1-22:24 ~ II Kgs 4:1-37 ~ Luke 2:1–38

Saturday, November 19, 2016: And…

Without Any Prior Warning, Moments Ago the US Mint Advised Their AP’s That The Mint is Suspending Silver Eagle Sales, & No Further Coins Will Be Available Until 2017 Silver Eagles Are Released at Some Point in January…

PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Joins Us To Break Down the Silver Market Impact, CHAOS in the Bond Markets, & India’s Currency Reset.

As news continues to come in from the nation of India following the government’s order to eliminate certain currency notes from their monetary system, the rush to both trade in, and move money out of banks has been the singular thought for hundreds of millions of people.

And as part of this monetary transfer has been the massive demand for gold, especially since Modi pushed for a suspension of imports of the yellow metal last week. And according to many sources, the price of gold in dollars has now reached over $3600 per ounce as the people move to get rid of their rupees and into the one tangible asset that weathers all crises.

Measure planned to prevent people from hoarding cash and generating income that could evade taxes, according to government officials with direct knowledge of the matter.

Price of gold in dollars well over $3600 in India as currency crisis threatens to bring their economy to a halt

Planned measures include limit on large cash withdrawals from bank, the officials said, asking not to be identified citing rules on speaking to media.

Budget, due in February, may have steps to encourage use of checks, credit and debit cards.
Purchase of gold jewelry said to be made more stringent to prevent switching of asset from cash.
Finance Ministry spokesman D. S. Malik couldn’t be reached for comment. – Zerohedge
Perhaps the most interesting and destructive thing to come from Prime Minister Modi’s move against the Indian currency is the fact that productivity has virtually stopped as people are spending several hours per day swapping over $60 worth of rupees due to the capital control laws limiting withdrawals.

When Venezuela collapsed into hyper-inflation a few months ago, it was reported on the ground that an ounce of silver would buy you 3-4 months worth of groceries, and a single ounce of gold could buy you a house. And now in India the price of gold is skyrocketing upwards and outside the control of the paper gold markets which determine the global spot prices, and should be a warning to all on why owning physical metals is vital in a world where confidence in fiat money is crashing.

ECB Rejects Buying Stocks As Draghi Drops The ‘C’ Word To EU Parliament

Have Christians fallen into a post-election political slumber? Today on TRUNEWS, Pastor Rick Wiles trumpets a warning call to the Body of Christ as President-elect Donald Trump forms his cabinet and deliberates his commitment to the millions of Christians who prayed in his victory. Pastor Rick also discusses the threat of Antichrist Islamic terror on Thanksgiving with Oklahoma State Representative John Bennett, and the vilification of ANYONE who dares to criticize the politically correct policy of rampant Antichrist Muslim immigration.

TRUNEWS 11-22-16

Responses to the video have varied, with some users backing-up the claims, such as James Jason, who commented: ‘Excellent report Third Phase, I also believe things are about to get very dramatic, and that is for everyone on our planet.’

Is there a PYRAMID in the Antarctic? Bizarre theory claims an alien base is hidden in a huge triangular structure

Others have joked that Skull&Bones John Kerry was there for other reasons, such as Daniel Schultz, who commented: ‘#27 on his bucket list, fly to Antarctica and make “snow angels” where no man has gone before.’

Apocalyptic Prophetic Signs By Marzulli & Begley Show…

A spokesman from the ministry said: “The size of the graves discovered in the cemetery is larger in some instances than royal graves in Abydos dating back to the first dynasty, which proves the importance of the people buried there and their high social standing during this early era of ancient Egyptian history.”

LOST CITY FOUND: 7,000-year-old lost civilisation discovered on the Nile in Egypt EGYPT has unearthed an ancient 7,000-year-old city by the river Nile revealing the home of some of the most important people in Egypt’s First Dynasty.

The discovery was made by an archaeological mission from the country and not a foreign group.

Egypt’s tourism industry dropped from 14.7 million tourists in 2010 to 9.8 million in 2011 after the uprising.

Magnetic Storm Watch, Mars Water | S0 News Nov.23.2016

Are the Deep State Elite taking one final stand to crown Hillary Rodham 911 Clinton? Today on TRUNEWS, Pastor Rick Wiles breaks down the Left’s latest scheme to block President-elect Trump through a backdoor challenge of the Electoral College. Pastor Rick also details the mystery surrounding the direction of the Trump transition team, as whispers of an internal civil war and political concessions leave supporters uneasy. In part 2, cyber security expert John McAfee joins the streamcast to share his perspective on the digital vulnerabilities of the United States against terrorist hacks.

TRUNEWS 11-23-16 

Residents of the Japanese capital were taken by surprise, as the temperatures around this time of the year usually range from 10C to 17C.

The snow, caused by an unusual cold front over the city, caused slight delays on public transport.

The first snowfall – which is called “hatsuyuki” – arrived 40 days earlier than average, Japan’s Kyodo news agency reports.

Tokyo sees first November snow in 54 years

Tokyo last saw November snow in 1962, though in that year it did not accumulate on the ground.
Tokyo’s first November snow for 54 years

The current snowfall marks the first time fallen snow has been seen on the ground in Tokyo in November since records started to be taken in 1875.

Hurricane, Tornado, Space Weather | S0 News Nov.24.2016

The death toll in the Antichrist Communist China construction site accident has risen to 67, the Antichrist state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

Antichrist Communist China Construction Site Accident Kills Many As Scaffold Collapses In Power Plant In Jiangxi Province

Shooting in Louisville Kentucky leaves 2 dead and 4 wounded

NEWS BREAK: “Active Shooting Louisville Kentucky 2 Dead 4 Wounded”

Prophetic Fires Burning out of control in Israel as Russia and Cyprus, and many other nations come to help

BREAKING: “Prophetic Fires Burning Israel 60,000 Evacuated In Haifa”

A masked Gunman with a knife and a sawed off shotgun kills 2 people and holds 70 Monks hostage in France

BREAKING: “Gunman Has 70 Monks Hostage Kills 2 In France Monastery”

Several wildfires broke out in Israel on November 22, 2016, causing widespread damage and prompting emergency evacuations. The police arrested 13 people, suspected of arson, on November 25.

Massive wildfires ignite Israel

The wildfires were reported in the Jerusalem and Haifa districts. A massive fire broke out in the Neve Shalom municipality on November 23 and has so far scorched 580 hectares (1 433 acres). The largest wildfire in the Haifa district was reported in the Zichron Yaakov municipality. The fires are fueled by the hot and dry weather conditions and strong easterly winds.

Strong and shallow M6.5 earthquake hits China, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.5 hit Xinjiang, China, on the border with Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, at 14:24 UTC on November 25, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 12 km (7.4 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.3 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles).

According to the USGS, the epicenter was located 122.4 km (76.1 miles) N of Murghob (population 10 815), Tajikistan, 172 km (106.9 miles) W of Kashgar (population 274 717), China, and 173.7 km (107.9 miles) SE of Osh (population 200 000), Kyrgyzstan.

There are 41 473 people living within 100 km (62 miles).

The quake was preceded by a shallow M5.2 at 14:19 UTC today.

Record-breaking Hurricane “Otto” hits Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Hurricane “Otto” has made landfall as a Category 2 storm just before 18:00 UTC on November 24, 2016 near the town of San Juan de Nicaragua in southern Nicaragua, on the border with Costa Rica. A number of people are dead or missing in Costa Rica. Before it made landfall, 8 people have lost their lives in Panama as a result of strong winds and heavy rain.

At the time of landfall, Otto had maximum sustained winds of 177 km/h (110 mph), making it a Category 2 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

Saturday, November 26, 2016: Sarah’s Life…

Reading for November 26, 2016 – Cheshvan 25, 5777
Gen 23:1-25:18 ~ I Kgs 1:1-31 ~ Matt 2:1–23