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Mercury-Regulus conjunction on July 30

Bottom line: Planet Mercury and star Regulus appear in 2016’s closest conjunction of a planet and a bright star on July 30. Too bad they’re so near the sunset glare.

“Time’s Up – The Pain Must Begin Now”

The latest is called “America is Doomed Without Restoring the Rule of Law-Karl Denninger.” Trader and entrepreneur Karl Denninger has a dire warning. He basically says if there is lawlessness at the top of society, there will be lawlessness at the bottom. Denninger, who is so distraught he has suspended writing on his popular website, explains, “It is illegal for any entity with market power or anybody else to price fix. It is illegal to price commodities of like, mind and quantity in the market place. That is a federal law, and violations of these laws are not civil affairs, they’re felonies. . . . The only deterrents for corporations against bad behavior is people go to jail or the firm has its charter revoked because it runs out of money. The reason that is the case is as long as I can pay a fine and shift the cost onto the customers or shareholders or both, there is not deterrent—at all. . . . When does a CEO ever get indicted? When do members of the board ever get indicted? The answer is never.”

In closing, Denninger says, “If we don’t cut this out and start looking at the rule of law as meaning something again, I don’t see how we get out of this. The only way out of this box is to stop the lawlessness and let entrepreneurial people come in and find the technological innovations that drive the recovery. . . . Lack of the rule of law means America is doomed unless we change it.”

And war broke out in heaven, Michael [the archangel] and his angels waging war with the dragon. The dragon and his angels fought, 8 but they were not strong enough and did not prevail, and there was no longer a place found for them in heaven. 9 And the great dragon was thrown down, the age-old serpent who is called the [d]devil and Satan, he who continually deceives and seduces the entire inhabited world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.

Revelation 12

They answered, “Abraham is our father.” Jesus said to them, “If you are [truly] Abraham’s children, then do the works of Abraham and follow his example. 40 But as it is, you want to kill Me, a Man who has told you the truth, which I heard from God. This is not the way Abraham acted. 41 You are doing the works of your [own] father.” They said to Him, “We are not illegitimate children; we have one [spiritual] Father: God.” 42 Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father [but He is not], you would love and recognize Me, for I came from God [out of His very presence] and have arrived here. For I have not even come on My own initiative [as self-appointed], but He [is the One who] sent Me. 43 Why do you misunderstand what I am saying? It is because [your spiritual ears are deaf and] you are unable to hear [the truth of] My word. 44 You are of your father the devil, and it is your will to practice the desires [which are characteristic] of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks what it natural to him, for he is a liar and the father of lies and half-truths. 45 But because I speak the truth, you do not believe Me [and continue in your unbelief]. 46 Which one of you [has proof and] convicts Me of sin? If I speak truth, why do you not believe Me? 47 Whoever is of God and belongs to Him hears [the truth of] God’s words; for this reason you do not hear them: because you are not of God and you are not in fellowship with Him.”

John 8 

Doing diligence and background checks can be tedious, tough work so Democrats would prefer you just take their word for it. Take for example, Nancy Pelosi’s famous quote where she assured voters on Obozocare, saying:

“It’s going to be very, very exciting. But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

And that turned out just fine, right? In fact, we recently highlighted the great success of Obozocare in a post which pointed out that certain providers were looking to impose 60% YoY premium increases in 2017. That’s pretty good in a flattish real wage growth environment, right? Oh well, nothing we can do about it now that the bill has already been passed but at least now we know! Thanks, Nancy!

The 911 Clinton campaign is now making an eerily similar argument for Hillary 911. When asked whether Hillary could convince voters that she could be trusted, her campaign manager, Robby Mook, suggested that voters will just have to elect her to find out. In a recent interview with Politico, Glenn Thrush asked Mr. Mook whether the campaign could really “move the dial on trust” with regards to 911 Hillary. His response:

“I don’t think people will fully appreciate who she is until, knock on wood, she’s elected president.”
So why get bogged down with endless, monotonous research on the various scandals surrounding the Clinton 911 campaign? After all, as Tommy Boy taught us, “I can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking my head up a bull’s ass, but I’d rather take a butcher’s word for it.” We might as well just elect her so we’ll know once and for all whether she can truly be trusted. What could go wrong?

Can Hillary 911 Be Trusted? Campaign Says We’ll Just Have To Elect Her To Find Out.

Now the serpent was more crafty (subtle, skilled in deceit) than any living creature of the field which the Lord God had made. And [a]the serpent (Satan) said to the woman, “Can it really be that God has said, ‘You shall not eat from [b]any tree of the garden’?” 2 And the woman said to the serpent, “We may eat fruit from the trees of the garden, 3 except the fruit from the tree which is in the middle of the garden. God said, ‘You shall not eat from it nor touch it, otherwise you will die.’” 4 But the serpent said to the woman, “You certainly will not die!

Genesis 3 

Panetta’s claim was a LIE

An email recently obtained by Judicial Watch shows that the Pentagon was demanding 911 Hillary allow them to send help to Benghazi during the September 11, 2012 attack. This would completely contradict the claim from 911 Hillary and Leon The LIAR Panetta that no forces were available and within reach to provide help to the compound that was under siege.

NEW EMAIL shows Pentagon ASKED 911 Hillary to LET THEM send help to Benghazi, proving Leon Panetta LIED!! 

It’s earnings season once again and it looks as if, as a group, corporate America still can’t find the end of its earnings decline since profits peaked over a year ago. What’s more analysts, renowned for their Pollyannish expectations, can’t seem to find it, either.

So I thought it might be interesting to look at what the stock market has done in the past during earnings recessions comparable to the current one. And it’s pretty eye-opening. Over the past half-century, we have never seen a decline in earnings of this magnitude without at least a 20% fall in stock prices, a hurdle many use to define a bear market.

In other words, buying the new highs in the S&P 500 today means you believe “this time is different.” It could turn out that way but history shows that sort of thinking to be very dangerous to your financial wellbeing

In 50 Years This Has Never Failed To Trigger A Bear Market

“The coming calendar year should be a year of celebrations,” writes Ari Shavit, author of the 2013 New York Times Best Seller, “My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel.” Shavit notes the abundance of major anniversaries awaiting us in 2017:

August 31, 2017 marks the 120th anniversary of the First Zionist Congress, in 1897. It’s hard to imagine today what a brave and inspired event it was, which turned overnight the yearnings of a nation into a solid, pragmatic political agenda. Then, November 2, 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. Again, who would have believed that the most prominent imperialist power, the successor of the Roman Empire, if you will, would give its enthusiastic support to a political, territorial response to the millennia of Jewish yearnings for Zion. Then, if that’s not enough, November 29, 2017 marks the 70th anniversary of the United Nations’ decision to establish a Jewish state in the Land of Israel. An idea that was galvanized 120 years ago and received a strong boost 100 years ago became a wide confirmation by the nations of the world 70 years ago.

But that’s not all. After all the above had been said and gone, Israel received a gift that could only be described as coming from God himself. On June 5th, 2017, Jews everywhere will celebrate the liberation of biblical Jerusalem, along with the last areas of the Land of Israel which had remained under foreign occupation: eastern Jerusalem, including the old city and the Temple Mount; Judea, birthplace of King David; Samaria, where the Kingdom of Israel ruled for several centuries; Gaza, where Jews have lived for millennia, and the Sinai — the wilderness where the nation received its founding document, the Torah; and the Golan Heights, where Jews have been making wine and growing winter wheat since King David chased away the Arameans.

Left Bewailing 2017, a Year Marking 4 Zionist Miracles 

Then the fifth angel sounded [his trumpet], and I saw a star (angelic being) that had fallen from heaven to the earth; and the key of the bottomless pit (abyss) was given to him (the star-angel).

Revelation 9

2 He opened the bottomless pit, and smoke like the smoke of a great furnace flowed out of the pit; and the sun and the atmosphere were darkened by the smoke from the pit.

666 Saudi Banks Offered $4BN Bailout To Avoid Liquidity Crisis

Antichrist Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah spoke harshly against developing relations between Antichrist Israel and Antichrist Saudi Arabia Friday, calling it “the current worst development in the Antichrist Arab sphere.”

“This normalization of relations would benefit Israel – free of charge,” Nasrallah said.

“Even a Antichrist Saudi Fatwa is prepping the grounds for normalization,” he said. “All the while, Antichrist Saudi Arabia continues its regional wars and refuses contact with Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain.”

Nasrallah: Israeli-Saudi relations worst development in Arab sphere

Antichrist Nasrallah blamed the Antichrist Saudis for terror in “Germany, France, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, and Syria.”

He then addressed the Antichrist Palestinian issue. “In our eyes, opposing the occupation is important,” he said. “The only option for the Antichrist Palestinians is the way of the Shahid.”

The Antichrist Hezbollah leader also said Lebanon would oppose Antichrist Israeli control over the northern part of Ghajar, a village on the border between Lebanon and the Golan Heights. “Opposition is the only guarantee that we stay on our land,” he emphasized.

Tom Horn July 29, 2016 : Best lecture 2016 ( Steve Quayle )

PART 2 — Steve Quayle Discusses Fantastic “Empire Beneath the Ice”

The Russian military has reportedly sent biological warfare teams to the Russian arctic in northern Siberia after at least 40 people and 1,200 reindeer died as the result of a violent and rapid spread of what is believed to be Bacillus Anthracis, more commonly known as Anthrax.

Russian officials said the infection may have started after a contaminated corpse was exposed following a warm summer in the Arctic which saw temperatures rise as high as 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

There were dramatic scenes as the Russian army’s Chemical, Radioactive and Biological Protection Corps, equipped with masks and bio-warfare protective clothing, flew to to regional capital Salekhard on a military Il-76 aircraft to deal with the emergency.

They were deployed by Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu to carry laboratory tests on the ground, detect and eliminate the focal point of the infection, and to dispose safely of dead animals.

“As of now, there is no single diagnosis of the dangerous infection,” said a spokesman for the governor of Yamalo-Nenets, Dmitry Kobylkin.

Outbreak: Russian Bio Warfare Troops Rushed To Arctic: “Dangerous Infection”

Officials noted that they are not certain Anthrax is the sole cause and another biological agent may be to blame. Because of the remote location of the outbreak the situation has been, for the most part, contained according to Russian officials.

Just before election, Obozo doubles down on illegal immigrant fly-in program

The percentage of Americans that own a home has fallen to the lowest level ever recorded. During the second quarter of 2016, the non-seasonally adjusted homeownership rate fell to just 62.9 percent, which was exactly where it was at when the U.S. Census began publishing this measurement back in 1965. This is not what a “recovery” looks like. All throughout the Obozo years, the percentage of Americans that own a home has gotten smaller and smaller and smaller. The reason for this, of course, is that the middle class in America is dying. Last year, we learned that middle class Americans now make up a minority of the population for the first time ever.

Bye Bye Middle Class: The Rate Of Homeownership In The United States Has Hit The Lowest Level Ever

This is what Obozo thinks of the military. This is what he thinks of children. This is what he thinks of us.

As J.E. Dyer reports, Obozo will be naming a Naval vessel after Harvey Milk…

The U.S. Naval Institute reports that Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus will be naming a Military Sealift Command support ship after slain San Francisco politician Harvey Milk, a 1970s crusader for gay issues.

The ship class is the John Lewis class “fleet oiler,” and USNS Harvey Milk will be T-AO-206, the second unit of the class.

In company with Milk and John Lewis, the admired civil rights leader, will be Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, who is credited with jump-starting the Supreme Court in a career of political activism;

Harvey Milk was a major gay activist and the usual suspects will be getting a kick out of this. Except that, aside from everything else, Harvey Milk was also the creepy guy trying to lure kids into his van.

Gerard Dols told of how – as a physically disabled teen – the “very nice” Harvey Milk had encouraged him in 1977 to run away from his Minnesota home and come to San Francisco.

According to Dols, Milk told him, “Don’t tell your parents,”

Obozo to Name Navy Ship After Antichrist Homosexual Activist Child Molester

In his glowing book “The Mayor of Castro Street,” Randy Shilts wrote of Milk’s “relationship” with the McKinley boy: ” … Sixteen-year-old McKinley was looking for some kind of father figure. … At 33, Milk was launching a new life, though he could hardly have imagined the unlikely direction toward which his new lover would pull him.”

Merkel admits EU is being RAVAGED BY TERROR but says Germany should welcome MORE refugees

The U.S. Air Force took a first step toward buying controversial new nuclear weapons Friday, asking defense companies to submit bids to design and build cruise missiles and ICBMs.

The move comes amid the highest tension with Russia since the end of the Cold War and flies in the face of senators who have called on the Obama administration to cancel plans to build the new cruise missile, called the Long-Range Standoff Weapon, or LRSO.

Despite Objections, Pentagon Takes Step Toward Buying New Nuclear Weapons

Leaders of governments with nuclear arsenals typically avoid saying they’ll press the Armageddon button.

Then there’s Theresa May, Great Britain’s new prime minister. There’s been a long-standing debate in her country over the value of the UK’s submarine-based nuclear-weapons program. So it was inevitable that May, during a parliamentary debate this week, would be asked about it. The Conservative Party leader was ready with a blunt and unequivocal reply.

“Are you prepared to authorize a nuclear strike that could kill hundreds of thousands of men, women and children?” Scottish National Party MP George Kerevan asked.

New British leader Theresa May says she’s ready to ‘kill hundreds of thousands’ with nuke strike

May’s response: “Yes.”

Three Steps To Reverse A “Doomsday” Clock

9-11 28 Pages, Antichrist Saudia Arabia, Jive Turkey Coup & Antichrist ISIS Tie In – Fabian Calvo on Geopolitical Chaos

Jeff Berwick on Rogue Money Radio: What Happens When the World Wakes Up?

Sun Fires at Earth, Space Energy Risk, Juno | S0 News Jul.29.2016

July 29 2016 09:18 PM 7.7 Pacific Ocean
July 29 2016 09:18 PM 7.7 Pacific Ocean

July 29 2016 09:18 PM 7.9 Pacific Ocean – East Northern Mariana Islands\

2016 summer flooding breaks records across Antichrist Communist China.

Colorado hail storm delivers tennis ball-size ice

HIGH TREASON: Hillary 911 Sells Arms to Antichrist Qatar, Transfers 20% of US Uranium Production To Russia, Sides With BLM Over Land Grab, Receives TONS of Money from Nigerian Terrorist Billionaire

IRS Will Investigate 911 Clinton Foundation ‘Pay-to-Play’ Corruption Accusations

Venezuelans are in search of anything they can eat. Despite having on the world’s richest oil reserves, dogs, cats, and pigeons are in danger. Soon, there will be only thing left to eat, each other! America is following the same path. At the center of it all is Hillary 911 Clinton. As Secretary of State, Hillary 911 Clinton was responsible for the unfolding starvation holocaust in Venezuela with regard to her role as Secretary of State. Venezuela is on the verge of a human holocaust due to a lack of food caused by 911 Clinton’s actions against then Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez.

Hillary 911 Clinton deserves all comparisons to Hitler, Staling and Mao. Even as the Secretary of State, she has demonstrated a gross disdain for for the sovereignty of any nation. In these emails, 911 Clinton is demonstrating the kind of sociopathic behavior possessed by all mass murderers. With regard to her actions in Venezeula, she has not only earned her title as the Butcher of Benghazi, she has far exceeded that lable.

The reader now has the ability to access 911 Clinton’s recently leaked emails that demonstrates her propensity to become one of the greatest mass murderers in World History should she ever gain he power of the US Presidency.

“Today, Friday 22 July 2016 at 10:30am EDT, WikiLeaks releases 19,252 emails and 8,034 attachments from the top of the US Democratic National Committee — part one of our new Hillary Leaks series. The leaks come from the accounts of seven key figures in the DNC: Communications Director Luis Miranda (10770 emails), National Finance Director Jordon Kaplan (3797 emails), Finance Chief of Staff Scott Comer (3095 emails), Finanace Director of Data & Strategic Initiatives Daniel Parrish (1472 emails), Finance Director Allen Zachary (1611 emails), Senior Advisor Andrew Wright (938 emails) and Northern California Finance Director Robert (Erik) Stowe (751 emails). The emails cover the period from January last year until 25 May this year.”.

911 Clinton Is Responsible for the Antichrist Communist Venezuelan Mass Starvation

Nothing describes socialism more aptly than baking a 4 feet tall cake weighing 90 kilos for Hugo Chavez’s birthday (a dead man) while the rest of the country starves, cannot find basic necessities

The cake is a recreation of the “Cuartel de la Montana”, the palace that Chavez famously stormed in 1992 as an army commander to protest Carlos Andres Perez’s government.

According to a local newspaper, the following ingredients were used :

720 eggs
23 kilos of butter
90 kilos of flour
90 kilos of sugar
44 gallons of milk

with the state sponsored food program. Evidently, the government’s priorities are elsewhere.

Let Them Eat Cake: Venezuela Celebrates Chavez’ Birthday With $100,000 Cake, While Citizens Starve.

While we here in the United States debate pressing issues in the wake of the upcoming Presidential election, like the urgent need for gender-neutral bathrooms, the people of Venezuela remain entrenched in a food crisis that continues to sow widespread unrest which has become increasingly violent in recent months (see our post here). So what do you do if you’re the President of a Socialist government with mounting civil unrest and growing political opposition seeking your ouster via a recall referendum? Well you enslave your entire nation, of course.

As Vice News reports, President Nicolás Maduro signed a new law last week that requires “all workers from the public and private sector with enough physical capabilities and technical know-how” to work in agricultural fields on demand. The new law mandates that citizens can be required to work in the agricultural sector for a period of 60 days which can be extended “if the circumstances require it.”

While we’re “sure” President Maduro’s intentions are good, we’re somewhat skeptical of his plan. As we recently reported (here), the real issue at hand in Venezuela is, of course, the hyperinflation death spiral gripping the Socialist nation in the wake of the collapse of their oil-dependent economy. As Miguel Pérez Abad, minister of industry and business, recently told Reuters the decline in domestic production is being exacerbated by plummeting imports which are likely to fall by 60 percent this year, compared to 2015. As a local baker pointed out, “We cannot make more subsidized bread with the current cost of flour. We always end up losing, but we cannot afford to stop making bread either.”

Per the FT, local merchants are being forced by an increasingly oppressive military to sell groceries at a loss to avoid civil unrest:

“They went into all the shops in the area, forcing us to sell at a loss,” says Daniel, not his real name, of the incident earlier this month. The army men demanded that Daniel sell his beef at 250 bolívares (roughly $0.25 at black market rates) a kilo, even though he explained it cost 3,000 bolívars to buy from his suppliers.

“They told me the beef belonged to the people and stayed seven hours as a huge queue formed outside.”
Not wanting to be outdone by his U.S. counterparts who masterfully utilize complicit media outlets to control news cycles at their will (see our recent post here), President Maduro has repeatedly taken to the airwaves to blame the food shortages in Venezuela on an “economic war” waged by right-wing businesses, and supported by US imperialism, who seek to bring down his Socialist regime. Just last month, Maduro declared a 60-day state of emergency based on his fears that the U.S. was plotting a coup attempt.

From Socialist Utopia To Slave-Nation – Venezuela Unveils Shocking “Forced Labor” Law

He alleges that business owners are sabotaging the economy in an effort to force him out. Maduro accuses them of wanting to bury the socialist legacy of his popular predecessor, President Hugo Chávez, who created a solid base of support among the poor thanks to oil-subsidized social programs and price-controlled food.

Meanwhile, Antonio Pestana, chief of Venezuela’s farming association, indicated that Venezuela’s food crisis was a simple issue related to the underutilization of available ag land, telling reporters last month that only 25 percent of agricultural land is actually being farmed in Venezuela. While we don’t doubt Mr. Pestana’s figures, we’re not sure how enslaving a nation of people helps to alleviate Venezuela’s food crisis. Without the ability to import critically important irrigation equipment and fertilizer supplies, due to a useless currency, we’re not sure what use additional ag labor will be. We’ve heard that singing to plants can help improve yields, perhaps that is the plan?

Vice News posted the following video detailing the challenges of grocery shopping in Venezuela:

Antichrist Communist China bans ‘original’ news reporting, demanding that only official government propaganda is now legal news.

The piracy capital of the world is cracking down on internet freedom of speech, proposing new guidelines that would censor so-called “original” news reporting that conflicts with state-sanctioned propaganda peddling a different narrative.

The Cyberspace Administration of Antichrist Communist China (CAC) says two major news portals, Sohu.com Inc. and NetEase Inc., have already been ordered to stop publishing articles because they have “seriously violated” Antichrist Communist China’s existing internet regulations, which apparently prohibit all content that results in “huge negative effects” to the reputation of the Antichrist Communist state.

It’s the latest attempt by the Antichrist Communist Chinese government, which only allows state-run media sources to disseminate news, to keep a lid on anything real that might be occurring in the world. Hilariously, two of Antichrist Communist China’s largest news sources, both run by the government, issued identical, word-for-word notices about the offending “violations,” and how they would be handled.

EU NWO 666 Antichrist Authorities Focus on Censorship Instead of Fighting Against Terrorism

The media coverage of the recent terrorist attacks in Europe have revealed a disturbing tendency as apparently the EU authorities are more than willing to manipulate the facts around the events, according to an independent Italian journalist.

Enrico Mentana, news director at Italian non-government TV channel LA7, remarked on the recent terrorist attacks in Europe that the authorities appear to be more concerned with placating the citizens rather than actually fighting against terrorism.

“The situation is deteriorating, but it continues to be downplayed. According to some commentaries, one should be wary not just of Daesh, but also of a state afraid of its own citizens’ depression. The authorities intend to fight terrorism with Prozac,” Mentana wrote on his Facebook page.

He also said that a considerable number of media reports that came out after the deadly shooting spree in Munich appeared to be quite contradictory, putting the veracity of media coverage of that entire attack in question.

“First it was reported that there were three terrorists, but it turned out to be one 18-year old man. It was reported that he possessed an arsenal of weapons, but it turned out that he used the same one pistol to kill and wound 25 people and then to kill himself. And this one man was enough to bring one of the most important cities in Germany to its knees for 8 hours, to paralyze it [the city] for an unnecessary chase after a single guy with no accomplices who committed suicide. Was he a madman? A fanatic? A Daesh follower? Maybe we’ll learn the truth, and maybe not,” Mentana surmised.

Meanwhile, independent Italian journalist Marco Fontana argued that the governments are clearly attempting to influence the public opinion regarding the terrorist attacks, stubbornly refusing to tell people the truth about what happened.

He pointed out that the French Interior Ministry demanded Sandra Bertin, a police official in Nice responsible for the video surveillance systems, to delete the footage recorded by 180 CCTV cameras, effectively forcing her to lie.

“If citizens had complete information about the inefficient actions of the authorities, they would’ve opposed the uncontrolled surveillance which could be used for purposes other than just the fight against terrorism… Europe is turning into a conclave of many authoritarian governments that instead of fighting terrorism want to monitor their citizens, placating their doubts and neutralizing those who oppose uniformity,” the journalist laments.

Federal Judge Green Lights Government Use Of Hidden Mics In Public

On Friday July 22, U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton issued a 17-page ruling which found the practice of placing recording devices on the steps of courthouses in Oakland and Martinez, California to be “unsettling,” but not in violation of the Fourth Amendment. The four defendants in the federal criminal fraud case are accused of rigging real estate bids throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

In an attempt to eavesdrop on the conversations of the defendants, the Federal Bureau of Investigations placed microphones in a light fixture on the steps of the Almeda County Courthouse and just outside the Contra Costa County Courthouse, among other locations. The information gathered from the conversations was then used as evidence in grand jury proceedings.

FBI: Woman robbed Wyoming bank to return to prison

Because the main street economy is failing, the nation’s entitlement rolls have exploded. About 110 million citizens now receive some form of means tested benefits. When social security is included, more than 160 million citizens get checks from Washington.

The total cost is now $3 trillion per year and rising rapidly. America’s entitlements sector, in fact, is the sixth biggest economy in the world.

Yet in a society that is rapidly aging to the tune of 10,000 baby boom retirees per day, this 50% dependency ratio is not even remotely sustainable. As we show in a later chapter, social security itself will be bankrupt within 10 years.

Still, there is another even more important aspect of the mainstream narrative’s absolute radio silence about the monumental entitlements problem. Like in the case of the nation’s 30-year LBO, the transfer payments crisis is obfuscated by the economic blind spots of our Keynesian central banking regime.

Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen and their posse of paint-by-the-numbers economic plumbers have deified the great aggregates of consumer, business and government spending as the motor force of economic life. As more fully deconstructed below, however, this boils down to a primitive notion of bathtub economics.

In this bogus economic model, it is assumed that the supply-side of the economy is always fully endowed or even over-provided. By contrast, the perennial problem is purportedly a shortfall of an ether called “aggregate demand”.

So the job of the central bank is to pump reserves and credit into the macroeconomy until the resulting incremental spending by households, business and government has caused “full employment GDP” to be filled to the brim. In effect, spending derived from current production and income is supplemented with proceeds extracted from increasingly indebted balance sheets.

Needless to say, this amounts to borrowing from future production and income, but it does boost the current period GDP so long as there is still runway available on household and business balance sheets. Yet what we call the Keynesian parlor trick—-goosing current economic output by leveraging-up balance sheets—–self-evidently doesn’t work in an economy that is at Peak Debt, as we document in the next section.

There is a similar story when government borrowing is used to fund transfer payments. Overwhelmingly, transfer payment recipients live hand-to-mouth—-so virtually 100% of the proceeds go into the spending stream (PCE) with little leakage or lag.

By contrast,, it’s an altogether different matter when transfer payments are funded out of current taxation. That’s purely a zero-sum game in which income producers have less to spend or save and recipients have more.

So the policy elite’s vestigial Keynesian fetish about “aggregate demand” means that ideas of quality, sustainability, efficiency, discipline, prudence or, for that matter, even economic justice and equity, never enter the narrative. Likewise, the possibility that current spending bloated by debt and transfer payments isn’t sustainable has simply been defined out of existence.

It matters not a whit to the Keynesian policymakers, for example, whether the considerable expansion of household consumption spending (PCE) depicted below originated in disability checks, second mortgages or car loans at 120% loan-to-value. All spending is good, apparently, even if it was deposited by a passing comet.

What counts is the incremental gains in GDP compared to last quarter and in proxies for demand such as job counts and housing starts versus prior month. That’s what fuels bullish spasms in the Wall Street casino. And when the business cycle eventually ends, there is always a scape-goat to blame, such as an oil price shock or a financial market meltdown.

The graph below depicts how the establishment’s “growth” swindle actually works. There are currently 126 million prime working age persons in the US between 25 and 54 years of age. That’s up from 121 million at the beginning of 2000

Yet even as the current business cycle is rolling over, the 77.1 million persons employed full-time from that pool is still 1.2 million below its turn of the century level!

That’s right. Only 61% of the prime working age population has full-time jobs. That compares to 65% as recently as the year 2000.

So it might be wondered. How is it possible that real consumption expenditures rose by a whopping $3.1 trillion or 38% during the same 16-year period that the number of full-time prime age workers was actually dropping?

Yes, the employment shown in the chart below is supplemented by part time workers, where the ranks have grown modestly, and also by the steadily rising participation rate of Wal-Mart greeters among the over 65 cohort. But the fact remains that on the margin the 38% real gain in consumer spending since the year 2000 shown below was funded from sources other than pay envelopes.

spending since the year 2000 shown below was funded from sources other than pay envelopes.

Among the alternative sources which played a major role in funding the nation’s shopping cart, of course, was the explosion of government transfer payment. In fact, during the last 16 years government transfer payments have grown at 6.2% annually or by nearly 2X the 3.3% growth of nominal wage and salary disbursements.

US Government Entitlements – The Sixth Biggest Economy On Earth

Accordingly, as shown in the chart below, transfer payments soared by $1.7 trillion during the period. This means the gain in transfer payments amounted to nearly 50% of the entire gain in wage and salary disbursements to the nation 150 million employed persons.

Needless to say, that astonishing and unsustainable trend have been completely ignored by the Wall Street/Washington peddlers of consumption based economics.

The Fed has never once mentioned the rapidly deteriorating quality of household income and spending during the last 15 years. And in crowing about all the part-time and “born again” jobs it has purportedly created, the Obama White House has never remotely acknowledged that its vaunted “recovery” has been largely built on transfer payments and debt.

So “deterioration” is not an inappropriate word. As a matter of public policy, $2.7 trillion per year of transfer payments may represent a bargain that society has chosen to make for reasons of equity and social welfare. But that doesn’t gainsay the fact that the underlying economics are an altogether different matter.

To wit, in May 2016 total transfer payments amounted to fully one-third of all the wage and salaries disbursed to the entire work force of the United States. And if you grant the old-fashioned assumption the government salaries are funded by taxation rather than production, then transfers amount to nearly 40% of wage and salary disbursements to private sectors employees.

So let’s put the chart below in plain english. Sixteen years is not a blip; it’s an embedded trend. When the transfer payment flows to “takers” over that span have fast approached the earnings of “producers”, you have a system go tilt

Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown Is On Track To Be The Only President In History To Never Have A Year Of 3% GDP Growth

Reading for July 30, 2016 ~ Tammuz 24, 5776
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Saturday, July 30, 2016: Tribes (Mattot)

“Quantum Souls. Part Three. The Evidence – an excerpt from The Quantum Afterlife, due out Fall 2016” by Dr. Angela Dijanic is the third article in a three-part series dealing with scientific evidence supporting the existence of souls and an afterlife. Find the first and second parts, here (1) and here (2).

Quantum Souls. Part three – The Evidence

Just like atoms and evolution, souls can be evidenced through predictions made upon observations during experiments – not of the soul energy itself perhaps – but on the surrounding environment which we conclude acts as though souls are present. Unlike atoms and evolution, souls and the spirit realm have been observed first hand. And, since we are all born to die, we will all, at some point, know the truth.

What first hand experiences?

With advancements in medicine and critical care we are able to bring people back from death, something that occurred only rarely in the past. When a person dies (clinical brain death) and then is brought back to life, with a memory of the encounter, it is referred to as a near death experience (NDE).

It is believed that while having a NDE, the person actually leaves his or her body and enters another dimension. When these people come back to life they are able to share their experiences. Of particular interest are those experiences brought back from people who were blind from birth. When they are revived they describe, in detail, colors and facial features, forms and shapes of machines and buildings – all of the things they could not have known as they had never seen them. Or the experiences of young children who describe places and things they could never have known, that their parents could never have known, that are then validated.

Along with NDE, after death communications (ADC) have also added to the pool of documentation of fist hand experiences with one’s own soul or that of one in another realm. Numerous accounts of what people experience when they are visited upon by a deceased loved one including out-of-body experiences, deathbed visions, past-life recall by children, dream visitations and so-called hauntings, are available. The accounts are statistically sound and repeatable.

Interestingly, a lull in recorded observations occurred when death was depersonalized and taken out of the home and away from witnesses, especially in the so-called developed world. But, with the advent of hospice care and home assisted palliative care, more people are opting to die at home witnessed by family members and friends, as was traditionally done. And with social media, people are able to share their experiences better than ever before.

A simple analysis of the commonalities that were found showed interesting patterns and corroborations between stories and experiences, regardless of cultural, ethnic, gender, or spiritual backgrounds. The demographic identifiers differ but the overall experiences are eerily the same.

We are told that these experiences and observations could not be real because they are not physically possible. But, that’s simply not true. They are possible, and highly probable.

A glimpse into the quantum world demonstrates that energy (and by extension matter) can do all of the things that those people who are caught up in the physical world of cogs and wheels claimed they could not. For all of the times you were told that’s impossible, there is an explanation – a scientific one if that’s what you crave. In fact, the quantum world seems to defy the laws of logic within the so-called physical world.

Even scientists think that the quantum world is weird and can’t explain it fully. Einstein referred to the quantum world as spooky actions at a distance. So, maybe the question shouldn’t be why can’t we prove the existence of soul but rather why don’t we understand the reality of our existence?

In the quantum world, properties such as invisibility, passing through solid objects, moving through wrinkles in time and dimensions, are real. In fact, quantum physicists and biologists have been observing these behaviors for several decades now. These are exactly the kinds of observations and experiences people are having that are being dubbed paranormal or nonsensical.

So, what are some of those properties and characteristics? There are several, but I will discuss the big three – entanglement, superpositioning, and tunneling.

Quantum entanglement states that particles, even billions of light years apart, act dependent on one another, concurrently. This suggests that somehow a message is being conveyed between these particles, faster than the speed of light without any physical contact; which further suggests that everything must be interconnected and communicating on some level regardless of where in the universe we may all be.

As bizarre as that may seem, entanglement has actually been demonstrated repeatedly in laboratory experiments and in the “real” world.

The European Robin (Erithacus rubecula) migrates 3200 km (2000 miles) every year from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean. For years, we contemplated these migrations from a logistical stand point, considering everything from some internal global positioning system to some biological mapping method driving their navigation. In fact, it turns out that what they have are extraordinary eyes that are hard wired to their environment through quantum entanglement.

Research shows that their eyes, or at least part of the structure of their eyes, are made up of particles which may be entangled with particles in the electromagnetic field of the earth. Because these particles are communicating with each other, the birds are guided to their destination.

If European Robins are born with the same ancient particles that have been recycling since time immemorial, then so are we. If, by extension, particles are nothing more than the energy that makes them up, then we are eternally connected to our own souls and to those of others who have come before us and who will exist after us. Entanglement makes communicating between dimensions highly probable and lends credence to Jung’s collective unconscious – the oneness that connects all of us before birth, during life, and after death.

But, entanglement only explains intra- and inter- dimensional communications and possibly travel; it doesn’t really explain other characteristics attributed to spiritual experiences. Superpositioning and quantum tunneling, however, do.

The vast majority of life on this planet is possible due to a process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis, like all other biological processes, is a cycle with no actual beginning or ending – just constant efficient repetition. Within this cycle tiny packets of energy need to make their way through convoluted networks and biochemical mazes to a place known as the reaction center. This must happen instantaneously and without losing anything along the way in order for the cycle to work properly.

Through quantum superpositioning, the particles that house the energy needed for photosynthesis, can change state – maybe into fast rippling waves – and be on several different paths simultaneously. In doing so they find their destination very quickly with no loss; and, once the destination is found, all echoes of the original particle coalesce into one and continue to function.

If superpositioning allows an atom to be in several places at the same time, or even in several different phases at the same time, then think of the implications for your own energy- the energy that is your soul.

Particles have also been observed to disappear in one location and simultaneously reappear in another location seemingly without ever traveling through an intermediate point. When the particle moves through an impenetrable barrier it is known as tunneling.

When a scent molecule comes in contact with our noses, or any nose for that matter, it vibrates its way through cellular receptors until it comes out the other side. When it’s done tunneling it leaves behind a tiny bit of the energy of that scent. The atoms that make up that molecule are not entering through some portal; they are seemingly dropping through a kind of worm hole, moving from this dimension to the next, and then back again.

In fact, the vast majority of enzymes that keep our cells operative use tunneling and superpositioning to facilitate particle passage from one site to the next. You may argue, “Well I can’t walk through walls, or become invisible, or use telepathy”; but the particles that make up the physical bits of you can, and do. When we die, we break down into those individual particles. The physical body becomes the quantum matrix, and the soul moves on anew.

Taken together or alone, the quantum properties of entanglement, superpositioning, and tunneling present significant evidence that all of the so-called paranormal properties and characteristics of spiritual experiences are, in fact, very normal.

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