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FIRE IN THE SKY: NASA’s Asteroid Hunter NEOWISE Has Made 72 New Discoveries Of 439 Near-Earth Objects In Two Years – 8 Of Them Have Been Classified As POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS ASTEROIDS! [VIDEO]

‘Once in a life time’ photo of neon green fireball over New Zealand

Prophetic Intelligence Analysis (((Warning))) For Jubilee April 8/1904 Horus 666 Cairo Egypt 666 Exhibit 2011 Open For Business Apotheosis Government Image Of The Antichrist Beast(19/20th Gate Opening Jubilee Sign In One World Trade Ground Zero NYC Time Square To 2020 Jupiter Eye Occultation Of Saturn Hexagon Star Of David Solar Celestial Convergence ), 2016 Nisan 1 United Nations Year Of Light BAAL Gate Opening 

Yesterday we first reported something unexpected: when looking at the constituents of the record short squeeze that started two months ago, and still continues, traders had largely maintained kept single-name shorts, and instead covered short ETF exposure.

This followed a previous observation showing that when it comes to NYSE short interest, it is near the record highs (in absolute terms, if not as a % of market cap) reached during the financial crisis.

Bloomberg summarized all of this overnight in a note discussing the well-known short overhang, amounting to $1 trillion in total short interest.

Amid its biggest about-face in nine decades, a funny thing has happened in the U.S. stock market, where rather than loosen their grip bears have grown ever-more impassioned. They’ve sent short interest to an eight-year high and above $1 trillion, by one analyst’s math. Position reports from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission show mutual fund managers are more skeptical now than any time since at least 2010.

“There’s an enormous demand coming,” said Thomas J. Lee, managing partner at Fundstrat Global Advisors LLC., in an interview with Bloomberg TV . “Retail investors are about to put a lot of money into the equity markets because they’re trend followers and the S&P has had two positive quarters in a row. Funds can’t keep a trillion short position, larger than March ’09.”

Something Does Not Compute: The Market Is The “Most Overbought Since 2009” Yet “Most Short Since 2008”

It started in August, when bearish investors sent bets against U.S. stocks above 4 percent of available shares for the first time in six years. They haven’t backed off since. By the end of February, the ratio climbed to 4.4 percent, the highest since 2008, according to exchange data compiled by Bloomberg. As of March 15, that level was 4.3 percent, equivalent to a short position just under $1 trillion.
So, supposedly the market is the most short since 2008.

Which is odd because according to a report released this morning by UBS, while there are allegedly record shorts, the market is somehow, at the very same time, the most overbought since 2009. Here are technicians Michael Riesner and Marc Muller:

With the SPX hitting a new reaction high on Wednesday we were obviously too early in expecting the SPX to top out last week. However, our base case has not changed. The SPX continues to trade in the time window of our late March/early April top projection. The market is still in its most overbought position since 2009 and together with the internal momentum starting to deteriorate we see the SPX in a final extension instead of starting a new breakout, and in this context we are sticking to our recent comment and would not chase the market on current levels.

So, at the very same time, this market is the “most overbought since 2009” and “most shorted since 2008″…

No Wonder Morgan Stanley chief equity strategist Adam Parker lost it this week, and is seeing nothing but cockroaches.

Which American States Have The Most Billionaires 

The Exodus Of People Moving Away From California Is Becoming An Avalanche 

Over the past ten years, approximately five million people have moved away from the state of California, and as you will see in this article this mass exodus appears to be accelerating. So exactly why is this happening? Once upon a time, it seemed like almost everyone wanted to live in California. The nearly endless sunshine, the incredible weather, the pristine beaches and a booming economy motivated millions of young Americans to move out there to pursue “the California Dream”. In fact, in the early nineties I actually explored the idea of moving out there myself. But now the California Dream has become a nightmare. Californians are being taxed to death, traffic in the major cities is absolutely horrific, violent crime and gang activity are on the rise, millions of illegal immigrants are putting an incredible strain on social support systems, and the ultra-liberal government in Sacramento seems to have gone completely insane. In addition, the state faces constant threats from earthquakes, wildfires, droughts and mudslides, so it is quite understandable why so many people feel motivated to leave and never come back.

The number one destination for people leaving the state of California in recent years has been the state of Texas. And according to Ali Meyer of the Washington Free Beacon, the number of people leaving California for Texas has reached “its highest level in nearly a decade”…

Putz Russia will begin the first shipment of its S-300 air defense missile systems to Antichrist Iran in the coming days, Interfax news agency quoted a senior Russian diplomat as saying on Tuesday.

Putz Russia to start deliveries of S-300 missiles to Antichrist Iran in coming days: agency 

“I don’t know if this will happen today, but they (S-300 missiles) will be loaded (for shipment to Antichrist Iran),” the agency quoted Zamir Kabulov, a department chief at the Foreign Ministry, as saying.

Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration ‘concerned’ about Antichrist Iranian ballistic missile tests, State Department says 

While Middle East allies say they do not believe Antichrist Iran has given up its nuclear weapons ambitions, the State Department admitted Tuesday the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration has concerns about Tehran’s provocative ballistic missile program because of the possibility the long-range rockets could one day be used to carry a nuke – even with the administration-negotiated deal in place.

The prospect of Antichrist Iran pairing a nuke with a ballistic missile was the subject of a contentious exchange between Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Thomas Shannon and Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing.

Pressed repeatedly by Gardner on whether the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration was worried Antichrist Iran’s recent ballistic tests were being staged with an eye toward a nuclear future, Shannon admitted “that was their purpose when they began the ballistic missile program,” but he added: “It’s not their purpose [now] if they can’t achieve a nuclear weapon.”

But Gardner said regional partners didn’t believe the Iran nuke deal was deterring the regime from planning to acquire a nuclear weapon at some point.

“In conversations I’ve had with allies in the region, nobody believes that [Antichrist Iran has] given up their nuclear weapons ambition,” Gardner said.

How much will Obozo let slide to preserve deal with Antichrist Iran? 

Global military expenditure rose to nearly $1.7 trillion in 2015, reflecting continued growth in Asia and Oceania, Central and Eastern Europe, and some Middle Eastern states, according to a SIPRI report.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute said the figure was 1 percent higher than 2014 in real terms.

“The increase reflects continuing growth in Asia and Oceania, Central and Eastern Europe, and some Middle Eastern states,” it said. “The decline in spending in the West is also levelling off. At the same time, spending decreased in Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Thus, the global military expenditure picture is mixed. ”

Expenditures by the United States fell by 2.4 per cent to $596 billion but it still remains the world’s largest military spender. China’s expenditure rose by 7.4 percent to $215 billion, Saudi Arabia spent $87.2 billion, a 5.7 percent increase, while Russia’s spending rose 7.5 percent to $66.4 billion.

The report said the crash in oil prices that started in 2014 has contributed to a cut in defense spending in some counties dependent on oil revenues. Among them: Venezuela, down 64 percent, and Angola, which recorded a 42 percent ddrop in military spending.

Worldwide military spending reaches $1.7 trillion 

Military spending in North America and Western and Central Europe has been decreasing since 2009 because of budget constraints but signs in 2015 indicated a possible end to the decline, SIPRI said. Spending in countries close to Russia and Ukraine — Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia — increased spending amid anxiety over possible Russian aggression.

Western European expenditure was down 1.3 percent, the lowest rate of annual decline since 2010. Britain, France and Germany, however, plan modest raises in defense spending because of concerns about Russia and the threat posed by the Islamic State terrorism.

“Military spending in 2015 presents contrasting trends,” said Dr Sam Perlo-Freeman, head of SIPRI’s military expenditure project. “On the one hand, spending trends reflect the escalating conflict and tension in many parts of the world; on the other hand, they show a clear break from the oil-fueled surge in military spending of the past decade. This volatile economic and political situation creates an uncertain picture for the years to come.

Antichrist Islamic State hints at attacks in London, Berlin and Rome  

The Antichrist Islamic State militant group released a video on Tuesday suggesting it may carry out further attacks in the West, naming London, Berlin and Rome as possible targets.

“If it was Paris yesterday, and today Brussels, Antichrist (a)llah knows where it will be tomorrow. Maybe it will be in London or Berlin or Rome,” said a member of the group in English on the video which showed footage of the aftermath of previous attacks.

Antichrist Islamic State has claimed responsibility for bombings that killed 31 people in Brussels in March and attacks in Paris last November that killed 130.

The video showed images of the House of Commons in London and Rome’s Colosseum

One of the epicenters of the global financial crisis that started during the second half of last year is Japan, and it looks like the markets in the land of the rising sun are entering yet another period of great turmoil. The Nikkei was down another 390 points last night, and it is now down more than 1,300 points since a week ago. Why this is so important for U.S. investors is because the Nikkei is often an early warning indicator of where the rest of the global markets are heading. For example, the Nikkei started crashing early last December about a month before U.S. markets started crashing really hard in early January. So the fact that the Nikkei has been falling very rapidly in recent days should be a huge red flag for investors in this country.

I want you to study the chart below very carefully. It shows the performance of the Nikkei over the past 12 months. As you can see, it kind of resembles a giant leaning “W”. You can see the stock crash that started last August, you can see the second wave of the crash that began last December, and now a third leg of the crash is currently forming…

Watch Japan – For All Is Not Well In The Land Of The Rising Sun

Update: literally seconds ago, when the USDJPY tumbled below 110, we asked “how much longer will Kuroda sustain this battering before Japan is forced to do something even more ridiculous” and we may have gotten the answer when minutes after the USDJPY dipped below 110, some unknown “buying force” emerged out of nowhere and pushed the pair right back up over the critical support level.

Is the BOJ telegraphing that “you shall not pass” the 110 support?

Yesterday, a concerted seller of the USDJPY tried, and briefly succeeded, to push this all-important carry pair below 110. It promptly rebounded, however, once stops were forcefully activated to the short side at this key support level. Moments ago 110 was once again tested, and as of this moment, there has been no snap back rebound as the USDJPY has now tumbled to levels last seen in October 2014, and may continue sliding without any support levels in sight.

While we understand that it may be critical for “global stabeeleetee” as per the Shanghai Accord, to keep the USD weak, we wonder how much longer will Kuroda sustain this battering before Japan is forced to do something even more ridiculous than his January foray into NIRP.

Meanwhile, the dollar, after spiking in the overnight session is suddenly tumbling, putting pressure on European stocks as the EURUSD surges once again, putting just as much pressure on Mario Draghi who too will have to ask himself how long before the ECB has to intervene again.

“A unanimous Supreme Court ruled Monday that illegal immigrants and other noncitizens can be counted when states draw their legislative districts, shooting down a challenge by Texas residents who said their own voting power was being diluted,” The Washington Times reported.

Counted? Do we use 11 million or 30?

And unanimous? So much for “originalists” on the court. So naturally, the most “progressive” of the eight left standing – the one who views the Second Amendment as “obsolete,” was the one entrusted to explain founding intent.

“As the Framers of the Constitution and the Fourteenth Amendment comprehended, representatives serve all residents, not just those eligible or registered to vote,” Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote for the court. “Nonvoters have an important stake in many policy debates — children, their parents, even their grandparents, for example, have a stake in a strong public-education system — and in receiving constituent services, such as help navigating public-benefits bureaucracies.”

Welcome to the great giveaway – not just in terms of wealth transfers and utilization of infrastructure and resources, but in terms of power through apportionment. Here’s the political danger:

As the number of US House seats is fixed at 435, reapportionment means that if a given state gains a House district, another state must lose one. If (illegal alien non-citizens are counted in the decennial Census upon which districts are apportioned, then states with larger illegal alien populations are likely to end up with more districts and therefore more representation in the House. This effectively dilutes the votes of citizens in states having relatively low populations of illegal aliens.

True, non-citizens and illegal aliens can’t (legally) vote yet, but subversives intent on the fundamental transformation of America that Obozo threatened us with are working on that.

The question before the court was a distraction anyway, from government not just failing, but actively subverting the whole purpose behind its existence, and the whole reason “consent of the governed” has been presumed. The real question, and one that must be answered before the cultural terraforming is complete, is “Who should be admitted into the Republic in the first place?” The follow-up is “What criteria determine citizenship eligibility?”

Such talk is a surefire way to invite charges of being a hater, a racist, intolerant, a religious bigot and a xenophobe. Yet ignoring standards is a surefire way to invite destroyers into our midst, those who will simply leech and subvert, and those intent on more destructive goals.

How do you go about developing standards?

The Framers Ginsburg falsely name-dropped (in a pretty transparent ploy to claim legitimacy) already defined them. We know it as the preamble to the Constitution:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Every power enumerated and delegated thereafter is required to facilitate those purposes and objectives, even if feet are rarely held to the fire any more. Any act that works against them is illegitimate, even if violations and usurpation have become a way of life. So the question for those enacting, administering, enforcing and adjudicating admissions standards is, or should be: Do they enhance domestic Tranquility, strengthen common defense, advance general Welfare, and enhance Liberty, including for our Posterity?

How, specifically? Anything that can be evaluated, and readily corrected if need be? We need more than weasel words.

Do we just forget that some, now represented though apportionment deemed A-OK by SCOTUS, ignored U.S. laws to come here, and continue to ignore it by staying, many thumbing their noses, getting bolder and more aggressive in their demands? Is it really in the interests of ourselves and our Posterity to take in tens or hundreds of thousands and more “refugees” from populations harboring an existential threat, especially when government assurances of “rigorous security screenings” are demonstrably hollow and fraudulent?

Do we just shut up about it and gradually die out, until such time as pretenses no longer need to be maintained?

SCOTUS Decision on Counting Illegals Highlights Betrayal of Government’s Purpose 

The Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration may order the movement of some American and international troops into the southern Sinai, and is discussing such a move with Egypt and Israel, CNN said.

The two Middle East countries signed a peace deal in 1979, agreeing that a Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) mission would monitor compliance. Some 700 American troops are part of that mission.

Most of the peacekeepers are stationed at El-Gorah camp, near the Gaza Strip.

Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis declined to confirm or deny the CNN report.

“We remain fully committed to the objective of the MFO mission and the maintenance of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt,” he told AFP. “We are in continuous contact with the MFO and adjust force protection capabilities as conditions warrant.”

Officials worry the threat of an Antichrist ISIS group attack targeting U.S. forces in the region is increasing.

Egypt has for many years been dealing with an insurgency in the Sinai which has gotten worse since the military ousted former Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood President MoHAMmed Morsi.

Most of the terrorist attacks in the Sinai have been claimed by the Sinai Province terrorist group, which has pledged allegiance to Antichrist ISIS.

Among the attacks claimed by Sinai Province were the assassination of a top Egyptian police general, who was gunned down as he left his home in a west Cairo neighborhood, and a bus bombing on a tour bus filled with South Korean tourists.

American military considering withdrawing from Sinai 

Terrorists are using the migration crisis to enter Europe and plot atrocities across the continent, the European Union’s own border agency has admitted.

In a report which lays bare the concerns about the EU’s porous borders, Frontex conceded that it does not know the true number of migrants who have crossed into the continent and has no way of tracking them.

Frontex said that EU member states had reported a record 1.82 million illegal border crossings last year, six times higher than the previous record set in 2014.

Terrorists entering Europe because of porous borders may be undetectable, EU’s own border agency admits 

Antichrist Iran is preparing for an all-out war with the US, said Antichrist Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Commander Major General MoHAMmad Ali Jafari on Tuesday at a gathering of senior IRGC commanders in Tehran.

Jafari said that Antichrist Iran’s long-term military plan has been shaped by anticipation of a future war with Antichrist NWO 666 America in which Antichrist Iran would be the “decisive victors”. “For years, we have been building power on the presumption of a widespread war with the Antichrist Masonic New Secular Order 666 US and its allies, and have developed all our capacities and capabilities for decisive victories over such enemies,” he said, Tasnim News reported.

In a statement unlikely to surprise anyone paying attention to Iran’s constant anti-Western rhetoric and threats and its blatant dismissal of international condemnations of its arms developments, Jafari emphasized that a combative solution is prioritized over the weaker tools of diplomacy.

“Before political and diplomatic options, we have gotten prepared for a military option,” he said.

The announcement will surely come as a surprise to Antichrist Muslim Born ”(a)llah Has No Son” Bastard NWO 666 US President Barack Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown, who has often insisted that diplomacy is the only way to move forward in relation to Antichrist Shia Mahdi Meathead Murder Suicide Jihadist Iran.

If the time should come for a military confrontation, Jafari predicted that, as in past conflicts in the region, the US will not be able “to do a damn thing” about it.

Top Antichrist Iranian General: We Are Preparing for War and Antichrist NWO 666 US “Won’t Do a Damn Thing” About It

“We believe they have accomplished miniaturization of a nuclear warhead to mount it on a Rodong missile,” said the South Korean official, who has knowledge of South Korea’s assessment of the Antichrist Communist North’s nuclear program. The official spoke to a small group of reporters on condition of anonymity.

Antichrist Communist North Korea can put nuclear warhead on mid-range missile: South

A few weeks ago Zero Hedge ran a piece talking about new oil rigs being brought on by the Antichrist Saudis. The piece was, for once, erroneous in its supposing the Saudis were putting new rigs online in order to boost a “sustainable” production. The indubitable Tyler Durden is seldom wrong where such investing-strategic information is concerned, but in this case he was 180 degrees off. His supposition that rig counts going up indicate the Antichrist Saudis “panning” for increased exports is not even a remotely possible. The Antichrist Saudis are bringing new rigs online alright, offshore ones that are many times more expensive than their inland cousins. And there’s only one reasonable explanation for them doing this, the biggest fields that once contained more energy wealth than any place on Earth have peaked. Short version, the Antichrist Saudis need more fields, more oil from somewhere, in order to survive. This report I found shows clearly, the Skull&Bones Bush 911 and Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administrations have known for a long time that the Antichrist Saudis are almost out of oil. “Peak oil” is a reality; the wealth of the Antichrist Saudi people has been squandered on frivolous investing and building projects, and if they don’t prop up the industry, then the regime is over. This brings us to Yemen and the concrete reasons for Saudi aggression. I’ll try and be brief.

Zero Hedge and other analytical sources have failed to take into account the nature of new rig expansion the Saudis have undertaken. This Offshore report from November 2013 tells us of Antichrist Saudi Aramco’s Manifa shallow water oilfield development program, which began production in April 2013. The report also clues us to another logical conclusion; the Antichrist Saudis have been lying about their capacity for decades. Why add as many as 170 new rigs, if the projected production levels are not to be increased for another 30 year, as the Saudi oil minister proclaimed in 2013? Add to this ridiculous notion, the fact these offshore rigs are 7 times more costly to run, and you have a good idea of the fallacious nature of these reports. The Antichrist Saudis have to have less more capacity, a lot more, in order to still compete with the Russians, Iranians, and Venezuelans. (Forget the Americans, shale production in North American cannot be sustained).

Finally, while the Wall Street Journal reports Yemen as a minor oil “producer”, evidence is emerging that the oil Yemen sits on has yet to be fully explored or accessed. This Yemen Post article first clued me to the possibility the Antichrist Saudis are after Yemens reserves. While this news source is not the most reliable in all cases, the contention that the Jawf field, in northern Yemen just south of the Antichrist Saudis, it interested me. The facts the Antichrist Saudis are killing people in the Jawf region in record numbers aside, the oil basins first explored by Hunt Oil, Exxon, and Phillips in blocks around Jawf have largely been expropriated (2005 for block 18) by Yemen. And big oil hates countries taking back their resources. Most people do not realize that the oil politicians and their armies fight over is almost totally controlled by conglomerates like Shell, and the others. This report from 1997 names some of the developers of Yemen’s main revenue source, but it does not tell us of the targeted goal of the new Antichrist Saudi aggression.

Before I elaborate on the big “kill” for the Antichrist Saudis, let me frame treasonous American Antichrist NWO 666 President Barack Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown and hi state department in this mess first. The reader needs nothing more than this WikiLeaks cable to galvanize the fact the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration, and former Secretary of State Hillary 911 Clinton especially, knew exactly the nature of new Yemeni oil and gas capacity in 2009. What the cable made “classified” by Ambassador Stephen A. Seche revealed was just business, but damning when current events are overlapped, I quote in part:

“In an October 13 meeting with Econoff, the Chair of the Petroleum Exporting and Production Authority (PEPA), Ahmed Abdillah, told Econoff that the governorates of Shabwa, Marib and al-Jawf have high potential for significant gas deposits. He said that natural gas deposits have been found in Occidental Block 20 (Marib-al-Jawf), Occidental Block S-1 (Shabwa) and Canadian Nexen Block 51 (Hadhramout).”

Without going into a geology or oil & gas lecture here, natural gas, particularly LNG are the mid term future for the people of Yemen. That is if the Antichrist Saudis with Antichrist NWO 666 American assistance will let them live. As for oil, and the crude the Antichrist Saudis need to survive, Yemen has a partial solution there too.

Yemen’s real treasure trove is actually situated in a shared region of the Red Sea, and offshore in the Sea of Aden. It should come as no surprise that companies like British Gas and even the United States Geological Survey (USGS) have been fully aware of vast oil and gas deposits offshore of Yemen for some time. This USGS report from 2002 shows an immeasurable potential, while numerous surveys and explorations offshore show vast reservoirs and potential so obvious amateur geologists could hit oil around Yemen. A report about Samhah Island, in the Gulf of Aden off Somalia told of oil seeping up through the solid rock. Readers will find it ironic that the United States Navy has seized the island, and is building the largest naval base in the region on nearby Socotra Island. Further discoveries beneath the shallow sea bed of the Red Sea stretch from Yemen to the shores of neighboring Antichrist Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Eritrea. Offshore “heavy oil” and onshore natural gas riches beckon the Antichrist Saudis, Antichrist Rothschild NEO World Order Brits, Antichrist NWO 666 Americans, and the Antichrist EU French Europa Whores of Mystery Babylon Riding The Beast.

Yemen: A Desperation Antichrist Saudi Genocide Backed by Obozo 

So now you know why Antichrist now 666 Barack Obozo never comes to the rescue for Yemeni civilians being murdered, it’s the same reason Russian speakers in the East of Ukraine are not protected, and the same reason Antichrist ISIL has been allowed to roam Northern Iraq and Eastern Syria. Oh, and Rupert Murdoch, the owner of the Wall Street Journal, his key energy investment in Genie Oil is a direct competitor with any future Yemen revenue gains from new sources. AMSO American shale, a subsidiary of Genie is vested in monetizing the last of America’s shale reserves. So the picture puzzle of Yemen chaos should be complete for you now. And the Wall Street Journal’s counter-intuitive news revealed as well.

The military General who led the 2011 western overthrow of Libya by the western coalition was a Canadian. He was chosen by both ‎France and England because they fought vigorously over which country should lead that military action. His name is Charles Bouchard, as the leader of that NATO war.
They chose the Canadian General because he had a French last name and the British approved him because he was of British heritage, through his England born parents, but he was born in Canada.
It was funny because the French government touted him as a true Frenchman in the newspapers and the British government touted his British heritage in the British media. Maybe he also visited Italy once or twice, so the Italian government would be bragging about that too. And maybe he liked German beer.‎

Rival Government In Libya Quits 

Funny how things work out.
There were 35 countries in that Libya NATO military coalition, but Obozo didn’t want the USA to lead it, because he was trying to pretend he was a peaceful leader and he had just got his Preemptive Nuclear NONproLIFEration Noble Peace Prize a couple of years before. Obozo also felt his voters wouldn’t like it, if he led another war, which was the following year..

In his speech yesterday, following the Treasury’s crack down on corporate tax inversions, Obozo blamed “poorly designed” laws for allowing illicit money transfers worldwide. Since the speech came at a time when the entire world is still abuzz with the disclosure from the Panama Papers, Obozo touched on that as well: “Tax avoidance is a big, global problem” he said on Tuesday, “a lot of it is legal, but that’s exactly the problem” because a lot of it is also illegal.

There is one major problem with that: of all the countries in the world, it is none other than the country of which Obozo is president, the United States, that has become the world’s favorite offshore “tax haven” destination.

As Bloomberg, which first broke the story about Nevada’s use as a prominent tax haven early this year, writes, “Panama and the U.S. have at least one thing in common: Neither has agreed to new international standards to make it harder for tax evaders and money launderers to hide their money.”

Over the past several years, amid increased scrutiny by journalists, regulators and law enforcers, the global tax-haven landscape has shifted. In an effort to catch tax dodgers, almost 100 countries and other jurisdictions have agreed since 2014 to impose new disclosure requirements for bank accounts, trusts and some other investments held by international customers — standards issued by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a government-funded international policy group.
In short: while Obozo is complaining about corporate tax avoidance and slamming Panama, he is encouraging it in the U.S.

Places like Switzerland and Bermuda are agreeing, at least in principle, to share bank account information with tax authorities in other countries. Only a handful of nations have declined to sign on. The most prominent is the U.S. The other ona is, of course, Panama, and we just saw what happened there.

The latest reporting “underscores the secrecy in Panama,” said Stefanie Ostfeld, the acting head of the U.S. office of the anti-corruption group Global Witness. “What’s lesser known, is the U.S. is just as big a secrecy jurisdiction as so many of these Caribbean countries and Panama. We should not want to be the playground for the world’s dirty money, which is what we are right now.”

For Obozo, however, it is important to not let facts get in the way of a good speech, or welcoming the dirty, laundered money of the world’s uber wealthy, be they criminals or not, as they transfer their wealth from Panama to Nevada, Wyoming and other tax sheltering destinations in the U.S.

To be sure, the US has taken steps to keep track of US assets abroad, but not of foreign assets in the US.

In 2010, Congress passed the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or Fatca, as the U.S. Justice Department began prosecuting Swiss banks for enabling tax evasion. Fatca forces certain financial firms to disclose to the Internal Revenue Service any foreign accounts held by U.S. citizens.

Fatca doesn’t, however, bind banks to provide information on foreigners with U.S. accounts to regulators abroad. The U.S. has entered into agreements with some other countries requiring such exchange with foreign regulators, but tax planners say they are considered relatively easy to avoid.

That’s where the OECD came in, with its own international take on Fatca that the U.S. declined to sign.
Panama has been one country which has done everything in its power to delay and dilute its compliance with OECD regulations.

In a January interview, an official at Trident Trust Co., a big provider of offshore vehicles, said it was seeing a large number of accounts moving into Panama because of its weak commitment to the OECD regulations. “The Panama office was extremely overworked, because a lot of people are re-domiciling to Panama from BVI and Cayman,” said Alice Rokahr, a Trident official based in South Dakota. In late February, OECD officials said publicly that Panama had been “removed from the list of committed jurisdictions” that agreed to share information.

The latest coverage of shell companies created by a Panamanian law firm could give the OECD new ammunition to put pressure on the country to sign onto the information-sharing agreements, some tax experts said.

But while one can criticize Panama, and with cause, for enabling tax evasion, at least its leaders don’t pretend to be saints, who do precisely what they condemn. Far less can be said about Obozo.

“The U.S. doesn’t follow a lot of the international standards, and because of its political power, it’s able to continue,” said Bruce Zagaris an attorney at Berliner Corcoran & Rowe LLP who specializes in international tax and money laundering regulations. “It’s basically the only country that can continue to do that. Others like Panama have tried, but Panama can’t punch as high as the U.S.”

And confirming just that, in a statement issued Monday by OECD secretary general Angel Gurria, the OECD said “Panama is the last major holdout that continues to allow funds to be hidden offshore from tax and law-enforcement authorities.”

The statement didn’t mention the U.S., which is the OECD’s largest funder.

And there it is: the US, simply because it is the biggest – and wealthiest – bully in the yard, can dispense morality all day long, but just don’t ask it to practice what it preaches.

Meanwhile, advisers around the world are increasingly using the U.S. resistance to the OECD’s standards as a marketing tool – attracting overseas money to U.S. state-level tax and secrecy havens like Nevada and South Dakota, potentially keeping it hidden from their home governments.

Advisors such as Rothschild, profiled initially by Bloomberg’s Jesse Drucker.

Rothschild, the centuries-old European financial institution, has opened a trust company in Reno, Nev., a few blocks from the Harrah’s and Eldorado casinos. It is now moving the fortunes of wealthy foreign clients out of offshore havens such as Bermuda, subject to the new international disclosure requirements, and into Rothschild-run trusts in Nevada, which are exempt.

For financial advisers, the current state of play is simply a good business opportunity. In a draft of his San Francisco presentation, Rothschild’s Penney wrote that the U.S. “is effectively the biggest tax haven in the world.” The U.S., he added in language later excised from his prepared remarks, lacks “the resources to enforce foreign tax laws and has little appetite to do so.”
And that is all you need to know.

Antichrist Rothschild Humiliates Obozo, Reveals That “America Is The Biggest Tax Haven In The World” 

You brought it upon yourselves.

Yesterday’s Panamanian crib notes immediately received a fitting answer. Guys who are receiving grants from Soros Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation, their owners, and other interested parties were thinking that they were taking part in a hunt for the beast. Well, well. This time they were made to play ping-pong, but they didn’t even notice it. So naive are they… They scattered the documents around 80 countries and 400 paid journalists to deducted names and addresses. Well, at least one of them was from the CBP (Foreign Intelligence Service) and a couple hundred from the GRU…And they’ve got their punishment, not them, of course, but their owners.

The Russian President said that he has decided to declassify many archival documents, and that he will sign the decree today. And it was signed. Here: http://kremlin.ru/

And he quietly added: “This, as far as I know, according to the information from archive agencies, concerns the period from 1930 to 1989. In these documents there are cases, excuse me, of snitches as well as the innocently repressed, with very interesting names, some documents will surprise society…”

Putz Putin to Declassify Documents That Bear Some “Very Interesting Names” 

In fact, what is happening is a test for society and the President. He passed an exam for the “leader of the nation”, and society – for the “superpower”. I have no doubt, personally, of the result. And also no doubt on the number of political cadavers that will appear soon in stupid Europe, which thought that she was taking part in the hunt for the beast, whilst the ambush was prepared for her.

CERN plans collider run, gears up to battle conspiracy theories 

No Tsunami Warnings, Advisories or Watches are in effect.

Very strong and shallow M6.9 earthquake hit near the coast of Vanuatu
We had five major quakes in the whole month of March, we have had five in the first six day’s of April!
Yet another major quake strikes…the fifth this week, a magnitude 6.9 – 109km WSW of Sola, Vanuatu
hits the South Pacific and in the same region as Tropical Cyclone Zena and in almost the same place as a mag 6.9 struck last Sunday, reinforcing the theory major weather events can influence major quakes.
Today’s quake is the fifth of April and the 33rd of 2016….

Coincidence? A magnitude 6.9 strikes Vanuatu where Tropical Cyclone Zena started yesterday and in almost the same place as a mag 6.9 struck last Sunday 

No Tsunami Warnings, Advisories or Watches are in effect.
We had five major quakes in the whole month of March, we have had five in the first six day’s of April!
Yet another major quake strikes…the fifth this week, a magnitude 6.9 – 109km WSW of Sola, Vanuatu
hits the South Pacific and in the same region as Tropical Cyclone Zena and in almost the same place as a mag 6.9 struck last Sunday, reinforcing the theory major weather events can influence major quakes.
Today’s quake is the fifth of April and the 33rd of 2016….

If last week was all about global volcanic activity well this week is about major quakes: A mag 6.9 hits Vanuatu 

Record Cold Temperatures Sweep Into Northeast; Another Arctic Blast on the Way
High winds create extreme wildfire risk over central US. 


Feel it? 18 earthquakes recorded in Arizona 

6.9 magnitude earthquake hits near Sola, Vanuatu
5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Sarangani, Philippines
5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Port-Olry, Vanuatu
5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Port-Olry, Vanuatu
5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Uyugan, Philippines
5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Laiwui, Indonesia
5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Taron, Papua New Guinea
5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Kitob Shahri, Uzbekistan
5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Lakhipur, India

FUK-U-SHIMA: Nuclear Expert Arnie Gundersen Says “I’ve Learned There’s A Huge Spike In Death Rates In Fukushima For Young Children” – This Is Being Covered Up By Japanese Authorities; Doctor’s Who Treat Patients Suffering From Radiation Illness Are Being Put Out Of Business!

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 28,000ft
Colima volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft
Copahue volcano in Argentina erupts to 21,000ft
Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft
Kerinci volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft
Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 12,000ft
Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft
Langila volcano in Papua New Guinea erupts to 10,000ft
Tenggar Caldera volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Volcanic activity worldwide 4 Apr 2016: Popocatépetl volcano, Bromo, Turrialba, Sangay, Sakurajima, 

Thousands stranded by floods and landslides in north-west Pakistan

April 6, 2016 – SPACE – The hunt is on to find “Planet Nine” — a large undiscovered world, perhaps 10 times as massive as Earth and four times its size — that scientists think could be lurking in the outer solar system. After Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown, two planetary scientists from the California Institute of Technology, presented evidence for its existence this January, other teams have searched for further proof by analyzing archived images and proposing new observations to find it with the world’s largest telescopes.

SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: More Planet X Memes – Is Mysterious “Planet Nine” Tugging On NASA’s Saturn Probe?! 

Just this month, evidence from the Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn helped close in on the missing planet. Many experts suspect that within as little as a year someone will spot the unseen world, which would be a monumental discovery that changes the way we view our solar system and our place in the cosmos. “Evidence is mounting that something unusual is out there — there’s a story that’s hard to explain with just the standard picture,” says David Gerdes, a cosmologist at the University of Michigan who never expected to find himself working on Planet Nine. He is just one of many scientists who leapt at the chance to prove — or disprove — the team’s careful calculations.

Tropical Cyclone Zena threatens Fiji following devastating effects of Winston 

After a mild winter where temperatures in Ontario more typical of April often appeared, a large arctic high-pressure area sent temperatures plummeting to values more typical of mid-winter on April 5.

As a result of unseasonable cold, new record low minimums were set in a number of localities across Southern and Northeastern Ontario.

“We used up some of our spring-like weather too early, and now we’re paying for it,” Environment Canada Meteorologist Geoff Coulson said.

Coulson added that cold temperatures can be blamed on a combination of a weakening El Niño and polar vortex coming down south.

“The vortex brought with it some colder air, not just for Ontario but also for Quebec, Atlantic Canada, and a good chunk of the midwestern US and northeastern US as well. And with this pattern being fairly stubborn at this point, this cold air is expected to linger at least through mid-month, giving us temperatures more like single digit highs anywhere between 2, 3 °C (35.6, 37.4 °F) when we’d normally be seeing daytime highs of around 10 °C (50 °F).”

The following is a summary of weather event information received by Environment Canada on April 5:

London Airport -12.0 °C (10.4 °F) breaks previous record -10.5 °C (13.1 °F) set in 1995
Delhi -12.2 °C (10.04 °F) breaks previous record -10.5 °C set in 1995
Kitchener -15.5 °C (4.1 °F) breaks previous record -11.5 °C (11.3 °F) set in 1982
Guelph -16.7 °C (1.94 °F) breaks previous record -12.8 °C (8.96 °F) set in 1903
Hamilton -10.9 °C (12.38 °F) breaks previous record -10.8 °C (12.56 °F) set in 1995
Barrie -15.0 °C (5 °F) breaks previous record -14.0 °C (6.8 °F) set in 1982
Timmins -24.5 °C (-12.1 °F) breaks previous record -22.9 °C (-9.22 °F) set in 1995
Kirkland Lake -26.5 °C (-15.7 °F) breaks previous record -22.8 °C (-9.04 °F) set in 1970

Ontario breaks cold temperature records, Canada

An early-season heat wave is sweeping across India and the unbearable hot weather has already claimed lives of 66 people.

Deadly heatwave in May 2015 claimed almost 2 500 lives across the country, most of them in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, but 2016 begun smashing records as early as January and climate experts warn things will get much worse.

The unusual heat wave has been sweeping across southernmost India since February when maximum or day temperature in Andhra Pradesh and Kerala was settling 5 – 6 °C (41 – 42.8 °F) above normal. Moreover, these states are already staring at a water crisis, Skymet Weather reports.

By April, heat wave has shifted to the parts of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand. Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh recorded 43.3 °C (109.9 °F) on Tuesday, April 5, which was six degrees above normal, followed by Jamshedpur in Jharkhand at 43 °C (109.4 °F), five degrees above normal.

With heatwave conditions prevailing across Telangana, 66 people have died due to sunstroke and other related problems, officials said today.

Early-season heat wave sweeping across India, 66 deaths by April 6 

According to the Meteorological Department Nizamabad, north Telangana continues to be the hottest area in the state with maximum temperatures of 43.4 °C (110.1 °F) followed by Medak and Karimnagar with 43 °C (109.4 °F).

62-km wide dust storm blankets Texas Panhandle, US 

“Biggest COVER-UP” WORLDWIDE – What “THEY” Don’t want us to KNOW. Planet X; Hercolubus; Nibiru;
Biggest “Cover-up” in History – What NASA & World Leaders DO NOT Want Us to KNOW! ~!~ Planet X; Hercolubus; Nibiru; Wormwood; 10th Planet; Red Planet; The Destroyer; Nemesis; Marduk; Tyche; Red Star Kachina; or Barnard Star. The past and future Cataclysmic Catastrophism on Earth. (Link 3 below for interesting videos).

“Biggest COVER-UP” WORLDWIDE – “THEY Know” of Inbound Planet & HIDING it.

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4) NASA images of Tyche – Thumbnail image NASA Planet X and Earth, PUBLIC domain.

5) Hercobulus images – Wikimedia commons images
6) Music – Youtube Audio Library
“Ambient Ambulance”
7) Thumbnail image – NASA images – Planet X Nibiru NASA image, Wikimedia commons images

Is Masonic Angel Cult Of Mormonism a branch of Christianity or a religious cult? Why are some conservative churches inviting Mormon Angel Cultist Glenn Beck to speak from their pulpits? In today’s edition of TRUNEWS, Rick devotes the entire program to an informative discussion of the origin of Angel Mormonism and the actual doctrines taught by the LDS. Joining Rick today are Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson from the Mormon Research Ministry in Salt Lake City, UT

Yesterday, in the latest plot twist surrounding the inevitable Puerto Rico default, we observed that after the commonwealth island’s Senate passed a surprising bill to impose a debt moratorium on any future debt repayment, its bonds – predictably – tumbled

Governor Of Puerto Rico Set To Impose Capital Controls

We also noted that the legislation addressed the Government Development Bank, or GDB, which is facing speculation that it’ll lapse into insolvency. The bank’s receivership process, liquidity and reserve requirements and payment obligations would be suspended indefinitely, according to an analyst’s read of the bill, which also seeks to split the entity into a “good bank” and “bad bank.”

Fast forward to today, when Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro García Padilla signed a measure into law Wednesday that would enable him to declare a moratorium on the commonwealth’s debt payments, mere hours after it cleared the Legislature amid concerns of securing enough support in the lower chamber and a full-court press by creditor lobbyists demanding changes to the bill.

What was more troubling is that in a move similar to what we have seen in Greece, only this time a voluntary one on behalf of the island and not its vassal owners (as happened with Greece), the newly signed Puerto Rico Emergency Moratorium & Financial Rehabilitation Act also empowers the governor to order the financially battered Government Development Bank (GDB) to restrict the outflow of cash in a bid to stabilize its dwindling liquidity levels, which stood at roughly $560 million as of April 1, according to the bill.

In other words, capital controls.

This, incidentally, confirms what we said yesterday, when we concluded that “the situation is getting messier by the day with a compromise deal now seemingly impossible – absent a US government bailout – and meanwhile Puerto Rico’s money is running out, which will ultimately be the decisive catalyst that leads to the next step in the crisis.”

That moment may have just arrived.

As Caribbean Business writes, García Padilla plans to sign an executive order to this effect immediately following the enactment of the moratorium legislation, sources said.

Several sources told Caribbean Business the urgency to enact the bill stems from concerns that municipalities and other public entities will request the withdrawal of funds each entity holds in the bank, which would further jeopardize the GDB’s operations.

Acting under the Puerto Rico Constitution’s police powers, the law allows the governor to declare a moratorium on the commonwealth’s entire debt, as well as a stay against any litigation that may result. The measure amends, or “modernizes,” the receivership process of not only the GDB, but also of the Economic Development Bank. If the GDB is placed under the new receivership process, a temporary “bridge” bank could be created to carry out some of the GDB’s functions and honor deposits.

The law also creates a new entity, called the Puerto Rico Fiscal Agency & Financial Authority, that essentially takes over the GDB’s roles as the island’s fiscal agent and financial adviser. The entity’s board consists of only one member, and in addition to its fiscal agent duties, will take charge of the commonwealth’s debt-restructuring efforts.


Is America a better place today than it was back in 1956? Of course many Americans living right now couldn’t even imagine a world without cell phones, Facebook or cable television, but was life really so bad back then? 60 years ago, families would actually spend time on their front porches and people would actually have dinner with their neighbors. 60 years ago, cars were still cars, football was still football and it still meant something to be an American. In our country today, it is considered odd to greet someone as they are walking down the street, and if someone tries to be helpful it is usually because they want something from you. But things were very different in the middle of the last century. Men aspired to be gentlemen and women aspired to be ladies, and nobody had ever heard of “bling”, “sexting” or “twerking”. Of course life was far from perfect, but people actually had standards and they tried to live up to them.

America 1956 vs. America 2016 

Could it be possible that life in America peaked back then and we have been in decline ever since?

Before you answer, I want to share with you a list of comparisons between life in America in 1956 and life in America in 2016…

In 1956, John Wayne, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe were some of the biggest stars in the entertainment world.

In 2016, our young people look up to “stars” like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

In 1956, Americans were watching I Love Lucy and The Ed Sullivan Show on television.

In 2016, the major television networks are offering us trashy shows such as Mistresses and Lucifer.

In 1956, you could buy a first-class stamp for just 3 cents.

In 2016, a first-class stamp will cost you 49 cents.

In 1956, gum chewing and talking in class were some of the major disciplinary problems in our schools.

In 2016, many of our public schools have been equipped with metal detectors because violence has gotten so far out of control.

In 1956, children went outside and played when they got home from school.

In 2016, our parks and our playgrounds are virtually empty and we have the highest childhood obesity rate on the entire planet.

In 1956, if a kid skinned his knee he was patched up and sent back outside to play.

In 2016, if a kid skins his knee he is likely to be shipped off to the emergency room.

In 1956, “introducing solids” to a baby’s diet may have meant shoving a piece of pizza down her throat.

In 2016, we have “attachment parenting” which advocates treating children like babies almost until they reach puberty.

In 1956, seat belts and bicycle helmets were considered to be optional pieces of equipment, and car safety seats were virtually unknown.

In 2016, millions of us are afraid to leave our homes for fear that something might happen to us, and if something does happen we slap lawsuits on one another at the drop of a hat.

In 1956, many Americans regularly left their cars and the front doors of their homes unlocked.

In 2016, many Americans live with steel bars on their windows and gun sales are at all-time record highs.

In 1956, about 5 percent of all babies in America were born to unmarried parents.

In 2016, more than 40 percent of all babies in America will be born to unmarried parents.

In 1956, one income could support an entire middle class family.

In 2016, approximately one-third of all Americans don’t make enough money to even cover the basics even though both parents have entered the workforce in most households.

In 1956, redistribution of wealth was considered to be something that “the communists” did.

In 2016, the federal government systematically redistributes our wealth, and two communists are fighting for the Democratic nomination.

In 1956, there were about 2 million people living in Detroit and it was one of the greatest cities on Earth.

In 2016, there are only about 688,000 people living in Detroit and it has become a joke to the rest of the world.

In 1956, millions of Americans dreamed of moving out to sunny California.

In 2016, millions of Americans are moving out of California and never plan to go back.

In 1956, television networks would not even show husbands and wives in bed together.

In 2016, there is so much demand for pornography that there are more than 4 million adult websites on the Internet, and they get more traffic than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined.

In 1956, the American people had a great love for the U.S. Constitution.

In 2016, “constitutionalists” are considered to be potential terrorists by the U.S. government.

In 1956, people from all over the world wanted to come to the United States to pursue “the American Dream”.

In 2016, 48 percent of all U.S. adults under the age of 30 believe that “the American Dream is dead”.

In 1956, the United States loaned more money to the rest of the world than anybody else.

In 2016, the United States owes more money to the rest of the world than anybody else.

And there is one more thing that I would like to share with you before I wrap up this article.

This is what the New York skyline looked like on March 31st, 1956…

Skyscrapers lit up with Christian Crosses

And this is the kind of thing that we are seeing displayed on the Empire State Building these days…

The Empire State Building lit up with The Antichrist Hindu goddess Of Destruction and Death

For those that don’t know, that is an image of the Hindu goddess of death, time and destruction known as Kali. And next month a reproduction of the 48-foot-tall arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria is going up in Times Square.

So now that you have seen what I have to share, what do you think?

Has America changed for the better, or has it changed for the worse?