Signs Of Grace Period At End Asteroid Flyby Meteorite Kills Man In India Marks Massive Deadly 6.7 Taiwan Earthquake Devastation Ozone Hole Opens Up Over England Tempest Washout As Syrian War IS Under Another Triangle Sign Measure Of Time From Above

Note: Paul and Mike in the video below has very good intel analysis.

“Eric, I have been expecting 2016 to be a horrible year for the world and the dominos are now starting to fall all around us. The Baltic Dry Freight Index is now 98% below its 2007 high and 46% below the 2015 low. Trade is deteriorating everywhere and South Korea for example just came out with their figures for January which showed an 18.5% drop in January. For a country that is totally dependent on its exports this is a disaster. Trade deficits are now increasing in most countries…

“The US is of course the best example of a country that totally mismanages its affairs. The US has had a trade deficit every single year since 1976. This means that the US has been living above its means for 40 years. In simple terms the US cannot afford to pay for its imports and must rely on debt and printed money to finance its extravagant consumption habits.

But that’s not all of course. What is even worse is the US budget deficit. The US has not had a real Budget Surplus since 1960! This is just incredible. The supposedly mightiest economy in the world has for well over half a century needed to borrow or print more money every year just to survive. Any company or individual who did this would have been bankrupt long ago and nobody would have lent them a penny. But the US has managed to hold on to the reserve currency status of the dollar and therefore continued to run deficits by just printing more money.

Legend Issues Dire Warning
As you know Eric, I have been expecting for some time that the dollar will run out of luck and start to reflect the fact that the US government is bankrupt. I believe that we have reached that point now. The most indebted nation in the world cannot continue to finance its malpractice by borrowing from the rest of the world. That is why we will see a major collapse of the dollar starting now and continuing until it has reached its intrinsic value of zero.

A Legend Just Issued This Dire Warning To The World

The dilemma is that most other nations have also lived above their means and therefore we will see a currency race to the bottom. Of the major currencies, the dollar is likely to win that race but there will be many smaller nations that are currently well ahead in this race down to the bottom. If I take Argentina as an example, gold is up 6,000% against the Peso since 1999. In a world of global currency debasement, Gold is the only proper yard stick as it is the only money which has survived for the last 5,000 years.

The US dollar is in a long term down trend against all currencies. Just look at the dollar against the Swiss Franc. Since 1970 the dollar has lost 77% of its value. I would expect the dollar to lose another 50% at least in the next few years against the Swissy. The graph below shows the not so mighty dollar.

A falling dollar will have major repercussions on investment markets and especially credit markets. As currencies fall, many countries will introduce exchange controls including the US. I would expect that to happen within 2-3 years at the most. For Americans, this would mean that they would be stuck in a collapsing currency. The next step would be forced investment into government bonds in order to finance escalating deficits.

Eric, I have stated that the Fed’s move in December to raise rates was a serious error of judgement and would soon be reversed. Well, the New York Fed’s Dudley declared a couple of days ago that the conditions had become considerably tighter since December and that a further rise in the dollar could have significant consequences. As I have said many times, the Fed hasn’t got a clue. They are like a dinosaur. If they are bitten in the tail, it takes them at least a few months before they react.

We knew that the dollar was ripe to start its fall and it seems that the Dudley statement is the catalyst for a major and permanent dollar reversal. We have already seen a three percent fall in the dollar index this week but that is of course just the very beginning. Also Carney, the Bank of England governor, changed his mind this week and indicated that rates are unlikely to rise until 2018. At least they are consistent in their ignorance, these central bankers.

As currencies and asset markets fall, the precious metals are now resuming the major uptrend to new highs. Gold is up 10% in 2016 and all stock markets have fallen against gold. The Dow, for example, is down 15% against gold since the beginning of the year. Investors still have an excellent opportunity to buy physical gold and some silver at prices that will never be seen again in my lifetime. The alternatives are extremely unpalatable – currency collapses, stock and bond market implosions and a disintegrating financial system. The choice has never been easier.”

Reading for February 6, 2016 ~ Shevat 27, 5776
Ex 21:1-24:18 30:11-16 ~ II Kgs 12:1-17 ~ Mark 9

Saturday, February 6, 2016: Judgments (Mishpatim) 

When is Antichrist Communist Chinese New Year 2016? Everything you need to know about the Year of the Monkey 

This year, Antichrist Communist Chinese New Year – The Year of the Monkey – begins on February 8th and lasts until Jan 27th, 2017

First an H-BOMB, now a long-range missile – what will it take for world to tackle N Korea? 

Antichrist Iran enjoys trolling the United States. In fact, it’s something of hobby for the Antichrist Ayatollah, who has maintained the country’s semi-official “death to America” slogan even as Antichrist Mahdi Meathead President Rouhani plays good cop with Obozo and Skull&Bones Kerry.

The ink was barely dry on the nuclear accord when Tehran test-fired a next-gen surface-to-surface ballistic missile with the range to hit archrival Israel, a move that most certainly violated the spirit of the deal if not the letter. Two months later, the IRGC conducted live rocket drills in close proximity to an American aircraft carrier and then, on the eve of Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown’s final state-of-the-union address, Antichrist Iran essentially kidnapped 10 American sailors in what amounted to a truly epic publicity stunt.

All of this raises serious questions about just how committed Tehran is to nurturing the newfound relationship with America, a state which for years sought to impoverish Iran as “punishment” for what the West swears was an illegitimate effort to build a nuclear weapon.

As regular readers are no doubt aware, Antichrist Iran is now set to ramp up crude production by some 500,000 b/d in H1 and by 1 million b/d by the end of the year now that international sanctions have been lifted. In the latest humiliation for Washington, Tehran now says it wants to be paid for its oil in euros, not dollars.

“Antichrist Iran wants to recover tens of billions of dollars it is owed by India and other buyers of its oil in euros and is billing new crude sales in euros, too, looking to reduce its dependence on the U.S. dollar following last month’s sanctions relief,” Reuters reports. “In our invoices we mention a clause that buyers of our oil will have to pay in euros, considering the exchange rate versus the dollar around the time of delivery,” an National Iranian Oil Co. said

Antichrist Iran Says No Thanks To Dollars; Demands Euro Payment For Oil Sales 

…and now we know who the Monkey ”IS”.

^^^LMAO, seriously, nobody can be this stupid. Why isn’t Skull&Bones Kerry hanging from a noose next to Obozo and their Antichrist NWO 666 Central Banker Bailout Bonus clowns at this point?

And at the end of their empire, when the prevaricators are come to the full, a king of arrogant countenance and expert in enigmas shall raise himself up. 24 And his power shall be strengthened, but not by his own power; and he shall destroy marvellously and shall prosper and do according to his will and shall destroy the mighty and the people of the saints.

Daniel 8 

25 And with his understanding he shall cause the deceit in his hand to prosper, and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace he shall destroy many; he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes, and without hand he shall be broken..

Now as to the [a]times and dates, [b]brothers and sisters, you have no need for anything to be written to you. 2 For you yourselves know perfectly well that the day of the [return of the] Lord is coming just as a thief [comes unexpectedly and suddenly] in the night. 3 While they are saying, “Peace and safety [all is well and secure!]” then [in a moment unforeseen] destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains on a woman with child, and they will absolutely not escape [for there will be no way to escape the judgment of the Lord].

1 Thessalonians 5 

4 But you, [c]believers, [all you who believe in Christ as Savior and acknowledge Him as God’s Son] are not in spiritual darkness [nor held by its power], that the day [of judgment] would overtake you [by surprise] like a thief;

Thanks to, an article from the Scottish Rite SJ’s old magazine, The New Age, December 1969 issue is available online. The article discusses Neil Armstrong and brother Buzz Aldrin’s historic Apollo 11 walk on the Moon 40 years ago today. Aldrin is a Scottish Rite Mason, and took a hand-made silk flag to the Moon and back, donating it to the House of the Temple.

Apollo 11, Freemasons and the Moon 

Open Picture Link To Astronauts Holding Satanic Flag In Space

Antichrist NWO 666 Eye Of NICKolas Whores R US Petro Romanus Prophetic EXO Vaticana PAX Plan

2015-2016: Bringing In the Light.
The UN General Assembly has proclaimed the year 2015 an International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies. Thus we suggest joining this ongoing global effort, focussing our collective meditation on precipitation and distribution of the Spiritual Light into humanity. In the new astrological year (April 2015 – March 2016) the 2025 Initiative’s activities will be focused on the theme: “Bringing In the Light”.


Open Picture Link To Petrus Romanus Pope Francis And Satanic Flag, this is the same flag the astronauts are holing in space in the link above, and it the same satanic Nicholas Roerich symbol in this video link, an these same three satanic dots exposed by the Lucifer influence of Kenneth Anger at the beginning and end of the invocation ritual movie the evil bastard produced along with his Lucifer Rising. All of this evil junk is the same demonic prophetic end time Antichrist spirit of Satan and the fallen moved upon this last generation converging for tribulation right now. This is their occult year for the start and their Antichrist messiah to show.

Links Of The Antichrist NWO 666 Global Climate Change Satanic Prophetic False Peace Agenda

To understand where these Antichrist demonic human host New World Order one world ”do what you will” Satanic global new age religion open this link.

Albert Pike’s 1870 33° Ritual 

(1809-1891), Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite’s Southern Jurisdiction from 1859 to 1891, revised all of the Scottish Rite degree rituals, including the 33°, during his tenure. A handsomely bound book, containing Pike’s reworked version of the 33°, was presented to the Supreme Council, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction (NMJ) in 1870. This manuscript version of Pike’s 33° ritual is currently on view in the Van Gorden-Williams Library & Archives reading room exhibition, Secret Scripts: Masonic and Fraternal Ritual Books, at the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library.

The inscription (see below) inside the book reads: 

This Copy is most respectfully Presented to the Supreme Council of the Northern Jurisdiction of the U.S., by special permission of M∴ P∴ Albert Pike, Sov∴ Gr∴ Commander of the Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction, U.S., by RMCGraham, 33° Gr∴ Rep∴, New York, March 19, 1870..


World leaders are scheduled to meet in Washington for the fourth and final Nuclear Security Summit March 31-April 1.

2016 NTI Nuclear Security Index finds countries unprepared for cyber attacks on nuclear facilities; introduces new “sabotage ranking” 

The NTI Index, developed biennially with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU, finds that, since 2014, no improvements have been made in several key areas related to securing highly enriched uranium and plutonium that are measured by the NTI Index: on-site physical protection, control and accounting, insider threat prevention, physical security during transport, and response capabilities. 

As Final Head-of-State Nuclear Security Summit Approaches, 33rd Degree Antichrist NWO 666 Freemason Nunn and NTI Warn of Slowing Progress on Preventing Nuclear Terrorism

“Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown launched the summit process, and he and his team, as well as a host of committed world leaders, deserve credit for their achievements so far,” Antichrist NWO 666 Nunn said. “The work is not complete, however, and a plan to sustain high-level political attention on nuclear security must be a top priority at the Summit.”

“The current global nuclear security system has dangerous gaps that prevent it from being truly comprehensive and effective,” said NTI President Joan Rohlfing. “Until those gaps are closed, terrorists will seek to exploit them.

^^^Very unfortunate timing. Why does 7 days after April Fools Day this year look exactly ripe for the 666 WMD Event? …and why does the Rothschild Economist Intelligence Unit match perfectly with the Antichrist NWO 666 WMD Phoenix Project?

As we previewed on Thursday, the biggest event of the week, and perhaps of the month, was not Friday’s nonfarm payroll report, but the January update of Antichrist Communist China’s FX reserves, which the PBOC released last night.

The Number Everyone’s Been Waiting For: Antichrist Communist Chinese Reserves Plunge By $100BN – What Does It Mean For Markets? 

The number came out at $3.2309 trillion, down $99.5 billion from the prior month, and $8 billion less than the December outflow of $107.6 billion..

Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) 

In 1903, Crowley married Rose Kelly, and they went to Egypt on their honeymoon. After returning to Cairo in early 1904, Rose (who until this point had shown no interest or familiarity with the occult) began entering trance states and insisting to her husband that the god Horus was trying to contact him. As a test, Crowley took Rose to the Boulak Museum and asked her to point out Horus to him. She passed several well-known images of the god and led Aleister straight to a painted wooden funerary stele from the 26th dynasty, depicting Horus receiving a sacrifice from the deceased, a priest named Ankh-f-n-khonsu. Crowley was especially impressed by the fact that this piece was numbered 666 by the museum, a number with which he had identified since childhood.

The upshot was that he began to listen to Rose, and at her direction, on three successive days beginning April 8, 1904, he entered his chamber at noon and wrote down what he heard dictated from a shadowy presence behind him.

In 1871, Pike published the 861 page Masonic handbook known as the Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

After Mazzini’s death on March 11, 1872, Pike appointed Adriano Lemmi (1822-1896, 33rd degree Mason), a banker from Florence, Italy, to run their subversive activities in Europe. Lemmi was a supporter of patriot and revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi, and may have been active in the Luciferian Society founded by Pike. Lemmi, in turn, was succeeded by Lenin and Trotsky, then by Stalin. The revolutionary activities of all these men were financed by British, French, German, and American international bankers; all of them dominated by the House of Rothschild.

Between 1859 and 1871, Pike worked out a military blueprint for three world wars and various revolutions throughout the world which he considered would forward the conspiracy to its final stage in the 20th Century.

About Albert Pike 

The Renaissance occultist Paracelsus describes these sylphs as invisible beings of the air, entities that the New Testament book of Ephesians (2:2) describes as working beneath “the prince [Lucifer/Satan] of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.” In applied magic, the “magic square of the sun” itself was associated in antiquity with binding or loosing the sun god Apollo/Osiris and was the most famous of all magical utilities because the sum of any row, column, or diagonal is equal to the number 111, while the total of all the numbers in the square from 1 to 36 equals 666. In the magical Hebrew Kabbalah, each planet is associated with a number, intelligence, and spirit. The intelligence of the Sun is Nakiel, which equals 111, while the spirit of the Sun is Sorath and equals 666. It makes sense therefore that Freemasons built the Washington Monument Obelisk to form a magic square at its base and to stand 555 feet above earth, so that when a line is drawn 111 feet directly below it toward the underworld of Osiris, it equals the total of 666 (555+111=666)—the exact values of the binding square of the Sun God Apollo/Osiris installed in the ceiling above where the Osiris raising ceremony is conducted in the House of the Temple.

36-Paneled Magic Skylight above the Altar in the House of the Temple where the raising of Osiris is conducted.

Freemason and occultist Aleister Crowley practiced such Kabbalah and likewise connected the number 111 with the number 6, which he described as the greatest number of the Sun or sun god. He employed the magic square in rituals to make contact with a spirit described in The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, a work from the 1600s or 1700s that involves evocation of demons. In Book Four of the magic text, a set of magical word-square talismans provides for the magician’s Holy Guardian Angel who appears and reveals occult secrets for calling forth and gaining control over the twelve underworld authorities including Lucifer, Satan, Leviathan, and Belial. In addition to Crowley, the most influential founding father and Freemason, Benjamin Franklin, not only used such magic squares, but according to his own biography and numerous other authoritative sources even created magic squares and circles for use by himself and his brethren. Yet the gentle appearance and keen astuteness of America’s most famous bespeckled Freemason might have hidden an even darker history than the story told by those magic squares, which his strong, deft hands once held. Award-winning filmmaker Christian J. Pinto explains:

One of the most influential founding fathers, and the only one of them to have signed all of the original founding documents (the Declaration of Independence, the Treaty of Paris, and the U.S. Constitution) was Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was…without question, deeply involved in Freemasonry and in other secret societies. He belonged to secret groups in the three countries involved in the War of Independence: America, France, and England. He was master of the Masonic Lodge of Philadelphia; while over in France, he was master of the Nine Sisters Lodge, from which sprang the French Revolution. In England, he joined a rakish political group founded by Sir Francis Dashwood (member of Parliament, advisor to King George III) called the “Monks of Medmenham Abbey,” otherwise known as the “Hellfire Club.” This eighteenth-century group is described as follows.

The Hellfire Club was an exclusive, English club that met sporadically during the mid-eighteenth century. Its purpose, at best, was to mock traditional religion and conduct orgies. At worst, it involved the indulgence of satanic rites and sacrifices. The club to which Franklin belonged was established by Francis Dashwood, a member of Parliament and friend of Franklin. The club, which consisted of “The Superior Order” of twelve members, allegedly took part in basic forms of satanic worship. In addition to taking part in the occult, orgies and parties with prostitutes were also said to be the norm.

Pinto continues this connection between Benjamin Franklin and dark occultism:

On February 11, 1998, the Sunday Times reported that ten bodies were dug up from beneath Benjamin Franklin’s home at 36 Craven Street in London. The bodies were of four adults and six children. They were discovered during a costly renovation of Franklin’s former home. The Times reported: “Initial estimates are that the bones are about two hundred years old and were buried at the time Franklin was living in the house, which was his home from 1757 to 1762 and from 1764 to 1775. Most of the bones show signs of having been dissected, sawn or cut. One skull has been drilled with several holes.”

The original Times article reported that the bones were “deeply buried, probably to hide them because grave robbing was illegal.” They said, “There could be more buried, and there probably are.” But the story doesn’t end there. Later reports from the Benjamin Franklin House reveal that not only were human remains found, but animal remains were discovered as well. This is where things get very interesting. From the published photographs, some of the bones appear to be blackened or charred, as if by fire… It is well documented that Satanists perform ritual killings of both humans and animals alike.[2]

While many students of history are aware of the magic 666 square and its use by occultists down through time to control the spirit of Apollo/Osiris, what some will not know is how this magical binding and loosing of supernatural entities also extends to the testes of Washington’s 6,666 inch-high phallic Obelisk, dedicated by Freemasons seventy-two years following 1776 (note the magic number 72), where a Bible (that Dan Brown identified as the “Lost Symbol” in his latest book) is encased within the cornerstone of its 666-inch-square base. One wonders what type of Bible this is. If a Masonic version, it is covered with occult symbols of the Brotherhood and Rosicrucianism and the purpose for having it so encased might be to energize the Mason’s interpretation of Scripture in bringing forth the seed of Osiris/Apollo from the testes/cornerstone. If it is a non-Masonic Bible, the purpose may be to “bind” its influence inside the 666 square and thus allow the seed of Osiris/Apollo to prevail. The dedication of the cornerstone during the astrological alignment with Virgo/Isis as the sun was passing over Sirius indicates a high degree of magic was indeed intended by those in charge.


One of the co-founders of the occult society known as the Golden Dawn[6] was a Rosicrucian Freemason named S. L. MacGregor Mathers, who was the first to print and publish the Key of Solomon (in 1889) making it readily available to the public. Mathers describes it as a primary occult text: “The fountainhead and storehouse of Qabalistic Magic, and the origin of much of the Ceremonial Magic of mediaeval times, the ‘Key’ has been ever valued by occult writers as a work of the highest authority.” Of the 519 esoteric titles included in the catalogue of the Golden Dawn library, the Key was listed as number one. As far as contents are concerned, the Key included instructions on how to prepare for the summoning of spirits including…demons.… One of the most well-known members of the Golden Dawn was the magician [and 33rd-degree freemason] Aleister Crowley. In 1904 Crowley published the first part of the five-part Lesser Key of Solomon known as the Ars Goetia,[7] which is Latin for “art of sorcery.” The Goetia is a grimoire for summoning seventy-two different demons that were allegedly summoned, restrained, and put to work by King Solomon [according to Masonic mysticism] during the construction of the Temple of YHWH.[8]

NOTE: The plethora of analysis on these evil bastards is overwhelming. The above is just so people have somewhat of a clue as to the movements of these demonic inspired bastards and what time it is by their own measure. Time is obviously short this year based on their Satanic clockwork.

Summer Camp for the Rich and Powerful 

And so, as we said earlier this week, it’s do or die time for Riyadh, Ankara, and Doha. Either this proxy war morphs into a real world war in the next two weeks, or Aleppo “falls” to Assad marking a truly humiliating defeat for US foreign policy and, more importantly, for the Antichrist Saudis’ goal of establishing Sunni hegemony in the Arabian Peninsula.

An Exasperated Skull&Bones John Kerry Throws In Towel On Syria: “What Do You Want Me To Do, Go To War With The Russians?!” 

The only other option is for Skull&Bones John Kerry to face the Russians in battle. As is evident from the sources quoted above, Washington clearly does not have the nerve for that.

According to The Mirror:
The Zika virus outbreak currently gripping the Americas could have been sparked by the release of genetically modified mosquitoes in 2012, critics say.

The insects were engineered by biotechnology experts to combat the spread of dengue fever and other diseases and released into the general population of Brazil in 2012.

But with the World Health Organisation(WHO) now meeting in Geneva to desperately discuss cures for the Zika virus, speculation has mounted as to the cause of this sudden outbreak.

The Zika virus was first discovered in the 1950s but the recent outbreak has escalated alarmingly, causing birth defects and a range of health problems in South and central America.

In 2010, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded Australian researchers to release GMO mosquitoes infected with a bacterium.

That same year, Bill Gates admitted he believed in population reduction.

“The world today has 6.8 billion people; that’s headed up to about 9 billion,” he said during the TED 2010 Conference. “Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”


The Zika virus is being portrayed as an incurable new virus by the media, but pharmaceutical companies Merck and Novartis patented cures for the Zika virus in 2006 and 2008 respectively. Both companies are, therefore, positioned to make a huge profit from the decision of WHO to declare Zika a public health emergency, triggering Zika vaccine and drug programmes.

A search of the United States Patent and Trademark Office database shows that Merck is named as the assignee of the patent of a cure for the Zika virus, ie as the person who holds the whole interest of a patent, invented by others.

The date the application was filed is given as October 5, 2006.

Novartis is also named in a patent for a Zika cure, dated February 7, 2008.


Scientists identified the Zika virus in the saliva and urine of two infected patients, a top Brazilian biomedical research institution said on Friday, prompting its president to urge pregnant women not to kiss strangers just as local carnival celebrations begin.

The discovery added to the rising concern over Zika, which is spreading rapidly in the Americans and has been linked to thousands of severe birth defects in Brazil.

Brazil finds Zika in saliva, urine; expert warns against kissing 

And so on.

But the highlight of the panic push comes from the outbreak epicenter Brazil, where the website of the central bank has not only three flying “mosquitos” but a solemn warning to eradicate the Zika plague.

Guess who will be blamed in a few months when global trade, commerce, and growth – not to mention stock markets – all tumble.

Just like the global panic that gripped the world in October 2014 when the Ebola virus had spread from western Africa to many nations around the globe, including several isolated cases in the US, so a year and a half later, the world is urgently scrambling to unleash a sense of panic surrounding the Zika virus which, just like Ebola, came out of nowhere and is fast becoming the latest scapegoat for collapsing global commerce this year’s invisible bogeyman.

World Succumbs To Zika Panic: Puerto Rico Declares Emergency; Plane Cabins Sprayed; CDC Says “Use A Condom” 

“This move is only the latest step after attempts to clone human embryos, to create human-animal hybrid embryos and to create three parent embryos,”  

Not Just Embryos But FULLY BORN GENETICALLY MODIFIED HUMANS–Bioethics Center Says Britain’s Approval To Alter DNA Of The Unborn Is Definite First-Step Toward Creation Of THE INHUMANS, HUMAN-ANIMAL HYBRIDS! 

Washington D.C., Feb 3, 2016 / 03:44 am (CNA/EWTN News).- A current proposal by a federal agency has raised concerns that doctors may be punished for believing that there are only two genders, rooted in biological sex..

Critics of the suggested regulation say that it is a radical proposal that could result in severe penalties for doctors who cannot in good conscience comply.

Jonathan Scruggs, legal counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, called the proposed regulation an “unparalleled overreach by bureaucrats who want to advance a specific agenda.”

“Everyone knows that under Title IX, sex means biological sex,” he told CNA. “HHS has exceeded its authority and is going against the intent of Congress.”

“The government should not be in the business of trying to redefine sex,” Scruggs said. “HHS is supposed to apply the law faithfully, not go beyond the terms of the law.”

Roger Severino, director of the De Vos Center for Religion and Civil Society at The Heritage Foundation, questioned the impact that the rule could have on religious liberty and rights of conscience.

“(W)hat about an individual’s moral convictions and religious freedom?” he asked. “Will they be respected and preserved?”

Apart from religious beliefs, many doctors oppose sex reassignment surgeries for medical reasons. Statistics show that individuals who have these surgeries can face serious psychological consequences and are at a significantly higher risk of suicide.

Once a pioneer in sex reassignment surgery, Johns Hopkins University has since ended the practice, finding that it was actually damaging to those who undergo it.

If finalized, the proposed regulation would be binding on all health insurers that offer plans under the Affordable Care Act, including those participating in health insurance exchange plans.

Could it soon be illegal for doctors to believe in male and female?

Since there is only one God, we are told, Antichrist (a)llah must be the God of the Bible. But, how is that possible if Antichrist (a)llah rejects radical forgiveness, degrades Jesus, and even urges his followers to kill Jews and Christians?

On Political Correctness, Truth Telling, and Christians, Antichrist Muslims Worshiping the Same God

“If this capacity to link is put in doubt, the web would lose its universality and power,” the CCIA wrote. “The most important information medium of our time would be hobbled.”
The EU’s assault on hyperlinks was not without warning.

Last November, European Parliament member Julia Reda said the “European Commission is preparing a frontal attack on the hyperlink, the basic building block of the Internet as we know it,” and warned the commission’s decision to “break the Internet” could also affect American websites linking to European content..

Social media, online journalism, blogs, web searches, comment sections could all be affected 

It was only a few weeks ago that Facebook was forced to back down when caught permitting anti-Israel postings, but censoring equivalent anti-Palestinian postings.

Now one of the most sinister stories of the past year was hardly even reported. In September, Antichrist NEO Socialist 666 Europa Whore German Chancellor Angela Merkel met Mark 666 Suckerberg of Facebook at a Antichrist NWO 666 UN development summit in New York. As they sat down, Antichrist NEO Socialist 666 Chancellor Merkel’s microphone, still on, recorded Antichrist NEO SSSS Merkel asking 666 Suckerberg what could be done to stop anti-immigration postings being written on Facebook. She asked if it was something he was working on, and he assured her it was.

At the time, perhaps the most revealing aspect of this exchange was that the Antichrist NEO SSSS German Chancellor — at the very moment that her country was going through one of the most significant events in its post-war history — should have been spending any time worrying about how to stop public dislike of her policies being vented on social media. But now it appears that the discussion yielded consequential results.

Last month, Facebook launched what it called an “Initiative for civil courage online,” the aim of which, it claims, is to remove “hate speech” from Facebook — specifically by removing comments that “promote xenophobia.” Facebook is working with a unit of the publisher Bertelsmann, which aims to identify and then erase “racist” posts from the site. The work is intended particularly to focus on Facebook users in Germany. At the launch of the new initiative, Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, explained that, “Hate speech has no place in our society — not even on the internet.” She went to say that, “Facebook is not a place for the dissemination of hate speech or incitement to violence.” Of course, Facebook can do what it likes on its own website. What is troubling is what this organization of effort and muddled thinking reveals about what is going on in Europe.

The mass movement of millions of people — from across Africa, the Antichrist Middle East and further afield — into Europe has happened in record time and is a huge event in its history. As events in Paris, Cologne and Sweden have shown, it is also by no means a series of events only with positive connotations.

As well as being fearful of the security implications of allowing in millions of people whose identities, beliefs and intentions are unknown and — in such large numbers — unknowable, many Europeans are deeply concerned that this movement heralds an irreversible alteration in the fabric of their society. Many Europeans do not want to become a melting pot for the Antichrist Middle East and Africa, but want to retain something of their own identities and traditions. Apparently, it is not just a minority who feel concern about this. Poll after poll shows a significant majority of the public in each and every European country opposed to immigration at anything like the current rate.

The sinister thing about what Facebook is doing is that it is now removing speech that presumably almost everybody might consider racist — along with speech that only someone at Facebook decides is “racist.”

And it just so happens to turn out that, lo and behold, this idea of “racist” speech appears to include anything critical of the EU’s current catastrophic immigration policy.

By deciding that “xenophobic” comment in reaction to the crisis is also “racist,” Facebook has made the view of the majority of the European people (who, it must be stressed, are opposed to Antichrist NEO SSSS Chancellor Merkel’s policies) into “racist” views, and so is condemning the majority of Europeans as “racist.” This is a policy that will do its part in pushing Europe into a disastrous future.

Because even if some of the speech Facebook is so scared of is in some way “xenophobic,” there are deep questions as to why such speech should be banned. In lieu of violence, speech is one of the best ways for people to vent their feelings and frustrations. Remove the right to speak about your frustrations, and only violence is left. Weimar Germany — to give just one example — was replete with hate-speech laws intended to limit speech the state did not like. These laws did nothing whatsoever to limit the rise of extremism; it only made martyrs out of those it pursued, and persuaded an even larger number of people that the time for talking was over.

The sinister reality of a society in which the expression of majority opinion is being turned into a crime has already been seen across Europe. Just last week, reports from the Netherlands told of Dutch citizens being visited by the police and warned about posting anti-mass-immigration sentiments on Twitter and other social media.

In this toxic mix, Facebook has now — knowingly or unknowingly — played its part. The lid is being put on the pressure cooker at precisely the moment that the heat is being turned up. A true “initiative for civil courage” would explain to both Antichrist NEO Socialist 666 Merkel and Antichrist NWO 666 Suckerberg that their policy can have only one possible result.

Facebook’s War On Freedom Of Speech 

We are living in a time when the fulfillment of ancient prophecy, uniting Antichrist Arabs and the Antichrist West against Antichrist Israel, is headline news.

Signs that Western Europe is cooperating with Antichrist Arab demands for a state in the midst of Israel are becoming commonplace.

When the Antichrist NWO 666 UN General Assembly voted in 2012 on whether to recognize the non-existent State of Antichrist Muslim Palestine, 138 countries voted in favor, including the Antichrist NWO 666 Secular Western European countries of Austria, France, Italy and Spain.

A year ago this month, the first Antichrist Muslim Palestinian Embassy in Western Europe officially opened its doors in Stockholm, Sweden.

Last week, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius announced France’s intention to officially recognize a Antichrist Muslim Palestinian state if negotiations between Israel and the Antichrist PA fail. Couched as an attempt to force Israel to return to negotiations with Antichrist Muslim Abbas, in fact, it gives Antichrist Abbas every reason to avoid negotiations.

Last week as well, the Petrus Romanus Pope met with the Antichrist President of Iran. Antichrist Iran is widely recognized as the world’s leading state sponsor of Antichrist Muslim terror. Yet the Petrus Romanus Vatican released a statement, after the Evil Pope’s meeting with Antichrist Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, claiming that Petrus Romanus Pope Francis and Antichrist Rouhani share “common spiritual values”.

Prophecy of Esau and Ishmael Uniting Against Israel Eerily Reflected in Today’s Headlines

With the Fed on the verge of a full relent and admission of policy error, the Fed’s “data (in)dependent” monetary policy once again takes on secondary relevance as we progress into 2016. However, even with the overall job picture far less important, one aspect of the US jobs market is certain to take on an unprecedented importance.

All Job Gains Since December 2007 Have Gone To Foreign-Born Workers

Five of the wealthiest Antichrist Muslim countries have taken no Syrian refugees in at all, arguing that doing so would open them up to the risk of terrorism. Although the oil rich countries have handed over aid money, Britain has donated more than Antichrist Saudi Arabia, the Antichrist United Arab Emirates and Antichrist Qatar combined.

Antichrist Muslim Countries Refuse to Take A Single Syrian Refugee, Cite Risk of Exposure to Terrorism 

The Antichrist Islamic Mahdi is eagerly awaited by various sects of Antichrist Muslims around the world, but most notably Antichrist ISIS and Antichrist Iranian leaders. Both share the belief in the establishment of a global Antichrist Islamic state and in the annihilation of non-Muslim nations. And both are actively working towards the fulfillment of the prophecies that would see the Antichrist Mahdi rule the world.

While there are differences about the details of who he is and what he will do, both share the belief in the establishment of a global Antichrist Islamic state under his rule and in the annihilation of non-Muslim nations. And both are actively working towards the fulfillment of the prophecies that would see the Antichrist Mahdi rule the world.

Quoting a Pew Research study, Rosenberg noted that in nine of the 23 nations where the adult Antichrist Muslim respondents were asked if they believe the Antichrist Mahdi is coming, half or more said they believed the Antichrist Mahdi’s return would occur in their lifetime.

They feel like one of the major blocking points for the Antichrist Mahdi’s return is Israel, and that is one reason why they feel like they must destroy Israel”.

Return Of The Antichrist Mahdi Meathead Central To Apocalyptic Antichrist Islam

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is planning to cut 50 percent of the budget for aerial surveillance along the U.S.-Mexico border, agents revealed at a congressional hearing Thursday.

“It’s very concerning – with the security risks now confronting our nation, and a continuing influx of illegal migration across the southern border that includes criminal smuggling activity, why on earth would the government want to slash in half an important asset like aerial border surveillance?” Vaughan told WND. “That’s the kind of program that enables us to know what is happening on the border and what is getting by, so that agents on the ground can be sent to intercept.”

The surveillance is critical to what is known in the security business as “situational awareness,” said Vaughan.

“Apparently, the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexul Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration doesn’t want to know what is coming across the border, and doesn’t want the Border Patrol to know, either,” she said.

William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration, or ALIPAC, said the situation at the border continues to spin out of control.

“We have also heard that Border Patrol has been ordered to just catch and release illegals without detaining them,” he said. “With the new unprecedented wave of illegal immigration coming in via the ‘border surge’ and the new wave of (more than 28,000) Cubans illegally immigrating to the U.S., it appears word has reached all reaches of the earth that America’s defensive shields have been sabotaged from within.”

No longer enforcing U.S. law

The news about pending cuts in surveillance comes on the heels of Thursday’s report that the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration was no longer enforcing U.S. law at the southern border, allowing illegal alien women and children to enter freely with a “catch-and-release” policy.

The illegals are caught, given notice to appear in court for a deportation hearing and released. But more than 40 percent have been ignoring the court summons, which became a source of deep embarrassment to the DHS, said Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, at the hearing Thursday. So, to ameliorate the embarrassment, the notices to appear are no longer being handed out as long as the person entering doesn’t have a felony record.

Fired for doing their jobs?

Furthermore, on Thursday, a top Border Patrol agent revealed that if border agents follow the law and ask illegal aliens why they are coming to the U.S., they will be terminated, the Daily Caller reported.

“Right now, the Border Patrol has actually told us that we can no longer ask them that question, why are they coming any more?” Judd testified. “We can’t even ask that question. In some cases, we still do, but we are being told that you can’t even ask why they are coming.”

“What do you think are the consequences for agents who are unwilling to comply with these limiting policies?” asked Rep. Raul Labrador.

“They’ll be terminated,” Judd replied.

He said no agents have yet been fired because the agents in Judd’s group follow the policy directives.

Illegal immigration surged in 2014, and Judd said, “We’re actually seeing a lot more at this point than what we did in 2014.” He added that the Border Patrol currently does not have the resources to adequately respond.

“Why did the cartels drive them to the middle of the desert and then have them cross over the Rio Grande only to surrender to the first Border Patrol Agent they came across?” Judd told the committee. “The reason is that it completely tied up our manpower and allowed the cartels to smuggle whatever they wanted across our border.”

“Our gates are wide open, and the final siege of America is well under way,” Gheen told WND.

Bombshell: Obozo cutting border surveillance in half

Just before that Christmas Day attack, in early November 2009, I was ordered by my superiors at the Department of Homeland Security to delete or modify several hundred records of individuals tied to designated Antichrist Islamist terror groups like Antichrist Hamas from the important federal database, the Treasury Enforcement Communications System (TECS). These types of records are the basis for any ability to “connect dots.” Every day, DHS Customs and Border Protection officers watch entering and exiting many individuals associated with known terrorist affiliations, then look for patterns. Enforcing a political scrubbing of records of Antichrist Muslims greatly affected our ability to do that. Even worse, going forward, my colleagues and I were prohibited from entering pertinent information into the database.

DHS ordered me to scrub records of Antichrist Muslims with terror ties 

A few weeks later, in my office at the Port of Atlanta, the television hummed with the inevitable Congressional hearings that follow any terrorist attack. While members of Congress grilled Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration officials, demanding why their subordinates were still failing to understand the intelligence they had gathered, I was being forced to delete and scrub the records. And I was well aware that, as a result, it was going to be vastly more difficult to “connect the dots” in the future—especially beforean attack occurs.

Placing Yourself On A Government ‘Red List’ – Oregon Court Documents Prove Social Media Content Used To Self-Incriminate 

NOTE: If you are a laborer of the prophetic end time harvest and you are not already on the Antichrist NWO 666 Government ”Red List”, lol, there is a 100% certainty you are not a laborer of our Father in Christ. There are no benchwarmers in Heaven, those seats are reserved for the Lukewarm Laodiceans

…in Hell.

Thirteen years ago my life changed forever.

Colin Powell, then US Secretary of State and the most credible person in George W. Bush’s cabinet, made the case for war in Iraq on February 5, 2003.

As a young military intelligence officer at the time, watching from a makeshift army base in Kuwait not far from the Iraq border.

Back then I was a true believer, trusting that the government was a force for good “making the world safe for democracy. . .”

But that night it all changed.

Powell told the world unequivocally that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, an assertion that history has proven categorically wrong.

But within the intelligence community, many people knew the appalling truth immediately.

That night it became clear to me that the government was lying and that the whole case for war was being fabricated.

It was crushing, like finding out everything I’d been told throughout my life was total bullshit.

^^^Awe, isn’t that just sweet. The dipshit finally snapped out of it, but obviously his late recovery still indicates that he’s clueless. He, and his likeness crapped all over some of us the entire time we attempted to wake the moron up. It did not work obviously at the time, and now this guy is spouting another line of self deluded optimism as an aged dying man. LMAO. Wake up Colin , your shit is still in the wind, the Grace period is ending right now. The only hope anyone ever had is in our Father in Christ, and the Holy Spirit of His Truth is now confirming tribulation and the return of Yahshua. Hope for the nations is a sign of a fool with one eye open that presumes hope in this world just as the great tribulation era is starting.

If our Father in Christ is not upon your tongue confirming His prophetic end time era, then your optimism is just another revelation of a deceived  delusional fool that is ”optimistic  about the prophetic end time start of the end of the Grace period and the ensuing Antichrist NWO 666 Mark Of The Beast great tribulation era, which begins ”as in the days of Noah” with those that remain delusional, thinking there is hope for the nations, when their time is as short as humanity is terminally ill with self deluded worldly morons that speak not of salvation in Christ but of the optimistic hope for the nation(s) that have all accepted the Antichrist seal.

They, the delusional Antichrist fools that rest their hope in this world, even claiming to be wise or among the chosen Saints, as they offer the prophetic strong delusion of ”hope” for the nation(s) at the very start of the prophetic tribulation era, lol, they just fulfill their portion of the prophetic strong delusion. Their offer of temptation is pathetic, but can be used as a tool to stir up those Saints that shall awaken during the 3 1/2 years of tribulation we shall endure as Saints of our Father in Christ. Hopefully Powell snaps out of it before tribulation era ends, and does not perish as one of those ‘optimistic fools” that accept the Antichrist NWO 666 mark of the Beast even after they have their ”come to Truth moment”.

Without accepting Yahshua, The Salvation and revelation of the complete prophetic eternal offer, there is no hope to be shepherded out of Sodom and Egypt. Old Jerusalem is fallen and become Babylon, and upon the tongues of it’s inhabitants are screams of judgment come upon the heads of every fool that remains within the walls of Mystery Babylon.

“Back Then I Was A True Believer” – How A Military Officer’s Life Changed Forever 13 Years Ago 

Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown’s trade representative signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, one of the largest multinational trade agreements in history.

Following the signing of the agreement, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)80%
, who has been the fiercest GOP opponent in Congress of Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown’s globalist trade agenda, called upon every elected official and every Presidential candidate to reveal “where they stand on the TPP.”

Sessions writes:

7,000 miles away, the President’s trade representative just quietly signed a massive, 5,544 page trade deal, with little fanfare from its supporters. Only months ago Congress voted to ‘fast-track’ this deal, despite not knowing its contents.

After Obozo Signs Trans-Pacific Partnership, Sessions Demands Candidates Reveal Their Position On Trade Deal 

Sessions suggests that the deal’s “unpopularity with the American people” may perhaps “explain why we are not seeing politicians expressing support for this gargantuan agreement,” despite the fact that many politicians voted to fast-track the deal– which helps to ensure not only the passage of TPP, but all subsequent trade pacts, which are now liberated from Senate filibuster, amendment process and constitutional treaty vote.

Sessions declared: “Every elected official, every candidate must be crystal clear about where they stand on the TPP. The American people deserve no less.”

US, Japan, Canada, Australia and 8 Other Countries Sign Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement 

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) would be horrible for Americans and the people of the world.

But most politicians are thoroughly corrupt. Neither the Democratic or Republican parties represent the interests of the American people. Both parties ignore the desires of their own bases.

So today, 12 countries – Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, United States and Vietnam – signed the TPP.

They never followed through on their promise of an open and lively debate.

TPP still can be stopped … if the legislative bodies of the signatory nations refuse to ratify it.

Only by raising hell – telling our Senator “No! Hell no!” – can we stop this monster.

Those of us who pay attention to Bible prophecy and read our Bibles are well aware that the New World Order Antichrist will take control of everything, and that Christian persecution will skyrocket like never before.

What better way than to control just about everything, including Christian media! And that’s exactly what has happened. The below video goes into great detail and puts all the pieces of the puzzle together, and you won’t just be shocked, you will be floored, just as the headline suggests.

Prepare To Be Floored! You Will Never Believe What Satan Now Owns, Controls-Playing Right Into the Hands of the Coming Antichrist! (Video) 

Antichrist Communist Chinese Defector Reveals Beijing’s Secrets 

Chicago Stock Exchange said on Friday an investor group led by Antichrist Communist China’s Chongqing Casin Enterprise Group has agreed to buy the company.

Investor group to buy Chicago Stock Exchange 

Terms of the deal, which was approved by the stock exchange’s board, were not disclosed.

The Mechanics Of Antichrist NWO 666 NIRP: How The Fed Beast Will Bring Negative Rates To The U.S 

All across the country and the world, signs continue to emerge that government and the global banking system are preparing for massive failure and the resultant chaos. The headline from one such story linked on the Drudge Report yesterday screamed out to us, loudly and clearly: CITI SOUNDS ALARM: WORLD ECONOMY IN DEATH SPIRAL. Over at Zero Hedge we get several ominous signs that what we’re watching now is only the beginning with one story titled 22 Signs That The Global Economic Turmoil We Have Seen So Far In 2016 Is Just The Beginning while another story gives us more evidence that the X22Report video (2nd video below) is correct when we’re told to expect bank runs as banks across the country and the entire world are preparing for an emergency situation.

Sharing with us “Some Important News About JPMorgan’s New Cash Policies,” we see that those who dabble with that ‘barbarous relic’ known as cash will be treated like common their own bank…for such ‘crimes’ as ‘cash deposits’ or ‘making a cash payment for a loan or credit card’.

More Proof Banks Preparing For ‘Emergency Situation’ – Catastrophic Financial Event Dead Ahead

We’re also told that as cash is increasingly frowned upon, cash deposits will be phased out as the govt looks for ways to keep track of every transaction we make. With banks like JPMorgan treating their account holders as criminals we have to ask, who needs them? If you haven’t moved your money as far away from these money-pits as you can, don’t blame us when you have nothing left.

The new story from Infowars is called “The American Dream Is Dead And Now Even The Mainstream Media Is Starting To Admit It” while ‘Liberty Blitzkrieg welcomes us to the recovery‘ here in America, where 1 out of every 7 Americans remain on food stamps, a 45-million-person time-bomb just ready to explode. Imagine 45 million Americans no longer able to find their next meals or common necessities such as water or toilet paper!

As we’re told in the 1st video below featuring Andy Hoffman, a major catastrophic financial event is now on the horizon with the ‘big reset’ now in our sight – an event that will leave those who are unprepared for it wishing that they were.

Zero Hedge also tells us about another monster no longer just lurking as the US, Japan, Australia and 9 other countries have signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP), an agreement signed despite many warnings that it would be horrible for Americans and the people of the world and another incident that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt just how corrupt and evil the people who ‘represent’ us in government really are: they never followed through on their promise of an open and lively debate. Zero Hedge also tells us that ‘only by raising hell can we stop this monster’.

The story on the Telegraph tells us that we’re now witnessing what could be called ‘a perfect storm’ for the economy as a pernicious cycle of collapsing commodities, corporate defaults and currency wars loom. They also ask if there is anything at all that can stop it all from unraveling and warn this market crash is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Why, suddenly after all of these years, are the mainstream media and big banks finally warning of the coming collapse? Is this a situation where everyone can now so clearly see it coming that they risk losing relevancy by not disclosing what everybody else can now see? We’re clearly running out of time and as the videos below help prove to us, we better be prepared for what the big banks and government are preparing for or we stand a chance of being left in a very dark and dangerous place once it all comes crashing down.

What’s Going On With Mysterious POST OFFICE BOX NUMBER 666 AT THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE Where Google Is Sheltering 8-BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR 

Google has no office, no staff and little more than a plain PO Box numbered 666 on the sunny Caribbean Island of Bermuda. But it still sends £8billion in profits a year to the island – which happens to have a 0 per cent corporation tax rate. Google’s communications chief Peter Barron today insisted the billions of pounds funnelled from the search engine’s global network of subsidiaries had no impact on the firm’s tax bill in Britain. The Sun on Sunday today revealed the Bermudan government’s Registrar of Companies, Google Bermuda Unlimited and Google Ireland Holdings are registered to the address of Conyers Dill and Pearman, a law firm at Clarenden House, 2 Church Street, Hamilton. The firm is based just a few streets from the PO Box to which Google directs billions in profits.

GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELTDOWN: Precursors To A Global Financial Collapse – Citi Strategists Warn “WORLD ECONOMY SEEMS TRAPPED IN DEATH SPIRAL”; Nasdaq Shed 3% Amid Massive Tech Sell-Off; EU Stocks End Lower After Weak U.S. Jobs Number; Asia Ends Mixed, Nikkei Ends Off 5.9%; And Oil Falls In Volatile Trade! 

The main reason for considering this to be notable now is that for the past six years, when small specs pressed their bets against stocks using leveraged futures, stocks rallied strongly. Of course, the big danger now is that we’re no longer in the same market environment as the prior six years, and that is a very real danger.

RED ALERT: The Public Now Has One Of The Largest Short Positions In History!

small speculators are now back to net short, valued at about $4.2 billion against the indexes

This week, the percentage dropped to -10% for one of the few times since 1993 


We warned earlier in the week that the credit risk of the world’s financial institutions were on the rise and that trend has worsened as the week ends.

Global Financial System Risk Is Soaring Worldwide

But apart from that “storm in a teacup” – Buy The F**king Dip, right?

Asteroid 1566 Icarus Passing Through The Sign Of The Cup And At It’s Closest Distance Father’s Day 2015 Summer Solstice The Longest Day Yet Another Prophetic Signal Cluster Upon This Prophetic Last Generation 

Star Of Bethlehem Signaling The Great Return Of Christ And Terrible Tribulation 

Want to deposit cash at JPMorgan Chase? Then prepare to be treated if not like a criminal, then certainly a suspect of a very serious crime. The charge: being in possession of that “barbarous relic” known as cash.

And Now “Some Important News About JPMorgan’s New Cash Policies”

Soon, as cash becomes increasingly frowned upon, cash deposits will be slowly but surely phased out in their entirety forcing those few savers left in Obozo’s grand economic “recovery” experiment, to engage in commerce only in a way that allows the government to keep track of every single transaction.

While there are numerous financial institutions in the world that are full of hidden NPLs and over-leveraged, trading at extreme levels of risk, the FSA’s “Too-Interconnected-To-Fail” list of systemically critical banks is where global investors’ attention is really focused.

Here Are The Banks The Market Is Most Concerned About 

BMO Capital Markets breaks down the world’s most systemically critical financial institutions using their own “special sauce” of CDS levels, CDS term structure, equity price, liquidity, and spread trends.

Frankly, as we explained previously, these are the “Musketeer” banks – one for all and all for one as any system failure in Deutsche, Credit Suisse, or Bank of China will leak immeasurably and contagiously around the world via the interconnectedness of the collateral chains used to fund these behemoths..

MORNING PLANETS: Something special is about to happen in the morning sky. On Feb. 6th and 7th, the crescent Moon will join Mercury and Venus, forming a bright triangle in the rosy glow of dawn. This morning, Tom J. Martinez of Pueblo West, Colorado, photographed the Moon en route to the convergence:

Remember Two Triangles & Star Of Bethlehem Double Convergences In The Tetrad Shemitah of 2015

A magnitude 4.6 quake has briefly interrupted bullet train service between Tokyo and Odawara in Japan.

Earthquake shakes Tokyo, no tsunami risk 

On Friday Sakurajima erupted at 7 p.m. local time.

Last August, in a hilarious example of bad timing, Japan restarted its first nuclear reactor since the Chernobyl redux at Fukushima just as a nearby volcano was set to erupt.

Sakurajima, one of the country’s most active volcanos, erupts almost constantly, but experts warned the next eruption could be “the big one”, so to speak.

Volcano Erupts “Spectacularly” 50km From Japanese Nuclear Plant

As we noted, the real problem is Sakurajima’s location – it’s just 50 kilometers from the Sendai nuclear power plant.

For now no injuries have been reported and there’s apparently no threat to Sendai which RT reminds us is only “built to withstand a tsunami of 15 meters, well below 2011’s peak tsunami height of 40 meters.”

Kyoto University volcanologist Kazuhiro Ishihara says everything should be fine, but “of course we must keep monitoring the volcanic activity.”

Yes, “of course” we should. Because as we documented last year, Sendai’s operators and local authorities have no comprehensive plan to evacuate residents in the event of a meltdown. We close with a quote from Yoshitaka Mukohara, a representative of a group who opposed the Sendai restart:

“There are schools and hospitals near the plant, but no one has told us how children and the elderly would be evacuated.

“Naturally there will be gridlock caused by the sheer number of vehicles, landslides, and damaged roads and bridges.”

FUK-U-SHIMA: Scientists Say West Coast Bird Die-Off Is The “BIGGEST EVER RECORDED” – Stomachs Completely Empty; “STAGGERING,… ALARMING,… UNHEARD OF,… NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT,… UNPRECEDENTED IN SIZE, SCOPE, DURATION,…”; Deaths Could Reach Many HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS; A Host Of Other Freakish Phenomena?! 

For those living in the area, be warned: you are inhaling deadly radiation. And while the dose is not immediately lethal, prolonged inhalation and exposure may lead to a spike in cancer-related disease and deaths over coming years.

Radiation Alert: L.A. Gas Well Spewing LETHAL LEVELS Of Breathable Nuclear Material: “Fukushima Class Disaster”

In a breaking development that has been completely ignored by mainstream news sources, the leaking natural gas well near Los Angeles, California is now reportedly spewing lethal levels of radioactive material, according to a report from Steve Quayle and a group with expertise in nuclear material

In short, the leak is massive and researchers at UC Davis have indicated that they have never encountered as much methane in the air as they have over suburban Los Angeles in recent months.

While resident complaints of feeling ill, vomiting and nausea have been chalked off by officials as the result of breathing in the natural gas, it is quite possible and increasingly likely that what they are experiencing is actually radiation poisoning.

According to one report, the radiation levels in the Chernobyl control room following the 1986 disaster reached about 300 Sv per hour. That was enough to provide a lethal dose to anyone in the room within 1-2 minutes.

While the Los Angeles leak is widespread with radiation disbursing across the city, the fact remains that millions of Sieverts of radiation have been released and will continue to be released until such time that the well is permanently sealed.

Two years after being fined for falsifying safety records, nine months after a transformer exploded at the Indian Point Nuclear Reactor just 37 miles from midtown Manhattan, and two months after Entergy – the plant’s operator – shut down the Unit 2 reactor after a major power outage cut power to several control rods (when the company assured that no radioactivity was released into the environment), this afternoon NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said he learned that “radioactive tritium-contaminated water” had leaked into the groundwater at the nuclear facility in Westchester County.

Cuomo, in a letter Saturday to the state Health Department and the Department of Environmental Conservation, called for the probe into the Indian Point NPP after he said Entergy, the plant’s owner, reported “alarming levels of radioactivity” at three monitoring wells, with one well’s radioactivity increasing nearly 65,000 percent.

65,000% Spike In Reported Radioactivity After Tritium Leaks At Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant 

Despite Indian Point’s denial that the contamination has migrated off site, Cuomo said that the incident requires a full investigation.

There was no immediate comment from Indian Point on the situation, Lohud reported.

The plant, located in Buchanan, NY which supplies about 30 percent of the energy to New York City, has been under increased scrutiny from Cuomo’s office, and the Democratic governor supports closing the plant, even as he supports keeping open two other upstate nuclear facilities.

In December, Cuomo ordered an investigation into Indian Point after a series of unplanned shutdowns, citing its risks being just outside the city and in the populated suburbs.

Cuomo said the “latest failure at Indian Point is unacceptable” adding that the DEC and health department should “employ all available measures, including working with Nuclear Regulatory Commission, to determine the extent of the release, its likely duration, cause and potential impacts to the environment and public health.”

In other words, nothing will change.

Which is probably why such failure escalations, which lead to a lot of verbal jawboning and shuffling of papers and nothing else, will continue until one day the failure leads to tragic consequences and everyone will say how nobody could have possibly seen this coming.

Second sinkhole opens along the Beach Boulevard, California 

High-level eruption of Soputan volcano, Indonesia 

A high-level eruption occurred at Indonesian Soputan volcano (North Sulawesi) around 10:15 UTC on February 6, 2016. Aviation color code was set to Red. The peak of the volcano was not visible due to clouds and fog..

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVALS: Mysterious Landslides, Ground Shifting And DEEP FISSURES Appear In Bissarieh, Lebanon – Residents Live In A State Of Panic And Apprehension! [PHOTOS]

NEW DELHI: An earthquake measuring 5.5 hit Nepal tonight at 9.50 pm, injuring 15 people in the capital city Kathmandu.

The quake’s epicenter was in the Sindhupalchowk district, 55 km north-east of Kathmandu, according to The National Seismological Centre, news agency Press Trust of India reported.

People were injured as they ran from their houses in panic during the tremor, the Nepal home ministry spokesperson said.

Tremors were also felt in adjoining Bihar, as the moderate quake brought back memories of the massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal last year on April 25.

5.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Nepal, Tremors Felt In Bihar: Reports.

The capital city and adjoining areas had suffered extensive damage in last year’s quake on April 25 that killed nearly 9,000 people, injuring many more and rendering people homeless.

There have been over 400 aftershocks measuring 4 or more on the Richter scale.

Amazing “Harvest Army Prophesied Taiwan Quake” 6.7 (Pray For Taiwan) 

MONUMENTAL DISASTER IMPACT: Powerful 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Devastates Taiwan – DOZENS Feared Dead After MULTIPLE BUILDINGS COLLAPSED Trapping Hundreds Of People; Infant Among First Casualties; Several Aftershocks! [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

Deadly earthquake topples buildings in Taiwan city of Tainan

An earthquake has toppled buildings in the south Taiwanese city of Tainan, killing at least five people.
Rescue teams have been trying to reach people trapped in rubble since the magnitude 6.4 quake struck just before 04:00 (20:00 GMT Friday).

Destructive M6.7 earthquake hit southern Taiwan

A very strong and shallow earthquake registered by the CENC as M6.7 hit southern Taiwan at 19:57 UTC on February 5, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 15 km (9.3 miles). USGS is reporting M6.4 at a depth of 23 km (14.3 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.3 at a depth of 17 km (10.5 miles).

According to the USGS, the epicenter was located 28 km (17 miles) NE of Pingtung, 35 km (22 miles) SE of Yujing, 46 km (29 miles) NE of Kaohsiung, 48 km (30 miles) ESE of Tainan, Taiwan and 672 km (418 miles) E of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

There are about 7 405 819 people living within 100 km (62 miles) radius.

Media reports mention multiple buildings collapsed. “Collapsed buildings reported in Tainan, with rescue workers arriving on the scene. The city government there has set up a level one emergency response center. Onlookers are urged not to block access to emergency crews moving into the area,” Taiwan’s China Post said.

Very strong deadly earthquake below Southern Taiwan

‘Multiple’ buildings have collapsed in the city of Tainan, a city of about two million people in the south of the island At least one of the buildings was a 17-storey residential block, which was home to about 200 people Three people are understood to be confirmed dead while more than 120 have been pulled from the rubble So far five aftershocks registering at least 2.8 have taken place but warning centre says tsunami is not expected

A baby pulled from the rubble: Dozens feared dead and hundreds trapped in collapsed buildings after devastating 6.4 magnitude earthquake shakes Taiwan

Dozens are feared dead after two residential high rises collapsed following a devastating 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan.

Officials in the southern city of Tainan have already pulled three bodies from the rubble, including a 10-day-old baby, but there are potentially hundreds still trapped underneath the concrete.
Between them, the 17 and seven-storey blocks may have been home to as many as 600 people, more than half of whom are missing.

The initial quake, which struck just before 4am, was very shallow, at depth of 6.2 miles (10 km), which would have amplified its effects, the United States Geographical Survey said.

ASTEROID TO BUZZ EARTH: A small asteroid named “2013 TX68” will fly by Earth on March 5th, and NASA says it could come as close as 17,000 km to our planet’s surface. That would put it well inside the Clarke Belt of geosynchronous satellites. The space rock is about 30 meters wide, or 50% larger than the asteroid that broke up in the atmosphere over Chelyabinsk, Russia, three years ago. If an asteroid the size of 2013 TX68 were to enter Earth’s atmosphere, it would likely produce an air burst with twice the energy of the Chelyabinsk event. Get the full story from NASA.

Indian officials say a meteorite struck the campus of a private engineering college on Saturday, killing one person. If scientists confirm the explosion was due to a meteorite, it would be the first recorded human fatality due to a falling space rock.

Indian man could be first recorded human fatality due to a meteorite

On Sunday, various Indian publications, including The Hindu, reported that the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa, issued a statement confirming the death: “A mishap occurred yesterday when a meteorite fell in the campus of a private engineering college in Vellore district’s K Pantharappalli village.” Tamil Nadu is located in southern India, and has a population of more than 70 million people.

There have been no confirmed human deaths due to meteorite strikes, although there have been a number of interesting close calls, based upon a list kept by International Comet Quarterly. For example, meteorites have landed in homes and hit people as they have slept, but have not killed them.

OZONE HOLE FORMS OVER THE UK: For the past week, sky watchers in the UK have witnessed a rare apparition of polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs). Normally restricted to the Arctic Circle, the fantastically colorful clouds have appeared over the British Isles almost every day since Jan. 31st. Colin Fraser photographed the display over Edinburgh, Scotland, on Feb. 2nd:

PSCs form in the lower stratosphere when temperatures drop to a staggeringly-cold -85ºC. High-altitude sunlight shining through tiny ice particles ~10µm wide produce bright iridescent colors by diffraction and interference.

But there is more to PSCs than ice. Some polar stratospheric clouds contain very small droplets of naturally occurring nitric and sulphuric acids. These droplets destroy ozone. Indeed, atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley points out that a temporary ozone hole has formed over Ireland and the UK. It is the blue patch in this Feb. 1st ozone map from NASA’s Arctic Ozone Watch:

Britain on STORM ALERT: Fierce gales and torrential rain to hit SOUTH for WASHOUT WEEKEND

More than two inches of rain is forecast in parts of the country with up to 90mph winds threatening a washout weekend. Stormy weather will make a comeback on Friday with the south in the firing line for the worst of the battering at the weekend. The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings for heavy and persistent rain reigniting fears of floods and travel mayhem.

Northern regions will be affected by downpours on Friday before a stubborn band of rain moves southwards across the UK.

Met Office spokeswoman Lindsay Mears said: “Rain is expected to become heavy for a time over southwest Scotland during Friday before clearing southeastwards during the evening.

“Heavy and sometimes persistent rain is likely to affect parts of southern England, particularly the southwest, along with parts of south Wales on Saturday.

“20-30 mm of rain is expected quite widely across the warning area with locally 40-60 mm [2.3 ins] possible on south-facing slopes.

“Gales are expected with gusts of 40-50 mph inland but locally 60mph on south-facing coasts.

“As rain will be falling on near-saturated ground, please be aware of the risk of localised flooding and perhaps some disruption to travel.”

It comes as Britain enjoys a brief respite from the stream of storms which have battered the country since before Christmas.

The last onslaught came from storm Henry which smashed into Scotland and northern England at the start of the month.

Forecasters warn unsettled weather will hold out into next week with winds strong enough to cause road closures, travel delays and structural damage.

“Some of the developing winds towards the end of the week could be well in excess of 80-90 mph in places.

“With this comes the potential for some accompanying blizzards across the north, in particular, across higher ground but not restricted to these parts.”

The Environment Agency has six flood alerts and a more serious flood warning in place in the south west where ground is still saturated from the last deluge.

A spokesman said: “Flooding impacts over the weekend may include flooding of individual properties, road and travel disruption and flooding of land.”

U.S. Now Overtly at War Against Russia 

On Thursday we brought you the latest from Syria, where Antichrist Hezbollah and the IRGC have encircled Aleppo and cut off rebel supply lines to Turkey.

It was months in the making, but it now appears that the city – Syria’s second largest – will soon be retaken by forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad. As we’ve explained in the past, that would effectively restore the President’s grip on power as he would effectively control most of the country’s urban centers – even if that “control” is tenuous.

Eastern Syria is of course a different story entirely, as Antichrist ISIS is dug in at Raqqa, the group’s self-styled capital. If the rebels lose Aleppo, it will represent a huge blow to the effort to topple Assad’s government. Antichrist Saudi Arabia and Turkey know this, which is presumably why Antichrist Erdogan was busy criticizing the Russian airstrikes that have facilitated the Antichrist Hezbollah advance yesterday and why Riyadh now says it’s prepared to send in ground troops (to “fight Antichrist ISIS”).

Now, as the Russian air campaign continues unabated and Antichrist Shiite fighters advance on the city, civilians are fleeing what they anticipate will be a bloody battle.

“The Russian (air) cover continues night and day, there were more than 250 air strikes on this area in one day,” Hassan Haj Ali, head of Liwa Suqour al-Jabal, a group that fights under the umbrella of the Free Syrian Army, said.

“Tens of thousands of Syrians fled an intensifying Russian assault around Aleppo on Friday, and aid workers said they feared the city which once held two million people could soon fall under a full government siege,” Reuters writes. “The last 24 hours saw government troops and their Lebanese and Iranian allies fully encircle the countryside north of Aleppo and cut off the main supply route linking the city – Syria’s largest before the war – to Turkey [who says] the aim is to starve the population into submission.”

Now obviously that’s ridiculous. The “aim” is to keep the rebels (some of whom are Antichrist ISIS fighters) from obtaining guns and TOWs from Turkey where the government in Ankara is desperate to salvage whatever’s left of the effort to oust Assad.

In any event, the fighting looks set to create a new wave of refugees bound first for Turkey and ultimately for a beleaguered Western Europe.

“Video footage showed thousands of people, mostly women, children and the elderly, massing at the Bab al-Salam border crossing,” Reuters continues. “Men carried luggage on top of their heads, and the elderly and those unable to walk were brought in wheelchairs.”

Here are the visuals:

Video Shows Tens Of Thousands Massing At Turkey Border As Russia, Antichrist Iran Bear Down On Key Syrian City

A group of 51 refugees were brutally assaulted outside a night club in Murmansk, Russia, after they groped and molested women at a night club Saturday.

The refugees had previously been ordered to leave Norway for “bad behavior” and tried their luck in Russia. What they didn’t realize when they went out clubbing in Murmansk is that Russians have less tolerance when it comes to sexual assault on local women than other European countries.

The refugees tried to flee but were quickly captured by the Russians. They then took them out to the street and gave them a beating they will remember. Police arrived to break up the fight but locals report that they threw a few punches at the refugees before arresting 33 of them. Eighteen refugees were in such bad condition they had to be take to the hospital.

Police decided to let the beatings slide and didn’t file a report. The only thing they could confirm was that there was “a mass brawl involving refugees.”

Refugees Go Clubbing In Russia, Harass Girls, Wake Up In Hospital The Next Morning

The brutal acts committed by Antichrist ISIS Islamic jihadists have flooded newspages over the past year, including the bloody beheading, crucifixion and burning alive of Christians and others, and the execution of children.

Now, the European Union has adopted a resolution condemning Antichrist ISIS for the “crime of all crimes,” genocide.

European Union blasts Antichrist ISIS for ‘crime of all crimes’

‘My dad was murdered defending the liberties so that we may be free of bondage,’ daughter Brittney Beck said.

Oregon occupier LaVoy Finicum shot dead by the Antichrist NWO 666 FBEye Of HoRus is hailed as a hero during Utah funeral attended by hundreds of people from across the country