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1 This is the message of Amos, one of the shepherds from the city Tekoa. He saw visions about Israel during the time that Uzziah was king of Judah and Jeroboam son of Joash was king of Israel. This was two years before the earthquake. 

Amos 1

The Fifth Seal—Martyrs
9 When He (the Lamb) broke open the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar the souls of those who had been slaughtered because of the word of God, and because of the testimony which they had maintained [out of loyalty to Christ]. 10 They cried in a loud voice, saying, “O Lord, holy and true, how long now before You will sit in judgment and avenge our blood on those [unregenerate ones] who dwell on the earth?”

Revelation 6 

11 Then they were each given a white robe; and they were told to rest and wait quietly for a little while longer, until the number of their fellow servants and their brothers and sisters who were to be killed even as they had been, would be completed..

11116 InVerTED YCnegreME 

Looking ahead, what’s going to happen next?

On The Brink Of A Financial Crisis (Day 4) 

We have been tested and have failed…now comes the judgement

According to Michael Snyder, God has tested America and we have failed. From 57 million murders of the unborn, to the circle of evil being completed with those same murdered children’s body parts being bought and sold on the open market. Truly, we are a nation in tremendous moral decline and may very well be under God’s judgement; as Michael pulls no punches in pointing out that fact. Of all the times I have had the pleasure to interview Michael Snyder, this time may have been the best.

Michael Snyder: “ America is Now Under God’s Judgement ”

-390.97 -2.39%.

The bumpy ride is probably not over yet. I would remain very careful. I think efforts have to be made to stabilize the oil price. Investors have to review their risk exposure. So make sure you’re on guard.

There are roughly 80 U.S. companies that had $100mm in LTM revenue and that had negative FCF or EBITDA less CapEx.
The combined market cap of these 80 companies is just shy of half a trillion dollars.
The combined Total Enterprise Value of these 80 companies is $775 billion.
The combined debt of these 80 companies is $325 billion.

None of these companies are bankrupt, yet. As a reminder, putting as many of these companies out of business, and thus slashing non-OPEC oil production (as OPEC forecasted in its latest bulletin earlier today), is the primary motive behind Antichrist Saudi Arabia’s relentless pumping spree.

America’s Cash Flow Negative Energy Companies Have $325 Billion In Debt Among Them 

There is just one problem with the Antichrist Saudi plan: even assuming all of these companies file Chapter 11, all that would happen is their debt would be wiped out, with the existing creditors getting the equity keys, and becoming the new owners of streamlined, debt-free corporations. This would means that the All In Cost Of Production would plunge as no debt payments would have to be satisfied with the free cash flow. Meanwhile, the entire existing E&P infrastructure would still be in place and ready to pump as before.

This means that after the default and debt-for-equity deluge, US shale would be able to pump even more at far lower breakeven costs, forcing Antichrist Saudi Arabia to overproduce for even longer ultimately shooting itself in the foot when its reserves run out!

Of course, none of this is any comfort for those who have exposure to the pre-petition debt, which may explain why various regional Feds are suddenly so very defensive when it comes to US banks and other lenders who are on the hook when the default tsunami finally hits.

Art Cashin: This Is “What You Get Before You Slip Into A Crisis” 

As of Wednesday January 13, 2016 it was reported that nearly 3.2 trillion had been wiped off the global stock market since the start of 2016 and now we see another voice added to the ever-growing list of experts that are telling us “this is it, we are watching the meltdown” happen right before our very eyes.

So the slide continues with no end in sight. As expected this morning, the oil price has fallen below $28 a barrel on the back of the historic news over the weekend of sanctions being lifted on Iran.

This is the lowest level for oil since 2003.

The markets are spooked that the lifting of sanctions means the imminent introduction of half a million or so more barrels of oil per day from Iran into an already oversupplied market. The country has the world’s fourth largest reserves of oil.

Speaking earlier today at the Asia Financial Forum in Hong Kong, Stuart Gulliver, CEO of HSBC said “Major producers are currently delivering 2-2.5 million barrels per day more than demand, so the question is how long they can continue to overproduce for at that level.”

Already struggling with oversupply from various countries, the market now has Iran to contend with too.

After years of isolation due to sanctions, Iran reportedly has a significant amount of oil to place on the international market immediately. Analysts from Barclays said simply: “Iranian exports come at a very bad time.”

That can only mean one thing: a market awash with oil, which will only add a downwards pressure on the already low oil price.

The numbers are becoming brutal reading for the industry: The oil price has collapsed more than 70 percent since mid-2014.

And there is no respite in store. In his speech, HSBC chief executive, Stuart Gulliver, said he predicted the price of oil to be somewhere between $25 and $40 in a year’s time.

The American shale industry needs oil at about the 60 to 70 dollar a barrel level in order to survive.

Having limped along last year hoping for a rebound in prices this year, the industry is heading for deep trouble.

Last week, one analyst predicted that half of U.S. shale oil producers could go bankrupt before the oil price rebalances itself.

Fadel Gheit, a senior oil and gas analyst at Oppenheimer & Co believes it could be two years before oil stabilizes near $60, which is still below the break-even point for many shale producers.

Half of U.S. Fracking Industry Could Go Bankrupt as Oil Prices Continue to Fall 

“Half of the current producers have no legitimate right to be in a business where the price forecast even in a recovery is going to be between, say, $50, $60. They need $70 oil to survive,” he told CNBC.

Even the big boys are taking a hit.

Last week, BHP Billiton was forced to writedown the value of its U.S. oil and gas assets by $US7.2 billion (Aus$10.4bn), admitting it needed $US60 a barrel oil to be “cashflow positive.”

But the reality is that under $30 dollar a barrel, it is only a matter of time before we see a range of bankruptcies in the shale industry.

“At this price range, nothing is safe,” says Jesse Thompson, an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. And he could well be proved right.

Bill Holter from JS Mineset was interviewed on Friday by SGTReport, informing listeners that this was the first time ever he requested to be interviewed because “The Fed has lied themselves into a corner. They raised rates and here we are a month later, the system is imploding and they have no bullets left. They are going to have to do QE4, they are going to have to do negative interest rates.”

Holter continues on to say “I guess the best way to look at where we are right now is, we’re standing at the gates of Hell.”

‘This Is It, We Are Watching The Meltdown’ – Bill Holter: ‘We Are Standing At The Gates Of Hell’ 

And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

Daniel 8

When God saw their deeds, that they turned from their wicked way, then God [had compassion and] relented concerning the disaster which He had declared that He would bring upon them. And He did not do it.

Jonah 3

But it greatly displeased Jonah and he became angry. 2 He prayed to the Lord and said, “O Lord, is this not what I said when I was still in my country? That is why I ran to Tarshish, because I knew that You are a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and great in lovingkindness, and [when sinners turn to You] You revoke the [sentence of] disaster [against them]. 3 Therefore now, O Lord, just take my life from me, for it is better for me to die than to live.” 4 Then the Lord said, “Do you have a good reason to be angry?”

Jonah 4 

5 Then Jonah went out of the city and sat east of it. There he made himself a shelter and sat under its shade so that he could see what would happen in the city. 6 So the Lord God prepared a [a]plant and it grew up over Jonah, to be a shade over his head to spare him from discomfort. And Jonah was extremely happy about [the protection of] the plant. 7 But God prepared a worm when morning dawned the next day, and it attacked the plant and it withered. 8 When the sun came up God prepared a scorching east wind, and the sun beat down on Jonah’s head so that he fainted and he wished to die, and said, “It is better for me to die than to live.”

9 Then God said to Jonah, “Do you have a good reason to be angry about [the loss of] the plant?” And he said, “I have a [very] good reason to be angry, angry enough to die!” 10 Then the Lord said, “You had compassion on the plant for which you did not work and which you did not cause to grow, which came up overnight and perished overnight. 11 Should I not have compassion on Nineveh, the great city in which there are more than 120,000 [innocent] persons, who do not know the difference between their right and left hand [and are not yet accountable for sin], as well as many [blameless] animals?”

Images Of Antichrist NWO 666 Twin Tower Nineveh Gate One WTC WMD Key To The Bottomless Pit

Elisha died, and they buried him. Now marauding bands of Moabites would invade the land in the spring of the year. 21 And it happened that as a man was being buried [on an open bier], they saw a marauding band [coming]; and they threw the man into Elisha’s grave. But when the [body of the] man [was being let down and] touched the bones of Elisha he revived and stood up on his feet.

2 Kings 13 

22 Hazael the king of Aram oppressed Israel all the days of Jehoahaz. 23 But the Lord was gracious to them and had compassion on them and turned toward them for the sake of [c]His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and He was unwilling to destroy them, and did not cast them from His presence until now.


The Fifth Trumpet—the Bottomless Pit

Revelation 9 

Then the fifth angel sounded [his trumpet], and I saw a star (angelic being) that had fallen from heaven to the earth; and the key of the bottomless pit (abyss) was given to him (the star-angel). 

Then from the smoke came locusts on the earth, and they were given power like the power of scorpions of the earth.

Revelation 6:1-20:5 

The region of Molise, in south-central Italy, has been hit by more than 50 small earthquakes over the last five days, causing panic and misery for inhabitants in around its capital, Campobasso.

More than 50 earthquakes rock Italy’s Molise in five days

A very shallow earthquake registered by Geoscience Australia as M6.1 hit south of Fiji at 18:24 UTC on January 18, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 0 km. USGS is reporting M6.0 at a depth of 14.8 km (9.2 miles).

Very shallow M6.1 earthquake hits south of Fiji 

Zhupanovsky volcano, Kamchatka, Russia erupted on January 19, 2016, after almost two months of being relatively calm. The explosion sent a plume of ash more than 7 km (22 966 feet) above the sea level, KVERT reported.

Zhupanovsky erupts sending a plume of ash more than 7 km a.s.l., Russia 

The ash explosion was observed at 04:36 UTC, between Avachinsky and Koryaksky volcanoes, according to visual data from Institute of Volcanology and Seismology Far East Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IVS FED RAS). A height of ash plume was estimated between 7 and 8 km (22 966 and 26 246.7 feet) above the sea level.

High-level activity of Mount Egon prompts thousands to evacuate, Indonesia 

Caught On Tape: 1,000 Dutch Villagers Storm Town Hall In Anti-Migrant Melee 

The only two references to Masonry in the original script were cut from the final film:
• Ben Gates is asking FBI Agent Sadusky, about ‘the President’s Book,’ the Book of Secrets of the subtitle. This book supposedly lists secrets only U.S. Presidents are authorized to know. Sadusky asks why Gates is asking Sadusky about this, to which Gates replies, “Because of the 43 men who have ever been President of the United States of America, 15 of them are confirmed freemasons. You’re a 33rd-Degree Master Mason, a Mason of the highest order. If anyone knows if this book exists, you do.”

• At the conclusion of the movie, Ben asks Sadusky why Sadusky helped Ben obtain access to the President’s Book. Sadusky responds: “Well, when you become a 33rd-degree Master Mason, you wonder if half the stuff they tell you is true. I was curious.”

Apparently, the Grand Lodge of New York was hoping there would be more Masonic meat in Book Of Secrets, too. According to an article in today’s New York Times, the Grand Lodge had a public relations firm send out press releases explaining that Masons have nothing to hide (Move along, nothing creepy here). Times writer Jennifer B. Lee seems skeptical throughout, but was nice enough to make up an interactive Google map of NYC’s Masonic sites, while expressing the belief that New York’s magnificent and ornate lodge rooms with candles and no windows “certainly do not help dissuade those looking for fodder for conspiracy theories.”

Yes, Book of Secrets is the very biggest, if silliest, in escapist entertainment. Check your credibility at the door and be prepared to groan as our heroes engage in breaking and entering in Buckingham Palace, the White House, and the President’s private birthday party at Mount Vernon. Just don’t expect any blatant Masonic connection, apart from the lecture hall in the opening minutes being the auditorium of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. You wouldn’t know unless somebody told you.

Now, if it’s a little digging you’re willing to do, you can find some Masonic nuggets suggested by the film, but never actually explained or explored. Here is a smorgasbord of points mentioned in the film.

National Treasure: Book Of Secrets 

In the film, Wilkinson (Ed Harris) claims to be a descendant of Civil War general Albert Pike, and he produces a letter written by Pike to Queen Victoria concerning clues for finding Cibola, one of the seven fabled Cities of Gold, to finance the Confederacy in the waning days of the war. No mention of the fact that, as Civil War generals go, Pike was pretty insignificant, giving up his commission after the disastrous Battle of Pea Ridge in 1862. Pike’s mention in the film seems more like a Masonic Easter egg than a plot point.

The Knights of the Golden Circle get mentioned in the first three minutes of the film, as John Wilkes Booth and his sidekick threaten Thomas Gates into deciphering their coded message. Said sidekick is wearing a KGC lapel badge – a potentially dangerous item to be sporting in Washington DC just three days after Appomattox, but if he wasn’t, we wouldn’t have no picture. Except that they are never mentioned again. There’s a lot of that going on in this movie.

The Film, Literature and the New World Order podcast returns to its regular schedule after a brief hiatus with a conversation with Tim Kelly of the Our Interesting Times podcast about the 1962 film adaptation of Richard Condon’s 1959 novel The Manchurian Candidate.

The Manchurian Candidate – FLNWO #31 

We discuss the details of the MK-ULTRA mind control program of the CIA that were still classified at the time of the movie and why/how these details were being put before the public in fictional form at that time..

“The pilot episode, which first aired on March 4, 2001, concerned a terrorist
plot to fly a hijacked airplane into the World Trade Center towers.”

Jones and Haglund talked about the Lone Gunmen episode that aired prior to September 11th in which an inside faction of the government posing as terrorists hijacks a 727 by remote control and targets the World Trade Center.

Alex Jones Interviews X-Files/Lone Gunmen Star Dean Haglund 

Actor Dean Haglund On the CIA, Hollywood and 9/11 

A new bombshell report written by Jerome Corsi suggests that Antichrist NWO 666 President Barack H. Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown’s passport records were likely ‘sanitized’ by the acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency John Brennan, leading up to the 2008 presidential election after Brennan achieved the status of Director of the National Counterterrorism Center under the Skull&Bones Bush 911 Administration.

That’s right, this sleazeball may be the one almost solely responsible for allowing an illegal foreign entity, i.e. Barry Soetoro, A.K.A. Barack Hessian Obozo, to ‘salt,’ sprinkle, his way into the White House under CIA direction, thus reacquiring full control of the helm of the CIA ran Skull&Bones Bush 911 Administration. You see, it was nothing more than a passing of the baton–it’s so simple.

And if you think I’m joking I’m not. This is how business has been done for years, ever since John F. Kennedy was taken out of the picture on Nov. 22, 1963.

But what is even more shocking about all of this is the fact that the late Michael Hastings, a renown investigative journalist who covered hardcore national security issues, was actually working on a major exposé before his death at the age of 33 that would have ultimately exposed the Obozo-Brennan CIA connection as well as Obozo’s rise to power.

Additionally, Corsi points out that Hastings autopsy results, taken months after his death, yielded only mild traces of marijuana and amphetamine, not enough to make him lose control of his vehicle.

Corsi wrote:

Hastings died when his Mercedes, traveling at a high rate of speed, crossed into the median on a deserted Highland Avenue at 4:20 a.m. and struck a tree. The automobile burst into flames, charring Hastings’ body so badly that it took several days to make a positive identification.

Los Angeles newspapers have suggested Hastings had become obsessed with Edward Snowden’s revelations about the National Security Agency’s massive domestic surveillance capabilities and with disclosures the Department of Justice had obtained of the phone records of Associated Press reporters.

His neighbor and close friend, Jordanna Thigpen, told the LA Weekly that just before his death, Hastings’ behavior had become erratic because of his increasing concerned that helicopters commonly seen in the Hollywood Hills were spying on him and that his Mercedes had been tampered with.

“He was scared, and he wanted to leave town,” Thigpen told the newspaper.

Could Hastings have been killed by factions of the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No boots SPECTRE Clown Administration or the CIA?

Obozo’s dark shady past exposed

Your Anti-God Anti-Jerusalem Democratic Commander-In-Chief, the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obozo, if that’s even his real name, still has the whole of America in his sights after already pulling the trigger by way of stealth early on in his presidency having every intention of decimating the God-given freedoms our forbears once instilled at great cost.

Shortly after Obozo’s inauguration, unleashing a surprise tsunami upon free America, the President and key members of his staff made a massive push toward communism starting with the first stroke of Obozo’s presidential pen–literally.

On Jan. 21, 2009, one day after the presidential inauguration ceremony Obozo signed Executive Order 13489 permanently sealing off any and all records about his person including ones that show his involvement with certain friends, colleagues, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and anything to do with the origin of his actual birthplace.

As Mychal Massie would write, “It is inconceivable to believe that Obozo, Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, would be the close friends they are unless they shared the same ideologies,” it’s also important to point out how his [Obozo’s] true roots are grounded in communism while his drive to destroy the homeland stems from his employment at the CIA and his long-term objective as a paid operative.

Although it’s nice to believe that we as U.S. citizens actually elect the president, the harsh reality is that the President and members of his staff are selected by the powers-that-be and moreover are even groomed from young ages to one day meet their final objectives through incrementalism, agency, group-oriented goals, whatever they may be at the time.

Just as Skull&Bones George H.W. Bush, the 41st U.S. President, was also Director of the CIA back in the 70’s under 33 Degree Mason President Ford, other Presidents and members of their staffs have also had ties to the CIA; Barack Obozo being one of them.

In fact, shockingly, in a 2011 True News interview, a man by the name of Al, who identified himself as a debt collector, publicly brought forth information damning to Obozo; information that linked him to the CIA also exposing part of Obozo’s dark shady past.

Obozo exposed as White House ‘salter’ — foreign CIA operative, puppet, with falsified credentials 

After these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven, possessing great authority, and the earth was illuminated with his splendor and radiance. 2 And he shouted with a mighty voice, saying, “Fallen, fallen [certainly to be destroyed] is [a]Babylon the great! She has become a dwelling place for demons, a dungeon haunted by every unclean spirit, and a prison for every unclean and loathsome bird. 3 For all the nations have drunk from the wine of the passion of her [sexual] immorality, and the kings and political leaders of the earth have committed immorality with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich by the wealth and economic power of her sensuous luxury.”

Revelation 18 

4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not be a partner in her sins and receive her plagues; 5 for her sins (crimes, transgressions) have piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her wickedness and crimes [for judgment].

Repay to her even as she has repaid others, and pay back [to her] double [her torment] in accordance with what she has done; in the cup [of sin and suffering] which she mixed, mix a double portion [of perfect justice] for her. 7 To the degree that she glorified herself and reveled and gloated in her sensuality [living deliciously and luxuriously], to that same degree impose on her torment and anguish, and mourning and grief; for in her heart she boasts, ‘I sit as a queen [on a throne] and I am not a widow, and will never, ever see mourning or experience grief.’ 8 For this reason in a single day her plagues (afflictions, calamities) will come, pestilence and mourning and famine, and she will be burned up with fire and completely consumed; for strong and powerful is the Lord God who judges her.

9 “[b]And the kings and political leaders of the earth, who committed immorality and lived luxuriously with her, will weep and beat their chests [in mourning] over her when they see the smoke of her burning,

Intense thunderstorms wreaked havoc across Florida in the early morning hours of January 17, 2016 (local time). A powerful storm spawned three confirmed tornadoes and a meteotsunami, bringing widespread coastal flooding and inflicting major damage to the affected areas. Two people died while several sustained serious injuries.

Severe thunderstorm, accompanied with wind gusts of over 128.7 km/h caused the water levels in Naples to rise abruptly. The National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed the occurrence of a meteotsunami phenomena.

A meteotsunami is usually associated with fast moving aerial systems, such as squall lines, which cause disturbances in the air pressure field capable of producing waves in the ocean, traveling at the same speed as the weather system.

The already high tides in Southwest Florida were greatly enhanced by a squall line. As the storm moved in, water levels quickly rose to 2.1 m (7 feet), which is almost 1.8 m (6 feet) higher than an average high tide.

The severe storm caused widespread damage and power loss to 100 000 homes across the state. EF2 tornado damage was reported in Seista Key and Duette, where 2 people died, and 4 children suffered injuries as the family’s mobile home was destroyed.

Intense thunderstorm spawns 3 tornadoes and a meteotsunami in Florida, US 

These two deaths are the first arising from a tornado event in Florida since the Tropical Storm “Debby” battered the area in 2012.

According to latest media reports, the Duette twister packed winds higher than 200 km/h (124.3 mph) along a 14.4 km (9 miles) long stretch and a 91.4 m (300 feet) wide swath of destruction.

In Seista Key, the twister was accompanied with winds of up to 112.6 km/h (70 mph), the NWS reported.

An EF1 tornado touched down near Hobe Sound Sunday, moved northeast and weakened to an EF0. Damage was reported to roofs and cars, and several trees were knocked over and uprooted.

A large part of Europe experienced heavy snowfall in the period between January 15 and 18, 2016. Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic were almost entirely wrapped in a snow blanket while Turkey and Greece also reported intense snowstorms. New snow fell across Italy while Hungary was among the rare snow-free countries.

According to Meteosat-10 imagery, the extensive snow cover visible across Europe since mid-January is in a distinct contrast to the imagery taken in December 2015 when little snow was visible, especially over the Alps which showed a noticeable lack of snowfall for the season.

50 cm (19.6 inches) of new snow fell in Amden-Arvenbüel Switzerland on the morning of January 18, and more than 40 cm (15.7 inches) was measured in Sofia, Bulgaria over the last 3 days.

Romania is wrapped in blizzard conditions since the night of January 16. 50 cm (19.7 inches) of snow was reported to fall in 12 hours, causing major traffic disruptions and closing schools in Bucharest and neighbouring counties. Numerous areas in southern Romania were cut off the electricity after severe weather conditions downed power poles in the region.

Europe wrapped in a snow blanket as winter finally sets in 

Snowstorms accompanied with strong winds are expected to last throughout the day, and local forecasters predicted temperatures below -18 °C (-27.8 °F) for the next week.

According to Meteo Europe, the blast of Arctic air will bring warmer weather across the western Europe while eastern Europe and Russia will experience extremely cold temperatures during the coming week.

Powerful snowstorm causes major traffic disruptions in Japan 

A powerful low pressure field brought heavy snowfall across parts of Japan on January 17 and 18, 2016. Extreme weather conditions caused widespread traffic chaos, and at least 250 people reported injuries while 10 000 were advised to evacuate Nemuro region on January 19 due to a threat of a strong storm surge.

Abundant snowfall blanketed eastern and northeastern Japan yesterday, causing major traffic disruption across the affected areas, especially in central Tokyo where 6 cm (2.4 inches) of snow was reported.

Matthew 24 

When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

16 Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:

17 Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house:

18 Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.

19 And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!

20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:

21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

23 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.

24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

25 Behold, I have told you before.

Using more than 35 years of data from the Wilcox Solar Observatory at Stanford University and from the United States Geological Survey, a model was constructed using patterns discerned in the polar magnetic fields of the sun.

These patterns in solar magnetism were informally observed to match with the occurrence of large earthquakes on our planet, so mathematical modeling was used to formally develop an algorithm describing those relationships. Ben Davidson will describe the results obtained from this research and explain other solar aspects related to seismicity.

Ben Davidson is the researcher behind the Suspicious0bserver channel on YouTube, a channel that has rocketed in under 4 years to over 52 million views, and is Director of the Mobile Observatory Project. Ben was classically trained in law and legal research, before taking up independent research in diverse sciences. His online presence has been a constant source of data dissemination, inspiring public interest in a variety of scientific fields, including the ‘electric universe’ theories. Ben focuses on the daily solar environment and the electromagnetic interactions between the sun, earth, and the galaxy. It was this interdisciplinary “due diligence” that led him to the surprising conclusions he will present at the conference in two presentations.

And just as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the [f]time of [the second coming of] the Son of Man: 27 the people were [g]eating, they were drinking, they were marrying, they were being given in marriage, [they were indifferent to God] until the day that Noah went into the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. 28 It was the same as it was in the days of Lot.

Luke 17 

People were eating, they were drinking, they were buying, they were selling, they were planting, they were building [carrying on business as usual, without regard for their sins]; 29 but on the [very] day that Lot left Sodom it rained fire and brimstone (burning sulfur) from heaven and destroyed them all.

Revelation 11

8 And their dead bodies will lie exposed in the open street of the great city (Jerusalem), which in a spiritual sense is called [by the symbolic and allegorical names of] Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified.

The Exorcist II Possessed Laraine Newman Calls Priest Richard Pryor Jive Turkey 

A senior Western official familiar with a large cache of intelligence obtained this summer told the Guardian that “direct dealings between Jive Turkish officials and ranking Antichrist ISIS members was now ‘undeniable.’”

Antichrist ISIS, in other words, is state-sponsored?—?indeed, sponsored by purportedly Western-friendly regimes in the Antichrist Muslim world, who are integral to the anti-ISIS coalition. Which then begs the question as to why Hollande and other Western leaders expressing their determination to “destroy” Antichrist ISIS using all means necessary, would prefer to avoid the most significant factor of all: the material infrastructure of Antichrist ISIS’ emergence in the context of ongoing Gulf and Jive Turkish state support for Antichrist Islamist militancy in the region.

There are many explanations, but one perhaps stands out: the West’s abject dependence on terror-toting Antichrist Muslim regimes, largely to maintain access to Antichrist Middle East, Mediterranean and Central Asian oil and gas resources.

– From the post: So Who’s Really Sponsoring Antichrist ISIS? Jive Turkey, Antichrist Saudi Arabia, Israel and Other Antichrist NWO 666 U.S. Crypto Fascist “Allies”
There’s been a lot going on lately, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you missed the latest drama from of U.S. ally, and sometimes Antichrist ISIS/al-Qaeda supporter Jive Turkey.

Recently, a peace petition circled the globe calling on the Antichrist Jive Turkish government to end fighting against Kurdish militants in the country’s southeast, which has reportedly led to thousands of civilian deaths. By January 15th, 2,000 Turkish academics had signed the petition, which was too much for authoritarian president Recep Tayyip Erdo?an to handle. He not only publicly denounced the entire affair, he went ahead and started arresting people.

Antichrist Jive Turkey blamed Antichrist Isis [for the attack on Istanbul], which Antichrist Erdo?an has been aiding in many ways, while also supporting the Antichrist al-Nusra Front, which is hardly different. He then launched a tirade against those who condemn his crimes against Kurds – who happen to be the main ground force opposing Antichrist Isis in both Syria and Iraq. Is there any need for further comment?

Game. Set. Match..

U.S. Ally Jive Turkey Arrests Academics For The Crime Of Signing A Peace Petition

The end of days are quickly approaching, announced a prominent Israeli rabbi, as the “difficult security situation in Israel” heats up.

“The Days of Ishmael Ruling in the Land of Israel Are Over,” Proclaims Antichrist Rabbi Baruch Abuhatzeira

now it is time for the Nation of Israel to rule in their land. It is time for the messiah and the redemption, when Israel will rule over all of the land. Not this part belonging to them and this part belonging to us.”

Antichrist Rabbi Baruch concluded his message with a special blessing: “With God’s blessing, we will merit seeing this with our own eyes, the arrival of the Messiah, who will subdue them and send them out from our land.”

“It is finished and from today on, the years in which Ishmael (the Antichrist Muslim Arabs) rule over the Antichrist Jews (Synagog Of Satan) are finished,” he stated. “There are signs the Messiah is imminent.”

In a video making the rounds online, Antichrist Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef Amar, the former Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel, is seen hosting Antichrist Rabbi Baruch Abuhatzeira, known as the Baba Baruch and son of the late Baba Sali, who was one of the greatest evil Antichrist Kabbalists of our generation. In a markedly uncharacteristic manner, the Antichrist Baba Baruch related to present events in Israel and their connection to the imminent arrival of the Messiah.

NOTE: 911 EMERGENCY WARING!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!! ^^^Understand what the Antichrist Jewish Kabbalist evil bastards are up to, and realize the Synagog of Satan reality that is now working in spiritual concert for Lucifer’s Antichrist NWO United Nation Israeli Two State Final Solution. Consider the fact that the 911 Shemitah market timing is accented by the Jubilee year, now upon this terminal generation, and the Tetrad etc… timing warning sign(s) signaling the start of the tribulation era; which begins with the confirmation of the prophetic Antichrist ”peace and security”, ”IS” followed by major ”sudden destruction” market and geopolitical event(s) all mapped out by the Antichrist spirit leap frogging of the usual suspect(s) New World Order throughout human history, before and after the days of Noah.

Monday, January 18, 2016: Who we are in Messiah 

The revelation sequence declared in the scriptures, and the clear evidence of the inside job pattern timing of the Antichrist NWO 666 Global Borderless U.N. Mark Of The Beast Agenda of the Satanic Masonic Occult that has been using the Antichrist Muslim Shia vs Sunni ”weapons of mass destruction threat” combination; as their old ”Order Our Of Chaos” ”crisis management”  ”Phoenix Project” map maker and too big to fail criminal (illuminati) market maker (”Goldman Sachs” etc…) ”(non)gold standard” mark of the 666 Beast ”we are doing (little secret Satanic hidden occult ”g”) (g)od’s work” to seal up all the nations and Israel in the same prophetic ”Cup Of Fornication” which holds the maddening wine of wrath by which the prophetic ”time of Jacob’s trouble” pours out upon this terminal tribulation generation.

Astronomy Calendar of Celestial Events
for Calendar Year 2016 

March 20 – March Equinox. The March equinox occurs at 04:30 UTC. The Sun will shine directly on the equator and there will be nearly equal amounts of day and night throughout the world. This is also the first day of spring (vernal equinox) in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of fall (autumnal equinox) in the Southern Hemisphere. 

March 23 – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the Earth’s partial shadow, or penumbra. During this type of eclipse the Moon will darken slightly but not completely. The eclipse will be visible throughout most of extreme eastern Asia, eastern Australia, the Pacific Ocean, and the west coast of North America including Alaska. (NASA Map and Eclipse Information)

April 7 – New Moon. The Moon will located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun and will not be visible in the night sky. This phase occurs at 11:24 UTC. This is the best time of the month to observe faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters because there is no moonlight to interfere.

April 18 – Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation. The planet Mercury reaches greatest eastern elongation of 19.9 degrees from the Sun. This is the best time to view Mercury since it will be at its highest point above the horizon in the evening sky. Look for the planet low in the western sky just after sunset.

April 22 – Full Moon. The Moon will be located on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun and its face will be will be fully illuminated. This phase occurs at 05:24 UTC. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Pink Moon because it marked the appearance of the moss pink, or wild ground phlox, which is one of the first spring flowers. This moon has also been known as the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Growing Moon, and the Egg Moon. Many coastal tribes called it the Full Fish Moon because this was the time that the shad swam upstream to spawn.

April 22, 23 – Lyrids Meteor Shower. The Lyrids is an average shower, usually producing about 20 meteors per hour at its peak. It is produced by dust particles left behind by comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher, which was discovered in 1861. The shower runs annually from April 16-25. It peaks this year on the night of the night of the 22nd and morning of the 23rd. These meteors can sometimes produce bright dust trails that last for several seconds. Unfortunately this year the glare from the full moon will block out all but the brightest meteors. If you are patient, you should still be able to catch a few good ones. Best viewing will be from a dark location after midnight. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Lyra, but can appear anywhere in the sky.

May 9 – Rare Transit of Mercury Across the Sun. The planet Mercury will move directly between the Earth and the Sun. Viewers with telescopes and approved solar filters will be able to observe the dark disk of the planet Mercury moving across the face of the Sun. This is an extremely rare event that occurs only once every few years. There will be one other transit of Mercury in 2019 and then the next one will not take place until 2039. This transit will be visible throughout North America, Mexico, Central America, South America, and parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa. The best place to view this event in its entirety will be the eastern United States and eastern South America..

(Transit Visibility Map and Information

In about seven and a half hours time the planet Mercury will cross the solar disk from east to west. It will be the first transit of Mercury since 2006 and will be visible from Europe, Africa, the Americas and part of Asia..

August 27 – Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. A spectacular conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will be visible in the evening sky. The two bright planets will be extremely close, appearing only 0.06 degrees apart. Look for this impressive pairing in the western sky just after sunset.

September 1 – New Moon. The Moon will located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun and will not be visible in the night sky. This phase occurs at 09:03 UTC. This is the best time of the month to observe faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters because there is no moonlight to interfere.

September 1 – Annular Solar Eclipse. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is too far away from the Earth to completely cover the Sun. This results in a ring of light around the darkened Moon. The Sun’s corona is not visible during an annular eclipse. The path of the eclipse will begin off the eastern coast of central Africa and travel through Gabon, Congo, Tanzania, and Madagascar before ending in the Indian Ocean. A partial eclipse will be visible throughout most of Africa and the Indian Ocean. (NASA Map and Eclipse Information) (NASA Interactive Google Map)

September 3 – Neptune at Opposition. The blue giant planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. It will be brighter than any other time of the year and will be visible all night long. This is the best time to view and photograph Neptune. Due to its extreme distance from Earth, it will only appear as a tiny blue dot in all but the most powerful telescopes.

September 16 – Full Moon. The Moon will be located on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun and its face will be will be fully illuminated. This phase occurs at 19:05 UTC. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Corn Moon because the corn is harvested around this time of year. This moon is also known as the Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon is the full moon that occurs closest to the September equinox each year.

September 16 – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the Earth’s partial shadow, or penumbra. During this type of eclipse the Moon will darken slightly but not completely. The eclipse will be visible throughout most of eastern Europe, eastern Africa, Asia, and western Australia. (NASA Map and Eclipse Information)

September 22 – September Equinox. The September equinox occurs at 14:21 UTC. The Sun will shine directly on the equator and there will be nearly equal amounts of day and night throughout the world. This is also the first day of fall (autumnal equinox) in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of spring (vernal equinox) in the Southern Hemisphere.

September 28 – Mercury at Greatest Western Elongation. The planet Mercury reaches greatest western elongation of 17.9 degrees from the Sun. This is the best time to view Mercury since it will be at its highest point above the horizon in the morning sky. Look for the planet low in the eastern sky just before sunrise.



Antichrist Communist China Wades Into Antichrist Mid-East Melodrama As Xi Makes First Presidential Trip To Antichrist Saudi Arabia, Antichrist Iran

Netanyahu 911 also addressed terror threats emanating from Antichrist Iran’s continued aggression in the region.

Antichrist Prime Minister Netanyahu 911: “We Will Not Allow Antichrist Iran To Have Nuclear Weapons”  

“What is clear is that Antichrist Iran will now have more means to turn to its terrorist activity and aggression in the region and the world, and Israel is prepared to handle any threat,” Netanyahu 911 stated.

Stocks Slump After Antichrist Saudis Threaten Nukes Against “Nefarious” Antichrist Iran .

>>>>>>>>>>ESPECIALLY NEW YORK CITY<<<<<<<<<<<<<

_____________GET OUT OF THE HOLE_________________

Zechariah 12 

And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

Warning~The Mark Of The Beast Will Be Mandatory By 2017



Israel Plans to Usher In World’s First Antichrist NWO 666 Mark Of The Beast ‘Cashless Society’ Prophetic Image Caused To Speak And As Many Who Do Not Accept The Seal Of The Antichrist NWO 666 Global Borderless System Should Be Imprisoned Tortured And Murdered By Government Employees And All The Nations And Tongues That Agree 


But of course this move toward a cashless society is not just happening in Israel.

A surgical implant no bigger than a grain of rice which measures a patient’s temperature and blood pressure for several days before dissolving harmlessly in body fluids has been invented by scientists.

The biodegradable device could be implanted into the brain or other vital organs to monitor a patient’s medical recovery without the need for cumbersome wires or operations to remove the implant once its job is done, the researchers said.

Tests carried out on laboratory animals shows that the disposable implant can monitor slight variations in the intracranial pressure between the brain and skull as well as measuring temperature in this sensitive part of the body before dissolving completely, they said.

Dissolvable brain implant the size of a grain of rice invented by scientists 

Similar, absorbable devices that do not need to be retrieved from patients could soon be tested on people to see if they can be used as alternatives to existing instruments for measuring a important health markers, they added.

“The ultimate strategy is to have a device that you can place in the brain – or in other organs in the body – that is entirely implanted, intimately connected with the organ you want to monitor and can transmit signals wirelessly to provide information on the health of that organ,” said Rory Murphy, a neurosurgeon at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis, Missouri. 

VIDEO: The heavy surveillance state gets a boost with the already in use, “Beware” software, being used by the police force in Fresno, CA. At the same time, the Pope will meet Eric Schmidt, formerly of Google, now in charge of Alphabet. Past comments by Schmidt, tie him to the political arm of modern nation state, Israel. Is Bible Prophecy unfolding before our eyes? How much will technology assist in the establishment of the beast kingdom? Come Quickly Jesus!

“BEWARE” Surveillance Software in Fresno – The POPE to Meet SCHMIDT [Alphabet/Google] – AOD2 clip 

AOD2 (Clip)…
2030 Biometrics Agenda…
Revelation 13…
“Beware” Surveillance Software Story……
Schmidt and the Pope…
Bible Code for 2016…

The Trigger Event

I have been writing for three years that the trigger event would occur in Syria and recent events, with Russia engaging in military attacks upon the US backed  Antichrist ISIS and other Syria rebel forces, are moving the world in the ultimate direction of World War III.

This Is Your Last Chance To Get Prepared 

NOTE: The guy that wrote ^^^this article has at least a clue about the prophetic Damascus Key, lol, but for some strange reason he has not unlocked the key sequence of the Antichrist NWO 666 Crypto Fascist 911 WMD False Flag now hoisted higher (EMERGENCY ALERT ALL TIME HIGH MARKET COLLAPSE SIGNAL ”IS” NOW LIT) than ever. The Black Antichrist Iran Nuclear ISIS Flag just went up as high as the ”One World Trade” White House Rainbow Spire signal 9:10 Harbinger Tetrad Jubilee can possibly be prior to the prophetic  ”climate chaos” geopolitical event that gives rise to The Antichrist, the Antichrist NWO 666 Occult False Flag Nuclear Phoenix Firebird.

Meanwhile, the psychopathic bankers who have perpetuated this scenario will be safely tucked away in the deep underground bunkers..


The wealth divide between the world’s richest and poorest is turning into a Grand Canyon.

Last year, just 62 individuals held wealth equivalent to the amount owned by 3.6 billion people, about half the world’s population. That’s according to a new report by Oxfam published Monday, ahead of the World Economic Forum in Davos, which aims to show just how deep the gulf of inequality has become.

Oxfam’s prediction — made ahead of last year’s Davos — that the 1% would soon own more than the rest of us by 2016, actually came true in 2015, a year early,” the nonprofit said in a statement.

Just 62 people own as much wealth as half the world’s population: Oxfam

The wealthiest have gained a half a trillion dollars in five years

The wealth of those 62 one-percenters has risen by more than half-a-trillion dollars in the last five years, the report said. At the same time, the total owned by the poorest half has fallen by a trillion dollars.

In monetary terms, that club of 62 has seen its riches climb by $542 billion, or 44%, to $1.76 trillion since 2010. That’s as the less-fortunate half has seen its wealth slide by 41%.

“Power and privilege are being used to rig the system to increase the gap between the richest and the rest to levels we have not seen before. Far from trickling down, income and wealth are instead being sucked upwards at an alarming rate,” said Raymond C. Offenheiser, president of Oxfam America, in a statement.

Corporate investment in tax havens almost quadrupled between 2000 and 2014, according to Oxfam.

It took a final jab at wage inequality in the U.S., noting that salaries of chief executive officers at top companies have risen by half since 2009, but the minimum wage has been stuck at $7.25. That’s even as the cost of groceries has shot up 25%, Oxfam noted.

What could intensify the stock carnage: earnings

Earnings were estimated to decline by 4.9% at the end of the fourth quarter, that would translate to a 1.9% decline if the average holds up. Currently, earnings are on pace for 5.7% drop.

Plus, current-quarter earnings estimates have taken a notable downturn in the past week.

Woeful earnings threaten to intensify stock-market bloodbath

For the year, the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -2.39% and the S&P 500 index SPX, -2.16% are down at least 8%, and the Nasdaq Composite Index COMP, -2.74% shed more than 10%.

“In an earnings-driven market, higher earnings are required to support higher equity prices. And, at the moment, equities are trading somewhat in an information void, with many companies in quiet periods leading up to quarterly results,” Sandven said in a note to clients late last week.

He said visibility on earnings wasn’t likely to improve until late-January/early-February and stocks could trade sideways to even downward until investors get some idea on the state of corporations.

Among Dow components: UnitedHealth Group Inc. UNH, -1.35% and International Business Machines Corp. IBM, -2.17% report Tuesday; Goldman Sachs Group Inc. GS, -3.58% reports Wednesday; Verizon Communications Inc. VZ, -0.98% American Express Co. AXP, -0.60% and Travelers Cos. TRV, -1.76% report Thursday; and General Electric Co. GE, -1.96% reports Friday.

Notable earnings reports this week
Report date Company/ticker (FactSet EPS / revenue estimate)
Mon., Jan 18 U.S. markets closed for holiday
Tues., Jan. 19
IBM ($4.81 / $22.09 billion)
UnitedHealth ($1.25 / $43.28 billion)
Netflix Inc. NFLX, -2.82% (2 cents / $1.83 billion)
Bank of America Corp. BAC, -3.54% (27 cents / $20 billion)
Morgan Stanley MS, -4.35% (33 cents / $7.54 billion)
Delta Air Lines Inc. DAL, -1.85% ($1.19 / $9.61 billion)
Weds., Jan. 20
Goldman Sachs ($3.57 / $7.09 billion)
Thurs., Jan. 21
Verizon (88 cents / $34.11 billion)
American Express ($1.13 / $8.4 billion)
Travelers ($2.66 / $5.93 billion)
Starbucks Corp. SBUX, -1.66% (45 cents / $5.4 billion)
Union Pacific Corp. UNP, -1.74% ($1.42 / $5.45 billion)
Fri., Jan. 22
General Electric (49 cents / $36 billion)
Schlumberger SLB, -2.58% (63 cents / $7.79 billion)

DXY:CUR 99.119 USD


BDIY:IND 373.00

Baltic Dry Index

Since October, the economic evidence has shifted from supporting a growing risk of recession, to a guarded expectation of recession, to the present conclusion that a U.S. recession is not only a risk but an imminent likelihood, awaiting confirmation that typically only emerges after a recession is actually in progress. The reason the consensus of economists has never anticipated a recession is that so few distinguish between leading and lagging data, so they incorrectly interpret the information available at the start of a recession as “mixed” when, placed in proper sequence, the evidence forms a single, coherent freight train.

While I’m among the only observers that anticipated oncoming recessions and market collapses in 2000 and 2007 (shifting to a constructive outlook in-between), I also admittedly anticipated a recession in 2011-2012 that did not emerge. Understand my error, so you don’t incorrectly dismiss the current evidence. Though not all of the components of our Recession Warning Composite were active in 2011-2012, I relied on an alternate criterion based on employment deterioration, which was later revised away, and I relied too little on confirmation from market action, which is the hinge between bubbles and crashes, between benign and recessionary deterioration in leading economic data, and between Fed easing that supports speculation and Fed easing that merely accompanies a collapse.

Much of the disruption in the financial markets last week can be traced to data that continue to amplify the likelihood of recession. Remember the sequence.

Once valuations become obscenely elevated, a wicked downside is unavoidably baked in the cake. That downside will emerge primarily during periods such as the present, where deterioration in market internals suggests risk-aversion among investors, in contrast to the internal uniformity that prevailed until mid-2014, which reflected a broad willingness among investors to speculate and embrace greater exposure to risk assets.

To see how both corporate debt and equity capitalizations have soared to record levels relative to corporate GVA, and to understand why these imply dismal investment returns over the coming 10-12 years, see The Next Big Short: The Third Crest of a Rolling Tsunami. That commentary also includes a box detailing my own errors in the recent half cycle and the adaptations we introduced as a result, which require explicit deterioration in market internals (as we presently observe) before taking a hard-negative outlook. I openly discuss my own stumbles so that adherents and critics alike might benefit from the right lessons, before it becomes too late to do so.

We’ll certainly welcome outcomes that better reflect our experience in other complete market cycles, but we won’t do touchdown dances if the market collapses. The likely distress as the current market cycle is completed is something I wish on nobody. The unfortunate reality is that someone will have to hold stocks over the completion of this cycle, and it would best be those who have either carefully evaluated and dismissed our concerns, or those who have appropriate risk tolerances and investment horizons to weather the likely 40-55% loss in the S&P 500 that would comprise a rather run-of-the-mill retreat from the 2015 valuation extremes.

On a short-term basis, dismal market internals may be indicative of oversold conditions, but the prospect of a recovery on that basis is extremely unreliable in an environment where valuations remain extreme and market internals demonstrate few positive divergences. I continue to believe that a break of the prior support area around 1820-1850 on the S&P 500 could be the catalyst for self-reinforcing panic selling pressure among trend-following investors.

Crash Risk & The Imminent Likelihood Of Recession 

Unfortunately, on historically reliable measures of value, current prices are nowhere near the levels that would be expected to produce adequate long-term total returns (see Rarefied Air: Valuations and Subsequent Market Returns). So there is presently an enormous chasm between the point where self-reinforcing selling pressure by speculators is likely to emerge, and the much lower point where balancing buying pressure by value-conscious investors is likely to support the market. Because every seller necessarily requires a buyer, the enormous gap between the two represents substantial crash risk.

In the current environment, oversold conditions are prone to becoming even more deeply oversold, not only because internals are weak, but because the economic evidence is quickly confirming an oncoming recession that remains almost universally denied by market participants.

Rick Wiles greets best-selling author and oil and geopolitics expert, F. William Engdahl, to discuss how American oligarchs and corrupt hegemon’s are directly responsible for the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and semblance of free market economics. Rick will also break down the latest in today’s news, including $28 per barrel oil and the upcoming DAVOS economic summit.

Yuan Slides After Quadruple Whammy Antichrist Communist China Data Miss: GDP Both Matches And Misses

And just in case you question any of this:


Think about that for a second – The world’s 2nd largest economy has to come out publicly and say no seriously this was good data, you can trust it, seriously, we mean it!

Anyone who doubts that Antichrist Communist China is growing at 6.9% is peddling fiction!!

Antichrist Communist China economic growth slowest in 25 years 

French President Francois Hollande pledged Monday to redefine France’s business model and declared what he called “a state of economic and social emergency,” unveiling a 2-billion-euro ($2.2 billion) plan to revive hiring and catch up with a fast-moving world economy.

French president declares economic emergency 

“We have until March, the summer maybe, for a European solution. Then Schengen goes down the drain.”

“There is a big risk that Germany closes. From that, no Schengen … There is a risk that February could start a countdown to the end.”

Back in September, when Berlin and Brussels were busy devising a quota plan to settle the millions of Mid-East asylum seekers flooding into the country, Slovakia said that if Germany called for financial penalties against countries unwilling to accommodate their “share” of migrants, it would be “the end of the EU.”

That might have seemed hyperbolic at the time, but since then, the situation has spiraled out of control. Border fences have been erected, refugee camps are overflowing, and anti-migrant sentiment is running high after a series of reported sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve sparked a bloc-wide scandal.

In a testament to just how tense things have become, Austria suspended Schengen on Saturday as new rules came into effect for those seeking to traverse the country on the way north. “Anyone who arrives at our border is subject to control,” Chancellor Werner Faymann said. “If the EU does not manage to secure the external borders, Schengen as a whole is put into question… Then each country must control its national borders,” he added, before warning that if the EU could not better control its external borders “the whole EU [will be] in question.”

Indeed, the idea that the worsening migrant crisis could well bring an end to the EU has made its way out of Eurosceptic circles and into discussions between the bloc’s top diplomats and officials.

“The Germans, founders of the postwar union, shut their borders to refugees in a bid for political survival by the chancellor who let in a million migrants,” Reuters wrote on Sunday, describing a hypothetical European endgame. “And then — why not? — they decide to revive the Deutschmark while they’re at it.”

“Countdown To The End”: EU Officials Say Europe Is “Going Down The Drain” 

Both Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker were out last week with stark warnings about the prospects for the union’s survival in the face of widespread disagreement among member countries regarding how to handle the influx of asylum seekers. Europe is now “vulnerable” Merkel admitted, before saying the fate of the euro is “directly linked” to how the bloc handles the refugee crisis. “Nobody should act as though you can have a common currency without being able to cross borders reasonably easily,” the Chancellor, whose ratings have slipped amid the migrant debate, said at a business event in Mainz.

Juncker’s assessment was more dire. Europe “is on its last chance” he warned, before saying he hopes this isn’t “the beginning of the end.”

Last Best Chance: The Nuclear Threat Initiative

And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.

9 And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.

10 And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain,

11 And blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds.

12 And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.

Revelation 16 

13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

Over the weekend, we gave the Dallas Fed a chance to respond to a Zero Hedge story corroborated by at least two independent sources, in which we reported that Federal Reserve members had met with bank lenders with distressed loan exposure to the US oil and gas sector and, after parsing through the complete bank books, had advised banks to i) not urge creditor counterparties into default, ii) urge asset sales instead, and iii) ultimately suspend mark to market in various instances.

Moments ago the Dallas Fed, whose president since September 2015 is Robert Steven Kaplan, a former Goldman Sachs career banker who after 22 years at the bank rose to the rank of vice chairman of its investment bank group – an odd background for a regional Fed president – took the time away from its holiday schedule to respond to Zero Hedge.

This is what it said.

The Fed Responds To Zero Hedge: Here Are Some Follow Up Questions

We thank the Dallas Fad for their prompt attention to this important matter. After all, as one of our sources commented, “If revolvers are not being marked anymore, then it’s basically early days of subprime when mbs payback schedules started to fall behind.” Surely there is nothing that can grab the public’s attention more than a rerun of the mortgage crisis, especially if confirmed by the highest institution.

As such we understand the Dallas Fed’s desire to avoid a public reaction and preserve semantic neutrality by refuting “such guidance.”

That said, we fully stand by our story, and now that we have engaged the Dallas Fed we would like to ask several very important follow up questions, to probe deeper into a matter that is of significant public interest as well as to clear up any potential confusion as to just what “guidance” the Fed is referring to.

Has the Dallas Fed, or any other members and individuals of the Federal Reserve System, met with U.S. bank and other lender management teams in recent weeks/months and if so what was the purpose of such meetings?

Has the Dallas Fed, or any other members and individuals of the Federal Reserve System, requested that banks and other lenders present their internal energy loan books and loan marks for Fed inspection in recent weeks/months?

Has the Dallas Fed, or any other members and individuals of the Federal Reserve System, discussed options facing financial lenders, and other creditors, who have distressed credit exposure including but not limited to:

avoiding defaults on distressed debtor counterparties?
encouraging asset sales for distressed debtor counterparties?
advising banks to avoid the proper marking of loan exposure to market?
advising banks to mark loan exposure to a model framework, one created either by the creditors themselves or one presented by members of the Federal Reserve network?
avoiding the presentation of public filings with loan exposure marked to market values of counterparty debt?

Was the Dallas Fed, or any other members and individuals of the Federal Reserve System, consulted before the January 15, 2016 Citigroup Q4 earnings call during which the bank refused to disclose to the public the full extent of its reserves related to its oil and gas loan exposure, as quoted from CFO John Gerspach:

“while we are taking what we believe to be the appropriate reserves for that, I’m just not prepared to give you a specific number right now as far as the amount of reserves that we have on that particular book of business. That’s just not something that we’ve traditionally done in the past.”

Furthermore, if the Dallas Fed, or any other members and individuals of the Federal Reserve system, were not consulted when Citigroup made the decision to withhold such relevant information on potential energy loan losses, does the Federal Reserve System believe that Citigroup is in compliance with its public disclosure requirements by withholding such information from its shareholders and the public?
If the Dallas Fed does not issue “such” guidance to banks, then what precisely guidance does the Dallas Fed issue to banks?

Since the Fed is an entity tasked with serving the public, and since it took the opportunity to reply in broad terms to our previous article, we are confident that Mr. Kaplan and his subordinates will promptly address these follow up concerns.

Finally, in light of this official refutation by the Dallas Fed, we are confident that disclosing the Fed’s internal meeting schedules is something the Fed will not object to, and we hereby request that Mr. Kaplan disclose all of his personal meetings with members of the U.S. and international financial system since coming to office, both through this article, and through a FOIA request we are submitting concurrently.

Washington, DC, >>>April 8, 2010<<< — Antichrist NWO 666 Preemptive Nuclear Nonproliferation Nobel Prize President Barack Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown hosted a screening of Nuclear Tipping Point, a documentary film examining the current global nuclear dangers, at the White House on Tuesday, April 6. TWO DAYS BEFORE THE APRIL 8 MARK OF THE BEAST 666 OF 1904 AND 2011 APRIL 8th DEMONIC SPIRIT DATE. The film was produced by the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a nonprofit organization working to reduce the global threats from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

The four leaders featured in the documentary – former Secretaries of State George Shultz and Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of Defense William Perry and former Senator Sam Nunn joined the President in a discussion about the nuclear threat prior to his departure for Prague where the United States and Russia will sign the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (Start), reducing the number of strategic nuclear warheads in the two countries’ arsenals to levels not seen since the first decade of the nuclear age.

Documentary on Global Nuclear Dangers Screened at White House

Commenting on Carnegie Corporation’s support for the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), Gregorian said, “Under Sam Nunn’s leadership, NTI has successfully advocated threat reduction solutions, raised public awareness and has undertaken innovative direct action projects like the documentary film Nuclear Tipping Point, that demonstrate innovative ways to reduce threats.”

Sam Nunn, 33° Mason

Hall of Honor Portrait Gallery – Scottish Rite of Freemasonry …

Antichrist Iran’s Supreme Leader Antichrist Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Tuesday welcomed the lifting of international sanctions against Antichrist Iran, but warned that Tehran should remain wary of its old enemy the United States.

^^^Too bad this guy is an idiot Antichrist muslim dipshit, he would then have a clue and what rolls off his currently pathetic tongue would not be as juvenile as Obozo’s Antichrist ISIS JV team effort. These evil bastards are entertaining the same demonic spirits or they are willfully doing council with them as part of the same Antichrist team effort. This deal points to the, high level, latter. |o|

Antichrist Iran’s Khamenei welcomes sanctions lift, warns of U.S. ‘deceit’ 

As I point out in Apollyon Rising 2012, novus ordo seclorum is derived from the prophecies of the Cumaean Sibyl, a prophetess of Apollo (Apollo is the Greek version of the Egyptian god Osiris) who predicted the return of this deity at a future date, when men would be rejoined by the gods. President Bush, in his official speech of record, said this scenario is “an ancient hope [plan, scheme] that is meant to be fulfilled” [emphasis added].

What is troubling is that this “god” is specifically identified in the Bible as the spirit that will inhabit the Antichrist. In other words, unknown to most Americans, the Great Seal of their country heralds an ancient prophecy of the coming Man of Sin


I traveled to Washington DC, where I and one other person met with Masons at the House of the Temple, the headquarters of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite. These men were very cordial and mostly responsive to our questions, even confirming our understanding of the influence of Freemasonry in American history. Only when I pressed one of them about a ritual called the Raising Ceremony (the raising of Osiris from the dead—a.k.a. Hiram Abiff), which is conducted in the Temple Room on the third floor of the building, did these Masons become evasive and visibly uncomfortable.

The reason for this is that in addition to the Raising Ceremony being conducted when members reach the 33rd Degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, this strange ceremonial is performed without public knowledge in the Temple Room at the inauguration of every U.S. president. Why? Because deep esoteric meaning behind Egyptian and Rosicrucian magic that was incorporated in the rites and rituals of Freemasonry holds that the spirit of Osiris can be raised from the underworld and “installed” (for want of a better term) in the reigning king or president. This is why the U.S. Capitol Dome is laid out so as to face the Obelisk known as the Washington Monument, as well as other puzzling architecture in Government Center.

As I explain in Apollyon Rising 2012:

Unrecognized by the vast majority of peoples around the world is the greatest conspiracy of all time, sitting right out in the open in Washington DC and at the Vatican. It is an ancient, magical, talismanic diagram—the Lost Symbol—based on the history and cult of Isis, Osiris, Horus, and the prophecy of the deity’s return.

The primeval concept was designed in antiquity for the express purpose of regeneration, resurrection, and apotheosis, for deity incarnation from the underworld to earth’s surface through union of the respective figures—the Dome (ancient structural representation of the womb of Isis) and the Obelisk (ancient representation of the erect male phallus of Osiris)….

In ancient times, the Obelisk represented the god Osiris’ “missing” male organ, which Isis was not able to find after her husband/brother was slain and chopped into fourteen pieces by Seth. Isis replaced the missing organ with an Obelisk and magically impregnated herself with Horus, the resurrected Osiris. This legend formed the core of Egyptian cosmology and was fantastically venerated on the most imposing scale throughout all of Egypt by towering Obelisks, including at Karnak where the upright Obelisks (of Osiris) were “vitalized” or “stimulated” from the energy of the masturbatory Sun god Ra shining down upon them. Modern people, especially in America, may view these symbols as profane or pornographic, but they were in fact ritualized objects the ancients believed could produce tangible reactions, properties, or “manifestations” within the material world. The Obelisk and Dome as imitations of the deities’ male and female reproductive organs could, through government representation, invoke into existence the being or beings symbolized by them. This is why inside the temple or Dome, temple prostitutes representing the human manifestation of the goddess were also available for ritual sex as a form of imitative magic…

Through such imitative sex, the Dome and Obelisk became “energy receivers” capable of assimilating Ra’s essence from the rays of the sun, which in turn drew forth the “seed” of the underworld Osiris. The seed of the dead deity would, according to the supernaturalism, transmit upward from out of the underworld through the base (testes) of the Obelisk and magically ejaculate from the tower’s head into the womb (Dome) of Isis. In this way, Osiris could be “born again” or reincarnated as Horus over and over….

In Washington, the Obelisk built by Freemasons and dedicated to America’s first president stands near the west end of the National Mall. It is the tallest Obelisk of its kind in the world, at 6,660 inches high (555 feet) and 666 inches wide (55.5 feet) along each side at the base….

In Egypt, where raising Osiris to life through these magical constructs was perfected, Pharaoh served as the “fit extension” for the reborn god to take residence in as the “sex act” was ritualized at the site of the largest religious structure ever built—the temple of Amun-Ra at Karnak where Pharaoh became the receptacle of the spirit of Osiris during the festival of Opet. The festival was held at the temple of Luxor, where the Pharaoh entered the holy womb-temple beyond the Obelisk and was transmogrified into the living deity, the son of Amun-Ra and Osiris. From then forward, Pharaoh was considered the incarnation of the god Horus (resurrected Osiris) during his lifetime, and in death experienced apotheosis again, becoming Osiris in the underworld, the dying and resurrecting god, a cycle repeated with every newly appointed king.

Thus Pharaoh was—just as the god ciphered on the Great Seal of the United States will be—the son and spiritual incarnation of the Supreme Deity.

The sole purpose of the rituals and these constructs is to raise the spirit of Osiris from the underworld into human form. This incarnation of Osiris is parodied in the House of the Temple (Heredom) during changes in U.S. presidents, just as they were in the ancient Egyptian ritual of raising Osiris into Pharaoh. But the ritual in DC is rehearsed in anticipation of a greater moment in time, when the literal, physical return of the entity Apollo/Osiris will give birth to the novus ordo seclorum. Think of the rituals in the House of the Temple as a warm-up for Antichrist’s actual Second Coming.

To assure that the arrival of Apollo/Osiris will not be impeded by the influence of Christianity—which so many of America’s citizens have been devoted to since the country’s founding—the “Lost Symbol” Bible was placed in a Magic Binding Square inside the “testes” of the DC Obelisk of Osiris (Washington Monument). According to the occultism, this binding utility is meant to restrain the Bible’s influence while allowing the seed of Osiris to materialize.

Further confirmation of this is in the fact these symbols were faithfully reproduced at the House of the Temple (see support notes below). This includes the 13-stepped, uncapped pyramid (like the one on the Great Seal and the pyramidion on top of the Washington Obelisk made of 13-rows of marble hidden beneath aluminium sheeting) that rests atop the House of the Temple, and a Magic Binding Square with the same numerical values as the Washington Obelisk. The Magic Square can be seen in the skylight above the Temple Room, which intentionally hovers over where the Raising of Osiris Ceremony is performed.

The importance of these specific symbols and their numerological properties duplicated at the House of the Temple cannot be overemphasized. In addition to the 13-stepped uncapped pyramid and the magic square, the House of the Temple was placed 13 blocks North of the White House, there are 33 columns surrounding the building, and each is 33 feet high. The building’s address also contains the number 33.

When you look at the DC layout with an understanding of ancient Babylonian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Greek, Kabbalistic, and Rosicrucian magic, and how the pagans used vertical and horizontal positioning of their structures, streets, temples, symbols, and lines to represent the supernatural connection between heavenly [vertical] and earthly [horizontal] powers, the entire scene in Washington not only becomes transparent, but reveals volumes.

For instance, note how the White House is positioned so that a direct vertical line from the House of the Temple bypasses the edge of it to connect to the Osirian Washington Monument. This illustrates that, while the president in the White House has an earthly [horizontal] role to play, the supernatural

administration of the will of the gods—that is, the vertical connection between heaven and earth—emanates through the Supreme Mother Lodge. It is here that “The Raising Ceremony” is performed, which brings forth the seed of Osiris through the stem of the phallic Washington Monument, that is in turn ejected laterally into the womb of Isis, the Capitol Dome, where earthly leaders are ‘conceived’ to carry out the will of the gods upon earth. This is also where the deity’s fleshly representatives can themselves someday reach apotheosis and become gods, as depicted in the scene of George Washington overhead and in the gnosticism of Dan Brown’s book, Freemasonic belief, and so on.

If you’ve read my book, Apollyon Rising 2012, then you understand that this is why presidents are inaugurated there, as well as why they stand at the Dome—which the founding designers admitted was a religious Temple based on Freemasonry and devotion to Osiris—facing the Obelisk whenever they give speeches that will affect the administration of the gods on earth. To stand at the Dome and face the Obelisk is a public act of respect, recognition, honor, subservience to the powers historically represented by these symbols—Isis, Osiris, and Apollo.

But in the new audio series we are working on now, we go deeper, uncovering the historical importance of the Magic Square, how it worked, how it was used by the founders, Freemasons, and Rosicrucians in tandem with other grimories such as the Solomon Key and the Lesser Key of Solomon, which was so important to them. We discuss the 72 pentagrams at the base of the Apotheosis of Washington in the Capitol Dome, and how they were and are used by Freemason gnostics to control the 72 kosmokrators over earth. We reveal why the 36-cubed Magic Square’s numerology—111, 555, and 666, which binds the Bible in the base of the Washington Obelisk—is repeated in the skylight in the House of the Temple above which the Raising Ceremony is performed.

By the Lodge’s own admission, their 36-cubed skylight symbolizes the Vault of Heaven and is a stylized Magic Square of the Sun God [Apollo/Osiris] used for binding and loosing the supernatural presence. The skylight Magic Square represents the celestial influences, while the square at the Washington Obelisk represents the earthly or underworldly powers. When these two counts of 36 are joined, the complete 72 supernatural agents (36+36=72) within their occult system are recognized. We will even point out how Obozo, like Skull&Bones George Bush before him, sent the appropriate signal to those who were meant to understand it, when he acknowledged this mystical value ‘72,’ saying he would complete his first 100 days ‘…in 72 days. And on the 73rd day, I will rest.’”

An ocean data buoy is alerting to an “event” in the Cascadia Subduction Zone off the west coast of Oregon. This is where a magnitude 9 earthquake hit in 1700.

According to the data buoy, the water column height (depth) fell sharply within minutes off the coast of Oregon, signaling the land beneath the ocean has suddenly “sunk.”

As of 0231:30, the initial water column height is 2738.80 Meters deep (8985.56 feet). Two minutes and thirty seconds later, that same water column height had dropped to 2738.66 Meters deep (8985.10 feet). Where did the four inches of water disappear to? Answer: The earth sunk; and continued to sink for the next several HOURS. As you can see from the second chart above, from 0230 GMT to 0600 GMT, the ocean continued to sink to 2737.7 meters deep (8981.95 feet). The buoy is too far away from shore to be affected by high/low tide, so where did the four feet of ocean water disappear to?

US West Coast Earthquake Warning As Cascadia Subduction Zone Surges 

This means a Tectonic Plate in the Ocean named the “Juan de Fuca Plate” has made a sudden, eastward movement and slipped beneath another Tectonic Plate named the “North American Plate.” This type of event is usually followed by a massive upward movement of the North American Plate causing a very severe earthquake.

The entire column of water . . . all 8985 feet of it . . . is what dropped four feet. And it did so over an area several miles wide. When the tectonic plate snaps back upward, it can launch that entire 8985 foot column of water upward and toward the shore. As the continental shelf rises toward the shore (the ocean gets more shallow) that 8985 foot column of water starts accumulating upon itself as it moves toward shore, becoming one massive wave, perhaps 45-50 feet tall, that hits the shore for twenty minutes. If such a thing were to happen today, hundreds-of-thousands of people would be killed as a fifteen meter (45 foot) wall of water came ashore well inland passing Interstate 5 and destroying everything its path from the beach to .

With the exception of a handful of one-time events, it had been such a mild winter across most of the U.S. that numerous retailers have been complaining how negatively impacted their topline has been as a result of the warmer weather (clearly having forgotten how they complained about precisely the opposite in prior years).

All that is about to change, and all those warm weather-slammed retailers are about to get just the top line-boosting gift they have been waiting for because according to AccuWeather, the Northeast – from Charleston all the way to Boston – is about to be hit with a major winter storm, with the potential for heavy snow to impact more than 50 million people at the end of the week.

50 Million Americans Prepare For “Potentially Historic” Winter Storm

Get ready for a spectacular sight in our skies this week.

For the first time since 2005, the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will all be visible at the same time.

According to , the 5 planets will be visible just before dawn starting Wednesday, January 20, 2016.

STARTING WEDNESDAY: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn to align in night sky 

Set your alarms early as Mercury, which is the fifth planet to join the group, is set to rise just before 6:50 a.m. on Wednesday.

Our sunrise that day happens at 7:32 a.m.

We could see a few high clouds Wednesday morning, but otherwise we expect mostly clear skies each morning through the end of the week which should make it easy to spot the planets.

If you don’t get to see them this week, don’t worry, these five planets will be visible each day before dawn through February 20, 2016.

All five planets will be visible to the naked eye so you don’t need a telescope, but recommends binoculars to help you spot Mercury.

Jupiter will be the first planet to rise each evening followed by Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury which rise overnight and early morning.

Venus will likely be the easiest to spot as it is the brightest object in the sky behind the moon and the sun. You can spot Venus by looking toward the southeast.

The ticks that transmit Lyme disease, a debilitating flulike illness caused by Borrelia bacteria, are spreading rapidly across the United States. A new study shows just how rapidly. Over the past 20 years, the two species known to spread the disease to humans have together advanced into half of all the counties in the United States.

Lyme disease–carrying ticks are now in half of all U.S. counties 

Lyme disease cases have tripled in the United States over the last 2 decades, making it the most commonly reported vector-borne disease in the Northern Hemisphere. The disease now affects around 300,000 Americans each year.

Superbugs to Kill Millions Soon?


P.S. All you Saints of our Father in Christ, and you know who you are, that miraculously are reading this, listen up.

Obviously the prophetic revelation shall be pouring out now among the last generation Saints and the ones that really do not know the full reality of our demonic spiritual foe and their human hosts among the nations and Israel will be requiring a very quick update from you. This site is obviously meant for those Saints that are experienced and we are able to easily reckon and recognize the movements  of the Antichrist demonic spirits and their past, current, and future movement(s). Some of us have been able to witness The Holy Spirit of our Father in Christ cast out the darkness and we have actually seen it flee etc…. You should remember to direct any Saint, that is new in Christ or that just is a typical so called Christian that has been oblivious,, to this scripture below so they understand the power of The Holy Spirit among us.

…and of course this site is great (oh boy, Mr. Bias just peaked, lol) too, for anyone, just remember if you do direct anyone here to explain the site is also geared to provoke the typical person that has not accepted Christ but has interest and they are  drawn in by the artful parable that has been attempted. The links have been placed in a sequence not only to make it easy for anyone to realize what is happening and the prophetic Truth of it all declared by the written Word of our Father in Christ in His Holy scriptures, but things like the secular music etc… are all part of the catch. Think about that deeply and excuse some of the obvious on the edge of darkness portions. The general net, or catching away, is all about the range of persons, from the young to the old, experienced and knowledgeable or typical. It’s not about the evil idiot government morons of any nation that think they have a clue, they don’t, and the minuscule that do are obvious threats some of us have to endure, or some pathetic Antichrist religious group, be they within Israel or all others outside of Israel on Earth directly. We all know it’s about the demonic fallen angel(s) spirits and their willing and unsealed hosts among all nations and tongues. They are always beyond obvious, but everyone must be inspired enough to pay close attention so you can recognize and watch their movement(s). This effort is not about any website personality perspective or the narrow reality of or environmental limitations we all have , obviously. Anonymity is all part of keeping the focus on the labor of the harvest, with passion and a cutting sense of humor etc…

There is absolutely no monitory effort to obtain website donations from anyone whatsoever, and never will be. This site shall remain free of that forever. This site effort the Tithe to be received. The amount of time it takes to read all the information in the links posted posted , and all the information in the videos, well, it’s staggering to even think about it. Put it to you this way. There is no possible way to discover things like April 8th connected to 666 etc… and this years Nisan 1 reality unless massive amounts of time and effort has been spent viewing etc…, and trying to physically keep your eyes open wide enough after many hours, sometimes more than 72 continuous hours, lol, and keep the brain from exploding, lol, well.. you get the picture, so just ignore the bad edits and lousy attempts at typing in general. The flow often does not permit a PHD perfect sentence. Lol, and that skill level does not exists on this site. Good enough works. Lol.

Every page posting is a parable for those that are to awake from their sleep and are to be confirmed in agreement with our Father in Christ. This site is (almost) a daily attempt to inform the watchful Saints that just do not have the time or the unique mission geared for the truly highest intelligence analysis level of spiritual warfare on the planet with a general global perspective view attempt derived from a unique environment, or something to that affect, lol. There is a massive amount of information that just never gets posted, and an even greater amount of revelation, but the goal is to try to keep the parable simple enough yet thought provoking to attract The Treasure Of Heaven, AKA, those that shall accept Yahshua and rise in agreement but just have not quite awakened yet. Remember, all the Saints are found, nobody is ever lost. We are chosen and guided by The Holy Spirit. Our love of His Truth compels us.

…and remember, there is no call for some violent effort as an attempt to restore order etc… The prophetic reality is we are enduring a retarded terminal generation of dipshits that make up the vast majority of 7 billion people on the planet. Lol, and there is no call to seek out and destroy retarded people. Lol. Stand fast and do no harm. In the name of our Father in Christ fear not.

Luke 10 

17 The seventy returned with joy, saying, “Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.” 18 He said to them, “I watched Satan fall from heaven like [a flash of] lightning. 19 Listen carefully: I have given you authority [that you now possess] to tread on [d]serpents and scorpions, and [the ability to exercise authority] over all the power of the enemy (Satan); and nothing will [in any way] harm you. 20 Nevertheless do not rejoice at this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are recorded in heaven.”

Well that escalated quickly…

Stocks Slammed Into Red, Give Up China Stimulus Hope Gains

This Wednesday, the Bank of Canada has a decision to make.

Canada’s oil “dream” is dying thanks to the inexorable slide in crude prices and as the IEA made clear earlier today, the pain is set to persist for the foreseeable future as the world “drowns in oversupply.”

“Lower for longer” has hit the country’s oil patch hard. We’ve spent quite a bit of time documenting the plight of Alberta, where job cuts tied to crude’s slide have led directly to rising suicide rates, soaring property crime, and increased food bank usage (not to mention booming business for repo

Canada Set To Unleash Negative Rates As Oil Patch Dies, Depression Deepens. 

And although 5% of the nation were bountifully reaping unjust rewards and ill gotten gains, the chickens are coming home to roost. But rather than providing your clients with good solid financial economic analytics you are still choosing the easy road and simply furnishing them moar of the repetitive chant of QE efficacy and QE love. Something any idiot could do for minimum wage. The problem is now that QE is impotent and the Fed is boxed out, you’re still touting this QE love affair and expecting clients to pay for it.

Don’t even get me started on your latest commentary juxtaposing the 2008 housing crisis with the current energy collapse in support of your spoos and blues nonsense. I mean really Zervos, you’re just regurgitating Krugman now? And your spoos and blues is not a view it’s just peddling a diversified portfolio of two negatively correlated assets. Your big 2016 call is heavily hedged US equities?? Come on Zervos you make the big bucks and do the pundit circuit, so man up. Give us something more than the results of a bloody google search for “investing 101“.

Now I’m sorry if this is all coming across somewhat strident but the reality is David you have not only been a condescendingly cheeky little cheerleader for far too long without having someone call you on it but are now, in my opinion, bordering on reckless to investors. You enjoy discussing the indulgences your banking lifestyle affords you but what value have you really afforded your clients with your high priced singular viewpoint? And please don’t mistake this for an ad hominem piece, it is so much more than that. David you have actually become an observable data point; a leading indicator of the blissfully ignorant arrogance that permeates the penthouses just before the storm. Think about it.

Blissfully Ignorant Arrogance Exposed

The Cost Of Keeping The Netflix “Story” Intact: A Record $276 Million In Q4 Cash Burn 

Of course, as everyone knows, the lack of cash flow doesn’t matter until it does. As for NFLX bonds trading like a BB credit, thanks for reminding us to check what the repo rate on those is.

Artist’s Impression Of The Stock Market “Correction” 

Overheard on CNBC this morning “now is the time to buy and believe.”

Don’t panic!