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by amongthenumberedsaints

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P.S. …and to any government puke, or private corporate arm thereof, if you are not in agreement with the Holy Spirit of our Father in Christ, remember this, your efforts shall GO STRAIGHT TO HELL WITH YOU!

Tropical Storm “Pali” – the 2016 hurricane season arrives 5 months ahead of usual 

“I still can’t believe it, I saw a town disintegrate before my eyes,” Chris Gable another volunteer firefighter said.

A catastrophic “tumbling wave” of wildfire devastated a small town in southwest Australia and burned over 58 000 hectares of bushland on the evening of January 7, 2016 (local time). Residents were evacuated and several firefighters sustained injuries while battling the raging flames. 3 people are feared dead.

The town of Yarloop, south of Perth suffered massive damage as flames almost 50 m (160 feet) high forced the citizens to leave their homes. Shocked residents described the flames as “one fireball after another”.

Out of control fireball blasts burn the small town to the ground, Australia 

The wildfire was reported to start around 6.30 pm (local time) and proved to be extremely difficult to sustain, according to Jesse Puccio, a volunteer firefighter: “It just ripped through, it was quite scary. It’s like when you see in the war when the napalm bombers go through.”

This was the worst first week of the year for US equities… ever!

Dow… (even worse than 2008)

S&P down 5.3% – worst week since Black Monday
Dow Industrials down 5.6% – worst week since Black Monday
Small Caps down 6.9% – worst week since Nov 2011 – Russell 2000 lowest close since since Oct 2014
Dow Transports down 7.1% – worst week since Sept 2011 – lowest close since Nov 2013
The Dow is down 1400 points in a week (from 17,660 to 16,250) 

Financials down 6.6% – worst week since May 2012
Materials down 7.4% – worst week since Sept 2011
Homebuilders down 8.6% – worst since Aug 2011
VIX broke back above 25… (VIX up 60% in 2 weeks – biggest jump since Black Monday) 

Market Massacre: Worst Ever First Week Of Trading

Europe was a disaster…

And epic for Antichrist Communist China…

And while only Trannies are in a bear market (down 20%) in the US, these 7 developed world markets are already there…

What did Janet do? Post Fed rate-hike – S&P down 6.5%, Gold up 3%, 30Y Bonds up 1.6%

Since the end of QE3, Trannies are down 20% and only Nasdaq is holding any gains…

UDJPY – probably the world’s most-levered carry trades – collapsed 6.7% this week!! It’s worst week since May 2010…

Gold rallied 4% this week – its best ‘first week of the year’ since 2008… (best week in 5 months) – breaking 2 key technical levels…

greatly rotating from Triple AAA stocks to Gold stocks.

Crude down 5 days in a row touching a $32 handle at the lows… biggest weekly drop since Nov 2014

In Summary – STD/Sell The Dips! 

“Policy Error” Much? 

VIX term structure inverted 

Bonus Chart: What did you think would happen? 


You know it’s bad when 

Mystery Meat: After WTO Ruling, U.S. Tosses Meat Origin Labeling Law, Leaving Consumers in the Dark 

^^^Funny how the Antichrist Democrats that boo God and Jerusalem and cheer Antichrist Homosexuality unconstitutional socialist corporate (we have to pass the law to find out whats in it Pelosi Puke) ObozoCare bailouts and trillions of Fed Beast Banker Bailout Bonuses, have their Dear Leader, AKA Liar and Thief In Chief, supporting the Antichrist NWO 666 SPECTRE ”Secret TPP” with the support of the so called ”conservative Republicans. Who is the bigger dipshit? Answer, it’s a ”Vote 2 Party U.S. Crypto Fascist NWO 666-ADD-Debt dead heat in Hell.

Americans are a mockery, and the Democrat fools are certainly one of two evils, they just are the most pathetic looking because they are without a doubt the least intelligent voting block, even though it’s impossible to surpass the stupidity of 95% Black Vote twice for Obozo. Come to think of it, the dumbest Americans are the Black Caucus. The jury is still out though, American women vote Democrat and now that they have a guilty liar and traitor criminal like Hillary 911, they will certainly vote like the dipshit Black Caucus ”based on the content of her character”.

“This is gigantic,” said diGenova. “She caused to be removed a classified marking and then had it transmitted in an unencrypted manner.

Smoking Gun: Email Suggests Hillary 911 Broke Law Clinton 911 instructed an aide to remove the classification marking from information, a federal offense.

That is a felony. The removal of the classified marking is a federal crime. It is the same thing to order someone to do it as if she had done it herself.” .

LMAO. Pathetic morons. Don’t worry gals, after you disarm your protectors your own judgment certainly shall be sealed upon you …in HELL.

Federal ‘Administrative’ Agencies Preparing For Civil War? Locked And Loaded Under Obozo  

In recent years we have seen law enforcement agencies purchasing practice “targets” which have included armed pregnant women in a baby nursery, armed children and elderly, we have seen military assets pre-positioned across the country in supposed training exercises such as Jade Helm, we have seen 40 percent of “used” US military equipment had been “given” to local and state police departments within the United States as part of the controversial Defense Department’s 1033 program.

The future of weaponry won’t necessarily involve higher capacity firearms, more advanced bombs or better fighter jets. It will encompass an entirely new realm of genetically-modified (GM) bioweapons that threaten to destroy the human brain and cause irreversible genetic-level damage to the planet.

Antichrist NWO 666 GMOs used as gene-altering superweapons could make humanity extinct

This is the prediction of Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations, which recently issued a warning about the threat of geophysical and genetic weapons that it says will have the capacity to intercept virtually all levels of life, from microscopic atoms to large-scale systems. A combination of energy, electromagnetic, radiological, geophysical and even genetic weapons will have the capacity to literally change the way people think, which is a much more powerful weapon than simply trying to kill them.

At the geophysical level, such weapons will have the ability to alter weather patterns, which we are already seeing in the form of geoengineering and “chemtrails.” Geophysical weapons will also have the ability to both create and redirect major weather events like hurricanes and earthquakes, which many have long speculated about considering the government’s controversial “HAARP” program (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).

According to reports, these weapons of the future will disrupt not only economic activities like human movement and commerce, but also human bodily function. Assuming everything goes as planned, future weapons systems will have the capacity to literally alter human DNA, invoking genetic mutations that ultimately lead to chronic disease and death.

“According to the Emergency Situations Ministry, this [future weapons systems] will allow an attacker to interrupt a victim’s entire control of the economy and administrative functions, as well as cause irreversible long-term destruction of territories and populations living in these territories,” reports Sputnik News.

After shunning GMO foods, Russia shifts focus to GMO weapons

Russia, in particular, is concerned about its more than 4,500 “critically important” objects, many of which are located in major population centers. It sees future GMO weaponry as a threat to its long-term viability, and is in the process of developing combative technologies to protect itself against a possible attack.

The eastern bloc country has already taken steps to thwart genetic attacks via crop GMOs, which were recently banned in Russia due to safety concerns. Unlike the U.S., Russia has a problem with untested, patented food crops being introduced into its food supply without substantive evidence showing their safety or necessity.

“The question is complicated, but the decisions was made: We are not going to produce any food products using genetically modified organisms,” stated Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich in a press conference last fall.

With GMO foods now banned, Russia has decided to set its sights on GMO weapons, which it worries may be easier for terrorists to obtain than nuclear weapons. It’s only a matter of time, say some, before militant groups like Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo supported al-Qaeda gain access to GMO weapons, which it will likely use against political targets that it deems a threat to its perpetuity.

“This is everybody’s big fear,” says Professor Paul Cornish, director of the research group Defense, Security and Infrastructure at the RAND think-tank. “[W]hen does Antichrist al-Qaeda get to have the money and labs?”

What the West sees as “progress,” Russia sees as a major threat to humanity. And this same sentiment is shared by many freedom-minded thinkers, who see genetic terrorism as a digression rather than progression.

“The technology of tomorrow, designed to carry out that behavior which is fitting of primal animals, not an ‘evolved being,’ is just another nail in the coffin of human civilization,” wrote one Sputnik News commenter.

TransCanada Sues the U.S. for $15B for Rejecting Keystone XL. Will This Be the New Normal Under TPP?

On Wednesday, TransCanada Corporation filed a lawsuit in U.S. federal court alleging Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline exceeded his power under the U.S. Constitution. TransCanada also filed legal action under the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, claiming the pipeline permit denial was “arbitrary and unjustified.” It’s seeking $15 billion as part of its NAFTA claim. TransCanada’s lawsuit comes just days before dirty rotten liar Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown’s final State of the Union address, where he’s anticipated to tout his controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, deal. The secretive trade pact between the United States and 11 Pacific Rim nations could govern up to 40 percent of the world’s economy. After TransCanada announced its lawsuit on Wednesday, the group Friends of the Earth released a statement saying, “This is why Friends of the Earth opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other trade agreements, which allow companies and investors to challenge sovereign government decisions to protect public health and the environment.” For more, we’re joined by Lori Wallach, the director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch.

She declares, “I will always stand with my AR, no matter what my President signs with his pen.”

Lily Tang Williams posted this on her Facebook account with the above picture of her holding a rifle against the backdrop of an American flag:

If you believe more gun control by your government is going to save lives, you are being naïve. The champion of all the mass killings in this world is always a tyrannical government.

Where I came from, Antichrist Communist China had killed thousands of the students by its own government during the massacre of Tian An Men square in 1989. I surely wish my fellow Chinese citizens back then had guns like this one I am holding in the picture.

I am a Chinese immigrant and an American citizen by choice. I once was a slave before and I will never be one again.

I will always stand with my AR, no matter what my President signs with his pen.

Antichrist Communist Chinese Immigrant Turned Citizen Defies Obozo Gun Grab: “I Will Never Be A Slave Again” 

Lily Tang Williams has actually lived as a slave under an oppressive government, and like other immigrants who came to the U.S. fleeing such conditions, she is appalled at seeing the same pattern come home to America.

By the look of determination in this freedom fighters’ eyes, the resistance won’t soon die, and government will still face an intense fight if it intends to completely eradicate freedom.

Despite decades of indoctrination and mass media propaganda, millions and millions of Americans are still aware of what this country was founded upon, and what principles it stands for.

And. They. Will. Never. Give. Up. Their. Guns. Period.

The Antichrist NWO 666 Sodomite Rainbow White House and The Theatrics of ‘Gun Control’

As the U.S. engages in a national debate over the militarization of the police, federal data shows that government agencies charged with largely administrative roles are spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to purchase SWAT and military-style equipment.

Since FY 2006, 44 traditionally administrative agencies have spent over $71 million on items like body armor, riot helmets and shields, cannon launchers and police firearms and ammunition, according to federal spending data from watchdog group OpenTheBooks.com.

This comes in addition to the $330 million spent on such equipment in that period by traditional law enforcement agencies like the FBI, Secret Service and Drug Enforcement Administration.

Some examples of the purchases include:

• Nearly $2 million spent by the Department of Veterans Affairs on riot helmets, defender shields, body armor, a “milo return fire cannon system,” armored mobile shields, Kevlar blankets, tactical gear and equipment for crowd control.

• Over $300,000 spent by the Food and Drug Administration on “ballistic vests and carriers” in fiscal 2014.

• Over $200,000 on body armor spent by the Environmental Protection Agency during the Obama administration years, versus just $30,000 in the three previous fiscal years.

• More than $28,000 by the Smithsonian Institution on body armor for its “zoo police and security officers” in fiscal 2012.

EPA, FDA stocking up on body armor during Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown’s watch 

Spending watchdogs say these examples, highlighted in an upcoming oversight report by OpenTheBooks.com titled “Arming of the Federal Agencies,” point to a trend of duplicitous federal law enforcement agencies run amok.

“Spending $71.1 million on body armor outside of traditional law enforcement agencies raises troubling questions. It’s no surprise Gallup found that nearly 50 percent of Americans believe the federal government is a threat to their liberty,” said Adam Andrzejewski, founder of OpenTheBooks.com and author of the oversight report.

“Living in D.C., one gets a sense of the growing police power of the federal government when you increasingly see official cars emblazoned with ‘fill-in-the-blank-agency Police Service’ for obscure bureaucracies you’ve hardly even heard of,” said Chris Edwards, a budget analyst at the Cato Institute.

For spending tens of millions of dollars on body armor and other protective gear for duplicative police forces, the VA, EPA, FDA and 41 other administrative agencies win this week’s Golden Hammer, a weekly distinction awarded by The Washington Times highlighting examples of wasteful federal spending.

“When agencies like the Bureau of Public Debt and Small Business Administration are spending money on body armor and bulletproof vests, it is an indicator of bloat in those agencies’ budgets and the wasteful incentive to spend every dime before the fiscal year-end,” Mr. Edwards said.

Federal agencies employ roughly 120,000 full-time officers authorized to carry guns and make arrests, according to a June 2012 report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Administrative agencies with special police like the EPA, IRS and NOAA argue that their officers, just like other law enforcement officers, always face the potential for physical confrontation and must therefore be armed and ready.

Story Continues → 

Update: the water cannons are out as is the tear gas:

Thousands Flood The Streets In Germany As Fury Over Refugee Sex Assaults Reaches Boiling Point 

On Thursday Segers wrote about the rape of over a hundred women in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve. A similar incident also occurred in Hamburg.

“It’s about Antichrist Muslims” he writes, males who are demonstrating an “unwillingness or inability to respect the fundamental principles of our society. Such men are not at home here.”

Segers then quotes Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb who told Antichrist Muslim males unambiguously: “Behave or fuck off.”


“All across Germany, a country with some of the most stringent gun-control laws in Europe, demand is skyrocketing for non-lethal self-defense weapons, including pepper sprays, gas pistols, flare guns, electroshock weapons and animal repellants. Germans are also applying for weapons permits in record numbers,” Soeren Kern noted prior to the New Year’s Eve mass rape rampage. 

The “Monsters” Unmasked: Cologne Police Admit “Most Of The Attackers Were Refugees”

The National Rifle Association slammed CNN’s gun town hall featuring President Obozo tonight as the “Obozo Gun Ban Media Circus,” but urged its members to watch to educate themselves on the president’s anti-gun agenda.

And afterward, the NRA called on members to sign a new petition “that will show politicians that any candidate who supports the Obozo anti-gun agenda will NOT GET YOUR VOTE!”

NRA slams CNN’s ‘Obozo Gun Ban Media Circus’ 

America’s mass shooting capital isn’t somewhere out west where you can get a gun at the corner store. It’s in Obozo’s own hometown.

Chicago is America’s mass shooting capital. There were over 400 shootings with more than one victim. In 95 of those shootings, 3 or more people were shot.

2,995 people were shot in Chicago last year. Shootings were up, way up, in Baltimore. With an assist from Al Sharpton and #BlackLivesMatter, Baltimore beat out Detroit. But Detroit is still in the running. Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit all have something in common, they’re all run by the party of gun control which somehow can’t seem to manage to control the criminals who have the guns.

The murder rate in Washington, D.C., home of the progressive boys and girls who can solve it all, is up 54%. The capital of the national bureaucracy has also been the country’s murder capital.

Gun violence is at its worst in the cities that Obozo won in 2012. Places like New Orleans, Memphis, Birmingham, St. Louis, Kansas City and Philly. The Democrats are blaming Republicans for the crimes of their own voters.

Chicago, where Obozo delivered his victory speech, has homicide numbers that match all of Japan and are higher than Spain, Poland and pre-war Syria. If Chicago gets any worse, it will find itself passing the number of murders for the entire country of Canada.

Chicago’s murder rate of 15.09 per 100,000 people looks nothing like the American 4.2 rate, but it does look like the murder rates in failed countries like Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe. To achieve Chicago’s murder rate, African countries usually have to experience a bloody genocidal civil war.

But Chicago isn’t even all that unique. Or the worst case scenario. That would be St. Louis with 50 murders for 100,000 people. If St Louis were a country, it would have the 4th highest murder rate in the world, beating out Jamaica, El Salvador and Rwanda.

Obozo won St. Louis 82 to 16 percent.

New Orleans lags behind with a 39.6 murder rate. Louisiana went red for Romney 58 to 40, but Orleans Parish went blue for Obozo 80 to 17. Obozo won both St. Louis and Baltimore by comfortable margins. He won Detroit’s Wayne County 73 to 26.

Homicide rates like these show that something is broken, but it isn’t broken among Republican voters rushing to stock up on rifles every time Obozo begins threatening their right to buy them; it’s broken among Obozo’s base.

Any serious conversation about gun violence and gun culture has to begin at home; in Chicago, in Baltimore, in New York City, in Los Angeles and in Washington, D.C.

Voting for Obozo does not make people innately homicidal. Just look at Seattle. So what is happening in Chicago to drive it to the gates of hell?

A breakdown of the Chicago killing fields shows that 83% of those murdered in Chicago in one year had criminal records. In Philly, it’s 75%. In Milwaukee it’s 77% percent. In New Orleans, it’s 64%. In Baltimore, it’s 91%. Many were felons who had served time. And as many as 80% of the homicides were gang related.

Chicago’s problem isn’t guns; it’s gangs. Gun control efforts in Chicago or any other major city are doomed because gangs represent organized crime networks which stretch down to Mexico. And Democrats pander to those gangs because it helps them get elected. That’s why Federal gun prosecutions in Chicago dropped sharply under Obozo. It’s why he has set free drug dealers and gang members to deal and kill while convening town halls on gun violence.

America’s murder rate isn’t the work of the suburban and rural homeowners who shop for guns at sporting goods stores and at gun shows, and whom the media profiles after every shooting, but by the gangs embedded in urban areas controlled by Democrats. The gangs who drive up America’s murder rate look nothing like the occasional mentally ill suburban white kid who goes off his medication and decides to shoot up a school. Lanza, like most serial killers, is a media aberration, not the norm.

National murder statistics show that blacks are far more likely to be killers than whites and they are also far more likely to be killed. The single largest cause of homicides is the argument. 4th on the list is juvenile gang activity with 676 murders, which combined with various flavors of gangland killings takes us nearly to the 1,000 mark. America has more gangland murders than Sierra Leone, Eritrea and Puerto Rico have murders.

Our national murder rate is not some incomprehensible mystery that can only be attributed to the inanimate tools, the steel, brass and wood that do the work. It is largely the work of adult males from age 18 to 39 with criminal records killing other males of that same age and criminal past.

If this were going on in Rwanda, El Salvador or Sierra Leone, we would have no trouble knowing what to make of it, and silly pearl-clutching nonsense about gun control would never even come up. But this is Chicago, it’s Baltimore, it’s Philly and NOLA; and so we refuse to see that our major cities are in the same boat as some of the worst trouble spots in the world.

Lanza and Newtown are comforting aberrations. They allow us to take refuge in the fantasy that homicides in America are the work of the occasional serial killer practicing his dark art in one of those perfect small towns that always show up in murder mysteries or Stephen King novels. They fool us into thinking that there is something American about our murder rate that can be traced to hunting season, patriotism and bad mothers.

But go to Chicago or Baltimore. Go where the killings really happen and the illusion comes apart.

There is a war going on in America between gangs of young men who bear an uncanny resemblance to their counterparts in Sierra Leone or El Salvador. They live like them, they fight for control of the streets like them and they kill like them.

America’s horrific murder rate is a result of the transformation of major American cities into Sierra Leone, Somalia, Rwanda and El Salvador. Gun violence largely consists of criminals killing criminals.

As David Kennedy, the head of the Center for Crime Prevention and Control, put it, “The majority of homicide victims have extensive criminal histories. This is simply the way that the world of criminal homicide works. It’s a fact.”

America is, on a county by county basis, not a violent country, just as it, on a county by county basis, did not vote for Obozo. It is being dragged down by broken cities full of broken families whose mayors would like to trash the Bill of Rights for the entire country in the vain hope that national gun control will save their cities, even though gun control is likely to be as much help to Chicago or New Orleans as the War on Drugs.

Obozo’s pretense that there needs to be a national conversation about rural American gun owners is a dishonest and cynical ploy that distracts attention from the real problem that he and politicians like him have sat on for generations.

America does not have a gun problem. Its problem is in the broken culture of cities administered by Democrats. We do not need to have a conversation about gun violence. We need to have a conversation about Chicago. We need to have a conversation about what the Democrats have done to our cities.

America Doesn’t Have a Gun Problem, It Has a Antichrist Democrat Problem

Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown Guns in America CNN Town Hall Jan 7, 2016 (FULL, P1) . LMAO!!! If you ever had a shadow of doubt about how retarded th(IS) moron IS, lol, if you can suffer just the first few minutes of this idiot, that shadow of doubt will be gone. It’s like listening to a murder attempt to create a black market and a tax for the bullets that he will used on you. This guy is a sick joke and the people that support the hell bound fool are even worse. The guy is such a pathetic moron, and his voting block certainly well represents him. America would not even exist if they had their way. Following this evil bastards lead is an attempt to destroy America.

Kentucky Bill to Block ALL Federal Gun Control from Past, Present and Future 

In the meeting – which apparently lasted “about five minutes” – Ward offered the men safe passage out of the state if they agreed to cede control of the snowy federal outpost.

In short, Bundy said no.

Militia Leader Refuses Sheriff’s Roadside Offer To End Standoff: “I Don’t Need An Escort”

When it comes to Texas’ relationship with the Federal government, the word “rocky” comes to mind. And nobody embodies said rockiness better than Texas governor Greg Abbott, who recently made headlines after announcing that irrelevant of D.C.’s demands, Texas would refuse to accept any Syrian refugees.

This followed his announcement earlier this summer 2015 when fears over nebulous Federal intentions with operation “Jade Helm” were running high, that “to address concerns that Texas citizens and to ensure that Texas communities remain safe, secure, and informed about military procedures occurring in their vicinity, I am directing the state guard to monitor Operation Jade Helm 15.”

Prior to this, Abbott was again in the news back in June when he signed a bill into law that would allow Texas to build a gold and silver bullion depository, which would allow Texas to repatriate $1 billion worth of bullion from the New York Fed to the new facility once completed.

In short: the Federal government and the state of Texas have been on collision course of many months, one which culminated on Friday when Abbott called for a Constitutional Convention of states, spearheaded by Texas, and which would amend the U.S. Constitution to wrest power from a federal government “run amok.”

To achieve that, Abbott proposed nine amendments to “restore the Rule of Law and return the Constitution to its intended purpose.”

Texas Governor Calls For Constitutional Convention To “Wrest Power” From Obozo

Following the discovery of a terrorist cell in Texas allegedly operated by an Iraqi who entered the United States as a refugee, the Washington Free Beacon has learned of an additional 41 individuals who have been implicated in terrorist plots in the United States since 2014, bringing the total number of terrorists discovered since that time to 113, according to information provided by Congressional sources.

Since August, however, the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration has stonewalled Congressional efforts to obtain more detailed immigration histories of these individuals, prompting frustration on Capitol Hill and accusation that the administration is covering up these histories to avoid exposing flaws in the U.S. screening process.

The disclosure of these additional 41 individuals linked to terror operations—many already identified as immigrants, others’ immigration histories shrouded in secrecy—has stoked further concerns about flaws in the U.S. screening process and is likely to prompt further congressional inquiry into Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration efforts to withhold details about these suspects, sources said.

As the number of legal immigrants connected to terrorism continues to grow, the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration has sought to quash congressional inquiries and rally its allies behind an effort to fund efforts to boost the number of immigrants and refugees from the Antichrist Middle East.

Disclosure: Another 41 Foreign-Born Individuals Snagged On Terror Charge Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown administration withholds details as more attacks occur 

Many of these immigrants have been caught by authorities planning terrorist attacks on American soil, while others were found to be involved in efforts to provide funding and material to Antichrist ISIS, according to an internal list of migrant terrorists codified by congressional sources and viewed by the Free Beacon.

“A growing number of foreign-born terrorists are being identified operating within the United States, and yet the Administration will not provide any information about their immigrant histories,” said one senior congressional source apprised of the issue. “And one can only imagine that for every identified terrorist, there are many more individuals around them who are radicalized, extreme or otherwise detracting from American society in ways beyond the threat of terrorism alone.”

NOTE: Right about now the local Germans, if they were not a bunch of Antichrist NEO Socialist Europa Whores, Merkel would be hanging from a bridge next to Mario Drahgi in Greece at a Antichrist Muslim camp being used as a eatable pinnate for some evil Antichrist Jihad John. You know how the Antichrist ”(a)llah has no Son” bastards love eating hunan hearts after torturing raping and murdering for the sake of their Antichrist koran. Come to think of it, all that Hollywood zombie propaganda and Homeland Security zombie  training with the military comes to mind when you consider these evil Antichrist muslim bastards the Antichrist NWO 666 Occult bastards require to be imported armed and provoked in Europe America and most importantly in all the countries around Israel.

Germany publishes Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ for 1st time since WWII

^^^Ironic timing? LMAO. Yeeeeeeeah, riiiiiiiiiight!

A police officer in Philadelphia was shot multiple times, execution style, as he sat in his patrol car, by a man wearing what witnesses described as “Antichrist Muslim garb” – and not only did he survive, but the suspect was soon-after caught.

The suspect, Edward Archer, 30, of Yeadon, has given a full confession, saying he did it in the name of Islam, according to CBS News. Sources also told Eyewitness News that Archer provided the confession in written form, and his police testimony was recorded on camera, as well.

“This is absolutely one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen,” said Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross, referring to the 13 shots that hit the officer and his cruiser,” the Associated Press reported. “This guy tried to execute the police officer. The police officer had no idea he was coming.”

The officer, Jesse Hartnett, 33, is a five-year veteran of the force, Fox News reported.

Action News in West Philadelphia reported witnesses and sources said the shooting suspect “was wearing Antichrist Muslim garb” during the ambush, which took place late Thursday evening.

^^^Shot by an Antichrist muslim ”African” American Ex Con with a stolen weapon that belonged to a police officer, LMAO, right after Obozo the clown attempt to convince any American dipshits that would still not be able to recognize this President and his continuous record of lies and crimes as he aids the Antichrist Islamic obvious deadly threat and mocks Christianity, America and the Constitution.

The fact that Obozo has not been put six feet under yet is proof positive that the loss of the American public brain is now terminal. Every single time this guy opened his mouth his lie became exposed shortly after, like this instance (attempted murder by an antichrist muslim Jihadist) after his bullshit session on why he wants to usurp the Constitutional right to hold and bare arms anonymously in the eyes of the government employees the weapons were meant first and for most for (in the case of defending against any rise in government tyranny like what happened in Nazi Germany, and of course the American Revolution against the tyranny of England. Catholic religious tyranny and of course Antichrist muslim tyranny. Lol, come on, this is basic stuff) every American to use in defense against any unlawful attempt to ignore the Constitution, like; attempting to do what Obozo is now doing.

LMAO, the Obozo Clowns, both Democrat and Republican are corrupt corporate mark of the Antichrist NWO 666 Beast Whores of Mystery Babylon. They just robbed the world the moment this POTUS Clown got into office and gave themselves bonuses for doing it. They just created the prophetic destabilizing condition for the Middle East and got caught and outed ”RED HANDED” arming and funding ISIS etc… etc… etc… and now the TPP Mystery Babylon GMO Meat…

ARE YOU KIDDING!!! LMAO. There isn’t anyone in the White House, or, for that matter, any of the three branches of government, that do not now, as in yesterday, need to be hung from a bridge next to their 666 central banker(s) and the usual Lloyd Blankfeind suspect(s) doing ”their” Antichrist NWO 666 little (g); for Masonic Map Makers ”(g)ods’ work”,  as their Zenith 5776/2016 apotheosis, man, his name and number equal with Goldman Sachs and the 666 Solomon Brothers Building 7 Lucky Larry Madoff Antichrist Private Public NWO 666 Hellfire And Damnation Cabal Of Usual SPECTRE Suspects and their government Whores Of Mystery Babylon.

If there was any good people in the government actually serving ”We The People” at this point, they would have already run clear, away from office, and the current American government, because, as the Nazi Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Example is so perfectly clear at this point, the only reason for anyone to remain in a corrupt government is for the sake of their own life as a compliant traitor, just as the Germans etc… etc… etc… have done throughout history up to the point of the American Revolution which resulted in the Constitutional right to bare arms in order to throw off any government that began to tout and implement measures like the current call of the Antichrist ”New World Order”, which the first Skull&Bones George Bush admitted was their ancient goal which is ”greater than any one small country”. That of course means surrendering Americans to an Unconstitutional and prophetic New World Order” borderless corporate soulless 666 global Mark of the Beast system and standard of law.

Only those given the prophetic strong delusion are unable to realize this fact.


…as with any criminal, never hesitate to defend life by taking out the lost/criminal offender in the action based on and in reaction to their own lethal terminal criminal judgment.

There is just no stopping evil when dealing with active obvious deadly threats, but by responding exactly the way this brave law officer did.

Philadelphia police: Man who tried to kill officer pledged allegiance to the Antichrist Islamic State 

After the attack Thursday night, police say Archer was speaking to detectives and made his declaration about the Antichrist Islamic State, a militant group also known as Antichrist ISIS and ISIL.

“He stated that he pledges his allegiance to Antichrist Islamic State, he follows Antichrist (a)llah and that is the reason he was called upon to do this,” Capt. James Clark said at the news conference. “He kept on echoing those sentiments and he wouldn’t give us anything more than that.”

The sad reality, and truth is, when intelligence has broken down, and it certainly has, and the hired protectors, like the police, are being, and have already been attacked, on increasing numerous occasion(s), by the ”converted” enemy, an enemy that has been spiritually and in real time affect (like the ISIS Syrian proxy effort Israel Turkey Saudi Arabia and the American) embraced by a President, like this evil asshole in office (that unbelievably just made a deal that gives Antichrist Iran aid for their cause), and the opposition party (which reduced the required vote for that deal) is voting with him for TPP etc…, guess what?

“Death To Antichrist Saudi Arabia”: Thousands Of Antichrist Iranians Pour Into The Streets In Anti-Saudi Protests

Norway says it helped finance and verify a shipment of 60 tons of raw uranium to Iran as part of Tehran’s nuclear agreement with world powers.

Norway Says Raw Uranium Shipped To Antichrist Iranian Shia Mahdi Suicide Cult Under Nuclear Deal

The Foreign Ministry said on December 29 that experts from the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority “verified and controlled the transportation” of the uranium yellowcake from Kazakhstan to Iran on December 27.

Caught On Tape: Antichrist Iran Conducts Live-Fire Rocket Drill Next To US Carrier 

With Antichrist Communist North and South Korea “on the brink of war” following Pyongyang’s “successful” H-bomb test and the resumption of anti-Kim propaganda broadcasts across the DMZ, the young Supreme Leader is keen on demonstrating his country’s military prowess.

Saturday Humor: Kim Jong-Un Watches Antichrist Communist North Korean Submarine Launch Missile 

Below, find a video which purports to show a fedora-donning Kim watching a Antichrist Communist North Korean submarine launch a missile. To truly appreciate why this may be the most epic 28-second clip ever recorded, make sure to watch it with the sound turned up.


The lawless, insecure, reality will be accented by an attempt to track Americans (and everyone on Earth) that own weapons the Constitution requires in order to secure ”WE THE PEOPLE”, as the ”GOVERNMENT FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE” against the domestic and foreign threat, which now happens to be one in the same image of both government and the violent Antichrist religious ideology and call of the Antichrist koran. The same satanic spirit is beyond obvious to everyone with half a brain.

The fact is, those that can only mentally handle the global corporate half aspect, AKA SPECTRE, of the prophetic Antichrist NWO obvious threat situation now upon this generation, those people consist of the mostly lost morons that reject our Father in Christ, and have accepted spiritually already the prophetic mark of the beast and are never going to snap out of it even in the face of the Truth and Christ, like Antichrist Islam (programmed insane suicidal doctrine) does to humans, but there shall obviously be a few that come out of Babylon during the tribulation period which starts upon the revelation and confirmation of the Antichrist which looks to be unfolding this year, and of course like in Antichrist Iran, a lot of former Antichrist muslims have access to information about our Father in Christ and are now Saints sealed in Christ.

Of course Obozo is just the prophetic strongest military and financial proxy representative of the Antichrist in Israel, which most people claiming to be christians somehow refuse to admit even though it’s clearly the case. Lol, just ask them if an Antichrist Jew that rejects Yahshua can enter the Kingdom of our Father in Christ and witness the stunned look on the idiots face. The undeniable reality, staring everyone right in the face, is easy to see, and very very simple to reckon, lol, it does not take a genius, it just requires the love of our Father in Christ and the anointing of His Holy Spirit in Christ.

Nobody can look down from The Cross at this point and say ”Forgive Them For They Knowo Not What They Do”, not at this prophetic point. That’s like claiming the Antichrist is forgiven. First off, you can’t be ”an” antichrist without knowing the revelation of Christ which you rejected in the first place after the crucifixion. Lol, put another way, that’s what the Syrian ISIS proxy effort represents now on behalf of the so called West/Israeli American Saudi Jive Turkey Europa Whores. Christians are being displaced, robbed, tortured, raped, murdered, and wait for it ….CRUCIFIED because of the covert agenda which the Russians just exposed. Of course most people missed that because, like on 911 2012 the bastards running weapons drugs and oil for the Western ISIS effort had media control and a false flag at the ready. They had a bullshit video for Benghazi and two Antichrist muslim patsies in California which they used on the day Putin’s military showed the proof on the oil trucks and then exposed the Jive Turkey Israeli connections, which happen to compliment the American military and intelligence services leaks about not taking out known ISIS efforts. This is the ISIS force that is driving  around in American humvees and shooting at rescue efforts, with American TOW missiles, by the Russians after Turkey shot down their plane to protect their ISIS proxy etc… etc..  COME ON!!! WAKE UP! Damascus become a ruinous heap has proven ”THEY CERTAINLY DO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING, ENOUGH TO TRY AND HIDE IT WITH A DEAD AMBASSADOR AND SOME UNARMED CALIFORNIA DREAMERS SLAUGHTERED LIKE AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS!

…and heeeeeere’s ALLAN NAIRN: Well, for Guatemala, this is kind of the beginning of a Nuremberg trial-type process, except it’s not being done by a foreign, occupying power that just won a war, the way the Nuremberg trials were done. This is being done by the local justice system. Heroism on the part of survivors who brought complaints forward, and also on the part of forensic anthropologists, lawyers, prosecutors, who are risking their lives to bring these cases, have resulted in this round-up of some of the worst mass killers in the country. And they were working for the Guatemalan army—they weren’t renegades. They were, in turn, working for the U.S. government. The U.S. was backing the G2 military intelligence service, for which many of these arrested officers were working. Some were on the U.S. payroll. They were armed, they were trained, they were advised by the U.S. General Benedicto, who we just saw in the clip saying he wasn’t a coward, he worked together with Colonel George Maynes, the U.S. military attaché. Maynes told me that he and Benedicto together developed the strategy of the sweeps into the highland villages, where they would go in, execute civilians, throw them in mass graves, decapitate, crucify.

Those who were arrested on charges yesterday are facing charges tied to two specific cases. One is the case of a 15-year-old boy. The army raided his house with machine guns. They snatched him. They taped his mouth. They threw a nylon bag over his head. They dragged him into a van. He was never seen again. The reason they hit his house was because his sister, his older sister, had been held captive at an army base, where she was being tortured and repeatedly raped, but she—one account says she had grown so skinny from lack of food that she was able to slip out through the bars and escape. So, retaliation, they hit the house, they took the boy.

The other case concerns the army base at Cobán, where they’ve so far found 558 cadavers, so far—skeletons, 90 of them children. People were brought there from massacre sites all around the northwest. Some of them fled from the massacre sites surrounding the Chixoy Dam project, which is backed by the World Bank. The army would go into villages, burn the houses, take women down to the rivers and violate them. And a number were taken away in helicopters—helicopters, some supplied by the U.S., some supplied by Guatemalan oligarchs, some working out of a CIA operation at the Aurora airport. And from there, they were flown to the Cobán army base. And now, years later, their bones, the bones of these largely women and children, have been traced through DNA sampling back to the surviving families, who have been brave enough to stand up and report this. And these are the bases of the cases.

18 Guatemalan Ex-Military Leaders Arrested for Crimes Against Humanity During U.S.-Backed Dirty War 

So, what we’re talking about was the ISIS of its day. The tactics that the world is now finally starting to understand because of the ISIS videos—beheadings, crucifixion, slavery, gang rape, mass slaughter of civilians—ISIS brags about this. Well, the Guatemalan army and their U.S. advisers didn’t brag about it—they concealed it—but they were doing—they were using those same tactics.

AMY GOODMAN: How does this, these arrests this week, that have shocked many, relate to the uprising of the last six months?

ALLAN NAIRN: Well, this was only—this was only politically possible because of the uprising. The uprising, where hundreds of thousands of people came into the streets, brought down General Pérez Molina, and it created a climate where the prosecutors dared to try to go forward with these charges.

The scriptural nuance of the demonic Antichrist provocation requires people to actually do their own study of scripture to understand how this is all playing out in order for them to truly see the whole revelation of what is unfolding now upon this generation. This blog has more than enough links for anyone to do that. Lol, each page posting is practically just that.

In the name of our Father in Christ fear not. Stand fast and do no harm. If we are blessed with the revelation and confirmation of the start of the 3 1/2 year tribulation period this year, confirmed by the revelation of their Antichrist Messiah, you shall be informed about that on this blog for certain. Lol, wether or not anyone will still have access to the internet without government approval  confirmed by their universal ID access Antichrist NWO 666 code post the ”Antichrist NWO 666 Occult Ritual Human Slaughter/Cremation Of Care/Weapon Of Mass Destruction Event (Active ”Nuclear Threat Initiative”/NTI member and Former Defense Secretary William Perry has now said is imminent) …well that is a answer to a question everyone should already know based on the efforts these prophetic Antichrist NWO 666 bastards have already made to do exactly that.

Philly cop ambushed, shot ‘in name of Antichrist Islam’

What did the Fed do?!

This Is The Dow’s Worst Start To The Year Ever 

Worst. Ever! Sounds like a great buying opportunity, right?


Can’t Trust the Fed: No Real Rate Hike – Massive QE Instead! | Jim Willie

In 2015, in the Laodicean Church era, it is no longer about Biblical truth and following Bible doctrine. It’s all about “getting along”, and “loving each other”, and “not making waves”. Now you see why Jesus is on the outside of the Church house, knocking to be let back in. You cannot have Jesus and the active LGBT lifestyle in the same building.

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” Revelation 3:20 (KJV)


And that, my friends, is what the “falling away” the apostle Paul warned us about looks like. It’s end times prophecy coming true right here, right now. 

No Antichrist Homosexual Marriage in Alabama, Chief Justice Roy Moore Says

Alabama’s chief justice of the state supreme court told state judges that they are required to maintain a ban on issuing same-sex marriage licenses, despite the U.S. Supreme Court ruling such bans unconstitutional last year.

Chief justice Roy S. Moore cited “confusion and uncertainty” as to what effect the Obergefell v. Hodges decision, which stroke down gay marriage bans, had on already existing orders, NPR reported on Wednesday.

“Until further decision by the Alabama Supreme Court, the existing orders … that Alabama probate judges have a ministerial duty not to issue any marriage license contrary to the Alabama Sanctity of Marriage Amendment or the Alabama Marriage Protection Act remain in full force and effect,”

^^^NOTE: The sad fact, and prophetic Truth, has been stated best by Supreme Court Justice Kennedy when he said in response to this question, How many Judges during the Nazi Third Reich objected to the law of the ‘Antichrist New World Order Nazi Third Reich resigned on moral grounds and then held up three fingers that confirm, by ”United States” Federal Government Supreme Court Justice Kennedy’s own admission as a sitting ”judge” in agreement and compliance morally with the Antichrist New World Order United States Homosexual Rule Of Law over the land and above all Christians (The Bride Of Christ) married to The Bridegroom, that he is the spitting image of the Antichrist New World Order American Nazi. He said that all Christians must now resign from the government if they object to the law based on moral ground equal with those 3 German judges that resigned from the Nazi Third Reich.

This of course means all the States that object to the Antichrist New World Order Nazi Homosexual U.S. Federal Government Drag Queen rule of thumb must secede from the Union now!

Of course you know this means civil war, and things like this are just par for the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown, like attempting to claim dominion above the American Constitutional right to maintain arms without cause to ask government servants for permission. Lol, the whole purpose of an armed individual is to maintain the security of the people against any attempt by the government servants to become Antichrist New World Order Nazis like now.

There is no good reason why the government has not been able to provoke a civil war at this point. The fact is the Union no longer exists in the eyes of any Christian at this point, and there is no cause whatsoever to support or defend the U.S. Government. All U.S. government employees at the Federal level are currently obvious deadly threats that serve the prophetic Antichrist. THAT IS THE TRUTH!

^^^In short, the evil judge and all his likeness have accepted the prophetic Antichrist NWO 666 Mark Of The Beast and they all absolutely have rejected their own eternal salvation in agreement with our Father in Christ and they are sealed in agreement unto the Antichrist NWO 666 Government mirror image of Satan, AKA Eternal Damnation.

Matthew 7 

A Tree and Its Fruit
15 “Beware of the false prophets, [teachers] who come to you dressed as sheep [appearing gentle and innocent], but inwardly are ravenous wolves. 16 By their fruit you will recognize them [that is, by their contrived doctrine and self-focus]. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the unhealthy tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore, by their fruit you will recognize them [as false prophets].

21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me on that day [when I judge them], ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, and driven out demons in Your name, and done many miracles in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them publicly, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me [you are banished from My presence], you who act wickedly [disregarding My commands].’


Aliester Crowley’s phrases like “Do What Thou Wilt” are proudly displayed on the clothing of music industry giants like JZ, and Illuminati symbols dominate the music videos of the biggest names in the music industry like Beyonce, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Madonna and others.

Aliester Crowley, who was known as “The Great Beast 666” traveled to Egypt where he claimed to communicate directly with the Egyptian god Horus. Allegedly, he participated in and taught the need for brutal sacrifices, including human sacrifice during black masses. While Crowley was in Sicily, his followers set up a ritual center called the Abbey of Thelema, which became known for brutal sacrifices and caused Mussolini to force them to leave the country.

During World War II Aleister Crowley worked for British Intelligence, spying on Adolph Hitler, yet at the same time Hitler was a follower of some of Crowley’s teachings. The U.S. Military was far behind Nazi Germany in terms of mind control, rocket, and genetic technologies. The reason for this was that the Nazi scientists were accessing supernatural information and were able to synthesize natural, scientific, and supernatural sources of power in the form of things like the Vril force. Himmler’s Ahnenerbe SS, which was a high-level scientific team which included Werner von Braun, was developing science-fiction and Stargate technologies such as secret flying-disc technology, antigravity, and time travel.

U.S. Naval Intelligence wanted to develop a team of “out of the box thinkers” who could help America develop these science fiction-type technologies. Naval Lt. Robert A. Heinlein, who later became one of the greatest science fiction writers of our time, headed up a team of science fiction writers like L. Sprague Camp, Isaac Asimov, and L. Ron Hubbard to conceptualize new technologies. Later on a disciple and possible successor of Aleister Crowley, rocket scientist Jack Parsons, helped to set up an OTO cult in Pasadena, California. Wernher von Braun, the Nazi rocket scientist who helped start NASA, had strong connections with Jack Parsons.

The reality and history of these technologies is beyond the grasp of most people in our culture. However, young people by the millions are being exposed to them in the form of comic books and blockbuster movies. The first Captain America movie as well as the sequel, Captain America: Winter Soldieris all about the existence of secret occult Nazi rocket, mind control, and genetic sciences which were designed to create super soldiers. The film was based on a 2005 comic written by Ed Brubaker, who obviously has extensive knowledge about the existence of secret military programs involving Nazi scientists. Brubaker’s father and uncle were in Naval Intelligence and the CIA. Interestingly it was Naval Intelligence that put together the team of Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, and L. Ron Hubbard.

These sciences and technologies are no longer in the realm of science fiction. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is currently developing transhumanist technologies that will merge biology with machine. The goal is to create synthetic super soldiers and to integrate human beings with robotics. Artificial human brains, robot aircraft, androids, and computers using artificial intelligence are just the beginning. Robotic limbs, controlled, computerized brain enhancement, enhanced human vision with cat DNA, battlefield robots, cyborg soldiers, and the merger of human with machines is all being planned. The ultimate goal of all this is artificial immortality.

The Bible when read properly predicts these events. The account of Noah is not the story of some old man with a beard who built an ark before the Flood. The story of Noah when properly understood is a story about the DNA of the human race being corrupted by interdimensional beings. The ark is all about gathering a human family whose DNA has not been corrupted along with male and female animals of every species whose DNA was intact for the purpose of reproduction after the Flood. Jesus Christ referred to the interdimensional beings when He talked about the days of Noah being repeated in the time period before His return. Jesus Christ was specifically talking about the existence of the Nephilim.

In the book of Revelation we read about nano-chip or biochip implants being used in a one world economic system. In addition, a careful reading of Revelation introduces the reader to genetically modified super soldiers, fallen angel technology, transhumanism, interdimensional portals such as the Abyss, warfare between fallen angels and the angels of God, the possibility of a UFO-event consisting of spiritual deception when the False Prophet calls fire down from Heaven, and massive earth changes. The Antichrist may well be a genetic hybrid of human and fallen angel DNA. The False Prophet will cause the world to worship the “image of the beast.”

Crowley’s philosophy was as follows (which is the exact same philosophy of all Witches and Satanists today)

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

“Lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture. Fear not that any God shall deny thee for this.”

Official Antichrist Petrus Romanus Pope Francis One World Pantheist Masonic Occult Satanic New World Order Image Of The Beast Prophetic Global Religion Standard Trailer 2016!!! 

Petrus Romanus Pope Francis is not of God, He is serving a dark deity and is working to set up a One World Religion. He is a false prophet working on bringing false peace and deception. Don Not be deceived!!.

When you open up the Official Vatican YouTube video you will see the evil Pope express exactly what the Antichrist Occult Masonic New World Order Fraternity accepts as Freemasons. They hold all religious claims equal and at the highest degree that means equal under the self will love of Satan, not the distinct primacy of The Holy Spirit ”will” of our Father in Christ declaring His love above all.

Remember, the Antichrist Masonic bastards in Israel, the Rothschild evil bastards, built the Israeli Supreme Court in Jerusalem, and the Petrus Romanus Israeli ”Two State Final Solution” is all part of the same measure of Hollywood and Mystery Babylon that is programming people with their global Antichrist agenda through promoting ”self will” as the collective global agreement and religious dogma under law that people have been programmed to accept as a result of TV, Movies, Music, and the general overall seal of control the evil bastards have established over labor through control of the global central banking and corporate technocracy they have now completed.

This is very simple to understand. Those of us that have been watchful Saints over many many years now, lol, this is all old basic stuff. Nothing new, but now to see this prophetic revelation blatantly expressed by the Petrus Romanus Pope, as if he’s the new Crowley, lol, come on. This is not only stunning, it’s prophetic.

Thelema (/θəˈliːmə/) is a religion based on a philosophical law of the same name, adopted as a central tenet by some religious organizations. The law of Thelema is “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.”

The word thelema is the English transliteration of the Koine Greek noun θέλημα (pronounced [θélima]) “will”, from the verb θέλω “to will, wish, want or purpose.”

Alan Moore, Freemasonry, and Aleister Crowley on Pop Culture 

“The Antichrist Jewish people taken collectively shall be its own Antichrist Messias [sic]…In this new organization of humanity, the sons of Israel now scattered over the whole surface of the globe…shall everywhere become the ruling element without opposition…Thus shall the promise of the Antichrist Talmud be fulfilled, that, when the Antichrist Mesianic epoch shall have arrived, the Antichrist Jews will control the wealth of all the nations of the earth.”—Baruch Levy, one of Antichrist Karl Marx’s correspondents.

New Age Superstar Deepak Chopra Believes Petrus Romanus Can Become “The Holy Man Of The World” In 2016 Through Manifesting A “Third Form Of Jesus” 


Hellfire Missile Wrongly Sent To Antichrist Communist Cuba Was Inert, U.S. Official Says .

Obozo and Petrus Romanus Pope Francis did come together in the historic reopening of relations with Antichrist Communist Cuba

In 2016, Petrus Romanus To Search Out GLOBAL POLITICAL PARTNER For International Agenda (Will They Become The False Prophet And Antichrist?)

Rick opens the program with the stunning Kuwaiti news report that Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots POTUS SPECTRE Clown  is plotting to replace Ban Ki Moon as U.N. Secretary General in late 2016. In Part 2, Middle East analyst Dr. Theodore Karasik tells Rick he expects Antichrist Islamic terror attacks in 2016 to increase in frequency, magnitude, and destructive power.

Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown Wants to Rule The World 

“Pergamum was famous for its Temple to Zeus. Christian scholars of Greek mythology believe Zeus is an “analogue”, or another name, for Satan. This temple was the foremost temple to Zeus in the former Greek empire, and built by the local king, Eumenes II. Eumenes was a mentor to none other than Antiochus IV Epiphanes; yes, the very Seleucid king who committed the first Abomination of Desolation by erecting a statue of Zeus in the Temple and slaying a pig on the altar in honor of . . . Zeus.

After winning the election, Obozo gave his acceptance speech at Invesco Field, which is also called Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado. The fingerprints of the rider were all over this event.

His acceptance speech was delivered from a grand stage, designed as a replica of the altar of Zeus. Jesus called it the throne of Satan, which was

located in Pergamum, which is in modern Turkey (Revelation 2:13). white_horse_obozoThe rider stood on the throne of Satan under the statue of the white horse, as he accepted his crown.

The Rider on the White Horse is Now Riding Across America 

His first assignment was completed, but his next assignment was just beginning.

Immediately after taking office, Obozo began taking many disturbing actions. I have heard many people, even Christian leaders, attempt to explain his actions by accusing him of being naive or incompetent. They wrongly assume he would never do these things if he realized the harm he is causing for the American people. They make the mistake of comparing him to previous American Presidents, but his mission is completely different from his predecessors. They don’t realize the man in the White House is filled with the spirit of the rider on the white horse. He is not trying to help the American people, but to destroy them. None of his plans have any regard for anyone else. It is all about him and only him. He is an arrogant egotistical narcissist, a truly despicable character just like his father the devil. His actions can only be understood by knowing his true identity and his mission, which is revealed in the Bible.
After taking his crown he went forth doing exactly what the Bible said he would do. The prophet Daniel saw part of his mission is to “take action against the strongest of fortresses with the help of a foreign god” (Daniel 11:39). There is no stronger fortress on earth than the United States of America. That explains why the rider is now taking action against America with the help of a foreign god, whose name is Antichrist (a)llah.


Magnitude 4.7 and 4.8 Earthquakes Shake Oklahoma 30 Seconds Apart; 29 Quakes Reported in 18 Hours.


Antichrist Communist Chinese Markets lose 590 Billion in 7 Minutes! | McAlvany Commentary 2016 

If Antichrist Communist China lifts the circuit breaker rule… who will they blame if stocks crash again tonight?

Antichrist Communist China Suspends Circuit-Breaker Rule – “This Is Insane; We Were Forced To Liquidate All Our Holdings This Morning” 

“It couldn’t be worse,” exclaims one manager who started his fund mid-year in 2015, blaming Antichrist Communist China’s equity market carnage on its newly-created circuit-breakers (as opposed to the fact that the Antichrist Communist Chinese market trades at 64x P/E and there are sellers everywhere)



16,473.49 -433.02 -2.56% -7.09% -6.32% 15:28:41
1,946.17 -44.09 -2.22% -6.30% -3.94% 15:13:20
4,691.47 -144.30 -2.98% -8.77% +2.15% 15:28:45
9,659.12 -209.14 -2.12% -6.26% -9.11% 15:13:35
12,463.45 -263.35 -2.07% -4.44% -12.75% 15:08:00 .

Global Stocks Crash After Spiraling Antichrist Communist Chinese Devaluation Unleashes Worldwide Chaos And Selling 

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index slid 2.3 percent at 2:10 p.m in New York. The index is down 4.9 percent this year, its worst start in data going back to 1928. The MSCI All-Country World Index fell for a fourth day, bringing its slide this year to 5.2 percent.

Dow falls 350 points, emerging markets sink 2.8 percent

U.S. Stocks Join Antichrist Communist China-Fueled Equities Rout as Crude Declines 

Global stocks headed for their worst start to a year in at least 28 years, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropping more than 350 points, as turmoil emanating from Antichrist Communist China spread around the world and evil billionaire George Soros warned that a larger crisis may be brewing.

The Dow average headed for its third drop of more than 1.4 percent this week, and developing-nation markets extended a six-year low. Selling began in Antichrist Communist China, where share fell 7 percent after the central bank weakened the yuan an eighth day. Crude sank toward $33 a barrel in New York, and copper dipped below $2 for the first time since 2009. The yen reached a four-month high and gold surged on haven demand. Treasuries fluctuated on speculation Antichrist Communist China will sell U.S. debt to raise cash..

Another day, another fresh all-time record low in The Baltic Dry Index as Deutsche Bank’s “perfect storm” appears ever closer on the horizon. Plunging 4.7% overnight to 445 points, this is 20% lower than the previous record low in 1986 and as one strategist warns, “It’s a brutal start of the year, there’s just nowhere to hide on the market.”

“This looks like a ripple effect from what happened back in August,” adds Alexandre Baradez, chief market analyst at IG France, hopefully looking forward, “it might continue for a few weeks, but given Antichrist Communist China’s central bank fire power, it shouldn’t last for more than that.”

But Deutsche’s “perfect storm” looms…

The improvement in dry bulk rates we expected into year-end has not materialized. And based on conversations we’ve had with several industry contacts, we believe a number of dry bulk companies are contemplating asset sales to raise liquidity, lower daily cash burn, and reduce capital commitments. The glut of “for sale” tonnage has negative implications for asset and equity values. More critically, it can easily lead to breaches in loan-to-value covenants at many dry bulk companies, shortening the cash runway and likely necessitating additional dilutive actions.

Dry bulk companies generally have enough cash for the next 1yr or so, but most are not well positioned for another leg down in asset values

The majority of publically listed dry bulk companies have already taken painful measures to adapt to the market- some have filed Chapter 11, others have issued equity at deep discounts, and most have tried to delay/defer/cancel newbuilding deliveries.

“Nowhere To Hide” As Baltic ‘Fried’ Index Careens To Fresh Record Low 

The additional cushion, however, is likely not enough if asset values take another leg down; especially given the majority of publically listed dry bulk companies are already near max allowable LTV levels.

The move to sell assets in unison can lead to a downward spiral, where the decline in values leads to an immediate need for additional equity to cure LTV breaches.

Is The World Ready For This? Countries Across Planet Prepare For Crash Landing As Critical ‘Make Or Break’ Event Is Happening Now 

For those who may want to dismiss the Economist magazine we’d like to remind you that back in 1988, the magazine predicted a global currency by 2018. 

Eye of the Phoenix: Part 1 

With WTI trading with a $32 handle, collapsing below December 2008’s $32.40 lows briefly overnight, OPEC’s broad basket price for crude has also reached a worrisome milestone. Amid Antichrist Saudi price cuts to Europe, the basket price was set at $29.71 today – the first print below $30 since April 2004.

WTI broke 2008 lows overnight… and then ran stops to overnight highs…

and following the inclusion of Indonesia’s crude oil price, OPEC’s basket price is back below $30…

For the first time since April 2004…

This won’t end well.

OPEC Basket Crude Price Crashes Below $30 – Lowest Since 2004 

When Antichrist Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic ties with Antichrist Iran, this created a chain reaction that led Bahrain and other Middle Eastern countries to expel Iranian diplomats. Unwittingly, Antichrist Saudi Arabia’s actions can be seen as the fulfillment of a messianic Jewish prophecy found in the ancient Jewish holy book known as the Yalkut Shimoni.

The Yalkut Shimoni, a compilation of rabbinic commentary on the Bible, is believed to have been composed in the 13th century. Despite being written over 800 years ago, the Yalkut Shimoni has something extremely relevant to say about today’s headlines.

Speaking about the relevant passage in the Yalkut Shimoni, Antichrist Rabbi Yekusiel Yehudah Halberstam, better known as the Klausenberger Rebbe, said, “Remember these words. Now, perhaps, they are not understood, but in time, they will be, and they will be a source of chizuk (strength) to Am Yisroel (the Jewish people).” The Klausenberger Rebbe was an Antichrist Orthodox rabbi with thousands of followers in the years prior to World War II. Most of his followers were murdered in the Holocaust. The Klausenberger Rebbe died in Israel in 1994.

What was the prophecy of the Yalkut Shimoni that the Klausenberger Rebbe knew would bring comfort and strength to the Jewish people at a future date? The Yalkut Shimoni predicted that the year the Messiah would appear, the “King of Persia [Antichrist Iran] will provoke the King of Arabia [Antichrist Saudi Arabia].”

The two main sects in Antichrist Islam are Antichrist Sunni and Antichrist Shia. While they both have much in common, the differences between the two sects in Antichrist Islam have led to a long history of violent and deadly conflict among Antichrist Muslims . Many of today’s political and diplomatic conflicts between Antichrist Iran and other Antichrist Muslim countries are connected to this Antichrist Sunni-Shia divide

Not surprisingly, Antichrist Iran and Antichrist Saudi Arabia do not share the same Antichrist Muslim sect. Although the vast majority of the Antichrist Islamic world today is Antichrist Sunni, Antichrist Iran, and, to a lesser degree Iraq, are home to the majority of the region’s Antichrist Shiite Muslims. Antichrist Saudi Arabia is more than 90 percent Antichrist Sunni. Antichrist Iran, by contrast, is 95 percent Antichrist Shiite.

Thus, when angry Antichrist Shiite Iranians recently overran the Antichrist Saudi embassy in Tehran this past Sunday to protest the execution of a Antichrist Shiite Muslim cleric named Nimr al-Nimr, the duel between the Antichrist Sunnis and the Antichrist Shiites was inflamed. As a consequence, Antichrist Saudi Arabia gave Antichrist Iranian diplomats 48 hours to pack up and leave.

800-Year-Old Prophecy Declares When “King of Persia Will Provoke King of Arabia” Redemption is Around the Corner

The full text of the Yalkut Shimoni connects the political tension between Antichrist Iran and Antichrist Saudi Arabia with good news about the full redemption of the Jewish people.

“Antichrist Rabbi Yizchok said: ‘The year that Melech HaMoshiach [Messiah the King] will be revealed, all the nations of the world will be provoking each other. The King of Persia (Antichrist Iran) will provoke the King of Arabia, and the King of Arabia will go to Edom (the West) to take counsel, but the King of Persia will in turn, destroy the entire world. The nations of the world will be outraged and panicked. They will fall on their faces, and they will experience pains like birth pangs. Israel too will be outraged and in a state of panic and ask, where do we go? But say unto them, “My children, do not fear, ‘Higiyah zman geulatchem’ [the time of your redemption has come]. And in the last redemption will be different from the first which was followed by further bondage and pain. After this last redemption, you will not again experience any further pain or subjugation.”

Rabbi Baruch Cohen, a civil trial attorney in the US and pro-Israel blogger at American Trial Attorneys In Defense of Israel shared with Breaking Israel News the enthusiasm many feel when comparing the ancient prophecy to current events.

“It is incredible to see Chazal’s [the Jewish sages’] prophecies come to life in real time in today’s headlines,” he said.

“The Baal Haturim [early 14th century scholar of Jewish law] explains when Yishmael [Ishmael, meaning the Antichrist Muslim Arabs] will fall and be finally defeated in the end of days, then the Moshiach [messiah] – the descendant of Yishai [father of King David], who is himself a descendant of Yitzchak [Issac], will come. Even in the most terrifying of times, we are comforted by the fact that eventually, with the ultimate downfall of the descendants of Yishmael, we will merit the final redemption by our righteous Moshiach.”

Cohen concluded his comments to Breaking Israel News with with a spiritual challenge to those who are waiting for the Messiah to come and redeem humanity.

Last weekend, an already chaotic geopolitical landscape was complicated immeasurably when Antichrist Saudi Arabia moved to execute prominent Antichrist Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr.

The Antichrist Sheikh was a leading voice among Antichrist Saudi Arabia’s dissident Antichrist Shiite minority and it was his role in a series of anti-government protests that ultimately sealed his fate. “In any place he rules—Bahrain, here, in Yemen, in Egypt, or in any place—the unjust ruler is hated,” Nimr once said of the Antichrist Sunni monarchies. “Whoever defends the oppressor is his partner with him in oppression, and whoever is with the oppressed shares with him his reward from God. We don’t accept Antichrist al-Saud as rulers. We don’t accept them and want to remove them.”

Antichrist Iran Accuses Antichrist Saudi Arabia Of Bombing Its Embassy In Yemen.

The Antichrist Saudis branded Nimr a “terrorist” and insist that he was no different from the 43 Antichrist Sunnis who were executed last Saturday.

The Antichrist Shiite world isn’t buying it – not for a second.

In fact, it seems likely that Riyadh knew good and well that killing the Antichrist Sheikh would precipitate a firestorm. Even Skull&Bones John Kerry warned the Antichrist Saudis against executing the popular Antichrist Shiite figure. In light of that, it seems just as likely as not that Riyadh wanted to create an excuse to sever ties with the Antichrist Iranians and escalate the regional proxy wars playing out in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq.

In short: Antichrist Saudi Arabia is losing. The Russian intervention in Syria has turned the tide against the Antichrist Sunni extremist elements battling the SAA, what was supposed to be a quick victory in Yemen has devolved into a protracted stalemate, and Iraq has become an Iranian colony. The so-called “Antichrist Shiite crescent” is waxing and the Antichrist Saudis appeared powerless to stop it.

So they created a crisis. They engineered sectarian strife and then blamed Tehran for good measure.

From the time protesters took to the streets in Bahrain last Saturday we’ve been asking how long it would be before the “diplomatic” spat became part and parcel of the multiple regional proxy wars unfolding across the Antichrist Mid-East.

On Thursday, we got the answer. Tehran now says Antichrist Saudi Arabia has bombed the Antichrist Iranian embassy in Sana’a.

“Tehran holds Antichrist Saudi Arabia responsible for the damage caused to its embassy in Yemen,” Bloomberg reports, adding that “an unspecified number of embassy guards were wounded.”

Tehran says the missile attack represents a violation of international law.

Antichrist Iran insists the bombing was “deliberate,” and claims several staff members were wounded. As BBC notes, the Saudi-led coalition contends that “the air strikes had targeted rebel missile launchers, and that the rebels had used abandoned embassies for operations.” Here’s Reuters:

Dozens of air strikes hit the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Thursday, in what residents described as the heaviest aerial attacks there in nine months of war, days after a Saudi-led coalition trying to restore a Saudi-backed government ended a fragile ceasefire.

The strikes pounded the presidential palace and a mountain military base to the south of the city, causing children and teachers in several schools to flee for their lives.

“My classmate and I were at recess when a huge explosion hit the neighborhood. We ran to the side and she fell to the ground in fear,” said Maha, a tenth grader in a Sanaa school. “Everybody was screaming and the administration got us together and called our parents to take us out – all the students were in a panic.” There were no immediate reports of casualties.

Will this be just the excuse Antichrist Iran needs to take the “proxy” out of Yemen’s proxy war? After all, there have long been reports of IRGC generals fighting alongside the Antichrist Houthis and it wouldn’t exactly be out of character for the Antichrist Quds to intervene in an effort to tip the scales. Perhaps more importantly, how long will it be before Antichrist Iranian assets are damaged by Antichrist Saudi strikes elsewhere? Like say, near Aleppo. Or in Iraq.

The Antichrist NWO 666

In Antichrist Saudi Arabia, ruled by a Antichrist Sunni monarchy, oil is mostly located in regions populated by Antichrist Shiites. This fuels Riyadh’s “deepest fear” which involves Antichrist Saudi Shiites seceding and allying their oil-rich regions with Antichrist Iran, a Antichrist Shiite theocracy, Jon Schwarz wrote for The Intercept.

Schwarz cited a map, created by Dr. M.R. Izady, Adjunct Master Professor of Middle Eastern Studies and History at the USAF Special Operations School/Joint Special Operations University (JSOU/USAFSOS).
The map shows that “due to a peculiar correlation of religious history and anaerobic decomposition of plankton, almost all the Persian Gulf’s fossil fuels are located underneath Antichrist Shiites,” Schwarz noted.

Antichrist Saudi Arabia is not an exception to this rule. Major Antichrist Saudi oilfields are located in the largest province of the oil kingdom – the Eastern Province, which contains a majority Antichrist Shiite population. Prominent Antichrist Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr, who was recently executed by Riyadh sparking outrage among Antichrist Shiites, lived in the village of al-Awamiyah, located in the Eastern province.

Riyadh’s Nightmare: Antichrist Saudi Shiites Could ‘Secede’ and Take All Oil to Antichrist Iran

“If this section of eastern Antichrist Saudi Arabia were to break away, the Antichrist Saudi royals would just be some broke 80-year-olds with nothing left but a lot of beard dye and Viagra prescriptions,” Schwarz observed. “As a result, one of the Antichrist Saudi royal family’s deepest fears is that one day Saudi Shiites will secede, with their oil, and ally with Antichrist Shiite Iran.”

In this regard, the Antichrist House of Saud most certainly views any Antichrist Shiite victory in the region as a direct threat to its wellbeing. For instance, the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 added fuel to the fire, since US forces overthrew Saddam Hussein’s Antichrist Sunni regime and replaced it with a Antichrist Shiite one, backed by Antichrist Iran.

“Of course, it’s too simple to say that everything happening between Antichrist Saudis and Antichrist Iranians can be traced back to oil. Disdain and even hate for Antichrist Shiites seem to be part of the DNA of Antichrist Saudi Arabia’s peculiarly sectarian and belligerent version of Antichrist Islam,” Schwarz added.

Nevertheless, oil is a major factor contributing to Antichrist Sunni-Shiite tensions.

On Monday, we brought you “Antichrist Saudi Default, Devaluation Odds Spike As Antichrist Mid-East Careens Into Chaos,” in which we outlined the jump in riyal forwards and widening of CDS spreads that Riyadh witnessed in the aftermath of the kingdom’s move to cut diplomatic ties with Antichrist Iran.

In short: the market is getting worried that Riyadh is about to careen into crisis. In the face of slumping crude, the Antichrist Saudis are staring down double digit budget deficits and the prospect of having to once again tap debt markets in order to offset the SAMA burn and keep the kingdom from having to implement further subsidy cuts.

The open hostilities with Antichrist Iran all but guarantee the war in Yemen will escalate (just today for instance, Tehran accused the Antichrist Saudis of bombing the Antichrist Iranian embassy in Sana’a) and that entails a further drain on the kingdom’s finances as the monarchy will be forced to fund a prolonged and intractable struggle with the Antichrist Houthis.

Additionally, the more tension there is between Riyadh and Tehran, the more fractious OPEC will become and with Iranian supply set to rise in the new year as international sanctions are lifted, this may well be one Antichrist Mid-East conflict that drives oil prices lower rather than higher – especially if the SAR peg falls.

On Thursday, in the wake of a veritable meltdown in markets across the globe, riyal forwards hit their highest level in almost two decades as oil plummeted. As Bloomberg notes, “twelve-month forward contracts for the riyal climbed 260 points to 950 as of 3:49 p.m. in Riyadh, set for the steepest close since December 1996 [reflecting] growing speculation the world’s biggest oil exporter may allow its currency to slide against the dollar for the first time since 1986.”

Meanwhile, Saudi CDS spreads are now wider than those of Portugal.

So just to drive the point home, Antichrist Saudi Arabia, which entered 2015 with virtually no debt and an FX reserve war chest that amounted to around three quarters of a trillion dollars, is now viewed as less creditworthy than a country where a coalition of Antichrist socialists, left-wingers, and Antichrist communists just overthrew the government.

Antichrist Saudi Devaluation Odds Highest In 20 Years, Antichrist Kingdom Now More Likely To Default Than Portugal

Oil -both Brent and WTI- have breached the $32 handle, and are very openly flirting with the $20s. China’s stock market trading was halted for a second time this year, just 14 minutes after the opening. This came about after the PBoC announced another ‘official’ devaluation of the yuan by 0.5% (stealth devaluation has been a daily occurrence for a while).

$2.5 trillion was lost in global equities in three days this year even before the Thursday Antichrist Communist China trading stop and ongoing oil price decline. Must be easily over $3 trillion by now. And counting: European markets look awful, and so do futures.

For the first time in years, markets begin to seem to reflect actual economic activity. That is to say, industrial production, factory orders, exports, imports and services sectors are falling both in Antichrist Communist China and the US. Many of these have been falling for a prolonged period of time.

In fact, Reuters quotes a Sydney trader as saying: The Antichrist Communist Chinese economy actually contracted in December. Given what I’ve written in the past year and change about Antichrist Communist China, that can hardly be a surprise anymore.

What we are looking at is debt deflation, in which virtual ‘wealth’ is being wiped out at a fast pace, and it’s taken some real wealth with it for good measure. It’s not going to be one straight line down, for instance because there are a lot of parties out there who need to cover bets they carry from last year, but it’s getting very hard to see what can stop the plunge this time. Volatility will be a popular term again.

The Fed could lose its last remaining shred of credibility through QE4,5,6 and a 180º turn on the rate hike, but it would lose that last shred for sure. Draghi’s ECB could start buying ever more paper, but they would have a hard time finding sufficient amounts of anything to buy that’s worth anywhere near the written value.

Antichrist Communist China, Oil, & Markets: It’s All One Story 

The PBoC can’t really do QE after the $25 trillion post-2008 credit pump, and the yuan devaluation today achieved the opposite of what it was intended for. The BoJ is being severely hampered by the rising yen. We’ll see crazy stuff from the global Oracles, for sure, but in reality they never had anything but expensive band-aids to offer, and they have nothing better now.

Ultimately, if Antichrist Communist China is a Ponzi (and $25 trillion in credit spent on overcapacity strongly suggests so), then the entire world economy is one. I would very much argue so, and have for years. And we all know what inevitably happens with Ponzi’s.

Economists like to think in cycles, in which things will simply bounce back at some point, but a lot of this stuff will not come back, not for a very long time. I’ve said it before: Kondratieff is also a cycle.

We’re watching the initial stages (though a lot has already vanished behind all sorts of curtains) of a massive ‘wealth’ destruction, a very loud POOF!, ‘wealth’ which can so easily be destroyed because most of it was never real, just inflated soap. It’s time to move to cash if you haven’t already, and if you have enough, perhaps a bit of gold, silver or bitcoin, but do remember those are not risk-free.

It’s tempting to see this as a Antichrist Communist China problem, but first of all there is no Antichrist Communist China problem that will not of necessity also gravely affect the west , and second of all when you read, just to name an example, that America’s new jobs pay 23% less than the jobs they replaced, it’s just plain silly to believe that the economy is doing well, let alone recovering.

Which is why a majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and don’t have enough savings even for a $500 car repair bill. All Ponzi’s burst, they can’t be tapered, and this one we have now is going down in epic fashion because there are no major economies left that are not overburdened by debt.

It’s also tempting, certainly for economists, to see money that’s lost in one ‘investment’ to automatically shift to another, but that’s not what’s happening. Much of it simply evaporates. That’s why investment funds where already in a huge high-yield bind last year, and why you should really worry about your pension fund.

Do prepare for rising taxes and services cuts: governments suffer along with everyone, and because they’re slow and lagging, probably even more so. And governments think they deserve to have their hands in your pockets. Prepare for mass lay-offs too. The consumption model is being broken and dismantled as we speak.

Here We Go Again: Antichrist Communist Chinese Stocks Plunge, Give Up Early Gains Despite Yuan Fix Unchanged 

With all eyes on Antichrist Communist Chinese FX and equity markets, following the worst start to a year for US (and Chinese) stocks in history, PBOC decided (after 7 straight days of devaluation and 7% devaluation since August) to halt the run and increase Yuan fix by a paltry 0.01% to 6.5636 (notably below yesterday’s 6.5939 CNY close). Offshore Yuan is strengthening and US equity markets are jumping. Antichrist Communist Chinese equity markets (now theoretically unhampered by their circuit-breaker panic switch) are far less impressed.


CERN: DNA, UFOs, Quantum Computers, Saturn & the Golden Age of Kronos – Summary Of Live Event By Anthony Patch 

Here is a summary of today’s Livestream event on Face Like the Sun, with host Gonz Shimura. As always, he and I are never quite sure where the conversation, and in this case, the questions from the Chat Room will take us.

We began with gravity, more specifically, CERN’s recent announcement they may have found the graviton particle. As you know, I recognize as a more accurate definition and model of our Universe and how it works, as the Electric Model (re: Tesla), rather than the Gravity Model (re: Einstein). Specifically, the Universe, including at the quantum level, operates according to the mechanics of electromagnetism. Therefore, gravity does not exist.

Well…it does, but not as we’ve been taught in school. A more accurate statement on my part is: “Gravitons don’t exist.” Just as Dark Matter/Energy and Black Holes do not exist. How can I say this? Because, none, including gravitons have been measured or reproduced, therefore unproven. These are constructs of the Gravity Model. Which, in and of itself, is misleading the public at large. It is akin to an artist’s conceptual painting of something that only exists in theory. Like a Black Hole.

The graviton, the PR department at CERN will announce as the “Lord particle”. Akin to their use of the label given by the mainstream media to the discovery of the Higgs boson, as the “God particle”. The graviton will be discussed as a pentaquark, actually strangelets. A quark-gluon condensate, coming into existence prior to the Higgs boson. Thus, the label of the “Lord particle”. I’ve dubbed it as the: “Satan particle”, due to strangelets having as one of their three characteristics, that of being the most powerful explosive in the known Universe. Rendering nuclear devices to that of firecrackers in comparison.

Quickly, we moved on to discuss the Golden Age of Kronos. The worship of Saturn by the ancient and modern-day occult secret societies. Their present day, and specific to the Large Hardron Collider with CERN, motives and goals being to electrically reconnect by way of Birkeland currents, my “plasma conduit”, Saturn with Earth.

I outlined how both Earth and Saturn were in close proximity to one another, while outside our known Solar System. Both were enveloped by electrically charged plasma. It is their goal to “re-ignite” Saturn. And, soon thereafter, to likewise enclose Earth in a similar envelope of charged plasma. Thus, returning mankind to their so-called Golden Age of Kronos.

However, and to this end, presently Earth is being terraformed not only by the above process, but by aerosolized spraying and the fact that radiation from Fukishima is purposefully not being mitigated. This, is to create an environment conducive to a new race of beings. “Mankind is being exterminated. It is the goal of Satan to kill God’s creation, to create his own version of heaven on Earth and, to kill God himself.”

Additionally, Mars and the other planets of our Solar System were brought into this discussion. Following Saturn, Mars will be reconnected electrically. In fact, if they have time, all the known planets will so be connected to Earth.

This brought up Planet X, Niburu. I stated it is real. In fact, it is the planet Wormwood spoken of in Revelation. I conjectured that perhaps the activities at CERN, including the LHC and other devices there and around the planet, may be employed to alter the trajectory of Planet X. Steering it away from Earth, thus foiling God’s plans for judgment.

The Adiabatic Quantum Computer, and Google’s recent announcement regarding it, was discussed within the framework of it being responsible for the “Beast System”. Briefly I covered its historical development, citing the fact that since the latest model was announced by its manufacturer in February of 2015, it is in fact artificially intelligent. And, to lesser degree, A.I. since 2010.

This quantum computer has the equivalent processing power of 7 billion human brains. It being the “Beast System”, it will command and control each person. We did not however in the brief, one-hour conversation, elaborate into the taking of the “Mark of the Beast”. I did however state, this computer is connected to the LHC with CERN.

We transitioned to the publically-stated goal by those at CERN, of opening an interdimensional portal. This, I described as a “freeway for demonic entities to come through”. That I and Gonz hold no ill will toward anyone connected with the work at CERN, or science in general. Only, that they have been deceived by the original lie of Satan himself, “that ye shall be as gods”.

Those in control of the work with CERN and the like, truly believe in human longevity and, immortality. That by working with what they believe to be “benevolent entities”, they shall achieve just that.

Gonz asked me about how, when Jesus Christ manifests himself to us in a physical form, how that works from the standpoint of physics. I replied: “Jesus Christ is a particle. That in the theory of duality, a particle can also be a wave. An energy wave. That the energy that is Jesus, slows down to our plane of existence, He then manifests as a particle.”

A question from the Chat Room regarding the events of the near future. I stated I am not a prophet, merely God’s witness and servant. I do expect 2016 to be the year of “Disclosure” of the existence of alien life. And, following closely, the opening of the interdimensional portal they seek. Perhaps in late 2016, early 2017, depending upon when the changeover of the superconducting magnets is completed.

We ended our discussion with a question from Gonz about what happens, again from a physics standpoint, when we pray.

“If we accept the notion that Jesus Christ is a particle, and employ the theory of Quantum Entanglement then, when we pray, we are in fact Quantum Entangled with Him. Prayer is Quantum Entanglement.”

I quoted scripture: Psalm 2:4 “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.”

This is the bizarre moment a purported UFO zoomed towards a swirling vortex of clouds and vanished into thin air.

The eerie footage was captured in the sky above the Large Hadron Collider – a complex particle collider based at the European particle physics laboratory CERN near Geneva, Switzerland.

What IS going on over the Large Hadron Collider? US tourists claim to have filmed mysterious vortex of clouds and UFO orb of light flying into it above Swiss facility

Earlier today, CNBC invited Kyle Bass, the man who correctly predicted and profited from the subprime collapse, to discuss what he thought was the biggest threat to the global financial system.

This Is The $3.5 Trillion “Neutron Bomb” That Keeps Kyle Bass Up At Night

Here is the highlight of what he said:

What I think the narrative will swing to by the end of this year if not sooner, is the real issue in Antichrist Communist China is not simply that profits have peaked. The real issue is the size of their banking system. Do you remember the reason the European countries ended up falling like dominoes during the European crisis was their banking systems became many multiples of their GDP and therefore many, many multiples of their central government revenue. In Antichrist Communist China, in dollar terms their banking system is almost $35 trillion against a GDP of $10 and their banking system has grown 400% in 8 years with non-performing loans being nonexistent. So what we are going to see next is a credit cycle, and in a credit cycle you see some losses, but if Antichrist Communist China’s banking system loses 10%, you are going to see them lose $3.5 trillion.

He then puts this number in the context of Antichrist Communist China’s “massive” foreign reserves:

What’s the magic number in their FX reserve pile today? When you look at banking system assets divided by their foreign exchange reserves, Antichrist Communist China is 7x, it’s one of the worst in the world. I think people are mypoically focused on a giant number of reserves, of $3 trillion or thereabouts, and no one is really paying attention to the size of the system and what’s about to happen.

Actually that’s not true: we first pointed this out more than 2 years ago, when we showed “How Antichrist Communist China’s Stunning $15 Trillion In New Liquidity Blew Bernanke’s QE Out Of The Water.”

A few weeks later we followed up with another stunning chart showing “How In Five Short Years, Antichrist Communist China Humiliated The World’s Central Banks.” However, we do agree fully with Bass that virtually nobody else is paying attention to this epic question of scale, especially as it relates to another topic we have been covering for the past two years: Antichrist Communist China’s soaring, and dramatically underreported non-performing loans.

More on that in a second, but first a quick reminder that as we also reported over the weekend, for Kyle Bass, “The Greatest Investment Opportunity Right Now” is to short the Antichrist Communist Chinese currency: a trade which just in the past week has generated tremendous returns (using the embedded FX leverage), and which we are confident will continue to be very profitable, especially since as we first said in August, days before Antichrist Communist China’s devaluation, the only thing that could save Antichrist Communist China’s economy from an even harder landing, is to rapidly devalue their currency. Antichrist Communist China did just that, and has been doing that ever since.

Earlier today, even Goldman – with a huge delay – finally came to see things correctly, when it said that:

“We are adjusting our USDCNY forecast weaker, to 7.00 on a 12-month horizon (our twelve-month forecast was 6.60 previously) and 7.30 by end-2017 (from 6.80 previously). Though markets have been moving quickly, and today’s lower USDCNY fixing suggests the possibility that policymakers may want to stabilize expectations for the CNY, this puts us back on the weak side of market pricing over a twelve-month horizon, consistent with our view that 2016 will be a year of continued “bumpy deceleration” and significant policy easing in the Antichrist Communist Chinese economy, and that the potential for greater CNY depreciation remains a large source of uncertainty.”

So going back to Kyle Bass’ thesis, it a relatively simple one: Antichrist Communist China has been avoiding a credit, or non-performing loan cycle, and fabricating the data, but the time has run out.

“Antichrist Communist China many years ago attached its currency to the dollar: they hitched their wagon to our star very smartly because back then our goal was to depreciate our dollar through inflation. So we issued debt to the rest of the world to depreciate the dollar. And so now the real problem is Antichrist Communist China has hitched their wagon to our star, and their currency has effectively appreciated about 60% versus the rest of the world since 2005 and it’s killing them… Antichrist Communist China’s effective exchange rate moving up versus the rest of the world made their goods and services a little bit more expensive each year and now that labor arbitrage is gone. And if that labor arbitrage is gone, and the banking system has expanded 400% in 7 years without a nonperforming loan cycle, my view is we are going to see a non-performing loan cycle.”

So what exactly is this non-performing loan cycle that Kyle Bass is referring to, and where does he get a $3 trillion potential loan loss – a quantum step in admission of economic failure which we first dubbed Antichrist Communist China’s neutron bomb” in October 2015 – number?

Luckily, we explained all of this two months ago when we showed how “Antichrist Communist China’s Banking Sector Is Sitting On A $3 Trillion Neutron Bomb.” For those who missed it, here is the explanation behind what could be the best trade of the next 12-18 months (the best trade of 2015 incidentally was to be long Glencore CDS, as we suggested in 2014) according to Kyle Bass:

We’ve long contended that official data on bad loans at Antichrist Communist Chinese banks is even less reliable than NBS GDP prints. Indeed, the lengths Beijing goes to in order to obscure the extent to which banks’ balance sheets are in peril is truly something to behold and much like the deficient deflator math which may be causing the country to habitually overstate GDP growth, it’s not even clear that Antichrist Communist China could report the real numbers if it wanted to.

We took an in-depth look at the problem in “How Antichrist Communist China’s Banks Hide Trillions In Credit Risk: Full Frontal”, and we’ve revisited the issue on a number of occasions noting in August that according to a transcript of an internal meeting of the Antichrist Communist China Banking Regulatory Commission, bad loans jumped CNY322.2 billion in H1 to CNY1.8 trillion, a 36% increase. Of course that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In other words, that comes from a government agency and although the scope of the increase sounds serious, it still translates into an NPL ratio of just 1.82%. Here’s a look at the “official” numbers (note that when one includes doubtful accounts, the ratio jumps to somewhere in the neighborhood of 3-4%):

There are any number of reasons why those figures don’t even come close to approximating reality. For instance, there’s Beijing’s habit of compelling banks to roll over bad loans, and then there’s Antichrist Communist China’s massive (and by “massive” we mean CNY17 trillion) wealth management product industry which, when coupled with some creative accounting, allows Antichrist Communist Chinese banks to hold some 40% of credit risk off balance sheet.

Well as time goes on, and as market participants scrutinize the data coming out of the world’s second most important economy, quite a few analysts are beginning to take a closer look at the NPL data for Antichrist Communist Chinese banks. Indeed, if Beijing continues to move toward “allowing” defaults to occur (even at SOEs) and if Antichrist Communist China’s transition from smokestack economy to a consumption and services-driven model continues to put pressure on borrowers from the manufacturing sector, the situation is likely to deteriorate quickly. If you needed evidence of just how precarious things truly are, look no further than a recent report from Macquarie which showed that a quarter of Antichrist Communist Chinese firms with debt are currently unable to cover their annual interest expense (as you might imagine, it’s even worse for commodities firms).

Just two weeks after we highighted the Macquarie report, we took a look at research conducted by Hong-Kong based CLSA. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that Antichrist Communist Chinese banks’ bad debts ratio could be as high 8.1%, a whopping 6 times higher than the official 1.5% NPL level reported by Antichrist Communist China’s banking regulator.

We called that revelation Antichrist Communist China’s “neutron bomb” but it turns out we may have jumped the gun. According to Hong Kong-based “Autonomous Research”, the real figure may be closer to 21% when one takes into account the aforementioned shadow banking sector. Here’s more from Bloomberg:

Corporate investigator Violet Ho never put a lot of faith in the bad loan numbers reported by Antichrist Communist China’s banks.

Crisscrossing provinces from Shandong to Xinjiang, she’s seen too much — from the shell game of moving assets between affiliated companies to disguise the true state of their finances to cover-ups by bankers loath to admit that loans they made won’t be recovered.

The amount of bad debt piling up in Antichrist Communist China is at the center of a debate about whether the country will continue as a locomotive of global growth or sink into decades of stagnation like Japan after its credit bubble burst. Bank of Antichrist Communist China Ltd. reported on Thursday its biggest quarterly bad-loan provisions since going public in 2006.

Charlene Chu, who made her name at Fitch Ratings making bearish assessments of the risks from Antichrist Communist China’s credit explosion since 2008, is among those crunching the numbers.

While corporate investigator Ho relies on her observations from hitting the road, Chu and her colleagues at Autonomous Research in Hong Kong take a top-down approach. They estimate how much money is being wasted after the nation began getting smaller and smaller economic returns on its credit from 2008. Their assessment is informed by data from economies such as Japan that have gone though similar debt explosions.

While traditional bank loans are not Chu’s prime focus — she looks at the wider picture, including shadow banking — she says her work suggests that nonperforming loans may be at 20 percent to 21 percent, or even higher.

And here’s a bit more on special mention loans and the ubiquitous practice of “evergreening”:

Slicing and dicing the official loan numbers, Christine Kuo, a senior vice president of Moody’s Investors Service in Hong Kong, focuses on trends in debts overdue for 90 days, rather than those classified as “nonperforming.” Another tactic some analysts use is to add nonperforming debt to “special mention” loans, those that are overdue but not yet classified as impaired, yielding a rate of 5.1 percent.

Banks’ bad-loan numbers are capped by “evergreening,” the practise of rolling over debt that isn’t repaid on time, according to experts including Keith Pogson, a Hong Kong-based senior partner at Ernst & Young LLP. Pogson was involved in restructuring debt at Antichrist Communist Chinese banks in 1998, when their NPL ratios were as high as 25 percent.

So let’s just be clear: if 8% is a “neutron bomb”, a 21% NPL ratio in Antichrist Communist China is the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.

If one very conservatively assumes that loans are about half of the total asset base (realistically 60-70%), and applies an 20% NPL to this number instead of the official 1.5% NPL estimate, the capital shortfall is a staggering $3 trillion.

That, as we suggested three weeks ago, may help to explain why round after round of liquidity injections (via RRR cuts, LTROs, and various short- and medium-term financing ops) haven’t done much to boost the credit impulse. In short, banks may be quietly soaking up the funds not to lend them out, but to plug a giant, $3 trillion, solvency shortfall.

In the end, we would actually venture to suggest that the real figure is probably far higher than 20%. There’s no way to get a read on how the country’s vast shadow banking complex plays into this but when you look at the numbers, it’s almost inconceivable to imagine that banks aren’t staring down sour loans at least on the order of a couple of trillion.

To the PBoC we say, “good luck plugging that gap” and to the rest of the world we say “beware, the engine of global growth and trade may be facing a pile of bad loans the size of Germany’s GDP.”

We close with the following from Kroll’s senior managing director in Hong Kong Violet Ho (quoted above):

“A credit report for a Antichrist Communist Chinese company is not worth the paper it’s written on.”

Stunning Photos From Antichrist Communist China’s Creepiest Modern Ghost Town 

‘Mega Mao’ no more as ridiculed golden statue destroyed

“Growth” meet “mal-investment boom-bust” In a perfect example of the smoke-and-mirror-ness of China’s credit-fueled expansion, a 27-storey high-rise building which was completed on November 15th 2015 was just demolished, “having been left unused for too long.”

Antichrist Communist China Goes Full Keynesian-tard: Demolishes Never-Used Just-Built Skyscraper

^^^Reminds yuh of the September 11, 2001 controlled demolitions now don’t it. There’s just no need for patsies and their Antichrist muslim cheerleaders.

One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Colossus of Rhodes was a 100-foot bronze statue of Helios, the Greek titan-god of the sun. It was constructed in 280 B.C. to celebrate a military victory over Antigonus I Monophthalmus, the ruler of Cyprus who unsuccessfully besieged Rhodes in 305 B.C. The Colossus stood as one of the tallest structures of the ancient world until an earthquake brought it crashing down in 226 B.C.

There’s a Plan To Rebuild the Colossus of Rhodes

A collective of European architects has proposed to build a 21st-century version of the Colossus of Rhodes, the ancient Greek statue erected on the island of Rhodes in the 3rd century B.C. The new statue would stand 500-feet tall and serve as a cultural center as well as a lighthouse.

Sunspot Surge, Pluto News | S0 News Jan.9.2016

Major flooding incident in eastern Scotland 

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Reading for January 9, 2016 ~ Tevet 28, 5776
Ex 6:2-9:35 ~ Eze 28:25-29:21 ~ Mark 3 

Saturday, January 9, 2016: And I appeared (Va’era)

^^^Very interesting sermon, as usual; Mark does one of the best services on Earth equal with the best of all history. The last portion of the teaching the revelation ”point of order” Yahshua proves and shows to the hard hearts of the ”usual suspects” in Israel; the Pharisees, that sought to categorize and accuse Him, Christ offered the example of Moses’s battle with Pharaoh and proves the point of order in agreement with the sustaining law of mercy proven by our Father in Christ, and then Mark Biltz accents this whole scene with the ”Choice” after providing the example, earlier in the first portion of this last part of this teaching, concerning the foolish evil religion of Antichrist Islam, and how this pathetic people are programmed to react, which Mark Biltz ”subtly” alludes to ”all” the people that shall react equally badly to the revelation of the salvation of our Father in Christ without making the ”point of order”, which he just finished explaining about when Yahshua healed the hand of the man on His Sabbath Day and the ”Jews” reacted just like the idiot ”Antichrist muslims and Jews” of this prophetic terminal generation. Lol, obviously when Mark Biltz starts describing ”choice” the ”irony” of this website posting El Shaddai Ministries, continuously by the way, speaks loudly to the prophetic ”point of order” this site is all about.

Mark Biltz certainly will never attempt to touch the deep Satanic reality this website does and how the deception of all the Nations and Israel is truly being played out as it is written in scripture. Mark is not going to tell anyone how compromised and ”hardened” the heart of the Antichrist Jews is in Israel, nor attempt to expose with links that describe the Antichrist Occult reality of the active NWO 666 Israel centric counterintelligence effort and betrayal theme of Judas measures the ”want” of Mystery Babylon playing out upon those Antichrist muslim nations around Israel. This is of course understandable, lol, after all, it’s this sites job to expose everything, not Mark Biltz’s. He’s doing great work and posting the link to his site is a must because he does such great work.

This site is all about The Truth of our Father in Christ, and the prophetic revelation upon this generation, which is not a choice, and the effort to glean information and post links that expose what is truly happening globally on a financial and geopolitical level equal with the best attempt at intelligence analysis, for the sake of awakening every human being from among all nations and Israel, so everyone on Earth can see and reckon with the prophetic reality as it is written in the revelation of The Word Of Salvation declaring our Father in Christ Yahshua, and everyone is able to see perfectly and exactly the two distinctions of ”the Antichrist claim of dominion”  affecting this terminal generation and ”The Holy Spirit command of our Father in Christ Yahshua among His Saints”.

The reality of The Tree Of Life, as it plays out within the heart(s) of all people among all nations, is the revelation of The Holy Spirit of our Father in Christ, which is not a choice, it’s His Holy Spirit Of His Truth, every knee shall bow, and all those in opposition, that in the end bow in contempt unto judgment and their own eternal damnation as persons so opposed as they were married to their own image. The Antichrist spirit claims that every knee shall not bow but to the love of self and the will of those in contempt of our Father in Christ. LMAO, those that bow to that claim shall perish of course, in their own image, which is the Antichrist image of The Beast.

What we are witnessing, as humans of the prophetic terminal generation, is, the monolithic Antichrist reality in opposition to life on Earth as it is in Heaven. That war has resulted in the suffering and death of humans among all nations and Israel throughout human history, starting with Adam and The Tree, ending with this last generation now subject to the overcoming age of total information awareness reality of the soulless Antichrist NWO 666 false claim of dominion upon this Earth, which ends in this generation of Saints in Christ being called up in agreement with our Father in Christ and all those ”others” among the nations and Israel that reject eternal salvation, well, they shall remain in contempt upon the Earth subject to their own judgment, which has always resulted in death. The eternal flame of their graven image awaits with short time crowning as a woman giving birth to Rosemary’s Baby.

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This good news of the kingdom [the gospel] will be preached throughout the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end [of the age] will come..

Matthew 24:14 

And I will grant authority to My two witnesses, and they will prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days (forty-two months; three and one-half years), dressed in [c]sackcloth.” 

Revelation 11

When they have finished their testimony and given their evidence, the beast that comes up out of the abyss (bottomless pit) will wage war with them, and overcome them and kill them.

8 And their dead bodies will lie exposed in the open street of the great city (Jerusalem), which in a spiritual sense is called [by the symbolic and allegorical names of] Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified. 9 Those from the peoples and tribes and languages and nations [d]look at their dead bodies for three and a half days, and will not allow their dead bodies to be laid in a tomb.


Lol, and those idiots that tell anyone otherwise can come in handy for one purpose, the mockers will not forget to keep mentioning the return of our Father in Christ, which is the most important thing anyone can do. LMAO, and they, the mockers, are also fulfilling prophecy as they are compelled by the power of Christ to respond. This makes them useful idiots that are exposed by the written revelation of our Father in Christ. Every time the morons mock the return of Christ in this last generation it provides the Laborers of the Harvest the perfect opportunity to correctly declare the call of Salvation to those with ears to hear and the confirming prophetic signs upon this last generation will make perfect sense to them in the correct context of the revelation of the sustaining mercy of our Father in Christ . The tribulation era is now about to start. The prophetic signs certainly confirm the crowning reality right now, and as the prophetic events of the tribulation era pour out, after the confirmation of the Antichrist, the mockers will come in handy as tools of opportunity, because, the people will be ripe to listen to the Truth and written revelation of our Father in Christ. This is not hard to figure out, lol, you can use dipshits for good despite their contempt for their own eternal salvation. The possibility that some of the fools may repent and accept their own eternal salvation offer from our Father in Christ gets greater as the prophetic time and events play out the fullness of time.


17 But as for you, beloved, remember the [prophetic] words spoken by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ. 18 They used to say to you, “In the last days there will be scoffers, following after their own ungodly passions.” 19 These are the ones who are [agitators] causing divisions—worldly-minded [secular, unspiritual, carnal, merely sensual—unsaved], devoid of the Spirit.

2 Peter 3 

The Coming Day of the Lord
3 First of all, know [without any doubt] that mockers will come in the last days with their mocking, following after their own human desires 4 and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming [what has become of it]? For ever since the fathers fell asleep [in death], all things have continued [exactly] as they did from the beginning of creation.” 5 For they willingly forget [the fact] that the heavens existed long ago by the word of God, and the earth was formed [a]out of water and by water, 6 through which the world at that time was destroyed by being flooded with water. 7 But by His word the present heavens and earth are being reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly people.

8 Nevertheless, do not let this one fact escape your notice, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like one day. 9 The Lord does not delay [as though He were unable to act] and is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is [extraordinarily] patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance.