1116 The Year Of The Antichrist

by amongthenumberedsaints

And the earth is corrupt before God, and the earth is filled [with] violence.
12 And God seeth the earth, and lo, it hath been corrupted, for all flesh hath corrupted its way on the earth.

Genesis 6 

13 And God said to Noah, `An end of all flesh hath come before Me, for the earth hath been full of violence from their presence; and lo, I am destroying them with the earth.

Matthew 24 

For the coming of the Son of Man (the Messiah) will be just like the days of Noah. 38 For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the [very] day when Noah entered the ark, 39 and they did not know or understand until the flood came and swept them all away; so will the coming of the Son of Man be [unexpected judgment]. 

Revelation 11 

And I will grant authority to My two witnesses, and they will prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days (forty-two months; three and one-half years), dressed in [c]sackcloth.” 

We start the year with our planet reaching perihelion – closest point to the Sun – which will happen at 22:49 UTC on January 2. At the time, Earth will be 146.6 million km (91 million miles) from the Sun. 

Night sky guide for January 2016

January 3 – Conjunction between the Moon and Mars.

January 9 – Conjunction between Venus and Saturn – 04:12 UTC

January 10 – C/2013 US10 (Catalina) reaches its brightest

January 11 – 116P/Wild at perihelion

January 12 – 204P/LINEAR-NEAT reaches its brightest

January 19 – C/2014 W2 (PANSTARRS) reaches its brightest

And nothing has changed on this front. For 2016 Wall Street appears to see little risk in markets and the same forecasts for 2015 have been moved into 2016. Not a single analyst sees the $SPX moving below 2000 or even 2,100 for that matter. No downside. None. And none was projected in 2015.

Yet Hedge funds got hammered in 2015 resulting in hundreds of closings and many well known funds and hedge fund managers are down severely. Heck even Warren Buffet had a lousy year being down 11%.

Economists also have widely missed the boat on economic growth projections. It’s been a year of slowing growth globally and yet forecasts kept pointing to more optimistic outlooks. For along time markets have been either ignoring or outright celebrating any bad news as it suggested more central bank easing to come. And to be fair this has worked for years. After all central banks have cut rates over 650 times since 2008 and even in the 2015 the ECB and BOJ added $1.2 trillion in assets to their balance sheets.

But the scale and scope of forecast misses is eye opening. Just this last week the Chicago PMI figure came in so mismatched in both direction and magnitude versus economists’ forecasts one has to wonder what they are actually looking at: “The index fell to 42.9 from 48.7 in November. Economists had expected it to rise 1.3 points to 50 in the December reading. The index has spent much of the year below the 50 mark that separates expansion from contraction”.

What’s the standard excuse for the missed forecasts? The weather of course which prompted this sarcastic tweet from me:

Lessons for 2016: Never trust an economist without a degree in meteorology

Which brings me to my beloved Fed. After months and months and months of talking, tinkering, and handwringing they finally hiked rates while insisting it meant nothing. Janet Yellen keeps claiming the Fed is data dependent. Yet their own forecasts continued to be wrong and GDP growth figures continued to be revised downward throughout the year. So why did they hike rates? To maintain credibility?

Certainly not because of the mentioned PMI figures. In fact, during the last two rate hike cycles (who can even remember those) PMI was leading by expanding not contracting as it does now. So I have to ask: They want to hike rates into a declining PMI trend into the lows 40s?

2016. It’s shaping up to be a wild one.

2016 Technical Outlook 

in USD terms the global economy shrank by just about $3 trillion in 2015, and as Deutsche Bank added, this was the worst dollar-denominated GDP recession in 50 years!

Kyle Bass Suffers “Worst Year In The Last Ten”, Reveals His Best Investment For The Next “3-5 Years” 

As to whether Bass will be correct this year, or whether he will suffer another “worst in ten years” performance over the next 12 months, tune in in one year to find out.

A Year Of Living Technically: Charting The Markets Of 2015

As we wrap up 2015, we again pause to reflect on the noteworthy events that took place across the financial markets this year. 

The Year Ahead 

As 2016 begins, there are clear signs of serious debt/default squalls on the horizon. We can already see the first white-capped waves.

Carmen Reinhart Warns “Serious Sovereign Debt Defaults” Are Looming

We believe the Credit Cycle has turned and with it will come some massive unexpected shocks. One of these will be the fall out in the Bond Market, centered around the dramatic growth explosion in Bond ETFs coupled with the post financial crisis regulatory changes that effectively removed banks from making markets in corporate bonds. It is a ‘Witch’s Brew’ with a flattening yield curve bringing it to a boil.

In the last six weeks, the spread between the Ten Year and the Two year treasuries has flattened exactly 25 basis points, which is EXACTLY the same amount that the Fed just moved the Fed Funds target rate this past Wednesday. With investors starved for yield many are being forced further out on the yield curve taking rates down further and pushing prices up.


A “Witch’s Brew” Bubbling In Bond ETFs 

BUT IF THE MARKETS RESUME FLATTENING IN RESPONSE TO GLOBAL ECONOMIC WEAKNESS AMID ANTICHRIST COMMUNIST CHINESE SLOWING OR SOME GEO-POLITICAL EVENT ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE. WHY? Last time the yield curves dramatically flattened in 2007 or 2012 in Europe the central banks, like John Mayall, HAD ROOM TO MOVE. When the U.S. curve inverted in early 2007, the rate was at 5.25% so the FED could swiftly cut rates in response to an incipient crisis. In Europe,the yields on the two-year notes of the so-called PIIGS were more than 7.0% and thus a dramatic drop in rates could be a positive signal to the markets.

WITH INTEREST RATES AT ZERO IN ALL THE DEVELOPED ECONOMIES WHAT WILL THE KEY POLICY MAKERS DO? A FLATTENING CURVE AT THIS JUNCTURE WOULD PUSH THE FED INTO NEW TERRITORY AND PUT FEAR INTO THE MARKETS.Thus, “ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE” is an inference that the flattening of the curve at the zero bound will signal that the central banks have lost “control.” Will it be on the first close below 117.25? Most probably not but it is certainly an area for investors and traders to be very aware of. That was my point and it needed explanation beyond the allotted time of the Santelli spot. I await any questions or responses.

What Yra doesn’t say is we now have $2.2 Trillion of troubled High Yield bonds peddled to yield starved investors since the financial crisis, which matches 2/3’s of the $3.5 Trillion increase in the Federal Reserves balance sheet during the same period. Additionally, there are well north of $60 Trillion of Bond ETFs out there with anyone guess on how many fast money speculators are playing the “Rolling Down the Yield Curve” Strategy now up against the warning Morningstar so clearly disclaimed: “the roll down strategy will lose a lot of steam if the yield curve flattens more than expected.”

With serious liquidity issues clearly evident it should be interesting as a potential positioning scramble ensues. It somewhat reminds me of someone potentially shouting “FIRE” in a theater, except this times the theater doors will be barred and the only way out will be to have someone outside take your seat inside! ETF holders may find it easier to sell that old bridge over the East River in Brooklyn than get their money out of their ETFs.

Maybe what we will actually soon hear is someone shouting “CUSTODIAL RISK!”

This Is One Of The Great Dangers Facing The World In 2016 

Calling Tom Horn, Cris Putnam, Steve Quayle, Josh Peck! CERN Stargate Discovers ‘Mega Particle That Could Hold Key To Other Dimensions’ 

Are you conCERNed yet? You should be. According to video evidence posted in December 2015 CERN opened a portal, this time not over a distant land but right over Geneva Switzerland. The video shows not only an intriguing opening but an, even more, unusual departure. CERN is up to something, and no one seems to know quite what they are doing, but one thing is sure their machine, the large hadron collider, is facilitating the end times on Earth.

New Years Alert: Major CERN Update They Opened The Sky


It’s 2016!!! …already!!!

Just remember, not only is our love for The Holy Spirit Truth and Light of our Father in Christ upon us, and therefore the world, AKA the general public hates us, we have the prophetic advantage of knowing exactly what is happening as we watch another year confirm the inevitable Antichrist Tribulation era.

According to the Antichrist occult, this is ”their year” for ”their” Antichrist confirmation. Their ”man” showing up kicks off the tribulation era of 3 1/2 years.

The lead story on the Drudge Report and almost everywhere else across the entire media is the takeover of the US Federal Building by Ammon Bundy and a gang of US Patriots and Militia members who have vowed they intend to spend years there. While we’re quite sure this latest episode will be used in an attempt to further demonize Christians and supporters of the US Constitution, we have to wonder why the absolutely criminal and complicit mainstream media isn’t pushing with the same zeal the recent warning by Texas governor Greg Abbott who had a strong message for Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots SPECTRE Clown on New Years Day: “Come and take it!”

We have certainly reached a total quagmire in America, haven’t we? With US Patriots (many who have likely had their names added to the terror watchlist) opposing a federal government that even Donald Trump now has stated created ISIS (therefore aligning government with pure evil and unadulterated terror), haven’t we reached the point in time when those assisting the terrorists (and living in Washington DC) are arrested for treason against America? Shouldn’t those who are assisting in the growth and development of the terrorist organization who want to kill us and launch armageddon upon the world be held accountable for their actions?

Why hasn’t the US Military or law enforcement gotten involved in this and arrested the treasonists and terrorist supporters in Washington DC who created Antichrist ISIS before any more Americans are killed? Surely they, too, are aware of what is going on

Has Civil War Begun In America? Trump Tells America Clinton 911 And Obozo Created Antichrist ISIS, It’s Surely The Season Of Treason – Why Are Obozo And Clinton 911 Still Walking The Streets? 

The ”FACT” ”IS”, the American Israeli Saudi etc… Jive Turkey NATO mission has been GUILTY OF HELPING SLAUGHTER CHRISTIANS IN SYRIA etc… all for the sake of the Antichrist NWO Agenda. The United States military has been compromised completely and is an active obvious threat equal with every evil military force on the planet. When looking upon the government forces, especially the military at this point, you are looking at the proxy military force of the Antichrist. THAT IS A FACT! …and if you work for the government, and you are ”active duty”, you have accepted the Antichrist Mark Of The Beast Mission. That is the whole prophetic Truth!

Antichrist ISIS: The ‘Enemy’ The Antichrist NWO SPECTRE Compromised US Created, Armed, & Funded 

As we look at its funding sources, it may all become clearer.

Funding and materiel, courtesy of Uncle Sam and his friends

Why Did The Pentagon Falsify Reports About Military Successes In Fight Against It’s Obozo Assad ISIS Proxy? 

With this in mind it’s important that we try to keep a sense of humor when dealing with the people we know, and the general public that hates us, that remain Antichrist stupid. Lol, considering; ”as it was in the days of Noah” and the fact that violence against the Saints sealed in Christ shall increase even more than it has, be it the evil of idiot Antichrist Islamic death cult etc… etc… etc… and of course every government on the planet (especially the Antichrist Obozo ISIS Team New World Order Clowns), we should make an extra effort to humorously point out ”The Truth” without compromising.

On The Trail Of Dubai’s Stolen Gold: A Robbed Client Breaks The Silence, And A Fascinating Detail Emerges 

Antichrist Muslim Bastard Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the staggering comment about Antichrist Occult Nazi Germany as attempts to build-up his own political position and put more powers into his hands.

At a press conference in Jive Turkey which he held after cutting a state visit to Antichrist Muslim Death Cult Country Saudi Arabia short following the death of eminent pro-government political journalist Hasan Karakaya, Mr Erdogan was asked if he thought a presidential system would be possible while keeping the state’s unitary structure.

He said: “Yes. There is nothing to say that you can’t have a presidential system in a unitary state.

“There are already some examples in the world today, and also some from the past.

“You see it when you look at Hitler’s Germany.

Jive Turkish President outrageously cites ADOLF HITLER in example of an effective government

Lol, …because the Antichrist clowns are what they are, self defeating fools, making an effort to humorously accent that is now ”come due”. It’s time to be extremely outrageous in 2016. The Antichrist Clown team spirit needs to receive a fight. Showing ”their” pathetic ”Antichrist” judgment for what it is, the eternal deadly joke, should be part of the best effort of combat. The Antichrist needs to be resisted every time the opportunity arises, which is a ”constant” obviously.

Solar Flare, Radiation Storm at Earth | S0 News Jan.2.2016 

NOTE: This year the ”Gleanings” are going to be limited even more. The intent is to make an effort to post only the most important links to reports. This means that pages may consist of 3 days worth of links or even one page for an entire week. When the market or big geopolitical event happens this of course may change. The goal is to make an effort to truly narrow down the focus even more than ever so that it’s even easier to analyze intelligence in the most general global sense. Following the money of course has always been well in focus, but even so, the effort to reduce links down to just the big moves is in order.

Jan. 1, 2016: The New Bank Bail-In System Goes Into Effect in Europe 

If you have a bank account anywhere in Europe, you need to read this article. On Jan. 1, 2016, a new bail-in system will go into effect for all European banks. This new system is based on the Cyprus bank bail-ins that we witnessed a few years ago. If you will remember, money was grabbed from anyone that had more than 100,000 euros in their bank accounts in order to bail out the banks. Now the exact same principles that were used in Cyprus are going to apply to all of Europe. And with the entire global financial system teetering on the brink of chaos, that is not good news for those that have large amounts of money stashed in shaky European banks.

More Ominous Charts For 2016 

If 2015 was the year in which no investment strategy worke, 2016 is looking like the year in which all economic policies fail. Already, at what should be the blow-off peak of a long expansion, US corporate profits are instead rolling over:

What is noteworthy that these trends are playing out in an environment when all the other major economies are also rolling over and the US Fed has just begun a tightening cycle. That makes 2016 a uniquely scary year. 

Saturday, January 2, 2016: Names (Shemot) 

Reading for January 2, 2016 ~ Tevet 21, 5776
Ex 1:1-6:1 ~ Is 27:6-28:13; 29:22-23 ~ Mark 1-2

Nigel Farage’s Car Sabotaged After Death Threats, Police Confirm “Foul Play”

Deadly earthquake near Imphal, Manipur, India – 8 dead and 100 injured so far + massive damage

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by India’s Meteorological Department as M6.7 at a depth of 17 km (10.6 miles) hit very populated India-Myanmar border region at 23:05 UTC on January 3, 2016. The agency said the epicenter was in Tamenglong region of Manipur state. USGS is reporting M6.7 at a depth of 55 km (34.2 miles).

According to the USGS, the epicenter was located 29 km (18 miles) W of Imphal, 33 km (21 miles) NW of Mayang Imphal, 38 km (24 miles) NNW of Moirang, 42 km (26 miles) WNW of Thoubal, India and 352 km (219 miles) ENE of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

There are about 4 176 950 people living within 100 km (62 miles) radius.

Strong and shallow M6.7 earthquake hits India-Myanmar border region