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Carolyn Hamlett – Illuminati Plan A Fake Antichrist Before The False Messiah 


CFACT will hold the world premiere of its long-awaited Climate Hustle skeptical documentary film at an invitation-only red carpet event in Paris during the UN’s COP 21 international summit on climate change.
Featuring interviews and comments from more than 30 renowned scientists and climate experts, Climate Hustle lays out compelling evidence that devastates the global warming scare. Film host Marc Morano, founder and publisher of CFACT’s award-winning Climate Depot news and information service, leads viewers on a fact-finding and often times hilarious journey through the propaganda-laced world of “climate change” claims.

The film is the first climate documentary to profile scientists who have reversed their views from supporting the so-called “consensus” position to a conversion to skepticism. The film also profiles politically left scientists who have now declared themselves skeptics of man-made global warming.
David Rothbard, CFACT president and executive producer of the film says, “Climate Hustle is the most important climate documentary since Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Gore’s film kicked off a decade of scaremongering junk science. CFACT’s film debunks the scare and clears the way for a return to sound science and rational debate.”

Nationally syndicated columnist Cal Thomas calls Climate Hustle “tremendous” and says “anyone who still believes in ‘climate change’ after watching this film needs the type of reprogramming given to cult members.”

Noted climatologist Dr. Judith Curry of the Georgia Institute of Technology, who is featured in the film, adds “Climate Hustle is a refreshing and entertaining antidote to the sillier and alarming claims about climate change and its impacts that people regularly hear from politicians and the media.”

Skeptical Climate Documentary Set to Rock UN Climate Summit – ‘Climate Hustle’ To Have Red Carpet Premiere in Paris

Russian President Vladimir Putz Putin has rejected a meeting with Antichrist Jive Turkish counterpart Antichrist Muslim Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the climate conference in Paris on Monday, the Kremlin said, as a dispute rages over Ankara’s downing of a Russian warplane.

“No meeting with Erdogan is planned. There is no discussion of such a meeting,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists.

The announcement comes after Putz Putin on Saturday sanctioned Turkey, in an economics sanctions package banning organizations, imports and Turkish workers. Antichrist Erdogan previously reported that Putz Putin snubbed his phone call last week.

Putz Putin’s snub comes after the Antichrist Muslim Jive Turkish leader called for face-to-face talks with Putz Putin on the sidelines of the summit to discuss the shooting down of the plane on the Syria-Turkish border.

Moscow and Ankara are at daggers drawn over the incident last Tuesday, with Russia announcing a raft of economic sanctions against Jive Turkey and the two leaders engaging in a furious war of words.

Ankara on Monday sent back to Russia the body of a pilot killed in the downing of the jet after it was delivered from Syria to Turkey over the weekend.

Putz Putin is likely to meet Antichrist NWO 666 US President Barack Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Spectre Clown for informal talks on the margins of the climate conference in Paris, the Kremlin said.

World leaders are gathering in Paris for an historic summit aimed at ending decades of political gridlock and forging an elusive agreement to avert global warming.

Putz Putin snubs Antichrist Erdogan meet at Paris conference .

With this final issue of 2015, the Bulletin looks forward from its first seven decades of publishing to address a future that will include not just a continuing and expanded threat of thermonuclear catastrophe, but also an array of other global dangers, including climate change and the potential misuse of advances in synthetic biology, information technology, and artificial intelligence.

^^^These jerks are on board with the Antichrist NWO Climate Change Borderless Culling/Tribulation.

On its 70th birthday, the Bulletin looks forward 

“I’ve shown photos taken from space and from aircraft which clearly demonstrate the scale of the illegal trade in oil and petroleum products,” Vladimir Putz Putin told reporters earlier this month on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Antalya. Putz Putin was of course referencing Islamic State’s illicit and highly lucrative oil trade, the ins and outs of which we’ve documented extensively over the past two weeks:

The Most Important Question About Antichrist ISIS That Nobody Is Asking
Meet The Man Who Funds Antichrist ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Antichrist Muslim ”(a)llah has no Son” bastard son Of Jive Turkey’s President
How Jive Turkey Exports Antichrist ISIS Oil To The World: The Scientific Evidence
Antichrist ISIS Suicide Spectre Squid Oil Trade Full Frontal: “Raqqa’s Rockefellers”, Bilal Erdogan, KRG Crude, And The Antichrist Israel Connection

Jive Turkey’s move to shoot down a Russian Su-24 warplane near the Syrian border afforded the Russian President all the motivation and PR cover he needed to expose Ankara’s alleged role in the trafficking of illegal crude from Iraq and Syria and in the aftermath of last Tuesday’s “incident,” Putz Putin lambasted Antichrist Erdogan. “Oil from Antichrist Islamic State is being shipped to Jive Turkey,” Putz Putin said while in Jordan for a meeting with Antichrist Muslim King Abdullah. In case that wasn’t clear enough, Putz Putin added this: “Antichrist Islamic State gets cash by selling oil to Jive Turkey.”

To be sure, it’s impossible to track the path Antichrist ISIS Suicide Spectre Squid oil takes from extraction to market with any degree of precision. That said, it seems that Antichrist Islamic State takes advantage of the same network of smugglers, traders, and shipping companies that the KRG uses to transport Kurdish crude from Kurdistan to the Jive Turkish port of Ceyhan. From there, the oil makes its way to >>>Israel<<< and other markets (depending on which story you believe) and if anyone needs to be thrown off the trail along the way, there’s a ship-to-ship transfer trick that can be executed off the coast of >>>Malta<<<. The maneuver allegedly makes the cargoes more difficult to track.

Some believe Antichrist Muslim Jive Turkey Erdogan’s ”(a)llah has no Son” bastard Antichrist Muslim son Bilal – who owns a marine transport company called BMZ Group – is heavily involved in the trafficking of Kurdish and Antichrist ISIS Suicide SPectre Squid crude. Most of the ships BMZ owns are >>>Malta-flagged<<<.

In light of the above, some have speculated that Turkey shot down the Su-24 in retaliation for Russia’s bombing campaign that recently has destroyed over 1,000 Antichrist ISIS Suicide Spectre Squid oil trucks. Here’s what Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoub said on Friday:

“All of the oil was delivered to a company that belongs to the Antichrist bastard ”(a)llah has no Son” bastard son of Antichrist Muslim Jive Turkey Recep [Tayyip] Erdogan. This is why Jive Turkey became anxious when Russia began delivering airstrikes against the Antichrist IS Suicide Spectre Squid infrastructure and destroyed more than 500 trucks with oil already. This really got on Antichrist Muslim Jive Turkey Erdogan and his company’s nerves. They’re importing not only oil, but wheat and historic artefacts as well.”

Al-Zoub isn’t alone in his suspicions. In an interview with RT, Iraqi MP and former national security adviser, Mowaffak al Rubaie – who personally led Saddam to the gallows – said Antichrist ISIS is selling around $100 million of stolen crude each month in Jive Turkey. Here are some excerpts:

“In the last eight months Antichrist ISIS has managed to sell … $800 million dollars worth of oil on the black market of Turkey. This is Iraqi oil and Syrian oil, carried by trucks from Iraq, from Syria through the borders to Jive Turkey and sold …[at] less than 50 percent of the international oil price.”

“Now this either get consumed inside, the crude is refined on Jive Turkish territory by the Jive Turkish refineries, and sold in the Jive Turkish market. Or it goes to Jihan and then in the pipelines from Jihan to the Mediterranean and sold to the international market.”

“Money and dollars generated by selling Iraqi and Syrian oil on the Turkish black market is like the oxygen supply to Antichrist ISIS and it’s operation,” he added. “Once you cut the oxygen then Antichrist ISIS will suffocate.”

“There isn’t a shadow of a doubt that the Antichrist Muslim Jive Turkish government knows about the oil smuggling operations. The merchants, the businessmen [are buying oil] in the black market in Jive Turkey under the noses – under the auspices if you like – of the Jive Turkish intelligence agency and the Jive Turkish security apparatus.”

“There are security officers who are sympathizing with Antichrist ISIS Suicide Spectre Squid in Jive Turkey. They are allowing them to go from Istanbul to the borders and infiltrate … Syria and Iraq.”

“There is no terrorist organization which can stand alone, without a neighboring country helping it – in this case Turkey.”

That’s pretty unequivocal. But it gets better.

On Monday, Putz Putin was back at it, saying that Russia has obtained new information that further implicates Jive Turkey in the Antichrist Islamic State oil trade. “At the moment we have received additional information confirming that that oil from the deposits controlled by Antichrist Islamic State militants enters Jive Turkish territory on industrial scale,” Putz Putin said on the sidelines of the climate change summit in Paris. “We have traced some located on the territory of the Jive Turkish Republic and living in regions guarded by special security services and police that have used the visa-free regime to return to our territory, where we continue to fight them.”

“We have every reason to believe that the decision to down our plane was guided by a desire to ensure security of this oil’s delivery routes to ports where they are shipped in tankers,” he added, taking it up another notch still.

As for Antichrist Erdogan, well, he “can’t accept” the accusations which he calls “not moral”:

Hilariously, the man who just finished starting a civil war just so he could regain a few lost seats in Parliament and who would just as soon throw you in jail as look at you if he thinks you might be a threat to his government, now says he will resign if Putin (or anyone else) can present “proof”: “We are not that dishonest as to buy oil from terrorists. If it is proven that we have, in fact, done so, I will leave office. If there is any evidence, let them present it, we’ll consider [it].”

Hold your breath on that.

And so, the Turkey connection has been exposed and in dramatic fashion. Unfortunately for Ankara, Erdogan can’t arrest Vladimir Putin like he can award winning journalists and honest police officers who, like Moscow, want to see the flow of money and weapons to Antichrist Sunni militants in Syria cut off.

The real question is how NATO will react now that Jive Turkey is quickly becoming a liability. Furthermore, you can be sure that the Antichrist NWO 666 US, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar Suicide Vampire Spectre Squid Of THe Great Walmart of Communist China (who are all heavily invested in the Antichrist Sunni extremist cause in Syria), are getting nervous. No one wants to see this blown wide open as that would mean the Western public getting wise to the fact that it is indeed anti-ISIS coalition governments that are funding and arming not only Antichrist ISIS, but also Antichrist al-Nusra and every other rebel group fighting to wrest control of the country from Assad. Worse, if it gets out that the reason the US has refrained from bombing Antichrist ISIS Suicide Spectre Squid oil trucks until now is due to the fact that Ankara and Washington had an understanding when it comes to the flow of illicit crude to Cehyan, the American public may just insist on indicting “some folks.” <–They are all going to Hell.

Remember, when it comes to criminal conspiracies, the guy who gets caught first usually ends up getting cut loose. It will be interesing to see if Antichrist Muslim Jive Turkey Erdogan starts to get the cold shoulder from Ankara’s “Antichrist NWO 666 Crypto Fascist Spectre Vampire Squid allies” going forward.

Antichrist Jive Turkey Erdogan Says Will Resign If Oil Purchases From Antichrist ISIS Suicide Spectre Squid Proven After Putz Putin Says Has “More Proof” 

While the United States and Europe argue over how many Syrian refugees to allow in, the richest Antichrist Persian Gulf states have accepted exactly zero.

The reluctance/refusal of Antichrist Muslim countries to accept Syrians also may make it much harder for Americans to accept Antichrist ”(a)llah has no Son” Muslim born bastard  NWO 666 President Barack Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Spectre Clown’s proposal to resettle 10,000 refugees throughout the United States.

Persian Gulf Antichrist Muslim States Have Accepted No Syrian Refugees

The Antichrist Muslim countries of the Antichrist Gulf Cooperation Council that include Antichrist Muslim Kuwait, Antichrist Muslim Oman, Antichrist Muslim Qatar, Antichrist Muslim Saudi Arabia, Antichrist Muslim Bahrain and Antichrist Muslim United Arab Emirates steadfastly refuse to accept any Syrian refugees. Amnesty International, USA (AIUSA) tells The Daily Caller News Foundation they have not accepted a single refugee since the armed Syrian conflict erupted years ago.

Antichrist Saudis to Behead Over 50, Including Top Antichrist Shi’ite Cleric, as ‘Terrorists Executions Risk Fueling Revolt in Antichrist Shi’ite Regions 

Antichrist Saudi Arabia is planning the latest in a series of mass executions in the next few days, looking to behead 52 detainees who they have convicted of “terrorism” related charges. Rights groups are harshly critical of the planned executions, noting three of the detainees were children when they were captured..

“Friend & Ally” Or “Barbaric Death Cult” – You Decide 

Amusingly, “the NDAA specifically prohibits any US aid going to the Antichrist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Antichrist Jabhat Al-Nusra Front, Antichrist Al-Qaeda, the Antichrist Khorasan Group, or any other violent Antichrist Muslim extremist organization.” Obviously that’s a sick joke. As we saw last Monday, US-made TOWs make their way quickly to Antichrist al-Nusra and what seems clear from the language in the bill is that Washington fully intends to continue to funnel arms to the Antichrist Muslim FSA which is not only allied with Antichrist al-Qaeda and who knows who else, but which is also now in the business of executing Russian pilots and blowing up search and rescue planes.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon can now send “anti-armor weapon systems, mortars, crew-served weapons and ammunition, grenade launchers and ammunition, and small arms and ammunition” to Ukraine to aid in the fight against Russian-backed separatists.

So there you have it America, your tax dollars hard at work funding proxy Antichrist NWO 666 Spectre armies in Syria and a Antichrist muppet funded NWO 666 puppet government in Ukraine, as Washington struggles to preserve the last vestiges of US hegemony and Moscow fights to return the world to bipolarity

Obozo Signs Defense Bill Authorizing $500 Million More In Aid To “Moderate” Antichrist Syrian Rebels 

It appears that assassinations of Leaders, from Jive Turkey to Europe etc… and the United States are now going to start happening. Of course it was only a matter of time, and that time has now come. This of course is just the thing that has been set up. Disrupting regular order, bringing chaos to establish ”the new world order end goal” by provoking populations to revolt violently against one another and of course the leaders, it’s all part of the end game. The people are put into a position of  war because they are certainly under attack by self appointed and corrupt globalist gangs that point directly back to the Antichrist agenda that brings the nations to war against not only each other but Israel ultimately, and of course the best defense is a counterintelligence offense exactly like what is being done to cause all this. The market has been set up for it, the Middle East has been set up for it, the Antichrist muslim invasion has been set up for it and the Climate Change U.N. Agenda has been set up for it. Don’t forget they also have Petrus Romanus as a spokes person. This is all prophetic and the people (are now) have just been forced to react as mob mentally dictated by the Antichrist spirit that provoked the people in order to entomb the unbecoming people so inspired and fallen away. This whole thing is a sick Satanic joke upon humanity and anyone with half a brain can see this even if they are not paying enough attention to grasp the true prophetic revelation unfolding.

Situation Deteriorating Rapidly: Clock Is Ticking Towards World War 3 As Crack Down Begins In Europe And Elite Run Off To Their Bunkers

Scanning news headlines of the last few days we find a similar theme at a lot of different outlets; at Huffington Post we get “Has World War III Already Started” while over at the NY Times we get a story simply called “World War III“. Infowars has former CIA operative Bob Baer telling us “Get Ready For WWIII” while CNN asked “How Is This Not World War III?” Over at NY Daily News we hear “Wake Up! It’s Already World War III” while two UK outlets take it a step further with Metro asking “What Would REALLY Happen In A Nuclear War?” while the Mirror asks “What Would Happen If A Nuclear Missile Was Launched At The UK?” .

We can hear the mainstream media now – “Great News Everyone!! The American consumer is back” – online sales on Black Friday rose 10% to $1.7 billion which ComScore says shows “strong spending.” The only problem is – which we suspect will be oddly missing from the mainstream narrative, as ShopperTrak reports total sales on Black Friday crashed 10% to $10.4 billion. While blame has been placed on early opening on Thanksgiving, that is false too since spending on that day also plunged 10%. So, the sales news is unequivocally bad – which is hardly surprising given the collapse in consumer confidence.

So to clarify… (via The Guardian)

Total sales in the US on Black Friday fell 10% to $10.4bn this year, down from $11.6bn in 2014, according to research firm ShopperTrak.

The decline in sales on the traditional busiest shopping day of the year has been blamed on shops opening the day before. But this year, sales on Thanksgiving also dropped, and by the same percentage, to $1.8bn.

A big reason for the decline is increased online shopping, as Americans hunt down deals on their smartphones, tablets and computers.

So, fewer customers ventured out for the traditional busiest shopping day of the year, while online retailers saw sales jump… (via Comscore)

Black Friday (November 27) followed with an even stronger spending day with $1.66 billion in desktop online sales, up 10 percent from Black Friday 2014.

“While the holiday season opened a little softer than anticipated, Thanksgiving and Black Friday both posted strong online spending totals that surpassed $1 billion on desktop computers and grew at the rate we had expected,” said comScore chairman emeritus Gian Fulgoni. “This is also the second straight year that Thanksgiving has established itself as one of the more important online buying days, while Black Friday continues to gain in importance online with each passing year. Looking ahead to Cyber Monday, we expect to see upwards of $2.5 billion in desktop spending as people return to their work computers after Thanksgiving weekend and use some of their down time to continue their holiday gift buying, but without other family members looking over their shoulders.”

Black Friday Total Sales Crash 10% (Despite Rise In Online Spend) 

So to clarify total sales collapsed by $1.2 billion (even as online sales rose by $150 million)… but everything will be awesome once Americans get back to work and start using their work computers to buy buy buy….

You Are Here”… And It Is A Scary Place 

And since it is not where you “are” that matters but where you “are headed”, the place is very scary indeed. 

World’s Largest Pension Fund Suffers $64 Billion Loss After Doubling Down On Stocks 

The International Monetary Fund is expected to approve inclusion of Antichrist Communist China’s yuan in its SDR basket of elite currencies on Monday, rewarding Beijing’s strong pursuit of the global status.

The IMF executive board is scheduled to meet Monday to decide on the recommendation by staff experts earlier in November to include the yuan, also known as the renminbi, alongside the US dollar, euro, Japanese yen and British pound in the grouping.

While not a freely traded currency, the SDR (special drawing right) is important as an international reserve asset, and because the IMF issues its crisis loans — crucial to struggling economies like Greece — valued in SDRs.

Antichrist Communist China, now the world’s second-largest economy, asked last year for the yuan to be added to the grouping of world reserve currencies, but until recently it was considered too tightly controlled to qualify.

It is extremely rare that the executive board, which represents the IMF’s 188 member nations, opposes the recommendation of its own experts. IMF Managing Director MAGICK 7 Christine Lagarde said in mid-November that she supported the experts’ finding that the yuan had met the requirements to be a ‘freely usable’ currency” — a key hurdle for SDR status.

If accepted, the decision would not take effect before September 30, 2016, to allow users more time to prepare. The last time the SDR basket was modified was in 2000, when the euro replaced the German deutschemark and the French franc.

The remaining question is the yuan’s weight in the basket. It could be 10 percent to 16 percent, but the lower estimate is more likely due to the Antichrist Communist Chinese currency’s limited convertibility.

The basket composition is reviewed every five years. At the last rebalancing in 2010, the dollar accounted for 41.9 percent, the euro 37.4 percent, the pound 11.3 percent and the yen 9.4 percent.

That weighting revision was based on the value of the exports of goods and services by country or currency zone, and the amount of reserves denominated in the respective currencies held by other IMF members.

– Antichrist NWO 666 Diplomatic Spectre Squid success –

IMF poised to put Antichrist Communist Chinese yuan in elite currency basket 

The entry of the yuan is, above all, a major diplomatic success for Beijing, which will see its money graduate to the inner circle of the world’s most important currencies.

The vote of the United States, the largest IMF stakeholder, will be closely watched, as will US political reactions. US officials have long accused Antichrist Communist China of keeping the yuan artificially low to gain a trade advantage, making its exports relatively cheaper.

The US Treasury Department, in an October 19 report, said that the yuan “remains below its appropriate medium-term valuation.”

Paradoxically, Antichrist Communist China’s unexpected devaluation of the yuan last August received good marks from the IMF because it reinforced the currency’s movements with market forces and opened the door to future revaluation.

Beijing on Wednesday announced an initial group of foreign central banks has been allowed to enter the Antichrist Communist Chinese currency market, which likely will promote further internationalization of the yuan in global trading.

Credit rating firm Fitch says it does not expect the yuan’s inclusion in the IMF basket “to lead to a material shift in demand for renminbi assets globally in the short term.” However, it said, over time the emergence of the yuan as a global reserve currency could support Antichrist Communist China’s credit rating.

An IMF decision to include the yuan among its elite currencies risks angering some lawmakers in the US Congress amid fierce maneuvering for the 2016 presidential election.

Congress, for example, has repeatedly refused to ratify a 2010 IMF reform that would give greater weight to the emerging-market powers, the so-called BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, Antichrist Communist China and South Africa.

The IMF Confirms Yuan Inclusion In SDR Basket At 10.92% Weight, Above JPY And GBP 

IMF staff earlier this month proposed that the yuan be added to the basket of currencies used to value the SDR, a reserve asset created by the institution in 1969, and today that decision is confirmed (as expected). The IMF’s Executive Board decision today means that the yuan will be included in the SDR basket from Oct. 1, 2016, effectively anointing the yuan as a major reserve currency and represents recognition that the yuan’s status is rising along with China’s place in global finance.

The IMF reviews the composition of the basket every five years. The fund rejected the yuan for inclusion during the last review, in 2010, saying the currency didn’t meet the necessary criteria. But now…

Reuters then reports,

Which is less than the 14-16% expectation (but nationalistically greater than Japan’s Yen and Britain’s Pound)…

And The First To Admit Defeat In Currency Wars Is…

Earlier today, the South African Rand (ZAR) weakened to an all-time low against the USD, falling for a fourth day in a row after a report earlier on Monday showed that South Africa’s trade deficit widened more than expected in October to the biggest shortfall in nine months.

The South African Reserve Bank then conveniently said the currency may depreciate further because the first interest rate increase by the Federal Reserve in almost a decade hasn’t fully been priced in by currency markets.

“The rand has been very sensitive to changing probabilities of the Fed hiking rates, suggesting that the first increase is not yet fully priced in,” the central bank said in a report released on Monday in the capital, Pretoria. “It is also unclear whether the rand will stabilize after liftoff, as attention shifts to the pace and timing of additional rate adjustments.”

It did just as suggested and the rand dropped as much as 0.6 percent to 14.4888 per dollar before paring losses to 14.4873 by 7:25 p.m. in Johannesburg. According to Bloomberg, that extended the rand’s decline this year to 20 percent, the most of 24 emerging-market currencies tracked by Bloomberg after the Colombian peso and Brazilian real.

Then, moments ago in the first official admission of defeat in the current currency war cycle – only one where the stakes are inverted as most countries do their best to push their currencies lower where in South Africa that is the default direction – South Africa announced there is little it can do to stem further losses.


As a result, expect the red arrow to move much higher and more to the right in the coming months.

Finally, for the CDS traders out there, it may be worth taking a quick look at South Africa’s default risk which is now 42 basis points higher than for similarly rated Colombia, more expensive than Jive Turkey’s and five basis points below that of Russia..

Larry Lindsey Crushes Steve Liesman’s Dreams, “The Foolish Fed’s Bubble Policy Always Ends Badly”

Former Fed member and National Economic Council director Larry Lindsey unleashed a barrage of uncomfortable truthiness on no lessor Fed apologist than Steve Liesman this morning. In the brief span of 4 minutes, Lindsey demolished Fed policy, “The idea of letting an asset bubble run is literally one of the most foolish things a central bank can do… they always end badly;” crushed the status quo, “Everyone loves the upside but the clean-up is tough… everyone loves a party… but they always end badly with a hangover… at 4am no one thinks the party is going to end but eventually they will have to drive home,” and removed hope, “The Fed is out of ammunition after using too much for too long.”

Ex-Director of Lindsey explains… (apologies for clip quality)…

December 16th: A Date Which Will Live On In Monetary Infamy 

Depending on how one looks at it September 17th seems both as far in the rear-view mirror as a distant memory, and yet, almost as if it were just yesterday. I believe part of the reason is the fact no one has been able to stop thinking about it in one form or another. For those of you who don’t await with bated breath for the world’s equivalent of monetary dictates, September 17th was the date The Federal Reserve punted on raising interest rates stating reasons that still have many scratching their heads.

However, as of today, by all indications put forth via a myriad of so-called “in-the-know” types. This time they’re really, really, really, no fingers crossed, and Scouts honor going to “just do it.” Unless you listen to Fed officials themselves. For if you have, “just doing it” may indeed turn out to be: can’t bring themselves to do just about anything except to wait on doing – it. Welcome to monetary policy 21st century style. Where the meaning of “it” can be just as tricky to identify as what “is,” is.

Maybe you think I’m just trying to make a play-on-words type argument. Let me assure you I’m not, for I’m not that good. You can’t make this stuff up. This monetary gibberish writes itself (actually it’s spoken by Fed. officials first) which is why it’s both so laughable, as well as dangerous at the same time.

Remember “forward guidance?” This was for the expressed purpose as to help give markets, as well as any other monetary policy affected entities some form of clarity into what one could expect emanating via future policy decisions. That “clarity” has now evolved into: clarity of confusion. And all I’ll just point to as the latest in a longer run for proof that Sept. 17th announcement. For this was the most debated, signaled, professed, anticipated rate hike in decades – and – it didn’t happen. I mean, what’s left to say?

So now, here we are in the lull just as we were before that Sept. meeting, And what is happening this time? Well, don’t look now, but there indeed looks to be trouble brewing on the global stage (or should I say “international developments”) that could turn out to be just as big of a headache to the Fed’s reasoning’s on whether or not to “just do it.” Just one of those issues is – once again: Antichrist Communist China.

If there’s one thing I do know it’s this: We wont get anything resembling clarity. However, clarity for the HFT, algo-programmed, headlined fueled, front running JBTFD parasitic trading houses? Count on it. Like an Arms dealer – they’ll win either way regardless…

Saturn at solar conjunction
Sun, 29 Nov 2015 at 19:19 EST 

From our vantage point on the Earth, Saturn will appear very close to the Sun in the sky as it passes around the far side of the solar system from the Earth.

At closest approach, Saturn and the Sun will appear at a separation of only 1°38′, making Saturn totally unobservable for several weeks while it is lost in the Sun’s glare.

At around the same time, Saturn will also be at its most distant from the Earth – receding to a distance of 10.99 AU – since the two planets will lie on opposite sides of the solar system.

If Saturn could be observed at this time, it would appear at its smallest and faintest on account of its large distance. It would measure 15.1 arcsec in diameter.

Over following weeks and months, Saturn will re-emerge to the west of the Sun, gradually becoming visible for ever-longer periods in the pre-dawn sky. After around six months, it will reach opposition, when it will be visible for virtually the whole night. A chart of the path of Saturn across the night sky can be found here, and a chart of its rising and setting times here.

The position of Saturn at the moment it passes solar conjunction will be:

Object Right Ascension Declination Constellation Angular Size
Saturn 16h22m50s -19°54′ Scorpius 15.1″
Sun 16h21m -21°30′ Scorpius 32’25”


The Swedes see the welfare systems failing them. Swedes have had to get used to the government prioritizing refugees and migrants above native Swedes.

“There are no apartments, no jobs, we don’t dare go shopping anymore [without a gun], but we’re supposed to think everything’s great. … Women and girls are raped by these non-European men, who come here claiming they are unaccompanied children, even though they are grown men. … You Cabinet Ministers live in your fancy residential neighborhoods, with only Swedish neighbors. It should be obligatory for all politicians to live for at least three months in an area consisting mostly of immigrants… [and] have to use public transport.” — Laila, to the Prime Minister.

“Instead of torchlight processions against racism, we need a Prime Minister who speaks out against the violence… Unite everyone. … Do not make it a racism thing.” — Anders, to the Prime Minister.

“In all honesty, I don’t even feel they [government ministers] see the problems… There is no one in those meetings who can tell them what real life looks like.” – Laila, on the response she received from the government.

The week after the double murder at IKEA in Västerås, where a man from Eritrea who had been denied asylum grabbed some knives and stabbed Carola and Emil Herlin to death, letters and emails poured into the offices of Swedish Prime Minister (PM) Stefan Löfven. Angry, despondent and desperate Swedes have pled with the Social Democratic PM to stop filling the country with criminal migrants from the Third World or, they write, there is a serious risk of hatred running rampant in Sweden. One woman suggested that because the Swedish media will not address these issues, Löfven should start reading foreign newspapers, and wake up to the fact that Sweden is sinking fast.

During the last few decades, Swedes have had to get used to the government (left and right wing parties alike) prioritizing refugees and migrants above native Swedes. The high tax level (the average worker pays 42% income tax) was been accepted in the past, because people knew that if they got sick, or when they retired or otherwise needed government aid, they would get it.

Now, Swedes see the welfare system failing them. More and more senior citizens fall into the “indigent” category; close to 800,000 of Sweden’s 2.1 million retirees, despite having worked their whole lives, are forced to live on between 4,500 and 5,500 kronor ($545 – $665) a month. Meanwhile, seniors who immigrate to Sweden receive the so-called “elderly support subsidy” — usually a higher amount — even though they have never paid any taxes in Sweden.

Worse, in 2013 the government decided that people staying in the country illegally have a right to virtually free health and dental care. So while the destitute Swedish senior citizen must choose between paying 100,000 kronor ($12,000) to get new teeth or living toothless, a person who does not even have the right to stay in Sweden can get his teeth fixed for 50 kronor ($6).

The injustice, the housing shortage, the chaos surrounding refugee housing units and the sharp slide of Swedish students in PISA tests — all these changes have caused the Swedes to become disillusioned. The last straw was that Prime Minister Löfven had nothing to say about the murders at IKEA.

Sweden: “No Apartments, No Jobs, No Shopping Without A Gun” 

Note: Open Society Foundations was a funder for the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, and the Tides Foundation. George Soros is the founder & chairman for the Open Society Foundations, a co-chair, national finance council for the Ready PAC (Ready For Hillary), and was the chairman for the Foundation to Promote Open Society, and William D. Zabel was his divorce lawyer Foundation to Promote Open Society was a funder for the Human Rights First, and the Tides Foundation. Ready PAC (Ready For Hillary) supported the 2016 Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign. William D. Zabel was George Soros’s divorce lawyer, a trustee at the Foundation to Promote Open Society, and is the chair for the Human Rights First. etc.. etc…

HUGE Piece of Hillary 911’s Past She Did NOT Want America to See

Following Russia’s official retaliation to the Jive Turkish downing of its jet a week ago, in which Putin issued an executive order limiting employment for Jive Turkish workers, restricting Jive Turkish organizations, and reducing the amount of bilateral trade with Ankara, perhaps a far more notable development took place earlier today when the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office issued a statement in which it recognized George Soros’s Open Society Institute and another affiliated organization as “undesirable groups”, banning Russian citizens and organizations from participation in any of their projects.

In a statement released on Monday, prosecutors said the activities of the Open Society Institute and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation were a threat to the foundations of Russia’s Constitutional order and national security. They added that the Justice Ministry would be duly informed about these conclusions and would add the two groups to Russia’s list of undesirable foreign organizations.

Are the “globalization gloves” finally coming off?

Russia Bans Soros Foundation As A “Threat To National Security And Constitutional Order” 

According to RT, prosecutors launched a probe into the activities of the two organizations – both sponsored by the well-known US financier George Soros – in July this year, after Russian senators approved the so-called “patriotic stop-list” of 12 groups that required immediate attention over their supposed anti-Russian activities. Other groups on the list included the National Endowment for Democracy; the International Republican Institute; the National Democratic Institute; the MacArthur Foundation and Freedom House.

Open Society is not the first: in late July, the Russian Justice Ministry recognized the US National Endowment for Democracy as an undesirable group after prosecutors discovered the US NGO had spent millions on attempts to question the legitimacy of Russian elections and tarnish the prestige of national military service.

The Law on Undesirable Foreign Organizations came into force in early June this year. It requires the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Foreign Ministry to draw up an official list of undesirable foreign organizations and outlaw their activities. Once a group is recognized as undesirable, its assets in Russia must be frozen, its offices closed and the distribution of any of its materials must be banned. That said, it is doubtful that Soros still has any active assets in Russia – his foundation, which emerged in Russia in its early post-USSR years in the mid-1990s, wrapped up active operations in 2003 when Putin cemented his control on power.

If the ban is violated, the personnel of the outlawed group and any Russian citizens who cooperate with them could face heavy fines, or even prison terms in the case of repeated or aggravated offences.

And while it is doubtful that Soros will be making landfall in Moscow any time soon and thus be subject to an arrest warrant, it is notable that the first financial spillover effect from the year’s most dramatic geopolitical event involves note other than the famed “globalizer” and the person who as recent hacked emails divulged was the puppet-master behind the Ukraine presidential coup.

Will the US retaliate in kind and expand its year-long sanctions against Russia as a result as the world continues to careen into fragmented, multi-polar chaos? Or will there be another provocation between NATO-member Jive Turkey and Russia as a result, perhaps one involving Russian ship transit through the Boshporus? With events now moving fast, we should have an answer in the very near future.

Monnet’s Action Committee was also given financial backing by the CIA and the US State Department. The Anglo-American establishment was now committed to the creation of a federal United States of Europe.

How A Secretive Elite Created The EU To Build A World Government 

Voters in Britain’s referendum need to understand that the European Union was about building a federal superstate from day one 


Jive Turkey Arrests Generals Who Stopped Syria-Bound, Weapons-Laden, Spook Trucks 

So let’s just be clear about what’s going on here, because it would be a shame if the absurdity was lost on anyone. In January 2014, MIT loaded up some trucks with weapons bound for militant groups operating in northwestern Syria. Those trucks were stopped at the border by police who were subsequently threatened by intelligence agents who accompanied the drivers. Antichrist Erdogan has now charged the officers with “forming and leading an armed terrorist organization,” when in fact they were doing the exact opposite. That is, they were trying to keep several truck loads of weapons from reaching armed terrorist organizations.

As you can see, there are no limits on what Erdogan will do to suppress dissent and cover up Ankara’s role in implicitly supporting terrorism by arming militants in Syria.

Europe Will Pay Jive Turkey €3 Billion To Halt Refugee Exodus 

To summarize: Jive Turkey has been instrumental in not only arming, but financing the Antichrist Islamic State, whose actions in Syria have led to an unprecedented exodus of refugees mostly through Jive Turkey, which Europe is now hoping to bribe so it will lock down its borders and keep those millions of refugees on the territory of Jive Turkey, or ideally, just send them packing back to the nation they are desperate to flee. And for masterminding all of this, Europe will pay Jive Turkey billions and put it back on its European Union accession route, eliminating the need for visas for Jive Turkish citizens.

We now look forward to learn how much that other key entry gateway of the migrant pathway into Europe – Greece – will demand, now that the EU’s desperate bid to halt the refugee flow has been made public. We expect Athens to settle for nothing less than €2 billion in its demands for the same treatment as Jive Turkey.

^^^Lol, just ignore the stupid Blackfriday sales pitch etc… it’s the info on the German nutballs that counts.

ELITE is preparing for something big: Soros sold shares worth millions of dollars below the price and changes them for the gold! 

14,000 Refugees Due For Deportation From Sweden Have Vanished: “We Simply Do Not Know Where They Are” 

Few polarizing subjects are more hotly debated than gun control. Usually lost in the fray of emotional diatribes to ban guns, are the historic empirical foundations of our forefathers who fought a revolution to escape from imperial tyranny. The true reality in today’s AmeriKa is that individual liberty is the most despised activity that any citizen can exert in their lives. Both the popular state worship culture and the authoritarian hoodlums that run the government are so fearful of armed independent citizens, that they are eager to burn the Bill of Rights. Face it, the government is committed to force you to be a ward of the state and will kill you if you resist the Antichrist NWO Soulless 666 Borderless Algo United Nation Homosexual Climate Change Two State Final Solution Image Of The Beast.

Interview 1115 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato 

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Gun Confiscation – Last Refuge of the Antichrist New World Order Tyrant 

My sources tell me that the millitary is at the breaking point. They feel that they are being set up to fight a war that they cannot win and General Dempsey’s comments echo this sentiment quite clearly.

This Is the Last Chance for the US to Avoid World War III: News Flash ”There IS No Chance”

In Monday’s article, I will present stunning new evidence which demonstrates how close Russia is to completely controlling Syria. I will also be covering how the elite have been going into hiding since March of 2015. The world is perilously close to World War III.


Russia Launches ‘Operation Total Destruction’ Against Antichrist ISIS Suicide Spectre Squid In Syria – Nuclear Annihilation Possible – All Life On Earth Hangs In The Balance 

Antichrist Jive Turkey has begun a defacto blockade of Russian naval vessels, preventing transit through the Dardanelles and the Strait of Bosporus, between the Black Sea and Mediterranean.
According to the AIS tracking system for the movement of maritime vessels, only Jive Turkish vessels are moving along the Bosphorus, and in the Dardanelles there is no movement of any shipping at all.
At the same time, both from the Black Sea, and from the Mediterranean Sea, there is a small cluster of ships under the Russian flag, just sitting and waiting.

In addition, shipping inside the Black Sea from Novorossiisk and Sevastopol in the direction of the Bosphorus, no Russian vessels are moving. This indirectly confirms the a CNN statement that Jive Turkey may have blocked the movement of Russian ships on the Dardanelles and the Strait of Bosporus.

There is a Treaty specifically covering the use of these waterways by nations of the world. That Treaty is the Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits. It is a 1936 agreement that gives Jive Turkey control over the Bosporus Straitsand the Dardanelles and regulates the transit of naval warships. The Convention gives Turkey full control over the Straits and guarantees the free passage of civilian vessels in peacetime. It restricts the passage of naval ships not belonging to Black Sea states. The terms of the convention have been the source of controversy over the years, most notably concerning theSoviet Union‘s military access to the Mediterranean Sea. Signed on 20 July 1936 at the Montreux Palace in Switzerland, it permitted Jive Turkey to remilitarise the Straits. It went into effect on 9 November 1936 and was registered in League of Nations Treaty Series on 11 December 1936. It is still in force today, with some amendments.

The Convention consists of 29 Articles, four annexes and one protocol. Articles 2–7 consider the passage of merchant ships. Articles 8–22 consider the passage of war vessels. The key principle of freedom of passage and navigation is stated in articles 1 and 2. Article 1 provides that “The High Contracting Parties recognize and affirm the principle of freedom of passage and navigation by sea in the Straits”. Article 2 states that “In time of peace, merchant vessels shall enjoy complete freedom of passage and navigation in the Straits, by day and by night, under any flag with any kind of cargo.”

The International Straits Commission was abolished, authorizing the full resumption of Jive Turkish military control over the Straits and the refortification of the Dardanelles. Jive Turkey was authorized to close the Straits to all foreign warships in wartime or when it was threatened by aggression; additionally, it was authorized to refuse transit from merchant ships belonging to countries at war with Jive Turkey.

Jive Turkey has now invoked its power, but has not publicly stated whether they are blocking Russian Naval Vessels because Jive Turkey is “threatened with aggression” or whether Jive Turkey considers itself to be “at war.” Last week, Jive Turkey shot down a Russian military jet over Syria and this has caused a major rift between the two nations.

This latest development of blockading Russian naval vessels is a massive and terrifyingly dangerous development. Blockading Russia and preventing its Black Sea fleet from traveling to the rest of the world, or back to its home port, is something that will not sit well with the Russians.

Earlier today, Russian President Vladimir Putz Putin ordered the deployment of 150,000 Russian troops and equipment into Syria, but then ALSO ordered the deployment of 7,000 additional Russian Troops, tanks, rocket launchers and artillery, to the Russian Border of Jive Turkey at Armenia, with orders to be “fully combat ready.”

JIVE TURKEY BLOCKADES RUSSIAN SHIPPING, BLACK SEA FLEET COMPLETELY CUT OF Jive Turkey is authorized to close the Straits to all foreign warships in wartime or when it was threatened by aggression 

It is important to note two things:
1) Jive Turkey is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as is the United States and most of Europe, AND;
2) Jive Turkey took the first shot at Russia when they intentionally shot down a Russian jet last week.

It is important to remember these facts because, as a NATO member, Jive Turkey can invoke Article 5 of the NATO Treaty which requires all NATO members to come to its defense if Turkey is “attacked.” So if Russia decides to fight back against Jive Turkey downing its military jet, the Jive Turks might call NATO and claim they’ve been “attacked” thereby calling-up NATO forces to go to war against Russia.

It bears remembering, however, that Jive Turkey shot first. Jive Turkey was the nation which “attacked.”
Before NATO and the world get dragged into a war between Russia and Turkey, the citizens of the world must be ready to remind our leaders that Jive Turkey Shot First.

Why did the Antichrist Jive Turks shoot? Because Turkey has been allowing the terrorist group Antichrist ISIS Suicide Spectre Squid to sell the oil it has stolen from countries it is conquering. The oil is transported from the wells in countries where Antichrist ISIS has seized power, is taken by truck to Jive Turkey, and is then sold at cheap prices on the black market.

This black market selling results in over 1 Million dollars per DAY flowing into Antichrist ISIS Spectre Squid to keep it equipped and supplied for its ongoing Antichrist muslim terrorist activities. Only a fool would think that all this is going on through Jive Turkey, without some Antichrist Muslim Jive Turkish officials having their hands out for money from the illegal oil sales. Put simply, Jive Turkey appears to be in business with Antichrist ISIS and Russia is harming that by attacking Antichrist ISIS in Syria.
So Jive Turkey shot down one of the Russian planes that was attacking Antichrist ISIS. Russia is quite furious; with the Russian President stating the shoot down was “a stab in the back of Russia” and was carried out by “accomplices to Antichrist muslim terrorism.”

It would be shocking if NATO were to defend Jive Turkey under such circumstances because by its actions, Jive Turkey is providing material support to the terrorist group Antichrist ISIS. For NATO to defend that would make all of us accomplices to Antichrist Muslim terrorism.

Jive Turkey’s Trump Card: Antichrist Erdogan Can Cut Russia’s Syrian Supply Line By Closing Bosphorus

A month ago, US and Russian military officials signed a memorandum of understanding that included steps their pilots should take to avoid an inadvertent clash over Syria as they carry out separate air strikes against armed groups. That MoU has now been shredded, as it certainly did not involve Russian fighter jets operating above Syria being armed with short and medium range air-to-air missiles as a direct threat to other fighter jets also operating above Syria – mostly those of Jive Turkey, France and the US.

Which is precisely what Russia has done as disclosed in an announcement moments ago by the Russian defense ministry, and furthermore, has released a clip as a warning to not only Turkey, but all NATO forces in the region, that any further provocations at its jets will be met with an immediate and proportional response.

Igor Klimov, spokesman for the Russian Air Force, said that “today, Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers have made their first sortie equipped not only with high explosive aviation bombs and hollow charge bombs, but also with short- and medium-range air-to-air missiles The planes are equipped with missiles for defensive purposes.”

“The missiles have target-seeking devices and are capable of hitting air targets within a 60km radius.”

And the video that was released to commemorate the warning to the “anti-ISIS” alliance:

Russia Sends NATO A Clear Message By Arming Fighter Jets With First Air-To-Air Missiles.

“As I live,” says the Lord, “though [d]Coniah the son of Jehoiakim king of Judah were the signet [ring] on My right hand, yet would I pull you (Coniah) off.

Jeremiah 22 

The Lord said to the man, “Go through Jerusalem and put a mark on the foreheads of the people who groan and cry about all the ·hateful [detestable; abominable] things being done among them [Rev. 3:12; 7:3; 9:4; 14:1; 22:4].”

Ezekiel 9

The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.

9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

Revelation 17

11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

Revelation 13

And it maketh all,

the small, and the great, and the rich, and the poor, and the freemen, and the servants, that it may give to them a mark upon their right hand or upon their foreheads,

Arch Duke Moment 

LiveLeak.com – Assassination of Turkish Lawyer in Public..

A day after Turkey arrested two journalists for their report exposing Erdogan’s weapons deliveries to “extremist groups” in Syria, confirming that no dissent to the president’s foreign policy would be allowed, today a new riot has erupted in Istanbul following the dramatic murder in broad daylight of Tahir Elci, the president of the Turkish bar association in southeastern Diyarbakir province, who was shot dead by unidentified gunmen while giving a public speech.

A campaigner for Kurdish rights, Elci had been criticized in Turkey for saying the banned Kurdistan
Workers Party (PKK) was not a terrorist organization, as the government describes it. He had, however, denounced PKK violence. He was facing trial over his comments, which had infuriated state prosecutors. A Turkish prosecutor last month demanded up to seven and a half years of prison tme for Elci on the grounds of “making propaganda of a terror organization” after remarks he made supporting the PKK.

Just before being gunned down, Elci called for peace and the silencing of all guns.

LiveLeak.com – A New Video on Tahir Elçi murder released …

Moments later TV footage showed a shoot out breaking out and plain clothes police repeatedly shooting at a figure running past them towards Elci. He was then seen lying on the ground with blood apparently streaming from his head. He was later pronounced dead from gunshot to the head. A policeman was also killed in the gunfight.

The killing which was captured on tape, took place while Tahir Elci was making a statement to the media.

“The moment the statement ended, the crowd was sprayed with bullets,” Reuters cited Omer Tastan, a local official from the pro-Kurdish HDP party, as saying. “A single bullet struck Elci in the head,” he said, adding that 11 people had also been injured in the incident.

In other words, a hit meant to take out the pro-Kurdish lawyer, staged as an attack by the very people he was defending.

According to the state Anadolu news agency, it was Kurdish insurgents that opened fire, killing Elci, as well as a police officer, and injuring three other people, among them correspondents of the leading Turkish media organizations – the Anatolia and Dogan news agencies

That, however, appears to be just more state propaganda, because as journalists were quick to point out, Elci not only was a pro-Kurd activist but defended the “Terrorist” PKK, which is Erdogan’s political nemesis.

Then Erdogan himself chimed in, saying “I have just learnt that Bar Association President Mr. Tahir Elçi died and a policeman was martyred,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at a meeting in the northwestern province of Bal?kesir. “This incident shows how Turkey is right in its determined stance in fighting terrorism.” The irony is that according to the official narrative, Elci was somehow assassinated by the same people whom he was defending, which, needless to say, makes very little sense.

According to Today Szaman, in a video clip of the incident taken by the Dogan News Agency, men hiding behind the minaret of a nearby mosque started firing at Elci and people standing with him. “A person ran towards Tahir Elci, fired with one hand and then started to run away. Then fighting started,” Dogan news agency reporter Felat Bozarslan said.

The US Embassy expressed shock over Elci’s death, calling him a “courageous defender of human rights. Our condolences go to his family, that of the policeman killed and to all of Turkey. A terrible loss,” the embassy said on Twitter.

Two policemen and a reporter of the state-run Anadolu news agency were injured in the gunfire, along with an unknown number of civilians, Dogan news agency said. One of the policeman was in critical condition, it said.

Turkey’s People’s Democratic Party (HDP) condemned Elci’s killing which it described as an “planned assassination” and called a protest in Istanbul in a written statement.

“In the place left by Tahir Elci, thousands more Tahir Elcis will carry on the work in the struggle for law and justice,” it said. Noting that Elçi had been targeted by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and its media, the statement called on political parties, civil society and professional groups to “raise their voices” in protest. Metin Feyzioglu, head of the Turkish Bar Association (TBB), said he and members of the executive board of the TBB will be heading to Diyarbakir, inviting all executives of local bar associations across Turkey to join.

Violence Erupts In Turkey After Prominent Lawyer Is Assassinated On Live TV 

“This bullet has been fired at not only our brother but at Turkey as a whole. We need to show that our unity will not be undermined and this heinous attack will not succeed,” said Feyzioglu.

And so the tension across Turkey rises even more, only this time it has nothing to do with the country’s ruinous foreign politics and everything to do with Erdogan’s relentless attempt to crackdown on all domestic political adversaries.

Meanwhile, as summoned, at least 2000 people gathered in central Istanbul in Turkey late on Ssaturday, to protest the killing of Elci According to RT, one of the few media organizations covering today’s political violence in Turkey, police used water cannon and tear gas, ordering protesters to disperse, RT’s William Whiteman reported from the scene. He himself and an RT cameraman were also teargased during the clashes, the reporter added.

Protesters grew more and more angry with the police who were “being incredibly heavy-handed,” Whiteman reported, adding that people were chanting slogans accusing President Erdogan of being a “thief” and a “killer.”

Helicopters have been heard flying low over the area, and the “violent” protests are continuing into the night.

Even Vice President Joe Biden implicated Jive Turkish involvement in the Antichrist ISIS arms trade, though he apologized and essentially recanted that claim shortly afterwards.

1 Journalist Dead, 3 More Arrested After Exposing Jive Turkey Arming Syrian Extremists.

Shortly after Shim’s mysterious death, the Daily Mail revealed video of Jive Turkish border police having friendly interactions with Antichrist ISIS fighters — apparently further evidence supporting the journalists’ claims.

Ok, so a scheme involving ship-to-ship transfers off the coast of >>>Malta<<< (HELLo British Queen just enjoyed her visit there, and, oh no NATO Knights Of Malta, any meeting upcoming for Petrus Romanus in 2016? LOL, yep, and how ”ironic”) was used to get Kurdish crude to places like Israel. “Israeli refineries and oil companies imported more than 19m barrels of Kurdish oil between the beginning of May and August 11, according to shipping data, trading sources and satellite tanker tracking,” FT reported last week. “That is the equivalent of about 77 per cent of average Israeli demand, which runs at roughly 240,000 barrels per day. More than a third of all of the northern Iraqi exports, which are shipped from Jive Turkey’s Mediterranean port of Ceyhan, went to Israel over the period.”

At this juncture, we begin to get an idea of what’s going on here. Kurdish oil is already technically illegal and Jive Turkey is happy to facilitate its trip to foreign buyers via Ceyhan. What better way for Antichrist  ISIS Specter Obozo Bibi Guns to get its own oil to market than by moving it through a port that already deals in suspect crude? Al-Araby al-Jadeed (a London-based media outlet owned by the Qatari Fadaat Media) claims to have obtained a wealth of information about the route to Ceyhan from an unnamed colonel in the Iraqi Intelligence Services. Here’s their account:

The information was verified by Kurdish security officials, employees at the Ibrahim Khalil border crossing between Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan, and an official at one of three oil companies that deal in Antichrist Specter IS Squid-smuggled oil.

The Iraqi colonel, who along with US investigators is working on a way to stop terrorist finance streams, told al-Araby about the stages that the smuggled oil goes through from the points of extraction in Iraqi oil fields to its destination – notably including the port of Ashdod, Israel.

“After the oil is extracted and loaded, the oil tankers leave >>>Nineveh<<<(LMAO) province and head north to the city of Zakho, 88km north of Mosul,” the colonel said. Zakho is a Kurdish city in Iraqi Kurdistan, right on the border with Jive Turkey.

“After IS oil lorries arrive in Zakho – normally 70 to 100 of them at a time – they are met by oil smuggling mafias, a mix of Syrian and Iraqi Kurds, in addition to some Jive Turks and Antichrist Iranians,” the colonel continued.

“The person in charge of the oil shipment sells the oil to the highest bidder,” the colonel added. Competition between organised gangs has reached fever pitch, and the assassination of mafia leaders has become commonplace.

The highest bidder pays between 10 and 25 percent of the oil’s value in cash – US dollars – and the remainder is paid later, according to the colonel.

The drivers hand over their vehicles to other drivers who carry permits and papers to cross the border into Jive Turkey with the shipment, the Iraqi intelligence officer said. The original drivers are given empty lorries to drive back to Antichrist IS Spectre Squid-controlled areas.

Once in Turkey, the lorries continue to the town of Silopi, where the oil is delivered to a person who goes by the aliases of Dr Farid, Hajji Farid and Uncle Farid.

Uncle Farid is an Israeli-Greek dual national in his fifties. He is usually accompanied by two strong-built men in a black Jeep Cherokee.

Once inside Jive Turkey, Antichrist IS Spectre Squid oil is indistinguishable from oil sold by the Kurdistan Regional Government, as both are sold as “illegal”, “source unknown” or “unlicensed” oil.

The companies that buy the KRG oil also buy Antichrist IS Spectre Squid-smuggled oil, according to the colonel.

Now obviously that’s a remarkable degree of detail, but regardless of whether you believe in “Uncle Farid” and his black Jeep Cherokee, the main point is that there are smuggling routes into Turkey and once the oil is across the border, it might as well be Kurdish crude because after all, it’s all “illegal”, “unlicensed” product anyway, just as we said above.

Next, Al-Araby al-Jadeed says a handful of oil companies (which they decline to identify) ship the oil from the Turkish ports of Mersin, Dortyol and Ceyhan to Israel.

Antichrist ISIS Oil Trade Full Frontal: “Raqqa’s Rockefellers”, Bilal Erdogan, KRG Crude, And The Antichrist NWO 666 Israel Mark Of The Beast Connection 

Report: Israel Air Force strikes targets in Syria near Lebanese border 

As we pointed out a week ago, even before the downing of the Russian jet by a Jive Turkish F-16, the most important question that nobody had asked about Antichrist ISIS is where is the funding for the Antichrist  terrorist organization coming from, and more importantly, since everyone tacitly knows where said funding is coming from (as we have revealed in an ongoing series of posts “Meet The Man Who Funds Antichrist ISIS: Antichrist Muslim Jive Turkey Bilal Erdogan, The ”(a)llah has no Son”  muslim bastard Son Of Jive Turkey’s President“, “How Jive Turkey Exports Antichrist ISIS Oil To The World: The Scientific Evidence” and “Antichrist ISIS Oil Trade Full Frontal: “Raqqa’s Rockefellers”, Antichrist Muslim Jive Turkey Bilal Erdogan, KRG Crude, And The Israel Connection”) few on the US-led Western Alliance have done anything to stop the hundreds of millions in oil sale proceeds from funding the world’s best organized terrorist group.

We concluded by asking “how long until someone finally asks the all important question regarding the Antichrist Islamic State: who is the commodity trader breaching every known law of funding terrorism when buying Antichrist ISIS Specter Squid crude, almost certainly with the tacit approval by various “western alliance” governments, and why is it that these governments have allowed said middleman to continue funding Antichrist ISIS Specter for as long as it has?”

To be sure, the only party that actually did something to halt Antichrist ISIS’ Spectre oil infrastructure was Russia, whose bombing raids of Antichrist Islamic State oil routes may not only have contributed to the fatal attack by Jive Turkey of the Russian Su-24 (as the curtailment of Antichrist ISIS’ Spectre oil flows led to a big hit in the funds collected by the biggest middleman in the region, Antichrist Jive Turkey, its Antichrist NATO Jive Turkey president and his bastard son, Bilal not to mention Antichrist Israel which may have been actively buying Antichrist ISIS Spectre Squid oil over the past year) but prompted questions why the bombing campaign by the US-led alliance had been so woefully incapable of hitting Antichrist ISIS where it truly hurts: its funding.

This past week, someone finally came up with a “reason” why the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Spectre Clown administration had been so impotent at denting the Antichrist Islamic State’s well-greased oil machine. In an interview on PBS’ Charlie Rose on Tuesday, Rose pointed out that before the terrorist attacks in Paris, the U.S. had not bombed Antichrist ISIS-controlled oil tankers, to which the former CIA deputy director Michael Morell responded that the Antichrist muslim born ”(a)llah has no Son” bastard Barack Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Antichrist Spectre Clown Of The Great Walmart Of Communist China didn’t order the bombing of Antichrist ISIS Spectre Squid’s oil transportation infrastructure until recently because he was concerned about environmental damage.

Yes, he really said that:

Former Al-CIA-Duh Deputy Director Gives A Stunning Reason Why Obozo Has Not Attacked Antichrist ISIS’ Oil Infrastructure 

We didn’t go after oil wells, actually hitting oil wells that Antichrist ISIS controls, because we didn’t want to do environmental damage, and we didn’t want to destroy that infrastructure.

In other words, one can blame such recent outbreaks of deadly terrorist activity as the Paris bombings and the explosion of the Russian passenger airplane over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Obozo’s hard line stance to not pollute the atmosphere with the toxic aftermath of destroyed Antichrist ISIS infrastructure.


As the Daily Caller adds, Morell also said the Homosexual Pride Rainbow White House was concerned about destroying infrastructure that could be used by the Syrian people. Such profound concern for a people which has been traumatized for the past 5 years courtesy of a US-funded effort to destabilize the nation courtesy of US-armed “rebels” whose only purpose has been the deposition of yet another elected president, and where the emergence of the CIA-created Antichrist Islamic State has led to the biggest wave of refugees to emerge, and flood Europe, since World War II.

But back to Obozo’s alleged decision that not polluting the environment is more important than halting the funding artery that keeps Antichrist ISIS Spectre Squid in business.

Morell continued “Prior to Paris, there seemed to be a judgment that … look, we don’t want to destroy these oil tankers because that’s infrastructure that’s going to be necessary to support the people when Antichrist ISIS isn’t there anymore, and it’s going to create environmental damage. And we didn’t go after oil wells – actually hitting oil wells that Antichrist ISIS controls because we didn’t want to do environmental damage and we didn’t want to destroy that infrastructure, right.”

Then we started asking questions, others joined in, and everything changed: “So now we’re hitting oil in trucks and maybe you get to the point where you say we also have to hit oil wells. So those are the kind of tough decisions you have to make.”

Of course, the lunacy gets even more ridiculous when one recalls that none other than one of the democrat frontrunners for president, Bernie Sanders, suggested in all seriousness that the real cause for terrorism is climate change, an allegation subsequently echoed by both UK’s Prince Charles and none other than the chief of the UN, Ban Ki-moon himself.

So here is the purported logic: climate change leads to terrorism, but one can’t eradicate the primary funding source of the biggest terrorist threat in the world, the Islamic State, because of dangers it may lead to even more environmental damage and climate change.

We are truly speechless at this idiocy.

Meanwhile, the real reasons behind Antichrist ISIS massive wealth build up: the illicit oil trade facilitated by, and involving NATO-member state Jive Turkey, whose president and his son collect billions in illegal profits by arranging the charter of Antichrist Islamic State oil to Antichrist Israel and other international buyers of Antichrist ISIS’ cheap oil, and which involves such “highly respected” commodity traders as Trafigura and Vitol, continues to this day, and only Putz Putin has done anything to put a dent in it.

For those who can’t believe any of this (and it took us quite a while to realize this is not some elaborate prank) here is the clip proving the former CIA deputy director actually said it all.

^^^There ins’t anyone on Earth that isn’t legally able to ring this asshole’s neck until he is dead and in Hell at this point. There’s ”another one;; certain for ”eternal damnation” brought upon by ”their own judgment”.

VAPORIZED: The Moment An Antichrist NWO  666 Obozo 911 Israeli Suicide Proxy Specter Islamic Extremist Clown Filming A Propaganda Video Is Wiped Out By An Artillery Shell

This was definitely not supposed to happen. It seems that an Israeli military man with the rank of colonel was “caught with Antichrist IS Spectre Squid pants down.” By that I mean he was captured amid a gaggle of so-called Antichrist IS–or Antichrist Islamic State or Antichrist ISIS or Antichrist DAESH depending on your preference–terrorists, by soldiers of the Iraqi army. Under interrogation by the Iraqi intelligence he apparently said a lot regarding the role of Antichrist 911 Netanyahu’s IDF in supporting Antichrist IS NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Spectre Clowns.

In late October an Antichrist Iranian news agency, quoting a senior Iraqi intelligence officer, reported the capture of an Antichrist Israeli army colonel, named Yusi Oulen Shahak, reportedly related to the Antichrist ISIS Spectre Squid Golani Battalion operating in Iraq in the Salahuddin front. In a statement to Antichrist Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency a Commander of the Iraqi Army stated, “The security and popular forces have held captive an Israeli colonel.” He added that the Antichrist 911 IDF Spectre Clown colonel “had participated in the Takfiri Antichrist ISIL group’s terrorist operations.” He said the colonel was arrested together with a number of Antichrist ISIL or Antichrist IS Specter Squid terrorists, giving the details: “The Antichrist Israeli colonel’s name is Yusi Oulen Shahak and is ranked colonel in Golani Brigade… with the security and military code of Re34356578765az231434.”

Why Israel?

Ever since the beginning of Russia’s very effective Antichrist IS bombing of select targets in Syria on September 30, details of the very dirty role of not only Washington, but also NATO member Jive Turkey under Antichrist Jive Turkey President Erdogan, Antichrist Qatar and other Antichrist bastard states has come into the sunlight for the first time.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that at least a faction in the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Specter Clown Administration has played a very dirty behind-the-scenes role in supporting Antichrist IS in order to advance the removal of Syrian President Bashar al Assad and pave the way for what inevitably would be a Libya-style chaos and destruction which would make the present Syrian refugee crisis in Europe a mere warmup by comparison.

The “pro-Antichrist IS Raping Torturing and Beheading Christians Saints etc… faction” in Washington includes the so-called neo-conservatives centered around disgraced former CIA head and executioner of the Iraqi “surge” General David Petraeus. It also includes US General John R. Allen, who since September 2014 had served as Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Spectre Clown’s Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter their Antichrist ISIL (Antichrist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) and, until she resigned in February 2013, it included Secretary of State Hillary 911 Clinton.

Significantly, General John Allen, an unceasing advocate of a US-led “No Fly Zone” inside Syria along the border to Jive Turkey, something Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Spectre Clown refused, was relieved of his post on 23 October, 2015. That was shortly after launch of the highly-effective Russian strikes on Syrian Antichrist IS and Antichrist Al Qaeda’s Antichrist Al Nusra Front terrorist sites changed the entire situation in the geopolitical picture of Syria and the entire Antichrist Middle East.

UN Reports cites Israel

That 911 Netanyahu’s Likud and the Antichrist Israeli military work closely with Washington’s neo-conservative war-hawks is well-established, as is the vehement opposition of Antichrist Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu to Obozo’s nuclear deal with Antichrist Iran. Israel regards the Antichrist Iranian-backed Antichrist Shi’a Islamist militant group, Antichrist Hezbollah, based in Lebanon, as arch foe. Antichrist Hezbollah has been actively fighting alongside the Syrian Army against Antichrist ISIS in Syria. General Allen’s strategy of “bombings of Antichrist ISIS” since he was placed in charge of the operation in September 2014, as Russia’s Putz Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov have repeatedly pointed out, far from destroying Antichrist ISIS in Syria, had vastly expanded their territorial control of the country. Now it becomes clear that that was precisely the intent of Allen and the Washington war faction.

Since at least 2013 Antichrist Israeli military have also openly bombed what they claim were Antichrist Hezbollah targets inside Syria. Investigation revealed that in fact Israel was hitting Syrian military and Antichrist Hezbollah targets who are valiantly fighting against Antichrist ISIS and other terrorists. De facto thereby Israel was actually helping Antichrist ISIS, like General John Allen’s year-long “anti-ISIS” bombings.

That a faction in the Pentagon has secretly worked behind-the-scenes to train, arm and finance what today is called Antichrist ISIS or Antichrist IS in Syria is now a matter of open record. In August 2012, a Pentagon document classified “Secret,” later declassified under pressure of the US NGO Judicial Watch, detailed precisely the emergence of what became the Antichrist Islamic State or Antichrist ISIS emerging from the Antichrist Islamic State in Iraq, then an Antichrist Al Qaeda affiliate.

The Pentagon document stated, “…there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist Principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition [to Assad-w.e.] want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Antichrist Shia expansion (Antichrist Iraq and Antichrist Iran).” The supporting powers to the opposition in 2012 then included Antichrist Qatar, Antichrist NATO Jive Turkey, Antichrist Saudi Arabia, the USA and behind-the-scenes, 911 Netanyahu’s Israel.

Precisely this creation of a “Antichrist Salafist Principality in eastern Syria,” today’s territory of Antichrist ISIL or IS, was the agenda of Petraeus, General Allen and others in Washington to destroy Assad. It’s what put the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change Spectre Clown Administration at loggerhead with Russia, Antichrist Communist China and Iran over the bizarre US demand Assad must first go before Antichrist ISIS can be destroyed. Now the game is in the open for the world to see Washington’s duplicity in backing what the Russian’s accurately call “moderateAntichrist Muslim  terrorists” against a duly-elected Assad. That Israel is also in the midst of this rats’ nest of opposition terrorist forces in Syria was confirmed in a recent UN report.

What the report did not mention was why Antichrist Israeli IDF military would have such a passionate interest in Syria, especially Syria’s Golan Heights.

Why The Antichrist State Of Israel wants Antichrist Assad Out

In December, 2014 the Jerusalem AKA prophetic Sodom&Egypt, Post in Israel reported the findings of a largely ignored, and politically explosive report detailing UN sightings of Antichrist Israeli military together with Antichrist ISIS terrorist combatants. The UN peacekeeping force, UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), stationed since 1974 along the Golan Heights (Mount Hermon Gates Of Hell) border between Syria and Israel, revealed that Israel had been working closely with Syrian opposition Antichrist Muslim terrorists, including Antichrist Al Qaeda’s Antichrist Al Nusra Front and Antichrist IS in the Golan Heights, and “kept close contact over the past 18 months.

” The report was submitted to the UN Security Council.

>>>Mainstream media in the US and West buried the explosive findings.<<<

The UN documents showed that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) were maintaining regular contact with members of the so-called Antichrist Islamic State since May of 2013. The Antichrist IDF stated that this was only for medical care for civilians, but the deception was broken when the UNDOF observers identified direct contact between Antichrist IDF forces and Antichrist ISIS soldiers, including giving medical care to Antichrist ISIS fighters. Observations even included the transfer of two crates from the Antichrist IDF to Antichrist ISIS forces, the contents of which have not been confirmed. Further the UN report identified what the Syrians label a “crossing point of forces between Israel and Antichrist ISIS,” a point of concern UNDOF brought before the UN Security Council.

The UNDOF was created by a May, 1974 UN Security Council Resolution No. 350 in the wake of tensions from the October 1973 Yom Kippur War between Syria and Israel. It established a buffer zone between Israel and Syria’s Golan Heights according to the 1974 Disengagement of Forces Agreement, to be governed and policed by the Syrian authorities. No military forces other than UNDOF are permitted within it. Today it has 1,200 observers.

Since 2013 and the escalation of Israeli attacks on Syria along the Golan Heights, claiming pursuit of “Antichrist Hezbollah terrorists,” the UNDOF itself has been subject to massive attacks by Antichrist ISIS or Antichrist Al Qaeda’s Antichrist Al Nusra Front terrorists in the Golan Heights for the first time since 1974, of kidnappings, of killings, of theft of UN weapons and ammunition, vehicles and other assets, and the looting and destruction of facilities. Someone obviously does not want UNDOF to remain policing the Golan Heights.

The Antichrist State Of Israel and Golan Heights Gates Of Hell Oil

In his November 9 White House meeting with Antichrist NWO 666 US President Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Spectre Clown, Israeli Antichrist Prime Minister Netanyahu 911 asked Washington to reconsider the fact that since the 1967 Six-Days’ War between Israel and the Antichrist Arab countries, Israel has illegally (TOTALLY NOT TRUE,lol, Israel’s enemy made the mistake and lost) occupied a significant part of the Golan Heights. In their meeting, Netanyahu 911, apparently without success, called on Obozo to back formal Israeli annexation of the illegally-occupied Golan Heights, claiming that the absence of a functioning Syrian government “allows for different thinking” concerning the future status of the strategically important area.

Of course Netanyahu 911 did not address in any honest way how Israeli Antichrist IDF and other forces had been responsible for the absence of a functioning Syrian government by their support for Antichrist ISIS and Antichrist Al Nusra Front of Antichrist Al Qaeda. LMAO

In 2013, when UNDOF began to document increasing contact between Antichrist Israeli military and Antichrist IS and Antichrist Al Qaeda along the Golan Heights, a little-known Newark, New Jersey oil company, Genie Energy, with an Israeli daughter company, Afek Oil & Gas, began also moving into Golan Heights with permission of the Antichrist Netanyahu 911 government to explore for oil. That same year Israeli Antichrist military engineers overhauled the forty-five mile border fence with Syria, replacing it with a steel barricade that included barbed wire, touch sensors, motion detectors, infrared cameras, and ground radar, putting it on par with the Wall Israel has constructed in the West Bank.

Interestingly enough, on October 8, Yuval Bartov, chief geologist from Genie Energy’s Israeli subsidiary, Afek Oil & Gas, told Israel’s Channel 2 TV that his company had found a major oil reservoir on the Golan Heights: “We’ve found an oil stratum 350 meters thick in the southern Golan Heights. On average worldwide, strata are 20 to 30 meters thick, and this is 10 times as large as that, so we are talking about significant quantities.” As I noted in an earlier article, the International Advisory Board of Genie Energy includes such notorious names as Dick 911 Cheney, former CIA head and infamous neo-con James Woolsey, Jacob Lord Rothschild and others.

ISRAELI COLONEL CAUGHT WITH IS PANTS DOW ANTICHRIST IDF and Mark Of The 666 Solomon 911 Building 7 Mossad just got caught again with their hands in a very dirty cookie jar in Syria 

Of course no reasonable person in their right mind would suggest there might be a link between Israeli Antichrist military dealings with the Antichrist ISIS and other anti-Assad terrorists in Syria, especially in the Golan Heights, and the oil find of Genie Energy in the same place, and with 911 Netanyahu’s latest Golan Heights “rethink” appeal to Obozo. That would smell too much like “conspiracy theory” and all reasonable people know conspiracies don’t exist, only coincidences. Or? In fact, to paraphrase the immortal words of Brad Pitt in the role of West Virginia First Lieutenant Aldo Raine in the final scene of Tarantino’s brilliant film, Inglorious Basterds, it seems that ‘Ol 911 Netanyahu and his pecker-suckin pals in the Antichrist IDF and Mossad just got caught with their hands in a very dirty cookie jar in Syria.

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…some advice to all you dipshits out there, when our Father in Christ says ”if possible even the elect might be deceived”, He is not only talking about (the) His chosen people prophetically brought back into His Holy Land THAT COME OUT OF TRIBULATION SEALED IN AGREEMENT WITH THE NAME OF YAHSHUA RISEN UP WITH THEM BUT ALL THE DEAD IN CHRIST AND THOSE OF US STILL ALIVE IN CHRIST UPON HIS RETURN! Do not be deceived. The Antichrist State Of Israel was never your friend, ever, and is no friend of our Father in Christ. The Antichrist State of Israel is no different from all the nations, they all have consumed the same madden wine, representing the blood of the Saints Of Our Father in Christ Yahshua. Your job is to labor (the) His (Lord Of The 7th Day Sabbath and Lord Of The Harvest) harvest among all nations and Israel and to rebuke the Antichrist spirit among the nations and Israel, not to be some dipshit cheerleader for ”Team Pre-Trib Rapture 666”, AKA Satan’s Cheerleaders. No Saint sealed with Salvation on their forehead is cheering for any Antichrist State Government, and they are all marked by the Antichrist. Get that through your thick skulls!!!

LOL, not even those in Judea, who have been prophetically lead back to The Holy Land as those chosen first fruit covenant people remain there, lol, when they witness the abomination standing in The Holy Place they flee, and for 3 1/2 years, the tribulation period, the idiots that do not accept Yahshua within Israel all suffer the same judgment as every Antichrist jerk on Earth. The only reason why the Antichrist meets his end in Israel is because of the same reason why The Holy Land isn’t destroyed until the last Word Of Our Father in Christ is preached by the two witnesses that the Antichrist kills in Jerusalem, where also Yahshua was crucified. Come on, wake up. Elijah isn’t going to be telling people to return to the Antichrist State of Israel. Lol. The assholes telling christians to pray for the peace of Israel fail to grasp the fact that the Antichrist destroys ”many” that way because he is the deceiver of the nations and Israel. DUH! When you hear the Antichrist bastards cry ”peace and security” sudden destruction, tribulation comes. SO ANY IDIOT CALLING OTHER MORONS TO PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF ISRAEL IN THE PROPHETIC CONTEXT IS A FOOL! Peace comes to ”all” those Saints among the nations and Israel when they accept the sustaining salvation of our Father in Christ, but Israel is a burdensome stone and Jerusalem is a trembling cup until the tribulation era is finished. That period of time happens quickly, and billions of people are about to die during that short period of time. News flash, there isn’t billions of people inside Israel, and those nations around Israel are already being softened up. Forcing Antichrist muslims into Europe as the so called West and Israel arm and fund Antichrist ISIS and Iran at the same time, lol, come on. You would think the Homosexual Rainbow Flag on the Embassy In Israel, and the White House lit up ”as in the days of Noah”, would be more than enough of a hint on top of the occult pyramid prophecy on the 666 Central Bank Debt Note. RU486ing your own salvation, as if it was the American Constitution according to Skull&Bones Bush And The Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Spectre Clowns? Lol, WAKE UP!!!!

NOTE: Currently, at 05:00 EST, 11/29/15  searched online for more information about riots in Turkey cannot be found. The censorship of the internet in this case is obviously extreme at this point. Continued attempts to locate any and all sources to links, live feeds especially, will be attempted. Remember, this Turkish NATO Specter nutball is a dead man walking.

He has clamped down on the internet services like a Antichrist Communist Chinese Whore, AKA an American Government employee from the three branches (Recall the late Congressman Lantos Yahoo Mircosoft & The SISCO kids that still use Antichrist Communist China labor (Great Walmart Of Communist China Eployees are not paid a living wage and the U.S. Government subsidizes corporate profits by providing employees with government foodstamps and assistance etc… at the expense of National security and the sovereignty of every individual American still dumb enough to show up to work at zero interest etc…, at the expense of everything the Constitution represents, and Lantos did nothing when these Corporate evil bastards handed over the URL addresses of people like the guy that posted ‘Tank Man” who was put in prison for 10 years because that is the NWO standard now)









Clodagh carnage begins: Met Office warns of flooding, 70mph winds and seven inches of snow with chaos expected to last up two weeks

Complex weather system causes deadly flooding across north Texas, US

Seven spectacular weather events – and what causes them 

What does this tell us about history? Is this another piece of evidence that points to the fact that history books, as we know them should be re written? We believe yes.

Researchers find a rock with a carving of a Mastodon at the underwater Stonehenge of Lake Michigan

Blood and skin cells found on 75-million-year-old dinosaur bones: Tissue was extracted from fossils left in storage for a century



and they heard a great voice out of the heaven saying to them, `Come up hither;’ and they went up to the heaven in the cloud, and their enemies beheld them;

Revelation 11

because the Lord himself, in a shout, in the voice of a chief-messenger, and in the trump of God, shall come down from heaven, and the dead in Christ shall rise first,

1 Thessalonians 4 

17 then we who are living, who are remaining over, together with them shall be caught away in clouds to meet the Lord in air, and so always with the Lord we shall be;

A spell of extreme weather characterized by strong winds, storm surge and heavy rainfall wrapped northern Europe over the last couple of days. Tens of thousands of people have experienced power outages across parts of Sweden, while portions of Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Latvia also received a strong blow.

Northern Europe in the grip of severe weather 

A weather system named Storm “Gorm” hit western and southern Sweden on the evening (local time) of November 29, 2015 as strong winds with speed reaching 115.2 km/h (71.6 mph) ripped through the region. The storm was reportedly one of the strongest to hit Sweden in the last few years.

10 dead in Texas and Kansas as wintry storm sweeps south-central U.S.