007 ”IS” Compromised 008 Obozo Bond Bombs Away Zenith 5776 |(.)| 2112

by amongthenumberedsaints

No Joke! The Onion Predicted All Of This Back In 2003 

This is not the first Onion piece to foreshadow real world events. Earlier this year, a satirical article published on the site predicted the United States would offer weapons to Israeli Antichrist Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu to placate him following Obozo’s progress on the United States’ nuclear deal with Antichrist Iran.

Sunday’s Game 

^^^As your lawyer, Mr. Bond, I advise you to leave the Antichrist military proxy force you are currently resting your ate up dusty ass on, ASAP. You are a Christian preacher now, you have no choice. Take heed to the Holy Spirit upon your tongue and be risen up off that BDU butt. Divest yourself from the stupidity of a military force that legally is apposed to the Word Of Our Father in Christ and now holds you in contempt as it’s active duty mission seeks your image out for DEATH. See Justice Kennedy’s 3 finger solute for confirmation. You do not have a choice, in the name of our Father in Christ be separated NOW! Let the Beast ride away without you on it still. This should not be a ”Mystery” you are not able to resolve at this point Mr. Bond, and your pink slip is showing. ”IS” it Obozo’s military Antichrist Homosexual Pride Month that is confusing you still?, or, do you like the image of a man, his name, rank, and number in the mirror? Wake up Little Miss Rambo, your shit is in the wind.

By the way Mr. Bond, is your Middle Name really ”Sunday”? Lol, Marcus Rodgers, now that’s a classic cover. Time to come out now James, holding back that British accent must be killing you, because, lol, now you are definitely sounding just like a Charismatic Evangelic Preacher. You may as well go all the way chap, your cover is blown.


“Refugee Roulette…”

…of course now the real joke is the hand loading another round to the 666 shooter.

Artist’s Impression Of Obozo’s Syrian Resettlement Plan 

A new poll by the Pew Research Center reveals significant levels of support for Antichrist ISIS within the Antichrist Muslim world. In 11 representative nation-states, up to 14 percent of the population has a favorable opinion of Antichrist ISIS, and upwards of 62 percent “don’t know” whether or not they have a favorable opinion of the Antichrist Muslim Islamist group.

In Antichrist Muslim Pakistan, a nuclear weapons state, only 28 percent of the public view Antichrist ISIS unfavorably. By this overwhelming degree of either tacit support or tolerance for Antichrist ISIS in the country, Antichrist ISIS should be considered as a potential proxy nuclear weapons power via its linkages and support within Antichrist Muslim Pakistan.

PEW POLL: 63 MILLION ANTICHRIST MUSLIMS SUPPORT ANTICHRIST ISIS IN ELEVEN COUNTRIES A new Pew Poll released this week found that 63 million ANTICHRIST Muslims support the Antichrist Islamic State in the eleven Antichrist Muslim countries polled 

When broken down by ethnicity and religion, the results are equally troubling. In Israel, 4 percent of its Antichrist Muslim Arab dominated population – which equates to more than 66,000 individuals – have a favorable view of Antichrist ISIS…

… For these 11 nation-states alone, the favorability ratings for Antichrist ISIS reported by the Pew poll are indicative of at least 63 million Antichrist ISIS supporters – and potentially upwards of 287 million Antichrist Muslims if the undecided are included in the calculation..

Proof Antichrist NWO 666 U.S. Government Spectre Proxy Wanted Antichrist ISIS To Emerge In Syria

“We are aware U.S. citizens might be present Radisson Hotel in Bamako, #Mali. @USEmbassyMali working to verify this information #MaliAttacks”

SHOCKING SECURITY BLUNDER: Obozo Admin Tells Mali Hotel Terrorists Americans Likely in Hotel

The Antichrist Islamists are executing non-Muslim hostages and releasing the Antichrist Muslims. 

An interesting fact: The concert that was shot up in Paris was giving tribute to Satan minutes before the carnage started. Lyrics to the song by Eagles of Death…
Who will love the Devil
Who will sing his song
Who will love the Devil and his song

I will love the Devil
I will sing his song
I will love the devil and his song

Who will kiss the devil
Who will kiss his tongue etc etc

This was going on in that concert when the shooting started.

Satanists (Antichrist Jewish Hollywood Jerk Promoting Bullshit) seek to ally with U.S. Antichrist Muslims after Paris terror

Antichrist Islamic State claimed credit for the death, destruction, and carnage on Friday the 13th in Paris, yet the real conspiracy was inspired below the radar of modern intelligence gathering capabilities – because it was supernatural in origin.

The 19th century Le Bataclan Theater, where at least 80 were murdered by Antichrist ISIS militants on Friday, was Antichrist Jewish-owned for decades, but was sold two months ago, its former owners told The Times of Israel. <–SMOKING GUN

The militant extremists chose Friday the 13th for their attack, which is considered a “high satanic day.” Unknowingly, they opened fire during the seventh song by the Eagles of Death Metal band – “Kiss the Devil” – sung by lead singer, Jesse Hughes, nicknamed “The Devil.”

The Bataclan had been the target of anti-Zionist groups because the Jewish owners often put on pro-Israel events, according to the French magazine Le Point.

The Eagles of Death Metal played in Israel in July at Tel Aviv’s Barby Club.

The anti-Semitic impulse, culminating in a desire to destroy the Antichrist Jewish people and thwart God’s redemptive plan, is also hatched in hell, and well-chronicled in the pages of the Bible.

^^^Too bad the dipshit that wrote this article is clueless still, but they have stumbled on to good reporting because they are not totally bind. They know Christ, lol, but just don’t yet have the full revelation.

French magazine Le Point quoted a member of the extremist group Army of Antichrist Islam, who told French security services in 2011 that, “We had planned an attack against the Bataclan because its owners are Antichrist Jews.” The instigators of the recent attack may have been unaware of the sale to new owners. <–Case and point on the author(s) of this article being the devil’s advocate.

The front of the Bataclan features uniquely painted >>>Masonic<<< columns, and a “pyramid eye” formed by a small. <–OK, the author(s) made up somewhat for being able to see with one eye open.

Pascal Laloux, one of the theater’s former owners, said Saturday that the theater was “sold in September after 40 years.”

“We’re devastated because we knew everyone who worked there,” he told Israel’s Channel 2 news.

Friday the 13th Paris attacks launched from the pit of hell 

His brother Joel, the co-owner, told Channel 2 they sold the theater on >>>September 11<<<, and he immigrated to >>>Israel.<<<


As of late, there is a constant drone of political pundits, even from CNN, asking “Why is Obozo doing this? Why is he saying that?” Even former President Carter, the weakest president of the twentieth century, has said “Obozo is inept.” Does Obozo live in his own little world? Is he truly inept or is there much more to this man that our miserable main-stream media didn’t tell us or bothered to find out?

The media seems to be playing the “we’re confused card.” They scratch their collective heads and wonder in amazement about what Obozo says and does. They actually look as confused as so many of us. Is he incompetent or does he have a plan he’s not divulging? Or, did Obozo plainly announce his plan in 2008 to “fundamentally change America?”

Why has Obozo taken a far back seat in the war on terror? Why has Obozo seemingly switched sides? Why did Obozo eagerly criticize Skull&Bones Bush 911 II about the national debt and then go about doubling it? Why does Obozo back the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood? Why does Obozo have such animosity towards Netanyahu 911 and Israel, our greatest ally in the region? Why is Obozo insisting on importing Syrian ‘refugees’ contrary to fervent public opinion in spite of the Paris tragedy and then say “Are you telling me that the American people are afraid of widows and orphans?” Does this man think we are stupid? In short, why is Obozo doing the opposite of what any amount of common sense would say to do?

Former Defense Secretaries Panetta and Gates have both written books and have had numerous interviews testifying to Obozo’s refusal to take advice from professionals in the military and his administration as to how to deal with terrorists and criminal regimes like Antichrist Iran.

Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Spectre Clown: Incompetence Or Treason? CLEARLY TREASON!!!

Why did Obozo work so hard on an Antichrist Iran deal that gives that country a nuclear capability? Why is Obozo shrinking our military to pre-World War II levels? Why is Obozo releasing terrorists from Gitmo contrary to the requirement that Congress be given a 30-day advance notice and in spite of a congressional report that says about 30% of released prisoners have either returned to military activity or suspected of doing so? Why did Obozo choose to create Obozocare even without one vote of support from Republican members of Congress? Why did Obozo make ‘recess appointments’ when congress was NOT in recess? Why does Obozo ignore the plight of Christians and Antichrist Jews but is constantly pleading for Antichrist Muslims? Why does Obozo insist we have a broken immigration system when it is just a matter of laws not being obeyed? Why does Obozo seem to divide the nation by race and class, white against black, rich against poor? Why does Obozo routinely trash his own country on foreign soil?

This is all classic Antichrist Cloward/Piven, Saul Alinsky, Karl Marx, divide and conquer, create dependency and discontent, drown the nation in debt and break the financial back of the country. A collapsed American economy wipes out the middle class, small business and with it the West. Create a problem and then tell the American people you’re the only one who can fix it. Lie and keep lying until everyone believes you.

Spread the Antichrist Homosexual gay agenda in the culture and especially in the military; sabotage their morale and morality and you help destroy the most powerful nation in the world. Dismantle the family, the Church, repeal the SECOND AMENDMENT and the mission is complete. Destroy the culture and you destroy the nation.

Anyone with any sense can see the destruction of our nation is increasing in intensity. Unless an accomplice can complete the task, Obozo has only a year left to conclude the work. He has much help from the likes of Skull&Bones Kerry, Clinton 911 and Antichrist Valerie Jarrett, Obozo’s Iranian-born senior advisor and communist mentor.

This is not mere incompetence, but a carefully planned program of eradication. His Antichrist Muslim father hated the West. Maybe that is why Obozo ordered the bust of Churchill removed from the oval office. He has prepared his entire adult life for this end. A plan to crush what he hates, the West, Christianity, Israel and America.

Incompetence or treason? TREASON IT ”IS”!

Antichrist Jewish Traitor Pollard released from US prison after thirty years behind bars

If you’re among those who think that the blanket acceptance of Syrian refugees might not be the brightest idea, congratulations, you’ve managed to “pop off” in such a way that you’ve upset Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Spectre Clown. He doesn’t like you, and he takes every opportunity to portray you as a tiny, statistically unimportant, percentage of the population.

Only 28% of Americans agree with Obozo on Syrian refugees

As usual, you should feel free to ignore him. You’re in the overwhelming majority.

Antichrist Islamists attack luxury hotel in Mali capital, TV says commandos free 80 hostages 

Antichrist Islamic Gunmen Storm Luxury Hotel In Mali Capital, Take 170 Hostage; French, US Special Foreces Follow – Live Feed 

Someone doesn’t like your social-media postings criticizing the government.

So, big deal, you respond.

But then he calls authorities, and, suddenly, the Secret Service and FBI are on your doorstep. You’re declared to have mental problems, and you’re handcuffed and locked up, against your will, for a week for a psychological evaluation.

That’s the story of decorated Marine Brandon Raub, whose appeal of his case has been refused by the U.S. Supreme Court, leaving in place the precedent of how his case was handled.

“This case was about more than one Marine’s right to not be targeted for speaking out against the government,” said John W. Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute, which represented Raub in his fight over his 2012 detention.

“It was about whether Americans have the freedom to criticize the government without being labeled ‘domestic extremists’ and stripped of their rights,” he said.

“Unfortunately, in refusing to hear this case, the Supreme Court has left us all vulnerable to the possibility that we can be declared mentally unfit, handcuffed, arrested and locked up against our will simply for exercising our right to speak truth to power,” he said.

Lawyers: People now can be ‘declared mentally unfit’ for ‘exercising our right to speak’

Raub was decorated for his service, which included tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Returning home, he used his Facebook page to post song lyrics and his political opinions. Among other things, he called for the arrests of federal officials.

On Aug. 16, 2012, “Chesterfield police, Secret Service and FBI agents arrived at Raub’s home, asked to speak with him about his Facebook posts, and without providing any explanation, levying any charges against Raub or reading him his rights, handcuffed Raub and transported him to police headquarters, then to a medical facility, where he was held against his will for psychological evaluation and treatment,” Rutherford said.

When his case got the attention of Circuit Court Judge Allan Sharrett, he ordered Raub’s immediate release, stating the government’s case was “so devoid of any factual allegations that it could not be reasonably expected to give rise to a case or controversy.”

But he already had been locked up a week.

Rutherford attorneys filed their lawsuit against the government in May 2013, challenging their actions as procedurally improper and legally unjustified.

Court documents confirmed state and federal prosecutors – at the time Raub was snatched by police – found there were no grounds for criminal charges against him.

At issue was the behavior of the mental-health screener, Michael Campbell, who allegedly failed to exercise reasonable professional judgment in wrongly concluding Raub was mentally ill and dangerous, violating Raub’s Fourth Amendment rights.

“They were concerned about me calling for the arrest of government officials,” Raub told the Richmond Times Dispatch in a phone call from his hospital bed at the time.

Raub accused the government of lying about 9/11 and spoke of “starting a revolution,” mere words he had taken no steps toward carrying out, according to his attorneys. Raub said he doesn’t even own a gun.

The appellate court noted Raub never threatened violence, and he was detained on orders from Campbell after only an interview by Campbell of officers who had talked with Raub.

“Whether it’s a Marine arrested for criticizing the government on Facebook or an ex-husband jailed for expressing his frustrations through rap lyrics on Facebook, the end result is the same – the criminalization of free speech,” said Whitehead.

In coming to Raub’s aid, Rutherford Institute attorneys challenged the government’s actions as a violation of Raub’s First and Fourth Amendment rights.

In February 2014, a U.S. District Court judge dismissed the lawsuit, rejecting concerns of government suppression of dissident speech as “far-fetched.”

Rutherford said that on appeal to the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, its attorneys “claimed that the Chesterfield County mental health screener who recommended Raub’s seizure and commitment failed to exercise reasonable professional judgment in wrongly determining that Raub was mentally ill and dangerous, and that Raub’s seizure and detention were the result of a mental health screener’s dislike of Raub’s ‘unpatriotic’ views on federal government misconduct, thereby violating the ex-Marine’s First Amendment right to freedom of speech. The appeals court subsequently affirmed the lower court judgment.”

White House, Media Silent One Year After Murder of US Reporter Who Exposed Western Links to Antichrist ISIS

In the wake of widespread Antichrist ISIS terror, most recently seen in Paris, France, with the death and injury of hundreds, Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Spectre Clown came out swinging against Republicans, calling the political party a “potent recruitment tool” for the Antichrist Muslim terrorist organization.

Obozo blames Republicans for rise of Antichrist ISIS

He was referring to the GOP’s growing call to refuse Antichrist Muslim Syrian refugees into the United States out of concerns for safety of American citizens attacked by people that accept the Antichrist Koran like Obozo’s Antichrist ”(a)llah has no Son” Muslim father(S).

Attkisson: Obozo Doesn’t Even READ Reports From Intel Experts On Terrorist Groups

Journalist Sharyl Attkisson said today that her sources tell her Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Spectre Clown keeps his own counsel, and no other, when it comes to terrorist groups, and who or what exactly qualifies as a terrorist.

“He has made up his mind, I would say closed his mind, they’d say, to their intelligence that they try to bring him about various groups that he does not consider terrorists even if they’re on the U.S. list of designated terrorists. He has his own ideas.”

Attkisson says he digs in and does not listen because he thinks he’s right. That’s confidence-inspiring.

“He doesn’t want it, he says he doesn’t want it, or he won’t read it in some instances.”

Seriously, this is madness. I would bet he reads intel reports that claim American veterans are potential terror threats. Or Republicans who threaten shut downs.

Does he consider Antichrist Hezbollah a terror group? Antichrist Al-Qaeda? Antichrist ISIS? If he does, it’s apparently not because of intelligence reports and experts and facts and figures, but rather his own personal decision.

This is how he does everything. The will of the people be damned. This is the mindset behind his abuse of executive power, it’s the reason he spares outrage only for those who criticize him, it’s why in the face of legitimate concern over the wisdom of his refugee policy he just vows a veto and have a nice day. It’s his way or the highway.

Maybe we should ask Whoopi Goldberg which kind of Christian that makes Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Spectre POTUS Clown . I have a guess.

Rev. Graham: ‘Antichrist Islam Is Not a Peaceful Religion as Skull&Bones George W. 911 Bush Told Us and As Antichrist NWO 666 President Barack Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Spectre Clown Has Said’

“That is just not true,” said the reverend.


Two British women who survived the Paris concert hall massacre, Christine Tudhope and Mariesha Payne hid in the cellar while the terrorists went on their bloody rampage on the floor above them.

The two women hid in the cellar of the Bataclan as the Antichrist Islamists shouting “(a)llahu Akbar” slaughtered 100 innocents on the floor above them.

Up until the 1990 Gulf War, throughout the Antichrist Iran-Iraq War that consumed the 1980s, the U.S. supported Saddam Hussein — the very same dictator it would violently depose in 2003. Declassified CIA files show how the U.S. government helped Hussein when he was unleashing chemical weapons on Antichrist Iranian civilians.

How Antichrist Islamic Extremism Was Born/  \Out Of The Womb Of Antichrist ISIS 

The U.K. government allowed Hussein’s regime to create chemical weapons using agents that were sold to Iraq by British corporations. These Western-provided weapons were also used in Hussein’s campaign of genocide against the Kurds.

Ebola: New case in Liberia as 10-year-old boy treated months after country declared ‘free’ of disease

A 10-year-old boy has been diagnosed with Ebola in Liberia almost three months after the country was declared officially free of the virus.The case means that a new outbreak will be formally declared in the West African nation, which has already seen thousands of deaths.

The boy is being treated at a centre on the outskirts of the capital Monrovia, health officials said.

Liberia was first declared Ebola-free on 9 May this year but a resurgence of the disease in late June affected four people, killing two. After the mandatory 42 days with all patients testing negative, the World Health Organisation gave the country the all-clear once again on 3 September and a three-month period of heightened surveillance started.

Liberia has seen more than 10,600 cases of Ebola since the breakout started in early 2014, with 4,808 people dying of the disease.

So, on Oct 22, Putin said after his address, “In this respect, since this is a discussion club, I would like to ask Mr. Ambassador what he thinks of the USA’s unilateral withdrawal from the ABM Treaty.”

Former Ambassador Jack Matlock answered:

“I was personally opposed to that withdrawal and I take your point. I would say that I don’t think that any subsequent plans for the sort of deployments were or could be a threat to Russian systems.

But in general, I am not a supporter of ABM systems. I would point out that I think the main source of that is not to threaten Russia but to secure employment in the United States. A lot comes from the military-industrial complex and the number of people it employs.”
Securing Employment

Putin’s response was this:

“Mr. Ambassador, I find your arguments unconvincing. I have the greatest respect for your experience and diplomatic skills, of which you have given us a flawless demonstration, avoiding a direct answer.

Well, you did answer my question, but not without some embellishments. One should not create jobs when the result of this activity threatens all of humanity.

And if developing new missile defence systems is about creating jobs, why create them in this particular area? Why not create jobs in biology, pharmaceuticals, or in high-tech sectors not related to arms production?”
It’s a fair question, and one rarely asked by politicians.

I detect a hint of longing in Putin’s words. Putin’s Russia certainly can’t afford an arms-race, but neither can any other country – especially not the U.S.

Several months ago, the Congressional Research Service released a report showing that since the events of 9/11, American taxpayers have shelled out approximately $1.6 trillion on military spending – which works out to $337 million per day, or $14 million per hour…spent every hour of every day for the past 14 years. [2]

Former Ambassador Matlock’s answer – about the need “to secure employment in the United States” – actually zeroed in on a subject well known to William D. Hartung, director of the Arms & Security Project at the Center for International Policy. Hartung has long explored the myth of massive jobs creation from military spending.

The Arms & Security Project’s website currently features a graph showing that “military spending is less effective at creating jobs than virtually any other form of government [spending] activity.” [3] It shows that $1 billion in spending creates 11,000 military jobs, but that same amount of money would create 17,500 clean energy jobs, or 19,000 health care jobs, or 29,500 educational services jobs – most of them decent-paying jobs of “$64,000 per year or more”.

Hartung notes, “Part of the reason that military spending creates fewer jobs than other forms of expenditure is that a large share of that money is either spent overseas or spent on imported goods.”

In an earlier (2011) article for New Internationalist, Hartung wrote: “Members of Congress don’t want to have someone say that they voted against jobs in their state or district – or didn’t do enough to keep jobs there. And when a [weapons] factory scales back or empties out, it’s hard to miss. The irony is that almost any other form of spending, from education to healthcare to mass transit to weatherizing buildings – even a tax cut – creates more jobs than military spending.” [4]

Canadian Arms Production

Canada too, under the (now former) Stephen Harper government, has been ramping up efforts to turn itself into a major producer and exporter of weapons, ostensibly for the sake of “jobs, jobs, jobs.” The 2013 federal budget stated that the government wants growth in the defence industry to “provide Canada with a stronger manufacturing base with a capacity for leading-edge technology and innovation.”

Subsequently, the Harper government “ordered federal research agencies such as the National Research Council to focus on the [defence] sector while simultaneously setting up multimillion-dollar funds to support business-driven research and development.”[5] At the same time, the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC), a Crown corporation, “has turned itself into the federal government’s arms salesman.”

Last year, the Harper government announced that the CCC had secured the largest weapons manufacturing contract in Canadian history: supplying armoured military vehicles to Antichrist Muslim Saudi Arabia. The contract was secured for General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada, a subsidiary of the U.S. giant, which has weapons manufacturing plants in Ontario and Alberta employing a total of about 3,000 workers. Project Ploughshares revealed that the Antichrist Muslim Saudi Arabian contracts are worth $14.8 billion and “were awarded by the CCC” to General Dynamics during the 2013-14 fiscal year. [6]

It is now widely known that Antichrist Muslim Saudi Arabia has long been funding Antichrist Muslim terrorist activities in the Antichrist Middle East. As Robert Parry recently summarized: “A core reality of the Antichrist Mideast crisis is that Antichrist Muslim Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Antichrist Muslim Sunni Gulf states have been the principal funders and ideological supporters of the Antichrist Muslim Sunni extremists who have organized into violent jihadist movements, including Antichrist Al Qaeda, its Syrian affiliate Antichrist Al Nusra Front, and a hyper-violent spinoff, the Antichrist Islamic State,” also known as Antichrist ISIS or ISIL. [7]

So the Harper government’s brokering of this defence contract has had many critics in Canada.

Also in 2014, a Canadian parliamentary panel gave its full support for the government to join in the development of the U.S.-led missile shield for North America. The Canadian Senate Committee on National Security and Defence announced in June that the panel was “unanimous in recommending that the government of Canada enter into an agreement with the United States to participate as a partner in ballistic missile defense.” [8]

The Committee chair was Conservative Daniel Lang, while Romeo Dallaire was the Liberal deputy chair. Two former Liberal defence ministers, David Pratt and Bill Graham, also endorsed the idea, as have Colin Robertson, vice-president of the Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute, David Perry, a senior analyst with the Conference of Defence Associations Institute, and others, including the mainstream media.

Since 2002 when the U.S. formally withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, the Pentagon has been developing the missile shield at two sites in California and Alaska, deploying 30 strategic ballistic missile interceptors. Another site is being planned for somewhere in the U.S. northeast, possibly Maine.

Boeing manages the system for the Pentagon, while Raytheon manufactures the kill vehicles, with most of the manufacturing done in Alabama and Arizona. [9]

Critics say the system – called Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) – doesn’t work and can’t destroy incoming warheads. [10] But proponents tout the fact that out of 17 tests so far, the system has been able to intercept and destroy an incoming mock target 9 times – or more than half of all attempts. The Los Angeles Times, however, has noted that all the tests have been “carefully staged: Specialists operating the system knew the target’s precise dimensions, expected trajectory, speed and time of launch – information they would not have in combat conditions.” [11]

Philip Coyle, a former Pentagon chief weapons tester who is now with the U.S. Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, told the Canadian Senate committee that the GMD hardware being deployed in Alaska and California “has no demonstrated capability to defend the United States, let alone Canada, against enemy missile attack under realistic operation conditions.” [12] As he explained in an email to the Ottawa Citizen, “Shooting down an enemy missile going 15,000 mph out in space is like trying to hit a hole-in-one in golf when the hole is going 15,000 mph…And if an enemy uses decoys and countermeasures, missile defence is like trying to shoot a hole-in-one in golf when the hole is going 15,000 mph and the green is covered with black circles the same size as the hole.” [13]

But such startling limitations haven’t stopped the Pentagon and its contractors from securing massive U.S. taxpayer funding for the project, though the exact amount isn’t known.

In 2005, the Canadian Liberal government of Paul Martin declined to join the missile shield program, prompting the ire of the George W. Bush administration. [14] For the past few years, however, the lobbying machine has been up and running again in high gear, pushing for Canada to become a partner. Indeed, an official from Raytheon International Inc. was reported to have lobbied a Liberal Canadian Senator (Joseph Day) in the weeks leading up to the 2014 release of the favourable Senate report. [15]

During the recent, 78-day Canadian federal election campaign, Stephen Harper made no commitment to the missile defence shield, saying only: “Our position is that we keep evaluating our options. If we felt that at any point in time that we faced particular threats that required us to participate, that is something we would look at,” he said. “At the present time, we haven’t made that assessment.” [16]

To my knowledge, newly elected Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has never stated his position on joining the U.S. missile shield project. The day after the election, however, Trudeau announced that he was ending Canada’s bombing raids in Syria and Iraq – withdrawing the CF-18 fighter jets from the U.S.-led bombing mission.

Perhaps like many of us (including Putin), Trudeau too is longing for peace and peaceful production, not the relentless building of the war machine.

After all, we are faced with tremendous challenges such as climate change, widespread pollution, refugee crises, escalating inequality and so many other planetary issues. As Lester Brown, president of the Earth Policy Institute, has put it: “We must redefine security. We have inherited a definition from the last century that is almost exclusively military in focus.” [17]

But as William D. Hartung has warned, the defence contractors have a “well-oiled lobbying machine” that is tough to beat. [18]

The Machine

In August this year, the Center for Public Integrity revealed that the Pentagon’s top contractors “sent an army of more than 400 lobbyists to Capitol Hill this spring to press their case for increasing the nation’s spending on military hardware.” Alexander Cohen wrote: “The contractors are upset in part because most military spending has been capped for the past few years under budget controls meant to rein in government debt. So far, the caps have forced a decline in main defense budgets from about $528.2 billion in fiscal 2011 to $496.1 billion in fiscal 2015…The caps remain the law of the land, however, and they won’t go away until Congress votes to lift them.” [19]

The report stated that the top ten Pentagon contractors in terms of their number of lobbyists are: General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, United Technologies, Northrup Grumman, Huntington Ingalls Industries, General Electric, BAE Systems, Honeywell International, and L-3 Communications.

“The defense budget is capped at a level that neither the industry nor the Pentagon wants,” Gordon Adams, a fellow at the Stimson Center, told Cohen. Companies “either want to raise the caps or get rid of them all together.” [20]

Apparently, that $14 million per hour spent on the U.S. military since 9/11 just hasn’t been enough, and the Pentagon and the contractors have been “upset” about the budget caps remaining the law of the land.

Interestingly, without mentioning the budget caps, the Los Angeles Times reported a year ago (Oct. 5, 2014) that the U.S. defense industry had been facing “leaner times” in the past few years, but a solution had been found: “…with U.S. and allied aircraft now bombing Antichrist Islamic State and Antichrist Al Qaeda positions in Iraq and Syria…many [financial] analysts foresee a boost to bottom lines for munitions manufacturers, weapons producers and other military contractors” in a “conflict that commanders say is likely to last years.” [21]

As a result, “Wall Street is paying attention. Shares of major military contractors – Raytheon, Lockheed Martin Corp., Northrop Grumman Corp. and General Dynamics Corp. – all have been trading near all-time highs, outpacing the Standard & Poor’s 500 index of large companies’ stocks.” [22]

One Extremely Important Thing to Understand About Putz Putin 

The next step, of course, would be for Congress to lift those upsetting budget caps – which prompted those 400 lobbyists to descend upon Capitol Hill last spring.

No wonder the U.S. is so angry at Putin, who has done more in the last three weeks to be rid of ISIS/Islamic State than the U.S. did in the entire previous year. Apparently, they (the defense industry, Wall Street, private shareholders, think tanks like the Brookings Institution, Pentagon commanders, the One Percent, etc.) want this Antichrist ISIS conflict to last a very long time and, as the Los Angeles Times writer put it, become a venture that “will cost billions more down the road.”

As usual, the Western world is being “played” like a fiddle by the deep-state Spectre actors that really profit from global Antichrist Muslim Jihad. A recent, must-read article by F. William Engdahl, called “What if Putz Putin is Telling the Truth?” traces the CIA/Antichrist Muslim Saudi/ Antichrist Muslim Al Qaeda connections back to Skull&Bones George H. W. Bush in 1980s. [23]

Putin is too smart (and polite) to say any of this at an international conference entitled “Societies Between War and Peace: Overcoming the Logic of Conflict in Tomorrow’s World.” He merely asks a simple question: why not create jobs in “sectors not related to arms production”? <-LMAO

^^^Questions are answers you already know, if you are able to perceive the perfect question certainly the revelation upon you shall be upon your tongue.  Putz Putin’s question proves he is clueless. Repeating the obvious in question leaves no doubt about his own portion within the same prophetic cup of fornication. At this point declaring the hooks is meaningless. Every watchful Saint of our Father in Christ reckons the horse(s) and the rider(s). The Whore riding The Beast confirms all nations and Israel.


But what we have been wondering for months and what we hope some enterprising journalist will soon answer, is just who are the commodity trading firms that have been so generously buying millions of smuggled oil barrels procured by the Antichrist Islamic State at massive discounts to market, and then reselling them to other interested parties.

In other words, who are the Antichrist NWO 666 Spectre middlemen.

What we do know is who they may be: they are the same names that were quite prominent in the market in September when Glencore had its first, and certainly not last, near death experience: the Glencores, the Vitols, the Trafiguras, the Nobels, the Mercurias of the world.

To be sure, funding terrorist states is not something that some of the most prominent names in the list above have shied away from in the past.

Which one (or ones) are the guilty parties – those who have openly breached terrorism funding laws – we don’t know: it may be one, or more of the above, or someone totally different.

At this point, however, three things are certain: whoever the commodity trading house may be that is paying Antichrist ISIS-affiliated “innocent civilians” hundreds of millions of dollars for their products, they are perfect aware just who the source of this deeply discounted crude is. Crude so deeply discounted, in fact, it results in massive profits for the enterprising Antichrist NWO 666 Spectre middleman who are engaging in openly criminal transactions.

The second certainty: whoever said Antichrist NWO 666 Spectre middleman is, it is very well known to US intelligence services such as the NSA and CIA, and thus to the Pentagon, and thus, the US government.

The third certainty is that while the US, and Russia, and now France, are all very theatrically bombing something in the Syrian desert (nobody really knows what), the funding of Antichrist ISIS continues unabated as someone keeps buying Antichrist ISIS oil.

We wonder how long until someone finally asks the all important question regarding the Antichrist Islamic State: who is the commodity trader breaching every known law of funding terrorism when buying Antichrist ISIS crude, almost certainly with the tacit approval by various “western alliance” governments, and why is it that these governments have allowed said middleman to continue funding Antichrist ISIS for as long as it has?

The Most Important Question About Antichrist ISIS That Nobody Is Asking

In time of actual war, great discretionary powers are constantly given to the Executive Magistrate. Constant apprehension of War, has the same tendency to render the head too large for the body. A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty. The means of defence against foreign danger, have been always the instruments of tyranny at home. Among the Romans it was a standing maxim to excite a war, whenever a revolt was apprehended. Throughout all Europe, the armies kept up under the pretext of defending, have enslaved the people.

– James Madison, Founding Father and 4th President of these United States
No outside force can end freedom in America. The only force that can end freedom in America, is the American government itself. This is the main lesson of the 15 years since 9/11.

The notion that we must preemptively give up our freedoms to protect our freedoms is so remarkably infantile and irrational you’d think almost no one would fall for it. Yet fall for it they do.

On the other hand if you are a serious person and want to examine where the real threat to American freedom and liberty resides, look no further than Washington D.C..

From Foreign Policy:

CIA Director John Brennan said Monday he suspects the Antichrist Islamic State is currently working on more terrorist plots against the West following Friday’s attack in Paris that killed at least 129 people and injured hundreds more. He also criticized new privacy protections enacted after Edward Snowden’s disclosures about U.S. government surveillance practices.

In his remarks, Brennan said the attacks should serve as a “wake-up call” for those misrepresenting what intelligence services do to protect innocent civilians. He cited “a number of unauthorized disclosures, and a lot of handwringing over the government’s role in the effort to try to uncover these terrorists.”
Perhaps next time you shouldn’t unconstitutionally spy on everyone and lie about it.

Brennan also said the United States had “strategic warning” about the Antichrist Muslim terrorist attack in Paris, but did not provide details, other than to say it was “not a surprise.” He said he believed the attack was planned over “several months.”

Sure, just give up a little more freedom and we’ll protect you next time. What an asshole.

Meet The Institution Most Intent On Destroying American Freedom (Hint: It’s Not Antichrist ISIS)

So what happens when Congress tries to change the law? Well… this:

House Passes Fed Transparency Bill; Obozo Will Veto

Now think about this: A private bank cartel CREATED by Congress doesn’t want Congress to authorize the GAO to audit them.

Earlier this week, CNN’s senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta asked Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Spectre Clown the following question at a press briefing:

“A lot of Americans have this frustration that they see the United States has the greatest military in the world, it has the backing of nearly every other country in the world when it comes to taking on Antichrist ISIS. I guess the question is, and if you’ll forgive the language, but why can’t we take out these bastards?”

Well Jim, the answer is quite simple and indeed, if you – or any other member of the mainstream media for that matter – would bother to look at things like the declassified Pentagon report that Judicial Watch turned up earlier this year, you’d be less confused.

Allow us, once again, to provide you with the answers you seek, straight from the Pentagon ca. 2012:

…there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Antichrist Muslim Salafist Principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Antichrist Muslim Shia expansion (Antichrist Iraq and Antichrist Iran).”

Translation: if Antichrist Muslim Sunni extremists were to establish a proto-state in eastern Syria that would be great because it would destabilize Assad and cut off Antichrist Iran from Antichrist Hezbollah thus endangering the preservation of Tehran’s Antichrist Muslim Shiite crescent.

For those who need a still simpler formulation: Antichrist ISIS started out no different than any of the other rebels the US supports in Syria. They likely received guns, money, and training if not directly from the US, then from Antichrist Muslim Saudi Arabia and Antichrist Muslim Qatar. Washington seems to have had some idea that they would seek to capture and hold territory and as far as the Pentagon was concerned, that was just fine. Whether or not the CIA anticipated what would come next is up for debate, but make no mistake, US intelligence knew good and well this was a possibility and let it happen because ousting Assad was (and still is) the top priority.

So when the Jim Costas of the world ask “why can’t we take out these Antichrist ”(a)llah has no Son” Muslim bastards?”, the answer is that if if we did, one of the main forces destabilizing the Assad regime would be gone and not only that, the US would no longer have an excuse to be in Syria, which would leave the country’s political future entirely up to Putz Putin On The Russia Ritz and Antichrist Muslim Iran and that is a decidedly unpalatable outcome not only for Washington, but for Antichrist Sweet Crude $666 Petro Debt Dollar Riyadh and Doha as well.

It’s Occam’s Razor Jim: look for the simplest possible explanation and go with that.

Of course that explanation is simply too bad to be true for most Americans and so the public and the mass media will continue to exists in a state of perpetual bewilderment as to why 13 months of aerial bombardment hasn’t done anything to degrade the group.

In case any of the above isn’t clear enough, Sergei Lavrov has commentary which may help to drive the point home, presented below without further comment:

“Despite announcing ambitious plans for its coalition against Antichrist Islamic State (Antichrist IS, formerly Antichrist ISIS/ISIL), the analysis of those [US-led] airstrikes during over a year lead to conclusion that they were hitting selectively, I would say, sparingly and on most occasions didn’t touch those Antichrist IS units, which were capable of seriously challenging the Syrian army.”

“Apparently, it’s a kind of a ‘honey is sweet, but the bee stings’ situation: they want Antichrist IS to weaken Assad as soon as possible to make him leave somehow, but at the same time they don’t want to overly strengthen Antichrist IS, which may then seize power.”

Russia Explains To Clueless US Public Why Obozo Can’t Defeat Antichrist ISIS 

“The US stance seriously weakens the prospects of Syria to remain a secular state, where the rights of all ethnic and religious groups will be provided and guaranteed,”

^^^Key point, and it points to the Antichrist NWO 666 United Nations Two State Final Solution, Jerusalem, were Christ was crucified.

“Russia’s assessment of the US-led anti-terror operation in Syria is based on observations of specific results and there are little results, not to say there are none – except the fact that during this period [since August 2014] the Antichrist Islamic State has grown on the territories they control.”

Clear enough?

The market’s reaction to today’s FOMC Minutes was, to some, a little odd given the “December is on” hawkish narrative being sold to the public. Stocks rallied, longer-dated bonds rallied, gold managed gains, and the US Dollar sold off… not exactly the reaction one would expect from a ‘hawkish’ Fed statement. But there is one thing that would explain those moves… and it appears Goldman Sachs found it buried deep inside the 12 pages of Minutes…

First, we know that macro and micro data had deteriorated notably from the September meeting to the October meeting…

Second, the reaction across asset classes was ‘odd’ – Bonds and Stocks bid, Dollar down and gold up (and crude up)…

The Smoking Gun In Today’s FOMC Minutes 

The Fed is admitting that the neutral rate (to which they will theoretically raise rates before re-easing) will remain lower for longer…

…and therefore will reach ZIRP more frequently going forward…

…which means, as they state, using “additional monetary policy accomodation.”

Which means, unless The Fed wants to implement NIRP (which it appears it does not), they will have to do more QE, more frequently going forward…

…basically admitting that the rate manipulation transmission channel is defunct for all intent and purpose.

So what Goldman discovered was the ‘smoking gun’ admission that this is no normal recovery and what was once entirely extreme and experimental monetary policy will be the new normal… and that may be why stocks and bonds rallied and why the dollar dropped and gold and crude gained.

The World’s NWO 666 First Mark Of The Beast Cashless Society Is Here – The Prophetic Antichrist Global Borderless Totalitarian’s Dream Come True

Antichrist NWO 666 Central planners around the world are waging a War on Cash. In just the last few years:

Italy made cash transactions over €1,000 illegal;
Switzerland proposed banning cash payments in excess of 100,000 francs;
Russia banned cash transactions over $10,000;
Spain banned cash transactions over €2,500;
Mexico made cash payments of more than 200,000 pesos illegal;
Uruguay banned cash transactions over $5,000; and
France made cash transactions over €1,000 illegal, down from the previous limit of €3,000.
The War on Cash is a favorite pet project of the economic central planners. They want to eliminate hand-to-hand currency so that governments can document, control, and tax everything.

This is why they’re lowering the threshold for mandatory reporting of cash transactions and, in some instances, simply making it illegal to pay cash.

In the U.S., central planners ratchet up the War on Cash every time the government declares a made-up war on something else…a war on crime, a war on drugs, a war on poverty, a war on terror…

They all end with more government intrusion into your financial affairs.

Thanks to these made-up wars, the U.S. government is imposing an increasing number of regulations on cash transactions. Try withdrawing more than $10,000 in cash from your bank. They’ll treat you like a criminal or terrorist.

The Federal Reserve is at the center of the War on Cash. Its weapons are inflation and control over the currency denominations.

Take the $100 note, for example. It’s the largest bill in circulation today. This was not always the case. At one point, the U.S. had $500, $1,000, $5,000, and even $10,000 notes. But the government eliminated these large notes in 1969 under the pretext of fighting the War on Some Drugs.

Since then, the $100 note has been the largest. But it has far less purchasing power than it did in 1969. Decades of rampant money printing have inflated the dollar. Today, a $100 note buys less than a $20 note did in 1969.

Even though the Federal Reserve has devalued the dollar over 80% since 1969, it still refuses to issue notes larger than $100. This makes it inconvenient to use cash for large transactions, which forces people to use electronic payment methods.

This, of course, is what the U.S. government wants.

It’s exactly like Ron Paul said: “The cashless society is the Antichrist NWO 666 IRS’s dream: total knowledge of, and control over, the finances of every single American.”

Policymakers or Antichrist NWO 666 Central Planners?

On stories related to the War on Cash, you may have noticed that the mainstream media often uses the word “policymakers,” as in “policymakers have decided to keep interest rates at record low levels.”

When the media uses “policymakers,” they are often referring to Antichrist NWO 666 central bank officials. It’s a curious word choice. As far as I can tell, there is no difference between a policymaker and Antichrist NWO 666 central planner.

Most people who want to live in a free society agree that Antichrist NWO 666 central planning is not a good idea. So the Antichrist NWO 666 media Whore riding The Beast uses a different word to put a more neutral spin on things.

To help you think more clearly, I suggest substituting “Antichrist NWO 666 central planners” every time you see “policymakers.”

The World’s First Antichrist NWO 666 Cashless Society

In 1661, Sweden became the first country in Europe to issue paper money. Now it’s probably going to be the first in the world to eliminate it.

Sweden has already phased out most cash transactions. According to Credit Suisse, 80% of all purchases in Sweden are electronic and don’t involve cash. And that figure is rising.

If the trend continues – and there is nothing to suggest it won’t – Sweden could soon be the world’s first Antichrist NWO 666 Mark Of The Beast cashless society.

Sweden’s supply of physical currency has dropped over 50% in the last six years. A couple of major Swedish banks no longer carry cash. Virtually all Swedes pay for candy bars and coffee electronically. Even homeless street vendors use mobile card readers.

Plus, an increasing number of Antichrist NWO 666 government restrictions are encouraging Swedes to dump cash. The pretexts are familiar…fighting terrorism, money laundering, etc. In effect, these restrictions make it inconvenient to use cash, so people don’t.

So far, Swedes have passively accepted the Antichrist Mark Of The Beast government and 666 banks’ drive to eliminate cash. The push to destroy their financial privacy doesn’t seem to bother them. This is likely because the average Swede places an unreasonable amount of trust in Antichrist NWO 666 government and Mark Of The Beast financial institutions.

Their trust is certainly misplaced. On top of the obvious privacy concerns, eliminating cash enables the Antichrist NWO 666 central planners’ latest gimmick to goose the economy: Negative interest rates.

Making The Negative Interest Rate Scam Possible

Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland all have negative interest rates.

Negative interest rates mean the lender literally pays the borrower for the privilege of lending him money. It’s a bizarre, upside down concept.

But negative rates are not some European anomaly. The Federal Reserve discussed the possibility of using negative interest rates in the U.S. at its last meeting.

Negative rates could not exist in a free market. They destroy the impetus to save and build capital, which is the basis of prosperity.

When you deposit money in a bank, you are lending money to the bank. However, with negative rates you don’t earn interest. Instead, you pay the bank.

If you don’t like that plan, you can certainly stash your cash under the mattress. As a practical matter, this limits how far governments and central banks can go with negative interest rates. The more it costs to store money at the bank, the less inclined people are to do it.

Of course, central planners don’t want you to withdraw money from the bank. This is a big reason why they want to eliminate cash…so you can’t. As long as your money stays in the bank, it’s vulnerable to the sting of negative interest rates and also helps to prop up the unsound fractional reserve banking system.

If you can’t withdraw your money as cash, you have two choices: You can deal with negative interest rates…or you can spend your money. Ultimately, that’s what our Antichrist NWO Keynesian 666 central Mark Of The Beast planners want. They are using negative interest rates and the War on Cash to force you to spend and “stimulate” the economy.

If you ask me, these radical and insane measures are a sign of desperation.

The War on Cash and negative interest rates are huge threats to your financial security. Antichrist NWO 666 Central planners are playing with fire and inviting a currency catastrophe.

Most people have no idea what really happens when a currency collapses, let alone how to prepare…

On Tuesday we noted that Russia has, for the first time, used strategic, long-range bombers, in Syria.

These are the kind of aircraft that can deliver not only cruise missiles but tactical nuclear weapons. The Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed as much when he said that Tupolev Tu-160 and Tu-95MS strategic bombers are now being used in the strikes against Antichrist ISIL targets.

Caught On Tape: First Footage Of Russian Strategic Bombers In Action Over Syria 

As you’re probably aware, Russia had previously limited the strikes to Su-34s, Su-25s and Su-24Ms. But apparently, once Moscow got confirmation that the Russian passenger jet which went down over the Sinai Peninsula earlier this month was indeed destroyed by a bomb, The Kremlin decided to show Antichrist ISIS what “bombs” really look like.

According to Shoigu, the involvement of the bombers will allow Russia to double the number of airstrikes it can conduct in Syria and on Wednesday, we get the first footage from the Russian Defense Ministry depicting the planes in action (and as we’ve all seen, the Russians love to show their equipment in action).

Tribulation Tornado Storm Devastation And The Antichrist NWO 666 Crypto Fascist Smoking Gun Russia Nuclear Sub Launches 2 ICBM’s

As France grapples with the implications of allowing hundreds, possibly thousands of Antichrist ISIS radicals into its country as immigrants and “refugees” in the wake of last week’s massive terror attack on Paris, the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Spectre Clown administration has continued to cover up the Antichrist Islamic threads that run through two recent terror attacks on U.S. soil while doubling down on the importation of more Antichrist Muslim refugees.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has called a hearing for Thursday morning to examine the Syrian refugee crisis and its impact on national security. At the same time Speaker Paul Ryan is seeking to hold a vote as early as Thursday on whether to implement a temporary “pause” in Syrian refugee resettlement, but this vote is unlikely to cut off funding.

Ryan’s proposal also ignores the fact that it’s more than just Syria that is sending Antichrist Muslim refugees to America. The United Nations has sent more than 110,000 to America from the Antichrist Muslim jihadist hotbed of Antichrist Muslim Somalia since the early 1990s. Many more have come from Antichrist Muslim Afghanistan, Antichrist Bosnia, Antichrist Muslim Iraq, Antichrist Muslim Iran, Antichrist Uzbekistan, Antichrist Muslim Burma and other Antichrist Muslim countries.

Hundreds of Antichrist Muslim immigrants have already been charged and convicted of providing material support to terrorist organizations, or attempting to launch their own attacks here on U.S. soil. (See list at end of this article of recent cases.)

Obozo wants to import 85,000 foreign refugees in fiscal 2016, including 10,000 from Syria, with those numbers being ramped up further in 2017.

This comes amid repeated warnings by the FBI that it cannot screen Syrian refugees and that it is already chasing 1,000 active Antichrist ISIS investigations in all 50 states.

BIG LIST: ALL THESE TERROR ATTACKS IN U.S. COVERED UP BY FEDS Dozens committed by Antichrist Muslim immigrants in last 2 years

“Our boys were slaughtered in the homeland, and Obozo’s FBI is protecting the murderous ideology behind the savagery,” she said. “How much longer is America going to put up with this treason?”

Obozo plans to bring 85,000 refugees to America in fiscal 2016 and 100,000 in 2017. Well over half of the nearly 200,000 refugees will come from Antichrist Muslim-dominated countries where Antichrist Muslim jihadists flourish, such as Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Sudan and Yemen.

But Antichrist Shariah-compliant Muslims don’t just come to the U.S. as refugees from these countries. Many come on student and work-related visas from Antichrist Saudi Arabia, Antichrist Pakistan, Antichrist Turkey, Antichrist Indonesia and other Antichrist Islamic countries.

In the U.C.-Merced campus stabbings of four students by fellow Antichrist Muslim student Faisal Mohammed, police found a print out of the trademark Antichrist ISIS flag and a two-page radical manifesto with “vague references to Antichrist (a)llah,” police said. He planned to behead his victims, commandeer a gun and go on a shooting spree, but that was all foiled by one brave construction worker who confronted him.

Below is a sampling of more than 20 cases of terrorist plots against the U.S. by Antichrist Muslim immigrants that have received little to no national media coverage over the last two years. All of the below terrorists and suspected terrorists would have passed through the federal government’s vaunted “vetting” process for refugees, asylum seekers and other types of immigrants:

An immigrant from Antichrist Muslim-dominated Bangladesh, who applied for and received U.S. citizenship,‎ tried to incite people to travel to Somalia and conduct violent Antichrist Muslim jihad against the United States. He was arrested in Texas in 2014.
In July 2015, a Cuban immigrant inspired by Antichrist Islamic extremists plotted to explode a backpack bomb filled with nails on a beach in Key West.
An immigrant from Ghana, who applied for and received U.S. citizenship, pledged allegiance to Antichrist ISIS and plotted a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. He attacked an FBI agent with a large kitchen knife when the agent was searching his home in June in Staten Island, New York. The search was connected to an investigation stemming from the weekend arrest of Antichrist Muslim Munther Omar Saleh, a 20-year-old U.S. citizen charged with conspiring to provide material support to Antichrist ISIS, CNN reported.
An immigrant from Sudan living in northern Virginia, who applied for and received U.S. citizenship, tried to join Antichrist ISIS and wage Antichrist Muslim jihad on its behalf after having been recruited online. He pleaded guilty in federal court in June 2015 to providing material support to Antichrist Muslim ISIS and his friend, according to court records, is now a member of the Islamic State fighting force in Syria.
A Antichrist Muslim refugee couple from Bosnia, along with their five relatives living in Missouri, Illinois and New York, were charged in February 2015 with sending money, supplies and smuggled arms to Antichrist ISIS and other terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq.
A Antichrist Muslim immigrant from Yemen, who applied for and received U.S. citizenship, along with six other men living in Minnesota as members of refugee families, were charged in April 2015 with conspiracy to travel to Syria and to provide material support to Antichrist ISIS.
A Somali refugee with lawful permanent resident status, along with four other Somali nationals, were charged July 23, 2014, with leading an al-Shabaab terrorist fundraising conspiracy in the United States, with monthly payments directed to the Somali terrorist organization.
A Kazakhstani immigrant with lawful permanent resident status conspired to purchase a machine gun to shoot FBI and other law enforcement agents if they prevented him from traveling to Syria to join Antichrist ISIS. He and two others from Uzbekistan, both living in Brooklyn, were charged in February 2015 with providing material support a foreign terrorist organization.
Two female immigrants, one from Saudi Arabia and one from Yemen, one of whom applied for and received U.S. citizenship, allegedly swore allegiance to Antichrist ISIS and pledged to explode a propane tank bomb on U.S. soil. They were arrested in April 2015 during an FBI undercover raid on their house in Queens, New York.
A Uzbek man in Brooklyn allegedly encouraged other Uzbek nationals to wage jihad on behalf of Antichrist ISIS, and raised $1,600 for the terror organization. The arrests were announced in February and April 2015.
The Boston Bombers were invited in as asylum seekers. The younger brother applied for citizenship and was naturalized on Sept. 11, 2012. The older brother had a pending application for citizenship.
A Moroccan Antichrist Muslim who came to the U.S. on a student visa was arrested and charged in April 2014 with plotting to blow up a university and a federal courthouse.
Six members of Minnesota’s Somali-American refugee community have recently been charged with trying to join Antichrist ISIS. The Washington Times reported that “the effort [to resettle large groups of Somali refugees in Minnesota] is having the unintended consequence of creating an enclave of immigrants with high unemployment that is both stressing the state’s safety net and creating a rich pool of potential recruiting targets for Islamist terror groups.”
An Uzbek refugee living in Boise, Idaho, was arrested in 2013 and charged with providing support to a terrorist organization, in the form of teaching terror recruits how to build bombs to blow up U.S. military installations. He was convicted in August 2015.
A teenage American citizen living in York, South Carolina, whose family emigrated from Syria, was sentenced in April 2015 for plotting to support Antichrist ISIS and rob a gun store to kill members of the American military.
A Antichrist Muslim immigrant from Syria living in Ohio, who later applied for and received U.S. citizenship, was accused by federal prosecutors of planning to “go to a military base in Texas and kill three or four American soldiers execution style.”
A college student, who came to America as a refugee from Somalia and later applied for and received U.S. citizenship, attempted to blow up a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Oregon. He was sentenced in October 2014 to 30 years in prison.
An immigrant from Afghanistan, who later applied for and received U.S. citizenship, and a legal permanent resident from the Philippines, were convicted Sept. 25, 2014, for trying to “join Antichrist Al Qaeda and the Taliban in order to kill Americans.”
An Iraqi immigrant, who later applied for and received U.S. citizenship, was arrested in May 2015 for lying to federal agents about pledging allegiance to Antichrist ISIS and his travels to Syria.
Two Pakistani-American brothers living in New York, who later applied for and received U.S citizenship, were sentenced in June 2015 to decades-long prison sentences for plotting to detonate a bomb in New York City.
An immigrant from Antichrist Muslim-dominated Yemen, who later applied for and received U.S. citizenship, was arrested in September 2014 in Rochester, New York, for allegedly trying to join Antichrist ISIS. He was also charged with attempting to illegally buy firearms to try to shoot American military personnel.
An immigrant brought here by his family from Kuwait at age 6, and who was later approved for U.S. citizenship, carried out the Antichrist Muslim jihadist attack that recently killed four U.S. Marines and a sailor in Chattanooga on July 16, 2015, using an AK-47 semi-automatic weapon against unarmed military men.

Antichrist ISIS threatens to attack New York City in new slick video showing suicide bombers walking into Times Square

Remember, there are trillions of dollars of bonds out there. There is something like $225 trillion of total debt in the world (public and private), and $90 trillion of that is traded in one form or another.

They (central banks) are not going to be able to control markets indefinitely if people who are on leverage start to lose confidence in the regime and reduce their positions and liquidate their portfolios. Who is going to buy it? If the central banks go back in in an even greater way with quantitative easing, particularly the Fed, I think it will scare the world to death and it will be totally counterproductive.

So I think they’ve painted themselves into a corner. The printing press can’t run red-hot indefinitely, and if they try it there is ultimately going to be a huge and negative reaction in what’s left of the markets.”

Eric King: “David, we are seeing negative rates in so many countries in Europe. Of course in the U.S. we could ultimately see negative with rates. How long can this charade continue?”

David Stockman: “No one really knows. That’s the problem. We are in such uncharted waters. None of this has ever been tried before. None of this is sustainable. It defies every law of common sense and sound economics and finance. Therefore, you are building up a larger and larger combustible element in the system that sooner or later will blow.

David Stockman – This Will Scare The World To Death 

This is the final spasm of a dying bull market that has been entirely fueled by central bank money printing. But if you look at the underlying trends both in the domestic and in the global economy and the outlook for earnings, everything that matters is heading south and the real global recessionary forces are just getting started..



point within the circle

Lucifer Rising

And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God;

18 That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great.

19 And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army.

20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

Revelation 19

And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.

Revelation 9 

2 And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.

The Witnesses Killed

Revelation 11 

7 When they finish their testimony, the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit will make war against them, overcome them, and kill them. 8 And their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our[c] Lord was crucified.

T – 5776 C0unT tHe #0f tHE bEAST, f0r tHE #0f a Man IT ”IS”, ANd ITs # ”IS 666”

We’re all muppets to the banking cabal running this morally and financially bankrupt military empire of debt.

The Fed has created a dead end street for everyone not in their .1% clientele. They have kept rates too low for far too long and with the 99.9% already experiencing a recession, their desire to raise rates will hit a brick wall of reality. Their easy money schemes to enrich their owners has resulted in the issuance of trillions more in debt by the government, corporations and consumers. The $60 trillion of total credit market debt will implode if rates go up by even 1% or 2%. The corporate titans are now facing huge headwinds, as consumers have nothing left to spend, the strengthening dollar is sapping their profits, and higher interest rates will put an end to the faux housing recovery.

The Fed-Induced Farce 

The Fed has destroyed the finances of senior citizens, savers and the pension plans of corporations and local governments with their 0% interest rates. The Wall Street bankers and their Fed puppets can surely see the writing on the wall. They will drive stocks as high as possible so they can cash out before the next collapse. They don’t care about their clients, the middle class, or the future of the country.

The US government is working on making implantable memory chips so we don’t forget anything ever again  

9 If any man have an ear, let him hear.

10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

Revelation 13 

12 And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

Tribulation Tornado Storm Devastation And The Antichrist NWO 666 Crypto Fascist Smoking Gun Russia Nuclear Sub Launches 2 ICBM’s 

Then there will be a fourth kingdom. That kingdom will be strong like iron. Just as iron breaks things and smashes them to pieces, that fourth kingdom will break all the other kingdoms and smash them to pieces.

41 “You saw that the feet and toes of the statue were partly clay and partly iron. That means the fourth kingdom will be a divided kingdom. It will have some of the strength of iron in it just as you saw the iron mixed with clay. 42 The toes of the statue were partly iron and partly clay. So the fourth kingdom will be partly strong like iron and partly weak like clay. 43 You saw the iron mixed with clay, but iron and clay don’t completely mix together. In the same way the people of the fourth kingdom will be a mixture. They will not be united as one people.

Daniel 2 

44 “During the time of the kings of the fourth kingdom, the God of heaven will set up another kingdom that will continue forever. It will never be destroyed. And it will be the kind of kingdom that cannot be passed on to another group of people. This kingdom will crush all the other kingdoms. It will bring them to an end, but that kingdom itself will continue forever.

45 “King Nebuchadnezzar, you saw a rock cut from a mountain, but no one cut that rock. The rock broke the iron, the bronze, the clay, the silver, and the gold to pieces. In this way God showed you what will happen in the future. The dream is true, and you can trust that this is what it means.”

A very strong and shallow earthquake registered by Geoscience Australia as M7.1 hit near the coast of Solomon Islands at 18:31 UTC on November 18, 2015. The agency is reporting depth of 3 km (1.9 miles). USGS is reporting M7.0 at a depth of 10.8 km (6.7 miles).

Very strong and shallow M7.1 earthquake hits near the coast of Solomon Islands

Two solar filaments erupted from the SW quadrant of the Sun late November 15 and early November 16 producing a Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) that arrived at Earth at 20:10 UTC on November 18. A G1 – Minor geomagnetic storm is currently in progress.

CME hits Earth sparking geomagnetic storm 

This, combined with geoeffective high speed solar wind stream from a coronal hole will possibly cause G2 – Moderate geomagnetic storming on November 19.

Federal regulators on Thursday approved a genetically engineered salmon as fit for consumption, making it the first genetically altered animal to be cleared for American supermarkets and dinner tables.

The approval by the Food and Drug Administration caps a long struggle for AquaBounty Technologies, a small company that first approached the F.D.A. about approval in the 1990s. The agency made its initial determination that the fish would be safe to eat and for the environment more than five years ago.

The approval of the salmon has been fiercely opposed by some consumer and environmental groups, which have argued that the safety studies were inadequate and that wild salmon populations might be affected if the engineered fish were to escape into the oceans and rivers.

“This unfortunate, historic decision disregards the vast majority of consumers, many independent scientists, numerous members of Congress and salmon growers around the world, who have voiced strong opposition,” Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch, said in a statement.

Within hours of the agency’s decision on Thursday, one consumer advocacy group, the Center for Food Safety, said it and other organizations would file a lawsuit challenging the approval.

The AquAdvantage salmon, as it is known, is an Atlantic salmon that has been genetically modified so that it grows to market size faster than a non-engineered farmed salmon, in as little as half the time.

Genetically Engineered 666 Salmon Approved for Consumption

The fish are supposed to be raised inland in contained tanks to lessen the chances that they will escape into the wild. AquaBounty and its supporters say this will also be less stressful on the environment than using pens in the ocean. And it could eventually allow the fish to be raised in the United States, rather than being imported, as most farmed Atlantic salmon is.

For now, however, the fish are being raised in Panama, from eggs produced in Prince Edward Island, Canada. If the salmon were bred or raised elsewhere, for marketing to Americans, that would require separate approvals.

However, moving beyond Canada and Panama seems to be the plan, according to a regulatory filing by AquaBounty a year ago. It said at that time that after winning F.D.A. approval it would look to build a hatchery in the United States and expand the one in Canada to sell more eggs to fish farmers, who would then grow the salmon to market size. AquaBounty said it might also grow salmon from the eggs itself. In addition to the United States, it said it eventually hoped to sell the salmon in Canada, Argentina, Brazil and Antichrist Communist China.

The approval could help other efforts to develop genetically modified animals. Scientists and biotechnology industry executives have complained that the long, unexplained delay in approving the salmon was a deterrent to the field. Several other attempts to develop genetically engineered animals for consumption, like a pig whose manure would be less polluting, have fallen by the wayside.

Now, however, there has been a surge of interest in developing new genetically altered farm animals and pets because new techniques, including one known as Crispr-Cas9, allow scientists to edit animal genomes rather than add genes from other species. That has made it far easier to create altered animals.

Scientists in Antichrist Communist China, for instance, recently created goats with more muscle and longer hair. Researchers in Scotland used gene editing to create pigs resistant to African swine fever. It is not yet clear whether animals created this way would fall under F.D.A. regulation.

The AquAdvantage salmon contains a growth hormone gene from the Chinook salmon and a genetic switch from the ocean pout, an eel-like creature, that keeps the transplanted gene continuously active, whereas the salmon’s own growth hormone gene is active only parts of the year. The company has said the fish can grow to market weight in 18 to 20 months, compared with 28 to 36 months for conventionally farmed salmon.

Opponents of the fish say that if the bigger fish were to escape, they could outcompete wild salmon for food or mates. Among the opponents have been members of Alaska’s congressional delegation, who say they are worried about the effects on the image and health of wild salmon.

“This harebrained decision goes to show that our federal agencies are incapable of using common sense,” Representative Don Young, a Republican, said in a statement.

A war exists between good and evil, and every one of us is part of it whether we want to believe it or not. Satan and his minions have many tools today that did not exist just a few decades ago. Tools of technology, such as the internet and iPhones have been turned into technological snares that have entrapped many of us through perceived anonymity and actual convenience.

Breaking Free from Guilt & Shame – Fighting Demonic Attacks Against Morality 

The compass and square, the most visible emblems of Masonry, are the symbols of this navigation and mapmaking process. The number three is essential because without the geometry of the three-sided triangle, establishing location and distance on a map (“triangulation”) is impossible. Navigation not only predicts the destination of a traveler on the Earth but also the time the traveler will arrive. As the navigator can use increments of Earth’s latitude and longitude to determine location in space and time, these increments can be measured in the Earth itself according to mystics to reveal the appointed time of humanity’s destiny. This is one of the main reasons the number thirty-three and the compass and square are such important symbols of the illumined elite.

With this in mind, Flynn made the unprecedented disclosure that 33.33 degrees of the great circle of the Earth represents 2,012 nautical miles, the identical number at the end of the Mayan calendar. Flynn further revealed that Mount Hermon in Phoenicia, the first location of the descent of the Watchers, lies precisely at 33.33 degrees north, 33.33 degrees east, 2,012 miles from the equator, and 2,012 miles from the prime meridian, a location of Mt. Hermon in longitude based on the Paris 0 meridian 2.20 degrees east of Greenwich.

To be even more accurate, the number of nautical miles in 33.33 degrees of the Earth is 2,012 “.9.” This actually corresponds more precisely with the ending year date of the Mayan calendar—December 21, 2012.


Did the chosen location of the first connection of Watchers on Mt. Hermon at 33.33 degrees north and 33.33 east set in time the commencement of a luciferian plan for a final New World Order beginning in 2012? In light of the ancient history of Mt. Hermon and the Mayan buildings and cities having been intentionally aligned with the Pleiades and Orion Nebula, the return to Earth of the god these terrestrial and celestial locations are historically connected with—Apollo/Osiris/Nimrod—literally seems to have been set in stone. The highest sacred number (thirty-three) of the occultists who encoded the return of Apollo on the Great Seal of the United States also: 1) equals the exact location where the Watchers first descended to Earth and; 2) triangulates the mile measurement 2012—the end date of the Mayan countdown to the return of their bloodthirsty god.

A related matter that is equally disturbing and perhaps validates the concerns of Dr. Thomas, Vallée, Flynn, and others whose research produced repetitive connections between Watchers and so-called “probing aliens,” is the most celebrated ufological location on Earth—the impact site near Roswell, New Mexico, which sits incredibly at 33 degrees north latitude, at a distance 2,012 miles from the equator! Furthermore, when the latitude of the Roswell impact site, 33 degrees north, is multiplied by the universal mathematical constant pi (3.1415926572…), the result is 104 degrees, the longitude of the impact site!

Scientists at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) know that a radio message from intelligent extraterrestrial life would use such redundant universal mathematical constants, which are not dependent on calibration systems, but on ratios. Any signal coming from space that has these numbers would stand out against the randomness in the background of space noise and would define itself as intelligent and deliberate. This is the case with the location of the Roswell incident, as the odds against a crash location occurring “by chance” precisely at the whereabouts that are the product of pi x 33 are astronomical…on the order of millions to one. The location appears to have been chosen to show deliberate and intelligent coordinates related to the occult values thirty-three (= the Masonic prophecy) and 2012 (= the year the god returned) in precise parallel to the fixed location where Watchers first descended.

It might seem beyond mere chance therefore that the United States recovered the debris and “alien” bodies of the Roswell crash on the Fourth of July, 1947. America was founded on the same date in 1776 (also the year the Order of the Illuminati was established), chosen by the elite behind the formation of America for a special reason, which we discussed earlier, related to 33.33 as the ultimate number of earthly luciferian government.

Is it therefore coincidence that important ancient structures were built around the world on or near the Earth’s thirty-third parallel—including Great Pyramids, Megiddo, Tyre (where Ezekiel compared the ancient king to Lucifer), the Temple of Marduk, Babylon, Baalbeck, and dozens more? Reason may be shed in the book of Revelation concerning why this number in particular seems to be so important to occultists, ancient pagans, and the messengers of Mt. Hermon and Roswell:

And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon.… And his tail drew the third part [33.33 percent] of the [angels] of heaven, and did cast them to the earth. (Revelation 12:3–4)

Of course, the correlation between the Masonic number thirty-three and the year 2012, plus the matching of these numbers to the exact coordinates of the arrival of Watchers on Mt. Hermon and the date that the Maya predicted the return of the gods in spirit or form, could be nothing more than a coincidence. An amazing and mathematically incomprehensible coincidence…and yet the rabbit hole goes deeper…


^^^Very interesting planet line up on 2112 2015.

By including this well-known Mayan, Illuminati, and Freemasonic symbol, Brumidi cleverly connected the deisgn of the Capitol Dome in Washington, DC with the Vatican, Masonic mysticism, and the year 2012 in more ways than one.


Yet to understand the significance of where we are today facing the arrival of Petrus Romanus, it is essential in the next section to examine “The Transnational Hand Behind The Rise Of Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Spectre Clown, The Coming Kingdom Of Antichrist, And Petrus Romanus”

Reading for November 21, 2015 ~ Kislev 9, 5776
Gen. 28:10-32:3 ~ Hosea 12:13-14:10 ~ Matt 15-16

Saturday, November 21, 2015: And he went out (Vayetze)

Back in December 2014 ANP reported on a warning sent to NASA and the world by the Inuit Elders, who said that “their sky has changed,” and that the earth has shifted, tilted or as they put it, “wobbled” to the north. The Inuits indigenous people that inhabit the arctic regions of Canada, the United States and Greenland and while not scientists, throughout history their very lives have always depended on being able to forecast the weather. The Inuit also warned that global warming isn’t the cause of what we are seeing with extreme weather, earthquakes and other events.


In the year since that report we have seen evidence of a massive government cover-up occurring, specifically noting back in October 2015, reports of the U.S. government placing “gag orders” on the following agency employees, “The National Weather Service”, the “National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration”, and the “US Department of Commerce,” as was reported by Dane Wigington at Geoengineering Watch.

A report emailed to ANP this morning from a trusted source shows the government cover-up has intensified and is being noted and addressed by House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith regarding a climate report issued by the NOAA, over objections from its own scientists as whistleblowers have come “forward saying that NOAA fudged their Climate-Change report in order to meet political requirements.”

A letter from Smith to Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, found here (PDF), dated 11/18/15 and republished below, shows the scope of the government cover-up and falsified reports, which doesn’t just extend to keeping the American people in the dark, but Congress as well:

Inuit Elders Sound The Alarm As Government Cover-Up Intensifies While Strange Reports Pour In That Indicate The Elders Were Correct ‘The Earth Has Shifted’

As was seen by reports that Hurricane Patricia was historically strong, described as the strongest ever in the Western hemisphere, as well Earthquakes throughout the world increasing in magnitude and frequency in conjunction with reports of increasing seismic activity across the globe, all of which is indicative of the Inuit Elders’ warnings being entirely accurate, but which the “Global Warming” proponents would prefer to be blamed on “man-made” causes….. something is going on.

The gagging of the National Weather Service (NWS), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOA), and the US Department of Commerce, by Washington, gives serious credence to claims that the government is hiding something huge from all of us.

As evidenced by a SQ Alert over at Steve Quayle’s website, we are also seeing a delay in reportage of Earthquakes as well as what some consider some serious under-reporting about EQ activities. The SQ Alerts shown below are dated November 19, 2015, the same day ANP had strange reports start pouring in from our regualr readers, which will be discussed a little lower in the article.

UNREPORTED EARTHQUAKES :it makes you wonder why they would add earthquakes to the long list of things that the world government lies about on a daily basis.
There’s been an amazing run of earthquakes here in the high Andes lately —
and there was a time when 10 to 30 minutes after a significant earthquake,
you could find the intensity, location (coordinates), and depth on any of
the many sites devoted to “earthquake tracking” shortly thereafter.

Not anymore.

Just last night at about 12:30 a.m. we had what we estimate to be a 4.0 to
4.5 here in south central Ecuador. Here it is 12 hours later and nothing
is reported, and this isn’t the first time. We’ve had other significant
earthquakes over the past year and nothing appears on the quake sites. Our
expat neighbors are more shocked by this non-reporting than they are by the
earthquakes themselves. This is not unlike the “under-reporting” on the
severity of Fukushima radiation that I wrote about a few months ago — (
http://www.altcancer.net/ashwin/ashw0715.htm . . . as we are recording
gamma and neutron ray bursts, along with a broad array of unnatural
radioactive isotopes from Japan, even here in South America).

What I’m noticing is an increase in under-reporting on anything that would
suggest that we are headed for a period of ungodly earth changes. For
whatever reason, those in authority don’t want us knowing the severity of
the current trendline. Major earthquake sites say that Ecuador has had 33
earthquakes so far in 2015, and that’s nonsense. I moved to this part of
Ecuador in 2007 specifically because it is well known that earthquakes do
not affect this part of the country. We went for years with little to no
earthquake activity. And now what do we have? Earthquakes happening
weekly, on average — some reported, some not. Nothing yet in the 6.5+
range, mind you . . . but still substantial.

When you understand how they track these things, you understand that this
misinformation through omission can only be deliberate. And when you
understand that, it makes you wonder why they would add earthquakes to the
long list of things that the wor[ld government lies about on a daily basis.]

Second Alert also dated November 19, 2015



What are they hiding? There are a variety of theories, including HAARP and the geoengineering and weather manipulation causing the atmospheric chaos being seen today. Some believe we are feeling the effects of the much-talked about Planet X. There is also the Iduit Elder warning of the “Earth shifting,” which in light of reports that came pouring in to the ANP comment section yesterday on this article, has many wondering if we are witnessing a magnetic pole shift could be the real culprit behind climate change and if this is the real reason for the government gag orders, the secrecy, and the refusal to provide Congress with the data they have issued a subpoena for.


The strange reports started with the one shown below:

URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Check this out………………….Lillith just contacted me with a video that just got posted. I will attach it. This lady has a compass in her home, in the same exact location for years now. She has a spot marked on the shelf to line up with EAST….. She has watched the compass the last three days move 40-45 degrees and has never touched the compass…..So, I just took my hunting compass, which is a very good quality compass, and I took my Iphone compass and walked out by my road leading to the house. This road runs north and south, I have checked numerous times, and I know exactly where NORTH should be….Here are my findings.The Iphone compass is 5-10 degrees off of where straight North should be. But…….. My hunting compass is 30 degrees off of the compass on the Iphone…..So, with my hunting compass…. North has moved 40-45 degrees???????Now, you all know I am in south Texas. Check your locations, and see what is happening by you. On the video you can see some people commenting saying it is off by them.Something is NOT RIGHT here folks….. God I wish I had time to dig into this right now…Undrtaker

Others took up the challenge and a variety of responses came in, such as this one from SGR which stated “Seeing a 30* shift from my iPhone vs. my other compasses in Phoenix, AZ…..”

Aubie responded as well stating “Just checked and magnetic North is shifted 20 degrees in central AL.”

Houston TX, newer commenter: “Hi there, I just downloaded a compass app for my phone and calibrated it. It’s true, north is off by 45 degrees. It is showing west/northwest as north. The coworker who sits behind me also has a compass app (different than mine) hers is doing the same thing also. We put our phones together and they are reading the same, west/northwest as north. Also, NASA will be doing low flyovers all across Houston today in a strange plane, this was reported on click2houston. Something is wrong, when I drive home today I will check the north arrow on the GPS in my car.”

Shannon responded with “I’m se of Houston…sitting in my car 2005 vw facing what is known to me to be s and the car says south but app that I downloaded of a compass is showing se. It is deff off…ppl what is going on, this is just crazy.”

James Grubbs weighed in with “I live in SE Ohio and having same issue and worse.” James came back shortly after confirming his initial report, stating “I’m still having trouble with my compass. It is really off big time. Can’t continue thinking I’m doing something wrong. This thing worked fine the last time I used it. 40-45 degrees off might even be an understatement from what I’m experiencing.”

Gary aka Godzilla responded to James by saying “I noticed it a few hours ago. Car said we were heading South West when we should have been going due South.”

While the majority reported a problem with their compasses, using different types and makes, there were those that tested theirs and found nothing off, such as Stealth Ghost, a regular reader and commenter and friend of ANP, who responded approximately three hours after the initial report by stating “Just ran about 3 miles using both my fluid filed manual old school compass & on my wrist watch & Compass built into my Casio Pro Trek model PRW2500-1A Solar Powered watch. Seem to find my way points / GPS locations & notable “Landmarks” w/ usual precision I’m accustomed to. Wind gusts were pretty strong however at about 53 mph where I was at from the West. My way point times were considerably slower going West than to the East. ;-P”


According to Wiki: A geomagnetic reversal is a change in a planet’s magnetic field such that the positions of magnetic north and magnetic south are interchanged. The Earth’s field has alternated between periods ofnormal polarity, in which the direction of the field was the same as the present direction, and reverse polarity, in which the field was the opposite. These periods are called chrons. The time spans of chrons are randomly distributed with most being between 0.1 and 1 million years with an average of 450,000 years. Most reversals are estimated to take between 1,000 and 10,000 years. The latest one, the Brunhes–Matuyama reversal, occurred 780,000 years ago; and may have happened very quickly, within a human lifetime.[1] A brief complete reversal, known as theLaschamp event, occurred only 41,000 years ago during the last glacial period…….

Are we witnessing a pole shift or a geomagnetic reversal? Are we seeing what the Inuit Elders warned NASA and the world of nearly a year ago, described as the “wobble” with the Earth shifting and the skies changing? If so, is the Government cover-up for the sole purpose of pushing their “man-made” global warming agenda or is there something far more dangerous coming our way to which the government wishes to hide for as long as possible?

These are questions we cannot answer with 100 percent certainty but we feel should be asked and answered by our government officials… with the truth, rather than the lies they have so often been caught telling us.