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Throughout the month of August, the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Clowns administration and the so-called mainstream media kept insisting that Antichrist Islam does not promote the persecution of Christians — all the while ignoring the direct testimonies of those who have undergone it.

According to Chaldean Archbishop Bashar Warda,

All the statements [by U.S. government and media] have not condemned strongly what damage it [persecution of Christians] is doing. What they are saying is just “This is not the true Antichrist Islam. This is violating the picture of Antichrist Islam.” The issue for them is the image of Antichrist Islam, but none of these statements speak about the victims, about what has been done to the victims, they are not even mentioned. And that is one of the questions our people have. [Author’s emphasis].

Warda added that persecuted Christians are “being denied visas, while others who have participated [in the violence] or at least were silent, can go.”

Father Douglas al-Bazi, an Iraqi Catholic parish priest from Erbil, who still carries the torture scars he received nine years earlier at the hands of Antichrist jihadis, denounced the Western refusal to accept reality about Antichrist Islam:

I’m proud to be an Iraqi, I love my country. But my [Antichrist Muslim] country is not proud that I’m part of it. What is happening to my people [Christians] is nothing other than genocide. I beg you: do not call it a conflict. It’s genocide… When Islam lives amidst you, the situation might appear acceptable. But when one lives amidst Antichrist Muslims [as a minority], everything becomes impossible…. Wake up! The cancer is at your door. They will destroy you. We, the Christians of the Antichrist Muslim Middle East are the only group that has seen the face of evil: Antichrist Islam.

Meanwhile, Western “mainstream media” and academia continued to exonerate Antichrist Islam in deceptive op-eds, such as the Huffington Post’s “Antichrist ISIS Violates The Consensus Of Mainstream Antichrist Islam By Persecuting Christians,” by Qasim Rashid, a recipient of Antichrist Saudi largesse, by way of Harvard University’s Antichrist Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center.

The rest of August’s roundup of Antichrist Muslim persecution of Christians around the world includes, but is not limited to, the following accounts:

The Antichrist Muslim Persecution of Christians, August 2015 

Severe weather including strong winds, heavy rainfall and flooding, affected northern Egypt between 03 and 04 November, 2015.

Local media say that flooding has been reported in the Governorates of Beheira, Kafr El-Sheikh, North Sinai, Monufia, Matrouh and Alexandria. The worst affected areas are thought to be Alexandria and Beheira. According to WMO figures, 52 mm of rain fell in the city of Alexandria over a 24 hour period to 04 November.

Alexandria Floods

One person has died in the recent spate of flooding in Alexandria. Local authorities in Alexandria declared Thursday 05 November 2015 an official day off to give the city time to recover from the flooding once again.

Alexandria experienced severe flooding in late October 2015, where at least 6 people died. The October 2015 floods led to the resignation of Governor Hani El-Mesery after criticism of his administration’s lack of preparation and management of the city’s drainage system.

Egypt – Floods Strike Again – Fatalities in Beheira and Alexandria 

Beheira Floods

Around 100 people have been evacuated from their homes after flooding in Beheira. State-run Ahram news report that at least 11 people have died in floods and weather related incidents in Beheira, with several others injured. Eight people drowned in Wadi al-Natroun, another fatality occurred in El-Rahamnia, and two people were killed by lightning strike in Abu Hommos district.

3 Killed in Flash Floods in Amman, Jordan

A short downpour of heavy rain caused flash flooding in the Jordan capital, Amman, earlier today, 05 November 2015.

PETRA, the Jordan News Agency, described the downpour as “a heavy cloudburst of no more than an hour”. The rain started at around 08:00 local time today. Streets and traffic tunnels were flooded and 100s of vehicles were washed away or left stranded.

Jordan’s Civil Defense Department said its crews rescued more than 698 people trapped in water in addition to 305 vehicles stuck in flooded roads.

Currently reports say that 3 people have died in floods. Unconfirmed reports suggest the number of fatalities is higher. Two children died in their basement apartment when it was inundated with flood water. A police source said a man was also killed by the flash floods in the Al-Hussein Refugee Camp.


Omar Dajani, a forecaster at Arabiaweather.com, told The Jordan Times that “the intensity of the rainfall was the main cause of the flash floods, as between 25 mm and 65 mm were registered in less than an hour in the capital”.

A mining waste dam in the city of Mariana, Minas Gerais state, Brazil collapsed on the afternoon of November 5, 2015 (local time) unleashing a surge of mud that devastated the nearby village of Bento Rodrigues, population about 600. At this time, it is unknown how many people lost their lives, however, 17 are feared dead and dozens missing.

Mudslide devastates the village of Bento Rodrigues, Brazil 

Residents said no alarms sounded to warn them about the dam break, located about 6.5 km (4 miles) uphill, but they scrambled for higher ground after hearing a deafening burst. Only about 10 of the village’s 200 houses were left standing, and cars and other objects were tossed by what survivors described as an eruption of mud. The dam was holding tailings, a mining waste product of metal filings, water and occasionally chemicals, BBC reports.


INCOMING CME, CHANCE OF STORMS ON NOV 7th: Another round of geomagnetic storms may be in the offing. Sunspot AR2443 erupted on Nov. 4th, hurling a CME into space: movie. The magnetized cloud of plasma is expected to deliver a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field on Nov. 7th. NOAA forecasters estimate a 60% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms when the CME arrives. Aurora alerts: text or voice


TAURID FIREBALLS: There is no longer any doubt. Earth is passing through a stream of gravelly debris from Comet Encke, source of the annual Taurid meteor shower. Meteoroids the size of pebbles, and larger, are disintegrating as they hit our planet’s atmosphere at 30 km/s. To see what effect this is having on the night sky, Martin Popek of Nýdek (Czech republic) activated a low-light camera in his backyard and let it run all night on Nov. 4th. This is what it recorded:



Over the past week there have been many major sightings of what I have termed ‘chem-webs’ popping up in various states throughout the US.

In fact, I myself was eating pizza outside the other evening here in Austin and literally saw them falling from the sky in 20-foot-long strands. And one thing is for sure, they are not spider webs people! Spiders simply do not spin webs in the Earth’s atmosphere and then drop them down in massive clumps over the area of several states.

Here are some of the observations and photos taken by Intellihub readers over the past few days:

Exclusive new photos, video: Massive military ‘chem-web’ deployments blanket parts of U.S.

In case you thought scientists had lost their flair for being mad, the U.K.’s Ministry of Defence is spraying Ebola and the plague bacterium onto spider webs.

However, this isn’t some new madcap evil weapon. The experiment is being conducted to see how long these agents of disease can survive in the environment in the event of bioterrorism or an industrial accident.

The scientists first collect the spider’s silk on frames, which you can see in the video below. The frames are then placed into a container where they’re coated with an aerosol containing infectious microbes.

Dr Steve Lever, leading the work at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, said in a statement: “By increasing our basic understanding of the survival characteristics of threat agents, we can help determine the best response to any biological release – whether accidental or intentional.”

Over 11,000 people died in the West African outbreak of Ebola from 2013 to 2015. Although some data suggests that the virus can live for several days in bodily fluid, we know remarkably little about how long the virus can survive in the environment.

Why Is The U.K.’s Ministry Of Defence Spraying Spider Webs With Ebola And The Plague

Little differentiation between terrorists, spies, and leakers

Finally, the legislation is troubling because it incorporates a broad definition of “insider threats” and adopts a “War on Terrorism” framework:

The term ‘insider threat’ means the threat that an insider will use his or her authorized access, wittingly or unwittingly, to do harm to the security of the United States, including damage to the United States through espionage, terrorism, the unauthorized disclosure of classified national security information, or through the loss or degradation of departmental resources or capabilities.


There is no differentiation between terrorists or employees who turn to violence and those who leak “classified national security information.” As King makes clear, the view engrained in the legislation is that someone like Snowden or Manning can do just as much damage to U.S. national security as the Navy Yard shooter.

It treats leaks as if they are similar to “espionage,” which is exactly what the Justice Department does when prosecuting government employees for unauthorized disclosures. Why a government employee released “classified national security information” does not matter. The act itself is rendered a traitorous crime that deserves fierce prosecution.

Currently, there does not appear to be a similar bill in the Senate that would expand the DHS “insider threat” program. However, what is significant is in the aftermath of WikiLeaks and Snowden there already are numerous government agencies with “insider threat” programs. There already are known problems, like how a CIA system intercepted the whistleblower communications related to the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture.

The public has little to no idea how officials are ensuring these programs have not created a chilling effect against potential whistleblowers. In spite of this fact, politicians like the venomous Peter King are moving to incorporate more draconian spying apparatuses that can be used to control government employees.

BEAST SYSTEM UPDATE: EMV Cards Allow Authorities To Hack Phones & Track Your Location 

On August 14, 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt arrived at his desk to sign the Social Security Act into law.

It had been a contentious legislative process, something like the Obamacare of its day.

Fiscally conservative politicians derided the program for its obvious long-term costs, the massive bureaucracy that it would create, and the huge tax increase that it represented on workers.

But Roosevelt was able to find support, and the law was passed.

And just before signing it, he proudly proclaimed that the law would go down in history “as a protection to future administrations of the Government against the necessity of going deeply into debt to furnish relief to the needy.”

Needless to say, that didn’t happen. Quite the opposite, actually.

Just like most western governments, the US government has gone deeply into debt to fund its social insurance programs.

Officially, the US government is now $18.5 trillion in debt, and Social Security is the biggest financial sinkhole in America.

Social Security’s various trust funds currently hold about $2.7 trillion in total assets; yet the government itself estimates the program’s liabilities to exceed $40 trillion.

And Social Security’s second biggest trust fund, the Disability Insurance fund, will be fully depleted in a matter of weeks.

The trustees who manage these massive funds on behalf of the current and future retirees of America are clearly concerned.

In the 2015 report of the Social Security and Medicare Board of Trustees they state very plainly:

“Social Security as a whole as well as Medicare cannot sustain projected long-run program costs…”, and that the government should be “giving the public adequate time to prepare.”

Congress Proposes A Chilling Resolution On Social Security


Now, we always hear politicians say that ‘Social Security is going to be just fine’. So this Board of Trustees must be a bunch of wackos. Who are these guys anyhow?

The Treasury Secretary of the United States of America, as it turns out. Along with the Secretary of Health and Human Services. The Secretary of Labor. Etc.

These are the folks who sign their name to the report saying that Social Security is going bust, and that Congress needs to give people time to prepare.

And prepare they should.

The US Government Accountability Office recently released a report showing that tens of millions of Americans haven’t saved a penny for retirement; and roughly half of Baby Boomers have zero retirement savings.

This means that there’s an overwhelming number of Americans pinning all of their retirement hopes on Social Security.

Bad idea. In a recently proposed resolution, H. Res 488, Congress states point blank that Social Security “was never intended by Congress to be the sole source of retirement income for families.”

Apparently they got the message from the Social Security Trustees and they want to start preparing people for the inevitable truth.

This is no longer some wild conspiracy theory.

The Treasury Secretary is saying it. Congress is saying it. The numbers are screaming it: Social Security is going to fail.

Ultimately this is a just another chapter in the same story– that government cannot be relied on to provide or produce, only to squander and fail.

Sure, their intentions may be noble. But this level of serial incompetence can no longer be trusted, nor should we be foolish enough to believe that some new candidate can fix it.

If you’re in your fifties and beyond, you’re probably going to be OK and at least get 10-15 years of benefits.

If you’re in your 40s and below, you have to be 100% prepared to fend for yourself.

Fortunately you have time to recover. Time to build. And time to learn.

Financial literacy is absolutely critical here, which includes the ability to both generate income and manage money, two things that aren’t taught in the government controlled education system.

You might also consider some lifestyle adjustments, which may include moving abroad where your money can go much, much further.

Ultimately, learning to rely on yourself is no easy task, but it is an incredible opportunity to become more free.

And in doing so, one day you will no longer panic about the decisions being made by incompetent bureaucrats, because you will be the one in control of your own fate.

After several months of weak and deteriorating payrolls prints, perhaps the biggest tell today’s job number would surprise massively to the upside came yesterday from Goldman, which as we noted earlier, just yesterday hiked its forecast from 175K to 190K. And while as Brown Brothers said after the reported that it is “difficult to find the cloud in the silver lining” one clear cloud emerges when looking just a little deeper below the surface.

That cloud emerges when looking at the age breakdown of the October job gains as released by the BLS’ Household Survey. What it shows is that while total jobs soared, that was certainly not the case in the most important for wage growth purposes age group, those aged 25-54.

As the chart below shows, in October the age group that accounted for virtually all total job gains was workers aged 55 and over. They added some 378K jobs in the past month, representing virtually the entire increase in payrolls. And more troubling: workers aged 25-54 actually declined by 35,000, with males in this age group tumbling by 119,000!

The Most Surprising Thing About Today’s Jobs Report 

Little wonder then why there is no wage growth as employers continue hiring mostly those toward the twilight of their careers: the workers who have little leverage to demand wage hikes now and in the future, something employers are well aware of.

The next chart shows the break down the cumulative job gains since December 2007 and while workers aged 55 and older have gained over 7.5 million jobs in the past 8 years, workers aged 55 and under, have lost a cumulative total of 4.6 million jobs.

The same chart as above showing the full breakdown by age group – once again the 25-54 age group sticks out.

But young workers’ loss is old workers’ gain, as the following chart of total jobs held by those aged 55 and over shows. As of October, there was a record 33.8 million workers in the oldest age group tracked by the BLS – the same workers who, as noted above, also have the poorest wage negotiating leverage.

Finally, the most disappointing data point in today’s report is that while overall labor growth was solid, the participation rate for workers 25-54, was 80.7%, far below is peak of just under 85%, and below the 80.8% at the end of 2014.

Time for a rate hike? 

It’s Official: The Baltic Dry Index Has Crashed To Its Lowest November Level In History

2015 has been an ‘odd’ year. Typically this time of year sees demand picking up amid holiday inventory stacking and measures of global trade such as The Baltic Dry Index rise from mid-summer to Thanksgiving. This year, it has not.

In fact, it has plummeted as the world’s economic engines slow and reality under the covers of global stock markets suggests a massive deflationary wave (following a massive mal-investment boom). At a level of 631, this is the lowest cost for Baltic Dry Freight Index for this time of year in history.. and within a small drop of an all-time historical low.

Hard to ignore something that has never happened before as anything but a total disaster for world trade and economic growth.

As we concluded previously after exposing the collapse in Ships..


And Trucks…

We have in the past joked that the only thing that could possibly save the world from what is a trade recession is if the central banks can somehow find a way to “print trade” the way they artificially boost asset prices higher to give the impression of a status quo normalcy. Unfortunately, as this is not a real option, and with both global and US trade in freefall, many wonder just how will the world’s central planners mask this most dangerous aspect of the global economic slowdown?

If you were Tehran, you’d have a lot of incentives these days to simply ignore the terms of the “landmark” P5+1 nuclear deal on the way to cementing your regional influence.

For starters, preserving the Assad government in Syria takes precedence over almost all other concerns so it’s really immaterial whether the Antichrist Iranian ground incursion in support of Syrian forces is compatible with the nuclear agreement or not. That is, making sure that the Antichrist Shiite crescent remains intact is of the utmost importance and if protecting Assad and Antichrist Hezbollah means putting troops in Syria and enraging the US, then so be it.

On top of that, Moscow’s involvement in the conflict has effectively given Tehran the superpower stamp of approval to do whatever it pleases. It’s now clear that no matter what Washington says, Moscow is going to stand with the Antichrist Ayatollah and that means Antichrist Iran effectively has a Security Council seat. This, we contend, helps to explain why Antichrist Iran was “allowed” to test fire a new ballistic missile last month (something which clearly violates the spirit if not the letter of the nuclear deal).

Finally, the IRGC’s influence among Iraqi politicians and military personnel is doing wonders for what amounts to an effort on The Kremlin’s part to muscle Washington out of the country.

In short, Antichrist Iran can now openly flout its “agreement” with the US with impunity.


This week, we learn that a private Antichrist Iranian airline with deep connections to the IRGC bought a passenger jet from Britain in order to ferry Qassem Soleimaini and the Antichrist Quds to Syria. Here’s IB Times with more:

One of Antichrist Iran’s commercial airlines last week bought a U.K.-manufactured jet with the aim of using it to deliver Antichrist Iranian soldiers and weapons to Syria in support of the embattled regime of President Bashar Assad, International Business Times has learned. The purchase of the aircraft by an Antichrist Iranian concern represents a clear violation of the deal brokered by the administration of Antichrist NWO 666 U.S. President Barack Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change No Boots Clown, under which Antichrist Iran pledged to scale back its nuclear program in exchange for a lifting of sanctions, said senior American officials and attorneys who handle issues associated with sanctions compliance.

“Temporary sanctions relief … currently in place does not cover the sale or lease of complete aircraft to Antichrist Iran,” said Betsy Bourassa, a representative of the Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence within the Treasury Department in Washington. And a representative of the State Department told IBT that it was aware of the sale and is investigating the transaction.

Under the terms of the ongoing sanctions, Antichrist Iran is barred from purchasing aircraft from U.S. and European entities — and U.S. and European entities are barred from selling them to Antichrist Iran — until Tehran has satisfied inspectors with the

International Atomic Energy Agency that it has begun rolling back its nuclear program, according to sanctions lawyers at Sheppard Mullin. Calls to Antichrist Iran’s Foreign Ministry in Tehran were not returned.

The aircraft purchase marks the second time within five months that the Antichrist Iranian airline, Mahan Air, one of the country’s largest domestic and international carriers, has purchased aircraft to expand its Tehran-based fleet. Linking

Antichrist Iranian cities to Asian and European destinations, Mahan also flies to Damascus, where it delivers crucial stores of weaponry and troops of the elite ranks of the so-called Antichrist Quds forces, which are aiding in the defense of the Syrian regime.

“Mahan Air’s close coordination with the Antichrist Quds Force — secretly ferrying operatives, weapons and funds on its flights — reveals yet another facet of the Antichrist Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps extensive infiltration of Antichrist Iran’s commercial sector to facilitate its support for terrorism,” David Cohen, the U.S. under secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, said at a press briefing in Washington in 2011.

Mahan flights take off from Tehran and Abadan, another Iranian city, at unspecified times and without publicizing their destinations. The flights frequently disappear from tracking systems once they enter Syrian airspace. Radar then shows them having landed in Damascus.

Additionally, Mahan has been in the Treasury’s proverbial dog house for years after being accused of facilitating Soleimaini’s admittedly bizarre plot to assassinate the Antichrist Saudi ambassador in a DC restaurant back in 2011 (see excerpts from leaked diplomatic cables here):

In October 2011, the Treasury Department announced that Mahan would be sanctioned for providing financial, material and technological support to the Antichrist Quds Force in the Antichrist Islamic Republic Guard Corps. The airline was also accused of flying Quds Force members linked to a plot to kill Antichrist Saudi Arabia’s former ambassador to the U.S., Adel al-Jubeir.

There are two takeaways from this. First, note that the US is actively attempting to dictate who can buy commercial airliners which raises the very real prospect that Washington is preventing Antichrist Iran from modernizing its fleet which could in turn present safety issues for Antichrist Iranian civilians.

Second, it’s nothing short of hilarious that Antichrist Iran not only violated a UN travel ban by sending The Antichrist Quds commander to Russia to map out the Syrian incursion, but Tehran is now ferrying Qassem Soleimani, his deputies, and soldiers to Damascus and Al-Hasakah in a jet they just bought from America’s staunchest ally.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that if you want to know who’s really interested in fighting Antichrist ISIS (as opposed to the West’s feigned anti-terror “campaign”), just consider one last passage from IB Times and the map shown below:

IBT tracked several Mahan Air flights over the span of two days and found at least two flights that took off from Damascus, landing in Al-Hasakah, Syria, the site of intense fighting between the Antichrist Islamic State group and regime forces and their allies, before flying back to Tehran.

This also suggests that the Antichrist Quds are being delivered to areas where the YPG and US spec ops are expected to be operating in the very near future.

If IB Times is correct about where the Antichrist Quds are being inserted, then the potential for an escalation in Syria is even greater than we thought. That is, not only are US troops set to engage Antichrist Hezbollah near Aleppo, there may well be a few shootouts between Delta Force and the Antichrist Quds near Raqqa. Of course if the US is truly attempting to rout Antichrist ISIS, then Obozo’s spec ops should be firing at the same targets as the Antichrist Quds… Right? …

Reading for November 7, 2015 ~ Cheshvan 25, 5776
Gen. 23:1-25-18 ~ I Kgs 1:31 ~ Matt. 11-12

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