Collision of two monster black holes that was earlier predicted to take places millions of years later may happen sooner, a new study claims.

According to CNET, the two black holes in Virgo constellation are said to be closer than one-light week away. The closest galactic-pair observed until now have been 20 light years apart. Scientists predict that the energy released during the merger of galaxies will rattle the fabric of space and time, producing gravitational waves not unlike what Big Bang is said to have produced.

“This is the closest we’ve come to observing two black holes on their way to a massive collision. Watching this process reach its culmination can tell us whether black holes and galaxies grow at the same rate, and ultimately test a fundamental property of space-time: its ability to carry vibrations called gravitational waves, produced in the last, most violent, stage of the merger,” said the study’s senior author, Zoltan Haiman, an astronomer at Columbia University.

Virgo Black Holes On Collision Course, Closer Than Ever

The black hole pair was first spotted by its giveaway, PG 1302-102, nearly 3.2 billion light years away. The quasar was blinking periodically, indicating the impending cannibalization of one black hole by a bigger one. When it was discovered, the pair’s collision was estimated to happen anywhere between 10,000 years to several million years from now. The new study however offers a best estimate of 100,000 years.

Following increased detection of black hole pairs, cosmologists hope to witness a collision in the next decade. Studies such as the current one have also led to development of accurate methods to determine black hole pairs and time of collision.

“We can start to put numbers on the rates that black holes come together and build up into larger black holes, and use what we’re learning to search for more black hole pairs,” said study coauthor David Schiminovich, an astronomer at Columbia.

UNITED NATIONS – A United Nations official confirms that the flag of the U.N.Holy See will be raised for the first time outside U.N headquarters the morning of Evil Jesuit petrus Romanus Pope Francis’ first visit.

It is a turnaround for the Evil Vatican, whose U.N. ambassador has said it had “no intention” of raising the flag before the pope arrives Sept. 25.

U.N.Holy See flag raised outside UN headquarters for Petrus Romanus Pope Francis’ arrival Sept. 25 

The General Assembly last week overwhelmingly approved a Antichrist Palestinian proposal to raise its flag and that of the U.N. Holy See as the U.N.’s two non-member observer states.

The Antichrist Palestinians have announced a ceremony for their flag-raising Sept. 30 during the annual U.N. gathering of world leaders. But the U.N.Holy See flag is set to be raised quietly.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk publicly about the event.

Agenda 2030 And The “New Economic World Order” – Coming This Year?

With Q3 of the 2015 fiscal year just around the corner, one cannot help but notice unprecedented unease in both financial and social spheres, and perhaps with good reason; with alternative media forecasters, national banks, and supranational institutions alike heralding the coming of “global depression” by the end of 2016, this consensus of seemingly strange bedfellows almost universally agree that something wicked this way comes.

These dire economic prognostications exist simultaneously in a world in which energy and development prospects, both nationally and transnationally, are being reworked – with equally profound implications as the aforementioned financial trend analysis. Be it the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change Clown Administration’s “Clean Power Plan” or the EU and Antichrist Communist China’s planned Neomalthusian 2030 carbon emission cutbacks, national entities the world over are positioning themselves for profound shifts in energy, development, trade, and even currency ahead of COP21 in Paris this December, or as some have deemed it, “Agenda 2030.”

The convergence of both engineered economic crisis and an engineered “sustainable development” crisis in late-2015 are hardly coincidental, nor are they insignificant. While the alternative finance community seems destined to eternally squabble about the mechanics of a coming global depression, few have set themselves to the task of projecting what the character of such a post-depression society will look like – and the “New World Economic Order” it has the potential to initiate.

It is this author’s contention that the character of this coming era can only be understood when financial calamity is viewed in tandem with Agenda 21’s faux-ecological insidiousness; and you, Reader, deserve the knowledge and documentation of this sagacious plot. It’s pervasive, it’s global, and has existed (in its modern form) since at least the 1970s.

Seeking to contextualize this historical continuity, we must first examine the writings of erudite anti-Technocracy researcher, Patrick Wood, and his pioneering work on the Trilateral Commission’s “New International Economic Order” of the 1970s.

Technocracy and the “New International Economic Order”

As an integral decade in this ongoing “Age of Transitions,” the 1970s brought with it previously unimagined sociopolitical and economic shifts. Deflation was prevalent. The decade also saw the rise of the Petrodollar and the end of the gold-backed Bretton Woods era, as well as the seeding of eugenic “environmental catastrophe” memes propagated by works like the Club of Rome’s 1972 publication, Limits to Growth, or John P. Holdren’s equally Neomalthusian and lauded Ecoscience. It also saw the birth of the Trilateral Commission, co-founded by David Rockefeller and Zbignew Brzezinski in 1973, who, among other things, pushed forth the concept of a “New International Economic Order” to quell the world’s ailing economic and environmental “doom and gloom” forecasts.

While the nature of this “New International Economic Order” at the time evaded Mr. Wood and his research partner, Dr. Antony Sutton, the perspective granted by the passage of time has lead Patrick Wood to declare Technocracy to be the true aim of this New Order. He writes:

It is plainly evident today, with 40 years of historical examination behind it, that the “New International Economic Order” was really “new” and envisioned historic Technocracy as replacing Capitalism altogether. Technocracy was based on energy rather than money and its system of supply and demand that regulates pricing. Some distinctives of Technocracy include:

• Elimination of private property and wealth accumulation
• Replacing traditional education with workforce training
• Micromanaging all energy distribution and consumption
• Driving people to live in a limited number of cities and off of rural land
• Enforcing a balance between nature’s resources and man’s consumption of them.

Are you thinking that this list is vaguely familiar? You should, because it represents the modern manifestation of programs like Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, Smart Growth, Smart Grid, Cap And Trade, Climate Change, Common Core, massive surveillance operations and a whole lot more. All of this has been brought to us by the machinations of the Trilateral Commission and its members since 1973, and it is all part of its master plan to completely replace capitalism with Technocracy. This is their “New International Economic Order“!

Patrick Wood, Endgame of Technocracy

The Trilateral Commission, however, was not alone in the propagation of the “New International Economic Order” ideal. As with all things global and “sustainable,” the United Nations is sure to be lurking nearby. The UN’s “Council on Trade and Development” (or UNCTAD) was the chief multinational institution (in cooperation with the Trilateral Commission) in proudly promoting such a New Order throughout the decade:

As noted in my previous article about COP21 and the coming Agenda 21 “update,” documentation on what this “binding and legal agreement” entails directly from UN sources related to the Conference is sparse; that is, until one abandons searching for literature on the “green” facade and goes straight to the source of the “New International Economic Order” itself – that is, global trade governance, as documented by UNCTAD

t is within UNCTAD’s 2015 policy briefs that we begin to find some semblance of clarity as to what a post-global depression geopolitical and economic environment has in store for us; and as all burgeoning Hegelians know, global problems invite (engineered) global solutions.

UNCTAD and the “Sustainable Multilateral” Vision of Humanity

Over the past 40 years, the “New International Economic Order” has changed its name and structure, but never its primary objectives. Its old name cast away in favor of representing our increasingly captive and globalized world, “Multilateral Global Trade Governance” is its new moniker. The threats of population bombs, peak oil, and Global Cooling prevalent in the ’70s, too, have given way to the phantom foes of carbon emissions and “unsustainability” so overtly propagandized to us in the 21st Century.

In true Technocratic fashion, UNCTAD declares the new face of “transformative” and “multilateral” global governance to be underpinned by none other than sustainable development in their 2015 Policy Brief No. 31:

This shift towards “multilateralism” is more than rhetorical, representing a structural change in the nature of globalism. It’s also not limited to UNCTAD, as the IMF, BIS, World Bank, and yes, even the BRICS have been calling for a “New Multipolar World Order” for quite some time. This new form of globalism is slated to be seemingly inclusive, allowing nations like Antichrist Communist China, Russia, India, and Brazil some measure of regional control, while ultimately being subservient to the “binding and legal agreement” of COP21. Continuing with Policy Brief No. 31:

We see that these new “inclusive multilateral mechanisms” are anything but voluntary, as UNCTAD goes on to conclude that such mechanisms would “preclude competitive liberalization;” in other words, multilateralism is designed to prevent Second and Third World nations from seeking a development structure outside the UN’s “sustainable” vision.

If any are still in doubt as to whether the BRICS alliance and its New Development Bank represent this globalist multilateral trap, UNCTAD steadfastly declare the BRICS to be an integral regional component in this plot:

Brief-31-3This latest forecast echoes UNCTAD’s 2014 publication, A BRICS Development Bank: A Dream Coming True? which also holds the BRICS NDB as a key partner in Agenda 21 and its global Technocratic serfdom, written about at length by this author previously.

This bank-against-bank dialectic is the Globalist version of Coke vs. Pepsi. Republicans vs. Democrats. East vs. West. BRICS Bank vs. World Bank. Multilateral vs. Monopolar. All result in the synthesis of “global trade governance” aspired to by the Anglo-American Establishment and Agenda 21.

In UNCTAD’s Policy Brief on Climate Change No. 4, the structure of this new system of governance was enumerated upon by none other than Antichrist Communist Chinese UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon. If his description does not represent “multilateral globalism,” I don’t know what does:

Brief-4-1Supposedly sovereign nations will be subservient to regional entities (BRICS, NAFTA, EU, etc). Regional entities will abide by a commonly agreed upon set of global development and economic standards (COP21). The city, town, and community, long subsumed by ICLEI’s “sustainable development” principles as set forth by Rio ’92, are already in lock-step with this “multilateral globalism.”

“And what of the individual,” one may ponder? Such an “outmoded” concept has no place in the eternal Cybernetic feedback loop of “green” global trade governance as outlined by UNCTAD:

The aforementioned “knowledge sharing,” “peer reviewing,” and “accountability” standards will be handled not wholly by governing bodies, but governing algorithms, as such banal tasks are likely to be managed by our increasingly “smart” cities, metering devices, homes, and cars; a shift destined to portend the increased control such devices will bring to everyday life within this “New Multilateral Economic Order.”

It is unlikely that such sweeping alterations to global as well as social interaction will take place unless “motivated” by periods of crisis. In UNCTAD’s Policy Brief No. 36, the importance of our last global crisis of 2008 in creating the prerequisites for “Green” Globalism is noted:

Brief-36-2Brief-36-6It therefore stands to reason that the activation of these bilateral, regional, and megaregional trade agreements created in the wake of the 2008 Depression will likewise require economic calamity to activate; calamity that alternative media and the Bank for International Settlements alike are predicting as inevitable. If such a “transformative” global structure is to be initiated in advance of or around COP21 this December, the remainder of 2015 is likely to be wrought with continued economic uncertainty.

The brief goes on to note a number of transnational corporations complying with this new Green Globalism, some of whom should be familiar to the astute Deep Political reader and researcher:

Brief-36-8All have been intimately involved in the Neomercantile “opening of Antichrist Communist China” and the rampant technological buildup of the East by Western capital since the 90s, with IBM’s insidious participation in programs as varied as the Holocaust, police precrime algorithms, and the invention of the “smart city” concept being well documented. Of Lucent Technologies and IBM specifically, James Corbett of The Corbett Report writes:

In the same time period, Antichrist Communist China rose from the 30th-largest target of US R&D investment to the 11th on the back of a doubling of US affiliates in the country. The list of companies that started major R&D activities or facilities in Antichrist Communist China in the 1990s reads like a who’s who of the CFR-nested Fortune 500 set: DuPont, Ford, General Electric, General Motors, IBM, Intel, Lucent Technologies, Microsoft, Motorola, and Rohm and Haas all had a significant stake in Antichrist Communist China by the beginning of the 21st century.

James Corbett, The Great Decoupling: How the West is Engineering its Own Downfall

So it would seem this same set of “CFR-nested Fortune 500” companies responsible for building up Antichrist Communist China’s industrial and technological capacity are now pushing forth sustainable development with the UN as well as within the BRICS nations themselves. Have these Western entities bolstered Antichrist Communist China’s modern economic stature out of sheer goodwill? Merely self-interested profiteering? Or is the fulfillment of this greater collectivist agenda the “quid pro quo” demanded by the West in exchange for such niceties as increased regional power in the Asia-Pacific?

This year’s demise of the BRICS economies (most notably Antichrist Communist China) as well as key Western markets, if not overtly coordinated, certainly provide a unique opportunity to bring about these proposed “global (green) solutions” to “global crises.”

In Closing

As this blog has set out to demonstrate since its inception, globalism is indeed what its title claims – global. It knows no borders, nations, or ideologies, save complete and utter transnational subjugation of autonomous human beings – globally. Technocracy – rule by a class of entrenched elites and “snitch society” technologies – will be the character of this coming global era. Sustainable development (Agenda 21) is its vehicle.

It doesn’t reach the “End of the Road” without a transition from the “Old Economic World Order” to the New, a divergence impossible without a global economic crisis the likes of which has not been seen in nearly a Century.

Agenda 21 and the prospect of economic calamity have been inseparable concepts since the ravings of former UN Under-Secretary General and co-Agenda 21 architect, Maurice Strong, became a matter of public record back in 1992. In talking with late activist George Washington Hunt at a UN Environment Conference in Colorado, Strong, under the auspices of a fictional book he hoped to pen, mused casually about how such a “New World Order” could take shape:

What if a small group of these world leaders were to conclude the principal risk to the earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? In order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring this about?

This group of world leaders forms a secret society to bring about an economic collapse. It’s February. They’re all at Davos. These aren’t terrorists. They’re world leaders. They have positioned themselves in the world’s commodities and stock markets. They’ve engineered, using their access to stock markets and computers and gold supplies, a panic. Then, they prevent the world’s stock markets from closing. They jam the gears. They hire mercenaries who hold the leaders at Davos as hostage. The markets can’t close.

Maurice Strong

Strong abruptly ended his tale by concluding that he “probably shouldn’t be saying things like this.” Not that he had to continue, as from where we stand in 2015, we can see how this tale ends: With Strong’s world on the horizon. The next engineered economic crisis, ready to be sprung with a proverbial “flip of the switch,” will certainly be a global one. Yet Strong’s fantasies of Davos hostage takings of over twenty years ago may prove entirely unnecessary at COP21 in our modern era, as nearly all opposition to Agenda 21 on the global stage has been subsumed by its promise of complete technological control and a seat at the “multilateral table.”

You, though, Reader, have no seat at this table. An ostensibly insignificant cog in an international machine; but armed with the knowledge of what is to come, perhaps a cog that may someday soon decide to grind to a halt. This machine, after all, is each and every one of us.

If You Live In These States You’ll Soon Need A Passport For Domestic Flights

To comply with the 2005 Antichrist NWO 666 Real ID Act, which the U.S. government has been slowly implementing for the past decade, citizens in a number of different U.S. states will now be forced to obtain a passport if they want to board an airplane – even for domestic flights.


Back in February 2015 ANP published a disturbing article where we were informed by Margo Seltzer who is a professor and researcher in computer systems, currently the Herchel Smith Professor of Computer Science in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University, we already live in a surveillance state and “it is going to get worse.”

It Is Already Happening – Government Can Pick You Up, Lock You Up Or Exterminate You At Any Time

Do you have a car? A child? A credit card? A Passport? A Smartphone? Do you live in a city? Well, guess what? You are already chipped, marked, tracked, surveilled…. use whatever words you want, the government literally has your number.

We see a lot of debate over the “Mark of the Beast” terminology, where those of faith quote Revelation 13: 17, “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name,” and those with no religious affiliations are so busy mocking the terminology that aren’t paying attention to the fact that in some manner everyone is already marked or in the process of being marked.


We will start with the actual “implant” and move along from there.

Reports of people volunteering to have implanted chip technology put into their bodies in the name of “additional security and safety,” come from a variety MSM reports, such as one from ABC News titled “Implant Chip, Track People,” where one company reported they already had 50 volunteers to test their “VeriChips.”

Dr. Richard Seelig, a former surgeon but now a medical consultant for ADS, became the first to embed a VeriChip in his arm and hip on Sept. 16. He says his decision to become a willing guinea pig came when he saw World Trade Center rescue workers scrawl information on their skin as an identifying marker should they get hurt in the wreckage.

“There is a clear need for a more secure [form of] identification,” says Seelig. “This was another useful application for VeriChip and to move the process along and [help] evaluate the possibility, I had the chips inserted.”

And Seelig isn’t the only one who feels this way.

According to ADS’ Bolton, about 50 people have already signed up with the company to become part of the VeriChip experiments. Some volunteers, such as the Jacobs family in Boca Raton, Fla., believe that the technology will provide for a much needed additional security and safety.

Dozens of other examples can be found on the Internet, all citing “safety” or “protection,” and even convenience, as the reasoning behind having chips implanted.

On September 17, 2015 Travel and Leisure dropped a bomb, a silent bomb that almost no one realized was dropped.

Starting in 2016, travelers from five U.S. states will not be able to use their driver’s licenses as ID to board domestic flights—a pretty major development considering an estimated 38 percent of Americans don’t have passports.

Sounds pretty innocuous until you start delving into this issue, but before we walk you through what is found, note the second to last paragraph in the T&L article, which states “The TSA will also accept Enhanced Driver’s Licenses, the kind that are currently used to replace passports for travel to and from Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Of the noncompliant states, only New York and Minnesota issue enhanced licenses.”

According to the Wikipedia description of the Real ID Act of 2005, to which has been slowly rolled out but said roll-out is picking up speed now, under the “requirements” section, we see the following:

Said cards must also feature specific security features intended to prevent tampering, counterfeiting, or duplication of the document for fraudulent purposes. These cards must also present data in a common, machine-readable format (bar codes, smart card technology, etc.). Although the use of wireless RFID chips was offered for consideration in the proposed rulemaking process, it was not included in the latest rulemaking process. DHS could consider additional technological requirements to be incorporated into the licenses after consulting with the states. In addition, DHS has required the use of RFID chips in its Enhanced Driver’s License program, which the Department is proposing as an alternative to REAL ID

Emphasis mine.

Enhanced Driver’s Licenses and passports have something in common, both now have RFID Chips.

Via the U.S. Homeland Security website for EDL’s it states “Enhanced drivers licenses make it easier for U.S. citizens to cross the border into the United States because they include:

a vicinity Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip that will signal a secure system to pull up your biographic and biometric data for the CBP officer as you approach the border inspection booth, and a Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) or barcode that the CBP officer can read electronically if RFID isn’t available.”

Via, as just one example, we see that passports also have RFID chips embedded:

Passports, however, use a different technology known as RFID (or Radio Frequency Identification), the same type used to tag clothing, pets, even artificial replacements for hips and knees. When embedded in a U.S. passport, the chip can be scanned only by someone at close range with an RFID reader, usually within a couple feet.

In response to the report on needing a passport even for domestic flights, we see an alert over at Steve Quayle’s website from a law enforcement agent, which states the following:

I told you this would happen…and by the way, that new “real id” will have a RFID placed in it. So when you leave your boundary state, the government or police will know. Yes it would be obvious because it’s your state ID, but, what happens when you attempt to leave your state and you do not have the new REAL ID? Do you get deported back to your home state, are you considered illegal, …where the hell does this go next? Well probably with the RFID PLACED IN YOUR VEHICLE! OR PERSON. You know, for your safety in case of an emergency. A global tracking system of all persons…and all vehicles…that way you can never escape SKYNET and it’s terminators that darpa will soon pull out. Mark my word Steve, you will soon see robotic police vehicles on the highways to catch people breaking the law, no matter how minor, and every infraction will be a point against your driver permit…just like in the ‘Fifth element’. Virginia already uses drones with radar to catch people’s already happening…


Looking into the vehicle reference in the above alert, we find that there are “black boxes” in 96% of news cars.

If you’re like most people on the planet, though, it will come as a surprise that a box the size of a deck of cards — called an event data recorder — is on board, tracking your seat belt use, speed, steering, braking and at least a dozen other bits of data. When your air bag deploys, the EDR’s memory records a few seconds before, during and after a crash, much like an airliner’s “black box.”


Over the last months, my personal experience backs up reports of credit card companies all utilizing chip technology, even bank cards, as one after another started automatically sending me new cards, all with chips…. for our own protection of course.


So card issuers are taking action to make it more difficult to counterfeit cards. By the Oct. 1 deadline, credit card companies and retailers will shift to “smart cards” using a new technology called EMV—which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, the three companies that created the standard for processing payments. But not all companies will be able to comply by this date. And many consumers may have yet to activate their new EMV chip cards.

About 120 million Americans have already received the card though, and that number is expected to grow to 600 million by the end of the year, according to card comparison website


Wired in 2013 published an article on one child’s fight against wearing the “mark of the beast,” but within that article, we see other scholls around the nation have been implementing tracking technology on our nation’s children for years:

Tagging school children with RFID chips is uncommon, but not new. A federally funded preschool in Richmond, California, began embedding RFID chips in students’ clothing in 2010. An elementary school outside of Sacramento, California, scrubbed a plan in 2005 amid a parental uproar. And a Houston, Texas school district began using the chips to monitor students on 13 campuses in 2004 for the same reasons the Northside Independent School District implemented the program. Northside was mulling adopting the program for its other 110 schools.

There is also GPS tracking capabilities in Smartphones and a number of other devices and items people use, but the bottom line is in some form or fashion, everyone is being tracked, monitored, or chipped.


Thursday’s decision to delay yet again the long-awaited liftoff from zero interest rates is illustrating that the world economy is totally screwed.

There is a lot of speculation about why the Fed seems so reluctant to “normalize monetary policy”. There are of course the typical domestic issues that there is low inflation, weak wage gains in the face of strong job growth, a hike will increase the Federal deficit and then there is the argument that corporations that now have $12.5 trillion in debt. All that is nice, but with corporate debt, our clients are locking in long-term at these levels, not funding anything short-term. Those clients who have listened are preparing for what is to come unlike government which has been forced to shorten the average duration of their debts blind to what happens when rates rise, which will be set in motion by the markets – not Yellen.

The Fed is really caught between a rock and a very dark place. Yes, they have the IMF and the world pleading with them not to raise rates for it will hurt other debtors who borrowed excessively using dollars to save money.

“Hell Is About To Break Loose”

The Fed is also caught between domestic policy objectives that dictate they MUST raise rates of they will bankrupt countless pension funds and international where emerging markets will go into default because commodities have collapsed and they have no way of paying off this debt that has risen to about 50% of the US national debt.

By avoiding the normalization of interest rates (hikes), the Fed has encouraged government to spend far more than they realize because money is cheap. This will eventually light the fire under the economy helping to fuel the Sovereign Debt Crisis. There appears to be no hope for the Fed and they will be forced to raise rates only when they see asset inflation in equities. Then they will have no choice.

This is the worst possible mess and the longer they have waited to normalize interest rates, the worst the total crisis is becoming for they will have zero control over the economy and once that is seen, holy Hell will break loose.

The Final Blood Moon of 2015 

Antichrist NWO 666 Goldman ‘(g)ods work” Calls It: No Rate Hike Until Mid-Zenith 2016

Several days before Thursday’s FOMC meeting, we asked rhetorically whether “Yellen is about to shock everyone“, and lo and behold: everyone was quite “shocked” when instead of a hawkish hold or a dovish hike, Yellen proceeded with the loosest possible decision: keeping ZIRP indefinitely, crushing both the Fed’s credibility and its market “communication” strategy in the process, and sending the market tumbling. That said, not everyone was shocked – as we also reported one bank made the explicit case not only for no rate hike but for further easing – as first reported here last weekend, “Goldman said The “Fed Should Think About Easing.

This is what we added last weekend:

What one should most certainly pay attention to, however, is what Goldman says the Fed will do – you know, for “risk management” purposes – because as we have shown countless times in the past, Goldman runs the Fed.

As such, forget a September rate hike. Or perhaps Yellen will listen too carefully to Hatzius and instead of a rate hike, shock absolutely everyone, and instead of a rate hike the Fed will join the ECB, SNB and Riksbank in the twilight zone of negative rates. That, or QE4.

And why not: after both the Swiss National Bank and the Chinese central bank crushed investors who thought the banks would never surprise them, why should the Fed not complete the 2015 trifecta of central bank turmoil? After all, the money printers are already running on “faith” and credibility fumes. Might as well go out with a bang.
Not only is this precisely what happened (yes, the Fed gave its first ever NIRP hint ever) but more importantly, we got the latest confirmation that when it comes to policy, anything that Goldman wants, Goldman gets courtesy of a few clueless lifetime academics in charge of the US money printer.

With that out of the way, the only question that remains is not what will the Fed do, but what Goldman tells the Fed to do in 2015, or rather in 2016, because according to Jan Hatzius’ latest note, one can forget about a hike in October or December, and instead focus on 2016, or rather the summer of 2016.

For the answer, we go straight to Goldman which in a rhetorical Q&A wonders “What were the most important things you learned from this week’s FOMC meeting?” to which the answer is “Mostly, the FOMC confirmed what we already knew.”

Well, duh, the Fed merely read the script Goldman bad prepared – of course what the Fed confirmed what Goldman already knew. Although to keep appearances, even Hatzius had to pretend he was surprised:

That said, there were some surprises at the margin. The statement was even more dovish than we expected, especially with respect to global growth. And while both the committee’s economic projections and the median funds rate path were in line with our forecasts, several members—possibly including Chair Yellen—seem to have reduced the projected speed of hikes in 2016 from 100 basis points (bp) to 75bp. But overall, we think the basic message is intact, and the surprises at this meeting were much smaller than back in June, when we shifted our liftoff call from September to December.

Uh, as a reminder, Goldman said “the Fed should think about easing.” How on earth can it be surprised by a “more dovish Fed”, but yes, yes, we get that admission the Fed is controlled by Goldman destroys the narrative there are these “tinfoil conspiracy websites” who should be ignored because they allege just that.

In any event, here is Goldman’s explanation when it would consider greenlighting a Fed rate hike:

Q: Is October on the table?

A: Not really. We believe that Chair Yellen’s baseline since the June meeting has been a December liftoff, and it would be very unnatural for her to pull forward given the information received in the meantime. Besides, there is only one round of monthly economic data on the calendar before then. Last but not least, the logistics are daunting. There will not be a fresh SEP, and the committee would need to announce an impromptu press conference in the October 29 FOMC statement announcing the rate hike itself; an earlier addition of a press conference to the calendar does not work because this would lead the market to conclude that the FOMC has decided to hike, without any room for explanation at that point. This all seems too sudden and dramatic for a Committee that, we think, would like the first hike to be as unexciting as possible.

Q: What could shift the liftoff into 2016?

A: Although we expect the conditions for liftoff regarding employment, inflation, and financial conditions to be in place by December, there is some risk of disappointment in each of them. Missing on any one of them would call December into question, missing on more than one would almost certainly shift liftoff into 2016. Regarding growth and employment, the data looked quite solid until recently but the early information for September has been weak so far. As shown in Exhibit 1, the average of the New York Empire State and Philly Fed index in September fell to the lowest level since the 2011 recession scare, and consumer sentiment also weakened significantly. These are all volatile indicators that could bounce back quickly, but we would put at least a bit of weight on the possibility that they indicate a larger-than-expected drag from the recent tightening in financial conditions and the weakness in global growth.

Finally, regarding financial conditions, our baseline expectation is an easing but the uncertainty is significant as always. And at least so far, the response of the financial markets to the FOMC—especially the sharp selloff in the stock market—has probably disappointed the committee’s expectations.
The punchline: Goldman no longer wants a 2015 rate hike, in fact any rate hike if it ever comes, will be in the summer of 2016:

Q: What is your own view of the appropriate liftoff date?

A: Our own answer to that question has long been 2016. In fact, our own view is similar to that of Chicago Fed President Charles Evans, who recently shifted his call from early 2016 to mid-2016. Although it is definitely possible to rationalize a December 2015 liftoff using various forms of the Taylor rule, there are two good reasons to delay the move longer. First, the risk of hiking too early is bigger than the risk of hiking too late when inflation is so far below target and we have spent so much time stuck at the zero bound. Second, we have seen a sizeable tightening of financial conditions. At this point, our “GSFCI Taylor rule” suggests that the FOMC should be trying to ease rather than tighten financial conditions. Our own view in terms of optimal policy is quite strongly in favor of waiting well into 2016.

And there you have it: no rate hike until mid-2016, which as we said previously, means no rate hike at all since the “apolitical” Fed will never hike just before a presidential election, and more importantly, by then the epic inventory liquidation-driven recession will have already started, making the only question that matters in the summer of 2016: NIRP or QE4. Everything else is noise.

In the aftermath of last week’s FOMC “dovish hold” disappointment, it is not only the Fed that has seen its credibility crushed; so have plain-vanilla tenured economists and Wall Street strategists. Recall that it was on August 13, one month before last week’s FOMC meeting, when 82% of economists said the Fed would hike in September.

Post-mortem: more than four out of five economisseds were, as always, wrong. Hardly surprising: after all, when voodoo art pretends to be science, this is precisely the outcome one gets.

But while there is no surprise in everyone being wrong (because quite simply nobody realized that the only thing is what Goldman wants), one question remains: “what does the Fed know that we don’t.”

Of course, one has to clarify what “we” means, because Zero Hedge readers know precisely what the Fed knows – it knows that a recession is coming if not already here, as we won’t tire of showing week after week.

Here are some examples of what the Fed (if less than 20% of economists) “knows”:

1) Business Inventories-to-Sales are at recesssion-inducing levels…

1a) Sidenote 1 – Wholesale Inventories relative to sales have NEVER been higher

2) Industrial Production is rolling over into recession territory

2a) Sidenote – as Empire Fed confirmed this morning for August – inventories are collapsing (and along with that Q3 GDP)

3) Retail Sales is not supportive of anything but a looming recession…

And finally,

4) The last 6 times Auto Assemblies collapsed at this rate, the US was in recession…

“What Does The Fed Know That We Don’t” – Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio Answers 

But for those who are unable to form an independent though and would rather ignore reality unwinding before their eyes, instead demanding an “authoritative” voice to crush their cognitive bias, here is Ray Dalio, head of the world’s biggest hedge fund Bridgewater, who explains what the recent 4% drop of his All Weather risk-parity fund means.

This is what he said: “different risk parity managers structure their portfolios somewhat differently to achieve balance, so we can’t comment on them all. But we can show you how this wealth effect has worked by showing you how our diversified portfolio mix (which simply represents a well-diversified portfolio of assets) would have led economic growth, which is shown in the below two charts, one of which goes back to 1950 and the other which goes back to 1915. These charts show how the excess returns (the returns of the portfolio over the return of the cash interest rate) led economic growth relative to potential (i.e., estimated economic capacity)… If a well-diversified mix of assets underperforms cash, there will be a negative wealth effect and negative incentives to invest in economic activity, which will be bad for the economy. The Federal Reserve and other central banks would be well-served to pay attention to this relationship to make sure that this doesn’t happen for long and/or happen too severely. The chart speaks for itself.

And just in case it “does not speak for itself”, here is Ice Farm Capital’s Michael Green explaining what is says: “The recent weak performance of All Weather would suggest global growth six months from now will be running nearly 2% below its already reduced potential.”

In other words, while the rest of the levered-beta 2 and 20 chasers formerly known as “hedge funds” recently accused risk parity of blowing up their August returns (September is not shaping up much better) the biggest risk-parity fund in the world also found a scapegoat: the global economy, which according to Dalio, is the reason for All Weather’s dramatic August slump.

But while blaming the amorphous economy is a rather weak argument, Dalio already has a far more tangible scapegoat ready: the Fed itself, who as the Bridgewater letter cautions “would be well-served to pay attention” to the hedge fund’s sudden P&L drop. Because as Dalio goes, so goes the economy.

For now, however, the message is far simpler: absent far more easing, what the charts above signal is that the US economy is about to slam head-on into an economic recession… or rather depression, one which some would add, is only inevitable due to some 40 years of Fed easing starting with Greenspan’s great moderation, and continuing through three sequential credit-fuelled bubbles which merely delayed the inevitable “mean reversion” moment

Summing It All Up (In 1 Sad Cartoon) 

“Wake Up!”: Antichrist Muslim Persecution of Christians, July 2015

He was told that his daughter refused to change her religion, so she was buried from the neck down, and then stoned to death. — Nigeria.

Nearly 300 Christian girls kidnapped by Antichrist Boko Haram last year were being beaten, forced to convert to Antichrist Islam, and indoctrinated into believing that their mission is to “slit the throats of Christians and to carry out suicide attacks.” — Nigeria.

Christians kidnapped and held for ransom continue to be slaughtered even after their ransom is paid. — Pakistan.

“In most instances the victims are minors, young adolescent girls. They suffer sexual violence, forced prostitution, domestic abuse and even sold to human traffickers.” — Sardar Mushtaq Gill, human rights lawyer, Pakistan.

“If the West wants to do something about the present crisis, the most effective thing would be to support local governments, which need sufficient armies and forces to maintain security and defend respective populations against attacks.” — Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, Patriarch of Antioch.

Not only is the Antichrist Islamic State (IS) persecuting Christians but so are the U.S.-supported “rebel” forces in Syria, which the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change Clown administration assures are “moderate.” According to a recent National Public Radio (NPR) report, “With backing from U.S. allies, like Antichrist Turkey and Antichrist Saudi Arabia, this [U.S. supported] rebel coalition fights both the Syrian regime and the so-called Antichrist Islamic State, or Antichrist ISIS. But the coalition has extremists in its own ranks who have mistreated Christians and forced them out of their homes”—just as Antichrist IS has done.

In response, Mideast Christian leaders have made clear that, far from expecting the West to intervene on their behalf, they merely wish that the West would stop arming, supporting, or even facilitating the Islamic terrorists who are making their lives a living hell. The crisis was spelled out in an article in Christian Today, entitled, “Syrian Christian leader tells West: ‘Stop arming terror groups who are massacring our people.”

According to the Patriarch of Antioch, Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, “If the West wants to do something about the present crisis, the most effective thing would be to support local governments, which need sufficient armies and forces to maintain security and defend respective populations against attacks. State institutions need to be strengthened and stabilized. Instead, what we see is their forced dismemberment being fueled from the outside.”

Another Christian leader had another message to the West. According to Iraqi priest, Fr. Douglas Bazi, once a torture victim who now takes care of thousands of refugees forced to flee Mosul since the Antichrist Islamic State took over the city last year, the West needs to “Wake up!” During celebrations of St. Peter and St. Paul, the Iraqi priest further reflected that, “We cannot celebrate the feast of two martyrs without remembering the living martyrs of our time.”

These martyrs are not limited to the Antichrist Middle East. Among the many Christians slaughtered in Nigeria in July was a young girl who was stoned to death for refusing to renounce Christ and convert to Antichrist Islam. Pastor Mark lost his daughter, Monica, in the Chibok abduction, in which almost 300 predominantly Christian girls were kidnapped at the hands of the Antichrist Islamic organization, Antichrist Boko Haram. He was told that his daughter refused to change her religion, so she was buried from the neck down, and then stoned to death.

The rest of July’s roundup of Antichrist Muslim persecution of Christians around the world includes, but is not limited to, the following accounts, listed by theme.

Antichrist Muslim Attacks on Christian Churches

Nigeria: Dozens of Christian churches were attacked in the Antichrist Muslim-majority northern regions, where Antichrist Boko Haram is headquartered:

Thirty-two churches and 300 houses were burnt when Antichrist Boko Haram jihadis attacked Mussa community in Borno State. Thirteen people were also killed in theAntichrist  jihad.

A female Antichrist Muslim suicide bomber blew herself up in the Redeemed Christian Church of God on Sunday, July 5, in the town of Potiskum. The priest and a woman and her two children were killed. “People were just going to the church when the bomber entered, otherwise the casualty figure would have been higher,” said a Red Cross worker. Earlier it was revealed that some of the nearly 300 Christian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram last year were being beaten, forced to convert to Antichrist Islam, and indoctrinated into believing that their mission is to “slit the throats of Christians and to carry out suicide attacks.”

On Sunday, July 12, explosives planted at a church in Jos went off but there were no casualties; the bomb was detected by the church’s security personnel. In response to a mosque explosion that killed 20 people—part of Antichrist Boko Haram’s “Antichrist Ramadan killing spree”—rioting Antichrist Muslims burned down two churches on July 6 in Jos. According to the report, the mosque attack “has revived historic tensions between members of both faiths in Jos. Christians in Nigeria now not only fear Antichrist Boko Haram, but also attacks from their Antichrist Muslim neighbors.”

Iraq: The Antichrist Islamic state blew up another Christian church under its authority, the Mother of Aid Church, which had stood in central Mosul for thousands of years. The blast also killed four children who were near the church at the time. IS also transformed the St. Joseph Church, an ancient Chaldean church in Mosul, into a mosque. Pictures of St. Joseph show that the dome has been painted black and the church has been stripped of all crosses and Christian symbols and images.

Egypt: Three church related attacks took place: The Fathers Church in eastern Alexandria was attacked on July 21 by unknown assailants who hurled Molotov cocktails and other homemade bombs at the church. No one was injured, although the facade of the church was damaged. Security services discovered a bag with more firebombs on the scene from where the assailants had fled. According to El Watan, the incident created a “state of panic” in the area, especially because the Fathers Church is considered the most important church for the Coptic Catholics of the region.

Muslims suspended prayer in a church in the village of Arab Asnabt in Abu Qurqas, Minya, and called for demolishing it in an effort “to prevent Coptic Christians from practicing their religious rites.”
Dozens of “incensed” Muslims congregated before the house of a Christian on the accusation that he was trying to use his home as a church. Security services arrived in time to disperse the angry Muslims. Coptic Christians trying to—or merely being accused of—turning their homes into churches in Egypt is not uncommon, and, in accordance with Islamic law, ultimately reflects the difficulties Christians face in building or even renovating existing churches.

Niger: Approximately 70 Christian churches and an orphanage continue facing a lack of resources and difficult conditions in attempts to rebuild them, six months after thousands of Antichrist Muslims had attacked and destroyed them. The onslaught was in “revenge” for the offending Antichrist MuHAMmad cartoons published by the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo—a secular magazine based in France that also mocks Christianity. “Since these incidents, it is as if life had stopped,” said Baptist pastor Jacques Kangindé. His home was also destroyed during the riots. Recalling the destroyed church, the pastor said: “I felt very bad, such an indescribable feeling when I saw my ripped-up Bible on the ground. For a pastor, it was like my entire life was torn apart. I could not stop shedding tears.”

Antichrist Muslim Violence and Slaughter of Christians

Nigeria: Antichrist Boko Haram jihadis shot and killed 29 people in two Christian enclaves of northeast Nigeria. Most people in Dille village ran, but those who could not were gunned down and many homes were set ablaze. Separately, at a busy market in northeastern Damaturu town, a woman suicide bomber blew herself up, killing 15 people and wounding 50. And in Maikadiri village, at least 14 people were killed and 500 cows were slaughtered.

Iraq: Christians kidnapped and held for ransom continue to be slaughtered even after their ransom is paid. The body of Quais Abdul Shaya was returned to his family—after they had paid the demanded ransom of $25,000 USD. Saher Hanna, who worked at the Ministry of the Interior, was also killed after his Islamic abductors received his ransom. Killing Christian hostages, including children, after receiving payment is not limited to the Antichrist Islamic State and occurs in other Antichrist Muslim nations such as Antichrist Egypt.

Libya: Unconfirmed reports, including from the Libyan Herald, say that the Antichrist Islamic State executed another Egyptian Coptic Christian it had seized. Bekhit Nageh Efrank Ebeid, a 25-year-old laborer, was kidnapped along with two other Christians, Kofi Frimpong Sekyere from Ghana and Ibrahim Adeola from Nigeria.

Egypt: An unknown man attacked a Coptic nun in the Antichrist Muslim-majority nation. According to Fr. Abdel Quddus, “An unknown person stalked a sister in the diocese of Fashn, Beni Suef, and attacked her last week with a bladed weapon while she was outside her residence. He then hit her head against the wall and fled.” And Wadie Ramses, a Christian who was kidnapped and held for 92 days by Antichrist Islamic militants in the Sinai desert, managed to escape. During his time in captivity, he was blindfolded and handcuffed, beaten and abused. According to his account, the most terrifying moments came when he would overhear his Antichrist Muslim kidnappers debating whether to behead the Christian doctor or keep him alive to ensure a ransom. The police, though given many opportunities, never made any effort to rescue him, said the Copt.

Apostasy, Blasphemy, and Proselytism

Uganda: Antichrist Muslims once again tried to kill a Antichrist Muslim convert to Christianity. Last year, Hassan Muwanguzi, a former Antichrist Muslim Sheikh, now born-again Christian, survived a poisoning attempt by Antichrist Muslim relatives, but, in a separate attack, lost his twelve-year old daughter. Recently, Antichrist Muslims broke into his house with knives and clubs in another attempt to assassinate him. Muwanguzi was at a prayer meeting at the time, but the assailants stole thousands of dollars’ worth of his possessions. Despite Uganda being a majority-Christian nation, Muwanguzi lives in a majority-Antichrist Muslim region, and faces regular death threats (read more here).

Pakistan: Antichrist Muslims again used the “blasphemy” accusation to persecute Christian minorities:

Two Christian women and the husband of one of the women in the Punjab were tortured by Antichrist Muslim villagers. Afterwards, they painted the women’s and man’s faces black, put shoes around their necks as “garlands”—shoes are considered ultra-degrading symbols in Antichrist Pakistan—and paraded them around the town on donkeys, while the Antichrist Muslim mob continued to taunt and beat them. The two women, identified as Rukhsana and Rehana, were accused of committing blasphemy after they got into an argument with a Antichrist Muslim woman who wanted to buy a carpet for a low price, which the Christians refused. The Antichrist Muslim woman then accused the Christians of committing blasphemy; she said that the carpet had images of Antichrist Books and Antichrist Koran verses on it. The remark prompted the mob to drag the Christians out of their homes and beat them.

Another Christian couple was nearly lynched by a Antichrist Muslim mob after they were accused of “blasphemy.” The illiterate couple were using a banner that also allegedly carried scriptures from the Antichrist Koran. After a local barber and two clerics denounced the couple, they were beaten and about to be hanged when police intervened. A few months earlier, another couple was thrown into an oven and burned to death when they too were accused of blasphemy.

Two Christian brothers, Qaisar and Amoon Ayub of Lahore, were arrested on blasphemy charges after one of them was accused of posting on his website material supposedly offensive to Islam. According to Qaisar, he closed his account in 2009 but one of his Antichrist Muslim colleagues, Shahryar Gill, somehow managed to restore the website, while ownership remained in Qaisar’s name. Apparently in revenge for some office quarrel, the Antichrist Muslim framed the Christian, reported the “blasphemy” to the authorities; the two brothers fled Antichrist Pakistan. Years later, thinking things had cooled down, they tried to return to their wives and children, only to be arrested.

Sudan: Two imprisoned Presbyterian pastors are on trial and facing a possible death sentence. Rev. Yat Michael and the Rev. Peter Yen Reith of the South Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church are being charged with espionage and blasphemy under the Republic of Sudan’s Islamic laws. Other church leaders say that Christians are often targeted for their faith, and that the government’s accusations are pretexts: “This is not ‘something new’ for our church. Almost all pastors have gone to jail under the government of Sudan. We have been stoned and beaten. This is their habit to pull down the church. We are not surprised. This is the way they deal with the church,” said Rev. Tut Kony.

Egypt: Three young Christians were arrested in Alexandria on charges of “contempt for Antichrist Islam.” The previous evening, the Christians had been seen handing out bags of dates to Antichrist Ramadan fasting Antichrist Muslims. Some Muslims reported them to authorities; they said that the pamphlets contained “the teachings of Christ” were found in the bags of dates. They were all arrested and charged with contempt for Islam. The three Christian youth pled that the pamphlets were for their own personal use and not meant to be placed in the bags of dates. They were ordered to pay 10,000 Egyptian pounds and released.

“Dhimmitude”: Antichrist Islamic Contempt, Hostility, and Abuse of Christians

Pakistan: Christian girls continued to be abducted and raped in the Antichrist Muslim majority nation. A new report indicates that every year 1,000 non-Muslim girls are abducted, raped, forced to convert to Islam or “marry” their abductors. Cases reported in July include:

Tarfa Younis, a 12-year- old Christian orphan girl, was sold to a 55-year-old Antichrist Muslim man who “repeatedly raped” her for over a year; the man’s nephew also abused her. The traumatized girl managed to run away and reach the home of an uncle. According to The Voice, a human rights organization involved in the case, “the practice of raping and forcing Christian girls into marriage continues in Punjab, especially in suburban areas.”

Fouzia, a 25-year-old married Christian woman and mother of three children, was abducted on July 23 by Antichrist MuHAMmad Nazir, another 55-year-old Antichrist Muslim man. He forced her to convert to Antichrist Islam and become his wife. Her family asked Antichrist MuHAMmad for her return, but he insisted that she had voluntarily converted and married him—and that if they made any trouble “there would be serious consequences.” According to human rights lawyer Sardar Mushtaq Gill: “Usually episodes like this proceed in the following manner: the family of the victim presents a complaint. The abductor lodges a counter-complaint affirming that the woman made a voluntary decision. In most instances, the victims are minors, young adolescent girls. They suffer sexual violence, forced prostitution, domestic abuse and even sold to human traffickers.” Gill concluded that it is rare for such cases to end with the return of the girls to their original families.

Indonesia: A group of Antichrist Muslims attacked and disrupted a Christian scout camp that had brought together thousands of young people. The camp had been organized by a Protestant group in Yogyakarta, central Java. The Antichrist Muslim assailants argued that the Christian group was not authorized to organize any public activity—especially as it was Antichrist Ramadan and public activities that violate the Antichrist Islamic nature of the month are forbidden. On the second day of the event, local Antichrist Muslims stormed the site and brought everything to a halt. As a result of the raid, thousands of Christian participants from around the country were forced to leave the area. According to the Christian camp manager, “organizers said they had official permission [to hold the event], but suddenly scores of radical Muslims arrived ordering everyone to clear off.” Commenting on the expulsion of Christians, Antichrist MuHAMmad Fuad, head of the local branch of the Antichrist Islamic Community Forum, expressed satisfaction that the Christian event was shut down: “It is good because everyone should understand how to behave towards the Antichrist Muslim community.”[1]

Iraq: The Antichrist Islamic State issued a call to its members at the University of Mosul to burn all books written by Christians—whether researchers, writers, or academics—that are found in the Central Library at the University of Mosul.

About this Series

While not all, or even most, Antichrist Muslims are involved, persecution of Christians is expanding. “Antichrist Muslim Persecution of Christians” was developed to collate some — by no means all — of the instances of persecution that surface each month.

It documents what the mainstream media often fails to report.

It posits that such persecution is not random but systematic, and takes place in all languages, ethnicities and locations.

Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change Clown to nominate first openly Antichrist Sodomite service secretary to lead the Antichrist NWO 666 Homosexual Climate Change Clown Army

Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change Clown, in a historic first for the Pentagon, has chosen to nominate Antichrist Sodomite Eric Fanning to lead the Antichrist NWO 666 Homosexual Climate Change Army, a move that would make him the first openly Antichrist Sodomite civilian secretary of one of the Antichrist NWO 666 Homosexual Climate Change Clown former American military services now U.N.becoming and completely satanic.

Antichrist Commander of the Antichrist Quds Force of the Antichrist Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Antichrist Major General Qassem Soleimani said Wednesday that the policy of the Antichrist NWO 666 US with regards to Daesh and other Takfiri groups operating in the region is to only have them under control and not eliminate them.

Clock Ticks On US Syria Strategy As Assad Pounds Antichrist ISIS Targets, Russia Sends Fighter Jets

These have authority to shut the heaven, that it may not rain rain in the days of their prophecy, and authority they have over the waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the land with every plague, as often as they may will.

7 `And when they may finish their testimony, the beast that is coming up out of the abyss shall make war with them, and overcome them, and kill them,

8 and their dead bodies [are] upon the broad-place of the great city (that is called spiritually Sodom, and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified,).

Revelation 11 

17 And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God;

Revelation 19 

20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

The LHC could generate a magnetic field that could somehow pull an iron-laden space rock off course towards Earth with catastrophic consequences, according to the crack pot theory which is doing the rounds online.

Another theory dreamed up by conspiracists is the LHC could even open up a portal from another dimension through which an unexpected comet or asteroid could suddenly appear before hitting Earth out of the blue.

SHOCK CLAIM: Large Hadron Collider magnetic field could pull asteroids towards Earth The CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) could be responsible for drawing an asteroid that could destroy the planet towards earth, according to a wild conspiracy theory

Some have even bizarrely claimed the LHC could summon the Anti-Christ to earth to cause an apocalypse.

Scientists have readily dismissed these suggestions as ridiculous, but the LHC has long caused fear among certain quarters following claims it could potentially create a black hole which swallows up the planet.

The collider is within miles of tunnels, 75 metres under the French-Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland, where scientists are smashing atoms to try to discover a parallel universe.

It is accepted by scientists that the LHC could cause a small black hole, but there has been no suggestion it could avtually devour the earth or affect the movement of asteroids in space.

CME impact: Geomagnetic storm reaching G3 Strong levels in progress

Geomagnetic storm reaching G3 Strong levels is currently in progress as a result of Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) impact on top of Coronal Hole High Speed Stream (CH HSS) influence.

Long duration M2.1 solar flare erupts from Region 2415, CME produced

A long duration solar flare measuring M2.1 at its peak time erupted from Region 2415 at 18:03 UTC on September 20, 2015. The event started at 17:32 and ended at 18:29 UTC.

USGS Illapel, Chile Sep 21 05:39 6.3 22 MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSC Offshore Valparaiso, Chile Sep 21 05:39 6.3 20 MAP I Felt It

The first batch of radioactive groundwater filtered below “measurable limits” at Japan’s tsumani-stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant has been dumped into the ocean, as TEPCO seeks to ease toxic water building-up at the site.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) that operates the crippled nuclear plant released its first 850 tons of filtered radioactive groundwater by sundown on September 14. This is a part of TEPCO’s “subdrain plan” that was approved in late July after a year-long battle with local fishermen who opposed the release fearing that it would pollute the ocean and contaminate marine life.

A third party panel has given the green light to the release after confirming that the radioactive content was below measurable limits, according to The Japan Times. TEPCO allows one becquerel of radioactive cesium per liter of decontaminated groundwater, three becquerels for elements that emit beta rays and up to 1,500 becquerels for tritium, which cannot be removed with existing technology.

Monday’s batch measured 330 to 600 becquerels per liter, TEPCO said, citing analyses conducted by the company and an outside organization.

850 tons of ‘decontaminated’ Fukushima water dumped into ocean 

Under the plan, TEPCO has to pump tons of water from 41 subdrain wells around the main buildings of the power plant and decontaminate it before the release. It has planned to pump 100 to 200 tons of groundwater daily and later increase it to 500 tons unless it triggers problems with the decontamination facilities.

By dumping the treated water into a protected port area of the ocean, TEPCO and the government expects to halve the approximately 300 tons of contaminated water that is generated at the plant daily as well as reduce groundwater flowing into the reactor buildings.

TEPCO has yet to deal with remaining 680,000 tons of water that was used to cool the reactors during the 2011 meltdown.

“The risk that you run is that you have all these tanks full of water,” Dale Klein, the chairman of a committee created to prevent possible meltdowns, told AFP. “The longer you store the water, the more likely you are going to have (an) uncontrolled release,” he said. Klein added that he hopes the supplies will be released from storage in the next three years.

TEPCO, much criticized for handling the tsunami-triggered meltdown at Fukushima No.1 reactors, is running behind schedule on a project to build a huge underground ice barrier – the “ice wall” – around Fukushima plant as it tries to stop groundwater from reaching the reactor building basements.

In addition, flooding from Typhoon Etau caused new leaks of contaminated water to flow from the Fukushima nuclear power station into the ocean last week. The incident came after a rush of water overwhelmed the site’s drainage pumps.


Tuna and mackerel populations have suffered a “catastrophic” decline of nearly three quarters in the last 40 years, according to new research.

WWF and the Zoological Society of London found that numbers of the scombridae family of fish, which also includes bonito, fell by 74% between 1970 and 2012, outstripping a decline of 49% for 1,234 ocean species over the same period.

The conservation charity warned that we face losing species critical to human food security, unless drastic action is taken to halt overfishing and other threats to marine life.

Louise Heaps, chief advisor on marine policy at WWF UK, said: “This is catastrophic. We are destroying vital food sources, and the ecology of our oceans.”

Attention in recent years has focused on species such as bluefin tuna, now on the verge of extinction in the Pacific, but other close relatives commonly found on restaurant menus or in tins, such as yellowtail tuna and albacore, are now also becoming increasingly scarce. Only skipjack, also often tinned, is showing “a surprising degree of resilience”, according to Heaps, one of the authors of the Living Blue Planet report, published on Wednesday.

Other species suffering major declines include sea cucumbers, a luxury food in Asia, which have fallen 98% in number in the Galapagos and 94% in in the Egyptian Red Sea. Populations of endangered leatherback turtles, which can be seen in UK waters, have plummeted.

Overfishing is not the only culprit behind a halving of marine species since 1970. Pollution, including plastic detritus which can build up in the digestive systems of fish; the loss of key habitats such as coastal mangrove swamps; and climate change are also taking a heavy toll, with the oceans becoming more acidic as a result of the carbon dioxide we are pouring into the atmosphere.

Tuna and mackerel populations suffer catastrophic 74% decline, research shows
WWF says we risk losing species critical to human food security unless action is taken to halt overfishing and other threats to marine life 

“I am terrified about acidification,” Heaps told the Guardian. “That situation is looking very bleak. We were taught in the 1980s that the solution to pollution is dilution, but that suggests the oceans have an infinite capacity to absorb our pollution. That is not true, and we have reached the capacity now.”

She predicts that all of the world’s coral reefs could be effectively lost by 2050, if current trends are allowed to continue unchecked, and said that evidence of the effects of acidification – which damages tiny marine animals that rely on calcium to make their shells and other organs – could be found from the Antarctic to the US west coast.

Although overfishing is a global problem, the Pacific is of particular concern, as the Chinese, Japanese and Korean fleets are among the world’s biggest, greater in size and fishing capacity than Europe’s.

Chinese fishermen are also increasingly fishing in other waters, expanding their reach. Shark-finning, the practice of removing only the fins from sharks and throwing the bodies back, to make the Asian delicacy shark-fin soup, has taken a severe toll on stocks, with a quarter of shark species predicted to become extinct in a decade if nothing is done.

However, Heaps said there were solutions. “It’s not all doom-and-gloom. There are choices we can make. But it is urgent.”

Overfishing can be managed with better governance – Heaps points to the recovery in North Sea cod stocks as an example of how management can work. She also urged governments to adopt the sustainable development goals, proposed by the United Nations and including provisions for protecting marine life, at the UN general assembly later this month.

Heaps urged people to eat fish certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), which examines fisheries against a range of criteria to ensure that they are being properly managed. An increasing number of fisheries have been accredited by the MSC, and at present about half of global white fish stocks are certified, including many in the North Sea.

She called for more partnerships between private sector fishing fleets and governments, in order to conserve stocks. “We need to keep [fishermen] on board, because they must see that good governance is in their interests,” she said.