911 Super Shemitah WeekEND

Geomagnetic storming continues: G3 Strong levels reached on September 11 

The dense sandstorm that has blanketed Israel with thick yellowish-brown dust in recent days is the worst that the Jewish state has ever endured, the Environmental Protection Ministry said Friday.

According to the ministry, the current storm, which began Tuesday, and the one experienced in February of this year have seen the highest concentration of dust particles in the air since the creation of the state in 1948, Channel 10 reported.

The storm is expected to continue throughout the weekend and begin dissipating Sunday.

A sharp rise in temperature on Wednesday added to the already difficult weather conditions, and forecasters on Thursday predicted that the dust, heatwave and high humidity would only taper off Saturday evening.

Sandstorm plaguing Israel is worst in country’s history

By its second day, the massive sandstorm broke both electricity usage and air pollution records across the country.

According to figures announced by the Israel Electric Corporation, power usage broke an all-time record as Israelis tried to keep cool — surpassing an earlier all-time high set during a heatwave last month.

By Wednesday afternoon, consumption was 12,867 megawatts, up from the 12,800-megawatt record set during a week of soaring temperatures in early August.

The Environmental Protection Ministry reported in several parts of the country that air pollution levels were at their worst in 75 years during the storm, which began on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday, air pollution in Jerusalem was 173 times higher than average; in the Negev, 51 times higher than average; and in the Galilee, 32 times higher than average.

The ministry on Wednesday evening re-issued a warning advising Israelis against being outside for extended periods, and reminded people to avoid any excessive outdoor physical activity.

BIN EXCLUSIVE: Sanhedrin Passes Judgement Against Petrus Romanus Pope Francis, Obozo on Mt. Zion

71 elders of Israel who identify themselves as the Sanhedrin gathered Wednesday on Mount Zion in a historic trial bringing to judgement Pope Francis and US President Barack Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change Clown in absentia. The rabbis called the two leaders to trial for crimes leading to the mortal endangerment of Israel and the Jewish nation.

After appointing each of the judges to sit on the nascent Sanhedrin, silver horns, similar to those used in the service of the Jewish Temples, and shofars (rams horns), were blown. The trial was opened with the statement: “Joyous is the nation who hears the shofar. Joyous is the nation who knows that this is their land. When will it be that we hear the shofar of the Messiah?”

The central issue the Sanhedrin focused on during the trial was the changing global tide against Israel and the Jews. Among the various points brought up by each rabbi on the Sanhedrin, the main theme centered on the long trail of diplomacy mislabeled as a peace process, the misguided and a danngerous nuclear deal with Antichrist Iran and recent attempts to appease the world of Israel as it murders Christians in Antichrist Arab countries.

The strongest charges were made against the Pope, who recently recognized a “Antichrist State of Palestine” with an official treaty. According to the Sanhedrin, the Pope, who claims to accept the Bible that states clearly that the land of Israel was given to the Jews, has placed the world in grave danger.

It was agreed beforehand that for the trial to be a true judgment, a counsel must be found who would represent the defendants in absentia with a strong belief in his case. Rabbi Yehoshua Hollander, who was until recently the Foreign Minister of the Sanhedrin, acted as counsel for the defense and brought forth compelling arguments that were difficult to refute.

While Hollander agreed that the facts as stated by the Sanhedrin were accurate and irrefutable, he claimed that each of the defendants were innocent nonetheless and offered three factors that would lead the Sanhedrin to withhold judgement from the defendants.

The first case, defense by circumstance, justified the actions of the Pope and Obozo in light of ameliorating circumstances. The second case, defense by deflection, attributed part of the guilt to others. The third defense, defense by lack of intent, claimed that there was no criminal intent behind the actions of the two leaders. By Jewish law, lacking of criminal intent exonerates the defendant from the criminal charges but would nevertheless leave the defendant liable for all damages caused by his behavior.

Hollander reasoned that the Pope was faced with massive slaughter of his followers, and therefore his attempts to placate Antichrist Islam were not directed against the Jewish People. He also diverted some of the guilt from the accused by implicating the Israeli government, who have acknowledged the Antichrist Palestinian claims, thereby misleading the defendants and being complicit in the crime.

The same can be said about Obozo, which Hollander explained, “When he took office, the sanctions were working, albeit not quickly enough. Thus the first defense, defense by circumstance, is not available.”

Hollander did try to justify the president’s actions by claiming that they appears to be based on hope. “I would claim that Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change Clown had no criminal intent,” he stated. “He said that he believes that by making Iran a member of world Leadership, they would drop their intent of bombing Israel. It is not criminal to hold such a hope.”

In the end, the Sanhedrin did not come out with any specific judgement against the Pope and Obozo, rather judgements directed at their policies and actions. Rabbi Hillel Weiss, spokesman and secretary of the Sanhedrin, explained to Breaking Israel News, “It was the decision of the Sanhedrin to declare that it is forbidden for the United States Congress to agree to any process with Iran until they recognize Israel as the Jewish state according to the Holy Bible, based on a history that includes the Temple on Har Moriah in Jerusalem, and they must agree to the removal and disposal of any nuclear weapons in their possession.”

Counsel for the defense, Hollander made clear his motivations behind his passionate defense of Obozo and the Pope. “There is a problem in the world today, and rather than separate ourselves, the Jews should be leading and accompanying them in order to help,” he told Breaking Israel News. “We need to be joining together. We can do this because have a long history of going into other countries and coexisting for mutual benefit.”

Rabbi Daniel Stavsky, an elder on the Sanhedrin, told Breaking Israel News following the trial that Israel must learn from the lessons of the Holocaust in order to protect the future of the state and the nation.

“They cannot forget or deny this, so the haters of Israel cannot allow themselves to do this again. Esau is sending Ishmael to kill us in a completion of the Holocaust,” he told Breaking Israel News. “They pray to idols and to death. They talk about human rights, which include the right to a homeland. But they don’t consider Jews to be humans, so we don’t have these rights. It is not just the land, but also the title of the Chosen People that they deny. They are stealing our body and our soul. They are against Israel because they cannot allow us to fulfill the prophecy of returning to the land.”

The next gathering of the Sanhedrin will be October 8, for further investigation into the judgement.

In pre-High Holidays call, Obozo tells US rabbis he plans to meet soon with Netanyahu 911

Persecution of Christians in the Antichrist Muslim Middle East constitutes genocide, Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) said Thursday, “because the oldest of the Christian communities are really being wiped out.”

Bipartisan Resolution Introduced: Persecution of Mideast Christians is ‘Genocide’ 

“I think that unless we call this and name this what it is, that we will be judged poorly and so it’s with sadness that I say that we have legislation to call this a genocide,” Eshoo said.

Fortenberry described Christianity in the Antichrist Muslim Middle East as “shattered.”


llinois is in serious fiscal trouble. Unpaid bills will hit about $10.5 billion later this year, counting unpaid lotto winners and state university bills.

Lotto is a small problem overall, yet symbolic of the mess the state is in.

Because Illinois has no current budget, the state does not pay lotto winners. Instead it sends the winners IOUs. Yesterday, two Illinois lottery winners filed a class action lawsuit over unpaid prizes.

Promises, Promises

Unpaid bills do not count additional promises that politicians seek. For example, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants a half billion dollars from the state to shore up the Chicago school budget.

Where is that supposed to come from?

The list of “wants” is endless; the reality is “Illinois is flat out broke”.

When will multiple downgrades from Moody’s, Fitch, and the S&P hit the overall state, not just the city of Chicago?

Drowning in Red Ink

In a big understatement of Illinois’ problem, a Crain’s Chicago headline reads Illinois IOUs Growing Fast, Could Pass $8.5 Billion by Yearend.
Slowly but surely, Illinois government is beginning to drown in red ink, State Comptroller Leslie Munger said today, as the cost of the continuing Springfield budget war steadily worsens the already bad condition of state finances.

Without legislative action to adopt a balanced budget, the state’s backlog of unpaid bills will hit $8.5 billion in December—not counting an additional $4 billion in spending for state universities, lottery winners and other purposes that has been indefinitely deferred, Munger said.

If the bill backlog indeed hits $8.5 billion in December—and you include half of that $4 billion in other spending, since December is the midpoint of the state’s fiscal year—that would put the cumulative backlog at what appears to be an all-time high of $10.5 billion.

As best as I can tell from consulting with state finance insiders, the highest the backlog ever reached in non-inflation-adjusted dollars was in 2010, early in the days of the Pat Quinn administration, when it hit $9.9 billion.
Humorous Solution

My favorite comment to Crain’s article comes from “Earl” who sarcastically asks “Why not try not spending money the state does not have?”

Indeed. Let’s try that. Well, actually Illinois has been doing that for years. And bad as $10.5 billion sounds, it’s but a small drop in the cumulative bucket.

Apocalypse Illinois

Drum roll please: In January, Illinois’ total cumulative liability was $159 billion.

Counting $4 billion in spending for state universities, lottery winners, etc., the total cumulative liability is on the order of $163 billion today, and growing more rapidly than ever.

A study released this past January called “Apocalypse Now” discusses the “Consequences of Pay-Later Budgeting in Illinois”.

Apocalypse Illinois: IOUs Projected to Hit $10.5 Billion, $163 Billion Total Accumulated Liabilities


The stack of IOUs. The term “legacy costs” is sometimes used to describe obligations to pay for services purchased by the state in previous years.

Figure 1 shows that the state of Illinois has run deficits in every fiscal year since 2001. A portion of these shortfalls were covered by asset sales and other one-time revenue sources, but most were covered by some form of borrowing. We look first at the total value of these legacy costs in Illinois, separated by type:

Pension obligation bonds. Illinois issued bonds in FY 2003, 2010 and 2011 to cover scheduled contributions to its pension funds. At the end of FY 2015, the remaining principal on these bonds will be $12.7 billion.

Unfunded liabilities for pensions. As of the end of FY 2014, the state of Illinois’ five retirement systems had assets to cover only 42.9 percent of liabilities, leaving an unfunded liability of $104.6 billion.
Unfunded liabilities for retiree health costs. As of the end of FY 2013, the state had unfunded liabilities for retiree health costs of $34.5 billion.

Short-term inter-fund borrowing in FY 2015. Authorizing legislation for FY 2015 permits the General Funds to borrow $650 million from other funds to be paid back within 18 months.
Unpaid bills. As of December 2014, unpaid bills for services already provided to the state totaled $6.5 billion.

The total value of these obligations to pay for past deficits is $159 billion.

Figure 2 shows a projected deficit of $9 billion for FY 2016 to 2022.

Illinois is projected to have total sustainable revenue in FY 2016 of $65 billion, but a much smaller amount represents state-controlled revenue. If we eliminate federal grants, health provider fees (linked to Medicaid spending), and the portion of sales, income, and other taxes transferred back to local governments, the state’s own share of total revenue in FY 2016 is only $36.3 billion.

The $9 billion deficit represents 25 percent of that revenue. Raising all of Illinois’ taxes and fees by 25 percent would be extremely difficult politically.

Crowding Out

Pay-later budgeting has been perpetuated by a political willingness to ignore the fact that every dollar borrowed to pay the bills in one year must be paid back with interest, thus crowding out what the state can spend on other priorities in future years.

Illinois’ fiscal problems are huge, structural, and escalating quickly. The state’s deficits cannot be eliminated by quick, temporary fixes, or by waiting for the economy to grow.

Digging out of our accumulated fiscal problems also requires changes in awareness and expectations.

Being saddled with paying off IOUs for past years’ bills means that Illinois’ citizens must reduce their expectations for the services that they can expect from government and be prepared to pay more for government now and in the future. Decision makers need to understand — and act on — the fact that pay-later financing hurts the state’s residents and businesses in future years.

Accumulated Debts Per Capita

The US Census Bureau reports the Illinois population is on the order of 13 million and growing slowly if at all.

The accumulated bill amounts to $12,538 per every man, woman, and child. But children don’t pay bills or taxes.

So let’s do the calculation based on the census estimate of 4,772,723 households. That accumulated bill amounts to $34,152 per household.

Problem Understated

I propose the Apocalypse Now study hugely understates Illinois problems.

Two members of the U.S. House of Representatives introduced, and the House passed, a Resolution intending to require Antichrist NWO 666 President Barack Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change Clown to follow his obligations under the Antichrist Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act (Corker-Cardin).

Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) and Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), both of whom served in the U.S. military, sponsored House Resolution 411. The Resolution was introduced and then approved by a vote of 243-186 on Thursday, Sept. 10, the same date on which the U.S. Senate filibustered the Antichrist Iran Deal to prevent the House from pushing forward a disapproval vote and requiring members to publicly vote on the deal.

The Resolution points out that despite the President’s obligation under Corker-Cardin “to transmit the agreement, including any side agreements” to “the appropriate congressional committees and leadership,” and the term “agreement” is exhaustively defined as including any agreement related to the nuclear pro- gram of Antichrist Iran that includes the United States, commits the United States to take action, or pursuant to which the United States commits or otherwise agrees to take action, regardless of the form it takes, whether a political commitment or otherwise, and regardless of whether it is legally binding or not, including any joint comprehensive plan of action entered into or made between Iran and any other parties, and any additional materials related there- to, including annexes, appendices, codicils, side agreements, implementing materials, documents, and guidance, technical or other understandings, and any related agreements, whether entered into or implemented prior to the agreement or to be entered into or implemented in the future.

House Passes Resolution Obliging Obozo to Follow the Law

Because the President has not provided Congress with the documentation regarding the secret side deals between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency, the President has failed to comply with Corker-Cardin.

And because Corker-Cardin has been breached by the President, the 60 day Congressional review period, the Resolution states, has not yet begun to run.

“Despite the reckless efforts by Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change Clown and Senate Democrats to force the implementation of the terribly flawed Antichrist Iran nuclear agreement, I am proud of my colleagues in the House for getting it right and passing this important resolution today,” said Pompeo.

“This resolution is crucial to reining in the president and forcing him to live up to his obligation under Corker-Cardin, which he himself signed into law just a few months ago. The lack of access to the roadmap makes it impossible for a member of Congress to support this agreement; therefore, the president must show Congress the agreement in its entirety. A bad deal with Iran is not worth risking the safety of Kansans and the American people. I will continue to work hard and do everything in my power to stop this agreement.”

Following the passage of the Resolution, another opponent of the Nuclear Iran Deal, Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL), said “Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change Clown broke the very law he signed by failing to provide Congress with the Antichrist Iran-IAEA side agreements. Withholding these documents from the American people and their elected representatives completely discredits the transparent review process the Administration was legally obligated to provide. In light of this vote, I believe the House should pursue legal action against the Administration for its blatant disregard for the law.”

Today Nomi Prins, who was the keynote speaker that recently addressed the Federal Reserve, IMF and the World Bank, warned King World News about when the real implosion begins where we will see a total global collapse.

Time Is Running Out

Eric King: “Nomi, we’ve seen this kicking-the-can down the road in Europe and the United States — it’s been going on for a long time. We had the collapse of 2000 – 2002 rescued by money printing, and again in 2008 – 2009. But they just keep pushing and pushing until eventually the house of cards collapses. Are we nearing that moment?”

Nomi Prins: “We’re in the moment right now where this is coming to a head. That’s why we’ve seen this activity to the downside in markets and that’s why we see these 500 – 1,000 point intraday swings in markets. Those are all signs of turning from this artificially stimulated bull market into a bear market…

“Now in terms of an actual full implosion where the markets crash, that will take some time because this money printing machine, which is now global, is going to continue to have some prop-up value in the markets, even though it is not real economic growth that is driving any of this. It’s all bubbles predicated on this monetary policy that central banks are engaged in, so I think we are going to continue to have heightened volatility to the downside and increased tension because of that throughout the globe.”

Eric King: “But we do reach a point where the markets don’t respond positively to the money printing — they tank and the money printing no longer works. What kind of a world will that be?”

This Is When The Real Collapse Starts

Nomi Prins, Keynote Speaker Who Recently Addressed The Fed, IMF And World Bank, Warns Of Total Global Collapse

Nomi Prins: “That’s when the implosion happens. In that situation we awake in a world which is a world you and I know exists but that has been camouflaged by these policies and artificially fabricated to look better than it is. That’s when markets start to collapse. That’s when corporate and credit derivative spreads start to blowout. That’s when loans start to default. All of that is what happens when these policies that have not actually grown anything, that have not helped economic longevity and stability, run out.”

Eric King: “Egon von Greyerz has talked in the past about the massive leverage that exists (in the global financial system). The stunning leverage at the Swiss National Bank — it’s far larger than the Swiss government. I have no idea when that starts to unravel what the Swiss government will do because the SNB is too big for them to bail out. And we have the massive leverage at Deutsche Bank (and other banks). We saw a partial seizure of the financial system in 2008 – 2009, but when the system seizes up this time and the central banks (and the banking systems) are bigger than these governments and nothing can be done to save system — that’s what you’re talking about (the total implosion of the global financial system), isn’t it?”

Nomi Prins: “That’s when liquidity dies. That’s when credit seizes by more than it did during the last financial crisis…You can continue listening to this powerful audio interview with Nomi Prins in just a few hours when it is released, where she discusses the coming financial destruction that is in front of us, the gold market at length, what investors can do to protect themselves and much more, and you can listen to it when it’s released by CLICKING HERE..

Daniel 9 

And he hath strengthened a covenant with many — one week, and [in] the midst of the week he causeth sacrifice and present to cease, and by the wing of abominations he is making desolate, even till the consummation, and that which is determined is poured on the desolate one.’

Revelation 11

And there was given to me a reed like to a rod, and the messenger stood, saying, `Rise, and measure the sanctuary of God, and the altar, and those worshipping in it; 2 and the court that is without the sanctuary leave out, and thou mayest not measure it, because it was given to the nations, and the holy city they shall tread down forty-two months; 3 and I will give to My two witnesses, and they shall prophesy days, a thousand, two hundred, sixty, arrayed with sackcloth;

Crane Collapse at Mecca’s Grand Mosque Kills at Least 107 People

Rainbow Shines Over WTC Day Before 9/11 Anniversary

^^^In this case, after the Antichrist Homosexual rainbow colors were used to light up ”One World Trade Center” and the ”White House” (because lighting up the Washington Monument was too overt) this actual Rainbow sign is a promise of certain destruction to come. COUNT ON IT!!


Antichrist NWO 666 U.N. General Assembly approves Antichrist Palestinian request to fly its flag

Antichrist Muslim Palestine’s flag will fly at United Nations headquarters after the U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a Antichrist Palestinian resolution, infuriating Israel with a move that Antichrist Palestinians described as a step toward U.N. membership.

There were 119 votes in favor out of 193 U.N. members.

The United States and Israel were among eight countries that voted against the Antichrist Palestinian-drafted resolution, which says the flags of non-member observer states like Antichrist Palestine “shall be raised at (U.N.) Headquarters (in New York) and United Nations Offices following the flags of the member states.”

Most of the 28-nation European Union were among the 45 nations that abstained from voting. However, France and more than half a dozen others voted in favor of the Antichrist Muslim Palestinian resolution after the EU split on the issue.

“It’s a step to the recognition of Antichrist Palestine as a full member state of the United Nations,” Antichrist Muslim Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah told reporters in Paris earlier on Thursday.

The only other non-member observer state is the Vatican, which reacted coolly when the Antichrist Palestinians first circulated their draft resolution last month.

The Antichrist Palestinians initially presented their initiative as a joint effort with the Evil Petrus Romanus U.N. Holy See, but the Vatican said it would not co-sponsor the resolution and requested that its name be removed from the text.

The Vatican said on Wednesday it had not decided whether to fly its flag next to the Antichrist Muslim Palestinians’, should the resolution pass.

The resolution says observer states’ flags will be flown within 20 days. Antichrist Muslim Palestinian diplomats say they expect their flag to be raised on Sept. 30, the day Antichrist Muslim Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addresses world leaders at the annual gathering of the U.N. General Assembly.

Israel’s Antichrist U.N. Ambassador Ron Prosor criticized the assembly for adopting the resolution, saying “the assembly would vote to declare the Earth is flat if the Antichrist Palestinians proposed it.” U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power said raising the Antichrist  Palestinian flag will not bring Israelis and Antichrist Palestinians any closer together.

Alongside France, EU members Sweden, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Belgium, Malta and Poland cast yes votes. France has been spearheading a push to revive the prophetic Antichrist Israeli-Palestinian peace process, which collapsed in 2014.

French Ambassador Francois Delattre said the French yes vote was a vote in favor of the prophetic Antichrist two-state solution, which he added “must remain a compass for us all.”

In 2012, the General Assembly approved the de facto recognition of the sovereign Antichrist Muslim state of Palestine. That followed a failed bid by the Antichrist Palestinians to secure full U.N. membership.

Antichrist Muslim Iran nuclear deal survives: Antichrist Democrats block disapproval vote

Beginning next week, Obozo will be free to start scaling back U.S. sanctions to implement the agreement negotiated by Iran, the U.S. and five other world powers. The accord aims to constrain Antichrist Iran’s nuclear ambitions in exchange for hundreds of billions of dollars in relief from international sanctions.

“People around the world should know today’s outcome was clear, decisive and final,” Reid said.

Antichrist Saudi Arabia offers Former Neo Nazi Socialist Germany 200 Antichrist mosques – one for every 100 refugees who arrived last weekend

Syria’s richer Antichrist Gulf neighbours have been accused of not doing their fair share in the humanitarian crisis, with Antichrist Muslim Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and the UAE also keeping their doors firmly shut to asylum-seekers.

According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, which quoted a report in the Lebanese newspaper Al Diyar, Antichrist Muslim Saudi Arabia would build one Antichrist mosque for every 100 Antichrist Muslim refugees who entered Germany in extraordinary numbers last weekend.

It would be unfair to suggest that the Antichrist Gulf Arab states have done nothing to help the estimated four million Syrians who have fled their country since the start of the conflict in 2011.

^^^The Antichrist muslim (a)llah has no Son” bastards are playing their part in the Antichrist NWO 666 Crypto Fascist tribulation era global end time slaughter and everyone paying attention knows this has all been set up to happen. Antichrist Saudi Arabia is one of the most guilty players in this evil movement and slaughter. That is a fact.

“Be Our Guest”: Putz Putin Russia Warns Washington Of “Unintended Incidents” In Syria

On Thursday evening, we chronicled the latest in the drama that is Syria’s horrific civil war, noting that, according to an Israeli defense source, “hundreds” of Antichrist Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are on the ground in Syria fighting alongside the Russians to support Bashar al-Assad’s depleted forces as they battle to regain control of the country.

If true, that would answer the following question which we’ve been asking for quite some time: will Antichrist Iran remain on the sidelines and allow the Antichrist Houthis to be routed in Yemen and Assad deposed in Syria, or will Tehran, like Moscow, finally decide that the time for rhetoric has come to an end?

Reports of Antichrist Iranian involvement come on the heels of rampant speculation about the scope of Russia’s military buildup near Latakia where US “intelligence” and a series of unnamed “Lebanese sources” claim Moscow is essentially preparing for a full-on push to rout any and all domestic opposition to the Assad regime. The question, of course, is what happens when foreign opposition to the Assad regime isn’t willing to accept the restoration of the strongman’s rule.

Predictably, there’s been no shortage of back-and-forth banter between Skull&Bones John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov over the past several days. Here’s how Lavrov characterizes the exchange:

“Skull&Bones Kerry was also pushing the very strange idea that supporting Bashar Assad in his anti-terror fight only strengthens the positions of Antichrist ISIS, because the sponsors of Antichrist ISIS would pump even more arms and money into it,” Lavrov said.

“It’s an absolutely upside-down logic and yet another attempt to appease those who use terrorists to fight dissenting regimes,” the Russian FM said, mentioning US attempts to cooperate with varrious extremist groups in Syria over the past few years.

“It’s a colossal mistake that the US-led [anti-ISIS] coalition never considered interaction with Syria, not even information exchange,” Lavrov said. “I cannot comprehend this logic, or rather absolute lack of logic.”

“We help not only Syria, we also provide weapons to Iraq and other countries of the region that find themselves on the frontline with the terror threat. Equally for Iraq and other countries, we do so without any political preconditions,” Lavrov said.

And on Friday, Lavrov took it up a notch with a series of very serious-sounding (albeit hilariously overstated, we hope) soundbites delivered at a news conference in Russia. Here’s Reuters:

At a news conference, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia was sending equipment to help Assad fight Antichrist Islamic State. Russian servicemen were in Syria, he said, primarily to help service that equipment and teach Syrian soldiers how to use it.

Russia was also conducting naval exercises in the eastern Mediterranean, he said, describing the drills as long-planned and staged in accordance with international law.

Lavrov blamed Washington for cutting off direct military-to-military communications between
Russia and NATO over the Ukraine crisis, saying such contacts were “important for the avoidance of undesired, unintended incidents”.

“We are always in favor of military people talking to each other in a professional way. They understand each other very well,” Lavrov said. “If, as (U.S. Secretary of State) Skull&Bones John Kerry has said many times, the United States wants those channels frozen, then be our guest.”

Yes, “be our guest”, which, unless something is lost in translation there (as it was when Hillary 911 Clinton hilariously presented Lavrov with a giant red button that was supposed to say “reset” but actually said “overcharged” in 2009) sounds quite a bit like the Kremlin telling Washington that it’s just fine with Russia if the West wants to risk getting into a scenario where Russian and US jets end up in an “accidental” dog fight in the skies above Syria.

We will now anxiously await Skull&Bones Kerry’s response which will almost certainly contain the words “very” and “concerned”, which would be accurate as long as he’s talking about Assad’s fate and not the fate of Antichrist ISIS.

CITI: Antichrist Communist China is about to pull everyone into a 2-year ‘global recession’

Economists at Citi put out a scary research note this week laying out their views on the Antichrist Communist Chinese economy and how it’ll affect the world.

Chief economist Willem Buiter now thinks the most likely scenario is one in which Antichrist Communist China tugs the world into a “global recession.”

The country’s share in world trade is now higher than that of the US — based on the existing trend, it will soon be larger than that of the EU. It has practically tripled in about 15 years.

Worst of all, as the researchers note, in the event of an even worse scenario, mainstream acceptable monetary policy is already exhausted, and political constraints make fiscal stimulus unlikely.

Stocks & Bond Yields Surge’n’Purge Thanks To “Asian Intervention Week”

With a ‘Death Cross’ looming amid a coiling USD Index making lower highs…

Despite the week’s USD weakness, commodities (in general) were lower (with WTI worst)… Gold down 3rd week in a row.

Copper had its best week (up almost 6%) in 4 months… the last time it had a rip-fest week like this marked the early May highs and led to a serious decline…

Bonus Chart: Brazil Banged Back To 2005…

Technology Of The Fallen And Cover Up Revealed – Steve Quayle And Timothy Alberino

Heavy rainfall and strong winds were sweeping Laos and Vietnam since September 7, 2015, causing severe floods and landslides across the affected area. At least 2 people have been reported dead so far, and 5 more missing.

Severe flooding and landslides across Vietnam and Laos 

Reading for September 12, 2015 ~ Elul 28, 5775
Deut. 29:9-30:20 ~ Is 61:10-63:9 ~ Acts 19-20

Saturday, September 12, 2015: Standing (Nitzavim)