9915 Gleaning The Day Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change POTUS Clown Was Convicted By The Sanhedrin(?) Still Waiting For Confirmation

by amongthenumberedsaints

A recent heavenly warning of imminent war in Israel is being hailed as a major wakeup call from God to repent.

Heavenly Warning of Imminent War in Israel a Wakeup Call from God to Repent

According to the prediction, the Chofetz Chaim said, “I received from the holy spirit that we are on the verge of a horrific war, that will end in 1945 (תש”ה), but after that will come 10 sabbaticals to prepare for the messiah, and at the end of 10 sabbaticals which will end in the year 2015 (תשע”ה), this is the time the messiah must come.”

“These were the words said by Rabbi Yosef Ben Porat, in the name of the Chofetz Chaim, who said during the First World War, that 25 years after it, another war will break out which will make the first one seem like a child’s game, and 75 years after that will come a third war, greater than the rest, making the second world war seem like a child’s game, and then the messiah will come. And just like the Second World War broke out 25 years after the beginning of the First World War, the third one will begin 75 years after the beginning of the Second world War.”

Great Torah Sage Predicted Almost 100 Years Ago a Third World War Before Redemption

The Sanhedrin has put not only Petrus Romanus Pope Francis on Trial, but Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change Clown, The Antichrist US supreme Court, The Antichrist Hague, The Antichrist European Union and other Antichrist Government entities for crimes against the Covenant God has made with man-kind. We will address the Indictment in this broadcast and call in a few points missing.

^^^Too bad the idiot Antichrist Sanhedrin happens to still reject Yahshua. If the morons had a clue that would be a miracle, but at least they are on the right track in this case. May Elijah come in the coming months and set the dipshits right. Of course even the two witnesses shall only confirm a remnant within Israel. The Sanhedrin would be fortunate with one out of 71 finally accepting Yahshua, but it also could be that they all do. We shall soon see very very shortly.

Video: Sanhedrin’s Revenge : pop Francis on trial in Israel

Imagine an America in which all children are educated according to biblical, Christian principles instead of modern, secular, liberal values.

Chaplain E. Ray Moore (Lt. Col. USAR Ret.), such a scenario is not just possible, but essential if Christians wish to reclaim the American culture.

“We take the position at the Exodus Mandate that the Scripture and sound theology teach that the education of children belongs to the family and the church or private associations, not Antichrist NWO 666 Secular Socialist government,” said Moore, the founder and president of Frontline Ministries, Inc. and director of the Exodus Mandate Project. “We don’t believe that Antichrist government, even at the state level, has any role in K-12 education, and the Scriptures are clear and explicit on this. There’s no wiggle room.”

In order to wake Christian parents up to the dangers of Antichrist public schools, Exodus Mandate has released a new documentary called “Escaping Antichrist Common Core: Setting Our Children Free.”

The film is divided into two roughly 30-minute parts. The first part explores the origins of Antichrist Common Core and the history of Antichrist progressive education, from Horace Mann through John Dewey through the education policies of our past four Antichrist NWO 666 Crypto Fascist U.S. presidents. The filmmakers argue Antichrist Common Core is the latest manifestation of the effort to impose a Antichrist NWO 666 Crypto Fascist socialist worldview on American children.

The second part of the movie offers Exodus Mandate’s suggested response to Antichrist Common Core, which is for Christian parents to pull their children out of what Moore calls the “Antichrist pagan, godless, atheistic public school system” and either homeschool them or find a private Christian school.

Moore, the scriptwriter and executive producer, said Exodus Mandate saw an opening for this film because Antichrist Common Core has become a major national issue in the past few years.

“For the first time in our lifetime, because of Antichrist Common Core, K-12 education is being debated on the national stage,” Moore told WND in an interview. “We saw an opportunity to kind of come in there and ride the crest of the wave, with all these millions of dollars of free publicity on the Antichrist Common Core issue, to create a movie that would give the Christian an answer to the problem.”

Moore served as an executive producer for the award-winning 2011 film “IndoctriNation,” which also dealt with the history of the Antichrist public schools and their subversive, anti-Christian nature. However, that film came out before Antichrist Common Core was a major national issue, so Moore felt the need to do a follow-up.

International journalist and educator Alex Newman, coauthor of “Crimes of the Educators,” offered hearty praise for “Escaping Antichrist Common Core.”

“It is exciting to see [one of the producers] of the wonderful film ‘IndoctriNation,’ which featured a great interview with my co-author, the late Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld, release [this] documentary,” Newman said. “I encourage everyone to see it and spread the word. The topic could not be more important. As sad as it is to admit it, I agree with the message of the film: Christians can no longer be a part of these Antichrist government schools.”

A threat

Indeed, Moore confirmed the goal of “Escaping Antichrist Common Core” is to make parents realize Antichrist Common Core is a threat to their children and they should pull out of the public schools in favor of private Christian schools or homeschooling. The longtime chaplain lamented that Christians have trusted the Antichrist public schools for far too long.

“After 160 years or so, all the Antichrist garbage and debris and waste from this faulty model is washing up on our shores,” Moore said. “And it’s creating a lot of anxiety and cultural, social, and moral destruction in our culture. So we think it’s time to jettison the model completely. Christians need to do that first, lead the way.”

Moore believes if Christian parents set up a far-reaching system of private schools, many non-Christian families would be drawn to them as well in order to escape Antichrist Common Core. If this happened, he said, more people would find Christ, which might spark a revival that would renew American culture.

However, he said that will never happen if parents continue to put their kids in public schools.

“To think we can win the culture war when a majority of Christian children are still being indoctrinated in the public schools doesn’t pass the common sense test, much less the theology test,” Moore said. “And so Christians are derelict and irresponsible, in my judgment, if they continue to put their kids in these Antichrist pagan, godless, atheistic public schools.”

In the few weeks that “Escaping Antichrist Common Core” has been out, Moore said he has already met opposition from some conservative Christians – the very people for whom he made the movie. He said many Christians still hold on “almost like an addiction” to state education, even though it’s harming their children.

“We’re still having to fight trench warfare within our own camps to try to win over Christians and pastors,” the former chaplain said. “Pastors as a group are pretty much AWOL on this issue. Maybe 10 or 15 percent are engaged, but 75 to 80 percent won’t touch it because they have so many Antichrist public school people in their churches still, and they know, you get a disgruntled group, you’re history. So they really are putting their job security ahead of taking care of their flocks in many cases.

‘Antichrist Pagan education’

“It’s time the pastors step up and be the shepherds of the flock that God’s called them to be in this particular area.”

Moore is adamant that Christians don’t have permission to put their children in harm’s way under “pagan, atheistic education,” as the vast majority of evangelical Christians are doing now. He warned 80 percent of Christian children who attend Antichrist public school through their entire K-12 lives are leaving the church and abandoning the Christian faith. Moore wants to see a change.

“If we would change our ways, in a decade we could create a whole new private Christian and homeschool system that would educate tens of millions of children,” he declared. “And then it could be used as a way to evangelize and re-Christianize the culture.

“But so many Christians are still locked into this faulty, absurd salt-and-light theology that their children are in the public schools to be a witness for Christ, and actually what’s happening is they’re being converted by the Left.”

Patrice Lewis, a WND columnist and freelance writer, said well-intentioned parents are making a huge mistake by sending their children off to public school.

“Most parents want what is best for their children,” Lewis said. “When they send their kids to public schools, they’re making the erroneous assumption that those schools are educating children with sound values. In fact, public education has become little more than progressive indoctrination camps where dissenting opinions and a Christian worldview are treated with hostility.”

Lewis homeschools her two children, and she urges other parents to do the same.

“The question parents must ask is, who do you want to have the biggest influence on your children?” she said. “By default – by simple mathematics – if your children spend the bulk of their waking hours under the influence of public schools, they are far more likely to adopt to morals and principles of those influences, rather than the morals and principles of the people who love them the most.

“It’s not a matter of ‘detoxifying’ your children again and again every evening and weekend; it’s a matter of making your life easier by choosing to keep them out of the toxifying environment to begin with.”

Homeschooling growing

Moore approvingly noted the homeschool movement is growing in America. Indeed, the number of children 5 through 17 years old who were being homeschooled by their parents rose 61.8 percent in the 10 years from 2003 to 2012. A total of 1,773,000 kids were homeschooled, representing 3.4 percent of the total 5-to-17 population.

In addition to homeschooling and private Christian schools, there is a third option that gives Moore hope: online K-12 education. He noted lots of middle class and working class parents want out of the public schools, but they can’t all afford private school tuition and some of them are not comfortable homeschooling. Within the past 10 to 15 years, online Christian education programs have given parents the chance to school their kids according to Christian principles at home without having to come up with lessons and curricula themselves. Liberty University and Bob Jones University are two examples of colleges that offer “online homeschooling” curricula for children grades K-12.

Moore also praised Apologia, a corporation that offers Christian-based curricula for homeschooling families. Apologia textbooks cover all the natural sciences as well as civics and history.

“There’s just so many good things out there now,” Moore exclaimed. “There’s no excuse for a family to put their kids in a government school.”

These alternative forms of education are important, Moore said, because government schools simply cannot be salvaged.

“It’s important for conservatives and Christians to realize that we cannot reform public schools,” he said. “It’s a socialistic model. It’s the wrong model. You don’t fix socialism; you abandon it. So many of our best people are still foolishly trying to reform that system, and it can’t be done.”

He said trying to reform public schools is like trying to teach a pig to dance: it doesn’t work, you get dirty, and the pig gets mad. He believes the leftists who control public education will never allow the system to be changed.

“A lot of Christians are protesting, and you can’t defeat an evil power by mere protest and whining,” he advised. “We’ve got to create a rival power, and the Left is just laughing at us when we protest and talk about fixing government schools. It’s never going to happen, so it’s time to give that model up.”

Reforming pointless

Newman agrees it’s pointless to try to reform Antichrist government schools.

“If we are going to save and restore America, and protect our children from evil and ignorance, that needs to begin with a mass exodus of Christians from government schools,” Newman asserted. “They cannot be reformed. They were, in fact, designed to do precisely what they are doing: mass producing anti-Christian illiterates who lack even the most rudimentary academic and critical-thinking skills but are experts on pseudo-science and leftist ideologies. It is a crime of monumental proportions, and Christians can no longer be bound up with these institutions.”

This fight is getting urgent, Moore said. With the recent Obergefell decision, the Supreme Court legalized and legitimized “same-sex marriage,” and now the chaplain worries public schools will indoctrinate children with a pro-”Antichrist gay marriage” mindset.

Also, in the Sept. 5 issue of World Magazine, Warren Cole Smith reported on the College Board’s ongoing effort to revise its 37 Advanced Placement (AP) tests. He wrote that the U.S. History exam in particular has become more politicized with a leftward slant. For example, one anonymous teacher told Smith a recommended AP textbook called “A History of Western Society” devotes less space to John Calvin or Martin Luther than to Antichrist homosexuality and the acceptance of different sexual orientations, which it considers a Antichrist mark of Western civilization’s progress.

Conservatives see this bias as a problem, according to the article, because the College Board operates as a de facto monopoly, with no other organizations offering an alternative to the AP exams at this point. And if teachers choose not to use the recommended textbooks, their students are less likely to do well on the AP tests.

Moore fears the Left will use the education system to push Christians “to the bottom of the economic ladder.”

The chaplain compared America to the Egypt described in Exodus Chapter 1, when a new pharaoh who didn’t know Joseph rose to power and enslaved the Israelites.

“Now humanists and pharaohs have come forward in our country who knew not Christ and knew not the founding era of our country,” Moore declared. “So we’ve got to break free and escape Common Core and go to the promised land of Christian schooling and homeschooling, and that’s what our movie’s about: escaping Common Core, escaping the Antichrist tyranny of this system, and setting our children free.”

Christians warned to pull kids from Antichrist New Secular 666 World Order public school

“…What I’m finding interesting is that the people who don’t want to sign it are being way too nice about it,” he said in the video. “They have absolutely no spine and this is why Christians are getting crushed and are targeted for termination because they don’t have the spine to stand up for their rights or for their beliefs.”

Antichrist Leftists call the Bible “hate speech” that should be eradicated from society

what is abundantly clear, now that the cat of Antichrist Communist Chinese market manipulation is out of the bag, is that with every other attempt to manipulate the market higher, Antichrist Communist China felt it incumbent to invite Antichrist NWO 666 Central Banker Criminal Larry Fink for his expertise.

Why Did Antichrist Communist China Invite Blackrock’s Antichrist NWO 666 Crypto Fascist Criminal Larry Fink For Advice How To Manipulate Its Stock Market?

Why? Because if RAT BASTARD Larry Fink has somehow become such a world-renowned authority on “market manipulation” that Antichrist Communist China feels compelled to ask for his advice, then it has huge implications for the US stock market where his BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, is by far the most dominant presence thanks to its pervasive Criminal ETF products (products, whose fragility was revealed on the August 24 flash crash).

If so, one wonders are ETFs nothing more than “market manipulation” vehicles? YES! DUH!

And more to the point, what exactly did RAT BASTARD Larry Fink tell Antichrist Communist China is the best way to manipulate its stock market higher, and the immediate follow up to that: how much of whatever it is that Antichrist NWO 666 RAT BASTARD Larry told Antichrist Communist China to do, is BlackRock already doing in the US?

We ask because BlackRock’s Rick Rieder, the company’s Chief Investment Officer and Co-Head of Americas Fixed Income, just happens to be a member of the New York Fed’s Investor Advisory Committee on Financial Markets, also known as the advisors to the NY Fed’s Plunge Protection Team.

Which just happens to tie it all together: if BlackRock is advising Antichrist Communist China how to manipulate markets, it only makes sense that the same company will give comparable advice to the world’s biggest hedge fund: the NY Fed.

So, we wonder, just how easy is it to FOIA the transcripts (not doctored minutes) of the last severael years of IACFM meetings where people such as these…

… were present, and discussing how to “boost” the US sttock market?

Finally, since the Fed has made its mission to boost the wealth effect for everyone through the stock market “portfolio channel” shouldn’t the Fed just disclose already precisely how the market is being manipulated so that everyone can profit from a rigged stock “market” without risk, instead of just a select few, most-connected hedge managers and billionaires.

Published on Sep 9, 2015
2015-16 Economic Collapse and Meltdown, 7-Year Stock Market charts on S&P 500, Hong Kong HSI Index, Canada TSX, London FTSE and US Dollar, Shemitah September 13, 2015, Significance of September 23, 2015 and CHINA, Year of Jubilee 2016, NO Gold or Silver breakout until after the 2520-week cycle completes (see video for details), US Dollar cycle to END in 2018… World currency!?


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Forget Risk-Parity… ignore volatility-targeting… Risk management is for losers, value-investing is for dummies, and chasing momentum is for suckers… The path to successful trading in the new normal is easy… and involves just 4 simple steps…

Step 1: Put on Pants;

Step 2: Buy S&P 500 Futures at Midnight ET;

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Step 4: Go back to bed…

Probably the most stunning chart we have ever seen – note the red line’s performance – minimal drawdown, maximal return…

How To Beat Every Hedge Fund in Just 2 Trades & 4 Hours A Day 

Stockman unleashes truthiness hell on Bloomberg TV: “Federal Reserve [actions] will have disastrous long-term consequences… when you deny price-discovery in the market for so long, it is a massive subsidy to speculation… In an era of peak debt, the only thing zero interest rates achieve is create an enormous incentive for Wall Street to gamble more and more recklessly…”

195 seconds… watch, listen, and think…

David Stockman Sums It All Up In 3 Minutes 

As of Friday the comex gold “coverage” or amount of paper claims on every ounce of physical, was literally off the chart, soaring to a…

>>>mindblowing 207 ounces of paper gold claims for every ounce of deliverable gold.<<<<

This also means that the dilution ratio between physical gold and paper gold has hit a new all-time low of just 0.48%!

Update: Earlier today, we said that we would “keep a close eye on today’s Comex update to see if JPM reverses this “adjustment” and adds at least a few more tons of deliverable gold to its vault.” Moments ago we got the daily update form the Comex and not only did JPM not reverse its registered to eligible adjustment, but more curiously, the second largest vault, that of Scotia Mocatta (behind only HSBC) saw a comparable adjustment, whereby 16,644 ounces of gold, or about half a ton, and 14% of its vault total, were adjusted away from “registered” and into the “eliglble” category.

This means that the already record low total registered holding across the Comex system, declined once again this time by 8.3% and hit a new all time low of 185,315, or less than 6 tons.

This means that what was already a record dilution factor, with over 200 ounces of paper gold claims for every ounce of deliverable gold, just soared even more, and following today’s 8% drop, there is now a unprecedented 228 ounces of paper claims for every ounce of deliverable “registered” gold.

For those who missed the full story from earlier today, please read on.

Something Just Snapped At The Comex (Updated)

Just over one month ago, when looking at the latest changes in registered gold held at the Comex ,we were stunned not only by the collapse in this series to a record low of just over 350k ounces or barely over 10 tons, but also by the surge in “gold coverage”, or the amount of paper gold claims on physical gold, which exploded to a record high 124 per ounce.

This is what we said on August 3:

While on its own, gold open interest – which merely represents the total potential claims on gold if exercised – is hardly exciting, as we have shown previously it has to be observed in conjunction with the physical gold that “backs” such potential delivery requests, also known as the “coverage ratio” of deliverable gold.

It is here that things get a little out of hand, because as the chart below shows, all else equal, the 43.5 million ounces of gold open interest and the record low 351,519 ounces of registered gold imply that as of Friday’s close there was a whopping 123.8 ounces in potential paper claims to every ounces of physical gold.

This is an all time record high, and surpasses the previous period record seen in January 2014 following the JPM gold vault liquidation.

Another way of stating this unprecedented ratio is that the dilution ratio between physical gold and paper gold has hit a record low 0.8%. Indicatively, the average paper-to-physical coverage ratio since January 1, 2000 is a “modest” 19.1x. As of Friday it had soared to more than 6 times greater.
One month ago we showed this record surge in gold claims as follows:

But if last month was shocking, then what the COMEX revealed yesterday was absolutely jaw-dropping.

Here is the most recent update provided by the CME on eligible and registered gold.

What it reveals is that while JPM saw another 90,000 ounces of gold once again withdrawn from its vault, this time in the eligible category, for some reason a whopping 121,124 ounces of registered gold were reclassified as eligible. In doing so, JPM’s registered gold (red line in chart below) tumbled to a record low of just 19,718 ounces – an 86% collapse in just one day – and well under 1 ton of gold, some 600 kilos of physical gold available to meet delivery requests to be specific!

PM’s dramatic adjustment also meant that total Comex registered gold has likewise tumbled to the lowest in history of just 202,054 ounces – just over 6 tons – available for delivery.

Not surprisingly, the latest collapse in registered gold took place while the gold open interest remained flat, and in fact has been modestly rising in the past year as seen below:

Which brings us to the punchline chart: the Comex gold “coverage” ratio, or the amount of paper claims for every ounce of physical. As of Friday this number was literally off the chart (it would not have fit on the previous chart shown up top), soaring to a mindblowing 207 ounces of paper gold claims for every ounce of deliverable gold. This also means that the dilution ratio between physical gold and paper gold has hit a new all-time low of just 0.48%!

And while we know what caused this epic surge in potential claims on gold – namely the relentless outflow in registered gold – what we don’t know is whether this is a systemic event, one which threatens the next Comex gold delivery request with an “insufficient product” response, and a potential default, or simply a one day abnormality.

What we do know is that, if only for one day, something at the Comex has snapped.

We will keep a close eye on today’s Comex update to see if JPM reverses this “adjustment” and adds at least a few more tons of deliverable gold to its vault, and if not, perhaps a phone call or two may be in order.

It’s not as if the writing wasn’t on the wall, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Brazil, whose economy officially slid into recession in Q2 – a quarter during which Brazilians suffered through the worst inflation-growth outcome (i.e. stagflation) in over a decade – and whose efforts to plug a yawning budget gap are complicated by political infighting and a growing public outcry against embattled President Dilma Rousseff, has been cut to junk by S&P.


Unsurprisingly, the iShares MSCI Brazil ETF is trading sharply lower AH on the announcement:

S&P’s move comes as the country’s finance minister fights for his political life and as deficits on both the current and fiscal accounts paint a bleak picture, especially in the face of persistently low commodity prices, Antichrist Communist China’s move to devalue the yuan, and the impossible dilemma facing the central bank which, like its “LA-5” counterparts, can’t hike to combat a plunging currency for fear of exacerbating FX pass through inflation and can’t cut to boost the economy for fear of jeopardizing the 2016 4.5% inflation target.

Expect this to get far, far worse before it gets better. Here’s the headline dump:

Here’s a look at the country’s twin deficits:

Brazil Cut To Junk By S&P, ETF Falls 5% Post-Mkt

Followed by a more granular look at the Brazilian nightmare:

And in the wake of the most recent GDP data and last week’s confirmation of the budget blues, here’s what Barclays had to say about the economy and the fiscal situation:

We now forecast a 3.2% fall of real GDP in Brazil in 2015, to be followed by a 1.5% contraction the next year. The downside surprise in Q2 and the deeper recession in the second half of this year also imply a negative contribution to next year’s growth. Household consumption should continue contributing negatively to headline growth, together with fixed asset investment.

The implication is a downgrade in less than one year. We believe the rating agencies will take off the investment grade rating in H1 16, starting likely in April by S&P, given the increased pace of deterioration of the macroeconomic juncture and the disappointment relatively to the agencies’ forecasts. Moody’s could follow suit in the second half of the year, if it becomes clear that the country will fail to achieve real GDP growth and the primary surplus as percentage of GDP near 2%, as the agency expects for 2017. At this point, it is very hard to foresee any meaningful change in the political and/or economic scenario that could avoid such an outcome.

Finally, here’s S&P with more color:

The negative outlook reflects our view that there is a greater than one–in–three likelihood that we could lower our ratings on Brazil again. We anticiapte that within the next year a downgrade could stem in particular from a further deterioration of Brazil’s fiscal position, or from potential key policy reversals given the fluid political dynamics, including a further lack of cohesion within the cabinet. A downgrade could also result from greater economic turmoil than we currently expect either due to governability issues or the weakened external environment.

My friend selling US-made capital equipment to S America for chemical plants & refineries has told me that BRAZIL has been dead for many months.

Chile had also been slow, only Peru and Colombia were doing well.

Today he told me that Peru just froze up… Our company will respond (buy less) immediately.

This buying less stuff I am seeing all over the world…

AAPL better wrap this up soon or the market will flash crash

Stocks, Commodities, Bond Yields Plunge As “Rally Fueled By Hope” Crushed

But it all started in Asia with some major JPY dumpage (paging Mr. Kuroda) to ramp Nikkei almost 8 ridiculous percent!!

Japan is already down 500 Points from overnight highs…

and the disappointment is a clear inflection point in the markets…

Today’s ramp was a perfect stop-run to last week’s highs…

JPY carry momo lost its mojo…

Despite some weakness in the dollar, commodities rolled over as reflation/stimulus hype faded quickly…

With crude crumbling back to the week’s lows, closing with a $44 handle…

The signs—the last of the four blood moons, the biblical Shemitah, rise of end-time “Babylon,” the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage, the dangerous Iranian nuclear deal and a world drowning in debt and dangling on the edge of economic catastrophe—seem unmistakable now.

While harbingers of the apocalypse have been gathering for decades, most of the world has been largely oblivious to the gathering tempest and prophetic warnings.

This is changing with the sudden appearance of global instability—geopolitically, financially and culturally—as the world undergoes a remarkably ominous transformation.

Today, the world is facing moral and social chaos, spiritual deception, proliferation of the occult, a spate of historic natural disasters, worsening worldwide drought, record-breaking extreme weather and the growing risk of a nuclear conflagration.

Franklin Graham, president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, says the “defining moment” for America and humanity has arrived.

“As a nation we have arrogantly turned our back on God, and I believe God’s judgment will come against our country,” Graham says.

Now, as the world awaits whether the last of the four blood moons and the biblical Shemitah will bring economic collapse, war, other calamity or the fulfillment of prophecies related to Israel, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn says, “We are now witnessing what appears to be a perfect prophetic storm.”

“For years, I have been warning that America was progressing down a course of apostasy and judgment,” says Cahn, author of the New York Times best-selling books The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah. “The harbingers have all manifested, the national departure from God is accelerating almost exponentially, America’s relationship with Israel is at an all-time low, and now with the striking down of the biblical definition of marriage, the very order of God, we have a crossed a fateful line. It is all converging.”

In interviews during the past nine months, several dozen highly respected Bible prophecy scholars told Charisma that they agree the world is now experiencing an unparalleled acceleration and convergence in end-time signs.

Dr. Tim LaHaye, Joel C. Rosenberg, Dr. Chuck Missler, Paul McGuire, Pastor Greg Laurie, Dr. Robert Jeffress, Sid Roth, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, Dr. Thomas Ice, Dr. Ron Rhodes and others said that while they may disagree on the prophetic significance of the blood moons and Shemitah prophecies, they overwhelmingly agree that the world is in the run-up to the end-time events predicted by the biblical prophets.

Dr. Jack Graham says there is little question now that “this very well could be the terminal generation.”

“Everyone senses right now who’s got their ear in Scripture and is listening to the Spirit of God that something great, something cataclysmic, something strategic, is going to happen in the world,” says Dr. Graham, pastor of the 40,000-member Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, one of the largest and fastest-growing megachurches in America. “People are talking about it everywhere that something big is about to happen, and so this is just another element of awareness—the blood moons’ phenomena—that we can’t go on the way we’re going.”

A sizable portion of the public concurs. A recent poll commissioned by Rosenberg, a New York Times best-selling author of numerous prophecy books, found 41 percent of Americans believe events such as the rebirth of the nation of Israel, the growing threat of war in the Middle East, widespread national disasters and the serious threat of a global economic depression are evidence that “we are living in what the Bible calls the last days.”

Is The End Really Near?

“The polls show the highest percentage of both Christians and the general public who recognize we may well be living in the very times our Lord and His prophets warned would exist just prior to the end times,” says LaHaye, a renowned prophecy expert, minister and co-author of the Left Behind series of end-time novels that sold 80 million copies.

“Actually, we have many more signs of the coming end of this world than any generation before us. Israel being drawn back into the Holy Land … is the most obvious. However, He gave several others, like the ‘gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come’ (Matt. 24:14). Thrilling reports from the Wycliffe Bible translators … give us just cause for believing we could be living in the last days.”

‘Something Is Coming’

Today, many sense “something is coming” as the last of the four blood moons, the biblical Shemitah, Sir Isaac Newton’s end-time prediction known as “Newton’s Riddle” and other potential prophetic signs converge this fall and throughout 2016.

The blood moons have drawn worldwide media attention. Only three times in the past 500 years have four blood moons occurred back to back and on major Jewish holy days. Each time marked a significant event in Jewish history. In 1493, the Jews had been expelled from Spain, and Columbus had discovered the New World—a sanctuary for Jewish people. In 1948-49, the modern state of Israel was founded. In 1967-68, the Six-Day War was followed by the reunification of Jerusalem to Israel.

The fourth tetrad began April 15, 2014, on Passover. In October last year, the second blood moon appeared on the Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot. Blood moons this year land on the same holy days, including the final one this September.

“What’s occurring now has only occurred three times in the past 500 years, and each occurrence brought tragedy and triumph for the Jewish people,” says Cornerstone Church Pastor John Hagee, author of the New York Times best-selling book Four Blood Moons.

At the same time, financial experts are expressing concerns that unprecedented levels of worldwide debt and economic turmoil roiling Europe, Asia and other parts of the globe could lead to economic catastrophe.

Cahn has warned that he believes a “great shaking” is coming. In The Harbinger, he revealed that the same nine prophetic manifestations, or harbingers, that appeared in the last days of ancient Israel before its destruction have now reappeared in America. In The Mystery of the Shemitah, Cahn unveiled a seven-year biblical pattern that has marked the greatest stock market crashes in history, the collapse of economies, the rise and fall of nations, world wars, global cataclysms and end-time events.

What Cahn describes as the “Super Shemitah”—the Year of Jubilee that comes at the end of seven cycles of the seven-year Shemitah, the Hebrew word for the “release” of debts detailed in Deut. 15:1-3—begins on Yom Kippur, or September 23, and runs through September 2016.

“Whether it comes in this time parameter of the Shemitah or the year following or not, I believe a great shaking is going to come to this land and to the world that will involve the collapsing of the American economy, the financial realm and the removal of blessing and prosperity,” Cahn told those gathered at the Prophecy in the News conference earlier this year in Orlando, Florida.

“The shaking doesn’t have to take place in the Shemitah (year), but I believe we need to be ready. I believe one of the reasons (God) led me to write The Harbinger and led me to write (The Mystery of the Shemitah) is because he wants the dots connected when this comes. Will there be judgment or revival? The answer is there can be both. In fact, there can be revival through judgment. But we have to be ready. The hour is late.”

Dr. Chuck Missler, a prophecy expert, former corporate executive and founder of the Koinonia House ministry, says the biggest threat facing America involves the nation’s historic levels of debt. A recent study by the McKenzie Global Institute found the nation’s total debts, including unfunded liabilities, is not the $17 trillion politicians often cite, but rather $210 trillion—a figure “larger than the estimates of the total wealth of planet Earth,” Missler says.

“It doesn’t take great scholarship to realize that’s unstable, it can’t endure, and those debts will never be repaid by any legitimate currency,” Missler says. “So there is an implosion or collapse of some kind that is inevitable. We don’t know the timing or the form it will it take. … But the people who are bona-fide experts in this area are in agreement that there is a correction overdue.”

Peter Schiff, an economist, frequent guest on national news programs, chief executive officer of Euro Pacific Capital and author of The Real Crash: America’s Coming Bankruptcy, says the financial system is in a “big bubble” that is “going to burst.”

“It will have a terrible impact,” Schiff says. “Americans are able to live beyond their means because of the overvalued dollar. When the dollar collapses, Americans will no longer have that luxury. Our standard of living will be greatly reduced.”

Are Globalists Planning a World State?

Meanwhile, geopolitical and prophecy experts are sounding the alarm that secret trade pacts, laws undermining American sovereignty and upcoming United Nations summits on “sustainable development” and climate change are just a ruse to create what is, in effect, a world state. Critics have described the U.N. plans as a “blueprint for governing the entire planet.”

At the same time, world leaders are calling for a “world political authority” to address climate change, global poverty and other crises. The Guardian described this proposed body as “a kind of super-U.N. to deal with the world’s economic problems and injustices.”

“It almost feels like pages being ripped out of a Left Behind novel,” says Dr. Tom Horn, a prophecy expert, lecturer and radio host.

Recently, U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama, criticized Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change Clown for pushing global trade pacts that would create a “secret Pacific Union”—compromising America’s sovereignty and transferring power to “an elite set who dream of writing rules in foreign capitals.”

“We already see this happening,” says Laurie, pastor of the 15,000-member Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, and president of Harvest Crusades. “There was a statement by Chuck Hagel, our former secretary of defense, who said he sees a New World Order emerging, and he wasn’t saying it critically. I thought, ‘Wow, he’s really right.’ Things are shifting dramatically around the world.”

Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin, executive vice president at the Family Research Council and former U.S. deputy undersecretary of defense, says the world is “definitely moving toward global Marxism.”

“Remember, Karl Marx’s goal was to dethrone God and destroy capitalism,” Boykin says. “Once you remove God, you are on the path to Marxism, and I believe very much that this is an end-time strategy of the enemy.”

The concerns about globalism and the push for “global governance”—a term Hudson Institute Fellow Dr. John Fonte says is merely a “sugar-coated” euphemism for a “world government”—come as people are being conditioned to believe that the answer to humanity’s problems is to have a “one world” society with a global government, cashless society and universal religion. Fonte, author of Sovereignty or Submission: Will Americans Rule Themselves or Be Ruled by Others?, says “an attempt” to create a global political and economic system with a “single global authority” is now underway.

“In a way, this is neo-Nimrodianism—you know the global governance effort,” Fonte told Charisma. “It’s a type of substitute religion—global governance.”

In recent years, prophecy experts have expressed growing alarm at this trend—asking whether the end-time geopolitical, economic and religious system known as “Mystery, Babylon” and “Babylon the Great” in Revelation 17-18 is rising. As examples, they note the New York skyscraper that replaced the Twin Towers destroyed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks is now called the One World Trade Center, and the European Parliament building in Strasbourg, France, was inspired in part by the Tower of Babel—the center of the first world government ruled by Nimrod, an archetype of the Antichrist. The EU employs the Tower of Babel as a symbol of unity and several EU buildings feature paintings and statues of a woman riding the beast—an image from Revelation 17-18.

“Never before since the Tower of Babel have we seen the emergence of what (former Secretary of State) Henry Kissinger called ‘The New International Order,’ the rise of global governance or global government and the plan to unify all the world’s religions into a one world religion,” says Paul McGuire, a prophecy expert, Fox News and History Channel commentator and co-author of The Babylon Code: Solving the Bible’s Greatest End Times Mystery. “In addition, the nation of Israel, miraculously restored as a nation in 1948, is at the center of this push towards globalization as the world community increasingly unites in its attempt to make Jerusalem an international city.”

Dr. Jack Graham says globalization is setting up the world for the “last world dictator—the Antichrist—to control the economy, control people and control the world.” “It’s the next big thing,” he says. “There is no question that there is now the potential of a world government—the New World Order, the kingdom of the Antichrist. All these (recent events) point to this reality.”

In his interpretation of Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, the biblical prophet Daniel predicted four great empires would arise in history followed by a final one.

“The Revived Roman Empire is arising now as Daniel predicted,” McGuire says. “It is the final beast and it represents the European Union, and I believe the United States integrated into a trans-Atlantic union, and very possibly, the unification economically of 10 regional global governments called unions around the world.”

The Four Horsemen Are Riding

While only God knows whether the last of the four blood moons, the biblical Shemitah and other events signal the beginning of end-time events, Jim Bakker, host of The Jim Bakker Show, says there are “more fulfilled biblical last days” prophecies converging now than ever before.

“The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are out of the barn. They are riding,” Bakker says. “I believe with all my heart that this year, in the next few months, that it’s the ‘beginning of sorrows.’ I believe we are moving full-blast into that event. America is not going to be the same. The world is not going to be the same.”

As the world watches these events unfold, LaHaye says Jesus encouraged His followers to not let “your heart be troubled” because “I will come again and receive you to Myself that where I am, there you may be also” (John 14:1-3).

“Obviously, those who know Him as their Savior and Lord need not worry or be troubled, for we are waiting for His soon call to heaven,” LaHaye says. “How soon? No one knows. But of this I am persuaded: We are very close to the ‘end times.’ ”

Notably, there was nothing in the Secretary General’s statement calling for the wealthy Antichrist Muslim Gulf State countries, such as Antichrist Saudi Arabia, Antichrist Qatar and the Antichrist United Arab Emirates, to welcome the refugees fleeing Antichrist Syria and Antichrist Iraq, for example, to their countries.

Christians, Jews and other non-Muslim adherents, such as Yazidis, are the ones most at risk of being targeted for killing and persecution in their homelands, including in Iraq and Syria. They are being forced out of their homes and given a stark choice of death or conversion to Antichrist Islam. They are targeted because of their religion. Therefore, they deserve special protection in their countries of destination because of their religion.

A dramatic example of the risk to Christians targeted for violence because of their faith, even as they were trying to flee from their homelands, was the drownings last April of twelve Christian migrants at the hands of Antichrist Muslims with whom they were sharing the same boat. The genocide, rapes and forced displacements of Christians in Iraq, Syria and Libya because of their religion speak for themselves.

Some Antichrist Muslims leaving their homelands in Iraq, Syria and Libya are economic migrants, looking for a more stable environment and a better life for their families. However they are not seeking to escape persecution because they are Antichrist Muslims. Generalized violence arising from a civil war, as dangerous as it may be to innocent bystanders, does not automatically confer refugee status on anyone choosing to leave that country who does not specifically have a demonstrable “well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.”

Those Antichrist Muslims who can demonstrate that they have left their countries of origin because they have a well-founded fear of being persecuted—Antichrist Shiites or so-called apostates in Antichrist ISIS-controlled territories, for example—can be considered eligible for refugee status and asylum. However, there must first be a rigorous examination to make sure they are not jihadist terrorists in disguise, as difficult as that may be to accomplish. Such vetting is necessary. Every country has an inherent right to protect itself and its citizens from a foreign invasion. Earlier this year, Antichrist ISIS threatened to ship half a million migrants from Libya alone to Europe.

However, United Nations officials want virtually everyone migrating from one country to another to be welcomed into their destination country. They just want it to be done in a more orderly, uniform fashion, under the watchful eye of the UN.

Peter Sutherland, the UN Special Representative for International Migration, asked rhetorically: “What happens to the one third, or two thirds, who are determined to be economic migrants?¬† We need to put in place a system where they are dealt with humanity. Many of them living under dire conditions which fall short of persecution.”

In addition to Europe, Sutherland called for the United States, Canada, Australia, Latin America and the Far East “to take their fair share.”

Fair share of what? All those whom have left Syria, Iraq and Libya, claiming they are “refugees” even if they do not meet the definitional requirements of the refugee treaty? Actual or threatened persecution, not dire economic conditions or generalized violence, is the condition that triggers treatment as a refugee and eligibility for asylum. Otherwise, national borders and national sovereignty have no meaning. But then again, that is precisely what some at the UN would like to see happen as they laud the virtues of “global” citizenship.

Antichrist NWO 666 Crypto Fascist United Nations Makes Migrant Crisis Worse with Loose Rhetoric.

Antichrist NWO 666 Climate Change Israeli Two State Final Solution Petrus Romanus Clown Pope Francis is wrong on the migrant crisis and the wave of Antichrist Muslim migrants currently sweeping Europe actually represents an “invasion”, a Hungarian Bishop has said.

Laszlo Kiss-Rigo, Bishop of Szeged-Csanad in southern Hungary, said the migrants “come here with cries of ‘(a0llahu Akbar.’ They want to take over.” He added that Petrus Romanus Pope Francis “doesn’t know the situation” and that many so-called refugees are actually economic migrants.

On Sunday, the Pope called on every Catholic parish across Europe to take in refugees. “Faced with the tragedy of tens of thousands of refugees who are fleeing death by war and by hunger, and who are on a path toward a hope for life, the Gospel calls us to be neighbours to the smallest and most abandoned, to give them concrete hope,” he said.

“May every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every sanctuary in Europe host a family, starting with my diocese of Rome,” he added.

However, in an interview with the Washington Post, Kiss-Rigo said the Pope was mistaken.

“They’re not refugees. This is an invasion,” he said, adding that the influx of migrants posed a threat to Europe’s “Christian, universal values.”

He also said that many of them were not deserving of help as they “have money.” They have also been leaving rubbish strewn in their wake and have refused food and water.

“Most of them behave in a way that is very arrogant and cynical,” he said.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has also called the flowed of migrants a threat to Christian Europe and has tried to halt it, a position that other European leaders have condemned.

“I’m in total agreement with the prime minister,” the bishop said.

His comments come as Hungary tries once more to seal its borders in an attempt to stem the flow. Breitbart London reported how Hungary is now rushing to complete a new border fence along the Serbian border by September 15. Special train services for the migrants are also being wound up.


So all in all, just another day in a democratic paradise run by a US-backed despot.

Angry Mobs Torch Kurdish Offices, Shops As Antichrist Turkey Descends Into Chaos

History is replete with examples of US-backed world leaders oppressing their people with Washington’s implicit blessing and despite the fact that the eyes of the world are trained squarely on Syria and, by extension, on any neighboring country that has a role to play in determining the outcome of the Syrian civil war, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan has managed to orchestrate a political coup of epic proportions in plain sight by plunging his people into civil war as NATO looks the other way.

What Erdogan has done, in the space of just three months, is nullify a democratic election outcome by first obstructing efforts to form a coalition government on the way to calling for new elections, then launching a military campaign against the PKK, knowing full well that if enough people are killed between now and the time Turks return to the ballot box in November, the public’s negative perception of the PKK will likely translate to diminished support for the pro-Kurdish HDP, which was in part responsible for AKP losing its absolute parliamentary majority in June.

This is all possible because Erdogan was effectively allowed to trade access to Incirlik (which gives the US army a forward operating base for what will eventually be a ground incursion in Syria) for NATO’s acquiescence to the extermination of the Kurdish opposition in Turkey.

As of Tuesday, this deal had resulted in: 1) hundreds of people killed, 2) the arrest of journalists, 3) the collapse of the lira, 4) a Turkish invasion of Northern Iraq (the fifth in two decades), and 5) no perceptible progress in the “fight” against ISIS which was the pretext for the entire effort.

For anyone who needed further proof that Erdogan won’t stop until his pro-Kurdish political opposition is wiped out entirely, consider the following from FT who reports that “a mob of several thousand people” set HDP’s Ankara headquarters on fire, sending party officials fleeing “across rooftops.” Here’s the story:

A mob of several thousand set fire to the offices of Turkey’s main pro-Kurdish party in the wake of terror attacks in which more than 100 soldiers and police officers have died.

Officials from the Peoples Democratic party, or HDP, fled for safety across rooftops after the mob shouting nationalist slogans torched the party’s headquarters in Ankara.

HDP branches in many other cities, including the southern tourist resort of Alanya and Kirsehir in the west, were also attacked and set alight.

In Istanbul about 100 people hurled stones at the main offices of Hurriyet, the secularist newspaper that has been critical of the Islamist-rooted government. They shouted slogans accusing the newspaper of supporting terrorism in the second such assault in 48 hours.

Selahattin Demirtas, the HDP’s joint leader, said: “Over the past two days more than 400 party offices, workplaces and businesses have been attacked.

“People have been pulled off buses and beaten, people walking in the street have been attacked. This is a lynch campaign, gangs are being paid to conduct these attacks and the state is behind it.”

And it wasn’t just HDP offices and press outlets that were attacked, Hurriyet (which, as noted above, has been besieged by protesters for two consecutive days) reports that Kurdish businesses were torched as well:

A number of anti-terror marches in Turkey turned violent late Sept. 8, with ultranationalist protesters attacking the headquarters of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in Ankara, as well as its office in another Central Anatolian province.

In the neighboring province of K?r?ehir, the HDP’s local office was attacked by another group as its flag was lowered and replaced by a Turkish flag during a march by Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) supporters entitled “Damn Terrorism.”

The march turned violent when around 150 people in the crowd set fire to four shops owned by Kurdish businessmen, according to Turkish media.

The fire, which destroyed the four shops, was put out by fire brigades without causing casualties.
Then there’s this rather disconcerting account of protests in Beypazar?:

Meanwhile, a public anti-terror protest in the Beypazar? district of Ankara late on Sept. 7 turned into a lynch attempt against Kurdish seasonal workers, leaving 27 people injured.

Police arrested nine protestors in relation to the attack in Beypazar?, which is less than a one-hour drive to Ankara and is seen as one of the capital’s most popular touristic spots.

Around 500 people had gathered in the center of Beypazar? in order to protest the killing of 16 troops by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the Da?l?ca district of the southeastern province of Hakkari. The group marched through the town against the recent attacks, chanting slogans against the PKK. The route of the march took the group through the Zafer neighborhood of the district, which is mostly populated by Kurdish seasonal workers.

After some protestors said some locals in the Zafer neighborhood threw stones at the protest, the crowd started to attack houses where Kurdish citizens live. Some of them also tried to set alight houses and cars in the area.

We’ll close with the following excerpt from WSJ’s summary of Europe’s new plan to cope with the flow of asylum seekers from the Mid-East:

The European Commission is proposing to put Turkey on a list of “safe countries of origin,” which would fast-track repatriation for people denied asylum.

Europe Unveils €780 Million “Compulsory” Refugee Quota Plan.

“Antichrist Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide,” wrote James Burnham in his 1964 “Suicide of the West.”

Burnham predicted that the mindless magnanimity of Antichrist liberals, who subordinate the interests of their own people and nations to utopian and altruistic impulses, would bring about an end to Western civilization.

Was he wrong? Consider what is happening in Europe.

Serbia, Hungary and Slovakia, small nations sensing they will be swamped by asylum seekers from the Muslim world, are trying to seal their borders and secure their homelands.

Their instinct for survival, their awareness of lifeboat ethics, is acute. Yet they are being condemned for trying to save themselves.

Meanwhile, the Antichrist NWO 666 Petrus Romanus pope calls on Catholics everywhere to welcome the asylum seekers and Antichrist Crypto Communist Angela Merkel will be taking in 800,000 this year alone, though the grumbling has begun in Bavaria.

This is but the beginning of what is to come, if Europe does not pull up the drawbridge.

Antichrist Islam’s Conquest of Europe And The Antichrist NWO Crypto Fascist Controlled War

For the scores of thousands of Syrians in the Balkans, Hungary, Austria and Germany are only the first wave. Behind them in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan are 4 million refugees from the Syrian civil war. Seeing the success of the first wave, they are now on the move.

Behind them are 2 million Alawites and 2 million Christians who will be fleeing Syria when the Bashar Assad regime falls to Antichrist ISIS and the Antichrist al-Qaeda terrorists who already occupy half of that blood-soaked land.

Now the Iraqis, who live in a country the prospects for whose reunification and peace are receding, have begun to move. Also among the thousands pouring into Europe from Antichrist Turkey are Antichrist Pakistanis, Antichrist Bangladeshis and Antichrist Afghans. When the Americans leave Antichrist Afghanistan and the Antichrist Taliban take their revenge, more Afghans will be fleeing west.

Africa has a billion people, a number that will double by 2050, and double again to 4 billion by 2100. Are those billions of Africans going to endure lives of poverty under ruthless, incompetent, corrupt and tyrannical regimes, if Europe’s door remains wide open?

What is coming is not difficult to predict.

Europe is going to run out of altruism long before it runs out of refugees. For as The New York Times reported Monday, there is no end in sight to the coming Third World and Antichrist Islamic migrations to Europe.

Humanitarian groups, said the Times, claim “successive waves of migrants … are on the way, perhaps for months or even years, until the wars, poverty and other underlying causes of the dislocations have abated.”

But with terrorism expanding from Nigeria to the Maghreb to the Antichrist Middle East, wars spreading, and tyranny pandemic in those regions, will not a peaceful, prosperous and free Europe always be a magnet?

If Europe does not seal its borders, what is to stop the Islamic world and Third World from coming and repopulating the continent with their own kind, as the shrinking native populations of Europe die out?

Will Old Europe even be recognizable by midcentury?

The inevitable reaction to what is happening has already begun.

European nations will divide with anti-immigrant parties like the National Front in France and UKIP in Britain gaining adherents until the major parties embrace restrictions on immigration or are swept aside.

Already there is a backlash in Germany and Austria to the tens of thousands invited in. Eastern Europe, with shrinking populations of native-born, has shown little interest in admitting migrants.

Though attacked by his opposition, Israel’s Bibi 911 Netanyahu will not be admitting Antichrist Arab and Antichrist Muslim asylum seekers. Having built a fence from Gaza to Eilat to keep Africans from crossing the Sinai, a wall to separate the West Bank from Israel, Bibi is now building a fence on the Jordanian border.

The Antichrist Palestinian Authority’s Mahmoud Abbas says he would welcome Antichrist Muslim Palestinian asylum seekers. Both sides know that, in this struggle, demography may very well be destiny.

The Schengen Agreement that guarantees “open borders” among EU nations is also unlikely to survive this invasion. The old national borders of Europe will be re-established.

And as divisions deepen within and between countries over how many to accept, and when to shut the door, the EU may itself crack up over this most momentous and emotional of issues.

The scores of thousands of migrants bursting into Europe and the hundreds of thousands and millions coming after them are going to force Europeans to address an existential question.

Who are we? Are we unique and separate peoples of a particular race and tribe, history and faith, language and culture, identifiable to all the world and worth preserving at the price of our lives?

Are we Germans, Russians, Poles, Italians, Spanish and French first?

Or are we simply Europeans, people who live on the world’s smallest continent and share a belief in the equality of all peoples and cultures, and in secularism and social democracy?

Liberal Man almost alone excepted, every species of animal life reacts or recoils when another species intrudes upon its turf.

Thus, in the end, Burnham was probably right.

Antichrist Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide.


RELATED: Video: ‘Refugees’ Throw Rocks at Hungarians, Shout “F**k You!”

Antichrist Muslim “refugees” in Budapest chanted “(a)llahu Akbar” and “f**k you” while others in Italy attacked an old lady and threw feces at bystanders as Germany announced that it would be prepared to take 500,000 asylum seekers every year.

Although mainstream media coverage of the migrant crisis has focused on happy families and children, footage not broadcast by TV networks shows a different side to some of those crossing into Europe.

A video shot just outside Budapest’s Keleti railway station shows Antichrist Muslim migrants chanting “(a)llahu Akbar” and “f**k you” as they engage in running battles with police.

Another clip of Antichrist Muslims on a train in France shows a man screaming out slogans before all the passengers chant “(a)llahu Akbar” in unison.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness at the Italy-Austrian border relates how she saw an elderly Italian woman grabbed by her hair and pulled from her car by a group of “aggressive young men” who wanted to steal the car to get to Germany, while others threw excrement at bystanders.

“Half an hour ago on the border between Italy and Austria i saw a huge crowd of immigrants. With all solidarity to people in difficult circumstances I have to say that what I saw arouses horror. This huge mass of people – sorry – but it’s an absolute wilderness … Vulgar, throwing bottles, shouting “We want Germany”. So what, Germany is now a paradise?”

“I saw an elderly Italian woman in a car that was surrounded by the immigrants. They pulled her by the hair out of the car and wanted to use it to go to Germany. They tried to topple the bus I was in. They threw feces at us, banging on the door for the driver to open it, spat on the glass. My question is- for what purpose? How do they want to assimilate in Germany? For a moment, i felt like in a warzone. I really feel sorry for these people, but if they would reach Poland – I do not think they would receive any understanding from us.”

Footage taken at a migrant camp near Milan shows refugees rioting over “poor living conditions”.

Another compilation video shows African migrants and others tearing down traffic lights, attacking shops and beating people up.

The wave of migrants crossing into Europe shows little sign of abating, with Germany announcing that it would be willing to take 500,000 “asylum seekers” every single year in addition to the 800,000 expected to arrive before the end of this year.

As we document in the video below, many of the so-called “refugees” are actually economic migrants who are fleeing to a higher standard of living, and not from war or ISIS persecution.

“If Europe does not seal its borders, what is to stop the Islamic world and Third World from coming and repopulating the continent with their own kind, as the shrinking native populations of Europe die out?” writes Pat Buchanan in his new column.

Antichrist Muslim crisis: Australia ups Antichrist Muslim refugee intake and plans Syria strikes

When senior Antichrist NWO 666 Liberal politician, and close colleague of Tony Abbott’s, Mike Baird said Australia had to do much more to help refugees, you could almost hear a collective gasp in political circles. More than any international criticism of Australia’s stance on refugees, the New South Wales premier’s plea last week to Mr Abbott to “do even more” and “do it now” would surely have weighed heavily on the prime minister’s mind.

Similar calls from other Antichrist NWO 666 Crypto Fascist Liberal state premiers followed and thousands of Australians took to streets demanding the government help solve the biggest migrant crisis in decades. Mr Abbott on Wednesday finally took note, announcing what will be one of Australia’s biggest intakes of refugees since World War Two.


The prime minister of Hungary accused Berlin of encouraging “millions” of refugees to travel to Europe by allowing them to enter Germany without limits, Sky News reports.

Viktor Orban, Hungary’s conservative PM, reportedly urged Germany to say it will not accept more refugees descending on Europe.

He warned that “millions” of people will travel to Europe if Berlin continues to accept more refugees and condemned Austria for permitting migrants to “enter its territory without hindrance.”

Hungary is preparing legislation that will allow it to deploy its military to the border it shares with Serbia.

The conservative leader also claimed that many migrants who have journeyed through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, and Serbia to reach the European Union “were not refugees in danger – but immigrants attracted by the prospect of a German lifestyle,” notes Sky News.

Mr. Orban, in an interview with Austrian television, reportedly claimed that the migrant crisis could ultimately place an undue fiscal burden on the EU, placing the continent’s “Christian welfare states,” at risk.

On Monday, Csaba Hende, Hungary’s defense minister, stepped down over the issue.

“The country’s police were accused of using pepper spray on refugees… as scuffles broke out on the southern border with Serbia,” reports Sky News.

Hungary is planning to “seal off” its border with Serbia in an effort to stop all migrants and refugees from crossing into the EU member state.

Sky News notes, “There are fears the 3.5m-high fence it is building could cause dangerous bottlenecks in Serbia, as thousands of people continue their desperate journeys along the Balkan corridor in search of a better life.”

In defending the project, deemed controversial by critics, Orban has argued his country is “protecting Europe according to European rules that say borders can be crossed only in certain areas in a controlled way and after registration”.

Hungary is the “black sheep” of the EU, he acknowledged.

Mr. Orban “openly criticized the EU leadership’s plans to introduce quotas and distribute migrants more evenly across the bloc’s 28 member states,” reports Sky News.

Days before Orban voiced his criticism of Berlin, Germany, Europe’s wealthiest nation, announced it was imposing “no limit” on the number of refugees it would take in.

Officials estimate that up to 800,000 migrants will have reached Germany by the end of 2015, notes Sky News.

Heavy rainfalls that battered west Africa during the last few days, have triggered heavy flooding and landslides across Nigeria and Guinea, severely damaging infrastructure and claiming more than 30 lives.

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in Nigeria issued a warning on September 8, 2015, advising the local governments to evacuate residents along riverbanks and waterways.

West Africa under water: Over 30 dead in heavy flooding

The floods in Zamfara state in Nigeria claimed at least 24 lives, devastated 400 homes and displaced 2 000 people, over September 5 and 6. 6 people were reported dead in Anambra on September 6, according to the local media.

Tropical Storm “Etau” hits mainland Japan, heavy rain causes flooding and landslides

Tropical Storm “Etau” made landfall in Aichi prefecture, central Japan, around 01:00 UTC on September 9, 2015 (10:00 local time). Etau is bringing very heavy rain and causing floods and landslides. Weather officials issued evacuation advisories for several cities along the coast.

Etau formed as the eighteenth tropical depression of the 2015 northwestern Pacific Ocean typhoon season near the island of Iwo To, Japan on Sunday, September 7. At 09:00 UTC on September 8, the system was centered about 702 km (436 miles) south of Yokosuka, Japan, and moving to the north at 25.3 km/h (16.1 mph) with maximum sustained winds near 83.3 km/h (61.7 mph).