(MARKET CRASH CALL IS IN/BEFORE YEAR ENDS GERALD CELENTE CONFIRMS CRASH IS GLOBAL)August Heat Of Tribulation In The Prophetic Summer Season Wind Under Confirming Signs In The Sun Moon Stars And Distress Of Nations

by amongthenumberedsaints

Typhoon Soudelor Makes Landfall in Taiwan; 145-MPH Gust In Japan’s Ryukyu Islands; More Than 4 Feet of Rain in Taiwan 

The biggest socio-economic and political storm that the world has ever seen barrels down upon us – yet, almost everything seems to be fine. But, that is how storms behave. There is always a wonderful calm before the storm hits, but that calm will only last for a few more weeks. Already we can see the clouds of this storm on the horizon.

However, this is more than just a ‘storm’. It’s a typhoon, just like the one that is about to hit Taiwan – where I currently live. I pray that God will spare you in the midst of what is coming upon us.

Ezekiel’s Fire

This bit directly reminded me of Ezekiel’s Fire:

The Sun and Earthquakes
This link between the Sun and Earthquakes is important, and is why the prophecy of Ezekiel’s Fire features BOTH.

Storm Warning  <<<–Lol, nice to see another watchman out there. Many good links on this post.

Elite Are In A Panic About What’s Coming To America Insider Warns – Is This Video Another Sign Of The Coming ‘End Game’?

Today the top trends forecaster in the world predicted a global stock market crash and gave the exact time frame in this exclusive King World News interview. He also spoke about how this crash will trigger a worldwide panic.

Eric King: “Gerald, let’s start off with the stock market because you want to make a prediction.”

Gerald Celente: “Yes. Rarely do I ever put a date on market crashes. I did it in 1987 when I forecast the 1987 stock market crash — that was in the Wall Street Journal. I also forecast the ‘Panic of 2008,’ and the ‘dot-com bust’ in October of 1999, when I said it (the dot-com mania) would fail in the second quarter of 2000….

Celente Predicts Global Stock Market Crash

Eric, I’m now predicting that we are going to see a global stock market crash before the end of the year. It’s not only going to be the Dow, it’s going to be the DAX, the FTSE, the CAC, Shanghai, and the Nikkei. There’s going to be panic on the streets from Wall Street to Shanghai and from the UK down to Brazil. You are going to see one market after another begin to collapse.”

Gerald Celente Just Predicted A Global Stock Market Crash And Gave The Exact Time Frame 

Rick opens the program with a warning that the global financial system’s indicator lights are flashing red. In Part 2, American Policy Center President Tom DeWeese talks with Rick about the Marxist roots of Agenda 21. In Part 3, Trail Life USA chief executive officer Mark Hancock tells Rick why Trail Life is the Biblical alternative to the homosexual-friendly Boy Scouts of America.

In short, the welfare system punishes work and incentivizes dependency. More concretely, the structure is such that rational actors will eschew hard work, because the more they earn, the poorer they will effectively be in terms of total resources (calculated as welfare benefits plus earnings).

In the simplest possible terms: for many Americans, wage growth is a very, very bad thing.

We encourage readers to go back and read “When Work Is Punished: The Tragedy Of America’s Welfare State,” and not only because it serves as a helpful primer, but because it also underscores the degree to which exactly nothing has changed in the 30 or so months since it was written. At issue is the so-called “welfare cliff” beyond which families will literally become poorer the higher their wages, as the drop off in entitlements more than offsets the increase in earnings.

When Work Is Punished: The Ongoing Tragedy Of America’s Welfare State

A study by the Illinois Policy Institute shows just how dramatic the effect of “falling off the cliff” (so to speak) can be. In one of the most startling findings for instance, if a single mother raising two children were to accept a pay raise from $12 to $18 per hour, her total resources would fall by nearly 33%.

There are several things to note here. First, as mentioned above, for a single mother of two, going from $12/hour to $18/hour would be a disaster, economically speaking. Her total resources (net income plus benefits) would collapse $24,840 from a peak of $63,597 to just $38,757. But perhaps the most distrubing part of the entire equation is that in this case, the single parent would have to make $38/hour before “recovering” from the welfare cliff.

In other words: in Illinois, a rising minimum wage is actually negative (and severely so) unless it’s hiked enough to make total compensation around $80,000!

Anything Antichrist Communist China can do, “we” can do better as dirty rotten Hell bound Antichrist NWO 666 Crypto Fascist Bastards!

Something Doesn’t Add Up…

Away from the utter farce of the rigged close in today’s manipulated, volatility-crushing market

We could not help but notice that with CNN’s Fear & Greed Index at 10 – Extreme Fear…

…and 6 of the 7 underlying factor at ‘Extreme Fear’, something doesn’t add up that the VIX ‘factor’ is “neutral”…

Today’s visualization breaks down $59.7 trillion of world debt by country, as well as highlighting each country’s debt-to-GDP ratio using colour. The data comes from the IMF and only covers external government debt.

It excludes the debt of country’s citizens and businesses, as well as unfunded liabilities which are not yet technically incurred yet. All figures are based on USD.

The numbers that stand out the most, especially when comparing to the previous world economy graphic:

$60 Trillion Of World Debt In One Visualization 

The United States constitutes 23.3% of the world economy but 29.1% of world debt. It’s debt-to-GDP ratio is 103.4% using IMF figures.

Japan makes up only 6.18% of total economic production, but has amounted 19.99% of global debt.
Antichrist Communist China, the world’s second largest economy (and largest by other measures), accounts for 13.9% of production. They only have 6.25% of world debt and a debt-to-GDP ratio of 39.4%. 7 of the 15 countries with the most total debt are European. Together, excluding Russia, the European continent holds over 26% of total world debt.

Combining the debt of the United States, Japan, and Europe together accounts for 75% of total global debt.


Seventeen dolphins found mysteriously beached near the site of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant may have died from radiation-induced heart damage, a scientific analysis has suggested.

In March 2011, a massive earthquake and tsunami triggered meltdowns at three of the Fukushima reactors. The ensuing explosions ejected massive amounts of radiation into the air, most of which later settled into the Pacific Ocean. Since then, groundwater has continued to leak into the failed reactors, becoming radioactive from contact with the nuclear material there. Much of this water has made it back to the sea, either accidentally or through deliberate releases by plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO).

White lungs a sign of radiation poisoning?
In April 2015, scientists from Japan’s National Science Museum conducted autopsies on the beached dolphins. They found that nearly all of them had lungs that were entirely white, indicating a condition known as ischemia – that is, loss of blood to the organs. The animals’ internal organs showed no signs of infection or any other disease.

“I have never seen such a state,” the chief researcher said.

While the researchers did not draw the connection themselves, ischemia is a well known symptom of radiation poisoning. In particular, studies have shown that small doses of radiation over time can produce ischemic heart disease (IHD). Higher rates of IHD have been observed among workers at the Mayak nuclear facility in Russia, with a higher risk among those exposed to greater levels of gamma radiation. Increases in IHD rates were also observed among emergency workers who responded to the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, as well as among residents exposed to radioactive fallout from the disaster. In the latter case, rates of IHD had increased by two to four times by 1988.

How far has the radiation spread?

Japanese scientists find signs of radiation poisoning in 17 dead dolphins near Fukushima 

On the other side of the Pacific, California has also been experiencing a rash of unusual marine mammal beaching. In the past few months, an unusually high number of whales have washed up dead on the California coast. In early July, San Francisco residents discovered a beached dolphin, sea lion and elephant seal. Meanwhile, record numbers of starving sea lion pups have been turning up from San Francisco to San Diego.

The official explanation for the sea lion beaching and for some of the other marine mammal deaths is a food shortage caused by unusually warm ocean waters, although scientists remain unsure of the proximate cause of the abnormally high temperatures. Some California fishermen have questioned this explanation, however, pointing the finger instead at habitat destruction and pollution.

But could radiation also be playing a role, poisoning marine mammals and their prey? It is well established that large amounts of radioactive material continue to pour from Fukushima into the Pacific, and from there may be entering the food chain.

“Every day, four hundred tons of highly radioactive water pours into the Pacific and heads towards the U.S.,” warned physician and renowned anti-nuclear advocate Helen Caldicott in September 2014. “Because the radiation accumulates in fish, we get that too. The U.S. government is not testing the water, not testing the fish, and not testing the ambient air. Also, people in Japan are eating radiation every day.”

Caldicott is the author and editor of Crisis Without End: The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe, and is a co-founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Some Pacific nations are certainly taking the possibility seriously. In 2011, nineteen Pacific states launched a study into the possible impacts of radioactive releases from Fukushima on the Asia-Pacific region specifically and the Pacific Ocean more generally.

The United States did not participate in the study.

By now most of you have heard the rumors, but they may be much more than rumors.

Recently, the Pope has sounded more like a bankster than a respected religious figure. The true colors of this Pope will soon be revealed. In September of 2015, the Pope will announce the orderly transition of the surrender of the national sovereignty of all nations which will culminate in world government. In other words, this Pope who says he endorses perversions repugnant to true Bible-believing Catholics, is allegedly going to announce the formation of the New World Order and that all 1 billion plus Catholics should willing to submit to the New World Order as is their duty as per the bastardized interpretation of Romans 13.

Is the Pope Mentally Ill or Merely a Servant of Satan?

have long thought that this Pope might be suffering from early onset dementia as he recently said he would baptize extraterrestrials as they would visit the Earth. This is the same Pope who has stated that Antichrist Islam and Christianity are basically one and the same religion. This false doctrine sets the stage for the official state sponsored (United Nations) approved religion which we commonly call Gaia which is about as a pagan of a religion that there is.

When the Pope addresses the United Nations on September 25th, he will be endorsing Agenda 21 and its sustainability concepts. Sustainability seeks to reduce at least 80% of all energy use. Some are even calling for a the total obliteration of the private use of energy. Sustainability walks hand in glove with the coming currency collapse. If the people can be brainwashed to accept sustainability concepts, the reduction of the currency by astronomical amounts will be more easily accepted by the masses. And if the Pope is telling people that this is what God would want, then it must be OK.

Implications of the Pope’s UN Speech

Last year, when the IMF devalued the Venezuela currency by 61%, the event was barely noticed. The event came like a thief in the night. For the most part, the people of Venezuela accepted their fate. I believe the same is about to happen here. When the Pope basically calls for the establishment of world government, a currency collapse will hasten the event. It almost as if the Venezuelan situation was an IMF Beta test for what is coming here.

When I stop and take a closer look at the things that this Pope has said and compare it to a whole host of corresponding events, it is difficult to not be concerned about what is coming. Especially disturbing is the fact that that Pope’s UN speech will be followed by what many are saying will be a wholesale devaluation of every national currency in the conversion to a global currency which is reportedly going to be digital. The off-the-record analysis of this supposed coming devaluation of the dollar will mean for every dollar one has in the bank, that dollar will lose 90% of its buying power in the conversion when it takes place in October.

What Will a Currency Devaluation Mean to You?

If this conversion takes place, most of you will not be able to afford to drive to work, because you will not be able to afford put gas in your tank. If these conversion rates are anywhere close to being accurate, you won’t be paying the present $3.00 per gallon, you would be paying somewhere around $30.00 per gallon! Your $200,000 mortgage would now be $2 million dollar mortgage! Now it makes sense why so many of our home mortgages have been transferred to either the International Monetary Fund or directly to our new landlords, the Antichrist Communist Chinese government.

Where will Americans secure food and other life-sustaining supplies? All of the above events would force Americans in the short-term into FEMA camps in order to receive the aforementioned life-saving supplies. Remember, the average American family has no savings and only three days of food on hand in their home.

Eventually, Americans would be forced into the “stack and packs” that the globalists talk about in Mike Krulig’s “America 2050″ derived from his Agenda 21 “Build One America” program.

The Pope Is Going to Tell You What Lies In Your Future and You Better Listen 

This is the picture that the globalists do not want you to see as Mike Krulig is advising the President on the America 2050 plan.

I have written about America 2050 in recent days as it is globalist plan, headed by the Obpzp’s administration, Mike Krulig, the founder of the Agenda 21 population centralization plan known as “Building One America”. Building One America is the first steps toward the fulfillment of the creation of 11 mega-regions which will contain six million people each. The missing 250 million people in the America 2050 plan, matches the Deagel Report of a similar population reduction for the United States to take place by 2025.


If what has been announced is true, then every individual has only a short time to get their house in order. There are no shortage of articles which talk about individual preparation. Among the preparations that everyone needs to make has to do with getting out of cash and into precious metals. Adding silver and gold to your portfolio is the only way to ensure that your currency will be accepted following the collapse. This Sunday evening from 8-9pm Eastern, Steve Quayle will be appearing on The Common Sense Show and talking about what is happening with gold and why everyone should be heavily invested in previous metals.

Tomorrow’s article analyzes recent events and their connection to the Pope’s coming proclamation.

Things are getting downright scary in emerging markets. Just ask Bill Gross:

Or have a look at this week’s headlines:

UK rate hike fears recede, emerging markets on edge
EMERGING MARKETS-Currencies retreat on talk of a Fed rate hike
Lost Decade in Emerging Markets: Investors Already Halfway There
Some Greek Lessons for Emerging Markets
Currencies in Freefall Handcuff Bankers From Chile to Colombia

And on, and on.

One particularly alarming case that we’ve been keen to document lately is that of Brazil which, you’ll recall, is “up shit creek without a paddle” both figuratively and literally. For one thing, as Goldman recently noted, there’s not a single period in over a decade “with a strictly-worse growth-inflation outcome than that of 2Q2015.” In other words, “since 1Q2004 there has not been a single quarter in which we had simultaneously higher inflation and lower growth than during 2Q2015.”

And here is what that looks like on a scale of 100 to -100 with 100 being “high growth, low inflation” and -100 being “stagflation nightmare”:

This helps to explain why CDS spreads have blown out to post-crisis wides.

For those who favor a more qualitative approach to assessing an economy’s prospects, don’t forget that the Brazilian economy recently hit its metaphorical, and literal, bottom when AP reported that, with the Brazil Olympics of 2016 just about 1 year away, “athletes in next year’s Summer Olympics here will be swimming and boating in waters so contaminated with human feces that they risk becoming violently ill and unable to compete in the games.”

So that’s Brazil, and while not every EM country is coping with the worst stagflation in 11 years while simultaneously trying to explain away rivers of raw sewage to the Olympic Committee, the combination of slumping commodity prices and the threat of an imminent Fed liftoff are wreaking havoc across the space.

Emerging Market Mayhem: Gross Warns Of “Debacle” As Currencies, Bonds Collapse 

In other words, central bankers are grappling with slumping export-driven economies and FX-pass through inflation or, more simply, bankers are caught between a “can’t cut to boost the economy” rock and a “can’t hike to tame inflation” hard place.

“Inflation [in Colombia] stood at a monthly 0.19% in July, a print above market consensus (0.11% MoM) and our forecast (0.15% MoM) [which] goes in-line with a materialization of the foreign exchange pass-through to inflation in a month where the COP depreciation against the USD stood at 10.9%,” Citi said earlier this week, adding that “the transmission still looks small and this has prompted some analysts to consider that there is a delayed pass-through effect which should materialize in the months ahead.” In other words: it’s about to get worse.

More broadly, “developing-nation currencies have fallen to their lowest levels since 1999, and bonds denominated in those currencies have wiped out five years’ worth of gains,”

Tying it all together, Morgan Stanley says that Brazil has taken “center stage as the great EM unwind takes hold.” In short, “a triple unwind of EM credit, China’s leverage and easy US monetary policy” has tanked the space and although Morgan thinks we may be more than halfway through the cycle, the bank “remains wary of new risks, naturally.”

Yes, “naturally,” because this is the same Morgan Stanley which just two weeks ago predicted that based on the forward curve, the rebound in crude prices will be so bad as to have no parallel “in analysable history.” Needless to say, that doesn’t bode well for commodity currencies and neither does a Fed rate hike. So in this environment, who is most exposed? Morgan Stanley endeavors to explain.

But wait, there’s more. The bigger picture problem (i.e. looking beyond the current downturn in commodities and the looming Fed hike) for EMs revolves around slumping global trade, a topic we’ve discussed at length (here, for instance). As WSJ notes, the downturn in trade which many had assumed was merely cyclical, may in fact be structural and endemic:

So where does all of this leave us? Well, that remains to be seen, but if we truly are in for a prolonged period of lackluster global demand and depressed trade, we could begin to see a wholesale shift in which the markets formerly known as “emerging” quickly descend into “frontier” status and after that, well, cue the “humanitarian aid” packages. 

Prophetic Signal Cluster Upon This Prophetic Last Generation As The Whore(s) Of Babylon Petrus Romanus Ride The Beast And Confirm Antichrist French Foreign Minister’s Prophetic Leaping Frog NWO United Nations 500 Days Global Climate Chaos Abyss (NEWS FLASH …THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS JUST BEFORE THE TRIBULATION ERA AND ANTICHRIST IS CONFIRMED!!! GET READY FOR ALL HELL TO BREAK LOOSE!!! ZENITH 2016 LOOKS LIKE THE REAL DEAL FOR CERTAIN BASED ON TODAY’S NEWS) WOE! WOE! WOE! 

They Live, We Sleep: A Dictatorship Disguised As A Democracy 

Antichrist Islamic State militants have abducted dozens of Christian families after seizing a strategically located town in the central Syrian province of Homs, a monitor said on Friday.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 230 people were kidnapped, including dozens of Christians, some of whom were taken from a church in Qaryatain, the town captured overnight after heavy fighting with the Syrian army.

Qaryatain is near a road linking the ancient city of Palmyra to the Qalamoun mountains, along the border with Lebanon.

Antichrist Islamic State has killed members of religious minorities and Antichrist Sunni Muslims who do not swear allegiance to its self-declared “Antichrist caliphate”. They also consider Christians as infidels.

Last February, the hardline Antichrist jihadists abducted at least 250 Assyrian Christians, many of whom were children and women, during raids on villages in northeastern Syria, in a mass abduction coinciding with an offensive in the same region by Kurdish forces backed by US led air strikes.

The fate of many of these civilians is unclear, as is that of a number of priests who went missing and are believed to be held by the militants, according to Christian groups.

Antichrist Islamic State abducts dozens of Christians from Syrian town 

Antichrist Iranian Revolutionary Guards leader Qassem Soleimani met with Putz Putin Russian officials last month, senior Western intelligence officials leaked to the press Friday, despite a travel ban from the UN.

Antichrist Soleimani met with Putz Putin Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and President Vladimir Putz Putin on July 24, Fox News reported.

Soleimani is the Antichrist Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander who leads the elite Antichrist Qods Force, which conducts foreign operations outside Antichrist Iran’s borders and directs the Antichrist Islamic regime’s terrorist activities throughout the world.

He arrived on Air Iran flight #5130 at 6:50 a.m. for the meeting and left on flight #5120 the following Sunday (July 26), intelligence stated. It is unclear what transpired between the top terrorist and Putz Putin Russian leaders.

Sanctions against Antichrist Soleimani are due to be lifted in the event the Antichrist Iran nuclear deal is implemented.

Top Antichrist Iranian Terror Commander Meets with Putz Putin 

A senior Antichrist Iranian official on Wednesday warned of an impending “third world war” that will be sparked by terrorists, according to regional reports.

Antichrist Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the chairman of Antichrist Iran’s powerful Expediency Council, warned in comments that the “outbreak of World War III” is coming in the near future, according to a report by Antichrist Iran’s Fars News Agency.

“The threat of the outbreak of the third world war by the terrorists is serious,” Rafsanjani was quoted as saying in a meeting with Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni, who was in Tehran this week for a meeting with Iranian officials.

Rafsanjani blamed the United States and NATO for fostering the conditions that will lead to World War III.

Antichrist Iran Warns of ‘Third World War’

there is indeed a geopolitical chess match going on here that will have far-reaching consequences when the blood and dust settle, but it has nothing to do with ISIS’ far-fetched quest to establish a Medieval caliphate and everything to do with installing a government in Syria that will be more friendly to the interests of the West and its Middle Eastern allies.

Russia Ready To Send Paratroopers To Syria

Antichrist ISIS will remain in play as long as they are necessary, but once the time comes for the US to clean up the mess left by Syria’s three-front war once and for all, that will be all she wrote for this particular CIA asset. Until then, everyone apparently gets to use Islamic State as an excuse to pursue their own political agenda, as evidenced by Turkey’s new war on “terrorists.” Not wanting to miss an opportunity to justify what would otherwise be a rather brash declaration, Russia is reportedly ready to send in the paratroopers should Syria request Moscow’s help in battling terrorist elements.

Report: Antichrist Communist China set to provide Antichrist Iran with fighter jets in $1 billion deal 

Antichrist Iran is beginning to reap the fruits of its nuclear deal with the world powers.

According to a report in the Taiwanese press, Antichrist Communist China is set to provide the Islamic Republic with 24 J-10 fighter jets.

In exchange, Iran will permit Antichrist Communist China access to its largest oil field for the next 20 years. The total estimated value of the deal is $1 billion.

The J-10, which is known by the moniker “Vigorous Dragon,” is an advanced combat aircraft that foreign sources say is based on the original designs of the Lavi, an Israeli prototype whose manufacturing was canceled in the 1980s.

The Lavi was built and developed by Israel Aircraft Industries (since 2006 called Israel Aerospace Industries), though the government eventually decided to terminate the program due to the high costs of production and after the US offered to sell Israel F-16s as an alternative. After the cancellation, the Israeli government resolved to sell the plans to Antichrist Communist China.

The J-10 is a single-engine aircraft that has a flight range of 2,900 kilometers. Antichrist Communist Iran is believed to be interested in procuring the jet in order to defend its skies as well as to attack targets throughout the Persian Gulf.

According to defense analysts, Israel and the US are concerned about the emerging deal, which, if executed, could complicate foreign armies’ efforts to act freely in the region.

Antichrist Communist China on yellow alert for high temperatures 

Ex-National Security Advisor: Antichrist Iran nuclear deal likely will lead to use of force 

The Vienna agreement signed between world powers and Antichrist Iran will “likely and necessarily lead to the use of force against Antichrist Iran, at some stage or another, in order to halt its race toward a nuclear weapons program,” the former national security adviser to Antichrist Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu, Maj.-Gen. (res.) Yaakov Amidror, has warned.

In a detailed paper published by the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies at Bar Ilan University, where Amidror is a senior research fellow, he wrote, “It is clear that the agreement was signed in order to delay the Antichrist Iranian nuclear bomb program, not to end it. And thus, when the program rears its head again it will be a problem several times more serious and far harder to deal with.”

He added, however, that “there is no cause for hysteria. The agreement will not bring about Israel’s downfall, and in the best case scenario may even buy Israel some time to better prepare for confronting the Antichrist Iranian challenge. Nevertheless, the map of reality should be read correctly, and not through rose-tinted glasses… The reality facing Israel (and the world) following the signing of the agreement is significantly more threatening than before.”

Importantly, Antichrist Saudi and coalition boots are now officially on the ground in Antichrist Yemen, under the guise of Antichrist tank trainers.

Dramatic Footage Of Antichrist Saudi Tanks Invading Antichrist Yemen 

In any event, we suppose the real question is whether Antichrist Iran is willing to stand by and watch as the Antichrist Houthis are dismantled by Antichrist Saudi Arabia, or whether Antichrist Tehran decides it’s time to provide more than just “logistical support”, at which point Antichrist Yemen’s proxy “conflict” will officially morph into a regional sectarian war. <<<-Which just ”happens” to be perfectly timed with ”all” the prophetic events now upon this terminal generation.

“It seems like the border is open to everyone unless you’re an Iraq Christian fleeing Antichrist ISIS,”  “Obozo is to blame, Congress is to blame, and the U.S. State Department is to blame.”

The Chaldean Christians are being held “without any logic or explanation; they’ve escaped Antichrist ISIS only to be imprisoned by ICE. These are 20 innocent Christians who escaped a holocaust only to be imprisoned by ICE,” Arabo said. “These are people we should be celebrating not imprisoning.”


There are two ways to win, at any game: One is by improving one’s own performance. The other is by weakening the performances by all of one’s competitors. The United States is now relying almost entirely upon the latter type of strategy.

The U.S. Is Destroying Europe

In Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and other countries at the periphery or edges of Europe, Antichrist U.S. 666 NWO President Barack Hussein Obozo The 911 Homosexual Crypto Fascist Climate Change Clown has been pursuing a policy of destabilization, and even of bombings and other military assistance, that drives millions of refugees out of those peripheral areas and into Europe, thereby adding fuel to the far-rightwing fires of anti-immigrant rejectionism, and of resultant political destabilization, throughout Europe, not only on its peripheries, but even as far away as in northern Europe.

Shamus Cooke at Off-Guardian headlines on 3 August 2015, “Obozo’s ‘Safe Zone’ in Syria Intended to Turn It into New Libya,” and he reports that Obozo has approved U.S. air support for Antichrist Islamic Fascist Turkey’s previously unenfoceable no-fly zone over Syria. The Obozo Clown U.S Whore Of Mystery Babylon. will now shoot down all of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s planes that are targeting the extremist-Antichrist Muslim groups, including Antichrist NWO United States ISIS Proxy, that have taken over huge swaths of Syrian territory.

^^^Too bad the dipshit that wrote this article doesn’t actually know what is really happening is the actual Antichrist plan for the Middle East, and the fact that this is the fulfillment of the prophetic tribulation about to be confirmed. It’s not as if Putz Putin is not part of the effort. This of course is beyond obvious to everyone with half a brain, or every watchful Saint of our Father in Christ with a complete brain. Lol.

This is a ·message [prophecy; oracle; burden] about Damascus: “[L Look; T Behold] The city of Damascus will ·be destroyed [L cease to be]; only ruins will remain.

2 The cities of Aroer will be ·abandoned [deserted; desolate]. ·Flocks will wander freely in those empty towns [L They will be for flocks]; they will lie down and no one will ·bother [disturb; frighten] them.

Isaiah 17 

3 The ·strong, walled [fortified] cities of ·Israel [L Ephraim; C the most influential tribe of the northern kingdom of Israel] will be destroyed. The ·government in Damascus will end [L kingdom from Damascus; C the capital of Syria]. ·Those left alive [The remnant] of Aram [C Syria] will be like the glory of Israel,” says the Lord ·All-Powerful [Almighty; of Heaven’s Armies; T of hosts].

4 “·At that time [L In that day] ·Israel’s wealth [L Jacob’s glory] will ·all be gone [or fade; wane]. ·Israel will be like a body wasting away from sickness [L The fatness of his flesh will grow lean].

5 That time will be like the grain harvest in the Valley of Rephaim. The workers cut the wheat. Then they cut the heads of grain from the plants and collect the grain.

6 That time will also be like ·the olive harvest [when an olive tree is beaten], when ·a few olives [L gleanings] are left [24:13]. Two or three olives are left in the top branches. Four or five olives are left on full branches,” says the Lord, the God of Israel.

7 ·At that time [L In that day] people will look to their Maker; their eyes will ·see [or L look toward] the Holy One of Israel [1:4].

8 They will not trust the altars ·they have made [L the work of their hands], nor will they trust what their ·hands [L fingers] have made, not even the ·Asherah idols [L Asherahs; C sacred trees or poles dedicated to the goddess Asherah] and ·altars [incense altars].

9 ·At that time [L In that day] all their strong cities will be empty. They will be like the ·cities the Hivites and [or wooded heights] the Amorites left when the ·Israelites [L sons/T children of Israel] came to take the land. Everything will be ruined.

10 You have forgotten the God who ·saves [rescues] you; you have not remembered ·that God is your place of safety [L the Rock, your stronghold/strength]. You plant ·the finest [beautiful; pleasant] plants
and grapevines from ·faraway [exotic; foreign] places.

11 You plant your grapevines one day and try to make them grow, and ·the next day [in the morning] you make them blossom. But ·at harvest time everything will be dead [L the harvest will be a heap/disaster];
·a sickness will kill all the plants [L in the day of disease and incurable pain].

12 ·Listen [or Woe] to the many people! ·Their crying is like the noise from the sea [They rage/roar like the raging/roaring sea]. ·Listen [or Woe] to the nations! Their ·crying [roar] is like the ·crashing [roaring] of great ·waves [waters].

13 The people roar like the ·waves [roaring of many waters], but when ·God [L he] ·speaks harshly to [shouts at; rebukes] them, they will ·run [flee far] away. They will be like chaff on the hills being blown by the wind, or like ·tumbleweeds [L a rolling thing] blown away by a storm.

14 ·At night [L In the time of evening] ·the people will be very frightened [L look/T behold, terror!].
Before morning, ·no one will be left [the enemy will be gone; L he is no more]. This is the ·fate [portion] of those who ·steal from [plunder] us, and ·what happens to [the lot of] those who ·rob [loot] us.

GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A minor (Kp=5) geomagnetic storm is underway on Aug. 7th as a high-speed solar wind stream buffets Earth’s magnetic field. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras, especially during the hours around local midnight. [forecast video] Aurora alerts: text or voice.


BIG SUNSPOT TURNS TOWARD EARTH: What a difference a few days can make. Earlier this week, sunspot AR2396 was completely invisible. Now it has grown into a behemoth more than 120,000 km wide. Francois Rouviere sends this picture from Mougins, France:

2015 Gulf of Mexico dead zone ‘above average’

Scientists have found this year’s Gulf of Mexico dead zone, an area of low to no oxygen that can kill fish and marine life, is, at 16 767 square km (6 474 square miles), above average in size and larger than forecast by NOAA in June. The larger than expected forecast was caused by heavy June rains throughout the Mississippi River watershed, NOAA reports.

Puerto Ricans face punishing drought amid economic slump

Puerto Ricans are learning to live without water on an island that already was suffering an economic crisis.

A severe drought is forcing businesses to temporarily close, public schools to cancel breakfast service and people to find creative ways to stay clean amid sweltering temperatures.

Rationing rules that had meant water coming through the pipes only one day out of three will increase the cutoff to one day out of four starting next week, government officials say.

“I’ve grown fearful of the weather report,” said Cornelio Vegazo, owner of a roof-repair company. “There’s no light at the end of the tunnel.”

Misery deepens for those in Puerto Rico who can’t leave 

Most tables are empty at Walter Martin’s coffee shop in San Juan’s colonial district. His brow is furrowed with concern and glistens with sweat in the sweltering Caribbean morning. He’s turned off the air conditioning to lower his power bill. With fewer customers, he’s cut staff hours and tried to make up the lost income by raising some prices. But Puerto Rico’s entrenched economic crisis is leading people to either cut their personal spending to the basics or flee to the mainland to search for jobs, contributing to the struggles of those left on the island.

“We’re making every single adjustment needed,” Martin said. “We have to make these decisions because if not …”

He trailed off, hesitant to complete the sentence..

Modern Day Ingathering of the Exiles Ushering in Ultimate Redemption

And [Jesus] said to His disciples, Temptations (snares, traps set to entice to sin) are sure to come, but woe to him by or through whom they come!

2 It would be more profitable for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were hurled into the sea than that he should cause to sin or be a snare to one of these little ones [[a]lowly in rank or influence].

3 [b]Pay attention and always be on your guard [looking out for one another]. If your brother sins (misses the mark), solemnly tell him so and reprove him, and if he repents (feels sorry for having sinned), forgive him.

4 And even if he sins against you seven times in a day, and turns to you seven times and says, I repent [I am sorry], you must forgive him (give up resentment and consider the offense as recalled and annulled).

Luke 17

20 Asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He replied to them by saying, The kingdom of God does not come with signs to be observed or with visible display, 21 Nor will people say, Look! Here [it is]! or, See, [it is] there! For behold, the kingdom of God is within you [in your hearts] and among you [surrounding you].

22 And He said to the disciples, The time is coming when you will long to see [even] one of the days of the Son of Man, and you will not see [it]. 

23 And they will say to you, Look! [He is] there! or, Look! [He is] here! But do not go out or follow [them].

24 For like the lightning, that flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other, so will the Son of Man be in His [own] day. 25 But first He must suffer many things and be disapproved and repudiated and rejected by this age and generation. 26 And [just] as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the time of the Son of Man. 27 [People] ate, they drank, they married, they were given in marriage, right up to the day when Noah went into the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all.

28 So also [it was the same] as it was in the days of Lot. [People] ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; 29 But on the [very] day that Lot went out of Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed [them] all. 30 That is the way it will be on the day that the Son of Man is revealed.

31 On that day let him who is on the housetop, with his belongings in the house, not come down [and go inside] to carry them away; and likewise let him who is in the field not turn back.

32 Remember Lot’s wife!

33 Whoever tries to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will preserve and [e]quicken it.
34 I tell you, in that night there will be two men in one bed; one will be taken and the other will be left.
35 There will be two women grinding together; one will be taken and the other will be left.
36 [f]Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other will be left.

37 Then they asked Him, Where, Lord? He said to them, Wherever the dead body is, there will the vultures or eagles be gathered together.

Birds of Prey Circling Over Syria 

Anyone who spends some time in the hills of Galilee or the Golan Heights is familiar with the arresting sight of flocks of ravens, eagles, vultures and other birds of prey, circling the same spot in the sky for hours. Their objective is clear: down below that circle lies the body of a cow, sheep or other animal, whose movements attest to its approaching death. The birds follow the death throes carefully, flying lower and lower as the signs of life become fainter. As soon as the animal ceases to move, they pounce on their prey to begin gouging out its flesh, using their sharp beaks.

Then a ·powerful [strong; mighty] angel picked up a large stone, like ·one used for grinding grain [a millstone], and threw it into the sea [Jer. 51:63–64]. He said:

“In the same way, the great city of Babylon will be thrown down [with violence],
and it will never be found again.

Revelation 18

A massive monolith over 10,000 years old has been found in the Mediterranean Sea near Italy, scientists say. The block, which was apparently constructed by humans, bears traces of prehistoric civilization.
The 12-meter-long monolith “resting on the sea-floor” was located at a depth of 40 meters, in a shallow bank of the Sicilian Channel, says the report by ocean scientists from Italy and Israel published in July.

“It is broken into two parts, and has three regular holes: one at its end which passes through from part to part, the others in two of its sides.”

According to the study, the site was abandoned at about 9,350 ± 200 years BP (Before Present) and the morphological evidence, underwater observations and results of petrographic analysis suggest that the monolith was made by humans.

This discovery provides evidence for a significant Mesolithic human activity in the Sicilian Channel region.”

The scientists say the block was “cut and extracted as a single stone from the outer rectilinear ridge” which was about 300 meters to the south, “and then transported and possibly erected.

“From the size of the monolith, we may presume that it weighs about 15 tons,” the study says, adding that its function hasn’t been specified yet.

The prehistoric people were able to build the monolith as there was no sea where the Sicilian Channel is now. But then the ancient geography of the Mediterranean Basin was profoundly changed by the increase in sea level following the Last Glacial Maximum, says the study.

Rock of ages: Man-made 10,000yo monolith found off Italian coast 

“This global event has led to the retreat of the coastlines, especially in lowland areas and shallow shelves, such as the Sicilian Channel.”

The scientists say that the idea that human ancestors once lived at the sea-floor of modern seas “easily fascinates and attracts our imagination” as an extensive archaeological record of early settlements still remains on the sea-floor of our continental shelves.

“Almost everything that we do know about prehistoric cultures derives from settlements that are now on land, and that were tens to hundreds of kilometers distant from the coastline when they were occupied.”

The age of the monolith dates back to the beginning of Mesolithic era (about 10,000 to 5,000 BC) and the report says that the discovery may “significantly expand our knowledge of the earliest civilizations in the Mediterranean basin and our views on technological innovation and development achieved by the Mesolithic inhabitants.”

The scientists noted that the monolith, made of a single, large block, required a cutting, extraction, transportation and installation, which undoubtedly reveals “important technical skills and great engineering.”

The study calls to abandon the belief that our ancestors lacked the knowledge, skill and technology to exploit marine resources or make sea crossings.

“The recent findings of submerged archaeology have definitively removed the idea of ‘technological primitivism’ often attributed to hunter-gatherer coastal settlers.”

The most famous archeological discovery of Mesolithic age is the monumental temple complex of Göbekli Tepe in southeastern Turkey. The complex, which was excavated by a German archaeological team in the 1960s, was constructed about 11,600 years BP.

The exact purpose of the site is yet unknown. However, the scientists suggest it was a religious center or sanctuary.

^^^These jerks certainly know the flood destroyed this fallen angel demonic culture, which corrupted the whole Earth.

An archaeological expedition has discovered the fortifications and entrance gate of the biblical city of Gath of the Philistines, home of Goliath and the largest city in the land during the 10th-9th century BCE, about the time of the “United Kingdom” of Israel and King Ahab of Israel.

The city gate of Philistine Gath is referred to in I Samuel 21 in the story of David’s escape from King Saul to Achish, King of Gath.

So far, according to the statement from Bar-Ilan, the group has discovered Philistine Temples dating to the 11th through 9th century BCE, evidence of an earthquake in the 8th century BCE possibly connected to the earthquake mentioned in the Book of Amos I:1, the earliest decipherable Philistine inscription ever to be discovered, which contains two names similar to the name Goliath.

They have also uncovered a large assortment of objects of various types linked to Philistine culture; remains relating to the earliest siege system in the world, constructed by Hazael, King of Aram Damascus around 830 BCE, along with extensive evidence of the subsequent capture and destruction of the city by Hazael, as mentioned in Second Kings 12:18; evidence of the first Philistine settlement in Canaan (around 1200 BCE); different levels of the earlier Canaanite city of Gath;

Archaeologists Uncover Entrance Gate to Goliath’s City 

High above the plane of our solar system, near the asteroid-rich abyss between Mars and Jupiter, scientists have found a unique family of space rocks. These interplanetary oddballs are the Euphrosyne (pronounced you-FROH-seh-nee) asteroids, and by any measure they have been distant, dark and mysterious—until now.

“The Euphrosynes have a gentle >>>resonance<<< with the orbit of >>>Saturn<<< that slowly moves these objects, eventually turning some of them into NEOs,” said Joseph Masiero, JPL’s lead scientist on the Euphrosynes study. “This particular gravitational resonance tends to >>>push<<< some of the larger fragments of the Euphrosyne family >>>into<<< near-Earth space.”

Tracking a mysterious group of asteroid outcasts 

By studying the Euphrosyne family asteroids with NEOWISE, JPL scientists have been able to measure their sizes and the amount of solar energy they reflect. Since NEOWISE operates in the infrared portion of the spectrum, it detects heat. Therefore, it can see dark objects far better than telescopes operating at visible wavelengths, which sense reflected sunlight. Its heat-sensing capability also allows it to measure sizes more accurately.

The 1,400 Euphrosyne asteroids studied by Masiero and his colleagues turned out to be large and dark, with highly inclined and elliptical orbits. These traits make them good candidates for the source of some of the dark NEOs the NEOWISE telescope detects and discovers, particularly those that also have highly inclined orbits. NEOWISE was originally launched as an astrophysics mission in 2009 as the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE. It operated until 2011 and was then shut down. But the spacecraft, now dubbed NEOWISE, would get a second life. “NEOWISE is a great tool for searching for near-Earth asteroids, particularly high-inclination, dark objects,” Masiero said.

There are over 700,000 asteroidal bodies currently known in the main belt that range in size from large boulders to about 60 percent of the diameter of Earth’s moon, with many yet to be discovered. This makes finding the specific point of origin of most NEOs extremely difficult. With the Euphrosynes it’s different. “Most near-Earth objects come from a number of sources in the inner region of the main belt, and they are quickly mixed around,” Masiero said. “But with objects coming from this family, in such a unique region, we are able to draw a likely path for some of the unusual, dark NEOs we find back to the collision in which they were born.”

A better understanding of the origins and behaviors of these mysterious objects will give researchers a clearer picture of asteroids in general, and in particular the NEOs that skirt our home planet’s neighborhood. Such studies are important, and potentially critical, to the future of humanity, which is a primary reason JPL and its partners continue to relentlessly track these wanderers within our solar system. To date, U.S. assets have discovered more than 98 percent of the ”known” NEOs.

DR Congo earthquake kills two children in Bukavu

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake has hit eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, killing two children, Information Minister Lambert Mende has said.

The two children died after the house they live in collapsed in Katana, near the airport in Bukavu. Other buildings in the area were also slightly affected.

Great Lakes analyst Venuste Nnshimiyimana says the tremor caused a scare at a nearby military barracks prompting soldiers to fire in the air for about 15 minutes thinking it was an attack.
Eastern DR Congo has been mired in violence since the aftermath of the 1994 genocide in neighbouring Rwanda

Strong quake hits Rwanda

This is the second strong earthquake ever felt in Rwanda within a period of seven years.

An earthquake damaged up to 45 schools and health centres in western Rwanda’s districts of Nyamasheke and Rusizi in February 2008. 27 000 children were evacuated from schools, while 37 people died and 646 others were injured.

According to experts, earthquakes are common in the western Great Rift Valley due to the presence of a seismically active fault line which straddles western Uganda, eastern the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Planet X with Doug Elwell – Canary Cry Radio 085 

Did Pope Francis really say the Antichrist Koran and Bible are the same? 

^^^Interesting revelation. First there is fake site story, which is a great revelation discovery, but at the same time the person on this link, after qualifying the reality of the Petrus Romanus Pope is pitching his Antichrist Israeli ”Two State” finale solution and global NWO U.N. Climate Change Clown agenda (Hello Intensive Cremation Of Care Unit 911 Babylon ”IS” fallen, Damascus Destroyed, Great Balls Of Asteroid Fire …etc) Temple Mount tent. Lol. This dipshit Jesuit scumbag Pope is all about the Antichrist Islamic Israeli Mahdi Messiah Maitreya United Nation Zeus Image Of The Beast. There is absolutely nothing more to be said about this final Pope, he’s going to Hell. The fact that the author does not point this out properly in the prophetic context, and does not make any effort to reiterate what the (Pope Dope hanging himself with his own rope) fool has already said and done before, concerning the Antichrist Muslims invited to offer prayer within the Vatican etc… etc.. etc.., not to mention his Temple Mount visit etc…, well, the author has more than a toe in the fire. Better get that Falange Phalanx Phalange out of the flame now. The Apollyon apologetic shit is in the wind and the stench of lukewarm puke coming from this author stinks like a twisted bowel of a feculent fan of strong delusion. The actions of this Pope are exactly the image of the pantheist alter below the Babylonian Magic 666 Square within the Scottish Rite Masonic World Headquarters in Washington D.C.. The way counterintelligence works is; when you can offer deception to the (masonic antichrist spirit degree of Satan) degree that your target is tempted to ”shop” for you. In short, there is no ground to give this Pope, and a fake site story does not ”change” the veneration of Antichrist Islam, Homosexual Marriage, Marxism and his disparaging offers against the principles of protection that are rooted in the true protestant Holy Spirit of our Father in Christ and his Saints that have suffered the blasphemous ”time and scriptural standard(s) and law(s) change” into the Antichrist Vatican image of a single man or priest of a religion that coddled Hitler after it’s inquisitions of torture and murder plagued the world during the dark ages. Catholics in general, at this point, are absolutely in danger of the deception gathering them, at this prophetic end time, like branches to be burned in the fire.

In Short, the Pope not declaring Antichrist Islam, or any and all Antichrist sects claims, to be evil and an a grievous lie that shall result in the second death, convicts this Petrus Romanus fool and seals him with all the leaders of the nations and Israel given to drink from the same cup which holds the prophetic strong delusion by which their own judgment shall in short order fall upon their heads as hot coals upon The Beast.

You want lukewarm, then don’t read Luke. You want the fire of Elijah, stand fast and do no harm and declare the whole Truth of our Father in Christ unto all nations and tongues without reservation or any apologetic musings for some fool Pope that continues to entertain the familiar Antichrist Islamic spirit poured out upon the good people of the Middle East especially and this Earth in general. Their Antichrist Koran is a certain second death, as with those Catholics that continue to follow the dogma and Antichrist claims of infallibility by some Hell-bound Crypto Fascist Pope Cabal team of NWO 666 Globalist.



One occurrence in particular of the Triple Planetary Alignment of Regulus-Jupiter-Mercury in Leo on August 6, 2015 will be highlighted in the chart. This will illustrate the divine principle of ‘reflection’ between Heaven and Earth on an astronomical scale of the celestial movements that occurs ‘As Above, So Below.’

The alignment of Regulus-Jupiter-Mercury will approximate the angle of the Giza Pyramid complex in Egypt on Aug 6, 2015. This is just one of numerous celestial occurrences in 2015. What the significance of this alignment and date will remain to be seen. One possible correlation to the angle of the Planetary alignment is that the angle correlates to the Giza angle toward Mt. Zion in Jerusalem, Israel. With this angle, the 3rd corner can be triangulated. This 3rd angle corresponds to the propertied real location of Mt. Sinai in Arabia. It appears that the Great Pyramid was a sort of complimentary ‘mountain’ that was sacred to correspond to Mt. Zion and Mt. Sinai.

Constellation Leo

Divine Reflections

What ‘signs’ will signify is up to interpretation but what is interesting about the Triple Alignment at Regulus of Jupiter and Mercury on Aug 6, 2015 is that the 3 celestial bodies approximate the Giza complex angle of the Pyramids. The Giza Pyramid complex has been shown to be associated to Mt. Zion. This study suggests that such an angle also determines the exact location of the real location of Mt. Sinai as all 3 sites are said to be ‘Altars’ of some sort according to the Bible.

With Giza specific, Isaiah 19 describes an ‘altar’ where the Great Pyramid sits on the edge and border of Egypt. On Mt. Sinai and Mt. Zion, the Bible clearly describes times where Abraham and Moses constructed an altar unto the LORD as well. Perhaps such an alignment at Regulus will have to do with the Altar of the coming 3rd Temple in Jerusalem that will either be in effect, begun or commissioned in some form or fashion. The Altar will be the last piece to be in place for the Daily Sacrifices to commence.

22815 Ma ^-|0|P*S 

Daily Update and Taking Questions (1pm Eastern) 

Sharing the Manuscript – Notes (Sun/Earthquakes) 


Note: Interesting video call for big quakes in video below relating to August 8th Lion’s Gate magnetic portal line up. Very interesting, considering the recent Asteroid outbreak and all the events converging now into September’s prophetic end time tribulation era doorway.

Tokyo Heat Wave Enters Eighth Day, Doubling All-Time Record; 55 Confirmed Dead in Japan 

A super typhoon is defined by sustained wind speeds of at least 150 mph. According to Monday’s 5 p.m. EDT bulletin from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, Soudelor had strengthened into the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 180 mph (one-minute average) with gusts to 220 mph.

Soudelor has maintained its strength and as of 11 p.m. EDT Monday, Soudelor continues to have maximum sustained winds of 180 mph and some additional strengthening is possible. Low wind shear and very warm sea surface temperatures have allowed Soudelor to ramp up quickly; the cyclone was just a minimal typhoon 36 hours earlier. Soudelor continues to track to the west-northwest over the open waters of the Western Pacific. Soudelor has become the strongest tropical cyclone seen anywhere on Earth so far in 2015, at least by JTWC satellite estimation. Cyclone Pam in March reached peak estimated sustained winds of about 165 mph (145 knots) in the South Pacific basin. On this path, Soudelor will move toward Japan’s southwestern Ryukyu islands by Friday.

For now, the main island of Okinawa (including Kadena Air Base) lies at the north end of the forecast swath, but it remains far too soon to rule out a closer pass of the center of Soudelor to Okinawa. Taiwan and China are also likely to be impacted by Soudelor this weekend. Even though it may be weakening by then, Soudelor could still be a very strong typhoon. Its center may pass directly over Taipei, the Taiwanese capital. Intensifying from a Category 1 to Category 2 equivalent storm, Soudelor’s eye passed directly over the Island of Saipan, home to about 48,000 residents. A state of disaster and significant emergency was declared by Acting Gov. Ralph DLG Torres.

Dangerous: Super Typhoon Soudelor intensifies as the strongest storm of 2015, wind gusts 220 mph

Heavy rains brought strong floods to the northern, northeastern and southern parts of Thailand during the last 3 days. More than 3 000 homes and 4 800 hectares (30 000 rai) of rice paddy fields have been affected by the flooding waters across the Sri Songkram district, as of August 6.

Strong floods in parts of Thailand affect over 3 000 homes and inundate 4 800 hectares of paddy fields 

 ‘For behold, the day is coming, burning like a furnace; and all the arrogant and every evildoer will be chaff; and the day that is coming will set them ablaze,’ says the LORD of hosts, ‘so that it will leave them neither root nor branch.’ ” (Malachi 3:19)

Apocalyptic Weather Around World Sign of Fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy

So yeah, Americans are NOT happy, and they have every right to be pissed off.

Chart Of The Day – Americans Are Not Happy

‘One Last Grand Manipulation’ Coming – It Is Contrived And Controlled To Usher In The ‘Mark Of The Beast’

And now the sellside is finally starting to notice, and instead of merely falling back on its traditional “but if you ignore energy…” platitudes aimed squarely at the 5-year-old trader market, is taking it seriously. Here is Credit Agricole’s Valentin Marinov with a note released yesterday, which it seems took the market about 24 hours to read and digest.

“Something Has To Give”: Wall Street Finally Noticed The Epic Divergence Between Stocks And Commodities 

Expect the remainder of the sellside penguin crew to finally “notice” and this gaping divergence in the coming days.

Dow Dumps Almost 1000 Points From Highs To 6-Month Lows, Crude Carnage Continues

“Markets In Turmoil” Dow Suffers Worst Streak Since 2011, Yield Curves Collapse 

With a crazed, naked man running down a highway in Cincinnati and causing a massive 6-car pileup just the latest example of the warped satanic behavior now gripping America as America rejects God, we see our nation unraveling with events such as a ‘blue moon sacrifice’ or a man cutting off his wife’s head to ‘get rid of the evil’ reigning daily in big cities and small towns and we’re warned it’s likely to soon get much worse as we prepare to experience the NWO’s motto, ‘order out of chaos’, first hand and front and center.

Luciferian Pressure Cooker Being Pressurized – Safety Valve Turned Off – Are You Spiritually, Mentally And Physically Prepared For The Hell & Chaos About To Be Unleashed? Remember The New World Order’s Motto ‘Order Out Of Chaos’? We Are About To Experience It First Hand!

Asking us if we’re spiritually, mentally and physically prepared for the hell and chaos about to be unleashed upon America as ‘they’ prepare to completely demolish the existing system in order to bring in the new, the new videos below from radio show host Hawk warn us that the luciferian’s ‘pressure cooker’ is being fully pressurized and the safety valve has been turned off as the NWO prepares to follow through on the ‘hegelian dialectic’, problem, reaction, solution, of which they’re completely controlling all three.

Saturday, August 8, 2015: Consequence (Ekev) 

Reading for August 8, 2015 ~ Av 23, 5775
Deut. 7:12-11:25 ~ Is 49:14-51:3 ~ Acts 6-7