PROPHETIC BLACK SWAN TRIBULATION EVENT SEALED /|\The President Of The United States Is Going To Hell Goodbye New York

by amongthenumberedsaints

Since the 2008 crisis – caused by excessive debt – global debt has increased by one third. In May the McKinsey Institute reported that total global debt was now around $199 trillion – $27,204 for every person alive today.

– Is the apparent calm of the West a signal of latent instability?
– Increasing symptoms of instability in West as proposed by Nassim Taleb
– Wider public and mainstream press believe “experts” have everything under control
– Black Swan approaches and we may be experiencing “the calm before the storm”

‘Black Swan’ Taleb Warns “Calm Before The Storm” 

Quite an amazing video below, lol. The Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change Clown could not stop laughing and grinning while attempting to convince someone, lol, anyone, that what they are hearing is not a complete lie.

At the 2:09:24 mark the Antichrist Spirit-lie-and-deception, and prophetic strong delusion, confirmed the 99% NWO 1% ”as in the days of Noah” global tribulation declaration ”pinned” not on Antichrist Iran, but on America and Americans. America was officially declared ”The Target”. This was done after confirming that Americans shall remain subject to Antichrist Iranian law behind Antichrist Iranian prison bars, confirming not only are Americans held captive by Antichrist Iran, the entire country is held hostage by Antichrist Iranian nuclear terms.

^^^In this video, if you ignore the idiot commentators dipshit opinion on the Antichrist Iran deal, you will discover the ”preemptive” Antichrist NWO 666 Vote 2 Party portion of the Red/AKA Republican usual suspects Team’s contribution. They destroyed regular order and lowered the Veto threshold providing Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change Team the Antichrist Muslim Iran Nuclear deal advantage. This confirms the inside job effort of all parties in this case, both the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch.


Obozo has turned America into a state sponsor of Antichrist Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

The real traitor was always in the White House. And it’s time we called his foreign policy what it is.


^^^Too bad the person that wrote this article is blind to the reality and nature of the corrupted Antichrist human host(s). If they had a clue they would be able to reckon The Beast. Not even Mark Biltz reckons the reality of the scapegoat at hand and the ”Azazel” parable of the Antichrist Iranian ”Bad Deal”. He understands the image of the Beast in the 666 Solomon of the Psalm, but is blind to the counter intelligence deception of the scapegoat in this case. That is understandable, of course. Even if he does have a clue he certainly would not offer the revelation at this point. The revelation certainly would not do any favors for those that refuse to see beyond the Israeli Milk Duds and would never try eating the whole Salvation Revelation Steak. Lol.

One of the most flawed misconceptions about the New Paranormal in which central bank intervention to levitate markets and protect from plunges is not only heretical but demanded (to paraphrase Rick Santelli) is that one has >>>no choice<<< but to be long stocks (and judging by all the equity “experts” opining on fixed income for the past 5 years, short bonds) in order to generate profits.

That is utterly false as the simple case study of $2.2 billion in AUM Horseman Capital Management clearly shows.

As can been seen in the following chart showing the fund’s gross and net exposure, the hedge fund flipped net short at about the ttime the recession started (and long before Bear and Lehman) then went long in early 2010 and flipped back short in 2012, where it has remained for the past 3 years.

Suicide? Not at all. In fact ever since going net short, the fund has returned on average 16% per year, outperforming about 98% of its peers.

Why A Hedge Fund That Has Been Short For Three Years, And Wildly Profitable, Remains Short

But how can one maintain such a stunning track record with a preponderance of shorts in a market in which central banks have injected $22 trillion in liquidity to prop it up (and in the case of Antichrist Communist China are arresting stock shorters and sellers)? Simple: by having a long-bond pair trade, something most one-track mind equity pundits don’t realize is a perfect natural hedge to rigged markets.

So is Horseman tired of being contrarian and is it eager to join it zombified central-bank frontrunning (and market underperforming) peers?

Not at all.

Here is the latest strategic and market commentary from Horseman’s June letter:

“And I Beheld Another Beast… Out Of The Earth” 

Now what is fascinating, is when Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change Clown went to Berlin and gave his speech on ‘foreign policy’. Before he became the alleged President of the United States in the summer in 2008, he stood beneath this statue of “Victoria” and spoke to the tremendous crowds assembled there. Now this is where things start to get interesting.

He did not ‘directly face the crowds’ while giving his speech, but instead, made it a point to stand to the ‘left of the crowd’, having them to his ‘right’. By doing this he had positioned himself to face directly toward, and address, the Museum in Berlin where the “Altar of Zeus” is now located, while at the same moment standing beneath Satan’s Charioteer “Victoria”.

“Victoria”, while driving Satan’s “Chariot”, can be found in all her glory, high above the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin Germany. Here she is displayed majestically, in total command and mastery of Satan’s personal chariot, while driving forward his mighty steeds of ‘renown’ thought to be, the “Four Horses of the Apocalypse.”

Additionally notice, that “Victoria” has the “wings of an angel”, she is a “fallen angel”, and she is the Master of Zeus’ (Satan’s) Chariot.

Rev 10:1 And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire.

1”And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise ( whinny) of thunder ( Thunder), one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. 2 “And I saw, and behold a white horse:” Is that not remarkable? This is the only horse of the four that is spoken of in this manor of having a “voice” or attributed to ‘sound’. “and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him:…” Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Hussein Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change Clown, is President of the United States. He now has a ‘crown’, but he did not earn it as ‘a victor’, it was given to him. His ‘office’ was not rightfully ‘begotten’. We all know of what I speak. He has countless times been portrayed through imagery having a “bow” around about his head signifying ‘divinity’ through graphics and staged lighting. Then there is his ‘logo’, portrayed as a bow encompassing the land, reaching to the heavens with the sun rising from the horizon. And when he gave his acceptance speech he did so before a replica of the Altar of Zeus, and to his left, the “White horse named Thunder” stood pawing at the air. Obozo has associated himself with not only Zeus’/Satan’s ‘throne’ and ‘charioteer driving the apocalyptic horses, but the “White horse Thunder”, as the “first rider of the first seal”, with “bow” and “crown”.

“This day will be remembered as a black day in the history of the free world.”

Pentagon groundbreaking occurred on September 11, 1941

It gets better: the Pentagon, which is 77 feet tall, is located on the 77th meridian west!. Oh and Skull&Bones George H.W. Bush, who first announced his plans for a “Antichrist New World Order” on September 11th, 1990 (11 years before…well shit this is just getting too obvious), well daddy Skull&Bones Bush was…77 at the time of the attacks.

For the record, I’m not demonizing any of these numbers. Symbols can be used for good or evil, I don’t believe a number can be inherently “evil.” After all, “Symbols don’t kill people; people with symbols kill people.”

Any more 77’s we can add to this already overbearing occult script? You bet..

Images for flight 77 

tomorrow London or New York’

Images for 77 london bombing 

777 Dow Crash Shemitah 29 Adar 

The Greek parliament just voted, in a 229 for and 64 against landslide, to implement the austerity Europe demands to grant Greece the funds for Bailout #3 so that Greece can then repay European creditors (as opposed to facing up to the pain imminently and suffering through a Grexit) implicitly giving up their sovereignty and sending their 61% “Oxi” voting citizenry into what will inevitably be an even deeper economic depression.

July 5: Greek Independence Day; July 15: Greek In Dependence Day 

But the biggest surprise of the night was that the former finance minister and Tsipras’ right-hand man, Yanis Varoufakis, voted against the bailout.

And his Energy Minister (who also voted No)…

Man Who Predicted Riots In Athens Warns All Hell Is Going To Break Loose

With the eyes of the world now waiting to see what will unfold in Greece after the Greek Parliament just voted against the will of the people for more intense austerity measures, today the man who said There Is No Deal…Riots And Chaos In Athens warned King World News that all hell is going to break loose and there will be no peace in Greece.

This ominous prediction from Michael Pento in a February 21st KWN interview was astounding:

“Regardless of whatever semblance of a deal that was announced and being happily pushed by the (mainstream) media on Friday, there will most likely be chaos in the streets of Athens on Monday, because if the Tsipras-led government and the Syriza Communist Party do agree to austerity, they will be going against the electorate and there will be riots in Greece.”

Within days of that viral interview, this image was published by the BBC, which ran a headline warning “Violence in Athens.”

Astonishingly, Pento then issued the following warning in a March 5th KWN interview, with the eerily accurate headline ‘Greek People Feel Betrayed By Tsipras Government’:

“This is something that I don’t want to see happening. I always pray for peace but the Greek people feel that the Tsipras government committed treason by negotiating a short-term deal with the troika. So we have already seen the Greek people beginning to protest once again.

Michael Pento issues new warning after Greek Parliament betrays its people and votes yes on the latest round of austerity measures: “I warned several months ago that there would be riots in Athens, Greece. Now I am telling you, Eric, that there will be no peace in Greece, despite the mainstream touting the latest iteration of a Greek bailout. So we are going to see more riots in Greece. I correctly predicted it would happen back then, and unfortunately it is coming true once again today.

To this day there has been no credible debt relief offered by the troika. For this situation to stabilize, there must be a massive writedown of debt, and then the Greeks must learn to live with a balanced budget.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media characterizes the rioters in Greece as ‘anarchists,’ but the reality is that many of the Greek people are starving to death. These people aren’t anarchists — they are part of the 62 percent of Greeks who want to take control of their own fate.

The only way the Greeks can do that is to default on their debt and go back to printing their own currency, just as they have for thousands of years. That’s the only way to solve this problem once and for all. Until they do that, we are going to see a carousel of bailouts, continued depression in Greece, and Molotov cocktails, fires and riots in Athens Square.

Paul Craig Roberts – We Are Now Witnessing The Elites’ Terrifying Endgame CLICK HERE..

‘Antichrist Iran license to kill’

“Western citizens who get up for another day at work or school, are not aware of the fact that about half a trillion dollars has been transferred to the hands of a terrorist superpower, the most dangerous country in the world, who has promised the destruction of nations and peoples.”

Antichrist Iran Deal “Unconscionable” Because it Leaves Imprisoned American Pastor Saeed Behind

The agreement reached between the United States and Antichrist Iran is “unconscionable” because it leaves Pastor Saeed, a U.S. citizen, behind – imprisoned in Antichrist Iran because of his Christian faith.

^^^The Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change Clown team can never recover from offering their own salvation upon the Antichrist altar. They are all officially going to Hell. They shall be consumed in the prophetic Lake Of Fire and perish. That is a fact. Nothing needs to ever be said about them again. It is finished. They are sealed indisputably condemned by their action(s). This case is closed.

The Executive Branch, and all persons that agree with their action, is an obvious grave threat and a clear and present danger to all.

mistake of historic proportions

“The world is a much more dangerous place today than it was yesterday,”

On July 14th, 2015 a terror nuclear superpower is born. Israel will defend itself.

Israeli Officials Livid Over Final Antichrist Iran Nuclear Deal

“A black flag waves over this agreement and it will be remembered as a black day for the free world,”

Get Ready!!! 

Prophecy Incoming 911.

Antichrist Iran Nuke Deal Is Done 

Jerusalem, Israel — July 14, 2015 … Just when one thought that the Antichrist Middle East could not deteriorate any further, Obozo pens an agreement with Antichrist Iran. At the time that Obozo and Antichrist Iran agreed that the Antichrist Islamic terror state could keep their nuclear program and receive 18 billion dollars as an award, rockets from Antichrist Hamas in Gaza were slamming Israel. Protestors in Antichrist Iran are chanting death to America.

Let’s try to understand this.

Obozo Gives Antichrist Iran Nukes, 150 Billion Dollars – Death Sentence For Israel 

As you read these words, Antichrist Iranian backed Antichrist Hamas is launching rockets at Israel and Obozo is giving Antichrist Iran the money to attack Israel.

Are you confused? One would ask: “Isn’t Israel and the US allies? Strong allies?”

The Antichrist Jews of Israel are the not Antichrist Jews of Europe. One Holocaust was enough.

Antichrist Iran, which threatens to wipe Israel off the map, will be addressed by Israel. Israel was not a part of these negotiations. Israel was not a part of an appeasement which threatens every Western democracy.

Obozo does not get it. He can allow Antichrist Iran and Antichrist Islamic Jihad to threaten the Antichrist US, but Antichrist Jews in Israel will not, cannot accept a second Holocaust. Obozo has threatened to shoot down Israeli aircraft if they attempt to destroy Antichrist Iran’s nuclear facilites. Will that stop Israel and other states in the Antichrist Middle East in preventing a nuclear Holocaust?

Is Obozo declaring war on Israel, Antichrist Muslim Jordan and Antichrist Muslim Saudi Arabia?

One must ask one question after witnessing the White House sign an agreement that arms the enemies of her allies.

How can Obozo defend and provide security for Israel when he turns his back on his own citizens? 

^^^The Antichrist Israelis are giving fair warning. The man they helped put into the White House twice provides the required scapegoat for their defense, which requires a Weapon Of Mass Destruction detonation inside the United States. The Island Of Manhattan is the perfect place, where the majority of Jews are known to be concentrated outside of Israel. These would be the people that have been called home by the Rabbi Talmudic Cabalistic Antichrist version of Messiah Shemitah warning which happens to be accented by the Blood Moon 7 Year Super Shemitah Jubilee Harbinger Amos 9:11 call. The Jews that don’t heed the prophetic call to come home to Israel shall provide another Holocaust justification which is required as a defense for Israel, just as it was required to establish the foundation for the prophetic fulfillment of Israel restored as a nation and Jerusalem restored to Israeli control.

The reality of the Antichrist entrapment of humanity is defined by the billions of Antichrist muslims that accept the lie of the Antichrist Koran and the tiny population of one of the most able military forces on Earth, Israel. That is just the way it is. The reality of how the Saints of our Father in Christ are discovered within the war against humanity is, all nations and Israel are nothing more than the collective sieve on Earth. The fact is, the suicidal nature of the beast does not permit anyone from avoiding what is coming upon this generation, and to dash your foot against Israel is suicide. That fact is, there ”IS” no deterrent for the billions of Antichrist muslims that accept the Antichrist Muslim prophetic Final Jihad, and the prophetic Antichrist Jewish Talmudic defense against that reality is a ”preemptive offense”. The USS Liberty and 911 proved that unfortunate reality and then some. The mark of the beast is the Blood Of The Lamb Of God that is not sealed currently upon Israel’s Antichrist door, and as a result of being deceived and rejecting Yahshua The Messiah and their Messiah, they are blind to the part that they are playing in this process …for now. That shall ”change” during the tribulation era which is about to start, ”however”, the ”builders”, AKA those that do council with the fallen angel demonic force are certainly not blind whatsoever. The British Rothschild Israeli Supreme Court and Obelisks erected in Capital Cities, and the Vatican, all over world in every country, and the pyramids above ground and under water, and on the ”money”, all confirm the Antichrist Fallen Angel Father of Lies, AKA The Angel Of The Illuminati Light Lucifer. The fallen Sirius 666 Dog Star that ritualistically has murdered humanity and received human sacrifice from those that have accepted the offer of temptation and the lie that ”you shall not surely die”.

The fact is, and always has been, the Antichrist ritual human sacrifice is required of The Beast.

On July 14, 2014 the world witnessed the sealing of a Antichrist ritual human sacrifice.

The Antichrist Iran deal was the trigger. Now the world waits.

Everything is on schedule.

^^^This guy is wrong! Rothschild and Soros already blew their Antichrist NWO 666 cover in this case. They certainly do want the AIIB Zero Fed Beast Interest IMF borderless global entrapment door sealed. Lol, how in the wide world of sport this particular guy is missing this is obvious. His agenda does not allow for the obvious. Other than this blind spot, huge blind spot, he’s doing a great job. His blind spot is obvious by omission, not one time does he confirm our Father in Christ or the prophetic revelation upon this generation.

“The Stock Market Is Too Important To Leave To The Vagaries Of An Actual Market” 

As equity markets have become increasingly critical to the global financial and economic system, we’re actively subverting them into meaninglessness.

Forget Stocks – Antichrist Communist China Is Trying To Centrally Plan Its Way Out Of Another Black Hole

Antichrist Communist China has a long history of trying to tame rivers.

It goes back to the days of Mao when legions of engineers did everything they could to alter and divert natural rivers for the betterment of farmers.

(Even Antichrist Communist China’s former President Hu Jintao started off as an engineer for SinoHydro…)

It didn’t work. And combined with the rest of Mao’s absurd central planning, millions of people starved to death.

Trying to fight nature always ends badly. But governments never learn.

This is exactly what the Antichrist Communist Chinese government is trying to do right now with its bubbly stock markets.

Like their water crisis, this is a force of nature. When a market bubble gets too inflated, its natural course is to pop.

No amount of clever engineering can prevent this. Delay, perhaps. But never prevent.

Antichrist China’s response to their financial emergency has been the same as their water emergency: deceit and desperation.

They suspended trading, encouraged small investors to mortgage themselves to the hilt, pushed bank balance sheets onto even shakier ground, and published the most insane propaganda worthy of the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

They even took a suggestion from Shakespeare’s Henry VI: “The first thing we do, let’s [imprison] all the lawyers.” And yes, they actually did throw a bunch of lawyers in jail for ‘encouraging dissent.’

But like their water crisis, this isn’t something they can out-engineer.

It would be like expecting a bunch of bureaucrats to centrally plan their way out of a black hole.

It’s just not going to happen– nature is too powerful a force, like an unstoppable train.

And fundamentally in this world, there are two kinds of people: those who see it coming, and those who don’t.

For those who see it coming, you do not have options, the Truth of our Father in Christ is not a choice, every knee shall bow.

This time around the whole world is going to get what is coming, and everyone is going be given fair warning, as in the days of Noah, only this time with the advantage of knowing the rain flooded the whole Earth before the coming tribulation. Nobody can claim, this time, that because they never saw it rain or flood before, they could not accept being told this generation shall suffer the great tribulation birth pain era before Christ returns.

What the world is predetermined to suffer is prophetic. It is written. Now the final prophetic confirmation of The Antichrist tribulation era is here. Everything is now in place for the unleashing and complete fulfillment. The Antichrist confirmation requires his occult ritual mass human sacrifice ”Capstone Event” to kick of the Great Tribulation final conflict era concluding the 6000 year(s) measure of time.

This is beyond obvious to every watchful Saint sealed in Christ.

What just happened; the Antichrist Iran deal, the Petrus Romanus ”Two State” final solution ”Climate Change”, provides the foundation seal of certain utter destruction. Every required sign for the prophetic sealing of the Antichrist false peace and security, and the sudden destruction ”Great Tribulation” ”birth pain” era before the delivery of the Sealed Saints of our Father in Christ has/have/are/is now come upon this generation. THERE IS NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER!

The people that do not realize all the sign(s) upon this generation;

…with the Sun Moon and the Stars, timed perfectly with the parable of the Passover Trumpets Day Of Atonement Tabernacle and the Antichrist New World Order global economic and geostrategic United Nations ”Year Of Light” Climate Change ”Two State” Israeli final solution Iran deal seal,

…those people are the fulfillment of ”As In The Days Of Noah” caught ”surprised”, after they were offered fair warning and given the witness testimony required for their potential salvation before their judgment came upon them and they perished forever. This generation has been given the Holy Spirit of Elijah in our Father in Christ. The prophetic time of ”The Two Witnesses” is distinct, ”as in the Days of Noah”. The sign(s) of their time are now coming to pass upon this generation. The last call, fair warning, 3 1/2 year period is about to start.

The reality of the ”Thief In The Night” is upon Israel. The Watchmen in Israel are not awake, they are Antichrist. They are the sleeping Bride Of The Psalm and Solomon 666 is their King. It requires the ”Great Tribulation” era of the Two Witnesses to wake up the last remnant within Israel and every nation on Earth, but, the tears of the thief in Israel must first be provoked to fall before Yahshua returns. The Bride in Israel shall fight to prevent her tears from falling. She requires the Antichrist scapegoat offering and the prophetic Antichrist (Animal) Mark Of The Beast sacrifice.

The scapegoat has now been offered. The Mark Of The Beast seal is now going to break open.

People that do not realize, or understand what is required of  the ”Antichrist State Of Israel” are spiritually blind. They are not inspired by The Holy Spirit of our Father in Christ. They are subject to deception and the prophetic strong delusion, by which all nations and Israel are subject to, as a result of the prophetic Antichrist ”Cup Of Fornication” they all have been given to drink from, by which all nations and Israel shall be consumed by fire for having been given the prophetic strong delusion because they all have rejected The Truth Of Our Father In Christ Yahshua. Thats a fact. The cup, by which judgment is sealed, our Father in Christ was given to drink from and suffer the pain of death; so shall the prophetic wine of wrath now pour out the prophetic birth pain tribulation; from the prophetic ”Cup Of Fornication”, upon all nations and Israel. Then, after the birth pain is finished, and the sealed Saints among all nations and Israel are called up from their sleep, and those of us that are still alive and awake, then the Earth shall be cleansed by fire.

Simply put. You don’t put yourself into position so that the Antichrist in Israel is able to put you in a coffin. If you missed that confirmation on July 14, 2015 and you are reading this, well you did not miss that did you? Lol.

Everyone with half a brain, and one eye open, knows the pirate has no code but theft and murder.

”As in the day of Noah”, the sealed Saints; sealed behind the door of the Ark in the case of Noah, are now sealed with the Holy Spirit revelation of the blood of our Father In Christ and shall also rise from among all nations and Israel.

The eye of Horus, winking at the world from the top of the pyramid, is the ”Pirate Eye”. Do not be deceived, the seal of the Antichrist ”debt note” version of ”In God We Trust” cannot be trusted. That case is closed now, and everyone with half a brain and one eye open knows it. The Antichrist is completely exposed by the prophetic revelation of our Father in Christ. The veil is lifted and everyone can see what has been hidden under the ”New World Order” Antichrist Seal which has bound the nations with debt and confirmed the unjust weight within the prophetic ”Cup Of Fornication”. The ”image of the beast” can be understood  by everyone at this point. If people simply consider the physical reality of the labor required to fill the equal size scale cups; the cup on the right filled with it’s weight of wheat from the field balanced against the cup on the left filled with the Antichrist government corruption, people can now see the imbalance of the entire global Antichrist New World Order attack against humanity.

There is no hiding this from the public at this point. That fact confirms just what time it is. The Antichrist knows his time is short and the prophetic public awareness of this revelation confirms the motive to act now.



…and he never stops murdering us, until Christ puts and end to him.

The time has come. Get ready.

Heat wave in Japan leaves 5 people dead, 3 200 hospitalized

Cold snap breaks temperature records across New Zealand

An unusual outburst of cold weather hits northern Vietnam

Record rainfall: Freak storm dumps 102 mm of rain in 1 hour, Norway 

State of emergency declared for eastern Kentucky: Severe flooding leaves 2 people dead

The video is gruesome and appalling.

It purportedly shows a Planned Parenthood executive sipping a glass of wine in a Los Angeles restaurant while casually explaining how they sell body parts from aborted babies.

The undercover video was filmed in July 2014 by the Center for Medical Progress, an advocacy group that reports on medical ethics. They dispatched two actors posing as representatives of a human biologics company to a business lunch with Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services.

SHOCK VIDEO: Planned Parenthood sells dead baby body parts

Hell Freezes Over In A New York Minute