71015 Gleaning Antichrist Iran Nuke Deal Is Done On Last Day Of Ramadan To Cheers Of Death To America And Israel Jesuit Petrus Romanus Pope Accepted Blasphemous Jesuit Hammer & Sickle Crucifix Then Confirmed WW3 Prophetic Piecemeal Tribulation

by amongthenumberedsaints

Close to 240 people, mostly Christians but also Yazidis, have been taken out of the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo and transported to Belgium where they are expected to be granted asylum, a report has said.

BBC News reported on Wednesday that a Brussels government spokesman, who wasn’t named, revealed that the operation took place over two months amid great secrecy.

The families were moved first moved by civil society groups from Aleppo to the Lebanese border, after which they met representatives from the Belgian embassy in Beirut.

The refugees faced human rights abuses back home in Aleppo, which like a number of other Syrian cities has been torn apart by four years of civil war involving Syrian government forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, various rebel groups seeking to take him out of power, and terror group ISIS.

AFP added that the Christians are going to receive training and help to find jobs in Belgium as they settle in.

“They will receive permanent protection status” allowing them to “rebuild a future in Belgium,” said Theo Francken, secretary of state for asylum policy and migration.

“I can tell you that the last thing they want is to be dependent on social security,” he added.

The Belgian government has reportedly welcomed in a total of 5,500 Syrian refugees since 2011, saying it grants asylum to 98 percent of all Syrians who request it.

Over 200 Christians in War-Torn Syria Rescued by Belgium in Secret Operation

The American Center for Law and Justice has warned that “time is running out” for two imprisoned Presbyterian pastors who are on trial and facing a possible death penalty for their Christian faith. The ACLJ has also launched a letter-writing campaign for the pastors, and urged people to sign it.

“We have launched a massive letter-writing campaign to Sudan’s new minister of justice demanding Sudan follow international law, ensure that these persecuted pastors can properly prepare a defense, and that the case be dismissed for a lack of evidence,” the law group said on Wednesday.

Time Is ‘Running Out’ for Imprisoned Sudanese Pastors Facing Possible Death Penalty for Their Christian Faith

A deal has been reached between the world powers and Antichrist Iran over the latter’s nuclear program after a series of major American concessions, Ehud Yaari, the Middle East affairs commentator for Israel’s Channel 2 television, said Friday night. “It is done. It is done,” he said, and will be signed “early next week.”

Antichrist Iran deal ‘done,’ Israeli report says, after major US concessions

The aim of the agreement is to put a negotiated end to a 13-year standoff with Iran over its suspect nuclear program and to block its pathway to developing a nuclear bomb in exchange for lifting biting global sanctions. Israel’s leadership has relentlessly opposed the emerging agreement, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 911 warning that it will pave Antichrist Iran’s path to a nuclear arsenal.

Yaari said that even those in the US who had supported the agreement with Antichrist Iran “admit that it is worse than they thought.”

One major concession, Yaari said, is the issue of inspections of Iranian nuclear sites, which has long been a sticking point in the negotiations. According to Yaari, the US negotiators have given in to an Iranian demand that inspections are “managed” — in other words, there will be no surprise visits, only those that are pre-arranged and approved by the Iranian regime.

While there has been no official word that the deal is finalized, Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Homosexual Climate Change  Clown US Secretary of State Skull&Bones John Kerry said Friday evening that progress had been made in the talks, and praised what he called the “constructive” atmosphere.

“I think we have resolved some of the things that were outstanding and we’ve made some progress,” he said, speaking to a few reporters as he met with his team of experts in Vienna.

Meetings have been happening all day, Skull&Bones Kerry said, adding: “We have a couple of different lines of discussion that are going on right now.”

“The atmosphere is very constructive,” he told the reporters who travelled with him from Washington.

“We still have a couple of very difficult issues, and we’ll be sitting down to discuss those in the very near term – this evening and into tomorrow.”

The talks are now heading into their third weekend in Vienna. Skull&Bones Kerry met Friday morning with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Zarif in an effort to close remaining gaps.

The terms of a 2013 interim accord under which Iran has suspended much of its uranium enrichment in return for some sanctions relief were extended to Monday in a bid to overcome a deadlock.

”500 days to avoid climate chaos day of Atonement” France’s Laurent Fabius and British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond are also due to return to the Austrian capital Saturday in the hopes of advancing the deal.

Antichrist Muslims celebrate Antichrist ‘Al-Quds Day’

Antichrist Iran does not recognize Israel and since the 1979 Antichrist Islamic Revolution has observed the last Friday of the Antichrist Islamic month of Antichrist Ramadan as “Antichrist Al-Quds Day.” This occasion is meant to express support for Antichrist Palestinians and emphasize the importance of Jerusalem by Antichrist Muslims around the globe.

Make no mistake, the bevy of measures put forth by Antichrist Communist Chinese authorities in an effort to stop a three-week slide in the country’s equity markets collectively trump the QE programs implemented by most DM central banks.

Even if one wanted to argue that the PBoC’s support for CSFC doesn’t amount to outright QE (much as some, Morgan Stanley for instance, claim the LTROs associated with the country’s local debt swap program aren’t effectively QE), “quantitative easing” will never be able to compete with “qualitative arresting” in terms of government heavy-handedness in financial markets.

All jokes aside though, if the reprieve Antichrist Communist Chinese stocks have received from Beijing’s crack down on “rumor spreaders,” “hostile” foreign short sellers, and just plain old “sellers” fades starting on Monday (which we suspect it might), the Politburo may indeed be forced to abandon all pretenses that the PBoC isn’t directly monetizing stocks. In other words, Antichrist Communist China may have to abandon the “there’s no such thing as Antichrist Communist Chinese QE” line once and for all.

So what is the next step to head off “social instability”?

Why Antichrist Communist China’s Stock Collapse Could Lead To Revolution 

Outright, Kuroda-esque stock market monetization.

The Antichrist Communist central bank [has already] injected liquidity to CSFC to buy stocks, without any pre-set limit in amount or timeline. To some extent, this is the Antichrist Communist Chinese version of QE. Although Antichrist Communist PBoC is not buying bonds and not yet expanding its balance sheet aggressively, it is taking non-conventional measures to boost asset prices in order to stop market panic, deleveraging and downward spiral.

And because we doubt the situation could be summed up any better, we’ll close with what we said on Thursday evening:

“By now it is clear to everyone that what is going on in Antichrist Communist China is nothing short of the complete collapse of a centrally-planned market into sheer chaos, a bubble which while punctuated by the occasional dead cat bounce, is now finished and it is only a matter of time before all the ‘nouveau riche’ farmers and grandparents see all their paper profits wiped out and hopefully go silently into that good night without starting mass riots or a revolution.”

Just think of it as brokers doing you a favor: do you really want to be arrested for “malicious” selling?

The Latest Thing In Antichrist Communist China: Brokers Refusing Sell Orders

So why even bother with the pretense of “markets”, and not only in Antichrist Communist China, but in Japan, Europe, Switzerland, the US and everywhere else where central banks have directly injected $22 trillion in artificial liquidity in the past 7 years to keep the illusion afloat

Think of how much more productive the economy will be if central banks assure that markets will close higher by 1% every day in perpetuity. Consider the amount of free time Wall Street’s brilliant “financial engineers” will have to allocate to socially useful activities for once.

Category 4 Typhoon “Chan-hom” heading toward Shanghai, Antichrist Communist China 

Powerful Typhoon “Chan-hom” passed between Miyakojima and Okinawa islands, Japan late July 9 and early July 10 (UTC) packing winds of up to 222 km/h (138 mph). This made Chan-hom a Category 4 typhoon on the Saffir-Simpson wind scale. Chan-hom is expected to hit Fujian or Zhejiang provinces late Friday, July 10 or early Saturday, July 11, 2015 (UTC) and pass near or over Shanghai on July 12 as a Category 1 typhoon.

Shanghai records lowest average July temperature in 142 years, Antichrist Communist China 

On Monday, July 6, 2015, Shanghai recorded the lowest average July temperature in the last 142 years. The maximum temperature of the day was 21.2 °C (70.1 °F), averaging on 18.9 °C (66.0 °F), which is the lowest average temperature measured in Shanghai since July 2, 1873.

According to meteorologist Zhang Ruiyi, the low temperatures are a result of the passage of the cold air mass over the city in the midst of monsoon season. Tropical Storm “Linfa” and Typhoon “Chan-hom” are expected to have additional cooling effect on the country.


Very strong and shallow M6.7 earthquake hits Solomon Islands


With all eyes focused on Antichrist Communist China’s blatant manipulation of its market, this kind of abuse of the bond market will just go unnoticed we are sure… or we’ll just have to get used to it.

And in context this was a massive size spoof…

Caught On Tape: How ‘Someone’ Spoofed US Treasuries Lower Overnight

Dear SEC, SIFMA, FINRA, CFTC, and anyone else who refuses to pay (A YOU SHALL PAY! IN HELL!!! EVERY LAST STINKING ONE OF YOUR COMPLICIT ASSES! DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER A POSSIBLE ESCAPE, YOU ARE SEALED AND CONDEMNED!) attention to the man behind the curtain. Following the initial dump in Treasuries after Greek proposal news overnight, bonds started to rally back… it appears that was unacceptable as ‘massive’ spoofing was then put in place to signal the price of Treasuries lower (yields higher)…

And something is spooking Treasuries this morning…


Thousands of Greeks have once again taken to the streets in a show of solidarity as PM Alexis Tsipras attempts to rally support in Parliament for a deal with creditors that looks nearly identical to the proposal the Greek people voted against last weekend.

If all goes according to Tsipras’ plan, the deal will be pushed through at a Eurogroup meeting on Saturday in Brussels and the PM will have officially sold out the voters who just last Sunday rallied behind his impassioned (and perhaps disingenuous) plea for a “no” vote.

Greeks Take To The Streets To Protest Brussels “Blackmail” – Live Feed

Given the similarities between the “new” proposal and the proposal that 61% of Greeks voted against last Sunday, there may well be pushback from voters and a generalized sense of betrayal among Syriza’s core constituency.

Over To You Merkel: Greek Govt Approves Bill The Greek People Soundly Rejected

Varoufakis’ Stunning Accusation: Schauble Wants A Grexit “To Put The Fear Of God” Into The French 

the one person who will decide the future of Greece in the Eurozone is neither Schauble nor Merkel but Mario Draghi, also known as Goldman Sachs. Because if Goldman wants more Q€, it will get more Q€.

I was going to write up on the uselessness of Angela Merkel, given that she said on this week that “giving in to Greece could ‘blow apart’ the euro”, and it’s the 180º other way around; it’s the consistent refusal to allow any leniency towards the Greeks that is blowing the currency union to smithereens.

Merkel’s been such an abject failure, the fullblown lack of leadership, the addiction to her right wing backbenchers, no opinion that seems to be remotely her own. But I don’t think the topic by itself makes much sense anymore for an article. It’s high time to take a step back and oversee the entire failing euro and EU system.

Greece is stuck in Germany’s own internal squabbles, and that more than anything illustrates how broken the system is. It was never supposed to be like that. No European leader in their right mind would ever have signed up for that.

Someone Pull The Plug Or This Will End In War

Reading up on daily events, and perhaps on the verge of an actual Greece deal, increasingly I’m thinking this has got to stop, guys, there is no basis for this. It makes no sense and it is no use. The mold is broken. The EU as a concept, as a model, has failed and is already a thing of the past.

It’s over. And anything that’s done from here on in will only serve to make things worse. We should learn to recognize such transitions, and act on them. Instead of clinging on to what we think might have been long after it no longer is.

Whatever anyone does now, it’ll all come back again. That’s guaranteed. So just don’t do it. Or rather, do the one thing that still makes any sense: Call a halt to the whole charade.

As for Greece: Just stop playing the game. It’s the only way for you not to lose it.

There’s no reason why European countries couldn’t live together, work together, but the EU structure makes it impossible for them to do just that, to do the very thing it was supposed to be designed for.

Germany runs insane surpluses with the rest of the EU, and it sees that as a sign of how great a country it is. But in the present structure, if one country runs such surpluses, others will need to run equally insane deficits.

Cue Greece. And Italy, Spain et al. William Hague for once was right about something when he said this week that the euro could only possibly have ended up as a burning building with no exits. This is going to lead to war.

Greece is not an abstract exercise in some textbook, and it’s not a computer game either. Greece is about real people getting hurt. And if you refuse to act to alleviate that hurt, that defines you as a sociopath.

Germany now, and it took ‘only’ 5 months, says Greece needs debt relief but it also says, through Schäuble: “There cannot be a haircut because it would infringe the system of the European Union.” That’s exactly my point. That’s silly. And looking around me here in Athens for the past few weeks, it’s criminally silly. You acknowledge what needs to be done, and at the same time you acknowledge the system doesn’t allow for what needs to be done. Time to change that system then. Or blow it up.

It’s time to acknowledge this is a road to nowhere. From where I’m sitting, Yanis Varoufakis has been the sole sane voice in this whole 5 month long B-movie. I think Yanis also conceded that it was no use trying to negotiate anything with the troika, and that that’s to a large extent why he left.

Yanis will be badly, badly needed for Greece going forward. They need someone to figure out where to go from here.

Just like Europe needs someone to figure out how to deconstruct Brussels without the use of heavy explosives. Because there are just two options here: either the EU will -more or less- peacefully fall apart, or it will violently blow apart.

Millions of Antichrist Iranians took part in the annual “Death to Israel Day” in Antichrist  Iran on Friday, ironically coinciding with the twice-extended deadline for a deal on the Antichrist Islamic regime’s nuclear program that apparently will be extended yet again.

Antichrist Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Friday confirmed US Secretary of State Skull&Bones John Kerry’s statements the day before, when Skull&Bones Kerry said the talks “wont be rushed.”

Speaking to the state-run PressTV, Zarif said that he “doubts it” that a deal will be made by Friday, saying that in the nuclear talks “we’re making progress. It seems we are staying here for the weekend. We’re working. We’re not there yet.”

Meanwhile tens of thousands of Iranians took to the streets of Tehran chanting “down with America” and “death to Israel,” reports the Associated Press citing local media.

In Tehran, several protesters burned Israeli and American flags as is custom on Antichrist Quds Day or Jerusalem Day as it is officially known. Antichrist Saudi Arabia was also targeted in the protests, as the Antichrist Sunni states squares off against the Antichrist Houthi proxy of Antichrist Shi’ite Iran in Yemen.

According to PressTV, the rallies calling for the destruction of Israel are taking place in Tehran “and in over 770 towns and cities across the country.” Antichrist Iranian Fars News Agency reports that millions of Antichrist Iranians are taking part in the protests around the country.

Antichrist Iranian President Hassan Rouhani also took part in the day’s events, but AFP reports that he did not address the crowd, possibly out of awareness of the sensitive timing with the nuclear talks.

However, on Wednesday he told Fars that the day was an opportunity for Antichrist Iran to “shout its hatred” of Israel.

Antichrist Iran Talks Extend ‘Over Weekend’ Amid ‘Death to Israel’ Chants

“Today we are dismayed to see how in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world many of our brothers and sisters are persecuted, tortured and killed for their faith in Jesus,” he said.

“In this third world war, waged piecemeal, which we are now experiencing, a form of genocide is taking place, and it must end.”

Petrus Romanus Pope Francis demands end to ‘genocide’ of Middle East Christians

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales (L) presents a wooden hammer and sickle, with a figure of a crucified Christ resting on the hammer, as a gift to Pope Francis.

Antichrist Communist crucifix for Petrus Pope Francis who lashes out at capitalism on Bolivia tour

^^^What a moron. Capitalism is not even being practiced by the Central Bank run world, in fact the corrupted markets prove beyond any shadow of doubt that tyranny abounds. If true capitalism rained, and lawlessness was not in affect, the Antichrist communist bastards would look different from the so called capitalist world, which does not even exists at this point, This dipshit is a liar. He is a Hell-bound fool. The fool dared to accept a cross with a Antichrist communist hammer and sickle on it that represents the torture imprisonment and murder of more humanity than the Neo Nazis the Vatican coddled in WW2. Just ask a Russian Christian what the hammer and sickle did, or go to Antichrist Communist China for your Pope re-education. Better yet, just look what Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change POTUS Clown has done to America with his idiot marxist global vision and the usual suspect central banker cabal backing his pathetic evil dusty ass.

The fact is, if you are still dumb enough to entertain a Catholic Pope at this point you have no place in Heaven. This Petrus Romanus fool is no different than the pandering pantheistic political putzes among all nations. He is only using the chaos that has been masterfully constructed by the builders of this U.N. New World Order Global Climate Chaos to help establish their goal, which is the prophetic Antichrist Mark Of The Beast. To think this Jesuit bastard just appeared and took over the Hitler Youth Rat seat at the end time tribulation era with a Vatican Lightening Strike and Comets, into the Passover Tabernacles Blood Moons and Solar Eclipses on Nisan One Equinox Feast Of Trumpets, as this Petrus Romanus calls for the Antichrist Two State Final Solution when he comes to the U.S. Capitol during The Day Of Atonement closing of the Super Shemitah then he goes to spew out the U.N. ”Year Of Light” Global Climate ”Change” in the prophetic Harbinger Judgment Jubilee Year beginning with the last Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse On The Feast Of Booths!!! COME ON, ARE YOU BLIND??? THIS GUY IS EVIL!

‘Antichrist Communist Catholic Jesuit crucifix’ puts Petrus Romanus Pope Francis on the spot

It turns out the crucifix was designed by Jesuit activist Luis Espinal​, who was assassinated in 1980 by suspected paramilitaries during the months that preceded a military coup. Francis is a fellow Jesuit and he stopped to pray at the site where Espinal’s body was dumped.

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said on Thursday the Pope had had no idea that Espinal had designed such a crucifix.

^^^LIAR LIAR LIAR!!! This guy is so full of shit, he is a Jesuit LIAR! This is the same Antichrist Two State Final Solution Crypto Marxist Calling Abbas An Angel Of Peace etc.. etc.. etc..

It Is Now Appropriate To Begin Serious Discussions as to Whether Pope Francis is, in fact, The Antichrist.

Antichrist Communism has murdered well over one hundred million people in the last century alone, a massive percentage for being Christian. If one adds the abortions, it is probably closer to a billion souls.

Our Blessed Lord and Savior shown crucified on a hammer and sickle is, by all metrics, worse than Our Lord shown crucified on a swastika.

This is flat-out blasphemy. And Petrus Romanus Pope Francis stands there, nods and grins. He should have shaken his head “no”, and very demonstratively physically rejected it, and then turned and walked out. But he didn’t. He just stood there and grinned. Here is the full video. Watch for yourself.

Comic-Con: Christian Activists Disrupted By “Beast Rises” A&E Promoters

And at the latter end of their kingdom, when the transgressors [the apostate Jews] have reached the fullness [of their wickedness, taxing the limits of God’s mercy], a king of fierce countenance and understanding dark trickery and craftiness shall stand up.

24 And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power; and he shall corrupt and destroy astonishingly and shall prosper and do his own pleasure, and he shall corrupt and destroy the mighty men and the holy people (the people of the saints).

25 And through his policy he shall cause trickery to prosper in his hand; he shall magnify himself in his heart and mind, and in their security he will corrupt and destroy many. He shall also stand up against the Prince of princes, but he shall be broken and that by no [human] hand.

Daniel 8

Then the sixth [angel] emptied his bowl on the mighty river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to make ready a road for [the coming of] the kings of the east (from the rising sun).

13 And I saw three loathsome spirits like frogs, [leaping] from the mouth of the dragon and from the mouth of the beast and from the mouth of the false prophet.

14 For really they are the spirits of demons that perform signs (wonders, miracles). And they go forth to the rulers and leaders all over the world, to gather them together for war on the great day of God the Almighty.

15 Behold, I am going to come like a thief! Blessed (happy, [a]to be envied) is he who stays awake (alert) and who guards his clothes, so that he may not be naked and [have the shame of being] seen exposed!

Ten Years After the London Attacks, the British Still Don’t Get it 

Ten years from the bombings at King’s Cross, we repeat the same script: hiding the images of pain so as not to scare people; hiding that the bombers, old and new, are insiders.

We are prisoners of our freedom, but we proclaim that we will not change our “lifestyle”; instead we censor the founding values of our civilization.

Samuel Johnson once said that anyone who is tired of London is tired of life. Ten years later, isn’t it that we are more and more tired and they are increasingly unmoved? Meanwhile, for ten years, they continue to arrive by plane, train or bus, they blow up and repeat that they love death more than we love life.
Terror as usual in the decadent West.

^^^LMAO, Lipkin likes Skull&Bones Bush. Yeeah, Lipkin must have helped wire the WTC with Madoff and that NWO 666 U.N. Punk Band called ”The Dimon Greenberg Greenspan Summers White Van Mystery Bibi Babylon Shemitah Harbinger Cabal”. Seriously, lol, Lipkin has some good info but you certainly can’t trust him. Anyone that says they like 911 Skull&Bones Bush and The Antichrist Saudi Israeli etc.. NWO Inside Job 666’ers is obviously spiritually compromised to say the least, or in need of a swift kick in the teeth from Heaven.

U.S. Air Force Allows Antichrist Homosexual Rainbow-striped U.S. Flag at Arizona Base

Kolfage wrote, “The flag I saw is a parody of the American Flag with 50 white stars in the uion, smeared with the Antichrist rainbow colors as the stripes. The moment the flag took on the union starts is where it becomes a violation, with my understanding of the U.S. Code.”

Kolfage notified the 355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs office, which told him they would review the issue. “We take seriously our responsibility to abide by federal law and defend the Constitutional rights of all citizens.”

Kolfage receive the following message from the office three days later: “The installation commander carefully considered the opinions of legal professionals and the law. The display in question is not an altered U.S. flag; therefore, its display does not violate federal law. No action will be taken.”

The office issued same statement was issued to the Washington Times.

Kolfage wasn’t finished. He continued in his article in the Blaze:

“I sure hope Airman around the globe read this, and bust out their flags whether they be a big Christian cross, Santa Claus, Gadsden, Medical Marijuana, Rebel, NASCAR, pink unicorns, or whatever they feel they represent,” he wrote. “Even if you’re for straight marriage go ahead and fly that flag if it’s what you truly believe.”

“And when the Air Force instructs you to take it down, refer them to this article and then contact me. I’ll personally ensure your rights are not infringed upon,” Mr. Kolfage wrote. “If you’re proud of your Antichrist sexuality, then please represent it, but do not do it at the sake of insulting our nation’s flag. Please have some respect and go buy a regular Antichrist Lesbain Gay Bisexual and Transgender pride flag.”

Russia Battles ‘Gay-Fever’ With ‘Straight Flag’ As US Pushes To Ban Words ‘Husband’ And ‘Wife’ – When Did Russia Become The Good Guy? 

As we read the news that more than two dozen Democrats have proposed legislation that would eliminate the words “husband” and “wife” from federal law at Washington Examiner, we see a countering headline at The Independent this morning announcing that Russia has unveiled a “‘straight flag’ to rival gay pride symbol,” to promote “traditional family values.”

Therefore, in response to the LGBT movement’s rainbow flag, the United Russia Party unveiled a banner celebrating the traditional, nuclear Russian family. The flag depicts two parents – a woman and a man – holding hands with three children.

It was unveiled at a party rally in Moscow’s Sokolniki park on the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, an annual country-wide celebration held on July 8.

Andrei Lisovenko, deputy head of the United Russia branch in Moscow, told the Izvestia newspaper, “This is our response to same-sex marriage, to this mockery of the concept of the family.

Lisovenko goes on to state “We have to warn against gay-fever at home and support traditional values in our country.
“We are speaking of the traditional family. We mean the average standard Russian family that is ours: mother, father and three children.”

Over the past few years we have seen Russian President Vladimir Putz Putin fight back against the “New World Order,” prevented Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo The 911 Homosexual Climate Change Clown from kicking off World War III in Syria, and offer protection to Christians and religious values worldwide, while the U.S. has systematically attacked religious groups, labeling them “extremists,” forcing them to offer abortion drugs as part of Obozocare, attacking their freedom of religion and religious expression which is supposed to be guaranteed under the Constitution.

Which brings us to the headlined question: When did Russia become the good guys? Maybe a more appropriate question would be: When did the U.S. become the bad guys?

It is like we are living in the classic Seinfeld’s “Bizarro World.”

The Loss of Informed Consent
The 21st Century Cures Act will diminish another bedrock of modern medicine – informed consent. The NEJM article notes that:

“Informed consent by patients in drug trials has traditionally been sacrosanct, with exceptions made only when consent is impossible to obtain or contrary to a patient’s best interests. But another clause in the proposed law adds a new kind of exception: studies in which ‘the proposed clinical testing poses no more than minimal risk’ — a major departure from current human subject protections. It is not clear who gets to determine whether a given trial of a new drug poses ‘minimal risk.’”

Informed consent is crucial not only for the credibility of modern medicine, it is crucial for liberty.

“The 21st Century Cures Act” Is On Its Way – Here’s Why You Haven’t Heard About It

The 21st Century Cures Act is going through the U.S. Congress right now, and it will likely pass into law unless some opposition materializes (it passed through the House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee with a vote of 51 to 0). The Act is a give-away to the pharmaceutical industry, removing many of the safety mechanisms in place that are supposed to keep the public protected from unsafe drugs and medical devices.

The 21st Century Cures Act allows drugs to be rushed to the market, removes phase 3 testing as a requirement for drug approval, bases drug approval on biomarkers rather than actual health outcomes, and encourages the production of new antibiotics at a time when microbiome destruction is increasingly being linked to chronic diseases.

Rushing Drugs to Market
With the passage of the 21st Century Cures Act, drugs will be rushed to market with little testing required. A New York Times piece, “Don’t Weaken the F.D.A.’s Drug Approval Process” notes that the 21st Century Cures Act “could substantially lower the standards for approval of many medical products, potentially placing patients at unnecessary risk of injury or death.” The Act weakens an already weak regulatory process that is currently doing a poor job of protecting the public from adverse reactions to drugs and medical devices. (In the currently weak system, preventable medical errors in hospitals are the third leading cause of death in the United States, and, “between 210,000 and 440,000 patients each year who go to the hospital for care suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death.” source)

The End of Evidence Based Medicine
Modern medicine is supposed to be “evidence based medicine” backed up by replicable, placebo controlled scientific experiments that show that a drug or medical device effectively treats the disease or symptom that it is purported to treat. This standard of evidence will no longer exist if the 21st Century Cures Act passes into law. The Act will allow drug approval to be based on biomarkers and surrogate measures rather than health outcomes. This has been disastrous in the past and it will be even more disastrous in the future. For example, we’re now seeing that statins do well at reducing cholesterol, but despite improving that biomarker, they don’t improve health outcomes for large portions of the population (notably, the female portion of the population).

A New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) article, “The 21st Century Cures Act — Will It Take Us Back in Time?” notes that:

But though a drug’s effect on a biomarker can make approval quicker and less costly, especially if the comparator is placebo, it may not always predict the drug’s capacity to improve patient outcomes. Bevacizumab (Avastin) delayed tumor progression in advanced breast cancer but was shown not to benefit patients. Similarly, rosiglitazone (Avandia) lowered glycated hemoglobin levels in patients with diabetes even as it increased their risk of myocardial infarction. In 2013, patients began to receive a new drug for tuberculosis approved on the basis of a randomized trial relying on a surrogate measure of bacterial counts in the sputum — even though patients given the drug in that trial had a death rate four times that in the comparison group, mostly from tuberculosis.

Representative Diana DeGette (D-CO), one of the co-sponsors of the 21st Century Cures Act, bragged on Twitter that, “In 120yrs we have gone from #snakeoil to mapping the #humangenome. W/your help #Cures2015 is ready to take us further.” But if pharmaceuticals are no longer required to have evidence that they improve health outcomes, how are they any better than snake oils? One only needs to look as far as the recent history of psychiatry to see that the line between snake oils and “evidence based medicine” is already woefully thin. Removing regulatory and procedural requirements from the drug approval process, via the 21st Century Cures Act, will just encourage the production of more dangerous pharmaceuticals that are no better or safer than snake oil. <–What it boils down to is ”murder for profit”.

^^^50 to 0 Vote, LMAO. If you have been watching these evil slime on the House and Senate Floor for years, you have heard the pontificating lying evil bastards on both side and you know for certain that every last one of them is going straight to Hell. Just like the ”Secret TPP” that Obozo is going to seal into law under a Antichrist Homosexual Flag for which stands complete and utter mockery, anyone willing to swallow this has accepted the mark of the beast, AKA the second death.

The Constitution is long dead, the leaders are the prophetic fulfillment of the cup of fornication, and the only thing left for this fallen republic is for it’s complete destruction, as with all nations and Israel. Just think of it as a ObozoCare murder suicide in the form of a Antichrist NWO 666 Global TTP Homosexual Climate Change Pride Pill, AKA DEATH.

Dramamine Required: Stocks End Week Unchanged Despite Nausea-Inducing Wild Ride 

Despite the rampacious surge in stocks, some context on the week… Nasdaq & S&P 500 End Red, Small Caps and Trannies squeezed to death…

Seems to be summed up thus…

http://lesea.com/wht/watch-live/  11:30PM Tonight’s TV Show “Just Before Midnight” 

Listen up, and listen good.

Some of us have been watching things extremely close from the inside out, from the top of the heap where shit rolls down, to the lowest laborer that feels the humility of our Father in Christ. We fully understand and completely comprehend everything that is going on, and what is upon this terminal prophetic generation. We sat with people and listened to their pathetic musings for years. We have suffered and entertained fools in government and the private sector that expose themselves by their offerings, which they hold high as trophies or medals of their own image. Antichrist fools that mock their own salvation and laugh in the face of their last call. Blind fools given prophetic strong delusion. We have suffered the Antichrist religions and Antichrist spirit among the so called  Christian houses of worship. We know who has established the Antichrist Communism Corporate NWO 666 Mark Of The Beast global tyranny. We know everything that anyone could possibly need to know and understand in order to see clearly over the horizon. WE KNOW WHAT THE PROPHETIC FULFILLMENT LOOKS LIKE BEFORE IT IS CONFIRMED!

All that aside, what needs to be said is this.

It is written:

Do not let anyone ·fool [deceive] you in any way. That day of the Lord [v. 2] will not come until the ·turning away from God [great rebellion; apostasy; Matt. 24:11–12; 1 Tim. 4:1; 2 Tim. 3:1–5; 2 Pet. 2:3; Jude 18] happens and the Man of ·Evil[a] [Wickedness; L Lawlessness; C probably the Antichrist; 1 John 2:18; Rev. 13], ·who is on his way to hell [L the son of destruction; John 17:12], appears. 4 He will ·be against [defy; oppose] and ·put himself above [exalt himself against] any so-called god or ·anything that [any object that; or any place where] people worship [Is. 14:13–14; Ezek. 28:2–9; Dan. 11:36] ·and [or so that] he will even go into the Temple of God and sit there and ·say that he is [present himself as] God.

5 Don’t you remember that when I was with you I told you that all this would happen? 6 And ·now [so] you know what is ·stopping that Man of Evil [L restraining him; holding him back; 2:3] so he will ·appear [be revealed] at ·the right [the proper; L his own] time. 7 The ·secret power [or mystery] of ·evil [lawlessness; wickedness] is already ·working in the world [or at work], but there is one who is ·stopping that power [restraining it]. And ·he [or it] will continue to ·stop [restrain] it until ·he [or it] is taken out of the way [C this restrainer may be the Holy Spirit or human government, among other possibilities]. 8 Then that ·Man of Evil [L evil/lawless one; 2:3] will ·appear [be revealed], and the Lord Jesus[b] will ·kill [destroy] him with the breath that comes from his mouth [Is. 11:4] and will ·destroy [annihilate; put an end to] him with the ·glory [brightness; splendor; or appearance; manifestation] of his ·coming [arrival; presence]. 9 ·The Man of Evil [L …who; 2:3] will ·come [arrive] ·by the power [or at the instigation; L in accordance with the work/activity] of Satan ·and will have [or with; accompanied by] ·all kinds [or every kind] of ·false [counterfeit] ·miracles [powers], signs, and wonders. 10 He will use every ·kind of evil to trick [or wicked deception against/toward] those who are ·lost [perishing; heading toward destruction], because they refused to love the truth that would save them. 11 For this reason God sends them ·something powerful that leads them away from the truth [L a powerful/compelling/effective deception/error] so they will believe ·a lie [what is false]. 12 So all those will be ·judged guilty [condemned] who did not believe the truth, but ·enjoyed doing [delighted in; approved of] ·evil [wickedness; unrighteousness; injustice].

2 Thessalonians 2 

Woe to you who desire the day of the Lord! Why would you want the day of the Lord? It is darkness and not light;

Amos 5 

Proclaim this among the nations: Prepare war! Stir up the mighty men! Let all the men of war draw near, let them come up.

10 Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruning hooks into spears; let the weak say, I am strong [a warrior]! 11 Hasten and come, all you nations round about, and assemble yourselves; there You, O Lord, will bring down Your mighty ones (Your warriors). 12 Let the nations bestir themselves and come up to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, for there will I sit to judge all the nations round about. 13 Put in the sickle, for the [vintage] harvest is ripe; come, get down and tread the grapes, for the winepress is full; the vats overflow, for the wickedness [of the peoples] is great.

14 Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.

Joel 3 

And I will show signs and wonders in the heavens, and on the earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke.
31 The sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.

Joel 2 

32 And whoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered and saved, for in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be those who escape, as the Lord has said, and among the remnant [of survivors] shall be those whom the Lord calls…

That said, as it is written, those of us that have actually experienced this already, wether it was the prophetic vision bestowed upon us within a dream, or as it may be given to those offered declaration from  the messenger angel and The Holy Spirit, we know the time has come.

Let it be said: The great and terrible Day Of The Lord; with all it’s darkness, blood and fire, is preferred to come upon this generation now. There is no need for time to linger. The Day Of The Lord is clearly upon our Horizon, and the nations and Israel are loathsome and disgusting heaps of shit that need not fertilize the Earth another hour. It is time for the tribulation era to be realized and for the Antichrist to be confirmed by his prophetic peace and security covenant which seals the nations and Israel. The ”peace and security Two State Final Solution” now being set up through the United Nations.

It is time for Climate Chaos to mingle with Hellfire and blood. It is time for great shaking. It’s time for comfort to be taken away from the lukewarm hearts among all nations and Israel. It’s time for the shouting of Truth which kills and destroys nations, and lays waste to every reprobate body that dares fly their flag of contempt, be they persons or as with the nations and Israel.

It’s time for New Jerusalem to come down upon the old and corrupted Earth. It is time for the Rock Of Salvation to crush the nations, and as with Sodom and Egypt, it is time for the foot of Mercy to crush the head of the serpent in Israel.

The eyes of the Saints, given to see beyond the horizon, we see nothing but erect tares that have overwhelmed the field to the fullness of time now come upon this generation. We are now knocking upon the closed doors of the sleeping 666 Solomon Psalm Bride and she is not going to wake up and answer. Her house requires great earthquakes, destructive storms, and still she is not moved.

And now it’s time for the pillar of fire. It’s time for all the mocking fools and the unmoved masses to realize their own judgment come upon them, as with the nations and Israel.

Saturday, July 11, 2015: Phineas (Pinchas)

Reading for July 11, 2015 ~ Tammuz 24, 5775
Num 25:10-30:1 ~ 1Kings 18:46-19:21 ~ John 15-17