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While the folks clogging the US tattoo parlors may not have noticed, things are beginning to look a little World War one-ish out there. Except the current blossoming world conflict is being fought not with massed troops and tanks but with interest rates and repayment schedules. Germany now dawdles in reply to the gauntlet slammed down Sunday in the Greek referendum (hell) “no” vote. Germany’s immediate strategy, it appears, is to apply some good old fashioned Teutonic todesfurcht — let the Greeks simmer in their own juices for a few days while depositors suck the dwindling cash reserves from the banks and the grocery store shelves empty out. Then what?

Nobody knows. And anything can happen.

Welcome To Blackswansville

Attention Planet!!! Attention All Souls Among The Nations!!!  

Antichrist Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu 911 met on Monday with Greek Foreign Minister Nikolaos Kotzias, and promised to support the flailing state of Greece as it deals with bankruptcy.

“You are arriving here at a critical time for Greece and I appreciate your visit,” Antichrist Netanyahu 911 said at the start of the meeting. “It expresses the true obligation between us.”

“We are today two Western democracies seeking peace and security, and Israel is obligated to help in any way we can so that you succeed, not only because we are friendly nations – we also have an alliance against militant Antichrist Islamic terror which endangers not only the Antichrist Middle East but the entire world.”

Antichrist Netanyahu 911 Says Nuke Deal getting Worse by the Day

“Recently we saw an Antichrist Iranian-Hezbollah terror cell uncovered in Cyprus that had reportedly five tons of ammonium nitrate in one apartment. That’s roughly the amount that took down the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. That’s just one apartment. But this terror network expands to over 30 countries in many continents and we have just received a report of another Antichrist Iranian terror cell operating in Jordan that was uncovered.”

Kotzias responded, saying, “I’m very happy to be here in Israel, we know that Israel is a close and important friend of Greece.”

Antichrist Netanyahu 911 in the meeting also spoke about the Antichrist Iran nuclear deal, which is approaching an extended July 7 deadline on Tuesday.

“Every day more concessions are made to Antichrist Iran and every day the deal becomes worse and worse,” charged the prime minister.

Antichrist Iran was making its red lines clear as talks on a final nuclear deal got under way in Vienna on Saturday. Skull&Bones Secretary of State John Kerry and Antichrist Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif were meeting in a Vienna hotel in the first of what should be several days of negotiations ahead of a Tuesday deadline.

Antichrist Iran Nuclear Talks: Skull&Bones Kerry Begins Final Round to Seal Accord 

Senior Antichrist NWO 666 US 911 Homosexual Obozo Clowns and Antichrist Iranian officials said much hard work still needed to be done to bridge significant differences.

Let love for your fellow believers continue and be a fixed practice with you [never let it fail].

2 Do not forget or neglect or refuse to extend hospitality to strangers [in the brotherhood—being friendly, cordial, and gracious, sharing the comforts of your home and doing your part generously], for through it some have entertained angels without knowing it.

3 Remember those who are in prison as if you were their fellow prisoner, and those who are ill-treated, since you also are liable to bodily sufferings.

Hebrews 13

30 I and the Father are One

31 Again the Jews [d]brought up stones to stone Him.

John 10 

For some strange reason, the network appears to think Antichrist Muslim structures on Temple Mount may soon be gone.

Does CNN Think the Messiah is Coming?

The veil between the spiritual and the physical is coming down. What has been will be again. Though many may feel the events in mainstream media give us no indication of prophecy I beg to differ.

17th of Tammuz (July 4 1776 – July 4 2015)

This is considered the second most ominous day in Jewish History. It is when the walls of Jerusalem were breached before the destruction of the 2nd temple. On the afternoon of the 16th of Tammuz the Israelites constructed the Golden Calf. On the 17th of Tammuz Moses smashed the Ten Commandments. It wouldn’t be until the Feast of Atonement (which is September 23 2015) that Moses would receive the second set of tablets and atonement for the sin of the Golden Calf. The Israelites had been delivered out of the hands of Pharaoh from Egypt, when Moses was on Mt. Sinai speaking with God they became anxious and constructed an idol.

September 23rd 2015 (Tishri 10)

This year September 23 falls on Tishri 10 or Yom Kippur, The Feast of Atonement. On this day Moses received the 2nd set of tablets and received atonement for the Israelite’s sin of the Golden Calf. Interesting that this same year we had our #23 Golden CAV in the NBA Finals. On 6/6/15 or 6/6/1+5 =6 or 666, we had American Pharoah win the Triple Crown for the first time since 1978, the very same year Israel and Egypt signed the Camp David Accords peace treaty. Again, we have the leaders of Egypt and Israel, and this year the Pharaoh happens to hail from America.

America’s Last July 4th (1776-2015)

A recent meeting between National Security Council officials and the left-wing Breaking the Silence group barely made headlines but was a significant move in Antichrist NWO 666 President Barack Obozo’s 911 Homosexual Clown agenda to justify his view that Israel is an “occupier.”

It was Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo The 911 Homosexual Clown who succeeded in removing AIPAC as the default representative of what is called the “pro-Israel lobby” by opening the Oval Office to J Street, the left-wing group that thinks being “pro-Israel” means accommodating Antichrist Hamas, expelling 600,000 Antichrist Jews from Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and granting Antichrist statehood Antichrist Palestinian Authority inside Israel’s borders.

Obozo Trying to Make Antichrist NWO 666 US Leftist 911 Homosexual Clown Jews “Mainstream’

Three quarters of highly educated, high income, publicly active US Democrats — the so-called “opinion elites” — believe Israel has too much influence on US foreign policy, almost half of them consider Israel to be a racist country, and fewer than half of them believe that Israel wants peace with its neighbors. These are among the findings of a new survey carried out by US political consultant Frank Luntz.

Israel losing/lost Antichrist Democrats, ‘can’t claim bipartisan US support,’ top pollster warns

Detailing the survey results to The Times of Israel on Sunday, Luntz called the findings “a disaster” for Israel. He summed them up by saying that the Democratic opinion elites are converting to the Antichrist Palestinians, and “Israel can no longer claim to have the bipartisan support of America.”

When He [the Lamb] broke open the seventh seal, there was silence for about half an hour in heaven 2 Then I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and to them were given seven trumpets.

3 And another angel came and stood over the altar. He had a golden censer, and he was given very much incense (fragrant spices and gums which exhale perfume when burned), that he might mingle it with the prayers of all the people of God (the saints) upon the golden altar before the throne. 4 And the smoke of the incense (the perfume) arose in the presence of God, with the prayers of the people of God (the saints), from the hand of the angel.

5 So the angel took the censer and filled it with fire from the altar and cast it upon the earth. Then there followed peals of thunder and loud rumblings and blasts and noises, and flashes of lightning and an earthquake.

6 Then the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared to sound them.

Revelation 8

7 The first angel blew [his] trumpet, and there was a storm of hail and fire mingled with blood cast upon the earth. And a third part of the earth was burned up and a third of the trees was burned up and all the green grass was burned up

8 The second angel blew [his] trumpet, and something resembling a great mountain, blazing with fire, was hurled into the sea. 9 And a third of the sea was turned to blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea perished, and a third of the ships were destroyed.

10 The third angel blew [his] trumpet, and a huge star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it dropped on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— 11 And the name of the star is Wormwood. A third part of the waters was changed into wormwood, and many people died from using the water, because it had become bitter.

12 Then the fourth angel blew [his] trumpet, and a third of the sun was smitten, and a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that [the light of] a third of them was darkened, and a third of the daylight [itself] was withdrawn, and likewise a third [of the light] of the night was kept from shining.

13 Then I [looked and I] saw a solitary eagle flying in midheaven, and as it flew I heard it crying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe to those who dwell on the earth, because of the rest of the trumpet blasts which the three angels are about to sound!

Satellite imagery from Japan’s MTSAT and NOAA’s GOES-West satellite show a total of 7 tropical systems over the North Pacific Ocean on July 5 and 6, 2015.

Meanwhile, 7-day rainfall accumulation data collected by GPM core observatory shows a very large area of rain stretching from the west coast of Mexico all the way to China and into Indian Ocean. In addition, Tropical Cyclone “Raquel”, which formed north of Solomon Islands, South Pacific Ocean around 18:00 UTC on June 30, 2015 (04:00 AST on July 1), made history as first July tropical cyclone ever recorded off Australia’s north-east.

With three tropical cyclones in the northwestern Pacific – Linfa, Chan-Hom and Nangka – 4 developing tropical lows were observed in the central and eastern Pacific.

While Linfa hit northern Philippines, weakened over the mainland, re-emerged over the South China Sea and is now again intensifying toward its July 9th landfall over southern Taiwan, Chan-hom has passed between Guam and Rota, moved toward Northern Marianas Islands and is now heading toward Ryuku Islands and mainland China. Chan-hom is expected to become a major typhoon by July 9, as well as Nangka by July 11.

System 96E, located SSE of Hawai, is expected to intensify into a tropical depression on July 7.

IR images below show them all on July 5 and 6, 2015. Find detailed reports and forecast tracks below.

7 tropical systems over North Pacific Ocean

Heavy rainfall and strong winds brought to the Philippines by the Tropical Storm “Linfa”, locally known as “Egay”, has battered the Cordillera region on the island of Luzon, causing river swelling and landslides on July 6, 2015.

The tropical storm hit northern Luzon, Philippines on July 5 and re-emerged over the open waters between Luzon and Taiwan. At 03:00 UTC on July 6, it’s location was approximately 496 km (308 miles) NM NNW of Manila, Philippines. The system is forecasted to slowly progress poleward, reaching peak intensity wind speed of 101.8 km/h (63.3 mph) in the next 36 hours and hit southern Taiwan on Thursday, July 9.

The total accumulation recorded for the Philippines reached values between 500 and 550 mm (19.68 and 21.65 inches), while the hourly rate values ranged between 25 and 33 mm/h (0.98 and 1.29 inches/h).

Over 209 mm (8.22 inches) of rainfall was recorded on Saturday, July 4, and Sunday, July 5, exceeding the evacuation threshold of 150 mm (5.90 inches) of continuous rainfall. The public was also warned about the high risk of landslides, rockslides and flash floods.

Region 2381 rapidly grows, produces M1.0 solar flare

Strong and shallow M6.2 earthquake registered near Tonga, Pacific Ocean

With the very near possibility of collapse, amid a shortage of cash and short term money, banks in Greece are poising themselves to “bail in” during financial emergencies by seizing customers bank accounts.

FT reported: Greek banks prepare plan to raid deposits to avert collapse

Greek banks are preparing contingency plans for a possible “bail-in” of depositors amid fears the country is heading for financial collapse…

The plans, which call for a “haircut” of at least 30 per cent on deposits above €8,000…
So that could be coming next.

European finance figures expressed woe over the Greek rebellion, and deep upset at the threat to the Euro, decrying:

“a path of bitter austerity and hopelessness.”

“What we certainly don’t want to do is to take decisions that will threaten the monetary union.”

It should be a stark reminder who will carry the costs of failure – the people. Once again, it is the public who bears the losses, and the private clubs who enjoy the profits.

Americans may remember the episode with MF Global – where the company lost big in derivatives and stole customers funds to cover their losses.

Well, that one taught everyone what to expect… be sure, there is more coming.

Bankers Plan to Raid Deposits After Greeks “Rise Up Against Debt Bondage”

Greek Hell Fire & Europa Whore Haircut Works  

Earlier today we reported that as Bloomberg correctly leaked, the ECB would keep its ELA frozen for Greek banks at its ceiling level disclosed two weeks ago. However we did not know what the ECB would do with Greek ELA haircuts, assuming that the ECB would not dare risk contagion and the collapse of the Greek banking system by triggering a collapse in Greek banks if and when it boosts ELA haircuts. Turns out we were wrong, and as the ECB just announced “the Governing Council decided today to adjust the haircuts on collateral accepted by the Bank of Greece for ELA.”

What does this mean? Since it is almost certain that the haircut is being increased (as decreasing the ELA haircut makes no sense since Greek banks still have about €20 billion in ELA collateral buffer and instead the ECB would have simply raised the total ELA amount), it means that the ECB just took its first practove step toward launching a Greek bank bail in.

And for the convenience of our readers, previously we prepared precisely the sensitivity analysis showing what ELA haircut results in what depositor bail-in.

Here is the summary sensitivity analysis indicating what a specific ELA haircut translates to in terms of deposit haircut.

It Begins: ECB “Adjusts” Greek ELA Haircuts; Full “Depositor Bail-In” Sensitivity Analysis

Another way of showing this dynamic is presenting the ELA haircut on the X-axis and the corresponding deposit haircut on the Y-axis once the critical “haircut” threshold of 60% in ELA haircuts is crossed.

Further confirmation that this was a haircut increase comes from a Die Welt journalist who reported that the ECB will hike the haircut just enough to reduce the collateral on Greek banks to slighly above the current level of use which is about €90 billion. In other words, the ECB increased its haircut from roughly 50% to just about 60% above which level depositor bail ins begin.

Needless to say, this decision makes it quite clear that it was not Greece, but the ECB pushing all along for “burning the Greek bridges” – just as we warned in “Goldman’s “Conspiracy Theory” Stunner: A Greek Default Is Precisely What The ECB Wants” – and as a result any chance of a compromise resolution with Greece may have just been, well, burned

666 Citi has effectively ruled out two of the ECB’s contagion fighting tools as not credible. Anything that requires an MOU or isn’t conducive to unilateral activation and implementation will make the market “doubt the firewall.” In other words: it’s more QE or nothing, and at least according to Citi, the threshold is pre-June 2014 Italian spreads.

666 Citi Identifies Contagion “Trigger Point” For More ECB QE 

At that point — i.e. at the point when Goldman’s conspiract theory stunner finally comes true and PSPP is expanded in order to “fight contagion” — the only remaining question will be how long it takes for ECB purchases to suck so much liquidity from the market that all non-central bank buyers begin to demand higher yields to compensate them for the liquidity risk. When that happens, the ECB will officially join the Riksbank in what will be an ever growing pool of central banks who, having reached the magnetization endgame, will either admit defeat or go to Defcon 1, the monetary paradrop.

Earlier today, just after the market open, the Directedge/BATS EDGX Exchange broke. This is what BATS said at 9:41 am:

Please be advised that BATS has halted trading on EDGX Exchange to investigate an issue related to platform modifications rolled out today. Will advise.

Surely it was a complete coincidence that just as BATS broke (again) the market soared, and peaked within minutes of BATS reopening at 10:20, when it blasted the following notification:

Please be advised that all issues at BATS EDGX Exchange have been resolved. All systems are operating normally.

And then, several hours after the surge, BATS was kind enough to provide us with the post-mortem:

Please be advised that BATS EDGX Exchange experienced an issue related to new functionality involving certain Price Adjust logic that went into effect today. The issue only occurred during a crossed market. All impacted members have already been notified. Upon identification of the issue, BATS halted trading on the EDGX Exchange market at 9:41:38 AM ET to investigate. A software issue was identified, a patch was applied and trading resumed as of 10:20:00 AM ET.Additionally, please note that Members with a default port setting of ‘P’ (Price Adjust) will have their default port settings automatically updated to ‘S’ (Display Price Sliding) effective tomorrow. Members that wish to continue to default to Price Adjust price sliding behavior should contact the BATS Trade Desk.

Of course, what happened within EDGX is irrelevant. What is relevant is what happened in the market.


Broken Market Ignites Momentum In Stocks 

BATS – Making Markets Better.Or Making Markets Broken-er

What do you do when two policy rate cuts, $19 billion in committed support from a hastily contrived broker consortium, and a promise of central bank funding for the expansion of margin lending all fail to quell extreme volatility in a collapsing equity market?

Well, you can simply ban selling, which is apparently the next step for Antichrist Communist China.

Peak Desperation: Antichrist Communist China Bans Selling Of Stocks By Pension Funds 

The pension selling ban comes just days after Antichrist Communist China moved to curtail margin calls in a similary ridiculous attempt to stop the bleeding by simply making selling against the rules.

For their part, Moody’s says the “lack of compulsory liquidiation” in margin accounts is probably a very dangerous idea:

Lack of compulsory liquidation rules in unmet margin call is credit negative for securities cos. because it weakens controls against losses, allows industry to increase risk.

Moody’s expects some cos. to aggressively incentivize clients to buy stocks on margin and allow value of collateral to fall below safe level to avoid damaging customer relationships, putting themselves in riskier position.

The takeaway: this is simply one more example (the insolvent US shale space and HY bond funds being two others) of forestalling the inevitable and in the process allowing already precarious situations to mushroom into speculative bubbles that have the potential to wreak untold havoc when the inevitable unwind finally comes. We’ll close with the following quote (again from Moody’s):

New rules [in Antichrist China] appear to be attempt to stabilize market, [but] less discipline around liquidating positions and risk taking with securities cos. underwriting leveraged positions will sow seeds for greater market peril.

Another parable He set forth before them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field.

25 But while he was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed also darnel (weeds resembling wheat) among the wheat, and went on his way.

26 So when the plants sprouted and formed grain, the darnel (weeds) appeared also. 27 And the servants of the owner came to him and said, Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? Then how does it have darnel shoots in it?

28 He replied to them, An enemy has done this. The servants said to him, Then do you want us to go and weed them out?

29 But he said, No, lest in gathering the wild wheat (weeds resembling wheat), you root up the [true] wheat along with it.

30 Let them grow together until the harvest; and at harvest time I will say to the reapers, Gather the darnel first and bind it in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my granary.

Matthew 13 

31 Another story by way of comparison He set forth before them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took and sowed in his field. 32 Of all the seeds it is the smallest, but when it has grown it is the largest of the garden herbs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and find shelter in its branches. 33 He told them another parable: The kingdom of heaven is like leaven ([k]sour dough) which a woman took and covered over in three measures of meal or flour till all of it was leavened.

34 These things [l]all taken together Jesus said to the crowds in parables; indeed, without a parable He said nothing to them. 35 This was in fulfillment of what was spoken by the prophet: I will open My mouth in parables; I will utter things that have been hidden since the foundation of the world.

36 Then He left the throngs and went into the house. And His disciples came to Him saying, Explain to us the parable of the darnel in the field.

37 He answered, He Who sows the good seed is the Son of Man.

38 The field is the world, and the good seed means the children of the kingdom; the darnel is the children of the evil one,

39 And the enemy who sowed it is the devil. The harvest is the close and consummation of the age, and the reapers are angels.

40 Just as the darnel (weeds resembling wheat) is gathered and burned with fire, so it will be at the close of the age.

41 The Son of Man will send forth His angels, and they will gather out of His kingdom all causes of offense [[m]persons by whom others are drawn into error or sin] and all who do iniquity and act wickedly, 42 And will cast them into the furnace of fire; there will be weeping and wailing and grinding of teeth.

43 Then will the righteous (those who are upright and in right standing with God) shine forth like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Let him who has ears [to hear] be listening, and let him [n]consider and perceive and understand by hearing.