July 1st 2015 JUDGMENT ”IS” COMING

by amongthenumberedsaints

As world powers and Antichrist Iran reach a deadline Tuesday – which may be extended – for talks on the Antichrist Islamic regime’s nuclear program, Israel is taking steps to prepare for a military strike on Tehran’s nuclear facilities so as to defend itself from the impending threat.

The Hebrew-language Walla! reported Tuesday that it has learned from a foreign source that IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot has appointed Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Yair Golan to head a special team tasked with examining the military options against Antichrist Iran.

The team would explore what kind of striking options are available to Israel >>after<< a deal with Antichrist Iran is signed.

By appointing such a senior IDF official to the team, it is estimated that >>Israel is considering the signing<< of a deal to be a game >>>changer<< which would require a serious reevaluation of the regional situation, and likely necessitate military (always has been ”preemptive”) action against Antichrist Iran.

For over 15 years the IDF has been examining the possibility of military action against Antichrist Iran’s ever burgeoning nuclear program, and the majority of the funding for such preparedness has gone to the Israeli Air Force (IAF) and the IDF’s intelligence branch.

“Antichrist Iran is lying – what do we do?”

A source close to Ya’alon was quoted by Walla! saying, “nothing has changed regarding the military option. Our working assumption is that Antichrist Iran is lying all the time, beyond the fact that it is funding and directing terror in the Middle East. It (Antichrist Iran) is our most bitter enemy today, even though we don’t share a physical border with it, and we must not put off any kind of preparedness against it.”

“In the end we don’t believe Antichrist Iran. We don’t believe the (nuclear) project will be stopped. Therefore the (always ”preemptive” military) option will remain. …We need to be ready also for the day in which Israel will need to make decisions alone. (What) if (When) it (Now) becomes (IS) clear they are pushing the envelope in breach of the agreement? Or if Antichrist Iran goes down deep underground (with its nuclear facilities)? And if new sites are found? Will we wait for the US to take care of them?”

“You have to prepare yourself for all of the threats. Not only for Gaza and Lebanon,” added the source. “The military option costs money but the more time goes by, you’re better prepared to carry out the mission.”

Indicating Israel’s growing preparedness ahead of a potential military clash with Iran, the IAF held a special drill with the Greek air force two months ago, in which roughly 100 members of the IAF took part including dozens of crews from all the F-16i squadrons.

The unusual drill had IAF pilots operating in unfamiliar territory for a night and the following day, and included simulations of strikes and dogfights involving dozens of fighter jets.

Most importantly, in the drill the Greek army reportedly deployed advanced anti-missile defense systems similar to the Russian S-300 that Moscow sold to Antichrist Iran and has yet to ship. The advanced S-300 system is considered to be a major challenge in carrying out an airstrike in that it can shoot down rockets as well as jets.

IDF Appoints Special Team Plan (always direct preemptive on Antichrist Iran) Strike on Antichrist Iran

Antichrist Iran and six world powers have extended into next week their talks on finding a comprehensive agreement of Tehran’s nuclear program.

The deadline for reaching an agreement was 30 June, but all parties agreed to extend it by another week, to 7 July.

Putz Putin On The Russian Ritz Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday that a deal was now “within reach”. But US Antichrist NWO 666 President Barack Obozo The 911 Homosexual ”Change” Clown has said he will still “walk away from the negotiations if… it’s a bad deal”. And Antichrist Iran’s Antichrist President Hassan Rouhani warned: “If the other side breaches the deal, we will go back to the old path, stronger than what they can imagine.”

The so-called P5+1, which includes the US, UK, France, Antichrist Communist China and Russia plus Germany, want Iran to scale back its sensitive nuclear activities to ensure that it cannot build a nuclear weapon. Antichrist Iran, which wants international sanctions that have crippled its economy lifted in exchange, has always insisted that its nuclear work is peaceful.

Antichrist Iran nuclear talks: Deadline extended to 7 July 


The Pillar Of Fire 

You Are Now Witness To The Sign Of The Coming Of The Son Of Man And The Return Of Christ

On Monday, the US warned that a framework deal agreed in Switzerland in April had to remain the basis for a comprehensive agreement. It followed a speech by Antichrist Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has the final say on all state matters, in which he rejected the key demands of the P5+1.

He insisted Antichrist Iran would only dismantle its nuclear infrastructure if the sanctions were lifted first. He also ruled out a freeze on research and development for 10 years, as well as inspections of military sites. 

In the US, Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo The 911 Homosexual ”Change” Clown has until 9 July to submit details of a final accord to Congress, triggering a 30-day review period before it can be signed and any US sanctions waived.

If a deal is submitted after 9 July, the review period will be doubled to 60 days..

^^^…which would be September 6, 2015, 3 days before the Friday Sunset Sabbath Day 911 market close, exactly 7 Days before Elul 29 the end of the Super Shemitah Year on September 13, 2015 Feast Of Trumpets New Year Rosh Hashana Solar Eclipse, and 17 days from the September 6th Antichrist Iran nuclear deadline is the Day Of Atonement Yom Kippur on September 17, 2015, and the ”500 Days to avoid Climate Chaos” deadline date that happens to also be the beginning the 120th Year of the prophetic last 50th Jubilee, just before Petrus Romanus speaks inside the ”Womb Of Isis” U.S. Capitol and at the U.N. on the Antichrist NWO 666 Climate Chaos Agenda and prophetic Antichrist Israeli Palestine 2 State Final Solution. 7 days after The Day Of Atonement is the final Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse of the Tetrad on September 28, 2015.

Hmm… You don’t suppose there is any IMF ”Magic 7” connection regard with Lagard and the French Foreign Minister’s 500 Days Climate Chaos prophetic frog leap

“Today is Day 1 of Year 7 of the ‘recovery’, and yet economists everywhere proclaims 3% growth is just around the corner,” rages Jim Bianco as he addresses what ‘bugs him’, exclaiming “that ship has sailed.” Bianco and Santelli go on to slay Keynesian big government dragons and the incessant bullshit from officials like Jack Lew who opine on Greece and other potential systemic risks as being a non-event – “what is priced in is that everything will work itself out at the 11th hour,” leaving a huge asymmetric risk.

Well worth the price of admission…

Jim Bianco Rages “The Recovery Ship Sailed”, Bashes Big Govt Believers, Slams Greek Risk ‘Deniers’

So sales were down 2.3% in May in a possible response to a rise in mortgage rates. And the Fallout Ratio has also broken out as mortgage rates have risen off their lows of February. This could be a harbinger of mass destruction should mortgage rates begin a persistent rise from here.

“The Fallout Ratio” Is Flashing Red – The Chart That Realtors Don’t Want You To See 

It may be time to get in the fallout shelter and out of the US housing market. Look out for the housing mushroom cloud. Don’t be a victim of the media manure and home sales fallout.

Greece’s last-minute overtures to international creditors for financial aid on Tuesday were not enough to save the country from becoming the first developed economy to default on a loan with the International Monetary Fund.

Greece Defaults on IMF Debt 

“Heartbreaking” Scene Unfolds At Greek Banks As Pensioners Clamor For Cash 

And so, as sad as it is, the scene that unfolded today in front of the roughly one-third of Greek bank branches which opened their doors to pensioners, may have been preordained by the powers that be in Burssels because as we said yesterday evening, breaking Syriza’s voter base may have been necessary in order for the Troika to finally force Tsipras to relent or else risk being driven from office, after capital controls and depositor haircuts force public sector employees to collectively cry “Uncle”, beg Europe to take it back, and present Merkel with Tsipras and Varoufakis’ heads on a proverbial (and metaphorical, we hope) silver platter. 

I have plenty to say on the topic of this essay. But the most important thing I think is that I know the EU is blowing up itself by trying to exert far too much influence on the very member nations that made its existence possible. Brussels is a blind city. To see it blowing itself to smithereens makes me very happy.

The flipside is that it will take a lot of pain, and probably even the very wars the EU was originally founded to prevent, to figuratively burn it to the ground. But that, if you’ll allow me, is for another day:

Krugmans and Stiglitzes fully missed something that happened while Juncker was ‘speaking’ yesterday: Jean-Claude changed the entire game in one brilliant move. The Greeks I was with, including in Syntagma Square, didn’t notice it either.

What changed is that after Juncker’s speech, the discussion is no longer about data or numbers or facts anymore (but who understands that?), because he never mentioned them.

It’s instead now about fear and fight and flight and various other base instincts, you name them. And that’s not a coincidence. The reason he, and the EU as a whole, resort to this ‘message’ (and no, these guys’ spin teams are not stupid) is to a substantial extent that it’s simply all they have left.

Whatever they had to present in the way of numbers, data etc. has already been rejected by the Greek government 100 times. Since their data have since the start been diametrically opposed to what Syriza stands for and was elected on, which they knew, that should be no surprise, and indeed never was for the Troika.

If you saw Juncker yesterday, and it doesn’t even matter whether he was inebriated or not (does he perhaps wake up drunk, like Yeltsin?), accusing Tsipras of lying -for which he offered no proof- while telling big fat obvious lies himself (“we never asked for pension cuts”) -for which ample proof to the contrary is available-, y’all should realize that a bit more scrutiny of the man is obviously warranted.

I’ve written this story a hundred different times before already: the EU is an organization led by people with, let’s define this subtly and carefully, sociopathic traits (Antisocial Personality Disorder), simply because the EU structure self-selects for such people. As do all other supra-national organizations, and quite a few national ones too, but let’s stick with Brussels for now.

That such people are selected is due in great part to the less than transparent democratic acts and procedures in Brussels. Which allow for ever larger numbers of the same ‘sort’ of people to accumulate. No coincidence there either.

Many of you will say that you can’t say that kind of thing, you can’t call Juncker a sociopath. But the fact is, I can. Who can not say it are Tsipras and Varoufakis, not in public. But I wouldn’t even want to guess at the number of times they’ve done so in private. And it’s high time we lift the veil on this. We are being governed by sociopaths, and that’s by no means just a European thing.

And besides, in general it’s not something that we should refrain from talking about. The reason we do is, I bet you, is because we don’t know how to recognize the traits and characteristics. But in fact, that’s not hard. Just plucked this off the interwebs in 2 seconds flat:

Profile of the Sociopath
• Glibness and Superficial Charm.
• Manipulative and Conning.
• Never recognize rights of others, see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. …
• Grandiose Sense of Self. …
• Pathological Lying. …
• Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt. …
• Shallow Emotions. …
• Incapacity for Love, Compassion
• Need for Stimulation.

Anyone want to tell me that does not describe Juncker? Still, the big problem with sociopaths -and do note how I subtly steer away from the term psychopath- is that you can not have an effective negotiation with them. Because once you’ve reached a conclusion -which’ll be hard fought and take forever-, they’ll just renege on it and come back with additional conditions. And then claim you are the one who did that.

Check Juncker. Check the 5 month history of Greece negotiations with the Troika. And note that that’s exactly what they accuse Syriza of. They claim Tsipras suffers from the very disorder they do. That too is typical. It’s a pattern, an MO, it’s how these minds function.

The main one for me is the lack on empathy, compassion. That got 1000s killed in Ukraine, and in the Mediterranean, and now in Greece. All deathly dramas Brussels could have prevented, and chose not to. In Brussels and Berlin, it’s more important that countries toe the line than that their citizens actually survive.

Europe has moved, at a very rapid clip, from a union of 28 different sovereign states, each with their own governments and political views and directions, to one where a top heavy bureaucratic structure, hand-puppeted on by a mere handful member states and systemic banks, dictate what each member state, both its politicians and its citizens, may do or not do. Or think. Electing a left wing government, for instance, equals asking for trouble.

There is no democracy left in Europe, people have no direct say anymore, there’s just a two-pronged dictatorship: there’s Merkel and Hollande, who in the Greek crisis have proven themselves to be mere tools to vested interests, and I’m being extremely kind now, and there’s Juncker and Tusk and Dieselflower, who are really just inconsequential sociopathic wankers that could at any moment be replaced by other hammers and screwdrivers.

In that light, it can only be a fitting irony that it was Juncker in his speech yesterday who said:

“Playing off one democracy against 18 others is not an attitude which is fitting for the great Greek nation.”.
He could have easily followed up with:

Because that’s what we in Brussels have a monopoly on.”
The EU is a club led by people with mental disorders, that panders to special interests. It’s not a union of sovereign nations that hold meetings on how to find common ground. That common ground is now supposedly a given, and no matter what any nation thinks about that matters one bit anymore. Unless it’s Germany or France, and even then. The EU has superseded the nations that formed it. And that can never have been the idea of the people of these nations. As I started writing a few hours earlier today:

It won’t be a surprise anymore that I am not a fan of the European Union. That is to say, I like the idea but not the execution of it, and certainly not the clowns who execute it. However, what happened yesterday is something that even I couldn’t foresee.

The Troika volunteered to self-immolate, though the three-headed beast is undoubtedly too full of hubris to understand what it did. Good.

Europe’s Controlled Demolition

you can’t rule over 28 different sovereign nations with no morals whatsoever. That’s coming back to bite you in the face.

Europe can form a great union, peaceful and prosperous and happy. It has many many wise and smart people who can make that work. But those people are not in Brusssels, where the decisions are being taken. And there’s a reason for that.

For the ECB to freeze ELA for Greek banks is the biggest blunder it has ever made, and arguably the biggest one it is capable of making in its present mandate. For one thing, it’s a purely political move, and the ECB has no place in politics, or politics inside the ECB.

That the Eurogroup added to the insult a refusal to grant Greece a one-week extension so preparations for the referendum could be executed in peace, tells us loud and clear what it thinks about democracy: it’s a mere afterthought.

Bullying sovereign nations gets old, fast. What you guys are at the moment doing to Greece, you won’t be able to repeat against Italy or Spain. They’ll have you for breakfast.

The EU, which is made up of 28 democratic and sovereign nations, is being run like some absolute kingdom, ostensibly led by a 24/7 drunk. How long do you think that can last?

Early last week we presented something rather shocking: a note by Goldman Sachs suggested that as a result of the ECB’s QE failure to push the EUR lower and with bond yields having risen instead of falling since the launch of the ECB’s QE in March, and perhaps due to a perplexing conflict between the ECB and the Bundesbank when it comes to debt monetization, a Greek default sparking contagion blowout risk, not to mention a “seven big figure” tumble in the EURUSD, may be just what the ECB needs.

when it comes to Europe, Greece lost the blame game, and just like the Ukraine civil war last year, became an unwitting catalyst greenlighting Germany’s concession to ECB QE, this time it may be Greece that launches the next step in the ECB’s master plan: not just QE but more QE.

This is precisely what Goldman’s Franceso Garzarelli, co-head of macro and markets research, admitted earlier today in an interview on Bloomberg TV, when he said that the ECB “will have to go big” if the situation in Greece worsens and leads to wider peripheral bond yield spreads.

He added that a close call or “no” vote at referendum will cause spread widening which as a result of the complete lack of bond liquidity borne out of the ECB’s intervention and soaking up of government bond collateral, “the market is not deep enough to accommodate a rotation in risk at this point in time.”

How ironic: what Goldman is saying that the more the ECB intervene, the more it will have to intervene. Which, of course, is very convenient for all those who stand to benefit the most from more ECB – entities such as Goldman Sachs…

earlier today another (ex) Goldmanite, this time the one in charge of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, directly refuted Obozo who said Greece is not a “major shock” to the US economy, admiting this morning that “the outlook for financial stability in the U.K. has deteriorated in recent days as the crisis in Greece intensifies, underscoring how the Mediterranean nation’s debt troubles are reverberating outside the eurozone.”

As the WSJ reported, when “presenting the BOE’s twice-yearly Financial Stability Report, the central bank’s governor Mark Carney said the risks associated with Greece and its failure so far to reach a deal with its international creditors have grown acute, and threaten to trigger a selloff in financial markets that could ripple through to the wider global economy.”

Bank Of England Warns Greece “Threatens To Trigger Market Selloff That Could Ripple Through The Global Economy”

Mr. Carney told reporters that although U.K. banks’ direct exposure to Greece through loans and deposits is minimal, that doesn’t mean the British economy would necessarily be immune to the fallout should Greece exit the eurozone.

“The situation remains fluid, and it is possible that a deepening of the Greek crisis could prompt a broader reassessment of risk in financial markets,” Mr. Carney said. That could ultimately hurt the confidence of businesses and households in Britain, he said. The BOE has been working with the U.K. Treasury and authorities across Europe to draw up contingency plans to shield the U.K. economy from harm, Mr. Carney said, although he declined to elaborate. He did say regulators have in stepped up their scrutiny and engagement with the U.K. branches of some Greek lenders.

On Wednesday, U.K. Treasury chief George Osborne said Britain is hoping for the best but “preparing for the worst.” “We stand ready to do whatever is necessary to protect our economic security at this uncertain time.”

Conveniently, if only for all those 0.01% of the economy who benefit directly from QE, so does the ECB: it is, in fact, ready (and would be delighted) to “go big”……. in case Greece votes “Oxi” on Sunday which would mean that, for the second time in the 21st century, Goldman wins and Greece loses.

Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo The 911 Homosexual POTUS Clown Image Of The Beast says that we shouldn’t be alarmed by what is happening over in Greece. On Tuesday, he told reporters that this “is an issue primarily of concern to Europe” and that “I think the markets have properly factored in the risks involved“. And apparently Obozo is not too concerned about the debt crisis in Puerto Rico either. In fact, the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo The 911 Homosexual ”Change” POTUS Clown administration has already completely ruled out any sort of federal bailout for the island. Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo The 911 Homosexual ”Change” POTUS Clown is assuring us that everything is going to be just fine and that we are not headed for another global financial crisis. So is he correct?

I had to smile when I saw a Politico article today with the following headline: “Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo The 911 Homosexual ”Change” POTUS Clown on Greece: meh“. While admitting that this crisis is likely to be “very painful for the Greek people”, Obozo just doesn’t seem to be impressed by the threat that this crisis poses to the global financial system as a whole…

And Obozo also told reporters that he is working with authorities over in Europe to make sure that any “bumps that occur” along the way are “smoothed out”…

So should we trust Obozo? LMAO!!!

Do the authorities actually have everything under control? LMAO!!!

Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo The 911 Homosexual ”Change” POTUS Clown Promises That Events In Greece And Puerto Rico Will Not Cause A Global Financial Crisis

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that there will be “no new talks” with Greece until after the referendum on Sunday, and she sounds like she definitely is not in the mood to offer the Greeks any new concessions. The following comes from Bloomberg…

Merkel and Hollande, who have repeatedly said they want to hold the euro together, gave the Greek premier no leeway after he broke off negotiations over future bailout aid. Hollande suggested the referendum would determine whether Greece could stay in the 19-nation euro area, while Merkel said Europe’s credibility was at stake with its response.

“If the euro fails, Europe will fail,” Merkel said in a speech in Berlin. “That’s why we have to fight for these principles. We could maybe set them aside in the short term. We could maybe say we’ll just give in. But I say: in the medium and long term, we will suffer damage that way.”

Do you understand what she is saying?

Merkel knows that Italy, Spain, France and a bunch of other eurozone members are going down the exact same path that Greece has gone.

And any deal that Greece gets now will set a precedent for future negotiations with other troubled eurozone members.

So Merkel is attempting to draw a line in the sand. But in the process, she may end up forcing Greece out of the eurozone entirely.

At this point, the odds of a deal with Greece seem so remote that many analysts are actually projecting that a “Grexit” is imminent…

It is only a matter of time until Italy, Spain and France need the same kind of assistance that Greece has been getting, and they have far larger economies than Greece does.

And let us not forget that thanks to Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo The 911 Homosexual ”Change” POTUS Clown, U.S. debt is on almost the exact same trajectory as Greek debt. The entire planet is absolutely drowning in debt, and what is happening in Greece and Puerto Rico right now is just a preview of coming attractions.

But Obozo insists that we are not heading into a global financial crisis.

He promises that everything is going to be just fine and that we don’t have anything to be concerned about.

As people continue to digest breaking news out of Greece and around the world, the Godfather of newsletter writers, 90-year-old Richard Russell, warned about a move that is going to shock the world.

Richard Russell: “The world is deflating. But people don’t want to see their standard of living go down. As a result, they continue to borrow. In turn the politicians continue to spend, and the federal debt continues to rise. On top of all this, Greece is putting its exit plan to a vote. Greece is in depression and will almost surely leave the Eurozone and the euro currency. Now it turns out that Puerto Rico, a US possession, is bankrupt and will need loans.

When The Truth Gets Out The Fed Is Going To Shock The World

When The Truth Gets Out It Is Going To Shock The World 

Gold is down 8.7 and was at 1171.4. It’s suspicious that near the close each day, selling comes in to knock gold down and keep it from rising above 1200. A Russell prediction: The Fed will institute something like QE 4 and the Fed will not increase interest rates in 2015 or 2016. The US has lapsed into semi-recession and the true facts of the economy will be known before this year is out.

Free markets, like you and I, tend to inhale and exhale. We have seen the inhaling process ever since WWII. The exhaling or corrective part of the cycle will be a bear market. The bear market will clean out decades of inflation, leveraging and financial engineering. In the end we will have a better world, cleaner, more honest, and much finer.

Dow Break Below 17,000 Will Be A Major Danger Signal

We now have 8 distribution days in the S&P and 6 in the Nasdaq. This tells me that the institutions are selling into this market and it calls for caution on the part of my subscribers. It seems that few people are following stock averages anymore. I would take a Dow close below 17,000 as a danger signal.

While the whole investment fraternity has been searching for signs of a market top, I believe the top has appeared, like the proverbial thief in the night. The Dow has fallen below the 18,000 level, and is now negative for the year.”

Antichrist Communist China Uses ”(Cyber) Security Loophole” Assure Control Over Foreign Companies

At the start of their meeting at the President’s Residence, Rivlin said that Antichrist Ramadan (which began on the evening of June 17) has been a month of terrorism throughout Judea and Samaria, the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem and the whole world. “Terror is terror is terror,” he said, and pledged that Israel will continue to fight terrorism with all its might.

Rivlin was angry that the Antichrist Palestinian leadership has caved in to Antichrist Hamas instead of condemning each act of terrorism and acting against it.

“The silence is louder than ever,” he declared.

Antichrist Ramadan has become month of worldwide terror 

With the FBI recently putting out a nationwide terror warning telling us that chatter about a possible terror attack upon American soil is more than just talk with Ramadan here and several deadly Antichrist ISIS terror attacks across the world already on the books, ANP takes a look below at several ‘bloody Friday’ terror warning videos below. We also look at a Facebook post from a Texas Militia member who tells us that the FBI is contacting militias in America to ‘activate’ for the 4th of July to help law enforcement provide additional protection for Americans against an Antichrist ISIS-style terrorist attack upon American soil due to members of Antichrist ISIS now calling this coming weekend ‘bloody Friday’ on social media.

We must tell you that this militia warning itself is highly controversial and is even being heavily debated amongst patriot and militia groups with the Well Regulated American Militia (WRAMsite.com) joining InvestmentWatchBlog and the American National Militia website among others in promoting this request heavily while Sipsey Street Irregulars and Resistance Journals warning that this could very easily be a ‘false flag in the making’ in an attempt to further demonize the militias. However, with the FBI launching 56 command centers across the country to monitor terrorist threats this weekend as seen in the screenshot above, we believe this is a critical period of time and should be treated as such.

ANP takes the stance that we should all have eyes and ears open 4th of July weekend, and all the time, for either a ‘real attack’ or a ‘false flag’ attack that could be used to completely clamp down upon Americans few remaining civil liberties while STRONGLY reinforcing our support for law-abiding law enforcement all across America, both our local and state police officials and Sheriffs offices as well as the at the federal level. We KNOW that Antichrist ISIS is in America whether or not Antichrist ISIS was originally created by an arm of our own government as this NY Times report states. If all of this terror chatter is real and terror attacks result, we need to be united as one America and stand together as Americans against the evil forces who seek to destroy us rather than divided.

‘Perfect Storm Of Events’ Brewing As Antichrist ISIS Threatens ‘Bloody Friday’ Attacks Upon America – Has The FBI Asked Militias To Activate? 

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re sitting here a week from today talking about an attack over the weekend in the United States,” former CIA Deputy Director Michael J. Morell said Monday on “CBS This Morning.” “That’s how serious this is.”

July 4 terrorist attack on U.S. soil a legitimate threat, officials warn 

On June 29, 2015, Author and researcher Steve Quayle and Aaron Brickman joined the Hagmann and Hagmann Report for one of the most important shows to date. Quayle and Brickman share specific visions and warnings of judgment with listeners and instructions on what must be done now.

There is no way to encompass the importance of the messages you will hear below in simple text, so listen closely because as Mr. Brickman states in an SQ Alert from June 30th, 2015….. Time is up!

Full alert shown below:

The Supreme Court of the United States of America has rendered its verdict as to the constitutionality of one of Gods oldest covenants. Yet, is that all there is to this latest step in moral decline? Will God respond? What does God have to say to the United States in this hour? God has been warning this nation through many voices about the hour we are living in. Early in June He began speaking to me in anticipation of the verdict that would be rendered. During the first week of June while in worship the Lord spoke within my spirit and said “The Supreme Court will render it’s verdict soon and then I will roar over this nation”. As He said this, I could feel the force, almost like vibrations that would cause one to tremble, to go through me. At the time He spoke these words, I knew God was the lion of Judah but I did not have any specific verses in mind. It was during the course of that first week in June when He began to show me what He meant.

Friday morning around 10am I received a text announcing the Supreme Court decision. I immediately heard in my spirit the following “Ichabod. The glory of the Lord has departed.” I immediately knew in my spirit He wanted to speak to me more about this. As I sat quietly in my living room, over the next 30 minutes, He specifically gave me 9 statements and instructions for what I should do in this hour. He was very clear that there will be no more delay. Time is up! He immediately confirmed His word to me by answering a prayer of mine. Between Friday morning and Saturday evening he has further clarified what time it prophetically is, what the response of the people should be and what He promises to do for the remnant. I will address each point specifically, as He gave me further understanding subsequent to speaking these things to me.

Time Is Up!! We Have Passed The Point Of No Return – Visions And Warnings Of What Is Coming Now.

Ichabod – The glory of the Lord has departed.
No weeping for the U.S. Weep over the breaking of the covenant with God.
Time to enter into the ark. Accelerate the plans.
4 generations have despised God. We will see this 4th generation come into that fullness.
There is now no middle class because there is now no middle ground. 2 kingdoms to choose from.
It is now time to walk in the kingdom of God and not the kingdom of man. Do not walk or war in the flesh. For to long we have walked in the kingdom of man while enjoying the benefits of walking in a “Christian nation” The “Christian “ nation and its benefits no longer exist. We must now solely walk in the kingdom of God if we are to enjoy any blessing. The kingdom of God is radically different from even a “Christian” nation. We must quickly learn Gods (the King) ways, protocols, commands, judgments etc.. We must learn to walk by faith and not sight, seeing and hearing the Father, or our hearts will fail for fear and grief at looking at those things that are coming upon the nation.
The captivity is about to accelerate.
1 Samuel ch 4-5 record a)the defeat of Israel, b)the loss of the ark of the covenant, c) the destruction of the priestly leadership. The Philistines were judged for a period of 7 months. Seven is the number of completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual).
It is critical we run into the kingdom of God and forsake the kingdom of this world and country. Get your citizenship quickly decided! AARON BRICKMAN

We have personally seen warnings coming from those commenting, feelings that time is running out, people trying to describe the heaviness and weight they are experiencing on a daily basis now from the time they awaken to the moment their head hits the pillow at night.

Listen below….. you are not alone.