You Are Now Witness To The Sign Of The Coming Of The Son Of Man And The Return Of Christ

by amongthenumberedsaints

1 World Trade Center spire just lit up in rainbow colors.

More Than A Dozen Landmarks You Won’t Believe Were Turned Rainbow



…that city is primed for judgment, and September just looks waaay to0 target rich.

Think about it, based off of all the evidence the fools in Greece still had money in the bank? Are you kidding? That is as dumb as trying to crawl out of the rubble of the theatre showing ”The Sum Of All Fears”  to go eat a free hotdog a Rudy’s after the show. The lipschtick on that pig is Fukushima Dayglow, you don’t need to get close to see whats on those lips from here.

Commenting on the White House being illuminated on Friday with Antichrist gay-rainbow lights to celebrate Antichrist homosexual marriage, Rev. Franklin Graham said it was “outrageous” and a “slap in the face” to millions of Americans who support real marriage, and added that because God gave the rainbow sign to Noah following the flood, it is an image forever “associated with His judgment” and a sign of “God’s judgment to come.”

Rev. Graham on White House Antichrist Gay Rainbow: ‘May it Remind Us of God’s Judgment to Come’

“God is the one who gave the rainbow, and it was associated with His judgment,” said Rev. Graham. “God sent a flood to wipe out the entire world because mankind had become so wicked and violent. One man, Noah, was found righteous and escaped God’s judgment with his family. The rainbow was a sign to Noah that God would not use the flood again to judge the world.”

“But one day God is going to judge sin — all sin,” said Rev. Graham. “Only those who are found righteous will be able to escape His judgment. That righteousness comes through faith, believing on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ who took our sins and shed His blood on the cross for each and every one.”

“So, when we see the gay pride rainbow splashed on business advertisements and many people’s Facebook pages, may it remind all of us of God’s judgment to come,” he said. “Are you ready? Are your sins forgiven?”

Matthew 24 

And He will send out His angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather His elect (His chosen ones) from the four winds, [even] from one end of the [j]universe to the other. 32 From the fig tree learn this lesson: as soon as its [k]young shoots become soft and tender and it puts out its leaves, you know [l]of a surety that summer is near.

33 So also when you see these signs, [m]all taken together, coming to pass, you may know [n]of a surety that He is near, at the very doors.

34 Truly I tell you, this generation ([o]the whole multitude of people living at the same time, [p]in a definite, [q]given period) will not pass away till all these things [r]taken together take place.

35 [s]Sky and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.
36 But of that [exact] day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

37 As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.

38 For just as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, [men] marrying and [women] being given in marriage, until the [very] day when Noah went into the ark,

39 And they did not know or understand until the flood came and swept them all away—so will be the coming of the Son of Man.

40 At that time two men will be in the field; one will be taken and one will be left. 41 Two women will be grinding at the hand mill; one will be taken and one will be left.

42 Watch therefore [[t]give strict attention, be cautious and active], for you do not know in what kind of a day [[u]whether a near or remote one] your Lord is coming.

43 But understand this: had the householder known in what [part of the night, whether in a [v]night or a morning] watch the thief was coming, he would have watched and would not have allowed his house to be [w]undermined and broken into.

44 You also must be ready therefore, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not expect Him.

24 For like the lightning, that flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other, so will the Son of Man be in His [own] day. 25 But first He must suffer many things and be disapproved and repudiated and rejected by this age and generation.

26 And [just] as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the time of the Son of Man.
27 [People] ate, they drank, they married, they were given in marriage, right up to the day when Noah went into the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all.

Luke 17 

28 So also [it was the same] as it was in the days of Lot. [People] ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built;

29 But on the [very] day that Lot went out of Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed [them] all.

30 That is the way it will be on the day that the Son of Man is revealed.. 

Despite rumors from The Time of Malta (seriously!!), Greece’s largest creditor by far – the European Financial Stability Fund (EFSF) – has confirmed that “it’s over”:

EFSF Confirms Greek Bailout Expires Today 

So no extension, no suspension of referendum, and no talks until the referendum is over.

NATO Member Antichrist Islamic Turkey Breaks Ranks: Slams EU Europa Whore Austerity, Offers Greek Aid 

Ever since bond market liquidty became the topic du jour across Wall Street (just a few short years after it was first raised in these pages), analysts, pundits, and reporters alike have begun to question what might happen should investors who have piled into mutual funds and ETFs (especially fixed income products) suddenly decide to sell into illiquid secondary markets.

Some have suggested, for instance, that if corporate bond fund managers were suddenly inundated with a cascade of redemptions, the absence of dealer liquidity in the secondary market could create the conditions for a firesale.

The problem, as we’ve been keen to point out, is that when fund flows are one-way (i.e. everyone is selling), fund managers must either i) meet redemptions with cash, or ii) trade the underlying securities. Note that the latter option is so undesirable in illiquid markets (indeed, trading large blocks into illiquid markets poses a systemic risk), that some fund managers are now lining up emergency liquidity lines with banks so that they can at least meet an initial wave of selling with cash and avoid, for a time at least, sparring with illiquidity.

Gross Says Hold Cash, Prepare For “Nightmare Panic Selling” 

In his latest Investment Outlook, Bill Gross addresses the above, describes what events might trigger a retail exodus (thus tipping the first domino), and says investors should hold enough cash to ride out the storm without participating in a firesale caused by rising rates or >>some manner of exogenous shock.<<

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re sitting here a week from today talking about an attack over the weekend in the United States,” he said. “That’s how serious this is.”

The Department of Homeland Security and FBI issued a bulletin Friday putting local law enforcement agencies across the country on heightened alert for an attack during the holiday weekend, though no specific or credible threat was identified.

The alert followed a spate of terror attacks that hit Kuwait, Tunisia and France.

Mr. Morell said he was more concerned than usual about the alert for two reasons:

First, he cited growing number of people in the United States who align themselves with the terrorist army know as Antichrist Islamic State, also known by the acronyms Antichrist ISIS and Antichrist ISIL.

Secondly, he pointed to the Islamic State’s “call to arms” for attacks during the Antichrist Muslim month of Antichrist Ramadan, which began June 17 and ends July 17.

“I’m worried about this one,” he said.

‘I’m worried about this one,’ former top spy warns of July 4 terror alert

The Antichrist Islamic State issued a “call to arms” for attacks during the Antichrist Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which began June 17 and ends July 17. The Antichrist Islamic State group is also celebrating the first anniversary of establishing a Antichrist caliphate, or anAntichrist  Islamic government, led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The coincidence of the timings is another reason Mr. Morell said these threats may be likelier than usual to result in an attack.

In addition, analysts note, the Antichrist Islamic State looks more than ever like the “strong horse” in Osama bin Laden’s formulation.

“Radical Antichrist Islamists with a propensity to engage in terror have always been embedded in the country, but they have not heeded a call to action until now,” said Jeff Addicott, director of the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary’s University in Texas. “This is because Antichrist ISIS is able to inspire them because of its success in establishing an actual caliphate.”

Nevertheless, local law enforcement in the U.S. remains on guard.

“We don’t want to scare the public or send out false alarms, but we do know that the terrorist groups tend to capitalize on holidays, on events, on something that would make their issue more in the forefront, so if we were to have an event somewhere occur on the Fourth of July, that would play into their strategy,” said Donny Youngblood, sheriff of California’s Kern County and president of the Major County Sheriffs’ Association.

Citing national security concerns, Mr. Youngblood declined to detail what the FBI and Homeland Security bulletin said or what specific preparations his team was making.

“I am extremely concerned about Syrian and Antichrist ISIS recruiters can use the Internet at lightning speeds to recruit followers in the United States with thousands of followers in the United States and then activate them to do whatever they want to do,” McCaul said. “Whether it’s military installations, law enforcement or possibly a Fourth of July event parade.”

McCaul added that while violent extremism has gone viral in pushing its message, America’s response has been sluggish.

On Friday, terrorist left a bloody toll on three continents when they launched attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait.

In France, attackers zeroed in on an American-owned industrial chemical plant near Lyon where they tried to blow up the factory and decapitated a person. In Kuwait City, Antichrist ISIS claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in one of the largest Antichrist Shiite mosques in the area. At least 24 people have been killed, according to local and wire reports. In Tunisia, gunmen opened fire at a beach resort, killing 27 people.

“In light of the three attacks in three hours on three continents overseas shows us that Antichrist ISIS is just regionalized like the administration says only in Iraq and Syria but rather demonstrates a global threat, that they can conduct external operations and they’re very savvy doing that over the Internet,” McCaul said.

House Homeland Security chairman warns Americans to ‘remain vigilant’ ahead of July 4th 

Safe at home? Rep. McCaul on threat of Antichrist Islamic terrorism
In addition to the attacks abroad, the Federal Bureau of Investigations arrested 10 U.S. citizens plotting attacks on American soil over the past three weeks. Many of the calls for came from social media messages, Internet-based propaganda and other digital domains, he said.

On Thursday, McCaul introduced a bill that would establish a full-time federal office dedicated to combating violent extremism on U.S. soil. The bill would also develop a program that would target Antichrist Islamic State propaganda and dull its message. The legislation calls for the program to be run out of the Department of Homeland Security.

Former CIA and NSA director Michael Hayden, who was also on the program, said he believed U.S. strategy for dealing with Antichrist ISIS should be ramped up.

“Because (ISSI looks like it’s) been so successful on the battlefield, it looks like they’re acting as the will and the hand of God. I think we need to turn that around,” Hayden said. “We need to inflict battleground defeats on them, in their homeland, so they’re not nearly as attractive to these kinds of folks globally.”

When asked by host Chris Wallace whether the U.S. was winning or losing the war against Antichrist ISIS, Hayden said, “I certainly would not claim we are winning.”

With Greece the domino in a long chain that leads straight to America and the rest of the western world, it’s time we revisit a 1994 Sermon by the late Reverend David Wilkerson, republished in full below, which when we look at through events of today can see his warning is almost surreal in it’s prophetic accuracy. While financial experts such as MIchael Pento with Greg Hunter in the 1st video below warn that we are now living in the ‘most dangerous time since the history of econonomics’, the fact that Reverend Wilkerson could have foreseen what we are watching in Greece now over 20 years ago with such accuracy is scary; let’s all hope that the rest of his sermon doesn’t come true but understanding the source, we’re likely way beyond such hope.

‘It’s About To Happen – Very Soon’ – 1994 Rev. David Wilkerson Sermon Warned Of Greece And What Comes Next – The Most Dangerous Time In History

Warning us that ‘it’s about to happen – very soon’, Wilkerson tells us that very soon, ‘one nation is going to default on its international loan’ and the series of dominoes that soon fall will lead to 6 months of horror in America and ‘the worst hell that America has ever seen’ as Americans across the country are unable to remove their own money from the banks while the US Army tries to take control of the streets of America.

Jade Helm 15 Extended Till November? FEMA Going Door To Door In Groups Of 8 In Texas – Officer Speaks Out On Obama’s Purge Upon US Military 

Antichrist Iran’s foreign minister has returned to the nuclear talks in Vienna where negotiators are struggling to overcome still significant differences and preparing to work through a self-imposed deadline for a deal.

Antichrist Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was rejoining the talks Tuesday after consultations in Tehran and was to meet U.S. Secretary of State Skull^Bones John Kerry. Zarif arrived in Vienna with Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of Antichrist Iran’s atomic agency, who had missed earlier sessions due to illness. Antichrist Iran’s official news agency said Salehi’s participation indicated Antichrist Iran’s serious desire to accelerate the talks and achieve a comprehensive deal. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was also expected to join the discussions.

On Monday, U.S. officials suggested that significant backtracking by Tehran’s negotiators may need several more days of discussions to resolve.


Former CIA Director Michael Hayden said Sunday that the United States has lost its edge going into the final days of a nuclear negotiation with Antichrist Iran.

“I would actually fear that the Antichrist Iranians have the upper hand right now,” Hayden said on “Fox News Sunday.” “I actually fear we have painted ourselves into a corner where we believe that any deal is better than no deal at the present time.”

Hayden said the framework of the deal doesn’t go far enough in preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear arsenal in the future.

On Sunday, U.S. officials confirmed to Fox News that world powers meeting in Vienna to hammer out the nuclear deal will miss their June 30 deadline.

Antichrist Iran’s foreign minister Mohammed Javad Zarif’s returned home for consultations on Sunday. Zarif is expected to return to Vienna to join counterparts from other countries at the negotiating table to push for a breakthrough on the talks.

U.S. officials said they are “unconcerned” about the pace of talks and that Zarif’s trip home had been scheduled in advance.

However, several media outlets noted that the fact Zarif was leaving the talks so close to the deadline showed he needed permission to proceed with several issues tied to the talks, including how much access Tehran should give U.S. investigators monitoring Iran’s compliance to any deal.

It’s a sticking point that the U.S. and other powers cannot afford to negotiate, Hayden said.

“We need the ability to go places,” he said.

Russia, Antichrist Communist China, France, Germany and Britain are aiding the U.S. in diplomatic discussions.

The dispute over access surfaced again Sunday, with Antichrist Iranian Gen. Masoud Jazayeri saying that any inspection by foreigners of Iran’s military centers is prohibited.

He said the attempt by the U.S. and its allies to “obtain Iran’s military information for years … by the pressure of sanctions” will not succeed.

But German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who joined the talks Friday, said Antichrist Iran’s “nuclear activities, no matter where they take place,” must be verifiable.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Zarif met in Vienna for their third encounter since Saturday. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius also is in Vienna, as is British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, while Russia and Antichrist Communist China are represented for now by deputy foreign ministers.

For weeks, all seven nations at the negotiating table insisted that Tuesday remains the formal deadline for a deal. But with time running out, a senior U.S. official acknowledged that was unrealistic.

“Given the dates, and that we have some work to do … the parties are planning to remain in Vienna beyond June 30 to continue working,” said the official, who demanded anonymity in line with State Department practice.

Asked about the chances for a deal, Federica Mogherini, the European Union’s top diplomat, told reporters: “It’s going to be tough … but not impossible.” Hammond spoke of “major differences” in the way of a deal.

Steinmeier told German media: “I am convinced that if there is no agreement, everyone loses.”

“Antichrist Iran would remain isolated. A new arms race in a region that is already riven by conflict could be the dramatic consequence.”

Both sides recognize that there is leeway to extend to July 9. As part of an agreement with the U.S. Congress, lawmakers then have 30 days to review the deal before suspending congressional sanctions.

But postponement beyond that would double the congressional review period to 60 days, giving both Antichrist Iranian and U.S. critics more time to work on undermining an agreement.

Deadline likely missed in nuclear deal – Hayden says Antichrist Iran has ‘upper hand’ 

Arguing for more time to allow the U.S. to drive a harder bargain, Israeli Antichrist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 911 — a fierce opponent of the talks — weighed in on Sunday against “this bad agreement, which is becoming worse by the day.”

“It is still not too late to go back and insist on demands that will genuinely deny Iran the ability to arm itself with nuclear weapons,” he said.

The goal of the talks involving Antichrist Iran and the U.S., Britain, Antichrist Communist China, France, Germany and Russia is a deal that would crimp Tehran’s capacity to make nuclear weapons in exchange for sanctions relief. Antichrist Iran insists it does not want such arms but is bargaining in exchange for sanctions relief.

On Saturday, diplomats told The Associated Press that Antichrist Iran was considering a U.S.-backed plan for it to send enriched uranium to another country for sale as reactor fuel, a step that would resolve one of several outstanding issues.

With a sovereign default now just hours away, both Greece and Europe may be starting to second guess the decision to open Pandora’s Box with both sides cancelling press events citing “emergency meetings”. The latest headlines have Greece requesting an ESM bailout and pressing for debt restructuring.

Greece Asks For 2-Year Bailout From ESM, Merkel Promptly Shoots It Down


The default may be in the books, but the bluff continues: can Greece default in the Eurozone as Varoufakis has claimed all along, or will the collapse of the Greek banking system tomorrow after the ECB makes the ELA illegal topple the government? Find out in a few short days.

Varoufakis Confirms Greece Will Default To IMF Today

May as well spoil the ending of what happens at midnight local time today. Nothing (as previously reported). From Reuters:


Shemitah Slam Greek Harbinger Domino Is Fallen Is Fallen 

Earlier today, John O’Connell, CEO of Davis Rea, spoke to Canada’s BNN from what may be Greece’s top tourist attraction, the island of Santorini, to give a sense of the “mood on the ground.” Not surprisingly, his feedback was that, at least as far as tourists are concerned, nobody is worried. After all, it is not their funds that are capital constrained plus should the Drachma return as the local currency, the purchasing power of foreigners will skyrocket.

What he did point out, however, that was quite notable is the diametrically opposing views between old and young Greeks when it comes to Grexit. According to O’Connell, “the old people want to vote for Europe cause they have a lot to lose, they have their pensions, but the younger population – they are already poor, they are already unemployed – and they don’t have much to lose. Their attitude is it’s going to be tough, it’s already tough, and so why not just move on go back to the Drachma, and they’re ok with that. Their attitude is in 5 to 10 years I’ll be better off. They believe there’s a lot of misinformation. They believe they’re being pressured by European countries particularly Germany that are holding them to very difficult terms.”

He continues: “whatever the polls may way, the young population is going to vote to leave the Euro and deal with the problems long-term.”

Finally, his take on capital controls and tourism: “You are going to see a big, big drop off in tourism because people are not going to want to come here. People are going to worry that if people do come here with a lot of Euro, are they going to be allowed to leave with those Euros. It’s going to have a dramatic impact on the Greek economy at some point, a lot of the people that live here are underestimating how bad it could get in the short term.”

The Mood On The Ground In Greece: “Some Have Raised The Prospect Of Civil War” 

The punchline:

There have been some people that worry that the military may actually get involved. It wouldn’t surprise me – there are some people in Greece that have raised the whole prospect of potential civil war.
Who would benefit the most from a Greek civil war? Why the biggest exporter of weapons in the world, of course: the United States.

So dear Greeks: please avoid Kiev-style, CIA-inspired “Maidan type” provocations. The US military industrial complex is wealthy enough without your help.

JPMorgan Just Cornered The Commodity Derivative Market, And This Time There Is Proof 

For years there had been speculation, rumor and hearsay that JPM had cornered the US commodities market. Now, finally, we have documented proof.

Traditionally, we look at the OCC’s Quarterly Bank Report on derivatives activities to see which was the largest bank in the US in terms of total notional derivative holdings. The reason being that like on frequent occasions in the past, we find some stunning results, such as most recently in January when we wrote that, for the first time, Citigroup had eclipsed JPM as the largest US bank in total derivatives, with just over $70 trillion compared to perennial megabank JPM’s $65.3 trillion as of the third quarter of 2014, explaining also why Citigroup had drafted the Swaps push out language in the Omnibus Bill.

And while this time there was little exciting to report at the consolidated level (JPM overtook Citi in Q4 only for Citi to once again become the world’s largest bank in total derivatives with $56.6 trillion compared to $56.2 trillion for JPM and $52 trillion for Goldman as Bloomberg reported earlier), and in fact total notional derivatives tumbled from $220.4 trillion in Q4 to $203.1 trillion in Q1 the lowest level since 2008…

… an absolutely shocking blockbuster emerges when looking at the underlying component data.

What the chart above shows is that after fluctuating around the low to mid $200 billion range for the past 5 years, in Q1 the amount of Commodities with a maturity of under 1 year exploded to a record $3.9 trillion!

Sadly, the OCC provides no actual explanation for why there was such an epic surge in commodity derivatives within the US banking system in the first quarter, so we decided to explore.

What we found is what those who have for years accused JPM of cornering the commodity markets, have known: because it is none other than JPMorgan’s Commodity derivative book primarily in the <1 maturity bucket, which exploded from just $131 billion to a gargantuan and never before seen $3.8 trillion!

In fact as the chart below shows, while historically JPM has accounted for just over 50% of total commodity holdings among all US commercial banks, in the Q1 this number soared to a stratospheric 96% which by anybody’s standards is the very definition of cornering the market!

We don’t know what prompted JPM’s derivative book to soar to such a never before seen amount, but the number most certainly looks abnormal on both an absolute and a relative basis, especially considering that no other banks boosted their particular derivative book with the same vigor.

So what is going on here?

We decided to dig down some more when we encountered something even more perplexing. Because whereas in previous quarterly updates, the OCC broke out the FX and Gold categories as separate derivative items as seen in this most recent chart from the Q4 update…

We don’t know what prompted JPM’s derivative book to soar to such a never before seen amount, but the number most certainly looks abnormal on both an absolute and a relative basis, especially considering that no other banks boosted their particular derivative book with the same vigor.

in Q1, once again quite inexplicably, the OCC decided to lump these two products together, thus making any credible observation about the total notional outstanding of just gold derivatives, impossible! But wait, we thought that according to former Chairman Bernanke, gold anything but currency: is the OCC suddenly disagreeing with that assessment?

One would almost think the OCC is hiding something as the demand of US commercial banks. So while we no longer know what just total gold derivatives outstanding is, for some unexplained, reason, we do know that the combined total of FX and gold just hit an all time high.

So in summary, this is what we do know:

in Q1, JPM cornered the commodity derivative market, with a total derivative exposure of just over of $4 trillion, an increase ot 1,691% from just $226 billion in one quarter!
What we don’t know is:

why did the OCC decide to effectively eliminate its gold derivative breakdown by lumping it with FX,
why there was a 237% increase in the total amount of precious metals (which include gold) contracts in the quarter, from $22.4 billion to $75.6 billion

We have sent an email requesting much needed clarification from the Office of the Currency Comptroller, although we are not holding our breath.

^^^Woe! They were given a prophecy about this quake and it happened, so the prophetic earthquake utterance that; that described exactly what came to pass to a ”T”, right after Obozo gave his 0:00hrs zero interest 100% debt to GDP ”over my shoulder through the White House window” 666 Washington Monument ”Open for Business” speech, which was the inspiration (brought anger up, especially because the persons that heard were masonic defenders) ended up with this earthquake under the nuclear plant that shut down the Washington Monument, damaged the National Cathedral and U.S. Capitol building.


Tuesday June 30 2015, 06:44:07 UTC 7 hours ago Alabama 3.8 

^^^…by the way, in the past 30 hrs or so, not only has this unusual Alabama quake happened but there were two unusual quakes in Virginia again, and one was by the same epicenter of the 5.9 quake in Virginia, by the nuke plant, which shut down Obozo’s ”666 Symbol” he claims for America.

Judging from what happened after Obozo mocked America with his ”666 Obelisk” ”Open for Business” dark sentence, and his recent dark sentence ( he used the word ”lightening” to associate his Antichrist Homosexual Marriage Image) he spoke at the White House after the Supreme Court fundamental ”change” ruling, declaring the image of God, the Bridegroom, is now legally mocked by the U.S. Federal Government in favor of the Antichrist NWO 666 Homosexual marriage of the U.S. Government, …well. First of all, God is not mocked, and secondly, for God not to send sever judgment upon the nation at this point would not be consistent with, not only all the prophetic signs upon this generation, it would be inconsistent with what keeps following after what this evil bastard in the White House says and does.

This so called President is certainly going to Hell, and everyone that agrees and defends the evil liar is going to Hell with him. That is certain.

A former senator from Colorado, Gary Hart, has written an extremely powerful and accurate critique of the unfathomably corrupt and crony state of the U.S. government in 2015. 

Our ancestors did not depart Europe and elsewhere to seek freedom and self-government alone. They came to these shores to escape social and political systems that were corrosive and corrupt. Two and a quarter centuries later, we are returning to those European practices. We are in danger of becoming a different kind of nation, one our founders would not recognize and would deplore.

When a former senator accurately notes that the best thing young Americans can do is instigate a successful rebellion against the incredibly corrupt and powerful monied interests running the county into the ground, you know things are very bleak.

A harsh judgment? Indeed. But it is impossible to claim to love one’s country and not be outraged at how corrupt it has become. For former senators and representatives to trade a title given them by the voters of their respective states and districts for cash is beyond shameful. It is outrageous.

“I tremble for my country when I contemplate that God is just.” Those words of Thomas Jefferson, enshrined on the walls of his memorial, referred to the institution of slavery. Today he might readily render the same judgment about corruption in and of the American Republic.

Alert level raised after Raung volcano erupts, Indonesia 

A huge fault in the Earth’s crust near Los Angeles is leaking helium, researchers have found.
They say the unexpected find sheds new light on the Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone in the Los Angeles Basin.

Helium is LEAKING from massive earthquake fault in LA raising fears ‘big one’ could be more devastating than thought

It reveals the fault is far deeper than previously thought, and a quake would be far more devastating.
It follows a report from the U.S. Geological Survey has warned the risk of ‘the big one’ hitting California has increased dramatically.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has raised the eruption warning of Hakoneyama volcano from level 2 to 3 on Tuesday, June 30, 2015 following a small scale eruption.

Hakoneyama volcano activity rises to a new level, Japan 

Strap In! The Antichrist Great Walmart Of Communist China Is Crashing Again

In the last 2 days, PBOC has thrown everything at the ponzi-fest they call a rational market. An RRR cut, a Benchmark rate cut, a rev repo rate cut, a CNY50 Bn rev repo injection, a stamp duty cut, IPO halts (cut supply), and last but not least permission to speculate with a reassurance that shares on a solid foundation. The outcome of all this policy-panic – CHINEXT (China’s Nasdaq) is down another 6% today (down 25% in 3 days) and aside from CSI-300 futures, all other major Chinese indices are in free-fall.

Not since the financial crash of 2008 have so many prominent people issued such urgent warnings about a specific time period. Almost daily now, really big names are coming out with chilling predictions about what they believe is going to happen during the second half of 2015. But it isn’t just that these people have a “bad feeling” about things. The truth is that we are witnessing a confluence of circumstances and events in the second half of this year that is unprecedented. This is something that I covered in a previous article that went mega-viral all over the Internet entitled “7 Key Events That Are Going To Happen By The End Of September“. Personally, I have never been more concerned about any period of time than I am about the second half of 2015. And as you will see below, I am definitely not alone.

Just a few days ago, I received an email that contained a chilling message from Lindsey Williams. You can view the same message that came to my email right here. According to Lindsey Williams, the elite insider that he is in contact with told him that there will be a global financial collapse between September and December of this year…


From Lindsey Williams: I just received an email from my Elite friend.

My Elite friend indicated that they have a World Wide Financial Collapse scheduled between September and the end of December 2015

You may have just THREE (3) months to prepare!
I have a ton of respect for Lindsey Williams, and I would listen to what he has to say very carefully. Back in 2008, an elite insider told him that the price of oil would drop from $140 a barrel to $40 a barrel, and it happened. This time around, Williams has been telling us throughout 2013 and 2014 that a global financial collapse was not going to happen during those years, and he was right about that.

But now he is sounding the alarm that one is going to come by the end of this calendar year.

Martin Armstrong is someone else that has been sounding the alarm about the second half of this year.

In fact, Armstrong says that he has “warned that the Big Bang was coming 2015.75″ since 1985.

In the past, I have written entire articles about economic cycle theories and what they indicate is coming in our future.

Armstrong has developed one of his own, and he calls it the Economic Confidence Model. According to the ECM, the “sovereign debt Big Bang” is scheduled to happen by the end of 2015. And it turns out that the time period that Armstrong has been pointing to lines up with a whole bunch of other significant events as well…

There are many aspects that are lining up with the turn in the ECM (Economic Confidence Model) from the Blood Moon and the Jewish Year for forgiving the debts, to France imposing restrictions on cash in September, and even in Germany the laws that protected about half a million people so-called dachas there in East Germany expire. To date, a law protecting the tenant against dismissal by the municipality will also expire October 3, 2015.Everywhere we look, there are changes coming to a head, right down to the U.S. Federal budget with 2015.75.
In case you are tempted to dismiss this as nonsense, Armstrong has pointed out that his ECM has been accurate “to the day” in the past…

Of course the 1987 crash bottomed to the day with the ECM confirming that was the low. The same took place in 1994 where the U.S. share market bottomed right to the day, once again confirming this was an important low.
So will the ECM be right again this time?

Only time will tell, but it should be noted that the global bond market is already starting to crash. If Armstrong ultimately turns out to be correct, we could be on the verge of a major turning point…

This next turning point should be the peak in the concentration of capital and confidence in government. From there on out, 2015.75 should mark the change in trend where people will start to disbelieve government on a grand scale. The debt markets that peak precisely with the target are going to get the worst of it.
Other financial experts are issuing similar warnings, even if they aren’t being quite as specific.

For example, just consider what Jim Rogers had to say recently…

I suspect in the next year or two we will see some kind of major, major problems in the world financial markets.

I would suspect when we have this correction, it’s going to cause central banks to panic. There’s going to come a time when there is not much the central banks can do when they have lost all credibility. When governments have lost all credibility. They will print and spend and borrow, but there comes a time when people are just going to say We don’t want to play this game anymore. And at that point, the world has serious, serious problems because there’s nothing to rescue us.

Lindsey Williams, Martin Armstrong And Alex Jones All Warn About What Is Coming In The Fall Of 2015 

Perhaps the most sobering warning of all that I have come across in recent days is from Alex Jones.

In the video posted below, he explains that he recently received “two different calls” from “extremely prominent wealthy people” warning him about what is coming by the end of this year and asking him why he isn’t leaving the United States “before October”.

In other words, these individuals believe that something really big is going to happen by the end of September. This dovetails perfectly with what I have already been warning about.

In this video, Alex also explains that large numbers of insiders are now quietly leaving the country. I have never seen him quite like this. I think that so many of us are just in shock that the things that we have been warning about for so long are now actually happening. Watch this video for yourself and see what you think…

In the financial markets, we are also seeing signals that many people believe that big trouble is right around the corner. For instance, according to Dana Lyons we haven’t seen bets that the VIX will rise at this level since just before the financial crash of 2008… As most observers are aware, the VIX tends to rise as the stock market declines. Thus a rising VIX is associated with bad markets.The interesting thing about present conditions in VIX options is that the Put/Call Ratio (using a 21-day average) is at the lowest level since the summer of 2008. That means that there are more bets on a rising VIX versus bets on a falling VIX than we have seen in 7 years. And again, a rising VIX is associated with bad markets.
In other words, investors are betting a tremendous amount of money that we are going to see a rise in volatility in the financial markets in the months ahead. And as I have explained so many times before, during times of high volatility markets tend to go down very rapidly. So these bets will pay off very handsomely if there is a financial crash this fall.

Meanwhile, the manager of one of the largest bond funds in the UK is warning that a “systemic event” could soon hit global financial markets and that it is wise to have some “physical cash” at home just in case there is some sort of major emergency. The following comes from Zero Hedge…

The manager of one of Britain’s biggest bond funds has urged investors to keep cash under the mattress.

Ian Spreadbury, who invests more than £4bn of investors’ money across a handful of bond funds for Fidelity, including the flagship Moneybuilder Income fund, is concerned that a “systemic event” could rock markets, possibly similar in magnitude to the financial crisis of 2008, which began in Britain with a run on Northern Rock.

“Systemic risk is in the system and as an investor you have to be aware of that,” he told Telegraph Money.

The best strategy to deal with this, he said, was for investors to spread their money widely into different assets, including gold and silver, as well as cash in savings accounts. But he went further, suggesting it was wise to hold some “physical cash”, an unusual suggestion from a mainstream fund manager.
This sounds like what I have been saying for years. I am a big believer in not having all of your financial eggs in one basket, and I do believe that it is wise to have at least some emergency cash at home.

But to hear it from a member of Britain’s financial elite is definitely unusual to say the least.

Sadly, just like last time, most people are not listening to the warnings. Back in the summer of 2008, my wife and I went up to visit her parents. I sat on their sofa and told them that a great financial collapse was about to unfold and that it would shake the entire world. Of course just a few months later that is exactly what happened.

Now we are on the verge of an even greater financial collapse, and still I find that there are a lot of people out there that are doubters. Most of these doubters have an immense amount of faith in the system, and they are confident that this debt-fueled bubble of false prosperity that we are currently enjoying can somehow last indefinitely.

I truly wish that the hopeless optimists were right.

I truly wish that I could live out my days in peace and quiet in a world that was safe and stable.

Unfortunately for all of us, things are about to change in a major way. When it starts happening, don’t forget that there have been people that have been warning you that this would happen all along.