June 2015

by amongthenumberedsaints

The Antichrist NWO 666 Bilderberg Group will coalesce June 9-14th in the Austrian Mountains at the Interalpen Hotel.

How many of these instigators of widespread tyranny will be discussing their million-dollar safe bunkers where they can hide like moles while their hellish plans are unleashed on the gullible masses?


Nature Can Play This Game, Too

As a reminder, an EMP can also come from a natural cause such as a coronal mass ejection from our sun — something we’ve covered in detail here in repeated interviews with NASA scientist Lika Guhathakurta (here and here) as well as in numerous reports centered on the electrical grid and/or warfare:

A coronal mass ejection from the Sun can generate a natural EMP with catastrophic consequences. A geomagnetic super-storm in 1859 called the Carrington Event caused worldwide damage and fires in telegraph stations and other primitive electronics, which at the time were not necessary for societal survival. In contrast, today a Carrington-class geomagnetic super-storm-expected every century or so-could collapse electric grids and destroy critical infrastructure everywhere on Earth.

We know it will happen; we just don’t know when, but we know humanity can’t risk being unprepared. In July 2012, we missed a repeat by only a few days when a major solar emission passed through the Earth’s orbit just after planet Earth passed. NASA recently warned that the likelihood of such a geomagnetic super-storm is 12 percent per decade; so it is virtually certain that a natural EMP catastrophe shall occur within our lifetime or that of our children.

We covered the July 2012 event here at PeakProsperity.com because it was a very narrow miss for Earth. Had it instead hit, I seriously doubt I would be typing this or that you’d be reading it. Instead, more likely, we’d be writing letters by candlelight (assuming someone had a pony available to deliver them).

Now, a 12% per decade chance of a natural EMP occuring per is a pretty high risk. Statistically, it translates into a pretty safe bet that sooner or later on is going to strike. Despite all our advanced technology, we’ll only have, at best, a couple of days advance warning. And that’s assuming that the government decides to tell us, risking a mass panic before the CME arrives.

Sounding The Alarm On The Country’s Vulnerability To An EMP 


1. A Total Solar Eclipse appears March 20th FYI, UN (United Nothing) celebrates “International Day of Happiness” – just look at this “happy” world today.

2. It appears on Nisan 1, beginning of our Lord’s Biblical Calendar.

3. Full Eclipse at 12:08 P.M. lunch time, that’s good enough to noon as being a prelude to Amos 8:9 : “And it shall come to pass in that day I will cause the sun to go down at noon….”.

4. This Eclipse occurred “exactly” over the center of the North Pole, never happened before in recorded history.

5. Eclipse’s position angle covered only 2 time zones of the world’s 24. One was over Israel (and Mid-East, other Europe). It arrived “just in time for sunrise”.

6. That night also appeared a Super moon-New Moon, the first ever day/night duel combo sun and moon phenomena in a 12 hour period on a Special Day of the Lord.

7. This Supermoon was also the “largest” of the year.

8. There’s never been more than 6 Supermoon occurrences in 1 year (next 3 this Aug., “Sept.”, Oct,)

Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, 2015

9. The vernal (spring) equinox also occurred this exact day.

10. March 20th was also the exact midpoint of this Shemitah year (Leviticus 25). (FYI. also exact midpoint of Bibi’s against all odds election win March 17th and the Iran nuclear DEAL from Hell final agreement gathering and “Restart of the demonic Hadron Super Collider that purportedly undoes God’s Creation of the Universe on March 23rd”

11. Sept. 13, Rosh Hashana, Feast of Trumpets in the final 7th year of “7” Shemitah cycles. Can you only imagine the financial conundrum on the corner of Wall and Broad Street in downtown Manhattan at the closing bell on Friday, yep, 9/11. A Shemitah crash has never failed since 1933 Shemitah year in the depths of the Great Depression-you know all about Jonathan Cahn’s book on the Shemitah. I do hope we who love the Lord are out of the market that day, so ominous, so predictable.

12. Also, that day will appear another Heavenly Sign of a Solar Eclipse, how fitting.

13. Sept. 24th, Yom Kippur. Day of Atonement, our Lord’s most Special Holy Day, most assuredly commences our Lord’s Final Jubilee, the 120th for our world as we know it. Why? How about Genesis 6:3 : “I will not strive with man, his days shall be 120 years”. And Isaiah 61:2 : almost exactly like Luke 4:18 and 19 out of JESUS’S OWN MOUTH : “To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord and the day of vengeance of our God”. Friends, 50 years per Jubilee times 120 Jubilees = 6,000 years = 6 days and God rested= Adam to 2015. (World’s oldest, wisest, religious historians Ussher and Josephus pinpoint Adam’s “birth” to 3900 to 4000 BC. WOW!!! Are we there yet? This is so exciting even writing this, yes we are there.

14. Sept. 28th, Feast of Tabernacles will welcome the 4th BBM. Remember, all previous BBM Tetrads ended with most profound and horrific world changing events and eventual joy and victory to the Jewish nation. (Please see my charts on all of them on the home page , scroll down, specifically Lord’s Perfect Sign, so superior to all others.

15. This will also be a “divine” Supermoon, approx. 25% larger and brighter than a regular Blood Moon.

16. And of the rare 6 Supermoons this one will be the 2nd largest in 2015 (March 20th).

17. More of course, this one will be the ONLY ONE EVER, appearing over Holy Jerusalem and all of Israel will see it. (Not one of the 7 previous BBMs in history have had a Supermoon like this).

18. The 2014-15 BBMs are the most phenomenal in history with their “symmetrical perfection” as only our magnificent GOD could orchestrate this Heavenly alignment of Eclipses. (see Lord’s Perfect Sign chart under home pg.).

19. The number of days between the 1st and 4th BBMs = 531, exactly the same as number of days from July 23, 2013 the 13th and Final Star of David Planetary Alignment, a War Star to the midpoint Jan. 5, 2015 = 531 days. (See photos of the STAR under Lord’s Perfect Sign chart).

20. No BBMs in history has had 2 Total and 1 partial Solar Eclipse within a BBM Tetrad in a span of 17 months. (Remember Solar Eclipses are omens to the Gentiles). God is Awesome, but is very distraught at this world, as we have “left Him”.

21. If there is something peculiar about the 266 days from the 1st BBM on 4/15/14 to the midpoint which happens to be exactly the same # of days, 266 from the Jan. 5th midpoint to the 4th BBM on 9/28/15. Yes there is , 266 days is exactly 38 weeks, the exact # of weeks of a woman’s gestation period to give birth. It’s also the exact # of Pope Francis, who is the 266th Pope of the Vatican and an ominous number as per the prophecy of St. Malachi where the 266th is the last Pope in world history. And how about the unbelievable arrival of the Pope to the UN and Washington D.C. to discuss climate change, world peace, world tolerance, and world unity from a religious perspective Sept. 21-28. WOW, 2 of the 3 world’s most popular men (Putin the other, but not there) who oversee 1.5 Billion people together in 1 place and during 2 of the Lord’s 3 Holy Fall Feasts of Atonement and Tabernacles. Hmmm!! Coincidence Schomoincidence I say.

22. Did you know that if you play around with 1948 (Israel a nation) and 1967 (Jerusalem unified back with Israel) which are both prophetic dates and both with BBMs #6 and #7 respectively, that they link up perfectly with 2015 BBMs. Look : 1948 +67 = 2015 and 1967 +48 = 2015. God’s Signs are so awesome for something Big Big this year.

23. If that’s not enough, how about 2015 has these 24 prophetic Heavenly Signs that no man on earth can not alter. Not “one” other year in this decade 2010-20 has more than 3. (Chart coming in May on # of prophetic events yearly, in the decade). Then you’ll know very much. Isaiah 44:6 : “I am the first and I am the last and beside me there is no God”. Sorry Obama, you can’t lie about things people see with their own eyes and distort it with your loose lips, gottcha this time, as your Executive Orders are a royal fizz here.

24. Best for last : Jan 5, 2015, ties this entire decade (and possibly ushers in Eternity) in such a divine and unique pattern as only God can fashion. This is the most prolific Heavenly Sign date since the Star of Bethlehem. (Just wait till you see how this date is the leading actor in the Lord’s Perfect Sign Sequel which will be revealed when completed and verified in May).

I’ve done statistical probabilities for 41 years. To calculate the probability of these events for 2015, I knew would be a formidable task. I created an atmosphere of total quiet, no TV , no music, 3 sharp pencils 1 big pink eraser, my KJV Bible, calculator, computer, several sheets of scratch paper, Jewish and American calender, and many cans of Pepsi, I made 2 attempts to do this on 2 different Sat. and 2 different Sun.. Very very simple, I quit, I gave up. The power of God to accomplish this hemungous array of events defies all the laws of statistical probability that is overwhelmingly incomprehensible for any one to compute I believe. (Isaiah 48:9 : “There is none like Me”) with that said, I’ll guess that the probability of the 2015 Heavenly Signs is about infinity to the “infinitieh” power. These events should shake one to the core, yet, most nobody in the world is listening just as in the days of Noah in Genesis.

As we look at all these crises a common theme seems to be emerging: the “solutions” being implemented and proposed all contain the elements of globalism and the creation of some kind of new global economic, political, and religious order. It is as if history is repeating itself because thousands of years ago Mankind attempted to deal with similar problems by creating the world’s first one world religion, one world government, and one world economic system at the Tower of Babel in ancient Babylon, founded by Nimrod. Ancient Babylon was a globalist society built on mysterious but real science, technologies, and spiritual systems that have been passed on for many thousands of years through a secret priesthood. This is why it is no accident that a Babylonian commercial and economic system known as Mystery Babylon is prophesied to return, in the Book of Revelation 17:5.

Although I have been researching Babylon for many decades, I began the most intensive pursuit of my life about five and a half years ago when I partnered with Troy Anderson, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist, in deciphering the coding system imbedded in the Tower of Babel and being implemented today by a secret priesthood who plan to radically restructure our society based on the “Mystery Religions” of ancient Babylon. We believe that we have uncovered some of these “mysteries,” which can explain what is going on behind the scenes in the world today. We have co-written our research in a new book that is coming out in October called The Babylon Code.

Our research has uncovered a secret coding system passed on by secret societies who plan to recreate the one world religion, one world economic system, and one world government developed by Nimrod and recorded in Genesis 11. This secretive elite has passed on this prophetic code and occult teaching in Egypt, Rome, China, Europe, and the U.S. Our research has uncovered the secret of the ancient god-kings who ruled the world’s most powerful empires. In fact, the ancient pre-flood super civilization Atlantis provided the science and technology which allowed ancient Babylon to flourish, and while many in in the so-called higher levels of our society would ridicule such ideas, the men and women who compromise what Aldous Huxley termed the Scientific or Technocratic Elite, who currently rule our global system, have always been avid students of the science, geopolitics, and governmental structure of Atlantis, primarily through reading the Greek Philosopher Plato’s writings.


Tuesday was an interesting day for negotiations between Athens and creditors. Recall that after venting his frustrations in a lengthy op-ed over the weekend, Greek PM Alexis Tsipras submitted what he called a “realistic plan for an agreement” ahead of an emergency meeting in Berlin between French President Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, ECB chief Mario Draghi, and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

That meeting ended without any indication of concrete progress suggesting the group was either not impressed with what Tsipras had proposed or simply didn’t care and spent their time discussing a final, take it or leave it deal to send to Athens.

By Tuesday morning it was clear that the troika was well on the way to drafting their own proposal. Fed up with Greece, the institutions had apparently decided to simply draft an agreement on their terms and place on X on the line where Tsipras needed to sign if he wanted to avert a default in three days.

The troika acknowledged that the deal they were crafting would be a tough sell to the radical members of Syriza and thus would be difficult for Tsipras to get through parliament, setting up what we have predicted all along: an imminent government reshuffle.

The fact that the draft deal will contain language that forces Tsipras to concede at least a portion of Syriza’s campaign promises was later confirmed when Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem was quoted as saying creditors would “not meet Greece halfway.”

Reuters is out with the latest, which serves as further confirmation that Tsipras will now be forced into concessions and the troika will have succeeded in using financial leverage to effect what will almost invariably be a government shakeup in Athens.

It appears we will know within the next 48 hours the extent to which Tsipras was forced by creditors to abandon Greek voters in order to save them from economic catastrophe.

Greece Faces Moment Of Truth: Troika To Present Final Offer On Wednesday 

Age of Aquarius actually began in 2012. That’s because they believe the star Regulus in the constellation Leo the Lion marked the ancient border between the constellations Leo and Cancer. This star moved to within 30o of the September equinox point in 2012, meaning that Regulus left the sign Leo to enter the sign Virgo in that year. Presuming equal-sized constellations in antiquity, that places the border of the constellations Pisces and Aquarius at 150o west of Regulus, or at the March equinox point. By this reckoning, the Age of Aquarius started in 2012.

When does the Age of Aquarius begin? 

Bottom line: The Age of Aquarius is an astrological age, which shifts roughly every 2,150 years. It’s defined by the sun’s position at the time of the March, or vernal, equinox. The Age of Aquarius begins when the March equinox point moves out of the constellation Pisces and into the constellation Aquarius. But there’s no definitive answer as to when that will be. This post explores some of the possibilities.

Greece has received what The New York Times recently described as “dueling sales pitches” on two proposed natural gas pipelines.

One proposal comes from Russia, where the Kremlin is keen to use the tumultuous negotiations between Athens and creditors to advance Moscow’s energy and geopolitical interests. Moscow hopes to essentially buy Athens’ participation in the Turkish Stream pipeline which, as a reminder, will allow Russia to bypass Bulgaria by piping gas through Turkey, then through Greece, Serbia, and Hungary straight to the Austrian central hub.

Some have suggested over the past several months that Athens may be able to secure an advance on its potential profits from the pipeline, thus giving Greece some much needed breathing room in what have a series of suffocating negotiations with the troika. This would suit Vladimir Putin just fine as it would allow him to solve the South Stream ‘problem’ while securing a Greco-Russo economic and energy alliance just as Europe debates how to proceed with regard to the conflict in Ukraine. For its part, Europe has responded by filing antitrust charges against Gazprom.

The US proposal involves The Southern Gas Corridor, a project aimed at “improving the diversity of the EU’s energy supply” — in other words, it’s an attempt to help break Gazprom’s stranglehold. Essentially, the corridor will allow the EU to tap into Caspian gas via a series of connecting pipelines running from Azerbaijan to Italy.

Early last month, US State Department envoy Amos Hochstein met with Greek foreign minister Nikos Kotzia to make the pitch and told Greece that participating in The Southern Gas Corridor would help make the country attractive to investors again.

It appears Moscow may have made the better sales pitch (or perhaps it was the fact that Russia lobbied Athens far more aggressively) because Greece is set to sign an MOU for the Greek portion of The Turkish Stream pipeline in June.

RT has more:

Greece plans to sign a document on political support for Gazprom’s Turkish Stream project at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in June, its Energy Minister announced on Monday. The country plans to invest $2 billion in its construction.

A memorandum on political support for the gas pipeline project will be prepared by June 18-20, when the International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2015) will be held in Russia’s St. Petersburg, Greek Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis announced on Monday…

Greece’s part of the pipeline, which will be delivering Russia’s gas on from the Turkish border, will cost some $2 billion, Lafazanis said in an interview with the Rossiya24 channel. The minister said that a Greek state company will be involved in the project, adding that there has been “big interest” from many companies wishing to take part in the construction and future operation of the pipeline…

The new pipeline, which Gazprom plans to build from Turkey to the border with Greece, will be part of the Turkish Stream project aimed at delivering Russian gas to Europe without the participation of Ukraine. Russia intends to completely abandon its gas supplies through Ukraine by 2019. The EU would construct the pipelines leading further on from Greece.

According to Lafazanis, the Western-backed proposal and The Turkish Stream are not competitors and Greece will, if it can, participate in both initiatives.

Via The Greek Reporter:

“We do not considered them to be rivals. On the contrary, we think they both contribute to energy supply of European countries. That’s why it is odd that the Russian project is raising concern and doubts in the US and the European Union. We will not submit to the interests and wishes of any third country. Greece is nobody’s property. We move based on the interests of our people and our national interests. The country must become a development hub for Europe’s energy supply.”

The US and Europe of course do not see things that way as indicated by the following quote from The US Embassy in Athens:

The United States is concerned that Greek consideration of an extension of a “Turkstream” pipeline across Greece will not increase energy diversification, may be of concern to EU competition authorities, and is not a long-term solution to Greece’s energy needs.

Essentially, Greece and the West have just suffered a bad breakup, and the West is not keen on Greece dating anyone else for the foreseeable future and so presumes to exercise a kind of post-split overbearing paternalism to ensure Athens can fend for itself in a world occupied by anti-NATO vultures who have been circling for the better part of six months. Greece, however, is prepared to make its own way.

Or, as Vladimir Putz Putin On The Ritz puts it: ”

“Just because Greece is debt-ridden, this does not mean it is bound hand and foot, and has no independent foreign policy.”

Greece Breaks America’s Heart, Will Sign MOU With Russia For Gas Pipeline

The Beast From the Sea

Revelation 13 

Then I saw a beast coming up out of the sea. It had ten horns and seven heads. There was a crown on each of its horns. It had an evil name written on each head. 2 This beast looked like a leopard, with feet like a bear’s feet. It had a mouth like a lion’s mouth. The dragon gave the beast all of its power and its throne and great authority..

The Sign of Jonah

29 As the crowds increased, Jesus said, “This is a wicked generation. It asks for a sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah. 30 For as Jonah was a sign to the Ninevites, so also will the Son of Man be to this generation. 31 The Queen of the South will rise at the judgment with the people of this generation and condemn them, for she came from the ends of the earth to listen to Solomon’s wisdom; and now something greater than Solomon is here. 32 The men of Nineveh will stand up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it, for they repented at the preaching of Jonah; and now something greater than Jonah is here.

Luke 11 

Woes on the Pharisees and the Experts in the Law

37 When Jesus had finished speaking, a Pharisee invited him to eat with him; so he went in and reclined at the table. 38 But the Pharisee was surprised when he noticed that Jesus did not first wash before the meal.

39 Then the Lord said to him, “Now then, you Pharisees clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside you are full of greed and wickedness. 40 You foolish people! Did not the one who made the outside make the inside also? 41 But now as for what is inside you—be generous to the poor, and everything will be clean for you.

42 “Woe to you Pharisees, because you give God a tenth of your mint, rue and all other kinds of garden herbs, but you neglect justice and the love of God. You should have practiced the latter without leaving the former undone.

43 “Woe to you Pharisees, because you love the most important seats in the synagogues and respectful greetings in the marketplaces.

44 “Woe to you, because you are like unmarked graves, which people walk over without knowing it.”

45 One of the experts in the law answered him, “Teacher, when you say these things, you insult us also.”

46 Jesus replied, “And you experts in the law, woe to you, because you load people down with burdens they can hardly carry, and you yourselves will not lift one finger to help them.

47 “Woe to you, because you build tombs for the prophets, and it was your ancestors who killed them. 48 So you testify that you approve of what your ancestors did; they killed the prophets, and you build their tombs. 49 Because of this, God in his wisdom said, ‘I will send them prophets and apostles, some of whom they will kill and others they will persecute.’ 50 Therefore this generation will be held responsible for the blood of all the prophets that has been shed since the beginning of the world, 51 from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah, who was killed between the altar and the sanctuary. Yes, I tell you, this generation will be held responsible for it all.

52 “Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.”

Cetus /ˈsiːtəs/ is a constellation. Its name refers to Cetus, a sea monster in Greek mythology, although it is often called ‘the whale’ today. Cetus is located in the region of the sky that contains other water-related constellations such as Aquarius, Pisces, and Eridanus.

Because of the high inclination of its orbit, Eris only passes through a few constellations of the traditional Zodiac; it is now in the constellation Cetus 

Eris is the Greek goddess of strife and discord. Her worship is alive and well, even in the Church.

“In the Hebrew Bible, the site [Gehenna near Jerusalem] was initially where apostate Israelites and followers of various Ba’als and other Canaanite gods, including Moloch (or Molech), sacrificed their children by fire (2 Chr. 28:3, 33:6).” Appropriately and prophetically, Gehenna came to be a name for Hell. Those ancient practices have been recovered in the modern sacrifice of kids to satisfy the needs of adults.

Abortions run at 3,500 a day in America. Abortions, we’re often told spare people “unwanted” children. And yet the United States also has the highest per capita rate of child abuse in the industrialized world; millions of incidents are reported annually. There are probably many more that go unreported. And sexual abuse accounts for one fifth of the reported cases.


It is no secret that the world is growing darker. The enemy appears to be waging their war completely unopposed. We see religious liberty under attack all over this nation: from Pensacola to Indianapolis,from homosexual rights to homosexual indoctrination of our children in public schools, from demands to bake cakes to court imposed “homosexual marriage”, the enemy is on a relentless march to destroy our American culture. Tragically, this is happening with virtually NO opposition from the Christian community whatsoever. As a former high school football Coach, I believe that the time has come to organize and field a team to halt and push back the forces of darkness.

We are the Salt and Light Brigade! Won’t you join us?

Join us as we come together as one people in a Solemn Assembly in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington D.C. on June 14, 2015, from Noon to 3:00 pm EDT to petition the God of Heaven to heal our land and to preserve His sacred covenant of marriage as He clearly defined it..

Solemn Assembly | Washington, D.C.
June 14, 2015 12:00 pm

It’s time to wake up. Christians should know what is happening it’s in the Bible. One world economy and government just as prophesied. Don’t take my word for it, research it, and get familiar with it, because we are heading on a fast track to ruin.

Antichrist New World Order 666 Almost Complete: Trans-Pacific Partnership & Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation 

Warning! This is not sensationalism, conspiracy theory or propaganda, this is truth and you need to understand it.

TSA Chief Out After Agents Fail 95 Percent of Airport Breach Tests 

Pentagon Admits US Army Mailed Out Live Anthrax to 11 States and 2 Countries Over the Last Year

The Pentagon has revised the number of instances in which live anthrax samples have “accidentally” been shipped both across US and abroad, and has announced a comprehensive review into the poor handling of the deadly bacteria.

HEAD of the FBEYEs Of Horus Anthrax Investigation Says the Whole Thing Was a SHAM 

The FBI is operating a small air force with scores of low-flying planes across the country carrying video and, at times, cellphone surveillance technology — all hidden behind fictitious companies that are fronts for the government, The Associated Press has learned.

The planes’ surveillance equipment is generally used without a judge’s approval, and the FBI said the flights are used for specific, ongoing investigations. In a recent 30-day period, the agency flew above more than 30 cities in 11 states across the country, an AP review found.

FBEye Of wHOres R U.S. flying surveillance aircraft over US cities; planes traced to fake companies

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today (Monday, June 1) to affirm protection for “free speech” on social media and the internet – even if that speech is threatening or provocative.

Antichrist NWO 666 Citizen’s United US Supreme Court Corporate Image Of The Beast Caused To Speak Rules on ‘Free Speech’ in Social Media

During the first year[a] that Cyrus was king of Persia, the Lord caused him to make an announcement. It was written down, and Cyrus ordered that it be read throughout his kingdom. This was done so that what the Lord had told Jeremiah[b] years before would now happen. This was the announcement:

2 From King Cyrus of Persia:

The Lord, the God of heaven, gave all the kingdoms on earth to me. And he chose me to build a temple for him at Jerusalem in the country of Judah. 3 If any of God’s people are living among you, I pray God will bless them. You must let them go to Jerusalem in the country of Judah. You must let them go build the Temple of the Lord, the God of Israel, the God who is in Jerusalem. 4 And so in any place where there might be survivors of Israel, the men in that place must support these survivors. Give them silver, gold, animals, and other things. Give them gifts for God’s Temple in Jerusalem.

5 So the family leaders from the tribes of Judah and Benjamin prepared to go up to Jerusalem. They were going to Jerusalem to build the Lord’s Temple. Also everyone who God had encouraged prepared to go to Jerusalem. 6 All their neighbors gave them many gifts. They gave them silver, gold, animals, and other expensive things. Their neighbors freely gave them all those things. 7 Also, King Cyrus brought out the things that belonged in the Lord’s Temple that Nebuchadnezzar had taken away from Jerusalem. He had put them in his temple where he kept his false gods. 8 King Cyrus of Persia told Mithredath, the man who keeps his money, to bring those things out. So Mithredath brought them out to Sheshbazzar, the leader of Judah.

9 This is what Mithredath brought out of the Lord’s Temple: 30 gold dishes, 1000 silver dishes, 29 knives and pans, 10 30 gold bowls, 410 silver bowls similar to the gold bowls, and 1000 other dishes.

11 All together, there were 5400 things made from gold and silver. Sheshbazzar brought them all with him when the prisoners left Babylon and went back to Jerusalem.


And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.

2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

3 For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.

4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.

6 Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.

7 How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.

8 Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.

9 And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning,

10 Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.

11 And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more:

Revelation 18 

Nations will fight against other nations. Kingdoms will fight against other kingdoms. There will be times when there is no food for people to eat. And there will be earthquakes in different places. 8 These things are only the beginning of troubles, like the first pains of a woman giving birth.

9 “Then you will be arrested and handed over to be punished and killed. People all over the world will hate you because you believe in me. 10 During that time many believers will lose their faith. They will turn against each other and hate each other. 11 Many false prophets will come and cause many people to believe things that are wrong. 12 There will be so much more evil in the world that the love of most believers will grow cold. 13 But the one who remains faithful to the end will be saved. 14 And the Good News I have shared about God’s kingdom will be told throughout the world. It will be spread to every nation. Then the end will come.

15 “Daniel the prophet spoke about ‘the terrible thing that causes destruction.’[a] You will see this terrible thing standing in the holy place.” (You who read this should understand what it means.) 16 “The people in Judea at that time should run away to the mountains. 17 They should run away without wasting time to stop for anything. If they are on the roof of their house, they must not go down to get anything out of the house. 18 If they are in the field, they must not go back to get a coat.

19 “During that time it will be hard for women who are pregnant or have small babies! 20 Pray that it will not be winter or a Sabbath day when these things happen and you have to run away, 21 because it will be a time of great trouble. There will be more trouble than has ever happened since the beginning of the world. And nothing as bad as that will ever happen again.

22 “But God has decided to make that terrible time short. If it were not made short, no one would continue living. But God will make that time short to help the people he has chosen.

Matthew 24 

I will make Babylon’s wise men and important officials drunk.
I will make the governors, officers, and soldiers drunk too.

Then they will sleep forever. They will never wake up.”

This is what the King said. His name is the Lord All-Powerful.

58 This is what the Lord All-Powerful says:

“Babylon’s thick, strong wall will be pulled down. Her high gates will be burned.
The people of Babylon will work hard, but it will not help.
They will get very tired trying to save the city.
But they will only be fuel for the flames.”

Jeremiah Sends a Message to Babylon

59 This is the message that Jeremiah gave to the officer Seraiah[d] son of Neriah. Neriah was the son of Mahseiah. Seraiah went to Babylon with King Zedekiah of Judah. This happened in the fourth year that Zedekiah[e] was king of Judah. At that time Jeremiah gave this message to Seraiah, the officer. 60 Jeremiah had written on a scroll all the terrible things that would happen to Babylon. He had written all these things about Babylon.

61 Jeremiah said to Seraiah, “Seraiah, go to Babylon. Be sure to read this message so that all the people can hear you. 62 Then say, ‘Lord, you have said that you will destroy this place, Babylon. You will destroy it so that no people or animals will live in it. This place will be an empty ruin forever.’ 63 After you finish reading this scroll, tie a stone to it and throw it into the Euphrates River. 64 Then say, ‘In the same way Babylon will sink. Babylon will rise no more. It will sink because of the terrible things that I will make happen here.’”

Jeremiah 51

And the sixth angel sounded, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God, 14 Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.

15 And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.

16 And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them. 17 And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them, having breastplates of fire, and of jacinth, and brimstone: and the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone.

18 By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths. 19 For their power is in their mouth, and in their tails: for their tails were like unto serpents, and had heads, and with them they do hurt.

20 And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk: 21 Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.

Revelation 9 

25 These are the words that were written on the wall:

mene, mene, tekel, uparsin.

26 “This is what these words mean:

God has counted the days until your kingdom will end.
27 Tekel[e]:
You have been weighed on the scales and found not good enough.
28 Uparsin[f]:
Your kingdom is being taken from you.
It will be divided among the Medes and Persians.”

29 Then Belshazzar gave an order for Daniel to be dressed in purple clothes. A gold chain was put around his neck, and he was appointed the third highest ruler in the kingdom. 30 That very same night, Belshazzar, king of the Babylonians, was killed. 31 A man named Darius the Mede became the new king. Darius was about 62 years old.

Daniel 5 

God Chooses Cyrus to Make Israel Free

45 This is what the Lord said to Cyrus, his chosen king[a]:

“I took you by your right hand to help you defeat nations, to strip other kings of their power, and to open city gates that will not be closed again.

Isaiah 45 

20 “You people who escaped from other nations, gather together before me. (These people carry statues of false gods. They pray to useless gods, but they don’t know what they are doing. 21 Tell them to come to me. Let them present their case and discuss these things.)

“Who told you about this before it happened? Who told you this so long ago? I, the Lord, am the one who said these things. I am the only God, the one who does what is right. I am the one who saves, and there is no other! 22 So all you people in faraway places, turn to me and be saved, because I am God, and there is no other.

23 “When I make a promise, that promise is true. It will happen. And I swear by my own power that everyone will bow before me and will take an oath to obey me. 24 They will say, ‘Goodness and strength come only from the Lord.’”

And all who show their anger against him will be humiliated. 25 The Lord will help the people of Israel live right[g] and praise their God.

Zechariah 12 

“And I will pour out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and pleas for mercy, so that, when they look on me, on him whom they have pierced, they shall mourn for him, as one mourns for an only child, and weep bitterly over him, as one weeps over a firstborn.

John 19 

For these things took place that the Scripture might be fulfilled: “Not one of his bones will be broken.” 37 And again another Scripture says, “They will look on him whom they have pierced.”

watch June’s price action in U.S. stocks very carefully, because this process needs to start now. The bull market that began in March 2009 is now an ancient bovine indeed.

After all, better 10% now than 20% or more later in the year. The first is inconvenient. The second is unwelcomed.

One of the greatest – if largely forgotten – stories from ancient Greece is a text called the “Anabasis”. Written by soldier and writer Xenophon around 400 BC, it tells of 10,000 Greek mercenaries stuck deep inside the Persian Empire and very far from home. Their sponsor, Cyrus the Younger, had managed to get himself killed and with no local sponsorship the 10,000 have to retreat all the way from what is now Baghdad to the Black Sea, some thousand-plus miles to the north. On the way they have to fight not only Persians but local tribesmen, find food and shelter, and all the while hold military order. Against all the odds, they make it to a Greek colony on the Black Sea and then home. While a retreat is rarely a victory, the Anabasis did give another Greek named Phillip of Macedon the idea that a motivated and small group of soldiers could actually defeat the mighty Persians. His son – Alexander the Great – put that vision into action. And then some…

Fast forward to 1970s New York City, and the (now) cult classic film “The Warriors”. A small gang petty thugs has to make its way from the northernmost bit of the Bronx to Coney Island in south Brooklyn after being wrongly accused of killing a powerful gang leader named Cyrus. On the way, they encounter other gangs, police, and all the mayhem for which 1970s New York was rightly known. They do eventually make it back to the shores of Coney Island, just as the 10,000 made it to the coast of the Black Sea. Yes, “The Warriors” is a direct take-off of the “Anabasis”, right down to the shout out for the long dead Persian king Cyrus.

The message is therefore the same in both narratives: a successful retreat in the face of overwhelming odds can be rightly considered a victory. Consider that as you look at the 5 year chart for U.S. stocks. The S&P 500 is 94% higher over that period, with small caps (+101%) and mid-caps (+101%) up slightly more. But any retreats along the way? Hardly. The last pull back of any note was in mid-2011, when the S&P 500 declined by 17% and bottomed in early September. It’s been over 1,300 days since then.

So how deep are we in “Enemy territory”, and would a retreat be wise at these levels?

what happens when one central bank – in this case the Federal Reserve – decides to normalize their policy? Granted, the exit from QE has been easy since the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan collectively took up the slack with their own programs. The S&P 500 is up 9.8% over the last year and the last new high was all of 6 trading days ago. But just consider the volatility we’ve seen in currency and fixed income markets over the past month. Yes, equities have been nonplussed by all the drama, but can that be a permanent feature of what is supposed to be a riskier asset class?

The “Anabasis” is probably good reading not only for U.S. equity investors, but for the Federal Reserve as well. We have no doubt that they would strongly prefer to “Retreat” from their zero interest rate policy, after all, and get to a short term cost of funds that is historically more normal.

We’ll know more about how they consider that decision later this week, when we see the May Employment Situation Report. Any number close/over versus consensus (currently around 225,000) would be a bugle call for retreat among equity investors since it would mean the Fed is one step closer to raising rates.

A result below 100,000 might actually be good news for stocks, since it would reduce the chance of a 2015 rate hike. You would, at the same time, have to write off hopes for earnings growth in 2015 and that would limit any gains based on current valuations.

Either way, investors should remember that sometimes a small retreat on your own terms is better than a long march to the sea.

Luke 17

And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:

21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

22 And he said unto the disciples, The days will come, when ye shall desire to see one of the days of the Son of man, and ye shall not see it.

23 And they shall say to you, See here; or, see there: go not after them, nor follow them.

24 For as the lightning, that lighteneth out of the one part under heaven, shineth unto the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of man be in his day.

25 But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation.

26 And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.

27 They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.

28 Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded;

29 But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all.

30 Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.

Russia to Start Construction On New Iranian Nuke Plant 

Russia announced on Monday that it would start construction this year on a second nuclear plant in Antichrist Iran, according to regional reports.

Russia’s Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation made the announcement early on Monday, stating that it will begin building a second nuclear power plant in Antichrist Iran’s southern region later this year, according to Antichrist Iran’s state-controlled Fars News Agency.

Meanwhile, an earthquake struck Monday morning near the site of Antichrist Iran’s current nuclear power plant in Bushehr, near where the second plant will be built.

Russia Urges US to Act in Lockstep with Syria to Crush Antichrist ISIS Moscow takes Antichrist Iran’s, Syrian regime side of conflict and warns that Antichrist ISIS ‘could go very, very far’ if not stopped.

“Because these people put the fate of one person whom they hate on top of the fight against terrorism,” Lavrov said.

“We have been through this repeatedly. Saddam Hussein was the one person after whom the United States went and they ruined the country.”

“Gaddafi is the same,” he said, referring to Libya’s fallen dictator.

Asked if Russia would support ground troops in the Antichrist Middle East, Lavrov declined a direct response.

“Do you believe that the American troops are the only troops who can do the trick? They’ve been to Afghanistan, they’ve been to Iraq and look where Afghanistan and Iraq are now.”

Worldwide map of nuclear power stations and earthquake zones 

Earthquakes And Info on North Anna Nuclear Power Plant

Something Else Coming In >>>September<<<: A Antichrist NWO 666 UN Resolution Establishing A Antichrist Palestinian State

There has been a lot of talk about things that are >>>going to happen in September<<<, but something that has been almost totally overlooked is the fact that the Antichrist NWO 666 UN Security Council is likely to be voting on a UN resolution which will establish a Antichrist Palestinian state at that time.

Right now, France is working on a proposed resolution which would give formal UN Security Council recognition to the Palestinians, would declare that a divided Jerusalem is the capital of both Israel and a Antichrist Palestinian state, and would set the 1967 borders as the baseline for future negotiations which would establish the final borders between the two nations. It is being reported that France will submit this resolution for a vote after the 70th session of the UN General Assembly begins on the >>>15th of September.<<<

At this moment, 136 nations have already recognized a Palestinian state, but the United States has always blocked recognition by the Antichrist NWO 666 UN Security Council. This time may be different though, because there are quite a few indications that Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo The 911 Clown actually plans to back the French resolution in September. If that happens, and the Antichrist UN Security Council approves this resolution, it is going to have enormous implications for all of us.

Not a lot of people understand that this is happening, so let’s take this step by step.
Back in March, the Wall Street Journal and other news sources reported that the French were working on a new Security Council resolution which will establish the parameters for a Antichrist Palestinian state…
France will begin discussions in the coming weeks on a Antichrist NWO 666 U.N. Security Council resolution that would set out the steps for a negotiated end of Israel’s occupation of Antichrist Palestinian land and a solution to the nearly 70-year-old Antichrist NWO 666 Israeli-Palestinian conflict, France’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Friday.
According to the Times of Israel, this resolution will use the 1967 borders as the baseline for future border negotiations, and it sets Jerusalem as the capital city for both states…

France sees a window of opportunity after Israel’s elections to get the United States on board with a new push for Mideast peace, and is preparing a draft Antichrist NWO 666 UN Security Council resolution in about 12 days, according to French diplomatic officials. The draft would define the pre-1967 frontier as a reference point for border talks but allow room for exchanges of territory, designate Jerusalem as capital of both Israel and a Palestinian state and call for a fair solution for Antichrist Palestinian refugees, one official told The Associated Press on Tuesday. And according to WND, the proposed French resolution draws heavily from a Antichrist NWO 666 UN resolution which established a partition plan for the land of Israel back in 1947…

The Antichrist NWO 666 French draft is said to be based on Antichrist NWO 666 U.N. Resolution 181, dating back to Nov. 29, 1947, which provided for the establishment of two separate states. Called the partition plan, Israel accepted the deal, but the Arab governments rejected it and went to war against Israel. It would have created an independent Palestinian state on 52 percent of historic Antichrist Palestine.

The current proposal is said to call for an independent state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, creating a Antichrist Palestinian state on 22 percent of the area. “We don’t and we won’t give up on this,” said Francois Delattre, French ambassador to the Antichrist NWO 666 U.N. So when will this new resolution be brought to a vote at the UN? According to Haaretz, the French hope to submit their plan for a vote when the new General Assembly session begins in September…

The proposed French resolution will only be tabled after the June 30 deadline set for the nuclear negotiations with Antichrist Iran. The intention is to bring it to a vote in the Security Council during the General Assembly session in >>>New York in September<<<.

If you understand what I am saying and you are able to put all of the pieces together, you probably just had a “whoa moment”. It would be hard to overstate just how important this is. As I mentioned above, up until now the U.S. has always blocked any attempts to get the Antichrist NWO 666 UN Security Council to recognize a Palestinian state. But now that Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo The 911 Clown is completely and totally fed up with Antichrist Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu, that could be changing. The following is a pretty good summary of where things stand today… 

White House spokesman Josh Earnest pledged on May 12 that following “the comments made by the prime minister in the closing days of his election,” the United States would change its approach toward promoting a solution of the Antichrist Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Earnest was referring, of course, to Antichrist Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu’s comment that a Palestinian state will not be established as long as he is prime minister. The most likely assumption, based on Earnest’s words, was that the president will replace his indulgence of Antichrist Netanyahu’s 911 procrastination on the process with support for proposals for resolving the conflict. Among other things, the new approach appears to include afreeze of the US veto at the UN and its institutions until such time as Israel deigns to extract the two-state negotiations from the freezer.

If the United States does not veto the Antichrist NWO 666 French resolution later this year, it will almost certainly pass. So right now, the only thing standing in the way of a Antichrist Palestinian state is Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo The 911 Clown . And considering the fact that he is probably the most anti-Israel president in our history, that is a very sobering thought. Publicly, Obozo is being very coy about what he plans to do. But privately, it appears that he has already made up his mind. In fact, Debka is reporting that Obozo has given France a “green light” to move forward with this resolution… Antichrist NWO 666 US President Barack Obozo The 911 Clown did not wait for Antichrist Binyamin 911 Netanyahu to finish building his new government coalition by its deadline at midnight Wednesday, May 6, before going into action to pay him back for forming a right-wing cabinet minus any moderate figure for resuming negotiations with the Antichrist Palestinians.

Banking on Antichrist NWO 666 Netanyahu’s 911 assertion while campaigning for re-election that there would be no Antichrist Palestinian state during his term in office, Obozo is reported exclusively by our sources to have given the hitherto withheld green light to European governments to file a Antichrist NWO 666 UN Security Council motion proclaiming an independent Antichrist Palestinian state. In addition, Debka is also reporting that officials from the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Clown administration have actually traveled to France to help draft this new Antichrist NWO 666 UN resolution… 

To show the administration was in earnest, senior US officials sat down with their French counterparts in Paris last week to sketch out the general outline of this motion. According to our sources, they began addressing such questions as the area of the Antichrist Palestinian state, its borders, security arrangements between Israel and the Antichrist Palestinians and whether or not to set a hard-and-fast timeline for implementation, or phrase the resolution as a general declaration of intent. Incorporating a target date in the language would expose Israel to Security Council sanctions for non-compliance. And like I discussed earlier, we are not likely to see any action taken on this resolution until the new session of the Antichrist NWO 666 UN General Assembly begins on September 15th.

Global leaders probably hope that this plan will bring peace.
But it won’t. In fact, it will just greatly inflame tensions in the region.
In the end, I believe that this “peace plan” will only lead to more war.

State Dept.: No Decision Yet on French UN Initiative State Department spokeswoman says Washington hasn’t yet decided how it would vote on UN resolution for Israel-PA peace

The United States has not yet made a decision on what actions it will take regarding a UN resolution being worked on by France that would set a timetable for an Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said on Monday.

Revelation 16 

And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.

13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.



Sun Passing Pleiades One World Observatory Opening 8.5 GREAT EARTHQUAKE May 30, 2015 FOLLowINg MESSenger With The Bull EARth RINGs WARning Horn($) MARK Of Mercury ConjUNctiON 

June 1 – Conjunction between the Moon and Saturn – 20:10 UTC. The Moon and Saturn will make a close approach, passing within 1°51′ of each other. At the moment of closest approach, the Moon will be at mag -12.6, and Saturn at mag 0.8, both in the constellation Libra. The pair will be too widely separated to fit within the field of view of a telescope, but will be visible to the naked eye or through a pair of binoculars.

June 2 – Full Moon – 16:19 UTC. The Moon will be located on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun and its face will be will be fully illuminated. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Strawberry Moon because it signaled the time of year to gather ripening fruit. It also coincides with the peak of the strawberry harvesting season. This moon has also been known as the Full Rose Moon and the Full Honey Moon.

June 11 – Conjunction between the Moon and Uranus – 20:42 UTC. The Moon and Uranus will make a close approach, passing within 0°27′ of each other. At the moment of closest approach, the Moon will be at mag -11.2, and Uranus at mag 5.9, both in the constellation Pisces. At closest approach, the pair will be close enough to fit comfortably within the field of view of a telescope, but will also be visible to the naked eye or a through pair of binoculars.

June 13 – Conjunction between Venus and M44 – 14:40 UTC. Venus and M44 will make a close approach, passing within 0°33′ of each other. At the moment of closest approach, Venus will be at mag -5.1, and M44 at mag 3.1, both in the constellation Cancer. The pair will be a little too widely separated to fit comfortably within the field of view of a telescope, but will be visible to the naked eye or a through pair of binoculars.

Night sky guide for June 2015

June 20 – Ophiuchid meteor shower peaks. The Ophiuchid meteor shower will reach its maximum rate of activity on June 20, 2015. The maximum rate of meteors expected to be visible from a dark location is around 5 per hour (ZHR). The Moon will be 4 days old at the time of peak activity, and so will present minimal interference. The best place to look to see as many meteors as possible is not at the radiant itself, but at any dark patch of sky which is around 90° away from it, since it is at a distance of around 90° from the radiant that meteors will typically appear at their brightest.

June 20 – C/2012 F3 (PANSTARRS) reaches its brightest. Comet C/2012 F3 (PANSTARRS) is forecast to reach its brightest, at around mag 12.6. It will lie at a distance of 3.52 AU from the Sun, and at a distance of 2.59 AU from the Earth. For more information about its path across the sky, see In-The-Sky.org’s ephemeris page for comet C/2012 F3 (PANSTARRS).

June 20 – Conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter. The Moon and Jupiter will make a close approach, passing within 4°29′ of each other. At the moment of closest approach, the Moon will be at mag -10.7, and Jupiter at mag -1.8, both in the constellation Leo. The pair will be too widely separated to fit within the field of view of a telescope, but will be visible to the naked eye or through a pair of binoculars.

June 20 – M7 is well placed. The Ptolemy cluster (M7, NGC 6475) in Scorpius will reach highest point in the sky at around midnight local time and be well placed for observation across much of the world. At magnitude 3.3, M7 is tricky to make out with the naked eye except from a dark site, but is visible through a pair of binoculars or small telescope.

June 21 – June Solstice – 16:38 UTC. The North Pole of the Earth will be tilted toward the Sun, which will have reached its northernmost position in the sky and will be directly over the Tropic of Cancer at 23.44 degrees north latitude. This is the first day of summer (summer solstice) in the northern hemisphere and the first day of winter (winter solstice) in the southern hemisphere.

June 24 – Mercury at greatest elongation west. The planet Mercury reaches greatest western elongation of 22.5 degrees from the Sun, shining brightly at mag -1.9. Across much of the world this will the best time to view Mercury since it will be at its highest point above the horizon in the morning sky. Look for the planet low in the eastern sky just before sunrise.

June 29 – Conjunction between the Moon and Saturn – 01:39 UTC. The Moon and Saturn will make a close approach, passing within 1°56′ of each other. At the moment of closest approach, the Moon will be at mag -12.5, and Saturn at mag 0.9, both in the constellation Libra. The pair will be too widely separated to fit within the field of view of a telescope, but will be visible to the naked eye or through a pair of binoculars.

Rain brings relief as India heatwave death toll tops 2,200 

Scattered rain on Sunday brought much-needed but only temporary relief to parts of India hit by a long heatwave as the death toll from the blistering temperatures crossed 2,200, officials said.

Thunderstorms struck sections of southern states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, which have borne the brunt of the deadliest heatwave in more than two decades, as well as the capital New Delhi.

But the toll continued to climb and the weather bureau warned that temperatures in swathes of southern, western and northern India would hover around 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) in coming days.

X Mark(S) Of The Beast Star-Gate(s) Of Hell Harmonic War Battle Prophetic Shemitah Resonance Celestial Harbinger End Time Season Convergence Trumpet Sounding Sustaining Return Response Of Our Father In Christ 

Shallow M5.8 earthquake registered 180 km S of Axial Seamount, off the coast of Oregon

Series of 7 earthquakes hit off Oregon coast 


‘Nuclear fuel material’ leak at Fukushima — Japan TV: Record levels of radioactivity detected in seawater — Spiked “more than 200 times” at sampling location — Highest concentrations ever measured in 11 different areas (VIDEO) 

One wonders what other matters of national importance involve George Soros getting on the line with the US Treasury Secretary to arrange virtually unlimited funds courtesy of the US Federal Reserve just to promote one person’s ulterior agenda?

And just like that, conspiracy Theory becomes Conspiracy Fact once again.

Hacked Emails Expose George Soros As Ukraine Puppet-Master 

To sum up: Soros is basically lobbying on behalf of Ukraine, pushing for cash and guns, to oppose Putin in every way possible.

If genuine, and based on their meta data, they appear to be just that, these lettes show how Soros is trying to weasel around the Minsk agreements (for instance, how to train Ukrainian soldiers without having a visible NATO presence in Ukraine). The documents link up Nuland with Soros, and clears up who is truly pulling the strings of the US State Department.

Finally, while the documents don’t mention what Soros has in store for Ukraine, one can use their imagination.

Towards the end of April, we discussed how QE has led to a global deflationary supply glut. This is a theme we’ve been building on for a while now and, as noted on Monday, it is perhaps nowhere more evident than among US oil producers. Here is how we have described the dynamic:

The premise is simple. By keeping rates artificially suppressed, the central banks of the world effectively make it impossible for the market to purge itself of inefficient actors and loss-making enterprises. As a result, otherwise insolvent companies are permitted to remain operational, contributing to oversupply and making it difficult for the market to reach equilibrium. The textbook example of this dynamic is the highly leveraged US shale complex which, by virtue of both artificially low borrowing costs and the Fed-driven hunt for yield, has retained access to capital markets in the midst of the oil slump and has thus continued to drill contributing to the very same price declines that put the entire space in jeopardy in the first place. Furthermore, those who have access to easy money overproduce but unfortunately, they do not witness a comparable increase in demand from those to whom the direct benefits of ultra accommodative policies do not immediately accrue.

Global demand, as we’ve seen, is in the doldrums. The evidence is everywhere. Goldman sees freight rates remaining subdued until at least 2020. BofAML notes that the slump in global trade of goods and services has extended into Q2. Perhaps most telling of all, the International Labor Organization blames lackluster global demand for subpar post-crisis employment trends, which in turn has shaved an estimated $3.7 trillion off global GDP since 2008.

Despite it all, the answer is always “not enough Keynes” (more cowbell) which is why we said the following more than a month ago (we also predicted this back in September of 2013):

For those wondering how this will play out, consider that sooner or later, in order to avoid liquidation and stave off severe disinflationary pressures, someone will have to call in “Helicopter Janet” and once the cash paradropping begins well, we’ll see you in the Weimar Republic.

Sure enough, the semi-official helicopter cash drop call is here via Bloomberg View’s Clive Crook. Abandon all sound money faith ye who read on:

But QE isn’t unconventional any longer. It mostly worked, the evidence suggests. The world avoided another Great Depression. Yet even in the U.S., this is a seriously sub-par recovery; growth in Europe and Japan has been worse still. Now imagine a big new financial shock. It’s quite possible that all three economies would fall back into recession. What then?

We don’t like where this is going already, please don’t tell us more…

Sooner rather than later, attention therefore needs to turn to a new kind of unconventional monetary policy: helicopter money…

The idea is far from crazy. Lately, more economists have been advocating it, and they’re right.

The logic is simple. If central banks need to expand demand — and interest rates can’t be cut any further — let them send a check to every citizen. Much of this money would be spent, boosting demand just as Friedman said. Nobody, so far as I’m aware, is arguing that it wouldn’t be effective. What, then, is the objection?

One concern is that if a central bank starts giving out money, it will create liabilities with no corresponding assets — thus depleting its equity. Compare with QE: This also creates liabilities in the form of money, but the central bank gets assets (the securities it buys) in return.

Does it matter that the central bank’s equity is reduced? No. Standard accounting terms lose their usual meanings when applied to central banks. Money isn’t a liability in the ordinary sense. Nobody is owed and nothing ever has to be paid back. In the same way, a central bank needn’t worry about losses, even though accounting “losses” might sometimes arise — as they also could under QE, by the way. An entity that can create money can’t ever go bust.

The real objection is political not economic. Sending out checks is a hybrid of monetary and fiscal policy — public spending financed by pure money creation. That’s why it would work. Politically, this is awkward…

This idea that monetary policy isn’t political was never more than a useful fiction. Central banks can’t avoid making choices with distributional, hence political, implications. The real case for central-bank independence isn’t that monetary policy is non-political; it’s that central banks are better than politicians at economic policy.

Today, persistently slow growth and the possibility of another recession call that view into question. Not because central banks have been incompetent or because politicians would do a better job by themselves — plainly, neither is true — but because the monetary-and-fiscal distinction no longer works. The useful fiction has become a harmful fiction.

It needs to be addressed. Independence for central banks only makes sense if they have the means to do the job they’ve been given. At the moment, they’re dangerously under-equipped.
The first thing to note here is that the Fed can go broke, it just gets to use the central bank equivalent of a tax loss carryforward to extend-and-pretend.

More importantly, this is all a confidence game in the first place. That is, it’s based on human perception and people’s expectations. Once you undercut that confidence by doing things like dropping fiat currency out of a metaphorical helicopter, well, let’s mix metaphors here and say that the genie is then out of the bottle.

It’s Official: The “Helicopter Money” Calls Have Begun 

At that juncture, incremental policy maneuvers designed to soak up excess liquidity cannot possibly hope to keep pace with the self-feeding expectations of a public which, while heretofore blissfully ignorant to the futility of QE by virtue of obfuscation on the part of officials (“leave the complicated stuff to us”), will now suddenly understand that the emperor is naked.

Put simply: if printing trillions has so far failed to stimulate global demand and restore robust economic growth, it may be time to admit that the printing press isn’t the answer.

As EURUSD surges towards 1.1200 once again, we note that it is now 300 pips stronger than 24 hours ago. This is the 2nd biggest collapse in the USD since March 2009… Treasuries and Bunds are getting monkey-hammered… and US stocks just want higher (as Dax slides)…

Euro surging…

EURUSD Up 300 Pips In Last 24 Hours, Dollar’s 2nd Biggest Drop In 6 Years 

Roundtripping to May 22nd’s plunge…

This is the 2nd biggest down day for the Dollar since March 2009….

10Y Bund yields exploded over 17bps today to top 71bps for the biggest absolute yield increase since August 2012. Initially triggered off hotter-than-expected EU inflation, one can’t help but wonder if the magnitude and linearity of the move had an invisible hand helping it out “to make room for more ECB buying.”

German Bund Carnage Ends With Worst Day In 3 Years 

One can’t help but wonder – just as we saw previously and was rumored across many trading desks – if the ECB is not enabling this decompression to give themselves some more room for buying…

The global economic ‘canary in the coal mine’ hasn’t looked this sick since the Great Recession

South Korea’s exports dropped by a huge 10.9% in dollar terms between May 2014 and May 2015, the biggest annual decline since the depths of the Great Recession in August 2009.

South Korean exports are a huge deal, and several economists view this figure as a global economic “canary in a coal mine.”

Korean export data comes out very early compared to other major data releases, and Korea counts the huge economies of China, Japan, Europe, and the US as major partners. That makes Korea’s big export-focused industries a good barometer for the rest of the world.

So, talking head bullshit or fact-based data? You decide…

Chart Of The Day: It’s Worse Than 2000!

All too often investors are bombarded with bullshit presented as facts by talking heads in constant denial and forever protecting their commissions – as opposed to protecting their client’s interests. One notable case in point is the “it’s different this time” meme surrounding IPOs and their apparent ‘realness’ in the current new normal vs the 199/2000 dotcom boom/bust. As the following chart shows: yes, this time is different – there has never, ever, been a greater perecentage of unprofitable companies IPOing..

A Hurt Ben Bernanke Explains That He Is Not Responsible For Record Inequality, Epic Hilarity Ensues 

One might be predisposed to thinking that monetary policies aimed explicitly at inflating prices for the assets most likely to be concentrated in the hands of the wealthy would have a high likelihood of exacerbating the wealth divide, especially when those policies are carried out over the course of nearly 7 years and to the tune of trillions of dollars.

Not so, says Ben Bernanke.

Bernanke patiently explains that the idea of ZIRP punishing savers is nonsensical because after all, poor people don’t have savings, so if anyone is getting hurt by lower rates, it’s the rich.

From The Keynesian Archives: Who Said In 2010 That “Europe Is An Economic Success”

as we pointed out when the Nobel prize winner took his economic insanity on a field trip to its natural habitat in Japan last year — there are two words that should strike fear in the hearts of any rational-thinking citizen of the world, and those two words are “Paul Krugman.”

At no time in history is the above more apparent than now, with seemingly the entire world on its way to becoming Japan because at the end of the day, everyone’s answer to why central planning hasn’t delivered on its lofty promises is simply this: not enough Keynes.

You Get to Watch It Live — NASA’s Flying Saucer Test 

Imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini’s Wife Urges Officials in Europe to Raise His Case With Antichrist Iran

Naghmeh, the wife of U.S. Pastor Saeed Abedini, recently traveled to Europe and urged officials there, including at the European Parliament, to raise the case of her husband, who has been in a jail in Antichrist Iran for his Christian faith. Most officials promptly called for Saeed’s release.

Antichrist Iran doubles down on red line against nuclear inspections

Contrary to the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Clown  administration’s claims that Antichrist Iran has frozen its nuclear program, international inspectors discovered recently that the Antichrist Islamic Republic’s stockpile of nuclear fuel has increased by about 20 percent over the course of the last 18 months, The New York Times is reporting on Tuesday.

The news comes as the Antichrist NWO 666 P5+1 powers and Antichrist Iran seek to strike a final status accord with less than one month before the deadline.

The revelations have confounded Western officials who are unsure as to why the Iranians have increased their stockpiles during the course of the negotiations. According to The New York Times, analysts speculate that the Antichrist Iranians may be seeking a contingency plan should the talks fail to produce an agreement.

‘Contrary to Obozo’s claims, Antichrist Iran increased its nuclear fuel stockpiles’ 

India’s defence minister has voiced concern that the radical Antichrist Islamist group Isis could obtain a nuclear weapon from “states like Antichrist Pakistan”.

Rao Inderjit Singh made the comments on the sidelines of the Shangri-La regional security conference in Singapore, Bloomberg has reported.

“With the rise of Isis in West Asia, one is afraid to an extent that perhaps they might get access to a nuclear arsenal from states like Antichrist Pakistan,” Bloomberg quoted him as saying.

Earlier in the month Antichrist Isis suggested it could attempt to buy its first nuclear weapon within a year and that it might come from Antichrist Pakistan.

An article in its propaganda magazine Dabiq said: “The Antichrist Islamic State has billions of dollars in the bank, so they call on their wilāyah [official] in Pakistan to purchase a nuclear device through weapons dealers with links to corrupt officials in the region.”

Antichrist Isis could obtain nuclear weapon from Antichrist Pakistan, warns India

Few people in the alternative media have investigated, researched, dissected and reported on the military operation known as Jade Helm 15 as extensively as Dave Hodges, host of The Common Sense Show and author of exclusive investigative reports at his web site. He has been fighting the media campaign waged against him in the trenches by the corporate media to marginalize him and his assail his findings, yet his investigative reports have been so well documented, their efforts ultimately fail. His revelations make him a danger to the military-industrial complex.

How does Jade Helm relate to the larger threats against our country and the patriots within? How does Antichrist ISIS, Fast & Furious, and the potential for some type of nuclear, biological or chemical attack fit into the mosaic of this convoluted threat matrix?

The threat from within from Jade Helm to Antichrist ISIS – Dave Hodges Explains

My dear friends, we have been played, and we are actually being set up. Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would be writing you about this topic, but I have discovered something that I feel like must share with the many thousands of you who are longtime readers. I finally figured it out, after years of digging. It all connects, all of the craziness that is our current world, and you aren’t going to believe how. It isn’t little green men from Mars, or Illuminati, or devil worshipers, or reptilian time travelers. One thing and one thing only brings together the nonsensical gun confiscation nuts, the police state, reckless money printing, unpayable debt, spying, and even all the fake government stories. The one thing is not what I ever thought it could be. I won’t keep it a secret. Most likely we are for real talking about is the end of all life on this planet. The efforts to stop the process, which could very well be an inevitability, aren’t working. The methods they are using are right in the skies above your head, and they are still top secret. Most likely they are making the end come sooner, and there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do except wake up to what is going on, and wake our friends and family up, at the risk of looking like a fool. One thing I think I can assure you though, is that the end is coming, and I don’t think it is that far away.


This is why the military is deploying Jade Helm this summer, because it may no longer be possible to cover it all up. Jade Helm is an insurance policy. If we make it to fall, JH will just be a training exercise. If not, Jade Helm will have troops in place to put down what is going to be pandemonium and revolution. For us, even if we don’t live in the inner cities where the riots are bound to begin, the worst part is that we have been set up to be the opposition. The US Military will shoot at us, because we will be seen as fools refusing to accept the sacrifices required to save our planet. As the video to the right explains, we are all a part of a grand and lethal experiment, and if those of us with the guns don’t wake up to it now, we are setting ourselves up for imprisonment and slaughter.

Recent Rise in Vaccine Victims’ Court Decisions and Concessions Not Reflected in Revised Government Chart

In March, the federal government removed the latest vaccine injury court statistics—more than a year’s worth of data—from one of its publicly reported charts. It was an abrupt departure from the normal practice of updating the figures monthly.

Wiping the latest data means the “adjudication” chart on a government website no longer reflects the recent, sharp rise in court victories for plaintiffs who claimed their children were seriously injured or killed by one or more vaccines.

Since January of 2014, twice as many victims have won court decisions than the previous eight years combined. In these court decisions, a judge ruled the evidence showed vaccines “more likely than not” caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

Also on the rise is the number of vaccine injury cases the government has “conceded”: up 55% in a little over one year.

As a result of the recent website changes, neither of these trends is reflected on the current “adjudication” chart.

Government Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data from Website

Texas-based XBiotech is announcing a possible cure for Ebola.

Akron-native Amber Vinson is one of two former Ebola patients who donated blood for the medication, which uses cloned human antibodies to fight the disease. XBiotech President John Simard couldn’t be more grateful for Vinson’s donation.

Simard said he got to spend some time with Vinson, who explained what it was like to have an Ebola patient die in her care, and then to be told she had contracted the potentially deadly disease. That may have prompted her decision to give back.

Simard told Newsradio WTAM 1100, it’s hoped that the new Ebola treatment will quickly clear clinical trials, regulatory hurdles, and receive the necessary funding so it can be used to save lives.

A possible Ebola cure is in the works

John Simard stated, “Our response to the Ebola outbreak has been a very special project in several ways. Our technology offered us the ability to develop a curative therapy to a deadly disease that was ravaging nations and even threatened us here at home; and it offered the potential to develop a therapy with unparalleled speed. What started with selfless donations from Ebola survivors only a few months ago has resulted in a True Human antibody therapeutic candidate that could be used to treat the disease. We are very proud of the capabilities we have developed and are humbled by the potential to address serious unmet medical need at home and abroad.”

True Human antibodies are derived directly from human donors that have natural immunity to disease. Simard says the anti-Ebola product candidate was developed from a blood donation received earlier this year from a patient who recovered from Ebola infection.