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As three Jim Bakker Show interviews are televised nationally in America, Rick issues a somber warning today that world war is imminent. Prepare your hearts for a consuming fire. In Part 2, Megan Heimer tells Rick why she thinks Focus on the Family is remiss in promoting the safety of vaccines and by not exposing the presence of aborted baby tissue in vaccines. In Part 3, Dr. David Jockers and Rick discuss the physical and spiritual implications of being out of alignment.

The Church Of England Is Dead Westminster Abbey accused of ‘denial of Christ’s Lordship’ in Antichrist Muhammad prayer

Rev Dominic Stockford, pastor of Christ Church, Teddington and chairman of the Protestant Truth Society said: “The recent use of a prayer equating Antichrist Muhammad with Jesus, used in Westminster Abbey, was the latest in a string of shocking steps taken by the Church of England recently. And for it to be read out in Turkish, contrary to Article XXIV, being as it was ‘a tongue not understanded of the people’ compounds the matter.”

He continued: “How any Christian can think that Jesus and Antichrist Muhammad can be put together as prophets is beyond me. For one thing, Jesus is no mere prophet, but is Saviour and Lord. The Bible is clear as can be that there is only one God, and that there is only one way to God – and they are Jesus own words which clarify this: ‘Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.”‘ (John 14:6). And for another, the Antichrist religion of Antichrist Islam is contrary to that of Christianity, denying as it does the divinity of Jesus Christ, and even denying that God has a Son (Surah 19:35-36), a Divinity and a Sonship without which Jesus could be no Saviour.”

He described the prayer as a “heresy” that “besmirched the truth of the Gospel” and added: “What is really disappointing to me is that I find myself unsurprised by this latest unbiblical foolishness perpetrated by the Church of England.”

Andrea Minichiello Williams of Christian Concern said: “This is an overt denial of the Lordship of Jesus Christ and is an attack on the central tenants of the Christian faith. It is from Jesus that all blessings flow. Westminster Abbey would do well to remember that.”

Symes said: “There are very effective ways of building bridges between communities and faith groups which do not involve making seriously controversial and divisive theological statements as part of misguided attempts at ‘multi-faith worship’. While there may be some debate about whether the UK is still a Christian country, we should certainly be confident enough to assert that the C of E is a Christian church. Can the Cathedral Dean and the Bishop of London please publicly make this assertion and apologise for the serious offence caused?”

Christian Today is still awaiting a comment from Westminster Abbey

El Niño in the tropical Pacific continues to strengthen

A red alert has been issued by Indian authorities after a severe heatwave left hundreds of people dead across the country over the last ten days. Weather officials warn the heat will continue over the coming days and could get worse. As of Sunday, May 24, authorities confirmed death of about 290 people across the country, including capital New Delhi. As of early Monday, May 25, media reports mention over 500 casualties across the country. Fears are expressed for the millions of homeless people who have no shelter and proper access to water.

Severe heatwave breaks temperature records, claims hundreds of lives across India 

Khammam, Telangana recorded 48 °C (118.4 °F) on Saturday, May 23 breaking 67 year old record of 47.2 °C (117°F) measured in 1947. Nalgonda, Karimnagar and Nizamabad districts followed at second place with 47 °C (116.6 °F) temperature on Sunday, May 24 breaking previous records. Situation was equally alarming in Andhra Pradesh where commercial capital Vijayawada recorded 47 °C on May 23. Guntur recorded 46 °C (114.8 °F), Nellore, Rajahmundry and Kakinada 44 °C (111.2 °F) and Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh had 43 °C (109.4 °F) on Saturday, May 23, GulfNews reports.

Ominous or not? At the least it suggests all is not well in the broad market… Trannies are now down almost 8% year-to-date (and down 3.5% from the end of QE3).

Trannies Tumble As Death Cross Triggers 

All over the planet, large banks are massively overexposed to derivatives contracts. Interest rate derivatives account for the biggest chunk of these derivatives contracts. According to the Bank for International Settlements, the notional value of all interest rate derivatives contracts outstanding around the globe is a staggering 505 trillion dollars. Considering the fact that the U.S. national debt is only 18 trillion dollars, that is an amount of money that is almost incomprehensible. When this derivatives bubble finally bursts, there won’t be enough money in the entire world to bail everyone out. The key to making sure that all of these interest rate bets do not start going bad is for interest rates to remain stable. That is why what is going on in Greece right now is so important. The Greek government has announced that it will default on a loan payment that it owes to the IMF on June 5th. If that default does indeed happen, Greek bond yields will soar into the stratosphere as panicked investors flee for the exits. But it won’t just be Greece. If Greece defaults despite years of intervention by the EU and the IMF, that will be a clear signal to the financial world that no nation in Europe is truly safe. Bond yields will start spiking in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and all over the rest of the continent. By the end of it, we could be faced with the greatest interest rate derivatives crisis that any of us have ever seen.

The number one thing that bond investors want is to get their money back. If a nation like Greece is actually allowed to default after so much time and so much effort has been expended to prop them up, that is really going to spook those that invest in bonds.

At this point, Greece has not gotten any new cash from the EU or the IMF since last August. The Greek government is essentially flat broke at this point, and once again over the weekend a Greek government official warned that the loan payment that is scheduled to be made to the IMF on June 5th simply will not happen…

Greece cannot make debt repayments to the International Monetary Fund next month unless it achieves a deal with creditors, its Interior Minister said on Sunday, the most explicit remarks yet from Athens about the likelihood of default if talks fail.

Shut out of bond markets and with bailout aid locked, cash-strapped Athens has been scraping state coffers to meet debt obligations and to pay wages and pensions. With its future as a member of the 19-nation euro zone potentially at stake, a second government minister accused its international lenders of subjecting it to slow and calculated torture.

After four months of talks with its eurozone partners and the IMF, the leftist-led government is still scrambling for a deal that could release up to 7.2 billion euros ($7.9 billion) in aid to avert bankruptcy.

And it isn’t just the payment on June 5th that won’t happen. There are three other huge payments due later in June, and without a deal the Greek government will not be making any of those payments either.

It isn’t that Greece is holding back any money. As the Greek interior minister recently explained during a television interview, the money for the payments just isn’t there…

“The money won’t be given . . . It isn’t there to be given,” Nikos Voutsis, the interior minister, told the Greek television station Mega.

This crisis can still be avoided if a deal is reached. But after months of wrangling, things are not looking promising at the moment. The following comes from CNBC…

People who have spoken to Mr Tsipras say he is in dour mood and willing to acknowledge the serious risk of an accident in coming weeks.

“The negotiations are going badly,” said one official in contact with the prime minister. “Germany is playing hard. Even Merkel isn’t as open to helping as before.”

And even if a deal is reached, various national parliaments around Europe are going to have to give it their approval. According to Business Insider, that may also be difficult…

The finance ministers that make up the Eurogroup will have to get approval from their own national parliaments for any deal, and politicians in the rest of Europe seem less inclined than ever to be lenient.

So what happens if there is no deal by June 5th?

Well, Greece will default and the fun will begin.

In the end, Greece may be forced out of the eurozone entirely and would have to go back to using the drachma. At this point, even Greek government officials are warning that such a development would be “catastrophic” for Greece…

One possible alternative if talks do not progress is that Greece would leave the common currency and return to the drachma. This would be “catastrophic”, Mr Varoufakis warned, and not just for Greece itself.

“It would be a disaster for everyone involved, it would be a disaster primarily for the Greek social economy, but it would also be the beginning of the end for the common currency project in Europe,” he said.

“Whatever some analysts are saying about firewalls, these firewalls won’t last long once you put and infuse into people’s minds, into investors’ minds, that the eurozone is not indivisible,” he added.

But the bigger story is what it would mean for the rest of Europe.

If Greece is allowed to fail, it would tell bond investors that their money is not truly safe anywhere in Europe and bond yields would start spiking like crazy. The 505 trillion dollar interest rate derivatives scam is based on the assumption that interest rates will remain fairly stable, and so if interest rates begin flying around all over the place that could rapidly create some gigantic problems in the financial world.

In addition, a Greek default would send the value of the euro absolutely plummeting. As I have warned so many times before, the euro is headed for parity with the U.S. dollar, and then it is going to go below parity. And since there are 75 trillion dollars of derivatives that are directly tied to the value of the U.S. dollar, the euro and other major global currencies, that could also create a crisis of unprecedented proportions.

Over the past six years I have written more than 2,000 articles, I have authored two books and I have produced two DVDs. One of the things that I have really tried to get across to people is that our financial system has been transformed into the largest casino in the history of the world. Big banks all over the planet have become exceedingly reckless, and it is only a matter of time until all of this gambling backfires on them in a massive way.

It isn’t going to take much to topple the current financial order. It could be a Greek debt default in June or it may be something else. But when it does collapse, it is going to usher in the greatest economic crisis that any of us have ever seen.

So keep watching Europe.

Things are about to get extremely interesting, and if I am right, this is the start of something big.

Is The 505 Trillion Dollar Interest Rate Derivatives Bubble In Imminent Jeopardy? 

Can you spot the selloff day by looking at the lower pane?

And Just Like That, Volume Is Back 

Under the surface, it was wages that single-handedly saved the index…

Near-Record Wage Spike Stabilizes Richmond Fed Manufacturing Survey 

Against expectations of a ‘0’ print, Richmond Fed Manufacturing rose from -3 to +1 in May – the first positive print since January. Despite expectations for future shipments sliding to 4-month lows and a decline in number of employees, the index itself was driven higher mainly by a huge spike in the wages subcomponent – from 9 to 20.

This is the 2nd biggest spike in wages on record…

The world is drowning in debt, warns Goldman Sachs
Ageing populations mean countries’ debt piles risk growing out of control, warns European head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

With life expectancy increasing rapidly, we no longer have the young, working populations required to sustain a debt-driven economic model in the same way as we’ve managed to do in the past.”

On the same year that millions around the world commemorated the centennial of the Armenian Genocide—or, more fundamentally, the Christian Genocide—Turkish authorities have started the demolition of Kamp Armen, an Armenian orphanage. Armenian sources reported in early May that bulldozers have begun to demolish the building located in the metropolitan district of Tuzla, despite attempts by some political representatives of the opposition parties to intervene.

Antichrist Turkey Muslim ”(a)llah has no Son” bastards bulldozes Armenian Christian orphanage 

Thanks to its activities, the institution has helped 1,500 children to grow up in an environment based on the spirituality and culture of Armenian Christianity. There was also Hrant Dink among its students, the Armenian Turkish journalist, founder of the bilingual magazine Agos, killed in 2007 after being repeatedly threatened with death for his positions on the Armenian Genocide. The Turkish State had expropriated the orphanage in 1987, and all legal attempt by the Armenian Protestant communities to regain control of the building fell on deaf ears.

Top Antichrist Iran officer: Antichrist Islamic State a US plot to alter Mideast 

The deputy chief of staff of the Antichrist Iranian Armed Forces said on Sunday that the radical Antichrist Sunni Islamic State group is “US state-sponsored terrorism” aimed at defaming Antichrist Islam on behalf of the “Antichrist Zionist regime.”

Antichrist ISIS Planning US Nuclear Attack In Next 12 Months: Report 

Last week, former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler posted a rather disturbing tweet. With a statement that one could only assume to be a reference towards Russia, Schindler wrote “Said a senior NATO (non-US) GOFO to me today: “We’ll probably be at war this summer. If we’re lucky it won’t be nuclear.” Let that sink in.”

Senior NATO Official Claims We’ll Be at War by Summer 

Deputy premier Dmitry Rogozin – seen by some as a future Kremlin president – claimed the West was now scared of Moscow’s military muscle.

Vladimir Putz Putin’s ally issues chilling warning to the West: ‘Tanks don’t need visas’

Retired 4-star United States Navy Admiral James ‘Ace’ Lyons joins Aaron Wilson and AltMediaRadio in the newly released video interview below to talk about the destruction of America at the hands of our own leaders in Washington DC who have invited the ANTICHRIST Muslim Brotherhood into the White House and Sharia law into the lives of Americans across the country. Admiral Lyons also warns us about Hillary Clinton The 911 Clown unsecured email server which he shares has likely been hacked by nearly every enemy America has in the world. “She has been totally compromised. She is damaged goods. They know everything about her. There is no way that she can be permitted to be in the White House” we are told after the 15 minute mark.

Admiral Lyons also tells us that the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood has been working on penetrating our government since the 1960’s and while they now have ‘carte blanche’ entry into the White House, they won’t stop in their crusade until Antichrist Sharia is the law of the land, replacing the US Constitution, and America turned into an Antichrist Islamic nation. Freedom and Antichrist Islam cannot possibly go hand in hand we are told.

Before discounting what ‘Ace’ is saying in this video we need to take a look at his background serving America which includes thirty-six years as a Surface Warfare Officer, including Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet as well as being the Senior U.S. Military Representative to the United Nations and Deputy Chief of Naval Operations. Ace was a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and has received post graduate degrees from the U.S. Naval War College and the U.S. National Defense University.

Admiral Lyons tells us that Antichrist Islam is a political movement masquerading as a religion with a goal of controlling every aspect of every moment of our lives leading us to ask, is that one of the reasons why our totalitarian leaders in Washington DC have so embraced it in America? “The more Antichrist Islam you have, the less freedom you have” Admiral Lyons warns us.

At the 18:30 mark Admiral Lyons is asked about his own thoughts on the purge of US Military officers by this administration and his warning to us about what this really means and the dangers to Americans should not be underestimated: “This should scare the hell out of us” Admiral Lyons tells us, as should the final year-and-a-half of Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo The 911 Clown final term as president.

Retired 4-Star US Navy Admiral Obliterates Antichrist NWO 666 Hillary Clinton And The 911 Obozo Clowns – Warns America And US Constitution In Grave Danger Of Being Overthrown

With the countdown to default now at just 10 days, Greece and its creditors are scrambling to come to some kind of agreement that will allow the country to repay the IMF on June 5. The payment is not possible without the disbursement of all or a portion of a €7.2 billion tranche of aid under Athens’ current bailout program.

On the heels of a vote which betrayed fractures within PM Alexis Tsipras’ ruling Syriza party, a Eurogroup meeting in Brussels scheduled for today has now been postponed, according to a Greek official who did not give a reason for the cancellation. Negotiations will reportedly take place over the phone later today once Athens has had time to conduct “preparatory discussions.”

Meanwhile, there are rumors that the country will impose a levy on ATM withdrawals in an effort to encourage Greeks to use credit cards and thereby stem the deposit outflow that’s crippling the Greek banking sector. These reports were promptly denied by the Finance Ministry.

First there was this, via Bloomberg:

Greece considering to impose levy on bank transactions, such as cash withdrawals, Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis tells reporters in Athens.
And then this shortly thereafter:

There were suggestions earlier this month that Athens had floated a levy on certain bank transactions as a concession to creditors.

Greece Postpones Meeting With Creditors, Denies ATM Tax 

And meanwhile…


China Equity Rally Reaches Escape Velocity As Shenzhen Trades At 71X Earnings 

We’ll close with the following chart which demonstrates, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the insanity on the Shenzhen exchange has officially reached escape velocity…

Antichrist Chinese State Paper Warns “War Will Be Inevitable” Unless U.S. Stops Meddling In Territorial Dispute

Antichrist China and Chile sign currency swap agreement

U.S. Scared To Death As Antichrist China Aggressively Moves To Back The Yuan With Gold

I also pointed out a few weeks ago that Antichrist China is also busy making deals with Russia. So the Antichrist Communist Chinese are no longer content with just buying up all of the available physical gold in the world, instead they want to gain direct access to gold through the largest producers in the world. Antichrist China is not doing this because they like to look at gold, they are doing it because they want gold to back the yuan. The headlines should read: ‘U.S. Scared To Death/Sold Out And Captured By The Antichrist NWO 666 Great Walmart Of Communist China And The Rothschild Rockefeller Soros Etc… bailed out criminal bankers and their Vote 2 Party TTP Foreign And ”Domestic Enemies Of The United States AKA Federal Government’ because it will be game over for the U.S. dollar and therefore U.S. world dominance once this nightmare unfolds.”

^^^At this point Americans have no option but to overthrow the current Federal Government post haste. The branches of government have completely lost all credibility and are an obvious threat. It’s time for judgment to come, and there is no doubt that what is coming is another 911 inside job, the one the enemies of humanity and America have been building up to, a WMD event loss of a city like New York. Then through that crisis they will completely capture the global political meme for the Antichrist tribulation era.

Hundreds of Security Badges Missing From Atlanta Airport 

Based on current intelligence analysis that event is months away, not years. The market has been built for it and the recent chatter leaking out concerning the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood Saudi Shia ISIS Al Qeada Obozo 911 Clown WMD attack within unprotected American border confirms this projection.

Terrorist Nuke Attack >>May Be<< Carried Out Inside the United States >>in Next 12 Months<<

Considering the fact that the Euro Whore Bankers And The Fed Beast leave no doubt that the political New World Order Socialist/Great Walmart Of Communist China United Nations Global Borderless Agenda has successfully reached it’s lawless goal of complete control over the hearts and mind of the general public, which has been poised mentally and spiritually through media and physically through corporate pollution ranging from food to Fukushima leaves no doubt that the last stand of humanity has come.

World stands up against Monsanto: Over 400 cities protest GMOs 

Banksters admit rigging markets since 2007, ‘fined’ 33% of 1 quarter’s income while looting tens of trillions tax-free 

When the last Saint is sealed in Christ so shall hope be risen up with them. Based on current intelligence analysis that event is projected to be within 4 years, pending the WMD catalysis event, for the dividing up of the Holy Land in Israel for the prophetic false ”peace and security”, takes place in the last quarter of 2015 beginning the 3 1/2 years of the tribulation era iff this indeed plays out as current projects indicate and fall in line with the scriptures.

Isaiah 5 

They say, “Let God hurry; let him do his work ·soon [quickly] so we may see it. Let the plan of the Holy One of Israel [1:4] ·happen soon [approach and draw near] so that we will know what it is.” 20 ·How terrible it will be for people [L Woe to those] who call ·good things bad and bad things good [L evil good and good evil], who ·think darkness is [or make darkness] light and ·light is [or make light] darkness, who ·think sour is [or turn sour/bitter to] sweet and sweet ·is sour [or to sour/bitter]. 21 ·How terrible it will be for people [L Woe to those] who ·think they are wise [L are wise in their own eyes; Prov. 3:7; 26:12; 27:1; 28:11, 26] and ·believe they are clever [L clever/understanding in front of themselves]. 22 ·How terrible it will be for people [L Woe to those] who are ·famous for [heroes/champions at] drinking wine and are ·champions [valiant men] at mixing ·drinks [beer; v. 11]. 23 They take ·money [a bribe] to ·set the guilty free [acquit the wicked] and ·don’t allow good people to be judged fairly [deny justice/righteousness to the innocent/righteous]. 24 [L Therefore] They will be destroyed just as ·fire [L tongues of fire] ·burns [L devours] straw and dry grass ·is consumed by [L sinks in the] flames. They will be destroyed like a plant whose roots rot and whose flower dies and blows away like dust. They have ·refused to obey [rejected; spurned] the ·teachings [law; L Torah] of the Lord ·All-Powerful [Almighty; of Heaven’s Armies; T of hosts] and have ·hated [despised] the message from the Holy One of Israel [1:4]. 25 So the ·Lord has become very angry with [L Lord’s anger burns against] his people, and he ·has raised [extends; stretches out] his hand to ·punish [strike] them. Even the mountains ·are frightened [shake; tremble]. ·Dead bodies [Corpses] lie in the streets like garbage.

Why “Average Joe” Will Never Do Well In The Stock Market 

Because “normal people” just do not think like this 

Luke 21 

And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. 

Jade Helm and the Stalinist Methods Being Used to Enslave America