52015 Gleaning Approaching The TurnINg Spiral Harmonic Sealing The Word Of Salvation And Judgment Upon All Nations And Israel AND BOOM! Antichrist Indonesia Just Blew Up Antichrist Chinese Ship And 40 Other Boats In The South China Sea (Massive 7.2 Quake & Record Braking Rainfall)

by amongthenumberedsaints

According to The Antichrist China People’s Daily, Indonesia has just sank a large Antichrist Chinese vessel and 40 other foreign ships caught fishing in The South China Sea. AP confirms that Antichrist Indonesian authorities blew up and sank the 41 vessels… which seems like something that might just lead to some serious escalation if true…

Indonesia Just Sank “A Large Chinese Vessel” And 40 Other Fishing Boats In The South China Sea 

And AP’s confirmation…

Indonesian authorities blew up and sank 41 foreign fishing vessels Wednesday as a warning against poaching in the country’s waters.

The vessels from a variety of countries were blown up in several ports across the archipelago, which has some of the world’s richest fishing grounds.

Navy spokesman First Adm. Manahan Simorangkir said 35 vessels were sunk by the navy and six by the coast guard police.

Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti said Indonesia has blown up several other boats since the current government took over last year after President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo was elected. Part of his platform was to preserve Indonesia’s oceans to ensure future generations will benefit from its rich waters.

The boats, seized from Chinese, Malaysian, Philippine, Thai and Vietnamese fishermen, were blown up on National Awakening Day, which commemorates the first political movement toward Indonesia’s independence.

There’s trouble brewing in The South China Sea, where Beijing has been using “scores of dredgers” to turn reefs into islands in the Spratly archipelago. Atop the new islands, China has been busy building things like cement plants and 10,000 foot airstrips capable of landing fighter jets and surveillance aircraft.

“Go Now!”: China Threatens US Spy Planes In South China Sea 

China shares contested waters in the area with the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan, and the US has made it all too clear that China’s reclamation efforts constitute an unacceptable attempt to “use sheer size and muscle to force countries into subordinate positions.” That, along with reports that Washington is looking into options for countering China’s island-building project, set up a contentious scenario that culminated in Beijing advising the US to “refrain from provocative action” in the area.

Having thus set the stage, we bring you the following clip which shows what happens when US spy planes come a little too close to China’s newly created military outposts.

51314 Gleaning In The Antichrist New York Team Obozo The POTUS Clown 911 Minute Everything Will ”Change” Israel And The Nations Are ”The Duck Caught In The Soros 666 NWO Noose”

MONUMENTAL DISASTER PREPAREDNESS: Major Maneuvers Ahead Of The Coming Black Celestial Event – Russia’s Emergency Ministry EMERCOM Stages MASSIVE Demonstration Drills For A Possible 9.0 MAGNITUDE MEGA-QUAKE; Scenario Features PLANE And TRAIN CRASHES, Fires And Chemical Spill, Building And INFRASTRUCTURE COLLAPSE! [VIDEO]

May 20, 2015 – EARTH – Following the second major earthquake that hit Nepal on 12 May, some scientists believe we could be seeing a seismically active period that began in 2004 and could end around 2019.

However, predicting the quakes more accurately in time and space still remains a task for the future.

The magnitude 9.1 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake of 26 December 2004, was one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded, triggering a tsunami that killed over 200,000 people. Experts like Sun Shihong, research fellow at the China Earthquake Networks Centre have in the past spoken of a 100-year cycle for earthquakes. In the first 60 years of the 20th century there were seven earthquakes above 8.5 on the Richter scale. In the following 40 years there were no major quakes. Sun believes a new cycle began at the end of 2004 with a massive 9.1 magnitude quake in Indonesia.

More recently, Zhang Zhang Xiaodong, deputy director of an earthquake forecast research institute under the China Earthquake Administration told Xinhua that since 2004, the world has suffered a frequency of quakes above 8 magnitude not seen since the first half of the 20th century.

Rajender Kumar Chadha, chief scientist at the National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) in India also believes that we could be in a seismically active period. In fact, he had said two years ago that the planet is into a very seismically active period that could see earthquakes of magnitude greater than 8.

The twin earthquakes that hit Nepal in April and May this year have killed over 8,500 and many are still missing, making the disaster the deadliest to hit the Himalayan country on record.

MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: As The Black Celestial Event Nears, Planet Earth Is Now In A Seismically Active Period – According To Quake Cluster Theory! 

Quake clusters
Earthquakes of magnitude 8 and above can occur along any of the collision or subduction zones where two plates collide, whether continent-continent collision as in the Himalayas or ocean-continent subduction zones like the Pacific Ocean plate with different continent plates along the ‘Ring of Fire.’

Great earthquakes of magnitude 8.5 or higher occur infrequently but are found to cluster in time, says Chadha, based on the analysis of 115 years of global data. Such “clustering” is not found for magnitudes lesser than 8.0 which show an annual average of about 15 to 16 every year, globally. Data analysed from 1900 onwards based on the catalogue available with United States Geological Survey (USGS) indicate there have been three possible periods of clustering of magnitude 8.5 or greater, lasting 15 years, which can also be referred to as “periods of seismic activation” of great earthquakes, he told IBTimes UK.

The first was in the period beginning with 1905 till 1920 when there were six earthquakes exceeding magnitude 8.5 and several closer to 8.5. Next followed the period between 1950 to 1965, when seven earthquakes exceeding magnitude 8.5 occurred which included three of magnitude 9.0 or greater. During this period, the greatest known earthquake of M9.5 occurred in Chile in 1960. “The third clustering in time of great earthquakes seems to have begun with Sumatra earthquake of magnitude 9.3 in 2004 and till 2015, already six earthquakes exceeding magnitude 8.5 have occurred globally, after Sumatra, including one of magnitude 9.0 in Japan in 2011,” points Chadha.

Going by this pattern indicating a “period of seismic activation” lasting for a 15-year cycle thrice in the last 115 years, we could now be in the third cluster, he says.

“This can continue till 2019 and earthquakes with magnitude 8.5 or greater can occur along any of the collision or subduction zones of the world.”

Himalayan quakes overestimated
Regarding the Himalayan belt and North India which are in the high seismicity zone, since we already have two earthquakes of magnitude 9.0 or greater in the present cluster, do we expect another magnitude 9.0 earthquake either in the Himalayan region or any other collision zones? At 20mm a year, the India Plate is moving rapidly compared to plate movement at the San Andreas Fault in California, which is just 2mm a year. Preliminary data suggests the 25 April quake created a slip of 4.5m along a 150km fault.

“As [the India Plate] is moving 4.5 metres, it’s not the entire fault surface that’s moving…the surface hasn’t moved yet,” according to Laurent Godin, a structural geologist and professor at Queen’s University. “There hasn’t been a fault rupture there yet. Meaning the fault hasn’t released all its stress.”

“There’s certainly room there for another 7. Will it go eight? We know the fault system is capable of going to an 8.4 because it has in the past,” says Don Blakeman, a geophysicist with the US Geological Survey.

While ruling out a definite reply, Chadha however is inclined to think a ‘big one’ in the region in the future may be an overestimate. He refers to a simulation done by Robert McCaffrey, a New Zealand seismologist, to check for recurrence of magnitude 9.0 earthquakes based on the length of trenches and convergence rates. The simulation, he says, suggests that the global occurrence of M9.0 earthquakes is one to three per century and the five that occurred in the past 100 years is higher than long-term averages.

“This implies the occurrence of a 9.0 magnitude earthquake in the Himalaya in the near future may be an overestimate on the count that i) no such event has ever occurred along a continent-continent collision zone and ii) if the base year is considered from 1950 onwards then we have already experienced 5 earthquakes of magnitude 9.0 or more in the last 65 years which is higher than the long term average,” Chadha says. He is quick to add that such estimates cannot be answered with conviction since our records are not long enough to observe the processes which generate these super great earthquakes.

Indo-Gangetic plain vulnerable
Chadha believes there is need for preparedness in the adjoining regions of the Himalayas like the Indo-Gangetic plains where major cities with large populations exist.

“Due to the presence of thick column of sediments, the Indo-Gangetic plains is prone to amplified shaking because of amplification of seismic waves from the Himalayan earthquakes.

“Earthquakes exceeding magnitude 8 in the Himalaya will pose a threat to the structures in the region, if they are not designed as per seismic codes available in the country,” he says and calls for awareness amongst the people, government officials and decision makers to the earthquake hazard in the region. – IB Times.

Very strong and shallow M7.2 earthquake registered near Lata, Solomon Islands.

A very strong and shallow M7.2 earthquake was registered by Geoscience Australia near Lata, Solomon Islands at 22:48 UTC on May 20, 2015. They are reporting depth of 12 km (7.4 miles). USGS registered it as M6.9 at a depth of 19.9 km (12.3 miles).

According to the USGS, epicenter was located 178 km (111 miles) W of Lata and 489 km (304 miles) ESE of Honiara, Solomon Islands.

There are no people living within 100 km radius.

Based on all available data, there is no tsunami threat from this earthquake, PTWC said.

EXTREME WEATHER: Epic Dust Storms Continue As The Celestial Black Event Nears – Nine People Killed After Dust Storm And High Velocity Winds Hit Rajasthan, Northern India! 

May 20, 2015 – PYRENESS, SPAIN – Following the heatwave which affected the whole of Spain last week, when temperatures reached 40ºC in many parts of the country, the weather on Tuesday provided a reminder that we are in fact only in the middle of spring, with snow falling in many parts of the Pyrenees.

This snowfall provided wintry tableaux in locations such as Los Llanos del Hospital, a cross-country skiing resort in the Benasque valley in the province of Huesca (region of Aragón), and throughout the Pyrenees and other northern mountain ranges the overnight temperatures are again forecast to drop below zero on Wednesday night. In many parts of the mountains along the border between France and Spain even Wednesday’s maximum temperatures were forecast to remain close to 5ºC.

ICE AGE NOW: Extreme Weather Anomalies – Snow In May On The Spanish Pyreness After Heatwave In Parts Of Spain! 

These distinctly cool conditions in the mountains of the north are forecast to continue until the weekend, while maximum temperatures of close to 30ºC will be recorded in parts of the south-west. – Spanish News Today.

ICE AGE NOW: Weather Chaos – “Absolutely Crazy,” Says Fairplay, Colorado Resident About All The Spring Snow; Up To 14 Inches Snow Leave Thousands Without Power; Mount Evans Highway Reopening Delayed Due To Snow! 

Record breaking rainfall: Extensive flooding ongoing in the southern Plains 

The ongoing heavy rainfall all over the southern Plains has caused severe, long-lasting, flooding. Cars and homes have been swamped and at least one person has been reported dead.

Late Monday night into Tuesday (May 18/19), 75.94 mm (2.99 inches) of rain fell in only 45 minutes in San Angelo Regional Airport, Texas causing the city’s airport to shut down. The rainfall was more than the average rainfall for the entire month of May, their wettest month on average.

The North Concho River in Texas rose over 5.18 m (17 feet) in only 3.5 hours. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), this was the highest crest since September 20, 1974.

DELUGE: Heavy Rainfall Trigger Widespread Flooding In Tamil Nadu, India – 6 Pilgrims Killed; Two Others Missing! 

EXTREME WEATHER: Storm Chasers Blasted By Baseball-Sized Hail While Filming Tornado In Elmer, Oklahoma! 

“Listen [L Look; T Behold]! I will come as a thief comes [C that is, without warning]! ·Blessed [Happy] are those who stay ·awake [alert] and keep their clothes on [C a metaphor for staying faithful and pure] so that they will not walk around naked and have people see their shame.”

16 Then ·the evil spirits [L they] gathered the kings together to the place that is called Armageddon in the Hebrew language [C meaning “Mountain of Megiddo,” a strategic pass in northern Israel].

17 The seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air. Then a loud voice came out of the temple from the throne, saying, “It ·is finished [is done; has come to pass]!” 18 Then there were flashes of lightning, ·noises, thunder [rumbling thunder], and a ·big [great] earthquake [4:5; 11:19]—the ·worst [greatest; most violent] earthquake that has ever happened since people have been on earth. 19 The great city split into three parts, and the cities of the nations ·were destroyed [fell; collapsed]. And God remembered ·the sins of Babylon [L Babylon] the Great, so he gave that city the cup filled with the wine of ·his terrible anger [L the anger/fury of his wrath; 14:8]. 20 Then every island ·ran away [fled], and mountains ·disappeared [L were not to be found].

Revelation 16 Expanded Bible (EXB) The Bowls of God’s Anger

21 Giant hailstones, each weighing about ·a hundred pounds [L a talent], fell from the sky upon people [C reminiscent of the seventh Egyptian plague; 11:19; Ex. 9:13–35]. People ·cursed [blasphemed] God for the ·disaster [plague] of the hail, because this ·disaster [plague] was so terrible.

Officials: 6,000% cancer rate increase in Fukushima children’s thyroids — Expert: Urgent countermeasures against the suspected outbreak are necessary — Professor: Gov’t stopped me from checking thyroid exposure levels after 3/11 (VIDEO)

Then the second angel blew his trumpet, and something that looked like a ·big [great] mountain, burning with fire, was thrown into the sea [C perhaps referring to a volcano or a flaming meteorite; Jer. 51:25]. And a third of the sea became blood [C echoes the first plague against Egypt; Ex. 7:14–21], 9 a third of the living ·things [creatures] in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.

Revelation 8 

10 Then the third angel blew his trumpet, and a ·large [great] star, burning like a torch, fell from ·the sky [or heaven; C perhaps a meteorite]. It fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. 11 [L And] The name of the star is Wormwood [C a plant with a greenish, bitter oil; a symbol of bitter sorrow; Prov. 5:4; Jer. 9:15; 23:15]. And a third of all the water became ·bitter [L wormwood; C again an allusion to the first Egyptian plague], and many people died from ·drinking the water [L the water] that ·was [became; was made] bitter.

12 Then the fourth angel blew his trumpet, and a third of the sun, and a third of the moon, and a third of the stars were struck. So a third of them became dark, and a third of the day was ·without light [kept from shining], and also the night [C echoing the ninth Egyptian plague; Ex. 10:21–23].

13 While I watched, I heard an ·eagle [or vulture] that was flying ·high in the air [L in mid-heaven] cry out in a loud voice, “·Trouble! Trouble! Trouble [ L Woe! Woe! Woe; C reminiscent of OT funeral laments, signifying their doom; Nah. 3:1] for those who live on the earth because of the remaining ·sounds [blasts] of the trumpets that the other three angels are about to blow!”

RATTLE & HUM: Mysteriously Strange Sound Coming From The Sky As The Black Celestial Event Nears – Sounds Like A TRUMPET; Noise Heard Across The Globe For Nearly A DECADE, But Nobody Has An Explanation?!

RATTLE & HUM: Mysterious Explosion Rocks Centurion, South Africa?!

May 19, 2015 – CENTURION, SOUTH AFRICA – Residents from Centurion are baffled by a mysterious explosion that rocked parts of the area during the early hours of Sunday.

Numerous attempts by Rekord to establish exactly what had caused the loud blast, which woke residents from their sleep, proved futile. Residents from Rooihuiskraal, Wierdapark, Amberfield, The Reeds and other connecting areas all heard the same sound and felt the rumbling. Some readers speculated that it was yet another ATM bombing, while others believed the tremors had been caused by a light earthquake, but authorities contacted by Rekord could shed no light on the cause or the origin of what sounded to residents like a loud blast. Vanessa Jacobs, armed response manager for Orange Fox Security, said as soon as information came through about the mysterious explosion, reaction vehicles had immediately been dispatched to various ATM sites in the affected area.

“The reaction officers visited all the areas where residents said they had heard the noise. All of the ATMs were however secure. One of our reaction officers said it might have been what is commonly referred to as a ‘cricket’ (CO2 cartridge) bomb. Although still unconfirmed, the reaction officer saw a red light go up in the area followed by a loud sound,” she said. Cricket bombs are improvised explosive devices, also known as cartridge bombs or CO2 bombs. They are made by taking empty CO2 canisters (like what might be used to power a BB gun), and filling it with gunpowder or flash powder and attaching a fuse.

The police in Centurion also could shed no light on the blast, and to date, no reports of damage to property or any injuries had been received that could be connected to the early morning hour occurrence. – Centurion Rekord.

Apocalyptic skies return above Chile after second volcano erupts and entire landscape is bathed in blood red

More astonishing, apocalyptic images of a volcanic eruption have emerged from Chile, this time from Villarrica in the south of the country.  A band of cloud had wrapped itself around the peak as lava spewed into the air, giving the entire landscape an eerie blood-red glow.

Indonesian Mount Lokon erupts, North Sulawesi

6.7 magnitude earthquake hits the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge

6.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Pangai, Tonga

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Port-Vila, Vanuatu

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Roghun, Tajikistan

5.3 magnitude earthquake shakes devastated Nepal

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

And at the latter end of their kingdom, when the transgressors [the apostate Jews] have reached the fullness [of their wickedness, taxing the limits of God’s mercy], a king of fierce countenance and understanding dark trickery and craftiness shall stand up. 

Daniel 8 

24 And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power; and he shall corrupt and destroy astonishingly and shall prosper and do his own pleasure, and he shall corrupt and destroy the mighty men and the holy people (the people of the saints). 25 And through his policy he shall cause trickery to prosper in his hand; he shall magnify himself in his heart and mind, and in their security he will corrupt and destroy many. He shall also stand up against the Prince of princes, but he shall be broken and that by no [human] hand.

26 The vision of the evenings and the mornings which has been told you is true. But seal up the vision, for it has to do with and belongs to the [now] distant future.

MASS BEES DIE-OFF: Beemageddon 

The plight of the bees – described as a potential ecological disaster by some environmentalists and experts – has been a source of ongoing stress for beekeepers, farmers, and environmentalists, as the insects are relied upon to pollinate the plants that produce a quarter of the food consumed by Americans.

A government report released last month found that 42.1 percent of the US honeybee population died last year.

However, the exact cause of the mass deaths remains unknown – and has sparked fierce debate in the US.

Some have pointed the finger at a class of insecticide known as neonicotinoids, or neonics, which is used on crops such as corn, as well as on standard garden plants.

Egg prices jump as impact of bird flu begins pinching supply 

Egg prices have surged higher as the death of millions of hens from bird flu is beginning to tighten supplies. The Midwest price of a dozen large eggs rose to $1.88. That’s 58 percent higher than they were a month ago when the bird flu first hit Iowa chicken farms. Prices have been climbing at a rate of about 5 percent a day for the past week as supplies become tighter. Rick Brown, an egg industry analyst with commodity market firm Urner Barry, says it’s because 10 percent of chickens that lay eggs for food are dead or dying from bird flu.Eggs used principally as an ingredient in ice cream, mayonnaise and other products are up even more, about 162 percent to $1.65 a dozen since April 22.

St. Louis Evil Catholic Archbishop Antichrist Scum Says He Didn’t Know It Was Illegal For Priests To Have Sex With Kids 

“I’m not sure whether I knew it was a crime or not,” said St. Louis Evil Catholic Archbishop Antichrist Robert Carlson, who is part of a lawsuit accusing more than 100 priests and church employees of sex abuse. “I understand today it’s a crime.” 

^^^Who is ”kid”DING DING who? This is ritual Antichrist abuse and a crime worthy of hanging every last one of these Antichrist Catholic bastards and everyone involved with the silence of their horrific criminal offense. They are all going to Hell, and the is Antichrist Catholic bishop should be the first one cast down for saying such a bold face lie. You would think by now the idiot’s that have been holding on to their delusion that the Catholic Church is holy would have fallen away at this point. It’s not as if people can’t read all about how insanely evil the Catholic Church is.

Franklin Graham Says American Christians Are Being ‘Bullied Into Silence’ After Atheist Group Demands Air Force General Be Court-Martialed for Thanking God

The Rev. Franklin Graham has said that atheist groups are attempting to “bully Christians into silence” after the Military Religious Freedom Foundation called for an Air Force general to be court-martialed for giving credit to God at a National Day of Prayer event.

“Are Christians the only group of people who cannot identify themselves publicly in this country? Are we the only voices who cannot speak?” Graham asked in a Facebook post on Monday.

U.N.holy NWO SEC Soulless 666 CitiZeN’s United Algo Bot Dump AIIB Mark Of The Beast BATS Man Antichrist Saudi Arabia 911 Obozo Clowns Bomb Yemen 

And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

Revelation 13 

14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. 15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

Why You Should Vote For Nobody 

But the bottom line is that while human forecasts, while always wrong, have an interval of certainty around the predicted, if very wrong, number the Fed’s DSGE model is far more nuanced.

Uncertainty around the forecasts is significant, particularly for GDP growth. The width of the 68 percent probability interval for GDP growth is 3.8 percentage points in 2015 and widens to 5.3 percentage points in 2017. The 68 percent probability intervals for inflation remain relatively tight, ranging from 0.4 percent to 1.3 percent in 2015 and from 0.4 percent to 2.1 percent in 2017.

What The Soulless 666 Antichrist NWO Fed Beast Computer Model Predicts About The Future Of The US Economy 

What this means is that while carbon-based economists can and will predict the future and only after the fact blame the weather (which was accessible to everyone and quite public at the time the predictions were made), for being massively wrong, robots take the other approach: they have a ridiculous range which at least assures that they will be correct. Then again, as the chart below shows, while the Fed’s DSGE model forecasts GDP of either -4% or +8% in 2017, that will hardly provide comfort to the millions of Americans caught in the latest depression if, as usually happens, the bearish prediction turns out to be accurate.

And this is what the DSGE model “predictions” look like when visualized:

As this year’s heavily-indebted new college graduates are about to discover, the post-crisis job market is tough (unless you’re an aspiring bartender or farmer or happen to have studied petroleum engineering) and since the US economic “recovery” officially died in Q1, things aren’t likely to get better anytime soon.

Because we know how hard it is out there, and because we know that even if you do find a steady job your wage growth is likely to be anything but steady, we like to keep readers apprised of interesting employment opportunities across the globe. As a reminder, the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is hiring for anyone looking to get in on the yuan hegemony ground floor, and for those keen on protecting Europe’s central banking cabal from marauding bands of anti-austerity clowns, the ECB is hiring “fire experts.”

If, however, you happen to be particularly adept at wielding a sword and believe strongly that stiff penalties for crime play an important role in deterring future misdeeds you might consider joining Saudi Arabia’s Ministry Of Civil Service as a “Perpetrator Of Retribution.”

Apply Now: Antichrist Saudi Arabia Is Hiring 8 Executioners 

Petrus Romanus Pope Francis meant no offense to Israel by referring to Antichrist Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as being “an angel of peace” and intended to encourage harmony between the two sides, the Vatican said on Tuesday.

Francis met Antichrist Abbas at the Vatican on Saturday and used the words as he presented the Palestinian president with a large bronze medallion representing the angel of peace, one of his customary gifts to visiting presidents.

Receiving Antichrist Abbas at the papal apartments, the Argentine pontiff, speaking in Italian, said the medallion was an appropriate gift because “you are a bit an Antichrist angel of peace”, according to a reporter representing several news agencies at the meeting.

Vatican says Petrus Romanus Pope meant no offense calling Antichrist Abbas ‘angel of peace’

The pope met Abbas a few days after the Vatican formalized its recognition of the Antichrist Palestinian state, a move which riled Israel’s Antichrist government.

Lombardi said the pope explains the significance of the medal to heads of state who receive it, and that the word “angel” in this context means “messenger”.

Antichrist Abbas: Israel and Antichrist Hamas holding secret talks.

Antichrist Hamas responded to the allegations by denouncing Antichrist Abbas as a “liar and slanderer.” His claims were aimed at creating confusion in the Antichrist Palestinian arena, Antichrist Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said.

1 Thessalonians 5 

While people are saying, “·We have peace and we are safe [L Peace and safety/security],” they will be destroyed ·quickly [suddenly]. It is like pains that come quickly to a woman having a baby. Those people will not escape. 4 But you, brothers and sisters, are not ·living in darkness [L in darkness], and so that day will not ·surprise you [or overtake you] like a thief.

“Obozo’s strategy against the Antichrist Islamic State in ruins not only in Iraq but also throughout the Antichrist Muslim world.”.

“Obozo The Antichrist NWO 666 Clown Strategy Against Antichrist ISIS Is In Ruins/Success”

An Antichrist Iranian cargo ship heading to Yemen is expected to cross into the Red Sea on Thursday, state news agency IRNA reported, amid fears of a showdown with Antichrist Saudi-led forces enforcing restrictions on Yemeni ports.

Antichrist Iran ship heads towards Red Sea amid fears of Yemen showdown 

The Pentagon said on Tuesday that two Antichrist Iranian warships have “linked up” with a cargo ship that Iran has said is carrying humanitarian aid to Yemen, as activists on board the vessel said it was due to arrive at the Yemeni port of Hodaida on Thursday.

“We’re not overly concerned at this point,” Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren told a briefing, adding that the ships’ locations were being monitored “every step of the way.” Warren said the warships “linked up” with the Iranian cargo ship as it passed an area where the Iranian warships were, according to Tehran, conducting counter-piracy operations.

Pentagon says Antichrist Iran warships ‘linked up’ with cargo vessel 

A senior Israeli official took a swipe at Washington on Tuesday over Iran’s purchase of second-hand civilian aircraft, saying the acquisition violated US sanctions and went ahead despite a tip-off from Israel.

Iranian Transport Minister Abbas Akhoondi was quoted on May 11 by the Iranian Students News Agency as saying Tehran bought 15 used commercial planes in the last three months. He did not say who sold them or how they had been acquired.

A long-standing ban on the export of aircraft spare parts to Iran was eased under an interim nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers in late 2013, but the US sanctions regime continues to restrict sales of planes.

“Israel learned from intelligence sources about this very significant breach of the sanctions in advance of it occurring,” the Israeli official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters.

“We flagged the issue to the US administration,” the official said. “Unfortunately, the deal still went through and there was no success in preventing it.”

Israel slams US for allowing Antichrist Iranian purchase of aircraft, violating sanctions

A nuclear-armed Tehran presents an urgent threat to freedom. Opposing the Antichrist Iran deal are two unlikely allies, Antichrist Saudi Arabia and Israel. And it’s just the latest sign of a thaw in a relationship that proves the wisdom of the old Sanskrit proverb, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Saudi Arabia officially dropped the Arab boycott against Israel in 2005 as a condition of joining the World Trade Organization. Last July, Antichrist Prince Turki Al Faisal, Antichrist Saudi Ambassador to US from 2005-2006, published an op-ed in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. It did not mention the Antichrist Palestinian people’s “right of return” to their former homes in current Israel, a key demand of Antichrist Palestinian activists for decades. Even more surprising, Faisal’s article did affirm the importance of the Holocaust and the Antichrist Jewish people’s historic claim to Jerusalem.

Antichrist Prince Faisal wrote “Imagine if I could get on a plane in Riyadh, fly directly to Jerusalem, get on a bus or taxi, go to the Antichrist Dome of the Rock ”(a)llah has no Son” Mosque or the Al-Aqsa Mosque, perform the Friday prayers, and then visit the Western Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre… If, the next day, I could visit the tomb of Abraham in Al-Khalil, Hebron, and the tombs of the other prophets, peace be upon them all. I could then drive to, and visit Bethlehem, the site of the Nativity. I could go on to visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust center and museum as I visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington, when I was ambassador there.”

Ironically, as the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Clown State Department attempts to lift the economic boycott against Antichrist Iran, President Obozo The NWO 911 Clown and his supporters are pushing a new boycott — against Israel. From the White House to Congress and from the New York City Council to America’s college campuses, Democrats are boycotting opponents of Obama’s pending nuclear deal with Antichrist Iran. While some Democrats applaud lifting economic sanctions against Tehran, others want to slap such restrictions on Israel.

When Israeli Antichrist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 911 addressed a joint session of Congress on the dangers of a nuclear Iran; 58 Democratic members of Congress boycotted his speech. Vice Antichrist NWO 666 President Joe Biden, who serves as the president of the Senate, also skipped Mr. Antichrist 911 Netanyahu’s appearance. As for Mr. Obozo The Antichrist NWO 911 Clown, he refused to meet in person with Mr. Netanyahu and virtually boasted that he did not even watch the remarks by the leader of America’s closest ally in the Antichrist Middle East.

Last April 20th, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R – Texas) discussed the dangers of the Antichrist Iran deal with a small group of Jewish business leaders at a private dinner, security briefing, and discussion that I organized. This event was held in the Manhattan home of two gay entrepreneurs who dared to meet with Mr. Cruz — as if America were a free country, and as if dialogue with people of opposing viewpoints fostered consensus and mutual understanding. Once this gathering became public, the gay community and its caucus in the New York City Council led an 11,000-person-strong economic boycott against the hosts of this gathering and the hotel that they own and manage.

Media reports indicate that gay college students are some of the loudest voices screaming for boycotts, divestment, and sanctions against Israel. All 58 Members who boycotted Mr. Antichrist 911 Netanyahu’s speech received top scores from the Human Rights Campaign for their support of Antichrist gay-rights issues.

On May 5, Mr. Cruz told journalists that Democrats are terrified to vote on legislation that would require Iran to recognize Israel’s rights to exist as a Jewish state. Rather than go on record and expose the Democrat senators’ fundamental opposition to Israel, they are blocking every amendment on the Iran deal, in hopes that this tough vote does not come up.

Even as Democrats and their allies move to distance themselves from Israel, GCC countries, including their business leaders, journalists and politicians, are moving closer to Israel. “In an accident of fate,” writes Antichrist UAE industrialist Khalaf Habtoor, “Israel and Antichrist Sunni Arab states find themselves on the same page vis-à-vis the Iran threat. Were an Antichrist Arab country perceived to be hostile to the US or the international community, it would be attacked without hesitation. On the other hand, this administration is treating its ‘favorite enemy’ with a silk glove instead of the iron fist it deserves. This sure feels like a pro-Antichrist Iranian administration.”

Dubai-based publisher Madarek last year released an Arabic translation of Antichrist Saudi Arabia and the New Strategic Landscape by Joshua Teitelbaum, a professor at Bar Ilan University’s Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies in Tel Aviv. Mr. Teitelbaum encourages US policy makers to cement America’s alliance with Antichrist Saudi Arabia by addressing the Iranian threat to Saudi domestic politics. In his book, he explains that Antichrist Gulf Cooperation Council countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, which have significant Antichrist Shiite populations, have been jittery about Antichrist Shiite Iran for years. Such jitters are very well founded, Mr. Teitelbaum argues. Among other worries, in 2009, according to Israeli sources, the Antichrist UAE uncovered an Antichrist Iranian plot to blow up the world’s tallest building, the Burj Dubai, now called the Burj Khalifa.

Madarek is owned by Antichrist Saudi journalist Turki bin Abdullah Aldakhil, General Manager of Al Arabiya Television News Network in Dubai. He also interviewed scholar Antichrist Rashid Al-Khayoun on Al Arabiya regarding the Farhud — a 1941 pogrom against Antichrist Iraqi Jews, which prompted their exodus. Mr. Aldakhil also founded the Al Mesbar Center for Antichrist Arab Scholarship and Expertise for Peace and Stability in the Middle East. In September 2014, this think tank published Yusif Al-Mutayri’s paper, “Antichrist Jews of Kuwait: Presence, Situation, and Emigration (1860-1952).” This work highlighted the historically meaningful economic and cultural role of Antichrist Jews in Kuwait. Just a few years ago, it would be unthinkable that an Antichrist Arab institution would recognize Antichrist Jews as capable of anything other than “anti-Palestinian oppression.”

The last decade has witnessed improved understanding and growing trade between Israel and the six member nations of the Antichrist Gulf Cooperation Council: Bahrain, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Credit Suisse launched an emerging-market credit fund in 2010, headed by the Qatar Investment Authority, Antichrist Saudi Arabia’s Olayan Group, and Israel’s IDB Holdings. In 2006, Idan Ofer, chief of Israeli shipping company ZIM came to the defense of DP World, which was embroiled in the debate over allowing Dubai’s companies to manage U.S. ports. In a letter to then-Antichrist NWO 666 Senator Hillary 911 Clinton Clown, Mr. Ofer wrote: “DP World has been an industry leader with regard to security and works closely with us on an ongoing basis to maintain the highest security standards in all its terminals around the world.”

Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown Puppet Achieves the Impossible: He’s United Israel and Antichrist Saudi Arabia

While Antichrist Saudi Arabia and the Antichrist UAE slowly have been improving their relationship with Israel, they have at the same time been resolute in their opposition to Iran. According to news accounts, Wikileaks cables uncovered these gems:

In a 2008 cable from Antichrist Saudi Arabia’s then-ambassador to the U.S., Adel al Jubeir, Antichrist King Abdullah offered “frequent exhortations to the U.S. to attack Antichrist Iran and thus put an end to its nuclear weapons program,” As Mr. al-Jubeir recalled the Antichrist king’s advice to America: “He told you to cut off the head of the snake.”

“That program must be stopped,” Bahrain’s Antichrist King Hamad said, according to a November 2009 cable on Iran’s atomic ambitions. “The danger of letting it go on is greater than the danger of stopping it.”

Several reports have surfaced detailing meetings between the Antichrist Mossad and Antichrist Saudi intelligence to coordinate in-flight refueling of Israeli aircraft and rescue operations for downed pilots en route to demolish Iran’s nuclear capability.

In a July 2009 memo, UAE’s Antichrist defense chief, Antichrist Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, was remarkably blunt about Iran’s then-president: “Ahmadinejad is Hitler.”

This past April, hours after Antichrist NWO 666 Skull & Bones Secretary of State John Kerry told a U.N. nuclear non-proliferation meeting in New York that a deal with Iran was “closer than ever,” Riyadh appointed as its new foreign minister Adel al Jubeir, the kingdom’s former ambassador to Washington. This is the first time that position has been held by anyone outside the royal family. Mr. Al-Jubeir’s appointment sent a clear message: Jubeir was the target of a foiled plot by Iranian agents who aimed to assassinate him in 2011 as he dined in a Georgetown restaurant.

Mr. Cruz told the small group of Antichrist Jewish business leaders I assembled (and he repeated in Washington the following week) that “the next president who enters the White House in January of 2017 is likely to encounter a world with Iran on the verge of having nuclear weapons where sanctions will have been taken off the table by Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown, because they cannot be placed back with our allies in any reasonable period of time to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, which means in all likelihood the next president will face a binary choice: Either allow Antichrist Iran to have nuclear weapons or use military force to prevent it. This deal makes war a certainty.”

In March it was reported that Israel and Antichrist Saudi Arabia are completely in synch on Iran. Several reports have surfaced detailing meetings between the Antichrist Mossad and Antichrist Saudi intelligence to coordinate in-flight refueling of Israeli aircraft and rescue operations for downed pilots en route to demolish Antichrist Iran’s nuclear capability.

At last week’s Camp David summit, the gulf states staged a boycott of their own. Four invited heads of state didn’t bother to show up to meet with Mr. Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown, underscoring the growing divide between the White House and America’s former allies of the GCC. It also signaled a realignment of Israel and the GCC, much to the chagrin of Obozo, Congressional Democrats, and the ayatollahs.


It almost makes one wonder just whom does “elected” government represent…

Someone Finally Read Obozo’s Secret Trade Deal And Admits The TPP “Will Damage This Nation”

There is a huge paradox surrounding what is supposed to be the crowning achievement of Obama’s second term, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a bill whose contents virtually nobody is familiar with or will be before it passes into law.

That’s not the paradox: the paradox is that back in October 2009, the White House Press secretary said that “the President has returned to a stance of transparency and ethics that hasn’t been matched by any other White House…. the President believes strongly in transparency… that transparency in that way in the best policy.”

Or to paraphrase Nancy Pelosi, “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

And yet while everyone seems to have an opinion on the final formulation of the TPP bill, especially Elizabeth Warren and her circle of progressive democrats who have emerged as the bill’s most vocal critics, the truth is that none have actually read it for the simple reason that anyone who is familiar with its text could be jailed for disclosing its contents.

Most transparent administration indeed.

We won’t even comment that those who don’t care to have their opinion made public and do have access to the bill have also not read the massive bill which layers giveaway upon giveaway to mega corporations: in fact the only ones who are intimately familiar with the TPP’s contents are those who drafted it: America’s multinational corporations whose shareholders will be the biggest beneficiaries of the TPP.

And yet someone appears to have finally read Obama’s TPP: that someone is Michael Wessel, a cleared liaison to two statutory advisory committees and a commissioner on the U.S. Trade Deficit Review Commission, as well as the international trade co-chair for the Kerry-Edwards Presidential Campaign.

Earlier today, Wessel wrote an article in Politico titled “I’ve Read Obama’s Secret Trade Deal. Elizabeth Warren Is Right to Be Concerned” which we agree with wholeheartedly because while one may or may not disgree whether the US economy will benefit from a trade agreement which anecdotally benefits large multinationals, it should be unanimous that America’s transformation into a secretive, klepto-fascist state controlled by corporations is catastrophic for not only the republic but America’s people, or at least those who are not among the 0.001% who stand to benefit from the TPP.

UBS was “confounded” last week when the Justice Department decided to void a 2012 agreement under which the bank would escape prosecution for its role in manipulating the world’s most important benchmark rate in exchange for ratting out its FX rigging co-conspirators.

As a reminder, the DoJ is set to extract guilty pleas from a number of TBTF bank logos sometime in the supposedly near future (reportedly later today). The settlements were supposed to have been announced last week but because that didn’t give banks enough time to negotiate all of the fine print and SEC waivers that will serve to strip the agreements of any and all meaning, the announcements had to be postponed. As we’ve outlined on several occasions this month, JP Morgan, Citi, Barclays, and RBS will almost certainly be allowed to skirt punishments that should by law accompany their guilty pleas including provisions that make it more cumbersome to raise capital and limit participation in private placements. Those inconveniences, the banks say, would pose a systemic risk and so must be avoided at all costs if they agree to admit to rigging forex markets.

For UBS, whose assistance was supposedly key to the FX rigging investigation, the squealing rat reputation isn’t completely for naught after all because as you can see from the below, the bank will pay just $342 million to the Fed for rigging FX markets “engaging in unsound business practices” (and nothing to the DoJ), $203 million to the Justice Department in connection with rigging LIBOR, and plead guilty to one count of wire fraud.

UBS will plead guilty to wire fraud and pay a fresh $203 million fine related to the Libor case. In addition, the bank will pay a $342 million penalty to the U.S. Federal Reserve, for “engaging in unsound business practices” related to its foreign-exchange business.

UBS Gets Probation For Rigging $5 Trillion-A-Day FX Market

The Wall Street Journal previously reported that U.S. prosecutors took into account UBS’s promise not to break the law in its 2012 nonprosecution agreement for Libor, and believed misconduct by bank’s employees trading in foreign currencies violated those terms. So while UBS may still be confused as to why rigging forex markets counts as a violation of an agreement that originally came about because the bank manipulated LIBOR with the same other banks with which it conspired on the currency shenanigans, one thing is clear: $545 million is a great deal. The Swiss bank’s payment is part of what is expected to be a combined $5 billion settlement by five of the world’s biggest banks with U.S. and British authorities over alleged manipulation of the $5-trillion-a-day forex market… The bank said the new fines, which were much lower than expected, would not affect its earnings. The bank’s shares rose over 2 percent in early trade in a relief rally.

“It couldn’t have been better … Most of it was already priced in but something around $1 billion was expected, including the Libor fee,” Andreas Brun, an analyst with Zuercher Kantonalbank, said.
Just in case the above isn’t clear enough…

* * *

And the punchline:

The bank is now under a three year “probation” period with the DOJ.

As the live webcast from US AG Loretta Lynch indicates, moments ago the DOJ announced five global banks including Citi, J.P. Morgan, Barclays, RBS would plead guilty to criminal charges to conspiring to manipulate FX Prices, and would pay some $5.6 billion in combined penalties to resolve a long running U.S. investigation into whether traders at the banks colluded to move foreign currency rates in directions to benefit their own positions.

Turns out ratting our criminal peers out does pay after all:

One UBS trader also engaged in the same collusive behavior in the euro and dollar market, but the bank wasn’t charged over that conduct because it had obtained immunity by being the first bank to report the possible antitrust violations.

And yet:

No traders have yet been criminally charged over the conduct, but New York’s financial regulator said it required Barclays to fire eight employees in connection with the resolution. Investigations into individuals are continuing, according to government officials.

5 Banks To Plead Guilty To Criminal Rigging Charges, Pay $5.6 Billion For Manipulating Markets 

Don’t be surprised if despite the guilty criminal pleas, nobody goes to prison yet again.

In any event, we now know that aside from Libor, FX, gold, stocks and treasuries, nothing else is manipulated.

Our final question: did the DOJ accidentally forget to charge the Bank of England and its former employee Martin Mallett who was fired for FX rigging? Recall:

Martin Mallett was dismissed by the Bank of England yesterday for “serious misconduct relating to failure to adhere to the Bank’s internal policies,” according to a statement by the central bank today.

Mallett, who worked at the bank for almost 30 years, had concerns from as early as November 2012 that conversations between traders right before benchmarks were set could lead to the rigging of those rates, according a report today by Anthony Grabiner, who was commissioned by the central bank to look into what its officials knew about practices under investigation around the world. Mallett was “uncomfortable” with the traders’ practices, yet he didn’t escalate these concerns, Grabiner said.

“We’re disappointed because we hold ourselves to the highest standards — we have an outstanding markets division,” BOE Governor Mark Carney said at a briefing in London today. “What Lord Grabiner found was that our chief dealer was aware of circumstances in the market that could facilitate or lead to improper behavior by market participants.”
Eagerly awaiting for the answer.

Antichrist Crypto Fascist NWO 666 Solomon Brothers Building 7 911 United Nations 2015-16 Zenith Light Plague Baal Bucketing Jewish IllumiNazi Petrus Romanus Islamic Peace And Security Skull & Bones Burning Of The Tares 

In late April, Alex Thomas, reporting for Intellihub News, highlighted an article published on the left leaning website Salon.com (also funded in the past by Soros) that praised the violence in Baltimore.


“Popular hard left news outlet Salon.com has published an article praising the violence during the Baltimore riots, calling nonviolence a futile philosophy and pleas to follow the Constitution racist.

Revealing The Identity Of The Mystery “Belgian” Buyer Of US Treasurys

we finally got if not direct, then certainly indirect, evidence from this month’s TIC data that “Belgium” was merely a front for Antichrist NWO 666 Great Walmart Of Communist China.

First, note that after dropping for 6 consecutive months, official Antichrist Chinese holdings had a major countertrend move and rebounded in March, jumping by $37 billion to $1.261 trillion and regaining the top US creditor spot from Antichrist China.

the real surprise emerges when stacking the monthly Antichrist Chinese and Belgian holdings on top of each other so when one also overlays Antichrist China’s offically reported monthly Forex reserves on top of the consolidated Antichrist China+Belgium treasury holdings. Here one can easily see that indeed Belgium was nothing but an “anonymous” front for Antichrist Chinese Treasury buying and as the case has recently become, selling.

Because while we have previously commented on the dramatic capital outflow from Antichrist China in recent months, which also explains why Antichrist China is desperate to slam its currency but will not do it over fears of accelerating capital outflow, the combined Antichrist Chinese and Belgian Treasury holdings reveal the true extent of Antichrist China’s USD-denomination liquidation conundrum.

in March the monthly drop across Antichrist China’s official and “anonymous” i.e., Belgian holdings, was the biggest on record!

So as a result of the latest TIC data we know know with almost complete confidence that:

i) “Belgium” is, or rather, was a front for Antichrist China: either SAFE, CIC, or the PBOC itself.

ii) That Belgium’s holdings, after soaring as high as $381 billion a year ago, have since tumbled back to only $2532 billon as Antichrist China has dumped the bulk of its Euroclear custody holdings, and that once this number is back to its historical level of around $170-$180 billion, “Belgium” will again be just Belgium.

iii) Antichrist China’s foreign reserves tumbled and this was offset by a the biggest quarterly drop in Antichrist Chinese pro-forma treasury holdings, which dropped by a record $72 billion in the month of March, and a record $113 billion for the quarter.

So why mask its offshore holdings? So when Antichrist China proceeds to liquidate nearly $100 billion via its custody account, the US didn’t feel compelled to chastise Beijing. After all there is no official confirmation that Belgium is indeed Antichrist China, and likely won’t be – it was merely a buffer account which Antichrist China used to build up TSY holdings in, and now – to rapidly liquidate.

A better question perhaps is what is the use of funds of these tens of billions of liquidations: because what was once invested in the form of Treasurys is now invested in the form of something else… most likely real estate in soon to be destroyed San Francisco, Beverly Hills, or New York City, with a few billion left over to buy stocks.

Finally, the last thing Antichrist China would want the world to know, is just how acute its capital flight truly is: a capital flight which is the only thing that is preventing the Politburo and the Antichrist NWO 666 PBOC from cutting rates even more aggressively and/or engaging in even more outright QE than it currently does because should the chart above be matched with a comparably sharp drop in the Renminbi, and suddenly the VIX closing the day at 12 will be a very distant memory.

Antichrist China Plans First Ever Landing on the Dark Side of the Moon

What lies on the dark side of the moon? The ruined civilization of our lunar forbearers? A pile of overplayed Pink Floyd records? The most exclusive Airbnb in the galaxy? China’s on the case, launching the first expedition of its kind, a journey to the moon’s untapped hemisphere. The closest extraterrestrial body, the moon has done much to shape our history and mythologies. It’s been associated with Artemis and Greek conceptions of rebirth. It’s also connected with Chang’e, the Chinese goddess of the moon.

Hence the name of China’s latest probe, the Chang’e-4. The mission, part of China’s Lunar Exploration Program (CLEP), plans to land the probe and accompanying rover on the far side of the moon.

Chang’e-4 is set to launch in 2020, but before that, Chang’e-5 will makes its way to the moon in 2017

Hilsenrath Confirms Hawkish Antichrist NWO 666 Fed Sees Q1 Weakness As A Blip, June Liftoff Possible 

Good luck controlling not only that volatility, but the only mandate the Fed has had since 2009: the S&P 500.

Warren Buffett And The Antichrist Chinese Are Loading Up On Hard Assets

So, Warren Buffett comes with his own railroad. That means he has his own pipeline. So, Warren Buffett’s a guy who’s dumping paper money, getting into hard assets in the form of transportation and energy in particular. And the dollar could go to zero and it has no effect on him. He still owns a railroad

The other example are the Antichrist Chinese. The Antichrist Chinese have spent the last four years acquiring approximately 3,000 to 4,000 tons of gold. Now, how do we know that? We have some hard data. We know Antichrist China’s mining output is about 450 tons a year. We know Antichrist China’s imports through Hong Kong are coming in between 800 and 1,000 tons a year. This has been going on for four years so that’s kinda 6,000 tons there and where you have to use a little guesswork is okay, we know how much gold Antichrist China is getting, how much is going to private consumption, how much is going to the government? We’re not as clear on that, but I use kinda half as the first approximation.

And we also know that Antichrist China is acquiring gold through stealth using intelligence and military assets to bring gold in completely off the books, doesn’t show up in Hong Kong imports. So, why is Antichrist China doing this? Well, because they got a mountain of paper assets. They’ve got $4 trillion in reserves, almost all of it denominated in paper bonds. Most of that U.S. dollars, most of that U.S. treasury so, you know, the oldest joke in banking is if I owe you a million dollars I have a problem, but if I owe you a billion dollars, you have a problem because you have to collect it from me and I can walk away.

Why Did The IMF Leak The Greek Default Details? 

‘The institutions’, and indeed the international media, expect Greece to cave in to their demands for more austerity at the ‘final moment’, because the alternative would not only be horrific – at least presumably -, it would go against the wishes of the Greek people. What not a lot of people seem to understand is that Syriza can’t give in, because it would mean the end of Syriza.

However, if the institutions force a Greece default, that would bring a potential disintegration of the eurozone much closer than it is today. And whoever says they’re confident it can be contained are delusional liars. The risks for all three, EC, ECB and IMF, would far outstrip the few billion euros on which they may receive repayment a few years later. And they should not want these risks. Not if they have functioning neurons left.

But the biggest threat to the negotiations may not come from the institutions after all. It may well come from inside Syriza. As the Greek Analyst site reported this morning:

Call For “Rupture Now” By The Political Secretariat & Central Committee Of Syriza

Prominent members of the Central Committee and the Political Secretariat of Syriza are preparing an event for tomorrow, Tuesday May 19. Quoting from the event description, as well as the title of the invitation-pamphlet, the message of the event seems quite clear: “the only way out [of the impasse] is the choice of rupture with the lenders.” :

The Moment of Truth For Syriza: “Rupture now with the lenders.”

Greece To Tax Bank Transactions, Says IMF “Won’t Get Any Money” On June 5

It looks like things are about to get a lot worse for Greeks as capital controls may be just around the corner. We wonder if the next shoe to drop will be a good old fashioned ‘Cyprus’ing’ for depositors.

Do you remember what happened when Cyprus decided to defy the EU? In the end, the entire banking system of the nation collapsed and money was confiscated from private bank accounts. Well, the nation of Greece is now approaching a similar endgame. At this point, the Greek government has not received any money from the EU or the IMF since August 2014. As you can imagine, that means that Greek government accounts are just about bone dry.

The new Greek government continues to insist that it will never “violate its anti-austerity mandate”, but the screws are tightening. Right now the unemployment rate in Greece is over 25 percent and the banking system is on the verge of collapse. It isn’t going to take much to set off a panic, and when it does happen there are already rumors that the EU plans to confiscate money from private bank accounts just like they did in Cyprus.

Throughout this entire multi-year crisis, things have never been this dire for the Greek government. In fact, Greece came this close to defaulting on a loan payment to the IMF back on May 12th. And with essentially no money remaining at all, the Greek government is supposed to make several large payments in the weeks ahead…

Are They About To Confiscate Money From Bank Accounts In Greece Just Like They Did In Cyprus? 

If no agreement is reached, by this time next month Greece could be plunging into a Cyprus-style crisis or worse.

And if that does happen, there are already rumblings that a “Cyprus-style solution” will be imposed. Just consider what James Turk recently told King World News…

The troika of the EU, ECB and IMF have not yet pulled the plug on the Greek banks, but the following quote in the Financial Times from this weekend should be a warning to anyone who still has money on deposit in that country: “The idea of a “Cyprus-like” presentation to Greek authorities has gained traction among some eurozone finance ministers, according to one official involved in the talks.”

The ECB is up to its eyeballs swimming in unpayable Greek debt that it holds. The ECB is not going to take a loss on this Greek paper on its books. Because Greece does not have the financial capacity to repay what is now about €112 billion of credit exposure to Greece on the ECB’s books, the ECB has only two alternatives.

It can push the €112 billion of Greek debt it holds to the national central banks of the Eurozone and on to the backs of the taxpayers in those countries, which it politically untenable. Or it can confiscate depositor money in Greek banks, like it did in Cyprus and as the FT has now reported.
Needless to say, such a move would be likely to set off financial panic all over Europe.

Could we actually see such a thing?

Well, let’s recall that back in April we already saw the Greek government forcibly grab “idle” cash from the bank accounts of regional governments and pension funds. The following is from a Bloomberg report about that event…

Running out of other options, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras ordered local governments and central government entities to move their cash balances to the central bank for investment in short-term state debt.

The decree to confiscate reserves held in commercial banks and transfer them to the Bank of Greece could raise as much as 2 billion euros ($2.15 billion), according to two people familiar with the decision. The money is needed to pay salaries and pensions at the end of the month, the people said.

“It is a politically and institutionally unacceptable decision,” Giorgos Patoulis, mayor of the city of Marousi and president of the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities of Greece, said in a statement on Monday.“No government to date has dared to touch the money of municipalities.”
Grabbing cash from the bank accounts of private citizens is just one step farther.

And what happened in Cyprus just a couple of years ago is still fresh in the minds of most Greeks. That is why so many of them have been pulling money out of the banks in recent weeks. The following comes from Wolf Richter…

Greeks remember very well what happened in Cyprus in 2013, when local banks were given a big thumbs-up from Europe to help themselves to their depositors’ accounts. Cyprus and Greece are very closely tied, and many Greeks consider the island a “sister-nation.”

What little trust remained in banks in Greece died that day. People have been nervously looking for signs something similar may happen again in their home country.

And they resolved to act at the first sign of danger: banks cannot confiscate money you have under your mattress. Cash can be hidden away.
Let’s certainly hope that what happened in Cyprus does not happen in Greece.

But right now, both sides are counting on the other side to fold.

The Germans believe that at some point the economic and financial pain will become so immense that it will force the new Greek government to give in to their demands.

The Greeks believe that the threat of a full blown European financial crisis will cause the Germans to back down at the last moment.

So what if they are both wrong? What if both sides are fully prepared to stand their ground and take us over the cliff and into disaster? For a long time I have been warning that a great financial crisis is coming to Europe.

This could be the spark that sets it off.

The problem for Greece is that the government has run out of cash. Long ago in fact, and as reported earlier, the country has just two weeks of cash left and the next IMF payment will certainly not be made unless the IMF first finds a way to inject some more money into Greece (so the IMF can essentially repay the IMF), which however won’t happen without a deal first being implemented.

The other problem is that Greece has run out of time to get a deal in order, especially since with every incremental negotiation, the Syriza government repeats it has substantial “red lines” it won’t cross, something the Troika takes as a direct ultimatum. And the ECB, the IMF and the European Commission are not good at handling ultimatums.

Which is perhaps why the push to force a terminal bank run in Greece took on an added urgency today when first Moody’s and then Schauble, did everything in their power to strongarm Tsipras into agreeing with Troika demands, or else suffer the consequences of a Grexit: one which will have dire consequences for all of Europe, but which Europe is naively ignoring just because the recent launch of the ECB’s QE is making the underlying tension in the economy and financial markets (which no longer exist courtesy of precisely this QE).

The gloves officially came off just before the market open today when Moody’s released a report titled “Outlook for Greece’s banking system is negative” in which it did the unthinkable: it explicitly said that the worst case for Greece is now an all but certain outcome if the government doesn’t concede to the Troika, or Institutions, or whatever they are called today.

Ordinarily, a statement like that by Moody’s would be unthinkable, and would lead to an immedate, business-ending lawsuit by any other country, except for Greece which right now can’t even afford the legal fees. And remember: the catalyst for everything getting better and Greece getting new cash is i) either a new government, ii) the current government conceding to Troika demands or iii) Grexit, and in neither case will Greece retaliate.

In other words, Moody’s is great when it comes to picking on defenseless “credits.” It would never say the same thing about any other country of course.

And then, perhaps just the confirm that both gloves are off, moments ago the WSJ reported that German FinMin, Wolfgang Schauble, said he couldn’t rule out a Greek default, a stance that will add pressure on Athens as negotiations over much-needed financing enter their final stretch.

The Gloves Come Off: Moody’s Warns Of Greek “Deposit Freeze” As Schauble “Won’t Rule Out Default” 

What does all of this mean? Two things:

First, the Greece drama is almost over – indeed, having emptied its last remaining piggybank in the form of its IMF reserve capital, Greece now has no more funds and it can no longer raid its municipals and pensioners as they too are out of money. So one way or another, the endless Greek headlines will cease at midnight on June 4, when Greece either has a deal in hand with Europe or its fails to pay the IMF, which will being a 30 day grace period countdown, after which Greece will be officially in default, leading to a prompt expulsion from the Eurozone once the ECB yanks its ELA funds which now account for nearly two-thirds of all Greek deposits.

Second, both outcomes are now equally likely, which means volatility – currently dormant – will pick up in the next 2 weeks. It is unclear if said vol will be realized, but the front VIX contract, current at an artificially depressed level of just under 15, will likely be a good hedge if anyone is still long Greek bonds.

There is one outstanding question: perhaps after all this, the Greeks should just ask themselves if this is the kind of “European” partner they want to bind their fate to: a partner that will do everything in its power to subvert a democratically elected government, even if, or rather especially if, it means a wholesale “bail-in” for Greek depositors, who may lose as much as 70 cents on ever Euro: an outcome we predicted over two years ago when the Cyprus blueprint showed just how effectively it could be done.

And after Greece is done soul searching, the people of Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland should ask the same question, because if we have a Grexit in two weeks, then these PIIS countries are next.

If lawmakers are unable to pass a 2016 budget by the end of next month, Puerto Rico faces a government shutdown, but perhaps more importantly, will likely have trouble convincing hedge funds to purchase its bonds. The commonwealth has become increasingly reliant on hedge fund financing as traditional investors fear a looming default.

For his part, Jeff Gundlach is optimistic. The DoubleLine chief doubled his Puerto Rico GO bond holdings in Q1, but later told Reuters that the position still did not qualify as a “big bet.” Perhaps that’s a good thing, because as the following chart shows, the market seems to believe the commonwealth is about as credit worthy as Greece.

Puerto Rico Faces Default, Government Shutdown On July 1 

Late last month we outlined what is an increasingly desperate fiscal crisis in Puerto Rico. The commonwealth faces a July 1 payment of $630 million on its GO bonds and without furloughing some public sector employees, it’s not clear that the payment can be made, setting up a possible default.

“They really aren’t going to have the cash. There’s no tax you can legislate today that will generate enough income by the time you need it,” Sergio Marxuach, public-policy director at the Center for a New Economy in San Juan, told Bloomberg earlier this month.

In total, Puerto Rico owes some $73 billion, the result of persistently covering deficits with debt even as economic activity continued to slow. On the heels of last month’s failed attempt to push through tax reform, lawmakers and Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla are now scrambling to pass a new proposal that calls for a sales tax increase and $500 million in spending cuts as part of a 2016 budget which Puerto Rico desperately needs to pass by a July 1 deadline in order to resurrect a $2.9 billion oil-tax bond offering. The proceeds from the proposed deal would go towards repaying a loan from the Government Development Bank which may run out of money by the end of September if the new issue doesn’t materialize.

Guatemala Central Bank Chief Arrested 

Spot the banana republic(s):

In one country, several of the world’s largest banks settle as petty criminals for rigging the world’s largest market and defrauding countless investors. Some get a wristslap. Others, those who have been caught previously manipulating virtually every other market, get probation and promise never to manipulate again despite promising just that a few years ago. Nobody is arrested. Nobody goes to prison.
In another country, a member of a central bank’s executive committee tells a select group of hedge fund millionaires precisely what market moving thing said central bank will do, giving them a 10 hours headstart over the general public to put on the appropriate trades. Hedge funders make millions thanks to the leak defrauding countless investors who do not have the material, market-moving information; central bank blames “internal procedural error.” Nobody is arrested. Nobody goes to prison.
In a third country, the central bank governor is arrested in a bribery probe that also targeted a former presidential aide. The president says “Nobody is above the law. I’m the first one to regret that these situations are occurring and the first to demand that justice is served.”

We are talking about today’s record-breaking FX rigging settlement, yesterday’s premeditated leak by ECB’s Benoit Coeure to hedge funds at the Brevan Howard Centre for Financial Analysis, and ironically, the arrest of Guatemala’s central bank governor hours ago.

From Reuters:

Guatemala’s central bank governor was arrested on Wednesday in a bribery probe that also targeted a former aide of President Otto Perez, who has faced mounting pressure since his vice president quit two weeks ago over a separate graft scandal. The Guatemalan attorney general’s office said it had arrested central bank chief Julio Suarez, and issued an arrest warrant for Juan de Dios Rodriguez, Perez’s former personal secretary and head of the Guatemalan Social Security Institute.

The office said Suarez, who has a seat on the institute’s board, had been arrested along with 14 others over a $14.5 million medical services contract awarded by the institute. The charges include fraud, influence trafficking and charging illegal commission, prosecutors said.

Ivan Velasquez of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), a United Nations-backed group working with prosecutor’s on the case, said investigations that began last year found that the contract was rigged in favor of a pharmaceutical company. “We have very coherent evidence to show that the members of the tendering board took illegal steps,” Velasquez said.

According to the investigators, taped phone conversations showed that the company, identified by the prosecutor’s office as the Guatemalan unit of Mexico’s Pisa, paid bribes to officials from the institute to win a dialysis contract. A Pisa spokesman declined to comment.

The central bank said in a statement that Suarez had its full support and that it would continue to operate as normal. The Social Security Institute was not available to comment.

President Perez said he welcomed the investigation.

“Nobody is above the law,” Perez said in a televised address. “I’m the first one to regret that these situations are occurring and the first to demand that justice is served.”

We are confident that Goldman already has a spare partner or two on their way to take over for Suarez. After all, let no crisis or central bank arrest go to waste. We are, however, confused: just which is the banana republic?

Time Is Quickly Running Out To Escape The System

So people have to understand that the financial climate has turned into total warfare against their ability to remain independent and outside of the system. There is still time to act but once the powers that be close the door and people are locked inside their system it will be too late. They will then be at the mercy of the elite.” ***ALSO RELEASED: Man Asked To Speak To Chinese Officials Warns The Endgame Is Now Unfolding CLICK HERE.

Time Is Quickly Running Out To Escape The System As The War On Cash Destroys The Last Vestiges Of Freedom

“We’re being set up for the ultimate takedown of our currency. And like a giant vampire, bankrupt Western governments are getting ready to suck the life out of their citizens. Meaning, they are basically going to have a license to steal their assets.

When you see the world’s elite buying yachts and heading offshore, it’s because they know what’s coming. People’s lives and lifestyles are being taken from them. Cash is the last medium of exchange that still allows some autonomy and freedom.

The surveillance state can lock you out of your account at any time. They will be able to take money out of your account or penalize you in other ways if you are operating inside the system.

The war on cash is the assassination of the American citizenry’s financial freedom. At the end of the day, all of the rules are designed to allow the powers that be even greater control over people. The total control and domination of all living things is their endgame.

^^^The endgame is already represented by the Antichrist NWO 666 Fiat Debt Note Mark Of The Beast called cash in hand right now, and the personal name and global banking zero interest debt system number sealed upon the nations and Israel. Having cash or gold does not provide any escape from the prophetic Antichrist reality of the false measure now confirmed upon this generation. People must realize, the only separation from buying selling and trading the mark of the beast is defined by keeping The Sabbath Day Holy sealed in Christ. That is the true Holy Spirit confirmation sealed upon the Saints. However the Antichrist tribulation era shall be confirmed, and the Antichrist confirmed, is not relevant to the reality of the false measure now sealed upon this terminal generation. What is relevant is Christ sealed and confirmed in agreement among the Saints, as we are separated from the world on the 7th Day, when we do not buy sell trade or provide labor unto the devouring beast, as with those given to the world 7 days unto eternity. That is currently obvious enough, and for some global cashless system to rise over all nations and Israel truly is not needed, all that is required is the confirmed tribulation ear of the Antichrist. That event is coming at the in the coming months, based on current intelligence analysis offered on this site.

I am highly suspicious of the rhetoric coming out of Washington lately in terms of the Antichrist ISIS situation. Antichrist ISIS has apparently secured the Iraqi city of Ramadi and put the government there on the defensive, meaning that despite the recent claims that Antichrist ISIS leadership has been hit in Syria, the group continues to advance.

Rumors of potential Antichrist ISIS attacks on U.S. soil continue to spread from sources like the FBI and the Transportation Security Administration.

“Former” CIA officials (is there such a thing?) are also getting in on the action, warning in mainstream media outlets that Antichrist ISIS has the ability to direct at least small-scale attacks on the U.S. today.

However, the threat of Antichrist ISIS does not frighten me. It concerns me, but what truly disturbs me is the likely government response if such predictions by alphabet agencies come to pass.

In my recent article “When The Antichrist NWO 666 Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It,” I examined the tactics behind not only globalization, but also the most probable methods that will be used to secure globalization through the oppression of dissenting voices and groups. Part of that examination included my take on the Jade Helm 15 exercises running from summer into autumn and how they fit directly into the strategies for disrupting insurgencies (revolutions) discussed openly by internationalists in their own symposiums.

My conclusion given the clear evidence at hand? Jade Helm is definitely NOT meant to prepare troops for foreign operations. The program is admitted to be a primer for military response to “crisis scenarios,” denoting domestic operation. Special forces groups are training with domestic agencies like the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration. And they are training and infiltrating completely American environments, which they would not be doing unless they planned to operate in very similar environments. Special forces always train like they fight. Period.

With at least 45% of Americans concerned that open domestic military exercises are a precursor to greater federal control over states and more than 62% convinced that government power is suffocating individual liberty, it is only a matter of time before the government spin doctors create a semi-believable rationale for such endeavors as Jade Helm. I believe that Antichrist ISIS could be their perfect rationale.

As public concern is amplified and evidence indicating that the Department of Defense is lying about the purpose of JH15 is more widely recognized, the DOD may very well admit that the operation is not for training in foreign theaters. Rather, they may argue that JH15 is in fact training designed to protect Americans on American soil from widespread terrorist threats. That is to say, the new spin will be that Jade Helm is meant to save us all from the psychopathic child killing cannibal monstrosity known as Antichrist ISIS.

Look at it this way, what better excuse for covert military actions in domestic environments? What better way to justify lying to the American people about Jade Helm goals and directives? What better way to silence the critics and so-called “conspiracy theorists” than for the government to say: “Yes, we lied, but it was to keep the real and honorable purpose of JH15 secret, and to save the public from terrorism, now shut up naysayers and liberty activists, you are putting the whole nation at risk…!”

Is Martial Law Justified If Antichrist ISIS/When Attacks? 

Maybe I am connecting dots that are not dots, but it seems to me that the timing of Antichrist ISIS warnings, the re-ignition of economic downturn in 2014/2015, the global shift away from the dollar, and Jade Helm are not entirely coincidental. Martial Law is not a scenario that can be generated in a vacuum; it needs a primer, a trigger event, if not multiple trigger events.

If the final trigger event is indeed intended to be a terror campaign on U.S. soil, then questions of the true purpose of Jade Helm will undoubtedly take a back seat to immediate solutions to what amounts to a foreign invasion (at least, that is how it will be painted), and none other than Jade Helm will be presented as that solution.

The debate over JH15 and programs like it will change. It will become a matter of the “greater good” against a foreign enemy, rather than a government overstep against the rights of the people. How can we possibly question the defense of American soil against terrorists? Isn’t that an undeniable directive of the military? And if we do question such a directive and its value to the American people, are we not “weakening” the resolve and effectiveness of the defense apparatus through negative public opinion? And by extension, would that not make us “domestic enemies” as well?

In fact, I can easily argue that there is absolutely NO rationale for domestic military operations against Antichrist ISIS or anyone else, and here’s why.

Antichrist ISIS Is A Fabrication

As I outlined in detail in my article “The Time Is Ripe For A The WMD 911 NWO 666 Antichrist False Flag Attack On American Soil,” the organization known as Antichrist ISIS has long been a collaborative creation of the U.S. government and its allies. From funding and training in Libya and Jordan, to arming in Syria and Iraq, Antichrist ISIS is nothing without the Western intelligence apparatus, just as Antichrist al-Qaida was nothing more than a CIA Frankenstein monster.

So should Americans be forced to relinquish their freedoms in order to combat an enemy that our own government engineered out of thin air? And beyond that, who represents the greater enemy: Antichrist ISIS or the lunatic elitists who gave Antichrist ISIS the tools to commit atrocities?

Dead Nation Walking 

Many people seem to think that America has lost its sense of purpose. They overlook the obvious: that we are striving to become the Bulgaria of the western hemisphere. At least we already have enough vampires to qualify. The condition of our trains is symptomatic of the shape of the nation. The really sad part is we missed the window of opportunity to build a high-speed system. Capital will soon be too scarce for that. But we still have a conventional network that not so many decades ago was the envy of the world, and we know exactly how to fix it. We just don’t want to. No will left. Apparently we’d rather just turn into the walking dead.

Ukraine’s president has told the BBC his country is now in a “real war” with Russia – and that Ukrainians should prepare for a Russian offensive.

Mr Poroshenko said he believed Russia was preparing for “an offensive” in the summer.

Ukraine’s Poroshenko talks of ‘real war’ with Russia

Jacob’s Trouble Capstone Shadow Eagle Horizon 2015 Event(s)

Are the government preparations that Americans across the country are now witnessing for a huge event due to the coming collapse of the global financial system as has been speculated on ANP and countless other alternative news websites or is this preparation due to the arrival of a mysterious planetary body not witnessed by the human race for thousands of years but since the beginning of time has heralded doom and end of times fears in those who’ve learned of its’ last passing?

While ANP has rarely published stories about what has been called ‘Planet X’, after listening to the video below featuring Steve Quayle and Alex Jones on Infowars, we have to ask if what we’ve heard about government storing food underground while moving their military HQ’s underground as well as the massive preparation we’re all witnessing across America is REALLY preparation for the imminent return of “Gabriel’s Fist” or “Lucifer’s Hammer”.

US Navy SEAL: Govt Prep For ‘Big Event’ Due To Return Of Planet X – More On Jade Helm 15, Martial Law And Govt Underground Food Storage Due To The Coming Return Of Nibiru

We also learn that they understand Roche’s Limit, the minimum distance to which a large satellite can approach its primary body without being torn apart by tidal forces. Several sources have confirmed that the government is piling food into underground bunkers in locations across America while also telling us that according to a US Navy SEAL source of his, the upcoming ‘BIG EVENT’ is just that, the forthcoming arrival of heavenly body ‘Planet X’, Nibiru. His warning to Quayle’s readers is republished below video and shares the hidden reason why the US government and governments across the world are preparing for forthcoming chaos and massive destruction.

This video begins with Chris from North Carolina asking Quayle if he believes that Jade Helm 15 is due to the government’s knowledge of impending doom from Islamic terrorists in the Jade Helm areas of the south leading to a response that we cannot say ‘ISIS’ and ‘open borders’ together with any kind of intellectual, moral or emotional integrity as orders have come straight down from the State Department to border patrol officers to let known terrorists go. Jones explains to us how ISIS can be real, despite being created BY our own government, and how they’re being used to help a police state be put in place. The entire interview is in the 2nd video below.


EARTHQUAKE WARNING!!!! Dome Of The Rock May Be Destroyed