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In sum: the IMF paid itself on behalf of Greece and will now be forced to pay itself back for paying itself later this month. Or, put differently, Greece has prepaid the IMF with IMF money it doesnt have.

Meanwhile, Greek pensioners are set to adopt a similarly ridiculous self-payment scheme in a matter of weeks even if they don’t entirely appreciate the sheer insanity that’s taken hold in Athens.

And just to prove how dire the situation now is, Market News just reported the following shocker:

The Greek endgame is now upon us.

When Monday’s Eurogroup meeting concluded without an agreement between Greece and its creditors, it should have been game over for Athens. With pensioners at their breaking point and with local governments reluctant to comply with a decree mandating a sweep of excess cash reserves, the idea that Greece would somehow be able to scrape together €750 million euros to make a scheduled payment to the IMF today seemed far-fetched at best which is why we asked the following question Monday afternoon:

Where, if not from local governments who have been extremely reluctant to comply with Athens’ cash sweep decree, and if not from the IMF which will apparently not be paying itself tomorrow after all, is Greece going to get three quarters of a billion euros in the next 12 hours?
We now know the answer to that question. As Bloomberg reports, citing Kathimerini, Greece tapped IMF reserves to pay .. well, to pay the IMF:

Greece used up ~EU650m reserves from its SDR IMF holdings account to meet loan payment of ~EU750m due to Fund today, Kathimerini newspaper reports, without citing anyone.

Reserves kept in IMF holdings account need to be replenished within one month

IMF agreed over weekend for their use, given Greece’s liquidity situation; without use of those reserves, payment due today wouldn’t be possible.
Reuters has a bit more color:

Greece tapped emergency reserves in its holding account at the International Monetary Fund to make a crucial 750 million euro (539 million pounds) debt payment to the Fund on Monday, two government officials said on Tuesday.

With Athens close to running out of cash and a deal with its international creditors still elusive, there had been doubts whether the leftist-led government would pay the IMF or opt to save cash to pay salaries and pensions later this month.

Member countries of the IMF have two accounts at the fund – one where their annual quotas are deposited and a holding account which may be used for emergencies.

One official told Reuters that Athens used about 650 million euros from the holding account to make the payment.

“We made use of money in our holding account in the fund,” the official said, declining to be named. “The government also used about 100 million of its cash reserves.”
This explains why Yanis Varoufakis was so confident that the payment would be made and also why the language around the payment confirmation was so bizarre (recall that the heading was “Greece said to have given order for IMF repayment”). It also underscores the degree to which this entire ordeal has now careened into sheer absurdity because disbursing bailout funds that you know will immediately be sent right back where they came from in the form of an interest payment is one thing, but literally paying yourself is another, and the IMF seems to have done the latter on Monday.

Given this, it’s certainly not surprising that Christine Lagarde and company are not thrilled about the prospect of participating further in what has become an outright farce and as El Mundo reports, the fund has now told the ECB and the European Commission that it does not wish to be a part of a new program for Greece.

Greece Effectively Defaults To IMF Using SDR Reserves To “Repay” Fund; 1 Month Countdown Begins 

For Germany (where lawmakers are already pressuring Angela Merkel to cut the Greeks loose) this may be the final straw.

Greece is now reliant on a similarly ridiculous circular funding scheme to pay public sector employees whereby pensioners will only receive payments if the government is successful at tapping pension funds for cash.

Via Bloomberg:

Greece may be able to meet end-May salaries and pensions payments, if pension funds, municipalities commit more of their cash reserves.

And because all of the above isn’t preposterous enough, Greece will depend on the disbursment of the €7.2 billion left in its current program (about half of which is set to come from the IMF) to replenish the funds it raided from its SDR holdings:

Greece assumes that an agreement will be reached by end-May for disbursement of bailout funds, so that it can replenish holdings account reserves.

Dozens Killed, Thousands Injured As Nepal Hit With Second Powerful Earthquake 

Just weeks after a 7.8 magnitude tremor rocked Nepal leaving thousands dead, another strong earthquake hit the country on Tuesday. Today’s 7.4 magnitude quake emanated from a remote area near the border with China. So far, there are at least 29 known casualties and thousands of serious injuries. .

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The Crash” Will Not Be Caused By An Event…

If we look across history for periods of extended range-bound activity in overvalued markets where: a) the DJIA had gone more than a month without setting a 20-day high or low; b) the DJIA was confined to a range of less than 6%; c) the DJIA was within 10% of a 2-year high; and d) the Shiller P/E was 18 or higher, there are only 7 clusters that fit the bill (1929, 1937, 1965, 1973, 1999-2000, 2007-2008, and today).

The Australian prime minister’s chief business adviser says that climate change is a ruse led by the United Nations to create a new world order under the agency’s control. The statement coincided with a visit from the UN’s top climate negotiator.

Maurice Newman, chairman of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s business advisory council, said the UN is using false models which show sustained temperature increases because it wants to end democracy and impose authoritarian rule.

Climate change is UN-led hoax to create ‘new world order’ – Australian PM’s adviser 

“It’s a well-kept secret, but 95 percent of the climate models we are told prove the link between human CO2 emissions and catastrophic global warming have been found, after nearly two decades of temperature stasis, to be in error,” he wrote in an opinion piece published in The Australian newspaper on Friday, without providing evidence.

7 Days Before Holder’s “90 Day Ultimatum” Expires, DOJ Declines To Prosecute Citigroup 

So for all those wondering if the modus operandi at the Department of Justice has changed, and if Eric Holder, for all his recent bluster is willing to prosecute Wall Street criminals, we have the one word answer.


As for “Honorable” Holder’s 90 day deadline, it expires in precisely one week. Expect that to fade away into the collective lack of memory as the May 18 deadline comes and passes with no action revealed by the Department of “Justice.”

It would be easy to cite at least a dozen of other sites which are essentially saying the same thing: Without a dramatic turnaround, the American economy will soon collapse. Food will not be transported, shortages will occur and rioting will commence.

My operating hypothesis is that the first move in the dominoes which are about to fall will be an economic collapse. This will necessitate a state of martial law because hungry looters will be preying on those with life-sustaining assets. As the lies of this administration in which they have repeatedly proclaimed that all is well with the economy become exposed, no government official will be safe from an angry public.

On the heels of an economic collapse will be the implementation of Jade Helm dissident extractions and the full implementation of martial law. Amidst the chaos, people living in border states will soon find out just how right the Judicial Watch report was when it told us of the existence an Antichrist ISIS base camp eight miles from El Paso. Do we really need an Antichrist ISIS camp to know that Antichrist ISIS is here after the FBI Director told America that Antichrist ISIS has a presence in all 50 states? Didn’t we just see the first known Antichrist ISIS attack on American soil at the Geller “Draw a prophet” event?

Under the cover of chaos, Antichrist ISIS will no doubt unleash their terror upon America, particularly those living in border states. The net effect of the coincidence of these events will result in the collapse of the government as we now know it. Congress and the Supreme Court will become totally irrelevant. The President and the forces that he represents will become all powerful and Obozo will not likely leave office, much to Clinton’s dismay.

When the smoke clears, there will be no government, only corporate rule as per the movie Rollerball. The TPP will be the law of the planet and God help us because the purge will begin. What purge you ask? The purge we are seeing in places like Montana in which Montana just settled the question on which way this will be going as they passed a law that identifies Christians as targets. Montana’s Disclose Act SB289 nicknamed “the “Dark Money Bill” and it is also called the “Conservative Christian Identification Act” provides a clear indication where this is going. This law mandates that if a particular church takes a stand on political issues (e.g. abortion, gay marriage), every churchgoer who gives contributions to the church will be listed on a political database “list” and their addresses will published for all to see.

If these events are not interconnected we have an amazing set of coincidences now don’t we? Americans are in for some very dark days, Christians in particular.

The Interconnections Between the TPP, Jade Helm, Antichrist ISIS and the Elimination of Christianity



Dream: 5/11/15

…Time, door. battle, book, angels(s), written

trying to understand the dream…

something to do with the angelic battle in time and how the measure is written in life as individual(s) go through Christ’s door or how the fallen ”out of time/another dimension? related to gate(s) and seal(s)

…still trying to understand  this dream.

…something to understand about the battle and what is written related to prophecy confirming

A new agreement signed yesterday in Washington between the United States and CERN will pave the way for renewed collaboration in particle physics. The agreement, signed in a White House ceremony by the US Department of Energy, US National Science Foundation and CERN will enable continued scientific discoveries in particle physics and advanced computing.

The agreement – which will automatically renew every five years unless one of the signatories indicates a need to modify or end the agreement – aligns European and American long-term strategies for particle physics. This global relationship has already generated amazing results, through instruments such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN and the Tevatron particle collider at Fermilab (link is external).
CERN and the United States have a long history of collaboration: American physicist Isidor Rabi was one of CERN’s founders, and American scientists have been involved in CERN projects since the institution’s creation in the early 1950s. CERN provided equipment for US projects, such as Brookhaven National Lab’s Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (link is external) – used for nuclear physics research – and European scientists were critical to the success of US-based particle colliders such as the Tevatron (link is external).
US physicists have participated in a wide range of experiments at CERN over the last 30 years, from the Intersecting Storage Rings (ISR) through fixed-target experiments at the Super Proton Synchrotron, all the experiments on the Large Electron-Positron Collider (L3, ALEPH, OPAL, DELPHI), heavy-ion experiments and ISOLDE. Following the demise of the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) in 1993, many US physicists joined the LHC experiments ATLAS and CMS, as well as ALICE and LHCb.

The next AWAKE Collaboration meeting will take place at CERN from Wednesday 28th of September until Friday the 30th, 2015.