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Bombshell Evidence Suggests Jade Helm Is Connected To Massive Cyber Event, Planned Since 2013 

THE GATHERING: Major Global Military Manuevers Ahead Of The Coming Black Celestial Event – The United States And Canada Launch Monumental Military Operations JADE HELM, MAPLE CARAVAN And MAPLE RESOLVE, Bringing Coalition Of Green Berets, SEALS, Armed Forces, Air Forces, And Marines For Major “REALISTIC MILITARY TRAINING” In Simulated “HOSTILE TERRITORY”; Sparking Fears Of Covert Warfare, Federal Takeover And Imminent Martial Law! 

The news pouring in daily about how we’re being scammed, poisoned and domineered by big food, big pharma, big oil, big corporations and big brother is almost overwhelming.

It’s past time to draw some conclusions from all of the obvious evidence.

How Much Evidence Do We Need to Take Action? 

By now you have witnessed streaks of white trailing across the sky, stretching from horizon to horizon, ultimately turning our once beautiful blue heavens into a murky haze. We can no longer ignore the fact that our skies are being heavily polluted with aluminum, barium, strontium, lead, arsenic, and more. All of which attribute to a whole host of health problems.

The truth is the government has been spraying deadly chemicals in our skies in hopes of population reduction. Furthermore they have also been using geoengineering as biological testing agents on the populace; all while claiming they are nothing more than mere vapor.

We’ll now we have 110% undeniable proof that our government is purposefully supporting this experimentation on the population. In the video below I interview two hardcore geoengineering activists, Marie Snow and Cori Gunnels, who not only got their name put on the map because of their encounter with mysterious chemical fibers (read about that here), but also because they have been collecting tangible data making the case to prove once and for all, that we are being littered by geoengineering chemicals in our food, water, and our bodies. We dive through many blood samples, rain samples, air particulates samples, and discuss their personal encounters with the various branches of government who ultimately gave them the run-a-round.

If you were a skeptic before, I can assure you, that you will NOT be after hearing what they have to say to the people in power…

Two GeoEngineering Activists Are Putting The Gov’t in a State of Panic! Eye-Opening Interview! You Won’t Believe The Evidence We Gathered Against Them! Undeniable Proof!

The Antichrist NWO 666 US government is in a position where they have to borrow money just to pay interest on the money they’ve already borrowed.

Their own internal numbers estimate their ‘net worth’ at MINUS $60 trillion, which includes their own estimates of long-term social security liabilities.

So they have no qualms about abusing the trust that the rest of the world has given them… or even creating new powers out of thin air through the most destructive legislation imaginable.

It’s often said that there are only a few times in a person’s life when you can really see what someone’s character is made of—typically times of extreme adversity such as being near death or flat broke.

That’s where the Antichrist NW 666 US government is right now. Enabling us to now see its true character.

This is not a government of the people, for the people, by the people. It is a government that takes from the people. By any means necessary. And they grow bolder with each passing day.

Antichrist NWO 666 US Government Was More Forgiving Of The Antichrist Nazis Than Its Own Citizens 

At first this footprint might not seem like much, as you can probably come across it anywhere on Earth, but this is no ordinary footprint. You can obviously see the anatomy of it, it resembles a modern-day human foot, but the thing is, this footprint is fossilized and embedded into a stone that researchers believe is at around 290 million years old. That is a gigantic missing period of time that if proven to be accurate will change a lot of things in society as we know it today.

The discovery of the 290 million year old footprint was made in New Mexico by paleontologist Jerry MacDonald in 1987. In the vicinity of this mysterious footprint there are fossilized impressions of birds and other animals. The discovery of the human impression has left MacDonald particularly puzzled and not he or anyone who has seen and studied the impression has not been able to explain how this modern footprint could have been located in the Permian strata, which according to scholars dates from 290 to 248 million years, a time period which occurred long before man or even birds and dinosaurs existed on this planet, of course, that is according to modern science and scientific thinking.

Noah’s Flood Foot On The Neck Of Time Lie

Researchers have had mixed feelings about this footprint, and they don’t seem to try very hard to debunk it, nor have they argued about the authenticity of the footprint. According to most researchers, they comment on the matter saying that ” It just looks like a human footprint”. Well, it doesn’t only look like one, it clearly is one.

Scientists Admit We Have Entered “The Days Of Noah” And Genetic Engineering Is Pushing Mankind Toward A ‘Planet Of The Apes’ Scenario With Deep “Religious Consequences” 

In three experiments, the last one of which was published in Current Biology last month, scientists have improved the intellectual capacities of mice by modifying their DNA sequences with segments of human chromosomes or by injecting them with human brain glial cells. These modified animals have bigger brains and can perform difficult tasks more quickly. The DNA sequences that were successfully modified are involved in language and brain size in humans. This comes after a study on successful genetic modifications on two small monkeys was published in Nature in March of last year. Meaning that the success of cognitive improvement of mice will soon be verified in monkeys. This NBIC revolution will raise philosophical questions about what makes us humans by abolishing two limits that were previously thought to be impassable: that which separates us from animals, with neuro-enhancement, and that which separates us from machines, with artificial intelligence. In both cases, doesn’t access to intelligence and awareness also mean accessing a dignity equal to that of any human being? What status should we then allow enhanced animals and robots in our society? The emergence of new, intelligent electronic or biological creatures also has religious consequences. Some theologists, such as Reverend Christopher Benek, want intelligent machines to receive baptism if they express such a desire

INCREASING CHANCE OF FLARES: More sunspots are emerging over the sun’s eastern limb today. Two new active regions, circled below, are following behemoth sunspot group AR2321 as it turns toward Earth.


The “Gore effect” has struck again, this time forcing thousands of Canadian eco-activists to march through the snow over the weekend, rallying against global warming on a cold Quebec City day.

Thousands March Through Snow Protesting Global Warming

he “Gore effect” may, once again, blunt environmentalists’ message on global warming. The “Gore effect” is when cold weather appears as activists protest global warming. These Canadian groups aren’t the first to be hit by the “Gore effect” this year.

Student protests against global warming planned at Yale University were cancelled in February due to “unfavorable weather conditions and other logistical issues,” according to organizers. The protests were meant to convince the school to divest its endowment of fossil fuels holdings — which the school soundly rejected last year.

A mysterious “warm blob” in the Pacific Ocean could be the reason why US West coast states like California are experiencing their worst ever drought, a new study says. The blob in the ocean was discovered last year, with temperatures one to four degrees Celsius (two to seven degrees Fahrenheit) above surrounding ‘normal’ water, causing havoc to West Coast marine ecosystem and led species to seek refuge elsewhere. The blob extends about 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) offshore, from Mexico up to Alaska, and was 300 feet (90 meters) deep.


China now supports over seven persons per arable hectare; a shift of 1°C would mean it could only support four persons per hectare – a drop of over 43 percent.

A unique aspect of the Wisconsin analysis was their estimate of the duration of this climatic change. An analysis by Dr J.E.Kutzbach (Wisconsin) on the rate of climate changes during the preceding 1,600 years indicates an ominous consistency in the rate of (sic) which the change takes place. The maximum temperature drop normally occurred within 40 years of inception. The earliest return occurred within 70 years (Figure 8). The longest period noted was 180 years.”

The CIA documents the global cooling research of the 1970’s

The CIA Report warning on the impact of cooling on the stability of nations is supported by a 2007 study by Zhang et al:

“We show that long-term fluctuations of war frequency and population changes followed the cycles of temperature change. Further analyses show that cooling impeded agricultural production, which brought about a series of serious social problems, including price inflation, then successively war outbreak, famine, and population decline successively. The findings suggest that worldwide and synchronistic war–peace, population, and price cycles in recent centuries have been driven mainly by long-term climate change.

We studied a long span of Chinese history and found that the number of war outbreaks and population collapses in China is significantly correlated with Northern Hemisphere (NH) temperature variations and that all of the periods of nationwide unrest, population collapse, and dynastic change occurred in the cold phases of this period.”

The CIA Report of 1974 drew heavily on the work of Professor Kutzbach of the University of Wisconsin, who continues to warn of the danger posed by gobal cooling. Professor Kutzbach is a co-author of a study that modelled the effect of a 3.1°C cooler climate (Phillipon-Berthier et al 2010). The premise of the study is that using a carbon dioxide concentration of 240 ppm based on typical values reached during the latter stage of previous interglacials, the climate would 3.14°K cooler than it currently is. Of that cooling, 0.45°K is attributed to vegetation effects and the balance of 2.69°K is due to the carbon dioxide level being 150 ppm less than it is currently. The 2.69°K figure is an obvious and deliberate overstatement. Based on the logarithmic heating effect of carbon dioxide, the true heating differential between 240 ppm and 390 ppm is 0.32°K

In a world in which even papers in solar physics have to genuflect to global warming in order to get published, it is likely that this overstatement was necessary to get this paper published. Viewed in that light, it seems that the authors wanted to warn the world of the effects of a 3.0°C-odd cooling and the only way they could get the paper past the censors was to concoct a story based on carbon dioxide levels in previous interglacials. A 3.0°C cooling is very similar to what Libby and Pandolfi 1979 warned of, and what is predicted from the length of Solar Cycle 25 as determined by Altrock’s green corona emissions

So what did the study find? Philippon-Berthier and colleagues calculated that as a result of the colder and drier conditions, along with lower levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (a plant fertilizer), terrestrial photosynthesis would decline by 39% and leaf area would decline by 30%. In the Northern Hemisphere mid-latitudes, forest cover would decline by 60% and grassland area would decline by 17%. In the high latitudes, the area of boreal forests would drop by 69% while the area of polar desert would increase by 286%. And in the Tropics, grass area would decline by 3%, forest area by 15%, and the area of bare ground would increase by 344%.

Adding back the effect of current higher atmospheric carbon dioxide levels on plant growth, the decline in terrestrial photosynthesis would be about 25% rather than the calculated 39%. That is likely to be good estimate of the decline in food production, all things being equal, that humanity has in prospect over the next twenty-five years as solar-driven cooling continues per the Libby and Pandolfi and green corona emissions-derived forecasts.

One of the strangest aspects of the post 9/11 period has been the number of very intelligent people who intimately appreciate and fight against the innumerable crimes and thefts committed by the American oligarchy, yet simply can’t comes to terms with the fact that the official story of September 11, 2001 is a heaping pile of bullshit.

The Antichrist NWO 666 FBI Is Using “Aggressive Deception” To Cover Up Antichrist Saudi Links To 9/11 Attack 

“One thing that irritates me is that the F.B.I. has gone beyond just covering up, trying to avoid disclosure, into what I call aggressive deception,” Mr. Graham said during an interview in a family office in this Miami suburb, which rose on what was a sprawling dairy farm operated by Mr. Graham’s father, also political leader in Florida.

“Conspiracy theory” indeed.

The very same people that caused the last economic crisis have created a 278 TRILLION dollar derivatives time bomb that could go off at any moment. When this absolutely colossal bubble does implode, we are going to be faced with the worst economic crash in the history of the United States. During the last financial crisis, our politicians promised us that they would make sure that “too big to fail” would never be a problem again. Instead, as you will see below, those banks have actually gotten far larger since then. So now we really can’t afford for them to fail. The six banks that I am talking about are JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo. When you add up all of their exposure to derivatives, it comes to a grand total of more than 278 trillion dollars. But when you add up all of the assets of all six banks combined, it only comes to a grand total of about 9.8 trillion dollars. In other words, these “too big to fail” banks have exposure to derivatives that is more than 28 times greater than their total assets. This is complete and utter insanity, and yet nobody seems too alarmed about it.

The guys running these big banks can see what is coming.

Just consider the words that JPMorgan Chase chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon wrote to his shareholders not too long ago…

Some things never change — there will be another crisis, and its impact will be felt by the financial market.

The trigger to the next crisis will not be the same as the trigger to the last one – but there will be another crisis. Triggering events could be geopolitical (the 1973 Middle East crisis), a recession where the Fed rapidly increases interest rates (the 1980-1982 recession), a commodities price collapse (oil in the late 1980s), the commercial real estate crisis (in the early 1990s), the Asian crisis (in 1997), so-called “bubbles” (the 2000 Internet bubble and the 2008 mortgage/housing bubble), etc. While the past crises had different roots (you could spend a lot of time arguing the degree to which geopolitical, economic or purely financial factors caused each crisis), they generally had a strong effect across the financial markets

In the same letter, Dimon mentioned “derivatives moved by enormous players and rapid computerized trades” as part of the reason why our system is so vulnerable to another crisis.

If this is what he truly believes, why is his firm being so incredibly reckless?

Perhaps someone should ask him that.

Interestingly, Dimon also discussed the possibility of a Greek exit from the eurozone…

“We must be prepared for a potential exit,” J. P. Morgan Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon said. in his annual letter to shareholders. “We continually stress test our company for possible repercussions resulting from such an event.”

This is something that I have been warning about for a long time.

And of course Dimon is not the only prominent banker warning of big problems ahead. German banking giant Deutsche Bank is also sounding the alarm…

With a U.S. profit recession expected in the first half of 2015 and investors unlikely to pay up for stocks, the risk of a stock market drop of 5% to 10% is rising, Deutsche Bank says.

That’s the warning Deutsche Bank market strategist David Bianco zapped out to clients today before the opening bell on Wall Street.

Bianco expects earnings for the broad Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index to contract in the first half of 2015 — the first time that’s happened since 2009 during the financial crisis. And the combination of soft earnings and his belief that investors won’t pay top dollar for stocks in a market that is already trading at above-average valuations is a recipe for a short-term pullback on Wall Street.

The truth is that we are in the midst of a historic stock market bubble, and we are witnessing all sorts of patterns in the financial markets which also emerged back in 2008 right before the financial crash in the fall of that year.

When some of the most prominent bankers at some of the biggest banks on the entire planet start issuing ominous warnings, that is a clear sign that time is running out. The period of relative stability that we have been enjoying has been fun, and hopefully it will last just a little while longer. But at some point it will end, and then the pain will begin.

The Six Too Big To Fail Banks In The U.S. Have 278 TRILLION Dollars Of Exposure To Derivatives 

Back in January we asked the following: “who will be the first to offer a negative rate mortgage?” Soon thereafter we discovered that in fact, this NIRP-inspired aberration already existed in Denmark where Nordea Credit was offering to pay borrowers to purchase a house prompting us to make the following assessment:

And just like that, first in Denmark, and soon everywhere else in Europe, a situation has now emerged where savers who pay the bank to hold their cash courtesy of negative deposit rates, are directly funding the negative interest rate paid to those who wish to take out debt. In fact, the more debt the greater the saver-subsidized windfall.

That would turn out to prove rather prescient because as WSJ reports, this bizarre characteristic of the new paranormal is spreading throughout Europe on the back of Mario Draghi’s trillion-euro adventure in debt monetization land.

Tumbling interest rates in Europe have put some banks in an inconceivable position: owing money on loans to borrowers.

At least one Spanish bank, Bankinter SA, the country’s seventh-largest lender by market value, has been paying some customers interest on mortgages by deducting that amount from the principal the borrower owes.

The problem is just one of many challenges caused by interest rates falling below zero, known as a negative interest rate. All over Europe, banks are being compelled to rebuild computer programs, update legal documents and redo spreadsheets to account for negative rates.

Banks set interest rates on many loans as a small percentage above or below a benchmark such as Euribor. As rates have declined, sometimes to below zero, some banks have faced the paradox of paying interest to those who have borrowed money from them.

Lenders, hoping to avoid the expense of having to pay borrowers, are turning to central banks for guidance. But what they are hearing is less than comforting.

Portugal’s central bank recently ruled that banks would have to pay interest on existing loans if Euribor plus any additional spread falls below zero. The central bank, however, said lenders are free to take “precautionary measures” in future contracts. More than 90% of the 2.3 million mortgages outstanding in Portugal have variable rates linked to Euribor.

In Spain, a spokesman for the central bank said it is studying the issue.

The vast majority of Spanish home mortgages have rates that rise and fall tied to 12-month Euribor, said Irene Peña, an economist with Spain’s mortgage association. That rate stands at 0.187%.

Bankers in Italy said they are awaiting guidance from their local banking association, because loan contracts don’t include any clause on what happens if benchmark rates go below zero. About half of the mortgages outstanding in Italy have variable rates, most of them linked to Euribor, according to mortgage broker Mutuionline.

Now consider what happens if some euro NCBs cannot meet their monthly purchase targets under PSPP and raising the issue limit to 50% and/or an expansion of eligible SSAs proves insufficient to make up the difference. In that scenario, the ECB may have no choice but to take the depo rate further into negative territory (as JPM predicted last month) and at that point, it will be a very good time to buy a home in Europe.

Of course, we would also note that having the interest the bank owes you on your mortgage deducted from the principal still doesn’t beat the program that now exists in Florida and New Jersey wherein you get your home from free simply by refusing to pay for it.

Banks Across Europe Pay Borrowers To Buy Homes

in a world in which the only economic growth comes as a result of new credit entering the economy (as opposed to Fed reserves being stuck in the S&P), the only thing that matters is how easy it is to get credit into the hands of those who need it. As it turns out it has never been more difficult to get credit.

No really!

According to the CMI, the Rejections of Credit Applications index just crashed the most ever, surpassing even the credit crunch at the peak of the Lehman crisis.

“There Are Big, Big Problems” – The Shocker Crushing The Economy Revealed

The big news is access to credit. It is suddenly very hard to get and this looks like the situation that existed at the start of the recession in 2008. The overall economy didn’t look all that bad in late 2008, except that there was a dearth of credit and that soon led to business failures and struggles.

The pattern is the same whether one is discussing the manufacturing or service side—too many seeking credit that are not going to get what they are seeking—either because there are doubts as to their credit status or because those issuing credit are in a very cautious mood. The dollar collections category is more or less stable and still in the 60s—it went from 61.0 to 60.4.
And the stunner:

The rejections of credit applications is as miserable as it has been since the depths of the recession—going from 45.9 to 42.0.These are very bad readings and it will take a good long while to climb out of this mess.
No other commentary necessary.

Retail Sales Miss For 4th Month In A Row: First Time Since Lehman 

After 3 months of missed expectations and the first consecutive drop in retail sales since Lehman, retail sales rose 0.9% in March (missing expectations of +1.1%), following a revised 0.5% drop in February. While the 0.9% rise is the biggest since March last year, this is now the worst streak of missed expectations in retail sales since 2008/9. Ex-Autos, retail sales also mised expectations (rising just 0.4% vs 0.7% exp).

This is the worst March YoY growth in retail sales (control group) since 2009…

We can only hope the Chinese stock market is ‘constructed’ of less flammable material…

Watch As A Chinese Apartment Building Bursts Into Flames In 30 Seconds

From small flame to inferno in 30 seconds….

Antichrist China may not want open conflict — but that doesn’t mean its naval policy won’t make conflict significantly more likely.

Antichrist China’s strategy for establishing naval superiority in Asia is not going to make its neighbors happy

Petrus Romanus Pope Francis on Sunday marked the 100th anniversary of the slaughter of Armenians by calling the massacre by Antichrist Ottoman Turks “the first genocide of the 20th century” and urging the international community to recognize it as such. Antichrist Turkey immediately responded by recalling its ambassador and accusing Francis of spreading hatred and “unfounded claims.”

Francis issued the pronouncement during a Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica commemorating the centenary that was attended by Armenian church leaders and President Serge Sarkisian, who praised the pope for calling a spade a spade and “delivering a powerful message to the international community.”

“The words of the leader of a church with 1 billion followers cannot but have a strong impact,” he told The Associated Press.

Historians estimate that up to 1.5 million Armenians were killed by Antichrist  Ottoman Turks around the time of World War I, an event widely viewed by scholars as the first genocide of the 20th century.

Antichrist Turkey, however, denies a genocide took place. It has insisted that the toll has been inflated and that those killed were victims of civil war and unrest.

Francis defended his words by saying it was his duty to honor the memory of the innocent men, women and children who were “senselessly” murdered by Ottoman Turks.

“Concealing or denying evil is like allowing a wound to keep bleeding without bandaging it,” he said.

He said similar massacres are under way today against Christians who because of their faith are “publicly and ruthlessly put to death — decapitated, crucified, burned alive — or forced to leave their homeland,” a reference to the Antichrist Islamic State group’s assault against Christians in Iraq and Syria.

Francis called on the world community, heads of state and international organizations to recognize the truth of what transpired to prevent such “horrors” from repeating themselves, and to oppose all such crimes “without ceding to ambiguity or compromise.”

Antichrist Turkey has fiercely lobbied to prevent countries, including the Holy See, from officially recognizing the Armenian massacre as genocide and reacted strongly to Francis’ declaration.

“The pope’s statement, which is far from historic and legal truths, is unacceptable,” Antichrist Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu tweeted. “Religious positions are not places where unfounded claims are made and hatred is stirred.”

The Antichrist Foreign Ministry summoned the Vatican’s envoy in Ankara, and then announced it was recalling its own ambassador to the Vatican for consultations.

In a statement, the ministry said the Antichrist Turkish people would not recognize the pope’s statement “which is controversial in every aspect, which is based on prejudice, which distorts history and reduces the pains suffered in Anatolia under the conditions of the First World War to members of just one religion.”

It accused Francis of deviating from his message of peace and reconciliation during his November visit to Antichrist Turkey.

Several European countries recognize the massacres as genocide, though Italy and the United States, for example, have avoided using the term officially given the importance they place on Antichrist Turkey as an ally.

The Holy See, too, places great importance in its relationship with the moderate Antichrist Muslim nation, especially as it demands that Antichrist Muslim leaders condemn the Antichrist Islamic State group slaughter of Christians.

But Francis’ willingness to rile Antichrist Ankara with his words showed once again that he has few qualms about taking diplomatic risks for issues close to his heart. And the massacre of Armenians is indeed close to the Vatican’s heart given that Armenia is held up as the first Christian nation, dating from 301.

He dismissed Antichrist Turkish calls for joint research into what transpired, saying researchers and commissions have already come to the conclusion and there is “no doubt at all that what happened was a genocide.”

^^^For Antichrist muslims to admit genocide in this case is to condemn Antichrist Islam. That is something that Antichrist muslim bastards cannot do after shouting ”(a)llah is greater” as they committed genocide and continue to do so in accordance with their evil Antichrist Koran jihad demand. Antichrist muslims have no choice but to embrace their Antichrist Islamic genocide of everyone that refuses to submit to the Antichrist Islamic NWO. All Antichrist Turkey is doing by this is endorsing the genocide they continue as Antichrist” (a)llah  has no Son” bastards. For any country to not admit and offer regret for past genocides is to endorse the past and thereby remain unbecoming evil bastards on par with the crime of murder. Antichrist Islam is a religion of murder and Antichrist Turkey just confirmed it’s own continuous Antichrist Islamic partnership  with murder as an Antichrist Islamic State. The bastards are evil asses and every last one of their ambassadors need to be kicked out of every country right now, today.  Every country that allows Antichrist Turkish ambassadors to remain in their country, after the bastards withdrew their ambassador in reaction to the historic truth, they are endorsing the genocide denial and affectively invite genocide to come upon them. AND IT SHALL COME UPON THE NATIONS NOW!

Antichrist Turkey recalls ambassador over pope’s Armenia genocide comments 

Antichrist Turkey and Antichrist Saudi Arabia, two nations with a long history of rivalry, are in high-level talks with the goal of forming a military alliance to oust Antichrist Syrian President Bashar Assad, according to sources familiar with the discussions.

The talks are being brokered by Antichrist Qatar. As the partnership is currently envisioned, Antichrist Turkey would provide ground troops, supported by Antichrist Saudi Arabian airstrikes, to assist moderate Syrian opposition fighters against Antichrist Assad’s regime, according to one of the sources.

Antichrist NWO 666 President Barack Obozo The 911 Clown was made aware of the talks in February by the emir of Antichrist Qatar, Antichrist Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al Thani, during the emir’s visit to the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 White House, one source said. A Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo White House spokesperson declined to comment.

Riyadh and Ankara have shared the goal of arming Assad’s opposition since the early days of the Syrian civil war, which has now been going on for four years. But relations between the two Gulf powers have frayed as they have repeatedly found themselves on opposite sides of other regional conflicts.

Antichrist Saudi-Turkish tensions deepened the following summer during the war between Israel and Antichrist Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Antichrist Saudi Arabia, along with Antichrist Egypt, Antichrist Jordan and the Antichrist United Arab Emirates, refrained from publicly criticizing Israel’s airstrikes and eventual invasion of Gaza. In July 2014, Antichrist Egypt drafted a cease-fire proposal that many believed was conspicuously favorable to Israel and failed to address Antichrist Hamas’s key demand — that Israel lift the blockade of Gaza it imposed in 2007. Antichrist Saudi Arabia threw its support behind the Antichrist Egyptian proposal.

But Antichrist Erdogan characterized the Gaza war as “genocide by Israel” and publicly questioned the legitimacy of Egypt’s cease-fire initiative.

“Sisi is not a party to this. He himself is a cruel perpetrator of a coup. He has blocked Antichrist Hamas’ access to food and aid by closing the roads to Gaza,” Antichrist Erdogan told reporters in July, referring to Sisi’s closure of the Rafah crossing that connects Egypt to Gaza.

More recently, Antichrist Saudi Arabia and Egypt teamed up to punish Antichrist Erdogan for his support of the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood and Antichrist Hamas by leading the lobbying effort to block Antichrist Turkey from becoming a non-permanent member of the Antichrist NWO 666 U.N. Security Council.

However, Antichrist Saudi’s long-standing opposition to the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood has now become more complicated, largely as a result of the country’s increased involvement in Yemen. In the fight against the Antichrist Houthi rebels in that country, the Antichrist Brotherhood represents an organized Antichrist Sunni force, a possible Antichrist Saudi ally on the ground.

Antichrist Egypt continues to view theAntichrist  Brotherhood as the equivalent of Antichrist al Qaeda and has embarked on a campaign of repression against political Antichrist Islam in general. The Antichrist Saudis’ willingness to work with the Antichrist Brotherhood in Yemen — and with Antichrist Turkey in Syria — could create a rift between the Antichrist Kingdom and Egypt.

Any joint Antichrist intervention in Antichrist Syria by Antichrist Saudi Arabia and Antichrist Turkey is unlikely to ramp up until after an upcoming meeting at Camp David this spring between Obozo and the heads of state of the Antichrist NWO 666 Gulf Cooperation Council — Antichrist Bahrain, Antichrist Kuwait, Antichrist Oman, Antichrist Qatar, Antichrist Saudi Arabia and the Antichrist United Arab Emirates. Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown will try to sell Gulf skeptics on the merits of the pending nuclear deal with Antichrist Iran and discuss cooperation on the conflicts in Antichrist Syria and Antichrist Yemen.

Some observers believe that the unlikely cooperation between Antichrist Saudi Arabia and Antichrist Turkey has been spurred in part by the perception that Antichrist Iran and theAntichrist NWO 666 U.S. Obozo 911 Clown Team are moving closer together.

“We are starting to see the actors feeling sufficiently threatened,” said Ali, again referring to Antichrist Turkey and Antichrist Saudi Arabia, “which makes their actions less predictable — and makes them willing to take risks that would have previously been seen as excessive — that would now been seen as necessary for self-preservation.”

“If the only way to get the Antichrist NWO 666 U.S. Obozo 911 Clown Team to go along with us is to show our teeth, we will show our teeth,” said one Gulf source. “And Antichrist Sunni teeth are wild.”

Antichrist Saudi Arabia, Antichrist Turkey Discussing Unlikely Alliance To Oust Syria’s Assad 

and the messenger of Jehovah saith to her, `Behold thou [art] conceiving, and bearing a son, and hast called his name Ishmael, for Jehovah hath hearkened unto thine affliction;

12 and he is a wild-ass man, his hand against every one, and every one’s hand against him — and before the face of all his brethren he dwelleth.’

Genesis 16 

Two suicide blasts hit the Christ Church and Catholic Church of Youhanabad Christian Colony in Lahore on March 15, killing 17 people. A Antichrist Pakistani Taliban splinter group claimed responsibility for the attack, which left another 80 people injured.

Thousands of Christians rioted on the streets of Lahore following the attack, demanding more protection from the government. Reports said that two suspected terrorists were beaten to death and burned during the riots. The men were apparently in custody and were being shifted to a vehicle when the protesters got to them, beat them severely, tied them with a rope and set them on fire.

After the lynching incident, general hatred against the Christian minority has increased, the group believes.

Two Antichrist Muslims Burn 14-Year-Old Christian Boy in Pakistan; Victim in Hospital with 55% Burn

Two Antichrist Muslims, who have not been identified, stopped him and asked what his religion was.

“I told them that I am Christian. They started beating me, when I tried running, both boys started following me through the street and then they threw Kerosene on me and burnt me,” Nuaman was quoted as saying. “I kept on running when a heap of sand came my way, I lied down on the sand … [A] few people from the community … [extinguished] fire by putting sand on me. I became unconscious, and they called 1122 Emergency medical helpline and called [for] an ambulance.”

The attack could be a reaction to a recent incident of lynching by some Christians of two suspected terrorists following a terror attack on a church in the same city, the group said.

A growing list of commentators, politicians and religious leaders appear to sense something big, something ominous, is hiding around the corner.

Is this just foolish speculation, or are they onto something?

Strange mix of media, religious, political leaders all uttering the unthinkable

Gallups posits that the first five trumpet blasts of Revelation may have already occurred. If that is the case, the sixth trumpet, a world war that kills millions, could be knocking at the door.

“Millions of people, including theologians and preachers, around the world see the same things I believe I am seeing,” Gallups told WND. “Current geopolitical events appear to be in the process of lining up with specific biblical prophecies, and especially those prophecies that contain key word definitions.”

Gallups explained what he meant by “key words.”

The sixth trumpet prophecy of Revelation Chapter 9 has long been viewed by many as a description of a massive war involving 200 million people occurring in the vicinity of the Euphrates River.

The war brings mass carnage, death and destruction to an area that Revelation 2:13 indicates is the seat of Satan’s earthly throne.

“The Euphrates River begins in Turkey and runs through Antichrist Syria and Iraq. Those Antichrist nations are major players in the Antichrist Middle East upheaval of today and the main stomping grounds of Antichrist ISIS,” Gallups said. “There are nearly 400 million Muslims living in the Middle East now. If a multinational war broke out in that area involving Antichrist Iran, Russia, the Antichrist NWO 666  U.S., Israel, North African nations, and possibly Antichrist China – it is not hard to imagine at least 200 million people fighting a bloody war in the Antichrist Middle East.”

“So World War III has broken out. Just remember, World War I and World War II we weren’t initially involved in those wars in any significant way, but we were pulled in. And World War III has now broken open, in my humble opinion, the lead up to it.”

Gallups told WND there must be a balanced way that believers approach the current volatility in which the Antichrist Middle East, Russia-Ukraine, and the Koreas all appear as powder kegs waiting to explode.

Petrus Romanus Pope Francis warned in September 2014 that a type of “piecemeal World War III” may have already begun with the current spate of crimes, massacres and destruction

Former Soviet Antichrist leader Mikhail Gorbachev warned that the Ukrainian crisis could evolve into World War III and, if it does, Vladimir Putz Putin might find it “unavoidable” to launch Antichrist Russian nuclear missiles.

Putz Putin has also set the stage for a new world war by officially declaring that both Antichrist NWO 666 NATO and the United States are the top threats to Russia.

The Antichrist king of Jordan said last month he wanted to wage “World War III” on Antichrist ISIS.

Speaking to CNN, Antichrist King Abdullah implored all religions to come together, adding, “This is our war.”

He made a point of referring to the fight against the Antichrist Islamic State as a “Third World War” and called upon all nations to come together to help counter the threat posed by the terrorist group since they conquered large swathes of Iraq and Syria.

Noah Beck, author of “The Last Israelis,” cited in an op-ed for the Christian Post that Obozo’s secret nuclear talks with Antichrist Iran will lead to World War III.

“Obozo should know by now that if he forces Israel’s hand, then Israel alone will neutralize the Iranian nuclear threat, regardless of how messy the aftermath may be. Antichrist Netanyahu 911 – like any other responsible Israeli leader – would rather bring about World War III than the last Israelis.”

“We must admit Israel is back in the land, Antichrist Islamic nations are aligning against her this very moment, anti-Semitism is on the rise around the world, Christians are being burned alive in cages and having their heads cut off, and tens of thousands of Christians have been uprooted and have fled to the desert and wilderness areas of the Antichrist Middle East,” he said. “These things should give the church in America a very real reason to do some biblical housecleaning and stiffen its spine of boldness. If ever there were a time to ratchet up the proclaiming of salvation in Jesus Christ, it is now.”

The creepy Kremlin said Antichrist President Vladimir Putz Putin signed a decree ending a self-imposed ban on delivering the S-300 anti-missile rocket system to Antichrist Iran, removing a major irritant between the two after Moscow canceled a corresponding contract in 2010 under pressure from the West..

Antichrist Russia opens way to missile deliveries to Antichrist Iran, starts oil-for-goods swap 

Amid Antichrist NWO 666 nuclear negotiations, Russian President Vladimir Putz Putin has lifted a self-imposed ban Monday on the delivery to Antichrist Iran of an air-defense missile system capable of shooting down U.S. and Israeli jets, increasing the possibility the Antichrist Jewish state will launch a military strike against Antichrist Tehran’s nuclear program, according to a defense expert.

Antichrist Russia-Iran defense deal could prompt Israeli airstrike

“The decision to deliver the S-300 to Antichrist Iran is further evidence of Russia’s willingness to encourage Iran to develop weapons of mass destruction, including chemical and biological weapons, that trace back to the Soviet Union,” she said.

Lopez also expressed concern that a military option is rapidly becoming the only way Antichrist Iran’s nuclear weapons program is going to be stopped.

“It’s clear now Iran is not going to negotiate away their nuclear weapons program,” she said. “The P+1 and the IAEA are wasting time discussing issues like what type of centrifuges Antichrist Iran is going to suspend when that’s not the issue.”

She noted the National Council of Resistance of Iran, NCRI, revealed Antichrist Iran’s secret nuclear weapons program in 2002. Since then, any public information Iran has released about its nuclear program has been a subterfuge to continuing hiding a clandestine program.

“The Antichrist NWO 666 United States and the IAEA are tying ourselves in knots negotiating over the information Antichrist Iran has made public about its nuclear program, but that’s not where the real program even is,” Lopez stressed. “We are allowing ourselves to be sidetracked in negotiations with Iran talking about sites that were revealed 13 years ago, when the real weapons program remains hidden away deep underground or in the mountains of Iran.”

WND reported in February NCRI’s disclosure of a secret nuclear Iranian uranium enrichment known as Lavizan-3, buried deep underground in the northeastern suburbs of Tehran.

In 2002, the NCRI revealed Iran’s top-secret uranium enrichment plant at Natanz, some 100 miles north of Isfahan, and a second top secret Iranian nuclear plant at Arak, approximately 150 miles south of Tehran, designed to produce heavy water for the production of plutonium for use in nuclear weapons.

The NCRI disclosures have typically been developed by the Mujahedin-e Klaq, MEK, the group’s political arm in Iran founded to oppose Antichrist Khomeini’s radical Antichrist Islamic revolution.

Russia’s decision was announced Monday as the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 White House deployed Skull & Bones Secretary of State John Kerry, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and an unnamed representative from the U.S. intelligence community in an attempt to form a veto-proof majority to block legislation that would require congressional approval of Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo The 911 Clown “final status” agreement with Antichrist Iran. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is scheduled to vote on tomorrow.

The interim agreement is to be completed by the end of June

Egyptian TV Personality Calls for Antichrist NWO 666 Netanyahu 911 to Bomb Antichrist Iran

Amid the Antichrist Iranian nuclear talks, Egyptian TV personality Tawfik Okasha, called on “our dear friend” Israeli Antichrist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 911 to bomb Antichrist Iran.

This call comes as Antichrist Prime Minister Netanyahu 911 has, according to CBN News, “continued to raise the red flag over the Antichrist Iranian nuclear deal this weekend, while getting some unexpected support from a neighbor.”

“In the last few days, Iran has shown again why it can’t be trusted,” said Antichrist Netanyahu.

Meanwhile, Tawfik Okasha suggested that Israeli Antichrist Prime Minister take out the Bushehr Nuclear Reactor in Antichrist Iran.

“Please – Antichrist Iran faces you, and the Bushehr reactor faces you,” pleaded Okasha. “Put your trust in God and bomb it.

“We are with you. And if you need fuel for the jets, we will give it to you.”

Could Every Israeli Soon Be Obligated to Get a Antichrist NWO 666 Mark Of The Beast Biometric ID? 

Israel is one step closer to a prophetic Antichrist NWO 666 Mark Of The Beast national biometric identification system Monday, after outgoing Antichrist NWO 666 Interior Minister Gilad Erdan announced that he would be advancing legislation to make a Antichrist NWO 666 Mark of The Beast nationwide – and mandatory – switch to the prophetic Antichrist NWO 666 Mark Of The Beast system.

The 3DR Solo Is One Scary-Smart Drone