The LAst WeekEND Of MarcH 2015 7.7 EARthQuake As In tHE daYs Of NOah

by amongthenumberedsaints

Reading for March 28, 2015 ~ Nissan 8, 5775

Lev. 6:1-8:36 ~ Mal. 3:4-24 ~ Luke 4-6

Saturday, March 28, 2015: Command (Tzav) 

In preparation for the upcoming festival of Passover, this past Wednesday (5 Nisan – 25 March) the ‘Priestly Training Academy’ established by the Temple Institute held a Passover offering practice drill that was documented by professional photographers. This was the most accurate and authentic reenactment of this service to have taken place in nearly 2,000 years.


The Temple Institute is currently producing an educational documentary film which will depict the various stages of the Passover offering. A DVD is also in the works for the benefit of yeshivot, seminaries and schools, and all who wish to study the details of this important subject.
The Kohanim who participated in this drill, all true descendants of Aaron, all wore authentic Priestly garments and recited the appropriate ‘blessings’ ( in practice mode) which applied to each stage of the commandment’s fulfillment. The event was accompanied by blasts from silver trumpets, and the song of the Levitical choir.

Other stages of the drill included: examination of the lamb for blemishes, the priests bringing the animal to the Temple courtyard, the shechita and receiving the blood which is brought to the corner of the altar, skinning and separation of the inner parts, and the roasting of the whole lamb as required by the Divine command, in a special Passover oven designed and built for this purpose..

Psalm 666 

Curious why investors are bailing out of the market, or rather “market” – which trades a few basis points away from its all time highs on nothing but central-bank liquidity and multiple expansion fumes – at a pace unseen since 2009? Well, the fact that not only an SEC commissioner, but the Chairman of Finre himself admit the market is rigged may have something to do with it…

First, here is SEC commissioner Luis A. Aguilar, who unlike his former CFTC peer Bart Chilton hasn’t been purchased by the HFT lobby yet, with “Enhancing Oversight of Our Equities and Options Markets.”

Both SEC And FINRA Admit That The Market Is Rigged (And They Are Powerless To Fix It)

not only do both the SEC and FINRA finally admit they have been largely clueless to HFT manipulation in the market over the past decade, ever since they so wisely allowed Reg NMS to pass and make a mockery of price discovery, but – more importantly – they also admit that there are “certain market participants disperse their trading activity across multiple markets in an attempt to hide various forms of market abuse, including layering, spoofing, algorithm gaming, and wash sales.” Replace “certain” with most when it comes to HFTs who now are the vast majority of all “traders”, and you have a pretty good picture of what is going on in the market.

Meet the Overseas Contingency Operations Account – Washington D.C.’s Crony War Slush Fund 

Many people will read this post, and posts like it, and shrug their shoulders saying that there’s always going to be corruption. True; however, there are degrees of corruption. When empires such as the U.S. attain a certain level of corruption that reaches the point where it becomes engrained within the fabric of society, and you couple that with zero accountability for the super rich and powerful, you have the ingredients for societal collapse. We are rapidly approaching this point, and I personally don’t think there’s any way to stop it..

From 2001 to 2014, nearly $71 billion of nonwar funding was provided through war appropriations, according to the Pentagon’s own definition, the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service reported in December.

Australia To Start Taxing Bank Deposits 

Up until now, the world’s descent into the Antichrist NWO 666 NIRPy twilight of fiat currency was a function of failing monetary policy around the globe as central bank after desperate central bank implemented negative and even more negative (in the case of Denmark some four times rapid succession) rates, hoping to make saving so prohibitive consumers would have no choice but to spend the fruits of their labor, or better yet, take out massive loans which they would never be able to repay. However, nobody said it was only central banks who could be the executioners of the world’s saver class: governments are perfectly capable too. Such as Australia’s.

According to Australia’s ABC News, the “Federal Government looks set to introduce a tax on bank deposits in the May budget.”

Ironically, the idea of a bank deposit tax was raised by Labor in 2013 and was criticized by Tony Abbott at the time. Much has changed in two years, and as ABC reports, assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has indicated an announcement on the new tax could be made before the budget.

Mr Frydenberg is a member of the Government’s Expenditure Review Committee but has refused to provide any details.

“Any announcements or decisions around this proposed policy which we discussed at the last election will be made in the lead up or on budget night,” he said.

Speaking at the Victorian Liberal State Council meeting Mr Abbott has repeated his budget message, focusing on families and small businesses.

“There will be tough decisions in this year’s budget as there must be, but there will also be good news.”
For the banks and creditors, yes. For anyone who is still naive enough to save money in the hopes of deferring purchases for the future, not so much.

The banking industry has raised concerns about a deposit tax, saying it will have to pass the cost back onto customers.

Steven Munchenberg from the Australian Bankers’ Association said it would be a damaging move for the Government.

“It’s going to make it harder for banks to raise deposits which are an important way of funding banks. And therefore for us to fund the economy,” he said. “And we also oppose it because particularly at this point in time with low interest rates a lot of people who are relying on their savings for their incomes are already seeing very low returns and this will actually mean they get even less money.”

Don’t worry Steven, neither central banks nor government care about “a lot of people” – they just care about a select few. As for the banks, once China, and immediately thereafter Australia, launches QE as the entire world descends into a monetary supernova, and Australia’s banks are flooded with trillions in excess reserves like those in the US, all shall be forgiven. As a reminder, banks such as JPM are so flush with zero-cost cash from other sources, well one other source, they are now actively turning away depositors.

As for Australia, while central banks are untouchable and unaccountable to anyone (except their commercial bank directors and anyone else they secretly meet during those bimonthly sessions in the BIS tower in Basel), the government can be voted in and voted out. Especially a government that is about to break one of its main election promises:

The Federal Opposition has accused the Government of breaking an election promise by planning to introduce a tax on bank deposits.

The former Labor Government put forward the policy in 2013 to raise revenue for a fund to protect customers in the event of a banking collapse.

Shadow Assistant Treasurer Andrew Leigh said Treasurer Joe Hockey criticised the proposal at the time. “When we put it on the table Joe Hockey said that it was a smash and grab on Australian households just aimed at repairing the budget,” he said.

It is almost surprising, but not really, how when it comes down to money, the thin white line between “us” and “them” always disappears when the money runs out.

As for idiot Australia’s savers, welcome to the Antichrist NWO 666 NIRP world where savers in increasingly more countries are now on the endangered species list.

Syrian army turns to women on Damascus front lines 

The building where the women lie in wait is less than 200 metres (yards) from rebel lines. It is defended entirely by female commandos.

Their commander describes them as the finest markswomen in the brigade.

“It’s true that we have a lot of patience, and this is the most important quality for a sniper,” Rim says shyly.

– ‘Not a question of gender’ –

A fearsome warrior hides behind her eye make-up and childlike smile — she boasts a record of 11 kills in a day.

View galleryA female Syrian sniper from the Republican Guard commando …
A female Syrian sniper from the Republican Guard commando battalion aims fire during clashes with re …
“My commander gave me a sort of certificate, like in school,” she says, smiling.

“I usually hit three or four targets per day, and honestly, if I miss a gunman, I could cry,” she says.

Her fellow sniper’s record is seven kills in a day.

Antichrist Al-Shabaab, the Somali Antichrist jihadist group responsible for yesterday’s deadly attack on a prominent Mogadishu hotel, has released a graphic new video showing executions of unarmed civilians – identified as Christians by the AhlulBayt News Agency – at an unnamed location on the Somali coast.

Some of victims in the video titled ‘In Remembrance 2,’ are forced to kneel at the ocean’s edge before being shot to death from behind.

Others are marched out into the sea, with Antichrist jihadists standing on an elevated sand dune at the beach’s edge firing automatic weapons at them in the distance. Water splashes as bullets hit the water around men as they are exposed surfacing for air.

The video was produced by the Antichrist al-Kataib Foundation, Antichrist al-Shabaab’s primary media outlet.

Antichrist Al-Shabaab has targeted Christians for death, particularly those in neighboring Kenya where over 80 percent of the population identifies as Christian.

Video: Christians herded into sea, gunned down Antichrist muslim ”(a)llah has no Son” bastards

In December, 36 Kenyan quarry workers were systematically executed by militants when they were unable to recite the Islamic shahada. The month before, Antichrist al-Shabaab murderers stopped a bus headed to Nairobi, separated out the non-Antichrist Muslims and executed 28.

The group’s most deadly attack came in September 2013 when Antichrist al-Shabaab gunmen killed at least 67 people and injured 175 in an attack on the Nairobi Westgate Shopping Mall.

WND reported the Antichrist al-Qaida-linked group has even threatened shopping malls in the U.S.

An hourlong video purportedly released by Somali Antichrist Islamic militants al-Shabaab last month specifically named the Mall of America, the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta and London’s Oxford Street.

A masked man is seen in the video mentioning the Mall of America, along with a photograph of the shopping center and its GPS coordinates.

EXCLUSIVE: Twisted obsessions of killer in cockpit: Lubitz trawled ‘dark side’ of the web KILLER co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was trawling suicide and gay websites as he spiraled into mental illness.

Let’s see, guy has girl friend, has ”eye sight issue” goes gay porn too? Sounds demonic, looks demonic. Yeah, definitely demonic ”change”. It would be interesting to see his handwriting on those ripped up notes and compare them with his older handwriting to see if there is also a ”change”.

INFRASTRUCTURE COLLAPSE: Air Canada Flight Crashes On Runway In Halifax – Hitting Power Lines, Sustaining Extensive Damage; No Passengers Were Killed!

Mr Conde said he was declaring “a reinforced health emergency for a period of 45 days in the prefectures of Forecariah, Coyah, Dubreka, Boffa and Kindia” in a statement published in national media.

The focus of the virus “has shifted to our country’s coastal areas,” he said.

He added: “Wherever the need may be, throughout this period, measures of restriction and confinement will be taken.”

It is a first for the country since the outbreak began, Reuters reported.

On Friday, Sierra Leone began a three-day nationwide lockdown sparked by fears the virus was making a comeback in some parts of the country.

PLAGUES & PESTILENCES: Guinea Declares Ebola “Health Emergency” In Five Regions – 45-Day Quarantine Instituted; New Rules On Burials, Hospital Restrictions And Possible Lockdowns! 

Since the Ebola outbreak began more than 24,000 people in nine countries have been infected with the virus, and over 10,000 of them have died. 

March 29, 2015 – PAPUA NEW GUINEA – A major earthquake with a magnitude 7.7 has struck off Papua New Guinea and a tsunami warning was issued soon after.

The epicentre of the 33km- deep quake was near the town of Rabaul in the northeast of Papua New Guinea, The US Geological Survey (USGS) said. It struck at 12.48pm, NZT.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) in Hawaii said “hazardous tsunami waves are possible for coasts located within 1000 km (620 miles) of the earthquake epicentre along the coasts of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands”.

MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: Powerful 7.7 Magnitude Mega-Quake Strikes Off Papua New Guinea – The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center Warns That “Hazardous Tsunami Waves Are Possible”! [TECTONIC SUMMARY + MAPS] 

Tsunami waves reaching 1-3 metres above the tide level were possible along some coasts of Papua New Guinea, said the centre.

No destructive, Pacific-wide tsunami was expected, it said.

The North Cape of New Zealand was initially listed as a threatened coastal area, however a national advisory from the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management said there was no threat to New Zealand.

[W]hatever the detailed current direction at the time of the accident is, water mass fluxes were governed by the generally strong Kuroshio and Oyashio currents that are stable at this scale… Contaminated waters will be transported rapidly to the east.

FUKUSHIMA: Government Report States That Plutonium At 1,000,000 Bq/m3 Was Detected In The Ocean Off Fukushima – “Contaminated Waters Will Be Transported Rapidly To East” Across Pacific; This Is “The MOST IMPORTANT Direct Liquid Release Of Artificial Radioactivity Into Sea EVER KNOWN;” Scientists Warn, “Remember, It’s NOT JUST CESIUM That’s Released”! UPDATE: Cutting-Edge Tech To Scan Fukushima For Nuclear Fuel, FLOPS In Front Of Reporters!

March 28, 2015 – JAPAN – Contamination of the marine environment following the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant (FDNPP) represents the most important influx of artificial radioactivity released into the sea ever recorded…

The direct liquid releases from FDNPP represent the largest influx of artificial radioactivity into the sea ever occurring over a short period of time on a small spatial scale… Although controlled releases of liquid effluent from the Sellafield reprocessing plant can be compared in terms of total quantities, they have occurred over several years (1970-1980) instead of days, weeks and months as in the case of the FDNPP accident… umm that is complete meltdown  of nuclear reactors now destroying 1/3 of the ocean waters.

people have been killed by catastrophic floods in northern regions of Chile after thunderstorms brought the equivalent of 7 years of rain in just 12 hours on March 26. Search and rescue operations are still in progress and authorities fear the number of casualties will rise. Flooding has affected the regions of Atacama, Antofagasta and Coquimbo, all located in the Atacama Desert, one of the driest regions of the world.

Desert flooded after 7 years of rain fell in just 12 hours

PLANETARY TREMORS: Strong 6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Northern Chile – No Tsunami Warning! [TECTONIC SUMMARY + MAPS]

Feet of Hail on the Equator in Colombia and Ecuador

WATCH: Record snowfall in Colombia and Ecuador

Snow covers streets and palm trees in Baljurashi, Saudi Arabia

This video clip posted on “YouTube” shows streets, yards and homes of the province covered with snow last Friday.

WATCH: Heavy snowfall in Saudi Arabia.

ICE AGE NOW: Global Cooling Trend Continues – Spring Snow Brings Road And School Closures, Bus Crashes In Manitoba; Arctic Sea Ice Extent Now Higher Than 2005, 2006, 2007 And 2011; Snow Covers Streets And Palm Trees In Baljurashi, Saudi Arabia; Snowstorm Paralyzes Transportation System In Oslo, Norway; Feet Of Hail On The Equator In Colombia And Ecuador; Final Weekend Of March Will Make The U.S. Northeast Shiver With Record Low Temperatures; Dozens Of Goats Killed By Snow And Cold Temperatures In Lebanon; Coldest Winter For Two Decades In Canary Islands; And Great Lakes Ice Cover Third Highest On Record! [PHOTOS + GRAPHS + MAPS + VIDEOS]

Great Lakes Ice Cover Third Highest On Record

Two years ago, Joe Romm announced the end of Great Lakes ice.

Two of the three highest ice years have occurred in the two years since Joe Romm announced the demise of Great Lakes ice.

“It’s becoming certain that, like the rest of the country, the Great Lakes are feeling the effects of climate change.”

It is becoming certain that fraudsters like Joe Romm are pushing an agenda.

Arctic sea ice extent now higher than 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2011

And it is about to pass 2008 and 2014.

But the media keeps telling you about unprecedented ice loss.

The big lie continues.

MONUMENTAL GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: Sinkholes Keep Popping Up Across The Globe – Russian City Of Samara Being “EATEN ALIVE” By Apocalyptic Sinkholes; “Super” Sinkholes Plaguing Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Colorado City Stumped By Sinkhole With NO Broken Water Pipes; Sinkhole Swallows Garden Sheds In Swanley, UK; Sinkhole Closes Laketon Road In Penn Hills; Sinkhole Swallows Garbage Truck In Jersey City; Sinkhole Causes Traffic Inconvenience At Summit And Jefferson, Ohio!

5.8 Mercalli scale: 28 March, 2015 at 23:28:51 UTC Depth: 123.89 km (76.98 miles)
Indonesian Archipelago

Deadly landslide buries part of Tegal Panjang village in west Java, Indonesia 

Strong eruption of Colima volcano accompanied by pyroclastic flows, Mexico 

If, as one claims, one is innocent of i) using a personal email account to send out confidential information and/or to take advantage of one’s political position to abuse opponents and ii) deleting said confidential emails against government regulations, what would one do when faced with a government subpoena demand? If one is the Antichrist NWO 666 Mark Of The Beast IRS’ Lois Lerner, one would claim, against subsequently revealed facts, that a hardware error led to a permanent loss of all demanded emails, even though by email protocol definition, said emails are always stored on at least one off-site server. Or, if one is Hillary Clinton, one would just format the entire server.

This, according to the Hill, is precisely what Hillary Clinton has done as the recent scandal continues to grow bigger and impair ever more the already frail credibility and decision-making skills of the former first lady and democratic presidential hopeful. According to the head of the House Select Committee on Benghazi says former Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Clown Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has erased all information from the personal email server she used while serving as the nation’s top diplomat.

IRS Scandal Deja Vu: Deadly Criminal Hillary Clinton’s Email Server “Wiped Clean”

Which begs to question ”why hasn’t a bullet found it’s way through Hillary’s head yet?”

Private Emails Reveal Ex-Clinton Aide’s Secret Spy Network 

This story has been updated to include responses from the worthless evil shits at the FBI and the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Clown State Department.

Starting weeks before Islamic militants attacked the U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya, longtime Clinton family confidante Sidney Blumenthal supplied intelligence to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gathered by a secret network that included a former CIA clandestine service officer, according to hacked emails from Blumenthal’s account.

The emails, which were posted on the internet in 2013, also show that Blumenthal and another close Clinton associate discussed contracting with a retired Army special operations commander to put operatives on the ground near the Libya-Tunisia border while Libya’s civil war raged in 2011.

Months Away From An Event That Will Change America Forever – Jade Helm 15 Expands To 10 States As China Prepares To Take The Helm 

Paul Craig Roberts – The United States Is Broke And Europe Looks To China As Insane U.S. Policymakers Push For War 

Just a week after Jean-Claude ‘I am not a hawkish warmonger’ Juncker pressed for the creation of a Unified European Army to combat the ‘looming’ threat of their massive trade partner Russia; RT reports Arab leaders have agreed to form a joint military force from roughly 40,000 elite troops and backed by warplanes, warships and light armor at a Sharm el-Sheikh summit. Egyptian President Abdel Sisi has announced a high-level panel will work out the structure and mechanism of the future force. The work is expected to take four months. That’s right ”4 months”, right on time for the final Blood Moon timed with the tribulation era.”Ironic”. Lol.

It appears The Endgame of this global game of Risk is fast approaching as one-by-one, geographically proximate nations join forces for whetever comes next.

First Europe, Now The Gulf’s Leaders Agree To Form United Arab Military Force 

This war is no longer a war about Yemen, but a formation of a Sunni coalition they call it Al-Tahaluf Al-A’shari, literally the Ten Antichrist Nation Confederacy which the media in English calls Ten Antichrist Sunni-led Arab states.

In response to Antichrist NWO 666 U.S. Obozo 911 Clowns abandonment of Antichrist Saudi Arabia and a response to Antichrist Iran’s threat to the region, the Antichrist Sunni Muslim world has risen to form a major unified force. The Coalition never informed the Antichrist NWO 666 U.S. Obozo 911 Clowns of its actions in Yemen fearing the Antichrist NWO 666 U.S. Obozo 911 is flirting with Antichrist Iran.

Is The Ten Antichrist Muslim Nation Confederacy We See Forming To Fight Antichrist Iran’s Expansion, Is The Same Ten Nation Confederacy Spoken By Daniel? Answer: The Tribulation Era Is Now Rising!

Caricature of this new alliance is shown in the Arab media as a right-arm fist protruding out of the earth with the mark “There is No God But Antichrist (a)llah and Antichrist Muhammad Is His Antichrist Messenger” the flag, badge and emblem of Antichrist Islam stemming from Antichrist Saudi Arabia. It is the pride of Antichrist Muslims to mark their right arms and foreheads with the Antichrist mark of Antichrist Islam. It also reminds of Daniel 4 which speaks of Babylon leaving the tree stump of its roots in the earth, bound with a band of iron and bronze while re-arising, not in ancient Babel in Iraq, but in Dumma, Kedar and Arabia as Isaiah 21 prophesied prior to God’s final judgment “Babylon is fallen is fallen” (Isaiah 21:9, Revelation 18:1-2, Revelation 14:8) in which Antichrist Iran will finally give it a death blow.

March 29, 2015 – ANTICHRIST MIDDLE EAST – Antichrist Arab leaders agreed on Sunday to form a joint Antichrist military force after a Antichrist summit dominated by a Antichrist Saudi-led offensive on Antichrist Shiite rebels in Yemen and the threat from Antichrist Islamist extremism.

Antichrist Arab representatives will meet over the next month to study the creation of the force and present their findings to defence ministers within four months, according to the resolution adopted by the leaders.

MONUMENTAL EVENT: Middle East Conflict – Arab Leaders Agree To Form A Joint Military Force! 

SHARM EL SHEIKH, Egypt – Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi called the Antichrist Shi’ite Houthi militia Antichrist “Iran’s puppet” at an Antichrist Arab League summit in Egypt on Saturday.

“I tell Iran’s puppet … ‘You are the one that destroyed Yemen with your political immaturity’,” Hadi said in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Yemen president condemns Antichrist Houthis as Antichrist ‘Iran’s puppet’

Antichrist Saudi Arabia accused Russian President Vladimir Putz Putin of hypocrisy on Sunday, telling an Antichrist Arab summit that he should not express support for the Antichrist Middle East while fuelling instability by supporting Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

In a rare move, Antichrist Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced that a letter from Putz Putin would be read out to the gathering in Egypt, where Antichrist Arab leaders discussed an array of regional crises, including conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Libya.

“We support the Antichrist Arabs’ aspirations for a prosperous future and for the resolution of all the problems the Antichrist Arab world faces through peaceful means, without any external interference,” Putz Putin said in the letter.

His comments triggered a sharp attack from Antichrist Saudi Foreign Minister Antichrist Prince Saud al-Faisal.

“He speaks about the problems in the Antichrist Middle East as though Russia is not influencing these problems,” he told the summit right after the letter was read out.

Relations between Antichrist Saudi Arabia and Russia have been cool over Moscow’s support for Assad, whom Riyadh opposes. The civil war between Assad’s forces and rebels has cost more than 200,000 lives in four years.

“They speak about tragedies in Syria while they are an essential part of the tragedies befalling the Syrian people, by arming the Syrian regime above and beyond what it needs to fight its own people,” Prince Saud said.

“I hope that the Russian Putz president corrects this so that the Antichrist Arab world’s relations with Russia can be at their best level.”

The Antichrist Saudi rebuke may have been awkward for summit host Egypt, which depends heavily on billions of dollars in support from Antichrist Saudi Arabia and other Antichrist Gulf Arab allies, but has also improved ties with Moscow.

In February, Putin received a grand welcome in Egypt, signaling a rapprochement.

Putz Putin letter to Antichrist Arab summit triggers strong Antichrist Saudi attack

Let me try to address this the best I can from several different angles. First off, what’s the big picture plan here? As the number two ranked website in the world with 1.4 billion users, Facebook itself is already something like an alternative internet where a disturbing number of individuals spend a disproportionate amount of their time. The only thing that seems to make many of its users click away is content hosted on other people’s websites linked to from Facebook users. Other than this outside content, many FB users might never leave the site.

While this is scary to someone like me, to Facebook it is an abomination. The company doesn’t want people to leave their site ever — for any reason. Hence the aggressive push to carry outside news content, and create a better positioned alternative web centrally controlled by it. This is a huge power play move.

Big Brother Is Here: Facebook Reveals Its Master Plan – Control All News Flow

Given the enormity of what Facebook is trying to achieve, I have some obvious concerns. First, since all of the leverage seems to reside with Facebook, I fear they are likely to get the better part of any deal by wide margin. Second, if they succeed in this push, this single company’s ability to control access to news and what is trending and deemed important by a huge section of humanity will be extraordinary.

Antichrist Saudi Arabia will not rule out building or acquiring nuclear weapons, the country’s ambassador to the Antichrist NWO 666 United States 911 Clown Team has indicated.

Asked whether Antichrist Saudi Arabia would ever build nuclear weapons in an interview with US news channel CNN, Adel Al-Jubeir said the subject was “not something we would discuss publicly”

Antichrist Saudi Arabia says it won’t rule out building nuclear weapons 

Pressed later on the issue he said: “This is not something that I can comment on, nor would I comment on.”

The Antichrist ambassador’s reticence to rule out a military nuclear programme may reignite concerns that the Antichrist autocratic idiot monarchy has its blind eye for and eye on a nuclear arsenal.

Western intelligence agencies believe that the Antichrist Saudi monarchy paid for up to 60% of Antichrist Pakistan’s nuclear programme in return for the ability to buy warheads for itself at short notice, the Guardian newspaper reported in 2010.

^^^Somehow Lipkin misses the reality of the Antichrist who kills the two witnesses in Jerusalem and ends up in Israel when he meets his end, which means THE ANTICHRIST IS AN ISRAELI. Duh. Lipkin, and all the other dipshits that know what the scriptures describe, somehow ”can have” Israel expanding outward and remain blind to Daniel and Revelation. Lol. News flash, that’s devils ”cake” yer ”eating too” dipshits.

Antichrist Saudi king says military campaign in Yemen to continue until achieves targets 

CAIRO – The New idiot Antichrist Saudi King Salman said on Saturday the country’s military campaign in Yemen against Antichrist Houthi fighters would continue until its targets are achieved.

The battle for the Middle East’s future begins in Yemen as Antichrist Saudi Arabia jumps into the abyss

Antichrist Saudi Arabia has jumped into the abyss.

Its air attacks on Yemen are a historic and potentially fatal blow to the Antichrist Kingdom and to the Antichrist Middle East.

Into Darkness

James T. Kirk: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Spock: An Arabic proverb attributed to a prince who was betrayed and decapitated by his own subjects.
James T. Kirk: Well, still, it’s a hell of a quote.

The document appears to have been categorized as “declassified” upon its submission, suggesting an assessment within the US government that its findings would be low-impact if made public.

That, too, must have been the assessment of the Israeli government in 2014, as it had the opportunity to keep the document secret but declined.

“We did inform the Israeli government of our planned release of the documents and they did not object,” US Army Col. Steven Warren, director of Pentagon press operations, confirmed to The Jerusalem Post.

Israel allowed for the release of a document detailing past nuclear weapons work

He will ·set up [pitch] his royal tents between the sea and the beautiful holy mountain [C Zion, the location of the Temple]. But, finally, his end will come, and no one will help him.

Daniel 11

“Do exactly what I say, and we’ll get along fine. Do not question me or talk back in any way. You do not have the right to object to anything I may say or ask you to do, or ask for clarification if my demands are unclear or contradictory. You must obey me under all circumstances without hesitation, no matter how arbitrary, unreasonable, discriminatory, or blatantly racist my commands may be. Anything other than immediate perfect servile compliance will be labeled as resisting arrest, and expose you to the possibility of a violent reaction from me. That reaction could cause you severe injury or even death. And I will suffer no consequences. It’s your choice: Comply, or die.”— “‘Comply or Die’ policing must stop,” Daily KOS
Americans as young as 4 years old are being leg shackled, handcuffed, tasered and held at gun point for not being quiet, not being orderly and just being childlike—i.e., not being compliant enough.

Americans as old as 95 are being beaten, shot and killed for questioning an order, hesitating in the face of a directive, and mistaking a policeman crashing through their door for a criminal breaking into their home—i.e., not being submissive enough.

And Americans of every age and skin color are being taught the painful lesson that the only truly compliant, submissive and obedient citizen in a police state is a dead one.

The Only Truly Compliant, Submissive Citizen In A Antichrist NWO 666 Mark Of The Beast prophetic Police State Is A Dead One

the old police motto to “protect and serve” has become “comply or die.” As I point out in my book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State and in my forthcoming book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, this is the unfortunate, misguided, perverse message being beaten, shot, tasered and slammed into our collective consciousness, and it is regrettably starting to take root.

Despite the growing number of criminal charges (ranging from resisting arrest and interference to disorderly conduct, obstruction, and failure to obey a police order) that get trotted out anytime a citizen voices discontent with the government or challenges or even questions the authority of the powers that be, the problems we’re experiencing in terms of police shootings have little to do with rebellion or belligerence or resistance.

Rather, the problem arises when compliance doesn’t happen fast enough to suit the police.

if, despite having done nothing wrong, you feel nervous during a police encounter, you fear doing or saying the wrong thing in front of an officer will get you shot, and your local police dress and act like extensions of the military and treat you like a suspect, then it’s safe to say that you are not the one holding the upper hand in the master-servant relationship anymore.

This is the death rattle of the American dream, which was built on the idea that no one is above the law, that our rights are inalienable and cannot be taken away, and that our government and its appointed agents exist to serve us.

^^^Simple truth is, all government employees are an obvious deadly threat, and it doesn’t matter where you are on this Earth now. The poor dumb bastards are now Antichrist 666 suicides. In the case of the West the proof is confirmed by the fact that government high crimes and lawless banking have sealed every last government bastards fate at this point. They are all going to Hell.

This past Friday saw what many like myself can only describe as a blatant example of just what’s wrong with both the economy – as well as the markets.

At precisely 15 minutes before the closing bell on Wall Street the now Chair of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen gave a press conference detailing further insights into upcoming monetary policy. I guess two days worth of FOMC discussions, along with a press conference detailing all that was discussed immediately after, followed by a question and answer session about all those “insights and decisions” wasn’t enough. For the markets remained red for the week while losing all its post FOMC pop which in itself is an ominous sign.

At first blush some might contend, “Well, that’s a good thing they decided to communicate even more. Best to have any and all the information available as soon as possible. After all: more information is always better for the markets – no?”

Yes it is, however, when it exposes just how cozy (as well as frightened) monetary policy setting has moved from the appearance of setting beneficial policies that help ensure a free and open capitalistic system – to one hell-bent on serving a newer more dominant form of crony styled capitalism rampant within our markets. Where winners and losers are decided solely on their ability to manipulate their bottom line earnings “beat” via access to resources made possible only via the Fed.’s current zero bound stance. (i.e., ZIRP) I don’t believe that was their original intent.

If you were one of the few (i.e., not one of the Wall Street “In crowd”) that watched and listened to that presser on Friday. You were left dumbfounded on just how illogical, as well as contradictory nearly every example given was as to what one should now infer about what the Fed. is going to do next – and when.

So convoluted was both the rationale as well as examples given, I concluded: there was no other intent for this presser other than to signal the “In Crowd” – You better get the heck out of Dodge because we’ve painted ourselves so deep into a corner this is probably the last time you’ll have a chance as to “paint the tape” in any upcoming quarters. For we might actually have to do what we implied (e.g., raise rates) regardless – just to keep up the appearance that we’ll do what we say. Even if so doing means – creating turmoil. So don’t say “we didn’t warn you.” (i.e., We’ve changed the meaning of “data” so many times now even we can’t figure out what it means or, what we should do any longer!)

Did The Antichrist NWO 666 Fed Beast Just Whisper “Fire” In A Crowded Market? No, It Breathed Prophetic Fire Upon The Antichrist NWO 666 Altar Of The Whole Earth.

The timing of this reprise in conjunction with the latest FOMC’s conference just a week ago was quite instructive in my opinion. I mean, think about it: Fifteen minutes before the closing of the markets on the very day of the quarter ending? Isn’t it just funny how the timing of this presser coincided with allowing for the opportunity as to “paint the tape” if needed? Along with the additional 15 minutes of the later closing futures market as to hedge for Monday’s opening? Again, “if needed” as in – just in case what you heard went against your current positions. The serendipity of that coincidence is an amazingly funny thing – no? I firmly believe this presser was nothing more than a contorted effort by the Fed. to signal what many like myself have been anticipating since the ending of QE just a few months ago: They’ve lost control.

All one has to do is be willing to look at the “true” data with eyes open and a rational open mind to see what’s taking place. Everything (and I do mean everything) as to what the Fed. said should be taking place via their intervention 6 years ago not only is not. Rather: it’s coming unglued, as well as beginning to run off the rails. Nearly every report released since the ending of QE that was previously always indicating “awesomeness” is now indicating borderline if not outright pathetic-ness.

We are entering our first (yes 1st!) earnings period since QE was halted just a few months ago and what are we beginning to see and hear? All those projections and assurances made by the so-called “smart crowd” that “this time is different” are suddenly changing their tune to “Well you know we’ve had so much improvement surely a pause is warranted.” Sure it is. And they call us “idiots.”

The unemployment rate is and has been an absolute joke having more in common with fairy-tales than anything factual. GDP has gone from poor to worse. And remember when you were told that 5% GDP print wasn’t an outlier but “indicative of the recovery” by the so-called “smart crowd?” How’s that meme working out?

The Dollar is still screaming higher making imports cheaper, and our exports non-competitive. Remember we were told by this very same crowd “we were going to export our way to prosperity soon?” I know, I can barely type as I chuckle also.

Reduction in oil prices were going to put “more money in consumers pockets to spend helping to boost the economy.” Problem is all that “free” healthcare now costs far more than the potential “gas savings.” But hey, don’t complain. For without having to now spend more on healthcare – retail spending would be far, far worse. And this is just a handful of the boatloads of fundamentally flawed data reports we were besieged with by the so-called “smart crowd” ad nauseam as to continue their narrative of “everything is awesome!”

However for the rest of us that have questioned such reports over the years we’ve been branded as: uninformed – data deniers. Personally I just might go out and get a t-shirt made stating just that. On the front I’ll have: “I’m a data denier – and proud of it!” And on the back it’ll read: “I believe in critical thinking – That’s why you wont see me on CNBC™.”

It’s not just here in the U.S. where the once burgeoning commodity sectors like oil and gas, as well as others such as steel, and more are now getting bludgeoned. The entire shale industry for one is beginning to buckle under the weight of falling prices. Canada is now beginning too feel the effects. And these ripples are far from over – they’re just beginning. Remember oil and such helped insulate Canada from a downturn in housing such as we had here. By the most recent reports that all seems to have now changed. And the implications for our friends to the north could be dramatic.

How about China? That once rejoiced “savior” of the economic world is itself having a harder, and harder time trying to dismiss (as well as cover up) clearly visible signs of economic weakness. Here’s where I’d also like to bring attention to one economic fact squarely staring the world down with implications just as far-reaching as the latest oil carnage. And: with possibility the same effect to the repricing of everything everywhere. This ominous scenario alone seems lost across the financial media.

How can one not derive the implications on the market forces associated with the decision of the Saudi’s to continue pumping at record levels and at lower prices as to help preserve their market share with the added benefit of simultaneously crushing as many as possible competitors: and not see that pretty soon China is going to do, in effect – the very same thing with everything it exports? Once it begins just like with oil – It will crush pricing power (on everything from trinkets to commodities) globally in my opinion.

This is the world the Fed. has wrought with leaving the punchbowl out far too long after everyone at the party was clearly inebriated. Instead of wisely pulling the bowl back and away (at the least in 2012 or there about) while everyone was passed out. They decided it would not only be better to remain – but continued refilling it as the one’s with an affinity for risk gulped more and more down their gullet acquiring shares in any sector they thought provided yield.

And if you’re in Asia? Sectors be damned! It’s a straight Kamikaze spree into the Nikkei™ or better yet, Shanghai Composite™. There you don’t discern. You just buy, buy, buy in way that would make Cramer envious. All while using multiples of margin never before seen in the history of that market. What could possibly go wrong? And I haven’t even mentioned Greece, or The EU.

Again this is what I believe the Fed. has finally come to terms with. The realization that control is no longer an option. It’s been a mirage that’s held up far longer than originally anticipated. The monster has now grown far too big and dangerous while possibly exposing to their dismay – the only way they might have a shot of regaining some stability for future control is to let it fall apart: as they stand by and watch hoping to “thread the needle” for further intervention just in time. Along with trying to have some C.Y.A. assurance to the “In Crowd” that “Hey – we tried to warn you!” if it indeed does exactly that.

At issue is, even if I’m only partly correct. What should scare the heck out of any critical thinking person is: With everything we’ve witnessed over the last 6 years, along with what is now transpiring which is scarier?

A Fed. that may be signalling they’ve lost control? Or, a Fed. that still believes “Don’t worry – we’ve got this!”

Meanwhile, Israel’s Antichrist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has again warned against a deal with Antichrist Iran, describing it as worse than his country had feared.

On Sunday he told a cabinet meeting “this deal, as it appears to be emerging, bears out all our fears, and even more than that”.

Antichrist Iran nuclear talks: World powers seek deal in Lausanne 

He gave no details, but noting advances by Iran-backed forces in Yemen and other Antichrist Arab countries, he accused Antichrist Iran of trying to “conquer the Antichrist Middle East” while pursuing nuclearisation.

“The Antichrist Iran-Lausanne-Yemen axis is very dangerous to humanity and must be stopped,” he said..

Amir Hossein Motaghi, who reportedly was employed at Iran’s state-run Iran Student Correspondents Association, told a London-based Iranian opposition channel that the U.S. was shilling for Iran in the ongoing negotiations over the regime’s nuclear weapons program.

“The US negotiating team are mainly there to speak on Iran’s behalf with other members of the 5+1 countries and convince them of a deal,” Mottaghi told Irane Farda, according to UK’s The Telegraph.

Motaghi had previously worked on President Hassan Rouhani’s 2013 election campaign as his public relations manager, before moving over to working as a journalist in the tightly-censored country.

He is now seeking political asylum in Switzerland, after utilizing his opportunity to cover the talks in order to flee his home country.


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