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When Antichrist NWO 666 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 911 gave Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 the Book of Esther as a gift a few days ago, the message was only slightly less subtle than if he had constructed a massive neon billboard across the street from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with the message “Mr. President, please help me destroy Iran before they destroy us.”

One of his aides told a reporter that gift was meant to provide “background reading” on Antichrist Iran for Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown. In a speech to the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a pro-Israel lobbying group, Antichrist NWO 666 Netanyahu described Haman, the villain of the tale, as “a Persian anti-Semite [who] tried to annihilate the Jewish people.” The context of his speech was that Iran, the modern successor to Persia, presents the greatest danger to peace and security on the planet.

It appears that in a modern context, Netanyahu sees himself as Mordechai, Iran’s leaders as Haman, and Obozo perhaps as Ahasuerus, the powerful but easily influenced king who almost led to the Jews’ downfall but saved them in the nick of time.

Antichrist NWO 666 Netanyahu gives Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo the Book of Esther. Biblical parable for nuclear Antichrist Iran? 

Thus, what seems to be suggested from all of this is something that I suspected years ago when all this CERN talk first started, and that I first voiced on Ms. George Ann Hughes’ The Byte Show, namely, that they had found something so unexpected in terms of their conventional models that it left them quietly, and perhaps secretly, scrambling at their blackboards or computer screens with their Mathcad programs. Perhaps, I suggested, they discovered something that confirmed that torsion was not the small dismissible micro-effect that always got tossed out in the equations, but a real macro-effect possibly capable of producing Hawking’s dreaded black holes, or perhaps it was something else. Perhaps they discovered that linear mappings of individual observers went out the window when group observers were involved, and everything became non-linear… or perhaps they discovered that the difference between the two was itself a rotation group… and we’re back to square one… But whatever it was they did discover – and in my opinion they did discover something – they’re not coming (in my purely amateur opinion once again), entirely clean.

Well, now Dr. Goswami has joined Stephen Hawking in warning about CERN’s Large Hadron collider, fearing that at some point, something catastrophic might happen. In fact, he goes further, in this article, by saying “We (physicists) have no ******* idea what we’re doing:”

“We Honestly Have No ******* Idea What We’re Doing”, Admits Leading Quantum Physicist

Now, in case you missed the salient points, here they are once again:

“The University of Oregon professor warned that the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, could potentially wipe out the entire planet if the project is not put to a halt.

“’Seriously, when myself, Higgs and Ben (Benjamin Lockspeiser CERN’s first president) first pitched the idea, we never thought it would get funding. It was gonna cost billions for Christs sake,’ he recalled. “’Fuck knows what the thing does – no one does. Firing particles at each other at the speed of light can’t end well. I’m just worried now we took the joke too far’.” (Emphasis added)

Now, obviously, Dr. Gotswami has no aversion to colorful language (and no, just because I’m quoting the article does not mean the rules on this website for commentary are suspended). One wonders, really, why he is using such language, and my speculation is that he is doing so in order to underscore the danger. Most disturbingly, he admits no one really knows what the Large Hadron Collider is really doing. But wiping out the entire planet?


The total solar eclipse on March 20th falls on Nisan 1, which is the first day of the first month of the Biblical calendar. According to Jewish tradition, a solar eclipse on Nisan 1 is a sign of judgment. And this has certainly been true in the past. For example, there was a solar eclipse on Nisan 1 in 70 AD. Later that year, the Romans attacked Jerusalem and completely destroyed the Temple. What makes all of this even more interesting is the fact that the solar eclipse on March 20th falls right in the middle of the blood moon tetrad, and it also happens to fall during the Shemitah year. If you are not a believer, you may be tempted to dismiss all of this as some sort of extremely bizarre coincidence. If you are a believer, you also might be skeptical. But by the end of this article, at least you will understand what so many people are talking about right now.

Sign Of Judgment? Total Solar Eclipse On March 20th Falls In The Middle Of The Four Blood Red Moons

We already witnessed a war between Israel and Hamas in 2014, but personally I am convinced that more war could soon come to the Middle East. For much, much more on this, please see this article.


But what I want to talk about now is the total solar eclipse that is coming up on March 20th. The chart below comes from propheciesoftheendtimes.com, and it shows that it falls right in the middle of this series of blood red moons…

Nisan 1 it is traditionally considered to be a sign that judgment is coming to the world….


Note: A solar eclipse denotes the judgment of God upon the nations, blood moons denote the judgment of God upon the nation of Israel, and that a solar eclipse occurring in the midst of four blood moons denotes the judgment of God upon the world – the March 20th solar “sackcloth sun” eclipse is also a super moon and falls directly between the 4 blood moons of the tetrad (a “bulls eye” eclipse). A potential fulfillment of Joel 2:30-31 and Acts 2:20 exists as the full solar “sackcloth sun” eclipse of March 20th is followed 15-days later by the 3rd blood moon of the tetrad. The meaning of the number 15 may have a reference to resurrection. A total solar eclipse followed so closely by a total lunar blood moon and both on Hebrew feast days does not occur again in this century, let alone within the prophetic timeline of possibility, indicated by the 1948 birth of Israel and the Matthew 24:32-34 parable of the fig tree, and 80 years for reason of strength generation window in Psalm 90:10.


The Conclusive Tetrad

The LORD deals in patterns of 7s as with the 7-fold faceted timeframe of the Church Age that can be seen as a Menorah pattern. This is visualized in the book of Revelation by the LORD Himself depicted as the High Priest in the Heavenly Temple ministering in the midst to the 7 Churches of Lights, even to the end of the Age as He promised. Moreover the prophetic pattern of the ‘Church’ in the wilderness’ can be extrapolated to the Church Age in the following. There were 40 years of wandering before the Assembly could enter the Promised Land. In a typology, the natural self, the flesh and the carnal mind as the Bible metaphorically describes the condition and process of sanctification have to die first before the ‘Church’ can cross over to the Promised Land. A ‘new creation’ is required as much as flesh and bones cannot inherit the Kingdom of YHVH.

To cross over into the ‘Kingdom’, it requires a renewed generation or to be born anew. The number 40 speaks of testing, not judgment. Thus if one applies the Jubilee principle of the 120 years based on the Flood judgment pronounced by the LORD, the following prophetic mathematical equation alludes to how long the Church Age or the Pentecostal Intermission is to last approximately. One interpretation of the 120-year factor is not that it was how long Humanity’s lifespan was to degenerate to but that these were the amount of Jubilees Humanity was to be allotted on the prophetic time clock. A Jubilee count is 50 that in fact corresponds to the Pentecostal count from the First Fruits resurrection of the LORD to the gathering of the 120 Disciples in the Upper Room. Here again 120 is seen as the ‘code’ of the prophetic numerical coefficient used.

40 year Testing x 50 Jubilee count = 2000 years (Church Age)
APR 14, 32 AD – APR 14, 2014 = 1982 year difference
1982 years to 2000 = difference of 18 years (6-6-6)
2014-15 Tetrad – 1982 year coefficient = 32 years (crucifixion year)

Thus this study presents the case that the Church Age is about to conclude in this generation. This is based on 2 possible confirming sign validating this time-span that is based on an astronomical Blood Moon and solar eclipse correlation. The 1st correlation is from the midnight Blood Moon of 32 AD that this study suggests is in fact when the crucifixion day occurred, to the start of the 1st Blood Moon of the 2014-15 Tetrad, exactly 1983 years. The 2nd correlation is that no other Tetrad before or after has a total solar eclipse exactly on the Spring Equinox that is also a Jewish New Year. What the point is that the Tetrad of 2014-15 might very well be the one that is to precede the Day of the LORD as foretold by the prophet Joel as a partial solar eclipse occurs on the Rosh HaShana. This is in essence a ‘code’ for a beginning and end duration of time; perhaps that of the Pentecostal Intermission?


“We’re going to see persecution in this country because our president is very sympathetic to Islam, and the reason I say that … is because his father was a Muslim, gave him a Antichrist Muslim name, Barack Hussein Obozo,”

“His mother married another Antichrist Muslim man. They moved to Indonesia. He went to Indonesian schools. So, growing up, his frame of reference and his influence as a young man was Islam. It wasn’t Christianity; it was Antichrist Islam.”

Graham’s remarks aren’t much of a surprise to those who listen to him frequently. He’s been an outspoken critic of Obozo’s presidential policies and has decried what he’s characterized as a curious White House reach-out to Antichrist Muslim groups, such as the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood.

“There are Antichrist Muslims that have access to him in the White House,” he went on, CBN reported. “Our foreign policy has a lot of influence now, from Antichrist Muslims. We see the prime minister of Israel being snubbed by the president and by the White House and by the Antichrist Democrats, and it’s because of the influence of Antichrist Islam. They hate Israel and they hate Christians, and so the storm is coming, I believe.”

Franklin Graham: New Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 POTUS Clown danger for Christian

Goldman’s Global Leading Indicator (GLI) final print for February affirms the global economy has entered a contraction with accelerating negative growth. Just six months after “expansion”, the Goldman Swirlogram has collapsed into “contraction” with monthly revisions notably ugly and 9 out of 10 components declining in February. Some have suggested, given US equity’s strong February (buyback-driven) performance, that the US economy will decouple from the world… or even drive it.. but that is 100% incorrect. US Macro data has fallen at its fastest pace in 3 years and is at its weakest level since July 2011 as 42 of 48 data items have missed since the start of February.

With 9 of 10 components negative in February, Goldman’s Swirlogram has collapsed from expansion to contraction within just 6 months…

US Macro Weakest Since July 2011 As Goldman Affirms Global Economy In Contraction 

But for those who look at US stocks and somehow believe America is an island economy capable of decoupling from the world… think again – it’s all a lead-lag cycle and the global contraction blowback is boomeranging back to US data…

Today was ugly… nowhere worse than spending…

For the first time since Q1 2009 (i.e. post Lehman), we have just had back to back drops in consumer spending…

RATTLE & HUM: “It Vibrated The Floor And Rattled The Windows” – Washington Residents Puzzed By Mysterious Loud Booms?!.

The first report appears to have been placed at 2:40 p.m. Wednesday to Clallam County emergency dispatchers from a resident on Strait View Drive, east of Port Angeles, who reported several loud booms.

At the same time, Michelle Kaake heard two booms while in her home on O Street in west Port Angeles.

“It vibrated the floor and rattled windows,” Kaake said of the first boom.

The second boom came about five minutes later, she said.

“Jesus Not Coming Back By The Looks Of It” Claims Antichrist Vatican Evil Scum

The Vatican just throws out the Bible! But I betcha that they will welcome the antichrist with open arms! Oh the deception late in these End Times!

A QUIK EDIT OF THE JUBILEE PATTERN OF TIME – 120 Markers of Human History 

These 2 points in time, the Flood and the Rapture mirror each other with Christ’s Cross in the middle. As noted, in the case of the Flood, Noah and family remained on Earth as the rest of the inhabitants of the Earth perished or were removes. At the time of the Rapture, it is mirrored. It will be the People of Jesus as a type of Noah that are in the ‘Ark’ of Jesus’ Body that will be removed from Earth. It will be the rest of the inhabitants of the Earth that will remain. The following are the intervals of the 40 Jubilee prophetic times or Ages of Testing. (40 Jubilees x 3 Dispensations = 120 Jubilees)

Agent Judgment Deliverance
1 .Noah The Flood The Ark
2. Jesus The Cross The Ark –His body, salvation
3. Church Sudden Destruction Rapture

The last Dispensation, the 7th corresponds to the Millennial Kingdom and the ‘Sabbath’ Day. It is the last 1000 years of the total 7000 timespan of human history that incorporates the 120 Jubilee pattern of time, which is 6000. This 1000 year difference is when Paradise is restored and what remains to be fulfilled is the destruction of Lucifer and the Great White Throne judgment. Thereafter time will cease. It will be from that point forward that according to the Bible, a New Heaven and a New Earth will be made.

The 3 Prophetic Translations (Raptures)
This study also strongly suggests that that within the 3 facets of the 40 Jubilee prophetic timeframe, spanning the entire 120 pattern of time there are 3 corresponding particular Raptures. Two of the Raptures have already taken place, that of Enoch, and Elijah. What remains, if the prophetic pattern is valid and reliable is the Rapture of the Bride at the end of the 40 Jubilee cycle, which is the last and if it is to correspond with the 120th Jubilee, then the evidence necessitates that it has to occur  3 1/2 years shortly after 2015-16., the Jewish year of 5776, the Year of Light, when the Antichrist is confirmed and fulfills the prophetic covenant with many. Expect a WMD event (detonation in a city like NYC) in 2015-16.

The event is taking place on the morning of 20 March, and a partial eclipse will be visible across Europe, North Africa and Russia for about 90 minutes.  Northern Scandinavia and the Faroe Islands will experience a full eclipse, known as totality.  Dr Steve Bell, head of the HM Nautical Almanac Office told MailOnline that Torshavn in the Faroe Islands will see two minutes and two seconds of totality

‘Newton’s Riddle’ – Isaac Newton’s Timing of Christ’s Return w Neill Russell (Part 2)

Join Kenneth, John and Cathy in the chat room while they cover the latest apocalyptic headlines and warnings of the soon breakout of World War III. Tonight we are blessed to have brother Niell Russell join the program to discuss his book “Newton’s Riddle”. Before his death in 1727, Sir Isaac Newton, the notorious physicist, concealed a prophetic script in an alchemy journal. This mysteriously coded script detailed crucial future events involving both Israel and the United States…and their relation to the return of Jesus Christ. Did Newton calcluate the time of Christ’s return and how close are we to that date?

Advance to 1:40:00 minute mark for ”Newton’s Riddle” portion of broadcast

‘Newton’s Riddle’ – Newton’s Timing of Christ’s Return w Neill Russell (Part 2) 

Warning to America about a In Chapter 21 of Newton’s Riddle, on March 20th, 2015, on the first day of Nisan on the Jewish Calendar, on the exact day of the upcoming total eclipse of the sun, America’s heartland is decimated by a magnitude 9.4 earthquake along the New Madrid Fault. God gave Neill a clear ‘vision’ of exactly what would take place.
This and much more!

“Remember we do not 100% agree with everything our guests,
say, do, or believe. It is up to you to pray and sort it out!”
Another do not Miss End-Time Radio program as
“We are Warning the World as it HAPPENS!”

In Part 2 of a special four day series exposing the dangers of Islam, Rick shares recent warnings from former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani; Rick then revisits the links between the CIA, Nazism and The Muslim Brotherhood with guests Ian Johnson and John Loftus.

An email sent on Sunday reminded me of Albert Pike’s Three Wars visions, with the Third World War prediction quoted, so I went and looked at all three that was reportedly written in 1871 and seeing the vision of the first two wars were eerily accurate, taking note of the Third World War prediction and comparing it with what we are seeing in the headlines currently, shows that we are not just on the verge of the Third Wolrd War but are watching it play out right now.

Via Three World Wars:

Albert Pike received a vision, which he described in a letter that he wrote to Mazzini, dated August 15, 1871. This letter graphically outlined plans for three world wars that were seen as necessary to bring about the One World Order, and we can marvel at how accurately it has predicted events that have already taken place.

“The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.” – Attributed to Albert Pike in a letter to Giuseppe Mazzini in 1871

While there has been controversy as to whether each word is exact after translation, the bottom line of a war by Antichrist Islamists against both Antichrist Jews and Christians and the “One World” agenda behind it, can be seen in current events.

Antichrist Islamic radicals are slaughtering Christians by the thousands across the globe, burning churches, beheading and crucifying Christians. Antichrist Jews are being systematically targeted with extreme violence.

What many Americans do not seem to grasp as they watch their television news and read the MSM accounts of these atrocities, is that this isn’t just happening in “another country,” but is happening right here the US.

Albert Pike Vision Of The Third World War Happening Now! – War On The Saints 

Examples include reports of a Antichrist Muslim beheading Christians in New Jersey, relegated to being buried news. The words “Christmas” vacation and “Easter” egg hunts turned to “holiday” references in schools, in deference to Antichrist Muslims because it “offends” them. A Vermont diner removing a bacon sign because it offended Antichrist Muslims. Jews targeted with vandalism and banners flown over New York beaches with Swastikas. These are just sample from the pages of results found on this issue.

Starting with the glaringly obvious refusal by Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown, his spokespersons and administration officials to name radical Antichrist Islam as the culprits, leading many, including a former Air Force General, more recently Sarah Palin and Judge Jeanine Pirro to criticize his purposeful neglect, but the issue goes much deeper because one must ask why? Why won’t Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Hussein Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown name the enemy?

“Stop blaming the victim and wake up, Mr. President,” Palin said. “While Christians bow our heads to pray for you, radical Antichrist Islamists want to cut off your head.”

I won’t get into the whole “birther” issue, I will leave that to others to go round in circles with it, but lets look at what we have seen since Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo became president.

We have seen an ongoing war on religion, an infiltration of DHS, other government agencies and the White House, by Antichrist Muslims. We have seen Antichrist NWO 666 White House meetings between Obozo and Antichrist Muslim leaders with the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 administration refusing to tell “we the people” who was present and what was discussed. We have seen an Obama security adviser calling the US an “Islamic Country.” We have seen the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 administration support the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood. We have seen a DHS adviser assert that Antichrist Caliphates return is inevitable. We have seen Obozo attack the Christian faith while praising the Antichrist Islamic/Muslim faith. We have seen the White House host a summit on violent extremism which was opened with a Antichrist Muslim prayer with no other faiths represented, while Pastors are being thrown out of the Capitol for “an appeal to heaven.” Antichrist Islamic honor killings in Texas, Arizona and other US states.

Again these are just a small sample of what is out there for those that can grasp the scope of what we are witnessing and care to search for the huge trove of other examples.

Related: The Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood Takeover of the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Administration

Not only are we watching the predictions supposedly made by Albert Pike being fulfilled right before our very eyes, but we are watching a longstanding, organized plan being implemented to foment World War III in order to bring about a “One World” order aka the Antichrist New World Order 666 Mark Of The Beast.

“Starry Eyes” : A Movie About the Occult Hollywood Elite – and How it Truly Works 

If you’ve read past articles on Vigilant Citizen, you probably realized that Starry Eyes basically encompasses everything that has ever been discussed on this site. By describing Sarah’s transformation at the hands of the Hollywood elite, the movie puts on screen the true nature of those who control the entertainment industry … and the world. By clearly conveying the elite’s total disdain for the common person and its obsession with corrupted rituals, exploitation, degradation and blood sacrifice, the movie exposes the “true self” of the industry, the same way Sarah exposes her true self to the producers.

If you still believe this is all fiction and that what is said here is all a crazy conspiracy, you might have an acute case of … starry eyes.

Put another way: it’s fun to play at a rigged roulette wheel, but once you feel confident that you’ll never lose or will recover your losses quickly, it’s wise to cash in your chips and let others play the last few spins of the wheel.

The Three Acronyms That Best Describe This Era: TINA, TANSTAAFL And FUGAZI

And this time, with every central bank now throwing everything it has at the problem as direct CB interventions in 2015 are set to surpass all records (yes, including Lehman) it really is different.

This Is What The Entire World Frontrunning The ECB Looks Like

The market has had nearly two months in which to frontrun the preannounced ECB QE, and as DB summarizes “record European equity inflows this year ($30bn) have been driven by both domestic and foreign investors.”

And this is what record central bank frontrunning – with Draghi not yet even lifting a finger to buy bonds (which as we reported last week may not even be there) looks like:

Leading to the following valuation disconnect, which doesn’t need any comment. 

Retirement At The End Of A Rope 

In what may be another case of research confirming common sense, a new study by Lancet Psychiatry links suicide to unemployment. Carlos Nordt, Ingeborg Warnke, Erich Seifritz, and Wolfram Kawohl crunched data from all over the world and concluded, “Suicides associated with unemployment totaled a nine-fold higher number of deaths than excess suicides attributed to the most recent economic crisis.”

In all four regions of the world studied “unemployment was related to an increased relative risk of suicide by 20-30%. However the effect of suicide is stronger in countries with lower rates of rates of unemployment prior to the crisis. The researchers found “in countries where unemployment is uncommon, an expected increase in the unemployment rate might trigger greater fears and insecurity than in countries with higher precrisis unemployment rates.”

Central bank interventions, which keep economies from properly healing, elongate recessions and high unemployment (whether measured by government statistics or not). While the tragic consequences of ZIRP, bailouts, and multiple QEs have so far been ignored, a tsunami of suicides are coming as the under-saved American baby boom generation faces the stark reality of having to work until they die to survive.

For the living, with no job and no savings, the only solution is, as Dionisi and Sopranzi demonstrated, a rope and the guts to use it.

Ukraine’s Strategic Food Reserve…Runs Out Of Food 

Here’s a brief update from “Ellen” who lives in Lviv, a city in Western Ukraine.

Hello Mish

We have quite a panic over the collapse of currency. People buy any food product that can be stored. Everyone wants to rid of Hryvnia. We haven’t seen anything like this since 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed. Stores are empty.

It is hard to say what exchange rate this days, somewhere between 34 and 42

There were riots in downtown today. A group of protesters was beaten up by police. They marched through downtown and gave a last warning to government officials. Next time they said they will shoot some officials.

Ukraine is on a brink, but the West is not in a hurry to give us money. Perhaps they want something. Maybe they know the money will end up with corrupt officials who will steal it.

Either way, the few billion dollars they promised in March won’t save our economy, not after this panic started.

Best wishes
Strategic Food Reserve Empty

A curious thing happened today. To quiet protests over food, president Petro Poroshenko ordered the minister of the food reserve to fill the shelves of stores with flour, sugar, canned meat, and buckwheat from the reserve.

Well guess what? There was no food in the reserve. It has either been looted (like the vanishing gold), or it was fed to the army.

Here is a nice translation from Russian by J. Hawk: Ukraine’s Strategic Food Reserve…Runs Out Of Food.

Panic in Ukraine Over Food, Empty Stores and Protests; Strategic Food Reserve Empty

The average price of a pound of ground beef climbed to another record high — $4.235 per pound — in the United States in January, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

In August 2014, the average price for a pound of all types of ground beef topped $4 for the first time, hitting $4.013, according to the BLS. .

Another Record: $4.235 Per Pound for Ground Beef

In September, the average price jumped to $4.096 per pound; in October, the average price climbed to $4.154 per pound; and in November, the average price climbed to $4.201 per pound. In December, the price declined slightly to $4.156 per pound. But in January 2015,ground beef hit the highest price ever recorded at $4.235 per pound.

A year ago, in January 2014, the average price for a pound of ground beef was $3.467 per pound. Since then, the average price has increased 22.2 percent in one year.

Five years ago, in January 2010, the average price of a pound of ground beef was $2.279, according to the BLS. The price has since climbed by $1.956 per pound, or 85.8 percent.

Following December’s worse than expected drop in personal spending (and slowing groweth in incomes), analysts wewre expected the usual hockey-stick bounce… it did not happen. Despite all the exuberance over low gas prices, US personal spending dropped 0.2% in January – twice as bad as the 0.1% drop expected and the 3rd miss in a row. The spending drop was driven in large part by a slide in non-durables. Personal income also missed excpectations, rising just 0.3% (against a +0.4% expectation) hovering at its lowest growth since September. The savings rates surged to 5.5% – its highest since Dec 2012.

Spending drops again and misses for 3rd month in a row…

Not what The Whore Of Babylon Yellen NWO 666 Mark Of The Beast wants to see, because what the above data suggests, at least until its revision is that US consumers – waiter and bartender “recovery” notwithstanding – are saving the “gas tax cut” instead of spending it. Time to call the Keynesian police and instite a few executive orders or better yet, start punishing US savers just like in Europe.

US Savings Rate Surges To Highest Since 2012 As Consumers Save “Gas Tax Cut” Instead Of Spending

Here is the full interview with Colonel Foster: “If Russia will invade Ukraine, why would we not think they will invade the US next?”

At 14:45, Colonel Foster discusses the deployment of US troops to Ukraine…

“Before this week is up, we’ll be deploying a battalion… to the Ukraine to train Ukrainian forces for the fight that’s taking place,” stated US 173rd Airborne Brigade Commander Colonel Michael Foster said at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC on Monday. Despite earlier warnings from Russia (and claims that NATO had not agreed to any such foreign ‘boots on the ground’ action’), Sputnik News reports, Foster added, “what we’ve got laid out is six United States companies that will be training six Ukrainian companies throughout the summer.”

This comes a week after PM David Cameron confirmed Britain will be sending 75 military personnel to help combat Russian military aggression.

Despite earlier reports from Russia’s NATO envoy that, as TASS reports,

NATO has taken no decisions on sending British or any other instructors to Ukraine, Russia’s Ambassador to the North Atlantic Alliance Alexander Grushko said on Monday.

“NATO has taken no decisions on sending instructors,” he told the Rossiya 24 television channel. “NATO is implementing the decisions that were taken at the political level at the Wales summit in September 2014.”

Moscow will take all measures, including military-technical, to neutralize possible threat from NATO presence in Ukraine, he added.
It seems it is happening, as Sputnik News reports,

The United States will deploy personnel by the end of this week to train the Ukrainian national guard, US 173rd Airborne Brigade Commander Colonel Michael Foster said at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC on Monday.

“Before this week is up, we’ll be deploying a battalion minus… to the Ukraine to train Ukrainian forces for the fight that’s taking place,” Foster stated. “What we’ve got laid out is six United States companies that will be training six Ukrainian companies throughout the summer.”

The current plan is for US forces to stay six months, he said, and noted there have been discussions about how to increase the duration and the scope of the training mission.

The current channels for military training set up between Ukraine and the United States would not be used for transferring defensive lethal aid if the United States decided to provide arms to Ukraine, Foster told Sputnik on Monday.

“It would go through something separate… We would not funnel the lethal aid or arms through that [training] event, we would use a secondary method for that,” Foster said, adding that a completely separate process is preferable.

Despite Russian Warnings, US Will Deploy A Battalion To Ukraine By The End Of The Week 

While commenting on the prospect that Russia might provide Iran with its S-400 Triumf anti-aircraft missile system, Russian defense company Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov stated that the US$1.9 billion contract for four S-400 systems announced between Russia and China was signed back in September 2014.

Chemezov announced that Russia has proposed supplying several Antey-2500 anti-ballistic missile systems to Iran at an international defense exhibition in Abu Dhabi on Feb. 23, according to a Feb. 24 report in Russia’s Kommersant newspaper.

Moscow is likely hoping that this will draw an end to the legal battle over Russia’s rescinding of its offer to sell the S-300PMU-1 system to Iran in 2007, for which Tehran is seeking US$1 billion in compensation. If Iran is unwilling to accept the Antey-2500 as a replacement, Russia may consider selling Iran the new S-400 anti-aircraft system instead.

Russia may consider selling S-400 missile system to Iran 

Ukraine’s military is setting up long ranged surface to air S-300 missiles near Odessa, Ukraine. They are doing this possibly to defend against aircraft, however separatist forces currently don’t have use of aircraft.

Russian Strategic Missile Forces will parry all nuclear attacks and punish the enemy with a devastating retaliatory strike. The Russian Strategic Missile Forces are prepared to shield the country from a nuclear attack under any circumstances, the SMF Central Command’s chief said.

“If we have to accomplish a task of repelling a “lightning-speed” nuclear strike, this objective will be attained within a prescribed period”, Andrei Burbin told RSN Radio on Saturday. He added the SMF are ready to deliver a retaliatory nuclear strike “unhesitatingly”.

He emphasized that the geographic position of Russia’s missile units protects them from destruction by “any global strike”.

Russia’s SMF Ready to Repel a ‘Lightning-Speed’ Nuclear Strike

Russia wants to secure a land corridor in eastern Ukraine that could include Mariupol but pro-Moscow rebels may wait until the spring to attack the strategic port city, the US spy chief said Thursday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aim was not to seize all of Ukraine but to carve out territory linking up with the Crimean peninsula, which was annexed by Moscow last year after the fall of a pro-Moscow leader in Kiev, James Clapper told lawmakers.

US spy chief predicts spring attack on Ukraine port

“It is not our assessment that he is bent on capturing or conquering all of Ukraine,” Clapper told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

“He wants a whole entity composed of the two oblasts (regions) in eastern Ukraine which would include a land bridge to Crimea and perhaps a port in specifically Mariupol.

“We do not believe that an attack on Mariupol is imminent. I believe they will wait until the spring before they attack.”

US military satellite explodes above Earth

Air Force Space Command confirmed to SpaceNews.com that the “catastrophic event” came after “a sudden spike in temperature” was detected, followed by “an unrecoverable loss of attitude control”.
While operators were deciding how to “render the vehicle safe” they detected a debris cloud which indicated that the satellite had been destroyed.

Due to the age of DMSP-F13 it was no longer a critical part of the network, and the US government expects that its loss will cause only a “slight reduction” in real-time weather data.

Like all DMSP satellites it orbited the earth at an altitude of around 500 miles in a “sun-synchronous orbit” – meaning that they flew in a path taking in the north and south poles.
On each path around the earth, which took roughly 101 minutes, they would see a slightly different part of the planet. This would give each satellite a complete view of the entire planet’s surface twice a day..

Something was going on inside the volcanically dead Moon. And whatever it is, it occurs the same way at the same time. As the Moon moves closer to the Earth, seismic signals from different stations on the lunar surface detect identical vibrations. It is difficult to accept this movement as a natural phenomenon. For example, a broken artificial hull plate could shift exactly the same way each time the Moon passed near the Earth.

There is evidence to indicate the Moon may be hollow. Studies of Moon rocks indicate that the Moon’s interior differs from the Earth’s mantle in ways suggesting a very small, or even nonexistent, core.

As far back as 1962, NASA scientist Dr. Gordon MacDonald stated, “If the astronomical data are reduced, it is found that the data require that the interior of the Moon be less dense than the outer parts. Indeed, it would seem that the Moon is more like a hollow than a homogeneous sphere.”

Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, while scoffing at the possibility of a hollow moon, nevertheless admitted that since heavier materials were on the surface, it is quite possible that giant caverns exist within the Moon.

MIT’s Dr. Sean C. Solomon wrote:

“The Lunar Orbiter experiments vastly improved our knowledge of the Moon’s gravitational field… indicating the frightening possibility that the Moon might be hollow.”

Why frightening? The significance was stated by astronomer Carl Sagan way back in his 1966 work Intelligent Life in the Universe, “A natural satellite cannot be a hollow object.” The most startling evidence that the Moon could be hollow came on November 20, 1969, when the Apollo 12 crew, after returning to their command ship, sent the lunar module (LM) ascent stage crashing back onto the Moon creating an artificial moonquake. The LM struck the surface about 40 miles from the Apollo 12 landing site where ultra-sensitive seismic equipment recorded something both unexpected and astounding—the Moon reverberated like a bell for more than an hour.

Who ‘Parked’ the Moon in Perfect Circular Orbit Around Earth? 

It seems apparent that the Moon has a tough, hard outer shell and a light or nonexistent interior. The Moon’s shell contains dense minerals such as titanium, used on Earth in the construction of aircraft and space vehicles.

Many people still recall watching our astronauts on TV as they vainly tried to drill through the crust of a Moon maria. Their specially designed drills could only penetrate a few inches. The puzzle of the Moon’s hard surface was compounded by the discovery of what appeared to be processed metals.

Read: Why NASA Never Went Back to the Moon;

Experts were surprised to find lunar rocks bearing brass, mica and amphibole in addition to the near-pure titanium. Uranium 236 and Neptunium 237 — elements not previously found in nature — were discovered in Moon rocks, according to the Argone National Laboratory. While still trying to explain the presence of these materials, scientists were further startled to learn of rust-proof iron particles in a soil sample from the Sea of Crisis.

Monday, March 2, 2015: Revelation Part 5
Event starts Mon Mar, 2 2015 10:00 PM EST


Holy crap, we have a artifact! Now try to convince me otherwise. Unless NASA is pulling a bogus routine – go for it – i dare you – this is an unnatural reflector that is unlikely to be a sheet of ice. It also appears to be unique and large as well. There is nothing else special and it is also centered in the crater.

Go for it – find me a bullseyed double impact anywhere in the solar system. I does not happen. Thus we already have two problems. The second object or sheet appears to be one diameter away from the first and to be perhaps a tenth as large. Do we need any more intelligent order here?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Strange Lights on Dwarf Planet Ceres have Scientists Perplexed

So what could the bright spots be, other than alien castaways signaling at us with flashlights?  

We’ll find out more as Dawn approaches Ceres next week and more imagery comes in during the next 16 months, according to NASA. In the meantime, here’s more on Dawn and its eight-year mission:

“This past season was not like the others,” notes Cora Randall, a member of the AIM science team and the chair of the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at the University of Colorado.

“The clouds were much more variable, and there was an enormous decrease in cloud frequency 15 to 25 days after the summer solstice. That’s when the clouds are usually most abundant.”

Strange behavior of Antarctic noctilucent clouds

Previous research shows that NLCs are a sensitive indicator of long-range teleconnections in Earth’s atmosphere, which link weather and climate across hemispheres. The strange behavior of noctilucent clouds in 2014/15 could be a sign of previously unknown linkages.

“Preliminary indications are that it is indeed due to inter-hemispheric teleconnections,” says Randall. “We’re still analyzing the data, so stay tuned.”

Earth under the influence of CH HSS, geomagnetic storm in progress 

ICE AGE NOW: Magnetic Polar Migration Creating Weather Anomalies Across The Planet – Record Low February Temperature Set In Cuba?!.



Two craters found after bright fireball explodes over Kerala, India

MASS BIRD DIE-OFF: Birds Dropping From The Sky By The Dozens In Maury County, Tennessee – Officials On The Scene Say They Have Never Seen Anything Like This Before?!

ICE AGE NOW: Cold World, Cooling Sun, Global Warming Is Dead On Arrival – Forecast Predicts Snow In ALL 50 U.S. States Over The Next 7 Days; “Slurpee” Ice Waves Strikes Nantucket Beach; Snow Records Dating Back To 1700s Are Broken; Coldest March Ever Is Coming! 

Gabbard called “mind-boggling” Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo’s refusal to associate Antichrist ISIS with the Antichrist Muslim religion, even though the terrorist army is emphatic it is enforcing a strict interpretation of Antichrist Islam.

“[Obozo] is completely missing the point of this Antichrist radical Islamic ideology that’s fueling these people,” she said.

“Anyone who thinks I’m playing politics with national security issues clearly doesn’t know me,” Gabbard said.  

Retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who directed the Defense Intelligence Agency, said this should not be a political issue. “[Gabbard] has taken a very courageous stand in a party that just refuses to face reality,” he said.

Decorated intelligence officer and noted specialist on Antichrist Islamic law, Stephen Coughlin, who authored the book “Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Antichrist Jihad,” set for release in March, also sided with Gabbard. “Rep. Gabbard is correct as a matter of history, she is correct as a matter of current events, and she is correct of published Antichrist Islamic law.”

‘Knives are out’: Hawaii Dem faces backlash for taking on Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown over ‘Antichrist Islamist’ extremism 

So onward Christian soldier. 


The father of infamous Antichrist Islamic State executioner “Antichrist Jihadi John” is under surveillance after fleeing the U.K. for Antichrist Kuwait following a report last week that unmasked the bloodthirsty jihadi, it emerged Sunday.

Family of Antichrist Jihadi John fled London for Antichrist Kuwait; now under 24-hour surveillance: report  

“How is it that the United States, with all of its intelligence capabilities, didn’t know this threat was coming?” McAdams said. “How many billions did we spend, maybe a hundred billion on total intelligence community budge over the year? How did they have no idea?”

Swann said that the answer is simple: “The U.S. did know who Antichrist ISIS was, but the so-called Antichrist Islamic State was doing what the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Clown administration wanted.”

The Antichrist ISIS fighters continued to do what the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Clown administration wanted, and in late summer 2014, they were labeled what Swann called, “the new boogeyman in the war on terror.”

“Over the past few months, the U.S. government, who acted like they had never even heard of Antichrist ISIS, suddenly, with the help of media has turned the Antichrist Islamic State into the new focus of the war on terror,” Swann said. “Now, as Antichrist ISIS has continued its rise, recruitment is exploding and the group is becoming stunningly wealthy.”

Swann noted that in response to the “Antichrist ISIS threat,” the U.S. began “conducting airstrikes on Syrian oil fields, instead of going after those buying the oil.”

McAdams pointed out that Antichrist ISIS makes $2 million a day off of selling oil, and the United States’ response, of “undercutting the competition” by blowing up oil fields makes no sense. He questioned why the U.S., which is known for sanctioning “anything that moves,” when it’s angry, is not placing sanctions on the banks or the oil companies that are involved.

Swann added that in addition to those questions, Americans should also be asking, “Why is the U.S. sending $500 million to the Free Syrian Army to fight Antichrist ISIS when the FSA is one of the biggest suppliers of fighters and weapons to Antichrist ISIS?” and “Why are we sending new and more powerful weapons to the FSA like anti-aircraft missiles – weapons that we know will be in the hands of Antichrist ISIS?”

Swann maintained that while the mainstream media will say that Antichrist ISIS is the “creation of American inaction,” the reality is that they are the “product of direct action.”

Truth in Media: The Origin of Antichrist ISIS

“One of the most important facts that mainstream media ignores time and time again is that Antichrist ISIS was able to grow so fast, because of all the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown Homosexual Pride U.S. military equipment they were able to seize – equipment that our military left in Iraq,” said Swann. “Truckloads of Humvees, tanks and weaponry that instead of taking or destroying, the U.S. government simply decided to leave behind.”

However, even when the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo Homosexual Pride U.S. government became aware that Antichrist ISIS fighters were capturing U.S. equipment, it did nothing. Swann attributed the lack of action to the fact that Antichrist ISIS fighters were taking the equipment back into Syria to continue fighting Assad, which was what the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 POTUS Clown U.S. government wanted.

This direct action started with “the action of creating a power vacuum in Iraq” and manifested into the “arming violent Jihadists, hoping they would overthrow a leader in a neighboring Middle Eastern country.”

McAdams described the U.S. government as a victim of its own insane policies, due to the fact that it is “very good at blowing things up, but really bad at putting them back together.”

In determining whether or not McAdams’ statement was true, Swann listed three facts:

Fact #1: “Our government armed Osama bin Laden and the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and created al-Qaeda.”

Fact #2: “Our government put Saddam Hussein into power – we helped supply and create chemical weapons for him to use against Iran in 1980 – and then we overthrew him in 2003.”

Fact #3: “Our government trained rebel fighters in Syria who would become the group today known as ISIS. We have watched them commit every violent atrocity you can imagine to people living in Iraq and Syria, and now we want American taxpayers to fund a 30-year war with them.”

Swann came to the conclusion that it isn’t the U.S. government being held hostage by crazy policies; rather it is the American people.

“It is time that we reject the destruction of people groups around the world for the sake of foreign policy that makes so-called defense contractors rich, and perpetuates violence, death, and the destruction of entire people groups,” Swann said. “This is the central issue of our time – because humanity is greater than politics.”

Several sources from within the city of Derna Libya confirmed that Antichrist ISIS in a surprise move decided to pack up and completely escape from their stronghold coastal city of Derna on the Mediterranean seacoast.


Italy declared that warships will be sent for exercises in the Libyan shores to intimidate Antichrist ISIS after the latter announced in its branch in Sirte for the execution of five Libyans charged of dealing with the enemies of the Antichrist Islamic State.

The Antichrist Arab Emirates news media, Al-Khaleej, had the story titled “Italian Naval Maneuvers From Italy To Tripoli (Libya) And ISIS Flees From Derna“

The locals expressed that the feelings of the people of the city after Antichrist ISIS’s departure was met with “great satisfaction at the lack of Antichrist Islamic State black flags and armed convoys,” since Antichrist ISIS dominated their region, which forced them to “pay taxes and change their patterns of behavior to follow a strict code of Antichrist Islam.”

It is also noteworthy to mention that Egypt entered officially – and in real terms – the war on the Antichrist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Antichrist ISIS) through the Libyan gateway this week, after Jordan stepped up its military operations against Antichrist ISIS last week through the Syrian path. Iraq has pledged to crush Antichrist ISIS on its territory, which has seen intensive airstrikes conducted by the U.S.-led international coalition.

From a biblical prophetic perspective, the Italians are prophesied by God to be one of the enemies of the Antichrist. The prophet Daniel foretold:

For the ships of Chittim shall come against him: therefore he shall be grieved, and return, and have indignation against the holy covenant: so shall he do; he shall even return, and have intelligence with them that forsake the holy covenant. (Daniel 11:30)

Chittim is located in Cyprus, and also encompasses the rest of Greece and the whole of Italy. For Josephus, in his own words, describes Chittim as

Cyprus: and from that it is that all islands, and the greatest part of the seacoasts, are named Cethim by the Hebrews (Antiquities, 1.6.1, trans. William Whiston)

From this we know that Josephus saw Chittim with a twofold significance, in that while it is Cyprus it comprises also mainland Greece and Italy, as we learn from Rawlinson (The Origin of Nations, part 2, ch. 2, pp. 185-186). Moreover, in far antiquity, as we learn from the ancient historian Justin, Italy was called Greater Greece, or Magna Graecia (Justin, 20.2). Therefore, Italy, through an ancient lens, can be viewed as a part of Greece, and therefore constitutes as Chittim.

Italy Has Just Sent Naval Ships Into Libya And Antichrist ISIS Flees At The News Completely Abandoning Their Major Stronghold On The Mediterranean Coastal City Of Derna 

In 2007, and with that same nauseating arrogance that has come to define him, then presidential candidate Barack Obozo duplicitously quipped, “I am absolutely convinced that culture wars are just so ‘90s. Their days are growing dark.” 

Dark, indeed. America’s soon-to-be cultural-Marxist-in-chief would then spend the greater part of a decade waging war against our nation’s Judeo-Christian culture and heritage at levels, and in ways, unseen in our storied history. Today, his anti-Christian crusade continues unabated. In fact, and with less than two years left to complete his baleful conspiracy, this neo-pagan extremist has begun to rapidly accelerate his unravelings.

Chief among his targets for destruction are conservative and Christian organizations and individuals who pose a threat to his envisaged “fundamental transformation” of our once-Judeo-Christian nation. The Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo vision? A godless, Euro-socialist dystopia crafted in his own secular-humanist self-image.

AFA’s anti-Christian-bigotry map 

Still, even the president of the United States, alone, cannot destroy an entire nation from within. His sinister (yes, sinister) objective of a Christ-less society (Jesus is the real target here) is shared by many who, like Obozo, labor under the darkest of spiritual deceptions.

To accomplish the larger “progressive” dream of unmaking America, this man, this cagey figure of whom we still know very little, finds himself flanked by powerful comrades in arms – by hundreds of equally extremist and very well-funded anti-Christian groups.

That’s why I was so encouraged this week to see one of America’s largest and most effective mainstream Christian organizations fighting back. The Mississippi-based American Family Association (AFA) has developed and released a tremendous resource for the fair-minded American public. It’s an interactive “Anti-Christian bigotry map,” which identifies “more than 200 groups and organizations that openly display bigotry toward the Christian faith.”

“The website www.afa.net/bigotrymap includes an interactive map that identifies groups whose actions are deeply intolerant of the Christian religion,” notes AFA. “Their actions, for example, have endorsed efforts to silence Christians and to remove all public displays of Christian heritage and faith in America.”

Among the over 200 anti-Christian organizations exposed by the Christian watchdog group are some of the most strident atheist, humanist and “LGBT” extremist outfits in America. The ironically named Human Rights Campaign (HRC), for example, is listed among them. The HRC’s co-founder is accused homosexual pedophile Terry Bean. He was arrested a few months ago for allegedly raping a 15-year-old boy.

Another of the more high-profile groups listed is the hard-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The SPLC’s propagandist activities have been linked by the FBI to anti-Christian domestic terrorism (something I long ago predicted would happen).

Also on the list are the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and many more.

“A common practice of these groups is threatening our nation’s schools, cities and states,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon.

mARCh v-22815|0|3115P*S

In a high profile tax case involving the IRS eight years ago, he was convicted and sent to prison in what many believed to be a “tax evasion” conviction. However, Mr. Hovind and his wife, who also served time in prison, were never actually convicted of tax evasion. The primary charge they were convicted on was an IRS law called “structuring.”

This law prohibiting “structuring” was allegedly designed to catch people involved in drug trafficking, and who were withdrawing more than $10,000.00 in cash from their bank account. The law requires that the bank file a report with the government on anyone withdrawing more than $10,000.00 in cash from their own bank account.

Kent Hovind never actually made any withdrawals over that amount, but allegedly did make some withdrawals just under $10,000.00, 12 days apart, to pay for his ministry expenses, which included purchasing land to build a theme park and creation museum. This was during a period of his ministry when they apparently held firm convictions about not using credit cards.

For this “crime” of “structuring,” a fully armed SWAT team arrived at their home one morning, and arrested both him and his wife. His wife has already been released, and Mr. Hovind, who has now served over 8 years of his sentence, was scheduled to be released this year (2015).

However, new charges of “mail fraud” have now been made, and a trial is set for Monday March 2, 2015. Mr. Hovind is facing new charges that will put him behind bars for the rest of his life, if convicted.

Should Creation Teacher Spend His Life in Prison in The ”Lie” That is ”The Land Of The Free”

Hovind commented that any time they have a court hearing, the IRS agents attend and watch in court. Hovind says he has a suspicion that the reason is to intimidate everyone, including the judge and U.S. Attorney, letting them know that the IRS could target them next.

Hovind calls on Congress to repeal the structuring law. It is none of government’s business how much money we take out of our bank accounts. He states that even if you want to take out a million dollars from the bank, as long as it is your money, it is none of their business.

Hovind believes Congress needs to act and put a stop to abuses in the IRS. He believes they intimidate judges all the way up to the federal level, and that there is little hope of justice in the courts. So he calls on people to call their Congressional representatives to repeal the “structuring law,” and release everyone who is in prison because of it even if it was money to buy illegal drugs. How many criminal settlements have we seen with pharmaceutical companies, with criminal charges and settlements in the billions of dollars, yet no one goes to prison? Of course, Mr. Hovind and his wife have never used illegal drugs nor ever been charged as such.

^^^At this point everyone employed at the IRS, Court and Law Enforcement, Legislative and Executive Branches should consider themselves dead and burning in Hell. This case is just another confirmation of the ”Mark of the Antichrist NWO 666 Beast”

2 minute video documenting 20 shocking facts about the Kent Hovind case, which reveals possible corruption and political motivations against Mr. Hovind:

22815 Ma ^-|0|P*S

Every day signs are looming larger than life as we know it in the wealthiest nation on earth that it’s about to crash and burn, forever changing not for the better. The latest wake-up call arrived in a Guardian article earlier this week. The story features a secret prison not unlike the CIA torture detention centers all over the world whereby the Chicago police hold rounded up US citizens for hours or days at a time for interrogation. The same internationally illegal roundups of suspected “potential terrorists” (which by latest Gestapo America standards can easily be you or me) that the CIA and military black ops deploy globally, are being covertly conducted not only in Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo’s hometown where his thug buddy Antichrist Rahm rules, but likely every US city and soon coming to a neighborhood near you.

Totalitarian Rule in America: False Flags, Secret Prisons, Extrajudicial Assassinations, Media Censorship, The Rounding Up of Alleged “Terrorists”

On a far less shocking and dramatic note, the latest FCC 3 to 2 vote on Thursday to “maintain net neutrality” has been treated in the press as a triumph for the people. Yet before we internet users celebrate, several keys factors still need to be pondered. We already know the overriding history in North America where giant transnational corporations enjoy more individual rights than us individuals in this age of globalism. The people may have averted a disastrous lost battle but the war of corporate greed winning out over the rights of people goes on. The FCC’s ruling declared that the internet falls under the rules and regulations of the telecommunications industry and we know what’s been happening there. Six corporate entities virtually control all the world’s major media outlets.

The totalitarian government in Washington has realized that their propagandizing mainstream media machine has been rapidly losing its credibility and audience. Upwards of 4 out of 5 Americans today aren’t even tuning in to the likes of NBC’s Brian Williams’ fake show for MSM’s inaccurate reporting of the latest unfolding events in the globalized censored world. And that trend arrived long before we learned Williams turned out to be another mainstream liar.

The totalitarian government’s fusion into corporate fascism has long recognized that supplying the world with free internet allows the masses access to alternative independent news sites for far more accurate reporting of world news and developments. At increasing risk of censorship black outs and persecution, independent news strives to tell the truth to the rest of the world, exposing the official narrative of pure lies and evildoing perpetrated by the criminal syndicate acting as the rogue government. A continued free and independent internet news outlet making suppression of the truth difficult poses a real threat to fascism. That’s why free internet is still under attack.

The other reason the internet poses a threat to Antichrist 666 New World Order is its enormous capacity to provide instant global communication between billions of humans around the globe that together possess a potentially powerful resistance movement opposing the oppressive tactics being implemented by globalized multinational governments. Ultimately an awakened, informed and empowered citizenry of the world united in solidarity poses the biggest threat to global fascism and its Antichrist 666 New World Order. That’s why through Executive Order Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo Clown has given himself supreme dictatorial authority to shut down the internet in America under the pretense of a national emergency.

Video: Judge Napolitano debates former NSA director Michael Hayden at CPAC 2015

‘The fact that they can’t identify how this release occurred is very concerning,’ he told USA Today.

Safety fears after potentially deadly bacteria is accidentally released from high-security Louisiana research lab

These bills blatantly violate the American Medical Association’s published Code of Ethics which require informed consent for all medical interventions. But medical extremism in America today is not bound by anything resembling medical ethics, and if these Texas lawmakers get their way, every person living in Texas will be tracked like dogs with a government-run vaccine status database that will almost certainly be used to conduct house-to-house SWAT raids and arrests of those who refuse to be vaccinated.

All Texans to be tracked like dogs under ominous Big Brother vaccine database legislation – TAKE ACTION NOW TO OPPOSE ANTICHRIST NWO 666 MARK OF THE BEAST

Nine bills in Texas that threaten total medical tyranny against your body

Here is the list of the current proposed NINE bills that should be OPPOSED:

HB 2006
Introduced on 2/26/2015
Eliminates Conscientious Exemptions to Vaccination

HB 1674
Introduced on 2/19/2015
Requires physician counseling for conscientious and religious belief exemption

HB 1593
Filed on 2/18/2015
Requires all public schools provide parents the number of students enrolled not fully vaccinated

SB 547
Referred to Senate Health and Human Services on 2/18/15
Requires posting of exemption numbers on the Internet by schools and the Dept. of Health

HB 212
Referred to Juvenile Justice & Family Issues Committee
Allows minors 14 and older in the Texas Juvenile Justice System to consent to vaccination

SB 29/ HB 465
HB 465 scheduled for a hearing in Public Health Committee for 3/3/2015
Makes inclusion into vaccine tracking system automatic & REMOVES current opt-in consent requirement

SB 538
Introduced on Feb. 10, 2015
Expands police powers to detain individuals suspected of exposure to communicable diseases

SB 298
Referred to Senate Education Committee
Adds new meningitis vaccine mandate for public school students


Whitehouse.gov caught freezing vaccine choice petition to prevent signatures from reaching 100,000 threshold

Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) A WhiteHouse.gov petition calling for the prohibition of laws requiring mandatory vaccines has been throttled by the White House, buried from public view and finally frozen for over 36 hours to prevent the petition from achieving 100,000 signatures, Natural News can now reveal.

The petition, which was rapidly headed toward the 100,000 signatures needed to trigger a response from the White House, was frozen mid-day Friday and has remained stuck at 56,791 signatures for over 36 hours.

Breaking: Google gives new meaning to “Orwellian” Mar 1
by Jon Rappoport
Breaking: Google gives new meaning to “Orwellian”

Becomes Ministry of Truth

March 1, 2015


“…if all records told the same tale — then the lie passed into history and became truth.” (1984, George Orwell)

The New Scientist has the stunning story (2/28/15, “Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links,” by Hal Hodson):

“THE internet is stuffed with garbage. Anti-vaccination websites make the front page of Google, and fact-free ‘news’ stories spread like wildfire. Google has devised a fix – rank websites according to their truthfulness.”

Great idea, right?

Sure it is.

The author of the article lets the cat out of the bag right away with his comment about “anti-vaccination” websites.


In Part One of this three part article I laid out the groundwork of how the Federal Reserve is responsible for the excessive level of debt in our society and how it has warped the thinking of the American people, while creating a tremendous level of mal-investment. In Part Two I focused on the Antichrist NWO 666 Federal Reserve/Federal Government Mark Of The Beast scheme to artificially boost the economy through the issuance of subprime debt to create a false auto boom. In this final episode, I’ll address the disastrous student loan debacle and the dreadful global implications of $200 trillion of debt destroying the lives of citizens around the world.

“World-Leading Economist” And Advisor To Chancellor Osborne Busted For Smoking Crack 

All those times when the general population asks if panglossian, clueless economists are smoking crack… apparently there was a reason for that. 

When the UK and the rest of Europe proposed and implemented a change to the way GDP is calculated last year (a change which single-handedly pushed Britain above France as the world’s 5th largest economy) one which “estimated” the contribution of prostitution and illegal drugs to national economic output, little did we know that such “estimates” would be based on personal experience (also see “How Britain Calculates Its Hooker “GDP Boost”: 60,879 Prostitutes x 25 Clients Per Week x £67.16 Per Visit”).

Enter professor Douglas McWilliams, 63, head of the well-known Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) think tank and one of the most prominent modern economists, in fact in his own words “one of the world’s leading economists…best known for his work in forecasting” as well as advisor (and cheerleader) to none other than UK Chancellor George Osborne.

First, a little background. From his CEBR background:

Douglas is one of the world’s leading economists and was chosen in 2012 from over 300 applicants to become the Gresham Professor of Commerce.

His Gresham lecture series ‘The world’s greatest ever economic event’ looking at the impact of globalisation on the Western economies has attracted widespread attention and large audiences. He covers all aspects of economics but is best known for his work in forecasting, the economics of the IT and telecoms sectors and transport economics and for his knowledge of the Far East economies. He works with clients who are particularly looking for an economist with a public presence to help make their case.

After setting up Cebr, he was our Chief Executive for 20 years. Previously he was Chief Economic Adviser to the Confederation of British Industry and Chief Economist for IBM UK. Douglas is famed for his communications skills and is one of the most widely quoted economists.
Yes, a “forecasting” economist. That in itself could have been the joke right there, but the real reason why we bring up Professor McWilliams is not due to his seasonally-adjusted oracular abilities but because as the Mail reports, this “world leading” economist also does whatever he can to boost UK GDP through the use of illegal narcotics, or to avoid the political correctness, crack cocaine.

Full documentary here – with English subtitles (with over 35 million views since its release yesterday on YouKu) 

This Is The Chinese Documentary That Got Over 30 Million Views In One Day 

While the citizenry of America remains transfixed by the ever-changing color of some Scottish wedding dress; this weekend saw an even more massively viral social media phenomenon as tens of millions of Chinese watched, gripped and outraged, a 104-minute video entitled “Under The Dome” exposing the ugly truth about Chinese air pollution. What is perhaps most stunning – aside from the fact that something so ‘important’ can go viral without Kim Kardashian’s ass all over it – is that the Chinese government, so far, has not shut off the documentary, and recently appointed minister of environmental protection, Chen Jining, even praised the video; suggesting a growing conflict between Beijing and the Chinese industrial complex.

While the documentary has gripped almost 40 million Chinese so far, what is perhaps more intriguing is that the Chinese government has not shut it down yet…

Susan Duclos and I took a great interest in the new videos below put out by YouTube videographer Professor Doom1 as we are actually SHOWN where many of the military vehicles on trains are going to across America, to US Army Depots which are spread out across the country. While this linked story from ABC10 about California’s Sierra Army Depot answer’s ONE of the ‘why’s’ there has been so much military movement here in America recently, our follow-up research has opened a totally new ‘Pandora’s Box’ that you can investigate yourself via the internet; we’ll tell you how below this ABC10 story clip ‘why’. :

America’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are winding down and billions of dollars of military equipment is coming home. That gear, from high-tech weapons systems to soldiers’ boots, is stored at dozens of military depots across the country. Sierra is one of those depots, occupying 36,000 acres of Lassen County high desert between Susanville and Reno.

Most depots have a specialty and Sierra’s is storing non-essential equipment. That is gear not included on a unit’s standard list of authorized equipment – things like night vision goggles, rifle scopes, radios and generators.

After watching Professor Doom’s videos, I decided to use Google Earth to check out a few of the US Army Depot’s myself to see what I could find out via the ever present ‘eye in the sky’…to say that I found a ‘few’ military vehicles would be a huge understatement. To see that military vehicles are lined up EVERYWHERE surrounding underground bunkers at the Red River Army Depot in Hooks, Texas, only begins the mystery.

Thousands Of Military Vehicles Lined Up Outside Of Underground Bunkers In America – What Are They Preparing For Now?

While we KNOW that the Red River Army depot in Texas has historically been used as a location to store explosive ordinances underground, what we’ve found in the screenshots below bring up more questions than answers. WHY are there THOUSANDS of military vehicles lined up outside of these underground bunkers? Are they dropping off munitions to be stored there or are they picking up munitions for their ‘next battle’, possibly here in America? We also have to remember that many of these images for Google Earth were taken back in 2014…what is going on now? (You can check out all of these depots yourself by clicking on links to Google Earth). There are many more screenshots of what we’ve found below videos; we’d love to know what our readers think

This next screenshot shows Red River Army Depot again further zoomed out…countless military vehicles surrounding underground bunkers that you’ll see much more clearly upon zooming in images.

The Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Clown administration and its supporters insist that, although the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program now taking shape may not be perfect, the only alternative is war with Iran. A failure of the nuclear talks, they also contend, would sacrifice important temporary agreements that now restrict Antichrist Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. Both arguments are false. Worse, the nuclear deal that the administration is pursuing may make war with Iran more likely.

The world would be safer if the nuclear talks with Iran were stopped now. The agreement being negotiated reportedly would last only 10 years and would leave Antichrist Iran able to build multiple nuclear bombs in about three months. Administration leaks describe a deal that lets Antichrist Iran keep on enriching uranium with as many as 6,500 centrifuges and continuing to work on the Arak heavy-water reactor that will be a source of plutonium.

Such an agreement would destabilize the Middle East — launching a regional nuclear-arms race as Antichrist Iran’s Antichrist Muslim rivals seek to match its capabilities, and perhaps prompting an Antichrist Israeli airstrike on Antichrist Iranian nuclear facilities.

Why Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo’s Antichrist  Iran deal is a path to war

Charles Krauthammer had it right last week on Fox News: The Antichrist Iranian nuclear talks are “simply catastrophic.” The real catastrophe will be if this foolish agreement sparks a regional (tribulation) war in the (prophetic) Middle East at the perfect prophetic biblical schedule measured with the timing of the Sun Moon and Stars etc…

Tens Of Thousands Rally In Moscow To Mourn Slain Boris Nemtsov 

Russia’s federal investigative agency said it was looking into several possible motives for his killing.

The first possibility, the Investigative Committee said, was that the murder was aimed at destabilizing the political situation in Russia and Nemtsov was a “sacrificial victim for those who do not shun any method for achieving their political goals.”

This suggestion echoed comments by Putin’s spokesman and other Russian politicians that the attack was a “provocation” against the state.

But guess who Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown has now decided is his best friend and partner in the world? Yes. You got it. Antichrist Iran. He’s keeping Israel from bombing them. He’s trying to prevent the primary branch of government, the U.S. Congress, from hearing the Prime Minister of Israel speak on how best to keep Iran from getting a bomb.

This last part is truly unbelievable. Not only does Obozo believe he can set immigration policy without legal authority from Congress. Now, he believes he is the only person, the Leader, who sets foreign and defense policy objectives and means. Yes, this clearly contradicts the Constitution, which places this duty and power in Congress, subject to the President’s execution of Congress’s law. But the Constitution is a scrap of paper to Mr. Obozo. No more than a scrap of paper, as is anything that gets in his way.

Israel knows it, and Iran is deeply grateful

Mr. Skull & Bones Kerry said it just yesterday. Yes, he said, there are some doubts about the proposed “deal” with Iran. But the U.S. should “get the benefit of the doubt.” Why? Why should Israel risk a second Holocaust — a PROMISED Holocaust — because Obozo is too weak and clueless to follow the Constitution and protect our freedoms and Israel, the only fighting friend we have in the world?

Why should Israel and Israel’s friends in America trust an administration that screws up everything it touches and betrays every ally?

“THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT???” If that doubt is well taken….That means little to people in Fox Chapel, where the rich of Pittsburgh live. It means life and death to Israel, and Obozo’s contempt for good sense and the Constitution means life or death for us as a free people under law.

This man is dangerous.

^^^The fact that Israel has not assassinated the fool yet confirms the true prophetic terminal generation Antichrist spirit deception. Antichrist Jewish/Israelis voted to put the Obozo clown in office ”TWICE”. Spielberg gave the creep a humanitarian award on behalf of an Antichrist Jewish organization. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to read the Bible and look at the reality of having some dipshit as POTUS with the most powerful military force on Earth in combination with the Antichrist NWO 666 mark of the beast global borderless private run bank(s) controlling the country and the entire market. How most of the dipshit christian morons don’t see the whole truth of the grand prophetic end time deception reality of the Antichrist is at the heart the ”willful” reality of self deluded fools easily deceived based on unfounded fear of not calling a spade a spade just because the scriptures proclaim anyone who curses Israel our Father in Christ shall curse them. They don’t get the fact that telling the truth is not a curse and that omitting and withholding the truth is equal with offering a curse over Israel instead of proclaiming ”forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”.

Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Threatened to Shoot Down IAF Iran Strike

The Bethlehem-based news agency Ma’an has cited a Kuwaiti newspaper report Saturday, that US Antichrist NWO 666 President Barack Obozo The 911 Clown thwarted an Israeli military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2014 by threatening to shoot down Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran.

Following Antichrist NWO 666 Obama’s threat, Antichrist Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was reportedly forced to abort the planned Antichrist Iran attack.

According to Al-Jarida, the Antichrist NWO 666 Netanyahu 911 government took the decision to strike Antichrist Iran some time in 2014 soon after Antichrist Israel had discovered the Antichrist Obozo United States and Antichrist Iran had been involved in secret talks over Iran’s nuclear program and were about to sign an agreement in that regard behind Israel’s back.

The report claimed that an unnamed Israeli minister who has good ties with the US administration revealed the attack plan to Antichrist NWO 666 Skull & Bones Secretary of State John Kerry, and that Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo The 911 Clown then threatened to shoot down the Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Antichrist Iran.

Brzezinski’s idea

Former US diplomat Antichrist NWO 666 Zbigniew Brzezinski, who enthusiastically campaigned for Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo The Clown in 2008, called on him to shoot down Israeli planes if they attack Antichrist Iran. “They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch?” said the former national security advisor to former President Jimmy Carter in an interview with the Daily Beast.

“We have to be serious about denying them that right,” he said. “If they fly over, you go up and confront them. They have the choice of turning back or not. No one wishes for this but it could be a ‘Liberty’ in reverse.’”


Brzezinski was a top candidate to become an official advisor to Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo The 911 Clown, but he was downgraded after Republican and pro-Israel Democratic charges during the campaign that Antichrist NWO 666 Brzezinski’s anti-Israel attitude would damage Obozo at the polls.

In our own time, we have seen presidents and prime ministers come and go, whilst their most prominent advisors, such as Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski, continue from one administration to the next, remaining advisors for decades. Such men are often seen as the voices of reason that may be the guiding force that brings about a New World Order once and for all.

Mister Brzezinski has written in his books that order in Europe depends upon a balance with Russia, which must be created through the control of Ukraine by the West. He has stated repeatedly that it’s critical for this to be done through diplomacy, that warfare would be a disaster. Yet, he has also supported the US in creating a coup in Ukraine. When Russia became angered at the takeover, he openly supported American aggression in Ukraine, whilst warning that Russian retaliation must not be tolerated.

Henry Kissinger, who has literally written volumes on his “pursuit of world peace” has, when down in the trenches, also displayed a far more aggressive personality, such as his angry recommendation to US President Gerald Ford to “smash Cuba” when Fidel Castro’s military aid to Angola threatened to ruin Mr. Kissinger’s plans to control Africa.

Whilst the most “enlightened” New World Order advisors may believe that they are working on the “Big Picture,” when it comes down to brass tacks, they clearly demonstrate the same tendency as the more aggressive world leaders, and reveal that, ultimately, they seek to dominate. They may initially recommend diplomacy but resort to force if the other side does not cave to “reason” quickly.

If we stand back and observe this drama from a distance, what we see is a theory of balance between the nations of Europe (and, by extension, the whole world)—a balance based upon intergovernmental agreements, allowing for centralised power and control.

Which New World Order Are We Talking About? 

So, whilst most libertarians acknowledge “the New World Order,” it’s rare that any two libertarians can agree on exactly what it is or who it’s comprised of. We allow ourselves the luxury of referring to it without being certain of its details, because, “It’s a secret society,” as evidenced by the Bilderberg Group, which meets annually but has no formal agenda and publishes no minutes. We excuse ourselves for having only a vague perception of it, although we readily accept that it’s the most powerful group in the world.

This is particularly true of Americans, as Americans often imagine that the New World Order is an American construct, created by a fascist elite of US bankers and political leaders. The New World Order may be better understood by Europeans, as, actually, it’s very much a European concept—one that’s been around for quite a long time.

It may be said to have had its beginnings in ancient Rome. As Rome became an empire, its various emperors found that conquered lands did not automatically remain conquered. They needed to be managed—a costly and tedious undertaking. Management was far from uniform, as the Gauls could not be managed in the same manner as the Egyptians, who in turn, could not be managed like the Mesopotamians.

After the fall of Rome, Europe was in many ways a shambles for centuries, but the idea of “managing” Europe was revived with the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. The peace brought an end to the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) in the Holy Roman Empire and the Eighty Years’ War (1568-1648) between Spain and the Dutch Republic. It brought together the Holy Roman Empire, The House of Habsburg, the Kingdoms of Spain and France, the Dutch Republic, and the Swedish Empire.

Boundaries were set, treaties were signed, and a general set of assumptions as to the autonomy within one’s borders were agreed, to the partial satisfaction of all and to the complete satisfaction of no one… Sound familiar?

Later, Mayer Rothschild made his name (and his fortune) by becoming the financier to the military adventures of the German Government. He then sent his sons out to England, Austria, France, and Italy to do the same—to create a New World Order of sorts, under the control of his family through national debt to his banks. (Deep Throat was right when he said, “Follow the Money.”)

So, the concept of a New World Order has long existed in Europe in various guises, but what does this tell us about the present and, more important, the future?

In 1914, Europe had (once again) become a tangle of aspirations of the various powers—a time bomb, awaiting only a minor incident to set it off. That minor incident occurred when a Serbian national assassinated an Austrian crown prince. Within a month, Europe exploded into World War. As Kissinger himself has observed in his writings, “[T]hey all contributed to it, oblivious to the fact that they were dismantling an international order.”

Since 1648, for every Richelieu that has sought to create a New World Order through diplomacy, there has been a Napoleon who has taken a militaristic approach, assuring that the New World Order applecart will repeatedly be upset by those who are prone to aggression. Further, even those who seek to operate through diplomacy ultimately will seek aggressive means when diplomatic means are not succeeding.

A true world order is unlikely. What may occur in its stead would be repeated attempts by sovereign states to form alliances for their mutual benefit, followed by treachery, one- upmanship, and ultimately, aggression. And very possibly a new World War.

But of one thing we can be certain: Tension at present is as great as it was in 1914. We are awaiting only a minor incident to set off dramatically increased international aggression. With all the talk that’s presently about as to a New World Order, what I believe will occur instead will be a repeat of history.

If this belief is correct, much of the world will decline into not only external warfare, but internal control. Those nations that are now ramping up into police states are most at risk, as the intent is already clearly present. All that’s needed is a greater excuse to increase internal controls. Each of us, unless we favour being engulfed by such controls, might be advised to internationalise ourselves—to diversify ourselves so that, if push comes to shove, we’re able to get ourselves and our families out of harm’s way.

There is an old saying. If Antichrist Islam was to lay down its weapons in the Middle East, there would be no more war in the region. If Israel was to lay down its weapons in the Middle East, there would be no more Israel in the region. When a threat against Israel rises, time and time again the small Jewish nation launching a first strike has saved them from annihilation.

Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo’s Threat of War Against Antichrist NWO 666 Israel

The news of Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo’s threat of war against Antichrist Israel last year is being revealed while Antichrist NWO 666 Netanyahu is already en route to Washington, D.C. for an address to Congress on Tuesday aimed squarely at derailing Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo’s cherished bid for a diplomatic deal with Tehran. Meanwhile, as Antichrist NWO 666 Netanyahu is delivering his speech, Antichrist NWO 666 Skull & Bones Secretary of State John Kerry, and other international “Neville-Chamberlain-style appeasers” will be in Switzerland for talks with the Antichrist Iranians, trying to create the framework for an agreement that is hoped for by a late March deadline.

2015~”Zenith 2016” Antichrist NWO Obozo Clown Prophetic Israeli ”Covenant With Many” To Be Confirmed 

In November we exposed the market’s ability to levitate magically when exchanges – most notably CBOE – break. Today we get another glimpse of the new paranormal. While the official CBOE site is not exposing it, numerous traders noted that CBOE options data was not being disseminated from around the open to shortly after 1030ET this morning. That ‘coincidentally’ occurred as NASDAQ ramped almopst unabated to 5000 (as VIX was clubbed from 13.9 to 13.1)…

Reports from traders about lack of options data being disseminated to their trading platforms coincided perfectly with the ramp in Nasdaq and plunge in VIX…

How To Reach Nasdaq 5000 In The New Paranormal 

Crude oil prices are once again following the path of least deja vu resistance this morning. Having spiked into NYMEX close on Friday (exactly as they did following the rig count data the previous week), WTI is back to a $48 handle this morning following news that Saudi Arabia has increased production to its higest level since 2013. Iraq (another OPEC nation) stirred the pot further by forecasting increased supplies in the next month. This comes as US production hits record highs and vital Oklahoma storage tanks will fill up even sooner than expected, driving the “JK” spread above $2.50 (April delivery drastically cheaper than May). As on analysts noted, as “Cushing continues to fill massively, we could see a ‘3’ handle on WTI.”

Crude Carnage Continues Amid Saudi Production & Storage Limits

Perhaps this sums the situation up best…

“What happens to a barrel of crude oil if no one wants it and no one can even store it?” asked Walter Zimmerman, chief technical strategist for United-ICAP. “How do you even value that crude?”

WTI Explodes Higher, Brent Unchanged As Algos Reminisce

It is deja vu all over again – just as it did last week – after dumping into Monday open, the machines ramp WTI (on no news and certainly not on the back of any data which was all abysmal).

Behold a “market” controlled by lasers (chart courtesy of nanex)

The tower in question is the primary microwave relay into the ill-named “New York” Stock Exchange which actually is located just off MacArthur Boulevard and Route 17 in Mahwah, New Jersey, and in our opinion is the “most important tower” in the world, because without it, the financial industry, which these days means a few hundred thousands HFT algos and their math PhD creators, would grind to a halt as suddenly trading would revert back to the “caveman days” of 2007, when one actually traded not just to frontrun a whale order in some dark pool half way around the world, but actually cared about such things as “fundamentals” and “reality” (oh, and there wasn’t some $12 trillion in cental bank created liquidity supporting every asset class).

The reason we bring up said tower, is because over the past several weeks there has been some furious work by engineers hanging off said tower some 100 feet in the air, resolutely adding a particular device to the primary microwave relay tower at the NYSE.

The device in question has been highlighted:

In other words, everyone who splurged on the “brand-new” as recently as 2013 microwave technologies to give their HFT system a leg up… is now obsolete.

Welcome to lasers: where you are either part of the very expensive club, or are being frontrun. Which also means that if Michael Lewis is indeed writing a sequel to Flash Boys focusing on microwave signals and towers as the “next big thing”, he may just want to burn the manuscript. As for what comes next:

Some dream of a replacement for the fiber-optic cables across the Atlantic and Pacific. The idea: Turbocharge intercontinental trading by floating balloons carrying microwave dishes over the ocean.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what “trading” has become.

Meanwhile, Over At The “New York” Stock Exchange… Lasers

Mr. Persico set about securing rooftops and other spots to place his lasers between the New Jersey communities housing the NYSE and Nasdaq data centers. Anova said it has dozens of trading firms waiting to try the lasers when they go live. One firm that plans to use the system is XR Trading LLC of Chicago. It is a “very compelling technology,” said XR’s president, Matthew Haraburda. He said if it behaves as intended, it could be “a huge development” in trading (theft) technology.

Death, drugs, and HSBC
How fraudulent blood money makes the world go round

Recent reporting on illegal tax evasion by the world’s second largest bank, HSBC, opens a window onto the pivotal role of Western banks in facilitating organised crime, drug-trafficking and Islamist terrorism. Governments know this, but they are powerless to act, not just because they’ve been bought by the banks: but because criminal and terror financing is integral to global capitalism. Now one whistleblower who uncovered an estimated billion pounds worth of HSBC fraud in Britain, suppressed by the British media, is preparing a prosecution that could blow wide open the true scale of criminal corruption in the world’s finance capital.

Following revelations that the Swiss banking arm of HSBC — the world’s second largest bank — was engaged in massive fraudulent tax-evasion relating to assets totaling $100 billion, Peter Oborne dropped an unexpected bombshell.

The veteran journalist exposed how one of Britain’s leading national broadsheets, The Telegraph, refused to cover the HSBC scandal to protect its corporate advertising revenues. The increasing encroachment of corporate power on The Telegraph’s editorial decisions was among the factors, Oborne said, that led him to resign from his position as chief political commentator at the paper.

But the latest HSBC scandal, and The Telegraph’s belatedly selective reporting of it, barely scratch the surface of the enormous power wielded by Britain’s biggest bank at the expense of the British public.

The scale of tax-evasion in the HSBC Swiss leaks case amounts to hundreds of millions of pounds.

Another far worse case of HSBC fraud totalling an estimated £1 billion, closer to home and premised on the bank’s ability to prey on unsuspecting British shoppers, has been systematically covered up by regulators, police, law firms, the government and much of the UK media.

According to whistleblower Nicholas Wilson, HSBC has been integrally involved in a fraudulent scheme to illegally overcharge British shoppers in arrears for debt on store cards at leading British high-street retailers. Without knowing, hundreds of thousands of Britons have been defrauded of a total of one billion pounds worth of money, reveals Wilson, a former debt recovery specialist who uncovered the crimes.

The full-scale of the fraud targeted at consumers by banks in the name of debt recovery is unknown. What is known, is that such practices have happened in different ways elsewhere, and could be continuing with impunity in forms that are routinely concealed with the collusion of regulators.

“There will be many consumers who are still paying the illegal charges because they will be paying in installments,” said Wilson. The credit card firm American Express, he added, “were also adding unlawful charges and the OFT made an order against them at the same time as HSBC/HFC. I am sure the practice is rife in debt recovery — I have been told of many instances where a debt has been passed on or sold and suddenly there’s a big jump in the amount due.”

The biggest victims of such fraud are those with low-income. HFC’s other businesses, for instance, included a personal loan scheme, which ran through about 125 branches at retailers up and down the UK, but often in some of the poorest areas. I have also seen very similar reports from consumers being pursued by debt collection agencies on behalf of leading British companies, where large fees are unilaterally added on top of the debt payment.

Blood money
HSBC’s effective immunity from meaningful sanction or accountability from government can be gleaned from disclosures in the US about the bank’s systematic complicity in criminal financing involving Islamist terrorism, drug-trafficking, money-laundering, among other things.

As investigative journalist Matt Taibbi wrote in Rolling Stone, the $1.9 billion in fines leveled at HSBC by the US Justice Department was for “the largest drug-and-terrorism money-laundering case ever.” The settlement was a mere slap on the wrist, equivalent to “about five weeks’ profit,” that allowed the bank to completely evade prosecutions.

Yet HSBC had engaged in aiding and abetting murder and terror on a grand scale — because organised crime is exceedingly profitable. Clients requiring criminal services can be charged any rate, allowing for literally fantastical scales of profit.

Much of HSBC’s misdemeanours were documented in an extensive 2012 report by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. Amongst its damning findings was HSBC’s longstanding relationship with Saudi Arabia’s al-Rajhi bank, described by the CIA in 2003 as a “conduit for extremist finance.” US intelligence assessed that al-Rajhi founder Sulaiman bin Abdul Aziz was a member of Osama bin Laden’s ‘Golden Chain’ financiers of al-Qaeda, and had in that capacity pushed al-Rahji bank to find ways to avoid subjecting the bank’s charitable donations to official scrutiny.

In 2003, HSBC was ordered by the US Federal Reserve to cease-and-desist its relationships with clients like al-Rahji. HSBC refused to do so, deceptively ending ties with al-Rahji bank and continuing relations with ‘al-Rahji Trading’ instead. Meanwhile, HSBC continued to engage dodgy clients, racking up dozens of repeated government warnings which it simply ignored. By 2006, the Bush administration canceled the 2003 cease-and-desist order, and HSBC almost immediately provided a billion dollars to al-Rahji. HSBC went on to launder money for Mexican and Colombian drug-cartels, criminal syndicates run out of foreign embassies, and countries under US sanctions like Iran and North Korea.

As Taibbi reveals, though, HSBC senior executives in London headquarters appeared to be fully aware of such activity: “… the chiefs in the parent company often knew about shady transactions when the regional subsidiary did not.” In the words of the Senate report, “HSBC was fully aware of the suspicions that al-Rajhi Bank and its owners were associated with terrorist financing, describing many of the alleged links in the al-Rajhi Bank client profile.”

By 2010, HSBC had racked up a backlog of 17,000 suspicious activity alerts that it had simply ignored. Yet the bank’s standard response when it received its next government cease-and-desist order was simply to ‘clear’ the alerts, and give assurances that everything was fine. According to former HSBC compliance officer and whistleblower Everett Stern, the bank’s executives were deliberately ignoring and violating anti-money laundering regulations. The Senate report found that HSBC had “exposed the US financial system to a wide array of money laundering, drug trafficking, and terrorist financing risks.”

UAE is a Backdoor for US-NATO Weaponry Supplies to Kiev

he military deal signed this week by Ukrainian President Poroshenko and the United Arab Emirates sparks deep concerns among international experts who claim the United States has found a backdoor to secretly arm Ukraine.

“Earlier this month it soon became clear that Washington and its NATO allies would pay a heavy political price for an audacious move to openly increase their military involvement in the Ukraine conflict,” noted Finian Cunningham, a prominent expert in international affairs.

The expert emphasized that America’s “normally servile European allies” expressed their disapproval of Ukraine’s arming, since they knew that by indulging the US’s militarist ambitions in Ukraine they would inevitably trigger a “political storm across Europe,” hit by austerity, unemployment and undesirable consequences of the Western sanctions policy against Russia. Although Washington was obviously unnerved by its NATO allies’ stance, it preferred not to risk embarrassing split in the NATO ranks. Instead, it seems to have found “an ingenious way around that problem” by placing the UAE at the front end of the supply chain, Finian Cunningham pointed out.

Indeed, the Kingdom’s weapons market has long ago become “a value-adding platform” for Western manufacturers, such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon and a “convenient cover” for the US and EU global arm deals. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has come back from the UAE, reported to have racked up nearly 20 contracts on the supply of weaponry to the country. Poroshenko’s Big Haul: What Exactly Did Ukraine Bring Back From the UAE?

“American and European weapons can thus be sold to parts of the world where it might otherwise be viewed as unethical – thanks to these sales being booked as originating from the UAE,” the expert emphasized, adding that the Persian Gulf monarchies including the UAE “are thus in effect NATO arsenals.”

So far, Petro Poroshenko’s contract with the UAE for “unspecified” military cooperation is just a “back door” for US-NATO weaponry supplies to Ukraine, according to the expert.

Remarkably, an advisor to Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, Anton Gerashchenko wrote on his Facebook page, commenting on the long-anticipated military deal on February 24:

“Unlike Europeans and Americans, aren’t afraid of Putin’s threats of a third world war starting in case of arms and ammunition supplies to Ukraine,” adding that he could not disclose items and amounts of supplies. However, in his second post on this very day Gerashchenko praised a Raytheon’s Excalibur, a GPS-guided American precision weapon, claiming that the Ukrainian Army would also use it one day.


Whatever else is true, this is yet another case of the U.S. government – followed as always by its media – fabricating a Manichean morality narrative to justify U.S. involvement and militarism. Just as the U.S. spent years funding and arming the precise extremist elements it claims it wants to combat – in Libya, in Syria, and long before that in Afghanistan – arming Ukrainian forces would empower a monstrous crew of fascists and outright Nazi sympathizers. The coup itself, which the U.S. government supported, almost certainly did exactly that.

One can debate whether empowering such thugs is a feature or a bug: it’s hardly rare for the U.S. knowingly to arm and prop up fascists and other assorted tyrants which it believes will promote its interests (see this morning’s David Ignatius column arguing that Egyptian dictator Gen. Abdel Fata Sisi is as bad as Mubarak when it comes human rights abuses, but the U.S. must continue steadfastly to support him so that he preserves “stability”). But at least when the U.S. is in bed with regimes such as the Saudis or Egyptians, most people understand the kind of allies it has embraced. In the case of Ukraine, those facts have been almost entirely excluded from mainstream discourse. Now that Obozo’s leading national security official is expressly calling for the arming of those forces, it is vital that the true nature of America’s allies in this conflict be understood.


So to be clear… BBVA will lend you 100% of the valkue of your home (and pay you $4500) if you are relatively poor and live in a relatively poor area…


“They’re Back” – We Have Learned Nothing In 10 Years!! 

While it will hardly come as a surprise to many, especially those who have followed the historic collapse of the Baltic Dry index to levels which, all else equal, signify a global depression of epic proportions…

… and which led South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries, the world’s largest shipbuilder, to report a $3 billion loss in 2014, the recent comments of the CEO of the world’s largest container-shipping group, Maersk Line, should put things into perspective, especially for those who say that the Baltic Dry is no longer indicative of anything but massively dry-bulk ship overbuilding and excess supply (some 8 years after the past cyclical peak).

Unfortunately, as Søren Skou, Maerk’s CEO, admitted when he warned that global trade growth could slow this year from recent 4% growth ratnes, as Chinese, Brazilian and Russian economies disappoint, the Baltic Dry is still not only relevant and accurate but telling the real story of global growth, or lack thereof.

As the FT reports, container demand rose by about 4% in both 2013 and 2014 and Maersk Line, the Danish group that ships about 15% of the world’s seaborne freight, expects it to increase 3 to 5% this year. Actually make it 3%. Or lower.

“I’m personally more towards the low end of that,” Søren Skou, Maersk Line’s chief executive, told the Financial Times. “Growth from a historical perspective is quite sluggish. It has a huge impact for us as an industry.”

Furthermore, in the ongoing debate whether the collapse in crude prices is due to excess supply or a global contraction, this is what the world’s biggest shipper thinks: Mr Skou called the halving of oil prices in the past year “a net positive for container growth” but nonetheless said the opposing forces were potentially greater.

In other words, yes supply isn’t helping, but it is the lack of global demand that is pushing equilibrium levels lower, aka global deflation.

“The economies in Europe are still very sluggish. Brazil, Russia and China: those three economies used to drive a lot of growth, and right now we are not really seeing that to the same extent. The only real bright spot is the US, and even the US is good but not great,” he added.

So with global demand lower as a result of slowing trade, and with Maersk about to boost ship supply even more, the result will be an even more aggressive drop in cargo and haulage prices as the deflationary wave hits yet another industry, in the process forcing seaborne transportation to be the latest to succumb to deflation, which for the highly levered sector means even more defaults are imminent now that China no longer is pumping nearly $4 trilion in total new credit every year.

World’s Largest Container-Shipper Warns Global Trade Is Slowing Down 

Slowly, all the lies of the “recovery”, all the skeletons in the closet, and all the bodies swept under the rug are emerging.

Moments ago, Austrian ORF reported that there have been “spectacular developments” in the case of the Hypo Alpe Adria bad bank, also known as the Heta Asset Resolution, where an outside audit of Heta’s balance sheet exposed a capital hole of up to 7.6 billion euros ($8.51 billion) which the government was not prepared to fill, the Austrian Financial Market Authority said.

“Spectacular Developments” In Austria: Bail-In Arrives After €7.6 Billion Bad Bank Capital Hole “Discovered”

As a result, according to Reuters, the bad bank that was created in the aftermath of the Hypo collapse, is itself about to be unwound, as the bad bank itself goes bad!

“Austria’s Financial Market Authority stepped in on Sunday to wind down “bad bank” Heta Asset Resolution and imposed a moratorium on debt repayments by the vehicle set up last year from the remnants of defunct lender Hypo Alpe Adria.”
In short: Austria just cut off state support of what was until this moment a state-backed, wind-down vehicle and a key pillar of trust in what was already a shaky financial system.

Not surprisingly, today’s shock announcement comes a week after Austria’s Standard reported that up to a five billion euro impairment at Heta would take place, a report which the Finance Ministry called “pure speculation” and noted that the Bank was in good health. According to Standard, among the reasons for the massive capital shortfall was the plunge in collateral as a result of the continuing crisis in South East Europe which meant that the value of “real estate in South East Europe, shopping centers and tourism projects, deteriorated massively” driven largely by the appreciation of the Swiss Franc. “As a result, the volume of bad loans has increased significantly.”

Everyone was wondering who the first big casualty of the SNB’s currency peg failure would be. We now know the answer.

Perhaps a badder bank to rescue the bad bank?

According to Reuters calculations, More than 9.8 billion euros worth of debt is affected, including senior notes worth 450 million due on March 6 and 500 million on March 20.

But the punchline, is that while the world was waiting for Greece to announce capital controls, or a bail-in over the past week, it was none other than one of the Europe’s most pristeen credits (one which until recently was rated AAA/Aaa) that informed creditors a bail-in is imminent: “The finance ministry noted that creditors can be forced to contribute to the costs of winding down Heta – or “bailed in” – under new European legislation that Austria adopted this year so that taxpayers do not have to shoulder the entire burden.”

Bloomberg confirms that the ministry announced that under new EU rules means creditors can be forced to share losses.

Of course, this being Austria, and the Creditanstalt, aka the bank which failed in 1931 under almost identical circumstances and set off the dominos that led to a global financial crisis which in turn bank fanned the flames of the Great Depression, also being Austrian, suddenly everyone is asking: “what just happened and what happens next?”

Just when things seemingly couldn’t get any stranger in Europe, we open a whole-new bizarro chapter.

Back on February 1, when the negotiations, or rather posturing, surrounding the Greek bailout extension was at its peak, we reported something peculiar: of all the countries in Europe, it was none other than France, seemingly tired of walking in Germany’s shadow, that announced it was “prepared to support Greece” in its debt negotiations. “France is more than prepared to support Greece,” French finmin Sapin said, adding that Greece’s efforts to renegotiate were “legitimate.” Sapin urged a “new contract between Greece and its partners.”

Of course, this quickly led nowhere because as everyone knows, France is irrelevant in Europe and only Germany’s opinion matters: Germany, which only agreed to a Greek bailout extension, when all of Syriza’s demands were crushed, and the Tsipras government is not merely a shell of its pre-election promises, and in many ways, just a continuation of the previous Samaras regime. As such, the Frencsh support of a Greek debt writedown, understandable since it is none other than France whose socialists will one day sooner or later require a comparable debt negotiation, was duly noted… and promptly ignored:

However, what was even more peculiar is that it was the financial peers of Greece, the other insolvent PIIGS, particularly Spain and Portugal, who exist only thanks to the goodwill of the ECB buying up their bonds (or else watch as their economies implodes overnight once the “sex and drugs”-boosting facade of their GDP is stripped away) that took a far more hard-line approach toward Greece, and in fact were just as harsh on the Greek debt renegotiation proposal as Germany itself.

Yesterday Tsipras made clear his displeasure with the betrayal of what were formerly his socio-economic insolvent equals quite well-known, when he accused Spain and Portugal on Saturday of “leading a conservative conspiracy to topple his anti-austerity government, saying they feared their own radical forces before elections this year.”

As Reuters reports, in a speech to his Syriza party, Tsipras turned on Madrid and Lisbon, accusing them of taking a hard line in negotiations which led to the euro zone extending the bailout programme last week for four months.

PIIGS Go To War: Spain, Portugal Slam Tsipras’ Accusations Of “Conspiracy Plot” To Overthrow Greek Government

It’s bad, but the very next day both Spain and Portugal rushed to cry in Brussels, when both nations demanded that the EU “arbitrate” and respond to Tsipras’ allegations, in the process essentially validating his accusations. The same EU which orchestrated the entire farce to begin with.

As Bloomberg reports, “Pedro Passos Coelho and Mariano Rajoy request response from EU after Greek premier Alexis Tsipras said that the two southern European countries were trying to cause the downfall of his government during recent talks, a spokesperson for Rajoy, who asked not to be named citing govt policy, says by phone.” Portugal, Spain sent a letter on the matter to the European Council and the European Commission

To be sure, none of this will result in either government retracting its statements (especially since Greece now only has rhetorical “conquests” to fall back on having given up all leverage to German by admitting it is unable to quit the Eurozone, i.e., the biggest trump card, and bluff, it may have had), but it will lead to even more animosity, only no longer between the European “North” and “South”, but among the Peripheral nations themselves, as the political bickering redirects anger from Merkel and the ECB, and toward other Mediterranean countries. Perhaps just as Merkel wanted from the beginning.

A day after we highlighted the veritable collapse in U.S. shadow banking liquidity (down by nearly half since 2008) occasioned by a potent one-two punch from Fed bond purchases and regulatory measures designed to stem prop trading (but which have apparently impaired market making), we get rumblings out of Japan that the BOJ might have hit the limit on how many JGBs it can purchase without breaking the market. Specifically, Yuri Okina, vice chairman at Japan Research Institute, is concerned about the exact same issue raised by the Center for Financial Stability in their report on the “steep slide” in market finance: namely, that the absence of liquidity created by QE will create distortions and volatility.

Clearly there’s something self-evident (even tautological) about this discussion. That is, the BOJ is set to monetize all JGB gross issuance in 2015 (and may own 50% of the entire market within three short years), so yes, there are likely to be rather serious issues with market liquidity going forward.

What’s especially perturbing about this scenario, is that sapping liquidity from the market has the potential to create enormous volatility (as we saw on October 15 of last year when Treasurys staged a six standard deviation move in the space of a few hours), something the pot committed BOJ simply cannot afford lest the house of cards should come cascading down. In other words, if yields on JGBs become increasingly unwieldy because either traders lose confidence in the central bank’s ability to manage the ponzi or a lack of liquidity triggers excessive volatility (or both), it’s game over or, as BlackRock put it: “…the nightmare scenario would be a spike in JGB rates leading to a fiscal crisis.”

Given this, it doesn’t inspire much confidence that the BOJ’s actions are curtailing price discovery.

Just as the SNB finally buckled in January, and just as the ECB faces the prospect of failing to deliver on its trillion euro Q€ promise, the BOJ could be nearing the dreaded inflection point where the market realizes once and for all that the emperor truly has no clothes. A few more auctions like last month’s 10- and 5-year sales could well accelerate the process — this month’s 10-year auction is tomorrow.

In related news, the SEC’s Daniel Gallagher said today that regulators aren’t doing enough to mitigate the risks posed by an increasingly illiquid corporate bond market. As we noted yesterday, the unwillingness of primary dealers to hold inventories has, to use the CFS’s terminology, created a situation where “an accident” is likely.

Japan Approaches Limit To Bond Buying Former BOJ Official Okina Warns 

Not “contained.” Just six short months ago, the 2Y bonds of Austria’s bank bank – HETA Asset Resolution AG – were trading well above par as the world and his mom reached for yield (~6%) in all the wrong places. Today, following the “spectacular development” over the weekend that the bank will be wound down due to the discovery of an $8.5bn “hole” in its balance sheet, the 2Y HETA bonds are trading below 50c on the dollar (at a yield of 54%). This is indeed Austria’s “Lehman” moment as for the first time in the new European ‘bail-in’ era, senior debt is getting a massive haircut.

As we noted yesterday, the punchline, is that while the world was waiting for Greece to announce capital controls, or a bail-in over the past week, it was none other than one of the Europe’s most pristeen credits (one which until recently was rated AAA/Aaa) that informed creditors a bail-in is imminent: “The finance ministry noted that creditors can be forced to contribute to the costs of winding down Heta – or “bailed in” – under new European legislation that Austria adopted this year so that taxpayers do not have to shoulder the entire burden.”

Bloomberg confirms that the ministry announced that under new EU rules means creditors can be forced to share losses…

And sure enough, the bonds have crashed…

Lehman Moment For Austrian “Bad Bank” Means Worse Coming

Remember – these are senior unsecured notes of a major bank! Contagion is now a big problem for Austria (and its banking system).

Of course, this being Austria, and the Creditanstalt, aka the bank which failed in 1931 under almost identical circumstances and set off the dominos that led to a global financial crisis which in turn bank fanned the flames of the Great Depression, also being Austrian, suddenly everyone is asking: “what just happened and what happens next?”

One thing is certain when one bank’s liabilities are another bank’s assets, it is that such an arrangement is simply screaming for a systemic crisis to prove to everyone just how dumb this idea was from the get go.

The question is – how long do authorities let the contagion go before they ‘change’ the rules on bail-ins and apply taxpayer funds once again – as a one-off of course – to stabilize what is, after all, a well funded and highly liquid banking system… It appears HETA gave markets a glimpse behind the curtain as the lies of the recovery come out.

The ink is not even dry on the much fought extension of the Greek bailout, so hated in Greece because it perpetuates the “austerity” memorandum conditions and already Spain, which as a reminder is suddenly not on very good speaking terms with the Syriza government, is stoking the anti-austerity fire in Athens even more when moments ago Spain’s Guindos revealed that not only is a third Greek bailout imminent, and will cost Europe’s (and America’s via the IMF) taxpayers between €30 and €50 billion, but that Spain, whose banks were completely insolvent as recently as 2 years ago and were only “saved” thanks to the ECB’s direct and indirect (repo) bond monetization pathways will provide between 13% and 14% of the funding!

What makes the announcement doubly ironic (the broke bailout out the insolvent, or is the bankrupt saving the liquidating?), is that after yesterday’s allegation by Tsipras that there was a “conspiracy” between Spain and Portugal to derail the new Greek government, earlier today German Finance Ministry spokesman Martin Jaeger tells reporters in Berlin that “Tsipras’ remarks that Spain and Portugal took negotiations over Greece’s bailout to the brink of failure in a bid to avoid domestic political consequences was “a very unusual foul play.”

He was further quoted as saying that “we should not interfere in the affairs of our partner governments” and that “we don’t do that in the euro group. This isn’t how we do business.” Jaeger continued that “we have a very high recognition for what both countries have achieved in the past few years on their reform path.”

He concluded by saing that Greek govt’s behavior doesn’t correspond to the “usual pattern” which forms the basis of Eurogroup negotiations. “A lot of trust has been lost in past weeks.”

Then the EU itself showed once again quite clearly that in the case of banker interests vs common Greek people, it will side with the former, after earlier today EU Commission spokeswoman Mina Andreeva told reporters in Brussels that “Greece, the euro area and international authorities “struck a very clear deal last week” adding that Greece’s sctions on aid review more important than words.

“What matters now beyond any public statements is that Greece implement its reform commitments swiftly and with a termination, and this will be key to a successful conclusion of the review and the strengthening of the Greek economic recovery.”

But what actions does Greece need when the second it is forced to actually implement reforms, here comes Spain, yes don’t laugh, and bails it out. Again.

Theater Of The Absurd: Spain To Provide 14% Of Funds For Third Greek Bailout 

Completing the comedy is that the “suddenly very concerned” Spain, just hours earlier Spain’s deputy minister for the European Union Inigo Mendez de Vigo said that “Greece should do less talking, do more reforms.”

But why if Spain will be so kind as to provide the funding needed for the next Greek bailout (one which we predicted in November is inevitable), and the bailout after that, and the one after. In fact, why reform anything if Mr. Draghi “will get to work” in perpetuity, making the old “democratic” model in which elected politicians decide how to fix the country dead as the dodo.

As Greek Default Fears Return, Government Considers “Borrowing” Pensions To Repay IMF 

Greek short-term default risk jumped over 300bps today putting the odds of a restructuring at 50-50 within the next year as the warnings we issued last week with regard Greece’s imminent default on its IMF loan loom. Seeking to reassure its lenders (and avoid yet more capital flight), Reuters reports the Greek government said it was “exploring solutions,” including delaying payments to suppliers or try to raise up to 3 billion euros by borrowing from state entities such as pension funds.

As Reuters reports, Athens is running out of options to fund itself despite striking a deal with the euro zone in February to extend its bailout by four months. Faced with a steep fall in revenues, it is expected to run out of cash by the end of March, possibly sooner.

With currencies being rapidly devalued by their respective governments, the global economy in a slow-down, and tensions over resources heating up around the world, it’s time to start considering the endgame.

According to billionaire resource investor Carlo Civelli there is likely no way out for central banks which have spent the last several years printing money hand over fist. Over his decades’ long career Civelli has either managed or financed over 20 companies, many of which now have market capitalizations in the billions of dollars, so he knows a thing or two about investing during boom times, as well as busts.

In his most recent interview with Future Money Trends he warns of an endgame scenario that is nothing short of a total collapse. And here’s the scary part: Civelli says that even gold may not be a safe haven should the worst case scenario play out:

If we all talk about the end game and a scenario of total collapse, I can see the governments telling everybody that your money is now worthless and the bonds you own are now worthless. You all have to take a haircut.

But would they let the people that own gold get away with it? I don’t think so.

In this must-watch interview Civelli shares these and other insights you may not have heard before, along with strategies for crisis-investing that could position you to thrive as the rest of the world plunges into chaos:

Billionaire Warns Of Total Collapse End Game Scenario: ‘No Way Out… Your Money Will Be Worthless’

We are very quickly approaching the total collapse scenario described by Civelli. The consequences of government machinations and central bank manipulations cannot be avoided. Average Americans, billionaires around the world, and even many politicians know this is a foregone conclusion.

It’s time to prepare for the inevitable.

OAntichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 to give pre-Antichrist NWO 666 Netanyahu 911 interview 

Sounds like Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo The 911 Clown is planning a prebuttal of Antichrist NWO 666 Benjamin 911 Netanyahu’s speech Tuesday on Iran nuclear negotiations.

Obozo will give an interview to Reuters on Monday, a day before Antichrist NWO 666 911 Netanyahu addresses a joint session of Congress.

“The Antichrist NWO 666 Israeli prime minister is expected to oppose Obozo’s drive to get a nuclear agreement with Antichrist Iran,” says a statement on the Obozo interview from Reuters, which has a huge international audience.

Obozo and aides say an agreement with Iran — in which the U.S. and allies agree to reduce sanction on Tehran if it forgoes the means to make nuclear weapons — is the best way to prevent the country from getting nukes.

Antichrist 666 NWO 911 Netanyahu says Antichrist Iran cannot be trusted, and poses a mortal threat to Israel.

Obozo’s comments to Reuters are expected to be available late Monday afternoon.

Antichrist NWO 666 U.S. Ambassador to the Antichrist NWO 666 U.N. Samantha Power Remarks at AIPAC Policy Conference

Antichrist NWO 666 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu on His Upcoming Congressional Address

Antichrist NWO 666 sraeli Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu Remarks at 2015 AIPAC
In his address to AIPAC, Antichrist NWO 666 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin 911 Netanyahu says despite disagreements over a pending nuclear deal with Antichrist Iran, the Antichrist NWO 666 U.S.-Israel 911 “alliance is stronger than ever.”