21315 Gleaning 7.1 Quake Atlantic Ridge 6.2 Quake Taiwan And 6.8 Quake In Russia ”Disappear’d” From USGS After Registered Report The Antichrist NWO 666 ”IS” Sealing The Mark Of The Beast

by amongthenumberedsaints

Ye judge after the flesh; I judge no man. 16 And yet if I judge, my judgment is true: for I am not alone, but I and the Father that sent me. 17 It is also written in your law, that the testimony of two men is true. 18 I am one that bear witness of myself, and the Father that sent me beareth witness of me. 19 Then said they unto him, Where is thy Father? Jesus answered, Ye neither know me, nor my Father: if ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also. 20 These words spake Jesus in the treasury, as he taught in the temple: and no man laid hands on him; for his hour was not yet come.

John 8

Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me. 43 Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. 44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. 45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. 46 Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me? 47 He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.

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In the next stock market crash, we will be told that the fault was some surprising economic or geopolitical shock. Let’s remind ourselves now that this will be false, the proximate cause rather than the ultimate cause. The ultimate cause is the same ultimate cause that has been demonstrated to us for over a century: distorted and manipulated markets.

These markets are speaking to us yet again. This time around, we need to listen.

Mark Spitznagel On The ‘Myth’ Of The Black Swan Event

The bear markets we saw following all of these periods were not dreaded “black swan” events at all. They were perfectly predictable, by economic logic alone, the same logic that says governments cannot manipulate market prices without creating distortions that will always, without exception, be counterproductive.

As André Gide, the French Nobel laureate in literature, once said, “Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again.”

Indeed, no one has been listening to the past hundred years of stock market history in the United States.

Researchers had previously registered a spike in suicides during the global economic crisis that began in 2008, suggesting that financial stress and hardship had contributed to the rise. But an analysis published on Tuesday in The Lancet Psychiatry by doctors at the University of Zurich in Switzerland estimates that about 5,000 suicides were associated with the crisis, while roughly nine times as many self-inflicted deaths are linked to unemployment each year.

Unemployment Is Killing 45,000 People Each Year 

The psychiatrists analyzed the suicide rates and economic statistics of 63 countries from 2000 to 2011 and determined that unemployment is connected to approximately 45,000 suicides annually. According to their findings, unemployment elevated the relative risk of suicide by 20 to 30 percent throughout the world. Suicides related to unemployment accounted for about a fifth of annual totals worldwide, and the association was strongest in countries where being out of work is uncommon.

High Treason IRS to pay back-refunds to criminal illegal immigrants who didn’t pay taxes

Antichrist NWO 666 IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told Congress on Wednesday that even criminal illegal immigrants who didn’t pay taxes will be able to claim back-refunds once they get Social Security numbers under Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo’s temporary deportation criminal amnesty.

The revelation — which contradicts what he told Congress last week — comes as lawmakers also raised concerns Mr. Obozo’s criminal amnesty act of high treason could open a window to criminal illegal immigrants finding ways to illegally vote, despite it being against the law.

^^^The fact that the IRS heads are not in jail, and Obozo is not in prison too, just tells the world that America is nothing more than a lawless criminal land of gangsters that only survive at the barrel of a gun pointed at the American people and the rest of the world. These bastards are all going to Hell, and anyone that dares to accept the current lawless reality by providing labor to this government has not only accepted a false measure, that is an obvious threat upon the nation and the world, they have accepted the spiritual equal of the mark of the beast and soon to be literal prophetic seal of their own condemnation  as with the all nations and Israel.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland earlier this week tweeted out a notice of a working paper by economists, Michael D. Bordo, Owen F. Humpage and Anna J. Schwartz.

The paper was tiltled: U.S. Intervention during the Bretton Wood [sic] Era:1962-1973

At the time the paper was written in 2011, Bordo taught in the Department of Economics, Rutgers University, Humpage was an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and Schwartz worked at the National Bureau of Economic Research.

The web page containing the paper is now empty.

It is probably no surprise that the paper is no longer featured at the Cleveland Fed. The paper is a detailed 87 page report on the massive interventions in currency markets that the Treasury and the Federal Reserve conducted during the era of the Bretton Woods exchange rate system. The paper is exceptionally critical of the market manipulations that took place during that period.

Antichrist NWO 666 Sirius Fed Occult Links To Paper Extremely Critical Of Monetary Intervention… Then Pulls Link 

In addition to the paper’s exceptional critique of the exchange manipulations, the paper offers a valuable insight into how the Federal Reserve operates during periods of crisis. Here is what the Fed did, according to the paper, immediately after the assassination of President Kennedy and what it did at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis:

U.S. authorities occasionally intervened to calm developments that, if left unchecked, might grow to threaten the existing parity structure. The most notable occasion occurred immediately following President Kennedy’s assassination on 22 November 1963. At this time, trading in the New York market essentially stopped. To prevent panic selling, which seemed to afflict the stock market at the time, the Foreign Exchange Desk of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY) placed large orders to sell all major currencies at the exchange rates that existed just prior to the assassination. By the close of business, the Desk had sold $23.5 million equivalent German marks, British pounds, Netherlands guilders, Canadian dollars, and Swiss francs. On that same day, the Bank of Canada bought $24.5 million to support the dollar against its Canadian counterpart. (The System then acquired $14 million from the Bank of Canada through its swap arrangement.) The European markets were closed at the time of the assassination. When they reopened, foreign central banks intervened in their spot markets, but by then, markets had settled down.

Similarly, news of the Cuban missile crisis on 22 October 1962 generated large financial flows out of dollars and into Continental currencies, especially Swiss francs. If left unchecked, the Desk feared, these financial flows might raise doubts about the structure of the exchange rates. Moreover, by placing unwanted dollars in the Swiss National Bank, they contribute to a potential drain on the U.S. gold stock. The Federal Reserve System responded by selling $8 million equivalent francs into the Swiss spot market through the Swiss National Bank and $2.3 million equivalent francs into the New York spot market. (The Swiss National Bank acquired $50 million through intervention, and the System drew $20 million equivalent Swiss francs through its swap line with the BIS on 31 October 1962 and bought dollars from the Swiss National Bank.) The System also sold $700 thousand equivalent Dutch guilder in the New York spot market at the onset of the Cuban missile crisis.

Take this as an object lesson. The Fed does intervene in markets during crisis periods and it is very likely that the definition of “crisis” has broadened, since the 1960s, to cover a lot more than assassinations of US presidents.

There are many other lessons to be learned from the paper, including the Fed’s perspective on price inflation, which in my view is eerily similar to the present day situation. (I discuss this in much greater detail in the EPJ Daily Alert). Suffice to say for this post, my view is that the Fed will eventually be in a position similar to the early 1970s, when they ignored signs of growing price inflation to help continue to boost employment and the economy.

A Secular Satanist’s Approach Towards Technoprogressive Transhumanism.

Transhumanists In The Satanic Temple Admit They Are Part Of Plot To “Technoprogressively” Replace God-Created Humans 

The 2015 Grammy’s were also criticized for having the band ACDC open the show with their song “Highway to Hell.” Everyone in the audience was given glowing red “devil horns” during the performance and was asked to put them on.

Keeping in similar fashion to Grammy performances in the past, Madonna’s 2015 Grammy performance is being pegged as another on-camera “satanic ritual” by Illuminati conspiracy theorists.

The Illuminati has become quite a gimmick in mainstream media but according to well studied conspiracy theorists, the group is a satanic group carrying on the doctrine of Lucifer who they worship as the light bearer. Visit Vigilant Citizen HERE for more information on the origins of the Illuminati.

Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and, Nicki Minaj are among the others in the past that have been accused of performing satanic rituals on the Grammy stage. Popular conspiracy theorist Mark Dice said in a video he uploaded that as Madonna performed her song “Living for Love” her dancers were deliberately wearing baphomet masks representing the “Illuminati androgynous idol.”

Madonna is also being accused by Vigilant Citizen of highlighting the dualistic spiritual philosophy of the Illuminati at the Grammy’s by bringing the satanic aspect of it.

Madonna Leads This Year’s Grammy ‘Satanic Ritual’? Singer Accused of Pushing Illuminati Agenda [VIDEO] 

one thing is clear: America’s relapse into the second coming of the Antichrist NWO 666 Patriot Act is coming fast and furious, which as some also say is par for the course for the president who, just like Bush, has now been given a blank check to send US troops not only to Iraq but any place where “ISIS operates”

Curiously one company which has no qualms about collaborating with the US government also happens to be the largest company in the world currently by market cap:

Obozo also will meet privately with some executives on Friday. They are expected to press again for surveillance reform and support for strong encryption, which some in the administration have faulted recently on the grounds that it enables criminals and terrorists to hide their activity.

Google, Facebook and Yahoo are not sending their chief executives to the Stanford conference because of the rift, according to an executive at a major technology company. Apple Inc Chief Executive Tim Cook will give an address.

One wonder if perhaps recent leaked discoveries such as that “NSA Mocks Apple’s “Zombie” Customers; Asks “Your Target Is Using A BlackBerry? Now What?” has anything do with with AAPL’s willingness to engage in full-blown symbiosis with the US government. One also wonder what if anything would happen to AAPL’s record sales if it were to just say no to Obozo.

In the aftermath of the Snowden whistleblowing scandal which has now all but been forgotten, there was a brief period when it seemed the growth of the US spying apparatus would be halted if not put into reverse. Those days are long forgotten and later today Obozo is expected to to sign an executive order “that aims to make it easier for the government to share classified cyberthreat information with companies.”

The spin, as proposed by the WSJ, is that “this will be effort designed to spur collaboration and deter hackers, the White House said.” In reality what Obozo’s latest executive order will do, is expand the universe of entities that has access to the trove of private confidential data contained in the vast government spying apparatus, which as has been made all too clear now focuses as much on US citizens as it does on legitimate foreign threats, and further eviscerate the concept of individual privacy in the US.

Patriot Act 2: Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown Executive Order Will Promote Sharing Of Confidential Information With Corporations 

As reported earlier, today Obozo will unleash his latest executive order, one which will set the stage for “information sharing and analysis organizations” (ISAOs) – or, in political jargon “hubs where companies share cyber threat data with each other and with the Antichrist NWO 666 Department of Homeland Security.” In regular parlance, what Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown will do is merely codify the second coming of the Patriot Act, which as Reuters put it, is “legislation to require more information-sharing and limit any legal liability for companies that share too much.” In other words, the Kiss You Privacy Goodbye Forever order. But don’t worry: it is for your own protection. You See, thanks to these ISAOs the North Korean swat team of hackers will never again reveal that the management of Sony Pictures is a bunch of racists and that they make such bad movies that they need the US government to help sell them..

Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown Unveils His Executive Order To Share Your Confidential Information With Corporations: Live Webcast

When American forces pursue ISIS into Syria, Putin will respond in force. Putin has previously threatened to nuke the United States if it invaded Syria in violation of international law. Syria is critical to the Russians on a number of fronts. For a complete explanation of the dynamics related to Putin’s threat and the Federal Reserve’s overt strategy to invade Iran and how Syria factors into this equation, please click here. This is the beginning of World War III.

America Jails War Protesters

Through the 20th century, America has been a nation which has jailed war protesters in ever-increasing numbers (e.g. World War I, internment of Japanese-American CITIZENS in World War II, and of course during the Vietnam where deadly force was even used at Kent State in 1970). Even Lincoln jailed citizens and journalists who have dared to object to the draft during the Civil War.

History Will Soon Repeat Itself

America is about to engage in the same behavior of citizen subjugation in preparation for a coming war. Only this time, protesting will not be permitted and protesters will be “dealt with”. Along these lines, I am in receipt of the following which is very troublesome:

“SAN FRANCISCO — President Obama will announce a new executive order on the sharing of cybersecurity threats and information at Friday’s cybersecurity summit at Stanford University, the White House said.

Most importantly to Silicon Valley, the president’s proposal is expected to cement the role of the Department of Homeland Security, rather than the National Security Agency, as the government lead for information-sharing with the private sector.”

One of my colleagues in the media sent me the press release. Within 15 minutes, I had two very high level confirmations of what this meant. One of the sources is a high ranking government official with oversight responsibilities and the other is an ex-military intelligence asset with multiple and strong connections to dissident military types serving today. However, this is a story that writes itself. I really do not need unnamed sources in order to demonstrate where this is likely headed. The President’s intention to transfer intelligence information on American citizens from the NSA to the DHS is both ominous and the purpose is self-evident. My sources simply serve to reinforce the obvious intent. Also, this information is beginning to leak out in the independent media.

Anyone who has read my articles over the past two years knows that I have obtained information that the NSA’s massive data mining of every person is inextricably tied to creating a Threat Matrix Score for each and every American based on key word analyses of their cell phone conversations, emails, social media statements, etc. Also, a “known associates” file is maintained to determine the amount social reach a potential dissident has. For example, the bigger their reading audience or listening audience or Facebook following, the higher a person’s Threat Matrix Score.

This is Old News

Visionaries such as Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann have been warning us for decades about the creation of a so-called “Red List”. The Red List is a modern-day interpretation of Nixon “Enemies list”. However, what is happening today is much more nefarious. The “Red List” is a “dissident removal list” and it will be conducted with extreme prejudice.

The people who have referred to such lists and those brave enough to expose them, as “fear-mongers”, may soon change their tune. After reading this article, these people are going to have a little harder time sleeping tonight.

DHS Is “Positioning” to Secretly Arrest American Dissidents In Preparation for World War III

Who has the ability to oversee intelligence gathering and simultaneously act upon the intelligence? It is none other than the Department of Homeland Security. It is also the DHS that has, in the past two years, acquired 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition as well as 2700 armored personnel carriers, not the NSA. It is clear that DHS is the army of the central bankers who have hijacked our government and they are preparing to remove dissidents.

Keep in mind that this coming war is a war to preserve the Petrodollar and it will be waged at all costs. All opposition will be eliminated.

The optimistic part of me would like to believe that this transfer of power is only about streamlining our war on terror, then I am reminded who started Antichrist al Qaeda and Antichrist ISIS.

Dissident Roundups Are Coming

Through several conversations I have had in the 45 minutes prior to writing this article, I have learned the following:

There are two programs designed to round up people who are viewed as a danger to the status quo. The two operations are labeled “Operation BOA”, as in boa constrictor, and “Operation Lightening”. I have some operational details, but at this point they are still sketchy. Suffice it to say that Operation Lightening is the 3AM round up of all perceived dissident journalists and even some local politicians. This will be accomplished on a single night of terror. Operation BOA is a more deliberate process and will focus on more non-media threats such as outspoken veterans, gun rights activists, etc.

There Will Be No Martial Law Declaration

Martial law will not be called martial law, it will be labeled as “Continuity of Government”. The announcement of the procedures designed to enhance the “Continuity of Government” policies will be made by a four star General from NORTHCOM.

There is no definitive timeframe for this announcement. Logic would dictate that it will come in close proximity to launching new ground operations in the Middle East against the CIA created ISIS.

What Can Be Done?

There is no need for you to be concerned about what you say on Twitter, Facebook, on the phone or in print, that ship has already sailed. You already have a Threat Matrix Score and that score could eventually hold very significant consequences for you and your family.

Can anything be done? Probably not. However, the only thing that I think that may actually back up the enforcement of this plan is if enough people express awareness and outrage as to these violations of our 4th and 5th Amendment rights. As I wrote about in this morning’s article, this actionable intelligence will be supported by the NDAA and Executive Order 13603 which involves civilian round-ups (NDAA) and civilian conscription (EO 13603).

In the interest of self-preservation, it would be a good idea to circulate this article and the dozens that will certainly follow on this topic.

And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,

10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:

Revelation 14

And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

Revelation 13 

The National Fraternal Antichrist New World Order of Police is pushing for legislation to classify anti-police comments as “hate speech.” The 300,000 strong FOP says that police officers should fall under the Congressional hate crimes statute, and should thus be regarded as a protected minority.

osh Earnest, the Press Secretary for the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 administration responded, saying it’s “something that we’ll have to consider.”

“A hate crime is defined by Congress as a ‘criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.’ If local authorities decline to prosecute a hate crime, the federal government can take over, making hate crime offenders more likely to face prosecution.”

Based on the definition that the Antichrist NWO 666 White House cited, police officers could not fall under hate crime protections. But that doesn’t seem to be deterring the FOP, which must apparently think of policing as a religion.

Antichrist NWO 666 Police Push For Anti-Cop Comments To Be Legally Considered ‘Hate Speech’

It’s not just the U.S. either. There is a global trend away from press freedom, which makes perfect sense given that world wealth is basically being consolidated by a handful of oligarchs who don’t want the rabble to have access to anything but their various forms of propaganda. For example:

War, the rise of non-state groups, crackdowns on demonstrations and economic crises provided a backdrop for a tough 2014. The Paris-based media watchdog said two-thirds of the 180 countries surveyed in its annual World Press Freedom index scored worse than a year earlier.

Western Europe, while top-ranked, lost the most ground as a region. Three Nordic countries headed the list, but there was slippage in Italy — where mafia and other threats weighed on journalists — and Iceland, where the relationship between the media and politicians soured, the group said.
Here’s the list of countries that ranked ahead of the U.S.

World Press Freedom Index Plunges – USA Now Ranked #49 Globally 

But as Liberty Blitzkrieg’s Mike Krieger notes, the bastion of press freedom in the land of the free, fell once again… to 49th!!

In the United States, 2014 was marked by judicial harassment of New York Times investigative reporter James Risen in connection with the trial of Jeffrey Sterling, a former CIA officer charged under the Espionage Act with giving him classified information. US journalists are still not protected by a federal shield law that would guarantee their right not to name their sources or reveal other confidential information about their work. Meanwhile, at least 15 journalists were arbitrarily arrested during clashes between police and demonstrators protesting against black teenager Michael Brown’s fatal shooting by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

– From Reporters Without Borders’ 2015 World Press Freedom Index
The greatest myth we Americans collectively like to tell to ourselves is that we live in the “land of the free.” We particularly pride ourselves on “freedom of the press” — enshrined in the U.S. Constitution — but how free is this press really?

When it comes to these United States, it’s not just press freedom that has been plunging. Economic freedom has been also spiraling down the toilet bowl ever since the year 2000. Recall the post from last fall, New Report – The United States’ Sharp Drop in Economic Freedom Since 2000 Driven by “Decline in Rule of Law”. Here’s an excerpt:

Expanded use of regulation has also been an important contributing factor to the declining ratings of the United States. During the past decade, non-tariff trade barriers, restrictions on foreign investment, and business regulation have all grown extensively. The expanded use of regulation in the United States has resulted in sharp rating reductions for components such as independence of the judiciary, impartiality of the courts, and regulatory favoritism. To a large degree, the United States has experienced a significant move away from rule of law and toward a highly regulated, politicized, and heavily policed state.
Land of the free?

David Carr, New York Times columnist, dies suddenly after collapsing in office

Carr collapsed in the Times newsroom in Manhattan about 9pm on Thursday evening. He was taken to Roosevelt hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Earlier in the evening he had moderated a panel discussion on Oscar-nominated film Citizenfour alongside filmmaker Laura Poitras and journalist Glenn Greenwald. Appearing via videolink was NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

In Mideast and Europe, a bad year for press freedom, watchdog finds (+video)

Citing ‘the use of fear and reprisals to silence journalists,’ Reporters Without Borders says freedom of information suffered a ‘dramatic decline’ in 2014.

Last year’s gruesome beheadings of Western journalists by the self-described Islamic State were among the most visceral attacks on the press in decades, making 2014 a year most reporters would soon forget – and not only those on the ground in Syria and Iraq.

It was a year, said Reporters Without Borders (RSF), the Paris-based media watchdog, in which freedom of information suffered a “dramatic decline” across the world. Of the 180 countries surveyed for its just-released annual World Press Freedom Index, two thirds performed worse than in 2013, RSF said Thursday.

Government censorship was partly to blame for the downturn, RSF said. But it also pointed to the growing threat posed by non-state actors such as Boko Haram and the Islamic State, who “follow no laws and disregard basic rights in pursuit of their own ends.”

“Motives may vary but their modus operandi is the same – the use of fear and reprisals to silence journalists and bloggers who dare to investigate them or refuse to act as their mouthpieces,” RSF said in a press release that accompanied the index.

Europe has been drifting downwards in the press freedom index for years. RSF says government interference in the media, which remains the status quo in many countries across the continent, presents one of the biggest obstacles to journalists.

What’s more is that the European Union appears to be under pressure from some member states to compromise on freedom of information, RSF reports. From Denmark to Hungary, journalists risk persecution for exposing government corruption and publishing critical views of ruling officials.

In Italy, an increase of violence against journalists has revived concerns about the mafia and contributed to the country’s 24-place drop to 73rd.

Meanwhile, Russia slipped two slots to 152nd place amid “draconian laws,” a squeeze on independent media, and the Kremlin’s extensive propaganda campaign against Kiev and the West over the crisis in Ukraine.

Three Scandinavian countries topped RSF’s rankings: Finland, which has been in first place for many years, followed by Norway and Denmark. The three worst performers were Turkmenistan, North Korea, and Eritrea, which came in last place. China and Iran were also among the 10 lowest-ranked countries.

only the most naïve among us do not recognize that, for all intents and purposes, the governmental checks and balances in Washington, D.C., are virtually non-existent. For the most part, the three branches of the federal government and the two major political parties in Washington simply facilitate the decisions of the existing power base–especially when it comes to the expansion of federal intrusion and oversight.

All of the political wrangling over the differences between Republicans and Democrats notwithstanding, when it comes to increasing the size and scope of the federal government, the two parties inside the Beltway are practically identical twins. And nowhere is this more clearly observed than in all things said to be for the sake of “national security.”

Chart Of The Day – America’s Prison Population Over The Past 100 Years

There are 2.3 million Americans in prison or jail. The U.S. has 5 percent of the world’s population but 25 percent of its prisoners. One in three black men can expect to spend time in prison. There are 2.7 million minors with an incarcerated parent. The imprisonment rate has grown by more than 400 percent since 1970.

Recent research suggests that incarceration has lost its potency. A report released this week from the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law finds that increased incarceration has had a very limited effect on crime over the past two and a half decades.

– From today’s Five-Thrity-Eight article: The Imprisoner’s Dilemma
The sickening and absurd rate of incarceration in these United States has been a frequent topic of conversation here at Liberty Blitzkrieg over the years (links at the end). In our national insanity, the U.S. has only 5% of the worlds population, yet 25% of its prisoners. Many of these people have no business being locked in a cage to begin with, and are wasting their lives away for committing “victimless crimes,” i.e. for no good reason.

There are 2.3 million Americans in prison or jail. The U.S. has 5 percent of the world’s population but 25 percent of its prisoners. One in three black men can expect to spend time in prison. There are 2.7 million minors with an incarcerated parent. The imprisonment rate has grown by more than 400 percent since 1970.

It’s supposed to help the country reduce crime in two ways: incapacitation — it’s hard to be a habitual offender while in prison — or deterrence — people scared of prison may do their best to not end up there.

But recent research suggests that incarceration has lost its potency. A reportreleased this week from the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law finds that increased incarceration has had a very limited effect on crime over the past two and a half decades.

At incarceration’s current elevated levels, the effect of more incarceration on crime is not statistically different than zero. It’s no longer working.

In 1970, there were just shy of 200,000 Americans in prison. Today there are more than 1.5 million — 496 prisoners for every 100,000 people. That’s more than in any developed country. According to the International Centre for Prison Studies, the imprisonment rate in Russia is 467. In the U.K., it’s 148. In France, 102. In Germany, it’s 76. In Japan, 50.

Puppets For The Antichrist New World Order

“A church hosting a law enforcement appreciation sermon asked its followers to pledge their allegiance to government this weekend, arguing that all state authorities throughout history have been ordained by God.

“According to an anonymous visitor of the Gold Creek Community Church in Mill Creek, Washington, who provided exclusive photos to Infowars, attendees were ordered to submit to the state without question. ‘They had police worship today and last week was military worship where they played clips of American Sniper…’ the source said. ‘They were telling people to basically worship government and worship police no matter what. No mention of police brutality, no mention of the stingray systems grabbing our data…’

“Near the end of the sermon, members of the congregation were asked to raise their right hands and make a pledge, which included the promise to call 911 on ‘suspicious’ neighbors.”

The warmongers and international nation builders who desire to drown the United States under the deluge of a global New World Order found the perfect Boogeyman in the form of Islam. If the official report on 9/11 is true (almost half of the American people do NOT believe it is true, including this writer), all the perpetrators of the attacks were men from Saudi Arabia. Yet, we couldn’t invade Saudi Arabia. We need their oil too much. Besides, the Muslim nation of Saudi Arabia is deemed to be a U.S. ally. And we couldn’t attack Iraq on the basis of Saddam Hussein’s alleged atrocities alone. The world just wouldn’t buy it.

Did Hussein kill hundreds of Muslim Kurds (most Muslim violence is perpetrated against other Muslims) during his regime? Probably so. Does anyone want to know why? THEY WERE TRYING TO OVERTHROW HIS GOVERNMENT. Am I justifying what Hussein did against his enemies? No. But the same people who are so quick to condemn Hussein for defending his government with violence seem to pay no attention to the atrocities committed by George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton against U.S. citizens who posed absolutely NO THREAT to the government in Washington, D.C.

I am talking about Ruby Ridge, Idaho, when our own federal government accused ONE MAN, Randy Weaver, of threatening the United States government, and it sent federal agents to murder both him and his wife, Vicki. A federal sniper murdered Vicki and shot Randy (he survived his wounds). Federal agents also shot their young son, Sammy, in the back and killed him. But Vicki was not holding a rocket launcher or hand grenade; she was holding her little baby in her arms.

I recall that the federal government accused a small splinter group of Seventh Day Adventists (the Branch Davidians) of threatening the U.S. government; and it sent federal agents and combat military personnel to burn them out and machine-gun them to death.

Where was the outrage of all of these patriotic Americans and righteous Christians over the atrocities committed by our own government at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, and Waco, Texas? Neither the Weaver family nor the Branch Davidians posed ANY threat to the U.S. government. Heck! They didn’t even pose a threat to their neighbors. But our federal government murdered them, nonetheless.

One more thing to think about: the U.S. war in Iraq is estimated to have killed over 500,000 Iraqi children. That is more people (men, women, and children) than were killed when we dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Of course, then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright testified before Congress and said the deaths of all of those Iraqi children were “worth it.” (And by the way many of our Christian brethren in the United States are acting, I suppose they think it was worth it, too.)

So, needing something more than just Saddam Hussein’s alleged atrocities against the Kurds to justify a full-scale war in the Middle East, we invented a brand new threat: Al Qaeda. Now, the globalists had their Boogeyman. But after more than a decade of war, and with the American people becoming numb to an Al Qaeda threat, they invented a new Boogeyman: ISIS (IS; ISIL, etc.).

Think of it: OVERNIGHT, ISIS has advanced, sophisticated weapons; OVERNIGHT, it has millions of dollars to spend; OVERNIGHT it has become the greatest threat to, not only the security of the Middle East, but the United States of America. In the name of the threat of ISIS, the surveillance state must be expanded in America. In the name of the threat of ISIS, our local and State police must become more and more militarized. In the name of the threat of ISIS, Americans must be willing to surrender more and more of their liberties.

Neither Al Qaeda nor ISIS could have become the powerful force they have become WITHOUT THE DIRECT ASSISTANCE OF DARK OPS AND DIRTY MONEY FROM THE UNITED STATES. It is just not humanly possible.

ISIS is a contrivance of U.S. and Israeli Dark Ops who have created and attracted the most radical, hate-filled people of the region and set them up in opposition to the laws of decency in order to incite the American public into accepting more war and more abridgments of their liberties.

America’s CIA and illegal Dark Ops are often INCITING the Muslim people of the Middle East against us. This is deliberate and intentional. It foments war and hatred–on both sides. And when people are filled with fear, and war, and hatred, it is much easier to strip them of their liberties and manipulate them into accepting usurpations of their freedoms that they would otherwise never be inclined to do.

Think about it: if our government truly believed we were at war with Al Qaeda or ISIS, why would it insist on keeping our southern border wide open? If the “war on terror” were legitimate, securing our border would be the FIRST thing our government would do. That it doesn’t proves the duplicitous nature of our so-called “war on terror.”

It’s time for Americans (and especially Christians) to understand that there is a war alright: it is a war against our liberties, and the primary enemy is the New World Order globalists who are using elements of our own government (as well as other governments) against us.

When pastors and churches succumb to the notion of submitting to a domestic Police State, when they succumb to the fear and paranoia created by a “war on terror,” and when they succumb to the sins of hate and bigotry against one group of people, they unwittingly become puppets for the New World Order. 


But the most damning part of the interview came with Chief Justice Moore asked Chris Cuomo if Cuomo would have adhered to Dred Scott, which treated black people as inferior to white people, or Plessy v. Ferguson, which established separate but equal as the law of the land.

Cuomo tried to get out of answering the question, but Chief Justice Moore demanded Cuomo answer it. It is safe to say, Cuomo would have enforced both Dred Scott and Plessy based on his answer, which was “You follow the law of the land. You follow the law of the land. That’s what our nation is based on.”

See for yourself and note that earlier in the interview Cuomo said our rights come from people, refuting the Declaration of Independence.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Gives an Unbelievable Answer on Whether He’d Enforce Dred Scott

The Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 White House’s top counterterrorism official clown ”admitted” Thursday that the overthrow of Yemen’s government by Shiite rebels last month caught U.S. intelligence ”off guard”.

Complete lying bastard Nick Rasmussen, director of the Antichrist 666 Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown National Counterterrorism Center, told the Senate Intelligence Committee that the Yemeni army’s response to the advancing Houthi rebels resembled the Iraqi military’s response to an onslaught by the Antichrist Islamic State terror group (Antichrist ISIS) that ended in the capture of Iraq’s second-largest city this past summer.

“As the Houthi advances toward Sanaa [Yemen’s capital] took place,” soon to be fired Rasmussen said, “they weren’t opposed in many places. … The situation deteriorated far more rapidly than we expected.”

Evil dipshit Rasmussen made the ”admission”/claim/lie under questioning by Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., who noted that Antichrist NWO 666 President Barack Obozo The 911 Clown recently touted Yemen as a ”successful counterterrorism partnership”. Now, it’s a “total disaster,” Blunt said.

The success of the Iran-backed Houthis has proven to be a benefit to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), the terror group’s affiliate in that country. The group claimed responsibility for last month’s deadly attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and has recently stepped up attacks in central and southern Yemen.

On Friday, Yemeni security officials said a suicide car bomber struck police headquarters in the central city of Bayda, which had recently been captured by the Houthis. There was no immediate word of any casualties.

The latest attack came one day after the United Nations envoy to Yemen warned that the country was at a crossroads between “civil war and disintegration,” while U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned that the country was “collapsing before our eyes.”

Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911  POTUS Clown Counterterror chief says/claims fall of Yemen’s government took US Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Clowns by ”surprise”

What could be simpler than the Middle East? A well-known Egyptian blogger who writes under the pseudonym The Big Pharaoh put together this chart laying out the region’s rivalries and alliances.

The Middle East, explained in one (sort of terrifying) chart 

He’s kindly granted me permission to post it, so that Americans might better understand the region. The joke is that it’s not a joke; this is actually pretty accurate.

I won’t be around to see it, but I have little doubt that future historians and others will conclude that Antichrist NWO 666 President Barack Hussein Obozo The 911 Clown was the worst President ever to serve in that office.

Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo The 911 Clown has brought nothing to the presidency except his Marxist theology. He was the least prepared in terms of experience in the workplace and his elections have been more about the manipulation of public opinion and his two terms have been an endless succession of lies..

The Worst U.S. President Ever!

Imagine a modern politician talking of religion and morality as the basis of political prosperity‚ least of all Obozo, who has disparaged Christianity and protects Antichrist Islam.

His signature legislation, ObozoCare, has undermined the nation’s healthcare system. His solution to the Great Recession added more debt in his six years in office than the combined debt of every previous President up to Clinton and did not stimulate the economy as promised.

His ignorance of history and of current events is vast. Google “what does Obozo know?” and you will find many articles that document this.

He has been protected by a Antichrist NWO liberal mainstream media, but the voters have seen through that and have turned political power in Congress

Obozo Criminal amnesty act of treason creates loophole for illegal immigrants to vote in elections
Driver’s licenses, social security numbers facilitate improper registration, officials warn

Rick talks with Indiana-based evangelist and Bible teacher Brett Creamer about a series of dreams and visions he experienced in which he saw a tsunami wave strike the southeastern United States, and the aftermath of an economic collapse in which private property is seized from middle-class homeowners and given to illegal immigrants.

Columnist Charles Krauthammer argued that Antichrist NWO 666 President Obozo 911 was attempting “regime change” in Israel on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“Barack Obozo The Antichrist Clown has forsworn regime change in the region, remember when we had the Antichrist Iranian Revolution under Obozo’s watch in 2009? Where there was a chance to get rid of the most anti-American regime in the region. He didn’t lift a finger even rhetorically. No regime change. He said that’s Bush stuff, that is not — except in one place. The one place he’s actively trying to change the regime is in Israel. He’s doing everything he can to outmaneuver, to humiliate, to insult, to give the back of the hand to Bibi Netanyahu knowing that for any Israeli Prime Minister jeopardizing the US-Israeli relationship could be fatal at the polls, and that’s exactly what Obozo is doing” he declared.

Krauthammer also reacted to State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki arguing that other countries had to pull out of Yemen by stating “when you’re reduced to saying that the Germans had to close their embassy, you know how far we’ve fallen. Germany isn’t exactly a power in the Middle East anymore. It was in the ’30s, but not now.”

He continued, “on the tactical level, just sort of explaining, looking at the evacuation, it’s really–it’s humiliating. And this is after Benghazi. It isn’t as if we didn’t know what was going to happen. The Antichrist Houthis took effective control of Sanaa, the capital, a few weeks ago. A week ago, they announced they were going to take over the government. This is not sudden. It isn’t as if it happened overnight, and yet with all the planning they had to leave with the keys in the cars running. The Marines humiliatingly had to remove their weapons and leave them behind. And you asked, why was there no military transport? There was no answer to that. I assume it’s because the Antichrist Houthi government…could not guarantee the safety, or might have even said we’re going to shoot you down.”

Regarding the Middle East as a whole, Krauthammer said “this is a policy in complete collapse…we were the dominant power in the region for four decades. And in these six years of Obozo that has evaporated, and the reason is not difficult to understand. Obozo said at the beginning of the presidency, ‘I’m here to end wars,’ and even yesterday in announcing the authorization for the use of force against Antichrist ISIS said ‘we do not — we’re not interested in endless wars.’ He has announced to the world again and again we’re getting out.” And “these places are unstable in civil wars. You are either going to join the pro-American side, the pro-democratic side, the pro-Western side, or you’re going to join the Antichrist radical Islamists, and let’s say you’re a neutral, a peasant, which way are you going to go? You know the US is leaving. You know the US is not going to be around. You know the US is creating a vacuum in the region, and when the Americans are gone, which under Obozo you know is going to be soon, the other guys are going to come, and they’re going to kill you, slit the throats of your family, and take away your women. When you’re a peasant, you have to make that choice, the choice is easy.”


A Jew and a Catholic went to Congress kind of sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it is what will be played out over the next few months. The Jew of course is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Catholic Pope Frances. Each was invited to speak under the same circumstances, but the reaction to the invitations was totally different.

Speaker Boehner invited two people to speak to a joint session of congress. The speaker didn’t check with the President before making either invitation (nor did he have to). Each of the two speakers has something important to say to the members of congress.

The Premier of the Jewish State didn’t accept the invitation until the President was informed he was roundly criticized for accepting. The head of the Catholic Church was invited and when he accepted no one asked if the President knew…everyone just cheered.

A Antichrist Jew And A Jesuit Petrus Romanus Catholic Went To Congress….(Just Saying)

Only the Jewish man’s visit was criticized. I am not saying his visit was bashed only because he is Jewish—I’m just pointing out a fact.

When the Jewish man was invited without checking with the President even though Obozo was informed before the Jewish man said yes, the White House called it a breach of protocol. On the day the head of the Catholic Church accepted the invitation the President didn’t call it a breach of protocol, he said he was eager to welcome the pope to the U.S. “Like so many people around the world, I’ve been touched by his call to relieve suffering, and to show justice and mercy and compassion to the most vulnerable.”

It was strange that he praised the leader of the Catholic Church but called the Jewish leader’s acceptance a breach of protocol. I am not saying the Jew’s visit was a breach of protocol only because of his faith; I’m just pointing out fact.

A few months ago the President blasted the same Premier of the Jewish State for allowing Jews to purchase homes in certain areas of Jerusalem. It was a very unique criticism. That President had never criticized people of any other faith for buying homes in any other spot in the world.

Now I am not saying the President hated the home sale because the buyers were Jewish—I’m just pointing out a fact.

On Thursday, Nancy Pelosi said that many members of her caucus would be too busy to show up when the Prime Minister of the Jewish State spoke before Congress. “I don’t think anybody should use the word ‘boycott,’” Pelosi said. “When these heads of state come, people are here doing their work, they’re trying to pass legislation, they’re meeting with their constituents and the rest. It’s not a high-priority item for them.” Just a few hours earlier when she heard that the leader of the Catholic Church was going to speak before congress Pelosi said in a written statement that she looks forward to “hearing his call to live our values, to protect the poor and the needy, and to promote peace.”

Why was Pelosi’s reaction different for the Jew and the Catholic? I am not saying it had anything to do with the Jew’s faith; I’m just making a statement of fact.

Reps. John Lewis (D-GA), Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), and G.K. Butterworth (D-NC) all said they wouldn’t attend the Jews speech because they were too busy. They haven’t said whether they would attend the Catholic’s speech.

Just because they will show up for the Pope plan to be too busy for the Jew, it doesn’t mean they made they made the decision based on religion. I am just pointing out what is happening.

Essentially both leaders will be delivering a message about how we should be treating each other. The Pope is going to Congress to deliver a message of peace; his teachings are usually about how mankind should be nicer to each other no matter who they are. He speaks of a Savior who saves souls. The Jewish Premier is going to congress to talk about preventing one evil nation from creating a super weapon to kill millions of people, both in his country and in this country. People of both parties share his opinion.

One of the speakers is talking about saving souls; the other is talking about saving lives. But only the Jew’s message is criticized in the mainstream media as a “slap” at the President. I am not saying its because he is Jewish, I am just point out a fact.

Two leaders invited to speak before a joint session of Congress, both were invited without first asking the White House, the president was aware of the invitations before each was accepted. Each of the leaders were close friends of the United States, each will deliver an important message designed to make this world a better place. But only the Pope is being welcomed.

I am not saying the Prime Minister visit is being criticized because he is Jewish and he leads the only Jewish country in the world, a country which is threatened by terrorists and by Iranian nuclear weapons, there must be a more logical reason—I just can’t think of one right now.

“I won’t be too specific but all options are still on the table,” Steinitz told reporters.

“The Iranians didn’t move much… therefore we are so disturbed,” he said. 

Israel warns anew of action against Iran

On Tuesday, Antichrist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted he has a “profound disagreement” with Antichrist NWO 666 US President Barack Obozo The 911 Clown over the Iranian nuclear issue.

Intelligence Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz warned Thursday that Israel could act unilaterally against Iran over its nuclear drive, saying Tehran has failed to make concessions in talks with world powers.

“We never limited Israel’s right of self-defence because of some diplomatic constraints,” he said.

Boris Johnson to consider radiation devices for London police

The London mayor will ask Scotland Yard to evaluate whether issuing radiation devices to police officers could help in the fight against terrorism in London.

Boris Johnson was speaking after meeting New York Police Department commissioner Bill Bratton, who said the devices were useful when searching for weapons. 


France has a drone problem. Someone keeps flying the remote-controlled devices over French nuclear reactors, which continued even after the country arrested some drone enthusiasts. So far 13 of the country’s 19 facilities have been buzzed. Looking for a way to stop quadcopters messing with, you know, nuclear reactors, France is testing out the only answer that makes sense: Bigger, badder drones. 

Sure, the interceptor can catch a drone in the air, but there’s still a long way to go from this demonstration to actually catching one that’s spying on a nuclear reactor facility. If the interceptor doesn’t work, Malou Tech has another way to knock drones out of the sky: just careen a kamikaze drone into them.

Iran commander Suleimani says IS ‘nearing end’ 

An influential Iranian general who has reportedly been near the front line against the Islamic State group was quoted Thursday saying the jihadists are “nearing the end of their lives”..

“Today we see signs of the Islamic revolution being exported throughout the region, from Bahrain to Iraq and from Syria to Yemen and North Africa,” he said.

“The arrogants and Zionists have admitted, more than before, to their own weakness and to the Islamic republic’s power, following their successive defeats,” he said.

Iranian officials often use the term “arrogants” to refer to the United States and other Western powers, while Zionists is used in Tehran to refer to Israel without acknowledging its existence as a state.

The Quds Force — the foreign wing of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards — conducts sensitive security functions abroad, including intelligence, special operations and political action deemed necessary to protect the Islamic republic. 

ISIS Breaches US Military Advisers’ Iraqi Base

Just as we warned hours ago, it appears the capture of a nearby town was not the endgame and, as The Wall Street Journal reports, A group of Islamic State militants penetrated an Iraqi air base where U.S. military advisers are training Iraqi forces, the first time attackers have gotten beyond the outer perimeter of an Iraqi base being used by American trainers.

NEWLEY RELEASED PHOTOS SHOW: Antichrist ISIS Takes Twenty One Christians, Brings Them To The Beach, And Beheads All Of Them. They Then Release This Message To All Muslims: Whoever Beheads A Christian Will Gain Salvation So Kill Christians Wherever You Find Them

As a sequel to burning alive of the Jordanian POW pilot Moath All-Kasasseba, Antichrist ISIS decided to behead 21 Christians on a beach front in Tripoli Libya as their magazine Dabiq said that its branch in Tripoli had captured randomly from an apartment complex after checking their identification cards which said “Coptic Christian” and then executed the 21 Christian Copts after being kidnapped late last year.

A video capturing a tour of one village where seven of the victims came from interviewing the grieving families which breaks the heart. It shows the depraved and sad condition of the Christian Copts in Egypt. The young men were simple bread winners who sent whatever they can glean from Libya to sustain their families back in Egypt:

Many Egyptians are angered. Mustafa Bakri a TV commentator could not hold his tears as he announced the news and had to stop airing the piece:

“Just now they announced the butchering of 21 Egyptians comes to us now. I have seen their family and have seen their pitiful condition and how they live in such poverty … young men, like roses” says Bakri asking for an intermission after he realized he could not hold his tears.

It is effecting Copts as it is Jordanians for the burning of their POW.

Antichrist ISIS justifying its target of Christians in Iraq that since it was away from Egypt which prevented them from carrying out attacks against Copts, but now since their penetration in Libya and now in Sinai, “it is easy to implement retaliatory attacks against Christians in Egypt” according to Antichrist ISIS.

While the method of killing was not declared by Antichrist ISIS, from the photo above, it becomes obvious that each of the executioners have a knife which the handle blade looks like the blade of a Samurai sword can clearly be seen and usually when Antichrist ISIS dresses in the black attire, it is for a beheading scene.

Antichrist ISIS declared in its magazine that every Antichrist Muslim must kill Coptic Christians wherever they are found:

“And thus, the Antichrist Islamic State strikes terror in the hearts of the Copts after it strikes terror in the hearts of their Catholic allies before … Finally it is important for Antichrist Muslims everywhere to know that in the great reward to be found on Antichrist Judgment Day for those who spill the blood of these Coptic Crusaders wherever they may be found”.

The reference to Catholics by Antichrist ISIS is regarding the history of wars between Antichrist Islam and the Catholic Church when Antichrist Islam protested against Catholic doctrine.

All the kidnapped workers belong to the province of Minya from impoverished villages in Upper Egypt were kidnapped between late December and early January in the Libyan city of Sirte.

Sirte, 500 kilometres east of Tripoli, is in the hands of Antichrist Ansar al-Sharia, which gave its allegiance to Antichrist Caliph Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi the leader of Antichrist ISIS.

Two Christian girls in Pakistan, named Shabana Masih and Rani Masih, were both horrifically raped by their Muslim slave owners. Rani was seized and the slave owner tore off her clothes and viciously raped her, and then sadistically beat her.

Two Christian Girls Get Stripped Naked And Brutally Raped, But Rescue Christians Just Saved Them (WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOUR DONATIONS) 

Another slaver owner took Shabana, covered her mouth and forcefully dragged her into his officer where he tore off her clothes and brutally raped her and then cruelly beat her.

We must consider the serious issues on Christian persecution which will increase as we see these events unfold. For example, we operate a very effective mission in rescuing fellow Christians who literally live under slavery. We are a unique organization (Rescue Christians) who rescue Christians, perdominately in Pakistan that live under the Muslim yoke baking bricks in kilns under the heating sun. Christians too are burned in furnaces in Pakistan with no one to morn them. To see an example out of the thousands we rescue, click here, and listen to the amazing testimonies first hand on how you can help and make a difference, now in this life and for eternity.

Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown Mainstreaming Jew hatred in America 

By de-judaizing the victims, who were targets only because they were Jews, Obozo denied the uniqueness of the threat Antichrist jihadist Islam and its adherents pose to Jews.

If Antichrist Islamists have the capacity to annihilate the Jews, they will do so. And this brings us back to Obozo’s statement to Vox.com. As is his habit, Obozo refused to use the term Antichrist Islamic to describe the “violent, vicious zealots” who randomly targeted Jews at the Hyper Cacher.

Since the outset of his presidency, Obozo has vigilantly denied the connection between Antichrist Islamism and terrorism and has mischaracterized Antichrist jihad as peaceful self-reflection, along the lines of psychotherapy. Last week his denial of the Antichrist Islamist nature of Antichrist jihadist assaults worldwide rose to new heights when in his remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast he compared today’s Antichrist jihadists to the Crusaders from a thousand years ago. And whereas he identified the Crusaders as Christians, he refused to acknowledge that today’s mass murdering zealots act in the name of Antichrist Islam.

Obozo’s stubborn, absurd and dangerous refusal to mention the word Antichrist Islam in connection with the war being waged worldwide by millions in its name, coupled with his eagerness to always compare this unnamed scourge to the past evils of Western societies, indicates that his defense of Antichrist Islamic supremacism is not merely a policy preference but rather reflects a deeper ideological commitment. The perception that Obozo either does not oppose or embraces Antichrist Islamic extremism is strengthened when coupled with his appalling attempts to ignore the fact of Antichrist Islamic Jew-hatred and its genocidal nature and his moves to demonize Antichrist Masonic NWO 666 Netanyahu for daring to oppose his policy toward Antichrist Iran.

It is in this policy and in Obozo’s wider Middle East strategy that we find the real world consequences of Obozo’s denial of the unique victimization and targeting of Jews and the Jewish state by Antichrist Islamic terrorists and Antichrist Islamist regimes.

Loopholes in Obozo’s interim nuclear framework deal with Iran from November 2013 have allowed Antichrist Iran to make significant advances in its nuclear weapons program while still formally abiding by its commitments under the agreement. Iran has stopped enriching uranium to 20 percent purity levels, and sufficed with enriching uranium to 3.5% purity. But at the same time it has developed and begun using advanced centrifuges that enrich so quickly that the distinction between 3.5% and 20% enrichment levels becomes irrelevant. Antichrist Iran has made significant advances in its ballistic missile program, including in its development of intercontinental ballistic missiles designed to carry nuclear warheads. It has continued its development of nuclear bombs, and it has enriched sufficient quantities of uranium to produce one to two nuclear bombs.

According to leaked reports, the permanent nuclear deal that Obozo seeks to convince Antichrist Iran to sign would further facilitate Antichrist Iran’s ascension to the nuclear club. Among other things, the deal will place a time limit on the already ineffective inspections regime, thus blinding the world entirely to Iran’s nuclear activities.

At the same time that Obozo is facilitating Antichrist Iran’s emergence as a nuclear power, he is doing nothing to stop its regional empowerment. Today Antichrist Iran controls Syria, Antichrist Iraq and Antichrist Yemen and holds sway over Lebanon and Gaza. It threatens Antichrist Saudi Arabia, and its Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood allies threaten Egypt and Jordan.

As for Obozo’s allied campaign against Antichrist Islamic State in Syria and Antichrist Iraq, the largest beneficiary to date of the US-led campaign has been Antichrist Iran. Since the US-led campaign began last fall, Antichrist Iran has achieved all but public US support for its control over the Antichrist Iraqi military and for the survival of the Assad regime in Syria.

The trajectory of Obozo’s policies is obvious. He is clearing the path for a nuclear armed Antichrist Iran that controls large swathes of the Arab world through its proxies.

It is also clear that Iran intends to use its nuclear arsenal in the same way that Coulibaly used his Kalashnikov – to kill Jews, as many Jews as possible.

Perhaps Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown is acting out of anti-Semitism, perhaps he acts out of sympathy for Antichrist Islamic fascism.

Whatever the case may be, what is required from Israel, and from Netanyahu, is clear. Speaking to Congress may be a necessary precondition for that action, but it is not the action itself.

^^^WOE! What this article truly said was ”Israel has not killed Obozo ”yet” because Israel ”IS” currently OK with Antichrist NWO 666 Team Obozo and Larry Silverstein 911 events and the arming of Antichrist muslim dipshits that are slaughtering christians exactly as the Bible says they would do (nobody else beheads people but Antichrist muslim ”(a)llah has no Son” bastards) …because, Israel requires the Antichrist NWO 666 ritual geopolitical human slaughter that enables Israel to take action. If there isn’t a WMD 911 event nuclear detonation in a city/NYC either shortly before Netanyahu goes to give his pre-election Iran Shemitah speech in Washington, well then, expect the Petrus Romaus Pope visit to Washington and New York on the final Super Shemitah Jubilee Blood Moon to be eventful. A WMD event ”IS” the only thing that will allow Israel to defend it’s self and fulfill both the Damascus Prophecy and the ”covenant with many” prophetic false peace agreement that confirms the Antichrist and start of tribulation. The later part of 2015 ”IS” setting up perfectly timed with the scriptures and all the signs that are now upon this terminal generation. Obozo ”IS” nothing more than a useful idiot tool for the Antichrist NWO 666 team. As a reminder, the Antichrist kills the two witnesses in Jerusalem, and he ends up in Israel when Christ returns. The fact is, all the countries described in the scriptures, which surround Israel, are among the same ones that General Clark said were going to be disrupted and the idiot Generals didn’t know why.

PM says Iran is facing off against Israel on 6 fronts 

If team Obozo wasn’t ”good for Israel”, as good as 911 was for Israel according to Netanyahu, the idiot would be as dead as Kennedy before his term ”IS” over. That’s a fact. If you are not a watchful Saint, you don’t have a clue and trying to explain all the past events leading up to the current prophetic end time environment ”IS” impossible at this point. There is too much to explain. Just read the Bible and open your eyes, maybe you will get it, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t put the prophetic map together with the ”map makers” AKA the Antichrist enemy among all nations and Israel.

We shall see how this plays out, in the coming months, obviously. It’s been a slow train wreck but now it’s the time of Jacob’s Troubling Birth Pangs, and for 3 1/2 years, during tribulation, Israel learns to cry, then Christ returns for the sake of the elect among all nations and Israel. The key point about the Antichrist, who kills the two witnesses in Israel, Jerusalem, he does not even respect the God of his fathers. Put that together with Israel being a burdensome stone which our Father in Christ uses for His own purpose against all nations that come against Israel and you may understand the binding of the tares with the wheat. The deception among the nations and Israel is the spirit of Antichrist, but Israel is also the last bastion the Antichrist finds himself in the end, which makes sense because Israel is protected by Heaven until Christ returns. If you cannot see the wisdom of Heaven playing out in all this, and you ”think” you might be feeling inspired by The Holy Spirit, pray about it. Make sure you offer up your prayer in the name of our Father in Christ first.

Fear not, stand fast in Christ and do no harm.

Secret Iranian Unit Ships Illegal Weapons Throughout Middle East

A covert cell operating under the Iranian government is fueling the bloodshed throughout the Middle East and North Africa, Fox News revealed Thursday.

Unit 190, a secret arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force made up of about two-dozen employees, has for years smuggled arms to these conflict zones, the network said.

After an extensive investigation tracing the land, air and sea routes used by the Quds Force to move weapons to Hezbollah, Hamas and now the Houthis in Yemen, Fox News has also learned from western intelligence sources the name of the Iranian man who is a key player in Unit 190: Behnam Shahariyari, born in 1968 in Ardabil, northwest Iran.

Western intelligence sources who spoke to the network said Shahariyari runs a network of straw companies which skirt sanctions and pack RPG’s, night-vision equipment and long-range rockets in powdered milk, cement and spare vehicle parts.

“Very often arms and explosives were placed in trucks underneath legal cargo in order to hide them,” said Michael Eisenstadt, director of Military and Security Studies programs for the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

In May 2007, when Turkey intercepted containers filled with 122mm mortar shells and explosives destined for Hezbollah via Syria in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1747, the bill of lading had Shahariyari’s signature on it.

A hangar in the civilian section of the international airport in Tehran near the Iran Air terminal reportedly serves as a warehouse for Unit 190, according to western intelligence sources who provided Fox News with a photo of the hangar.

In fact, the U.S. Treasury has sanctioned front companies used by the Quds Force’s Unit 190 to transport weapons to Hezbollah, and other terrorist groups in the Middle East, in direct violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

“Many times when you see the United States government imposing sanctions on so-called ‘commercial businesses’ in Iran, it’s in reality the Quds Force that they are trying to sanction,” Ali Alfoneh, an Iranian-born political scientist at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, told Fox News.

“There are several major Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf region which serve as shipping points for Iran’s armed transportation to the region,” he added.

More recently, in January 2013, the U.S. Navy intercepted 40 tons of anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles on board a boat named the Jeehan-1, weapons that western intelligence officials say were destined for the Houthis.

“We know that there is a relationship between the Houthis and Tehran,” Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby told reporters on Tuesday. “We’ve been very clear on multiple occasions about our concerns about the tentacles that Iran has throughout the region, specifically with support to groups and organizations that aren’t doing anything to increase stability in the region.”

In October 2012, explosions rocked the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. Video from that night shows the factory in the southwest part of Sudan’s capital where Iran stored the weapons that intelligence officials say they planned to distribute overland through Egypt into Gaza and elsewhere across the Middle East.

Sudan has blamed Israel for the explosion. Israel refused all comment on Sudan’s accusation about the factory blast, though a top Israeli defense official said Sudan “serves as a route for the transfer, via Egyptian territory, of Iranian weapons to Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists.”

“Apparently, that was a compound that was probably used as a transshipment point,” Eisenstadt told Fox News.

“The Iranians would bring in arms from Iran to Port Sudan and they would bring the arms to this transshipment point awaiting re-transport over land to Gaza or to other points in Africa.”

Israel has several times intercepted Iranian arms shipments: in March 2014 the Israeli navy stopped a commercial ship called the Klos-C which was filled with Syrian long range rockets.

In March 2011, it intercepted the Victoria with Iranian C-704 shore-to-sea missiles onboard, reportedly destined for Gaza.

In October 2010, Nigerian security forces arrested Quds Force activists in Nigeria after intercepting a shipment of mortar shells and rockets destined for Gambia, noted Fox News.

In January 2009, the USS Farragut helped intercept in the Red Sea a former Russian ship filled with explosives that originated in Iran. It was escorted to Cyprus, where the contents of the cargo later exploded, killing a senior officer in the Cypriot Navy and leaving a 600 yard wide crater.

Here are the high-tech weapons Russia is buying with its record military budget

The RS-24 Yars is currently replacing Russia’s more outdated intercontinental nuclear missiles. It reportedly carries between four and ten nuclear warheads that can each hit different targets.

This Sukhoi T-50 fighter is Russia’s answer to the latest US Raptor jets. It’s Russia’s first stealth fighter, and it’s still in testing, ready to be rolled out in the next couple of years. It’s got a top speed of 1,300 mph, faster than an F35.

The Black Sea fleet will receive at least one of the Admiral Grigorovich class of frigates in 2015, according to the Moscow Times, adding to the one it already has. The fleet is being enhanced now that Russia controls Crimea.

This prototype will be Russia’s most advanced battle tank, the Armata, as well as forming the basis for other armoured vehicles. It’s expected to be showcased in Moscow this year. More than 2,000 are expected to be in service by 2020.

These new AK-12 Kalashnikov-built rifles will become standard-issue across the Russian military in the next few years, replacing a variety of previous models

Russia’s Northern Fleet is being relocated to the Arctic, where it will set up a command post at the end of 2014. It’s getting thousands of troops in the form of Arctic brigades as well as new submarines.

Russia is launching new Lada-class submarines to replace older and louder Kilo-class models this year, according to the Moscow Times

Russia’s version of the US B1 bomber, the Tupolev Tu-160M is also being modernised this year, with updated weapons and avionics systems. It’s capable of carrying a nuclear weapon.

According to Russia’s Ria Nostovi, an updated version of Russia’s Mi-28N attack helicopter will replace the older Mi-24 model. It’s Russia’s version of the US Apache.

Russia’s purchase of French Mistral-class amphibious assault ships is currently in limbo, but there is one completed model waiting for delivery if relations between the countries thaw. Even if they don’t, smaller domestic attack ships have already been commissioned.

The S-500 air defence system is currently in production, to replace the S-400 system. Russian sources say the new system will cut the air defence response time in half.

Russia may be in the middle of an economic crisis, but the country’s defence budget is surging.

Military spending is set to rise by an astonishing 33% this year, according to the Associated Press. That follows double-digit percentage increases in previous years, and will make it Russia’s highest defence budget ever, running to 4.2% of GDP, according to the Moscow Times.

What’s it being spent on?

Russia is modernising a huge amount of its military equipment, much of which has been languishing with Soviet-era design for the past three decades. This includes new equipment for Russia’s ground forces, as well as new tech for its Navy and Air Force, combined with territorial expansion into the Arctic.

Ukraine says rebels strengthened by tanks, missiles from Russia

Russia denies supplying the rebels with arms and troops, despite what Ukraine and NATO say is overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Separatists have strengthened their positions especially in Debaltseve, a strategic transport hub that has been the focus of heavy fighting in recent weeks, Lysenko said, stressing that government forces had not given up any ground.

But senior rebel commander Eduard Basurin said separatist forces had completely encircled Ukrainian troops in the town and their only option was to surrender. He said his side would honour the Minsk agreements.

“We are ready to organise the exit of Ukrainian forces from the Debaltseve encirclement on respectable conditions. They should put down their weapons and leave,” Basurin told a news conference in Donetsk, broadcast live by Rossiya24 TV.

Russian Fear of U.S. Hypersonic Missiles Threatens New Arms Race

While conflict between the United States and Russia over Ukraine has raised talk of a new Cold War, another feature of that era has also begun to re-emerge — the missile race.

A new arms rivalry between Russia and the United States is heating up as the two major military powers rush to develop a new class of hypersonic, non-nuclear missiles that can strike any target on the globe within one hour of launch with devastating accuracy.

The United States is leading the chase for the new weapons, which Russia firmly believes poses a significant threat to its own nuclear missile forces.

“Russia considers this trend as a path to obtaining [non-nuclear] means of depriving Russia of its deterrent capability,” Dr. Eugene Miasnikov, director of the Moscow-based Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies told The Moscow Times.

Russia’s sensitivity to threats to its nuclear deterrence could lead it to mistake a hypersonic missile launch as the opening moves of a larger attack, some analysts say, arguing that the weapons are so destabilizing that their mere development could spark a nuclear war between major powers.

Russian Nuclear Missile Forces Conduct Large-Scale Exercises Across Country

Russia’s nuclear missile force staged large-scale exercises across the vast country Thursday consisting of drills to combat sabotage and chemical weapons attacks. More than 30 regiments of the Strategic Missile Forces were involved in 12 regions, according to Itar-Tass, a Russian news agency close to the government.

“According to the drill scenario, simulated enemy’s sabotage groups planted mines on the combat patrolling route sections and used toxic agents in the field. Engineer troops, radiological, chemical and biological defense forces, as well as anti-sabotage units have been engaged in the exercises,” said Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Igor Yegorov. Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces plan to test-fire their new Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile in 2017. The Sarmat would replace the Cold War-era R-36 missile, nicknamed >>“Satan” by NATO<<, which is the largest ICBM ever made.

USGS Reports 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake In Russia Near Ukraine Border, Then Retracts It Blaming “Mislocation” 

What is curious is that some 20 minutes later, the USGS decided that no quake had actually taken place. In fact not only was the earthquake promptly scrubbed from the USGS website...

Something surprising happened about an hour ago: at 2:15 pm, the USGS reported that a major 6.8 Magnitude earthquake had taken place in Russian territory, 16 kilometers WNW of Klintsy, in a location that is close to the Russian border with both Belarus and Ukraine.

Reuters was quick to report the earthquake:


What happened? Was this merely the latest fat finger “glitch”, one that may or may not have shaken the ground, or was it simply seasonally-adjusted away, like all those Texas job losses? Here is the official explanation:

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said on Friday there was no earthquake in western Russia after earlier reporting on its website a magnitude 6.8 near the border with Belarus.

USGS Geophysicist Paul Caruso said the agency’s sensors mislocated an earthquake that was taking place elsewhere. The Russia earthquake appeared on the USGS website while a series of strong temblors were taking place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, some 700 miles (1,100 km) south of Greenland
So just like a NBC news anchor can “misremember” critical events over a period of many years, so the USGS can now “mislocate” an entire earthquake?

And while the quake or whetver the “mislocated” event may or may not have taken place, we now eagerly await for the BLS and BEA to “misfabricate” US economic data next as the deluge of bad economic news in the coming months courtesy of the shale bust finally reveals the real state of the US economy, forcing the various US economic departments to misadjust the latest recovery euphoria, and miscrush any hopes of a summer rate hike by the Fed.

Plastic debris in the marine environment is well known and widely documented, but the quantity of plastic making its way into the world’s oceans and from where it originates has been a mystery until now.

8 million tons of new plastic waste enters our oceans each year

The study found that more than 4.8 million metric tons of plastic waste enter the oceans from land each year, and that figure may be as high as 12.7 million metric tons. That’s one to three orders of magnitude greater than the reported mass of plastic floating in the oceans.

“Using the average density of uncompacted plastic waste, 8 million metric tons — the midpoint of our estimate — would cover an area 34 times the size of Manhattan ankle-deep in plastic waste,” said co-author Roland Geyer, an associate professor at UCSB’s Bren School of Environmental Science & Management. “Eight million metric tons is a vast amount of material by any measure. It is how much plastic was produced worldwide in 1961.”

According to the study, countries with coastal borders — 192 in all — discharge plastic into the world’s oceans with the largest quantities estimated to come from a relatively small number of middle-income, rapidly developing countries. In fact, the investigators found that the top 20 countries accounted for 83 percent of the mismanaged plastic waste available to enter the ocean. They went on to say that reducing the amount of this waste by 50 percent would result in a nearly 40 percent decline in inputs of plastic to the ocean.

“Large-scale removal of plastic marine debris is not going to be cost-effective and quite likely simply unfeasible,” said Geyer. “This means that we need to prevent plastic from entering the oceans in the first place through better waste management, more reuse and recycling, better product design and material substitution.”

Knowing how much plastic is going into the ocean is just one part of the puzzle. Millions of metric tons reach the oceans, yet researchers are finding between 6,350 and 245,000 metric tons floating on the surface — a mere fraction of the total. This discrepancy is the subject of ongoing research.

“Right now, we’re mainly measuring plastic that floats,” said study co-author Kara Lavender Law, a research professor at the Massachusetts-based Sea Education Association. “There is a lot of plastic sitting on the bottom of the ocean and on beaches worldwide.”

The NCEAS working group forecasts that the cumulative impact to the oceans could be as high as 155 million metric tons by 2025. However, the planet will not reach global “peak waste” before 2100, according to World Bank calculations. “We’re being overwhelmed by our waste,” Jambeck said.

“The future of drought in western North America is likely to be worse than anybody has experienced in the history of the United States,” said lead study author Benjamin Cook, a climate scientist at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York City. “These are droughts that are so far beyond our contemporary experience that they are almost impossible to even think about,” Cook said.

Worst Megadroughts in 1,000 Years Threaten US 

What is worst, is that while the junk bond funded shale boom, which judging by the record rig closures, is well in the bust phase, the next industry that may see a dramatic surge in indebtedness is none other than America’s food belt:

One of the bigger asset bubbles in recent US history has nothing to do with stock, bonds or commodities, and unlike the real estate bust of 2007 (which has since rebounded only for the ultra-luxury segment), barely batted an eyelid during the Great Financial Crisis. Curiously, it was not until early this decade that the institutional money even noticed said bubble, something he discussed in October of 2010 when we profiled TIAA-CREF’s investment in this particular asset class. We are talking of course about farmland

Putting this in context, the average price of farmland in the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s district, which includes Illinois, Iowa and other big farm states, fell 3% in 2014, marking the first annual decline since 1986, which makes farmlands the only asset class that had not seen a down year in nearly three decades!.

Another Bubble Pops: Price Of Farmland Suffers First Annual Decline Since 1986 

And like any burst bubble, it is likely to only get worse as price discovery to the downside accelerate: on Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture projected net U.S. farm income this year would fall to $73.6 billion, the lowest since 2009, from $108 billion in 2014.

Not helping is a crop season that has been far better than was expected due to “flawless weather” over the growing season, leading to the largest ever US crop by value, leading to a crash in the prices of corn which have tumbled more than 50% since the summer of 2012, when they soared to record highs amid a severe U.S. drought.

In short: US farming may be on the verge, if not already in, a recession.

That’s bad; what’s worse is that banks, full to the gills with fungible excess reserves, will be delighted to provide vulture capital to farmers desperately in need of capital in the coming years. Why? Because as is widely known, the “money” is really created in computers, either the Fed’s or banks’, out of thin air. Money, which will be promptly collateralized by arable, rich farmland.

And should the industry fail to recover if the mega-commodity bubble of years gone by is unable to reflate? Well, guess who will be the proud owner of America’s vast and rich farming heartland? Answer: the same people that quietly over the past few years also became America’s largest landlord.

And with that, the great asset transfer from everyone to the wealthiest 0.1% will be almost complete.


Magnitude : 7.1
Local Time (conversion only below land) : Unknown
GMT/UTC Time : 2015-02-13 18:59:12
Depth (Hypocenter) : 13.78 km.

Massive 7.1 earthquake in the Atlantic Ocean

Magnitude : 6.2
Local Time (conversion only below land) : 2015-02-14 04:06:31
GMT/UTC Time : 2015-02-13 20:06:31
Depth (Hypocenter) : 20 km

Very Strong earthquake off the coast of Taitung county, Taiwan 

Regular SOTT readers may recall last year’s unusual influx of snowy owls into North America from the Arctic (as well as other birds from the tundra and taiga regions). This winter season appears to be shaping up to an unprecedented fourth consecutive irruption year following the invasions of 2011-2012, 2012-2013 and 2013-2014. The following reports are just a small sample of the many that have been seen in the media over the last couple of month: 

ANIMAL BEHAVIOR: Sign Of Impending Ice Age – Snowy Owls Flee Northern Latitudes For UNPRECEDENTED FOURTH CONSECUTIVE YEAR?!

The winter that seemingly won’t quit is set to pack another wallop to the Midwest and eastern potions of the U.S. with blizzard conditions, plummeting temperatures, and a newly named winter storm: Winter Storm Neptune.


The story of the dead bankers rolls forward.

In December 2014, Zero Hedge rounded up a list of 36 dead bankers who died recently under mysterious or odd circumstances, leaving only “riddles” and probing questions about their possible connections.

Researcher John Vibes has already rounded up 9 more dead bankers who’ve died as of January 2015.

Now, a bizarre Hollywood-style train collision with an SUV Mercedes sitting on the tracks leaves three more dead bankers, along with a pharmaceutical researcher and a well-known art curator.

Though it was a terrible accident, the vast majority of the estimated 400-700 passengers were fortunately not injured. Only five passengers died, and all, it seems, were noteworthy figures.

According to the initial investigations of the NTSB, which include witnesses at the scene, the driver exited the vehicle on the tracks to inspect it being hit by a crossing gate:

Reports so far show that 49-year-old Ellen Brody crossed onto the tracks, when the crossing gate slammed down on the back of her vehicle. Instead of pulling through the intersection though, she got out to inspect the back of her car. It was when she got back in her car and started to pull forward that she was struck by the passing train – going 58mph.

The crash led to the train being engulfed in flames after the electrified third rail basically incinerated the passenger cars. Loaded with hundreds of passengers, a reported 70 were injured and only five died, with the conductor and train operator among the survivors of the freak accident:

Hundreds of feet of electrified rail skewered the first two carriages of a New York commuter train in a collision with a car at a railroad crossing, a federal investigator said on Wednesday, describing the area’s worst rail crash in decades.

Investigators were focused on why the car was stopped at the crossing near the suburb of White Plains north of New York City before the Metro-North train crashed into it during Tuesday evening’s rush hour, pushing the vehicle about 1,000 feet down the line.

The rail broke into long pieces, penetrating the first train carriage as a fire broke out, apparently fueled by gasoline in the vehicle’s fuel tank, gutted the rail car’s interior, he said. At least one section of the electrified, or “third,” rail also entered the second carriage near its ceiling.

Five train passengers and the woman who was driving the Mercedes sport utility vehicle that was stuck on the tracks were killed. Investigators said they do not yet have an explanation for how the vehicle, which officials had earlier mistakenly identified as a Jeep, became stuck on the tracks.

So, who were the unfortunate victims of this horrific crash?

Out of the hundreds of passengers from the general public who could have had the misfortune of being among the five passengers killed from the train, it is seems that all five were prominent figures in New York society.

What are the odds? Bloomberg Business carried these obituaries:

Joseph Nadol, 42. Managing director at JPMorgan, who joined the Manhattan-based bank in 2001. Institutional Investor magazine in 2009 named him the best analyst covering the aerospace and defense-electronics industries. Died Feb. 3 in the Metro-North Railroad train accident.

Eric Vandercar, 53. Senior managing director in institutional sales and trading and head of municipal funding at Mesirow Financial, in New York. He had previously spent 27 years at Morgan Stanley. Died Feb. 3 in the Metro-North Railroad train accident.

Aditya Tomar, 41. JPMorgan vice president of technology supporting the bank’s asset-management division. Before joining JPMorgan, he worked at Morgan Stanley, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. and Barclays Capital. Died Feb. 3 in the Metro-North Railroad train accident.

Robert Dirks, 36. Scientist at D.E. Shaw Research, which creates computer models of organic molecules for use in drug development. A high school valedictorian, he received a Ph.D. in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology. Died Feb. 3 in the Metro-North Railroad train accident.

Walter Liedtke, 69. Oversaw the collection and special exhibitions of European paintings at the Met Museum in Manhattan for the past 35 years. He was an authority on the works of Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt. Died Feb. 3 in the Metro-North Railroad train accident.

In a further tragedy for the family of Aditya Tomar, the hospital initially mixed up his records and reported that Tomar was ‘fine and undergoing x-rays,’ giving them initial relief, when in fact, it turned out that he was deceased:

Reshma and her brother rushed to Westchester County Medical Center to see if Tomar was among the injured, where they received some good – but ultimately false – news.

‘Somebody there, the security, said, “He’s fine, he’s undergoing X-rays,”‘ Dee said.

That person also told Reshma to go home and come back in the morning, but her brother remained suspicious that all was well.

‘Something didn’t add up in my son’s mind, so he dropped his sister home and went back on his own,’ Dee said. ‘He was there all night trying to figure out if (Tomar) was actually in the hospital.’

The next morning, they realized that everyone at the hospital had been accounted for except Tomar, and Reshma submitted her husband’s medical records to the Medical Examiner. Later that night they finally got confirmation that he was among the deceased.

A spokesman for Westchester Medical Center told the Daily News that they are looking into the incident.

Six People Died in a Fiery NY Train Crash Packed with 400 People… 3 Were Top Investment Bankers 

That’s a vice president and two managing directors for the big banks, with overlapping investment interests in defense contracting and technology.

In a dramatic and strange accident where the “front carriage of the train explode[d] into a fireball,” we must ask questions about what is really behind this tragedy.

Really? What are the odds? A completely devastating train wreck, and none of those who lost their lives happened to have low level, average jobs?

Are bankers disappearing and dying to silence what they know?

Is something else going on?

While looking at data provided by Eurostat reveals a picture of positive European growth and vibrance, what central banks on the ground are saying is something totally different. And indeed, after yesterday’s surprising move by Sweden’s Riskbank, there are now at least four central banks, and numerous countries in Europe, that are toiling under NIRP: Sweden (-0.1%), Denmark (-0.75%), the Eurozone (-0.2%) and, of course, Switzerland (-0.75%). Japan, oddly enough, has so far resisted the temptation to join Europe in an all out NIRP-fest, however with the amount of bonds the BOJ is monetizing, which is just about 100% of net JGB issuance, NIRP would be a secondary tool in the BOJ’s arsenal especially since Japanese bonds drift in and out of negative interest rate territory on a whim. But what bout the US?

Well, as we first noted a week ago referencing a long-forgotten piece by NY Fed authors titled appropriately enough “If Interest Rates Go Negative . . . Or, Be Careful What You Wish For.” As could be expected at the time, the Fed was full of fire and brimstone warnings about the aberations that would occur in a world in which negative rates prevail. It even went so far as saying that “we may see an epochal outburst of socially unproductive—even if individually beneficial—financial innovation.”

Well, the financial innovation has yet to come, but Europe is doing all it can to accelerate its arrival.

However, now that Europe has demonstrated that one can go NIRP and not crash the system, will the Fed – once its silly obsession with hiking rates in the summer only to launch even more easing and/or QE as the ECB did in 2008 and 2011 – follow suit and join a rising tide of “developed” world central banks in punishing savers for hoarding cash?

In a note released last night titled “Revisiting Negative Interest Rates in the US”, Goldman shares its thought on the matter. It goes without saying that Goldman is important, because whatever Goldman’s econ team shares with Goldman’s Bill Dudley over at the NY Fed, usually tends to become official policy with a 3-6 month lag.

Goldman Asks If Negative Rates Are Coming To The US 

So assume the Fed takes the hint, and after one more year of failing to stimulate benign inflation, it decides to take the nuclear option, “how negative could short-term rates go”? Again, Goldman’s take: 

But the cost of holding cash is not zero either. As our European team has analyzed in the past, there is an implicit negative “cash yield” due to the cost of safety deposit boxes (in the case of individuals), secure warehouses or vaults (in the case of institutions), insurance, etc. for physical currency holdings. Because of this, there is no reason why short-term interest rates cannot be slightly negative, especially if negative rates are assumed to be temporary. Perhaps this is why ECB President Draghi described -20 basis points as the “effective lower bound” on its policy rate, and indicated that rates “cannot be adjusted down further” (although SNB and the Danish central bank maintain more deeply negative policy rates).
Actually, that does not explain why both the SNB and the Danish Central Bank are toying with the idea of NIRP going to -1% or lower next. The only question is when does the Fed join the deliberations.

S&P 500 Hits All-Time Record High, Dow Tops 18,000

And The Best Performing Stock Market In The World This Year Is

Of the 93 major equity indices in the world, Russia is the best performer (in USD terms) – up 13.36% YTD (followed by oil-crushed Saudi Arabia)..

The S&P 500 is 48th on the list… (just behind Kuwait and just ahead of Greece) 

Despite the dramatic plunge in rig counts, this week saw yet another surge in production to record highs and with storage levels getting close to full, it would seem – despite the bounce/squeeze in prices to $53 as the data hit – that supply remains well ahead of any demand. Total rig count dropped 98 to 1,358 – for the largest weekly drop of the 10 week run as cutting is accelerating rapidly – now down 30%. This is the biggest weekly rig count drop since 1993. West Virginia remains the relative hardest hit with rig count depletions but Permian Basin collapse 49 rigs to 369 this week.

US Oil Rig Count Down 84 to 1,056

Canada Rig Count +1

Total Rig count… biggest percentage weekly drop since 1993

US Rig Count Plunges By Most Since 1993, Production Hits Record Highs

one hell of a “whatever it takes” gap to fill.

Do you believe in miracles?

WTF Chart Of The Day – Europe

Finally, and what is perhaps most disturbing, is that even as the PBOC was pumping loans at a torrid page of 14% Y/Y, actual Chinese M2 growth just slowed down for the fourth consecutive month, and dropped to just 10.8% in January, the lowest in series history.

Following the previously reported collapse of Chinese trade, the Politburo had to find a way to keep the economy humming internally, since it couldn’t rely on outside growth stimuli. As a result it did precisely what it has done every time in the past decade when it finds itself in a growth crunch: flood the economy with new loans, which just happens to be the main threat facing the Chinese economy, which as we have describe time and again, is now toiling under trillions in underreported and underestimated non-performing loans.

As the PBOC reported overnight, in January, Chinese new loan creation soared to RMB 1,470 billion, more than double the RMB 697 billion in December, and blowing estimated out of the water. This was also a 14% surge from a year ago, and most distrubing, the highest new loan creation month since the emergency interventions during the Lehman collapse!

China Creates Most Loans Since Lehman As M2 Growth Tumbles To Record Low

In summary, China’s January credit data hints that in some ways China is becoming like the US, and as ever more newly created credit money ends up in the stock market, is China about to follow the US and Europe and suffer a collapse in monetary velocity. Because whereas previously the biggest asset bubble in China was that of housing, now it is the stock market, which means that suddenly its monetary system is for all intents and purposes haunted by the same issues that affect western markets. So how long until China, too, which is battling both deflation and economic contraction, proceeds with outright monetary devaluation?

Global Deflation Exports To US Send Import Prices Tumbling Most Since Lehman

Import prices dropped 8.0% YoY (modestly beating expectations of an 8.9% plunge) and 2.8% MoM. The last time import prices started to fall at this pace was a month after Lehman Brothers BK’d. Of course the crash of oil prices is largely responsible as imported fuel costs slumped 16.9% YoY – the most since Dec 2008 (petroleum -17.7%). However, even away from that the price of imported capital goods collapsed the most since March 2009 with the biggest rise in Japanese (foreign central banks) exported deflation since April 2013 (when QE really accelerated).

Stocks Surge To Record Highs After Biggest Short Squeeze In Over 3 Years

VIX was clubbed like a babyseal 

But not surprising given the biggest 2-week short squeeze since December 2011 

Ugly week for the long-bond (significant steepening in 2s30s) 

Worst 2-week spik ein 30Y Yields since Jan 2009 

Quite a rip in stocks this week… given everything that is going on 

US Macro data at 10-month lows, earnings expectations collapsing… US equity markets at all-time record highs…

These last 2 weeks – post Yellen – are the biggest and baddest stretch of gains since Bullard did the heavy lifting in October… (and 2nd best since Dec 2011)

The Dollar was weak on the week… led by EUR (everything is fixed) and JPY (BoJ is buggered) strength…

After a marathon all night drafting session, if not the world, then certainly its stock markets, were delighted by yesterday’s early morning news that a second Ukraine ceasefire had been signed in the Belarus capital of Minsk, with the thinking (among algos perhaps, if not so much humans) that this time may be different and that following the failed Minsk I agreement in September, peace would miraculously break out. Humans were, for the most part far less enthused about said possibility, recalling how time after time 2014 saw countless “ceasefires”, only to be breached within days if not hours.

It was the humans then who were not surprised by today’s news that 2 days before the latest ceasefire deal is said to go into effect on Sunday, that “Ukraine and Russian-backed rebels fought fiercely across the east of the country on Friday.”

Fighting Rages After Ukraine “Ceasefire” Deal; Ukraine Ultranationalist Leader Rejects Peace Agreement

But don’t despair: all a failed ceasefire means is that stocks, which will forget to selloff once the ceasefire is violated this weekend but were quick to surge on the “good news”, will surge again and again, as futures “ceasefires” are signed in the coming months. As for them actually being implemented, well nobody ever said algos cares about anything more than the headline.

Guess Who Peddled 7-Year Old Photos of a Different Country As If They Show a Current Russian Invasion of Ukraine? 

Senator Inhofe was duped into presenting photographs that were up to 7 years old – some of which were taken within the nations of Georgia, Ossetia and Russia – as showing a current Russian invasion into Ukraine.

Who misled the good Senator?

Take a wild guess:

“The Ukrainian parliament members who gave us these photos in print form as if it came directly from a camera really did themselves a disservice. We felt confident to release these photos because the images match the reporting of what is going on in the region. I was furious to learn one of the photos provided now appears to be falsified from an AP photo taken in 2008.”

The US’ Suicidal Strategy On Ukraine 

I have read enough first-hand reports to suspect that this article is pretty close to the truth. The contradicting numbers in the statements from the Kiev regime about losses are very hard to believe.

Part of what plagues Kiev’s forces is the age-old problem of fielding an unmotivated force. Not everybody is excited to be fighting against people from within their own country. Moreover, training is poor, equipment and ammunition are in poor shape and supply, and pay is often late in coming if it comes at all. This is a very usual litany of problems that have plagued struggling armies through the centuries.

On the other side of the battle lines, you have people fighting for their homes, their families and their ethnic community, which the Kiev regime has promised to exterminate if and when it’s given the chance.

Let’s decode this piece of writing from the Washington Post and provide some essential context that is, regrettably, missing far too often from US media sources when reporting on the Ukraine conflict.

To begin, there’s the assertion once again that Russia has been supplying “large quantities” of weapons to the separatists. While this may or may not be true, not one shred of satellite or other imagery or any other evidence has been provided by the US to support that charge.

In this day and age it is literally not possible to move large amounts of heavy weaponry across open land without satellites and/or drones taking pictures of them.

Furthermore, in this case the charges are being levied by one Geoffrey Pyatt, the infamous US ambassador to Ukraine who was caught on tape discussing the imminent coup of then-President Yanukovych. He also famously tweeted out a crudely doctored photo purporting to show that the missile attack on MH-17 came from the separatists — evidence that was quickly defrauded by the intelligence community.

Why the Washington Post would report anything from Pyatt as worthy of our serious consideration given his blighted track record so far is a complete mystery to me. It would be like recommending your friend to a doctor you knew had committed gross malpractice multiple times.

Next, the separatists are not ‘taking advantage’ of a one-sided lull in the fighting to claim territory. They have been winning battle after battle. What they have taken advantage of is the poor training and lackluster military strategy undertaken by Kiev’s forces.

It should also be noted that the above article presents the status of the conflict an even match. There’s no indication that one side is winning or losing.

This is par for the course with US media reports these days and it’s really a disturbing indication that the shoddy journalistic ethics on display during the horrendously mis-reported weapons of mass destructions lies that led to the most recent US attack on Iraq are still with us today.

It’s quite sad, really. Because when it comes to an issue as important as a potential conflict with Russia, the US owes it to itself to get the facts right. The stakes are worthy of that.

As a final point about the shortcomings of the Washington Post piece above concerns the heavily contested Donetsk airport. Five days prior to the above article’s publication, the airport had been clearly reported by other outlets to have already been lost by Kiev forces:

Why We Should Care, Deeply

So what? the average American might ask. Ukraine is half a world away. Who cares what happens there?

Putting aside the humanitarian reasons for not prolonging or intensifying a regional conflict, we risk not just only America’s century-long ties with western Europe, but possibly the next world war. We are pushing our agenda and armaments right up against the Russian border — for reasons that are still completely opaque at this time — and Russia, understandably, will simply not stand for that.

In Part 2: America Vs Russia: What’s At Risk, we explore in depth what’s truly at risk here, why a lasting peace agreement in Ukraine is highly unlikely to happen anytime soon, and the biggest risks concerned citizens in the West should prepare for right now.

Coup Plot in Venezuela Thwarted 

A coup plot against the Venezuelan government has been foiled, with both civilians and members of the military detained, President Nicolas Maduro revealed Thursday in a televised address.

Those involved were being paid in U.S. dollars, and one of the suspects had been granted a visa to enter the United States should the plot fail, Maduro said.

Venezuela’s president stated that the coup plotters already had a “transitional” government and program lined up once the plan, which included bombings on the Miraflores Palace and the teleSUR offices in Caracas, as well as assassinations of members of the opposition, Maduro and others, was carried out.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner may face Argentina bomb probe 

An Argentine prosecutor has asked a federal judge to investigate President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner over allegations she helped cover up Iranian links to a deadly 1994 bombing.

Prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita inherited the case from Alberto Nisman, who was found dead in mysterious circumstances.

The president denies the allegations, with the government calling the probe an “anti-democratic attack”.

The attack on a Jewish centre killed 85 people. Iran denies being involved.

The latest prosecutor’s move means the judge will have to decide whether to authorise new investigations to prove the president’s alleged involvement.

Oregon governor resigns amid influence-peddling scandal

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber resigned Friday, giving in to mounting pressure to abandon his office amid suspicions that his live-in fiancee used her relationship with him to land contracts for her green-energy consulting business.

The resignation, which was to take effect Wednesday, cleared the way for the secretary of state to assume Oregon’s highest office and become the nation’s first openly bisexual governor.

America’s First Openly Antichrist Bisexual Governor

The resignation takes effect on Wednesday, February 18, and according to the state’s succession law, Brown will take over his job—and becomes a pioneer. She is the nation’s first openly bisexual governor. (Like Kitzhaber, she’s a Democrat.) By some standards, she’s also the first openly LGBT governor. James McGreevey, former governor of New Jersey, sometimes gets that honor, but McGreevey came out while announcing his resignation amid a sex-and-influence scandal.

Mayor Walks Out On Invocation Prayer To Satan, Zeus, Allah, Thor 

In a video posted to YouTube the Mayor of Lake Worth, Pam Triolo and several commissioners can be seen leaving the room on Dec. 2, as atheist Preston Smith prepared to lead the invocation before a city council meeting.

Preston’s invocation invokes the names of Satan, Zeus, Allah, Jesus, Buddha and Thor among others.

Saturday, February 14, 2015: Judgements (Mishpatim)