2215 Gleaning VIX ”IS” The Pulse Mark 666 Citi Babylon Prior To Flatline Destruction Prophetic Laying Waste

by amongthenumberedsaints

for we have known that all the creation doth groan together, and doth travail in pain together till now.
23 And not only [so], but also we ourselves, having the first-fruit of the Spirit, we also ourselves in ourselves do groan, adoption expecting — the redemption of our body; 


Tonight’s guest is South African soul winner Dr. Peter Hammond. He and Rick discuss the Western news media’s double standards in reporting the Paris shootings by Islamists, but constantly ignoring the weekly massacre of Nigerian Christians by Boko Haram terrorists.

Egypt court sentences 183 Muslim Brotherhood supporters to death

The death sentences followed one of the bloodiest attacks on Egyptian security forces in years. Antichrist Islamic State’s Egypt wing claimed responsibility for a series of coordinated operations that killed at least 27 people last week.

Sisi blamed the Antichrist Brotherhood for the violence and told Egyptians in a televised address that the fight against militants would be long and tough.

Egyptian authorities make no distinction between the Antichrist Brotherhood, Islamic State and Antichrist al Qaeda, arguing that they have a shared ideology and are equally dangerous.

Treason: Obozo Aids the Enemy

Well, that didn’t take long. This summer after Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown inexplicably (and illegally) freed five of the Taliban’s most deadly terrorists in exchange for army deserter Bowe Bergdahl, I asked a burning question – a question that remains unanswered: “What will it take for our spineless U.S. Congress to impeach this tyrant? This is way beyond partisan politics. This is about justice. This is about the safety of the American people. Barack Hussein Obama is America’s biggest threat to national security. He is ‘an enemy within.’”

By striking this Faustian bargain with the devil, not only did Obozo unilaterally trash the U.S. government’s long-standing policy never to negotiate with terrorists, he brazenly violated a 2013 national defense bill that unambiguously requires he give Congress 30-days notice before releasing any Guantanamo Bay prisoners, much less five of its most deadly.

Article III, Section 3, Clause 1, of the U.S. Constitution defines the crime of treason – dare I say the “high crime” of treason – as “levying War against [the United States], or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

Whether Obozo is intentionally trying to overthrow his own government is open for debate. But that he is, “adhering to [America’s] Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort,” is without question.

Remember the now infamous Rose Garden presser? The shameful images are forever etched in the annals of American history: Obozo, standing side-by-side with, and even embracing, Robert Bergdahl, the father of an American traitor and apparent Muslim convert himself.

When he took to the podium, among the first words from the elder Bergdahl’s mouth were, in Arabic, “Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim,” which means, “In the name of (a)llah, the merciful, the compassionate.” This, according to a number of Antichrist Islamic scholars and CIA experts, was a “Antichrist Muslim victory call” intended to “claim the White House for Antichrist Islam.”

Hmm: to claim the White House for Antichrist Islam.

So it would seem.

Meanwhile, Rose Garden honoree Bowe Bergdahl, a man the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo administration says “served the United States with honor and distinction,” faces likely court-martial for desertion.

While Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown faces another round of golf.

“The U.S. military and intelligence community now suspect that one of the five Taliban detainees released from Guantanamo Bay in return for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in May of last year has attempted to return to militant activity. …

“It comes at a politically sensitive time as the administration has quickened the pace of prisoner release in an effort to encourage the closure of Guantanamo, and the Army must decide in the coming weeks whether and how to punish Bergdahl for leaving his post. [It’s called wartime desertion, CNN. Until recently it got you lined up and shot.]”

According to a September congressional report, “about 17 percent of detainees transferred out of Guantanamo Bay are confirmed by the U.S. to have returned to militant activity. About 12 percent are in the suspected category,” noted CNN.

And so as Antichrist NWO 666 Barack Obozo 911 recklessly sows the seeds of a foolish, politically driven campaign promise, we begin to reap the poisonous fruit of his incompetence. As intelligence concludes that nearly one-third (probably more) of these rabid jihadi dogs will return to their rabid jihadi ways, Obozo yet races to loose them from their chains. (Hey, I hear Antichrist ISIS has several openings in HR [Head Removal]. Perhaps our Antichrist Muslim-sympathizer-in-chief can whip-up a quick batch of reference letters.)

Consider the fact that if you are an Egyptian you witnessed Obozo commit treason against your country by supporting the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood. If You are a Christian he has committed treason against humanity and Heaven. The reality ”IS”, Obozo ”IS” an Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood murderous bastard who’s life is certainly over on the streets of Egypt and there is no place for him or anyone that accepted the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Clown Team mission.

Nuke Countdown Starts 

In recent weeks alone, Iranian-backed forces have taken the capital of Yemen; Iranian-backed Hezbollah has killed two Israei soldiers; Iran’s influence in Iraq grows while America’s declines; while in Iran itself the nation is about to put a Washington Post reporter on trial.

So forget Netanyahu the messenger. Far more critical is the timely message about Iran he will deliver.

Netanyahu’s message

So, whose idea is it now that we should start World War Three over this remote region where so many other reckless adventurers came to grief?

Apocalypse Now & Forever 

Analyst and trader Gregory Mannarino says, “We are deeply engaged in an economic war against Russia. This is a collective collusion that is very scary. We just found out the OPEC nations have increased their production of oil despite the fact that we’ve seen crude oil fall 60% or more from its high. Does that make any sense? This should not happen. They are going to increase production when the price is falling off a cliff. OPEC has made it clear for many years now they think $100 a barrel is a fair price. This is being done on purpose to punish the Russian economy. This is economic warfare 101, and it’s going to lead to a shooting war. Not only is it going to lead to a shooting war, this is the grand plan. . . . What people need to understand is the collapse is here now. World War III has started, so this is it people. There is no more waiting.” 

Mannarino goes on to say, “We are watching epic events occur. People have been saying for years, where is the collapse, where is it? It’s now. Look at the actions of the world central banks. They are becoming more and more desperate. They are slashing interest rates, and there are negative interest rates. The Federal Reserve will follow suit despite the garbage that is coming out from the Federal Reserve Governors; it’s nonsense. There is no possible way they can raise rates.”.

World War III Has Started-Gregory Mannarino

we are witnessing the collapse of this system now . . . so, they are going to incite a war. They need to incite a war to begin the blame game. The Russians are going to blame the United States. The United States is going to blame Russia for the collapse of the monetary system. This is all they are doing. They are looking for a scapegoat here, and the war is going to be the scapegoat.” 

“People need to understand here that economic warfare is war. World War III, beyond any shadow of a doubt, is already here.” 

Baltic Dry Plunges At Fastest Pace Since Lehman, Hits New 29 Year Low

The Baltic Dry Index dropped another 3% today to 590 – its first time below 600 since 1986 and not far from the all-time record low of 554 in July 1986. Of course, the absolute level is shrugged off by the over-supply-ists and the ‘well fuel prices are down’-ists but the velocity of collapse (now over 60% in the last 3 months) suggests this far more than some ‘blip’ discrepancy between supply and demand – this is a structural convergence of massive mal-investment meets economic reality.

The Baltic Dry Index drops even more… new 29 year lows…

The fastest 3-month plunge since Lehman… Over-supply…. Or under-demand…

as Liberians volunteered to take part, it remains unclear whether either vaccine ultimately will work, and if so how quickly they could be mass produced. There is currently no licensed treatment for Ebola, a ghastly virus that has killed at least 60 percent of even its hospitalized victims.

Ebola vaccines testing starts in Liberia

British military experts fear terrorists could ‘weaponize’ Ebola, a heavily redacted Ministry of Defence (MoD) report has revealed.

Last year, military officials expressed concerns that terrorist groups such as Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) could find a way to turn Ebola into a bio-weapon against the West.

Speaking to Forbes magazine, Captain Al Shimkus, a Professor of National Security Affairs at the US Naval War College, said such plans were feasible, and that militias could turn humans into ‘weapons’ if they carry the disease.

In some ways it’s a plausible theory – IS fighters believe in suicide and this is a potential job for a suicide mission,” Professor Anthony Glees, Director at Buckingham University’s Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies told Mail Online.

“They are sufficiently murderous and well-informed to consider it, and they know that we’ve been remiss in the UK.”

Last week, a second UK military healthcare worker was flown to the Ebola specialist unit at London’s Royal Free Hospital, following warnings they had likely been exposed to the Ebola virus while managing medical equipment in Sierra Leone.

PLAGUES, PESTILENCES & TERRORISM: The Next Suicide Mission – UK Ministry Of Defence Experts Warn Of “Weaponized Ebola”! 

The report, released on Friday, identified a number of scenarios in the event of a biological terrorist attack in the UK, and was drawn up by the MoD’s defense science and technology laboratory (DSTL).

While two scenarios have been almost completely redacted, with the second being described as “logistically and technically challenging for a non-state group to undertake,” the third detailed a fear that the spread of Ebola in West Africa could be transmitted into the UK.

Though few details are known about a possible plan, the report warns of “the feasibility of a non-state actor (NSA) exploiting the Ebola outbreak in West Africa for bioterrorism.”

I am of the belief that the independent media is on the threshold of a major breakthrough and the 10% plateau will actually be achieved, if even for only a short time. I firmly believe that the 10% factor will only be achieved for a very short time. The globalists are not yet ready to completely subjugate the planet. However, they do have failsafe positions which they will resort to if the trend curve of their movement is being thwarted by an awakening population. What are these failsafe strategies? World War III comes quickly to mind. One has to simply create a false flag, blame the next terrorist group and go to war in order to perpetuate the threat. Groupthink is invoked and history repeats itself, again. The globalists have even a more virulent failsafe position in the form of a biological attack upon the people of the United States. A widespread biological attack would quickly reverse the momentum of any social movement against globalist tyranny.

Regardless, the only weapon that humanity has at it disposal in the moment, is to awaken as many people as possible.

How the Elite Control Us and What They Will Do When They Lose Control

With every journalist Antichrist ISIS beheads and with every staged terror attack upon American interests, the American people are being readied for war and the invocation of groupthink is the prime method of mental subjugation of our people. Many of you reading these words are going to become victims to what is coming.

The elite use such organizations as Tavistock Institute to devise public policy reflective of these psychological tools of manipulation.

Any organizing principle of war states that you must first neutralize the command and control structure over the enemy. This is why, whenever we invade a country, we first take out their radar and communications ability. This is one of the approaches that we need to employ in neutralizing the hold the globalists have over our minds. To do that, we only need to follow Jim Marrs’ advice and turn off the TV. Collapse the major instrument of control that our enemies employ against us, namely, the control over our minds through the mainstream media.

If CNN and FOX were to disappear, we would stop being conditioned on what to think and begin thinking for ourselves. Subsequently, the veil of deception would be removed from over our eyes. The sheep would lose their media based shepherd and the sheep would be forced to find their own way in life. The resulting paradigm could lead to a global awakening and, other than the return of Jesus, this would constitute the worst nightmare for the globalists.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesians 6; 12

We often hear it said that a significant percentage of the general populace is “asleep”, unaware of what is happening all around them, reading the mainstream media reports that are telling them that everything is moving along just the way it is supposed to, nothing to see here, just go about your business, everything will be alright. Others are figuratively screaming from the roof-tops, telling people to open their eyes, look around them, “see” that something very bad is happening within our societies, all around the world….. wake up!

In the video below from Jason A, he once again manages to put together a compilation of news clips and events from late January that practically hits you in the face with a blinking neon red sign that says “WARNING.”

It Is Time To Pay Attention! “Something Is Going On Around The World” – Jason A – “Warning Event” 2015-2016 

Beheadings, animal die-offs, new “anti-terror strike teams” created within our local and state law enforcement agencies to prepare for civil unrest, reports of elites actively preparing their “get-aways” because the system is breaking down, “Super Soldiers,” and transhumanism, palm scanners being utilized in schools and police state policies being implemented across the US.

At around the 9 minute mark, we see the “beast system is being unveiled,” as we are walked through the process of a man being implanted with a “chip,” as if it is the most natural thing in the world to prepare for a time when everyone will be required to get them, where Jason points to Revelation 13; 16-18, which states “16) And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17)And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18) Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

There is absolutely no way to watch this short compilation and not see that “something is going on around the world,” and that we are seeing signs of a major event happening now.

PLANETARY TREMORS: “Tremors Lasted A Long Time” – Strong 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Northwestern Argentina! [MAPS + TECTONIC SUMMARY]

Earthquakes in the world on February 02 , 2015 (M4.5 or more) – Earthquake in the Philippines 

DELUGE: Heavy Rainfall, Widespread Flooding And Landslides Hit Indonesia – At Least 2 People Dead And Over 5,000 Homes Damaged!

MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: Extreme Water Crisis – San Francisco Experiences Driest January In 165 YEARS, With NO Measurable Rainfall!

The volcano began erupting on December 28, 2014, which was the most activity recorded from Etna since December 2013.

Etna is one of the world’s most active volcanoes, and is almost constantly in a state of activity. The first recorded observation of its eruption was made by Greek historian Diodorus Siculus in 425 BC.

GLOBAL VOLCANISM: Deadly Beauty – Breathtaking Images Of Lava Flow On The Italian Island Of Sicily, As Mount Etna’s Eruption Continues; Lava Descends To About 2,000 Meters!

Let the spin begin. The country has clearly entered recession, but the government bureaucrats, corrupt politicians, criminal Wall Street bankers, and their corporate media mouthpieces refuse to acknowledge the truth. They have too much wealth at stake to report the facts. They need to exit the markets before the muppets.


Consumer spending in December collapsed at the greatest rate in five years. Remember 2009? It wasn’t a great year for the economy.

That always happens when the economy is growing at 4%. Right? That always happens when the unemployment rate has plunged to 5.6%. Right? That always happens when the weather was downright balmy compared to the Polar Vortex December last year. Right? That always happens when consumer confidence is supposedly at 7 year highs. Right?

I thought the massive savings from the collapse in gasoline prices was supposed to translate into huge spending gains and boost the economy to new heights. That was the MSM storyline, and they are sticking to it.

Despite the absolutely dreadful data, the spin started immediately. They grasped onto the 0.3% increase in personal income as a straw of positivity. One problem. The increase wasn’t driven by people with jobs getting higher wages. And the increase was actually only 0.28%. The press release reveals the truth you won’t get from CNBC or any of the other corporate shill networks.


Here are my observations, which you won’t hear elsewhere:

Personal income rose by $41 billion in December. Sounds impressive. I guess all those jobs are finally generating wages for the masses. Not quite. Wages only went up $7 billion. They increased by a staggering .09%. Goods-producing wages actually declined by 0.2% in December, driven by a drop in Manufacturing sector wages. Thank you strong dollar.

So if personal income grew so strongly, but wages were in the toilet, where did all the growth come from? You guessed it. The government doled out $13 billion of your taxes to the 102 million non-working Americans and called it personal income. Isn’t that precious. They got almost double what working stiffs got in December. Time to go on the dole. Another $13 billion was generated by something called Proprietors’ income with inventory valuation and capital consumption adjustments. WTF that means is anyone’s guess. It jumps around wildly from month to month and smells like another government model created figure used to mislead the sheep.

Senior citizens around the country will be thrilled to know they earned $3 billion less in interest income than last month, with the amount hitting a new post 2008 low. Kibble and Bits never tasted so good. At least the titans of Wall Street got an extra $4 billion of dividends. I’m sure they are sleeping well at night.
Not all spending collapsed in December. It seems spending on services rocketed up by $11 billion in one month. Obamacare is the gift that keeps on giving. I’m sure the $7 billion increase in wages that was used to pay for Obamacare premiums and copays are doing wonders for the economy.

The $50 billion collapse in spending on goods, led by autos, surely doesn’t portend recession. It surely doesn’t mean the debt fueled fake recovery is falling apart as the Federal Reserve QE heroine injections have been withdrawn.

Obozo said the shadow of crisis had passed. He’s always truthful and accurate in his assessment. Right?

Shit is hitting the fan all over the world. I hope you are ready to withstand the shitstorm of the century.

the last time 41% of the ISM respondents, and rising, saw “lower” prices was in October 2008. We can’t quite put our finger on what had just happened the month prior.

US Deflation Surges To Level Last Seen In October 2008

Well there’s a surprise – plunging stock prices.. and the markety breaks:


And The Market Breaks… (And Stocks Rebound)

And sure enough… the bounce begins…

Amid a plunge in new orders to Jan 2014 lows, the ISM Manufacturing index slid to 53.5 (missing expectations of 54.5) to its lowest since Jan 2014 – confirming Markit’s US PMI. New export orders contracted. employment growth slumped to 7 month lows, and inventories surged. In addition, after December’s tumble in construction spending, January’s bounce was only half as much as expedcted (+0.4% MoM vs +0.7% expected) missing for the 6th month in the last 7.

ISM Manufacturing hits one-year low.

ISM Manufacturing Tumbles To One-Year Lows As New Orders Crater; Construction Spending Disappoints

In a few minutes, Exxon (first, then all other energy companies) will confirm if the earnings collapse so many had predicted to take place in Q1 as a result of plunging crude prices will materialize. Wait, did we say “so many”, make that nobody. Here is what Factset has to say about forecast Q1 energy earnings:

Q1 Energy Earnings Shocker: Then And Now 

“On September 30, the estimated
earnings growth rate for the Energy sector for Q1 2015 was 3.3%. By December 31, the estimated
growth rate fell to -28.9%. Today, it stands at -53.8%.” Just a little off.

This is what a difference 4 months makes.

Exxon Revenues, Earnings Tumble 21% From Year Ago, Sales Miss Expectations By $5 Billion; Stock Buyback Grinds To Near Halt

Moments ago, following our chart showing the devastation in Q1 earning forecasts, Exxon Mobil came out with its Q4 earnings, and – as tends to happen when analysts take a butcher knife to estimates – beat EPS handily, when it reported $1.56 in EPS, above the $1.34 expected, if still 18% below the $1.91 Q4 EPS print from a year earlier. A primary contributing factor to this beat was surely the $3 billion in Q4 stock buybacks, with another $2.9 billion distributed to shareholders mostly in the form of dividends. Overall, XOM distributed $23.6 billion to shareholders in 2014 through dividends and share purchases to reduce shares outstanding.

This number masks the 29% plunge in upstream non-US earnings which were smashed by the perfect storm double whammy of not only plunging oil prices but also by the strong dollar. Curiously, all this happened even as XOM actually saw its Q4 worldwide CapEx rise from $9.9 billion a year ago to $10.5 billion, even though capital and exploration expenditures were $38.5 billion in the full year, down 9% from 2013.

However, while XOM did the best with margins and accounting gimmickry it could under the circumstances, there was little it could do to halt the collapse in revenues, which printed at $87.3 billion, well below the $92.7 billion expected, and down a whopping 21% from a year ago. And this is just in Q4 – the Q1 slaughter has yet to be unveiled!

But the biggest surprise, and what everyone will be focused on, is the sharp slowdown in CapEx: while XOM did $3 billion in stock buybacks in Q4, this number is set to slow to a trickle in Q1, with the company announcing it would repurchase only $1 billion in stock in Q1 2015. It is not quite a stock buyback halt… yet… but one or two more quarters of $45 oil and it will be, because as XOM notes, “Purchases may be made in both the open market and through negotiated transactions, and may be increased, decreased, or discontinued at any time without prior notice.”

Desperately Seeking BTFDers: Greek Bank Bonds Plummet As ECB Decision Looms

UPDATE: The FT article on the non-haircut haircut for Greece printed before the European close but did not become widespread until the afternoon in the US when a catalysts for a technical ramp was required… simply put – Greek bank bonds suggest a haircut is coming at a minimum.

Despite Greek Government Bonds bouncing modestly higher (and marginal improvement in Greek stocks) today, the epicenter of the Greek crisis – their banking system – appears to continue crashing. As the ECB’s decision to accept junk Greek collateral (as it does now) for ELA funding or not – a purely political decision – looms, the message from the Greek bank bond market is “nein nein nein.” As Professor Karl Whelan exclaims, don’t believe for a minute that this is a technocratic thing to do with “the ECB having to follow its rules.” And it has almost nothing to do with Greek government bonds being junk-rated. All of the issues come down to discretionary decisions by the ECB and there is plenty of wiggle room for them to allow Greek banks to continue receiving various sources of funding next month in the absence of an EU-IMF program agreement.

Greek bank bonds are flashing red-est that ECB’s decision may be a troubling one…

Early Dip Becomes Manic Rip After FT’s “Greek Non-Haircut Haircut” Article  

An epic day of intraday volatility in almost every asset class (except precious metals) as shitty macro data in the US was trumped by ‘hope’ that an FT article on a Greece solution would save the world (but is in fact a non-starter).

To translate – this afternoon’s manic buying panic was because Greece requests a debt reduction under a more palatable name…

New Jersey Teens Just Learned What Happens When You Start A Business In America

These kids just learned that in the Land of the Free, they’re better off staying home.

It’s a terrible thing to teach people, especially kids in their formative years, and it happens all the time; we constantly hear these stories now about little girls getting run off from their lemonade stands, etc.

Entrepreneurship and enterprise are good for everyone, creating successful businesses, jobs, wealth, and valuable products and services for an entire society.

You’d think that a government drowning in debt would bend over backwards to encourage people to get out there and hustle.

Instead they’ve done just the opposite.

Whether intentional or not, they’re waging a de-facto war on one of the last remaining cultural values that made America what it once was.

Jesus answered, `Neither did this one sin nor his parents, but that the works of God may be manifested in him;

John 9 

4 it behoveth me to be working the works of Him who sent me while it is day; night doth come, when no one is able to work: — 5 when I am in the world, I am a light of the world.’

and I will ask the Father, and another Comforter He will give to you, that he may remain with you — to the age;

17 the Spirit of truth, whom the world is not able to receive, because it doth not behold him, nor know him, and ye know him, because he doth remain with you, and shall be in you. 18 `I will not leave you bereaved, I come unto you; 19 yet a little, and the world doth no more behold me, and ye behold me, because I live, and ye shall live; 20 in that day ye shall know that I [am] in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you; 21 he who is having my commands, and is keeping them, that one it is who is loving me, and he who is loving me shall be loved by my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.’

John 14 

These things I have spoken to you, remaining with you, 26 and the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and remind you of all things that I said to you.
27 `Peace I leave to you; my peace I give to you, not according as the world doth give do I give to you; let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid;

28 ye heard that I said to you — I go away, and I come unto you; if ye did love me, ye would have rejoiced that I said — I go on to the Father, because my Father is greater than I. 29 `And now I have said [it] to you before it come to pass, that when it may come to pass, ye may believe; 30 I will no more talk much with you, for the ruler of this world doth come, and in me he hath nothing; 31 but that the world may know that I love the Father, and according as the Father gave me command so I do; arise, we may go hence.

Monday, February 2, 2015: Introduction to Revelation Series Mon Feb, 2 2015 10:00 PM EST — Mon Feb, 2 2015 11:30 PM EST

for this to you we say in the word of the Lord, that we who are living — who do remain over to the presence of the Lord — may not precede those asleep, 16 because the Lord himself, in a shout, in the voice of a chief-messenger, and in the trump of God, shall come down from heaven, and the dead in Christ shall rise first,

1 Thessalonians 4 

17 then we who are living, who are remaining over, together with them shall be caught away in clouds to meet the Lord in air, and so always with the Lord we shall be;
18 so, then, comfort ye one another in these words.

nd the smoke of their torment doth go up to ages of ages; and they have no rest day and night, who are bowing before the beast and his image, also if any doth receive the mark of his name.


12 Here is endurance of the saints: here [are] those keeping the commands of God, and the faith of Jesus.’