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Saturday, January 31, 2015: When he Sent (Beshalach)

2015: Feast of Tabernacles

Futurists R.U. Sirius and Jay Cornell have published a witty, snide, and incredibly informative new book titled, Transcendence: The Disinformation Encyclopedia of Transhumanism and the Singularity. We spoke to the authors to learn more about the project and their own personal visions of the future.

An Irreverent Guide To Antichrist NWO Transhumanism And The Mark Of The Beast 666 Singularity

Many of you will remember R.U. Sirius — aka Ken Goffman — from his co-publishing work at MONDO 2000, the first popular digital culture magazine (and a kind of precursor to io9). He’s a “digital iconoclast” who has written about technology and culture for Wired, BoingBoing, Rolling Stone, and many other publications.

Jay Cornell is a writer, editor, and web developer. He’s also the former managing editor of h+ magazine, and the former associate publisher of Gnosis magazine. He’s quite active in the futurist community, currently serving as a member of the Board of Advisors of the Lifeboat Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to defending humanity from existential risks.

Together, they’ve put together a book that offers a multilayered looked at the accelerating advances in a number of fields tied to both transhumanism (i.e. human enhancement) and the Singularity, including AI, cognitive science, genomics, nanotechnology, cryonics, space exploration, synthetic biology, and robotics. Importantly, the book also considers the influence of historical predecessors and personalities to these ideas, from Timothy Leary to Ray Kurzweil.

Here’s my recent conversation with them.

io9: Tell us about the book and why you chose the encylopedia-like format?


Antichrist NWO 666 President Barack Hussein Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown is proposing to spend $215 million on a “precision medicine” initiative the centerpiece of which will be a national study involving the health records and DNA of one million ”volunteers”, administration officials said yesterday.

Precision medicine refers to treatments tailored to a ”person’s genetic profile”, an idea already ”transforming” how doctors fight cancer and some rare diseases.

The White House said the largest part of the money, $130 million, would go to the National Institutes of Health in order to create a population-scale study of how peoples’ genes, environment, and lifestyle affect their health.

According to Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, the study will recruit new volunteers as well as merging data from several large studies already under way. Details still need to be sorted out, said Collins, but the study could eventually involve completely decoding the genomes of hundreds of thousands of people.

Officials indicated that patients might have more access to data generated about them than is usually the case in research studies. That is partly because scientists will need the ability to re-contact them, should their genes prove interesting.

Collins said the U.S. is not seeking to create a single bio-bank. Instead, the project would look to combine data from among what he called more than 200 large American health studies that are ongoing and together involve at least two million people. “Fortunately, we don’t have to start from scratch,” he said. “The challenge of this initiative is to link those together. It’s more a distributed approach than centralized.”

Collins warned that lack of “interoperability” in medical record systems and gene databases could be the most significant obstacle to the NIH’s plans.

A lack of standards is one reason why the U.S. lags some European countries that already have large, well-organized studies linking genomics to national health records. There is also competition from the private sector, where precision medicine is a hot subject drawing large investments.

For instance, one of the world’s largest private bio-banks, of 800,000 spit samples, is owned by 23andMe, a startup in Silicon Valley that wants to become a kind of Facebook of gene research (see “23andMe’s New Formula: Patient Consent = $”).

The entrepreneur J. Craig Venter, a onetime rival of the NIH in sequencing the first human genome, announced plans a year ago to sequence one million genomes by 2020 using private funding (see “Microbes and Metabolites Fuel an Ambitious Aging Project”), and some drug companies have large-scale sequencing plans as well (see “The Search for Exceptional Genomes”).

In recent weeks, NIH officials met with administrators from the Veterans Health Administration, whose ongoing “Million Veterans Project” has already collected DNA samples from 343,000 former soldiers, and partially analyzed the DNA of 200,000 participants.

David Goldstein, director of a new institute for genome medicine at Columbia University, called the Obama plan part of an irreversible drive toward obtaining more and more complete genetic information on people as part of routine medicine. “The writing is on the wall,” Goldstein said. “We are all going to be sequenced; the question is just who does it and what is done with it.

The challenge will be to do good things with the data.”<—-LMAO ”challenge!” Every human (Enoch & Elijah taken up) has died since Lucifer was case down.

U.S. to Develop DNA Study (Perfect BioWeapon) of One Million People
An Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo The POTUS Clown initiative seeks to channel torrent of gene information 

Want to gain entry to your office, get on a bus, or perhaps buy a sandwich? We’re all getting used to swiping a card to do all these things. But at Epicenter, a new hi-tech office block in Sweden, they are trying a different approach – a chip under the skin.

Felicio de Costa, whose company is one of the tenants, arrives at the front door and holds his hand against it to gain entry. Inside he does the same thing to get into the office space he rents, and he can also wave his hand to operate the photocopier.

That’s all because he has a tiny RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip, about the size of a grain of rice, implanted in his hand. Soon, others among the 700 people expected to occupy the complex will also be offered the chance to be chipped. Along with access to doors and photocopiers, they’re promised further services in the longer run, including the ability to pay in the cafe with a touch of a hand.

On the day of the building’s official opening, the developer’s chief executive was, himself, chipped live on stage. And I decided that if was to get to grips with this technology, I had to bite the bullet – and get chipped too.

The whole process is being organised by a Swedish bio-hacking group which was profiled by my colleague Jane Wakefield recently. One of its members, a rather fearsome looking tattooist, inserted my chip.

Swedish Meatball Madness office puts Antichrist NWO 666 RFID chips under staff’s skin 

God’s plans are His own. But our clear perception in the light of biblical prophecy is that we’ve entered the latter days. Israel is back in the Holy Land, embroiled in an international conflict that precisely matches the Scriptural prophecies. Everywhere, dark occultic and demonic schemes are growing in prominence. Evil genetic experimentation is now a reality. Morality is overwhelmed by shameless behavior. Many Christian writers have illuminated these developments for years.

But for Christians, there is one prophecy that is at the top of the list.It tells us that prior to the Tribulation, something called “a falling away” must come. In the light of many other prophetic developments, this event seems to be in the process of happening at the present time. But we must ask: Is this really true, and how will we know when it has reached completion. In other words, how much worse must things get before Paul’s prophecy is fulfilled?

The “Falling Away” – Has It Happened?

Those outside the church – the unredeemed – are already in a fallen state. Technically, they are presently apostate in their belief systems. Their only real moral and ethical restraint comes from what little influence they receive from the longstanding cultural traditions of Judeo- Christian teaching.

Societies of the Western world are still deeply influenced by a longstanding Christian ethos. It is faint, to be sure, but still discernable. The believing Church is still a force in society.

The Departure
However, from the prophecy of the seven churches in Revelation, it is well known that the Church Age will conclude in faithlessness … in growing apostasy. The first of these churches – Ephesus – is the church characterized by Apostolic zeal, as the Gospel is carried to an unbelieving world in the first century after Christ.

The last church – Laodicea – has fallen from the faith, and is in danger of being rejected:

“14 And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God; 15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. 16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out

of my mouth. 17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked” (Rev. 3:14-17).

Here, we find the latter-day church, which has come to depend upon its own wealth rather than the power of the Holy Spirit. Technically, it has isolated itself from the central premise and the very reason for the existence of the church: Salvation and the Gospel.

As depicted by one of the Bible’s richest metaphors, Laodicea is in danger of being spat out of the Lord’s mouth! This is the equivalent of being rejected from His body … the body of Christ. In other words, this church is comprised of unsaved people, posing as devout believers. They have wealth, social power, beautiful buildings and a network of business connections. But they don’t have the Holy Spirit.

Compulsory 666 Antichrist Mark Of The Beast income tax on Christians drives Germans away from Protestant and Catholic churches
Up to 400,000 Germans officially filed declarations to leave the Protestant and Catholic Church after a decision to extend the 8 or 9 per cent charge to capital gains income

Hundreds of thousands of German Christians are formally renouncing their faith and leaving the church in order to escape a controversial change in the tax laws. Up to 200,000 Germans are believed to have filed official declarations last year renouncing their membership of the Protestant church, the highest number in almost two decades. A similar number are thought to have left the Catholic Church.
Church members in Germany are required by law to pay tax to fund church activities, which is collected by the government.

Under Antichrist NWO 666 German law, anyone who was baptised as a child is automatically a member of the church and obliged to pay the tax, charged as a percentage of their income, regardless of their beliefs or whether they attend church services.
Until recently, many Christians have been prepared to pay the extra tax for the benefits it brings them, including access to church schools and day care facilities that are funded by the state. But the only way out of paying the tax is to make a formal declaration renouncing your membership of the church – and there is a government fee for this as well.

A decision to extend the 8 or 9 per cent charge to capital gains income, or the profit earned from selling an asset, appears to have sparked the sharp decline in church membership.
The new tax regulation was “just the straw that broke the camel’s back for people who were already thinking of leaving”, Ruth Levin, spokesman for the Protestant church in Disnlaken, told Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper.

The church tax has legally been payable on capital gains for some years, but the German government recently closed a loophole that enabled many church members to avoid paying it because they did not have to declare their capital gains income.

Intense explosions accompanied by volcanic ash which is falling on nearby communities are continually observed at Japanese Sakurajima volcano.

Intense explosions at Sakurajima, Japan.

The Tokyo VAAC reported an explosion at 03:38 UTC today sent volcanic ash up to 2.7 km. Explosion at 09:41 UTC sent ash up 3 km.


With the measles and measles vaccine debate reaching a near frenzy on the Internet, it is always nice to throw some cold hard facts on the firestorm currently raging in the measles debate.

So here are some easily verifiable facts regarding deaths due to measles in the United States for the past 10 years, and deaths due to measles vaccines during the same 10 year period.

First, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) keeps a weekly tally of disease outbreaks, including deaths. According to a statement made by Dr. Anne Schuchat, the director of CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, in an Associated Press story picked up by Fox News on April 25, 2014:

There have been no measles deaths reported in the U.S. since 2003

The weekly CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports (MMWR) since that date have not revealed any measles deaths either.

Death by Measles Vaccines

What about deaths due to the measles vaccine during the same time period?

The U.S. Government keeps a database of reports called The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The database is available to the public, and there is a search portal the public can use at Medalerts.org.

We ran a search for a ten year period for deaths due to all measles vaccines, including a few that are no longer in production. The search result contained 108 deaths over this period, resulting from four different measles vaccines sold in the United States during the past 10 years.

Today, one can only purchase a measles vaccine in combination with the mumps and rubella vaccines (MMR Vaccine).

When searching for just the MMR vaccine during the past 10 years, 96 deaths were reported:

The U.S. Government Settlements on Measles Vaccine Injuries

The other place to find facts regarding injuries and deaths due to the measles vaccine is to look at U.S. Government settlements for MMR vaccine injuries and deaths. The U.S. public is largely unaware that manufacturers of vaccines have been given legal immunity from being prosecuted in civil court for vaccine injuries and deaths, since 1986. If someone is injured or killed by a vaccine, they have to sue the U.S. Government in a special “vaccine court.”

The Department of Justice issues quarterly reports on claims and settlements, and one can search for specific vaccines settlements at the United States Federal Courts website.

As search here for “measles” returns a result of 111 claims settled for the MMR vaccine since 2004. Some of them are for settlements due to deaths related to the M

We did not click on and read each decision to find out how many resulted in deaths, but if we get a few reports from others who are willing to do so, and the numbers match, we will update this story with the actual death figure.

It takes many years to win a case in this vaccine court, so this probably represents only a tiny fraction of actual injuries and deaths due to the MMR vaccine.

Conclusion: Measles Vaccine Enthusiasim based Largely on Fear and Beliefs

We fully realize that those who believe in the value of vaccines will probably not be persuaded by these facts, which anyone with a computer and Internet access can verify from U.S. Government sources.

Having now published a few stories on the measles issue, and having received many hundreds of comments, it has become very clear to us that those who have strong opinions on the measles vaccine are based more on fear and beliefs, than they are on facts or science. Any attempt by these vaccine proponents to force their beliefs on the rest of the U.S. public should be vigorously opposed.

How Stupid RU? ZERO U.S. Measles Deaths in 10 Years, but Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported

Pete Carroll is a conspiracy theorist, at least that is how the conspiracy theory goes. And it is one that has gained the Seattle Seahawks coach an unlikely following from the “9/11 Truth” movement in the lead-up to his attempt to win back-to-back Super Bowls.

Two years ago, Carroll met with former Army chief of staff and four-star general Peter Chiarelli and, according to Deadspin citing “sources,” brought up many popular conspiracy theories concerned with the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, on the World Trade Center and quizzed Chiarelli about their veracity.

When asked by USA TODAY Sports on Tuesday about the “9/11 Truth” movement and supporters who back him, Carroll made no attempt to deny his interest.

“Any notoriety is good I guess,” Carroll said, when told by USA TODAY Sports how he had become a favorite among Truth activists. “I will always be interested in the truth, yeah.”

Pete Carroll admired by ‘9/11 Truth’ movement and this site (not usatoday lol) you are now reading

Indeed, the story reveals several troubling aspects regarding Antichrist ISIS’ operations in Syria. First, Al Salafi’s ability to effortlessly enter into Syria through NATO-member Turkey, then escape back to Pakistan, again, via Turkey once again confirms that the source of Antichrist ISIS’ strength is not captured Syrian oil fields or ransoms paid in exchange for hostages, but rather from a torrent of fighters, arms, equipment, and cash flowing from NATO territory in Turkey.

Second – the US does indeed claim to be at war with “Antichrist ISIS,” going as far as unilaterally bombing Syrian territory while claiming it must now train more militants not only to topple the Syrian government, but now also to fight Antichrist ISIS – yet appears incapable of stopping torrents of cash flowing from its own borders into the hands of its implacable enemy. A similar conundrum presented itself amid the recent Paris killings, where France too is participating in military operations aimed at both toppling the Syrian government and allegedly fighting Antichrist ISIS – yet claims to be unable to stop thousands of its own citizens from leaving its borders to join Antichrist ISIS’ ranks.

The All-Selectively-Seeing Eyes of American Surveillance

Finally, now that the US is reportedly aware that money destined for Antichrist ISIS has been routed through its own borders, surely it can leverage its massive and continuously growing surveillance state to identify where the money originated from. The individuals, organization, or government that provided the funds can then suffer the same fate other “state sponsors of terrorism” have suffered at the hands of US foreign policy, including sanctions, invasion, and occupation.

Antichrist ISIS Mercenary Admits Getting Funds from US 

However, the likelihood that the US was unaware of these routed funds – specifically because of its massive and continuously growing surveillance state – is unlikely, as is the likelihood that the US is not also fully aware of where the funds originated from. Der Spiegel in a report titled, “‘Follow the Money’: NSA Monitors Financial World,” would state (emphasis added):

In the summer of 2010, a Middle Eastern businessman wanted to transfer a large sum of money from one country in the region to another. He wanted to send at least $50,000 (€37,500), and he had a very clear idea of how it should be done. The transaction could not be conducted via the United States, and the name of his bank would have to be kept secret — those were his conditions.

Though the transfer was carried out precisely according to his instructions, it did not go unobserved. The transaction is listed in classified documents compiled by the US intelligence agency NSA that SPIEGEL has seen and that deal with the activities of the United States in the international financial sector. The documents show how comprehensively and effectively the intelligence agency can track global flows of money and store the information in a powerful database developed for this purpose.

The obstacle the US faces in stemming funds destined for Antichrist ISIS centers then, not on knowing about them, but on the fact that both the US itself and its closest allies in the region surrounding Syria are directly complicit in the funding.

Open Antichrist Jihad Declared in Egypt Following Antichrist NWO Obozo 911 Clown State Dept. Meeting with The Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood Supported By Obozo The Clown During The Arab Spring Overthrow Of Mubarak-Aligned Leaders
Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood call for ‘long, uncompromising Antichrist jihad’ 

The Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood called for “a long, uncompromising Antichrist  jihad” in Egypt just days after a delegation of the Islamist group’s key leaders and allies met with the Antichrist NWO Obozo 911 Clown State Department, according to an official statement released this week.

Just days after a delegation that included two top Antichrist Brotherhood leaders was hosted at the Antichrist NWO Obozo 911 State Department, the organization released an official statement calling on its supporters to “prepare” for Antichrist jihad, according to an independent translation of the statement first posted on Tuesday.

The Antichrist NWO Obozo 911 State Department meeting was attended by a deputy assistant secretary for democracy, human rights, and labor and other Obozo 911 State Department officials.

The Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood statement also was issued just two days before a major terror attack Thursday in Egypt’s lawless Sinai region that killed at least 25.

Egypt blames Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood Supported By Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown Team for deadly Sinai attack

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Sisi blamed the Muslim Brotherhood for playing a role in a sophisticated insurgent attack that killed 31 people in Egypt’s volatile northern Sinai Peninsula. Sisi, a former army chief, cut short a trip to Ethiopia to return to Cairo Friday, as state television broadcast the arrival of the bodies of slain soldiers in coffins draped with Egyptian flags.

It is the second major deadly attack on Egyptian security forces in Sinai in the last 6 months; 31 soldiers were killed in another operation in October 2014. The continued success of the Sinai-based Islamic militants, despite more than a year of being targeted by massive military operations, highlights the resilience of the militants and represents an embarrassing security failure for Sisi and his administration’s high-profile war on terror.

He said that increasing sophistication of attacks show a “significant transformation” by the Sinai militant groups.

“They are the ones in control on the ground, moving freely during curfew hours, and storming banned military areas,” Habib said. “They are telling everyone we are here, in control.”

In Washington, Antichrist NWO Obozo 911 State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki condemned the attacks, adding that the “Antichrist NWO 666 United States Of Obozo The 911 POTUS Clown remains steadfast in its support of the Egyptian government’s efforts to combat the threat of terrorism in Egypt.”


Recordings of top Pentagon officials in 2011 strongly criticizing Hillary Clinton for leading a State Department “march to war” against Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi in 2011 and for working with the Muslim Brotherhood confirm the conclusions of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi, according to members who spoke to WND.

The disclosure of the Pentagon recordings also prompted CCB members to comment on the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on the Obama administration.

“The war in Libya was a manufactured war produced in part by the influence the Muslim Brotherhood exerted on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with the Muslim Brotherhood penetrating her office through the influence of Huma Abedin, Clinton’s longtime deputy chief of staff, who transferred to the State Department to serve as Clinton’s aide,” Lopez added.

WND has reported extensively Abedin’s family origins in the Muslim Brotherhood and her work for a dozen years as an assistant editor for the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs for the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs. The organization was founded by her late father and directed by her mother with the full backing of the Muslim World League, an Islamic organization in the Saudi holy city of Mecca founded by Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

“Remember that Huma Abedin’s family’s Saudi ‘godfather’ is Abdullah Omar Nasseef, the founder of Rabita Trust, an al-Qaida funding institution that was shut down after 9/11. These were the connections advising our secretary of state – it’s called an influence operation,” Lopez said.

Lopez said that also during that time, among the closest advisers to John Brennan, now head of the CIA, and Dennis McDonough, currently White House chief of staff, when they were on the National Security Council was the son of the Sudanese grand mufti, Imam Mohamed Magid, the president of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Islamic Society of North America, ISNA.

ISNA was listed by the Department of Justice as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial, which convicted the organization and its leaders of funding the terrorist organization Hamas, Lopez noted.

Magid, imam at All Dulles Area Muslim Society, near Washington, D.C., is a member of the board of advisers to the Department of Homeland Security’s Countering Violent Extremism working group.

Antichrist NWO Obozo has agreed to 80 percent of Iran’s demands in nuclear talks, Israeli officials tell  

Israeli officials told Channel 10 on Friday that they are convinced the Obama administration has already agreed to most of Iran’s demands in the P5+1 negotiations over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

According to unnamed officials, Washington “has given the Iranians 80 percent of what they want” out of the negotiations, Channel 10 is reporting.

Jerusalem officials appear alarmed at the prospect that the United States will soon strike a deal with the Iranian regime that will leave it with a “breakout point” of months before it can gallop toward the bomb.

Greetings: So, so much to tell of the prophetic puzzle pieces our Almighty God is unraveling on our planet under His Biblical Blood Moon WINDOW (BBMs) which is now 54% completed. The following prophetic events are surely His building blocks for Israel’s Psalms 83 and Gog Wars, the oil price initiated unstoppable global financial crisis, and America’s dire capitulation morally and financially between now and the Lord’s Fall Feasts in September. So, Let’s “GO”.

ISRAEL: WOW!!! This news has just crossed the wires from Haaretz Daily News, Israel’s 2nd largest newspaper. I’ve inserted this article four hours after this post was written earlier this afternoon because of it’s most profound importance of how our President is metastasizing the nation of Israel. Get this: the Obama campaign’s 2008 and 2012 National Field Director, Jeremy Bird, has just brought in his Obama campaign team to Tel Aviv, rented the ground floor of a Tel Aviv office building and is running the “ANTI-BIBI NETANYAHU” election campaign for Israel’s March 17th election for Prime Minister.

Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, January 26, 2015 

. Friends, so many prophetic signs are all about us, Heavenly and earthly. Although each event is not individually an earth-shaking paradigm change, they are surely catalysts metastasizing for something very BIG to happen at any time as these BBMs are now 51% completed. Remember world history has told us this 7 previous times during these BBMs, it won’t be different this time either with one caveat: These are absolutely, divinely, symmetrically, and statistically unprecedented (see LORD’S PERFECT SIGN graph 8A in the 2014-2015 Unprecedented Blood Moons Category). So, WATCH for something BIG between now and Sept. 28th.

2. All the bases are covered. Symbolically, every single day of the week (Sun, Mon,Tue,Wed,Th,Fri,Sat) has either a Solar eclipse or a Lunar Eclipse tagged to it during this Tetrad.

3. Just look at the power of our Lord’s #7. How it is pulsating today: a) 7 Fall Feasts. b) This 7th year is the Shemitah year. c) 7 x 7 = 49, the beginning of the Jubilee year, the 50th year. d) The 7th day = the millineum (don’t forget the world is 6,000 years old this fall on Sept. 23nd, Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement as per Gen. 6:3 (120 Jubilees x 50 years each), e) The “7″ year Great Tribulation. On this “7″, we would be very wise to consider that, acknowledging how PERFECT our Lord is, that it “fits” in so to speak with the Shemitah year. In other words, 7 year Shemitah ends, and in stride, the Great Tribulation begins the next sequence of “7″, to maintain consistency only God knows for sure, but remember 1 Thes. 5:4 : “Ye brethren are not in darkness that that day should overtake you as a thief”. Very intriguing indeed. Now why else would Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, Mark Biltz, John Hagee, Jonathan Cahn, Perry Stone, Luis Vega etc. some of the most God loving knowledgeable men on Bible prophecy on the planet all be on the same page all at once that we are on the Edge of Time regarding the conclusion of a BBMs climax this Sept. God will NOT disappoint His sheep. (John 10:14 : “I am the good shepherd and know my sheep…”).


Less than a week ago we warned, “today Athens, tomorrow Madrid,” and sure enough, emboldened by the success of Syriza in Greece, the people of Spain have turned out in their tens of thousands in Madrid at a demonstration called by the insurgent Spanish leftist party Podemos. As The Independent reports, Podemos, which means “we can”, has surged into first place in opinion polls in the few months since it was set up in the summer of 2014.

Greek Social Contagion: Tens Of Thousands Rally In Support Of Spain’s Anti-Austerity Podemos Party 

It is now ahead of the centre-right Popular Party and centre-left Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party in many opinion polls. Podemos’s policies include a universal basic income, increased democracy, crackdowns on tax avoidance, and increased public control over the economy. Most worrying for the status-quo huggers in Brussels, Podemos has also wants to reform the European Union, describing the current euro arrangement as a “trap.”

Caught On Tape: Dijsselbloem To Varoufakis: “You Just Killed Troika” 

The joint press conference was concluding, when Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis droped a last bombshell. “…and with this if you want – and according to European Parliament – flimsily-constructed committee we have no aim to cooperate. Thank you.” Varoufakis was referring to the famous Troika, the country’s official creditors consisting of the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank..

After concluding with a “Thank you” Varoufakis gives the word to Eurogroup Chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem, who wants to hear the translation first. Then he takes off the ear phones, he stands up and sets to leave. An enforced-looking shaking of hands delays the departure of the Dutch FinMin.

Dijsselbloem quickly whispers something to Varoufakis’ ear, he briefly replies back and the Eurogroup chief leaves the press conference hall as soon as it was possible.

Video: the Awkward Greek-Eurogroup Moment

Amid ‘turmoiling’ stock markets on Friday, CNBC’s Simon Hobbs summed up the status quo’s thinking on the new Greek leadership when he noted, somewhat angrily and shocked, “The Greeks are not even trying to reassure the markets,” seeming to have entirely forgotten (and who can blame him in this new normal the world has been force-fed for 6 years) that political leaders are elected for the good of the people (by the people) not for the markets. Yesterday saw the clearest example yet of Europe’s anger that the Greeks may choose their own path as opposed to following the EU’s non-sovereign leadership’s demands when the most uncomfortable moment ever caught on tape – the moment when Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem (he of the “template” foot in mouth disease) stood up at the end of the EU-Greece press conference, awkwardly shook hands with Greece’s new finance minister, and whispered…”you have just killed the Troika,” to which Varoufakis responded… “wow!”

Later that evening Yanis Varoufakis gave an excellent more in depth interview with BBC’s Newsnight… to explain why Greece will not accept more debt from the EU…

As Deutsche Bank’s George Saravelos politely puts it, “Developments since the Greek election on Sunday have moved very fast.” And indeed, so far the new Tsipras cabinet, and here we focus on the words and deeds of the new finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, has shown that the market’s greatest hope – that the status quo in Greece will continue – has been crushed into a pulp (and so have Greek stock and bond prices) especially following yesterday’s most recent comments by the finmin in which he said that Greece “does not want the $7 billion” from the Troika agreement and that it wants to “rethink the whole program”, culminating with an epic exchange with Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem in which Greece made it clear that the “constructive talks” are over.

And suddenly the Eurozone is stunned, because what had until now been its greatest carrot when it comes to dealing with Greece, has become completely useless when the impoverished, insolvent nation itself says it no longer needs a bailout, seemingly blissfully unaware of the consequences.

So earlier today the ECB’s Erikki Liikanen, tired of pleasantries and dealing with what to Europe is a completely incomprehensible and illogical stance, one which is essentially a massive defection by Greece in the European “prisoner’s dilemma”, and which while leading to a Greek financial collapse and Grexit – both prerequisites to a subsequent Greek economic recovery unburdened by the shackles of the Euro – would also unleash a European depression, came out and directly threatened Greece that it now has 1 month until the end of February to reach a deal with the Troika, or else the ECB would cut off lending to Greek banks, in the process destroying the otherwise insolvent Greek banking sector.

And since only the ECB backstop has prevented a banking sector panic, the ECB is essentially betting the house, and the sanctity of the Eurozone (because after a Grexit all bets are off which peripheral leaves next) that the threat, and soon reality, of a bank run (at last check Greece had about €145 billion in deposits still left in its bank after JPM’s latest estimate of €15 billion in outflows in January) will finally force Varoufakis and Tsipras to sit at the negotiating table with the understanding that not they but the Troika has all the leverage.

The ECB cannot fund a state directly, which is what it would mean in this case.”

Odd: because that is precisely what the ECB is doing with QE, when it monetizes any of a number of Eurozone deficits. To this Liikanen also had a quick response:

Well, it is, but we’ll let that slide for the time being. The bigger issue is that since the ECB directly holds tens of billions of Greek debt, any impairment on this debt would crush what the ECB has been saying from day one: that it can not suffer losses on the debt it has monetized or otherwise transferred over to its balance sheet. Such an impairment would immediately destroy Draghi’s credibility, and promptly lead to furious screams from around the Eurozone as taxpayers suddenly realize all too well they are on the hook for funding the Eurozone’s most insolvent members, first Greece and then everyone else who has already entered a toxic deflationary spiral. And since the ECB would finally be exposed for being Europe’s “bad bank”, the scramble to dump as much toxic exposure on Draghi would begin in earnest in the process launching the beginning of the end of the Eurozone.

One can almost see why Greece does think it has all the leverage.

That said, Greece now also has a countdown in which it can and will have to make a decision what to do with its leverage, and precisely 28 days until its very own D-Day which is now February 28, 2015 as per today’s ECB threat.

Antichrist NWO 666 CB Threatens Athens With Bank Funding Cutoff If No Deal In One Month: February 28 Is Now D-Day For Greece 

On Tuesday Senate Democrats who had been pushing a new sanctions bill against Iran — which Mr. Netanyahu supports — said they would hold off a vote until late March, handing the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Clown adminstration a victory. 

Netanyahu Talk Stirs Backlash in Israeli Race 

The decision by the Israeli prime minister to accept an unusual invitation from House Republicans to address a joint meeting of Congress has had the unintended effect of helping the president rally Democrats as his administration negotiates a delicate nuclear deal with Iran.

G.O.P.’s Invitation to Netanyahu Is Aiding Antichrist NWO Obozo’s Cause on Antichrist Shia Iran

1 Concerning times and seasons, brothers, you have no need for anything to be written to you. 2 For you yourselves know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief at night. 3 When people are saying, “Peace and security,” then sudden disaster comes upon them, like labor pains upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

1 Thessalonians 5 

4 But you, brothers, are not in darkness, for that day to overtake you like a thief.


Much More: Did you know the Human gestation period until the newborn baby comes out of the precious mother and into the world is 266 days. Well, guess what, look at the LPS graph and note the number of exact days from the 1st BBM this past April 15th to the BBM MIDPOINT is also 266 days. Exactly the same, 266 days, from the MIDPOINT to the day of the 4th and final BBM, the SuperMoon that shines directly over Jerusalem (and the only 1 of the 4 that does, and only for the last hour before sunrise). Make of it what you will. I so believe this is prophetic and someday soon we’ll all know for sure when we discuss it on a balcony in Heaven looking down as the 7 year Great Tribulation is unfolding on earth beneath us.


 The last Solar eclipse which just happened a few days ago on Oct. 23,2014 is exactly 75 days PRIOR to the BBM MIDPOINT. The first Solar eclipse AFTER the MIDPOINT will be on March 20, 2015, Nisan 1, the 1st day of the Religious Jewish New Year on the Jewish calendar again, exactly 75 days AFTER. What an awesome God we have for Him to show us this infinitely, improbable Heavenly Sign in the BBMs.

Did you know that the Solar eclipse on March 20, 2015 in approximately 5 months occurs at 11:50 A.M. (10 minutes before “noon”) Jerusalem time. (NASA) Why is this significant? Well, just read Amos 8:9. This is absolutely astonishing. Again, another Heavenly SIGN from our Lord (Joel 2: 30,31). And on and on and on. How much more Heavenly SIGNS (Genesis 1:14) do we need until we “HEAR” Him as to why these BBMs are unique and are “HERE”.

Purim 2015 begins in the evening of
Wednesday, March 4
and ends in the evening of
Thursday, March 5.

US lawmakers propose PM move speech to joint session of Congress after Israel election on March 17 

The March 3 address would be “harmful for three reasons,” the letter reads: “It undermines the president’s foreign policy, it puts a close ally in the middle of a domestic political debate, and it elevates a candidate in a foreign election.”

Netanyahu says he will speak anywhere, at any time, to drive home his message on the dangers posed by a nuclear Iran. World powers seek to clinch a political framework agreement by March 31.


Central bank Governor Elvira Nabiullina has come under pressure from officials and business leaders, including billionaire Oleg Deripaska, who’ve warned that the economy will grind to a halt and undermine banks unless rates come down. The central bank had raised the benchmark rate six times last year, including a 6.5-point increase in December that was the biggest since 1998, to defend the ruble and tame inflation stoked by international sanctions related to the Ukraine conflict.

“The lobby of bankers and industrialists is growing, with clear, almost aggressive, pressure on the central bank to cut,” David Nangle, the head of research at Moscow-based Renaissance Capital, said by e-mail. Russian banks have been “the losers” from the surge in interest rates, he said.

Russia Retreats From Ruble Defense in Surprise Interest-Rate Cut 

The ruble traded 2.6 percent weaker at 70.5675 against the dollar as of 7:14 p.m. in Moscow. It’s down 50 percent over the past year. Today’s “decision will bring more negatives than positives,” Vladimir Tikhomirov, chief economist at BCS Financial Group in Moscow, said by phone. “It goes counter to market expectations. So it’s only increasing pressure on the ruble and will provoke further acceleration of price growth.”

Emergency Increase
Policy makers shifted to a free-floating exchange rate ahead of schedule in November and burned through about $88 billion of reserves last year to prop up the ruble.

DXY 94.8040 Price of DXY in 0.0220 0.02%

So – what happens when the markets realize this?

“We Can’t Do This Forever,” Fed Admits “Market Will Overwhelm Us”

Civilians were killed on both sides in heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine on Friday, while an attempt to reopen peace talks in neighboring Belarus was aborted before it began.

Ukraine peace talks aborted as civilians die in east

“I have nothing to sell to leave. I am a pensioner and if I have to die here, so be it,” said Leonid, in his 70s, dressed in a shabby winter coat and leaning on a cane. He and his wife moved in with relatives after their apartment was destroyed a month ago. He has received no pension since Ukraine cut off funding three months ago.

Dozens of cars and trucks queued at a Ukrainian checkpoint outside Donetsk, where a crowd of people were filling in applications to enter government-held territory. “All civilians should be evacuated, but neither (the rebels) nor the Ukrainians could care less, and we are dying every day,” said schoolteacher Martina Alexandrovna, 46.

Bloodshed and Humanitarian Crisis in Eastern Ukraine As Fighting Continues

“There are many terrible things about this conflict, but one of the hardest things is that people feel abandoned,” Rouvroy wrote. “They’re grateful that we’re here, but wherever we go they ask us: ‘Where is everybody? Where are the journalists? Where is the international community?’ People are dying here every day.”

Furthermore, UNICEF warns that “continuous fighting is having a devastating impact on the lives of children.” As of early December, 42 children have died in the conflict, and the number of displaced people has surpassed half a million, over 130,000 of them children.

According to the global body, 5.2 million people are affected by ongoing violence, including 1.7 million children, and 1.4 people are in immediate need of aid.

Dozens dead in bombing of mosque in Pakistan

An explosion ripped through a Antichrist Shia mosque in southern Pakistan during weekly prayers yesterday, killing more than 40 people and wounding at least 50 in an apparent suicide attack, hospital officials said. The bombing, in Shikarpur, about 480km north of Karachi, was the country’s worst sectarian attack in months.

Television images from the scene showed bloodied worshippers being carried from the mosque in the city’s Lakhi Dar district. The attack appeared to have been carried out by a suicide bomber, said Abdul Quddus, a police officer in Shikarpur. Jundullah, a splinter group of the Pakistani Antichrist Taliban, claimed responsibility for the attack. “Our target was the Antichrist Shiite [Shia] community,” Fahad Marwat, a spokesman for the group, told Reuters. “They are our enemies.”

Antichrist Islamic State attacks Kurdish outposts across Iraq

Antichrist Islamic State militants struck at Kurdish forces southwest of the Iraqi city of Kirkuk on Friday, while bombs in Kirkuk, Baghdad, Samarra and Ramadi killed at least 27 people.

The Antichrist Sunni Islamists have often battled Iraqi security forces and Antichrist Shi’ite militias further south and west, but attacks in and around Kurdish-controlled Kirkuk have been less frequent.

The Kurds have now regained most of the ground they lost, but commanders complain they remain ill-equipped compared with Antichrist Islamic State militants, who plundered Iraqi arms depots when they overran Mosul in June.

Kurdish Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani told Reuters in an interview on Thursday that the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Clown U.S.-led coalition against Antichrist Islamic State was inadequate and said Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 Clown U.S. policy would at best contain the resilient and carefully structured group.

Antichrist Venezuela authorizes use of deadly force against it’s own people demonstrating against rulers

The rules announced Thursday outlined procedures for soldiers to maintain public order, going up gradually from asserting an “imposing presence” to the use of deadly force.

The regulations were published just days before the anniversary of the start of anti-government riots that erupted when Venezuelans vented fury over rampant crime, runaway inflation, corruption and shortages of basic goods in the country with the world’s largest proven oil reserves.

Venezuela Expo Tattoo 2015: Extreme Antichrist body art from ‘Vampire Woman’ to 109mm earlobes

They look like they may be taking a break from the latest low-budget horror movie featuring either aliens or the un-dead.  But for these people, who are exhibiting at the Venezuela Tattoo International Expo in Caracas, all of the modifications and colourings are real.  These people have had implants, extreme dental work and even dye injected into their eyeballs to make them look as menacing as possible.  The four-day event has seen people travel from across the globe to show their extreme modifications, with implants even to alter the shape of their skulls.

Did someone leave open the gates from hell? Piercings, tats and even devil horns are out in force at tattoo expo  

The Newburgh Sting, is a documentary about the FBI’s operation to ensnare four impoverished, naive New York men into an informant-driven fake terror plot. In the film, former FBI assistant director Thomas Fuentes defends the FBI’s conduct in the Newburgh Four case. He also says this:

If you’re submitting budget proposals for a law enforcement agency, for an intelligence agency, you’re not going to submit the proposal that ‘We won the war on terror and everything’s great,’ cuz the first thing that’s gonna happen is your budget’s gonna be cut in half. You know, it’s my opposite of Jesse Jackson’s ‘Keep Hope Alive’—it’s ‘Keep Fear Alive.’ Keep it alive.
Fuentes’ comments come at 1:06:22 in the video above.

Former FBI assistant director, to keep budgets high, we must ‘keep fear alive’ 

The case made — convincingly — by the documentary “The Newburgh Sting” is that the four upstate New York men convicted of plotting to bomb synagogues in the Bronx and destroy airplanes in 2009 were the fall guys in an elaborate, cinematic performance orchestrated by the F.B.I.

In the context of an interview about a case in which a paid FBI informant is alleged to have offered destitute men a quarter of a million dollars to execute an attack, a former assistant director of the FBI admits it’s in the bureau’s best interest to inflate the supposed terror threat.

There’s the smoking gun…WAKE UP AMERICA the war on terror is a lie!

FBI’s ‘Plan C’ Exposed! Martial Law In America And World War 3 Possible Within Weeks!

NEW YORK, NY- NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton announced Thursday that 350 heavily armed NYPD officers, called the “Strategic Response Group,” will soon be patrolling protests and the city at large.
He said the new strain of hyper-armed police will be

“…equipped and trained in ways that our normal patrol officers are not. They’ll be equipped with all the extra heavy protective gear, with the long rifles and machine guns — unfortunately sometimes necessary in these instances.”

BREAKING: NYPD to Permanently Patrol Protests with Machine Guns 

Plans to route 911 location calls via Russia’s GLONASS satellite system have sparked national security concerns among some members of Congress, despite assurances that its use will be limited and it will help save lives in emergencies.

Chairman of the Armed Services subcommittee, Rep. Mike Rogers, has sent an angry letter to the Secretary of Defense and Director of National Intelligence (DNI) after learning about the intentions of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

“In view of the threat posed to the world by Russia’s Vladimir Putin, it cannot be seriously considered that the US would rely on a system in that dictator’s control for its wireless 911 location capability,” the document obtained by the Washington Times said.

Congress alarmed by plans to use Russian system to route 911 calls 

In 2013, the State Department considered allowing Russia’s space agency Roscosmos to build six facilities, equipped with antennas, across the US.

The move was prevented by Congress, which banned the Pentagon from signing contracts for commercial satellite services with foreign companies.

Moscow has been developing GLONASS since 1976 on instructions from the Defense Ministry, with full global coverage enabled in 1995.

The system currently comprises 28 satellites, including 24 operational spacecraft, three spares, and one platform in flight-testing phase.

There are 19 ground stations providing consumers with a navigation signal with an accuracy of one meter.

Three stations are also located in the Antarctic and one in Brazil, with two more to be constructed in Kazakhstan and one in Belarus.

Qatar buys 10% stake in British Airways owner prompting security fears 

Want to own your own home, but stuck, temporarily, renting until you can? You aren’t alone.

Wolf Richter outlined a pretty eery scenario.

The 2008 financial Armageddon was in larger part a result of the housing bubble bursting. Thanks to the subprime mortgage scandal, millions of homeowners were put in homes they couldn’t afford, making the awful game of musical chairs an inevitable and tragic charade.

Maestro to the musical chairs was Goldman Sachs, who unbeknownst to the public, was selling toxic securities for risky mortgages, while secretly betting on the collapse of the housing market. According to McClatchy:

In 2006 and 2007, Goldman Sachs Group peddled more than $40 billion in securities backed by at least 200,000 risky home mortgages, but never told the buyers it was secretly betting that a sharp drop in U.S. housing prices would send the value of those securities plummeting.

Everyone was swept up in the chaos. Goldman Sachs and the other banks got bailed out. The public absorbed the costs, and the Federal Reserve set out on the biggest intervention since World War II.

New Housing Bubble: Prices Up, Ownership Down, Wall Street a Mega-Landlord: “America is Becoming a Nation of Renters”

home owners, particularly first time buyers, are being priced out and pushed way, while renters – in both apartments and homes – are rising.

Since 2008, homeownership has been fading in all age groups. But in these two age groups, it plunged respectively 6 points and 7.9 points!

And the bitter irony in the report? The vacancy rate in the rental market dropped to 7.0%, the lowest since 1993. America is turning into a country of renters.

Worse, the wolves on Wall Street have pushed this trend deliberately.

A host of speculators, private equity firms and Great White sharks have taken their free and cheap money – printed and handed over to them by the Federal Reserve – and used it not only to drive up single family home prices, but to buy them up and force more and more people to choose renting instead of owning!

The nearly free money the Fed has graciously thrown toward Wall Street since 2008 has fallen on fertile ground. Private equity firms, REITs, and other Wall-Street-funded institutional investors of all sizes have plowed hundreds of billions of dollars into hundreds of thousands of vacant single-family homes, took them off the for-sale inventory, and moved them over to the for-rent inventory.

This powerful buying spree by mega-landlords, concentrated over a three-year period in select markets has driven up prices and pushed out potential home buyers.

But these potential home buyers can rent these homes now. An apartment building boom has offered alternatives too, often in central locations, rather than in distant suburbs, reducing commutes and fuel costs and allowing people to live near the urban excitement. Millennials have figured it out too.

Good thing, if you never wanted to own a piece of the American Dream, since people are being concentrated into the cities anyway. Smaller square foot places, more single people, more dependent than ever on the mega-landlords – who now are trending towards dominating the housing market.