12815 Gleaning Harmonic ELEcTRIc4^ Genetic Babylon 666 Destroyer

by amongthenumberedsaints

If we survive and science progresses, we will manipulate the genome, rearrange the atom, and augment the mind. And if science defeats suffering and death, religion as we know it will die..


and is the lowest ever on record for this time of year…

Baltic Dry Index: 666

Forget The Hindenburg Omen and The Hilsenrath Omen, today we have the real deal as The Baltic Dry Index hits the ominous 666 level – the lowest print for this time of year on record. Of course, just like with oil – this is brushed off as over-supply (not under-demand) and we are sure someone will opine how positive this drastic deflation of shipping rates is for global business… but still – this is the lowest print since September 2012 (and practically the lowest since the recession).

At 666, The Baltic Dry is practically at post-recession lows…

The mkt is torn between general belief you don’t want to miss the opportunity to buy, while at the same time the fundamentals don’t support the recovery”

Crude Supplies Surge To Highest Since At Least 1982

Even if the oil and gas sector was responsible for the decline in capital spending, that only confirms the artificial state of any prior advance. A true economic recovery or growth period would be broad and durable enough to withstand any slowdown in any single area. If the end of the artificial energy “boom” is enough to push the economy off its assumed track, it was never there to begin with.

QE Is Not A Solution: “It’s A Marker Of All That Is Wrong”

What’s remarkable is that we have seen all this before, increasingly looking like a third repeat of prior behavior. While there are numerous similarities with the 2007/early 2008 period, including the sharp, artificial runup in energy before its collapse, it is actually uncanny how much the last three years echo almost exactly the global slowdown after the Asian flu in 1998.

the very fact that a central bank has “had” to institute something as disruptive as QE is not much of a solution but rather a marker of everything wrong. I do think that is the evolution of at least credit market thinking on the subject, viewing the decrepit state of the actual economy now more appropriately; moving in the “wrong” direction. There is, again, perhaps something to that sharp bearish turn in December.

The 4 key phrases from today’s FOMC Statement are:

“Strong Jobs Gains” instead of “Solid Job Gains”,
“Considerable time” sentence dropped entirely
“Solid Pace” instead of “Moderate Pace” For Economy
Add “Inflation is anticipated to decline further in the near term” as new language
And voila, a hawkish policy statement… sending stocks, crude, and bond yields sliding on the news.

Markets Disappointed As FOMC ‘Upgrades’ Economy & Jobs In Hawkish Statement

Crude crashed to new cycle lows…

ECONOMIC EARTHQUAKE: IBM rumored to lay off 110,000 employees – biggest cull in business history

IBM is reportedly preparing to merge its three main arms – hardware, software and support – into a single operating business, breaking down the “Chinese wall”‘ between the divisions and reorganize staff into teams based on their jobs, such as sales or research.

A growing demand from businesses to use companies such as IBM as a “one-stop shop” for technology needs is cited as a reason. IBM is expected to restructure its entire global workforce under a program known as Project Chrome.

IBM has struggled to shift from its traditional strength of making computers to offering IT services and information storage.

IBM set aside over $607 million for redundancies last week, which it described as “workforce rebalancing,” after three-month sales figures came in $674 million lower than expected.

If IBM dismisses one in four staff, it will be the largest corporate layoff in history. The previous largest redundancy program was also from IBM, when it cut 60,000 staff in 1993.

“To fix its business problems and speed up its ‘transformation,’ next week about 26 per cent of IBM’s employees will be getting phone calls from their managers,” Robert Cringley, from Forbes, says.

“Project Chrome will hit many of the worldwide services operations. The USA will be hit hard, but so will other locations.”

The Black Pope’s Masonic corporation of “megadeath”—IBM—continues to facilitate Rome’s international inquisition against “accursed” “heretic” Protestants and Baptists, “liberal” Roman Catholics, “infidel” Muslims, and “perfidious” Jews. Remember, it was 33rd Degree Freemason Thomas J. Watson, Sr. (above), who headed IBM at the time the Wall Street-financed, Nazi SS conducted its European census with IBM’s Hollerith machines while Hitler marched across Europe, an event fully detailed by Edwin Black in his IBM and the Holocaust.

view the above video and its four successors with care. They are loaded with verifiable and valuable information in light of the coming Jesuit-led, Roman Fascist Inquisition to be implemented by the White Pope’s Department of “Romeland” Security as it enforces the treasonous Patriot Act penned atJesuit Georgetown University.

2010 Census: IBM, Nazi-SS Eurasian Jewish Holocaust and Verichip

When Genocide Is No Longer Unthinkable .

Gerald Celente concurs with Mannarino, Embry, Johnson and Armstrong as the well-respected trend forecaster warns that, despite establishment false claims of economic recovery and growth made by President Obama in his State of the Union Address, things are about to go from bad to worse. Celente isn’t predicting that a monumental economic collapse is going to happen at some future date, he boldly states that the collapse is already underway and is in the process of sweeping across the globe! Spain has passed laws outlawing protesting. In Greece, off-the-books goon squads “deal with” economic political dissenters. And here in America, we began to outlaw free speech and protesting with the creation of “free speech zones” in 2012, and outlawing protesting near speeches given by a politician. The latter is punishable by a sentence of up to a year in prison. In other words, governments which are facing economic ruination, are preparing to “deal” with their people.

What does dealing with their people mean? Most of the global elite wholeheartedly believe in the sociological concept of “Malthusian Controls” which postulates that when the needs of a population exceeds the ability of that society to meet basic citizenry needs, bad things begin to happen such as famine, disease, war and genocide. Which will it be? Perhaps the readers can now understand why so much attention must be paid to events such as world war, a pandemic and the topic of FEMA camps. Can you now answer the question as to what governments do when they cannot meet the needs of its people?