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by amongthenumberedsaints

The unrest in the US is far from over. As each new incident where a Black or Hispanic dies due to conflict with the police, look for the police to be blamed. The end goal here is for Antichrist Obozo to fully nationalize the police and put all forces under the purview of DHS. That way they answer to the Executive Branch and not to the states, cities or citizens. It’s right out of the Marxist playbook Antichrist Obozo is following. So, violence and chaos are sure to escalate. Watch for it.

Also watch for more confrontation with the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood and Antichrist Islamic organizations in the US. They are testing us at every weak point – see the call to prayer almost initiated at Duke University and currently being implemented at UCLA. There will be violence across the nation as well pushed by the PLO, terrorists, radical Islamists, the Antichrist Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party. They will use race as their weapon of choice.

The Communists feel that if they can create enough upheaval, violence, confusion and chaos, that Antichrist Obozo will claim he was forced to act. This could mean martial law or a variety of unconstitutional edicts. Already, Antichrist Obozo is announcing he is getting ready to back a government-run Internet and does not need Congress’ permission to do so. It is one more step in taking over our freedoms and nullifying the Constitution.

The Antichrist Islamo-Communist Axis is igniting an American Intifada. Antichrist Communists, revolutionary radicals and Antichrist Islamists are joining forces to transform America permanently. While Antichrist Obozo is gutting us militarily and our foreign policy abroad, he has set loose the Antichrist Communist hounds to tear at the soft belly of American justice and integrity. If we are gutted and bleeding from within, Antichrist Obozo knows we cannot fight the enemies without. He’s counting on it.

An American Antichrist Intifada – Antichrist Communists And Antichrist Radical Islamists Join Forces

In his usual style, Tim referenced Scripture to back-up his rationale; but Tim also referenced the long forgotten, Mayflower Compact as one source to lend further credence to his ban Islam proposal. Tim also pointed out that, like many Christians, followers of Islam do not really investigate the true tenants of their faith; and if they were “true believers” they would want to kill all non-believers, a group that would consists of many who would be reading this very article..

Is it Time for States to Ban Antichrist Islam? Answer: Yes!

He lived in London with his wife and young son and worked as the head of foreign exchange institutional sales for National Australia Bank.

He had also worked for HSBC and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

His friend Tony Brown, a financial trader based in Singapore, said he was “shocked” to receive a phone call saying Mr Flanagan had been found dead.

Another Dead Banker

A 93 year old Italian priest named Michele de Paolis, considered to be Italy’s most rebellious priest and amongst the most universally notorious advocates for the Catholic Church to change its position on homosexuality, said:

homosexual love is a gift from (God) no less than heterosexual.

This same damned heretic said:

The Bible “is” not the word of God

And now, just a few days ago, Francis, whether by his own will or through some malicious advisors, celebrated mass with this evil man and then kissed his hand, as this photo attests:

It is not surprising to see how far reaching homosexuality has gone in the Vatican. What other deviancies will enter the Vatican in the next decade remains to be seen. Whatever happened to normal sin? In the good old days, steeling a chicken perhaps constituted such sin, but these days, its sleeping with it.

Catholic Priest Says Antichrist Homosexuality Is Gift From God, And That The Bible Is Not The Word Of God, And Then Petrus Romanus Pope Francis Kisses His Hand And Praises Him 

Elad Strohmyer, deputy consul general of Israel in City of Antichrist Homosexual Brotherly Love, will be the first diplomat married in a ceremony conducted by Antichrist Mayor Michael Nutter at Philadelphia’s City NWO 666 Homosexual Hall ..straight to Hell.

Like Lot Observed While Sitting In The Gates Of Sodom, Mayor Of Philadelphia To Wed Israeli Diplomat In Antichrist Same-Sex Marriage Ceremony















The Washington Department of Social and Health Services is about to change the very nature of who is or is not responsible for making life changing decisions for your children. Whether you agree with yearly flu vaccines or not, the following report from Tacoma, Washington should scare the hell out of you because if the government moves forward with their threats then every child in America will effectively become a ward of the state.

A state bureaucracy is threatening a mother with removal of an infant unless her entire family subjects themselves to flu shots.

This is the dilemma that foster parent Jamie Smith is currently facing. The Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) is giving the Tacoma family until February to comply with the mandated regimen of influenza vaccines — imposed on every member of the family — or else they will lose their youngest child, a 2-week-old foster infant that was born on Christmas.

Police State USA via The Daily Sheeple

This particular case involves a foster child, but make no mistake, the state, should they choose to do so, can utilize the same strategy against you and your biological children.

In fact, the medical tyranny in America has reached astonishing levels, as evidenced by the recent case of a 17-year old who was taken from her parents when they (and she) refused chemotherapy treatment for lymphoma. What’s frightening about this is that the Connecticut Supreme Court upheld the state-sponsored kidnapping and subsequent forced medication of a minor as a Constitutional Act.

This particular story centers around 17-year-old Cassandra Callender who, after being diagnosed with cancer in September and taking two treatments, ran away from home for a week in November because she did not want to take anymore. Cassandra has said that she feels chemotherapy is a poison and, that the girl, “believes chemotherapy would cause significant long-term bodily harm, like organ damage and infertility,” reported Vox. When she returned home, Cassandra refused to take anymore chemo and her mother stood by her daughter’s decision.

When the mother stood by her daughter’s decision and they refused to take any further treatment, the hospital reported Cassandra’s mom Jackie to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) who took Cassandra away and ordered the family to comply with the treatment.

Make absolutely no mistake; such jackbooted mandates will continue to expand and they will rip American families to shreds in the process.

According to a recent report about the DSM-5, the psychiatric manual used by professionals to make determinations of one’s mental health, the odds are greater than 50% that you or your child will be diagnosed with a mental disorder.

For example, under the new guidelines if your 6 to 18 year-old child throws a temper tantrum from time to time or has a mood swing, a psychiatrist could diagnose the condition as a “Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder” requiring professional treatment.

Keep in mind that in psychiatry “professional treatment” almost always means prescription drugs.

Are you over the age of 55 and have “senior moments” like forgetting where you put your keys? If so, then in all likelihood you have a neurocognitive disorder.

Do you stockpile food, supplies or other items in anticipation of a disaster? If so, you may have what’s called an obsessive compulsive hoarding disorder.

Once that diagnosis is entered into national Obamacare databases you’ll likely see a number of things happen, including being added to watchlists or having your Second Amendment rights stripped. Additionally, given that courts across the country are upholding such actions by the State, there is a real possibility that in the future, whether you are diagnosed with mental instability or a medical condition, agents of the government will have the legal pretext to enter your home, kidnap you at gun point and administer the State’s recommended medicine – for your health and well-being, of course.

How far will the American people let them go before enough is enough?

Social Services To Family: ‘Get Flu Shots Or We’re Taking Your Baby’

Dr. Ben Levin — who oversaw the development of the sex-ed curriculum — was arrested in 2013 in the wake of an international child pornography and child exploitation sting. Levin was charged with making and distributing child pornography as well as arranging for a sexual offense with a child.

Gwen Landolt, national vice-president of REAL Women of Canada, told LifeSiteNews that teaching children about giving consent “presupposes that sexual activity even at the ‘earliest ages’ is alright, providing that you consent.”

Landolt called the sex-ed ‘consent’ add-on “very worrisome” since it could eventually lead to adults having “access to children, providing the children give their consent.”

“You have the question about the exploitation of adults and young children. You also have the question about homosexuals, namely will this allow them to have access to children, providing the children give their consent?” she said.

Some homosexual activist organizations have worked to lower the legal age whereby a person can give sexual consent as well as normalize adult-child sex. What the average citizen calls pedophilia is called in some homosexual circles an “intergenerational romance” for “minor-attracted adults.”

^^^Time to breakout the tar and feathers for these evil bastards, and a big boot out of office.

It’s truly insane to send kids to these public schools at this point, much less pay a dime to support public education at this point, for that matter any government on Earth. If Christ was not coming shortly, 10 years from now would be Sodom and Egypt, even as it is written of Jerusalem, where the two witnesses are killed by the Antichrist a few years from now. 20 years from now, the clone kids would all be raped, metrosexual, if the Homosexual Pride image of the Canadian Obozo government image of the beast was allowed to exist, of course by that time school would be a brain to computer download, while sitting in a hyperbaric chamber eating GMO wheat grass, as the kid(s) morphed into a Lemming.

Antichrist Lesbian premier ”orders” Ontario’s sex-ed update to teach kids about giving sexual ‘consent’ from ‘the very earliest stages’ 

It’s a recovery so lopsided only Timothy Geithner or an oligarch could love it. Since 2008, U.S. economic policy has concentrated on funneling as much money as possible to billionaires, keeping the poor alive and submissive through government programs, and squeezing the middle class to death while at the same time holding out the carrot of hope that things will return to how they were before (they won’t).

The latest evidence of this monumental cultural theft was highlighted yesterday in the Washington Post. Here are a few excerpts:

Welcome To The Oligarch Recovery: Majority Of Public School Students Are In Poverty For First Time In 50 Years 

For the first time in at least 50 years, a majority of U.S. public school students come from low-income families, according to a new analysis of 2013 federal data, a statistic that has profound implications for the nation.

The Southern Education Foundation reports that 51 percent of students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade in the 2012-2013 school year were eligible for the federal program that provides free and reduced-price lunches. The lunch program is a rough proxy for poverty, but the explosion in the number of needy children in the nation’s public classrooms is a recent phenomenon that has been gaining attention among educators, public officials and researchers.
A “recent phenomenon.” Call me crazy, but that isn’t what you’d expect five years into a so-called economic recovery.

“We’ve all known this was the trend, that we would get to a majority, but it’s here sooner rather than later,” said Michael A. Rebell of the Campaign for Educational Equity at Teachers College at Columbia University, noting that the poverty rate has been increasing even as the economy has improved. “A lot of people at the top are doing much better, but the people at the bottom are not doing better at all. Those are the people who have the most children and send their children to public school.”
Again, this isn’t a economic recovery, it is theft. Until we can admit to ourselves what the idiots and thieves in power have done, nothing will change.

“When they first come in my door in the morning, the first thing I do is an inventory of immediate needs: Did you eat? Are you clean? A big part of my job is making them feel safe,” said Sonya Romero-Smith, a veteran teacher at Lew Wallace Elementary School in Albuquerque. Fourteen of her 18 kindergartners are eligible for free lunches.

She helps them clean up with bathroom wipes and toothbrushes, and she stocks a drawer with clean socks, underwear, pants and shoes.
America: Land of the Thief, Home of the Slave.

GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELTDOWN: Precursors To A Global Financial Collapse – Retail Industry Collapsing; Sony To Close All 14 Canadian Stores Within 2 Months! 


The New Moon of Nisan 2016 rises over Jerusalem at 2:24 PM on April 7, 2016 on the Gregorian Calendar, but is not visible until after sunset that evening which makes it the next day on the Hebrew Calendar which is Nisan 1, 2016 (April 8, 2016).

There are exactly 1,270 days from the New Moon of Nisan 1, 2016 (April 8, 2016) to the New Moon, Holy Day Sabbath , Feast of Trumpets Tishri 1, 2019 (September 30, 2019). That is the day of the Lord’s Second Coming. Did you know that the Feast of Trumpets is the ONLY Feast of the Lord that happens on a New Moon Holy Day Sabbath ?

Garry Boggs (18 Jan 2015)

We think that Exter’s Pyramid went “live” in in late-June/early-July 2014 when the dollar index (DXY) began to strengthen…

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law?

Exter’s Pyramid “In Play” (And Is Martin Armstrong Right?)

We haven’t mentioned Martin Armstrong’s “Economic Confidence Model” (ECM) for quite some time but we’ve been thinking about it recently. The ECM, based on 8.6 year cycles, is often very successful at tracking turning points in the “hot money” flow of global capital.

Now is not the time for a detailed explanation, but for anybody not familiar with the ECM, Armstrong’s report “It’s Just Time” (google it) from several years back is one of the best we’ve ever read and provides excellent background.

The ECM’s peak on 2007.15 (i.e. late-February 2007) picked out the emergence of the sub-prime problems almost to the day. It did the same with the peak in the Nikkei Index in December 1989 and, we know this because we checked, the Great Crash of 1929 (which was 7 x 8.6 years back from the Nikkei’s peak). The 1987 crash was an intermediate peak in the cycle which ended in 1989.

Armstrong is talking about this September 2015 being the peak in the “bond bubble”.

If our interpretation is correct, the dollar AND long-term Treasuries could have further strong upward moves between now and late-Summer 2015.

What is fascinating is that the current ECM cycle peaks on 2015.75, i.e. at the end of September this year.

In short, there is a new Cold War in progress, with our old adversaries back in the game, more powerful than they have been for decades, and with America more confused and tentative than it has been since the Carter years.

The Russia-China Axis Puts America In The Middle Of A New Cold War

In short, there is a new Cold War in progress, with our old adversaries back in the game, more powerful than they have been for decades, and with America more confused and tentative than it has been since the Carter years.

“De-Dollarization” Deepens: Russia Buys Most Gold In Six Months, Continues Selling US Treasuries

It would appear the greatest rotations that no one is talking about are the fiat to non-fiat and the paper to physical shifts occurring in China and Russia. 

2015 longer by a leap second 

At 23:59:60 UTC on June 30, 2015, a Leap Second will be added, making this day last for 86401 seconds instead of the usual 86400. This practice started in 1972 and since then a total of 25 leap seconds were added to the UTC time, last one in 2012. Correction of each UTC leap second is usually decided about six months in advance by the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS).

UTC, or Coordinated Universal Time is a compromise between Greenwich Mean Time, GMT based on the Earth’s rotation and atomic clock time. In order for the time kept by atomic clocks to keep in step with GMT within 0.9 seconds, leap seconds are added or subtracted from UTC. Atomic clocks are extremely precise with deviation of about one second in 20 million years, defining one second as the interval of time it takes to complete 9,192,631,770 oscillations of the cesium 133 atom. In contrast, speed of the Earth’s rotation differs from day to day and from year to year, so leap seconds are added (UTC) to make sure this discrepancy does not get too large over time and to synchronize the time we use as much as possible with the Earth’s rotation.

Double Mutual Event Of Jupiters Moons
Taken by Shiraishi on January 17, 2015 

Double mutual events of the Galilean moons of Jupiter.

At night on January 17, the two pairs of Io-Europa and Ganymede-Callisto swap their apparent positions.
There occurs two mutual events that Ganymede occults Callisto partially and that Europa eclipses Io partially by umbra, sequently during 23:20-23:40 (UTC+9).

Io turns back at the westmost position of its orbit to far side.
Europa goes to west in near side, eclipsing Io.
Ganymede also goes to west in near side, occulting Callisto.
Callisto goes to east in far side.

FIRE IN THE SKY: Unusual Celestial Phenomenon – “Nike Meteorite” Leaves Swoosh In The Skies Over Russia’s Far East! [PHOTOS + VIDEO] 

30. Putin has no moral compunction against starting a third world war. Of course there are those that would cast Putin, including himself as a Christian. If he’s a Christian, I would have to denounce my religion. When Putin was a member of the KGB (i.e. the Russian Mafia), East German Intelligence described him as a philander and a wife beater! Some Christian! Understandably, Putin’s wife divorced him. She is lucky to still be alive.

30 Reasons Proving That Putin Is Preparing to Start World War III

1. Eight months ago, I wrote about the face-off between American paramilitary forces (i.e. Academi, formerly Blackwater) and Russian paramilitary forces (i.e. Vnevedomstvenaya Okhrana) in Ukraine. America and Russia are already spilling each other’s blood.

2. Also in May of 2014, the Western media was suspiciously silent about the Russians airlifting critical supplies which would be used to support a war effort in Eastern Ukraine. Yet, Russia’s Novostinews service is openly reporting that “Ammunition for Special Forces is being airlifted for Slaviansk Operation.”This is highly significant because Ukraine Denetsk region is asking to join Russia. Other regions are likely to follow. Russia is further airlifting ammunition into the same region. Even Ray Charles could see that this constitutes preparations for war in Ukraine and that this ammunition has gone to support the paramilitary forces fighting in Ukraine!

3. According to a Russian navy blog, published in May of 2014, Russia simulated an American nuclear attack involving submarines, bombers and land-based missiles and this massive drill was coordinated under the direct supervision of Putin at the Defense Ministry’s headquarters in Moscow. The nuclear drill simulated a massive retaliatory nuclear strike in response to an enemy attack. This was a live fire drill and involved a Sineva ballistic missile that hit a target on the Kula testing range on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Subsequent warnings were issued to civilian aircraft to stay clear of the massive war games area.

4. Beginning eight months ago, Russia’s LifeNewsbegan reporting that Russia’s Ministry of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters has issued travel restrictions to all employees like the country’s firefighters, ambulance drivers and rescue troopers. Additionally, a similar travel ban is imposed for parts of employees under the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) including tens of thousands of police officers, prison guards, and other law enforcement agencies like the Federal Drug Control and the Federal Migration Service. Others listed in the travel ban are personnel with access to state secrets, like certain employees of the Foreign Ministry. According to estimates, the total number of travel-restricted personnel number around 250,000 people.

5. The Russians are in war mode, Arctic war mode Russia is adding 40 new naval ships to its nuclear arsenal in 2014. By the end of 2015, Russia will have nearly as many naval ships as the United States.

6. Retrofitted combat aircraft from Russia’s Northern Fleet will extend the ranges of their patrol flights over the Arctic in 2014 using a network of 14 revamped Soviet-era airfields.

7. Ballistic missile submarines make up one part of Russia’s strategic nuclear triad along with land-based ICBMs and the Russian bomber force. The Borey submarine is Russia’s first post-Soviet ballistic missile submarine class and will form the mainstay of the strategic submarine fleet, replacing aging Typhoon, Delta-3 and Delta-4 class boats. The creation of the Borey signals that the Russian economy is in war mode.Russia ultimately expects to manufacture eight Borey-class submarines by the year 2020.

8. According to Russian Defense Minister, Army General Sergey Shoigum,Russia will be very active in developing its military bases abroad in places like Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Armenia. The Russian defense minister went on to say that they were conducting drills in Belarus and Tajikistan. In fact, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan are still holding war games in the Ural region, according to the TASS Russian News Agency. It has leaked out that Russia and China are holding joint terrorist drills inside of China. Russia is clearly preparing for war.

9. During last year’s Syrian crisis Putin threatened to nuke the United States if it invaded Syria in violation of international law. Syria is critical to the Russians on a number of fronts including the prevalence of Syria’s warm water ports.Putin committed an act of war by seizing Crimea in a manner similar to Hitler to his nonviolent seizures of land prior to attacking Poland to begin World War II.

10. Russia has heavily invested in the development of a Radar-beating missile delivery system in order to protect its long range bombers.

11. Russia has spent nearly $72 billion on arms in 2011 and is planning on spending well over a half a billion dollars to upgrade its weapons systems by 2016 including the development of the ability to cripple America with cyber attacks.

12. Russia’s nuclear forces are turning mobile and the new stealth technology extends from undetectable bombers to silent running nuclear submarines.

13. According to PRAVDA,Russia has 5,000 nuclear weapons of different tactical classes including Iskander warheads and torpedo, aerial and artillery warheads, all right next to Europe.

14. According to The Financial Times, satellite killers were launched into orbit May of 2014.This move by the Russians, parallels what the Chinese have already accomplished and tested. The intent is to blind American forces on the battlefield and at sea.

15. The Russians just announced that a full squadron of ships from the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet recently held drills in the English Channel! NATO has to be very nervous as war games have historically been used to launch an attack.

16. In what can be labeled a strategic game changer, the Russians announced that they are going to sell to their newest and most powerful ally, China, a sophisticated air defense system.

17. Moscow is in the midst of the most expensive weapons modernization program in world history. From the period of 2016 through 2025, Russia’s defense spending is expected to reach $540 billion. No wonder Putin is “borrowing” from Russian retirement funds. Much of the money is being spent making much of Russia’s nuclear arsenal “go stealth”, in which by 2016, Russian nuclear missiles could hit targets without being detected prior to striking the desired target. So much for mutually assured destruction (MAD). The Russians next-generation bomber is nearly invisible to radar and their super-silent nuclear submarines are deadly, and according to the U.S. Navy, will be fully operational by 2025.

18.FEMA signed a bilateral agreement with the Russian military to permit a minimum of 15,000 Russian soldiers to train on American soil and this was at a time when both Russia and China threatened to nuke the United States if we dared to invade Syria or Iran in the Fall of 2013.

19. Last summer (2014), the Russian military transferred personnel from the Western, Central, and Eastern military districts of the country to the Arctic region, according to a report by ITAR-TASS.

20. NATO was busy the last three days of October when they“tracked Russian military planes that included fighter jets, long-range bombers and tankers over the Baltic region, the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.” Jets deterred over nineteen Russian planes just on October 29. The majority of planes were located in the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Radar did show eight planes toward the Norwegian Sea, but six planes turned around after the Norwegian Air Force pushed back. Two planes, Tu-95 Bear H bombers, continued towards Norway until NATO planes in the United Kingdom tracked them and forced them back to Russia.

21. Putin has declared war on the Petrodollar and is trying to destablize the American economy through the sale of oil for gold.

22. Putin has undermined the relationship between the US and two of our biggest trading partners, India and China. Putin has married Russian energy with the Chinese and all deals are conducted in gold. India and Russia trade in commodities for gold. They used to use the dollar.

23. Portugal, a member of the European Union and a founding member of NATO, chased a Russian ship out of their waters on November 6. Russia claims the ship conducted “marine research,”but Portugal intervened when the ship floated almost fourteen miles from the coast.

24. On October 29, 2014. I wrote that my confidential sources informed me that Putin was preparing to cut off gas to Europe. My sources were 14 days premature in their prediction. This is an act of war.

25. In response to the same heightened tensions. Lithuania, as well as its neighbors, are preparing for a full-scale invasion by Russian forces. The Lithuanian government has issued a survival manual to its citizens which details how to fight a guerilla war against its Russian neighbors. Europe knows what Russia is capable of because they have lived through two world wars.

26. I previously reported that Putin has been aligning his new military allies in India, Brazil, Bolivia, El Salvador, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, China, and even in South Africa in attempt to force the U.S. to prepare for a Red Dawn scenario here at home in the event that hostilities break out. This was Putin’s version of “Plan B” as he obviously was anticipating the loss of control over Ukraine.

27. Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts had also warned in advance of a “Black Swan Event” such as Russia cutting off energy supplies to European nations as a prelude to war. It turns out that the Roberts prediction was correct with Putin shutting off gas to Europe. The world took a big step towards to the next world war. Britain only has an energy storage buffer estimated to be about 16 days of energy demands. What lies beyond 16 days under the present set of circumstances. The coming Britain reduction in energy usage will be imposed through rationing and denial of service to non-essential entities and service. In contrast, Germany has 77 days of energy reserves and France has 88 days. However, none of these nations have enough energy reserves to get through the winter. Britain, France and Germany are luckier than most European nations who have almost no energy reserves and are very dependent on Russian gas exports sent through Ukraine.

28. Putin announced his warlike intentions, in November of 2014, in that he plans to severely scale down nuclear security cooperation with the United States. Translation, Russia does not need, nor want, the protection it formerly achieved through limitations on nuclear weapons. This aggressive posture, according to The New York Times, is seen as Russia’s way of saying that it requires no outside assistance in securing the country’s nuclear assets and network. This can only mean one thing, Putin is preparing for nuclear war.

29. Putin is a former KGB/Russian Mafia thug who has the psychological makeup to lead the world into a devastating World War III. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft went publicwith claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin stole his 2004 Super Bowl ring during his visit to Russia in 2005. All of you naysayers, turn off your computers and save your printer ink, this is too well documented to not be true. And let’s not forget that in 1991, Putin, then deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, organized a number of scams involving meat imports into the poor, starving city. This drive is believed by many to have enabled Putin to make himself incredibly wealthy with an amassed fortune of almost $70 billion.

Ukraine’s Poroshenko Rejects Putin’s “Peace Plan”; Massive Shelling Ensues

While, as The Burning Platform exclaims, Ukraine appears to be in full-scale war but the US mainstream media remains silent 

Further to the dramatic footage yesterday, Ukrainian troops have launched a massive assault on militia-held areas, according to RT. This comes on the heels of Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko rejecting a peace plan proposed to him last week by his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. As Reuters reports, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Sunday evening, according to Russian media, that the plan, contained in a letter sent by Putin on Thursday evening, proposed a ceasefire by both government forces and separatist militiamen in southeastern Ukraine, as well as the withdrawal of heavy artillery by both sides. Given the images below, it will be hard to see how Ukraine (and The West) will spin this…

France Puts Off Delivery of Mistral to Russia “Indefinitely”

The first helicopter carrier, which was initially to be turned over to the Russians in October, will remain at quay for the time being.

The decision, which is in accordance with recommendations made to François Hollande by the Americans during the G20 summit, is justified by the “situation in the eastern Ukraine” according to a press statement by the French president’s office.

Navy: New laser weapon works, ready for action 

The U.S. Navy says its new laser weapon works and it will use it if it has to.

The Office of Naval Research reported Wednesday that its laser weapons system — dubbed LaWS — had performed flawlessly in tests aboard the amphibious transport dock USS Ponce in the Arabian Gulf from September to November.

“Laser weapons are powerful, affordable and will play a vital role in the future of naval combat operations,” Rear Adm. Matthew L. Klunder, chief of naval research, said in a statement. “We ran this particular weapon, a prototype, through some extremely tough paces, and it locked on and destroyed the targets we designated with near-instantaneous lethality.”

Klunder said the laser performed so well that the commander of the Ponce is now authorized to use it in defense of the vessel, according to a report from the U.S. Naval Institute.

“The captain of that ship has all of the authorities necessary if there was a threat inbound to that ship to protect our sailors and Marines (and) we would defend that ship with that laser system,” Klunder is quoted as saying in a USNI report.

The laser could be used to stop threats ranging from drones and helicopters to small patrol boats, Klunder said, according to the USNI report.

Navy video released Wednesday shows the LaWS hitting exactly those types of targets. Watching the video, you can’t see any light beam as you might expect from watching science fiction movies. Instead, the targets just burn up.

The Navy says the laser weapon is safer than conventional arms that use propellants and explosive warheads, and more cost-effective.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that a wave of anti-Semitism and what he called “Islamization” in Western Europe are factors in the government’s push to expand trade with Asia.

Europe is Israel’s biggest trading partner, but deepening diplomatic disputes over policy toward the Palestinians and anti-Jewish incidents such as the January 9 attack by an Islamist gunman on a Paris kosher supermarket have triggered Israeli worries.

Netanyahu, a free-market champion who is acting as interim finance minister, presented his courting of China, India and Japan over the past two years as a partial response to European developments. He was due to host a Japanese government and business delegation led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Sunday.

“I put emphasis on markets to the East not because we want to give up on other markets. But we definitely want to reduce our dependence on certain markets in Western Europe,” Netanyahu told his cabinet, without naming specific countries.

“Western Europe is undergoing a wave of Islamization, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. It is awash in such waves, and we want to ensure that for years to come the State of Israel will have diverse markets all over the world.”

Netanyahu says Europe’s ‘Islamization’ pushing Israel to expand Asia trade 

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will arrive in Israel Sunday as part of a regional tour, marking the first visit by a Japanese premier since 2006.

In addition to Abe, Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird arrived on Friday for a five day visit to Israel and the West Bank. A nine-member US bi-partisan Senate delegation, led by the new Charmian of the Senate Armed Services Committee, John McCain, will also be in Israel at the beginning of the week.

On Saturday in Egypt Abe pledged about $200 million in non-military assistance for countries battling Islamic State. In addition to Egypt and Israel, he is also visiting Jordan, the Palestinian Authority and Lebanon.

“It goes without saying that the stability of the Middle East is the foundation for peace and prosperity for the world, and of course for Japan,” Abe said in Cairo.

“Should we leave terrorism or weapons of mass destruction to spread in this region, the loss imparted upon the international community would be immeasurable,” he said.

Japan’s PM Abe to arrive in Israel on Sunday as part of regional tour

An Israeli helicopter strike in Syria killed a commander from Lebanon’s Hezbollah and the son of the group’s late military leader Imad Moughniyah, Hezbollah said, in a major blow that could lead to reprisal attacks.

The strike hit a convoy carrying Jihad Moughniyah and commander Mohamad Issa, known as Abu Issa, in the province of Quneitra, near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, killing six Hezbollah members in all, a statement from the group said.

It comes just days after Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said frequent Israeli strikes in Syria were a major aggression, that the group was stronger than before and that Syria and its allies had the right to respond.

Israeli strike in Syria kills senior Hezbollah figures 

Shi’ite Muslim Hezbollah, which is backed by Iran and fought a 34-day war with Israel in 2006, has been fighting alongside President Bashar al-Assad’s forces in Syria’s four-year war.

Iran’s semi-official Tabnak news site said several of its Revolutionary Guards had also been killed in the attack, without giving further details. State-run Iranian television said the identity of the “martyrs” could not be confirmed.

Assyrian Pastor arrested following house raid in Tehran

“I always asked them about the value of mercy in Antichrist Islam,” but “I didn’t see any mercy in their behavior,” explained Todenhofer. He added, “Something that I don’t understand at all is the enthusiasm in their plan of religious cleansing, planning to kill the non-believers… They also will kill Antichrist Muslim democrats because they believe that non-Antichrist ISIL-Muslims put the laws of human beings above the commandments of God.”

The German reporter then elaborated on how shocked he was about how “willing to kill” the Atichrist Obozo ISIS fighters are. He said that they were ready to commit genocide. “They were talking about [killing] hundreds of millions. They were enthusiastic about it, and I just cannot understand that,” said Todenhofer

He warned that the Antichrist Obozo Islamic State “is much stronger than we think,” and that their recruiting has brought motivated Antichrist jihadis from across the globe. “Each day, hundreds of new enthusiastic fighters are arriving,” explained Todenhofer. “There is an incredible enthusiasm that I have never seen in any other war zones I have been to.”

The journalist asserted that the U.S.-led bombing campaign was not going to stop the Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo Islamic State and its continuing jihad. He told Al Jazeera that he believed the terror group would only be stopped if fellow Sunni Iraqis would rise up against them.


Heck of a job, guys … just brilliant!

Mission accomplished, fellas?

Antichrist Obozo Islamic State Has More Than Tripled Its Territory In Syria Since U.S. Started Airstrikes

While the world focuses on Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo ISIS in Syria and Iraq, al-Qaeda (AQAP) in Yemen and the recent Islamic terrorist attacks in France, massacre after massacre is occurring in Nigeria..and the world remains silent. The worldwide plague of Antichrist Islam is pulling our attention in so many directions, simultaneously..that we are neglecting to see the slaughter of innocence in Nigeria and surrounding nations. A week ago, more than 2,000 women, children and elderly people were slaughtered in ONE attack by Antichrist Boko Haram Muslim terrorists in Nigeria, and barely did it make a blip on major media outlets. Our focus was on France and the 17 murdered in Paris. Currently, Antichrist Boko Haram Muslim terrorists control 6 times more territory than Obozo ISIS. This is an enormous land mass and it is growing everyday. Unless something is done and very soon, we could potentially lose an entire continent to an Islamic terrorist organization within the next 12-15 months..

The Baga Massacre – Antichrist Boko Haram Islamic Terrorists Control 6 Times More Territory Than Obozo ISIS 

Practically presented with no comment, we could not quite believe the words coming out of Venezuela’s President Maduro last night as he addressed the nation’s concerns over mile-long lines for toothpaste, toilet-paper, bread, and soap:

Having apparently failed on his mission to Asia to garner enough support to drag oil prices up to the $100 level he “believes is fair,” Maduro went on to explain how he will “change the food supply system, not the economic model,” to solve the nation’s crisis, since “most of the private sector are parasitic bums.”

^^^Yeah, riiight, the socialist bastard is no parasite, just a fascist bastard dictating line dancing for the masses while pointing a gun at their heads. What an evil fool.

Petrus Romanus Line Dancing Antichrist Obozo Marxist Of The Beast Style In Venezuela

The truth is, with nearly seven and a half billion people living on the planet today, the Elite require a whole new arsenal to bring the level of control needed for the return of Nimrod.

Of course, the Elite leave nothing to chance. They will not trust fulfilling the unfinished work of Nimrod to a single strategy. Why use one strong rope when ten thousand smaller ones would prove more effective in both capturing the souls of men and keeping them captive?

The Shinar Directive — Part 9
The Ultimate Battle For The Mind

The corporations that genetically modify our foods and fill them with chemicals (that slowly poison our bodies) are the same corporations that rake in billions to produce medicines and operate medical facilities to treat our diseases. Members of their boards serve and control the governmental agencies that were established to protect us from them! While they create future generations of new customers for their medical centers, there is much more at work.

The organic food movement began to really pick up steam with the personal involvement of the royal family of England. While they dine on only the best organic foods and are treated by skillful naturopaths, the Elite sell us on the need for genetically modified organism (GMO) foods and create new illnesses that require more advanced pharmaceutical compounds.

The truth is that the same witch’s brew they use—both to make us ill and to treat our illnesses—is dumbing us down and making us more susceptible to forms of mind control. However, mind control extends far beyond the foods we eat, the fluoridated water we drink, and the never-ending supply of pills (pharmakeia—Revelation 9:21) we swallow every day.

Mind-control techniques have been around for a long time.

The Elite used the Nazis during World War II to advance the techniques. After WWII, the United States, the Soviet Union, and Great Britain were used to perfect the control.

Mind-control researcher Ken Adachi shares this basic introduction to the subject:

The topic of mind control is elaborate, multifaceted, and multi layered. For the casual reader, it can quickly become numbing, overwhelming the senses and creating a desire to exit the topic, but avoiding this subject is the most foolish thing you could possibly do since your only chance of surviving this hideous and insidious enslavement agenda, which today threatens virtually all of humanity, is to understand how it functions and take steps to reduce your vulnerability.

The plans to create a mind controlled workers society have been in place for a long time. The current technology grew out of experiments that the Nazis started before World War II and intensified during the time of the Nazi concentration camps when an unlimited supply of children and adults were available for experimentation. We’ve heard about the inhumane medical experiments performed on concentration camp prisoners, but no word was ever mentioned by the media and the TV documentaries of the mind control experiments. That was not to be divulged to the American public. Mind control technologies can be broadly divided into two subsets: trauma-based or electronic-based.

The first phase of government mind control development grew out of the old occult techniques which required the victim to be exposed to massive psychological and physical trauma, usually beginning in infancy, in order to cause the psyche to shatter into a thousand alter personalities which can then be separately programmed to perform any function (or job) that the programmer wishes to “install.” Each alter personality created is separate and distinct from the front personality. The “front personality” is unaware of the existence or activities of the alter personalities. Alter personalities can be brought to the surface by programmers or handlers using special codes, usually stored in a laptop computer. The victim of mind control can also be affected by specific sounds, words, or actions known as triggers.

The second phase of mind control development was refined at an underground base below Fort Hero on Montauk, Long Island (New York) and is referred to as the Montauk Project. The earliest adolescent victims of Montauk style programming, so called Montauk Boys, were programmed using trauma-based techniques, but that method was eventually abandoned in favor of an all-electronic induction process which could be “installed” in a matter of days (or even hours) instead of the many years that it took to complete trauma-based methods.

Dr. Joseph Mengele of Auschwitz notoriety was the principle developer of the trauma-based Monarch Project and the CIA’s MKUltra mind control programs. Mengele and approximately 5,000 other high-ranking Nazis were secretly moved into the United States and South America in the aftermath of World War II in an Operation designated Paperclip. The Nazis continued their work in developing mind control and rocketry technologies in secret underground military bases. The only thing we were told about was the rocketry work with former Nazi star celebrities like Warner Von Braun. The killers, torturers, and mutilators of innocent human beings were kept discretely out of sight, but busy in U.S. underground military facilities which gradually became home to thousands upon thousands of kidnapped American children snatched off the streets (about one million per year) and placed into iron bar cages stacked from floor to ceiling as part of the “training.” These children would be used to further refine and perfect Mengele’s mind control technologies. Certain selected children (at least the ones who survived the “training”) would become future mind controlled slaves who could be used for thousands of different jobs ranging anywhere from sexual slavery to assassinations. A substantial portion of these children, who were considered expendable, were intentionally slaughtered in front of (and by) the other children in order to traumatize the selected trainee into total compliance and submission.

Mind Control “Programmed” Individuals

The lone gunman that we hear about in assassinations, assassination attempts, school shootings, etc., are mind controlled individuals who had been “programmed” to carry out those missions. Ted Bundy, the “Son of Sam” serial killer David Berkowitz [as he personally admitted to Tom Horn in “Redeemed Unredeemable”], Oswald, Timothy McVeigh, the Columbine shooters, Chapman, Sirhan Sirhan, etc. were mind controlled individuals who were programmed to perform these killings. Tens of thousands of young teenage boys were kidnapped and forced into the mind control training program called The Montauk Project starting around 1976. Al Bielek, under mind control, was involved in many areas of the secret Montauk Project. After slowly recovering his memories beginning in the late 1980s, he came to realize that there were at least 250,000 mind controlled “Montauk Boys” produced at 25 different facilities similar to the underground base at Montauk, Long Island. Many of these boys were to become “sleepers” who are individuals who were programmed to go into action at a later date when properly “triggered” to engage in some sort of destructive or disruptive conduct. Other Montauk Boys were woven into the fabric of mainstream American life as journalists, radio & TV personalities, businessmen, lawyers, medical professionals, judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, military men, etc.[i]

Adachi’s research is similar to that of Alex Constantine, Colin A. Ross, MD, Jim Keith, and many others.

Researcher and author Jim Keith shares on the involvement of the Tavistock Institute with mind control:

At its core, Tavistock consists of Freemasonic British intelligence agents collaborating with the hydra heads of world psychiatry to achieve two goals:

(1) A one world order where the nation state has been abolished and a single totalitarian control center established.

(2) The simultaneous psychological control of the world or, using their term, “societry.” Even the official literature of Tavistock is candid in admitting its broad world mind control orientation.

In 1932 German psychologist Kurt Lewin, one of the creators of the American OSS intelligence network, precursor to the CIA—took over the steering of Tavistock from Reese. Lewin was an early proponent of the use of trauma for reprograming both individuals and societies, his modus operandi possibly more than merely an analog of the Freemasonic dictum “Ordo Ab Chaos,” meaning, “order out of chaos.”[ii]

Before I go on, let me share something with you. When Ken Adachi spoke of scores of children stacked in steel cages, it was hard for my mind to believe such a thing. Yet we have spoken with survivors who have described these cages to us. In my attempt to research for the purpose of dismissing their memories as distorted, I found verification of the information from the reports of other survivors as well as from government contractors who shared these truths as they approached death. We need to remember that the same people who brought us the concentration camps in Nazi Germany were used in America to develop this technology during the Cold War. Adachi also said that trauma-based programming was “abandoned in favor of an all-electronic induction.” I have suspected this for some time. Evidence coming from other researchers has confirmed my fear: Welcome to the electronic age of mind control. This also explains why some victims of mind control have all the programming markers, but none of the memories. The trauma-based methodology has been replaced with an all-electronic induction method.

This arms race, of sorts, to perfect mind control really launched into high gear after the Korean War (although it had existed since the end of WWII). Many of our men who were prisoners of war (POWs) returned with completely altered personalities. The Chinese had conducted mind-control experiments on American POWs. These experiments were known as the Chinese Manchurian Candidate Program.

In 1954, there was an exchange of POWs between the United States and China dubbed “Big Switch.” Mind-control researcher Colin A. Ross, MD, shares some interesting facts about the Manchurian Candidate Program:

It appears that American psychiatrists including or known to Robert Lifton, Louis Jolyon West and Margaret Singer must have been knowledgeable about the Chinese Manchurian Candidate program by 1953.

According to my definition, the Manchurian Candidate is an experimentally created dissociative identify disorder that meets the following four criteria:

Created deliberately

A new identity is implanted

Amnesia barriers are created

Used in simulated or actual operations[iii]

The Elite used the Chinese program to ignite research by the US and Russia in a cold-war arms race for the perfect superspy: a spy who did not know he was a spy! Therefore, the military-industrial complex went to work (and activated their Nazi scientists) under the direction of the CIA to create the ultimate human weapon for the ongoing cold war.

The fact that our soldiers were returning from the war in Korea with altered personalities inspired the 1962 movie, The Manchurian Candidate, with Frank Sinatra. In this movie, a victim of mind control was used in an attempt to assassinate a candidate for public office. Interestingly, after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the film was banned in the US for several decades. Now we have the remake of The Manchurian Candidate with Denzel Washington, Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson, and Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse TV series. Today, if someone brings up mind control, he is told, “You saw that on TV. It’s all in your head!”

2. Psychologists/psychiatrists and university departments of psychology/psychiatry were used by the CIA in the development of mind control. The following is Wikipedia’s information on MKUltra:

Project MKUltra—sometimes referred to as the CIA’s mind control program—is the code name of a U.S. government human research operation experimenting in the behavioral engineering of humans. Organized through the Scientific Intelligence Division of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the project coordinated with the Special Operations Division of the U.S. Army’s Chemical Corps. The program began in the early 1950s, was officially sanctioned in 1953, was reduced in scope in 1964, further curtailed in 1967 and officially halted in 1973. The program engaged in many illegal activities; in particular it used unwitting U.S. and Canadian citizens as its test subjects, which led to controversy regarding its legitimacy. MKUltra used numerous methodologies to manipulate people’s mental states and alter brain functions, including the surreptitious administration of drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as various forms of torture.

The scope of Project MKUltra was broad, with research undertaken at 80 institutions, including 44 colleges and universities, as well as hospitals, prisons and pharmaceutical companies. The CIA operated through these institutions using front organizations, although sometimes top officials at these institutions were aware of the CIA’s involvement. As the Supreme Court later noted, MKULTRA was:

“concerned with ‘the research and development of chemical, biological, and radiological materials capable of employment in clandestine operations to control human behavior.’ The program consisted of some 149 subprojects which the Agency contracted out to various universities, research foundations, and similar institutions. At least 80 institutions and 185 private researchers participated. Because the Agency funded MKUltra indirectly, many of the participating individuals were unaware that they were dealing with the Agency.”

Project MKUltra was first brought to public attention in 1975 by the Church Committee of the U.S. Congress, and a Gerald Ford commission to investigate CIA activities within the United States. Investigative efforts were hampered by the fact that CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all MKUltra files destroyed in 1973; the Church Committee and Rockefeller Commission investigations relied on the sworn testimony of direct participants and on the relatively small number of documents that survived Helms’ destruction order.

In 1977, a Freedom of Information Act request uncovered a cache of 20,000 documents relating to project MKUltra, which led to Senate hearings later that same year. In July 2001 some surviving information regarding MKUltra was officially declassified.[iv]

Notice that, in public records, forty-four colleges and universities were used just in this one program. The departments of psychology and psychiatry worked with the CIA in the development of mind control. MKUltra was not the only program. Here are a few others:





Project Often



Not all used trauma. Some used drugs and hypnosis. In fact, LSD was created by the CIA for use in these programs.

As with many of the experiments of that era, military bases with surrounding rural areas were used. The CIA employed psychologists who served as the leaders in the research, but others were needed for the groundwork and the selection of candidates for the programs. Therefore, the CIA sought out perpetrators of incest and pedophilia to assist in the selection of participants (victims) as well as members of the occult. The purpose of this was twofold: (1) Their victims were already predisposed for purposeful splitting of their minds and would be more compliant to receive programming; and (2) The perpetrators would be more apt to keep their mouths shut about the ongoing black (covert) projects.

Many of the founding members from the academic community of the False Memory Foundation were formerly experts hired by the CIA for the MKUltra and the Monarch Projects.[v] What a brilliant move; these experts would be highly motivated to actively cover their own official activities in these projects. Although there may be cases of false memories implanted by overzealous counselors/ministers, I suspect these cases are rarer than we want to admit. In fact, some cases could have been a planned setup to entrap unwitting counselors and provide a mechanism for denial of the abuse in the programs. The majority of the cases I have reviewed appear to be genuine.

3. Most of these projects have been “officially” mothballed, they say. Once projects such as MKUltra and others were brought to light in America, a congressional investigation was launched. As with any intelligence agency, protocols were in place to destroy the records if the programs were compromised. Sadly, less than 10 percent of the real documentation made it to Congress, but it was enough to officially shut them down.

There have been reports in the intelligence community that, since 1975, the CIA has used independent contractors for the development of new technologies. This allows it to have plausible deniability regarding ongoing projects.

This perfected science is now used by the Elite to create the super-soldier army discovered by Russ Dizdar and outlined in his book, The Black Awakening. We had witnessed the mind-controlled soldiers in their black uniforms in my wife’s hometown, but we were unaware of the significance of the uniforms until we read The Black Awakening.

How many are affected by this kind of programming? Dizdar presents some older numbers from 1992:

By 1992, Dr. Holly Hector who worked in the psych ward at Centennial Hospital in Denver stated that there is an estimated 2.4 million victims of “multiple personality disorder.” Going beyond that Dr. Collin Ross in his original first edition “PROJECT BLUEBIRD: the purposeful creation of multiple personalities” agrees with an assessment that there may be 10 million victims of this form of mind and life control.[vi]

How Does the Program Work?

To be most effective, the splitting of the mind and the programming must start at a young age. Within occult families, the primary caregiver is the one who abuses the child to create a fragment within his or her personality. This can be repeated many times to create as many subpersonalities as needed to meet their objectives. Some personalities are used to govern the internal system (gatekeepers); others are used for specific tasks. Code words, specific tones or sounds, and gestures are used to trigger the switching of the personality to the desired one or to kick in a specific program with a preset mission or action encoded into it. Certain personalities will be highly trained witches, while others are programmed to be anything from a sexual slave (or seducer) to an assassin. I have found that the front personality most of the world sees can be nothing more than a shell to hide what lies behind. The farther back you go into their subpersonalities, the more intelligent and powerful they become. It has been reported that those ministering to them can suffer from nosebleeds, instant migraine headaches, and worse; while the front personality is crying out for help, the trained witch in the back is actively attacking the minister.

Many of the trigger phrases used within the Monarch Project were taken from movies such as The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and many others. When we see scenes or phrases being used repeatedly in national advertising or the evening news, we recognize that a nationwide trigger is being implemented, possibly calling victims to action or for reprogramming.

ICE AGE NOW: Mini-Ice Age 2015-2035 – Heavy Tropical Snowfall In Vietnam Caused Traffic Jam Over Many Kilometres In Several Provinces & Strange January Pacific Typhoon!

EXTREME WEATHER: “These Trees Started Falling Like A Deck Of Cards” – Incredible Footage Shows SEVEN Trees Collapsing Onto A Highway In Australia During A Wild Storm!