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by amongthenumberedsaints

Intel recently filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a new technology method of real-time facial detection using an image or video of the subject taken by a mobile device.

Previously reported, Intel will supply the processor for the next version of Google Glass, which previously featured a chip made by Texas Instruments.

Intel Patents Real-Time Facial Recognition System Capable Of Fulfilling Bible Prophecy 

5714 Gleaning Facial Recognition Name & # 666 Team POTUS Obozo NWO 911 British Bankers Eh Hum Israel Antichrist(s) And Mahdi Meathead(s) Need NYC Occult Harbinger Ritual Nuke Timed With Blood Moon(s) And A Prophetic Global Pandemic Will Do Too 

The 13 reported kidnapped on Saturday were Coptic Christians and Egypt’s foreign minister, Sameh Shoukry, had met with senior church officials on Saturday amid efforts to solve the crisis, state news agency MENA said.

Magdy Malik, a Christian activist in Egypt, said that gunmen stormed a residence for expatriates in Sirte and abducted the thirteen Copts.

Thirteen Egyptian Christians kidnapped in Libya 

“Christians in North Korea face unimaginable pressure in every sphere of life,” Curry said in his editorial titled “North Korean reality not funny for Christians” that was published in USA Today. “Forced to meet only in secret, they dare not share their faith even with their families. Anyone discovered engaging in secret religious activity may be subject to arrest, disappearance, torture and even public execution.” 

‘Christians in North Korea Face Unimaginable Pressure in Every Sphere of Life,’ Says Open Doors USA President 

In an interview in Haaretz in June 2007, Burg suggested abolishing the Law of Return and stated that “to define the State of Israel as a Jewish state is the key to its end. A Jewish state is explosive. It’s dynamite.” Burg acquired French citizenship in 2004, as part of his campaign in Israel calling “on everyone who can to obtain a foreign passport.”

Ex-Knesset Speaker, Jewish Agency Head, Joins Antichrist Communist Party

The embarrassing revelation is included in an extraordinary cache of documents obtained by this newspaper following a three year legal battle with officials from the US State Department.

The files – which run to hundreds of pages – show that Washington followed the Scottish independence debate in remarkable detail from the day the SNP first won power in 2007.

Other disclosures include:

– Gordon Brown’s belated intervention was seen as an attempt to distance Labour “from the unpopular UK Government ahead of 2015 UK elections”

– US officials kept tabs on American citizens who spoke out in favour of separation

– Alex Salmond was a “breath of fresh air” but noted for his “anti-war” politics, while Nicola Sturgeon was described as a “forceful politician”

– US observers expected Spain and other European nations to “place serious obstacles” in the way of Scotland’s accession to the EU

– business leaders privately expressed deep misgivings about the SNP’s independence plans

Top secret files reveal pleas for Antichrist NWO US Traitors to intervene in Scottish referendum 

I am sick at heart because so many of our faith leaders over the years have turned against God and laid down for Satan. And the sheeple are following them. I know of no other way to put it into words.

Every day in the news there is something more to further paint the picture of a New World Order along with the New World Religion. For those of us who have been following and researching this for some time it is very depressing.

On the last day of the year 2014, we are given the news the Lutheran World Federation and the Vatican announce “2017 – Together on the Way”. What this means is they will be using “common liturgical material beginning in 2017.

To say that I have been watching Pope Francis closely since taking his place is Rome is an understatement. I admit, the Pope being a Jesuit threw up warning signals for me and his election raised many questions in my mind, but I had decided to take a watch and see position before making any statements. However, my decision has changed.

I am not here to anger my Catholic friends or any Catholics, but I do however want you to think with an open mind.

I can’t help but remember the day my Catholic sister-in-law went to church with us – a Baptist church. She admitted to me after church that she had felt like she had been missing something in her own church and now she knew what it was. It was the gut of the scriptures was missing rather than having all the pomp and circumstance along with the rituals.

Today’s announcement by the Lutheran Federation was not the first event to catch my eye, but it is certainly important. Having followed the movements toward a New World Order and most certainly the One World Religion (OWR) that is to follow, the one outstanding question would be who will lead the OWR?


The Petrus Romanus Pope is expected to address the Antichrist United Nations in 2015 on the issue and call for a summit of world religious leaders from many different faiths to discuss the issue.

Further, the Petrus Romanus Pope was reportedly involved in the recent thawing of relations with Cuba, a nation that has been on-the-outs with the U.S. for a half-century due to the Antichrist Communist dictatorship that infests the imprisoned island.

The Pontiff has also spoken-out against trickle-down economics, the economic policy that serves as a generator of economic growth and is aimed more at providing opportunities for the poor rather than mere handouts and government dependency.

As Petrus Romanus Pope Francis crusades for Antichrist liberal political issues, it seems clear that Obozo, who has served as arguably the most-hostile president to religion in history, has found a true ally and a way to help mend fences with Catholics who have taken issue with his extreme secular agenda..

Obozo And Petrus Romanus Teaming Up To Fulfill Malachi Martin’s Prophecies??? 

Iran has a – very – long running dispute with the US about its nuclear technology. The US wants Assad (Bashar Al-Assad) out of Syria, while Iran and Russia support Assad (Russia’s sole proper base in the Middle East), who’s an Alawite (a Shi-ite branch), a people historically persecuted by Sunni’s. ISIS (or Daesh in the region) is Sunni. So are the Saudi’s. Iran is Shi’ite. Bahrain is ruled by Sunni but has a majority Shi’ite population. And I could go on for a while. A long while.

All this plays into the oil game, the falling oil prices. Blaming OPEC for the recent price fall is seeing the world from a child’s perspective. OPEC and its major voteholder, Saudi Arabia, are no more to blame for the plunge than the US, Russia or other non-OPEC producers. Everybody produces as if there’s no tomorrow, and the Saudi’s have merely concluded that their only choice is to do the same. It’s a race to the bottom.

The reason is the fast declining demand for oil; China is nowhere near as mighty as we seem to think, Europe is a basket case, emerging economies are being strangled as we speak by the surging dollar and the Fed taper, and we’re just getting started.

Oil, Power, And Psychopaths

Still, America is never going to control the entire world. And any attempt to achieve that goal will take it further away from it. But a lot of people will be killed in that doomed attempt. And down the line the fighting will go on until there are so few people left, and so little organization, that all that remains is communities of a scale people can actually comprehend. That seems to be the only possible outcome as long as we allow for the psychopaths among us to decide who gets to have their fingers on the nuclear buttons

It’s high time for a new model and for new people. But the old ones, and their utterly and dramatically failed economies, hold the power, the media, the money, everything. So what other way out is there but mass fighting, mass casualties, a complete overthrow of everything that exists today, probably nuclear bombs dropping, and in the end a world none of us would recognize, let alone be able to survive in?

It’ll take a while yet to get there, and it won’t be a pretty while by any stretch of the imagination. The powers that be are not done yet pretending to rule the universe and playing God. We should kick ‘em all out today, but we won’t. Because we’re all too much like them.

The World’s Greatest Con (Chapter 1): Members of the United States Congress Nominate Mafia-tied Criminal for the Nobel Peace Prize 

In the summer of 2011, I published a DeepCapture story that described a man named Yank Barry as a convicted criminal with deep ties to organized crime, and though my story was ignored by others in the media, I did at least receive in response one email (through a third party) from a fellow named Rasvir Mustan, who was a director of the Global Village Champions Foundation, a charity that Yank Barry established as part of his supposed efforts to end hunger in nations around the world and bring about world peace.

Rasvir Mustan’s email (which was sent to Steadfast Networks, the company that provided DeepCapture.com with its internet server) read as follows: “You have a website on your server domain name: http://www.deepcapture.com. The content on that site has named Oliver Buck Revell—Former Associate Deputy Director of the FBI [and]…Yank Barry—Gusi Peace Prize Winner, Nobel Peace Prize nominee….This article has associated them with international crimes and ties to Bernie Madoff, arms dealing, Al-Qaeda, Russian Mafia, and a host of other illegal activities.” 

Al-Qaida figure’s death complicates Sarasota-linked 9/11 probe 


The Hijjis came under FBI scrutiny after neighbors had reported that the family abruptly moved out of their home under suspicious circumstances about two weeks before the 2001 attacks on New York and Washington. The owner of the home at 4224 Escondito Circle was Anoud alHijji’s father, Esam Ghazzawi, an advisor to a member of the Saudi royal family.

The existence of the FBI’s investigation of the Hijjis was never disclosed to Congress or the 9/11 Commission, according to former Florida Sen. Bob Graham, co-chairman of Congress’ Joint Inquiry into the attacks.

When the matter finally became public in 2011, FBI officials in Tampa and Miami acknowledged the investigation, but said it had turned up no connection to 9/11 — statements later contradicted by a handful of FBI records made public in response to a Freedom of Information lawsuit filed by BrowardBulldog.org.

A Fort Lauderdale federal judge is currently reviewing for possible public release more than 80,000 additional pages of classified 9/11 records he ordered the FBI to produce for his inspection last spring.

Graham said Monday that Shukrijumah’s death forecloses one avenue for learning more about what went on in Sarasota prior to 9/11.

“This is another price we’re paying by delaying full disclosure of what happened before and after 9/11,” Graham said.

While the 9/11 Commission found nothing to firmly connect Shukrijumah to the Sept. 11 plot, it did note he was a “well-connected al-Qaida operative” known as “Jafar the Pilot” and that he apparently accompanied Atta on a May 2, 2001, visit to the Miami District Immigration Office. Also present that day was a third man, who the commission concluded was United 93 hijack pilot Jarrah, for whom Atta was seeking a visa extension.

Suspected Al Qaeda Mastermind Dies Days before New York Trial

A senior Al Qaeda terrorist has died just days before his trial in New York over the 1998 bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

50-year-old Libyan national Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai – more famously known as Abu Anas al-Liby – died in hospital on Friday after a battle with liver cancer, according to doctors and family members. He was also suffering from hepatitis C.

Russian Oligarchs Are Moving Assets Out Of Russia, Converting Rubles Into Hard Assets

We noticed a very interesting development late last week when there was a very late after-hours press release announcing what would generally be considered a normal transaction of shares in a thinly traded micro-cap mining company called Atico Mining. This tiny company is producing gold and copper from an underground mine in Colombia at a relatively low cost.

Fast forward to the press release (which can be read in its entirety here) stating that Frontdeal is acquiring the 10.9M shares and 4.45M warrants Aterra Investments was holding in Atico Mining at a fixed price of 57 Canadian dollar cents. This sounds like just another boring announcement, but we dug a bit deeper into this story and discovered some remarkable things.

First of all, the owner of both Frontdeal and Aterra is the same person as both companies seem to be controlled by Alexei Mordashov. Does that name sound familiar? It should, as he’s the CEO of Severstal and has recently done some interesting deals in the gold space with NordGold (which is a spinoff from Severstal). On top of that, he’s an economist so his knowledge of the financial sector and situation should be at a sophisticated level. So why would someone move his shares in a mining company from company A (which he controls) to company B (which he controls as well)?

It might be very helpful to know that Frontdeal (the acquirer) is registered in Cyprus, which, as you know, is the favorite offshore spot for Russians to store a large chunk of their net worth. Aterra Investments however, is still registered in Russia (but operates through a subsidiary on the British Virgin Islands). This leads to a remarkable conclusion as it sure looks like Mordashov is starting to move his hard assets out of Russia by putting them in an offshore company. What’s even more remarkable is that the transaction won’t happen in Canadian Dollars, nor US Dollars and not even in Euro’s, but in Russian Rubles. The agreement calls for a payment in Russian Rubles equivalent to the value of C$0.57 at the time of closing (so the volatility of the Russian Ruble has been dealt with).

The central point in this press release isn’t a change of ownership in shares of Atico Mining, but Mordashov being effectively moving his Rubles from an offshore account in Cyprus and converting those Rubles into liquid hard assets. This could be the first step with many more to follow as Aterra also owns a sizeable stake in Silver Bear Resources which (for now) owns a large silver project in Russia and some smaller investments in non-precious metals deals.

The capital flight out of Russia is still ongoing and according to the data of the Russian Central Bank, the total amount of capital outflow is expected to be $128B in 2014 (well that was the estimate in November, and the final number will very likely be higher than 128 billion dollar) and probably $50-75B in 2015.


The year 2014 saw more global persecution of Christians than any other year in recent history, and can only be compared to the first centuries when Christians were hunted down as criminals in the Roman Empire. The policy of the Emperor Diocletian, in fact, who reigned from 284-305AD, was remarkably similar to that taken by the Atichrist Islamic State and Boko Haram: “Convert or die.”


DXY 91.4480 Price of DXY in 0.3680 0.40% Share

Japanese Stocks Tumble 350 Points From Friday Highs, JPY 119 Handle As Crude Keeps Sliding

USDJPY tumbles to a 119 handle briefly before Japan opened to its normal JPY-selling spike temporarily lifted the pair ‘off the lows’. This drop dragged stock futures lower with Nikkei 225 tumbling over 350 points from its Friday trading highs. Oil prices continue to slide back towards Friday’s lows and EURUSD is bouncing back from its precipitous decline earlier in the evening. S&P futures were down almost 10pts but have recovered about half their losses.

The New Year Hangover Hits Japanese stocks…

Knowing It Will End Badly And Turning A Blind Eye

Here’s the whole issue with this piling onto this bandwagon. For those not familiar I’ve stated many times, “Beware when everyone’s on the bandwagon – except the band!” Well that’s just what we have here. We have a beautifully paint by numbers Keynesian manufactured bandwagon more, and more are piling onto. The problem? There is no band! And that band is known as: A true, free market capitalist actualized economy to pull it.

So why do I take such umbridge with what seems like just one more in a long list of recent converts to the whole Central Bankers now control everything meme? Well, it’s precisely due to what I read in that letter.

It’s in the way one is “giving in” as to repel what we might call “truth.” (for lack of a better descriptor) And bend, morph, strain, or eulogize why all reasonable arguments don’t make money today. Or, why real economic principles no longer matter.

For if there is one thing I’m more certain going into 2015 than I was in 2014 it is this…

The more people I believe “know better” yet, embrace the proverbial “Blue Pill” as a way to just go along to get along while now embracing (if not convinced) they can ride this tiger, I believe not only will find that this surely will “end badly,” but for many of these once insightful players that danced into this Central Bank rave party it will end far from bad – and more like tragic.

But hey, that’s what happens when you take pills then turn things up to 11 right?

GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELTDOWN: The Euro-Zone Crisis – Greece Nearing Inevitable Euro Exit, Danger Of Contagion! 

German Finance Minister Schaeuble has already warned Greece against straying from a path of economic reform, saying any new government would be held to the pledges made by the current Samaras government.

A Greek Demands No More Lies: “If We Opt For Comforting But Phony Rhetoric We Dig Our Own Graves” 

It’s time for citizens and the media to grow up. To pressure politicians for the truth and not to ostracize those who dare to tell it like it is. If we opt for comforting rhetoric, knowing how phony it is, we will be digging our own graves.

Will Antichrist NWO 666 US President Obozo The Clown (With Nod From Pope Petrus Romanus?) Foment A Constitutional Crisis To Seize Control Of The US Economy In The Lead Up To Zenith 2016?

Obozo has moved on from the shutdown and is now focused on the debt ceiling, paving the way for low-information liberals to support him as he bypasses Congress and unilaterally seizes control of the nation’s economy, Dr. Susan Berry wrote..

“Default, default, default…why is he saying that? Just to scare people?” Levin asked. “Well, that’s part of it, obviously. But, it’s more than that, ladies and gentlemen. Barack Obozo is plotting, that if he can’t get what he wants out of the House Republicans, that if he can’t get his Plan A, and get Boehner and the Republicans to buckle – not just on the Continuing Resolution – but on the debt ceiling, then he’s got his Plan B.”

And what, exactly is “Plan B?”

According to Levin, that plan involves Obozo unilaterally raising the debt ceiling by citing the 14th Amendment.

In essence, Levin said, Obozo effectively plans to “seize from Congress the power of the purse” in what he called “the most egregious attack on our Constitution by a President” in all of U.S. history.

FULL WOLF MOON: There’s a full Moon tonight and according to folklore it has a special name: the Full Wolf Moon. Arcing high through the winter sky, the bright orb turns night into a simulacrum of day and shines through freezing clouds, producing spectacular ice halos. Go outside, take a look, and try not to howl.


A HOLE IN THE SUN’S ATMOSPHERE: A vast hole has opened in the atmosphere over the sun’s south pole, and it is spewing solar wind into space. The gaseous gap, a.k.a. a ‘coronal hole,’ is colored dark-purple in this extreme ultraviolet image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory:


Large sunspot region in geoeffectve position, unleashes M1.3 solar flare

Large Active Region 2253 (beta-gamma) erupted with moderate M1.3 solar flare at 15:35 UTC on January 4, 2015. The event started at 15:18 and ended at 15:53 UTC. Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) signatures were not detected during this event.

Earth under the influence of high speed solar wind stream 

Earth is currently under the influence of a high speed solar wind stream originating in large southern coronal hole. Although the bulk of this stream is headed south of our planet, we have already experienced severe geomagnetic storm periods at high latitudes..

Strong eruption and large pyroclastic flow at Sinabung volcano, Indonesia

A significant eruption of Indonesian Mount Sinabung took place around 00:00 UTC on January 3, 2015, according to Darwin VAAC.

ICE AGE NOW: Mini-Ice Age 2015-2035 – Volcanoes Causing Freak Snow And Extreme Weather Planet-Wide!

Volcanoes are sending a massive amount of dust and ash into the upper atmosphere, and it may explain why many parts of the planet are experiencing strangely cold weather at the moment.

There were 84 total eruption events for 2013.

The previous number was set in 2010, at 82 volcanic eruptions for the year. The number of volcanoes erupting across the planet has been steadily rising from a meager number of just 55 recorded in 1990. The average number of volcanic eruptions per year should be about 50 to 60.

ICE AGE NOW: Winter Blast Hits Chicago With Below-Zero Temperatures – Snow, Bitter Cold May Cause Polar Vortex Deja Vu! 

INFRASTRUCTURE COLLAPSE: More Plane Incidents And Extreme Weather – Another AirAsia Flight Overshoots Runway at Philippine Airport And Saab 340 Plane Blown Off Runway In Scotland?!

The accident happened when a small Piper PA-34-200T aircraft reported engine trouble and lost contact with air traffic controllers while flying over southwestern Kentucky, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

INFRASTRUCTURE COLLAPSE: Plane Crashes In Southwestern Kentucky, The Federal Aviation Administration Said – Four People Killed; 7-Year-Old “Miracle Girl” Walks Away Unhurt!

According to the Spanish news agency EFE, the tomb embodies all the features of the tomb of Osiris, as told in ancient Egyptian legends, and is a smaller version of the design of the Osireion, built under Egyptian pharaoh Seti I in the city of Abydos, Luxor. Researchers believe the tomb complex dates back to the 25th dynasty (760 – 656 BC) or 26th dynasty (672 – 525 BC), based on a comparison to similar tombs that contain Osirian elements.

Archeologists discover Mythical Tomb of Osiris, God of the Dead, in Egypt 

A Spanish-Italian archaeological team, in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, has made an incredible discovery in the necropolis of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, on the West Bank at Thebes, Egypt – an enormous ancient reproduction of the mythical Tomb of Osiris as described by Egyptian legend, complete with multiple shafts and chambers. 

A new Italian film, Chemtrails: The secret war has been released showing a disturbing covert military agenda behind the sinister phenomenon, one that according to evidence presented includes far more than weather manipulation for “climate change.”

“Let’s stand up and defend our rights!” say Italian filmmakers Antonio and Rosario Marciano.

The Marcianos, of the Italian website Tanker Enemy (Tanker-Enemy.eu) have produced the documentary film, Chemtrails: the secret war (below) to show scientific evidence related to the chemtrails phenomenon. While much of the documentation has been presented in previous years by Professor Michel Chossudovsky, head of Global Research, no film captures the covert war against We the People as well as the Marcianos do.

“Weather manipulation is only one (collateral) aspect of this phenomenon,” say the Marcianos. “What is at stake is a covert military agenda.”

This HD documentary film is the first Italian professional film on illegal geo-engineering aka chemtrails.

“It has been realized thanks to many friends and collaborators. For years this issue has been denied and mocked but the chemical spraying of our sky is still happening,” the couple say.

Italians Blow Chemtrails ‘Secret War’ Lid Off With Film (Watch Here)