122914 Gleaning Greece Is Fallen Is Fallen 2014 The Year Of Obozo The NWO Clown Antichrist Islam And The 666 Banker Beast Lost Their Global Propaganda Meme Now Nobody Buys Their Antichrist Agenda

by amongthenumberedsaints

FIRE IN THE SKY: “Dramatic Spectacle” – Christmas Fireball Lights Up Spanish Skies!

FIRE IN THE SKY: “Exceptionally Bright” – Stunning Fireballs Seen Blazing Across The Skies Over Japan! 

FIRE IN THE SKY: Meteor Spotted Over Northumberland, United Kingdom!

WEATHER ANOMALIES: Ice Age Now – Rare Snow To Blanket Las Vegas, Desert Southwest On New Year’s Eve!.

These stories represent a few of the instances of Christians facing discrimination by employers or potential employers based on their beliefs, but these represent only a few of such allegations and pending lawsuits. Stories reporting employers denying workers the right to wear crosses, honor the Sabbath, share their Christian faith, and of course, the stories of Christian merchants facing litigation for refusing to bake cakes, cater, or perform wedding ceremonies for same sex unions, have become common in the Western press.

In fact, according to a Tananbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding’s study from 2013, six out of ten white evangelical Christian’s say that discrimination against Christians is just as prevalent as is discrimination against minority religions, and one in three evangelicals report having experienced or having witnessed such discrimination. In the present dismal Western job market, this sort of discrimination can cause Christians to experience real anxiety.

Organizations like the Alliance Defending Freedom, and the Christian Legal Defense, the the American Center for Law and Justice and the Liberty Institute, are busy defending Christians against illegal workplace discrimination in the U.S. and in other nations as well. Since the persecution of Christian’s was predicted by Jesus Christ, we can expect employment discrimination, as part of that promised persecution, to intensify as the the culture becomes increasingly secularized and opposed to Jesus Christ and His followers. (John 15:20)

Your Christian Faith Could Cost Your Job

^^^News Flash: The Mark Of The Beast is already at hand. If you cannot currently reckon your name and government account number measured with the negative return on labor due to the global Antichrist NWO 666 reality you are laboring  as a blind fool in danger of Hell. Wake up, ”all nations have drunk from the cup of fornication filled with the wine of wrath”. This means the prophetic ”Black Horse” global economic reality declares labor is captured in this end time generation and nobody on Earth can buy sell  trade AND THIS LAST GENERATIONS LABOR IS FUTILE!



Margin debt at all-time highs. Corporate profits at all-time highs and now falling. Bullish investor sentiment at all-time highs. Valuations at highs seen in 1929, 2000, and 2007. QE is done. Issuance of subprime debt at record levels. High yield rates soaring. Japan in a depression. Europe in a recession. China slowing rapidly. Middle East crumbling as oil revenues evaporate and chaos ensues. Russia headed into recession. Consumer driven American economy only sustained by rapid expansion of auto and student loan debt. The similarities to the 1928-1929 boom and bust are just a coincidence. Right?.


There is no escaping this FACT! NOBODY ON EARTH HAS A CHOICE, IT’s THE TRUTH!

2015 World GDP Expectations Just Collapsed

World GDP Growth Expectations for 2015 just dropped dramatically to their lowest since expectations began to be tracked. From 3.40% in early 2013, the consensus is expectating world economic growth at a mere 2.72% (a 20% decline in growth expectations). Of course, there is one thing that is not going down…

Maybe bonds and crude oil are on to something after all? 

Faith In Abenomics Falters: Foreign Investor Flows Collapse 94% In 2014 

It appears, despite all the promises, all the lies, and all the constant propaganda, that foreign investors have finally seen right through Shinzo Abe’s risible plan to revive the Japanese economy by crashing its currency (just like Russia?). As Bloomberg reports, after pumping record amounts of cash into Japanese shares last year, they’ve hardly added to holdings in 2014. Inflows are down 94 percent this year to 898 billion yen ($7.5 billion), on pace for the smallest annual amount since the 2008 global financial crisis.

Ukraine’s War ‘is a prelude to World War III’ Says Former Ukrainian U.S. Ambassador

“This [U.S-Russian conflict that’s being carried out in Ukraine] is a prelude to World War III. A lot of people know this.” So says Yuri Shcherbak, who was Ukraine’s Ambassador in Washington during 1994-1998.

Dr. Shcherbak was one of Ukraine’s few progressives ever to become an official of the Ukrainian Government. He now is speaking out publicly for the first time to express his concern about the movement toward a nuclear conflict between the United States and Russia, and about Ukraine’s dangerous current role in helping to bring that about.

COMET LOVEJOY BRIGHTENS: It’s official. Comet Lovejoy (C/2014 Q2) is now a naked-eye object. Science journalist and longtime comet watcher Mariano Ribas of the Planetario de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, reports that as of last night “Comet Lovejoy has reached magnitude 5.0, just above the threshold for human visibility from dark-sky sites. Even in the light polluted sky of Buenos Aires, the comet is a very easy object in 10×50 binoculars.”

Seen through binoculars, the comet looks like a fuzzy green ball. A telescope reveals the comet’s long, delicate tail.


Roughly speaking, the comet is passing south of the constellation Orion. Finder charts from Sky & Telescope will help you find it in the midnight sky. For accurate pointing of telescopes, an ephemeris from the Minor Planet Center is available.

“Looking the behaviour of this comet over the past month, I think that it will brighten to magnitude 4.5 or even 4.0 in the first week of 2015,” predicts Ribas. If so, the show has just begun. Stay tuned for updates.

What happened? Over a 48-hour period beginning on Dec. 21st, a series of three CMEs passed by Earth, sweeping aside many of the cosmic rays that would normally bombard our planet. The clearing action of the CMEs produced some of the lowest radiation levels of the current solar cycle. Events like this (called “Forbush Decreases”) are of considerable interest to anyone who flies on a plane. Airline passengers, pilots, and flight attendants all absorb cosmic rays during their travels at altitudes above ~20,000 feet.

UK weather: Britain colder than Iceland last night as coldest night of the year hits swathes of the country 

Temperatures across Britain plunged to levels colder than in Iceland last night as the coldest night of the year set in for most people across the country..

Northern Ireland’s low came in Katesbridge, County Down, and was nearly a full two degrees lower than the previous low of -6.2C.

England’s lowest temperature came in Oxfordshire and was about one degree lower than the previous 2014 record of -6.8C.

Science shows us the new discoveries that change the world along with the amazing natural phenomena that have amazed humanity for thousands of years.

In 2014 we’ve seen auroras transform the sky, massive snow storms, rivers that look like they’re full of blood, and tiny beautiful creatures.

The Most Jaw-Dropping Science Pictures Of 2014 

She said she has watched Obozo, “at every turn, cut the legs of our ally, Israel, and in fact embrace and lift up the agenda of Islamic jihad.”

Obozo’s ostensibly enthusiastic support of Iran’s leader as that nation reportedly moves toward the creation of a nuclear weapon, Bachmann said, is a further cause for serious concern.

“There’s a recent report that the president is trying to have private meetings with the ayatollah in Iran,” she said, explaining the country is “very clear about their goal” to obtain a nuclear weapon.

Obozo believes, she asserted, that “through his own charm and negotiating skills … he can cause them to change course.”

She recalled her last one-on-one conversation with Obozo, during which she explained to him the importance of stopping Iran before it can achieve its goal.

In response to her concern, Bachmann said Obozo laughed at her “condescendingly” and told her “it isn’t that easy.”

She responded by saying that, “if Iran has a nuclear weapon, it will be on your watch,” adding that “the history of the world will change because of your failure to act.”

^^^Either Bachman is a typical dipshit, and she is, or she ”IS” a NWO Global counterintelligence prostitute, also, trying to sell the bullshit ”Antichrist Islamic State ”IS” cause for the Syrian pathway to Iran and justification for War with Russia through Israel’s American proxy. Sounds prophetic huh? …because it is.

Obozo ”IS” Assisting Anti-Israel Jihadists 

It is what was widely suspected by cynical critics of the Federal government such as the writers of this blog, but now we have official confirmation that the Obozo administration was using Operation Fast and Furious as an excuse to advocate for stricter gun control measures, even as the program funneled thousands of rifles to Mexican drug cartels.

from Sharyl Atkisson:

ATF’s internal Public Affairs Talking Points show the agency was using Fast and Furious to help justify new gun control regulations–without telling the public that ATF was actually facilitating the delivery of weapons to Mexican drug cartels.
The talking points (p. 15) state:

“These cases demonstrate the ongoing trafficking of firearms by Mexican DTO’s and other associated groups operating in Arizona and the need for reporting of multiple sales for certain types of rifles in order to ferret out those intent on providing firearms to these criminal groups.”

The newly released collection of documents related to Operation Fast and Furious also clearly show that this was not a botched operation by “rogue” agents as previously espoused by the Obozo administration:

You would think that any reporter with even a hint of dignity would be reporting on this story by now, especially with so much overwhelming evidence that the Obozo administration’s corruption and law-breaking lead to the death of hundreds of Mexican civilians and at two US Federal agents. But no; it’s still just Sharyl Atkisson, who had to leave her network to continue reporting on the story, and a handful of bloggers on the right like yours truly..

Confirmed: Fast and Furious docs show Obozo admin was using the program to promote gun control

Cliches about supporting the troops are designed to distract from failed policies, policies promoted by powerful special interests that benefit from war, anything to steer the discussion away from the real reasons the war in Iraq will not end anytime soon.” Ron Paul 

Hell No: Troops Do Not Defend Our Freedom 

The 2015 World Almanac puts the number of Christians in the world at 2,347,171,000, by far the largest group sharing the same spiritual beliefs. It puts the number of Antichrist Muslims at 1,633,173,000. Of the seven billion residents of planet Earth, more than six billion identify themselves as part of one of the many different faiths, to include Hindu, Buddhist, and others.

As it has for 1,400 years, Antichrist Islam continues to pose the greatest threat to peace on Earth and is not displaying much good will even toward other Antichrist Muslims. A website, TheReligionofPeace.com maintains an on-going, virtually daily record of those slaughtered around the world in the name of Antichrist Islam and (a)llah.

Peace on Earth? I Don’t Think So

The killing is daily, but earlier this month, Canon Andrew White, a clergyman known as the ‘vicar of Baghdad’, reported that Antichrist Islamic State militant Antichrist Islamists had beheaded four Iraqi Christian children, all under the age of 15, for refusing to convert to Islam. The barbarity of the ISIS killings and the numbers of others by Antichrist Islamists add up to a record of atrocities that rival any in history.

The silence from Antichrist Muslims condemns this so-called religion.

The human price paid for the Antichrist Islamic fascism currently adds up to more than 57 million displaced refugees in 22 countries, a humanitarian disaster equal to the entire population of Great Britain. The UN’s emergency aid chief is asking for $16 billion in funding to address the crisis of the conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and South Sudan, in addition to places like the Central African Republic, Somalia, and Ukraine.

There are other events that undermine the prospect of peace. One need only watch as Western nations attempt to negotiate a deal to stop Iran from making nuclear weapons. It is an exercise in futility. Iran is tempting an attack from those nations that understand the enormity of the threat that represents. The Obozo The NWO 666 Clown administration seems oblivious to it.

Severe flooding in Malaysia and Thailand has killed at least 24 people and forced the evacuation of more than 200,000, according to official data reported Sunday.

At least 24 killed in Malaysia, Thailand floods as 200,000 evacuated

The worst flooding in Malaysia in more than a decade has killed 10 people, authorities said Sunday. Five of those casualties were in the worst-hit state of Kelantan, in the northeastern part of the Malaysian peninsula. Across the border in southern Thailand, 14 people have been killed in the floods that began in mid-December.

There are fears that the death toll could increase as communities have been left stranded without food or medicine.

TWILIGHT ZONE: Anomalies, Mysteries, Coincidence And Synchronicities – The Missing AirAsia Flight Is THIRD Malaysia-Linked Incident This Year; AirAsia Had A Clean Safety Record; Pilot Asked To Deviated From Flight Plan; Relative Of Missing AirAsia Flight Reportedly Received Text Message Saying “All Are Alive”, As Was The Case With Missing Malaysia Flight 370,…?!

‘However, we cannot be sure whether it is part of the missing AirAsia plane,’ Rear Marshall Putranto said.

‘We are now moving in that direction, which is in cloudy conditions.’

It comes after aviation experts said the flight was flying ‘about 160 km/h too slow’ when it encountered bad weather conditions.

The flight went missing at 6.17am local time on Sunday while travelling from Indonesia to Singapore with 162 people on board, speculation on what may have happened points to weather, speed and an older radar system.

‘Wreckage’ of AirAsia jet carrying 162 people is spotted in sea by Australian search plane… as it emerges pilot may have been flying too SLOW and stalled in storm before it vanished off radar

Meanwhile, the billionaire CEO of AirAsia described missing flight QZ8501 as his ‘worst nightmare’ as the massive air and sea search for the plane resumed at first light on Monday.

Al-Qaeda urges ‘lone wolf’ attacks on airliners

The winter issue of Inspire, an English-language online magazine edited by the Antichrist jihadist group, urges that bombs be detonated on the planes of several preeminent US commercial airline companies — American Airlines, Delta, United and Continental — in an effort to gain publicity and “crush the enemy’s economy,” according to a report published Saturday by The Guardian, a British newspaper.

Nearly 2,000 people executed by Antichrist NWO ISIS in six months

The Antichrist Islamic State militant group has killed 1,878 people in Syria during the past six months, the majority of them civilians, a British-based Syrian monitoring organization said on Sunday.

Islamic State also killed 120 of its own members, most of them foreign fighters trying to return home, in the last two months, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

As Greek headlines start to sink in, and hot on the heels of Japan recently issuing 2Y bonds at a negative yield for the first time ever, German 2Y yields have crashed to new record lows at -10bps… So what exactly will ECB QE do?

Flight To Safety Sends 2Y German Yields To Record Low, -10bps!

A committee that includes senior Federal Reserve officials reviewed and overturned a bank examiner’s finding that Goldman Sachs lacked a firm-wide policy to prevent conflicts of interest, according to a top Fed official.

Bill Dudley, the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, disclosed the action by the “Operating Committee” in a little-noticed aspect of his testimony last month before the U.S. Senate. Dudley said the panel was part of a new effort by the Fed to raise standards across the board by comparing the practices and health of the nation’s banks against each other.

In his testimony, Dudley provided the Fed’s most detailed account to date of how it reversed the conclusions of Carmen Segarra, a New York Fed bank examiner who asserted that Goldman lacked the Fed’s recommended firm-wide policy to prevent conflicts of interest. Dudley told the senators that the Operating Committee had “fully vetted” Segarra’s finding but said “there was this lack of willingness to agree.” He said that while he encourages examiners to speak up, their views must be “fact based.”

New documents and secret recordings shed more light on the facts Segarra marshaled to support her position. The examiner, for example, compared Goldman’s approach to conflicts with that of Barclays and Morgan Stanley. She found that, unlike with Goldman, the policies of both banks were detailed, specific and clearly addressed to the entire firm.

High-Level Fed Committee Overruled Carmen Segarra’s Finding on Goldman

This month, the bank was among 10 Wall Street firms that were fined a total of $43.5 million for allegedly using the promise of favorable research, which was supposed to be impartial, to win business for their investment-banking divisions. The firms paid small fines without admitting wrongdoing.

During a hearing in November, senators accused Goldman of deliberately pushing up the price of aluminum and giving confidential information to traders in the metal, providing them an unfair advantage. Goldman denied the allegation; two other firms also were criticized at the hearing.

Segarra was fired on May 23, 2012. She said she left without ever receiving updated Goldman policies.

A spokesman for the New York Fed declined to respond to questions about whether the Operating Committee had reviewed Segarra’s evidence. Segarra said no one on the committee spoke with her.

Earlier today we got a classic, if rare, example of what happens when bankers bluff with a 2-7 off suit… and the people call it.

Recall that just over two weeks ago, none other than Greek currency swap expert Goldman (alongside Jean-Claude Juncker who quite explicitly warned Greeks not “to vote wrong”) came out with a fire and brimstone worst-case scenario for Greece, which was nothing but an attempt at fearmongering designed to scare Greek MPs into doing Samaras’ bidding, in which it said not electing the designated presidential candidate may lead to a worst-case scenario which involves a “Cyprus-style prolonged bank holiday.”

When Fearmongering Goes Bad: Greece Scrambles To Prevent Deposit Run Goldman Warned About In Its “Worst Case”

Stripping all the political correctness, what Goldman said is that unless Greece quickly folds back in line and does as unelected Brussels eurocrats demand, there may well be a Cyprus-style bank closure coupled with preemptied bank runs.

Oops. Because if that was the doubled-down bluff, then Greece just called it, and the “downside scenario” is now in play.

Which means Greece now has to scramble to avoid precisely what Goldman warned would happen if the Greeks dared to put their (meagre) savings at risk. And, case in point, here is the Greek finance minister rushing to squash the next steps, which – as Goldman so conveniently explained – involve potential bank runs, a potential bank holiday, and potential Cyprusing of the financial system, only this time it is not Russian oligarchs who are most exposed – they have learned their lessons by now – by ordinary Greeks.

The ECB’s hands are tied right now, because the last thing Mario Draghi can do is proceed with open monetization of peripheral bonds (which would have to be purchased in any ECB public QE alongside all other Eurozone bonds) at a time when Greece can pull the rug from under the ECB’s already massive holdings of Greek public debt, and enforce a haircut which would impair the ECB’s balance sheet, in the process costing Mario Draghi his job and a handing the victory to the “sound money” Bundesbank on a silver platter.

Worse, should Greece decide to default it would means those several hundred billion Greek bonds currently held in official accounts would go from par to worthless overnight, leading to massive unaccounted for impairments on Europe’s pristine balance sheets, which also confirms that Greece once again has all the negotiating leverage.

So with the ECB out of the picture, and with the ball in Greece’s court, it actually makes the situation that much more unstable, and indeed could be just the precursor to the “Cyprus-style bank holiday” that Goldman warned about.

How credible will this warning be in practical terms over the next month as Greece prepares for a historic election? Keep an eye on those lines in front of ATMs, because unlike Cyprus, at least the Greeks still have access to Euros. The question is will they pull out enough Euros before their only currency option in front of the ATM is New Drachmas?

– The Saudis are about to introduce a Russian pricing system in Chinese renminbi for oil.
– The number one and number two oil producers, Saudi and Russia, are going to set the oil price – and are going to ignore the American influence for setting that price.

They are tolerating the theft of Saudi gold and behind the scenes…and they are making friends with Iran to avoid conflict with Russia.

Moreover, the Saudis are trying to allow for a transition from the American devils to the Chinese devils.

Jim Willie: Global Trade In Dollars Has Decreased By 50%

In the video interview titled, “No Prisoners in the Global Money War,” Willie says, “I think we have acceleration on the systemic breakdown globally. There is no asset foundation to the US banking system anymore. It’s just a bunch of ‘spinning derivatives on computer trades’.

The full breakdown by component – virtually every component posted a decline since November, except for wages which rose a meager 1.2. However, the more than proportional offset: hours worked tumbled from 5.7 to 0.0, resulting in lower overall compensation.

Dallas Fed Tumbles Below Lowest Estimate As Commodity Crash Comes Knocking

But the most notable component, Capital Expenditures, which is now a harbinger of what is about to happen to capital spending across the energy sector in 2015, unambiguously crashed from 13.3 to 5.6. And just like that trillions in job-creating capital spending is mothballed.

Which, of course, is good news for management: just think of all those pent up buybacks that will now be enabled, courtesy of the indefinite freeze in capex. Surely that alone will send stocks to newer all time highs as nothing but financial engineering is left.

At least two Melbourne pro-lifers overheard Baird-Windle say at a Christmas party, “You practice your religion and let me practice mine” and “My religion is a holy ritual child sacrifice.” She also claimed to be “a Goddess.” Windle later denied making these comments. On another occasion, however, she admitted making those comments but said they were in jest. (Source: forerunner)

Woman who provided 65,000 abortions calls killing of unborn a “sacrament” and a “blessing”

The encouraging message we should take from the Christmas Truce of 100 years ago is that given the opportunity, most humans do not wish to kill each other. As Nazi leader Hermann Goring said during the Nuremberg war crimes trials, “naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany.” But, as he added, “the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

Ron Paul On The Real Meaning Of The 1914 Christmas Truce 

This wasn’t supposed to happen. The Swiss National Bank has a problem – having announced on Dec 18th that it will impose negative deposit rates starting Jan 22nd, sight deposits soared (as opposed to the textbook expectations). Sight deposits (cash-like deposits commercial banks hold with the central bank) rose CHF10.8 billion this week (or 3.4%) – the most in over 18 months.

Swiss Depositors Confused By Concept Of NIRP As Swiss Deposits Jump Most In 18 Months

Looks like we are going to need moar negative-er rates…

S&P New Record High As Crude Crash Continues To May 2009 Lows

I don’t believe we will have to wait too long to find out if China did in fact play possum as Alisdair Macleod may have now let the cat out of the bag! As I said at the beginning, this could be THE biggest financial revelation in over 40 years!

China’s Massive Holdings of Gold Bullion. Is the West Financially Bankrupt?

West Africa’s fight to contain Ebola has hampered the campaign against malaria, a preventable and treatable disease that is claiming many thousands more lives than the dreaded virus.

Malaria killing thousands more than Ebola in West Africa