122814 Gleaning Petrus Romanus Prophecy And End Time Tribulation Timeline Converge As U.S. Supreme Court Antichrist NWO Says Shoot To Kill All Law Officers In An Ignorant Fascist Fashion In Order To Secure Freedom Liberty Independence And Sustain Life In The Image Of The 666 Insane Deadly Suicide Vampire Squid Of The Great Wal Mart Of China Lethal Beast

by amongthenumberedsaints

Synagogue where Jesus likely preached uncovered in Israel

When archeologists and volunteers started digging, they were astonished to find a treasure: A 1st-century synagogue, one of only seven in Israel – and in the entire world.

“This is the first synagogue ever excavated where Jesus walked and preached,” says the father, calling it “hugely important” for both Jews and Christians.

Experts say it’s highly likely that Jesus would have preached in the recently uncovered synagogue, believed to have first been built in the year 1 as a simple structure which was then upgraded into a more ornate one in the year 40.

Until Tiberias was built, the only town on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee was Magdala.

Anyone touring the region, as Jesus did according to the New Testament, teaching and preaching in synagogues all through Galilee, would not have skipped Magdala, located on the Via Maris – the ancient trade route that ran along the Mediterranean and the western shore of the Sea of Galilee all the way from Egypt to Syria.

“He was a clever rabbi. He knew where to set up shop,” says Kelly. “If you walk from Nazareth to Bethsaida to Capernaum, you’re going to come out here.”

Very Interesting Sabbatical & Jubilee Timeline

* (Head of biblical year) Nisan 1, 5774……April 1, 2014
* Passover lunar eclipse on………………….April 15-16, 2014
* Solar eclipse on………………………………April 29, 2014

2014-2015 – 7th year – Sabbath yr of previous cycle (7th week of yrs = 49 years)

* (Head of civil year) Tishri 1, 5774……Sept. 25-26, 2014
* Tabernacles lunar eclipse on…………Oct. 9, 2014
* Solar eclipse on…………………………Oct. 23, 2014

2015-2016 – 1st year in new cycle – Jubilee – 50th Year

^^^The so called pre-trib rapture claim within this link is wrong, but the information is good. There is no pretrib rapture. Saints endure tribulation. 2015 shall confirm the fact that 2014 set up the tribulation condition(s) and 2015 shall confirm tribulation is indeed underway. The key point of order is the Israeli false peace agreement among the nations/U.N.. When this happens the tribulation era of 3 1/2 years shall be confirmed. Of course this ”covenant with many” does not look likely, however, watch. Just one WMD event shall bring the ”Obozo Change” required so the Antichrist NWO 666 Team will achieve Satan’s global political mandate do to such an event. The market is set for this ”Black Swan Event” and it’s perfectly timed with the Isaiah 9:10 Harbinger Judgment under the final Tetrad Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse on the Feast of Tabernacles ending 6000 years to the day back to Adam according to the 120 50 year jubilee timing. IT IS BEYOND OBVIOUS!

2015 Will Be A Year Of Surprise, Panic, Desperation & Radical Change

2015 will be a year of panic, desperation, and radical change for the world. He also said 2015 will be a year of surprises that will have an incredible impact not only people but also major markets and economies around the globe.

Egon von Greyerz: “As we approach 2015 the world is on the cusp of a deflationary collapse. Central banks around the world are fighting trying desperately keep their economies afloat. Zero percent interest rates are no longer helping, so negative interest rates have been introduced in an attempt to create inflation….

Exposed – Dangerous 2015 Ahead As Global Governments Plan To Steal Money

Today a 40-year market veteran sent King World News an incredibly important piece that exposes global governments and their treacherous plan to steal people’s money. This piece exclusively for KWN also cautions readers around the world to expect a wild and dangerous ride in the coming year

Civil Asset Forfeiture: The Final Stage Of Collapse Of Empire

Here is the entire problem. Only the rich can win for it is your burden to fork-over huge legal fees. If you do not have the money for lawyers, there goes your property. This is what is desperately wrong in America. Any law passed becomes your burden to prove it is unconstitutional. They can actually pass the ancient right of kings under the Common Law since there is precedent known as Prima Noctum – first night. The governor, mayor, county freeholder, whoever, could “legally” claim the right to spend the first night in bed with any women getting married in their district. It would then become your burden to say – NO. That is uncivilized.

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing as it now stands for them to pass such a law. It is then the public’s burden to say no way and fight. This is seriously wrong within out legal system. This allows police to kill people randomly or to pull every person over on their way to work to see if they have all their identification. Whatever they do is OK because they do not FIRST have to go to some constitutional court and ask – is this law justified? Consequently, only the rich can defend the constitution. All others can pray – that’s about it.

This is the final stage of the collapse of the Roman Empire. When the state runs out of money, it historically attacks the people. In Rome, whole armies began sacking their own cities to get paid. The police are doing just that. Whatever they can confiscate goes to funding their own pensions. This is a national problem that will only get much worse going into 2020. We have NOBODY in Washington representing the people any more. It is all about them v the people. This is why we will see a rise in third-party activity for 2016.

^^^The American people are too ”Gruber stupid” to vote for a third party. They proved that when they voted twice for an Antichrist Muslim bastard son of a Communist dipshit twice. The so called ”African” American vote is 95% stupid, the female vote is majority delusional socialist stupid, and the latino vote is just plain pathetic. Combine this with massive voter fraud etc… and the Vote 2 Part Crypto Fascist 666 reality of the private Suicide Vampire Squid of The Great Wal Mart of China and there is absolutely no hope to ever restore order in America without the age old shedding of blood. That is a fact. The only saving grace is the prophetic certainty of the return of our Father in Christ …after all Hell breaks loose, and that shall be ”confirmed in 2015.

Sunday Humor: How Mainstream Media Whores Really Behave When Reporting On Fed Policy 

Ever wondered how the mainstream media keeps a straight face when ‘reporting’ on Fed policy?

An anology…

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:

5 And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.

6 And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

7 And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman


Globalization is the process of breaking through the protective barriers designed to separate the nation-states from the world system. Between 1944 and 2008 (BW I and II) all the nation-state barriers have been removed with exception of the national regulatory laws governing financial institutions, insurance companies, mortgages, and Wall Street.

As we approach the end of 2014, and head into the yr 2015, many Americans are feeling much despair. How could they not, with all the turmoil, and political unrest that is enveloping this country. It seems that the powers that be are trying to start a war between The people and government agents, such as law enforcement, and all federal officials. They must do this because America, and what she used to represent is the last nation in their way of their long established goal of a Totalitarian Global Police State.

As you will see in this very powerful video we are nearing the endgame of the global elite.

Must Watch: NWO Insider Exposes Global Elites End Game For America 

In a blow to the constitutional rights of citizens, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 8-1 in Heien v. State of North Carolina that police officers are permitted to violate American citizens’ Fourth Amendment rights if the violation results from a “reasonable” mistake about the law on the part of police. Acting contrary to the venerable principle that “ignorance of the law is no excuse,” the Court ruled that evidence obtained by police during a traffic stop that was not legally justified can be used to prosecute the person if police were reasonably mistaken that the person had violated the law.

Supreme Court Rules Police Can Violate The 4th Amendment (If They Are Ignorant Of The Law)

By refusing to hold police accountable to knowing and abiding by the rule of law, the Supreme Court has given government officials a green light to routinely violate the law,” said John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute and author of the award-winning book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State. “This case may have started out with an improper traffic stop, but where it will end—given the turbulence of our age, with its police overreach, military training drills on American soil, domestic surveillance, SWAT team raids, asset forfeiture, wrongful convictions, and corporate corruption—is not hard to predict. This ruling is what I would call a one-way, nonrefundable ticket to the police state.”

^^^This is not law, it is lawlessness, and prophetic. The United States Government Employee(s) are at war with everyone. This new world order by this court is suicide. If you are a government employee just shoot yourself at this point, really. There is ”no cause” for anyone not to put a bullet in the head of anyone that dares to now wear a government uniform, and thats a fact. The United Sates Government is out of order. This Court is an obvious deadly threat.

…sad but true.

At this point people are required to employ an armed  deployed force(s) response, better known as an army, to eliminate the deadly threat in kind, That was what the purpose of the United Sates military defense force, in the case of civil war, was for. News flash, the war is on and the U.S, military stands in offense and is no defender of the United Sates Constitution. The U.S. Government forces represent the Antichrist New World Order, not The American Constitution. There are no Patriots employed by the U.S. Government. The U.S. Government is an enemy to everyone.

As a Christian Saint, of course you are not charged with the task of killing the enemy government employees of the nations and Israel, but if you are not a Christian that is not the case. This ruling provides anyone the legal cause to seek and destroy the obvious active deadly threat against persons. The prophetic reality of this eventual response by the general public is declared in the prophetic scriptures and is certain to be confirmed at anytime now. The only thing currently holding back the violent overthrow of the governments of the nations and Israel is the lukewarm reality of the last generation that is now accepting the Antichrist NWO mark of the beast which is actively slaughtering humans in mass. This court ruling is evil and is another deadly provocation.

Only War, Inflation And Financial Collapse Can End The Global “Plutonomy”, According To 666 Citi

is the world financial system due for another massive collapse, one which will even further accelerate the wealth redistribution, or is the world’s population so zombified that nothing can ever possibly tips the scales ever again, and the lesson from the French revolution, when an unprecedented amount of wealth and power was held by a precious few, have been forever lost on the world and its citizens?

Answer: Yep.

Very quietly and under the radar, authorities in China have cracked down on Christmas celebrations in China, deeming them “Western spiritual pollution.” As CNMNews reports, for several years, a virtual rush to convert to Christianity has been underway in China, both in its Protestant and Catholic versions. The Department of Education this year issued a directive to limit Christianity’s appeal to young people, banning Christmas events and celebrations in schools and kindergartens, deemed “kitsch” and “un-Chinese”. The crackdown has also been spreading to universities and colleges nationwide. The result is nowhere more evident than in Google’s traffic in China…

Thank you Hell bound Nixon and the Antichrist NWO 666 Fed Beast Petrodollar Putzes. Google is Evil.

Antichrist China Bans Christmas And This Happens To Google Traffic 

Another life lesson from the Antichrist religion of peace.

A trio of well wishers were telling passersby “Merry Christmas” in Cologne, Germany, when they happened on a Antichrist Muslim man accompanying two Antichrist Muslim women. The man took offense at the greeting and proceeded to attack one of the men with a knife, stabbing him multiple times in the back and neck.

Considering the attack took place on Christmas Eve, the Antichrist Muslim man was probably out searching for prey, looking to be offended just enough so that he could carry out his cowardly attack and then claim himself as a victim of “Islamophobia”.

German Wishes Antichrist Muslim Man ‘Merry Christmas’ – Antichrist Muslim Pulls Knife and Stabs German in the Back 

“It’s interesting that the administration has parted ways with it’s own position and is now meeting with a U.S. court designated co-conspirator of terrorist financing,” observed Bachmann.

Federal prosecutors named CAIR an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial over a plot to fund Hamas. In November 2008, in the biggest terrorism financing trial in U.S. history, Holy Land Foundation members were convicted of sending millions of dollars to Hamas.

Justice Department prosecutors implicated CAIR and other prominent Islamic organizations in the U.S. in the conspiracy and said they had acted at the direction of the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorism.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., had a succinct analysis of the Obozo ”IS” 911  administration’s latest diplomatic move and how it appeared to conflict with FBI’s own assessment.

“The president is going exactly in the opposite direction of trying to stamp out terrorism,” she told WND upon hearing why Obozo ”IS” 911 administration officials had huddled earlier in the week with representatives from the Council on American-Antichrist Islamic Relations, or CAIR, and the Antichrist Muslim American Society, or MAS.

When a reporter noted the head of CAIR has been a White House guest and frequently visits the State Department, Rathke claimed CAIR was just one of many “faith-based groups” which had met with U.S. government officials.

“They obviously feel that the heat is off and once again are meeting with unindicted co-conspirators,” said Bachmann.

The congresswoman said she had no doubt that CAIR was a front group for jihadis because of all the evidence cited in the bill she introduced calling on the Obozo ”IS” 911 administration to declare the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood a foreign terrorist organization.

“CAIR is a front group for the Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood in the United States, as is the Antichrist Muslim Student Association, and they try to present a storefront view of moderate, mainstream Antichrist Muslim thought when, in fact, they are just the opposite.”

Obozo ”IS” 911 sides with Antichrist Islamic group over FBI Who Got Caught Bombing The WTC in 93

One of the many curiosities about the sitting President of the United States is the fact that, unlike us, he has not one, but multiple Social Security numbers (SSN).

In 2010, two licensed private investigators, Susan Daniels and Neal Sankey, found that multiple SS numbers are associated with Barack Obozo’s name. Daniels and Sankey put their findings in sworn affidavits. Dr. Orly Taitz further verified their information with a third source, a retired Department of Homeland Security senior investigator named John Sampson.

In May 2010, the mystery deepened when it was determined that the SSN Obozo is currently using (042-68-4425) has a Connecticut prefix, 042, but Obozo had never lived in nor had associations with the state of Connecticut. Obozo has been using that 042 SS number since 1979 when he was 18 years old.

Sandy Hook and Obozo’s Connecticut Social Security number

David Stockman On Black Swans & The U.S. War With Russia 

Russia is preparing a contingency plan to prompt Hezbollah and possibly the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad into a direct military conflict with Israel, according to a French official who has been apprised of the situation.

Official: Russia plotting to start war on Israel

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the contingency was meant to be used as a card against the West, particularly the U.S. and European Union, which has been engaged in efforts to isolate Moscow.

he official said there is information Russia in recent weeks successfully shipped to Hezbollah a large convoy of Iskandar ballistic missiles and surface-to-air missiles. The missiles were received, despite Israel’s alleged airstrikes in Syria targeting Russian-shipped weapons earlier this month, the official said.

The official said Russia has not made any decision about agitating a Hezbollah attack on Israel, but views a possible conflict in the Mideast as a card it can play in its confrontation with the West, particularly in Ukraine.

a source in Assad’s regime, Putin and Lavrov assured Moualem that Russia “won’t stand for” any Western attack on Assad and that the Russians pledged “support” and “protection” to the Assad regime.

That pledge came amid pressure from Turkey and Saudi Arabia on the Obozo administration to expand the fight against ISIS in Syria to also target Assad’s forces.

Former White House Official – War Will Now Expand To More Countries Bordering Russia

Russia identified NATO as the nation’s No. 1 military threat and raised the possibility of a broader use of precision conventional weapons to deter foreign aggression under a new military doctrine signed by President Vladimir Putin on Friday.

NATO flatly denied it is a threat to Russia, and accused Moscow of undermining European security.

The new doctrine, which comes amid tensions over Ukraine, reflected the Kremlin’s readiness to take a stronger posture in response to what it sees as U.S.-led efforts to isolate and weaken Russia.

Putin signs new military doctrine declaring NATO to be Russia’s No. 1 threat 

Banned under the previous STARTII treaty, but not excluded in 2011’s New START treaty, Russia is pulling from its Soviet strategic playbook and reviving the intercontinental ballistic missile toting, hiding in plain sight, ‘Nuke Train’ concept.

Russia’s Terrifying ‘Nuke Trains’ Will Be Roving The Rails By 2018 

Following a reported “minor” accident three weeks ago, Ukraine’s Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, Europe’s largest and the 5th biggest in the world, was shutdown. The ‘glitch’ it appears has reoccurred as RT reports, one of the reactors at the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant has automatically shut down. Causes are still being investigated.

Ukraine’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant Suffers 2nd Emergency Shutdown In 3 Weeks

We appeal to the media, to more scrupulously adhere to their obligation to provide unbiased reporting than they have hitherto done. Editorialists and leading commentators are demonizing entire nations, without fully taking their histories into account. Any journalist experienced in foreign affairs would understand the Russians’ fear, since members of NATO in 2008 invited Georgia and Ukraine to join the Alliance. It is not about Putin. Heads of state come and go. What is at stake is Europe.


Ayala Shapira is an 11 year old Jewish girl. She was badly injured in a Palestinian Arab firebomb attack and suffered life-threatening smoke inhalation and third-degree burns over the majority of her body and face.
Ayala’s “guilt” was being a Jew riding in an Israeli car and living in the Jewish land.

During the first Intifada, Arab terrorists from Qalqilya burned Ofra Moses and her small children to death. And hundreds of Jews have been burned to death in buses and restaurants by Palestinian Arab suicide bombers.

A few days before the attack on the Shapira’s family, the European Union took Hamas off the black list of terrorist organizations. It was the green light to burn Ayala.

The Palestinian Arabs are always synchronized with the message coming from Europe, when it condones their cannibalism and barbarism or if it condemns it (a very rare occurrence).
And when Europe spreads the mantra of “occupation”, it means that Arabs from Azoun and the nearby Arab villages from where the terrorists who burned Ayala came, are a priori exculpated from terrorism against Israeli civilians living in Maaleh Shomron. Ayala, the victim of terror, has been turned by Europe into a “symbol of occupation”.

The European Union also fomented terrorism by sending million of euros to Azoun. Aid to the Palestinian Authority only boosts terror against the Jewish people.
A EU-funded project, Protective Spheres, is meant to “provide a haven from the violence of occupation for over 7,500 children in 15 schools in the West Bank”. Among these schools there is one in Azoun, the Arab town from where the terrorists who threw molotov bombs against the Shapira’s come.

What did they do with all the money from Brussels? They used it to pay the salaries of terrorists in jail.

Europe Gave the Green Light to Burn a Jewish Child 

December 28, 2014 – INDONESIA – AirAsia flight number QZ8501, bound from the Indonesian city of Surabaya to Singapore, has lost contact with air traffic control, the airline has confirmed. The missing flight is an Airbus A320-200 with up to 161 people on board.

TWILIGHT ZONE: Another Airplane Goes Missing – AirAsia Flight Number QZ8501 From Indonesia To Singapore Confirmed Missing; Up To 162 People On Board; Massive Search Operation Underway!

A new issue of Inspire, the English-language online magazine produced by al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen, is devoted to “jihad on America” and suggests targeting major American figures as well as Western commercial airliners, according to a report Wednesday by SITE Intelligence Group.

New issue of jihadist magazine produced by al-Qaeda in Yemen suggests attacks on U.S.

“They tried to lower some boats, but not all of us could get in. There is no coordination,” one said, as cited by Reuters. “It’s dark, the bottom of the vessel is on fire. We are on the bridge, we can see a boat approaching… we opened some boxes and got some life vests, we are trying to save ourselves.”

Nikos Papatheodosiou’s phone call was more emotional: “We are burning and sinking, no one can save us. Please help us! Don’t leave us!”

Several people reportedly jumped into the water, but it is unclear whether there are any casualties. However, cold winter temperatures will lessen their chances of survival if this is the case.

INFRASTRUCTURE COLLAPSE: Ferry Catches Fire En Route From Greece To Italy – Evacuation Of 466 Passengers And Crew Being Complicated By Dangerous Weather Conditions!

Severe weather that started a week ago in Sri Lanka has claimed lives of at least 21 people by Saturday, December 27, 2014 and displaced more than 800 000 people.

Officials from the Disaster Management Center said flood has affected the nation’s north central and eastern provinces, while landslides were reported in the central part of the country. 980 095 people from over 270 000 families are affected in 17 districts of the country, they said.

Heavy rain, severe flooding and landslides displace 800 000 in Sri Lanka 

ICE AGE NOW: Snow And Icy Weather Sweeps Across Europe, Stranding Drivers – UK Travel Chaos As Snow And Delayed Engineering Works Wreak Havoc; 15,000 Vehicles Trapped By Snow And Ice In Savoy, Switzerland!

PLANETARY TREMORS: Fukushima Rocked By Strongest Quakes To Hit Japan This Month – Footage From Nuke Plant Shows Shaking Lasted Over A Minute; “Major Quake Disasters Could Strike Anywhere In The Country… Great Increases In Probability; Measures Urgently Needed”!

The Roman Catholic Church celebrates its second Two-Pope Christmas this week. Is there greater significance behind this than meets the eye?

Is the Vatican actually giving us a sign “in plain sight,” to be understood by “those who have eyes to see and ears to hear”?

Major News Site Believes Vatican May Be Hiding Truth About “Prophecy Of The Popes” And Role Of “Petrus Romanus”

Saint Malachi’s List
Malachi was an 11th Century Irish saint, the Archbishop of Armagh, and the first native-born Irishman to be canonized. Today, he’s best known for an apocalyptic vision he had when journeying to Rome which he hurriedly wrote down, in which he “saw” the 112 popes that would reign after his time until the Last Judgment and Second Coming of Christ.

Malachi’s List was forgotten for 400 years until it was discovered by Benedictine monk Arnold de Wyon. He published it in 1590 as the “Doomsday Prophecy.” Many scholars believe this to be an elaborate 16th-century hoax.

Maybe… And yet there is something uncanny about the way the 112 short, cryptic Latin phrases Malachi gave to each of the coming 112 Roman Catholic popes beginning with Pope Celestine II, seem to tally with some aspect – great or small – of the actual bishops who would ascend to the throne of St. Peter in centuries to come.

If it was a hoax, it was definitely a most inspired one.
Add to this another key factor: Timing. Since Malachi drafted his visionary List, we’ve seen some popes reigning for many long years like Pius IX and John Paul II (31 and 26 years, respectively) and others having sadly short reigns like John Paul I’s brief, 33-day tenure.

With such wild variations in the length of popes’ reigns, Malachi’s List could have very well swerved off by literally entire centuries, either ending too soon (centuries ago) or too late (still having centuries to go), and yet…

Here we are in 2014 with the very last pope on Malachi’s List sitting in Rome: a man who just turned 78 and who we should not expect will live many decades more.

So, maybe we shouldn’t shrug off old St Malachi too lightly, even if his mysterious list has been abused by New Agers and Zeitgeisters. After all, Malachi was the Archbishop of Armagh, which rings of Armageddon.

Where do we go from here?
Are there deeper collective psychological factors at work even now? Apocalyptic End-Times may very well reflect the awakening of dormant collective Archetypes: the ones Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung so aptly studied and spoke about in the last century. But there may also be some self-fulfilling prophecy factors in play.

In 1935, English poet T. S. Eliot wrote a drama called “Murder in the Cathedral,” a story about the assassination in his own Canterbury Cathedral of Archbishop Thomas Becket by two knights loyal to English King Henry II Plantagenet, over a political struggle as to who should have the final word on worldly matters: the King sitting in London, or the Pope sitting in Rome.

In one magnificent scene, Becket’s loyal monks seek to protect their archbishop by blocking the Cathedral doors as Henry’s armed knights draw nigh. Becket, however, orders they remain open, thus seeking – even willing – his own Martyrdom: a veritable “imitation of Christ” in the sense that Prophecy must “be accomplished.”

When prophesies hoary with age become embedded into the collective psyche, there may very well be a strong unconscious compulsion to live them out, so to speak, just like in a play or opera. The fascination is in no way diminished by the fact that we know exactly how the play will end, whether it is Murder in the Cathedral, Hamlet, Macbeth, Faust, Wagner’s Ring Cycle… or Malachi’s Doomsday List.

Some Of The Amazing Things Benedict, Francis & Vatican Did To Assure The New Pope’s Arrival According To Prophecy

To say some of our sanctified speculations have been confirmed given the election of Pope Francis I is an understatement.

According to the prophecy of St. Malachy, Peter the Roman has arrived. Pope Francis, formerly known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio the son of Italian immigrants to Argentina, has assumed the 112th position on Malachy’s famous list.

Strategic Perspectives Speaker Wows Crowd With Predictions Of What Petrus Romanus Will (Exo-Vaticana) Do Next  

I cannot recommend powerfully enough in the little space that I am given here how much every person should educate themselves on the implications of this movement among primarily Catholic theologians. (To say that materials like Horn’s Strategic Perspectives lecture is useful toward this cause is an understatement.) When Horn went on to describe the Vatican’s self-proclaimed confidence that the aliens do exist, and that the extraterrestrial intelligence discovery will not challenge the authority of the Church, I already knew what he was going to say next. With trepidation, I listened as Horn quoted Monsignor Corrado Balducci (an exorcist, theologian, personal friend of the pope, and the Vatican’s now deceased head spokesperson for things extraterrestrial): “They are not angels, and they are not demons… They are morally superior to us.” Following this, Horn states:

This is an argument that they continue to make and they’re becoming more and more adamant about it, that what we know about ourselves is that we are fallen, right? But we cannot necessarily assume the same thing about our space brethren, and if they’re unfallen, they’re closer to God than we are. Therefore they have a better understanding of the Gospel and of the Godhead and of the nature of God. And when they started out three years ago, Funes was saying “I’d like to baptize an alien into the Catholic faith.” Well that’s not what they’re saying today. What they’re saying now is that they [aliens] are coming here and they’re going to baptize us into their faith and it is going to require us to make changes to our knowledge, to our understanding, of the Gospel. In fact, some of their deepest theologians have said, “Perhaps everything we think we know about the Gospel is going to have to be thrown out.”

Excuse me? Thrown out?

The Gospel thrown out?

What are we even talking about here!?

Could it be that the world is far hungrier than I thought to usher in the Man of Sin? The ultimate “fixer” of our nations? And furthermore, would it ever truly be in God’s will for the human race to transcend to some higher level where we no longer need His direct intervention through personal relationship and prayer, but the intervention of another superior being? These alien contact agendas would not surprise me if coming only from the scientific community, but from a body of people whose primary focus and claim is to be God-fearing?

Horn, speaking quickly and efficiently, yet making sure to cover all issues on the roster comprehensively, continues on to reveal even more startling themes of the current hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. His research is thorough and transparent (even referencing some hitherto unavailable documents, which he obtained directly from one of Rome’s top astronomers) and quotes the works of select individuals within the Church who perpetuate the idea that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is a descendant of alien life and that Mary’s virgin birth was a direct result of an alien abduction scenario.

Yet even that revelation pales in comparison to what Tom says next about Mt. Graham concerning what is going on there now. I won’t spoil this dynamic section. You’ve got to watch it for yourself. Just let me beseech you—do not fail to get your hands on this historic lecture by Tom Horn (available free with the book Beast Tech) so you can see for yourself why it ended with a standing ovation and the theater of people buzzing with commentary about it for hours. I also recommend, if you don’t already have them, the corresponding books: Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here, and Exo-Vaticana (available both in print and electronic editions).

New Finds Suggest Biblical Kings David and Solomon Actually Existed