122414 Gleaning All Antichrist Muslims Are An Obvious Deadly Threat Mark Of The Beast Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo Clowns That Defend Antichrist Islam Perish Where They Stand According To Their Own Antichrist Islamic Koran Image Which ”IS” Death And Hell

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As you can see in the accompanying table returns during the third year of the election cycle can have wild swings. However, since 1941 there has not been a single instance of a negative return year to date. Could 2015 break that trend? Absolutely. There are certainly enough risks currently to trigger such an outcome.

Will 2015 be the seventh (7th) consecutive year of the current bull market cycle? It is possible. But with 100% of all analysts and economists betting on that outcome, it is quite possible that something else will happen.

2015 – What Does Cycle Analysis Suggest? 

Everyday consumption changes, as well. Every store you walk into would be able to monitor your emotional state on a per-store, per-employee, per-interaction level. They may be able to determine peak stress hours and adjust their service accordingly.

One of the largest and most impacted segments will be advertising. Companies will no longer be bidding on Jennifer, but instead on Happy Jennifer or Sad Jennifer or whatever emotional state aligns best with their product offering.

Industry Report: We Stand At The Dawn Of A New Era Where Beastly Biometrics Monitoring Will Be A ’24-7 Global Entity’

One of the first places that Spirit is likely to show up is in smartphone cameras. Apical has developed a way of using Spirit to help consumers take better videos. The technology would maintain focus on a subject in a busy scene – say, of a child riding a bike in a park – and even automatically zoom in on the subject. At the same time, Spirit could be used to make it easier for consumers to find their videos later, by automatically tagging the video with pertinent information – not only the time it was taken and the location, but also what’s happening and who’s in the video.

They Actually Call This Next-Generation Antichrist 666 Technology Spirit Tracking!

“Our expansion will be rapid and perpetual. The Europeans need to know that when we come, it will not be in a nice way. It will be with our weapons. Those who do not convert to Antichrist Islam or pay the Antichrist Islamic tax will be killed,” the spokesman said. Todenhoefer visited the Iraqi city of Mosul, which had a large Christian population before it was taken over by Antichrist ISIS in June and clamped Antichrist Islamic laws on the land, forcing people to convert to Antichrist Islam or face death.

Antichrist ISIS Says It Will Conquer Europe Soon, Undertake Religious Cleansing And Kill Ruthlessly Antichrist Muslims Are All Subject To The Antichrist Koran And Are An Obvious Deadly Threat

On Antichrist Shiite Muslims not ready to share the same beliefs as Antichrist ISIS, the spokesman said anyone refusing to convert will be killed. “150 million, 200 million or 500 million, it does not matter to us, we will kill them all.” The Antichrist ISIS has already captured a number of cities across Iraq and Syria and continues to shock people with its horrendous acts like beheading of prisoners on camera and enslaving of religious minorities and women, including Christians.

“They … going to erode Iraq’s sovereignty by taking the command-and-control of the security forces out of the hands of Iraqi officials, and placing that command-and-control into the hands of Iran.”

She cites photographic evidence of Iraqi security force (ISF) command centers “in which there are ISF commanders and Iranian-backed Shiite militias all sitting over a map evaluating plans.”

This has some implications for US troops headed to Iraq next month to train Iraqi security forces. The troops headed to Iraq will likely be deployed north of Baghdad and in Anbar province, where US officials are pushing to establish an “Iraqi National Guard” that would be composed of Sunni tribesmen.

“We must focus on training the Sunni tribes that actually stand a chance of providing long-term security in Anbar province,” the Sunni-dominated area of western Iraq, she adds.

The problem is that the Iraqi government continues to show “a preference for mobilizing Shiite militias rather than using the national guard force and mobilizing Sunni tribal leaders,” Kagan says.

Worse than Antichrist Islamic State? Concerns rise about Iraq’s Antichrist Islamic Shiite militias 

A former aide to General David Petraeus warns that as the Pentagon prepares to send another 1,500 US troops to Iraq to help “destroy” the Islamic State fighters, there may be an even greater danger that forces face: Iranian-backed Shiite militias.

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The power of these militias has been growing throughout the country this year after Iraqi security forces were unable to prevail – and in some cases shed their uniforms and ran – while battling Islamic State fighters.

The Shiite militias are well-trained, in many cases by Iranian military commanders, and battle-tested. During the height of the Iraq war, these militias were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of US troops.

Antichrist Islamic State captures Jordanian pilot after warplane crashes in Syria

“During a mission Wednesday morning conducted by several Royal Jordanian Air Force planes against hideouts of the IS terrorist organisation in the Raqqa region, one of the planes went down and the pilot was taken hostage,” a military source was quoted as saying.

“Jordan holds the group and its supporters responsible for the safety of the pilot and his life,” the source added.

The source did not name the pilot, but Petra published a photo of Flt Lt Kasasbeh above its report.

Nun pleads for Christians raped, sold, killed by Antichrist ISIS

The Orthodox Christian nun feels it with each new atrocity committed against the Yazidi and Christian minorities of Syria and Iraq. She feels it in the church burnings across Egypt and the slaughter of innocent children in Pakistan.

For this reason she brought a word of warning to Americans in a visit last week to Minnesota, where she spoke to several church groups.

Today’s political climate draws her back to 1915 and her native Turkey, when her family experienced the cruelty of the Ottoman caliphate, which slaughtered 3 million Christians and reduced others to second-class status under subjugation, or “dhimmitude.”

Antichrist ISIS is nothing new, she said, just the re-emergence of Antichrist Islam’s dark side.

“Antichrist ISIS is not fanatic. Antichrist ISIS is not more terrible. Antichrist ISIS is real Antichrist Muslim believers who like to follow the Antichrist Quran and Antichrist Muhammad,” said the founder of Warburg, Germany-based Sister Hatune Foundation, a worldwide relief organization that has been honored by the German government for its dedication to human rights. “Others say they are Antichrist Muslim. They say they believe Antichrist Quran, but they don’t follow it.”


WTI Crude is down over 3.5%, dropping back towards $55 – dismissing yesterday’s dead-cat-bounce deja vu – as EIA inventory builds more than expected at 7.27 million barrels (biggest build in 2 months to 6-month highs). This is the largest inventory for the time of year in at least a decade. Of course, while energy stocks are fading broad equity indices do not care at all…

EIA Inventories rose most in over 2 months…

Why Do Grievous Sores Appear On Those Who Receive The Mark Of The Beast (Rev. 16:2)? We Need To Talk About The Health Risks Of Emerging “666” Technology