122014 Gleaning Middle Of Hanukkah Strange Grid Pattern Of Over 20 Earthquakes Swarming Low Intensity And Shallow Now Happening In Central Italy

by amongthenumberedsaints

Saturday, December 20, 2014: At the end (Miketz)

2014 will be remembered for a very rare occurance, the first half of a sequence of four blood moons coming over the next two years- on the Jewish Passovers on April 15, 2014, and April 4, 2015, and the Feasts Of The Tabernacles on Oct. 8, 2014 and Sept. 28, 2015.

Such events have occurred on only a handful of times in the last 2000 years and each time significant events happened to the Jewish people.

The first half of the 4 blood moons are complete as 2014 comes to an end in what has seen the world descend to new depths regarding terrorism and religious fanaticism.
People around the world are baffled and concerned with climate change.

Food prices are rising rapidly and an almost unbearable tension hovers over the heads of world leaders as the world stumbles towards another global conflict.
Apart from the above did the blood moons arrive accompanied by other signs?.

Blood Moons of 2014 Accompanied With Record Breaking Quakes And X-class Flares


In April we had 26 earthquakes of Mag 6 or larger, this is by far more than any other month this year.

April also includes the biggest quake of this year, the massive magnitude 8.2- of Iquique, Chile.
26 Mag 6 + quakes in one month is astonishing if you consider the average number of M 6 + quakes per month for the rest of the year is only 11.45, less than half of April!

Consider too, on 11th of April, in just one day, 5 Mag 6+ quakes were registered which is almost as many as the whole month of January which registered 6.

Not only did April produce the largest quake of the year it also produced the most Mag 7+ quakes of the year, an incredible 7, from a total of 12 for the whole year.
April had only 1 X-class flare.


October was a very quiet month for large quakes, only 8 quakes of Mag 6 or more, the biggest being Mag7.3 WSW of Jiquilillo, Nicaragua.

AR2192 a “monster”

However……6 X-class flares were recorded in October, this is also by far more than any other month this year beating the next highest: 3 X-class flares in June.

January and February had 1 apiece as did March and April also September November and December.
Only 16 X-class flares have been recorded this year.

The biggest X-class flare occurred in October an X 3.1 on the 24th of that month..
The sunspot region which caused the flares in October was also very special.

A record breaking 6th X-class flair from sunspot group AR2192, the most X-class flairs produced by a single group this solar cycle, it also produced four X-class flairs in four days with several M-class flairs thrown in and AR2192 is the biggest sunspot for more than 25 years!

The rift between United States and Russia continues as the Pentagon threatens Russia with releasing nuclear missiles in lieu of the Moscow’s violation. According to the US, the country is prepared to redeploy nuclear weapons as a means to keep Russia at bay following its breach of two arms control treaties.

Reasons To Prep. US Positioning Against Gog-Magog For Nuclear Armageddon 

Belarus’s central bank has introduced a 30% duty on all purchases of foreign currency to try to protect its rouble.

There were reports of some foreign exchange offices running out of money and queues forming at banks as people tried to withdraw money.

Amid fears of a devaluation of the Belarus rouble, President Alexander Lukashenko insisted the country could weather the storm and instructed his people not to convert their roubles: “Don’t change it for foreign currency, don’t trade it, because it will have consequences,” he warned.

There have been rumours in the last few days that Sberbank in Russia will impose similar restrictions on its customers and that it could block their Visa and MasterCards. The rumours have been denied by the bank and the card companies.

Belarus imposes duty on foreign currency purchases 

We are sure it’s nothing – since stock markets in China and The US are soaring – but deep, deep down in the heart of the real economies, there is a problem. The Baltic Dry Index has fallen for 21 straight days, tumbling around 40% since Thanksgiving Day.

The Baltic Dry Index Has Never Crashed This Fast Post-Thanksgiving

Not even a puppet state like Germany is going to let the people freeze to death, let the factories be closed down, and let the unemployment rate hit 40 percent. It’s just not going to happen — it would be the end of NATO.

So whenever the Russians want to destroy NATO, that’s all they have to do. Just call up the puppet Merkel, call up the puppet Hollande, the puppet Cameron, and say, ‘You guys really enjoy being in NATO, well let me tell you what, we no longer sell energy to NATO members.’ That’s the end of NATO and that’s the end of the cover for American power.

That would set off so many black swans. Every banking system would probably collapse because if the German banks are faced with German industry closing down, what the hell is going to happen to the banks? So all the cards are in Putin’s hands. None of them are in Washington’s hands. Putin is going to reorient Russia to the East.

Then you are going to see Russia, India, and China, take over the leadership of the world. That will start in 2015.”

“I was listening to the news today and there were all these self-righteous people just happy as all get out that they had finally stomped Russia into the ground and ‘Russia is now finished,’ and Russia was broken and ‘would soon be an American vassal state where it belongs.’ And I was listening to this rot and got to thinking, ‘How can people be so utterly stupid?’ But they are, and they are just as stupid in Washington.

And in the meantime, as part of this process, Eric, we may see Russia unleash black swans that bring down the Western house of cards…

Paul Craig Roberts – Russia To Unleash Ultimate Black Swan Against The West 

The United Nations believes the daily battles have killed more than 4,700 people and driven nearly a million from their homes.

Its children’s fund UNICEF said on Friday that “tens of thousands” of youth still lived in areas engulfed by violence.

“The situation for more than 1.7 million children affected by the conflict remains extremely serious,” the UN Children’s Rights and Emergency Relief Organisation said.

US imposes new Russia sanctions ahead of Ukraine peace talks 

A Ukrainian soldier who was part of the crew that operated the supposed missile-battery that the Ukrainian Government claims shot down the Malaysian MH17 airliner on July 17th has testified publicly for the first time, saying that the missile-battery was operated by the Ukrainian military, not by the rebels as asserted, and that he and his former crew-mates who operated it laughed when they heard their Government say that this missile-battery was operated by rebels and had shot the airliner down.

An English-translated transcript of the December 15th Russian-language interview with this soldier was posted at UkraineWar.Info on December 17th by Michael Collins, an investigative journalist with UkraineWar.Info who has been following very closely the multiple investigations that are proceeding into the cause of the downing.

This testimony confirms the accumulating prior, already overwhelming and even-more-convincing evidence, which is linked to in my latest article on the topic, here, all of which evidence indicates that either one or else two Ukrainian fighter-jets intentionally shot this airliner down — that it was not an error by rebels who had mis-identified this airliner as being a bomber from the Ukrainian Government, such as the Ukrainian Government and its sponsor the U.S. Government claim.

Ukrainian Soldier Confirms: Ukrainian Military Shot Down Malaysian MH17 Plane

And here are Goldman’s thoughts on Russia and The West now and into 2015…

The Annotated History Of Russian Crises Since 1860 

Francis’ strongest support comes from The Europa Whores of Europe, where a median of 84% offer a favorable rating. Idiot Latin America – the pope’s home region – also gives him high marks, with 72% saying they have a positive opinion.1 However, Francis is less well-known in other parts of the world. In discerning(?) Africa, 44% say they like the pope, but 40% offer no rating. Not so stupid(?) Asians are similarly unfamiliar with Francis, with 41% supporting him and 45% expressing no opinion. The mostly Antichrist Middle East is the most negative toward Francis, with a quarter viewing him unfavorably. However, an equal number (25%) give a positive rating and a plurality (41%) do not rate him.

Hell bound Americans are particularly fond of Petrus Romanus Pope Francis, with more than three-quarters (78%) giving him positive marks.

Petrus Romanus Evil Jesuit Pope Francis’ Image Positive in Much of World 

This is the crux of the matter. FBI has said it stands by its case. Why would FBI say anything else? They have no need to provide any arguments or evidence, having successfully hounded one of their (several) suspect scientists until he committed suicide.

They tried to close the case then, in August 2008. But some in Congress were highly dissatisfied, so at a September 2008 hearing in which he was the only witness, FBI Director Mueller promised a review of the scientific evidence by the National Academy of Science (NAS).

An excellent team was assembled by the Academy, and they set to work. But FBI learned the committee was doing too thorough a job, and its findings did not favor the FBI’s claims in the case. So FBI did an end run around the NAS, closing its case and issuing this report in 2010, long before the NAS was ready with its 2011 report.

Once the NAS report came out, FBI sang a different tune. It wasn’t the science that was definitive; rather, it was the totality of the forensic evidence.

Except: what evidence was FBI referring to? There was no direct evidence linking Ivins to the crime, nor evidence it was even possible to manufacture a sufficient quantity of spores in the Army facility where he worked.

Here’s what the FBI still claims about its case, despite everything:
“…New scientific methods were developed that ultimately led to the break in the case—methods that could have a far-reaching impact on future investigations.
So the new scientific methods broke the case– except they were in fact inconclusive and have not stood up to scrutiny by either the NAS or the GAO. In fact, no agency or group besides the FBI has given them any credence. Members of Congress remained unsatisfied, like Senator Grassley.

Today, outgoing Congressmember and physicist Rush Holt (who requested the GAO study and will lead the AAAS next month) said the report:
“confirms what I have often said — that the F.B.I.’s definitive conclusions about the accuracy of their scientific findings in the Amerithrax case are not, in fact, definitive. The United States needs a comprehensive, independent review of the Amerithrax investigation to ensure we have learned the lessons from this bio attack.”

^^^If you are an FBI puke, right about now you need your teeth drilled for this case and then some, don’t you? By the current HS Executive NWO standard your teeth need a good drilling without cause for public review. This means anyone has the right, and duty, to drill your teeth with resolve until you are nothing but a missing person …forever, right? You dumb evil bastards. Who do you think you are trying to fool at this point? …assholes. Your shit has always been, and always be, in the wind, concerning your; blowing up the World Trade Center in 1993, weapons grade American made Anthrax post 911  coverup attempt(s) and the current economic global banker heist you aid and abet still.

Your place in Hell is assured, if it wasn’t, the dentist chair would be a basement near you long ago. Bastards! Nobody ”IS” buying your lie(s). You are all grocery clerks in the Heart Of Darkness. Lol. Morons


Canadian Parliament has until January 17th to respond to a petition introduced by MP Elizabeth May that would investigate the 9/11 Commission Report. The petition was signed by 1,400 Canadians demanding a review of inconsistencies in the official report on the attacks of September 11, 2001. May introduced the on December 3rd and has faced criticism from the media for supporting the petition organized by the group ReThink911 Canada. The group wants the government to investigate the possibility that the world trade center towers were brought down by controlled demolition.

Canadian Parliament Could Vote to Investigate 9/11 Commission Report 

The Antichrist Islamic State extremist group has executed 100 of its own foreign fighters who tried to flee their headquarters in the Syrian city of Raqqa, the Financial Times newspaper said Saturday.

Antichrist IS has executed 100 foreigners trying to quit

Israel’s military struck a Antichrist Hamas site in the Gaza Strip early Saturday in its first airstrike on the Antichrist Palestinian territory since this summer’s war.

The Antichrist Israeli military said the airstrike on what it called a Antichrist “Hamas terror infrastructure site” in the southern Gaza Strip was in response to a rocket fired from Gaza into southern Israel on Friday. The rocket fire caused no injuries.

Israel and Antichrist Hamas, the Antichrist Palestinian militant group that controls Gaza, fought a 50-day war this summer. In that war, Antichrist Hamas launched thousands of rockets and mortars toward Israel, which carried out an aerial campaign and a ground invasion. The war left more than 2,100 Palestinians dead, according to Palestinian and Antichrist U.N. officials. On the Israeli side, 66 soldiers and six civilians were killed.

Israel carries out airstrike on Antichrist Hamas site in Gaza 

TheBlaze spoke to two prominent Jewish activists who asked not to be named who were surprised the White House used the occasion of the Jewish holiday to convey messages about Israel that could be construed by some as political, particularly in light of the fact that Israel is currently gearing up for elections.

The Significance Behind the Menorahs at the White House Hanukkah Reception

Jindal told reporters, “Let’s be clear about what this is. This is an opportunity for people across denominational lines to come together to pray. It’s not a political event, it’s a religious event,”

Bobby Jindal Draws Criticism From Antichrist Anti-Americans Anti-Constitutional Fools Over Prayer Event Participation

Saturday December 20 2014, 07:53:41 UTC 18 minutes ago Central Italy 2.3 10.0
Saturday December 20 2014, 07:43:13 UTC 28 minutes ago Central Italy 2.0 9.0
Saturday December 20 2014, 07:18:58 UTC 52 minutes ago Central Italy 2.2 9.0
Saturday December 20 2014, 06:53:23 UTC 78 minutes ago Central Italy 2.5 9.0
Saturday December 20 2014, 06:44:48 UTC 86 minutes ago Central Italy 2.0 9.0


The next Napa earthquake could be much bigger, scientists find

Sierra Leone, neighboring Guinea and Liberia are at the heart of the world’s worst recorded outbreak of Ebola. Rates of infection are rising fastest in Sierra Leone, which now accounts for more than half of the 18,603 confirmed cases of the virus.

The overall death toll from the epidemic has risen to 6,915 as of Dec. 14, the WHO said on Wednesday, adding that the increase in cases in Sierra Leone appeared to have slowed.

Kargbo said Willoughby’s death was one of the most tragic to hit the country since the passing, in July, of its only virologist and Ebola specialist, Dr Shek Humar Khan.

PLAGUES & PESTILENCES: The Ebola Outbreak – Sierra Leone’s Leading Doctor Dies Of Ebola! 

1981 an investor had decided to forego investing in commodities and simply to diversify his holdings across other asset classes, his decision would have been enough to earn himself a decade at the beach. If our investor had then returned to the office in 1990, and again made just one decision – to own nothing in Japan – he could once again have gone back to sipping margaritas for the next ten years. In 2000, the decision had to be not to own overvalued technology stocks. By 2006, our investor needed to start selling his holdings in financials around the world. And by 2008, the money-saving decision would have been to forego investing in euroland.

The Burning Questions For 2015

Major solar flare measuring X1.8 erupted from Region 2242

A major solar flare measuring X1.8 (R3-Strong Radio blackout) at its peak time erupted from Region 2242 (‘beta-gamma-delta’) at 00:28 UTC on December 20, 2014. The event started at 00:11 and ended at 00:55 UTC.

It appears the most of ejected material is directed south of the ecliptic, however, further imagery is needed to determine if there is an Earth directed component. This page will be updated accordingly.

There has already been one Earth-effect: Extreme UV radiation from the flare ionized our planet’s upper atmosphere and blacked out HF radio communications over Australia and the South Pacific. Below 10 MHz, transmissions were strongly attenuated for more than two hours. 

SOLAR WATCH: Sunspot 2242 Erupts With Powerful X1.8 Solar Flare – Extreme UV Radiation Ionized Earth’s Upper Atmosphere And Blacked Out HF Radio Comunications Over The Pacific; Earth-Directed Coronal Mass Ejection!

ICE AGE NOW: Cold Wave Hits Northern India – 30 People Killed; Thousands Of Trees Fallen; Widespread Power Outage!

December 20, 2014 – INDIA – In some of the heaviest spells of snowfall Uttarakhand has seen in recent times, 30 people, according to the State Disaster Mitigation and Management Centre, have died in the hills in the last two days.

2014 Year In Review (Part 1): The Final Throes Of A Geopolitical Game Of Tetris

^^^Lol~whew, brain hurts. In short, 2014 certainly confirmed pre tribulation  set up for 2015 tribulation confirmed, lol, by the number(s) of the beast.

Bond Yields Set To Plunge In 2015: Next Year Global Treasury Supply Will Tumble By 20% As ECB Joins The Party 

See you all at 1.5% or much lower. 

In short, between Europe and Japan, thanks to the BOJ and ECB, there will be literally no bonds that will make their way from the primary to the secondary market! Which means only one thing: those looking for the marginal, and only, source of high quality collateral in 2015, will find it coming right out of 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW in Washington. And that assumes, very generously, that that other famous institution located on Constitution Avenue Northwest doesn’t come out of hibernation and resume soaking up collateral on its own if and when the S&P500 finally corrects from its unprecedented, and manipulated, bubble levels.

Credit Doesn’t Care What the FOMC Says: The “Recovery” That Never Was Is Over 

The recovery is over because it never was. The Fed is now kamikaze and stuck on this course, having painted itself into a smaller and smaller corner in which to operate. Their only hope is that their confidence turns into your confidence, but credit and funding markets are impenetrable at this moment to such utter nonsense. For many places, it is already “look out below.”