121314 Gleaning 2015~”Zenith 2016” Antichrist NWO Obozo Clown Prophetic Israeli ”Covenant With Many” To Be Confirmed

by amongthenumberedsaints

Saturday, December 13,2014: He dwelt(Vayeshev)



To the Overseer, `Concerning the Inheritances.’ — A Psalm of David. My sayings hear, O Jehovah, Consider my meditation.

2 Be attentive to the voice of my cry, My king and my God, For unto Thee I pray habitually.
3 Jehovah, [at] morning Thou hearest my voice, [At] morning I set in array for Thee, And I look out.
4 For not a God desiring wickedness [art] Thou, Evil inhabiteth Thee not.

Psalm 5 

5 The boastful station not themselves before Thine eyes: Thou hast hated all working iniquity.

6 Thou destroyest those speaking lies, A man of blood and deceit Jehovah doth abominate..

President Barack Obozo warns Israel “In my final 2 years of my Presidency there will be a Antichrist NWO 666 Prophetic  Peace Agreement Confirming The Antichrist Mark Of The Beast Tribulation” a 2 Satanic State Final Solution 

And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.


…….……………Sudden Silence………………. Prophetic Antichrist 7 Year Covenant With Many Requested By Israel The 2015 Burry Harbinger Divestment (AKA) BHD PUT 

If we see all these signs in a matter of days or weeks, then our global financial system is being tested once again by the small community of speculators that profit from betting against industries, countries, or markets. They made a fortune betting against mortgages. Most of them didn’t retire to enjoy that wealth. They moved on to the next trade, and every day they try to repeat their investing success..

How To Tell If The Next Financial Crisis Is Upon Us 

Anywhere there might be weakness.

This month, it’s in energy companies that borrowed more than $200 billion while planning on oil prices staying over $100 a barrel, and gasoline staying over $3 a gallon.

Only time will tell whether there have been enough bets against those optimistic energy companies to make it a problem for everyone, and not just them.

The Crude Crash Comes To Wall Street: Counterparty Risks Rear Their Ugly Heads Again

Are banks hedging counterparty risk once more ‘knowing’ what loans and exposures they have to the massively levered US oil industry? Or is it different this time? 

Matthew 24 

and as the days of Noah — so shall be also the presence of the Son of Man;
38 for as they were, in the days before the flood, eating, and drinking, marrying, and giving in marriage, till the day Noah entered into the ark, 39 and they did not know till the flood came and took all away; so shall be also the presence of the Son of Man..

This Time May Not Be Different After All 

Seven days later, it remains to be seen if market bubblemania on the back of central bank multiple expansion can thrive, especially as corporate cash flow (and revenue, and GAAP EPS) growth trickles to a halt, coupled with an energy and junk bond market implosion, but when it comes to Barron’s covers top-ticking the market, it is never different.


Millions of Americans face catastrophic loss of electrical power during a future magnetic space storm that will disrupt the electric grid and cause cascading infrastructure failures, according to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) document.

DHS: 100 Million Americans Could Lose Power in Major Sun Storm

DHS’ Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) stated in an internal 2012 fact sheet outlining its response plan for severe “space weather” that the actual impact and damage from a future solar storm is not known.

“An analysis of the space weather impacts indicates that the greatest challenge will be to provide life-saving and life-sustaining resources for large numbers of people that experience long-term power outage from damage to the U.S. electrical grid,” the FEMA document, dated March 1, 2012, states.

The FEMA fact sheet noted the findings of a 2010 study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the agency that monitors sun storms, warning that an extreme solar storm could leave “130 million people without power for years,” and destroy or damage more than 300 hard-to-replace electrical grid transformers.

Major solar storms are rare. Two major solar disruption events took place in 1859 and 1921, times when electricity was less prevalent than today.

The study said a future solar storm like the great magnetic storm of May 1921 would black out most states east of the Mississippi River along with most states in the Pacific Northwest.

The long-term loss of electrical power likely would produce catastrophic loss of life.

Plucked from the surging river engorged by the ‘Pineapple Express’: Husband and wife rescued from floods after ‘river of rain’ triggers mudslides consuming dozens of homes on the West Coast

Indonesian officials said at least 18 people were killed and 90 are still missing after a landslide set of by heavy rains buried dozens of houses in Jemblung village, Banjanegara district of Indonesia’s Central Java, on Friday, December 12, 2014.

Deadly landslide hits Jemblung village in Central Java, Indonesia

Dave Hodges interviewed the legendary Jim Marrs and the two had in an in-depth discussion of false flag revelations of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Jim and Dave also engaged in a very telling discussion of who killed JFK and why in an unusual case of naming names.

Stunning Interview with Jim Marrs Comparing the False Flag Events of Pearl Harbor, JFK Assassination & Dead Bankers 

Finally, this stunning interview culminated with a frank discussion on why at least 36 power bankers, with powerful connections to gold, stock market insider information and close connections to the elite bankers have been murdered in such a short period of time.

This was the most stunning interview in the history of The Common Sense Show.

Tens of thousands of Polish opposition supporters marched in the capital Warsaw on Saturday to denounce alleged irregularities in last month’s local elections.

The big demonstration took the protesters, waving Poland’s red-and-white flag, past the government seat and ended at the monument to independence father Jozef Pilsudski.

“These elections were rigged,” Kaczynski told supporters. “They want to deprive us of our ballots because they are seeing the prospect of our victory.”

Thousands of protestors flood Polish opposition demo 

On December 10th, the office of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko drew up plans for a huge graveyard to accommodate 250,000 corpses for its soldiers in the Government’s renewed military plan for next year to conquer the regions of Ukraine that reject the coup-Government that was imposed upon all of Ukraine when the United States hired mercenaries to carry out a coup in Kiev on 22 February 2014 (under the cover of the “Maidan” anti-corruption demonstrations), which overthrew Ukraine’s democratically elected President, Viktor Yanukovych. The rebelling regions of Ukraine are those which had voted about 90% for Yanukovych.

Ukraine Prepares 250,000 Graves for Its Soldiers 

While the market, and America’s media, was focusing over the passage of the Cromnibus, and whether Wall Street would dump a few hundred trillion in derivatives on the laps of US taxpayers once again (it did), quietly and unanimously both houses passed The Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014, which authorizes “providing lethal assistance to Ukraine’s military” as well as sweeping sanctions on Russia’s energy sector.

The measure mandates sanctions against Rosoboronexport, the state agency that promotes Russia’s defense exports and arms trade. It also would require sanctions on OAO Gazprom (GAZP), the world’s largest extractor of natural gas, if the state-controlled company withholds supplies to other European nations (yes, the US is now in the pre-emptive punishment business, and is enforcing sanctions on a “what if” basis).

In other words, in addition to the global energy meltdown which is about to send oil exporting nations into a state of shock matched only by owners of US High Yield energy bonds, the Ukraine conflict, which the algos and carbon-based Portfolio Manager forgot about, is about to re-escalate, with Russia now set to recreate the Crimea annexation after it officially sends its troops on Ukraine soil.

So does this mean that what was a lingering proxy cold civil war in east Ukraine between NATO-armed Ukraine troops and Russia-armed Separatists and local militias is about to escalate into a shooting precursor to something greater? There is still hope an all out escalation can be avoided. From Bloomberg:

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said today that the administration hadn’t finished reviewing the language and isn’t ready to take a position on the legislation. He said the administration wants to ensure that the U.S. and its European allies are working together, that any sanctions are effective and that they minimize harm to U.S. and European companies.

“This is delicate work,” Earnest said.
Did we say “there is hope”? Never mind.

Russia Warns May Send Troops To Ukraine After Congress Unanimously Votes To Give Lethal Aid To Kiev 

The good news is that preparations for yet another world war are taking place, the US will “prove” it has the moral superiority by offsetting Russian propaganda…. with its own propaganda!

From the last line of the Ukraine Freedom Support Act:

“Directs the Chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors to submit to Congress a plan for increasing the quantity of Russian-language broadcasting into the countries of the former Soviet Union in order to counter Russian Federation propaganda. Requires such plan to prioritize broadcasting into Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova by the Voice of America (VOA) and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.”
Which can only mean one thing: the US is about to flood the airwaves east of the Dnieper river with reruns of Rocky 4 all over again.

Russia says US destroying ‘carcass of cooperation’ with Ukraine law 

Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Friday sternly criticized a law backed by the US Congress over Ukraine and said Washington was doing its utmost to “destroy the carcass of cooperation” between the two countries.

The ministry added in a statement that US authorities were unable to abandon outdated phobias in their dealings with Russia and warned that the law could undermine bilateral relations.

US-Russian relations are at their lowest since the Cold War over the Ukraine crisis.

Matthew 24 

for wherever the carcase may be, there shall the eagles be gathered together.
29 `And immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from the heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken;

30 and then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in the heaven; and then shall all the tribes of the earth smite the breast, and they shall see the Son of Man coming upon the clouds of the heaven, with power and much glory;

31 and he shall send his messengers with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his chosen from the four winds, from the ends of the heavens unto the ends thereof. 32 `And from the fig-tree learn ye the simile: When already its branch may have become tender, and the leaves it may put forth, ye know that summer [is] nigh, 33 so also ye, when ye may see all these, ye know that it is nigh — at the doors.

34 Verily I say to you, this generation may not pass away till all these may come to pass.

and lo, they cried out, saying, `What — to us and to thee, Jesus, Son of God? didst thou come hither, before the time, to afflict us?’ 30 And there was far off from them a herd of many swine feeding,

Matthew 8 

31 and the demons were calling on him, saying, `If thou dost cast us forth, permit us to go away to the herd of the swine;’

32 and he saith to them, `Go.’ And having come forth, they went to the herd of the swine, and lo, the whole herd of the swine rushed down the steep, to the sea, and died in the waters,

And there came one of the seven messengers, who were having the seven vials, and he spake with me, saying to me, `Come, I will shew to thee the judgment of the great whore, who is sitting upon the many waters,2 with whom the kings of the earth did commit whoredom; and made drunk from the wine of her whoredom were those inhabiting the earth;’


these have one mind, and their own power and authority to the beast they shall give over;
14 these with the Lamb shall make war, and the Lamb shall overcome them, because Lord of lords he is, and King of kings, and those with him are called, and choice, and stedfast.’

15 And he saith to me, `The waters that thou didst see, where the whore doth sit, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues;’

Flu season is here, and it’s hitting one Colorado school district especially hard.

So many students in Crowley County School District have fallen ill that the entire district will be closed Friday. The district has 455 students, and superintendent Scott Cuckow says 20 percent have gotten sick.

Widespread Flu Shuts Down Entire School District 

“We thought it was best to have the kids and staff stay home,” Cuckow explained to our partners at The Gazette. He said the district is closed on Mondays anyway, so this will give those sick a full four days to recover.

The district is going to sanitize and clean the schools while students and faculty are out.


16 and the ten horns that thou didst see upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and shall burn her in fire,

17 for God did give into their hearts to do its mind, and to make one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast till the sayings of God may be complete,

18 and the woman that thou didst see is the great city that is having reign over the kings of the land.’.