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Wherever you look today there was dramatic moves in markets

Markets Turmoiled As 5th Hindenburg Looms 

While everyone knows the direct consequence of China’s tinkering with collateral rules last night led to the biggest Chinese stock market crash in years, not many understand what caused this. In a nutshell, what China did was severely curb its shadow banking industry, when China’s securities clearing house said it raised the quality threshold for corporate bonds qualifying as collateral for repurchase agreements, or repos, which are short-term loans with maturities spanning from overnight to 182 days. And since the proceeds of such repo deals are usually used to purchase stocks, suddenly a major source of “dry powder” for Chinese stock buying was violently and unexpectedly yanked away.

What is far more curious is that China would proactively pursue the same kind of action that the US and all western banks are terrified of: clogging up a key shadow banking conduit in the form of well-functioning repos.

So what would a comparable action look like in the US? For the answer we go to the two biggest players in the US repo market, those legacy asset custodians who perform asset transformation by matching assets held by Client X with assets demanded by Client Y on a rented, or repo, or better yet, rehypothecated basis: State Street and Bank of New York.

Just how big is the total asset pool of repoable securities as represented by America’s two custodian banks?

55 Trillion Reasons Why Bank Of New York And State Street Better Not Get Any Ideas From China

In any event, if China managed to lead to the biggest crash of its market since 2009 when it halted a tiny leverage pathway which amounted to just $200 billion, imagine what would happen if – for whatever reason – BoNY and/or State Street decided to cut off some of their $55 trillion in custody assets, which in a time of ZIRP, effectively doulble as virtually free “dry powder” for anyone who wants to use them.

In short: let’s hope that America’s two venerable custody banks don’t get any ideas from China and certainly don’t decide, any time in the near future, to slam the shadow banking system shut – a system whose “assets” at just these two banks are about 3 times greater than the market cap of the S&P500.

The claim by Al-Britani comes just days after reports emerged that IS could have in its possession a dirty bomb, the elements of which were obtained via earlier IS raids on a university research facility in Mosul that contained uranium. Al-Britani is also responsible for the flurry of reports on the dirty bomb.

Al-Britani, who has disseminated on his Twitter feed “weapon instructions and manuals,” claimed on Nov. 23 that the “Islamic State does have a dirty bomb. We found some radioactive material from Mosul university,” according to the tweets reproduced by SITE.

While it is difficult to assess the veracity of Al-Britani’s claims, U.S. officials have expressed concern about IS potentially smuggling nuclear and radioactive material out of Iraq.

U.S. and Iraqi officials inked a pact in September meant to step up efforts to combat this type of smuggling, which the United States deemed a “critical” threat.

Antichrist Islamic State Claims ‘Radioactive Device’ Now in Europe

“Perhaps it’s also time to recognize that open borders and successful counter-terrorism are mutually exclusive,” he said. “It’s a lesson that might fly in the face of Obozo’s ideology, but reality will always trump political spin.”

Antichrist Al Qaeda Terrorist Wanted by FBI Crossed Back and Forth Into U.S. From Mexico

An Al Qaeda terrorist on the FBI’s most wanted list for years crossed back and forth into the United States from Mexico to meet fellow militant Islamists in Texas and piloted an aircraft into the Cielo Dorado airfield in Anthony, New Mexico, law enforcement sources tell Judicial Watch.

The same Al Qaeda operative helped plan the 2009 bombing of talk-show superstar Oprah Winfrey’s Chicago studios and the iconic Sears Tower (renamed Willis Tower), a story that Judicial Watch broke just last week. His name is Adnan G. El Shukrijumah (also known as “Javier Robles”) and over the weekend he was killed in Pakistan, according to military officials in the Islamic republic.

In 2010 Shukrijumah was indicted in the Eastern District of New York for his role in a terrorist plot to attack targets in the United States—including New York City’s subway system—and the United Kingdom, according the FBI. The plot against New York City’s subway system was directed by senior Al Qaeda leadership in Pakistan, the FBI says, and was also directly related to a scheme by Al Qaeda plotters in Pakistan to use Western operatives to attack a target in the United States.

A year earlier Shukrijumah helped plan a terrorist truck-bomb plot targeting Winfrey’s Harpo Studios and the Sears Tower. Two of his fellow conspirators—Emad Karakrah and Hector Pedroza Huerta—were recently arrested for unrelated state crimes in different parts of the country. Karakrah is in Cook County, Illinois Jail on charges of making a false car bomb threat after leading police on a high-speed chase through Chicago with an ISIS flag waving from his car in August. Huerta, an illegal alien twice convicted for driving intoxicated, is in the El Paso County Jail and is scheduled to be sentenced later this month.

The men form part of a sophisticated narco-terror ring, exposed by JW in October, with connections running from El Paso to Chicago to New York City. It includes an all-star lineup of logistics and transportation operatives for militant Islamists in the United State, drug and weapons smugglers for the Juarez drug cartel in Mexico, an FBI confidential informant gone rogue and two of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists. Shukrijumah is one of them.

Despite being one of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists, Shukrijumah for years managed to slip in and out of the U.S. through the southern border to meet fellow militant Islamists—including Karakrah and Huerta—in the El Paso region, JW’s law enforcement sources confirm. In fact, in March the most wanted terrorist piloted a private aircraft from Mexico into the airfield at Cielo Dorado in Anthony New Mexico, according to JW’s high-level government sources.

Citing Pakistani military officials, a newspaper syndicate confirms that he’s been killed. “In an intelligence-borne operation, top al-Qaeda leader Adnan el Shukrijumah was killed by (the) Pakistan Army in an early morning raid in Shinwarsak, South Waziristan today,” a military statement quoted in the story says. “The remote region borders Afghanistan. His accomplice and local facilitator were also killed in the raid.”

Shukrijumah, 39, probably could have qualified for Obozo’s amnesty. He was born in Saudi Arabia and moved to the U.S. with his family as a youngster in the mid-1990s. As a teenager he lived in South Florida’s Broward County and he attended the local community college where he took computer science and chemistry classes, according to the area’s newspaper. His mother, Zurah Adbu Ahmed, still lives in South Florida, the paper reports.

Antichrist Iranian Officials Vow to Get Nukes, Target Israel, US Forces

Forghani warned that soon he will promote the slogan “nuclear weapon is [sic] our definite right,” and that there will be people in the streets demanding a nuclear-armed Iran. He hinted that these events would lead to the destruction of Israel, adding that this “is exactly what Almighty God wants.”
Special: Colon Cancer Warning Signs: If You Have Any of These . . . He declared that soon the world will face “a nuclear Iran that not only has nuclear power, but also is equipped with nuclear weapons. Hence, Tehran will not negotiate with Washington anymore.”


The US deployed its own nonlethal microwave beam as a crowd control weapon in Afghanistan. But the device, called the Raytheon Active Denial System (ADS) was recalled in 2010 without ever seeing it used. Critics at home and abroad raised serious questions about the ethics of using a pain beam to break up riots.

^^^Lol, the day the device strikes an individual in the right, or even a crowd, the government fools that dared to use it certainly shall not escape the use of the same weapon against the evil government 666 antichrist bastards.

In the case of China, the entire Antichrist government is evil, and the Great Wal Mart Of China measures the pathetic American government counterpart as the lesser of two evil antichrist bastards inside the same scale cup. The fact that the ”favored nation” has overcome the economic 666 number one position America once held confirms the measure of distinction within the cup of fornication. Lol.

…however. Consider the weight of two evils. Is the Antichrist Chinese Communist bastard truly the lesser evil? Those antichrist bastards do not proclaim ”God Bless China”. The reality of asking God to bless America, which has favored the largest evil Antichrist Communist Chinese Government bastard(s) on Earth, is not something the lesser evil declares. No, the American Government bastard(s) is still number 1, in the case of the lesser of two evil antichrist bastards in the same bottomless belly of the 666 beast. The lukewarm bastard is always more pathetic, too pathetic to swallow, like a hungry Great Wal Mart Of China Shopper fired from an in store Mc Donald’s, after a minimum wage hike, where they once worked, waiting to pay for GMO beans with JP Morgan Suicide Vampire Squid foodstamp inflation marked on sale in the new 9 ounce version of a 12 ounce can of sterility AKA prophetic strong delusion.

Soylent Green, the mark of debt in a 9 ounce bucket of ”futures”, eaten by …wait for it ….wait for it ”parents”.

China Crashes: Shanghai Composite Plunges 5.4% Amid Record Trading, Biggest Tumble Since 2009 

Those who have been following the ridiculous moves in the Shanghai Composite in recent months, knew it was only a matter of time before yet another major stock market (one which recently surpassed the Nikkei for the second largest spot in the world) crashed violently, further eroding faith in the centrall-planned “price discovery” process. The only question was when.

It Wasn’t Only China: Here Is What Else Is Crashing Overnight 

It wasn’t just China’s long overdue crash last night. In addition to the Shanghai Composite suffering its biggest plunge since August 2009, there has been a sharp slide in the USDJPY which has broken its uptrend to +∞ (and hyperinflation), and around the time Chinese gamblers were panicking, the FX pair tumbled under 120, although since then the 120 tractor beam has been activated. Elsewhere, the Athens stock exchange is also crashing by over 10% this morning on the heels of news that the Greek government has accelerated the process to elect the next president and possibly, a rerun of the drama from the summer of 2012 when the Eurozone was hanging by a thread when Tsipras almost won the presidential vote and killed the world’s most artificial and insolvent monetary union. And finally, the crude plunge appears to have finally caught up with ground zero, with ADX General Index in Abu Dhabi plunging 3.5%, also poised for the biggest drop since 2009. In fact the only thing that isn’t crashing (at least not this moment), is Brent, which did drop to new 5 year lows earlier under $66, but has since staged a feeble rebound.

Greek Bond Curve Inverts As Stocks Crater

Amid the collapse of the global carry trade, no nation on earth has benefited more (and is now suffering more) from the dash-for-trash, buy-the-pig-sty trade than Greek stocks and bonds. Combining carry unwinds with uncertainty over snap Presidential elections (which could usher in a left-wing anti-EU party into power) and a ‘technical-only’ extension of its handouts from Troika and Greek capital markets are in freefalll. The Athens Stock Index is down over 11% on the day, destroying 3 weeks of gains; the Greek 3Y bond price has collapsed (as the carry-traders pile out through small doors) inverting the yield curve – never a good sign.

Greece Post Mortem: Worst Day Since 1987 Crash, Banks Destroyed, Bond Yields At Post-Bailout Highs 

As the sun sets in Athens, we thought a moment of reflection was worthwhile. Greek stocks are now down 13% – the biggest single-day drop since (drum roll please) the crash of 1987… led by total carnage in Greek banks (down 15-25% on the day). Greek bond yields exploded, 3YR +183bps to a new post-bailout high at 8.32% (and inverted to 10Y).

Venezuelan Bonds Crash To Lowest Price Since 1998

Bond prices in Venezuela have totally collapsed this morning – at 45c on the dollar, they are the lowest since 1998 – as the realization of the “abyss” they are staring into sparks an exodus from all credit positions in the country. VENZ 5Y CDS rallied 130bps which signals hedgers unwinding and the simultaneous sale of the underlying bonds implies broad-based capital flight (and profit taking) as 1Y CDS surges to record highs at 4830bps.

Is This The Mystery Crude Oil Liquidator? The “God Of Crude Oil Trading” Is Out 


As for the $64K question: has he liquidated his long positions yet, or is he yet to liquidate them? Considering the bankruptcy fate of Venezuela may well lie in the answer, we are confident we are not the only ones curious.

Defeat Is Victory 

On the wall of George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth from his novel 1984 there were three slogans:



It occurred to me that these apply just a little bit too well to the way the Washington, DC establishment operates.


Wo [to] those saying to evil `good,’ And to good `evil,’ Putting darkness for light, and light for darkness, Putting bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter. 21 Wo [to] the wise in their own eyes, And — before their own faces — intelligent! 

22 Wo [to] the mighty to drink wine, And men of strength to mingle strong drink. 23 Declaring righteous the wicked for a bribe, And the righteousness of the righteous They turn aside from him. 24 Therefore, as a tongue of fire devoureth stubble, And flaming hay falleth, Their root is as muck, And their flower as dust goeth up. Because they have rejected the law of Jehovah of Hosts, And the saying of the Holy One of Israel despised.

If thine eye offend thee…

America has had its share of ups and downs over the past 238 years. But I believe the current crisis facing this country is on par with the Civil War, in that it could result in the destruction of America. When the government reaches a point where it rules, rather than governs, dissolution of the Union becomes a real possibility. This is especially so in a climate where mindful blindness seems to afflict more than half its citizens. It’s high time Americans regained their vision so they can see and stop the damage..

In the book of Matthew (18:9), it states, “If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out and cast it from thee: it is better for thee to enter life with one eye, than having two eyes to be cast into hellfire.”

It seems to me that many Americans have plucked out both their eyes and cast them away, given that many seem unable to see the precipitous cliff for which we are heading.

^^^Pretribulation fools go to work under NIRP, having accepted the prophetic false measure and loss of principle return required to sustain them. Their labor, willfully aborted for the sake of the snake eating it’s own tail, assured they have escaped the mark of the beast? What fools! They surely declare contempt for the command of our Father in Christ, and have no regard for just weight and sound measure. One of two evils declares the political and economic reality upon this generation, like a clown suit on Obozo during the Senate Floor vote that paid for the TBTJ bonus on his back, which he shall wear in Hell with every idiot that has accepted the Antichrist mark of the beast. There ”IS” no difference, the mark of the beast ”IS” the prophetic false measure that declares the willful fools and deceived nations drunk from the wine of wrath in the cup of fornication. The elect Saints are not deceived.

Tribulation certainly declares the sparing mercy for the thief in Israel, but the measure of the outer court proclaims the want of Babylon’s false measure behind the wall of sleep.


Yes, God will raise up a faraway nation against you, swooping down on you like an eagle, a nation whose language you can’t understand, a mean-faced people, cruel to grandmothers and babies alike. They’ll ravage the young of your animals and the crops from your fields until you’re destroyed. They’ll leave nothing behind: no grain, no wine, no oil, no calves, no lambs—and finally, no you. They’ll lay siege to you while you’re huddled behind your town gates. They’ll knock those high, proud walls flat, those walls behind which you felt so safe. They’ll lay siege to your fortified cities all over the country, this country that God, your God, has given you.

Daniel 5 

and this [is] the writing that is noted down: Numbered, Numbered, Weighed, and Divided.
26 This [is] the interpretation of the thing: Numbered — God hath numbered thy kingdom, and hath finished it. 27 Weighed — Thou art weighed in the balances, and hast been found lacking.
28 Divided — Divided is thy kingdom, and it hath been given to the Medes and Persians.’


And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.

6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

7 And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.

8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Sharyl Attkisson: Obozo Officials’ Profanity Is Nothing New

Attkisson was asked about the revelation by recently-retired ABC News White House correspondent Ann Compton that President Obozo went on a profane, off-the-record outburst over scandals he believed the press was overblowing.

Attkisson — author of “Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obozo’s Washington,” published by Harper — said she isn’t sure the outbursts are genuine.

“I don’t know if it’s heartfelt or sometimes it’s just to create the kind of pushback that leads to a self-censorship, because you’re so beaten down … by what they say, by the social media campaigns and the blog campaigns that they launch.”

Petrus Romanus Blue Mosque Special ”IS” National Cathedral Prayer Guide 

^^^The Pope dope wants an open door for The Antichrist Islamic State. Israel and Obozo created the Antichrist Islamic State door to Russia’s Syrian ally; which perfectly measures the Antichrist 666 nautical mile mark of the beast map maker mission from Mecca to The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where the words ”Allah Has No Son”  adorn the Dome Of The Rock declaring  the status quo of the petro-debt-dollar world currency singular voice of contempt these many evil bastard(s) new world order guide by in contempt, …and Iran, lol, what can be said that Obozo’s action has not confirmed? The Nobel Prize boob ”IS” a Russian built nuclear plant post Fukushima in Iran, and Obozo ”IS” an Iranian clown bombing mission in Iraq.

Apocalypse now, Colonel Kurtz ”IS” as dead as the American Ambassador; left to the slaughter in Libya, or Israel in the eye for an eye blind guide book of the dead AKA sheria version of antichrist rabbinical NWO 666 talmud guide book for the prophetic city of Babylon, Sodom and Egypt, where also Christ was crucified and denied by both Rome and Middle East locals.

Every drop of blood ”IS’ on their hands, their evil and deadly contempt calls for all nations to receive the wine of wrath poured out from the cup of fornication. Team Obozo 911 MIHOP LIHOP ”IS” the prophetic revelation of a certain judgment sealed upon the forehead(s) of the condemned. The oder of their flesh ”IS” unbecoming. The prayer(s) of the Saints now call for tribulation and judgment to come.

The deepest and most powerful low pressure system for A CENTURY is currently hurtling towards the west coast where mammoth 50-ft waves threaten mayhem.
This terrifying image show a gigantic sea swell on a direct collision course with Britain with landfall expected to hit tonight and through tomorrow.

STORM OF CENTURY: Britain to be smashed by hurricane-force wind and blizzards from TONIGHT

Again, Do not underestimate just how low Treasury Yields can fall this week.

Do Not Underestimate How Low Treasury Yields Can Fall

The SPLC publishes two free magazines. One is called Teaching Tolerance and is sent to school teachers for free. It offers advice of how to teach cultural Marxist in public schools. David Ruenzel is listed on the SPLC as an writer for Teaching Tolerance magazine.

SPLC writer slaughtered in racial hate crime murder 

David Ruenzel was slaughtered nine days ago and the SPLC has yet to even mention his death. The SPLC claims it is dedicated to fighting racial hatred. One of their own was just murdered in a racial hate crime and they are silent. They just published more agitation pieces about Mike Brown and the “Transgender Day of Remembrance.” Nothing about their friend Ruenzel.

Since his death is counter to their political agenda, they don’t even want their supporters to know that he died.