12514 Gleaning The Antichrist Set Up In Israel Has Begun

by amongthenumberedsaints

Saturday December 6, 2014: He sent (Vayishlach)

Anglican priest recounts Islamic State mayhem against Christian children

The city of Marseille has been blasted for using Nazi-era tactics to identify its homeless population by issuing them with ID cards, adorned with a yellow triangle. The cards detail their health issues and will be worn visibly. 

French homeless forced to wear ‘yellow triangles’ 

Now, after six consecutive, cumulative bad years (and a couple of those years were also terrible); we see Black Friday shopping plummeting by an additional 20%. For much of the U.S. retail sector; retailers are now selling half as many goods as they were selling before the Crash of ’08.

This is an economy with permanent near-zero interest rates. In even a semi-functional economy; near-zero interest rates would produce such explosive economic growth that a government would be forced to quickly raise interest rates, as the economy would rapidly “overheat”. Six years of near-zero interest rates, and no growth is not indicative of an economy which is dying. It is conclusive proof of a dead economy.

Spending tumbled by an estimated 11 percent over the weekend, the Washington-based National Retail Federation said yesterday. And more than 6 million shoppers who had been expected to hit stores never showed up…

When we subtract a realistic estimate of inflation, once we get even close to 10%, suddenly -11% becomes -20%. Black Friday shopping in the U.S. this year plummeted by 20% (or more). In the realm of economics; a year-over-year change of that magnitude is not a plunge, it is a collapse. But even this reporting is still relatively superficial.

What needs to be supplied here to put this horrific number into true focus is to add context. Specifically, we need to factor-in all of the horrible shopping years in the U.S. which have come before this. This is not some one-year horror story, this is a cumulative, gigantic collapse.

Since the Crash of ’08 – the final death-blow to an already crippled economy – there has not been a single shopping season where the “increase in sales” has been equal to the rate of inflation. Put another way; in real dollars (i.e. subtracting inflation) retail sales have fallen every year. Every year, U.S. retailers are selling less and less goods in a consumer economy.

The Next Crash in 2016

Because this orchestrated collapse is specifically designed to be timed with the U.S. election cycle; the Old World Order clearly intends to continue with its inane fiction that the U.S. economy is still “recovering”. This means that even though it is already D.O.A.; nothing can/will be done to strengthen this Corpse Economy – because to do so would mean contradicting their own propaganda.

Not only is the U.S. economy already dead, but we can be virtually certain that the corpse will be allowed to rot for nearly two more years.

The 2014 Black Friday Shopping Massacre 

Do you ever feel like you are living in a “Bizarro World”? That is how I feel much of the time. I look around and it seems as though some form of mass psychosis has descended on most of the population. Things that would have had Americans angrily marching in the streets a generation or two ago are now just accepted as “normal” by the “sheeple” that populate this nation. If the talking heads that endlessly spew nonsense at us through our televisions tell us to believe something, no matter how absurd it is, most people just go along with it. Before we had televisions and radios and computers and movies and the Internet, people actually had to do the hard work of thinking for themselves. But now we are all plugged into this giant “matrix” that tells us what to think, what to believe and how to feel about things. And unfortunately, the people that are telling us what to think and believe are delusional themselves. The blind are leading the blind, and as a result our nation is coming apart at the seams all around us.

The following are 19 signs that you live in a country that has gone completely insane…

#1 When those occupying the highest offices in the land tell you that an $18,000,000,000,000 debt is “under control“, you live in a country that has gone completely insane.

#2 When your president starts acting like an emperor and begins ruling by decree and your elected representatives won’t lift a finger to do anything to stop it, you live in a country that has gone completely insane.

#3 When the greatest dream in life for millions of your fellow citizens is to win the Powerball jackpot, you live in a country that has gone completely insane.

#4 When dressing up sex dolls in fashionable clothing and photographing them is considered to be art, you live in a country that has gone completely insane.

#5 When only 36 percent of the population can name all three branches of government, you live in a country that has gone completely insane.

#6 When a boy can sue his high school for not letting him use the girls’ restrooms and win $75,000 in “damages”, you live in a country that has gone completely insane.

#7 When people that want to have sex with their own family members start demanding “equal rights”, you live in a country that has gone completely insane…

#8 When pregnancy is considered to be a “disease” and babies are considered to be “liabilities”, you live in a country that has gone completely insane.

#9 When the federal government collects billions of our phone calls and emails and hardly anyone gets upset about it, you live in a country that has gone completely insane.

#10 When 30 million of your fellow citizens are taking antidepressants, you live in a country that has gone completely insane.

#11 When an endless stream of gang members, drug dealers, sexual predators, welfare parasites and Middle Eastern terrorists can enter the country illegally and nothing is done, but anyone who criticizes this is in danger of being put on an “enemies list“, you live in a country that has gone completely insane.

#12 When you can get arrested for “encouraging terrorism on Twitter“, but not for publicly burning the American flag in the middle of the street, you live in a country that has gone completely insane.

#13 When your military airdrops huge loads of weapons into the hands of the very terrorists that they are supposed to be fighting, you live in a country that has gone completely insane.

#14 When there are 2.5 million homeless children living in your nation and nobody is calling it a “national emergency”, you live in a country that has gone completely insane.

#15 When a fifth-grade student can get suspended from school for making an imaginary gun with his fingers, you live in a country that has gone completely insane.

#16 When Congress has to pass a law to keep federal workers from watching porn all day long, you live in a country that has gone completely insane.

#17 When the number of payday lenders is greater than the number of Starbucks locations, you live in a country that has gone completely insane.

#18 When an illegal immigrant can get a drivers’ license, but the head of a fire department of a major U.S. city is suspended from his job without pay for promoting sexual morality, you live in a country that has gone completely insane.

#19 When the general public knows far more about Kim Kardashian than it does about the Federal Reserve, you live in a country that has gone completely insane.

Tensions on the political front have been high as the country faces new elections following Netanyahu’s dismissal on Tuesday of Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid and Hatnua chairwoman Tzipi Livni from their posts as ministers. The remaining four ministers in Yesh Atid resigned two hours later.

The next day, the Knesset voted to disperse itself and new elections were called for March 17, 2015.

Israeli man arrested for threatening to assassinate Netanyahu 

The Obozo administration is refusing to discuss reports that emerged early Thursday claiming that the White House is considering imposing sanctions on Israel for continuing construction on Jewish homes in Jerusalem.

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf dodged several questions on Thursday when confronted with reports that the administration had held secret internal meetings to discuss taking action against Israel for its ongoing building in East Jerusalem.

The classified meetings were reportedly held several weeks ago and included officials from both the State Department and White House, according to the Israeli daily Ha’aretz, which first reported on the meetings.

The possibility of sanctioning Israel for its ongoing construction sends a signal that the Obama administration is willing to go further in its denunciations of Israel than any previous White House.

At the same time, the White House is vigorously pushing Congress against passing new sanctions on Iran.

When asked to address the reports Thursday afternoon, Harf declined to take a stance.

“I’m obviously not going to comment one way or another on reported internal deliberations,” she said. “We’ve made clear our position on settlement activity publicly and that hasn’t changed.”

Obozo Mulling Sanctions on Israel

“The prime minister is panicking,” Yesh Atid said in a statement. “He knows he is going to lose his seat in the next elections and is making every effort to prevent them.”

Shortly after the reports emerged, Netanyahu’s office denied the premier’s involvement in any attempt to split apart Yesh Atid.

“This is a pathetic political spin that reflects the panic that grips the failed finance minister Lapid,” the Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement.’

‘Post’ poll: 60% of Israelis don’t want Netanyahu anymore Survey finds Kahlon, Sa’ar preferred for March 17, 2015 election; Herzog even with PM

God Is Coming

Isaiah 60

“Jerusalem, get up and shine![a]
Your Light is coming!
The Glory of the Lord will shine on you.
2 Darkness now covers the earth,
and the people are in darkness.
But the Lord will shine on you,
and his Glory will appear over you. 

Hagupit rapidly strengthened into a super typhoon late on December 3, and soon after reached maximum sustained winds over 255 km/h (160 mph), the equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane.

Super Typhoon “Hagupit” now a major threat for Philippines 

The system started to weaken after going through some higher wind shear, but Hagupit soon re-strengthened back to a super typhoon. It will slow its forward speed as it approaches and moves through the Philippines from December 6 and into early next week. Due to this slow movement, areas will experience this extreme weather for a long duration, further increasing the damage and impacts of the storm.

FIRE IN THE SKY: Bright, Exploding Fireball Streaks Across The Sky Over Northeast United States – Many Witnesses Described An Increasing Intensity Before It Terminated!

Should anyone care? Of course not: with stocks at record high, clearly there is no reason to be concerned about anything.

SkyNet’s Favorite “Harmonic Oscillator” Algo Is Back

Over two years later, it is good to see our old friend is still right there and that SkyNet still reigns supreme, because as the following chart of CTRP, courtesy of Nanex, shows “new normal” algo-controlled stocks appear to have just two default modes: a relentless ramp higher (courtesy of a VWAP buyback programs or just momentum ignition), or a far more “nuanced” sinewave oscillation up and down in what only a Princeon economist could call “price discovery.”

The obvious logic here led even the Keynesian studs at Goldman to declare that “Further yen depreciation could be a net burden.” Unfortunately for Abe and Kuroda, halting the Yen devaluation here would be suicide, as Japan now needs its currency to devalue every single day to mask the fact of the underlying economic devastation, or else the Japanese people may (and should) vote Abe out, which would lead to a prompt end to Abenomics, an epic collapse in the Nikkei, and put thousands of weak-Yen chasing Mrs. Watanabes in margin call purgatory.

Sadly, that will not happen. We say “sadly” because an end end to Abenomics, which is really Krugmanomics now, is the only thing that could save Japan now. And just to prove that, here is Japan Times confirming what we said, with a report that “Corporate bankruptcies linked to the yen’s slide hit a new record in November, highlighting the strains on small and midsize companies as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe campaigns for re-election on his deflation-busting economic strategy.”

Crashing Yen Leads To Record Number Of Japanese Bankruptcies

Forty-two of the companies that failed in November cited the yen’s drop as a contributor, bringing the total number of bankruptcies associated with the currency this year to 301, almost triple that of the same period in 2013, according to Teikoku Databank. Soaring costs of imported food, metals and construction materials squeezed small companies, it said.
“Business conditions for small and medium-sized companies are severe,” said Norio Miyagawa, an economist at Mizuho Securities Co. “The more the yen weakens, the more the drawbacks will become evident, unless the benefits big companies are seeing spill over to consumption through an increase in wages.”

They won’t, because the “big companies” realize one thing: the endgame of Keynesian economic devastation in Japan has arrived, and it is so simple a Keynesian caveman can do it.

An Inside Look At The Shocking Role Of Gold In The “New Normal” 

After bottoming on 19 May 2014, the Nikkei embarked on a major upward move from 14,006 to an intermediate top of 16,374 on 25 September 2014. This was in tandem with many other equity markets, notably the S&P 500.

The 19 May 2014 was the day before the two-day BoJ Monetary Policy Meeting on 20-21 May 2015.

On 20 May 2014, Zero Hedge had an intriguing report which connected an attack on gold with a movement in Japanese asset prices.

“An initial dump in gold happened when Europe was getting going late last night but as the US wakes up and markets get active, someone (panic-seller) decided it was an entirely optimal time to sell $520 million notional gold futures – sending the price of the precious metal down $7. Intriguingly, though the notional size was large, the actual move is not as large as we have become used to with the ubiquitous slamdowns (and it’s a Tuesday). At the same time, USDJPY was ramped…”

The peak in the gold price on 11 July 2014 was a Friday. Gold was attacked on the following Monday the 14 July 2014, which (coincidentally) was the first day of the BoJ’s two-day July Monetary Policy Meeting.

Zero Hedge described events in the gold market on 14 July 2014 in an article “Gold Slumps Most in 2014 As ‘Someone’ Dumps $1.37 Billion In Futures At US Open.”

“UPDATE: Gold is down 2.5% – the biggest daily drop since early Dec 2013. In a status-quo reinforcing smack-down, gold and silver prices have been clubbed lower this morning to one-month lows with the biggest drop in almost 2 months. The customary USDJPY surge (and risk asset spike) has accompanied this high volume dump”

After another “no change” meeting in early-October, the BoJ went “nuclear” on 31 October 2014 when it announced the “Expansion of the Quantitative and Qualitative Monetary Easing.”

In brief, the BoJ committed to increasing its annual rate of asset purchases by an additional Yen 10-20 trillion from Yen 60-70 trillion to Yen 80 trillion (US$724bn).

This latest attack on gold, coordinated with aggressive BoJ stimulus and a surging Nikkei (again), lasted five days as Zero Hedge highlighted in an article “Because Nothing Says ‘Best Execution’ Like Dumping $1.5 Billion In Gold Futures At 0030ET.”

“For the 5th day in a row, “someone” has decided that 0030ET would be an appropriate time (assuming the ‘seller’ is an investor who prefers best execution rather than the standard non-economically-rational share-repurchaser in America) to be dumping large amounts of precious metals positions via the futures market. Tonight, with over 13,000 contracts being flushed through Gold – amounting to over $1.5 billion notional, gold prices tumbled $20 to $1151 (its lowest level since April 2010).”

Notice how the divergence kicked in at the end of 2012, shortly after we believe that the long/short Nikkei versus Gold trade was initiated.

Another coincidence?

That divergence, depending how you look at it, either began in February 2012 or October 2012. The latter is obviously very close (here we go again) to when we think the long/short trade was initiated.

We started to question whether the entities which we believe are short gold had concluded that a rapid exit of the short position could be problematic?

If so, might they have considered hedging part of that position in the silver market?

That might account for the counterintuitive divergences in ETF holdings and COMEX open interest.

Alternatively, what if somebody knew that the gold price was being pushed down on the back of a leveraged short trade rather than on fundamentals? Might they gradually build up a long position in silver on the basis that the weakness in the gold price was not sustainable?

We don’t know but…

The much smaller size of the silver market, limited above-ground silver inventory, and stretched level of the gold/silver ratio, means that a major reversal in the gold price would have a disproportionate impact on the silver price.

Silver is unique as it is both a monetary metal and an industrial metal. Unlike gold, there are limited above-ground stocks of silver because so much has been consumed in industrial applications. As stated earlier, the official estimate for the world gold stock is 177,200 tonnes, or 5.7 billion oz. Nobody knows the level of above-ground silver stocks, although the majority of estimates are in the 1.0-2.0bn oz. range, i.e. between 17-35% of the comparable figure for gold.

Of the estimated 177,200 tonnes of above-ground gold stocks, approximately 31,500 tonnes are reportedly held by the central banks. These institutions are able to lease this gold into the market to affect the price. Central banks, as far as we are aware, have divested their silver reserves.

The gold/silver ratio is currently 73.0 having averaged 15-16x for several thousand years. At times, it has even been considerably lower. For example, the ratio was 12.5 times during the era of Alexander the Great in the fourth century B.C. and was fixed at 12.0 during the Roman Empire. The ratio started to rise with the progressive demonetisation across Europe and the US in the late nineteenth century which culminated in China jettisoning the silver standard in 1935.

During the last 20 years, the ratio has generally traded within the 50-70 range. Having said that, there was only 8.3 times more silver mined than gold in 2013, so some “reversion to the mean” (15-16x) might be justified in the coming years.

Oil And The Global Slowdown – It’s Time For Central Banks To Admit They Failed

Japan, Italy, and Greece are all in recession. China is slowing down according to official statistics, and even more according to whispered accounts.

Germany, France and the Netherlands are all at stall speed.

According to the BLS, the United States is doing just great at nearly 4% growth for two straight quarters, but you wouldn’t know that either from the quality of the few jobs being created (which is low) or from consumer spending (also low).

The worry, as always, has nothing to do with the central banks’ concern for you, your job, your children, the actual prices you pay, wealth equality, or the future, and everything to do with the simple fact that the stability of the banking system absolutely depends on a steady stream of new loans.

The problem, as always, is that we have a monetary system that is either expanding or collapsing. It has no steady state.

Either money and credit are expanding and the banks are relatively happy or the banks are collapsing and demanding taxpayer bailouts. It’s really that stark. We are being driven by our system of money, we serve it not the other way around, which is a tragedy of both epic and comic proportions.

In short, we are now past the point where the next correction could be survived injury free. It’s going to hurt.

In Part II: Central banks have lost, deflation is here, we look at the various global warning signs that slow growth has morphed into something more deadly to the banking system; deflation and recession. We’ll discuss and review the basic commodities that are telling us far more than the distorted stock or bond prices ever could about the true state of global growth and future economic prospects.

Copper, oil, iron ore, coal, gold and silver are all telegraphing major economic weakness ahead. The next round of deflation will be absolutely punishing for financial markets and possibly even spark international conflicts given the raw state of diplomacy and east-west tensions.

Third Hindenburg Spotted In Best Week For Silver Since June, Crude Crucified

In other words, there is contagion and managers are rotating from protection to selling and reducing exposure.

Energy Bond Crash Contagion Suggests Oil Will Stay Lower For Longer

17 States Sue Over Obozo Immigration Order

In a symbolic rebuke to US President Barack Obozo’s unilateral action on immigration, the Republican-led House of Representatives voted Thursday to block his plan to shield millions of people from deportation.

The bill, which passed 219-197 along party lines, was introduced by conservatives furious with what they consider Obama’s abuse of power when he announced his executive order last month.

Republican-led House blocks Obozo immigration plan

The announcement comes on the heels of a separate report that said the latest death figures in West Africa, site of the current Ebola outbreak, have risen to around 7,000 since March, when the epidemic began.

What are they NOT telling us?

CDC prepares for imminent Ebola wave with designation of 35 US hospitals as Ebola treatment centers

Today the US House passed what I consider to be one of the worst pieces of legislation ever. H. Res. 758 was billed as a resolution “strongly condemning the actions of the Russian Federation, under President Vladimir Putin, which has carried out a policy of aggression against neighboring countries aimed at political and economic domination.”

In fact, the bill was 16 pages of war propaganda that should have made even neocons blush, if they were capable of such a thing.

These are the kinds of resolutions I have always watched closely in Congress, as what are billed as “harmless” statements of opinion often lead to sanctions and war. I remember in 1998 arguing strongly against the Iraq Liberation Act because, as I said at the time, I knew it would lead to war. I did not oppose the Act because I was an admirer of Saddam Hussein – just as now I am not an admirer of Putin or any foreign political leader – but rather because I knew then that another war against Iraq would not solve the problems and would probably make things worse. We all know what happened next.


State Duma deputies have drafted a motion defining all countries that introduce sanctions against Russia as “aggressor nations” and ordering automatic reciprocal sanctions against them.

The bill went to the lower house with a negative review from the government – its experts ruled that the draft contradicted a number of existing Russian laws, not to mention the Constitution. The definition of aggression used in the document was also different from the internationally accepted formula used in the UN General Assembly’s resolutions.

The motion on aggressor nations was prepared and drafted by two MPs from conservative parliamentary majority party United Russia and one from the nationalist-populist party LDPR.

The current draft published on the Duma’s official website gives the Russian government the powers to form and approve a list of ‘aggressor nations’ – countries where authorities introduce sanctions against Russia, its citizens or companies.

Once some country is included in this list, all its citizens, permanent residents and companies registered on its territory automatically lose the right to deliver legal services, business consultancy and financial audits on Russian territory. The government also will be able to lift some of the sanctions or introduce additional restrictions on business activities on such people and companies if such necessity arises.

The sponsors of the bill claim that it would contribute to Russia’s economic sovereignty and guarantee the stable development of the national economy. MP Evgeny Fyodorov (United Russia) is known for similar suggestions made earlier this year. In June, he claimed that the lower house was preparing a bill that would completely ban state-owned companies from using the services of US consulting firms and their subsidiaries. Prior to that, he suggested outlawing the use of US accountancy firms to financially audit state corporations.

‘Aggressor nation’ bill put to Russian parliament

Nearly everyone inside of our country benefited from this system. Americans basically enjoyed a stable currency minus the inflation rates of about 5% per year which served as an informal tax that went into the Federal Reserve banksters’ pockets. Thus, the Petrodollar was born. If the Petrodollar was to ever be successfully undermined, our currency would sink faster than a submarine with screen doors because there is nothing backing up our money. Put on your life jackets because the ship is sinking fast. The BRICS, led by Russia and China, are growing in influence by leaps and bounds and they are months/years away from being able to effect a collapse of the United States economy.


Sources close to the BRICS are openly stating that ISIS represents terror, Western style, and the Washington is behind ISIS. Further, they believe that all the present conflicts in Syria and Ukraine are part of a Western conspiracy to prevent consolidation of the BRICS collective economic and military power.

The BRICS further believe that the economic health of the United States is terminal and America’s economy is nothing but a mere house of cards. BRICS sources like to boldly state that the American economy consists of more than 50% of the war and security industry and related services and industries on the planet and that this is not sustainable. In other words, the “US has a GDP based mostly on destruction“. To the BRICS, the end game for the U.S. is to start a World War with the hope that after various countries has been reduced to rubble and its citizens massacred, that the American corporations will swoop in and rebuild what’s left over from war. The BRICS like to quote former World Bank President Robert Zoellick, and his former statements, to this end.

The stated goal of the BRICS is to use their collective economies to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The dollar is viewed by these nations as an instrument of oppression and the Federal Reserve sits at the head of the table known as imperialistic oppression.

War Is the End Game

If the BRICS are successful and the dollar is going erode to the point of economic collapse, does anyone really think that the Western banking establishment is simply going to let this system go up in smoke? War is the end game if the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, the IMF and the major banks of Europe cannot cripple Russia with the onslaught of sanctions. And finally,some readers are going to write to me and ask when all of this going to happen? It is prudent to act as if it is going to happen tomorrow. You, as an American, need to become as independent as quickly as possible.

I would not make the mistake of looking at the calendar in terms of knowing when the end is coming for the United States. I am instead focused on watching events which foretell the time when the West has no choice but to start a war with the BRICS. As a marker, I would watch the events inside of Turkey and Germany. If either, or both, leave NATO, I would look for hostilities to commence immediately. This possibility and the variables behind the coming war will be the topic of the next part in this series.


WARNING: December is a month where sneaky antichrist NWO evil bastards do big things, like:

Catherine Austin Fitts – Hour 1 – Secret Space Program & The Black Budget

US House members admitted they had not read the entire $585 billion, 1,648-page National Defense Authorization Act, which predominantly specifies budgeting for the Defense Department, before it was voted on Thursday in Congress.

“Of course not. Are you kidding?” Rep. Jim Moran (D-Virginia) said when asked by CNSNews if he had perused the entire bill, which was just posted online late Tuesday night before it was ultimately passed in by the House by a vote of 300-119 about 36 hours later.

Moran said he did not plan to read the entire bill before voting because “I trust the leadership.”

Congressmen admit to not reading NDAA before voting for it: ‘I trust the leadership’

the resolution directly involves the US government in the conflict by calling on the US president to “provide the government of Ukraine with lethal and non-lethal defense articles, services, and training required to effectively defend its territory and sovereignty.” This means US weapons in the hands of US-trained military forces engaged in a hot war on the border with Russia. Does that sound at all like a good idea?

There are too many more ridiculous and horrific statements in this legislation to completely discuss. Probably the single most troubling part of this resolution, however, is the statement that “military intervention” by the Russian Federation in Ukraine “poses a threat to international peace and security.” Such terminology is not an accident: this phrase is the poison pill planted in this legislation from which future, more aggressive resolutions will follow. After all, if we accept that Russia is posing a “threat” to international peace how can such a thing be ignored? These are the slippery slopes that lead to war.

This dangerous legislation passed today, December 4, with only ten (!) votes against! Only ten legislators are concerned over the use of blatant propaganda and falsehoods to push such reckless saber-rattling toward Russia.

WORLD WAR III: Europe Declares War On Russia Through It’s American Military Machine – U.S. Congress Passes H. Res. 758 Legislation Condemning Russian Federation; President Putin Defends Sovereignty And National Pride, Warns “No One Will Succeed In Defeating Militarily” And Ask The Obozo The NWO Antichrist Clown To “Remember Lessons Russia Taught Hitler”; Ron Paul Predicts That U.S. Provocation Could Result In “TOTAL DESTRUCTION”! 

Three leading members of the European Union are reportedly working on a draft resolution to be submitted to the UN Security Council, as a counter to the Palestinian draft expected to be brought to a vote later this month.

EU members said drafting UN resolution on Israeli-Palestinian peace

France, Germany and Britain were leading the effort with Paris at the forefront, Haaretz reported Wednesday night. According to the report, the US is aware of the French, German and British initiative.



Bob Fletcher and Steve Quayle Tonight – Russia on War Footing & What the Elite Know