12314 Gleaning EVERYONE THAT IS NOT A CHRISTIAN IS ANTICHRIST …And Clue To You Lukewarm Worms Everyone Shall Know The Name Of Jesus Christ Yahshua In This Last Generation Now Risen


Tight End for the New Orleans Saints Benjamin Watson wrote a powerful essay on the troubles in Ferguson. It was received very well online and got over 750,000 likes on Facebook. Mr. Watson is a strong, bible believing Christian. He was invited to come on CNN and discuss his essay that had garnered all the attention. Everything went fine until he mentioned that most-hated name with liberals. Watch and see how it played out…

Jordan on Tuesday launched a bid to win backing for a UN resolution calling for a final Israeli-Palestinian peace deal that could be presented to the Security Council in the coming weeks.

Jordan pushing for UN resolution on Mideast peace

“We are going to try to make it before Christmas, if not it will be in January,” Kawar told reporters. “We really want to get everybody on board. That’s our intention.”

Sure enough: when one is a criminal syndicate, the largest in world history, paying litigation kickbacks in the hundreds of billions to the government is just the cost of “doing business.”

And here is the absolute punchline: the Sicilian, or Russian, or Japanese, or Chinese, or any other mob, they all had one or more members thrown in jail for good measure.

Just how many bankers have ended up in prison in the past 6 years?

This may be a trick question.

$178 Billion In Government Kickbacks: Meet The World’s Biggest Organized Crime Syndicate 

Israel: Netanyahu fires two ministers, dissolves Parliament, calls for early elections

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today he would dissolve parliament and seek early elections and ordered the dismissal of his Finance and Justice ministers.
“The prime minister plans to call for parliament’s dissolution as soon as possible and to go to the people and get a clear mandate to lead Israel,” a statement from his office said.
Netanyahu, who leads the right-wing Likud party, also said he ordered the dismissal of Finance Minister Yair Lapid and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, who both head centrist parties.
“In past weeks, including the past day, ministers Lapid and Livni have harshly attacked the government that I head. I will no longer tolerate an opposition inside the government,” Netanyahu said in the statement.

Recalling Chairman Obozo

The President has engaged in repeated acts of lying and breaking the law as witnessed by the events at Benghazi, the NSA spy scandal, the IRS harassment scandal, Obama’s spying on AP reporters, Fast and Furious gun running to the Mexican drug cartels, etc. This administration has been little more than one great big criminal enterprise.

President Obama’s conduct in the handling of the Michael Brown crisis in Ferguson in which he clearly and intentionally exacerbated the crisis by dwelling on the “communities of color and their strained relationships with law enforcement”. As true, or inaccurate as this statement was, it served to incite violence from those who were already upset. Presidential speeches are measured and weighted for their psychological effect on the public. Obama knew exactly what he was doing.

The sum total of Obama’s actions demonstrate a willful disregard for the welfare of others. ASPD individuals frequently use aliases. Do you think that “Barry”, the student, attending Occidental College would ever do such a thing?

Of the seven traits listed above, one would have to claim the presence of four of the seven traits in order to justify a diagnosis of ASPD. I see six of seven traits being exhibited by President Obama. His superficial charm, his lack of remorse for his heinous acts and his inability to learn from his mistakes, unquestionably cast him in the role of being an ASPD individual.


Obama may or not be paranoid, although his treatment of the military would indicate that he is. Unquestionably, President Obama is suffering from NPD and ASPD. This is very concerning because a leader with NPD would not hesitate to put his needs ahead of the country that he is leading. This fact, combined with his definitive diagnosis, of an ASPD sufferer means that a person with the combination of these two traits would not hesitate to carry out acts of extreme violence against individuals and groups perceived as being a threat to the authority and position of President Obama.

We, indeed, have much to be concerned over and based upon the evidence, I would encourage the Cabinet to invoke Section Four of the Twenty Fifth Amendment. This President is not capable of discharging his duties under the disabilities clause.


Horrible news if you are Europe, right? Well yes… and no. Horrible if you are a member of the soon to be exinct middle-class, i.e., the 99%. If you are lucky enough to be among Europe’s uber-rich, all that the decade long conflict between Europe and Russia will do is provide the ECB with a constant scapegoat to engage in more, more, more easing, be it QE or otherwise, which in turn will crush the middle class like in the US, but make the uber-rich, uber-richer than they have ever been.

Which is ironic: as Europe’s wealthiest wage a war of words against the former KGB spy and current head of Russia through their numerous media holdings, it is they that should be most grateful for his existence.

Antichrist NWO Gay Pride US Army Sends 100 Tanks To Eastern Europe To “Deter Russian Aggression”

Iran has conducted air strikes against Islamic State (IS) in eastern Iraq in recent days, a Pentagon spokesman says.

Rear Adm John Kirby said the US, which has conducted its own air strikes in Iraq, was not co-ordinating with Iran.

Iran jets bomb Islamic State targets in Iraq – Pentagon 

Four months ago, when ​​protests first erupted in Ferguson, Mo.​, and images started to emerge of camo-clad police officers patrolling the streets in armored tanks, President Obozo promised to review federal programs that funnel military-grade equipment to local police department. Now, the​ findings of that review are in, and for the most part, the report puts us right back where we started.

What comes out of the review, released by the White House on Monday, is a promise for increased transparency and tightened standards for transferring military gear to local law enforcement. But the report doesn’t call for terminating the programs, or even curtailing them in any meaningful way.

Obozo Doesn’t Really Want to End Police Militarization

Obozo will issue executive orders directing federal agencies to improve the way that equipment is transferred and audited to local agencies, including requiring local governments to authorize any procurements by law enforcement, and requiring that police be trained to use the equipment. The White House will also propose a $263-million spending package to expand law enforcement training. About $75 million of that would provide matching funds for as many as 50,000 body cameras for police.

Senior Turkish Shi’ite cleric, Sheikh Salahuddin Ozgunduz, blamed Israel for the emergence of the Islamic State terrorist group.

“By forming and supporting the Islamic State Takfiri group, the Zionists are now employing that as an instrument, and pursuing their objectives in this way,” the Turkish cleric told Iran’s Tasnim News Agency.

Ozgunduz called for Muslim nations to counter the growing threat of Takfiri groups, using both “military and cultural” approaches.

Turkish cleric says Israel behind Islamic State

President Vladimir V. Putin said Monday that he would scrap Russia’s South Stream gas pipeline, a grandiose project that was once intended to establish the country’s dominance in southeastern Europe but instead fell victim to Russia’s increasingly toxic relationship with the West.

It was a rare diplomatic defeat for Mr. Putin, who said Russia would redirect the pipeline to Turkey. He painted the failure to build the pipeline as a loss for Europe and blamed Brussels for its intransigence.

The decision also seemed to be a rare victory for the European Union and the Obozo administration, which have appeared largely impotent this year as Mr. Putin annexed Crimea and stirred rebellion in eastern Ukraine.

In Diplomatic Defeat, Putin Diverts Pipeline to Turkey 

Perhaps the most dangerous nuclear reactor in the U.S. is in partial shutdown following the discovery of a steam leak.

Miami area nuclear plant in partial shutdown after steam leak  

South Florida’s ailing Turkey Point nuclear power station is in the news again, with Unit 4, one of its two reactors, taken offline Sunday due to a steam leak, according to a Dec. 1st update released by Industrial Info Resources online. Conspicuously, as of the writing of this article, there is no indication that this highly concerning event has received mainstream media coverage.

Morocco hit again by heavy rainfall and deadly floods

Greek protesters smash cars, clash with police in Athens (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The city of Sao Paulo is home to 20 million Brazilians, making it the 12th largest mega-city on a planet dominated by shortsighted humans. Shockingly, it has only 60 days of water supply remaining. The city “has about two months of guaranteed water supply remaining as it taps into the second of three emergency reserves,” reports Reuters.

Alarm bells toll for human civilization as world’s 12th largest mega-city to run out of water in just 60 days