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MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: Ice Age Now – Blast Of Arctic Air Via Polar Vortex To Chill FORTY TWO U.S. States And Western Canada; Siberian Express Brings Early -30 Degrees To Wyoming, Montana; Swath Of Winter Storms Extend From Turkey To Japan!


Following a spike in NATO-Russia “close calls,” and previous rumors, The FT reports that NATO and The U.S. are to be openly identified as threats/adversaries in a new Russian military doctrine to be published next month. Furthermore, The FT reports that the Russian government believes it must tie its security interests to China since the Euro-Atlantic framework is too broken. It appears Gorbachev was right in his recent warnings that “the world is on the brink of a new Cold War. Some say it has already begun.”

And one would imagine this gives Putin more latitude in his positioning – if he needed it – internally. Do not forget that Russian generals have also pushed for adding pre-emptive nuclear strikes into the new military doctrine… having also previously predicted the US/NATO as enemies reported above

New Russian Military Doctrine Identifies NATO/US As “Threats”; Gorbachev Warns Of “New Cold War”

As the Russian jet approached the US vessel, the electronic device disabled all radars, control circuits, systems, information transmission, etc. on board the US destroyer. In other words, the all-powerful Aegis system, now hooked up – or about to be – with the defense systems installed on NATO’s most modern ships was shut down, as turning off the TV set with the remote control.

The Russian Su-24 then simulated a missile attack against the USS Donald Cook, which was left literally deaf and blind. As if carrying out a training exercise, the Russian aircraft – unarmed – repeated the same maneuver 12 times before flying away.

After that, the 4th generation destroyer immediately set sail towards a port in Romania.

Since that incident, which the Atlanticist media have carefully covered up despite the widespread reactions sparked among defense industry experts, no US ship has ever approached Russian territorial waters again.

According to some specialized media, 27 sailors from the USS Donald Cook requested to be relieved from active service.

What frightened the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black Sea?

The State Department acknowledged that the crew of the destroyer USS Donald Cook has been gravely demoralized ever since their vessel was flown over in the Black Sea by a Russian Sukhoi-24 (Su-24) fighter jet which carried neither bombs nor missiles but only an electronic warfare device.

Dutch ABN AMRO Demands Draghi Buy More, Faster As ECB’s Mersch Flip-Flops 

Roughly translated is: “we front-ran your program based on entirely non-economic rationales and now it’s “fuck you, pay me” time.”

Unintended consequence #34527, “whatever it takes” means buying everything at the worst possible prices and forcing EU taxpayers to carry that over-paying risk.

Greece Has Solved Its Unemployment Problem: Slavery

On the heels of today’s dreadful, and very un-hockey-stick-like recovery, data on the Greek economy, it appears the government has found a solution to the various problems of joblessness and poor education. As KeepTalkingGreece reports, the Greek Education Ministry seek fill 1,100 job vacancies with teachers who will gladly and proudly work on “voluntary basis.” As far as we remember, working for nothing is, err, slavery; but that’s not it at all… as Education Minister Andreas Loverdos, the slave teachers will be rewarded with “bonus points” that will help them improve their hiring options in the future. Ironic that this should be happening as fast-food workers in America demand a higher minimum wage (maybe unemployed Greek teachers would be willing to flip burgers for money rather than teach young greeks for nothing).

Attkisson: CBS Kept Obozo Benghazi Clip Secret to Help Re-Election

Mitt Romney brought up during one of their 2012 presidential debates Obama’s failure for 14 days to label the attack terrorism. Attkisson said that would have been the perfect time to have brought out the clip.

Appearing Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “MediaBuzz,” Attkisson said, “That exchange, I believe, should have been pulled out immediately after the debate, which would have been very newsy at the time, It was exclusive to CBS. It would have, it appears to me, proven Romney’s point against Obama. But that clip was kept secret.”

Attkisson said she was covering Benghazi, yet no one told her about the clip, instead directing her to another clip from the same interview that made Obama sound like he had labeled the act terrorism from the beginning.

“And it was only right before the election that somebody kind of leaked out the transcript to others of us at CBS and we were really shocked. We felt that there had been something very unethical had been done to have kept that up,” Attkisson said.

Attorney General Eric Holder: Critics of handling of Fast & Furious gun walking scandal can ‘kiss my ass’

Issa’s investigation has uncovered evidence that a year before Holder’s angry email outburst, some in the ATF sought to use the Fast and Furious program to build a case for a new gun control measure known inside the government as ‘Demand Letter 3.’
That plan was drawn up in order to use sales records from Fast and Furious-related purchases of large numbers of so-called ‘long guns’ – rifles and shotguns designed to be fired while braced against the shooter’s shoulder – to force gun dealers everywhere to report the details of more of their sales to the federal government.

It was so named because it was the third proposed regulation of its kind,
In one July 14, 2010 email the Oversight Committee has released, ATF Field Operations Assistant Director Mark Chait asked Bill Newell, ATF’s Phoenix Special Agent in Charge, for help leveraging data from Fast and Furious.
‘Bill – can you see if these guns were all purchased from the same FFL and at one time?’ he asked. ‘We are looking at anecdotal cases to support a demand letter on long gun multiple sales.’

The massive tranche of emails released Tuesday, while the news media’s attention was fixed on election maps and poling-place results, were brought about by a series of events primed by a Freedom of Information Act request filed by Judicial Watch, the center-right watchdog group famous for wringing incriminating paperwork out of secretive bureaucracies.
The Wall Street Journal first reported on the Holder email criticizing Rep. Issa.
After the DOJ refused to comply with the FOIA request, a federal judge ordered the government to release a ‘Vaughn Index,’ a specialized inventory of all the documents it was withholding coupled with a rationale for each.
Many of those reasons seemed specious to the judge, who then ordered a similar disclosure to Issa’s committee.

^^^Eric Holder’s many offenses don’t provide a case for him in prison. The crime(s) he has committed in office is treason in this case. There is a dead body, a cover up with Executive political intent during an election and a conspiracy against the Constitution. The fact that the very weapons that a firing squad may use to render treasonous bastards dead are not in doubt in this case is most ironic.

Earlier today, I published a post titled, Inside the Mind of an Oligarch – Sheldon Adelson Proclaims “I Don’t Like Journalism,” which zeroed in on the condescending attitude oligarchs and their technocrat minions have toward the general population. I wrote:

The term oligarch is reserved for those with extreme wealth who also want to control the political process, policy levers and most other aspects of the lives of the citizenry in a top-down tyrannical and undemocratic manner. They think they know best about pretty much everything, and believe unelected technocrats who share their worldview should be empowered so that they can unilaterally make all of society’s important decisions. The unwashed masses (plebs) in their minds are unnecessary distractions who must to be told what to do. Useless eaters who need to be brainwashed into worshipping the oligarch mindset, or turned into apathetic automatons incapable or unwilling to engage in critical thought. Either outcome is equally acceptable and equally encouraged.

666 ObozoCare Architect Admits “Lack Of Transparency” Is Huge Advantage Against “Stupidity Of The American Voter” 

It’s quite timely that those words appeared on the site the same day that a video clip emerged of MIT economics professor, and the architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, admitting that the legislation was intentionally complex and misleading in order to pass Congress and elicit limited outrage from the “stupid” American public.

The Hill reports that:

An architect of the federal healthcare law said last year that a “lack of transparency” and the “stupidity of the American voter” helped Congress approve ObamaCare.

He suggested that many lawmakers and voters didn’t know what was in the law or how its financing worked, and that this helped it win approval.

“Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage,” Gruber said. “And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass.”

Gruber made the comment while discussing how the law was “written in a tortured way” to avoid a bad score from the Congressional Budget Office. He suggested that voters would have rejected ObamaCare if the penalties for going without health insurance were interpreted as taxes, either by budget analysts or the public.
The arrogance and destructiveness of this man knows no bounds. Look at how excited he gets, flailing his hands all over the place as he discusses the gigantic deception that is Obamacare.

As I have said for years now, these people are sick and dangerous. They are also in power. This needs to change as soon as possible.

^^^Firing squad for everyone  involved with ObozoCare? Let’s see, thee traitors ended freedom and independence with their new law and put a 666 mark upon labor. This particular guy doesn’t need a trial with testimony like this. These people have committed deadly acts of suicide/criminal offense against the Constitution which they hate, and ObozoCare is just one of many assaults that require loss, do to ”their offense”, to be judged in the fullness of time. Yeah, Hell certainly awaits the willful bastards. The sad fact is, slime like Eric Holder and this bastard  can remain free and alive …still. Shocking, considering the so called ”home of the brave”, that truly serve and follow the ”NWO Antichrist 666”. Government employees have forsaken the spirit of the Constitution, and the value of every veteran, by attempting to hide behind serving ”the office” not the person(s) in power. Now there is no America, just a pissed of clueless pathetic population of willful idiots, waving Red or Blue on a spiritual white flag of surrender, and the surrender isn’t even their own lives first, it’s the children they have placed their mark of debt upon.


The idea of choice or being given a choice by two truly different political parties is a total illusion. Obviously, you will never hear this discussed in the major media because they are controlled by the same people who control the political parties. All the mass media in America is controlled by just six major corporations with interlocking directorates. At the top of the pyramid of the interlocking directorates you find the same elite who control the parties. In this game of manufactured illusion you have the Manchurian candidate “conservatives” in politics and hosting national radio programs and a few television shows. But they are simply part of the game and the illusion. Their role is to dance in the masquerade ball of this illusion and give people a chance to vent their frustrations vicariously by electing the “conservative,” which, despite all the bombastic rhetoric, never exposes the true problem or leads the people in any direction which would effect real change. Behind the illusion of this masquerade ball is a system very much like the one depicted in film director Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.

666 Police Use Department Wish List When Deciding Which Assets to Seize

Mr. Connelly was talking about a practice known as civil asset forfeiture, which allows the government, without ever securing a conviction or even filing a criminal charge, to seize property suspected of having ties to crime. The practice, expanded during the war on drugs in the 1980s, has become a staple of law enforcement agencies because it helps finance their work. It is difficult to tell how much has been seized by state and local law enforcement, but under a Justice Department program, the value of assets seized has ballooned to $4.3 billion in the 2012 fiscal year from $407 million in 2001. Much of that money is shared with local police forces.

^^^This is not the practice of police that uphold the Constitution, it is what pigs do before they burn in Hell.


We asked them how could someone who supports homosexuality and defended a pedophile still be serving as a priest and not be excommunicated, to which Deacon Ron Walker, rolling his eyes, said that the Church’s main objective would be to reconcile him with God, and not excommunicate him.

It seems that the Diocese of Austin could care less if one of its priests supports homosexuality and defended a pedophile.

You know how you sometimes can sense that something is present even though you can’t see it? Well, astronomers are getting that feeling about a giant, hidden object in space.

SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: Nibiru And Planet X Memes – Houston Skywatcher Films Stunning Object In The Sky, That Appears To Be A Second Sun?!

It orbits our Sun in a far elliptical orbit, and is said to be 4x’s the size of Jupiter! It has a helium and hydrogen atmosphere. It’s most likely to have moons! This planet fits the exact description of Planet X or Nibiru.

Scientists have known about this planet since 1983 and they’ve been using WISE and IRAS to monitor it. See the 1983 Washington Post “Front Page” Story – Mystery Heavenly Body Discovered.

This image is taken from 2011 Google Sky and it shows a green square. What is Google hiding behind this square? Is this the position of Nibiru about 4 years ago? Check out the coordinates: 8 20 03, -17 53 34

The last two/three years there is not too much news on this planet X or Nibiru.

Agreements have been made, between the main stream media and government agencies not to publish articles related to the planet X / Nibiru issue, since NASA mistakenly confirms Planet X / Nibiru during a conference in 2011 for updating information about the database of near-Earth asteroids in our solar system, tracked by Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) telescope? See here the article and video on NASA mistakenly confirms Planet X / Nibiru.

It’s hard to get the real proof of the existence of planet X / Nibiru but on October 20, 2014 a skywatcher in Houstan has filmed a remarkable phenomenon what looks like a second sun or a planet.

Below the amazing footage.

FIRE IN THE SKY: “This Was A Very Bright Event,… EXTREMELY Unusual,…” – Massive Fireball Lights Up Texas Sky; Five Times Brighter Than The Full Moon; Picked Up By NASA Meteor Camera Over 500 Miles Away!