11114 Gleaning Judgment Day Is Sealed In The Field

by amongthenumberedsaints

Saturday November 1, 2014: Go forth (Lech Lecha)

Pastor Mark Biltz
Jim Bakker Show 2014 | Show# 2619 | Aired on October 28, 2014 

A sickening photo has emerged social media showing a toddler kicking the severed head of a dead soldier in Syria.
The toddler’s father is believed to be an avid Islamic State supporter and is wearing a camouflage military style baseball cap on his head. The father can be seen smiling with delight in the photo as he watches his innocent child kick the severed head.

Shocking photograph shows Antichrist Islamic State supporter getting a BABY to kick the severed head of a Syrian soldier

A photo of a crucified and beheaded Syrian rebel member has also emerged

Mindless Antichrist Politicians Think Banning Christian Saints Criticism Of Sharia Will Lead To Peace With Antichrist Muslims

For years, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has been pushing hard to criminalize any and all criticism of Islam in non-Muslim countries; it’s what the Innocence of Muslims video and Danish cartoons were used to help accomplish. There are now politicians in Great Britain who are actually attempting to move closer to that very thing. The Daily Telegraph reported:

Anyone who criticises Sharia law or gay marriage could be branded an “extremist” under sweeping new powers planned by the Conservatives to combat terrorism, an alliance of leading atheists and Christians fear.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, unveiled plans last month for so-called Extremism Disruption Orders, which would allow judges to ban people deemed extremists from broadcasting, protesting in certain places or even posting messages on Facebook or Twitter without permission.

Which Will We Choose? Our America, or Theirs?

Zombie schoolgirls, killer clowns and … EBOLA: Hazmat suits and disease quarantine centers take center stage at annual NYC Halloween Parade

Russian Sub surfaced off the beach Lisbon, Portugal today, within 1 mile of shore. Terrifying threat! Picture Below

Russia continues to stoke fears of World War 3 after a sharp increase in military activity in the North Atlantic and new revelations that the nation simulated an attack on Denmark this summer.

The simulated attack took place on the island of Bornholm this summer, the Danish Defense Intelligence Service revealed this week. According to DDIS, Russia sent military jets equipped with live missiles to the island in June, at the same time 9,000 dignitaries were gathered for a political festival.

Officials in Denmark predicted that Russia’s military activity could be the prelude to World War 3.

World War 3: Russia Simulated Attack On Denmark, Could Be Preparing European Invasion

Officials from the U.S. Air Force say Russia’s activity could be preparations for World War 3.

“That could certainly be the case,” retired Air Force Lt. Gen. David Deptula, the service’s influential former intelligence chief, told the Daily Beast. “It is not farfetched that at some point within the next two years [Russian President Vladimir] Putin makes a more aggressive move in Eastern Europe and uses a nuclear threat to deter a NATO response.”

But officials in Denmark say despite the increased military activity from Russia, “there are no indications that Russia constitutes an increased direct military threat to Danish territory.”

Antichrist  NWO US Team 666 POTUS Obozo 911 Destroying Syria’s Oil Infrastructure Under Guise of Fighting ISIS

In 2009 … Assad refused to sign a proposed agreement with Qatar that would run a pipeline from the latter’s North field, contiguous with Iran’s South Pars field, through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and on to Turkey, with a view to supply European markets – albeit crucially bypassing Russia. Assad’s rationale was “to protect the interests of [his] Russian ally, which is Europe’s top supplier of natural gas.

Instead, the following year, Assad pursued negotiations for an alternative $10 billion pipeline plan with Iran, across Iraq to Syria, that would also potentially allow Iran to supply gas to Europe from its South Pars field shared with Qatar. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the project was signed in July 2012 – just as Syria’s civil war was spreading to Damascus and Aleppo – and earlier this year Iraq signed a framework agreement for construction of the gas pipelines. The Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline plan was a “direct slap in the face” to Qatar’s plans.

The planned Iran-Iraq-Syria Pipeline running through Syria’s coast and into the Mediterranean along which Russia has a presence, would allow Russian control over the tap and flow of Iran’s gas, mitigating rivalry between the countries.

Qatar’s interest in funding the insurrection, was to overthrow Syria and install a pliable opposition that would sign Qatar’s pipeline agreement. Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Jordan also had a vested interest in this plan. This suited the US objective of undercutting and weakening Russian influence over Europe.
However they also have an alternative plan for doing so. The planned Nabbaco Pipeline, running from Iran to Turkey to Europe, would directly set Iranian gas against Russian gas. Furthermore, in the absence of the successful overthrow of the Syrian government, the US has settled for destroying what it cannot control. Perpetual war and the destruction of pipelines would prevent or at least delay any possible pipeline agreement in future.

With mainstream media headlines like “US bombing ISIS pipelines” it’s easy to forget that the Pipelines and refineries the US is planning to bomb do not belong to ISIS, but to the Syrian people.

MAJOR EARTHQUAKE–M 6.9 – FIJI REGION – 2014-11-01 18:57:22 UTC  


Earthquakes in the world on November 01 , 2014 (M4.5 or more) 

PTWC Nov 01 19:06 6.9 0
EMSC Off E. Coast Of N. Island, N.z. Nov 01 19:04 5.3 6
GEONET Te Araroa Nov 01 19:04 5.3 6
GEONET Hawera Nov 01 19:01 4.8 239
GEONET White Island Nov 01 19:00 4.8 336
USGS Ndoi Island, Fiji Nov 01 18:57 6.9 421
EMSC Fiji Region Nov 01 18:57 6.9 411
GEOFON Fiji Islands Region Nov 01 18:57 6.5 409
WCATWC Fiji Islands Region Nov 01 18:57 6.9 412
GEOFON Off Coast Of Chiapas, Mexico Nov 01 12:55 4.6 10
GEOFON Kuril Islands Nov 01 12:08 4.8 30
USGS East Of The Kuril Islands Nov 01 12:08 4.7 10
EMSC East Of Kuril Islands Nov 01 12:08 4.7 10
EMSC Easter Island Region Nov 01 10:59 6.0 30
GEOFON Easter Island Region Nov 01 10:59 6.1 10
USGS Easter Island Region Nov 01 10:59 6.0 10
EMSC Southern East Pacific Rise Nov 01 10:05 5.2 10
USGS Easter Island Region Nov 01 10:05 5.2 10
GEOFON Easter Island Region Nov 01 10:05 5.3 10

Strong M6.0 earthquake registered south of Easter Island, East Pacific Rise 

EMSC Kep. Tanimbar Region, Indonesia Nov 01 08:55 4.7 10
GEOFON Tanimbar Islands Reg., Indonesia Nov 01 08:55 4.7 10
USGS Shizunai, Japan Nov 01 07:47 4.7 51
EMSC Hokkaido, Japan Region Nov 01 07:47 4.7 60
GEOFON Talaud Islands, Indonesia Nov 01 07:30 4.6 65
GEOFON Off East Coast Of Honshu, Japan Nov 01 05:44 4.7 10
EMSC Off East Coast Of Honshu, Japan Nov 01 05:44 4.8 2
USGS Katsuura, Japan Nov 01 05:44 4.6 10
USGS General Enrique Mosconi, Argentina Nov 01 02:06 4.6 521
EMSC Salta, Argentina Nov 01 02:06 4.6 544
GEOFON Salta Province, Argentina Nov 01 02:06 4.9 520
GEOFON Southern Peru Nov 01 01:42 4.6 10
EMSC Southern Peru Nov 01 01:42 4.6 10
USGS Orlik, Russia Nov 01 00:51 4.6 10
EMSC Buryatiya, Russia Nov 01 00:51 4.6 10


Largest sunspot of SC24 – Region 2192 – first rotation video and activity overview

It doesn’t quite fit in a night sky guide, but this month might also be called “Rosetta’s” month. After years of traveling through the solar system and finally reaching comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko in August 2014, ESA will attempt humanity’s first landing on a comet with its Philae lander on November 12. The lander is named after Philae island in the Nile river, where an obelisk was found that was used to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics along with the famous Rosetta Stone.

Night sky guide for November 2014

The joint show of the North and South Taurid meteor showers this month will provide many viewing opportunities. South Taurid meteor shower observations on their peak night on November 5 will be severely limited by this month’s full moon, but this shower known for high percentage of exceptionally bright meteors which will be visible between midnight and sunrise. Adding to that, North Taurids will join the show on 5th but will have a slightly better chance on November 12 when they peak.

Well known Leonid meteor shower will peak on the night of November 17 and the morning of November 18 with about 40 meteors per hour. The waning crescent moon will not be much of a problem and skies should be dark enough for a good show. This shower has produced some of the greatest meteor storms in history. The last great one was during the morning of November 17, 1966 with rates as high as thousands of meteors per minute during a span of 15 minutes.

This week saw not only the end of QE but an unending parade of told-you-so talking-head willing to proclaim not only QE’s success (unemployment ~6%, stocks at record highs, corporate profits at record highs) but to scoff at the naysayers warnings that post-QE stocks will slide since ‘the whole rally has been driven by central bank liquidity’ because “see, stocks are ripping higher post-FOMC.”

Obviously they fail to see the link between extraordinarily low rates (enabling cheap-funded financial engineering), printed money (repressing investors into buying stocks), and the fact that stocks are surged after another central bank – the BoJ – unleashed another round of even bigger insanity.

Did QE Work?


You can jot down Halloween 2014 in your calendar, and it’s unfortunately too tragic to make proper use of the irony involved, as the day Japan committed suicide. The sun is no longer rising. Not that the vital signs weren’t bad before, indeed it might not have survived regardless, but this lethal blow announced today is still quite the statement

If and when a country resorts to having it central bank buy up – the equivalent of – all sovereign bonds it issues, the snake truly eats its tail, and not in a metaphorical sense. Japan eats it children, most of them as yet unborn, to keep its rapidly ageing population contented and in relative wealth, because the alternative would cost Tokyo’s financial-political power cabal their jobs and heads.

Japan: QE As Morphine For A Terminal Patient

However, the worse the policies are for the real economy and the people who depend on it for survival, the more money the financial markets, and the banks, make. It truly is QE as morphine, and Japan has shown us today that morphine can alleviate pain, but it is also in the end the ultimate killer.

It may already be too late, but we can still make the effort to not fall into the same trap Japan has fallen in. Which in essence is simply trying to recreate a past world that is long gone, by applying measures that ‘wise men’ say are sure to bring back the past, and then more.

We must look at ourselves and wonder why we want more. And realize that if we don’t take that look, and we continue on our present path, we will all end up like Japan, guaranteeing that our quest for more will leave us with less, much less. We cannot build our world with credit, we need to work in order to build it. And we cannot borrow our way into growth, nor do we need to grow.

Halloween 2014. A day we could have learned something.

Japan has been in a two decade long recession. They have 50% more debt as a percentage of GDP than any developed country on earth. They have a rapidly aging population. They have no energy resources. But their central bank does have a printing press.

The master plan announced overnight by their Janet Yellen – Kuroda – is to buy 8 trillion to 12 trillion yen ($108 billion) of Japanese government bonds per month. This means the BOJ will now soak up all of the 10 trillion yen in new bonds that the Ministry of Finance sells in the market each month. This is all being done to reduce the value of the Yen and create inflation.

The central bank is already the largest single holder of Japan’s bonds, and the scale of its buying could fuel concerns it is underwriting deficits of a nation with the heaviest debt burden. The BOJ could end up owning half of the JGB market by as early as in 2018. This is the act of a desperate crazy man. He has set in motion a series of events that will lead to the collapse of Japan. It will be a failed state. It will become a modern day Weimar Republic.

^^^Unless of course the prophetic tribulation timing and events come to pass now and provide the short term crisis management profiteers their Antichrist NWO 666 final solution, given power through their prophetic strong delusion sealed upon them unto destruction and the day of their judgment.


Never pick a fight with a 666 central bank. The only one who gets hurt is you. Unless, of course, you are another 666 central bank.
666 Central banks routinely intervene in the markets to influence the prices of assets, commodities and currencies. That’s the way 666 monetary policy is conducted. It’s the 666 principle behind QE. Generally, everyone co-operates.

If a 666 central bank wants to buy assets, markets make assets available. The reason for this is something of a prophetic mystery of Babylon, but I think it is really simple 666 game theory. The reason everyone co-operates with 666 central bank bond buying programmes is that there is no point in not doing so. A 666 currency-issuing 666 central bank has infinite resources. No-one else does.

The only way of winning this 666 game is to co-operate with the 666 player who can’t lose – i.e. the 666 central bank. So in the end, the 666 central bank will buy everything it wants to, simply because it can. And because 666 market participants believe this, an asset-buying 666 central bank effectively controls the market price not only of the assets that it buys, but also of the 666 currency that it issues to buy them.

Has The 666 Bank Of Japan Started Another Round Of 666 Central Bank Wargames? 

Aha. So it is not quite true that a currency-issuing central bank has no opponents. No-one in the private sector will oppose it, unless they have a deathwish. But other currency-issuing 666 central banks might, if they perceive its actions as threatening to their own economies. Economic wars are played out between 666 central banks. Market participants will co-operate with the 666 central bank that adopts the game strategy that best fits their own interests. And as each central bank defends its own economy, when central banks are fighting, markets fragment along national lines. As Casey says, 6666 central bank wars can be very damaging. So far, 666 central banks have been fairly tolerant of the 666 Bank of Japan’s market intervention, no doubt because large though the Japanese QE has been relative to the size of the Japanese economy, until now the 666 Fed’s QE program has dwarfed it. But the 666 Bank of Japan has now doubled its QE program, while the 666 Fed has ended QE. Will central banks be quite so tolerant now – or will we see a round of defensive responses to the Bank of Japan’s move?

Earlier this week the Fed’s QE3 ended… and less than 48 hours later the Bank of Japan boosted its own bond (and stock) monetization program. The good news is that by now it is clear to everyone, including CNBC, that the world is so addicted to some form of global central bank liquidity injection that the mere thought of going without a monetary policy “flow” backstop can only last for a couple of days.

Why is that? That answer, by now, is also obvious: the “wealth effect”, i.e., the rich getting richer and leading to wealth inequality that surpassed the levels of either the pre-Great Depression days, and according to some, the pre-French revolution.

However, until now it was virtually impossible to quantify the “wealth effect” channel courtesy of the Fed. Overnight, however, JPMorgan did the math, and we now know. Here is JPM’s Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou with the explanation:

The decline in asset yields especially during QE3 created large wealth effects. Since the Fed’s QE started at the end of 2008 the PE multiple of the S&P500 index (12-month forward) went up by five points, from 10.5 at the end of 2008 to 15.5 currently. This PE multiple expansion is responsible for around 650 index points or 32% of the current S&P500 index level. Extending that to the total stock of US corporate equities ($29tr currently), it implies an equity wealth boost of $9tr.
Actually according to many the current PE, when one strips away the non-GAAP gibberish of the second dot com bubble and those hundreds of billions in recurring, ordinary course of business “one-time, non-recurring” legal charges for America’s criminal banks, is about 19, which means 9 points of S&P PE expansion, or about 1100 S&P points, which also means that virtually the entire increase since the lows of 2009 has been due to the Fed. Nuances aside, you get the message.

Similarly, the yield compression in property over the past few years also created large wealth effects. On our calculations the yield compression alone boosted US house prices by around 10% and US commercial property prices by around 20%. Applying this to total US housing universe of $22tr and a tradable US commercial property universe of $2.3tr, it implies a property wealth boost of around $2.5tr.

Indicatively, property is where the vast bulk of the “non-1%” wealth is located, suggesting that even its wealth channel itself has been abnormally levered toward those who own the vast majority of financial assets: less than 10% of the population.

Another way of showing this finding is with the Household Net Worth chart from the Fed’s quarterly Flow of Funds report. In it we find that of the $13.6 trillion increase in household net worth from the last bubble peak in 2007, when households had an aggregative wealth of about $68 trillion (mostly in financial assets), through the most recent, Q2 $81.5 trillion, $11.5 trillion is due to the Fed.

QE Added $9 Trillion In “Equity Wealth” Or 32% Of The Current S&P500 Level, JPMorgan Finds

Finally, we doubt this needs to be highlighted, but in case anyone is still confused who was the only beneficiary of this surge in financial-related “wealth”, here it is again:

Household Net Worth Just Hit A Record High: Here Is Who Benefited

Since the end of the first quarter of 2009 — when the stock market bottomed — households’ collective net worth has increased by $26.5 trillion. More than 75% of that increase — $20.1 trillion — reflects the change in market value of assets. Gains in the value of real estate assets account for $3.6 trillion of that increase, while gains in the value of financial assets account for the rest.

Of various classes of financial assets, equities held directly by households increased in value the most over the last six years, rising in value by $9.2 trillion. Today’s Chart of the Day shows the cumulative gains in the market value of equities held directly by households.

The share of all families holding stocks directly peaked in 2001, after the dot-com bubble. The share of families holdings stocks declined for most income percentiles from 2001 to 2013, even those families in the 90-100th income percentile.

Bottom line: the gains in net worth associated with holding stocks directly have been concentrated among a relatively small number of households.

* * *

We lay this out there just in case the Fed’s Chairperson Janet Yellen is again “confused” in the not so near future about the source of America’s record wealth inequality…



Citizen’s United is back in America’s courtrooms. But, this time, the famous US Supreme Court case isn’t facing scrutiny, it’s deciding who’s sitting on the bench in the first place.

The ramifications of the 2010 Supreme Court decision, which deregulated campaign spending of organisations by labelling it free speech, are something Americans have got used to as cycle after cycle of congressional elections have got pricier and more antagonistic. But voters may have to get used to that same politicised atmosphere in their courtrooms.

In states where elections are taking place, however, they are starting to remind voters more of congressional elections, with the same money and harsh rhetoric.

Judges for sale?

If judges’ jobs depend on the types of rulings they hand down, voters might have to get used to this landscape, where critics warn that the law may not be on their side, but on the side of the highest bidder.

^^^Now imagine: a Saint witnessing all of this market and political corruption transpire, knowing everything from the true meaning of the 666 Second Of Sirius Washington Monument, to the dark sentence spoken by the presidential human host declaring national and global prophetic contempt, post Fukushima. Seeing and hearing all these things, being inspired by the Holy Spirit Of Our Father In Christ with anger, to actually walk around the Washington Monument praying for Heaven to send an Earthquake, which came exactly as it was declared it should come, without killing anyone, so as to be a clear warning. This did happen. Have no doubt, you are now reading one so covered in mercy and inspired, even in the weakness of person(s) so as to stand accused by all but in Christ declaring every knee shall bow.

Look not upon the rags of our reflection, The Word of our Father in Christ is risen in agreement. Forgive the stench of the whale’s belly, the remnant suffer the labor of the harvest and thirst for movement, even one turn of the lost.

Are not all seeds planted? Every stock showing, but, for the final change. The wicked shall be separated, confirmed as they  are and remain …unmoved. Fertilized, with the dung of the deceiver, and fermented of mind unto the appointed time of the last generation, now; as in the days of Noah, just before he entered the Ark, 7 days before the rain began to fall, at end.

1000s Of Veterans (So Called Hero’s) Busted For Massive Benefits Fraud 

Sen. Tom Coburn, noted it was “hard to understand,” but perhaps the hardest thing to understand is why it took veterans so long to realize we live in a world without consequences.

When work is punished and grift is not, is it any surprise that, as The Washington Times reports, nearly 60,000 triple dipping Veterans picked up $3.5 billion in benefits (collecting their military retirement pay; and disability benefits from both the Veterans Administration and Social Security too).

To put that into perspective, it will take roughly 139 million Americans working non-stop for 45 years just to cover the government’s unfunded liabilities at their current levels.

Currently there are about 144 million working Americans with about 100 million not in the labor force for various reasons. So, just to pay off those liabilities, every single working American would have to spend the next 45 years of their lives sending 100% of their income to the government.

That’s how bad of a situation this is.

We’re talking massive amounts of time and energy here that have been pillaged from the American people, as well as tens of millions of others in Europe and Asia.

As Ann Barnhardt notes in her post, the end result can only come in the form of widespread warfare and a total collapse of the system as we have come to know it.

We are on the tail end of a paradigm built upon debt and false promises. The numbers are now so incredibly large that the trajectory is irreversible.

Our banking system, monetary dominance and geo-political influence are at a breaking point and those who want to come out the other side of the coming disaster need to be making final preparations.

The U.S. government has war-gamed and simulated these very scenarios. They know a massive economic collapse is not only on the horizon – it’s happening right now. They also know that as more people lose their jobs, homes and ability to put food on the table they’re going to come looking for someone to blame. There will be panic and violence. There will be bloodshed and war.

This is the future that awaits.

It Will Take 6.25 BILLION “Man Years” To Pay Off Federal Government Liabilities: “A Mathematical Impossibility”

On November 4, American voters will be facing a monumental and high stakes moment in which they will decide whether control of the US Senate will continue to be in Democratic Party hands or be turned over to the Republicans.

American voters should be warned that the continuance of a Democratic-controlled Senate led by Harry Reid will guarantee that Iran will end up being the first Islamist jihadist state with a nuclear weapon. Only a Republican-controlled Senate and House of Representatives will be able to stop President Barack Obama from capitulating to the Iranians and signing a bad deal which will allow the country to become a nuclear threshold state

Captured And Lost American Antichrist 666 Voters’ Message To Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo And Antichrist Iran

When Ya’alon departed, he was already aware that Washington wasn’t waiting for him. All efforts to arrange meetings for him in keeping with diplomatic protocol – via the military attaché and the Israeli Embassy – were doomed to failure from the outset.

When senior US administration officials say to you, “I won’t be in town when you get here,” they’re actually saying, “It doesn’t suit me to meet with you now.” And sometimes, the response is a little more subtle: “I won’t be in town, but let’s coordinate your visit at a later date.” In the case of Israeli Defense Minister Moshe (Bogie) Ya’alon, Washington experienced a mass exodus; all of a sudden, no one was home.

Whatever it does next, the US will be taking Israel on

Not only is our ambassador in Washington, Ron Dermer, not the most popular figure at the White House, but Congress is in recess now, of all times, ahead of the elections.

The possibility that the United States will not veto a UN resolution calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state in keeping with the 1967 borders is not a theoretical threat. Jerusalem has internalized the fact that this is a realistic option and is preparing for it.

The battle on the Hill
The White House has tired by now of hearing about anti-President Obama briefings at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bureau in Jerusalem and the Israeli Embassy in Washington, about the badmouthing of Obama, and about Israel efforts to undermine US administration policy.

Official and non-official American guests – members of Congress, AIPAC officials and journalists – come to Israel, hear lectures from Israelis about their problematic president, and then return home to spill the beans.

Recent weeks have seen a further deterioration. From both Dermer’s and Netanyahu’s circles, according to the Americans, they are hearing statements to the tune of: “As from this Tuesday, Congress will be fully in the hands of the Republicans, and then we’ll deal with issues such as the political initiative and the negotiations with Iran from the Hill.”

Right now, waiting for us just around the corner is another political plan that is being cooked up by Kerry’s negotiation team. On the agenda are three alternative plans. The one involves reopening the talks on the security issue and the borders and to try to move forward from where the discussions came to a halt in April this year.

The Americans have tried to go down this path on four occasions already – and they’ve failed; they’re unlikely to have the appetite to go this route a fifth time.

The second involves serving up a new-improved Clinton plan in an Obama sauce, which half the coalition in Israel will refuse to eat, while the other half won’t be able to live with turning it down.

The third alternative suggests putting all regional players onto the field under the cover of the political flak jacket of the Arab League. Then, however, the talks would be based on the Saudi peace initiative, substantial portions of which Israel rejects.

However one looks at things, the Americans are again going to bash their heads up against the wall and take Israel on.

‘SAND PIRATES’: Are ISIS America’s 21st Century Terror Privateers? 

The middle and upper ranks of ISIS include thousands of seasoned mercenary Islamic fighters from countries far and wide including, but not limited to, escaped terrorist convicts, and former detainees released from Guantanamo Bay.

What is ISIS? If you believe government and corporate media propaganda, then you probably still think that ISIS is a grassroots Islamic ideological movement – with no connection to foreign agencies like the CIA, Britain’s MI6, Turkish (NATO) intelligence, Saudi intelligence, Israeli intelligence, or Pakistan’s ISI.

On closer inspection, these marauding paramilitary ISIS gangs are nothing new. They’re being paid for, and directed at the highest levels by powers outside of Iraq and Syria. So it’s no surprise that the US, UK, Saudi, Qatar and Turkey all share the exact same objective as ISIS – the destabilization of secular nation states in the Middle East and the removal of Bashar al Assad in Syria. With the same objectives and agenda, the Western Coalition and ISIS work together like a well-oiled machine.

Obozo’s Border Policy Fueled Epidemic, Evidence Shows

The deadly EV-D68 enterovirus epidemic, which struck thousands of kids this fall, was likely propelled through America by President Barack Obama’s decision to allow tens of thousands of Central Americans across the Texas border, according to a growing body of genetic and statistical evidence.

The evidence includes admissions from top health officials that the epidemic included multiple strains of the virus, and that it appeared simultaneously in multiple independent locations.

The question can be settled if federal researchers study the genetic fingerprint of the EV-D68 viruses that first hit kids in Colorado, Missouri and Illinois to see if they are close relatives to the EV-D68 viruses found in Central America.

Officials ”have to do the genetic analysis” to disprove or prove the link, Nora Chapman, an enterovirus scientist at the University of Nebraska, told The Daily Caller.

But there’s already more than enough statistical evidence for American citizens to demand that scientists test the viruses to see if Obama’s progressive border priorities spread the dangerous contagion throughout the country during 2014.

So far, that virus has been found in nine American kids who died from illness, has apparently inflicted unprecedented polio-like paralysis in roughly 50 kids, and has put hundreds of young American kids into hospital emergency wards and intensive care units throughout more than 40 states.

Pentagon: DOD personnel to handle Ebola bodies

A Department of Defense memo confirms DoD personnel – which could include civilians and/or troops – will have direct contact with “exposed remains” of Ebola victims.

While the DoD has issued new guidance on how military personnel and civilians will undergo pre- and post-deployment training while in the Ebola-affected areas of West Africa, buried in the 19-page memorandum in an attachment is an indication that the personnel will have direct exposure to the affected population.

In exclusive interviews recently with WND, retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin and retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely condemned Obama’s decision to deploy troops to West Africa, arguing they could bring the virus to the United States or to other units.

The generals said the mission of U.S. troops is to fight wars, not disease.

The concern is that these soldiers, who will be exposed to the environment where the virus is prevalent, could bring it to the U.S. and potentially spread Ebola as they return home and are assigned to other units.

“At a time when our military has been at war for 13 years, suicide is at an all-time high, [post-traumatic stress disorder] is out of control and families are being destroyed as a result of 13 years of war, the last thing the president should be doing is sending people into West Africa to fight Ebola.”

CONTAGION: Doctors Without Borders – Sierra Leone Ebola Outbreak Is “Catastrophic”; Cases Are “Under-Reported”; Several Villages And Communities Basically WIPED OUT! 


Ebola is a lot easier to catch than health officials have admitted — and can be contracted by contact with a doorknob contaminated by a sneeze from an infected person an hour or more before, experts told The Post Tuesday. “If you are sniffling and sneezing, you produce microorganisms that can get on stuff in a room. If people touch them, they could be” infected, said Dr. Meryl Nass, of the Institute for Public Accuracy in Washington, DC. Nass pointed to a poster the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly released on its Web site saying the deadly virus can be spread through “droplets.” “Droplet spread happens when germs traveling inside droplets that are coughed or sneezed from a sick person enter the eyes, nose or mouth of another person,” the poster states. Nass slammed the contradiction.

“The CDC said it doesn’t spread at all by air, then Friday they came out with this poster,” she said. “They admit that these particles or droplets may land on objects such as doorknobs and that Ebola can be transmitted that way.” Dr. Rossi Hassad, a professor of epidemiology at Mercy College, said droplets could remain active for up to a day. “A shorter duration for dry surfaces like a table or doorknob, and longer durations in a moist, damp environment,” Hassad said.

Elites Plan To Kill Off Millions Underway!

While we learn in the 1st video from TheAlexJonesChannel that the US govt has secretly ordered 250,000 HAZMAT suits for Dallas, Texas, in the 2nd video below featuring Steve Quayle we learn that the elites plan to kill MILLIONS of Americans is now underway. According to the United States Census Bureau, the population of Dallas was 1.25 million in 2013, why is the govt seeking HAZMAT suits for 1/5 of the population? Will the suits even be GIVEN to the population or does Steve Quayle call it much more clearly in the 2nd video where we tells us what the ‘big picture’ is?

A manager with a major shipping company has exclusively revealed to Infowars that the U.S. government has ordered 250,000 Hazmat suits to be sent to Dallas, the location of the first Ebola outbreak in the United States.

The manager of the shipping company proved his credentials to Infowars by providing a photo ID and sending a verified email from the company account, but wishes to remain anonymous due to understandable fears that he could be fired for revealing the information.

“I just learned we have been asked to ship 250,000 HAZMAT suits to Dallas, TX. for the US Government. Again this is happening today, we are pulling these suits for the US Government to Dallas, TX,” states the individual, who manages the drivers who work for the shipping company.

CONTAGION: The CDC To Purchase Body Bags In Anticipation Of More Ebola Deaths, Issues “Services Sought” Notice For PPE Supplies – As FEMA Conducts Pandemic Training In New York And New Jersey Simulating A Global Virus Outbreak! 

US Stocks End a Turbulent Month at a Record High

For stock investors, there was no shortage of drama in October.

Friday’s gains were driven by the Bank of Japan, which surprised investors by announcing it would increase its bond and asset purchases by 10 trillion yen to 20 trillion yen ($90.7 billion to $181.3 billion) to about 80 trillion yen ($725 billion) annually. The announcement came after data showed that the world’s third-largest economy remains in the doldrums, with household spending dropping and unemployment ticking up.

Japan’s move comes only two days after the U.S. Federal Reserve brought an end to its own bond-buying program. Investors have been hopeful that the European Central Bank might also start buying bonds to stimulate that region’s economy by keeping interest rates low and injecting cash into the financial system. That form of stimulus is called quantitative easing, also known among investors as “QE666.”

Stocks started the month modestly below a record high, only to cascade to their worst slump in two years. But after flirting with a correction, or a 10 percent drop, the U.S. market rebounded and closed at all-time highs on the last day of the month.

Chart Of The Day: “It’s Not About Earnings” Edition

During the month of October, analysts lowered earnings estimates for companies in the S&P 500 for the fourth quarter. The Q4 bottom-up EPS estimate (which is an aggregation of the estimates for all the companies in the index) dropped by 2.7% (to $30.96 from $31.82) during the month. How significant is a 2.7% decline in the bottom-up EPS estimate during the first month of the quarter? How does this decrease compare to recent quarters?

During the past year (4 quarters), the average decline in the bottom-up EPS estimate during the first month of the quarter has been 1.3%. During the past five years (20 quarters), the average decline in the bottom-up EPS estimate during the first month of the quarter has been 0.6%. During the past ten years, (40 quarters), the average decline in the bottom-up EPS estimate during the first month of the quarter has been 1.8%. Thus, the decline in the bottom-up EPS estimate recorded during the course of the first month (October) of the fourth quarter was higher than the 1-year, 5-year, and 10-year averages.

However, most of the reductions to earnings estimates have occurred in the commodity-based sectors. As noted in last week’s report, the Energy sector (-10.8%) has recorded the largest decline of all ten sectors in terms of bottom-up EPS, followed by the Materials sector (-7.5%). No other sector has recorded a decrease in bottom-up EPS of greater than 3.3% through the first month of the quarter.

In terms of price, the value of the S&P 500 has increased by 1.1% (to 1994.65 from 1972.29) during the month of October. This marks the 7th time in the past 12 quarters that the bottom-up EPS estimate has decreased while the price of the index has increased during the first month of the quarter.

Iran nuclear talks to go into high gear

“We have critical weeks ahead of us,” Kerry told PBS television.

“The stakes for the world are enormous. I hope the Iranians will not get stuck in a tree of their own making, on one demand or another, in order to try to find a way together.

“I’m hopeful, but it’s a very tough negotiation.”

Any historic accord would aim to ease fears, after a decade of rising tensions, that Tehran might develop nuclear weapons under the guise of its civilian atomic program.

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