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Month: November, 2014

113014 Petrus Romanus Blue ”IS” Black Flag Swiss Guard No Gold Barred

CONTAGION: The Number Of Ebola Infections In West Africa Passes 16,000 And Death Toll Reaches Almost 7,000 – Over 1,000 New Deaths Reported In The LAST TWO DAYS; WHO Warns Figures May Be Significantly Underestimated!

So you refuse to get vaccinated, and will never allow vaccines in the system of the children you love and care for so much … Hmmm, sorry but you have little choice in the matter. No I am not talking about mandatory or forced vaccinations … Look … up in the sky … it’s a bird … it’s a plane … no … it’s a delivery system for vaccines that you are not even aware of, never agreed to, and probably never would consent to, but your consent is not sought and was never considered!

Sure you can avoid vaccines by saying no to your doctor while withstanding his browbeating and derogatory comments, by finding employment with a company that does not make them a condition of employment, by not putting your children in daycare or by home schooling them … BUT YOU DO HAVE TO BREATH … GOTCHA … !!!

Chemtrails Not Just for Weather Modification Anymore: Vaccines On The Wind

The highest wind gust reported was 117 mph near Clark, Wyoming, and the high wind warnings continue into Sunday for parts of Wyoming and Colorado.

EXTREME WEATHER: Hurricane-Force Winds Whip Cody, Wyoming – Knocking Out Power, Breaking Windows! 

BEAST TECH: You’ll Buy All Your Holiday Gifts With A Wave Of Your Hand Or The Scan Of Your Head Within Five Years – Banking Experts Predict This Beastly System Will Be The Global Business Model Within 60 Months! 

And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.


The French president said that a solution must be found of the basis of the two-state model, a Palestinian state neighboring an Israeli state with security guarantees.

France’s expected vote follows Britain, Spain and Ireland, whose lawmakers have largely opted to recognize a Palestinian state, albeit symbolically.

On October 30, Sweden’s government became the first Western European nation in the EU to officially recognize Palestinian statehood.

France calls for international Israeli-Palestinian peace conference 

As children of Muslims are considered Muslim at birth, so they are raised with the same scriptural teaching, which is evident in the brutal attack on a classmate by two 8-year-old Muslim boys.

The two young Muslims, probably moderately raised, beat their classmate and carved the symbol of the cross on the child’s back, Pamela Geller reports.

The barbaric hate crime took place in Austria at a Tyrolean Folk School.

The two boys dragged their Christian target into a bathroom stall and used a knife to carve the cross into the young student’s flesh.

8-Year-Old Antichrist Muslim Boys Drag Classmate Into Bathroom. What Happened Next Is Horrifying 

Children are not born racist. They are not born with a preconceived notion of elitism or superiority of beliefs. They must be taught to hate because of belief or race. This was an obvious act of racism and should be labeled a hate crime. After all, if one who speaks against Islam or rolls a pig’s head into a mosque is branded a racist and charged with hate speech or a hate crime, then one who physically assaults and batters a Christian should forever carry the label of “racist” on their rap sheet.

These children are the future of Islam. They are the next generation of jihadists, but also the next politicians, militants, and activists to demand Sharia law in Western countries. Remember, this didn’t happen in a Muslim nation. This is a Western country that has allowed Muslim immigrants their demands, attempting to appease a horde that can never be satisfied until an Islamic state is established in every nation, as per the Quran.

The Max Rayne Hand in Hand School, which serves more than 600 Arab and Jewish pupils from throughout Jerusalem in the capital’s Pat neighborhood, went up in flames on Saturday night.

Firefighters were working to prevent its spread to the rest of the school’s facilities as they brought the fire under control.

An initial police investigation showed signs that the fire was set intentionally from inside the school.

The source of the blaze was found to be at the building’s preschool. With classes from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade, it is the largest Arab-Jewish cultural institution in Israel.

Hebrew graffiti was found on the school’s walls, with slogans such as “You can’t coexist with a cancer,” “Kahane was right,” “Enough with assimilation” and “Death to Arabs.”

Jerusalem bilingual Hebrew-Arabic school ablaze in suspected hate crime 

A loud boom was reported by a number of people in upstate New York on Saturday afternoon at the same time as a similar noise was heard more than 3,000 miles away in the UK.
Residents in locations including Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Clarence and as far north as Niagara Falls took to social media to report the unusual noise at around 4:45 p.m. EST.
People described it as loud enough to shake their homes and rattle windows.

Mystery of the loud boom that shook homes over upstate New York AND the UK at exactly the same time despite being 3,000 miles apart

Whether as a result of an unprecedented scare campaign by the Swiss National Bank (most recently reinforced by Citigroup), or due to confidence that Swiss gold is as safe abroad as it is at home, or simply due to good old-fashioned “hanging chads”, today’s most awaited event has come and gone and the result – according to early projections by Swiss television SRF – is that the Swiss population overwhelmingly rejected a referendum to force the Swiss National Bank to hold some 20% of its reserves in gold in a landslide vote, with about 78% voting against what AP politely termed “protecting the country’s wealth by investing in gold.”

Swiss Gold Referendum Fails: 78% Vote Against “Protecting The Country’s Wealth”

^^^Wow, the 78% doesn’t even justify having a vote in the first place. Lol, now those lukewarm neutral Swiss Miss Milk Duds get to remain as they were, pathetic pushover 666 Europa Whores, or those at war against the NWO mark of the beast. The vote is the Antichrist 666 seal upon the nation, that is a measurable fact.

Activists: ISIS Is Now Launching Attacks From Inside Turkey

Turkey’s main Kurdish party on Saturday accused the government of turning a blind eye to—if not outright supporting—ISIS militants within its borders after suicide bombers attacked the town of Kobani along its southern border with Syria. The Turkish government vehemently denies the claims. ISIS “used to attack the town from three sides,” said the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and Nawaf Khalil, a spokesman for Syria’s Kurdish Democratic Union Party, in a statement. “Today, they are attacking from four sides,” noting the addition of Turkey.

During the G20 Summit in Australia, dialogue and evidence was shown to the world the United States government is supporting terrorism in the Middle East which is leading to Christian deaths. Russia was quoted in a UN Action on protecting Christians in the Middle East. Why hasn’t the U.S. initiated such an action? 

On Nov. 14, 2014, a Muslim prayer service was held at America’s “National House of Prayer.” Many prayer carpets were spread in the sanctuary; hundreds of Muslims turned their back on the cross; hundreds bowed toward Mecca and said, “There is only one god, he begets not (doesn’t have a Son) and I bear witness that Muhammad is His only servant and Apostle” (Jesus is not God’s Servant and there are not Twelve Apostles).

Those who love truth and cling to the gospel and live their lives accordingly will live under God’s blessing during this time of trouble for America. That does not mean that you will avoid persecution though…I would expect that to get pretty bad

Barack Obozo “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation” (2007). “America is one of the largest Muslim countries in the world” (2009).
Barack Obozo “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”
Barack Obozo “Islam has always been part of America”
Barack Obozo “The Holy Koran tells us, “O mankind! We have created you male and a female; and we have made you into nations and tribes so that you may know one another.”
Our President believes in God sure…but he does not support him. Obozo is our judgment for rebelling against God. And those who support him better think, and pray about it.
America exports her sin to other nations
America is the biggest exporter of pornography
America is the leading nation on pro homosexuality laws
America is the biggest exporter of financial aid to terrorism worldwide (G20 Documents on testimonies)
America built the “new world tower” in defiance of a warning on Sep 11th
America is the largest consumer of and waster of food in the world
Americans spend more money than the world on shopping every year
American police authorities ban civil right to feed homeless
Need more?

Farrakhan On Ferguson: ‘We’ll Tear This G**damn Country Up!’ [VIDEO]

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan went on a fiery tirade about Ferguson on Saturday — threatening that if the demands of protesters aren’t met, “we’ll tear this goddamn country apart!”

Farrakhan stated in his speech — given at Morgan State University, a black college located in Baltimore, Md. — that violence was justified in response to the decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson and peaceful protests are only in the interest of “white folks.”

“We going to die anyway. Let’s die for something,” the radical figure told the crowd to roaring applause.

ICE AGE NOW: U.S. Polar Blast To Chill Millions From Minnesota To Texas – Has Already Dropped Temperatures By Nearly 60 DEGREES In Just 24 Hours! 

New round of severe weather and flooding for Morocco, Spain, France, Italy and parts of Balkan Peninsula

Russia’s Patience Is Wearing Thin

PARADIGM SHIFT: The Rise Of The BRICS, Precursors To The End Of The Petrodollar And Collapse Of The U.S. Corporation – China Overtakes Japan To Become The World’s Second Largest Stock Market!

112914 Gleaning Remember The Name Of Our Father In Christ By Which The Saints Do Battle And Overcome The Enemy In Lew Of Antichrist NWO Obozo The 666 Clown(s)

Saturday November 29, 2014: He went out (Vayetze)

Netanyahu, according to the report, has been holding talks with his aides in light of the ongoing tensions in the coalition. These conversations have highlighted Netanyahu’s frustration over the situation and particularly his mistrust of Finance Minister Yair Lapid, who heads the Yesh Atid party.

Netanyahu has said, among other things, that Lapid’s 0% VAT law will “waste billions and will not truly change housing prices.” He has also been quoted as not being happy with the budget, another point of contention between him and Lapid, saying that he does not want to allow Lapid to cut the defense budget and “paralyze the IDF”.

Netanyahu: We Can’t Continue Governing Like This

Furthermore, according to Channel 2, the Prime Minister accused the Finance Minister of trying to carry out a putsch with the hareidi parties and establish an alternative government in the current Knesset, together with the hareidim and with the Labopr party. There have been recent speculations that Lapid was indeed planning such a move.

“The way the government is functioning now, we cannot continue,” added Netanyahu in these closed conversations.

Netanyahu and the parties in his coalition have been at odds over several issues, the latest being the controversial Jewish State Law, which passed a Cabinet vote this week but which Lapid and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni are opposed to and have threatened to vote against when it comes to a vote in the Knesset.

Hundreds of Jordanians on Friday joined a rally organized by the Muslim Brotherhood to denounce Israeli plans to enshrine in law the country’s status as the national Jewish homeland.

An estimated 1,500 protesters set off from the Husseini mosque in downtown Amman holding up signs saying “Al-Aqsa is in danger”, according to AFP.

Jordanians Protest Against ‘Dangerous’ Jewish State Law

“There is a greater danger today, and that is the Jewish state draft law,” Hamzeh Mansur, the former head of the Brotherhood’s Islamic Action Front party, told the protesters.

“Where is Jordan’s custodianship over Jerusalem and where is the promised Palestinian state?” he asked.

Some day it will be said that on this archipelago lies the work of financial mad men and terrorists. If the survivors could mount a plaque, they would list Professor Rogoff and Krugman on the very top.

Financial Terrorists On The Road – Krugman And Rogoff Peddling Toxic Advice

“Every week we roll over approximately $100 billion in U.S. bills,” Lew told the committee. “If U.S. bondholders decided that they wanted to be repaid rather than continuing to roll over their investments, we could unexpectedly dissipate our entire cash balance.”

“There is no plan other than raising the debt limit that permits us to meet all of our obligations,” Lew said.

“Let me remind everyone,” Lew said, “principal on the debt is not something we pay out of our cash flow of revenues. Principal on the debt is something that is a function of the markets rolling over.”

The vast amount of debt that the Treasury must roll over in such a short time frame is driven by the fact the Treasury has put most of the debt into short-term “bills” and mid-term “notes”—on which it can pay lower interest rates—rather than into long-term bonds, which demand significantly higher interest rates.

At the end of October, according to the Treasury’s Monthly Statement of the Public Debt, the total debt of the federal government was $17,937,160,000,000.

Of this, $5,080,104,000,000 was what the Treasury calls “intragovernmental” debt, which is money the Treasury has borrowed and spent out of trust funds theoretically set aside for other purposes—such as the Social Security Trust Fund.

The remaining $12,857,056,000,000 was “debt held by the public.” This part of the debt included $517,029,000,000 “nonmarketable” Treasury securities (such as savings bonds) and $12,340,028,000,000 in “marketable” Treasury securities, including bills, notes, bonds and Treasuring Inflation-Protected Securities.

But only $1,547,073,000,000 of the $12,857,056,000,000 in marketable debt was in long-term Treasury bonds that mature in 30 years. These bonds carried an average interest rate of 4.919 percent as of the end of October, according to the Treasury.

The largest share of the marketable debt–$8,192,466,000,000—was in notes that mature in 2,3,5,7 or 10 years, and which haf an average interest rate of 1.807 percent as of the end of October.

Another $1,412,388,000,000 of the marketable debt was in Treasury bills, which carry “maturities ranging from a few days to 52 weeks,” says the Treasury. These $1.4 trillion in short-term Treasury bills had an average interest rate of 0.056 percent as of the end of October, according to the Treasury.

The continual rolling over of these short-term, low-interest bills helped drive over the $1-trillion mark the new debt the Treasury had to issue in the first eight weeks of this fiscal year.

The Treasury has taken out what amounts to an adjustable-rate mortgage on our ever-growing national debt.

If the Treasury were forced to convert the $1.4 trillion in short-term bills (on which it now pays an average interest rate of 0.056 percent) into 30-year bonds at the average rate it is now paying on such bonds (4.919 percent) the interest on that $1.4 trillion in debt would increase 88-fold.

Ponzi: Treasury Issues $1T in New Debt in 8 Weeks—To Pay Old Debt

So with the 119 tonnes of gold withdrawn so far in 2014, it is now abundantly clear that the “logistical complications” excuse used by Germany to halt its own gold repatriation program was nothing but a lie to cover up what, as Deutsche Bank explained earlier this month, was an escalation of “diplomatic difficulties” between the US and Germany, one in which Germany has folded, if only for now.

Federal Reserve Confirms Biggest Foreign Gold Withdrawal In Over Ten Years

“Investors will not pay any taxes. Moreover, they will be getting significant support from Turkey, Germany and the US,” said Sekeroglu.

Exported products from the zone will not be subject to taxes or quotas to various countries, including the US, Germany, France, and Saudi Arabia, he said, adding, “the businesses will be insured by the World Bank, too.”

Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Isik and PA Deputy Prime Minister and National Economy Minister, Muhammad Mustafa signed the memorandum.

TOBB-BIS is going to construct the industrial zone with support from the German government.

It is scheduled to be completed in 2015

Turkey establishing industrial zone in West Bank

Pope Francis condemned the “barbaric violence” perpetrated against Christians and other minorities in Syria and Iraq on the first day of his visit to Turkey, a country on the front-line of the war against Islamist extremism.

Today, he will fly to Istanbul, where he will visit the Blue Mosque, Turkey’s most important place of Muslim worship.

The Pope has received a subdued reception in Turkey, where around 98pc of the population of 76 million is Muslim.

Petrus Romanus Pope supports strikes against Isil terrorists is cover for The Turkeys .

Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) published a video report of immense implications – possibly the first national broadcaster in the West to admit that the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS) is supplied not by “black market oil” or “hostage ransoms” but billions of dollars worth of supplies carried into Syria across NATO member Turkey’s borders via hundreds of trucks a day.

The report titled, “‘IS’ supply channels through Turkey,” confirms what has been reported by geopolitical analysts since at least as early as 2011 – that NATO member Turkey has allowed a torrent in supplies, fighters, and weapons to cross its borders unopposed to resupply ISIS positions inside of Syria.

Germany’s DW Reports ISIS Supply Lines Originate in NATO’s Turkey 

With the documented conspiracy of the US and its allies to create a sectarian mercenary force aligned to Al Qaeda, the so-called “moderate rebels” the US has openly backed in Syria now fully revealed as sectarian extremists, and now with DW documenting a torrent of supplies originating in Turkey, it is clear that the ISIS menace NATO poses as the solution to, was in fact NATO all along. What is revealed is a foreign policy so staggeringly insidious, few are able to believe it, even with international broadcasters like DW showing ISIS’ supply lines leading from NATO territory itself.

Before Being Killed, the Children Told ISIS: ‘No, We Love Jesus’

CANON Andrew White recounts the story of Iraqi Christian children who when told by ISIS militants to convert to Islam or be killed, they said ‘No, We Love Yeshua (Jesus).’
F ew people understand or have seen the persecution of Christians in the Middle East like Canon Andrew White, who has been in the eye of the storm.

White oversees St. George’s Church in Baghdad. His ministry, The Foundation for the Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East offers comfort and humanitarian supplies to many of the Christians devastated by the march of ISIS throughout Iraq and Syria.

The Russian Navy on Friday successfully test-fired a new intercontinental ballistic missile for a second time in as many months, proving its reliability following a troublesome development.


The Defense Ministry said the Alexander Nevsky nuclear submarine test-fired a Bulava missile from an underwater position in the Barents Sea. The missile’s warheads reached designated targets at a testing range in Russia’s far eastern Kamchatka Peninsula.

Revealed: Vladimir Putin Plotting To Invade Europe – Report

Mr Putin’s grand plan was reportedly outlined in a supposedly classified document titled “Putin: the new leader of international conservatism.” The blueprint was drafted by Moscow’s Centre for Strategic Communications.

“In Europe Putin dreams – and he has said this publicly – of having a sphere of influence across the continent all the way down to Portugal,” the newspaper BILD reported as quoted by the Express. According to BILD, Mr Putin’s strategy involves wooing different far-right political parties across Europe to support Kremlin’s political influence within the European Union.

Mr Putin had also reportedly met with right-wing parties in Vienna in May, including political parties in Bulgaria, Austria and France. However, his main focus was allegedly set to Germany’s only “mildly-eurosceptic party,” Alternative for Germany or AFD, to get its vote in March against another looming western sanction.

Nearly 40 per cent of Germans endorse Russia’s annexation of Crimea

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Crimea has found supporters in an unlikely country: A November 23 opinion poll in Germany found that nearly 40 per cent of the country’s population accept the move.

The surprising result has stirred debate in Germany, prompting some to ask: Is Germany Russia’s closest ally in the West?

112814 Gleaning Babylon ”IS” Fallen ”IS” Fallen NWO NIRP 666 Zero Interest Suicide Vampire Squid Economic War And Prophetic Tribulation Lame Peaking Duck And Cover

The number of “justifiable” homocides was on the rise in 2008 (to be fair, it was rising among private citizens as well) in spite of the inconvenient fact that overall crime has been declining.
Unfortunately, the most important implication of the FBI report is the simple fact that the report exists. When the FBI takes the time to construct a meticulous report (you can read more details here) of all the ways that a tiny percentage of cops were killed–but cannot be bothered to officially count civilian deaths at the hands of cops, the reality is obvious:

Antichrist NWO FBI 666 Report Accidentally Exposes the Severity of the Police State 

The governemnt places a higher priority on their own than on the lives of those they claim to “serve,” “protect,” and “work for.” It cares more about exonerating the police of their crimes than providing justice to those they abuse. There is no justice when the criminal is the cop.

You’ll Buy All Your Holiday Gifts With A Wave Of Your Hand Or The Scan Of Your Head Within Five Years: Banking Experts Predict This Beastly System Will Be The Global Business Model Within 60 Months (See Revelation 13: 16-18 To Understand) 

“We’re in this unprecedented space where technology is moving so quickly it’s starting to scare everyone,” said Gi Fernando, founder and investor of Free:Formers, a company which helps businesses and unemployed young adults with digital training.

“It’s sooner than you think,” said Fernando, who claims in five years from now the technology behind how we manage our banking and finances will be unrecognizable.

WTF Chart Of The Day: Centrally Planned Confidence Edition 

Storm Leaves Thousands in Darkness From West Virginia to Vermont

2 dead, 9 missing after tropical storm hits Philippines 

Devastating supercell thunderstorm with fist sized hail hits Brisbane, Australia

“We are very concerned about such severe storms this early in the season and on the back of unprecedented damage and destruction caused by the recent conflict,” Robert Turner, UNRWA’s Director of Operations in Gaza

State of emergency declared in Gaza due to extreme weather and flooding 

It’s the end for Iraqi Christians

Canon Andrew White, the ‘Vicar of Baghdad’, has been ordered home against his wishes with a £36m Isis bounty on his head. He is terrified for the flock he has left behind


In Kurdish-protected and internationally-organized refugee camps throughout Iraq and Syria, Christians, Yazidis, and Muslim Kurds live a tentative life in which many have lost their entire families and have no sense of when they will be able to return to a life of normalcy.

Muslims in Nigeria, all members of Boko Haram, have slaughtered 8000 Christian members of the Church of the Brethren, within a very short span of time and ITS HAPPENING IN OUR TIME. As we read in one report:

MAJOR MASSACRE OF CHRISTIANS IS RIGHT IN OUR MIDST 8000 Christians Were Just Slaughtered By Muslims

TV report says Gadi Eizenkot believes Israel should only intervene against Tehran nuclear facilities ‘if the sword is at our throat’

Israel’s next army chief ‘would only strike Iran as last resort’

Japan 2-Year Yield Drops Below Zero on BOJ Easing, Weak CPI Data

Japan’s two-year note yields dropped below zero for the first time after a report showed gains in consumer prices slowed for a third straight month even as the central bank pushed forward with record stimulus.

The Ministry of Finance sold 2.5 trillion yen ($21 billion) of 0.1 percent debt due December 2016 with a record low average yield today. The Bank of Japan decided last month to expand the annual pace of its bond buying to 80 trillion yen. U.S. yields fell after OPEC took no action to ease a global oil-supply glut, causing Brent to extended its decline from a four-year low.

Oil prices plummet as OPEC decides against output cut 

Benchmark crude oil prices plummeted in London following the meeting, with Brent crude sinking 6.2% to $69.11 a barrel. In June, prices were as high as $115 a barrel. Oil prices are at their lowest levels since September 2010, in part due to oversupply, lower demand and a boom in North American production.

French parliamentarians on Friday were set to debate a non-binding resolution on the recognition of Palestinian statehood ahead of Tuesday’s slated vote on the symbolic maneuver.

The resolution brought by France’s ruling Socialist Party follows in stride of the recent trend of European parliaments growing frustrated with the stagnant Middle East peace process and recommending their governments recognize a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

French lawmakers to debate Palestinian statehood resolution 

Congressman Adel El Zabayar, a member of Venezuela’s National Assembly, told the Hezbollah-sponsored Al Manar TV headquartered in Lebanon that: “In order to understand what is happening today in the Middle East and what happened in the world in the First and Second World Wars we must examine the original Zionist conspiracy If we look into who financed Hitler before WWII we will see that the main financiers were the Zionists”

Venezuelan lawmaker says ‘Zionists’ financed Hitler 

But one country whose fate is now virtually assured – with a happy ending now sadly out of the picture – is the same one that stormed out furious at yesterday’s failure by OPEC’s cartel members to carve out a consensus leading to higher oil prices: Venezuela.

Here pretty much everything is about to go unhinged, with what now looks like an almost inevitable sovereign default as the endgame, coupled with the removal of a few million barrels of oil from the global supply chain, something which all the other OPEC members will be delighted by.

The First Oil-Exporting Casualty Of The Crude Carnage: Venezuela

Despite the best efforts of business media to paint a rosy picture of the Black Friday spend-fest, stocks had only one trajectory – from upper left to lower right – from the open. Small Caps were slammed but all major indices gave up significant knee-jerk “energy schmenergy” gains to close ugly. However, The Dow was pushed just into the green – and new record highs – to prove everything in the centrally planned world is awesome. Crude oil prices were monkey-hammered to 5-year closing lows. The USDollar gained on the day – after 3 down days – and combined with Swiss referendum expectations, gold faded notably (as did Silver with oil). Treasury yields tumbled 10-12bps on the week and HY credit notably underperformed.

Dow Record Close Despite Bond Yields, Bullion, & Black Gold Battering

All consumption… no production…

Today’s Dow – America In A Nutshell

The priest gives you a communion wafer, then a sip of wine, then asks: Would you like fries with that? The situation sounds insane (and it may well be), but if one group’s crowdfunding campaign is successful, it could become a reality. A group of three friends calling themselves “The McMass Project” has launched an IndieGoGo page trying to raise $1 million to build a McDonald’s franchise in a church, possibly in New Jersey or the Philadelphia area.

McMass Project Aims to Put McDonald’s Restaurant in a Church 

And then there is of course the wildcard of the Swiss gold referendum on Sunday, where a “Yes” vote would lead to the immediate collapse of the gold price suppression mechanism as the swap-based gold shortage breaks through merely shadow conduits and finally makes its way to the real market. Which, of course, is why it will never be allowed to happen.

Gold Shortage, Worst In 21st Century, Sends 1Y GOFO To Lowest Ever… And India Just Made It Worse

It is the first time the commission splits its verdict on national budgets into two parts: acknowledging that France, Italy and Belgium are in breach of the deficit-and-debt rules (Stability and Growth Pact), but delaying a decision on the consequences until March.

“We received letters at the highest level from three countries. These are high level assurances we asked for, so we will check now how they are applied and issue the recommendations in March,” an EU official said.

France has already twice received a postponement of its deficit reduction deadline, which should have been under three percent of GDP by 2015. But according to its draft budget, it plans to run a deficit of 4.3 percent of GDP in 2015 and will meet the three-percent target only in 2017.

Paris adopted a last-minute promise to shave €3.6 billion off the deficit – but critics noted that no new reforms are being undertaken.

If in March the commission is still not convinced that Paris is taking real action to meet the deficit target, France could face a fine of up to €4.2 billion.

France, Italy, Belgium to get extra three months on deficit and debt 

The French delivery of two Mistral ships to Russia may be postponed indefinitely (a move which ultimately would cost Hollande over $4 billion in contract breach penalty fees he simply can’t afford to pay), but that doesn’t mean the Russian navy has been hobbled or is hiding in the corner. To the contrary: according to the following tweet from the UK Ministry of Defense, Russia’s navy is getting quite bolder.

Russian Warship Flotilla Enters English Channel For Military Exercises

And if they were in fact “exercising” it would simply mean that NATO exercises in the Black Sea miles away from the Russian coast, are finally being met in kind by a Russia which with every passing day is making it clear its “concern” of western reprisals and retaliation to Russian actions, which in turn are a consequence of NATO expansion eastward, is increasingly more negligible.


According to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), 70 percent of fresh chickens on sale in Britain are contaminated with a food poisoning bug called campylobacter.

A six-month survey of chilled whole birds was conducted which found that 18 percent of them tested positive at the highest level of contamination for campylobacter. Further, none of the major supermarkets met industry standards for reducing the bacteria, which is killed during cooking but still affects 280,000 people in Britain each year. Most of the cases are caused by poultry and in rare instances campylobacter can cause death.

70% of UK Chickens Contaminated with Food Poisoning Bug