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by amongthenumberedsaints

Saturday October 18, 2014: In the beginning (B’reisheet)


“The political council of the PLO decided during its meeting last night… to go to the UN Security Council with the aim of getting a resolution passed to end the Israeli occupation in the Palestinian territories… by the end of this month,” he said. Voting could take place “two weeks or more after the request is presented,” Abed Rabbo told a news conference in the West Bank city of Ramallah. “There is no excuse for a delay.” Since the collapse of US-led peace talks with Israel in April, the Palestinians have been pursuing a new diplomatic path to independence via the United Nations and by joining international organizations.

The Palestinians won the status of UN observer state in 2012.

A draft of the resolution obtained by AFP earlier this month calls for the “full withdrawal of Israel, the occupying power, from all of the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, as rapidly as possible and to be fully completed within a specified timeframe, not to exceed November 2016.”.

Palestinians to submit UN resolution on occupation by end-Oct 

The government watchdog group Judicial Watch alleged Friday the Obama administration is formulating plans to admit Ebola-infected non-U.S. citizens into the United States for treatment.

Judicial Watch: Obama to Admit Non-Citizens for Ebola Treatment

The group, which cited one unidentified source, said the administration would aim to bring Ebola patients into the United States for treatment within the first days of diagnosis, and that it’s not clear who’d pay either for the transportation or treatment.


Temporary Protected Status is a designation the DHS secretary may declare for certain foreign countries if “conditions in the country that temporarily prevent the country’s nationals from returning safely, or in certain circumstances, where the country is unable to handle the return of its nationals adequately.”


And just as amazing: the world has gone from Expansion and Recovery, to Slowdown and borderlin Contraction in the span of just 3 months..

Einsteinian Insanity? FHFA Head Mel Watt Pushes Banks To Make Extreme Risk Home Loans

This is what all these phony “liberals” do. They pretend to be champions of the poor so that they can fool their clueless constituents and thus serve the oligarchy that much more effectively. This housing plan isn’t about helping families afford homes, it’s about creating artificial demand for overpriced homes so that stuck private equity and hedge fund mangers (who can no longer make it rain in the buy-to-rent trade) have some peasants to sell to ahead of the next crash.

Rule Number 1 of Oligarch Club: Always make sure you sell to the muppets before the music stops. Here we go again.

Putin Threatens United States: Russian President Warns Of ‘Nuclear Consequences’

As the former Soviet Union faces tough sanctions from the Obama Administration and European Union (EU) in the wake of Russia’s annexation of Crimea and incursion into Eastern Ukraine, Putin threatens the United States. The Russian president fired off more ominous rhetoric as his country’s Ruble and economy continue to suffer. Vladimir Putin warns that the continued “hostile” posturing from the West and its partners could have “nuclear consequences.”

Moody’s downgrades Russia to Baa2

Moody’s Investors Service cut Russia’s sovereign debt rating to ‘Baa2’ from ‘Baa1’, becoming the second ratings agency to cut the country’s ratings this year, after S&P initiated a downgrade in April.

Moody’s said the prolonged crisis in Ukraine was weighing on Russia’s medium-term growth prospects.

“The military confrontation in Ukraine and escalating sanctions against Russia are likely to have an increasingly negative macroeconomic impact on Russia’s investment climate,” the ratings agency said on Friday.

Hurricane Gonzalo scores bull’s eye hit on Bermuda

Hurricane Gonzalo slammed into Bermuda on Friday, knocking out most of the electricity as it lashed the tiny Atlantic island chain with pounding surf, torrential rain and howling wind, but there were no immediate reports of injuries.

The strongest storm to sweep the subtropical British territory in a decade made full landfall at about 8:30 p.m. as the 35-mile-wide (56 km) eye of the storm crossed the south-central coast of Bermuda, the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami reported.

The Category 2 hurricane was packing sustained winds of up to 110 mph (175 kph), down from 140 mph (225 kph) earlier in the day, but it remained a dangerous storm, forecasters said. Hurricane-force winds extended up to 60 miles (95 km) from its center as it bore down on Bermuda.


MONUMENTAL SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: Solar Watch – Most Massive Behemoth Sunspot Emerges; Could Swallow Up Earth With Room To Spare; Expect Sharp Increase In Solar Activity Over The Weekend; X-Flares May Be In The Offing! 

A long duration M-class solar flare measuring M1.6 at its peak time erupted on October 18, 2014. The source was large Active Region 2192 which just emerged from the southeast limb. The event started at 07:02, peaked at 07:58 and ended at 08:49 UTC.

This region already had several significant eruptions and sent a massive CME into the space as it was transiting onto the Earth side. A sharp uptick in solar activity is very likely over the coming days.

The region is still not in geoeffective position but is capable of producing strong eruptions.

NOAA SWPC forecasters estimate 30% chance for M-class, and 5% chance for X-class solar flare over the next three days (October 18 – 20).

Large sunspot produced long duration M-class solar flare

In a 5-minute video available on YouTube, a pre-election speech by Obama was highlycynical of Bible authority and even derided specific Old and New Testamentscriptures. “Whatever we once were,” Obama says on the video, “we’re no longer aChristian nation,” adding, “Democracy demands that the religiously motivatedtranslate their concerns into universal, rather than religion-specific values… this isgoing to be difficult for some who believe in the inerrancy of the Bible as manyevangelicals do.” [31] Consequently, the conscious effort by Obama to reorientAmerica away from conventional Christianity was widely embraced by people whoidentified with the man who carried a tiny idol of the Hindu god Hanuman in hispocket—whose blessings he sought in the race to the White House—together with aMadonna and child. For Obama, who grew up in a household where the Bible, the

Koran and the Bhagvat Gita sat on a shelf side by side, organized religion was bestdefined as “closed-mindedness dressed in the garb of piety,” but a useful politicaltool nonetheless. And so he used it masterfully, and earned a cult following whiledoing so. By February 2009, Obama had replaced Jesus Christ as America’s No. 1hero according to a Harris poll, and dedication to his come-one come-all mysticismhas continued to spread, with evangelists of the new religion calling for the ‘tired’faith of our fathers to be replaced with a global new one.

Apollyon Rising 

The Land of the Plumèd Serpent may also be known as the Land of Lucifer,” concludes Ken Hudnall in The Occult Connection II: The Hidden Race.[ii]

This raises serious questions about what type of “divinely instituted” wisdom Hall had in mind for Amaruca/America, as part of the legitimate concern revolving around this disclosure stems from the fact that the Inca, Aztec, and Maya were either unquestionably gifted mathematicians and astronomers, or they really did receive advanced knowledge from someone or something. They measured the length of the solar year far more accurately than did the Europeans in their Gregorian calendar, and precisely oriented their sacred buildings and cities with stars and star clusters, particularly Pleiades and the >>>Orion Nebula<<< associated throughout the ancient Middle East with Osiris/Apollo/Nimrod.

The False Prophet And The Antichrist Are Here

Not only was the Aztec culture so advanced in engineering, astronomy, and mathematics, but the warriors of Montezuma outnumbered the expedition of Cortez by a thousand to one. How then did the Spaniards conquer the Aztecs so easily? Toltec prophecy had told of Quetzalcoatl, who would come from the east as a light-skinned priest to rule their civilization. Nezhaulcoyotl, a great astrologer who supported Montezuma, believed this vision, and when Cortez arrived exactly when the prophecy said the god would return, Montezuma received him as the coming of Quetzalcoatl, and surrendered. This event is symbolized in the Cortez and Montezuma frieze by Brumidi.

Another connection between Brumidi’s prophetic Stone of the Sun depiction and Freemasonry can be seen in the serpent coiled around the sacred fire, toward which Montezuma’s left hand intentionally gestures. The sacred fire was connected to the seven-star Pleiades (Tianquiztli, the “gathering place”) by the Aztecs, and represented the final year in a fifty-two-year cycle called “calendar round,” which ended when the Pleiades crossed the fifth cardinal point at midnight that year. At this time, the Aztecs would let the fires go out and conduct the “dance of the new fire” to start the cycle again. When the priests lit the new “sacred fire” as well as the hearth fires, it ensured the movement of the sun (the serpent coiled around the sacred fire in Brumidi’s painting) along the precession anew. In the year 2012, not only will the Pleiades be in this zenith over Mesoamerica, but the alignment will come into full conjunction with the sun… This sacred knowledge is why the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan near Mexico City also corresponds with the Pleiades. Its west side and surrounding streets are aligned directly with the setting point of the Pleiades, a configuration held in high esteem by the Maya as well. They built the Kukulcan pyramid at Chichen Itza so that during the spring and autumn equinox, at the rising and setting of the sun, a slithering, snake-like shadow representing Kukulcan (Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent) would cast along the north stairway to the serpent’s head at the bottom. Sixty days later, when the sun rises over the Pyramid at midday, it aligns with the Pleiades again.

By portraying the Stone of the Sun that ends in 2012, the sacred fire that ends in 2012, and the astrological alignment with the Pleiades in the Frieze of American History, Brumidi is telling us quite clearly that the designers of the Capitol were aware of the implications of 2012. This adds clarity to the reasons the designers of the Great Seal of the United States similarly incorporated the Mayan 13 katun system—which started in 1776 and ends in 2012—on the nation’s primary cipher [the Great Seal of the United States and the Sibyl’s ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ prophecy which predicts the return of Apollo as Antichrist in 2012].[viii]

Yet a deeper and related message is also openly hidden in the Capitol Dome. A third piece of imagery from Brumidi’s Cortez and Montezuma scene that not only connects Mesoamerican belief to the Freemasons and prophecy, but to the Vatican, can be found in the drum behind the kneeling Aztec. The drum bears the shape of the Maltese cross, a symbol connected in history with the empire of Osiris as starting on the island of Malta. The Maltese cross was adopted by the Knights of Malta (connected with Freemasonry) and the Vatican (where Brumidi first worked and found favor). We believe this is not by chance. Captain Montgomery C. Meigs, the engineer who placed Brumidi over the paintings for the new Dome, wanted artwork reminiscent of that at the Vatican. With Brumidi’s ties to the Vatican and the Jesuits, it was a match “made in heaven.” By including this well-known Mayan, Illuminati, and Freemasonic symbol, Brumidi cleverly connected the deisgn of the Capitol Dome in Washington, DC with the Vatican, Masonic mysticism, and the year 2012 in more ways than one.

Yet we do so precisely because the upcoming release of Zenith 2016 and others we have written intend to unveil not just what Bible scholars believe about the end times, but what occultists are convinced of and are dedicated to fulfilling. Knowledge is power, we believe, and prayer is most effective when the target is understood. Our enemy is definitely scheming over particular dates, and from Scripture we learn that demons know something about times and dispensations and plot within them, something they most assuredly want Christians to remain ignorant of. For instance, recall when Jesus went into the valley of the Gadarenes and two exceedingly fierce men possessed with devils came out of the tombs crying, “What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? art thou come hither to torment us before the time?” (Matthew 8:28–29; emphasis added). The Greek word for “time” in this verse is kairos, and means a fixed and definite period of days, a decisive epoch waited for. Somehow the evil spirits knew the dispensation of their judgment had not yet arrived, and knowing they perceive such things, it is not hard to imagine extra-biblical prophecies by those such as the Maya or the Cumaean Sibyl having been infused with occult energy providing supernatural perception and deception. This was illustrated again in the story of Jannes and Jambres (2 Timothy 3:8), who withstood Moses in the Old Testament, and the Pythian priestess in the New Testament (Acts 16:16–17), who somehow knew that God had sent Paul. This fact—that demons can prophesy, know something of times and seasons, and want true Christians to remain ignorant of their schemes related to those specific periods—is especially important at this juncture because while the first part of the “final mystery of the Great Seal” involves who is prophesied to rule the novus order seclorum, the second, more disturbing, aspect of the US national cipher has to do with when this deity—and its Nephilim army—are predicted to arrive.

Did Something Begin In 2012…
That Will Zenith In 2016?

The prophecies are very similar to Mesoamerican belief, and are viewed by scholars as likely referring to the return of Quetzalcoatl in 2012–2016. Like the Maya, the Cherokee calendar ended mysteriously in the year 2012 when astronomical phenomena related to Jupiter, Venus, Orion, and Pleiades caused the “powers” of the star systems to “awaken.”

2012 and Matthew 24

Is it possible that Jesus marked the year 2012 as the start of the final age? When His disciples asked, “Tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world [aion]?” (Matthew 24:3), Jesus answered, “as the Days of Noe [Noah] were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” (Matthew 24:37).

The word aion in this text is not the general word for “time” (chronos) in Greek. Aion is the word the Greeks used to designate an actual cycle of the Milky Way alignments or the span of an age. Before he passed away, David Flynn emailed me to say: “The answer Jesus provided His apostles for ‘when’ the end of the aion would occur was specific. The astronomical signs in the heavens would be just as those during the days of Noah when Leviathan encircled the horizon in the dawn of the Summer solstice. There could have been no more accurate comparison made between our present time than the age of Noah.…

God is the one [L He] who made the constellations Pleiades and Orion;
he changes darkness into the morning light, and the day into dark night. He calls for the waters of the sea to pour out on the ·earth [L surface/face of the earth]. The Lord is his name. 9 He ·destroys [brings ruin upon; flashes destruction on] the protected city; he ·ruins [destroys] the strong, walled city. 10 ·You [L They] hate those who ·speak in court against evil [L rebuke/reprove at the gate; C where court was held], and ·you [L they] ·can’t stand [despise; detest] those who tell the truth. 11 You ·walk [trample; or levy a tax] on poor people, ·forcing them to give you [imposing a tax on their] grain. You have built fancy houses of cut stone,
but you will not live in them. You have planted ·beautiful [pleasant] vineyards, but you will not drink the wine from them [Deut. 28:30]. 12 I know your many ·crimes [trangressions], your ·terrible [numerous; great] sins. You ·hurt [oppress] ·people who do right [the righteous/innocent], you take ·money to do wrong [bribes], and you keep the poor from getting justice in ·court [L the gate; v. 10]. 13 In such times the wise person will keep quiet, because it is a ·bad [evil] time..

Amos 5 

Comet Siding Spring will make its historic approach to Mars around 18:27 UTC on Sunday, October 19, 2014, and pass within 139 500 km (88 000 miles) away from planet’s surface. That is less than half the distance between Earth and its moon and less than one-tenth the distance of any known comet flyby of Earth.

Observing Comet Siding Spring flyby Mars – Sunday, October 19, 2014 

There are currently five spacecraft in Mars’s orbit. One from India (Mars Orbiter Mission), one from the European Union (Mars Express) and three from the United States (MOD, MRO, MAVEN) + two Mars rovers (Curiosity and Opportunity). They will all try to take a close look.

Images and updates will be posted online before and after the comet flyby. Several pre-flyby images of Siding Spring, as well as information about the comet and NASA’s planned observations of the event, are available online at: http://mars.nasa.gov/comets/sidingspring
Current status of Siding Spring @ CIOC
Siding Spring upates @ NASA’s JPL

Despite a Bullard-bullshit-driven rampalicious surge in the last 36 hours, this is the first weekly close below the 200DMA for the S&P 500 in 2 years and longest losing streak since August 2011. Today was the best day of the year for the Dow Industrials and 4th up-day in a row for the Transports (which ended the week up 3%) as the major indices saw significant divergence on the week. The USDollar closed lower for the 2nd week in a row with EUR strength the main driver. Treasury yields ended the week remarkably stable (30Y -3bps, 5Y -11bps) up 30-40bps above intraday lows on Wednesday. Despite USD weakness, only gold managed gains in the commodity complex. Oil bounced off $80 but ended the week down 3.2% (around $82). VIX was slammed lower at the open today, closing -3 at 22 (+1 on the week).

S&P Drops 4th Week In A Row – Worst Streak In Over 3 Years

“It could never happen again… right?”

Happy 27th Anniversary Black Monday 

And if you think this time is different – just take a look at the ‘tricks’ they used 27 years ago to stop the fall – A Fed statement and borken/halted exchanges…

5 Truths (You Cannot Disagree With)

The federal government collected a record amount of taxes in fiscal year 2014, topping $3 trillion in revenue for the first time in its history, according to Treasury Department numbers released Wednesday

Individual taxes rose 6 percent and corporate-income taxes leapt 17 percent.

Just five years ago, the Treasury took in $2.1 trillion, but fiscal year 2014, which ended Sept. 30, saw the final take at $3.020 trillion. The government spent $3.504 trillion, leaving it $483 billion in the red.

Federal government’s tax-take hits all-time high 

“Every one of those $3 trillion is sucked out of the private-sector economy and makes the private sector smaller,” said Chris Edwards, director of tax-policy studies at the Cato Institute. “The $3 trillion isn’t free. It comes out of our pockets and from the private economy.”

Just five years ago, in 2009, the trough of the recession, revenue was only $2.1 trillion. That means it’s leapt $900 billion in just five years.

“I don’t think the government’s going to get any more out of the American economy. The only way Europe does is because they have the VAT taxes,” Mr. Edwards said, referring the Value Added Tax system that is prominent on the Continent. He predicted VAT would be the next big tax battle in the U.S.

Russians and Chinese are ditching the dollar as Europeans start using renminbi in their reserves

Currently, 75% of trade between the two countries is settled in dollars. When they signed the agreement for the bilateral currency swap, Russian deputy Prime Ministers said this will “encourage companies from the two countries to settle trade in local currencies and avoid the use of a third country’s currency.”

Who do you think that was aimed at?

Threatened by the growing strength of China and Russia, the US is actively working to vilify the two. Between the headlines of war, both cyber and military, the government is unsubtly trying to bring back the days of yellow peril and the red scare.

However, it can’t use the same tactics on its longstanding ally—Europe.

Even the European Central Bank has started discussions on the possibility of including the renminbi as one of its reserve currencies.

And the euro and the renminbi are already directly tradable as of this month.

On Tuesday the UK also became the first country besides China to issue a sovereign bond in renminbi.

This coincided with the issuing of 180 million renminbi of corporate bonds by China’s ICBC in South Korea. Another first. South Korea is firmly on the renminbi train as renminbi deposits in the country jumped 55-times in just one year.

It’s very clear where the trend is going. All these news items are pieces of the same puzzle. The US dollar’s throne is shaking as it’s losing its importance and status as the preeminent currency in the world. Renminbi is on the way up.

The whole existing order of a single ruling currency is currently being challenged.

A new financial era is coming.

…AKA the fullness of tribulation and the time of the 666 mark of the beast.

Eurozone fears have returned with a vengeance as deepening deflation across Southern Europe and fresh turmoil in Greece set off wild moves on the European bond markets. Yields on 10-year German Bund plummeted to an all-time low on 0.72pc on flight to safety, touching levels never seen before in any major European country in recorded history.

“This is not going to stop until the European Central Bank steps up to the plate. If it does not act in the next few days, this could snowball,” said Andrew Roberts, credit chief at RBS. Austria’s ECB governor, Ewald Nowotny, played down prospects for quantitative easing, warning that the markets had “exaggerated ideas about purchase volumes” and that no asset-backed securities (ABS) would be bought before December.

World braces as deflation tremors hit Eurozone bond markets

The markets were further rattled by an IMF warning that just 30pc of eurozone banks are in a fit state to rebuild capital and boost lending, a hint that the ECB’s stress tests could contain some nasty surprises for lenders when results are released this month.

Richard Koo from Nomura, a specialist on Japan’s deflation, said the ECB’s cheap lending facilities for banks (TLTROs) cannot work at a time when companies and households are trying to pay down debt. “TLTROs are useless in a world of no borrowers,” he said. The error has been compounded by demands for fiscal austerity, a destructive policy in a deflationary crisis. “The ECB is at least partly responsible for the eurozone slump, giving a helpful push to the countries of the eurozone as they dropped off the fiscal cliff. If a government stops borrowing and begins saving despite zero interest rates at a time when the private sector has done the same, the economy will fall into a deflationary spiral,” he said..

True story.

One of our SMC members just received a package from HSBC giving him and his wife a deadline to comply with FATCA—US’ global tax law. As Canadians they’d long felt bad for Americans having to deal with the overbearing burden of FATCA. Never did they think it would affect them.But suddenly they had just four weeks to prove that they were not US taxpayers, all because at one point they had purchased a service that gave them a US phone number. And now they, as Canadian citizens and residents, have to submit a fully completed W8BEN IRS form, along with a government issued photo ID and a detailed letter of explanation to make it very clear that they were not in fact Americans.

It used to be that foreigners were vying to become US citizens, but today they’re begging not to be confused as one.

The height of idiocy: US Government hijacks the whole Swiss banking system

This overreaching piece of legislation demands that they reveal the information of US citizens with accounts over $50,000. Otherwise the banks will be frozen out of the US banking system and slapped with a 30% withholding tax—effectively killing their business. Those that resist can even face criminal charges. Which is what happened in 2009, when the IRS accused Swiss bank UBS of aiding tax evasion, imposing on it a $780 million fine. The fines have been piling up and increasing ever since, with Credit Suisse having to pony up $2.6 billion this year. Thus, everyone is complying. They can’t afford not to.

This is the economic equivalent of a military occupation.

Between compliance documentation, and facing massive fines and potential criminal charges, it’s no mystery as to why foreign financial institutions are going out of their way to avoid US customers.

It really just isn’t worth it anymore.

The US thus just continues to shoot itself in the foot.

He continued, “One of the reasons the United Nations has become so ineffective in handling world situations is that there is no prayer, no recognition of God. Unless the leaders of nations turn to God in prayer, their best plans will fail, just as did the plans of those who built the tower of Babel.”

Rev. Billy Graham: ‘America is Just as Wicked as Sodom and Gomorrah Ever Were’

In reality the US has one of the smallest percentages of Muslims of any Western country. The number of Muslims in the US is approximately 4.5 million, 1.5% of the population, one of the smallest minorities in the US. Since there are approximately 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, the number of Muslims in the US is approximately 0.3% of the world Muslim population. By comparison there are between approximately 6 million Jews in the US, who account for approximately a third of the world’s Jewish population. Whereas many Americans regard it as a society based on “Judeo-Christian values”, it is doubtful if there is one sane American who would define it as a Jewish country. .

Obama defines US as “Muslim Country” 


Economics Minister and Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett fired back at US Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday, after the latter claimed Israel’s failures to forge a peace deal with the intransigent Palestinian Authority (PA) – not the US’s failures in the Middle East – are to blame for the rise of Islamic State (ISIS). “Even when a British Muslim beheads a British Christian, there will always be those who blame the Jews,” Bennett stated. ISIS declared “war” on “all Christians” in this week’s issue of its propaganda publication, Dabiq. “We don’t justify terror; we fight terror,” he added. “The Israeli-Palestinian conflict statement encourages ISIS, and is a boost to terrorism worldwide.” Bennett also said that Kerry, as well as the West, does not take ISIS seriously. “I suggest they listen to and believe ISIS,” he said. “These terrorists want to take over the Middle East, from Syria to Jordan and Lebanon, and to re-establish the [historic] Islamic caliphate.” “We could either fight it or explain it away,” he continued. “The choice is in the world’s hands, and it will bear the consequences.”

Kerry blamed Israel for the rise in global jihadism on Thursday, pointing the finger straight at Jerusalem – despite a long and seasoned history of Washington’s own failures in the Middle East. Kerry insisted that Israel “humiliated” the Palestinian Arabs and that it has led to a “loss of dignity,” leading to a recruitment draw toward ISIS. “There wasn’t a leader I met with in the region who didn’t raise with me spontaneously the need to try to get peace between Israel and the Palestinians, because it was a cause of recruitment and of street anger and agitation,” Kerry claimed, referring to a visit to Cairo that raised $5.4 billion for Hamas in Gaza on Sunday. “People need to understand the connection of that. And it has something to do with humiliation and denial and absence of dignity,” he said.

Kerry himself, however, was the architect of failed peace talks earlier this year, whereby an impatient PA made a unity pact with Hamas and then applied for international legitimacy at the United Nations in breach of the 1993 Oslo Accords.

And shortly after ISIS began making major gains over the summer, analysts noted that it was likely the US’s pullout of Iraq that led to ISIS’s establishment – quoting an eerie set of statements then-President George W. Bush made on the matter in 2007.

Bennett Blasts Antichrist Skull & Bones Kerry for Blindness to ISIS

“It is imperative that we find a way to get back to the negotiations,” Kerry said at a State Department ceremony marking the antichrist Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha 

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday called for a resumption of the Israel-Palestinian peace process, saying the talks were vital in the fight against extremism.

Kerry: Unresolved Israel-Palestinian conflict fuels IS recruitment 

How close is the US to a full-blown state of Medical Martial Law? History Professor William Forstchen and Rick discuss the “perfect storm” of Ebola, ISIS jihadists in America, an electricity blackout, and an incompetent or, even worse, a domestic enemy in the White House.

ISIS Downs Two US Warplanes, Who’s Responsible?

There is emerging evidence that ISIS/ISIL is coordinating military activities tied to upcoming US elections. Terrorist threats, downing of US planes and attempts to kidnap military personnel is being coordinated with political groups in the United States allied with pro-Israeli elements. There is further evidence ISIS/ISIL shot down at least one American fighter bomber over Syria and damaged an American combat transport plane, an Osprey, that later crashed.

Recent events, shocking to Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, statements made against Turkey by Vice President Biden and broad criticism of Israel by President Obama, have made crushing the Obama administration vital to those groups behind ISIS/ISIL, traitors within the United States, America’s questionable “ally,” Israel, and those cited by Vice President Biden last week, particularly Turkey and Saudi Arabia


Two US aircraft were hit by US built Patriot PAC 2 missiles and destroyed. The US secretly suspended attacks on ISIS targets as a result. Only drone attacks are proceeding.

The action, the use of “Iron Dome” missiles, or at least missiles identical to those the US had given Israel, is part of an attempt to capture any American servicemen or women in order to stage a public beheading. You see, ISIS seems to be working very closely with groups in Israel and the United States and has been “tasked” with embarrassing the Obama administration prior to upcoming elections.

A recent upsurge in the American economy has left extremist groups threatened, fearful that their plan to push forward a war against Iran after the upcoming 2016 presidential election may be sidelined. ISIS is a partner in this process.

Planes Shot Down

The planes, an F 16 shot down over Syria and a US Marine Corps Osprey, hit over Iraq and crashing into the sea attempting to return to a US aircraft carrier are listed as having been destroyed by a typhoon at Kadena Air Force Base, in Japan. This cover story, one carried in the press, is outrageously false.

Germany: Holy War Erupts in Hamburg 

Parts of downtown Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany, resembled a war zone after hundreds of supporters of the jihadist group Islamic State [IS] engaged in bloody street clashes with ethnic Kurds.

The violence—which police say was as ferocious as anything seen in Germany in recent memory—is fuelling a sense of foreboding about the spillover effects of the fighting in Syria and Iraq.

Some analysts believe that rival Muslim groups in Germany are deliberately exploiting the ethnic and religious tensions in the Middle East to stir up trouble on the streets of Europe.

This is not rumor or speculation. Paul Joseph Watson has found the smoking gun. This administration does not want to find a “cure” for the present crisis for the same reason that they won’t shut down the border to bioterrorists and for the same reason that they don’t want to close airports to West African travelers. The authorities do not want to come to a resolution to this matter. And why not? To answer that question, you simply have to follow the money.


Over the past month, I written several articles on the profit motive connected to the present crisis. I documented three areas which relate to the reasons why this administration would stop work on an Ebola cure two weeks prior to the outbreak.

The CDC holds the patent to Ebola and all strains up to 70% of the variance.
The NIH owns the Crucell patent which was tested eight years ago on human test subjects.
Bill Gates invested $560 million dollars into the Global Fund who distribute the Ebola vaccine early next year.
I revealed these facts and more in a series of articles beginning on September 17, 2014 to the present week.

When we consider the inaction of the Obama administration and the accompanying profit motives associated with the present crisis, it is difficult to believe that these events are not being orchestrated by this administration.

Are They Really This Stupid, Or Is Something Else At Work? 

According to the Washington Post, the number of visas issued to Liberians by the United States has spiked, with about 3,500 visitor visas granted to Liberians last year, and another 10,000 granted to people from Guinea and Sierra Leone during that same time period. The Post also reported that Liberians also have a very high rate of “visa overstays,”the fifth highest after Cuba, Burundi, Eritrea and the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to immigration expert Jessica Vaughn with the Center for Immigration Studies. Vaughn has sharply criticized the Obama administration’s immigration policies regarding Ebola, noting that Kenya and other African countries have closed their borders to any travelers from Ebola-afflicted areas.


Despite the outbreak of Ebola, it is still possible to get a visa from the three West African countries at the heart of the outbreak, and a key congressman is demanding to know why. Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, sent a sternly worded letter to Secretary of State John Kerry about the Obama administration’s handling of the Ebola epidemic in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Royce said he was “deeply concerned” U.S. embassies in those countries were continuing to process visas for non-U.S. nationals despite the outbreak of the deadly disease. An estimated 100 people per day are applying for U.S. visas at the three embassies, according to Royce. “Of course,” he added, “once these individuals are issued a visa by the embassy, they are free to travel to the United States.” In the letter, Royce urged Kerry to contain the Ebola virus “at its source” in Africa before any additional cases reach the United States.


Arlington County Fire Department and Fairfax County HAZMAT Teams are on the scene after a woman – alleged to have recently traveled from Liberia – fell ill and started vomiting in The Pentagon parking lot this morning. Arlington Public Health has activated its Emergency Operations Center to manage the incident.

Officials Responding To “Possible Ebola Situation” Near Pentagon 

Reports tonight are that two individuals possibly infected with the Ebola virus are in Belizean waters. Local TV station Channel 7 monitored in Belmopan tonight, reported having credible reports that a couple from a Texas-based cruise ship presently anchored off Belize City, is on a ship tender, unable to return to the cruise ship, while being refused entry to Belize City to catch an air ambulance awaiting at the International Airport to take them to the their country of origin, the U.S.A. The television station in its broadcast tonight said Belize health authorities contacted tonight have so far refused to deny or confirm the report. Later tonight in breaking news, Channel 5 Belize is reported that it has: “Confirmed with representatives of the Ministry of Health that they have indeed received a report that there is at least one passenger on board the cruise ship, Carnival Magic, showing symptoms similar to that of the Ebola virus. According to the report made to MOH, the person exhibiting the symptoms did not come ashore today. The ship is reportedly carrying 3652 passengers and a total population of 4633 persons. “The Carnival Magic departed from Galveston Texas on Sunday, October 12 arrived in Mahogany Bay, Honduras on Wednesday October 15 and arrived in Belize this morning, Thursday October 16..


When Malzberg asked if Trump, who had tweeted that the president was “psycho” for not stopping the flights, stands by questioning Obama’s mental health, Trump doubled down saying, “There is something wrong, and nobody knows what it is, but there is something wrong. There are so many bad decision. Can anybody be that incompetent? There is something wrong.”
“There is definably something wrong.” he added.

Thursday on NewsMax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” real estate mogul Donald Trump called into question President Barack Obama mental health for refusing enact a travel ban on commercial flights from West African nations suffering with the Ebola outbreak.

A passenger died on a Nigeria-to-JFK flight after a vomiting fit on Thursday — and a top lawmaker said officials gave the corpse only a “cursory” exam before declaring that the victim did not have Ebola. Rep. Peter King said in a letter to Homeland Security and Customs and Border Patrol that the handling of the remains exposed serious flaws in airport preparedness for an Ebola outbreak. Between 70 and 100 passengers a day arrive at JFK from the Ebola epicenter countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, King noted, and they have access to public restrooms and mingle with other travelers before their first screening.

Alarm after vomiting passenger dies on flight from Nigeria to JFK

Many critics of the Obama administration have accused it of not instituting a ban because it might affect the upcoming midterm elections, or because a ban might be seen as politically incorrect.

Federal officials and the World Health Organization have further discouraged travel bans because they fear it could hurt the already fragile economies of the Ebola affected countries.

^^^Idiocy of short term profit thinking at the expense of long term sustainability, security and life itself.

Ebola Travel Bans Enacted by Nearly 30 Countries, but Not US

It’s almost as if the administration is doing everything in its power to spread a panic (come to think of it, when is the last time there was any Ukraine civil war coverage, or ISIS for that matter?).

While one of the big Ebola updates overnight, in addition to Obama being open to appointing an Ebola czar – because clearly the CDC is unable to handle the epidemic, best to have one on top of it all -is that some schools in Ohio and Texas are closed today after students’ potential exposure to a nurse with Ebola furthered fears of the disease spreading, this is nothing compared to the just released revelation that a health care worker who may have handled a specimen from the Liberian man who died from Ebola in Dallas is on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

Just in case an Ebola-infected nurse traveling coach cross country doesn’t do it?

So here’s hoping for the best. If, however, the worst case scenario unfolds, here is where the next Ebola hotspots may well be, deep inside Latin America:

The Carnival Magic is on a seven-night cruise to the Western Caribbean that began Oct. 12 in Galveston, Texas. The ship called at the island of Roatan, Honduras on Wednesday and Belize City, Belize on Thursday. It’s scheduled to visit Cozumel, Mexico today and return to Galveston on Sunday morning.
Finally we get the Breaking Bad joke:

Belize’s 7 News reports the Belize government refused a U.S. request Thursday to let the Dallas health care worker disembark in Belize so she could be flown home by air ambulance from a local airport.
How long until Americans, of which half already announced they would not fly international due to the ongoing Ebola scare, also decide to delay that holiday cruise until next year?

I contend that this Ebola event, just as “in the days of Noah”, could be an example for such wickedness. Consider this: As stated, the NIH’s investigational vaccine is based on a recombinant chimpanzee virus. It is my understanding that recombinant DNA is “DNA molecules that are extracted from different sources and chemically joined together; for example DNA comprising an animal gene may be recombined with DNA from a bacterium”, producing a new genetic combination — in this case, Ebola.
Could Satan, through the auspices of modern medicine and a world health crisis, once again be attempting to manipulate our gene pool; to change the genetic material of the world’s population so that we no longer resemble the human beings that God made?

Unless you listened to the later testimony by Dr. Fauci, who made reference to Canada’s NewLink Genetics Corporation, which is working on the vaccine that both the World Health Organization and the Department of Defense applaud as “one of the most advanced in the world.” NewLink describes the vaccine as containing “a combination of a gene from the Ebola virus and other materials, including the Vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV), which is a non-human pathogen, but does not contain the actual Ebola virus.” Furthermore, officials claim that “there is no reason to quarantine any of the test subjects during the trial.”
So let me ask you this: health officials have expressed their uncertainty about how this deadly virus is spreading, right? What could be the possible motive for not quarantining subjects during a trial of this vaccine? Could it be that they are anticipating a pandemic? And wouldn’t that necessitate a mandate that everyone must take the vaccine? How convenient for moving Satan’s plan forward!

The New Chimera: Ebola & Genetically Engineered Vaccines 

The nurses of the United States (and other countries as well) are calling for PUBLIC HELP to get the attention of the President, Congress, and International agencies.

The nurses say they have been IGNORED by those in charge, regarding basic protocols , safety hazards, hospitals NOT being prepared for Ebola (or any other infectious outbreak).

Tens of thousands of nurses on this conference call, as well as several professionals speaking on the matter. ALL of which call for action on the part of the US Administration of President Barack Obama, the CDC, NIH, WHO, and national healthcare agencies (hospitals / insurance / doctors).

Nurses telling a literal horror story of incompetence, confusion, lack of knowledge (ignorance), double speak, uneven standards, and even accusing officials of LYING TO THE PUBLIC and also lying to the nurses regarding basic safety measures which should be taken.


CONTAGION: Six People Placed Under Quarantine On Ebola Fears In Spain – Overall Number Suspected With The Deadly Disease Is 23! 

In the 10 year period 1900/19 our planet averaged 28.9 quakes of M6 or larger
In the following ten year period 1910/19 our planet averaged 32
1920/29 averaged 31.7
1930/39 averaged 37.8
1940/49 averaged 46.6
1950/59 averaged 45.1
1960/69 averaged 65.5
1970/79 averaged 103.1
1980/89 averaged 108.5
1990/99 averaged 149.2
2000/09 averaged 161.1
the years 2010 to 2013 are so far averaging 161.

Large earthquakes have risen by over 450% since 1900 but thats not the whole story!

MONUMENTAL DELUGE: Floodlist – The Latest Reports Of High Tides, Heavy Rainfall, Flash Floods, Widespread Flooding, Sea Level Rise, And Catastrophic Storms! 

According to local experts, the meteor was part of a shower coming from the constellation Orion, caused by debris in the trail of Halley’s Comet, which passes close to earth every 76 years.

FIRE IN THE SKY: Fireball Meteor Seen Over Brazil – Flashes Of Light Turns Night Into Day In The City Of Recife! [VIDEO]

Watch the moment UFO turns day to night in an instant 

The amount of radioactive water near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has risen to record levels after a typhoon passed through Japan last week, state media outlet NHK reported on Wednesday.

Radiation levels at Fukushima rise to record highs after typhoon 

In the six short months since I wrote that depressing article, we’ve seen men beheaded on Youtube videos by terrorists no one had ever heard of at the beginning of this year. Somehow a ragtag band of 30,000 Muslim terrorists, using American military equipment supplied to fight Assad in Syria and taken from the Iraqi Army when they turned tail and ran away, have been able to defeat 600,000 Iraqi and Kurd fighters with air support from the vaunted U.S. Air Force. Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan descend into never ending religious based warfare. We’ve even had passenger planes mysteriously disappear in Asia with no trace.

Crimea seceded from Ukraine and rejoined Russia, initiating a plan to punish Russia by the western powers. America supported and planned the overthrow of a democratically elected government in the Ukraine, with a predictable push back response by Russia, leading to a bloody civil war in the Eastern Ukraine. We’ve had a false flag shooting down of an airliner over the Ukraine by the Ukrainian government, blamed on Russia and Putin by Obama and his EU co-conspirators. The American corporate media mouthpieces have ignored the cover-up of missing controller transmissions, black box recordings, and physical evidence regarding the murder of hundreds of innocent people by western politicians. Israel and Hezbollah resumed their endless religious war in Gaza, with thousands of casualties and destruction.

UK fear mongering and financial threats barely averted the secession of Scotland from the UK. Cantalonia continues to push for a secession vote to leave Spain. Violent protests have broken out in Spain, Italy, France and even Sweden. Turmoil, protests and riots in Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico have been driven by anger at political corruption, high inflation, and general economic dysfunction. Saber rattling between China and Japan has increased and young people in Hong Kong have been protesting the lack of democratic elections being permitted by China. The world economy, undergoing central bank monetary stimulus withdraw, is headed back into recession as Germany, China and the U.S. join the rest of the world in economic decline. And now the Western Africa outbreak of ebola has gone worldwide, with predictions of an epidemic potentially causing worldwide economic chaos.


Seeing Wall Street cannibals walk away unscathed after devouring the worldwide economic system in 2008 with their fraudulent financial schemes, corrupt politicians enriched by throwing taxpayers under the bus, militarized police forces trampling the Fourth Amendment, the NSA spying on every American, a private central bank enriching their owners by funneling trillions into their bank vaults, a president trampling on the Constitution by issuing executive orders to bypass the other branches of government, and billions of welfare and tax fraud from the urban ghettos to the penthouse suites in NYC, has convinced a large swath of Americans that everything is relative and nothing matters in our warped dystopian world. Right and wrong no longer matter. Morality is an antiquated concept. Adhering to the Constitution is an outmoded notion. Our society celebrates and condones our dog eat dog economic paradigm. Or zombie eats anything world in the case of Walking Dead.

Fourth Turnings result in the tables being turned on the butchers. Some cattle are awakening from their stupor. They can see the bloody writing on the slaughterhouse wall. Anyone who isn’t sensing a dramatic mood change in this country is either a mindless zombie or a functionary of the deep state. The financial shenanigans of the ruling class are again being revealed as nothing but a Ponzi scheme built on a foundation of debt and propped up by delusions and ignorance. When the house of cards collapses in the near future, the tables will turn. When people have nothing left to lose, they will lose it. The butchers will become the cattle. There will be no sanctuary for these evil men. Their reign of terror will be swept away in a whirlwind of retribution, death and destruction. It might even make the Walking Dead look like a walk in the park.

Russia, Ukraine, EU Leaders End Summit With No Breakthrough

A high-stakes meeting between the presidents of Ukraine and Russia ended Friday with few outward signs of progress in ending a months-long pro-Russian separatist rebellion in eastern Ukraine.

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters at a summit in Milan that a deal had been reached – “at least for the winter” – to restart the flow into Ukraine of Russian natural gas. He did not elaborate.

Moscow stopped gas shipments to its energy dependent neighbor in June over what it says are nearly $5 billion in unpaid gas bills. Putin, speaking after talks with Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko, urged European countries to help the Kyiv government pay off the debt.

Putin repeatedly referred to the embattled Ukraine region near the Russian border as Novorossiya, or New Russia, while again rejecting Western charges that the Kremlin has fueled the six-month rebellion with troops and weapons.

Strange Liaisons? Putin Visits Berlusconi’s Home At 3am After Warning Merkel Of Gas Squeeze

It appears Bunga-Bunga boy still has something to offer the international elite. After a lengthy meeting with Germany’s Angela Merkel (at a hotel in Milan) where Putin warned of “big transit risks” in delivery of Europe’s gas as Ukraine is “starting to siphon off our gas from the export pipeline,” and threatening to respond by “reducing flows by the amount stolen;” Putin decided the place to be was 78-year-old Berlusconi’s house at 3am.

5th Order Rainbow Discovery Image

The familiar primary and secondary rainbows have been known since there were eyes. The long sought 3rd and 4th order rainbows were finally imaged in 2011. Now we have the 5th order.

Harald Edens photographed it on August 8, 2012. This is the first ever image on which the 5th order rainbow is positively identified. The version at left is considerably enhanced. Mouse over it to compare it with Harald’s RAW camera image.

Nigeria says reaches deal with Boko Haram to free abducted girls