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by amongthenumberedsaints

But if that evil servant says in his heart, ‘My master is delaying his coming,’[g] 49 and begins to beat his fellow servants, and to eat and drink with the drunkards, 50 the master of that servant will come on a day when he is not looking for him and at an hour that he is not aware of, 51 and will cut him in two and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites. There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The Faithful Servant and the Evil Servant

VICE Uses Its International News Channel “Motherboard” To Attack Thomas Horn, Steve Quayle, Alex Jones For Making The Public Aware Of Transhumanism Danger: Typecasts Them As Conspiracy Nutjobs

Hariri concludes his talk by saying that, “The future use of stem cells can benefit from a new model describing functional similarities to computers.” In this conception, the biological software resides in the DNA of the cell’s nucleus; the cytosolic organelles that produce the proteins are the processor and the cell membrane with it’s numerous receptors, serves as the keyboard.

“Reprogramming the biological software of stem cells is already happening and provides a platform for controlling their fate and behavior for biomedical purposes including longevity,” concludes Hariri.

Immortality Without God Closer Than We Think Says Longevity Inc.’s Robert Hariri

God’s Mercy Makes Jonah Angry

If you can get upset over a plant, surely I can feel sorry for a big city like Nineveh. There are many people and animals in that city. There are more than 120,000 people there who did not know they were doing wrong.”[a].

Some People Doubt Jesus’ Authority 

Jesus answered, “Evil and sinful people are the ones who want to see a miracle as a sign. But no miracle will be done to prove anything to them. The only sign will be the miracle that happened to the prophet Jonah.[f] 40 Jonah was in the stomach of the big fish for three days and three nights. In the same way, the Son of Man will be in the grave three days and three nights. 41 On the judgment day, you people who live now will be compared with the people from Nineveh,[g] and they will be witnesses who show how guilty you are. Why do I say this? Because when Jonah preached to those people, they changed their lives. And you are listening to someone greater than Jonah, but you refuse to change!.

The Two Witnesses

A reed [as a measuring rod] was then given to me, [shaped] like a staff, and I was told: Rise up and measure the sanctuary of God and the altar [of incense], and [number] those who worship there. 2 But leave out of your measuring the court outside the sanctuary of God; omit that, for it is given over to the Gentiles (the nations), and they will trample the holy city underfoot for 42 months (three and one-half years). 3 And I will grant the power of prophecy to My two witnesses for 1,260 (42 months; three and one-half years), dressed in sackcloth. 4 These [witnesses] are the two olive trees and the two lampstands which stand before the Lord of the earth. 5 And if anyone attempts to injure them, fire pours from their mouth and consumes their enemies; if anyone should attempt to harm them, thus he is doomed to be slain.

6 These [two witnesses] have power to shut up the sky, so that no rain may fall during the days of their prophesying (their [a]prediction of events relating to Christ’s kingdom and its speedy triumph); and they also have power to turn the waters into blood and to smite and scourge the earth with all manner of plagues as often as they choose. 7 But when they have finished their testimony and their evidence is all in, the beast (monster) that comes up out of the Abyss (bottomless pit) will wage war on them, and conquer them and kill them. 8 And their dead bodies [will lie exposed] in the open street ([b]a public square) of the great city which is in a spiritual sense called [by the mystical and allegorical names of] Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified. 9 For three and a half days men from the races and tribes and languages and nations will gaze at their dead bodies and will not allow them to be put in a tomb. 10 And those who dwell on the earth will gloat and exult over them and rejoice exceedingly, taking their ease and sending presents [in congratulation] to one another, because these two prophets had been such a vexation and trouble and torment to all the dwellers on the earth. 11 But after three and a half days, by God’s gift the breath of life again entered into them, and they rose up on their feet, and great dread and terror fell on those who watched them.

12 Then [the two witnesses] heard a strong voice from heaven calling to them, Come up here! And before the very eyes of their enemies they ascended into heaven in a cloud. 13 And at that [very] hour there was a tremendous earthquake and one tenth of the city was destroyed (fell); seven thousand people perished in the earthquake, and those who remained were filled with dread and terror and were awe-struck, and they glorified the God of heaven..



Tepco, the Tokyo Electric Power Company, has revealed that the approaching typhoon could hit the damaged, decommissioned 40-year old nuclear power facility Fukushima No.1, which was severely affected during the earthquake and tsunami in 2011.
“The deluge would likely cause seawater to mingle with the radiation-tainted water accumulating in the basements of the reactor buildings at the six-unit plant, allowing 100 trillion becquerels of cesium to escape, according to an estimate that Tepco revealed Friday at a meeting of the Nuclear Regulation Authority,” the Japan Times reports.

According to the media outlet, tidal waves from the storm are likely to reach a maximum height of 26.3 meters or more. The storm is likely to strike the Fukushima No.2 nuclear plant as well, but “its idled reactors and fuel pools” are not expected to be destroyed, Tepco officials assert.

It should be noted that the 2011 tsunami reached a height of 15.5 meters when it hit the plant, which was followed by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake.

In order to minimize the impact of the hurricane, Tepco “will reduce the vast quantity of radioactive water” on the site, the Asahi Shimbun notes. Citing Tepco’s officials, the media source claims that the amount of contaminated wate, which is expected to spill into the ocean, could be decreased to 30 percent “by filling in trenches near reactors.”.

Fukushima to be Hit by Typhoon, Causing Ocean Contamination: Tepco

Then, when he had broken the seventh seal, there was utter silence in Heaven for what seemed to me half-an-hour.


And a third of the sea was turned to blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea perished, and a third of the ships were destroyed.

He who hears and heeds you [disciples] hears and heeds Me; and he who slights and rejects you slights and rejects Me; and he who slights and rejects Me slights and rejects Him who sent Me. 17 The seventy returned with joy, saying, Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name! 18 And He said to them, I saw Satan falling like a lightning [flash] from heaven.

Luke 10

The third angel blew [his] trumpet, and a huge star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it dropped on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— 11 And the name of the star is Wormwood. A third part of the waters was changed into wormwood, and many people died from using the water, because it had become bitter. 12 Then the fourth angel blew [his] trumpet, and a third of the sun was smitten, and a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that [the light of] a third of them was darkened, and a third of the daylight [itself] was withdrawn, and likewise a third [of the light] of the night was kept from shining. 13 Then I [looked and I] saw a solitary eagle flying in midheaven, and as it flew I heard it crying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe to those who dwell on the earth, because of the rest of the trumpet blasts which the three angels are about to sound!.

Revelation 8 

What is less commonly known is the presence of a holy relic – literally a cornerstone – that is part of The Antichrist Idol worship of the fallen angel Lucifer.

The Mysterious Black Stone of Kaaba

Kuwaiti Sheikh Calls For Biological Attack On U.S.
On February 2, 2009, on Al-Jazeera TV, Kuwaiti sheikh Abdallah Nafisi, a former Kuwaiti MP and an Al-Qaeda supporter, famously called for biological attacks to be carried out against the U.S. from its southern border. Even five years later, his statements still resonate in the jihadi twittersphere. For example, on August 20, 2014 a Twitter account featuring the logo of the Al-Qaeda media wing Al-Sahab tweeted a YouTube link to the video of Sheikh Nafisi’s statements.
In the video, the sheikh states, “Four pounds of anthrax – in a suitcase… carried by a fighter through tunnels from Mexico into the U.S. are guaranteed to kill 330,000 Americans within a single hour, if it is properly spread in population centers there. What a horrifying idea. 9/11 will be small change in comparison. Am I right? There is no need for airplanes, conspiracies, timings, and so on. One person, with the courage to carry four pounds of anthrax, will go to the White House lawn, and will spread this ‘confetti’ all over them, and then will do these cries of joy. It will turn into a real ‘celebration.

Jihadi Chatter Online, Social Media Using Ebola Weapon Against The U.S. And The West 

Eid coincides for the first time in three decades with the solemn Jewish fast of Yom Kippur.

The world’s largest Muslim gathering officially ends on Tuesday

No cases of the deadly MERS or Ebola viruses have been recorded among the pilgrims, a health ministry official was quoted by SPA Saturday as saying.


Antichrist ”(g)od has no Son” Muslim bastards 2014 ”Ebola In The Air” hajj ritual timing couldn’t be worse if it was Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo the POTUS Clown using taxes to pay for a puking Liberian in a Batman Costume to go kiss the Kaaba Stone at this time

TKM-Ebola, an anti-Ebola viral therapeutic, is being developed under a contract with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Joint Project Manager Medical Countermeasure Systems (JPM-MCS), with a total contract value of approximately $140 million. Earlier preclinical studies were published in the medical journal The Lancet and demonstrated that when siRNA targeting the Ebola virus and delivered by Tekmira’s LNP technology were used to treat previously infected non-human primates, the result was 100 percent protection from an otherwise lethal dose of Zaire Ebola virus (Geisbert et al., The Lancet, Vol 375, May 29, 2010). Tekmira’s productive collaboration with the JPM-MCS was modified and expanded in 2013 to include significant advances in LNP formulation technology since the initiation of the program in 2010.

About BioDefense Therapeutics (BD Tx)

Did the Pentagon start the Ebola outbreak? 

This work is being conducted under contract with the US Department of Defense’s (DoD) BioDefense Therapeutics (BD Tx), a Joint Product Manager within the Medical Countermeasure Systems (JPM-MCS) Joint Project Management Office. A component of the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense, JPM-MCS aims to provide U.S. military forces and the nation with safe, effective and innovative medical solutions to counter chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats. JPM-MCS facilitates the advanced development and acquisition of medical countermeasures and systems to enhance our nation’s biodefense response capability. For more information, visit http://www.jpeocbd.osd.mil .

So, the CAT’S out of the proverbial bag! Only it’s not a cat, it’s a the DOG STAR! A bit of humor there.
So, we have The Lord of Sirius (the mighty star), which in the Qur’an is descriptive in that they are called cosmic serpents

Lord of Sirius

“Soldiers will do what you ask them to do, but there’s a certain point where you have to say, ‘Let’s see, what’s the purpose?’ and the purpose of our soldiers is to fight a war and win,” he added. “It’s not to fight medical battles. That’s up to other assets.”

Generals blast Obama’s order of troops to fight Ebola

Little does it matter that the US military doesn’t have anywhere near 3,000 troops with the slightest training in public health.

Chinese oil companies are all over Africa and increasingly active in west Africa, especially Angola, Sudan and Guinea, the later in the epicenter of Obama’s new War on Ebola troop deployment.

Before we all panic and line up to receive the millions of doses of untested and reportedly highly dangerous “Ebola vaccines” the major drug-makers are preparing to dump on the market, some peculiarities of this Ebola outbreak in Africa are worth noting.

A major problem for Chan and her backers, however, is that her Ebola statistics are very, very dubious. For those whose memory is short, this is the same Dr Margaret Chan at WHO in Geneva who was guilty in 2009 of trying to panic the world into taking unproven vaccines for “Swine Flu” influenza, by declaring a Global Pandemic with statistics calling every case of symptoms that of the common cold to be “Swine Flu,” whether it was runny nose, coughing, sneezing, sore throat. That changed WHO definition of Swine Flu allowed the statistics of the disease to be declared Pandemic. It was an utter fraud, a criminal fraud Chan carried out, wittingly or unwittingly (she could be simply stupid but evidence suggests otherwise), on behalf of the major US and EU pharmaceutical cartel.


According to the World Health Organization, Marburg is a severe and highly fatal disease caused by a virus from the same family as the one that causes Ebola hemorrhagic fever.

According to the global health body, the illness caused by Marburg virus begins abruptly, with severe headache and malaise.

Case fatality rates have varied greatly, from 25 percent in the initial laboratory-associated outbreak in 1967, to more than 80 percent in the Democratic Republic of Congo from 1998-2000, to even higher in the outbreak that began in Angola in late 2004.

Currently some West African states are facing a related disease- – Ebola — which has left more than 3,000 people dead.

PLAGUES & PESTILENCES: The Deadly Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever Breaks Out In Uganda – Fever Results From Virus That Comes From The Same Family As Ebola; One Person Dead; 80 Others Being Monitored; 80 PERCENT And Higher Fatality Rate!

After going over all the recent headlines regarding the chaotic reporting over the first case of Ebola in the US, as well as the blockbuster news the Golden State Fire Department tweeted that DART teams (Disaster Assistance Response Teams) were notified months ago to prepare to be activated in the month of October and that EMS and hospitals would be “overwhelmed,” Nathan Leal from The Watchmen’s Cry joins Rick for a spirited discussion of “of plagues and pestilences upon rebellious nations.”

As to the controversial twitter statements, it is a good thing that the SHTF Plan captured the tweets and reported them because suddenly and mysteriously, the Twitter account for the Golden State Fire Department no longer exists.

TruNews Blockbuster – DART Teams Were Notified Months Ago They Would Be Activated In October! “End Time Plague”

With the EV-68 in 43 different states and spreading, along with reports that the virus has been found in four patients that have died, lost amidst the frenzied reporting of the Ebola virus which has killed over 3,000 in west Africa being in the United States now and multiple states testing patients with “Ebola-like” symptoms, in conjunction with the numerous different breaking news stories that Wiles goes over before Leal joins the show…. the questions that accompany the shows detail are extremely relevant as they ask “Is Ebola out of control? Are we rushing into an End Time plague?”

If so….. exactly which plague? Perhaps the most important question, in light of the tweets shown in the image above, should be if we finally have proof these were not only expected as we were told not to worry about Ebola and that EV-68 was “rare”, but if they were deliberately released and are being spread in the US and throughout the world as part of an agenda?

The current generation have literally become unwitting hosts to a form of viral & bacterial roulette, an ideal breeding ground for the proliferation/weaponizing of viral & bacterial infections.

It’s vitally important to analyze the current Ebola scare objectively. Throughout the recent manufactured “Swine Flu” Pandemic of 2009, communities around the world were manipulated constantly by Mainstream Media outlets (in lock-step with the WHO & spineless Government health departments), via an ongoing barrage of misinformation, negative hype & fear-mongering propaganda. By the time all the dust settled it was unanimously determined by most experts in the scientific arena, “H1N1 has ultimately turned out to be, from a pandemic perspective, a dud.”

Vaccine Resistance Movement is investigating the link between this extremely toxic experimental vaccine and the sudden surge in cases of Ebola.

Symptoms of ‘Acute fulminating Meningococcal Septicemia’, a virulent form of bacterial meningitis (marked by extreme vomiting, hemorrhaging – excessive bleeding around the eyes & mouth, severe blackish bruising on the arms & legs), closely resemble those seen in Ebola victims.

Why has the Ebola virus suddenly erupted in a region of Africa known as the “Meningitis Belt”? Because the WHO & CDC are deliberately trying to cover up their bloody tracks once again.

This supposed outbreak of Ebola bares all the hallmarks of a rarified, virulent strain of bacterial Meningitis, ‘Acute fulminating Meningococcal Septicemia’, also known as ‘Waterhouse-Friderichsen Syndrome’. Another case of a dangerous, untested vaccine triggering a tsunami of viral mutations – in impoverished regions.

Health officials also said Saturday that they are monitoring about 50 people for signs of the deadly disease who may have had contact with Duncan, including nine who are believed to be at a higher risk.

US Ebola patient in critical condition, hospital says 

The good news – CDC Director Frieden says the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria ‘may’ be over (but can’t yet give “all clear”).

The bad news – the US Ebola patient has taken a turn for the worse; Dallas officials are looking for a missing homeless man who may have Ebola contact; and CDC Director Frieden warned that “in theory, a sneeze or cough could spread the virus from someone experiencing Ebola symptoms.”

Dallas Officials Looking For Missing “Low Risk” Potential Ebola Patient As CDC ‘Almost’ Admit Ebola Is Airborne

Newly released images created from NASA satellite data illustrate the staggering effect the California drought has had on groundwater supply in the state. As Mashable’s Patrick Kulp explains, the images show the amount of water lost over the past 12 years, with different colors indicating severity over time. “Nobody has any idea how disastrous it’s going to be,” Mike Wade of California Farm Water Coalition told the Associated Press, as RT reports a growing number of communities in central and northern California could end up without water in 60 days due to the Golden state’s prolonged drought. While California is bearing the brunt, experts note “We’re seeing it happening all over the world, in most of the major aquifers in the arid and semi-arid parts of the world.”

California is currently experiencing the third year of one of the most severe short-term droughts ever recorded. Data from U.S. Drought Monitor shows that as of Sept. 30, 82% of the state is facing extreme or exceptional drought conditions.

But the state is not the only area being plagued by critical drops in groundwater reserves. Data collected by GRACE indicates that the supply of groundwater is in decline worldwide, especially in regions that rely on it most.

“We’re seeing it happening all over the world. It’s happening in most of the major aquifers in the arid and semi-arid parts of the world where we rely on those aquifers. But we’re able to see now the impact we’re having on this over exploitation,” Famiglietti told Science Magazine.
But it’s getting extremely serious in California (as RT reports),

A growing number of communities in central and northern California could end up without water in 60 days due to the Golden state’s prolonged drought.

There are now a dozen of small communities in Central and Northern California relying on a single source of water – which has the water resources board concerned they will not have any at all in two months’ time.

At a mobile home park north of Oroville, more than 30 families are severely cutting back. The water supply is so tight it is shut off entirely between 10 pm and 5 am, according to CBS Sacramento. The families are relying on one well – all the others have dried up – and have to drive five miles to buy drinking water for themselves and their animals.

“Nobody Has Any Idea How Disastrous It’s Going To Be” Warns California Water Expert 

You’ve also said that Treasury investors may ‘repent at their leisure’ for buying US Securities, and that corporate investors will one day wish they had not invested so heavily in corporate bonds. Do you see a bear market coming imminently for bonds?

Yes – starting about 2002…

Henry, now, that’s meant to be a laugh line.

Jim Grant: We’re In An Era Of “Central Bank Worship”

By ‘illiquidity,’ you mean that investors are unable to buy and sell bonds easily?

It’s not difficult to buy them.

So it’s difficult to sell them.

Correct. What you want is a ‘greater optimist’ and it’s not clear that a ‘greater optimist’ will be available when you want to get out.

ECB announces €1 trillion bond-buying plan

Meanwhile, the ECB also confirmed that its headline interest rate would remain unchanged at 0.05 percent.

For all its deathly toll, has US/NATO bombing in Afghanistan put an end to “terrorism” in that war-devastated country? No.

But that does not concern those who protect the wealth of the super-rich. War is good for profits.

The Bloomberg’s share index for the four largest Pentagon contractors rose 19% this year, outstripping the 2.2% gain for the Standard & Poor’s 500 Industrials Index.

War! What Is It Good For? (Hint: These 4 Companies)

Bloomberg’s Richard Clough reported that shares for Lockheed, the world’s biggest weapons maker, “reached an all-time high of $180.74 on September 19, when Northrop, Raytheon and General Dynamics also set records”.

Those four companies and the Chicago-based Boeing accounted for about US$105 billion in US military contract orders last year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

War generates big corporate profits and 21st century capitalism now wages a permanent war in the Third World. There is no peace in sight while this toxic system remains in place.

* * *

It appears the transition from Fed-sponsored economic-support back to Military-Industrial Complex-support is almost complete…

Washington’s secret agenda

Secret agendas have prevailed for so long that the American people themselves are now corrupted. As the saying goes, “a fish rots from the head.” The rot in Washington now permeates the country.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, vowed on Friday that “the Zionist regime and its supporters will one day go into extinction.”

On the eve of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, the Iranian leader urged the Islamic world to unite in waging war against the “the enemies of Islam, chief among them Israel.”

“The Muslim nations must take up positions along the arrogant Zionist front which wants to drive a wedge between Muslims,” Khamenei told his deputies. “The scheming enemy wants to fan the flames of war between Muslims. I urge all of you to put Muslim unity at the top of your priorities.”

The leader of the Islamic Republic claimed that Islamic State and al-Qaida are “creations of the West, particularly the Americans and their allies in the region, despite their denials.”

On the eve of the Antichrist Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, the Antichrist Iranian leader urged the Islamic Antichrist world to unite in waging war against the “the enemies of Antichrist Islam, chief among them Antichrist Israel.”

The speech was an especially bad event for the vice president who has a history of gaffes and unscripted, problem-causing remarks.

Biden also took a question from a student who identified himself as being the vice president of the student body by jokingly saying first: Ain’t that a b-tch? … I mean … excuse me, the vice president thing?”

In 2010, after President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law on national TV, Biden was caught on a live microphone saying to the president this is “a big f—ing deal.”

Biden on Thursday also described Erdogan as “an old friend” but suggested he said privately: “You were right. We let too many people through.”

Turkey is now trying to seal its border.

Erdogan also said: “I have never said to (Biden) that we had made a mistake, never. If he did say this…, then he has to apologize to us.

Biden apologizes to Turkish President Erdogan for saying Turkey allowed foreign fighters into Syria 

This week Turkey’s parliament approved a motion giving the government powers for military operations across the border in Syria and Iraq and for foreign troops to use Turkey’s territory.

A day earlier, Biden and Erdogan held a telephone discussion on ways their countries can work together to degrade and destroy Islamic State and restore security and stability to the region, according to the White House.

At Harvard, Biden said that “our biggest problem is our allies” in responding to the civil war in Syria.

“The Turks … the Saudis, the Emiratis, etc. What were they doing? They were so determined to take down (Syrian President Bashar) Assad and essentially have a proxy Sunni-Shia war,” Biden said.

“What did they do?” he continued. “They poured hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad — except that the people who were being supplied were al Nusra and al Qaeda and the extremist elements of jihadis coming from other parts of the world.”

The Siege Of Kobani: Antichrist NWO 666 Team Obozo’s Syrian Fiasco In Motion 

So maybe Joe Biden could explain this to the big thinkers in the White House. If the Turks are unwilling to stop an easily preventable mass slaughter by ISIS on their own doorstep what kind of fractured and riven coalition has Washington actually assembled? And how will this coalition of the disingenuous, the hypocritical and the politically opportunistic ever succeed in bringing peace and stability to the historic cauldron of tribal and religious conflict in Mesopotamia and the Levant that two decades of Washington’s wars and regime change interventions have only drastically intensified?

Another humanitarian catastrophe may be just hours away at Kobani. The latter is the Syrian Kurdish town on the border with Turkey that is now surrounded by ISIS tanks and is being pounded day after day by ISIS heavy artillery. Already this lethal phalanx, which fuses 21st century American technology and equipment with 12th century religious fanaticism, has rolled through dozens of Kurdish villages and towns in the region around Kobani, sending 180,000 refugees fleeing for their lives across the border.

Self-evidently the lightly armed Kurdish militias desperately holding out in Kobani are fighting the right enemy—-that is, the Islamic State. So why has Obama’s grand coalition not been able to relieve the siege? Why haven’t American bombers and cruise missiles, for instance, been able to destroy the American tanks and artillery which a terrifying band of butchers has brought to bear on several hundred thousand innocent Syrian Kurds who have made this enclave their home for more than a century? Why has not NATO ally Turkey, with a 600,000 man military, 3,500 tanks and 1,000 modern aircraft and helicopters, done anything meaningful to help the imperiled Kurds?

Let’s see. The US is making perfunctory air strikes. Yet with no boots on the ground in the context of close urban combat in a city of 50,000 – a major air onslaught would result in massive civilian casualties. Although Obama already has much blood on his hands, he is apparently not ready for a Gaza-on-the-Euphrates. So then why doesn’t Turkey put some infantry and spotters on the ground – highly trained “boots” that are literally positioned a few kilometers away on its side of the border? Well, Turkish President Erdogan just explained his government’s reluctance quite succinctly, as reported by Bloomberg on Saturday:

For us, ISIL and the (Kurdish) PKK are the same,” Erdogan said in televised remarks today in Istanbul.
And that’s literally true because from Turkey’s vantage point the Kobani showdown is a case of terrorist-on-terrorist. The Kurdish fighters in Kobani are linked to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party or PKK. The latter has waged a separatist campaign of armed insurrection and terror inside and around Turkey for 30-years and has long been considered Turkey’s top security threat. In fact, Turkey has received untold amounts of US aid, equipment and intelligence over the years to help suppress this uprising. That’s the reason that PKK is officially classified as a “terrorist” group by the U.S. and the government in Ankara.

Ukraine: Christians Threatened with Firing Squads, Pastors Held Hostage

Reports are surfacing that rebels are threatening churches, interrupting services and even holding pastors hostage in eastern Ukraine.

According to reports, rebels broke a ceasefire and attacked Donetsk airport this week. Thursday, a Red Cross aid worker was killed by shelling in Donetsk.

Last week, a Seventh Day Adventist minister was abducted during a church service by pro-Russian gunmen.
The Institute for Religious Freedom, which is based in Kiev, has reported several incidents of religious persecution that happened over the summer, including the capture of four men from Transfiguration Evangelical Church in Donetsk. One man escaped and said the others had been tortured and shot to death.

Other churches have reported that their buildings have been looted and taken over by pro-Russian forces.

“They ordered us to take the furniture and get out, insisting that these churches are sects and they will be destroyed. The people in the building were threatened with a firing squad if they made a fuss about the incident,” pastor Segiv Kosiak told IRF about the taking of the Word of Life Evangelical Church.

Antichrist Gay Judge Refuses to Marry Heteros, But Christians Better Not Try to Discriminate Like That!

A judge in Dallas, Texas has formally announced that she refuses to officiate at any marriage ceremony for heterosexual couples. But, how can she get away with this if Christians are sued and fined every time they try to discriminate against gay weddings?

Over the last few years we have seen several cases where Christian-owned bakeries or Christian-owned wedding chapels and the like have tried to invoke their Constitutional right to religious expression by denying to work for gay couples trying to arrange wedding ceremonies. But every time these Christian groups try it they are attacked in the media and a nation-wide gay activist machine harasses them with hate mail and with threats of death and bodily harm. Then, invariably, the government gets involved and forces these Christians to go against their religion and serve the gay weddings anyway.

Yet, now we have a gay judge proudly discriminating against normal, hetero couples? And no one is saying a word about it? And she is doing it because of politics, on top of it all.

How can this be allowed to stand? Ah, because the “law” isn’t used to be fair to anyone, it is used as a weapon by the left, a weapon to destroy anything that stands in their way.