92114 Gleaning Antichrist British MP’s Claim Dominion Over Israel For Islamic State NWO Team 666 Obozo 911 Counterintelligence ”IS”REAL Nuke Ready And Usual Suspects Dump Polio Virus Into Belgian River

by amongthenumberedsaints



”ISIS” made a 666 Second of Sirius mistake

At zero hundred hours zero interest 100% debt to GDP her obelisk was quaked

Her Horus of War ”IS” gay

The drunk whore also known as Ishtar remains fallen from her saddle

what lay beneath is plain as day

A group of students at SRM University led by Sobin Santhosh, final year student in the Aerospace department have designed and implemented an autonomous copter equipped with an automatic face and person recognition system in a day. In their drill experiment of the rescue application, an onboard camera was mounted on a quad-copter UAV where a live video was recorded.

UAV With Facial Recognition Takes Flight 

The video was fed to the person identification software, developed on a MATLAB platform by Arijit Ray, a final year student of SRM University in the Electrical and Electronics Department. The software successfully detected the target person in an image taken while the copter has hovering. Several images of the target individual were taken in different postures, angles and backdrops to ensure that the software has a robust accuracy. The GPS location of the snapshot image was also transmitted to the ground station and it conformed exactly to the location at which the snapshot was taken.

According to Arijit Ray, “Computer vision equipped copters have unprecedented applications to change the world, ranging from rescue operations in the most inaccessible of places to smart surveillance and security in the most complex and dynamic of environments.” According to Dr Narayana Rao, the Director of Research at SRM University, “Autonomous Copters have potential applications such as surveillance, aerial photography and also have various strategic applications.” The Autonomous Copter is a type of unmanned aerial vehicle that can fly without human intervention, said a press release.

World leaders to gather at U.N. in shadow of Islamic State, Ebola crises 

NEW YORK – The Security Council is unanimous on one thing: its commitment to ending the Ebola outbreak. In the first-ever emergency Security Council meeting called on a health crisis, all 15 council members voted to declare the disease a “threat to international peace and security.”

Israel’s ambassador Ron Prosor expressed his unequivocal support for sending aid workers and funding to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, and said that Israel has already begun deploying NGO workers.

UN Security Council unanimously declares Ebola outbreak ‘threat to international peace’ 

The Geneva Initiative is a joint Israeli-Palestinian nongovernmental organization that advocates a two-state solution “based on previous official negotiations, international resolutions, the Quartet Roadmap, Clinton Parameters, Bush Vision, and Arab Peace Initiative.”

A majority of voters who supported Likud Beytenu believe that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu should launch a diplomatic initiative that would eventually yield a Palestinian state alongside Israel, according to a new poll commissioned by the Geneva Initiative.

Poll: Most who voted Likud want Netanyahu to launch diplomatic drive for Palestinian state 

The spokesman made clear that the government “reserved the right to bilaterally recognize a Palestinian state at a moment of our choosing and when it can best help bring about peace,’’

A group of MPs from all major political parties, headed by Labor’s Grahame Morris – including Conservative MP Crispin Blunt, Liberal Democrat Sir Bob Russell, and Green Party former leader Caroline Lucas – have secured a debate under a relatively new procedure for a full-scale, whole day’s debate in the Commons chamber.

The motion reads: “This House believes that the government should recognize that state of Palestine alongside the State of Israel.’’ With those proposing the motion appearing determined to push the issue to a vote, seasoned Westminster observers fear a vote in favor of immediate recognition of a Palestinian state could cause a substantial shift in public opinion and lead to added pressures on the government to change its current policy, which favors securing an agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians before considering granting Palestinians recognition.

British MPs to vote on motion calling for Palestinian state 

It should be noted that our Nobel Peace Prize-winning President’s war plans faced greater resistance in the House from Democrats (85) than Republicans (71). This should probably serve as a wake up call to Democrats everywhere who are still buying into the propaganda. If you voted for Obama because of the Republican’s twisted foreign policy logic, I’ve got one question for you… Are you starting to see the pattern in Syria, Libya, and Iraq?

It’s been nearly two years since the New York Times quoted a White House official who openly admitted, “the opposition groups that are receiving the most of the lethal aid are exactly the ones we don’t want to have it“. Yes, in 2014, ‘the ones we don’t want to have it‘ would be the ISIL.

Rand Paul hit a home run with his speech to the Senate, stressing that the ISIL is using the weapons we have been arming the Syrian rebels with, and that anyone suggesting otherwise is being ‘intellectually dishonest‘.

“We gave 600 tons of weapons to the Syrian rebels in 2013 alone,” Paul said, wondering why “ISIS grew stronger during the time we gave more weapons,”.

I understand many of you(even myself) are wary of Rand, but when any Senator speaks out against the current twisted US foreign policy logic we face, such as potentially ‘arming the enemy‘, its very important and needs to be studied. Here at The Anti-Media, we’ve been warning you about the dangers of arming the Syrian rebels for years.


US President Barack Obama must be careful not to “degrade and destroy” ISIS in Iraq and Syria to the point of helping Iran and its axis of evil step into the vacuum that would be created and establish its own Islamic Shiite caliphate spreading from Lebanon through Syria and Iraq to Iran itself.

Iran is much more dangerous than ISIS 


…and now an idiot ”judge”, lol, that has no true comprehensive ”clue” and surely will never admit as a media Whore of Babylon that 911 is a continuous inside job that Faux Spews continues to promote for profit derived from the zero interest kings of Babylon and ”IS” helping set up the public psyopp NWO 666 Team Obozo 911 next MIHOP LIHOP created chaos required for the Antichrist New World Order global agenda.

…but the Red Dragon, in it’s year of the prophetic Pale Green Horse (everbrody rucky) has an Antichrist Great Wal Mart of NWO 666 Communist China 911 Iran Nuke FBEye Of Horus On Deck, baring 666 nautical mile from Mecca.

Iran, China prepare to conduct unprecedented joint naval drills

Chinese fleet enters Iranian territorial waters in ‘preparation for establishing peace, stability, and mutual cooperation,’ says Tehran’s navy commander

“The voyage of the Chinese army’s fleet of warships for the first time in the Persian Gulf waters is aimed at joint preparation of Iran and China for establishing peace, stability, tranquility and multilateral and mutual cooperation,” he added.

The PetroYuan Cometh: China Docks Navy Destroyer In Iran’s Strait Of Hormuz Port

Looking ahead, use of renminbi to settle international hydrocarbon sales will surely increase, accelerating the decline of American influence in key energy-producing regions. It will also make it marginally harder for Washington to finance what China and other rising powers consider overly interventionist foreign policies—a prospect America’s political class has hardly begun to ponder.

America is increasingly viewed as a hegemon in relative decline, China is seen as the preeminent rising power. Even for Gulf Arab states long reliant on Washington as their ultimate security guarantor, this makes closer ties to Beijing an imperative strategic hedge. For Russia, deteriorating relations with the United States impel deeper cooperation with China, against what both Moscow and Beijing consider a declining, yet still dangerously flailing and over-reactive, America.

For several years, China has paid for some of its oil imports from Iran with renminbi; in 2012, the PBOC and the UAE Central Bank set up a $5.5 billion currency swap, setting the stage for settling Chinese oil imports from Abu Dhabi in renminbi—an important expansion of petroyuan use in the Persian Gulf. The $400 billion Sino-Russian gas deal that was concluded this year apparently provides for settling Chinese purchases of Russian gas in renminbi; if fully realised, this would mean an appreciable role for renminbi in transnational gas transactions.

China Is Trying To Build A New World Order

The clue is in the name. The Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO) groups six countries–China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan–and aims to be the dominant security institution in its region; but its origin and purposes are largely Chinese.

So it looks rather worrying from a Western point of view that the group has agreed to expand and that India, Pakistan and Iran are all keen to join: the rise of a kind of China-led NATO to which even America’s friends, such as India and Pakistan, seem drawn. Yet that is to misunderstand the sort of organisation the SCO aspires to be. It does indeed pose a challenge to the American-led world order, but a much more subtle one.

On September 11th and 12th the SCO held its 14th annual summit in Dushanbe, Tajikistan’s capital. It agreed to adopt procedures for expansion, first for those countries that are already observers. India and Pakistan are likely to join in the next year. Iran is at present disqualified because it is under UN sanctions.

Senior Iranian official: Ready to work with US to fight IS, but wants nuclear flexibility

“Iran is a very influential country in the region and can help in the fight against the ISIL (IS) terrorists … but it is a two-way street. You give something, you take something,” said a senior Iranian official on condition of anonymity.

“ISIL is a threat to world security, not our (nuclear) program, which is a peaceful program,” the official added.

ISIS Slams “Mule Of The Jews” Obama, Demands Killing Of “Disbelievers” Especially “Filthy French”

Having released some 46 Turkish hostages, because “Turkey refused to agree to the US demand for ‘active support of the coalition’,” ISIS has come out swinging in its first ‘official’ statement since President Obama unveiled his ‘strategy’ for “degrading and destroying” them, with a call for all followers of Allah to make the coalition campaign the “last crusader campaign,” and calls Obama “vile”, more foolish than Bush, and a “mule of the Jews.” Warning Americans and Europeans that “you will pay a great price, when your economies collapse,” ISIS blasts Kerry, “the uncircumcised old geezer,” for his “false arguments.” The statement concludes by telling ISIS followers, “if you can kill a disbelieving American or European – especially the spiteful and filthy French – or an Australian, or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever from the disbelievers waging war, including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way however it may be.”

HAWK breaks down the latest information to come to his attention about ISIS being run by SOMEONE in Washington DC, including news that ‘nuclear devices’ were taken from a home and car in Texas, only a week after HAWK warned about ‘loose buckets of sunshine’ in Texas after two RADCON 5 Alerts were detected.

ISIS Nuclear Devices Found In Texas? HAWK – ISIS To Get ‘Green Light’ To Attack America?

With more proof that ISIS is already operating in the US emerging, specifically in or near West Virginia, this video gets hot after the 9 minute 50 second mark after HAWKs introductory remarks. He shares more proof that ISIS is being run by elements within our own government and warns that “it’s getting ready to go wild weazel” once ISIS ‘gets the green light’ to launch attacks in America.

Belgian daily claims local authorities prevented number of jihadi operations on home soil by veterans of Syrian conflict.

Up to 400 Belgian nationals are estimated to have gone to fight in Syria, with about 90 known to have returned home, L’Echo said.

“Our starting point is that among them, one out of nine aim to carry out an attack,” a source said. “That is a conservative estimate, if you also take into account the people who help them.”

Belgium thwarts planned ISIS attacks

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) in its Communicable disease threats report from September 11, 2014 reported about an accidental release of 45 litres of concentrated live polio virus solution into the environment.

45 liters of live Polio virus released into Belgian rivers

On September 2, 2014, following a human error, 45 liters of concentrated live polio virus solution were released into the environment in Rixensart city, Belgium by the pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). The liquid was conducted directly to a water-treatment plant Rosieres and released after treatment in river Lasne affluent of river Dyle which is affluent of the Escaut/Scheldt river.

The estimated viral rejection of live virus Saukett (Salk) serotype 3 was of 10^13 cell culture infectious dose 50% (CCID50). GSK is currently testing an experimental Ebola vaccine on volunteers in Britain and the United States.



The latest scandal from GSK, embroiled in multi million dollar compensation claims over narcolepsy caused by its swine flu jab

fined for falsifying parental consent forms and killing 14 babies in vaccine trials in Argentina

forced to pay a $ 3 billion fine in the USA for illegal drug marketing, including promoting a drug known to cause suicidal behaviour in children

fined 490 million dollars in China for bribery

And now found to have released 45 liters of live polio virus into a city waterworks.

^^^Notice how these women never mention Christ once, yet they use the satanic description for the crimes being committed. New Age people often do this …so keep that in mind. New Age space cadets are antichrist(s) attempting to paint their own claims rather than the Bible. That of course opens the door to Hell.

The present data trail tells us that the CDC owns the illness and all variants known as “Ebola”. Since the CDC owns Ebola, anyone attempting to treat Ebola, within the United States, must pay a royalty to the CDC. The data trail also reveals that NIH owns the Ebola-related vaccines developed by Crucell and these vaccines were clinically tested on two groups of human volunteers in 2006! This means that an Ebola vaccine has been available for eight years rendering the present stories about vaccine development by Monsanto and GSK to be a cover story.

Operational Details of Ebola Quarantine Zones & Martial Law Enforcement

If one thinks that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) are merely tax-supported guardians at the gate protecting the public’s health and welfare, then one is seriously deluded and naive. These two rogue organizations are proving to be as greedy, cunning and evil as Goldman Sachs and they, as well as Bill Gates, are preparing to usher in an Ebola pandemic accompanied by mandatory vaccinations and quarantines enforced through the use of lethal force.

West African nation of six million people told to stay indoors for three days in unprecedented effort to combat deadly disease

Sierra Leone begins three-day shutdown in attempt to contain Ebola crisis

Health chiefs in Sierra Leone ordered the country’s entire population to stay indoors yesterday, as they began a controversial three-day “lockdown” programme designed to bring the country’s Ebola outbreak into check. Fearful that many of those infected with the virus are choosing to hide in their homes rather than report for treatment, a volunteer army of 30,000 health workers began a door-to-door education campaign designed to leave no homestead unvisited.

MIT Scientist Exposes Consequence of Monsanto’s Glyphosate & Aluminum Cocktail 

RoundUp chemicals are the most used chemicals in numerous lived-in cities such as New York City, not just on American farms. In just ten years, the use of RoundUp chemicals on American farms grew more than 89%. More than 80000 tonnes are currently used on GMO corn, soy and other crops. We are being poisoned by the truckload. This isn’t Big Ag against the masses anymore, it looks like pure genocide.